MINECRAFT: Horses - New Neebsylvania 27

Hey guys, guess what? The gang is back with a brand new episode of Neebsylvania and this time they're on a mission to get everyone their own...
MINECRAFT: Horses - New Neebsylvania 27
MINECRAFT: Horses - New Neebsylvania 27

MINECRAFT: Horses - New Neebsylvania 27

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that latest Minecraft video we posted? It's all about getting horses in New Neebsylvania!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is my favorite! I mean, who doesn't love a good horse adventure in Minecraft?

neebs: Exactly! And did you see the thumbnail? It's like a horse paradise up in there. No drama, just horses for days.

simon: I know, right? It's like watching a nature documentary, but with blocky animals and us goofing around trying to tame them.

Hey guys, guess what? The gang is back with a brand new episode of Neebsylvania and this time they're on a mission to get everyone their own horse! That's right, after a weird trip to Appsro Island, they're setting their sights on some equestrian adventures. And you know it's going to happen because it's right there in the thumbnail. Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 27: Horses is the episode you don't want to miss!

If you're a huge fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that every episode is filled with hilarious moments, epic fails, and some seriously awesome gameplay. And this one is no different. From exploring the world of Neebsylvania to encountering all kinds of crazy creatures, the gang always keeps things interesting.

And hey, if you want to check out more Neebsylvania content, make sure to click the link to their website for even more adventures. Plus, don't forget to grab some awesome merch from their Spreadshirt store to show your support for the channel. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for another wild ride with the gang in Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 27: Horses. It's going to be a blast, and I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get up to this time. Happy gaming, everyone!

