Professional Actor (tries to) Dub Over His Corrupted Minecraft Audio

Minecraft - Crisis! Dora's audio was totally borked and he had to re-record everything he said during the episode in one take with zero context! Appsr...
Professional Actor (tries to) Dub Over His Corrupted Minecraft Audio
Professional Actor (tries to) Dub Over His Corrupted Minecraft Audio

Professional Actor (tries to) Dub Over His Corrupted Minecraft Audio

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, I just watched the latest Minecraft video on the channel and let me tell you, it was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. Dora's audio was totally messed up and he had to re-record everything he said during the episode in one take with no context at all! Can you imagine the struggle? But you know what, they handled it like pros and the episode turned out hilarious as always.

In this episode, Appsro and Anthony dive back into the Nether while Simon joins Dora and Neebs at the ocean monument. The chaos that unfolds is just pure entertainment from start to finish. And let's not forget the epic shirt they have for sale, the Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt. I mean, who wouldn't want to rock that awesome design?

If you're a Minecraft fan like me, you definitely need to check out the map they used in this episode. Don't worry, they've got a link for you to download it and instructions on how to make sure it's playable. And hey, if you're into supporting a good cause, don't forget about their Folding@Home team. It's all about coming together and making a difference while having a blast in the Minecraft world.

And of course, the music in this episode was on point. From "Spring Fling" by TrackTribe to "Vs Snow Dragon" by Makai Symphony, the soundtrack really set the tone for the entire adventure. Plus, the timestamps they include in the description make it super easy to jump to your favorite moments in the video. It's like they know exactly what we want to see!

So, if you're looking for a good laugh and some epic Minecraft gameplay, this video is a must-watch. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And while you're at it, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join their Discord server for even more Neebs Gaming goodness. Thanks for watching Minecraft with me, fellow fans! 🚀

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hello everyone doraleous here3.763.999
now it's been a while but one of our6.084.0
audio tracks was completely corrupted7.7595.521
due to a bad mic cable10.085.679
that someone was me and i have since13.283.2
thrown away15.7593.041
said cable and banished it to hell for16.483.76
eternity that said18.83.6
ada hop was sweet enough to write up a20.243.68
script of everything that came out of my22.44.48
mouth in the episode23.925.359
so i have replaced it and i'm guessing26.884.479
it will have been done so perfectly29.2796.561
you won't even notice enjoy ready31.3594.481
simon yes i've never had so much fun55.0396.641
in a particular spot in minecraft until59.123.52
this spot61.683.6
i mean i could feel it hey can you guys62.643.2
feel it65.282.8
you're in a treat neebs yeah did you get65.843.04
what you needed68.083.12
got it all man okay we picked up the68.884.0
shells we got the shells we got the71.23.04
heart of the sea72.883.599
uh simon you see that little stone74.243.199
structure in the water76.4793.601
over there to your right behind you yeah77.4393.281
i see it80.082.24
yeah that's where we're going okay now80.723.6
listen what when we get there82.325.52
you got a park quick jump out and jump84.326.08
into the hole got it into well i don't87.843.599
know where the hole is90.42.719
so you know how to jump into holes91.4393.04
though simon come on yeah93.1193.601
yeah well i want to okay i'll follow you94.4794.241
oh so i'm not gonna move quickly96.724.64
all right i'm going to be last ready98.723.12
ready yep let's do it things are going101.843.76
to be attacking you104.3994.08
okay move quick105.62.879
up already fell off fell out what109.65.28
how are you feeling practicing i was112.883.04
okay now go ready keep up all right keep115.923.44
it up118.7192.881
we're getting close he can see it though119.363.039
i would imagine121.62.559
i could see it you see it i see it right122.3994.32
