Not Prepared For This - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 25

Today in Darkness Falls, Appsro attempts to make the finishing touches on his horde base. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►SUPPORT us on ...
Not Prepared For This - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 25
Not Prepared For This - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 25

Not Prepared For This - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 25

Neebs Gaming

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Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you definitely don't want to miss out on the latest video from the Darkness Falls series. In this episode, Appsro is putting the finishing touches on his horde base, and let me tell you, it's intense!

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And don't even get me started on the music in this video. From Doctor True to G-Yerro, the soundtrack really sets the tone for the action-packed gameplay. It's like the perfect background to Appsro's base building skills.

If you're into cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, or Subnautica, Neebs has got you covered with all these awesome playlists. Seriously, I could spend hours watching their content. So, if you're looking for a fun and entertaining gaming channel, definitely check out Neebs Gaming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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all right1.63.52
concrete here yeah the buzzers aren't2.724.4
going to be able to mess with us5.123.68
fully concreted i don't want to push it7.124.16
concrete oh no no8.83.839
no no god no12.6394.321
god no14.924.279
come on baby come on baby come on baby27.5192.481
baby go go go go go go go go go go go go29.2794.16
go go go go come on30.03.439
come on come on come on we're gonna get33.763.52
we're gonna bottom out oh god you guys35.523.6
are bottomed out oh boy you know what37.283.52
what i know this is dumb but can we just39.123.279
pick the car up and carry it there's so40.83.36
much stuff in the car i'm just saying42.3993.361
all right then another way that way's44.163.04
not safe yeah you guys got to turn45.763.36
around man yep gotta go around this47.23.76
range huh turn around you have to go49.124.079
around like a very big roundabout thing50.963.52
and that's fine when you're dealing with53.1993.36
radiation right better than dying simon54.484.239
i'm with you i agree we're never gonna56.5595.52
make it back for horde night tomorrow58.7193.36
what a mess an absolute mess still okay63.686.08
though we're on day 27 i got all day67.363.439
i got all day tomorrow tomorrow night's70.7994.561
hoard night my friends will be back all73.1194.32
right got an extra pillar in here now75.363.84
for more stability and i don't think i'm77.4393.521
gonna do a cage in the middle but uh79.24.08
we're gonna have bird cages here on the80.965.16
side i'll call them the stripper cages83.284.879
we can kill some strippers we can kill88.1594.401
some zombies we can kill some demons90.1595.521
darkness falls baby92.563.12
holy crap99.283.519
we found the desert look at this we got100.964.08
to take this bird out i know say when102.7996.161
okay ready do it yep okay oh boy um oh105.045.84
where's that one in this108.965.04
loaded oh oh oh pull back pull back oh110.886.16
[ __ ] bam there we go another bird oh my114.04.159
[ __ ]118.1592.801
there we go119.7592.96
holy crap120.963.439
thanks for showing up anyway good luck122.7193.121
with that big lady make sure we're124.3994.0
reloaded for the next uh125.845.119
[ __ ] show that's right simon i hope he's128.3994.48
doing all right back there130.9593.441
yeah taking that golf cart up the132.8793.36
mountain he's probably doing all right134.44.24
oh it's the worst these trees are lovely136.2395.391
though come on summit138.644.239
all right nice little windy road not too142.8794.801
bad meet up with the guys hold on is145.924.16
there anything in here this is a box i147.683.6
could i've been trying to search for150.083.28
some trash give me something good i feel151.284.8
like gunpowder gunpowder doesn't suck153.364.159
but i'm looking for some food i don't156.084.64
know when the hell i'm going to be home157.5193.201
don't think you're bailing us do you god162.163.359
i don't know164.3193.681
i don't know nope nope i got visual do165.5195.601
you see you yeah i hear you hey i don't168.04.8
see it but i hear you you're on the road171.124.64
we're on the road yep on the road again172.84.64
