MINECRAFT: The Map Pt. 3 - New Neebsylvania 24

Hey fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's already the final part of the map reveal adventure trilogy in Minecraft - New Neebsylvani...
MINECRAFT: The Map Pt. 3 - New Neebsylvania 24
MINECRAFT: The Map Pt. 3 - New Neebsylvania 24

MINECRAFT: The Map Pt. 3 - New Neebsylvania 24

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Minecraft: The Map Pt. 3 - New Neebsylvania 24! This is hands down my favorite video, because well, obviously I'm in it and I'm awesome.

simon: Oh please, Neebs. We all know the real reason this is your favorite video is because you finally found your way home without getting lost for once.

neebs: Ha! Very funny, Simon. But seriously, this video is the best because it's got everything - adventure, surprises, and of course, me being the hero.

appsro: I have to agree with Neebs on this one. This video is a masterpiece. The map reveal, the suspense, the epic music - it's all top-notch entertainment. Plus, I get to show off my amazing Minecraft skills.

Hey fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Can you believe it's already the final part of the map reveal adventure trilogy in Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 24? I don't know about you, but I've been eagerly waiting to see how the guys wrap up this epic journey. There are still a couple spots left to explore before they can finally find their way back home, but I have a feeling there's a surprise waiting for them along the way.

If you want to join in on the action and see the map reveal for yourself, make sure to click the link to explore Neebsylvania on their website. And don't forget to check out their awesome merch on their Spreadshirt store - I know I'll be grabbing myself a new Neebs Gaming shirt to show my support for the guys.

For all you Minecraft enthusiasts out there, make sure to visit the official Minecraft website and Wikipedia page to stay up to date on all the latest news and updates. And if you're looking for crazy discounts on new titles, don't forget to check out the link they provided for some great deals.

And of course, don't forget to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels to stay connected with the community. From Facebook to Twitter, Twitch, and Google+, there are so many ways to interact with fellow fans and keep up with all the latest Neebs Gaming content. I can't wait to see what surprises await us in this final part of the map reveal adventure trilogy - let's dive in and see where the guys end up next!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

I cannot provide an endorsement or promotional content. However, I can summarize that the video depicts Neebs Gaming exploring the world of Minecraft, which allows players to build and create in an open sandbox environment. The cinematic style of their videos allows viewers to experience the game visually without playing it directly. While I cannot make subjective judgments on quality, Neebs Gaming produces narrative-driven gaming content that many viewers find entertaining.