here yep oh there's the little stinkers124.1595.761
all right okay here we go out126.7195.681
out find the hole oh get in the hole129.923.12
jumping out there's a there's a break in133.043.199
the wall there you go jump in134.725.44
okay all right i'm down all right136.2396.561
okay okay that that went well we did140.164.159
good we're inside we're safe142.83.84
all right that's good yeah now what144.3193.441
yeah now what is right but if what147.764.8
you're saying is true151.284.0
neebs let's do it right i'm gonna try to152.563.44
oh look i've got155.282.56
two of these all right heart of the sea156.04.319
goes in the middle nautilus shells157.845.6
go all the way around conduit there we160.3193.681
we made a conduit where i don't even164.03.12
yes i knew it i knew i would do167.124.16
something good today oh boy169.044.08
yeah it's okay all right well i i got171.283.52
those things though the smoke173.123.44
that's right we should have got milk174.83.439
anyway ah176.564.0
crap we got a cow on the island we'll go178.2394.241
get milk but here's the conduit180.564.24
next step uh build the i don't know what182.483.92
it's called but we're gonna build it184.84.32
okay simon we're building things this is186.46.0
a nice view of you guys189.1210.72
even better192.47.44
look it's a little chicken family it's a211.683.119
mommy chicken a daddy chicken and they213.283.519
made a baby chicken214.7994.881
okay yeah and they just showed up and i216.7994.16
we were waiting to record and they're219.682.24
just here and they're cute220.9592.401
all right hey all right we're gonna take221.922.959
some horses today which one you want223.362.879
obviously you can't take my cephalus224.8791.681
the cutest chicken yes you are get in226.563.28
here what229.123.52
sorry you get uh here eat that what229.844.56
which horse do you want uh you said232.643.28
bocephalus is an important one which234.43.52
one's that this is mocephalismocephalus235.922.48
is mine237.922.239
okay can i have diamond other horse yeah238.42.96
you can have dime another horse why240.1592.0
don't you name it241.363.519
oh that's a lot of pressure how do i get242.1593.36
it out244.8792.241
open the door i open the door well245.5193.201
there's two doors open both of them why247.122.08
would that248.721.92
be a thing it's just something with249.23.039
horses they like they like having both250.642.72
doors open252.2393.921
minecraft sure is weird it sure is all253.363.2
all right get your butt out here i don't256.562.88
know what to name him yet i'll i'll258.02.88
think about it on the way we have a long259.442.88
worry about it don't worry about it i'm260.883.44
taking you someplace special anthony for262.323.2
our adventure today you know what i'll264.323.12
just follow you yep just follow me we265.523.679
gotta cross rivers and mountains baby267.443.12
goodbye chicken oh my god there's269.1992.56
already a bunch of chickens right here i270.561.919
didn't even notice271.7592.241
yeah i've been braiding chickens272.4793.651
hundreds of chickens i love you274.05.04
all right you see this hole right here279.044.48
uh-huh yes we're gonna jump in that hole280.84.64
don't drown okay okay and i'm gonna try283.523.36
to build one of those things285.443.6
under there just keep going down uh i'm286.883.52
just gonna go down a little bit289.042.96
so just remember where this hole is you290.43.04
don't drown okay292.04.32
huh okay go ahead i'm going all right293.443.92
what do we do296.323.92
i would follow okay okay this looks like297.364.32
maybe a good spot300.245.2
okay what's your air oh301.683.76
we should have brought doors huh oh yeah306.244.0
you can you can build them there's a308.6392.641
thing up there310.243.679
hey you guys see me here here there's311.283.52
there right here313.9194.241
yep hello great spot all right you sit314.84.64
tight i'm gonna build this thing318.162.4
hopefully we'll see319.443.12
do it i'm gonna eat a fish this isn't so320.563.44
bad is it simon no this322.563.28
is this is nice i'm gonna eat a fish too324.03.6
yeah kind of float up here and just325.843.6
look at him he knows what he's doing he327.64.159
does he's doing good we're doing good329.443.36
just sitting here331.7593.44
so far it's not so bad yeah it's my332.83.839
