NEW TECH - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 42

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already checked out the latest video from the channel, you're definitely missing ...
NEW TECH - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 42
NEW TECH - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 42

NEW TECH - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 42

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen our latest video, 'NEW TECH - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 42'? It's my favorite one so far!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! We were really trying to advance our weapon tech in that episode. It was hilarious!

neebs: I know, right? And the music list we had playing in the background was just perfect. I couldn't stop laughing!

appsro: Definitely! Especially when 'Hero In Peril' started playing, it added such a dramatic effect to our gameplay. Classic!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already checked out the latest video from the channel, you're definitely missing out on some epic gaming adventures. In this episode set in Darkness Falls, our favorite dynamic duo, Appsro and Neebs, are on a mission to level up their weapon tech and take on new challenges. As a fan, I'm always excited to see what crazy antics these two get up to next.

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baton baby okay here we go boom modify21.1998.021
pop it in there okay here I got three26.0395.521
mods on it now nice oh I wanna okay29.223.48
we're gonna go out later and you're31.562.519
gonna hit a zombie in the face with that32.74.379
yes all right so for that gift uh I34.0794.921
would like something from you in return37.0795.041
okay as our Master scientist uh you need39.04.32
to be in charge of ammo production42.122.939
because no one else can do it oh really43.323.36
yeah if you come over here I've kind of45.0593.061
got everything set up for you top left46.684.14
corner has all the ingredients okay I48.124.259
can make the gunpowder there at the chem50.823.239
station on the right and you can52.3793.121
actually make the bullets I've made a54.0593.421
workbench right in here exclusive for55.54.44
you exclusive for making ammo so we57.484.14
don't run out of uh ammunition during59.943.18
horde nights and even though I can build61.624.499
that you can let's hope so let's no you63.125.16
can okay let's hope you can you66.1194.621
scientist right yeah then you can68.285.3
we're better than nothing I like that80.1594.801
doing some uh what do you call these82.4394.68
puppies uh I was gonna say foundations84.964.44
but what do you call the the foundations87.1194.461
that hold up like a house by the beach89.46.0
it's on still stilts I'm doing some91.585.98
stilt work I'm putting little goodie95.43.899
boxes in each of these stripper Towers97.564.86
really yeah I mean just a few nail bombs99.2995.46
Molotov it's a first aid kit each one102.425.76
okay yeah why not that sounds good I I104.7597.021
think I've got like almost all of the108.185.28
concrete minus some Cobblestone I'm111.783.42
looking at here that replace that really113.463.72
needs to be you know like reinforced all115.23.72
the all the blocks that you laid are now117.184.14
concrete fully perfect thank you you're118.923.659
welcome are you gonna be putting any121.323.299
railing on these little you know122.5796.001
catwalks nope all right so beware yep124.6195.161
um damn I kind of want to put stuff up129.785.52
but would that be bad if I did that just132.364.32
to keep it because it's going to be very135.33.84
risky hey you all you need to do is just136.684.62
get hit by something like a little bit139.144.62
of Goo yeah and then you're knocked off141.35.34
the way I see it is uh we're gonna be on143.765.16
those catwalks minimally and that's just146.644.8
to retreat backward okay well maybe do148.924.92
you do you mind if I lay even just for151.444.08
me like I'll stay on the side that I put153.843.119
them or is that gonna look bad for you155.523.66
and you won't like it Simon yeah we have156.9594.081
more time than I thought we had left so159.184.49
whatever makes you happy okay161.046.46
okay what about this place oh does that167.846.34