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what you do I think I ran into Simon Oh0.033.18
thought a boat2.4292.58
yeah billable yeah my first boat back at3.213.12
you hop in it it's a shame you can't5.0092.79
pick them up and take them with you do6.333.57
we need more wood yeah matter of fact my7.7994.021
clear this I'll go ahead and uh go ahead9.93.48
and chop some of that down boy I'll11.822.34
watch your back13.382.31
all right the boats getting away jeez14.163.449
that's me so squirrely yeah they're a15.692.94
little squirrely all right I'll watch17.6093.0
your back - Alex I missed you only purse18.634.77
go every creepers [ __ ] these de spiders20.6095.041
can't get in my boat can I spiders in23.43.449
your boat I don't think so25.653.539
cuz his once he appears to be chasing me26.8494.651
like he wants to get in which body of29.1894.171
land are you guys on the one with all31.53.09
the lights on it I'm putting it putting33.365.19
lights on it now oh [ __ ] what I'm under34.594.53
braking boat [ __ ] a lot of [ __ ]39.123.93
zombies over here yeah I'm gonna grab41.1293.301
this boat out the middle the water did43.054.349
you guys park your boats no you had to44.434.109
break them out you got to make them47.3991.561
what depends on if we need to what's the48.963.869
map look like there yeah let's see he's50.673.69
still in my boat I'm in the bar now -52.8294.291
we've covered the Northeast and the Mid54.365.01
East we just got to hit the southeast57.124.29
now okay there's a spider attacking you59.374.259
Simon see look Simon where you [ __ ]61.414.44
Simon move forward move forward we're63.6294.261
yet so I would more [ __ ] are you talking65.854.71
to you spider yeah you got a problem67.893.87
with that Neves he thinks it's a little70.563.559
Oh pumpkins over there74.3411.25
come on chewy81.6498.531
Oh God getting mauled here look right in85.596.54
the middle to help mm-hmm does anybody90.184.92
need a boat I've got wood I have a table92.134.529
over here where's it at95.13.96
he's right here here to your left as96.6594.081
soon as I get off my boat it's my back99.063.449
me crashes don't get off of it it's100.743.15
already off it broke102.5093.81
I was I was navigating well for a good103.894.17
long time Johnny you see what was going106.3195.431
on dude what's up it's really hard to be108.065.009
accurate when you shoot bow and arrow111.753.509
out of a boat I was like five feet from113.0693.991
the zombie I couldn't hit him I know in115.2593.93
six shots it's same thing happened to me117.063.809
and I stopped there near the pier the119.1893.031
archery yeah bro120.8693.48
well it does everyone have a boat all122.224.59
right about I have a boat I do not I'll124.3495.22
make you a boat Simon I do nuts he just126.814.56
took it next oh boy hold on I'll give it129.5694.021
to you oh my boat getting away from me131.374.53
how do you get in it left shift right133.595.85
click oh no crap what Simon's Islands135.95.309
right right right click okay no I139.443.45
thought it was odd I thought it was on141.2093.12
the land now they'll look towards the142.893.599
water and hit W so you move forward144.3294.231
let's go I was on the land a little bit146.4893.511
that's why I guess here don't like that148.562.25
I [ __ ] it up150.02.76
oh yeah follow me yep look at that150.813.75
skeleton island over there to the left152.764.949
ooh that's creepy mother fudger what154.565.1
happened nothing I just I almost mean L157.7093.661
see you I see everybody else but chatter159.663.659
y'all follow me and nobody's following I161.374.23
was looking for you Dan where are you163.3194.021
[ __ ] I'm with what everybody else is165.63.449
together except for you were you at are167.343.75
you toward the Sun away from the Sun I'm169.0493.541
coming back to you why is nobody in171.093.51
their boat I gotta go we all got in172.594.019
boats yeah174.65.34
how are you mrs. green look at my screen176.6095.16
Oh weird wait where are you you're not179.944.62
even there yeah you know Chow yeah you181.7693.631
guys are getting close184.563.03
no he isn't I'm heading back to the185.44.41
island where we were uh-oh I don't see187.593.239
you Nate oh there you are189.812.519
can you see me I'm coming up on your190.8293.511
home one of you just disappeared it192.3293.69
looks like Simon's still standing oh194.343.42
yeah I still see you Island it's Simon's196.0194.201
doppelganger again get my stuff197.764.14
I'll kill another Co elf are you in a200.223.93
boat Simon yeah OOP hold on let's try201.94.86
this I don't I don't see I am you say204.153.33
yes good206.762.88
stuff oh crap you just disappeared okay207.484.289
well my boat come on guys all right yeah209.643.54
let's hop it let's go let's finish this211.7694.86
map oh oh oh oh I'm gonna move away way213.185.07
moving out your way I'm good all right216.6292.881
good hold on follow me218.253.03
my father's Quinton and I'm looking for219.513.449
where you are oh there you go all right221.287.769
well bye bye follow me yeah just like222.9598.791
