Nighttime Troubles - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 35

Today in Darkness Falls, Appsro and Dora focus on some story quests. ► SU...
Nighttime Troubles - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 35
Nighttime Troubles - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 35

Nighttime Troubles - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 35

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, so I just watched the latest video from Neebs Gaming and let me tell you, it was epic! Appsro and Dora were focusing on some story quests in Darkness Falls and the gameplay was just top-notch. If you're a fan of survival games and hilarious commentary, this is definitely the channel for you.

One thing I love about Neebs Gaming is their attention to detail. They always provide links to their social media, Patreon, and even their merch shop. It's awesome to see how they engage with their fans and provide different ways for us to support them. Plus, they're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know the quality of their gameplay is top-notch.

And can we talk about the music in their videos? They always have such a great selection of tunes that really set the mood for the gameplay. From catchy jingles to intense soundtracks, the music always adds an extra layer of excitement to their videos. It's little details like this that really make Neebs Gaming stand out from other channels.

If you're a fan of Neebs like I am, you'll want to check out their playlists for more gaming content. From cartoons to survival games like 7 Days to Die and Subnautica, they've got a wide variety of content that will keep you entertained for hours. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the latest adventure with Appsro and Dora in Darkness Falls. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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hey guys we have stocks available all2.846.72
through November November November5.2794.281
your evening beebs could use some meat25.764.66
there's a ton of meat in the there's so28.1993.48
much meat in there oh is there yeah30.423.479
because like I get so much that the31.6794.441
hunter in me yeah I get it but like this33.8993.721
wolf right here yeah I mean we don't36.123.42
need to kill this one I mean why not let37.623.779
me get here get the meat right me you're39.543.539
the hunter you wanna I know but I'm kind41.3995.541
of comfortable here we go here we go43.0793.861
okay there you go all right okay that47.966.579
squeal was sad but yeah a little sad but52.23.72
it's okay yeah come here buddy you're54.5394.081
just gonna Ram me right now okay okay55.925.159
okay all right all right I really58.624.02
understand that I mean she didn't want61.0793.801
to get out and shoot him yeah you know62.645.4
you see you see this seat though right I64.885.14
mean it is a cool seat yeah be cool if68.043.42
you could like take this Wolf's hide and70.023.0
put it on that seat right right right71.464.019
he's just not gonna go wizzy no no no73.024.8
it's a tough Pooch there we go I'll tell75.4794.081
you what let me just just do it man77.825.28
tough little pooch there you go oh is he79.567.22
running yeah it's running oh but oh okay83.16.12
there you go what'd you harvest that guy86.785.44
ah [ __ ] I was really really comfortable89.225.039
no I get it but you know just you know92.223.78
now we'll have more meat yeah what's94.2593.661
wrong with having more meat I just96.03.96
disturbing the Comfort it's always good97.924.26
to have a lot of meat that's what she99.967.1
thinks all the meat forward driver102.184.88
all right109.2595.281
okay my boy hello Hey listen you have to110.9395.04
explain to me what the hell these little114.544.38
trim pieces you got going here the that115.9795.581
are like floating in between the118.925.94
floating blocks okay so I noticed121.565.22
something when uh when I was doing124.865.28
quests at one point these these little126.785.4
weird things yeah when you when you're130.143.3
running around the city they're actually132.184.08
