MINECRAFT: The Second Portal - New Neebsylvania 41

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of New Neebsylvania yet? Appsro is up to his usual shenanigans,...
MINECRAFT: The Second Portal - New Neebsylvania 41
MINECRAFT: The Second Portal - New Neebsylvania 41

MINECRAFT: The Second Portal - New Neebsylvania 41

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the latest Neebsylvania video? The Second Portal episode is my absolute favorite!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! Appsro really outdid himself with that second nether portal.

neebs: I mean, who doesn't love a good portal adventure? It's like the gateway to endless possibilities in Minecraft!

simon: Absolutely, and let's not forget about the chaos and shenanigans that always follow us in Neebsylvania. It's pure entertainment!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of New Neebsylvania yet? Appsro is up to his usual shenanigans, and this time he's thinking about creating a second nether portal. Can you imagine the chaos that could ensue? I can't wait to see how this plays out!

If you're as excited as I am, make sure to click the link to explore Neebsylvania and show your support for the channel by checking out their merchandise. Plus, if you're a fan of Minecraft, there are some cool discounts on the newest titles over at G2A. Who doesn't love a good deal, right?

Don't forget to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels - from Facebook to Twitter, Twitch, and Google+. It's a great way to stay connected with the community and get all the latest updates on their content. And of course, the music in this episode is on point as always. The Neebs Gaming Intro and other tracks really set the mood for the adventure ahead.

So grab your snacks, get comfy, and let's dive into the world of Neebsylvania with Appsro and the gang. It's going to be epic, hilarious, and full of unexpected twists and turns. I can't wait to see what awaits us in this new episode. Let's show our love and support for Neebs Gaming - they truly are the best in the business!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Minecraft. Their Minecraft series, called Neebsylvania, is hilarious and so entertaining to watch. The cast of characters they've created, like Appsro the castle builder, Thick the simpleton, and Dora the explorer, are comedy gold.

In this latest episode, Appsro is working on building a second nether portal, which should create some chaos and shenanigans as the crew starts traveling between two portals. Leave it to Appsro to stir things up. His big castle ambitions always lead to trouble and laughs.

The best part about Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series is that they roleplay and create an ongoing story. It's like watching a TV show in Minecraft. Their jokes and antics never get old. And they go on epic adventures, like their battle with the ender dragon, which was more dramatic and thrilling than some Hollywood movies!

Neebs Gaming is hands down the most cinematic and entertaining way to experience Minecraft without actually playing the game yourself. Their editing and camera work make it feel like you're watching a movie. And their voice acting and improv comedy skills bring the whole thing to life.

I seriously can't recommend their Neebsylvania series enough if you're looking for some laughs. It's the perfect blend of gaming, comedy, and adventure. And it's clear the Neebs crew have as much fun making the videos as we do watching them. So do yourself a favor and dive into the crazy world of Neebsylvania with Appsro, Thick, and the rest of the gang. You won't regret it!