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I'm gonna build on this island man right0.033.51
yeah is we gonna live2.015.059
maybe you'd like it huh there your ass3.546.87
yeah man you guys ruin good stuff scream7.0696.011
occasional car some iron yeah it's a10.414.859
cold how you gonna get that iron you're13.083.6
gonna put some blocks down too15.2693.781
I like not I just grabbed a bunch I do16.684.65
want to get over I want to see what's up19.054.19
that way I'm in a little bit of trouble21.334.74
what happened and I fell into a cave and23.246.1
there's creepers everywhere oh you want26.074.35
to come and save you29.343.3
nope I'm good I'm good I heard something30.424.47
blow up oh yeah that was a that was me32.644.079
all right I'm in bed all right should we34.893.45
head back and sleep I bet we can sleep36.7192.011
right here38.343.57
okay okay I'm good to sleep here all38.735.07
right lon I'm not I just had to move my41.913.899
bed take your time cuz we're in a cave43.811.31
with a bunch of monsters oh you want to45.80912.75
take her out um yeah what oh boy two55.116.06
witches who witch's anime and the UH Bo58.5594.221
oh [ __ ]61.173.989
don't get me with a will smack you with62.786.93
a potion all right got her oh crap least65.1599.911
hidden back she down in the canyon yep69.719.85
she own fire mm-hmm she deserved it75.078.42
she's dead let me see what she dropped79.568.44
her panties she would sugar you got some83.496.25
show got some sugar oh of course you88.03.54
drop some sugar did we do everything one89.743.48
do at the village here yeah I think so91.543.66
yep we're missing one saddle but you93.224.29
have a mule okay I'll take my mule95.24.05
we'll get horses for you guys I know97.513.66
thick's not gonna mess up that garden99.254.53
just leave it yeah he is he like you101.175.01
have no respect for others you are the103.784.83
set most selfish person I know what's106.184.23
important right now you know what that108.613.75
is noobs I don't know someone comes back110.413.569
here someday they have no food now the112.363.21
gardens gone all right I'm tired to you113.9793.871
who's leading the way I got the map yep115.575.61
no I got a fix fix mess you're not man117.855.43
we don't have time for that not really121.184.08
40 fixed I already fixed your mess all123.283.12
right needs when you get down to the125.262.94
beach I got something for you all right126.44.59
I'm coming I hope it's an arrow via a128.26.18
bow to the knee here you go thank you130.995.969
now we're talking can I head to where we134.384.68
need to go follow-ups right this wedding136.9594.201
via boat I mean if it goes sundown we139.063.75
Wow where are you going where are you141.162.04
thick cuz you're you're not leading the143.23.78
way and you're everyone I see Correa145.033.63
sound rallies behind me I thought that146.983.15
was abstract yeah I know God don't148.663.12
follow thick I know I thought it was you150.134.47
know sorry like a man you know we should151.784.32
start calling them thick berry that154.62.82
would be a good name right everybody156.17.83
here alright good yep 30 minute you're157.428.7
gonna read we had first are we heading163.934.47
to the horses oh now we're gonna watch166.125.7
it oh you were acting like a right after168.47.02
y'all get good good good yeah oh sorry171.825.43
my not supposed air for craft we just175.423.84
had a crash because of it that's why I177.253.6
brought extra boats yeah you guys are179.265.57
you party huh did you I see you some180.856.6
everybody behind me where are you all184.833.939
right I see you guys watch out for the187.453.0
squid they're everywhere yep good188.7694.591
everywhere flocks gaggles to pry to190.454.8
squid you guys will be taken to the193.363.87
underwater temple no we don't remove195.254.709
that we don't really want oh yeah you197.234.289
don't want to go over there you all get199.9593.75
murdered Simon go in what do we need we201.5194.381
need better armor and we need potions so203.7093.081
we can breathe it under what205.92.869
water boiling water well we can get over206.793.149
there just to see it we don't to208.7692.521
approach it can you see it from the209.9393.3
surface yeah here yeah hey what follow211.293.21
me real quick real quick but we might213.2392.67
get shot at - oh really214.52.969
I'll get that quick there's things that215.9093.69
shoot lasers at you ya know those like217.4693.27
yeah they were creepy looking and219.5992.941
there's giant ones this listen giant220.7393.541
ones in every temple we gotta be careful222.543.72
cuz we don't want to lose these saddles224.283.239
we won't get too close226.264.14
should be able to see it any second one227.5194.711
day we will own it oh man a bunch of230.43.989
squids oh wow and right front of me okay232.233.659
yeah you can now you can kind of start234.3894.891
to see it okay see it yeah see oh yeah235.8896.361
