Neebs Sucks at Avoiding Spikes - Enshrouded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Neebs and Dora take on a tower climb and Neebs struggles wi...
Neebs Sucks at Avoiding Spikes  -  Enshrouded
Neebs Sucks at Avoiding Spikes - Enshrouded

Neebs Sucks at Avoiding Spikes - Enshrouded

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neebs: Hey Dora, have you seen that video where I suck at avoiding spikes in Enshrouded?

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, that's my favorite video! I love watching you struggle with those spikes.

neebs: Well, it's not my fault those spikes are so sneaky. They always catch me off guard!

simon: Haha, yeah, it's like they have a personal vendetta against you. Maybe they just want a hug!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where Neebs and Dora take on a tower climb and Neebs struggles with spikes? If you haven't, you're definitely missing out on some hilarious moments and epic gameplay.

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yo we want to thank Keen games for0.163.239
sponsoring this video their latest1.923.48
update to un shrouded is called the hall3.3993.601
Halls it adds a ton of new building5.43.48
options as well as this massive new7.04.08
dungeons filled with tons of danger and8.884.08
brand new rewards and loot for all you11.083.799
goblins out there Dora I'm looking at12.963.48
you Dora and they're not only filled14.8794.681
with new enemies but perhaps even a new16.446.56
friend maybe with some new crafting19.565.44
abilities so to check out the hollowed23.03.519
Halls update pick up a copy of25.03.48
enshrouded by following the link in the26.5193.801
description box and thank you again in28.484.079
to keing30.326.28
games last time all in32.5594.041
shrouded we going to go to the top we36.684.6
going to go to the top of the Spy we39.64.08
going to go to the top we going to go to41.284.279
the top of the Spy we going to go to the43.684.359
top going to the top of the spy spy Spy45.5595.601
we going to go to the top spy sp sp sp48.0396.121
you good yeah SS are without the you61.445.08
pretend like you're reading that book65.4392.68
and I'll go inside all right I'm going66.523.44
to read it cuz I'm going to get that XP68.1195.04
okay I found some glowy stuff in here69.965.159
perfect what is this is this another one73.1595.401
of those things this just75.1197.441
candle this is used use it maybe we is78.565.12
it an elevator is it going to shoot a82.564.8
straight up I hope so let's use it wh83.687.2
we're doing a thing87.363.52
who Okay93.05.36
elevator location95.326.72
above okay we just keep going up there's98.365.36
steps over here look out the window I102.043.92
think we went up yeah we went up quite a103.724.999
bit an105.965.199
elevator okay got to explore a little108.7194.4
bit though I mean I saw the steps but111.1594.681
well it sounds creepy up here yeah some113.1194.28
doors are locked but can be opened by115.844.4
finding and pressing the correct button117.3994.801
like this button nope door opened right120.244.96
here like that button you nailed it ah122.24.48
there's a chest you should open it open125.24.759
the last one hopefully it's a126.686.16
weapon it is a weapon and a forest129.9595.961
Longbow I got a better Longbow and a132.845.92
executioner axe hell yeah you got two135.925.76
bows uh yeah I'll give you a bow okay138.764.479
I'll grab it from you later let's let's141.683.279
be on our toes right143.2398.441
now chapter 12 getting wood oh yeah144.9596.721
okay baby Simon You Ready To Shimmy uh152.445.36
maybe we going to shim me come on how do155.764.839
you little shimmy this this is shimmy157.84.56
yeah little shimmy down here all right160.5993.201
we got to go into the Shroud we need162.364.84
something really important doing a slide163.86.68
okay you okay got something in your167.27.24
throat yes let's go all right this stuff170.486.28
right here trees in the Shroud yeah174.444.68
they'll give us shroud wood we need it176.765.32
okay shroud wood wood I'm179.126.44
