Oh no... MY TRIDENT!!! - (Minecraft #33)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Did you catch the latest Minecraft video on the channel? It was an absolute blast watching the boys resc...
Oh no... MY TRIDENT!!! - (Minecraft #33)
Oh no... MY TRIDENT!!! - (Minecraft #33)

Oh no... MY TRIDENT!!! - (Minecraft #33)

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that latest Minecraft video where we lose my trident? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh, you mean the one where we were supposedly being productive in the Nether? Yeah, that was a disaster!

neebs: I can't believe we had to go back three times to get that trident. Classic us, always making things harder than they need to be!

simon: Well, at least we got to see those adorable baby turtles at the end. Totally worth all the trouble!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Did you catch the latest Minecraft video on the channel? It was an absolute blast watching the boys rescue their villagers and head off to the turtle sanctuary. And let's not forget about Dora and Simon diving headfirst into the Nether for... productivity? Classic!

If you're like me and love supporting the Folding@Home team, make sure to check out the link in the description. And hey, have you seen the awesome Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt? It's a must-have for any true fan of the channel.

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I also can't get enough of the Minecraft playlist on the channel. It's filled with so many hilarious moments and epic adventures. And don't even get me started on the music they use in the videos. It really sets the tone for each episode and adds so much to the overall experience.

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ladies and gentlemen Minh you you I've0.384.51
joined you here today so look at this2.8793.601
thing I made just how do we this we just4.893.48
happen to be yeah you did join anything6.484.44
yeah oh well thanks thanks for pitying8.373.93
me then and just checking this out for a10.922.879
minute so I've been building bread world12.32.64
it's taking a little longer than13.7993.81
expected so there's some delays but it14.944.02
needs a lot of concrete so you have a17.6092.43
good seat right here18.962.909
probably yes like I feel like we're20.0393.421
gonna see what we want to see can I get21.8692.58
on your show like I should be up there23.463.12
wait yeah maybe yes24.4494.051
how about app store looks like he has a26.583.99
good seat he's in a good spot yeah I28.53.48
mean he'll see what goes on but it's30.572.669
only one block this is my seat don't31.982.73
come up here I'll take my seat alright33.2393.84
so you have to wet the cement you put it34.714.89
in this thing it pushes it ready now37.0794.8
that is one wet cement block do another39.65.58
another another one more another until41.8795.52
another in that another more and then it45.183.629
pushes it forward and then you got to47.3993.211
break all this there is no other way48.8095.011
apparently it's easier just to land say50.615.25
the way I did it was was faster than53.823.899
this oh wait you can keep going with it55.867.05
you can just keep going oh because it57.7198.451
hit the tree and hit this tree back62.913.26
there's redstone and water what happened68.544.57
back here oh no it broke the wheat71.526.09
machine yeah alright alright things have73.116.72
happened I love your laughs thank you77.614.38
it's a problem you did a lot of work to79.837.05
not work didn't you point is we need81.997.46
I need sand to make concrete I don't91.75.08
have enough alright just go to the94.4394.47
desert with a shovel then I'll take you96.784.92
but take me there okay go with you Simon98.9096.03
I have no idea what that machine did or101.74.14
what just happened104.9393.661
I had neither do I and I feel more105.844.37
comfortable to staring into your eyes108.64.979
yeah this is technology that makes it110.216.339
longer to get concrete I'm not blinking113.5795.521
on my lincoln either don't up like it116.5494.911
either have involved here too119.15.879
he's distracting me you look at me121.465.019
oh I'm not gonna break though probably124.9792.67
see the Hat I'm not gonna blink either126.4793.631
I'm up Lincoln either he blinked apps or127.6495.911
blink easily I didn't blink he's out130.117.41
Wow Wow Simon go do something okay133.565.64
good job with that piece of oh god137.523.36
there's a creeper in my campfire why is139.26.42
it out as a creeper your campfire140.8826.579
Anthony it's a good day so far I had to145.6224.63
uh kind of close this floor off yeah I167.4595.761
hear about their old towns down here I170.255.61
said this even happen um yeah they just173.225.67
fill in okay so my plan is I dig them175.865.099
out this way right that's that's just178.894.379
one level they're even further down in180.9593.991
there let's see if we get these out oh183.2693.511