yeah i just can't wait to get on the175.763.52
road again that's right hey there you177.444.079
are oh they got a doggy right up here179.284.8
close by yeah let's go let's go we got181.5195.201
to knock this out my live love is making184.084.56
music with my friends186.725.92
i can't wait to get on the road again188.644.0
oh oh god oh god that's not good that's194.085.519
not good oh no196.8794.321
oh no199.5993.36
oh oh is that where you're gonna go for201.23.52
though oh they're gonna climb on top of202.9594.321
each other right here oh shotgun shotgun204.724.96
yeah send a wandering horde at me where210.1593.761
are my friends211.843.84
oh they're chewing213.923.92
come on215.683.44
come on217.843.6
oh boy are we breaking through oh yeah219.123.839
we're breaking through quick none of my221.445.519
traps are on little [ __ ] traps222.9594.0
go down240.7993.281
oh don't you break my wires don't you242.2394.321
break my [ __ ]244.086.42
up get one up oh no no i missed it246.566.48
come on253.044.0
bring it up ding dong255.045.68
good god how many bullets do you take257.045.52
oh no260.723.6
[ __ ] off262.563.76
get out of here264.324.24
oh did they break did they break any my266.324.8
oh they broke out they broke a trap268.564.56
you jackasses271.125.44
oh am i out of ammo oh god oh no273.125.92
jump i can't jump276.564.96
love that my friends have abandoned me279.045.28
up here all by my [ __ ] self281.524.56
trying to build a base284.322.96
i'll tell you what if i get [ __ ] for286.082.8
this base not working i'm gonna give287.284.16
them [ __ ] for wasting as much goddamn288.884.4
time as they possibly can291.443.68
doing [ __ ]293.284.16
ah god295.123.68
[ __ ] me303.63.4
let's do this okay here we go starting311.124.96
oh boy313.62.48
yep yep i'm just gonna shoot okay317.0394.641
oh she on the cactus i'll just let you319.684.959
do your thing then here we go hello the321.686.4
ladies hello ladies oh yeah324.6396.0
you done no more lip out of you328.084.88
how you doing simon i'm doing fine just330.6394.56
killing some women that's what we do332.964.239
here you know just here that was it335.1994.401
that's it that was it fantastic we drove337.1993.761
all the way out here for that we did339.62.879
drive all the way out here for that340.964.0
let's stop by that traitor okay hey we342.4794.801
advanced story i guess344.965.49
oh god is that a screamer no no where351.65.12
are you where are you where'd you go354.564.0
where'd she go where'd she go where'd356.725.479
she go i heard her358.563.639
okay did she oh yeah she caught some366.087.04
dogs oh goody oh goody goody goody368.085.04
come and get me come and get me [ __ ]374.83.92
come and get me377.124.72
oh god378.723.12
i'm the tramps master383.7592.56
oh come on now i'm going to lead you387.1994.241
away from here oh god my traps are389.1994.401
[ __ ] come on on we're going away from391.443.52
the base going away from the base393.65.84
everyone follow me it's a conga line394.964.48
all right i'm gonna turn this in neebs403.523.679
are i guess you are too we're both going405.443.039
to do it407.1993.041
simon that's going to be a while but408.4793.121
yeah we got to get back absorb's410.242.959
probably pissed uh what do you think of411.64.24
joe's new look i i said i loved it you413.1995.361
love it yeah i think it's fantastic and415.845.359
what a quality use of your time oh we're418.563.919
going to this girl yeah i think that's421.1993.12
where we started it right okay oh yeah422.4792.881
here we go424.3193.121
all right sterile bandages let's see425.365.04
i'll take those crossbow bolts thank you427.445.52
complete thank you and don't worry miss430.44.4
i haven't forgot about you i can get432.963.6
this place looking better too well you434.83.44
don't have to we have we're probably436.563.68
going to have to help tonight i mean at438.243.12
some point440.243.679
yeah he probably will man great job ooh441.364.88
she told me they did a great job yeah i443.9194.481
did we all did a good job hey there's an446.244.88
ak-47 machine gun really that was one of448.44.96
your options yeah she must really like451.124.88
you well she knows that do a great job453.363.6
got it456.03.199
thank you ma'am you're amazing that's456.964.639
what you took huh yeah i don't blame you459.1996.28
all right let's go see461.5993.88
okay we are completely out of electrical466.3194.641
and i don't know if this hotel's been470.963.519
picked over it's so close to base you'd472.6393.361
think a couple of us would have picked474.4794.16
it over by now that's locked476.04.16