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Hey hello hello I see you need to you do0.06.66
what are you talking about thick when4.713.809
I'm just looking outside a couple of6.663.99
creepers hanging around oh yeah get your8.5194.111
swords ready men actually we should just10.653.39
go to bed yeah let's go to bed I was12.6318.41
just in bed all right what's going on14.0419.62
what's going on we're we're outside now31.044.09
yeah but there's stuff going on doing a33.663.6
YouTube show guys come on let's go yeah35.135.16
we know this looks interesting me I've37.264.74
been building stuff whack-whack Wagga40.293.269
Wagga Wagga Wagga been building stuff42.03.12
Simon's like mark mark mark43.5595.701
so Apsara yo I see you are a good45.126.419
listener yeah I think I'm making the49.263.9
castle at a sandstone it looks nice51.5394.441
right yeah yeah cuz I put sandstone in53.165.37
that thing yeah I said yeah we remember55.984.44
we're male we were they made with the58.533.599
holes yes we were there well I didn't60.424.199
specify sandstone or stone yeah well62.1293.81
sand stones the only thing that we can64.6192.82
get like an abundance of like fairly65.9393.36
quickly good obviously you see this67.4395.011
right what part you see this there's a69.2996.0
step missing oh yeah watch this dude72.455.13
yeah yeah with Simon make me crazy75.2995.551
Simon yes you need armor my friend I'm77.584.649
good like no you're not80.852.879
but neebs what I am gonna need82.2294.201
eventually from all you guys is just a83.7295.581
buttload of sand sand it is going down86.435.369
alright do I need a shovel then it's89.315.01
raining here - is it raining here Thank91.7994.171
You Brady it rain you're not shy94.323.15
Simon I can get you a shovel buddy come95.973.3
over here to me I need a shovel I'll get97.473.24
you one man he's making me a shovel99.273.09
neebs that's what I heard yeah that's100.714.229
really nice huh ready yeah ah lovely102.364.86
eyes that's what that is my put a tree104.9394.47
out here I think you did someone whose107.223.719
course I don't know that was me109.4093.301
oh yeah that just I mean you did that is110.9394.32
it good does it look good yeah neebs you112.713.99
were putting trees in the middle of the115.2594.351
bridge up there yeah I saw the diamond I116.75.01
cut it I was recorded hey Neves119.615.43
a child a new stairs stairs you put121.715.79
stairs there yeah figure our grand125.044.439
castle he's a grand entrance is he you127.53.72
gonna on the idea I kind of liked129.4793.011
it it was hard to get to131.224.84
it made it more special about this at132.494.95
that block oh yeah no I'm not done yet136.063.15
it's a work in progress and I hit that137.442.34
knock it out buddy it's making me crazy139.783.9
all right okay one of these is grass141.884.89
someone's uh did you see this yep solve143.685.13
it okay working progress you need a ding146.774.29
working progress Chow check on my tree148.814.55
how's that looking looking good buddy151.064.8
that going down yep153.364.21
the day that tree goes downs a day we155.865.49
lose the spider castle and that's the157.576.78
day we lose everything we made war hey161.354.89
it'll be war who did you get for nothing164.354.23
absolutely nothing if you heard that or166.245.34
not like a damn beautiful tree it's the168.585.43
big and I feel like it's spoiled like a171.585.28
fat house cat yeah they're never gonna174.014.59
be good on its own yeah176.863.63
come join the diggin force and party178.64.05
this is uh I already know the title of180.492.76
this episode182.652.97
digging for sand sand diggers yeah off183.253.78
record why don't you cheat and go into185.622.85
creative mode and get as much as you187.034.53
need cuz this is mine know what188.476.3
date yeah come on understanding what's191.566.0
wrong with me episode 41 and we cheat194.774.56
ain't gonna happen I love the fact that197.564.29
yeah you know what I totally on fix idea199.335.19
thank you it is so I think201.854.83
Brian is the smartest man alive this is204.524.29
what happens to reality shows it's too206.684.47
hard getting interesting just ripped it208.813.81
that's exactly what happened211.153.93
that's true yeah I'm being swayed I'm212.625.22
glad you guys are susceptible to - why215.084.14
did you just clump us all I was on their217.843.72
side yeah I know when I said you guys I219.224.38
meant well it sounds like all this guys221.564.11
everybody yeah well if we did if we223.64.29
cheated I'd feel bad about it yeah I'd225.675.31
be like no it it it doesn't stay real as227.894.71