like bars to separate say the car Parks133.444.86
from the road all right zombies don't136.264.92
hit them they just walk up and down so138.34.799
what we're doing is we're putting these141.184.139
in just to give our pillars a little bit143.0993.961
more protection so hopefully the idea is145.3193.361
they'll walk around and go I can't hit147.063.48
this I'll just wander this way oh148.684.919
interesting okay and I did the same over150.546.24
here on the walls ah okay so hopefully153.5994.5
they'll wander along though I can't hit156.783.179
this I'll just slide along here and then158.0993.901
up onto the the steps which is exactly159.9593.021
what we want162.04.44
you are one smart cookie if it works if162.985.14
not it's a terrible failure and I am166.443.48
just the idiot I thought I was no well168.123.6
you know that probably too but you know169.924.02
you're not an idiot I could tell Kane I171.724.5
feel like a witch you think he's a witch173.945.4
he's a witch it's black magic I'll black176.225.099
magic you where are you easy now why179.343.66
would you call him a witch181.3192.941
these little things are something183.03.12
different seems like witchcraft to me184.263.72
all right well listen witches are people186.124.8
too right Kane yeah we all yeah see he187.984.8
just admitted it after we're done with190.923.78
him you can kill him I didn't really192.783.9
just say I was just kidding okay it was194.73.48
just a joke I'm gonna reinforce196.683.36
everything for you buddy that would be198.183.96
good that would be good yes you continue200.045.24
to work I'm proud of you202.143.14
all right Dora this is gonna be our206.34.299
Redemption story oh I know we got to208.683.3
restore the power and then I think we210.5992.761
also have to clear all the zombies out211.983.0
we didn't do that last time we didn't we213.363.48
missed one of the two otherwise it was a214.984.02
resounding success gotcha all right so216.844.38
same deal as last time oh man did you219.04.5
bring any food a little bit yeah man you221.224.019
mind if I have just like a little bit of223.53.959
course yeah I got like two drinks on me225.2394.621
something good yeah just had a little227.4594.801
bit of food I got you bruh so yeah we'll229.864.26
hang out in this town until night and232.265.16
then maybe do it uh melee only naked uh234.125.94
I'm gonna be clothed okay she's gonna237.425.52
keep wasting shotgun ammo yep240.065.88
hello Hey listen I know I'm turning251.9595.201
everything to Cobblestone and do you255.125.22
think that this could do it just as257.165.759
Cobblestone I mean like if need behind I260.344.079
know it doesn't need to be but I need to262.9194.56
know that opinion of yours I think it264.4195.521
should be fine with just cobblestone as267.4794.261
long as we don't get demons okay so269.945.759
listen Okay that's why boom watch this271.745.94
I'm right here wasn't that fun very nice275.6994.44
that's why uh when we do the concrete so277.684.86
we can concentrate on other things we're280.1394.681
just gonna do the concrete like the282.544.56
first three pillars up here we'll do284.824.56
this this most of the stairs if not all287.14.26
the stairs and concrete probably and289.384.02
then when we go up on top you know the291.363.72
walls that that I guess are going to293.43.239
keep them in we only need to do the295.083.24
first couple of rows because I'm all296.6393.601
about efficiency baby yeah that should298.324.2
be fine I definitely do the columns yes300.245.28
okay the complete columns probably the302.526.42
first four blocks maybe five all right305.524.92
four or five I could do that all right308.943.42
but just so we know we're conserving I310.443.6
already got some uh some concrete312.364.26
cooking buddy awesome very good you're314.044.86
you're doing good but I'm gonna toot my316.625.299
own horn that's what I do318.93.019
oh yeah there's night time323.844.98
yeah yeah yeah yeah all right I'm just328.824.84
gonna let you leave the charge sure oh331.863.3
wait you know what it is night I'm gonna333.663.06
put my helmet on at least so I can see335.165.84