we should be able to just just make a184.954.289
clear path yeah ring the bell186.786.09
okay so hmm they would just go wouldn't189.2394.951
he yeah they just need a stair a192.872.97
staircase or you know they need to be194.193.12
able to hop up to the next block now195.844.17
they went there bless you y'all move197.317.41
yeah I swear hold on they come up there200.018.91
oh now we're getting there okay he204.726.42
jumped in front of my pick axe they're208.925.58
all in the way can you help give Tom Yam211.144.83
up top dick can you dig so they can214.53.51
climb okay so oh yeah so they need to go215.973.45
one lower is that what you say just a218.014.91
big one down all right219.423.5
you see good hey come on Pete all right224.665.73
you watch her oh yeah I'm gonna ring the227.713.28
yeah bail freaking them out Oh get rid230.9918.33
of the ladder okay oh yeah oh yeah here245.124.8
they go249.322.82
what are you waiting on yeah yeah hold249.924.07
hold on maybe if I do a thing252.147.98
there you go yeah yep come on obviously253.9910.21
that way obviously Oh stupid yeah going260.126.0
after oh well right this way264.23.66
they coming out that always that's you266.123.24
yeah there's still some in there ring267.862.76
the bell and then you got ring the bell269.364.17
ring the bell where's the Belltown Bell270.627.35
here we go ding ding ding ding that's it273.537.86
you too foreigner what do you do you277.974.98
don't even work all right281.394.64
Fletcher leather man all right that's282.955.85
they keep coming I'll be happening we're286.035.2
down there oh yeah it's like all of them288.85.25
yeah there's even more all right that's291.236.15
just level one all right no level two294.054.68
we're just gonna have to murder their297.383.539
Chiquita no thanks for your help guys298.734.92
okay listen lava solve all your300.9194.591
problems from here on out well do you303.653.53
want to do your villagers that way no305.513.99
seal them underground but my villagers307.183.76
aren't buried underground309.53.27
Thebes at least leave the hole there for310.943.72
them if they get ambitious you just read312.778.07
them I've got a plan Anthony babes I'm314.666.77
yeah no its way to create my very close321.434.9
are you even in here yeah I mean the324.54.16
kids are you oh where where326.335.12
kids back off for you can we can we like328.664.23
clear this hallway out a little bit331.453.45
can you I have water maybe it'll work332.895.1
try it here yep water park334.96.41
they just keep wanting to go to the top337.993.32
with Danny amp through all right let me343.025.32
get went with me the hell is wrong with345.914.92
this one's head it looks like Barney the348.344.44
Dinosaur nutted on it.after do you have350.833.69
a hose this might work better now I have352.785.82
claustrophobia is what I have gotten354.526.87
here get out of here these people I see358.65.82
you back we're all nice out of here yep361.394.05
I see daylight364.423.96
okay are we still in the village yeah365.444.4
all right good deal368.3832.66
ring the bell all right cover it up369.8433.28
we'll never speak of this again401.044.33
good work everybody all right rock and403.123.96
roll I get some sleep you know you're405.372.91
Taylor bucket of lava would have made408.284.37
that a lot quicker410.052.6
Simon yeah I just wanted wanted to do413.75.44
this real quick we've been here a couple416.84.92
times we it's a work in progress but um419.144.98
kind of a failure both times and I know421.723.69
we're gonna need these down the road424.122.82
these blaze rods these things give us425.414.47
these blaze rods see that there let's426.946.9
see see I've seen you die and people die429.887.05
in things like this uh-huh that's what433.845.91
they do wait so I didn't get a chance to436.935.58
sit there so you spawned on the other439.754.71
side over there so this is a flawed it's442.513.57
a flawed thing you know I mean what I444.464.5
know but I mean what I was what's that446.085.16
okay follow me I don't really know what448.964.68
you're should they already be attacking451.244.23
well they're blocked by all the things453.644.17
that was in that that's in between us455.474.2
okay so that as if they were blocked457.814.02
right and they're not sort of what I was459.678.4
working on let's see yeah go where is461.837.98
that well some have gone where's that468.073.9
will summer God Simon I don't know but469.814.77
it sounds awful in here yeah oh there's471.975.19
that summer gun okay can I get this he474.584.59
had right there with that okay we won't477.163.78
be there here long so I appreciate your479.177.29
patience yeah just get that yeah got one480.947.8
on him so he's trying to shoot at me486.464.86
this might have a magic spot sigh oh it488.745.13
might be the magic spot oh good like I'm491.324.8
glad like I haven't been hit if I get493.875.19
hit let's see oh no nope they've spawned496.124.92