soon as you're not real you're not real230.984.47
straight okay that should be a t-shirt232.67.02
soon as you're not real darío all right235.457.29
noobs 2015 you can wear that you can239.625.28
wear that shirt anytime look and it242.744.77
makes sense what your Pig out here we244.94.62
don't have many pigs cuz somebody killed247.515.31
him while back was it me no I think it249.525.58
was a Andrews L all right we need to252.824.289
protect this pig we don't have a pig at255.13.449
the forum do we no because someone257.1093.75
killed the pigs this is not where you're258.5494.591
supposed to live pigs are not desert260.8593.78
there goes noobs judging judging the pig264.6394.65
judges not gonna live out here GOG267.1593.75
McGeorge Orson go over there where269.2893.18
there's uh what you're doing Pig is270.9093.301
wrong valise you seriously don't272.4693.57
understand my argument here I do but I274.213.179
think it's gonna be fine shouldn't he go276.0392.94
over there where all the grasses and the277.3893.99
food maybe you know what have a shame or278.9795.071
the pig Explorer touch wiki on key IQ281.3794.681
medication went to the beach only point284.052.669
alright hey it's sundown we286.7193.0
should probably head back to the hizzy288.2194.111
oh I forgot where I am going into289.7194.141
the nether I don't ever want to go to292.332.82
that place again but don't we have a293.863.209
base there we have a base yeah we are295.153.87
done are there beds in it you can't have297.0693.57
beds in the nether now I wouldn't I299.022.88
would like to go in and build another300.6394.351
portal one too Oh sometime cuz you said301.94.71
you can travel like a good distance and304.993.69
yeah yeah and who knows where they don't306.613.6
like that excites me I tell you what308.683.359
should we do that do we hit do we have310.213.09
enough obsidian can we build another312.0394.47
portal I think so I need help were yet I313.35.07
don't remember where I am oh boy there's316.5093.481
a bunch of creepers by the houses318.374.799
okay just it's all my here they not319.995.85
see all the lights no I see some but I323.1693.72
don't know how to get up so when325.842.879
everyone left which way did you walk go326.8893.75
towards the lights you got like a bunch328.7193.0
of zombies coming in behind you330.6391.56
I know you didn't baby I got one just to332.1996.87
you know so they saw and decided not to336.0696.301
mess with me didn't seem like they cared339.0695.611
to me Ju LaRue fired arrows mm-hmm it's342.373.93
always fun in it yeah344.684.829
I'll join you me too a little arrow loan346.34.079
wait for Simon to get back because I am350.3795.04
doomed where are you at buddy I don't I352.214.56
don't know how to climb up these damn355.4193.451
blocks I can't build things up like you356.775.04
guys do oh god there's a flaw in the358.875.759
plan oh there's a flaw in the plan361.816.75
oh boy kill it alright where's the crap364.6296.06
oh there's a skeleton yeah they're368.565.579
jumping up these uh-oh what the was370.6895.01
in you walked in front of my arrow but I374.1393.631
bet it's my fault oh I pulled a Simon375.6994.111
hey this hey son did you find your way377.774.44
and open on even close there's a witch379.815.219
on Jack's house oh I cena let's leave382.214.29
her oh oh she jumped they're going where385.0293.45
you going boom hey I want to handle it386.53.4
integrin am like the face was she389.94.44
dropped her panties392.545.34
Simon you still lost I'm a horror394.343.9
oh no your skeletons come back famine398.247.31
don't be so stupid403.678.64
Simon up you find him yep my man he was405.559.04
like everywhere the way the over412.313.72
there are you following me414.593.42
I don't even see you man it was just in416.033.45
front of you yes right there418.013.48
nope oh and see ya where the are419.485.43
you follow me misuk skeleton okay I'll421.497.38
tell Boy run guys named reticulum424.915.52
all that for nothing428.873.51
yeah are you dead no I'm430.433.48
gonna be dead and probably sit around432.383.27
follow me run me my gonna kill that433.914.59
skeleton I can't get up there that's my435.653.78
go upstairs what are you doing it's439.434.41
already dug what you're doing keep441.925.67
following me do you know how to get back443.844.56
from here Simon447.595.34
probably so alright yeah laying down it448.47.17
was an adventure for Simon that's sucked452.936.15
ass Dallas yeah are you in bed I'm455.575.88
coming up these grand entrance steps459.084.47
Belvedere you cannot stand there buddy461.454.86
you're Karen I only have a few pleasures463.555.04