uh whatever it's a wooden door i'm just478.6394.0
gonna smash it480.163.599
all right482.6394.081
hotel rooms usually have tv what oh yeah483.7595.761
here we go here we go there's daddy's486.726.36
electrical parts489.523.56
anything else if we cleared this494.565.52
i guess not497.362.72
well then503.0393.361
i'm sorry puppy504.6393.28
would you like a sniper rifle to the506.42.8
okay clearly we haven't cleared this so512.04.959
i got a piece514.9593.44
something holler at me516.9594.96
oh god oh god okay okay okay getting out518.3995.601
of here getting out of here521.9193.281
come on buddy524.04.08
i got something for you525.22.88
good just trying to get electrical parts528.165.28
god i still hear something i gotta make531.5193.76
this quick gotta make this quick get it533.444.0
go get it535.2794.961
come on get it go537.442.8
ah there you are540.563.839
come on543.22.639
oh would you like some too former544.3994.44
anybody else549.444.64
tv in here no tv in here oh wait there's551.2794.081
one on the floor554.083.04
hell yeah555.363.76
give me them electrical parts baby557.124.08
okay it's getting dark it's getting dark559.123.68
how many electrical parts did i scavenge561.23.759
from that oh 53562.84.0
that'll start making some electric fence564.9593.121
all right i gotta go i gotta go i gotta568.082.77
oh my god there they are583.5196.801
so sorry dude no worries we were so far586.245.36
yeah it's no worries it's been a little590.324.16
crazy around here yeah yeah yeah but i'm591.65.28
okay sun is going down we're simon he594.483.919
was on the golf cart yeah bringing the596.883.28
golf cart man i'm so happy to see the598.3994.0
charger made it back okay yeah it's like600.164.88
55 health so okay i got a few repair602.3994.241
kits huh did you guys get good stuff605.042.96
though nope606.644.72
oh wait yeah i did an ak608.06.32
ak-47 machine gun oh that's not too bad611.364.96
what about ammo um i don't even know614.324.8
what it takes oh god well wait 72 for an616.325.6
ak how is it yeah okay then yeah i'm619.124.24
just going to dump a bunch of [ __ ] that621.924.0
we got from the car gotcha i'm on uh i'm623.364.24
on the wall patrol for the night i'll625.924.32
get up there shortly god but our ammo627.64.479
are almost bad like i'm really worried630.243.92
about our ammo i'll put all of uh our632.0794.081
coinage into ammo tomorrow as well634.164.239
perfect thank you dora yeah636.164.16
you should probably let me do it oh wait638.3993.361
i was gonna say the girl like she loves640.323.199
me over there but i i've got better641.763.84
perks with traders yeah it's the guy643.5193.201
if she sold bullets though we'd be in646.726.32
i'm a lady killer literally649.445.839
hey guys i'm home hey653.043.52
he made it back i did656.564.64
and the cart's in one piece659.044.16
but my bike's over there thick better661.24.4
bring him back he will now he will all663.24.56
right either that or lose it in a665.64.72
radiation zone right nice to be back667.765.56
get that water neebs i got it i'm gonna674.0794.0
cook it up hey you want to help me uh go676.163.359
over to the base and uh repair it a678.0792.88
little bit at night i think you could679.5193.601
cover me uh just cover yeah yeah i can680.9593.521
do that all right yeah we'll get your683.122.88
water cooking then we'll run over there684.483.44
hugging i think we'll be okay we'll be686.03.2
okay maybe we'll get lucky maybe it'll687.923.12
be a quiet night what am i seeing out689.22.639
oh that's just uh some npc running691.8393.761
hey buddy so you guys gonna go head over695.63.12
to the697.8393.44
the future horde base uh yeah i had a698.724.239
zombie attack today they damaged it a701.2794.161
little bit and uh i would love to get as702.9594.481
much time into fixing it as possible all705.444.399
right well i could stick around here and707.445.04
hold down the fort but not the fort709.8394.961
because uh is this the fort that's one712.484.16
of our forts yeah we got this fourth714.83.12
down yeah we got a couple for it you716.642.96
hold up this for it we'll hold down that717.925.3
for it we'll do that719.612.16
oh neebs yeah see that radioactive731.763.84
oh you put his light out yeah735.64.0
sneak damage on this thing is pretty738.322.48
awesome yeah all right we're not gonna739.62.88
go in through the uh through the tunnel740.83.599
yep i'm still working on this by the way742.484.4
don't think that's done okay744.3994.481
i was thinking about calling it the like746.884.24
the walk-in or something you know the748.885.199
what the walk-in the walk-in like you751.125.2