on I think this is the weapon axe yeah182.085.96
that's an that's an axe for weapons185.564.64
right I I don't have is it easy to make188.043.64
I don't even know how I got this super190.24.48
easy to make a regular axe okay stone I191.684.8
have Mak some sticks this one's pretty194.683.24
good though look look how good it I mean196.482.52
it does the job you would have done it197.922.84
twice as fast with the regular is that199.04.04
it is that it it's all about speed isn't200.764.32
it with you yeah it is I mean efficiency203.043.919
we're in the Shroud got a limited time205.084.359
in the ship do you make like time when206.9593.801
you're making making love do you take209.4394.401
your sweet time yes I do okay well210.765.08
sometimes chopping a tree down is like213.843.28
making love yeah but I don't make love215.844.119
in the Shroud well sometimes you should217.124.08
well then it would be quick because it219.9593.121
would have to be otherwise you'd die221.24.239
yeah well 5 minutes is not quick you can223.084.879
have a lot of fun in 5 minutes chapter225.4394.8
13 two monkeys struggle with a basic227.9593.951
puzzle for 5230.2393.601
minutes oh oh there's stuff in there wow233.846.399
okay noted is this yeah let's let's237.725.12
break all this stuff no that's metal you240.2396.121
can't break that I don't think so no all242.845.679
right let's let's let's do it some of246.363.84
the stuff you can break though yeah I248.5196.521
saw that okay okay250.27.719
okay can you break255.045.36
these oh yeah get that stuff I'm going257.9196.361
get that stuff all right um is that260.46.48
something did we already get stumped is264.286.199
this where we this can't oh look what we266.888.28
have to get across maybe yeah but H how270.4797.521
how that oh how that I don't know may275.164.4
press that button again see if something278.03.0
changes yeah I could have swore it279.564.079
wouldn't let me push it again281.04.759
earlier H283.6395.361
can't oh there's no way we're stumped285.7594.801
right now we're already stumped yeah we289.03.96
can't be stumped hey look we're the290.565.24
stumped people there are the stump292.967.56
Brothers oh that's it that's our name295.87.16
stump with the Ed right yes stump300.523.8
Brothers like what is going on do we302.963.48
Noe there's no way we're getting fooled308.6394.641
right yet oh yeah there's a very good311.07.12
chance no yep there's no way to do this313.287.68
no we could break more stuff if there318.126.88
was stuff to break maybe320.964.04
this nope it didn't325.444.879
break no327.9194.201
oh wait yeah I broke some stuff what'd330.3193.641
you break I got some332.123.799
Stone should we just go back and until333.965.72
AB we couldn't do it no okay we'll keep335.9196.0
going and I assume this just takes us339.684.4
back down that's what I'm guessing you341.9194.921
want to try it real quick uh sure be344.084.559
right back all right see you in a few346.845.799
the P up stunt brother348.6397.761
out okay this looks like where we came352.6397.321
in came in that way I'm at the bottom356.45.32
okay hey I'm going to try something real359.964.56
okay never mind all right head back365.168.68
up okay so we got to get up there369.7596.84
yeah the staircase seems like it would376.5993.081
useful yeah and it leads to379.683.959
nothing now oh what see that right there385.246.32
oh we need a grapple hook don't we you391.724.319
don't have one do you why did why did he393.9193.921
send us here knowing we probably needed396.0393.401
a grapple hook bad parenting bad397.843.079
parenting he'll probably say it's a399.443.96
lesson though and we'll go no it's not400.9194.4
yeah that it was a waste of time is what403.43.25
was oh made it hey Dora hi made it heyes409.728.039
hey got to make grappling hooks ah damn414.9194.0
okay I was hoping there'd be no417.7593.56
grappling hooks in the damn Tower but418.9195.56
Harum and damn okay um how do we make421.3195.6
these again sir does Anders make them424.4793.881
Anders might know how to make them but426.9193.201