hey buddy I'll go in the back way okay336.726.479
I'll make you an Escape Route you know341.04.3
what I mean oh I love that yeah do it do343.1996.301
it do it yeah oh forget the dog okay345.35.959
your name349.55.12
that's two dogs351.2593.361
I just took on two dogs while I was360.4795.461
naked with a knife hey coming in oh362.885.159
Jesus there we go oh hey what's up noobs365.944.62
what's happening uh368.0394.321
for the power in this uh broken down370.563.9
auto shop for some reason ah I don't372.363.3
know what to do I'm not building the374.463.0
base anymore I'm just like wandering375.664.08
around okay well what what do you want377.464.019
to do I don't know I want to fly379.743.66
helicopter and I did that follow your381.4794.5
dreams neebs hey let me write that down383.44.44
Follow My Dreams follow your dreams you385.9793.181
want to join Dora and I on this Mission387.843.479
I guess I could shoot this oh wait I got389.163.9
a new weapon I don't think I like it but391.3194.16
what is that x x393.065.4
and a hammer thing oh yeah let me help395.4794.72
with this I feel like a zombie's coming398.466.2
up on me right now all right one's done400.1998.72
that's one hit let me smackers two404.667.479
she's still on down yet oh girl you408.9195.201
underneath that counter oh she's stuck412.1393.541
now yeah she's having a big old problem414.123.48
now we've done it oh God she choked415.683.84
inside the counter yep the counter417.64.379
choked her to death holy muggins what419.524.56
are you guys doing421.9794.801
oh wait I'm not you wanna get naked beef424.085.399
Ah that's probably a bad idea like try426.785.22
you guys uh even here yeah we're here429.4794.5
we're doing clothes I'm watching neebs432.04.919
take it off yeah keep my shoes on in my433.9795.881
hat cupcake ready yeah yeah there you go436.9194.861
now we're ready to run good job sir all439.864.32
right we're door where you're at I'm441.783.72
doing the jobs all right let's just444.183.419
follow the sound of uh gunfire okay445.54.56
clear the area we're clear just gotta do447.5994.921
the Jenny thing oh yeah the generator so450.064.22
he's probably coming over to this one452.523.84
tell you what having that parkour454.284.6
ability is nice it helps yeah for sure I456.364.14
gotta spend more points still did you go458.884.099
down here foreign460.52.479
I hear someone oh I'm gonna open this464.785.8
garage yeah all right we did it oh wait467.225.699
but no we gotta uh no oh wait we did it470.584.32
yeah well I did it oh472.9195.22
man we kicked ass we did I did good474.95.28
thing I Was Here There You Go Oh I like478.1394.261
that gun neebs thanks for stopping by I480.183.419
don't think he can close it once it's482.43.54
open oh no trust me it's dumb no this483.5993.72
place should have like lights everywhere485.944.02
since we you know restored the [ __ ]487.3193.6
I did ah490.9195.89
looking good you're looking good you501.444.659
like my seat needs I love your seat put503.943.96
one of these on the Choppers506.0994.44
whoa okay I'm on the ground careful with507.94.139
that uh yeah yeah I think I think our510.5393.961
objectives out the woods yep oh there's512.0394.44
a wall you should take that to the air514.53.959
neighbors right yeah because it's a516.4793.841
gyrocopter okay I just wanted to be a518.4594.26
part of the conversation though right no520.325.639
you're not you guys there already yup522.7196.421
yeah we're here yeah okay I'm almost525.9596.301
there are you oh okay I see yeah your529.145.22
two are right are you going to the same532.264.62
thing we are I'd see you but well no am534.366.06
I not could you just passed us I see an536.886.24
exclamation mark out there ah tree540.424.62
man this is supposed to be a quick thing543.125.04
this morning yeah yeah right right up545.046.08
here right up here yep there he is548.165.64
oh my God you think it's better in the551.124.36
air neebs right I just thought we were553.83.719
almost here oh we are here I can just555.484.44
leave it right here right yeah okay what557.5194.561
we doing here guys I think we're killing559.924.14