say pharmaceutical yeah tagashi yeah you170.8795.701
would hope some would be in here all174.185.16
right I need research notes we got six176.584.86
of them but if I get 10 research notes I179.343.78
can make a book that'll allow us to181.444.26
craft like lasers and stuff okay that'll183.125.46
let me kill demons I think so uh but185.74.92
this book is only obtained from like a188.584.019
certain zombie type they're like uh the190.624.86
the lady wearing the lab coat gotcha so192.5994.621
I think we get those out of like195.483.36
hospitals and Labs but this is a197.222.879
pharmaceutical place you think they'd198.843.179
have a lab right yeah always you mean200.0993.181
you go to Walgreens they got a lab202.0193.841
person yeah oh wow this is wide open203.284.98
wait there's a guy there's a guy you205.864.5
seen a lab coat lady let's see there's208.264.08
more pharmacist there's bound to be lab210.364.08
coat [ __ ] somewhere around here man I212.343.539
should have brought my I keep forgetting214.443.84
get my turret like an idiot I got mine215.8794.021
all right this guy probably cleared218.283.78
awesome sorry oh Ma'am219.94.259
she found one it's not a lab coat though222.064.56
I want to try this mod out oh yeah smack224.1594.58
do it again do it again that's it and230.425.379
flying too there you go yes that's232.984.74
pretty sweet that's wonderfully sweet235.7994.981
okay oh what lady will you leave me237.724.51
what you got got a green guy you want to248.585.159
try your baton on a green guy yep you251.8194.2
stay here yep not getting anywhere near253.7394.441
you there we go oh there's a bunch of256.0194.5
them oh yeah see if you can knock them258.183.48
all back just funnel them through the260.5193.001
door okay right here they're breaking261.664.38
through yep okay uh stay back Grandma263.525.16
you got this oh there's a girl there it266.045.76
goes yeah all right oh [ __ ] oh God268.685.66
behind us names271.85.88
there you go oh [ __ ] okay did I hit you274.347.24
uh did you you got a bandage oh yep yep277.685.88
I'm bleeding ma'am my friend's bleeding281.584.98
uh can I fix you hold on might be okay283.567.68
I'm at 89 oh behind your knees yep286.567.8
man will you take that other mod off yep291.244.8
just hold on we're being attacked stay294.363.6
away from me for a second296.044.14
all right I'm staying away from you297.965.16
there we go and hey knock her off the300.184.38
knock her off the side of the railing no303.123.84
oh there she is I really wanted her to304.563.78
fly off the side of the railing maybe if306.962.94
I could get down and hit upwards maybe308.343.299
oh crap uh we do are gonna have visitors311.6393.84
we're over there though all right I'm314.283.72
gonna use a uh health kit are you done315.4794.861
bleeding um no okay we'll get around318.04.139
those guys take these guys yep I'll lead320.343.32
them this way come on electric322.1392.941
Electric's not doing okay oh boy I'm325.086.6
taking some damage over here I might329.283.54
need to switch out in a minute okay331.683.54
where you at I'm over here fighting a332.825.24
zombie slowly bleeding now335.225.819
for a second okay I'm gonna use another338.065.38
health kit I think I may have stopped341.0395.761
bleeding oh boy who is on my butt uh you343.445.22
got an entire Army of zombies on your346.84.26
butt okay are you ready to fight for a348.663.84
minute uh yeah I'm ready to fight for a351.062.94
minute okay let's switch out all right352.53.66
high five as you go back the other way354.03.72
that's all right we missed it we suck at356.165.52
five okay let me heal up there we go I357.725.52
think your man like Tool's still cool oh361.683.06
wait this is a demon watch out this is a363.245.58
demon take him down come on man that364.746.36
machete man I know I love this machete368.825.219
that is the best oh what's in the bag oh371.14.92
come on can you get that guy374.0394.1
um oh wow he flipping over the ledge376.024.3
that's awesome378.1394.481
Dora yeah I've decided to widen this and382.626.6
it's probably a waste of material but in386.584.26
order to in order to get the railings389.224.319
that's what I did boy are you happy390.843.96
um I'm pretty darn happy except for this394.84.2