no regular grapple hooks I think we can428.364.16
make here in this workbench okay so430.124.199
let's see I'll put some materials in432.523.16
yeah you know what we should have enough434.3192.961
stuff to make at least a grapple hook435.683.28
and O Simon I'm going to make something437.284.68
real special for you oh please all it is438.965.48
metal scrap string and shroud spores441.964.359
well we got some of that easy oh yeah444.443.599
we'll do that I'll make one too I'll446.3194.0
make string I can make string yeah448.0394.241
string I'll put some metal scraps in450.3195.0
here Simon yeah you were about to452.287.08
receive a gift check your inventory oh455.3196.88
you it just went in there I didn't it459.367.04
okay ooh equip it we all talking Enda462.1996.44
right now no checking your inventory and466.45.56
all that I've equipped it I hit equip468.6396.161
yes follow me okay you can't have471.964.76
favorites that's parenting 101 I don't474.83.839
have a damn favorite and iFly wouldn't476.723.24
be you you son of a b478.6393.12
okay I don't need it making father479.963.44
disappointed every damn day I'm just481.7594.0
worried about Dres I'm fine wish we483.43.96
would have stayed home we just get gifts485.7594.12
all make grapple hooks yeah Pop I don't487.364.48
know why they always give you a hard489.8794.401
time you're a hardworking man all right491.844.68
now uh all you got to do is a double494.287.24
jump chapter 14 baby Simon jumps off a496.5211.519
cliff okay oh don't don't there you501.526.519
go yeah yeah oh you got me you have me508.285.48
jump into the Shroud oh you probably511.1994.72
shouldn't go there yep that's where I I513.765.519
went oh No Sa it y find your way out of515.9196.441
the Shroud um yeah I don't know why I519.2795.921
followed your advice damn it why would522.364.96
you go in the Shroud well you said go525.24.72
out there and double jump yeah but not527.324.84
fly into the Shroud well I mean that's529.923.56
where there532.163.48
was there is a lot of it I'll give you533.484.72
that there and double jump but not there535.644.439
there's got to be a way out you would538.24.079
think find a path and follow it I'm540.0794.921
following a path right now and it's542.2793.961
upward so wish me luck if someon doesn't546.246.08
make it back can we get his stuff no550.446.079
he'll respawn and go get his own [ __ ]552.324.199
oh is there something right here I think558.9597.641
I found my way out it's got to be right562.568.719
no this is still the shroud566.64.679
[ __ ] no this is getting better or572.124.6
worse okay I think I'm going576.8395.521
please not in the582.3994.321
shroud I'm not in the Shroud but I'm not584.5194.241
sure how to get there I probably get up586.725.239
here gra yeah where you at you know what588.767.68
I'm good I'm good go oh I see you yeah591.9596.481
you do yeah you're way the hell over596.443.72
there you're on the other side of the598.443.32
oh so how did you get how did we get601.765.24
across this bridge again uh well to get604.165.679
fully across you need a grapple hook oh607.04.64
now there's a guy right here you want to609.8394.321
fight with my wand oh damn you got a611.643.439
gun ooh o got to invade you you going to615.0798.401
fight yes I am oh I'll try to get to you619.327.6
it's okay oh it's done already he's weak623.488.32
against my young manly magic sweet loot626.927.24
him and come back home all right still631.84.44
don't know how but fast travel fast634.163.359
travel that's right I don't know how636.244.599
that works again but okay I'll figure it637.5197.961
out fast travel's for the weake not640.8397.521
true [ __ ] how do I do it do we want to645.484.599
do this you just want to tell the damn648.363.84
map okay650.0795.121
yeah R for fast travel656.484.76
yeah ah beautiful beautiful yeah you're663.65.64
back Simon thank goodness NES yeah uh666.443.639
did you get the stuff to make the669.242.52
grapple I made a grapple but I don't670.0793.161
know if D has a grapple I just made a671.763.16
grappling hook well sweet get back to673.245.719