favorite day in my craft335.1993.601
right the last times i was here were not336.6393.441
right all right338.82.959
wait that's probably i could have left340.083.92
that i think this is our prisma team341.7595.521
so now is it dead center one two344.05.36
three four i don't really know how to347.284.08
build this you're killing it349.364.32
can i just put it here i don't know351.363.52
neebs can you353.684.639
i put it there oh you're probably me354.884.56
you'll probably hit me358.3193.761
okay there there we go i know this is359.443.599
going poorly362.083.76
yeah no you're fine just so you know we363.0393.361
don't care365.842.4
we're not we're good don't worry about366.43.44
it don't overthink it i'm enjoying it368.242.799
all right get comfortable369.843.04
i'm going to work on this okay no371.0394.081
come on anthony i'm trying this horse378.244.079
doesn't jump380.84.56
ah oh okay just be careful fine382.3194.961
maybe try going up on this side what385.363.04
side i don't know387.283.359
the sidearm you see me yeah hey this is388.43.84
the way you went though so i know390.6393.761
it proves it's possible dude you got to392.243.04
kind of wiggling394.44.48
oh go oh i'm going around okay395.285.52
all right i got my eye on you can i go398.883.28
up water400.84.08
no hang on i found a better angle it's402.163.2
over here404.883.28
okay cool you do that okay i will oh man405.364.239
i hadn't been to this place in a hot408.161.84
what is that place oh it's it's a little410.03.84
camp that simon and i made way411.9195.041
back in the day way back let's see dark413.843.84
yeah in the dark times okay oh oh i made417.683.6
it up three blocks420.164.4
at once it was amazing okay but i think421.285.28
this might be a cool spot for a portal424.564.88
yeah i i i hope it is i can't see it426.563.359
i'm gonna start laying it down you don't429.9193.041
want my input if431.7594.401
it is or not ah no i'm just this is what432.964.48
i wanted to do i wanted to come here and436.162.72
build this let me get it come on my god437.442.879
cobblestone are you up here yet438.884.48
oh get up here this is ridiculous440.3195.121
i'm getting off the horse don't lose the443.363.679
horse though and i'm building a445.443.759
staircase give me a minute oh god447.0393.841
wait a second can you pick up some wood449.1993.921
i forgot to bring the fence post because450.884.4
now it's good that i'm down here yeah no453.123.68
just get a couple of blocks of wood455.282.4
because we need to456.82.88
hitch the horses to something okay i457.684.0
have 64 blocks in my inventory459.683.919
you're beautiful yeah make a couple of461.683.919
hitching posts okay i will after i'm463.5994.0
done digging a staircase for my stupid465.5994.481
horse who can't jump467.5993.841
this is really affecting what your470.083.839
name's gonna be it's not pleasant471.444.56
it's not gonna be jumpy or maybe leapy473.9194.161
what's a famous jumper476.03.44
man i don't know i don't know there's478.083.2
like usain bolt for running who's the479.442.96
jumping equivalent481.282.72
yeah you got me man i don't i don't482.44.32
follow the jumping world that much484.05.36
and boom all right portals activated486.726.08
where's about cephalus489.364.88
no all right come here bud cephalus492.83.36
don't you run don't you run you better494.242.48
come here496.161.599
you're gonna hang out with me until496.722.8
anthony figures out how to get up here497.7592.961
it'll be a few minutes499.522.799
come on come on come on come on500.723.28
he's just as dumb as your horse come504.03.44
all right here we go get up here oh i507.443.92
should call the horse hoppy509.7593.84
hopper hopper's a good name dennis511.363.039
oh or grace hopper maybe are you514.3995.361
what's taking you so long i'm digging a517.8394.161
oh god522.02.719
a lot of current under here it's pushing526.3993.841
me around yeah i'm just snugging up on528.244.08
simon he doesn't seem to mind530.243.84
no i think it's nice rub a little bit532.323.6
harder up and down i couldn't rub harder534.082.72
if i tried535.923.12
yes you could i couldn't be a man oh you536.84.32
want the teddy bear i think we're pretty539.042.88
um i think i need a block there541.925.52
i gotta drink this milk uh-huh to break545.044.0
this a lot of times they make like a547.442.079