yeah oh that's gonna be cool one bit239.284.739
worried about oh god don't get too close242.253.689
to it neebs alright are we heading out244.0193.72
yep there's a little landmass over here245.9393.901
that's not on my map okay I'm gonna hit247.7393.09
this and turn right249.842.61
got some blocks down there in the wood250.8294.59
oh how you know Elias whacked into me252.454.95
and that's my fed though I'm not dead255.4192.461
swim to shore yes swim to shore so257.883.659
spacebar luckily I understand that but259.623.21
you know what the rally's all I was261.5393.301
going almost and you went right through262.834.26
me hey see you Simon go to the shore264.844.109
will you let me give him [ __ ] for a267.093.299
second okay give him [ __ ] for not268.9493.15
justified though hey we don't have any270.3893.481
those pink flowers doing all right Simon272.0993.06
look at me I'm gonna throw your boat273.873.87
okay it's the last one Suns gonna go275.1594.38
down to get it yeah and then just gonna277.745.22
make some [ __ ] hints here guys but279.5395.041
please we have working hint how's your282.963.48
rear ending me just don't go down swim284.583.78
and then hit space to swim back up you286.444.32
realize I don't see it it's of your288.364.679
insurance and it's getting dark so it'll290.764.92
be great to try to find this at night I293.0394.471
dropped the boat one to right near him295.684.229
right here yeah somewhere down there see297.513.39
if you can find it what does that299.9093.601
[ __ ] in the water that looks300.94.59
like a supposed EBEs boat right now are303.513.779
you sure don't take my boat are you sure305.493.299
neither of you picked it up let me go307.2892.25
check my inventory308.7893.511
I don't see him that it's got to be down309.5394.651
there I just throw it way down there I312.33.899
was right by the shore you realize it's314.194.71
deep here right yeah very deep like that316.1994.831
but I wasn't I wasn't like this far away318.93.9
I was closer to the shore closer to321.033.75
Simon well guess you're not all in that322.83.48
deep alright y'all watch my back there's324.783.419
trees up there who's relaxing I like326.285.1
this it's kind of nice night fishing you328.1995.22
know yeah y'all fish it now the balut331.383.81
looks like a pretty tame Isle I got it333.4193.031
yeah it's actually the name of it y'all335.192.789
just watch my back for a second is that336.452.97
what this is called tame Island337.9792.941
like it but then they just come out of339.423.72
the trees and [ __ ] yeah is about there's340.924.65
another boat okay is about is about343.144.53
thank you all right guys I'm gonna hug345.573.87
the coast so I'm moving forward347.672.49
everybody with me349.444.74
yep I'm on your six all right oh you're350.164.95
on fire doraleous354.183.21
come on no I'm not is it me no I'm gonna355.115.7
go on fire probably me uh yeah a shoot357.394.92
my own boat are we going back to the360.813.72
house yeah or we should we just go to362.314.26
the horses I don't know my map doesn't364.533.96
extend that far but I can take us in366.574.41
that direction we want to try yeah once368.494.71
we get into our territory I can check my370.983.84
man okay well I'll take us to our373.24.29
territory needs real oh whoa ah how did374.823.03
Oh God here I got a boat watch you throw377.854.86
it in the deep water ops row for him380.44.44
throw it in the deep water here's a boat382.713.87
catch us out catch us catch it catch it384.842.46
catch it catch it386.582.4
do you get it I don't know so now that387.33.18
was a tricky part you actually have to388.982.61
place the boat in the water without390.484.35
drowning so you have Cody right got it391.595.07
how did you not get it don't get too far394.833.96
down there oh [ __ ] hold hold spacebar396.665.69
cup I'm all minimal bit what happened oh398.797.32
no hit me I'm just trying to stay alive402.355.5
with the Lord here well why can't you406.113.27
can't you just spawn a boat from your407.852.64
home let's just do that409.384.32
there you go oh thank you well back up410.494.59
from it I would have been a lot easier413.75.25
that's a lot easier very true oh it's415.085.16
moving we going is everybody going418.953.33
everybody with us yeah let's shine good420.244.74
oh there's home yep this is the new buoy422.284.71
system huh buoys just I hear it's a lot424.983.84
better than that silly Road doesn't know426.993.18
the road would look good if you'd give428.822.94
me time would it can I give you a430.173.92
compliment after oh yeah add a buoy oh431.764.8
boy oh that's that's a big lighthouse434.094.3
you built it is hopefully when our436.563.51
guests spawn in this is the first thing438.393.54
you'll see is the lighthouse nice or the440.073.57
zombie and a zombie will welcome you Oh441.934.14
watch out creepers yep no needs I am out443.644.26
of my map area so start pulling up your446.073.57
map endermans not gonna attack me when447.93.93