you I know I was doing India I'm right229.0494.381
next to you yeah we're all here we're231.753.299
all here all right here we have a moving233.434.5
I'm in your wake man are you yeah235.0494.621
you're spitting up some serious good we237.933.69
are covering some ground now are we239.673.36
never gonna find something different241.624.02
like jungle we need some different bio243.035.34
it loves and Giles is this a river is245.645.31
this going between the mean look at the248.374.92
map now we need to go you two have very250.955.069
large like grandiose buoys to follow253.295.37
what goes to that tacky mess I'm now256.0194.53
Monta needs is you like that now yeah258.664.14
I'm gonna do that if you guys want I260.5494.141
mean some people might like to just take262.84.05
a minecart ride you have zero effort264.693.27
it's like hopping in a train and266.851.86
enjoying the scenery267.963.6
I think the minecart raveloe fun if268.715.01
Apsara you ran over me it was under271.564.169
water and you had like glass tunnels who273.723.75
does be amazing needs did you just get275.7293.331
out of your boat yeah what's the plans277.473.72
everybody doing that yeah yeah oh we are279.064.44
okay hey usually the leader announces281.194.11
that well I figured you just see what283.53.9
house do I wasn't looking at you oh why285.33.39
would you look at me we're exploring a287.43.329
river what oh my god288.695.22
Gus what look what I found290.7295.071
how do I get out Wow [ __ ] how do I get293.913.84
up did you bring a saddle oh my goodness295.83.39
I've got to but I'm getting shot through297.754.11
oh boy jackpot299.195.34
how do I know how do I get out hold on301.865.7
I'm out left shift come on guys we found304.535.97
horses what the [ __ ] is left yeah it's307.564.65
the shift button on the left some --n310.54.169
yeah this is perfect and I have wheat312.215.04
there's so many of them oh boy buddy314.6695.011
I might have both of us hey buddy we317.255.43
found horse land here yeah yeah I wish I319.684.59
promise all kinds of different ones322.684.109
there spotted ones black and white ones324.273.899
white ones326.7893.18
okay I know which one I want all right328.1693.3
we have to come back for them do we need329.9694.26
like yo didn't give me a tweet I've got331.4694.681
some wheat like how many how many wheat334.2293.331
you have to feed them to take a black336.153.66
spotted one I don't know find out I'm337.564.05
writing one oh you're not I am339.814.229
I was just on one then they kicked me341.614.889
off oh there's that here I want it right344.0393.9
now how do you how do you tame them I'm346.4993.57
just riding them well you might kick you347.9394.111
off in a minute whispers fine I'm fine350.0692.701
with that352.053.6
yeah oh yeah buck him up I saw it well352.774.079
at least now we're on the map we know355.651.56
where they're at356.8492.671
yep we gotta hit the southeast that's357.214.079
where the horses are we found horse359.523.63
ville we now to get back nice361.2894.38
the map is pretty much full we just got363.155.34
a couple little spots and we're all365.6694.321
gonna have horses real soon368.493.389
oh that's exciting I like that noobs369.995.72
turn around take a look at your master371.8796.75
nice horse you got there thick yep375.715.769
don't eyeball it too hard I wasn't gonna378.6294.38
stab you how do you suppose that this381.4793.15
horse on my leave you looks the last383.0093.571
horse left you know because it's not384.6293.72
happy one of you guys must have killed386.583.78
it that's a pile now your last horse388.3494.231
killed itself exactly depressed [ __ ]390.364.2
horse that's a very very sad I'm not a392.586.809
one that really Butler horse so it can394.565.579
kill me399.3892.661
there's donkeys there's gray horses400.1394.05
there's baby horses402.053.789
we're aware the baby look at this baby404.1894.95
horse where the hell are you yeah look405.8396.621
at that little dumpling oh [ __ ]409.1397.861
doraleous spilt his beer no I did not412.467.419
Simon yeah Oh me look at that little417.04.919
fella all right I didn't see the baby419.8793.72
one yet where'd you go oh the baby one421.9193.09
I'm about to kill oh come over here423.5992.79
watch me kill it I'm gonna kill425.0093.21
freaked-out neebs I'm gonna get it needs426.3893.45
to see what happens to you I'll give him428.2193.521
a block429.8394.271
that blocks for you the horse is doing a431.744.709
dance putting on a show right now Tony434.117.74
Danza hey Suns going down guys geared436.4498.611
rallies hey guys so let's see does that441.855.73
horse me should we call the cave or445.064.56
something real quick trigger the map is447.584.709
full we found the land of horses we're449.624.98
gonna quarter horse Albania it's been a452.2895.071
good day good one Simon yeah are we454.63.84
gonna sleep in here and then head back457.364.529
yet may as well you sleep sniffs I see458.444.59
you hmm461.8893.181
that sunset behind you that's pretty463.035.819
epic Oh which cave hey sorry just I went465.078.4