why you concur yeah but you're drinking549.5193.921
the milk don't you just keep on getting552.02.8
reinfected by these553.443.76
sons of [ __ ] yeah you gotta dig them554.83.12
so if i break this one up yep557.925.12
it opened that's what it does what560.9593.841
happened it opened563.044.64
am i breathing can i go in there yeah564.83.92
all right here we go567.6810.159
simon all right568.729.119
i can't breathe i mean are you579.045.6
suffocating oh no not suffocating580.887.12
oh so what happens now nibs so now584.646.4
we breathe in the and i think does588.04.24
anything affect us591.042.64
i think we're able to like survive592.243.36
attacks better from593.684.96
fish and stuff okay i still can't mine i595.64.239
blocked us from those fish598.643.12
that we can go lower yeah we gotta we599.8393.44
gotta drink milk for that601.763.92
okay hold on let me drink a milk i603.2793.521
wouldn't mind the milk605.682.64
hmm we're going to miss these sums of606.83.68
gums up the sun succumbs608.324.88
i like that the thumbs are gone get610.483.599
messed up drinking613.22.4
it up i'm gonna make this a hole do it614.0794.081
baby just get ready to fight simon oh615.63.2
fight time that's what we do we fight618.87.12
yeah what we do622.648.48
we fight super saiyan defense squadron625.929.039
we fight for no good reason631.125.6
we do fight for real is it oh there's a634.9593.761
fish yep there's a couple fishies636.725.44
get that laser fish uh that they're big638.725.6
yeah those don't fish this oh wait oh642.164.16
wait what why am i what's going on now644.323.6
you got a shark on the fish oh that's646.323.12
what happened oh see the top right647.922.159
yeah i think that means we're in the650.0794.561
protection of the uh651.7610.079
i'm almost dead oh my god654.647.199
sword in somewhere like an idiot that's672.9596.081
that's a simon move i love punch but i'm676.243.36
you know what we switch games my fingers679.63.919
go to all these wrong places682.0793.281
all the time go get you get down there683.5193.281
get your sword well i want to685.362.719
all right where's my sword i'm behind686.83.12
you i don't like it you know what688.0793.2
someone else might have grabbed it and689.922.88
you know what's funny is i know aydah691.2793.12
knows exactly where it is and she's692.82.32
probably gay694.3998.401
and she won't say anything she's695.129.92
yeah no i've got another sword i'll702.83.2
figure this out705.042.72
it's not a big problem all right there's706.03.12
no way your sword's in here707.762.8
it's a small room you think a fish709.123.68
ticket yeah i think a fish took it oh710.564.24
all my swords i threw out all my swords712.83.76
how did i do that whoa714.86.0
okay coming up i'm so dumb in this game716.566.24
oh boy all right there we go i'm gonna720.83.2
do a little sneak attack722.84.24
i don't like it down here724.05.76
oh oh that's not gonna oh that's not727.043.28
yeah we're not doing that we're not730.323.28
doing that we're not playing that731.8394.961
nope kind of suck simon i'm staying733.63.76
right here736.83.839
hey i found sponges737.363.279
nobody cares740.86.4
and beds are down anthony what are you744.483.359
building yeah747.22.48
oh look you built a cute little hut yeah747.8393.44
this cute little hut was here i just749.683.12
added to it so i could fit some beds in751.2793.12
there oh i built a castle752.84.56
okay cool hey i had a whole lot of754.3993.921
after digging up here so man that's so758.323.759
great that is just that's wonderful hey760.322.959
come down here come over here to one of762.0792.481
these bits all right i'm here what's up763.2792.721
yeah just click on one of those beds and764.563.519
set your respawn point in case you die766.05.12
that's good thinking i know768.0795.44
i did it all right now look at me and i771.123.6
want you to have773.5194.081
this what's that oh gold helmet what's774.723.2
it do777.62.56
golden helmet put it on okay i already777.923.84
have a golden helmet on oh well then780.162.4
you're covered781.761.759
all right you ready to go into the782.563.04
nether yeah sure783.5194.801
let's go let's do it let's do it we need785.65.12
some of my lucky bread for the journey788.325.28
you stay there hopper aha are you790.725.52
[ __ ] kidding me793.65.679