that damn get the Spire okay last one674.925.919
there's rotten egg yeah I got to put678.9594.56
stuff in in the boxes fast travel knbs680.8394.881
right okay map it's really you just go683.5193.641
to the map and you fast travel to the685.723.679
thing close to the Spire okay I just687.163.919
didn't want to be weak it's a big world689.3992.68
we're going we're going to really need691.0794.44
to utilize fast travel it's also easy to692.0798.361
forget see you later see you don't judge695.5199.681
me chapter 15 judging baby700.444.76
neebs what' I say why are you so stupid706.884.56
I just said don't judge me I just said709.444.48
it why would you fast travel 3 ft from711.445.399
yourself I thought it said Spire okay713.925.32
you can only fast travel to other like716.8396.0
flame alars gotcha mhm okay719.248.2
bye wait is yeah oh another flame alar722.8397.8
it's got to have a flame on it727.445.759
right there are the flame alter nams I730.6394.2
see cindera that's where we're born733.1993.241
right right that's that's where the eggs734.8393.321
were that's not that one and then736.443.759
there's this one that's home is that not738.165.32
what I picked see you see you maybe740.1997.2
might back in a second good Simon uh743.485.44
yeah your next goal should be a grapple747.3994.721
as well get to it grapple I got to make748.924.159
[ __ ] ah there we go nebes yeah hey um755.925.599
when we did this and we got that760.123.6
blacksmith guy back over here uhhuh761.5193.76
there was a chest that needed a lockpick763.723.679
I have a lockpick oh perfect yeah just765.2793.641
in and out real quick back to the Spire767.3993.281
right sure I don't care if it's quick oh768.924.8
I don't want to fight I'll fight okay770.684.48
they're going to follow me though hey773.724.28
stop it that's my brother brother oh I775.164.72
should ate something are they on the778.03.72
they're still following me oh there's779.884.88
one in here too yes sir [ __ ] okay we781.726.44
might die be careful yeah I need to eat784.767.519
can I eat quick nope stop788.167.52
okay I don't have oh you know what long792.2796.201
range these guys oh how you795.687.0
doing ah God I pulled it off barely okay798.485.4
are you even worried about me a little802.685.36
bit me yep yeah let me uh let me grab803.885.759
this real quick808.046.0
nope okay good they're really on me okay809.6395.841
I'm just going to get this real quick814.044.56
okay uhhuh stamina please die okay got815.484.24
one of818.62.84
okay nope no sir okay got some uh got821.446.72
some weapons you do yeah I picked up a825.0795.921
couple more weapons okay okay here it828.167.119
come there we go I got them okay that831.07.639
was close hey scrap metal that's what I835.2795.161
yeah chapter 16 baby's first grapple840.447.28
hook you got the stuff yes uh got it all844.446.0
crafting now boom all right same thing847.725.76
as the glider you need to equip it okay850.446.72
so hold on so I need to uh go on here853.486.32
and equip it so857.165.32
character right oh yeah hold oh yeah859.85.32
character and then grappl and hook I got862.487.279
to click on that and then space are to865.127.159
equip Bo all right like I know where a869.7595.64
grapple is so follow me okay you know872.2796.0
okay I'm trusting you yeah go over here875.3995.88
go over here you're going to love878.2793.0
this so yeah you see that little shiny886.564.639
metal bit right up there exactly I saw889.3995.201
that all right do it all right891.1995.281
oh now look at this see watch me this is898.045.08
how you be a great wizard you ready you901.684.079
got to be stuff903.122.639
like oh yeah there you go oh you boo boo908.5196.641
we got we got to stay up here I'm a boo913.483.76
boo I'm going down I'm going up I'm915.165.119
going down I'm going up you like to play917.245.56
don't you I do I'm a playful boy all920.2796.691
right so now what922.87.429
all right so we're back we got to take931.3994.841
the stairs which are right933.246.039
here uh-huh and at the top have you used936.245.12
to Grapple yet I've not grappled yet939.2796.04