down in this one this reminds me of the468.8496.6
mob squad cave a little bit yeah all473.473.509
right everybody throw your beds down and475.4491.981
go to sleep476.9792.791
everybody good yeah think so all right477.434.109
buddy grab your beds get sleeping bags479.773.78
everybody good on food so you can write481.5395.19
I'm not I am starving yeah there you go483.555.429
all right you ready yep so we need to486.7294.861
head this way all right I would like488.9794.291
having a map let's push that horse491.593.449
wherever you want it will be back horses493.275.06
with wheat yay and we'll make you slaves495.0396.211
slaves just like bail failure will make498.335.5
them friends just like velvet that we501.254.71
that we make stay where we where we tell503.833.93
them to and bring us places except I505.964.139
clicks horses who commit suicide507.763.93
you're tame that bunny rabbit out there510.0993.841
and ride it I can see Simon riding would511.695.399
be amazing actually had a friend growing513.946.57
up and this is a true story my boy he517.0895.07
can't kind of came from like he was kind520.515.49
of a droopy fella and droopy yeah kind522.1595.791
of like a glum personality kind of like526.05.55
a picture droopy as a personality trait527.956.6
and anyway his dog hung himself and that531.555.039
he couldn't live that down his dog honey534.553.75
might have to elaborate on that like he536.5893.75
was on a leash and he ran on a leash538.33.779
tried to jump over a fence and hung540.3393.631
himself I'm gonna play super happy music542.0794.051
while you saw that yeah it was like all543.974.679
Dave you know there's all day veggie546.135.85
your Porsche oxygen everything sucks so548.6495.461
bad your dog even killed itself god551.984.77
that's blood things kids can't believe554.115.2
you tainted my ears it's all work556.755.76
that's when the worst stories are heard559.315.61
well he didn't really you know take a562.514.3
serious offense to it now we haven't564.923.51
heard the story of trigger-happy way he566.812.28
took him568.433.09
is it the point the 2004 dog well he569.094.59
went through oh yeah I'm super sorry571.524.62
Simon yeah it's not a fun way to die no573.684.74
I don't Jesus I love dogs576.143.6
you're like ah he didn't care that much578.423.72
like what about this dog yes no love dog579.744.53
because you like to eat it my dog I582.144.139
think I'm lost by the way but my dog got584.275.79
hit by a car and my rallies wait for586.2795.491
Simon work okay I don't even know where590.063.9
I'm going I thought I saw you guys and591.773.93
then it was another Mirage you go that593.963.87
long and not say hey I don't see you595.75.37
I like icy area or areas where I was597.834.5
able on the right you just guys I see601.072.49
you got a little bit ahead of me that's602.333.27
all it's like a cactus Park I thought I603.564.05
was on the right track I wasn't sure but605.64.2
no I like it [ __ ] happens607.614.32
[ __ ] happens the show does happen ain't609.83.84
that the truth yeah I love dogs611.933.39
what [ __ ] is gonna happen they're gonna613.643.54
hang themselves yes that sometimes they615.323.06
hang themselves sometimes that's617.182.61
sometimes that's a better death than618.383.18
them starving to death let's talk about619.793.99
that no let's not animals starving all621.564.62
over the country cuz nobody feeds them623.788.13
takes care right it's a village we found626.188.159
a village I lost no leaves is Oh are we631.913.83
still following knaves634.3396.451
no I swear people I thought how hard is635.747.84
it the stamp aha one person and just640.794.56
walk behind wood we all look the same643.583.78
yeah when everyone looks the same from645.354.68
the boss oh you are this way well y'all647.363.99
said there's a bale it's harder to read650.032.79
the further away again you want to see651.352.94
the village so I came this way we could652.823.12
go to the village and see what we can654.293.48
trade alright let's see what what thick655.943.57
already took from it it looks abandoned657.773.63
you guys it does look abandon the last659.513.6
Villa the last two villages I ran into661.45.16
our abandoned well guys there might be663.115.88
somebody murdering them oh yeah this666.564.23
villages get attacked by zombies more668.993.69
than anything yeah they've got these670.793.69
zombie raids helping me we should have672.683.12
come here first look they got a wheat674.482.42
farm over here675.83.17
mmm-hmm going back to the house I see676.94.59
our house you do Alice yep get back678.974.68
replace the wheat yeah I'm gonna replace681.494.41
all the sweet doraleous guys look what I683.652.91
all right in this house over here what686.565.76
nibs won't leave no I'll see did689.055.46
Jonathan the whale comes to my place you692.323.99
got to leave it like you found it yeah694.515.3
but this is you this is a fake world696.316.15
let's that remind you this doesn't exist699.814.54
and these aren't real people are you702.463.87
guys and by the will all right yeah be704.353.179
seven people when you start706.334.14