some nurses you ready uh kill the nurses562.085.64
yep that's my jam and come whoa Bring It564.065.54
come on567.724.44
one nurse what if I could use a Time569.65.32
charge on a nurse probably hmm can I572.164.44
stick it hold on watch this neebs oh574.923.3
yeah okay can I stick this to a zombie576.64.62
backing up oh [ __ ] I can stuck to her578.225.299
oh my God I love these now that was584.34.719
pretty awesome hold on I'm gonna do it587.3993.861
again do it again okay hey589.0196.061
right in your face [ __ ] oh my God it's591.266.1
stuck to her look at that oh it's595.085.58
amazing that's really great okay oh my I597.364.979
have never known that how many those you600.663.66
got oh we got one more but now I'm gonna602.3395.281
make a ton because that exists holy moly604.327.82
oh I want nothing but those things now607.624.52
we got like a water and horde going on614.3994.56
here whoa [ __ ] what oh crap yeah where616.084.62
are where I know you're close but where618.9594.741
are you uh on the base okay so so am I620.74.8
and I've got this uh I have a feeling623.73.54
let's see how this if this shotgun's625.54.32
effective from far away are you affected627.245.099
from far away maybe I have a lot of629.825.639
shells that's the by far the best thing632.3395.341
I got going on here this is a great test635.4594.5
again I only have three shells and I637.683.719
found a problem immediately so we're639.9593.541
gonna have to fix that hey good it's641.3994.56
fixable so we're okay I like that here643.54.5
and I'm just gonna be shooting I'm645.9593.961
wasting a lot of shells what's the best648.04.2
way for me maybe I'll hop down here649.925.24
oh I missed it all right that's okay652.25.759
that's okay come on by come on everybody655.166.16
maybe you come over here huh come on you657.9594.801
just want oh no661.324.62
no [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] I'm very hurt and I662.764.759
should have had some meds and I don't665.945.339
I'm probably gonna die damn it yeah I'm667.5196.641
I'm very low as well and I'm currently671.2794.861
high on the base well beautiful yep I674.163.72
can't jump up here676.145.4
come on baby come on up here where are677.886.24
you guys you son of a [ __ ] come on681.548.22
reload Easy Come On Son [ __ ] uh I gotta684.127.14
go home I gotta run home and get some689.762.759
damn it yep go for it all right692.5194.341
all right you know what I'm gonna try to698.4593.301
use this coil gun for the first time700.24.02
okay I haven't fired it once okay yeah701.765.04
enjoy it we're good we're advancing704.225.1
storyline yeah I think this is the last706.84.32
one we gotta do all right let's see how709.325.1
this works oh wow yeah holy crap pretty711.125.339
happy so far no watch this thing ready714.425.159
okay oh just drop some that's pretty716.4595.581
dope okay we need more of these holy719.5794.76
okay coil rounds are my new favorite730.164.66
thing and now we can return the trader732.64.679
and I think she trusts us now hopefully734.824.8
we can do some cool missions and make737.2795.221
out hey nibs oh you see me yeah you're739.624.8
in the air yeah I'm doing my own mission742.54.519
because uh744.422.599
but I could hit him I don't know let's748.86.92
see yeah you better run oh that works750.725.0
that's super fun757.165.919
oh [ __ ] I'm gonna starve what you're760.2795.041
what a noob765.683.48
all right Dora I'm excited yeah me too772.225.739
so this should be our 10th turn in all775.265.34
right lady White River Scout boom let's777.9595.18
see I will take thank you780.65.28
we're like some of those why not all783.1395.081
right so oh yeah so now there's an785.885.699
option do you have any other work oh788.228.54
boom open trade routes tier one oh okay791.5798.101
sexy there we go now we can open some796.764.72
trade routes with these guys and I think799.683.42
that's gonna lead to better stuff I hope801.483.599
you're right to trust us now ma'am803.14.02
that's good people we're super805.0795.461
trustworthy and uh oh how far away is807.124.98
this uh trade route thing let me take a810.543.539