have you I don't think so so oh looks oh941.368.68
just does a props it yep yep there we go945.3198.32
you got to jump yeah I know I this was950.045.32
testing it out dude now there's a door953.6393.401
oh the door I think is955.365.8
unlocked okay oh yeah just walked right957.048.0
in there he is hi okay so what do we961.166.72
have here there's a door to the965.045.919
right and oh there's more there's967.884.879
grapple spots over here oh it's a big970.9593.601
grapple okay just look outside real972.7594.961
quick for sure oh yeah I got some stuff974.564.44
yeah now grapple spots you ready yes979.08.399
just jump to the next one oh wow it zips984.366.68
oh boy you hit X for me987.3997.24
[ __ ] there we go all right you made it991.047.159
take my own way let's break all this994.6395.801
okay here we998.1995.2
go get it all man getting it1000.447.56
all I got some honeycomb boy oh God1003.3998.12
okay careful with those yeah whatever1008.05.0
had that went over the side of the1011.5193.641
building all right you see anything of1013.05.12
importance why are we here uh to get to1015.165.679
the top1018.122.719
okay all good there and this got to take1022.126.6
that huh take what1026.3194.321
this oh yeah we haven't done that yet1028.726.479
have we no okay shall we yep and hitting1030.644.559
it okay man you think they would just1037.9194.561
have one that goes to the top right you1040.4394.041
would think maybe they can only go so1042.485.0
H looks like a ruined house uh yeah and1049.0395.88
that like orange hazy like smoke thing1051.44.639
doesn't that make it look like we're1054.9193.12
supposed to go there uh yeah I'm1056.0395.201
attracted to it yeah oh boy yeah it's1058.0397.401
the glow of the barrels I don't know if1061.245.84
it's the barrels it I think it's just1065.444.0
the light but there also might be a note1067.085.56
upstairs okay but they're glowing what1069.445.76
the barrels yeah aren't they or at least1072.644.76
the light doesn't it look like okay1075.25.719
maybe not a little bit let's see oh hey1077.44.399
a little1080.9194.681
grapple oh s yeah come up here bring1081.7996.721
thine axe thine axe all right um see if1085.64.68
there's anything in here all right hold1088.524.72
on anything in1090.286.12
here huh hello what's this note say1093.246.08
anything good um you want me to read it1096.47.04
yeah go for it all right uh take care1099.326.16
with this new shipment from the valley1103.444.2
the merchants said it is highly volatile1105.485.12
apparently the explosion es explode if1107.646.2
jostled or tossed about so that stuff1110.65.48
outside those are explosive barrels or1113.845.0
these things are explosive bombs oh yeah1116.084.28
those are good Simon yeah you should1118.842.88
take that one and I should give you the1120.362.439
other ones I'm just going to end up1121.722.56
killing myself yeah hey what's in the1122.7993.921
chest are you not going to take that no1124.284.399
I'm taking that then uh chest what's in1126.725.56
the chest is a bandage a healing potion1128.6795.401
and some arrows hey that's good stuff1132.283.08
you can get those arrows the Dora he's1134.083.28
all about those oh yeah no trust me I1135.364.4
like arrows too but hey come down here1137.366.12
oh yeah look take one of your that bomb1139.765.56
you just picked up yeah throw it at1143.485.84
those barrels all right hold on and1145.325.96
oh [ __ ] that's a oh that's a it's a1151.289.279
chest wait okay did we just get like1156.646.64
lucky H yeah they buried a chest out1160.5595.201
here come on now what you got I got a1163.285.0
level three Hatchet hey is that better1165.764.44
than the one you got got I'm assuming1168.285.24
it's 14 damage and I think mine1170.27.28
does uh mine does 11 damage hell yeah1173.526.279
there you go upgrade nice little ax1177.486.24
upgrade very nice oh I do like that1179.7996.521
that's that's easy to do yeah oh now now1183.723.64
I kind of want you to shoot these1186.322.96
explosive barrels with your wand right I1187.365.12
mean sure we should1189.287.519