in life God let me have one letting all466.3113.44
the bugs in I'm in bed good morning for468.5913.32
more sand for more set no we're not479.753.39
getting saying we're going up top so we481.912.76
can dump the sand off I've already given483.144.16
you all myself up I hear I hear arrows484.674.92
skeleton skeleton oh487.35.32
where's Gil we're skeleton where Scott489.595.22
where where where's yet oh he's over492.626.0
there he's behind neebs oh yeah yes ha494.819.42
those arrows came from above oh that oh498.628.19
it's is that doraleous it was me okay504.234.32
there's dirt I know there's dirt I said506.813.24
work in progress you know I understand508.552.07
what it means510.052.19
alright I think I have a creative way of510.624.58
getting sand creating a sand farm what512.245.19
okay but what was it alright that was me515.23.57
I'm sorry hot dog you there517.434.039
I got it I like our desert pig out here518.774.74
I like I like that he's different521.4694.261
old desert pig that sounds mysterious523.515.28
doesn't it does intriguing you realize525.735.22
that we are in our network yeah probably528.793.18
pretend like I'm telling you a story530.953.42
okay and then every time you're really531.974.679
interested hold shift did I tell you the534.377.38
story of desert peg oh now youth that's536.6495.94
right hmm541.752.61
tell me like look at me say tell me more542.5895.341
tell me more please oh there was a pig544.368.039
who lived in the desert Canseco no547.935.909
that's crazy552.3993.06
I think it works better when you hit553.8393.841
shift oh hell555.4594.771
no like like me look look at me after557.686.09
yeah like who tell me more ooh tell me560.236.45
more you see that yeah you guys digging563.774.59
sand cuz I'm doing the sand thing I566.682.13
can you come out to the desert tell me568.812.73
boy I want to show you how I'm getting570.583.24
sand too quickly all right let's go see571.544.41
if thick's really on something here if573.823.959
he's trying to ruin everything was575.953.72
actually sandstone over here I don't577.7793.271
think you're gonna save that much time579.673.57
by looking for sandstone oh he is right581.057.17
now by doing this oh you guys blowing583.247.589
up see that's very creative dick588.224.8
I'll tell you this I think it's creative590.8294.291
but by the time you make all this tea593.024.23
and tea you could have already dug I595.124.08
didn't make him it was just in our597.255.16
chests oh okay buddy get back you get599.25.389
I like it605.065.91
alright means get back you got at it you608.34.14
got to give me more of a warning than610.973.51
that dick you're fine dude612.443.3
I don't even know like where it is614.482.79
you're I'm looking at the ground you're615.743.54
like get back where I don't even know if617.274.38
it's economy or by heart is should we do619.283.9
the nether portal idea that'll be more621.652.88
entertaining I'm kind of keen on that623.182.82
good job thing that's a nice little624.533.72
sandstone deposit you guys found like626.05.13
when you guys say deposit yeah makes me628.254.08
think of going to the bank631.137.29
oh yeah the bank Oh sexy ass man we have632.339.72
21 of uh 16 obsidian and how many do638.425.64
nice yeah that's more than tough hello642.056.39
mr. chicken how he said hello back I do644.067.14
need armor you need Union before648.444.05
that's if we're going to the nether you651.23.0
do need armor here we go Simon come over652.492.91
here so you can get this stuff all right654.23.48
where you at right here a pinch helmet655.46.03
boots bam bam armor up buddy thank you657.685.58
going to the netic plans to go there and661.434.41
build a road right well no build another663.263.99
portal and then we'll build a road in665.843.18
between wiltrout are happy where it'll667.252.91
go yeah we're gonna travel a good669.022.52
distance and then build another portal670.163.48
and see where it throws us out okay I671.544.11
filled up a Chester castle this castle673.643.15
is gonna be huge by the time I'm done675.653.0
with it I mean it's gonna be a twenty676.793.299
more episodes it's not gonna just be one678.653.78
one tall boring tower as per needs for a680.0894.441
suggestion no no no no yeah multicolored682.434.2
you have no idea what kind of like it684.533.54
was gonna be at all boring Tower oh686.633.39
really is the Leaning Tower of Pisa688.074.71
boring yeah yeah a fat hour boring690.025.13
apparently light yeah everything so many692.784.38
things it's boring I think about us695.153.48
all right gentlemen you don't think the697.163.48
Eiffel Tower is impressive here you just698.633.6