we're nowhere near after yeah look796.244.96
how in the world this doesn't even make799.2794.401
sense it's a whole new world801.24.319
no it's the exact world wait if we go803.683.52
through that is it going to take us to805.5192.801
what no you're hold up after attopia808.324.079
doesn't have a sign like this absorb810.563.36
this is a new sign this is totally812.3992.401
sun don't come through here wig no we814.84.64
got to come through here818.243.599
no i don't wanna malmo cephalus is up819.443.839
okay fine821.8393.921
this ah this doesn't work at all what if823.2793.281
we travel825.763.439
even further in the nether and then826.564.639
it'll have no choice but to put us at829.1993.041
the other one831.1993.521
okay you know what i got a crazy idea832.243.839
i'm going to break834.723.76
the portal to abstrotopia am i going to836.0793.601
be trapped in hell838.484.08
no i think well the one in hell should839.684.32
still be operational842.563.68
if you go through that one it should844.03.839
kick you back to the mountain with both846.243.12
cephalus okay i don't like how you847.8394.0
hesitated but i trust you let's do it849.364.08
we'll see and then i gotta get back to851.8393.36
you which i think i can it might take a853.442.8
minute okay855.1992.961
maybe two let's see what happens it's856.243.039
crazy though858.163.6
that sent us all the way back here oh859.2793.201
okay i can't861.762.639
i can't talk to him anymore oh god862.483.2
hopefully that's okay864.3994.44
hopefully he goes through the portal865.686.0
all right i guess that means it happened871.683.04
all right873.923.68
here goes nothing874.722.88
where am i what is this880.83.279
where are you hey there's another portal885.123.12
up here887.64.239
somewhere up here describe888.246.24
here for me the place that's right in891.8394.401
front of you894.484.64
in the house yeah how was there a portal896.243.599
in the house899.122.48
i don't know you built it into your899.8393.36
house i didn't build a portal in the901.63.039
what's going on where did where where904.6393.2
where did you come from from the portal906.322.8
up there in your house are you kidding907.8393.44
me how did that portal get in this house909.123.36
we're about to investigate oh you're911.2792.721
walking in there mean you're like oh i'm912.482.56
gonna make it still914.02.8
what's the matter with this oh who did915.044.56
this where oh my god right here yep916.83.44
right there919.63.76
it just appeared yep jesus oh it just920.244.24
appeared really923.363.36
yeah it just this is where it put it924.484.719
when you came back from it926.725.52
god damn it this has been the worst day929.1994.64
i mean it's just starting we don't know932.243.36
about that yet well bad day for the most933.8393.44
cephalus he's stuck up on a cold935.63.12
mountain yeah whatever it took him long937.2792.8
enough to get up there let him enjoy now938.722.08
what do we do940.0793.601
well i don't know i'm you seem defeated940.84.719
just had the wind took anatomy943.685.68
taken probably taken945.5193.841
all right we're on a mission okay yes we951.5193.041
go in953.7594.08
hot like uh still team six we take out954.565.04
be ready to fight all these laser fish957.8393.201
right and we're looking for959.64.08
the big guardian fish we're gonna fight961.043.359
guardian we're looking for the grand964.3993.601
pappy elder balls okay but then we965.923.44
shouldn't get the curse anymore968.03.68
all right but are we fighting the fish969.364.159
everything right below us right below us971.682.399
there's one973.5193.76
yep i'll see how we're going down neebs974.0793.601
i see one okay we hurt him977.686.079
come on you got him oh i almost hit you981.363.44
oh yeah983.7594.161
nice good job nice very nice yeah984.84.8
i'm still good with the health go ahead987.923.2
maybe you're minor all right989.63.599
push forward next room yes yep next room991.123.92
baby okay there's a big room993.1994.0
there's a little room oh that was that995.043.919
was weak oh boy997.1994.241
that just clear why can't i move because998.9593.921
if my boat's cold probably1001.443.759
probably i don't think there's so many1002.883.84
okay come on1005.1993.361
she's coming here she's coming i'm1006.724.08
heavens to betsy get him gross he'll1023.043.2
spawn at the island1025.283.6