peek two kilometers you know what I can812.13.78
do that with a gyrocopter and it needs814.0793.661
as one but I can take the other one and815.884.82
do that hmm817.742.96
oh boy storm came in low on gas already820.926.419
at gas stations825.543.84
what is that below me827.3393.661
um that's not oh it is a gas station829.385.519
okay here we go let me do a sneaky831.07.32
little turn around there we go come on834.8995.221
saw B838.324.019
another B wants my honey840.124.56
here we go oh yeah this is looking842.3395.281
smooth here we go stop it watch out844.685.06
chicken move a chicken847.624.86
and stop it okay849.744.42
saw some zombies over there there they852.484.859
are all right pass in gas854.165.82
these have some gas for me oh there's857.3395.041
only one pump it's one of those we got859.985.34
up 452. man is that enough I don't even862.385.1
know if that's enough I better keep865.324.639
looking around867.482.479
oh look at this place this place looks873.36.0
cool oh man I don't think I've ever been876.64.919
to a Trader like this it's got real879.36.539
pepper Vibes boom okay hello881.5196.721
from uh from a few Towns over885.8395.701
we'll sit by a lady she hit boobs you888.244.74
know the one891.544.56
are you gonna purchase something oh oh892.987.32
hello good sir razor oh hello razor a896.17.44
pleasure to meet you you do uh not at900.36.479
all look crazy but uh yeah what you got903.545.58
from me it's great to hear our Dukes906.7793.721
have been Rusty for too long we've been909.123.12
wanting to open up new trade routes for910.53.72
a long time if you got the time we got912.244.56
some the work man I got the time if you914.224.679
got to work and hey thanks for the ammo916.84.14
that's actually really good do you have918.8993.541
any germs920.945.339
uh retrieve some supplies sir you were922.446.6
talking to the number one guy when it926.2795.521
comes to retrieving supplies you got it929.045.479
I'll be right back931.82.719
oh no is this a digging thing this is a936.185.58
digging thing isn't it damn it I should939.423.8
have brought Dora941.764.379
should have brought door he loved to dig943.225.32
okay I guess I'm not gonna go in through946.1393.841
the road because digging through the948.544.14
road sucks going in here949.984.5
all right I've got to protect the952.683.839
entrance with that954.484.32
and wow man do I have did I bring my956.5193.421
all right auger and then I got the coil959.945.639
rounds all right oh this could be risky963.185.0
but here we go965.5792.601
oh I hear it oh God oh God oh wow oh wow969.187.68
holy [ __ ] oh wow oh now things have gone973.167.0
South [ __ ]976.863.3
oh yeah come get them come on come get980.6996.361
some baby oh you met with the wrong sexy983.165.06
[ __ ]987.064.98
okay Switching to fun stuff they want to988.226.179
handle it992.042.359
oh boy he only got big one I need to996.0195.861
take out big guy come on yeah there you999.545.4
go jeez1001.883.06
oh my God that's gonna happen every time1005.624.899
I get like a little bit closer in it oh1008.06.98
my God I gotta find this treasure quick1010.5194.461
you got to be kidding me it is in the1015.945.139
middle of the rate there's a portal1019.6393.841
there ah there's no I can't go in there1021.0794.141
can I all right I'm just gonna land1023.484.26
right beside the middle of it the side1025.223.66
of it1027.743.719
and just step in for a second and just1028.885.0
double check1031.4592.421
okay look at this this is not my day1041.4195.4
okay yep that's radiation hit me quick1044.364.439
hit me quick1046.8195.821
all right crap it's getting late too I1048.7996.0
only think a gun gasket at home1052.645.88
how much gas is here uh 46 it's gonna1054.7995.221
take more now to get home1058.523.96
yeah I'm gonna sit up here all right1060.024.38
this is where I live tonight1062.484.939
in the desert town1064.43.019
no no no no no no no no no no no no no1071.864.24
boy where are you1076.13.92
okay Screamer's dead1083.1793.561
okay here we go1086.7995.641
that was another damn screamer God did1100.1795.921