um boom boom oh [ __ ] oh I didn't want to1192.487.559
do that1196.7993.24
oh man that does a good bit of damage1203.964.36
that's great yeah that is pretty sweet1206.1595.201
now we got loot get1208.323.04
it chapter 17 spikes and1212.1597.481
lava okay is this open um yep oh good1220.848.199
good spikes spikes1226.085.68
now time this out now we're talking1229.0394.961
Castle stuff not good at this anything1231.764.919
out there1234.04.6
pots okay I think we just look in the1238.65.88
pots right without breaking it yeah okay1240.7999.12
so okay pretty simple this one that1244.4810.76
one is it just two options I think so1249.9199.041
okay have way there and for it I took a1255.246.52
little break over here oh boy I messed1258.968.52
up oh God Dam yep I ruined it I'm just1261.765.72
going H luckily I found a bunch of1269.9193.841
healing stuff and like some bandages1272.0394.161
you're such a a platformer I know really1273.764.519
good at that I'll just go ahead and make1276.25.44
this oh full health like it never1278.2796.721
happened oh no there's more I'm there I1281.645.24
got through I didn't want there to be1285.04.24
more there are definitely more but not1286.886.76
many come on okay here it goes that walk1289.246.88
that goes up then I move goes up and1293.645.36
that goes up okay that went way1296.125.559
better open1299.06.76
yeah all right and then well is that one1301.6795.681
open this one's1305.765.32
open this one too I'm taking a1307.366.72
peek oh boy we got platforming to do1311.084.44
yeah there's a chest behind this door1314.084.88
but it's uh not open okay you come over1315.524.2
way oh yeah oh no yeah jumping more1319.725.8
platforming look at over there though1323.844.839
there's a uh elevator no so you can1325.525.08
climb on the wall over there oh got you1328.6793.561
okay coming to1330.63.72
you you want to1332.245.4
go oh this looks like instant death too1334.324.68
it okay oh not too bad not too bad yeah1339.05.2
that might be instant death oh that1342.1593.961
one's yours you're you're up all right1344.24.76
perfect and what do we get WI Flint1346.127.159
arrows take them all there you go okay1348.965.92
guess we're heading up unless you wanted1353.2794.0
to try to get that thing oh jeez is that1354.884.56
worth it there's a ladder that goes up1357.2794.601
to it you want to try that yeah that's a1359.445.119
that's a long jump okay I'm going try1361.884.24
you ready1364.5596.081
yes oh God no no okay it's not instant1366.127.0
death that's1370.645.159
good I really like watching you get hurt1373.125.36
okay I think I can do this this as long1375.7997.281
jump you ready yeah come on yep I went1378.487.679
too far he just keep1383.086.68
jumping I started freaking out but1386.1595.201
somehow it worked out okay I'm up here1389.765.519
uhoh ow I'm to the button did you hit it1391.367.16
yeah all right I'm going to go1395.2793.241
check do I need to go back out that way1399.7995.441
I didn't open1403.0395.561
this okay we need to take the elevator I1405.245.559
don't know um no you missed something1408.64.76
over here oh1410.7997.321
boy okay making the jump again1413.364.76
okay I'm hitting another button okay I'm1418.66.04
taking the1422.2792.361
elevator okay I got this1425.246.439
chest Shepherd's1428.845.4
lightning I don't know where I'm at okay1431.6795.161
I'll see you in a second1434.244.84
yep chapter 181436.844.48
Spire all right Simon so just just wait1442.645.48
here a minute and if they do what I1445.2794.64
think they're going to do that Tower1448.125.36
should light up okay so just wait yep1449.9195.721
it's a waiting game want play patty1453.485.76
cakes does baby like Patty Cakes um I'm1455.646.639
not a baby but yes I do like Patty1459.245.679
Cakes I think I'm on the very top of the1462.2795.161
place maybe did you come back down after1464.9194.201
you went up I took the elevator past the1467.445.16
lava oh right that one yeah see you in a1469.128.24
second oh yeah here we are okay what1472.69.12
brothers were we again uh the um stump1477.367.36