i'm trying to oh oh oh my heart's my1026.244.079
heart's gonna take front yeah i gotta1028.882.159
get them back up1030.3192.561
nope it's i just wanted to get one more1031.0393.04
oh boy oh1032.882.799
i got hit twice i didn't even know him1034.0793.201
take a point okay no1035.6794.321
swim forward crap i gotta pull my blue1037.283.759
last second1040.02.72
you go slow once your boat comes out1041.0393.601
that's great oh there's one right there1042.722.319
wow see what a sneaky little yeah you1045.0393.841
sneaky little snakes1047.526.32
get down get out yeah1048.884.96
all right they suck okay moving forward1059.0398.801
right yep yep oh no i'm gonna shot you1062.165.68
oh that's the big one i am not even1069.64.8
doing anything1072.5595.521
hold on back excuse me bam1074.46.24
not dead i put a lot into him though oh1082.964.48
come on why can't i eat steak eat the1085.0393.121
okay i can't i'm full1088.163.6
all right anthony can i point out1092.03.28
something real quick yeah what's up1093.64.0
it's nighttime there's nothing but a1095.283.759
clear sky1097.64.64
beautiful stars and no phantoms exactly1099.0397.041
i love it i can relax1102.245.2
so here's the plan we're going to go1106.083.2
into the nether we're going to travel1107.443.359
north we're going to build another1109.283.12
portal and hopefully we can1110.7993.041
get puddled out close to the mountain1112.42.96
we're most acceptable let's go let's go1113.842.0
come on1115.362.72
yeah let's do it this is supposed to be1115.843.76
another adventure now it's a horse1118.082.32
but through the nether but through the1120.44.0
nether so it's still both it's both1122.165.68
right so this is north now left is where1124.44.24
we went1127.843.44
kind of the other day correct so i'm1128.644.08
gonna i'm gonna build i'm gonna go1131.284.16
straight where does this go down here1132.724.0
follow torches1135.443.92
okay all right who whose sign is that i1136.723.68
have no idea1139.362.48
okay we're just listening to random1140.43.68
signs now yeah which is a bad idea okay1141.843.44
torches i see torches1144.082.4
oh we're you're gonna follow these1145.282.72
torches eh that's what the sign said1146.482.0
i mean yes that's exactly what the sun1148.483.28
yeah what is going on all right1150.642.72
someone's left us a bread trail it's1151.765.039
well it's not bread i know bread1153.363.439
going in you ready yeah okay1157.288.56
wow that's a close one that was a close1169.523.84
call good hey guys1171.285.2
guys yeah i'm rolling up on the stuff1173.364.48
and there's fish right here they're1176.483.36
probably gonna turn on me any second1177.845.92
oh boy oh god no dick i will there1179.846.079
they will definitely dare go in there1183.763.2
all right guys1185.9193.12
go again man get into business i'm1186.963.52
getting this little one all right1189.0394.0
i'm going for the big one yeah uh did1190.483.439
you get the little one1193.0393.681
nope okay give me the bagel don't hit me1193.9193.521
we got it1196.724.24
we got him committed1197.445.44
i can't hear anymore i can't heal1200.964.24
anymore all right moving out1202.884.32
good luck i don't i can't heal anymore1205.23.28
names i can't lie1207.23.599
because i'm out of food i got a few rub1208.483.439
away look at him1210.7992.801
i know take him out the streets been1211.9199.921
once i'm done don't get down1213.68.24
okay so this is the path we made1229.366.319
yeah the torches led us to the same path1232.44.32
we've been on before1235.6792.721
okay but that's good because yeah over1236.723.439
here is where we wanted to explore but1238.42.56
yes but why1240.1593.681
why would someone whoever that may be1240.963.199
us to return i don't know maybe i wanted1244.1593.441
to return1246.882.24
right but there's a breadcrumb trail1247.62.959
which means there must be something1249.122.48
probably the goddess1250.5592.801
just really laid it down i know i was1251.63.12
being cryptic like oh1253.362.88
who could it be we all know who it is1254.723.92
look oh wow anthony purple block1256.244.319
see that block what is this what is1258.643.84
purple block this is a broken portal1260.5594.161
oh hold on i want to fix it well what's1262.483.6
this purple this is not1264.723.439
this is not um i don't know i've never1266.083.04