she scream again oh no oh my God things1103.0394.981
have gone so oh no things have gone real1106.13.66
south get back up here get back up there1108.023.72
[ __ ] oh God they're gonna chew through1109.763.299
this so quick they're gonna chew through1111.743.86
this so quick1113.0592.541
get on the roof1119.386.539
let's see what can I use here1121.784.139
I am not going to disappoint Fraser I1132.6795.341
just met him and God damn it we're gonna1135.9194.5
be special to friends1138.024.399
oh boy1140.4194.341
you wanted an epic rooftop battle baby1144.764.96
you got it you got it the second you1147.325.7
decided to [ __ ] with me oh boy1149.724.92
oh boy y'all that ain't good that ain't1153.024.159
good that ain't good1154.642.539
all right go back down you guys jump off1158.1795.581
the roof like idiots1161.1795.401
oh yeah you will oh hey that's a new1163.765.18
come on come on now you [ __ ] [ __ ]1168.945.68
you you better not scream again I swear1172.0394.821
to God1174.622.24
oh I should have brought the whole team1177.444.8
for this [ __ ] oh God the jumpers okay I1179.364.5
gotta I gotta Focus where's my coil gun1182.244.439
coil gun jumpers1183.865.6
[ __ ] [ __ ]1186.6794.86
come on1189.466.88
jumper oh God [ __ ] okay all right you1191.5397.201
jumping fool come on jump up here jump1196.345.04
up here oh thank God I got these running1198.743.17
oh God1203.9196.521
oh my God just died just die1206.265.98
oh there's night time that's perfect1210.445.18
that's night time just what I wanted1212.247.7
well we're gonna just die just died1215.626.42
just die you [ __ ]1219.944.38
oh God oh God oh God all right all right1224.324.38
all right upstairs or1228.76.28
in here up nope nope nope don't want to1231.944.479
go in there get up here get up on the1234.984.079
roof get up on the roof and uh oh wait1236.4195.701
oh they lost sight of me because it's1239.0596.541
dark oh and I'm sneaky1242.126.78
oh and I'm but I'm at a [ __ ] 762.1245.65.43
[ __ ]1248.96.439
okay let's open his door and gun looks1255.9196.741
the bunch1263.265.919
okay here we go come on come on come on1265.0395.241
oh yep stay out hope that gate holds1270.286.34
okay here we go1274.0394.561
all right up here I got a little1276.623.66
oh there's still up there aren't they1280.284.56
come on down ladies1282.384.26
I don't know if that's working that's1284.844.26
probably just Wasting Bullets1286.645.58
all right uh I'm gonna work my way back1289.14.8
yeah going back1293.93.84
let me get a look at you there you are1296.243.84
oh yep I think the spikes did that one1297.744.2
all right hey don't touch that cement1300.085.4
I'm gonna use it later for my base1301.945.34
I bet Sonic could use it1305.483.72
there you go headshot1307.284.379
Pro Gamer1309.26.26
okay oh he's a military guy1311.6593.801
nope one more ah reload Walmart oh okay1321.146.419
that's it I'm going to bed1327.5593.5
oh oh oh no that called him right too we1332.983.54
know where it came from so easy1337.787.54
sneaky oh oh that killed one of you oh1341.265.62
man this red bag is going to be ammo1345.326.38
ended in there am I ammo oh yes oh1346.887.56
Who's Back In Action who's got a sneaky1351.73.94
sniper right1354.444.84
caption's got a sneaky sniper rifle1355.644.8
okay and1360.443.44
you I need you oh this has been one of1374.085.64
those nights okay1377.6595.76
Emma no but old bandages that is1383.4193.781
actually great that's great that's great1385.943.9
I can heal up antibiotics okay man I'm1387.24.44
over encumbered but that's okay ammo1389.845.12
ammo yes1391.648.06
okay all right back in action1394.964.74
oh my oh God are they coming in1407.5597.381
oh God all right oh1411.645.399
turret I'm coming back for you tomorrow1414.945.68
holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] oh go go go go go go1417.0394.901
go go go go go go go go go go go go go1420.625.48
go go go go take off take off1421.944.16
oh I'm oh I'm sorry you dumbasses1429.985.22
couldn't care standing episode gonna1432.25.66
have to be quicker next time1435.26.2
razor this is1437.863.54

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