elsewhere Simon this isn't it's not the499.064.28
magic spot maybe we should501.049.14
oh no it's not magic at all it's not did503.347.68
you close it up510.185.12
no dude I spawned out the front not just511.027.77
okay what one blaze brought I'd consider515.35.53
a a win okay518.794.89
still don't even know what it is right520.839.63
there okay yeah yeah come on maybe a523.688.88
fire yeah give me that rod give me the530.4615.18
rod give me the rod rod rod tell you532.5614.46
what guys this is pretty great545.643.96
voting no just being in a boat with a547.024.47
chicken he just keeps producing eggs549.66.18
kind of like an egg generator so she's551.495.73
pooping around you just catching up yeah555.783.12
I guess so it seems like a pretty in557.224.62
harmonious relationship I guess so he558.94.14
gets to see the world561.842.7
I think it's funny just yeah the chicken563.042.94
hopped in the boat with you well it hop564.542.88
to the boat before I was and then I was565.983.0
like am I getting this boat too and now567.423.36
we're riding he's behind me though so568.984.05
he's like right him he's a character now570.784.05
what's he gonna name him Jimmy John I573.033.87
think Jimmy John Jimmy John574.833.15
think of a sandwich when I think of576.93.45
Jimmy Joe yeah but they sell chicken - I577.983.75
do think yeah they have like hot580.353.45
sandwiches but but it's not like a581.733.27
chicken place right583.84.16
not specifically585.02.96
yeah it rose be from there hey here it588.295.22
is I'm the world turtle sanctuary turtle590.214.59
see I've heard about the turtle taker I593.512.79
have not seen there's the Turtles594.85.01
yeah it's a turtle eggs we'll get the596.34.14
now listen do not step on these eggs600.444.17
okay they will break and we need them to602.185.52
help lava beside them up now who would604.614.35
do that what kind of monster would pour607.74.98
lava on things oh my god608.966.39
eggs they didn't have these in Minecraft612.685.01
when I'm back in my day yep you're an615.352.91
old geezer617.693.63
yeah sorry grandpa we got turtle eggs618.265.22
now deal with it so apparently these are621.325.82
good for making helmets scoot you make623.486.03
underwater helmets I can't hit them no627.144.05
if we got to feed them don't we get the629.513.06
feet of kelp or something like that yeah631.193.24
I'll make some Clippers I'll get some632.574.2
seaweed you start digging force and634.434.77
maybe some guy make some Clippers who do636.774.95
you think I am I have my old Clippers639.24.83
okay I'll go dive in for seaweed and I641.724.62
have a shovel yeah let's start digging644.034.29
we'll take it back a little bit don't646.343.66
just start digging right here go find a648.324.04
place over there somewhere okay great650.05.91
right yep we'll shack up here tonight652.367.0
can we go play in the sand this sand655.917.17
goes as far as the eye can see Desert659.366.14
is that a gas gassed but yes yeah that666.0296.911
unlike a pretty cold the big gob the670.994.47
thing with the big of that was the big672.945.19
the big thing the big it's below me hey675.467.47
oh yeah Ed's ba there was another big ol678.137.47
blocky blob jumping over here for like682.936.24
five minutes a blocky blob a big block685.67.29
that was just moving boy right here689.176.39
wonder and I waited called is this the692.894.11
block that's nothing695.563.48
you waited what do you mean why I waited697.04.32
because I wanted to wait I wanted to699.045.97
wait until I wore here ha ha ha701.326.75
not this way then which way did it go it705.015.28
just it just disappeared that's what is708.074.08
really well I was looking at something710.294.08
else and I look back at it is gone ha ha712.159.629
ok alright go go go they look big and it714.379.87
looked like it had two glowing like eyes721.77922.171
look like it was just a blob oh oh it's724.2423.039
like a babies babies sure but this seems743.953.96
so sweet747.2799.421
kill the babies oh hey look at that way747.9110.98
this could be our one done watch off no756.73.24
no come this way758.893.12
now I try to sneak up let up let them759.944.14
shoot nope Oh get that way I'll go you762.014.17
can't go this way I think I got him I764.084.82
got him I got him766.182.72
first get up I mean I already got up and769.845.94
didn't oh you mean Wow774.0411.72
they're everywhere okay that happened775.7813.2
but I had 50 chickens and now I only785.765.59
have 13 breads so something went wrong788.984.23
oh you dropped a bunch of chickens I791.352.73
don't think I did793.213.21
if you find chicken let me know I have794.0857.72
no shield okay yeah I'm in the are you796.4263.48
kidding me no no let's get no much right851.815.3
in my try dead oh snap oh how the hell859.99.86
do I get back867.12.66
Oh God nope Anthony there's a bunny873.714.95
rabbit bunny rabbit help me877.312.94
you gotta get inside we need funnier and878.664.14
there's a rabbit there's phantom alright880.254.47