seen this before1268.1592.481
what if i destroy the one to the right1269.122.96
the one what the one over here it's not1270.642.32
part of the portal1272.082.24
i just want to know what it is it almost1272.963.199
looks like it looks like yeah messed up1274.322.64
yeah like mixed with another rock yeah1276.963.36
nether power or maybe like a turd that1280.325.44
thanos took it's like a thanos turd1282.083.68
what's that here some steaks1286.485.36
i don't even know where i came in here1292.323.92
there's somebody's junk1294.485.36
kill that thing there's two of them down1296.249.6
hey come on i'm in baby1299.846.0
get out of my face1314.245.6
i can't believe i'm not dead right now1328.1594.161
i'm gonna be though oh boy1330.084.64
that's crazy wow there's something1332.323.44
you're so mad1334.723.36
i don't even know what's happening1335.765.12
where's the big guy1338.082.8
oh let's see if i killed you yeah but1341.526.32
i'm gonna die again1343.524.32
good come upstairs here that one then we1357.6794.321
go back up the top and we're going1360.881.679
stay down there help look what you're1362.5592.561
all boys1364.5595.861
wow i can't remember how i got into this1370.884.32
i think i can't remember what i came1375.24.56
here oh yep nope i think i found the way1376.7996.961
okay okay all right now there's so many1379.767.12
contestants okay1383.765.2
hey simon okay i need you got any fish1390.723.92
you mean do you mean food1393.64.319
any food one food fish whatever yep1394.645.919
i got food thank you there's a big laser1397.9194.24
fish behind you though so be careful1400.5593.921
all right how am i alive i don't know1402.1593.601
how you're alive1404.483.52
are you still under water doraleous yes1405.763.6
did you get your stuff1408.03.76
i swear to god if this portal takes me1413.443.52
to abstractopia we'll be happy we'll be1415.0392.801
in the after place1416.961.68
you know what we're not going to go1417.843.36
through it just yet what about we1418.643.76
haven't talked about this gold block at1421.21.839
the top1422.42.48
uh just like a gold block is that1423.0393.681
important can i go hit it can i have it1424.883.2
i mean you can probably have it yeah1426.722.959
all right let's see what happens what i1428.083.28
understand the pigs around here they1429.6792.0
gold the pigs oh yeah that's why they1431.6793.281
have the the head thing all right1433.0395.281
portal is reactivated cool one second1434.966.24
worked out crouch what would be cool is1438.324.479
it since this was obviously a broken1441.22.959
portal is if you went through it it took1442.7993.281
you to like a mystical place1444.1593.841
you know what i mean i broke it with a1446.083.599
stone pickaxe and it went away1448.03.6
oh wait okay hold on there's some some1449.6793.441
goblins piglets here are they attacking1451.62.8
you uh no they're hanging out they're1453.122.559
cool they're cool i'll strike them from1454.42.879
oh they're coming for me why are they1455.6793.36
coming for me i don't know i'm gonna go1457.2793.121
down them1459.0395.041
hello friend oh no they're not friendly1460.46.32
they are not friendly at all help help i1464.083.76
don't know i don't wanna i don't wanna1466.722.559
start fighting with these guys i1467.843.36
am gonna eat pork chops hey guys look1469.2793.201
look i got gold1471.22.479
i thought they were really into gold1472.483.439
they don't seem to be look at that one1473.6794.641
are they oh okay yeah yeah yeah yeah1475.9193.601
yeah you like that one1478.323.12
okay they like the gold bars well1479.523.92
because i destroyed their gold block1481.443.76
you know what that's exactly what it is1483.443.52
if they see you breaking gold they don't1485.23.599
like that what did they just give me1486.963.52
i'm sorry they just give me the gold1488.7993.441
back look gold bar what you want1490.483.679
yeah pick it up nope not me here look1492.243.6
gold bar pick it up take a look at it1494.1594.081
looks at it he's like okay huh now what1495.843.199
now what1498.243.76
wow he's judging it for its carrot oh1499.0393.841
and then he gives us1502.02.64
wait no he gave us the stuff that you1502.883.279
picked up before the magma cream gave1504.642.399
you a magma cube1506.1593.52
he makes magma cream cream magma cream1507.0394.0