damn corner piece this is all sorts of397.025.1
Jack the the railing yeah hey be careful399.04.62
out here402.123.18
um you know as you see I'm kind of like403.623.96
squaring off this whole area with [ __ ]405.35.22
yeah hurt myself yeah don't do that yeah407.585.22
I I'm gonna be planning oh damn you're410.524.619
putting a whole bunch of metal spikes412.84.86
out by those before they fall there okay415.1395.041
you like that yeah and I have some some417.664.68
leftover Woodies yeah I'm gonna make a420.184.32
bunch of Woodies I'll I'll sprinkle them422.344.56
in there plus uh nine more metal ones424.54.68
left but make sure I gotta make sure um426.93.72
I want to see if these are all wired429.183.84
properly still so chill on that a bit430.627.079
okay hey I found a glitchy another dirt433.027.32
bike out there and they both work I mean437.6994.681
I was driving uh the one around and then440.344.44
I saw one on the map and I I don't know442.384.14
how it happened now we got two so I'll444.784.08
take it okay so I think at some point I446.523.299
think we're gonna have to do a448.862.76
simultaneous jump over with the two449.8194.021
bikes on the on the ramps that are451.623.96
fairly still there since we have all453.843.419
this extra time I I agree with you455.583.43
Okay the third four didn't look like a463.525.98
lab let's check the fourth man it's hard466.9794.201
to tell all right I'm gonna peek in a469.53.539
little bit neebs you peek I'll stay out471.183.54
of your way I still got that mod on oh473.0393.361
wait yep he's474.723.06
damn it I thought one of them was the476.44.82
lady oh wait there's a type of lady yeah477.783.44
okay oh yeah nurses everywhere481.865.0
here we go485.284.199
drop the stuff we needed oh really yeah486.864.48
I think I dropped the bag right yeah I489.4794.381
gotta drop a bag okay it's her yeah it491.344.02
might be that type of zombie right there493.864.559
ah damn it no bag no bag see man this is495.364.44
gonna be I feel like this is gonna be498.4192.761
sort of a worthless Adventure you499.82.88
already looked at this bag yeah I did501.183.299
that wasn't dropped by the other one502.683.84
like there's a percentage of them to504.4793.241
drop the bag and then there's actually a506.522.64
percentage of them to actually get the507.723.3
note it's like we may just want to pick509.163.66
it up as we go on other Adventures like511.023.48
we could be doing Trader runs right now512.823.659
okay but hey we're here I mean we're514.54.86
here we may as well try but we found the516.4794.5
zombie we're looking for that's that's a519.363.44
good start520.9794.441
I see some radio oh did they say yes522.84.42
how'd they say yes who are the ones525.424.2
outside yeah yeah how did they see us527.224.739
man you must not have good sneaky stuff529.624.98
probably don't I'm gonna look around oh531.9594.081
there's a light right here this is how534.63.48
we get outside don't go outside536.044.2
um yeah sure we can go outside and smack538.085.52
those guys okay oh look how many there540.246.32
are how many are there543.62.96
he's coming after you they're coming552.983.22
please go off okay there we go that's556.28.88
pretty fun it took some damage you okay560.767.32
um yeah I've got some oh that's good now565.084.56
what is this uh look at this where we568.083.54
gotta go are we doing this569.643.72
um go for it I'm right behind you okay571.627.279
I'm over roof we're in the next spot573.365.539
I don't want to do this by myself okay580.165.32
luckily I had that no I'm okay I I had582.666.359
that mod on my boots uh-huh oh boy come585.485.96
on guys589.0192.421
anything in your bag anything good I'm592.5193.82
gonna wait I'm gonna wait right here595.323.3
till you get back up to me okay yeah hey596.3394.62
neebs yeah I see one of those uh zombies598.624.74
we need on the street I'll get her oh600.9595.88
come on I want you to drop a bag so bad603.365.76
I'm gonna sneak attack you and you're606.8393.721
gonna drop a bag609.124.98
damn it nothing no bag farmer crap I610.565.82
miss being able to search bodies I hate614.14.88
the bag system616.382.6
come on there's got to be lab ladies oh623.8394.781
I see you Mr research man I'm gonna626.2794.441
sneak up on you in the face628.624.62