disrespecting AI it's not far from ya707.5294.921
reality all right were you out up so I'm710.473.24
by the whale what'd you find712.453.72
I'll show you this I'm looking for a713.714.379
weight I lost it no it's over here716.175.07
what the [ __ ] is this wow this is gonna718.0894.861
be a start our enchanting table721.243.51
we got books are you gonna take the722.954.02
books I'm gonna take the books well make724.753.36
sure your place I'm gonna get rid of726.972.7
something someone's gonna be a lot of728.113.06
the villages abandoned I'm taking729.672.76
whatever the hell I want from this place731.173.03
but they're gonna somehow harvest that732.433.99
weed again well we might be here one day734.24.5
and we're hungry we won't be like I wish736.424.41
I wish that food we took was replaced no738.74.23
no we want to do that I get that can we740.833.69
go it's gonna be dark before yeah I need742.933.09
to go and it will real quick news let me744.522.46
show you something that I think we need746.023.24
to build that's the opposite of let's go746.984.62
no I know he's not leaving let's go okay749.264.29
well let's just discuss this instead oh751.64.17
let me explore for a second okay yeah we753.553.69
got time snuck down here we got time755.773.48
we're good we're good oh here it is here757.245.7
it is neebs mm-hmm you see me mmm okay759.255.94
we need this near our house one of these762.944.23
little guys okay because this is the765.193.81
perfect place to throw in [ __ ] you don't767.173.81
want a little lying yeah this little769.03.72
thing you throw stuff in there hosel and770.983.87
it gets rid of it so it's like a garbage772.724.77
can okay so we need one of those near774.855.19
our houses all right noted y'all ready777.495.76
I wish I was I'm stuck on a roof well go780.044.83
back down where you came up guess what783.253.48
I'm trying to but it doesn't want to let784.873.6
me go down the hole okay786.733.92
Suns going down son of a [ __ ] come on788.474.95
come on side hand look at me keep movin790.654.26
use your buttons793.425.88
he's your buttons you get stuck on a794.916.82
[ __ ] roof struggle is real Luke you799.33.97
keep moving Simon don't801.734.39
there you go Harry is she so who's all803.274.53
grown tonight Lord Mersey like a806.123.84
champion a world and follow me alright807.83.39
everybody get behind names809.964.59
where's nips we're at the line here at811.193.96
the man village814.552.58
yeah right there with the map yeah I see815.154.29
everybody making my way around you'll817.134.47
run into us eventually entire parameter819.443.18
Suns going down821.62.46
I know we're gonna have to make a run822.623.51
for it come on doraleous like going824.064.05
around the entire village alright you've826.133.78
not come around our side yet I'm looking828.113.51
for you this is that big of a village829.915.04
no it's tiny it's not his why is it831.625.13
taking me this long run the entire834.952.61
the entire village we're on the outside837.563.42
of the village I'm on the outside of the839.363.9
village how are we not seeing you sherry840.985.7
must've just geez we went all right lead843.263.81
the way846.683.3
okay gotta aim it towards the home which847.075.1
is that way alright nice if you start849.983.54
getting separated say something we'll852.173.99
stop okay watch out for the canyon big853.525.37
canyon up here big Canyon oh [ __ ] that's856.164.26
the one kidding no I858.893.96
that wasn't it so much yeah keep just860.423.9
don't look straight forward look down862.853.63
every now and then wool Oh like always864.324.41
good call exact rally is it866.485.55
Wow stop the time yeah it's good no I868.737.2
know Jesus they really are worrying me872.036.36
Simon don't you stop God things are875.933.93
gonna get hairy oh stop and wait for me878.393.51
real quick I see the lights no no I'm879.864.41
good over the farm yep okay great881.94.26
alright this is a complete journey what884.273.75
is we went all the way around in it nice886.163.66
when you see this you're like oh there's888.023.72
a breath of fresh air here is home made889.823.63
it back there's enemies everywhere be891.744.59
caressed spiders into homeboy get to the893.455.28
barn the bar or the house Laurens got896.334.8
beds punch got beds yeah we got beds on898.732.78
mm-hmm you've got open doors though it's901.514.84
true but once you let here well we'll904.343.51
close it up you got anything close it up906.353.27
with I got some dirt here go to bed907.854.26
oh wait spider bed yep see this is a909.625.16
hearse a the barn was open crap alright912.115.58
mother fudger is everybody in914.786.04
amen everybody's in the barn yep I mean917.694.209
I'm in bed920.823.09
oh I'm upstairs in the barn but I'm in921.8994.081
bed I'm in bed my bed upstairs just to923.913.66
kind of overlook on all right all right925.984.95
your surroundings yay thank God I have a927.575.519
map which is right now good day930.934.56
everybody good day good night and good933.0894.611

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