green right not a cube1509.6792.721
all right let's see what this guy throws1511.0393.041
out step back here step back1512.44.32
oh what was that another brick oh okay1514.083.839
so another brick they just gave you1516.722.079
random stuff1517.9194.401
down for that these piggies love gold1518.7996.561
oh oh whoa holy sh was that an ender1522.324.479
pearl it was an ender pearl1525.364.319
that was eight into pearls that's1526.7994.161
holy [ __ ] and what's that a fire charge1530.963.839
i don't even know what this is hell with1533.62.48
that thing hey guys1534.7995.36
look more go you win string string1536.087.12
37 string hey i'll take it surprise1540.15917.681
mechanics let's keep going i want more1543.214.64
oh boy okay so we're safe for now yeah1559.0395.681
i just saw this way i gotta drink the1562.243.439
milk you all ready1564.723.04
not really everybody healed up and ready1565.6793.921
yep let's do it let's do it let's do it1567.762.48
let's do it1569.62.8
let's put this the best weapons there's1570.243.76
loads of fish there's two of them1572.43.12
let's take these guys oh you don't want1574.03.279
to go straight to the guy do you see him1575.523.039
there's one point sorry1577.2793.201
go straight to him nope i don't see him1578.5597.281
i'm breaking left i don't see him1580.485.36
okay are they this way gotta eat1595.124.72
what's this what where there's so many1600.7997.441
okay i see you i see you1604.965.28
there's one back here please don't play1608.243.439
no you got a buddy1610.244.08
not fair your buddy should be simon you1611.6793.921
should have simon finish instead of1614.321.68
henchmen okay again1616.04.24
i'm gonna watch this time as you die1622.643.61
because i've never1624.5594.321
you and me did you die or just me1628.885.279
probably just me1634.1597.76
anything yes check this out what1641.9197.36
oh it's a campfire it's apparently a1646.06.24
soul campfire okay neebs drowned yeah1649.2793.76
poor guy1652.243.52
a soul campfire so why seoul i don't1653.0393.201
know i1655.762.56
um i traded some gold with a pig and it1656.243.2
gave me some soul sand1658.323.04
you can also make soul torches what is a1659.443.44
soul sand i haven't seen that i don't1661.362.72
it doesn't it doesn't give off much1664.083.76
light no i was about to say it really1666.243.2
doesn't give i mean it looks cool but1667.842.559
yeah it doesn't hardly1669.443.599
is that another only thing um i don't1670.3993.841
know and i'm just doing this for1673.0393.681
oh i also got a soul lantern but yeah1674.244.0
you're right doesn't give off any light1676.723.12
no not really and it looks horrible on1678.242.319
that red block1679.842.079
oh yeah it does oh yeah yeah just take1680.5592.561
it down i just wanted to see really1681.9192.801
tacky i need you to match everything1683.122.88
back too you know what1684.722.48
i'm gonna leave the campfire there build1686.02.48
a wall because i was tired of the pigs1687.22.16
charging us1688.482.64
yeah that's fine do you wanna you wanna1689.363.439
go see if this soul torch works in the1691.122.0
the normal world sure let's see where1693.123.2
this takes us where do you think it's1694.962.24
going to take us1696.322.16
it's probably going to dump us out at1697.22.959
after topia it'll be pissed off because1698.483.04
you're a thousand miles away from it1700.1592.561
yeah all right let's see what happens1701.523.6
let's do it i can't wait1702.726.079
yeah oh oh oh1705.126.24
astro yeah what's up aptro where the1708.7994.24
desert oh you're right there oh god1711.364.24
let's see this is new this is new and1713.0394.561
yep uh this thing doesn't put off hardly1715.63.12
any damn light1717.62.88
oh but you know what it looks cool leave1718.723.12
it there it does look nice it's1720.483.12
one and look out here look out into the1721.844.0
water it's just the one beacon of1723.64.319
existence here in this new land1725.843.839
yeah i don't know where we are hold on1727.9193.601
let me look at my map the moon looks1729.6792.801
like a staple1731.524.32
tonight a beautiful staple and look1732.484.88
sun's coming up this is perfect1735.844.8
ah new day perfect a new day a new place1737.366.4
new beginnings and a new nether portal1740.6413.2
thank god1743.7610.08

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