hey guys I see the lights I'm coming you882.83.6
guys have shelter yep884.724.32
this way weird follow me okay I don't886.45.07
need no shelter but we have shields889.044.62
babes you have a door still you don't891.473.21
know what's the direction they're coming893.665.43
from all the time how about you peace894.687.26
yep watch that one right until we're899.094.44
close to death and then run like cowards901.943.18
or get her underneath something like903.533.21
this and then that way they can't sneak905.122.93
up on you906.744.14
Sam Sam yeah protect the turtles noobs908.054.3
they're not gonna protect the turtles910.885.6
but they might look the fiddles of cute912.354.13
run in here the trailer will protect us924.165.59
Thanks tweedle oh yeah926.487.12
live here come on yeah oh you're in my929.756.25
turf now imagine oh yeah that's great to933.63.84
get them trapped under it if you guys936.02.88
notice when you hit it with a sword baby937.443.03
three parts I've mentioned this before938.884.5
yeah like they like it for some reason940.475.55
they die but what if you kill them just943.384.41
close enough to death do they become946.023.96
friends I don't know this turtle in your947.796.66
boat yeah that turtle is a box how does949.987.14
it fit all the skeletons now - he's near954.456.69
the egg get away from them957.127.38
he's in the water yep careful you got961.146.03
him this would leave eat bread available964.55.4
red world oh there's a lot of friends967.176.14
I'm going inside okay969.93.41
Oh uh-huh yeah a corn974.9220.969
no not like cord like Minecraft husk I993.375.04
don't know what you're saying I said995.8896.781
Anthony was slain by a husk and the husk998.418.16
must be one of those zombies why are you1002.674.919
talking like that I don't know how to1006.573.829
talk like you're talking1007.5892.81
salad yeah Oh1013.667.86
salmon okay I gotta go back up a stuff1016.738.88
my house hiding under the dirt okay well1021.527.36
you enjoy that number have a gun I1025.615.459
really really hope I really hope there's1028.884.26
a chance Simon there's a chance about1031.0697.441
the try dad yeah I'll see if I'll get1033.1414.449
you dirty I was weird1038.519.079
of the at what time is of the essence1050.514.58
oh all right you mother peace of poops1055.6112.6
big old poop face but I know you're easy1065.084.78
and I can't believe you beat me I just1068.213.98
brain farted you son1069.865.699
I'm kind of weak he's just waiting no1072.196.48
there's no1075.5593.111
that's the worst what yeah yeah you I1080.959.15
got you I got your number yeah yeah you1085.696.3
didn't think my hands were so strong did1090.16.96
ya ya bouncy block wait yep yep yep yep1091.9910.97
yep going in going to do the store I'll1097.065.9
buy a magma cube Oh Castle a second time1107.8239.22
in the dark I don't know shut up sorry1137.2311.34
actually I could really use a horse but1147.049.29
I don't okay stupid so stupid1148.577.76
long hey buddy I don't I'll do it god I1183.0226.68
just discovered a mind that was already1207.394.5
under my place did you put that there1209.75.52
yeah I'm I'm the mind fairy I just what1211.895.93
yeah yeah I'm working on thank you so1217.825.41
all right Simon hey stay alive stay cool1223.235.52
stay sexy1227.316.96
I will it's daytime no come out of your1228.7510.02
little nooky whole damn man I have a man1234.277.8
good morning petunia morning I'll be1238.779.27
right back okay oh don't you dare don't1242.079.33
you wait okay I did it laughs don't you1248.044.05
oh excuse me sir1252.093.839
oh oh ow ow ow1255.92910.37
I'll run front suck it you can suck it1259.28910.38
make sure I got this is there I tried1266.2994.72
int there is and I don't care about1269.6692.551
anything else1271.0194.311
I don't care going home1272.228.279
whoo oh boy what a day probably should1275.339.299
make a bed yeah I'm gonna make a bet1280.4994.13
after a voice from the gods said that1285.734.829
there's baby turtles over here yeah this1288.224.919
shows a bunch of eggs there's big1290.5597.021
turtles big turtle big turtle oh my god1293.1396.241
oh my god I saw a tiny green doubt in1297.588.849
the distance there's so Q I haven't seen1299.389.539
it let me enjoy this enjoy it oh my god1306.4294.771
hold up what I miss names look they're1308.9194.671
tiny baby turtles and baby tears of need1311.25.78
okay look how cute they are got a fatal1313.599.429
we could rip them in the can we dip them1316.988.74
in the news and teach them karate you1323.0194.471
gotta catch them here we go ped one1325.728.069
where do I pick it up what do I do the1327.497.95
grass on the bottom now you have to have1333.7893.51
clippers to clip the grass noobs give me1335.443.03
some grass I want to feed a baby turtle1337.29911.581
please you're in paradise look at you1338.4715.15
this could be a commercial come swim at1348.888.159
the turtle sanctuary only $300 after you1353.626.39