know like a walk like you cook on oh754.0793.921
okay oh all right you're because it kind756.322.88
of looks like an asian riff yeah you're758.02.8
making it look like an asian restaurant759.23.36
let's walk in i get it that's how you760.83.839
walk into the base you know okay i see762.562.959
where you're going with that that's764.6393.521
that's hilarious yeah all right seem765.5194.081
pretty clear out here768.164.479
gotta keep an eye out mm-hmm i feel like769.65.919
we're good man just relax no yeah no772.6394.241
relaxing is what gets you killed in this775.5192.481
game okay776.883.519
well i haven't died too many times i778.03.839
know you're doing pretty good but i feel780.3993.521
like i saved your life a lot hold on saw781.8393.521
something in the distance783.923.599
yeah plus i didn't shoot you one time785.364.96
remember you were uh you're possessed oh787.5194.0
two zombies790.323.44
to the northeast yep you need some more791.5194.0
light and we light them no don't need a793.763.759
light i can see you okay i don't think795.5193.76
it's your decision to decide if i'm797.5193.601
possessed or not you know799.2793.601
maybe get a second opinion before you801.124.24
start shooting people maybe so but uh i802.883.6
don't know it seemed like the right805.362.4
decision at the time806.482.64
is this the way in uh no this is a way809.124.159
in for now come on in yeah okay it's not811.124.48
on okay here we go try to clear out so813.2794.0
let's not make noise here actually i815.64.239
want you up top okay so uh yeah just uh817.2794.641
keep an eye out for zombies you know who819.8393.601
would have been your man for this job821.923.52
dora yeah that probably would have been823.444.959
better i'm looking okay and i am going825.445.92
to repair right here right here yep828.3994.401
north north end831.363.919
i don't have a silencer you see him yep832.83.68
and they love going for these little835.2793.281
corners all right he's down anymore wait836.484.359
no he's not838.565.6
now any more uh nope north looks clear840.8394.841
all right yeah stay crouched don't make844.165.44
a lot of noise yep you get to work845.683.92
up door i see a bird850.484.159
i see a bird852.883.92
you see oh [ __ ] i see another bird damn854.6395.361
two birds dora there are you around856.85.36
nora i'm on the roof860.05.44
[ __ ] i'm shooting that's ridiculous dora862.164.64
i'm going down865.444.399
i'm running from birds they scare me866.85.12
where are you at dora869.8394.321
why am i whispering and then yelling871.925.12
it's very confusing874.167.28
oh boy up oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] oh god no no877.046.239
no no doors at you yeah yeah i was881.444.16
coming to like help you guys oh my god883.2793.68
why are we going loud885.62.799
because i almost i didn't want to go886.9593.841
dead god dude what did i do you went888.3993.361
bring him quiet over here [ __ ] [ __ ]891.762.879
[ __ ] [ __ ]893.5192.801
oh that was a bird894.6393.44
oh my god i'm just surrounded by896.324.319
incompetence oh man well i almost died i898.0794.401
didn't want to die900.6393.76
i'm coming bringing it away oh wait902.483.68
there you are i would help you but my904.3996.481
guns are loud oh oh [ __ ] no no no no no906.166.88
taking him away there's just one guy910.884.24
yeah i know you get him yeah i know hit913.043.599
him with the hit him with the sword ah915.123.36
man yeah where is he lead him back this916.6394.081
way he's out towards the church918.484.64
i see him jesus920.725.119
oh my god again oh my god they're loud923.124.88
over here though you know925.8393.691
sorry that was it928.03.6
great seeing you buddy you too guys931.63.84
neebs yeah i think bringing you over933.8393.201
here was the right decision i don't know935.444.6
hey dora hey940.323.28
hey hey i should have probably stayed942.0794.961
here yeah it was crazy943.67.2
with two birds it was insane947.043.76
that was another bird yeah oh i was950.885.44
gonna shoot him but you did953.2793.041
all right and957.7593.281
and then961.042.799
and then963.8393.12
electric fence prepared neebs had a boy966.9594.481
okay sun's coming up good good good good969.5193.361
good good good971.442.24
one more day973.683.2
uh we're tonight tomorrow night neebs975.123.12
yep oh976.882.72
i don't know man it looks like you've978.243.68
you've worked hard on this i have we'll979.65.039
see yeah now we'll see this is this is981.926.61
probably going to be a [ __ ] show984.63923.76

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