oh wait this might be one lab technician630.725.4
oh yeah this might be one okay coming to633.245.099
you okay okay I'm keeping my distance636.124.88
all right I'm gonna smack her come on638.3395.701
damn it man you hit her good too I did I641.05.1
really wanted to drop the bay644.044.44
so yeah again I feel like we're just646.14.179
gonna have to run into it out in the648.483.479
wild going out looking for it it's gonna650.2794.021
be crazy what do we need it for again651.9594.201
um I can make notes to make a book654.33.9
that'll allow me to craft Laser656.163.84
Technology that will allow us to kill658.23.9
the demon horde I can't make laser660.04.44
bullets just so you know I don't know662.14.62
that you need to make laser bullets and664.444.079
I dream once and you had to use laser666.723.72
bullets so that's weird I don't think of668.5193.541
lasers and bullets670.443.66
it's like energy I had a dream last672.064.019
night that Dallas gave me a beer and it674.14.5
had a rocket attached to it a rocket and676.0795.401
a beer yeah oh it's not good okay all678.64.44
right yep don't fight681.483.359
all right our turn and try to fight hold683.044.88
on I'll go first and if I tap out okay684.8396.18
let's stay quiet huh stick quiet oh God687.925.26
okay I'm helping with the arrows don't691.0194.021
move to your right whatever you do you693.183.32
doing great695.044.38
come the [ __ ] up yeah okay yeah damn all696.56.279
right this blade this blade is nonsense699.424.979
I helped a little though blade is702.7794.081
absolute nonsense I [ __ ] love it you704.3994.201
wanna hear the rest of the dream okay706.863.659
beer attached to Rocket yeah he's like708.63.419
yeah and I'm like how do they sell that710.5192.82
for only a couple dollars I mean there's712.0193.241
a rocket on it right and then like if713.3393.841
you go somewhere else and you can put a715.264.8
GPS on it your beer will come to you via717.184.44
rocket you know how the Tesla Rockets720.064.5
like they land yeah your beer comes that721.624.56
way yeah there's a hog in that pod by724.563.719
the way see it that's animal testing726.184.08
right there it sure is I don't care for728.2794.321
it okay know what we gotta do730.264.62
that's glass732.64.56
sorry poor little guy survival the734.884.139
fittest may as well get this other one737.164.679
too hey buddy neebs is here he's in739.0194.141
glass we'll let him stay I didn't741.8392.581
realize it was glasses yeah he's gonna743.162.64
break out of that as soon as we make a744.423.659
noise you think745.84.159
he's fine he's not even gonna attack is749.9596.761
he yeah oh there you go it went okay see752.945.88
we made noise and he came at me it was756.724.679
more than noise it was provoked I don't758.823.51
know about that761.3995.12
well I'm just clearing that easy oops766.5195.62
these idiots out here okay hey you got769.686.48
any like uh stone or yeah stone or772.1397.32
Cobblestone probably no not Cobblestone776.166.359
I got the stones okay yeah I'll give you779.4595.101
some just because I know I probably782.5193.301
don't have to but I'm trying to make784.563.12
everything even I feel like neebs and I785.823.72
think even even feels good wait let's787.684.92
see 501 small Stone that'd be good oh789.545.7
yeah yeah yeah and do me a favor while792.64.08
you're here would you take you see this795.243.599
janky freaking piece of [ __ ] right here796.683.839
that's not will you take that out will798.8392.94
you hit that with an ax I don't even800.5193.541
have an ax that is janky that bothers801.7794.321
you that much it does it does I'd rather804.064.74
it be open so that someone could easily806.15.039
Escape if they want it's even on the808.84.02
other side too very thoughtful of you811.1393.721
yeah we didn't do that jump that we were812.823.48
promising remember that that's right814.864.2
it's because we're we're hard workers816.36.12
hard workers and and I forgot about it819.066.839
yeah so but we can set up for that next822.426.0
time it's kind of like you know football825.8995.041
is going to start after commercial after828.423.78
like and then there's another commercial830.943.36
break yeah I'm gonna go get I'll get the832.24.86
bikes in uh in place yep do that and834.34.78
I'll and then it'll be great837.0610.62