get off the boat yeah little turtle dude1357.03910.831
Eve hey Simon hey what's up did yeah I1360.019.21
want to show you what I was talking1367.873.419
about this is what I just happened to1369.224.559
run across maybe I saw him Warren I1371.2894.801
forgot but I mean this it's just off1373.7795.821
it's just a hallway put these uh torches1376.095.48
Oh No1379.64.829
what about it whose pre torched is1381.574.66
pretty torched I mean yes this is1384.4294.59
another word somebody did this and I1386.234.35
thought it was you was you said you were1389.0194.171
the the mind fairy well I was kidding1390.584.74
about that but I know but look at that1393.194.02
isn't that interesting it's super1395.323.18
interesting come on out let's get out1397.213.99
here let's get out let's smell this1398.54.72
let's smell this morning air we're a lie1401.26.22
mmm-hmm man I gotta tell you uh I gotta1403.224.98
tell you story1407.424.26
what so there's this I was like I had1408.26.72
this idea he's like man if I dig this1411.685.16
hole it goes right to the middle of1414.923.99
Simon's new house there's gonna be this1416.844.62
perfect time where I can just pop up out1418.9122.17
of the ground you know you found Barry1421.4623.01
and now I will sell you on the dark web1441.088.52
so they will dissect you oh oh well that1444.475.94
took a turn1449.62.67
yeah oh you're not the only one that1450.414.44
likes things dark came around full1452.273.84
circle didn't it1454.853.78
I didn't blink yet that's I'm not1456.119.84
flaking either hey guys don't look at me1458.6313.25
don't do it and do this all day1465.955.93
and do it I did it what do you do I1480.494.89
connected the swamp1483.675.1
I connected the dirt to my oasis dirt1485.387.5
why so the grass of throat most of this1488.776.33
whole world's grass no grass works yeah1492.883.66
but not in the desert yeah the grass1495.13.51
needs to spread it's weird you would1496.544.08
want to change a place that's rare well1498.613.78
no I just one part of the place that the1500.624.98
whole place okay I want an oasis in the1502.396.99
desert on the beach let me see this come1505.65.37
on Anthony yeah let's see if this is1509.382.04
it's all right now it's all dirt yeah1511.423.66
right now it's all dirty but if I did1513.074.14
this right it's gonna be great that1515.083.84
great she's gonna spread from one beach1517.214.349
they too would not a piece of do you oh1518.924.97
I think it's yeah look it's beautiful1521.5593.75
this is1523.892.95
yeah it's working already I'm gonna look1525.3092.971
at this in there's grass Oh1526.843.45
oh my god all right give it a minute how1528.283.39
long until this happens give it a minute1530.293.36
give it a minute cut off zooming in here1531.676.72
we go it's gonna be amazing team Oh1533.6510.44
any second now the green will sprout1538.3913.38
from the grass that was a so yeah I'm1544.099.15
gonna be here a minute oh yeah1551.773.39
yeah no I I understand this is pretty1553.243.689
exciting all right I'll be looking for1555.163.84
scoop that's probably gonna take longer1556.9294.801
than watching this it's a race I1559.05.07
remember doing the scoop it took forever1561.735.88
I bet my grass gets their larva for your1564.076.32
turtle crap1567.612.78

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Man, the latest Minecraft video from Neebs Gaming is an absolute blast! Their cinematic style brings the gameplay to life in a way that makes you feel like you're right there with the crew on their adventures.

The episode starts off with Anthony working on one of his signature contraptions - looks like some sort of concrete maker? Leave it to Anthony to find new ways to automate things in-game. Then we jump right into the action as the boys heroically rescue their villagers from pillagers. The editing makes the whole sequence so dramatic and tense even though it's just Minecraft gameplay.

After that, Simon and Dora take a terrifying trip into the Nether while the rest of the gang sets off on a wholesome quest to find baby turtles. The contrast between the two storylines really shows off the range of experiences you can have in Minecraft. And Neebs Gaming nails the comedy and camaraderie between the crew throughout.

The way they intercut between the different groups, with fun editing and music, builds up so much anticipation for what will happen next. And they pay off those story beats perfectly, like when Simon and Dora finally find a Nether fortress or the others help the baby turtles reach the sea.

By the end, I was on the edge of my seat! Neebs Gaming has such a talent for storytelling and cinematic gameplay. Their Minecraft series truly feels like an animated show - it's just as entertaining to watch as it is to play the game yourself. From laugh-out-loud moments to heartwarming adventures, this is Minecraft content at its absolute best.

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