said the Eiffel Tower wasn't impressive700.643.75
compared to like an actual large702.235.91
freaking like structure yeah like a big704.397.49
amazing let's go to bed I'm going to708.146.99
gonna put my nuts in your face711.886.73
to the portal who has the Obsidian I do715.136.0
all right snare is grabbing a chocolate718.614.38
I am have a chocolate follow me follow721.134.08
and you follow the warrior the warrior722.994.26
right there after this chocolate y'all I725.215.85
am the warrior who's good let's go make727.255.01
me happy I've been a little grumpy731.067.16
pygmies the chocolate eating soldier mmm732.268.31
alright last episode I ate a hot pocket738.224.38
moon it's what I'm eating talk about740.574.98
everybody here at the portal yeah weird742.65.47
get a good view of uh what apps for is745.555.01
building from here see that yeah the748.074.8
tree looks great there yeah we ready I'm750.563.03
going in752.872.79
alright oh yeah base is still here guys753.594.41
yeah better be look at look at pretty it755.663.99
is down here those flowers really help758.03.66
oh this is a pleasant place to be it is759.653.96
right you guys just yet outside you're761.663.15
down dead it763.612.61
let's pick which direction we want to go764.813.12
I think maybe this don't you up the map766.223.78
you see the map right now yeah I see it767.934.23
we can travel the most if we go down770.03.84
this way yeah why don't we go the way772.163.84
you're facing let's try it this773.843.54
direction yeah776.03.6
oh boy right off the bat in the wall777.384.74
that's always scary with lava and779.64.05
if we stayed on the ground782.123.0
we'd be sad might be that's what I'm783.653.81
thinking and I'll just like all you know785.124.5
Oh answer Oh whenever sighting behind787.464.02
you so long as it live up whatever789.624.83
what is it allows comes out and why is a791.485.61
big man mad at me I got a boy oh I love794.455.4
is coming in the house now oh boy oh boy797.096.33
good reaction tuck that was good see799.856.45
cook another rant about white why803.425.97
is the pigs mad at me weird okay I had806.34.26
to kill him I didn't know if he was809.393.33
you guys do to the house well810.565.49
that's not good um oh whoops aw shucks812.725.82
ah god you're dying816.054.44
oh boy who's on fire oh hi I'm818.543.93
throughout oh yeah oh yeah I'm through820.494.11
running towards water oh boy I'm getting822.475.19
water yeah yeah oh I got in the water824.66.6
ha you guys is good luck these pigment827.664.8
or just relentless and I don't831.22.52
understand why they're mad at me832.465.689
I didn't do anything oh really nevermind833.728.549
listen guys Apsara is a good guy leave838.1496.04
alone they don't want to hear it there's842.2695.041
like six of them coming after you you've844.1895.76
endangered the mission I have should I847.314.379
go there I want to I don't know why they849.9493.271
again I don't know why they're after me851.6893.991
all the little ones going after they're853.223.619
coming after me855.685.25
alright yeah guys yeah guys go guys go856.8396.761
on without me after work on the castle860.935.099
god speed after oh I'm out of here are863.63.96
we gonna get lost make sure you leave866.0293.631
like a you know Caleb right yeah yeah867.563.6
like it'd be nice if he came out the869.662.789
house and there was just a straight871.163.51
hallway no I get it but what brought us872.4494.021
into LA to look at when I come out the874.674.709
house where I look at oh geez what is876.475.19
this a guest you might want to move I'm879.3793.991
leaving a trail of torches though881.664.38
torches and like stone and you can't see883.374.709
one of them from the house I'll chuck886.045.549
her out oh my god oh my goodness great888.0795.76
look at this beauty891.5896.451
oh I got him yeah I feel like the best893.8396.571
thing is just just go right yeah that's898.043.69
the whole mission you need to be able900.413.779
see from the house go this way you see901.734.229
hold on so you're building it I'm904.1894.65
building it okay oh what I'm going905.9595.3
away all the way908.8394.92
now put torches on both side of this911.2594.991
like it's a tunnel to where I just did913.7595.161
another guy's stuff here go oh I got916.254.379
arrows hold on where's yet we're all918.926.029
gonna do Sami heads up his needs coming920.6295.791
or is he is evil eye on your flower924.9493.151
torches you should have more yeah926.423.659
torches big that's it's exactly follow928.13.959
the sand blocks the dirts pretty clear I930.0794.44