stump Brothers here you take a peek1481.724.24
forward I got to put something in my1484.723.559
hand okay hey there's a thing it just1485.964.04
lit up when I walked in it's like the1488.2795.081
freezer section at the grocery1490.03.36
ah wow they did it1496.128.08
wow that's a I'll just say it again1499.244.96
wow say what's up past travel points all1504.644.919
over the world reveal ancient knowledge1507.364.64
of imil okay Venture forth child the1509.5595.0
lamb must be reclaimed got1512.06.0
it ah good job1514.5596.6
Boys Hey1518.03.159
oh hey this is a fast travel point now1523.04.76
perf I was trying to figure the map out1525.883.96
yeah this a Grand fast travel point we1527.764.56
can see a lot from up here okay where's1529.845.12
summon uh he should still be down there1532.325.599
I don't know if I can yell at him hold1534.967.199
on is this the right way yes I see oh1537.9196.321
wow it's so far up here it's amazing he1542.1594.041
is of course it's getting dark1544.245.319
Simon yeah you want me to fast travel to1546.26.32
you yeah come to the the the the1549.5595.84
Spire all right but you're not bu1552.524.84
anything didn't you just go the ancient1555.3996.121
Spire that's it fast travel there1557.364.16
okay um chapter 19 what what the [ __ ]1565.887.279
man I I can't I can't even up hello this1569.885.679
is home I'm1573.1595.601
home why can't I move1575.5595.681
can went to the wrong place I think I1578.763.96
went to the wrong1581.245.72
place no you guys are right1582.727.8
here SA yeah what's up where are you1586.965.12
right here is it not here you fast1590.523.759
traveled home fast travel to the Spire I1592.085.36
I well I listen I hit a1594.2796.0
thing I went over why you doing that I'm1597.444.16
going to do that I'm going to sleep real1600.2794.041
quick so the time will speed up real1601.64.6
fast ancient Spire yeah go to the1604.323.8
ancient Spire fast travel fast travel I1606.23.92
don't know what I hit all right I'll be1608.124.159
there go enjoy the sunset all right1610.124.32
Sunrise hey1612.2797.721
Z hey what the hell I did1614.445.56
E I got to use1620.9196.601
something no just one no [ __ ] oh bye1622.647.56
Simon did you see Simon yeah he was here1627.524.48
and then he left again oh he was way1630.24.199
over there yeah oh so it's not this1632.04.039
thing it's that thing I guess it's this1634.3994.241
thing yeah okay is he coming back1636.0394.921
where'd he go there's no1638.645.759
telling hello where the hell am I going1640.967.52
I'm just going to keep on hitting use1644.3994.081
I thought that was an elevator Dres I1648.844.6
thought so too man so he's fast1651.04.24
traveling in the elevators I guess1653.443.52
that's how they work d i I don't know1655.243.24
it's mag I this was the Fast Travel1656.966.8
right here dude I I I saw him here hey1658.488.16
hey what is going on where's Simon he1663.765.519
was right there saw him for a1666.649.0
second hey hey hey Jes together yeah1669.2798.321
that all right let's get a look at this1675.643.56
yeah we've earned this this is beautiful1679.27.359
yeah man look at all the places to go1683.884.799
and explore it's a lot of places to go1686.5594.921
and explore I wish I had a wing suit me1688.6795.521
too s you got a wing suit I do but I1691.484.96
don't want to have to come back up it's1694.25.76
just fast travel oh yeah fast travel1696.446.16
super easy yeah Simon do a nice Wing yes1699.967.92
yeah baby go suon go o yeah o cutting it1702.68.76
clean close getting in the hole going to1707.884.919
land right in that hole right here come1711.364.24
on baby is there something good in here1712.7997.281
oh I'm going to hit [ __ ] oh1715.64.48
God he made it in the1722.3995.601
hole he's my special little1724.846.64
baby I knew1728.03.48
it we want to say thanks again to keing1733.764.0
games for sponsoring this episode if you1736.123.279
want to and shrouded then follow that1737.763.56
sweet little Link in the description box1739.3995.481
thank you King games1741.323.56

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