anyone got the lab coat you're looking847.684.02
for can't really tell right now I'm849.184.62
infected by the way oh I got some851.74.5
antibiotics oh do you yeah the herbal853.84.2
ones oh man I don't know if you're one856.22.939
of those guys that doesn't like herbal858.02.76
stuff oh man I'll take herbal it's a859.1393.361
zombie bear it's a zombie bear in there860.763.36
zombie bear in this one862.54.26
[ __ ] do you want this antibiotic maybe864.125.159
yeah yeah go ahead and give it to me866.764.62
give me that antibiotic how much you869.2794.201
think a six pack of Rocket beer would871.384.199
cost probably a lot I mean you know you873.483.599
got to think of you know the added cost875.5796.241
of rocket fuel yeah and the GPS yeah and877.0796.541
all that yeah all the electronics it's881.823.72
not just beer it's beer plus a rocket883.624.92
right oh I think I may see a lab lady in885.543.659
oh geez I think that might be a demonic889.1995.88
lap lady well that's you because you got892.924.32
the machete all right do you have a dick895.0794.62
punch or anything I do all right let me897.243.779
tell you what yeah let's set that up899.6992.88
let's set up some spikes and then we'll901.0194.581
make noise okay902.5793.021
oh boy you made a lot of noise906.685.14
you did you weren't crouching it's it's909.53.88
not how fast can you put up that dick911.823.84
puncher it's not letting me well there913.384.319
we go okay that feels pretty good yeah915.663.359
all right that's a good thing and then917.6992.7
I'll let you stay there with the Baton919.0194.081
and tag I don't if you need to okay and920.3995.041
we're gonna let them do the door huh uh923.13.9
yeah okay through the door we'll just925.443.6
wait yeah we might not ever go in there927.03.72
you know no they'll get through it929.043.84
eventually well I mean between DP and me930.723.6
they might not get past this oh okay932.882.94
you're saying yeah yeah that now that'd934.323.0
be great I'd love for you to do that935.824.199
that's a zombie bear where's your937.324.56
buttock it's right here they go start940.0193.541
smacking I'm reaching that far that's941.884.74
that lady oh hey did you drop a bag oh943.564.8
yeah all right I got her come on come on946.624.2
drop it drop it drop that bag oh boy I'm948.364.14
just gonna get into it damn it you950.825.54
didn't drop a bag I swear lady next time952.57.32
switch into bow and arrow I think yep956.365.38
there's a guy under the steps is that959.824.079
bear dead yeah kill the bear Bear's not961.743.539
dead he's still in there just acting963.8993.781
crazy all right the bear there he is oh965.2794.62
boy his hand is right in my face oh967.684.32
there's a lady oh man maybe she'll drop969.8994.081
her back I'll try to let her out come on972.05.06
out ma'am yeah there we go973.983.08
okay do not come at me977.7795.261
I'm staying here oh God all right I got980.725.5
a quarter here oh I can't hear you knees983.045.28
two bags two bags oh God two bags two986.224.44
bags come on research notes damn it okay988.326.24
those not that one come on uh no but990.665.22
that's something you might be able to994.563.899
use was that a platform of a baton uh995.885.699
yeah hold up here you keep it oh let's998.4594.68
pick it up yeah yeah here I'll give it1001.5792.88
to you okay there's a bear I'm just1003.1392.94
there's still a bear right hey grab that1004.4594.081
okay oh can you put that mod and1006.0794.44
everything on that oh that's a mod I1008.542.88
don't know I don't know if you can put1010.5192.701
the same mods on your baton as you can1011.425.339
that okay Bear's still in there watch1013.224.859
the back I'm doing much Bear's almost1016.7593.181
down Bear's almost down okay you do the1018.0794.141
mods I'm going for the bear come on1019.944.52
[ __ ]1022.228.839
you ready for this yeah you ready yeah1033.225.68
you want to count down and then that's1037.16.359
right three two one bam well okay whoops1038.96.96
that didn't work no okay1043.4595.96
[ __ ] here we go1045.863.559
I don't ever give up though you know I1050.9193.961
know I feel like1053.366.199
yeah maybe another shot is needed1054.884.679
I knew that wouldn't work1062.783.2
hey it all worked out all right enough1066.384.38