mean it's ugly but it will fix it abso I932.0593.811
left the game yeah I'm trying to see if934.5193.151
I can leave and then come back in noobs935.873.12
go up that hill to your left just look937.671.709
at it938.992.31
yeah it's QWERTY it's it's a drop-down939.3793.69
you can there's like a there's like a941.33.57
bridge there cut instead of building we943.0693.901
could just go around this is not will be944.873.93
there a builds in place you don't want946.973.69
to build here it's not safe you wouldn't948.83.209
take you anytime to build a bridge950.663.119
across that are you doing it right now952.0094.05
who could well somebody's building a953.7794.831
bridge you got two rallies who this956.0595.25
little spooky hey guys I'm back hey958.613.94
welcome back961.3093.131
got dirt are you in the nether I got962.553.45
eight dirt yeah right with you hate dirt964.443.24
hey buddy this is dangerous966.04.95
super dangerous it is look worth it cuz967.684.56
who knows where we're gonna end up man970.952.88
keep your eyes open for gas please972.242.58
don't do it oh my god I've got an arrow974.824.44
I would change the game uh yeah yeah I'm976.385.58
looking for you baby what's making that979.265.46
noise that sounds like a gas but I don't981.967.14
see one is there one below it just did984.726.48
hear I got no coming by go by right I989.14.08
saw and run run where is he at where is991.23.66
shooting straight down the hole oh993.183.63
god I can't believe I'm not dead994.863.93
oh did you see that yeah yeah I know I996.814.32
can nail with one Wow where is it998.794.05
I killed it okay it was straight ahead1001.135.04
of you noobs did you do that I was too1002.845.31
busy being a hero oh my god great oh1006.173.72
yeah you're the Caitlyn Jenner of1008.154.56
Minecraft that is thanks hero1009.895.04
I'm sure that's snarky I don't know who1012.714.47
that is build a dam sir I've got it1014.935.04
alright that was walking drew that we're1017.185.28
late - you see my footage it's like guys1019.973.93
are looking out for me right mm-hmm1022.463.54
gently Maurice Willis and Chuck Norris1023.94.68
is packed into one minecraft character1026.04.92
Wow Caitlyn Jenner whoa whoa get out of1028.583.9
me please Miller on is still on the1030.923.81
other side if you would be so kind you1032.484.109
don't hear that every day can we belt1034.734.5
down now let's build down hold on I'd1036.5894.201
like to have a bridge oh is that Oh1039.235.13
gasps Elise holy rash another one came1040.794.049
out of nowhere1044.362.49
here he comes in action1044.8395.571
oh yes1046.853.56
going you got in my way I was1051.0196.941
tryna you proud of me you were right in1054.844.86
the hand no I can't wait to see that I1057.963.26
can't wait to see the footage either1059.75.039
can't wait to cut it Ally I went to kill1061.225.409
it and you stepped in front of me I had1064.7394.231
an arrow drawn you stepped in front of1066.6295.16
Ron arrow girls why'd you use leaves to1068.974.47
make this breathe it's all I got1071.7894.14
there's never rec everywhere now you1073.444.38
know what we could do right now yeah1075.9294.291
that's right I like your style names you1077.823.03
hear me1080.222.429
go ahead why don't we just go over to1080.853.84
word like this ends up here like still1082.6493.36
staying on the same path see where I am1084.693.419
like still like going forward as far as1086.0093.66
you can where we would have to like you1088.1092.82
know do some other type of bridge or1089.6693.12
something and make a portal and see how1090.9293.391
far it brings us in the overworld at1092.7893.21
this point we can always break it down1094.324.41
that's true very true okay yes there's1095.9994.41
another gas way I'm facing oh it's1098.734.74
coming in he fired why oh it watch1100.4094.23
out for pace thing1103.474.079
holy oh I got it nice nice I don't1104.6394.561
feel like we've gone very far at all1107.5493.99
well yeah I feel like we're gonna be1109.23.39
farther than you think feel like we1111.5393.33
could go further I won't bring around1112.593.6
all right yeah we'll break it down knee1114.8693.69
across it for cross come out right next1116.196.209
to the yes mortal oh man good lord this1118.5594.881
place is huge1122.3995.041
how many high Wow it's quite drop-off in1123.446.52
it is man it's a big thing there we go1127.444.709
yeah go ahead noobs let's do it all1129.965.819
right don't hit that Pigman Jesus this1132.1496.061
is fun takes us just gonna drop us off1135.7795.78
in a volcano so shinny1138.213.349
you mine if you live1151.143.65

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