pissing around them you go ahead I'm I1068.784.259
got things to do yeah you trust me I'm1070.764.56
kicking ass I don't need to do anymore1073.0395.401
oh I was gonna1075.325.099
no matter what I can man I almost got1078.444.14
you in that are you trying to kill me1080.4197.821
nope better not be I was I forgive you1082.585.66
what's up man coming through we're out1094.5395.801
man you made a quick work of her yep1097.664.899
who's next I'm looking take the pet oh1100.344.74
look at this Garden this Garden there's1102.5597.201
a garden it's amazing watch out ah cool1105.086.0
whoa he just exploded I'm seeing some1111.084.38
glowy green stuff oh well that's a1113.844.079
military guy oh yeah oh okay Jesus1115.464.44
Christ I knew it as soon as I got close1117.9195.64
I'll stay back here ow okay yeah all1119.95.399
right got him you okay you didn't hit me1123.5595.341
did you uh no oh boy got that guy you1125.2995.76
got the Lumberjack yep okay oh more1128.95.1
buzzards is he coming at me right above1131.0594.381
I hear a dog growling come on Buzzard1134.03.12
quit being a coward all right going loud1135.444.32
for the Buzzard got the Buzzard anybody1137.124.439
else up here there's something right oh1139.764.08
yeah big guy right in his glass all1141.5593.901
right this is the this is the roof this1143.842.76
has got to be where the good stuff is1145.463.12
right I found the dog where's the dog1146.63.86
he's right here dude1148.584.74
oh man wait I see stuff oh yeah there's1150.464.8
a whole room of stuff through here1153.325.4
oh yeah it's like a safe room [ __ ] off1155.265.919
sir oh I'm gonna get fat guy oh you got1158.724.319
fat guy I mean he's almost dead but1161.1793.721
there you go all right coming to you1163.0394.201
there's a switch here okay I'm gonna hit1164.94.68
it I'll see it oh the door opened on the1167.244.74
other side yep how do we get there1169.583.9
um it's got to be a way um we gotta get1171.983.059
outside wait we can just break this damn1173.484.439
glass oh yeah right well sure come on do1175.0396.301
it the easy way yeah all right holy moly1177.9196.861
look at all this yes1181.343.44
look at all this1186.0393.481
see we didn't leave empty-handed wow1190.845.1
look at all that this isn't too bad1193.885.22
pardon chest Quail shotgun a coil1195.945.02
shotgun that's all right we gotta open1199.14.86
this big one uh yeah I think it's locked1200.964.02
tell you what yeah let's start hitting1203.963.36
it with our uh crowbar okay oh wait do I1204.983.72
I hope I don't hit you from here I'll1207.323.42
back up all right yep and I'll kind of1208.73.42
come at it put an angle here we go1210.743.299
England back there we go tell you what1212.123.24
there's a lock picking skill in this1214.0392.941
game this crowbars make it useless1215.363.9
doesn't it yeah I'd much rather Pro bars1216.984.14
on yeah it's more fun this way here we1219.265.52
go Moment of Truth and do it neebs there1221.125.76
we go1224.784.98
um what is this generic schematic wait1226.885.22
is that the red one blue oh there okay1229.764.14
yeah we need the red one man I feel like1232.12.699
there was better stuff in the other1233.92.88
thing all right anything else up here I1234.7993.061
mean that was the good stuff right1236.783.8
putting stuff up here uh just no not1240.885.86
really empty suitcases some luggage1244.15.579
though luggage empty yeah I think we got1246.745.4
the good stuff okay unless you something1249.6794.261
on that very top of that Tower I mean1252.143.84
I'm here I want to check right yeah it's1253.943.9
like why not all right here we go here1255.983.54
we go I'm gonna do it this way1257.843.78
yeah I'm gonna make my own damn ladder1259.523.659
screw trying to use your ladder your1261.623.299
ladders sucks1263.1793.781
there we go here we go here we go here1264.9196.741
we go here we go okay move over1266.964.7
thing up here oh you're on the roof yeah1272.364.26
hey nice1275.04.1
there's a backpack up here1276.627.559
and level 46 padded boots worth it not1279.17.36
worth it at all tell you what though I'm1284.1793.481
gonna do this just because it's always1286.462.82
oh wait now1289.284.34
ow the [ __ ]1291.863.9
I'm fine1293.6225.169

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