I'm in the water is he now didn't you449.643.99
can go better I'll be over there too451.835.16
late now we should have done that we own453.635.16
a mission we're on mission ever alright456.993.54
Neves is the navigator now everybody get458.793.66
behind Yves and yeah I think you're460.533.72
popping in on it see and that should462.453.33
lead us to the horses cuz the horses are464.252.19
at the bottom465.782.37
guys we're about to see the Sun Rise oh466.443.9
well on the boats I like it we've been468.153.56
here oh yeah yeah I remember470.342.45
that was a good night that night471.713.51
remember Simon forgot his bad from the472.794.2
first night how's your map looking neebs475.224.74
we're still kind of off of it but we're476.995.61
making our way south making a way in the479.966.18
world to do just everything you got482.66.3
what's that from my stuff years don't do486.143.33
what is it was that from let's try not489.473.69
to do that if there's any way we can not491.32.22
do that493.162.64
look what's it from wheeze years they493.524.76
just said cheers bum bum bum ah495.86.6
tendu go I just got ambushed here498.286.16
I got a boat no wait no I don't show502.413.95
them at a bone bumpiness man you busy so504.4414.13
we're getting out now oh yeah you guys516.353.93
were singing you would know I just got518.576.54
ambushed by squid front of me live your520.286.57
life I really don't like that song guys525.114.41
how do you not what if that was just a526.854.26
song on the radio you would listen to it529.523.48
have you ever bought the cheer CD and531.113.21
listen to it in your car going down the533.03.68
street I know I'd be bumping cheers534.325.52
[ __ ] quality.i so it is oh wait536.685.32
doraleous was that your boat I thought539.843.48
that was my boat how's this your boat542.03.72
where did your game on it that might543.324.89
have ESS a priced alright Neves you're545.723.87
leading oh yeah so needs we need to go548.212.79
south because that green area down oh549.594.38
[ __ ] no I'm confused by zone slowdowns551.05.55
the only thing on that thing do what now553.974.11
look at the map there's people I'm556.553.03
trying to face the right way but there's558.083.63
two people on the map and I can't tell559.583.69
which ones me and which ones you will561.712.64
just start heading the direction and563.272.82
separate the two dots that house it564.353.09
needs you were the one that's moving all566.092.64
right and now I've lost you567.443.57
where y'all following me nope ready go568.733.87
you guys why don't y'all follow me571.013.84
because you be said to get away from you572.64.14
let me come back a little bit oh boy574.853.39
here we go again god I thought apps for576.743.57
was noobs this is a [ __ ] so we're578.243.84
all together but somehow night need none580.313.69
of us leaves come to it's our fault up582.083.99
there very robust together when you're584.04.14
leading you can't see behind y'all586.073.96
what's idle oh I didn't do anything588.143.78
oh my god you realize that do you590.033.98
realize that I was sitting still and591.925.28
you're saying Simon no you can't right594.015.2
towards me i dude but we did yeah it597.23.93
given you didn't do it and you may have599.213.18
hit a squid is like a601.133.06
m-yeah care just get in the boat behind602.393.54
you times bond you one don't know don't604.193.69
drown hold IMing in the boat old605.933.99
Spacewar simon [ __ ] give me a607.882.82
how do you need a second just get in the610.73.24
boat I was underwater get in the boat612.113.45
get in the boat get in the [ __ ] boat613.943.72
I'm under whoa you weren't when I said615.563.42
that you were flirty like give me a617.662.88
second you went to the bottom for some618.983.75
reason no you know what there's a delay620.543.33
you ever think that there might be a622.733.21
[ __ ] delay and what you see and623.873.81
what's actually happening on my screen625.943.57
might can you please follow me while627.683.45
you're telling them don't worry buddy629.513.24
follow neebs I just figured out why631.132.67
people watch the show632.752.13
why makes them feel better about633.83.75
themselves their lives exactly these634.884.71
guys are [ __ ] [ __ ] this is the honey637.555.16
booboo of YouTube man639.594.77
I hope those horses are still down there642.713.6
oh god I hope they're not I hope they're644.362.58
all dead646.312.67
okay thick what'd you do to the horses I646.943.42
didn't do anything to the horses648.983.75
whenever you go to places they die oh I650.364.59
already see a horse what we can just652.733.51
crash the boats we're not gonna be able654.952.34
to present anymore656.242.73
I can [ __ ] the boats you want that one657.294.65
me yeah uh no I would I want the black658.974.65
stallion I really like this one I like661.943.3
these polka daddy's salmon there's real663.623.09
pigs here if you're wondering what they665.243.45
look like thick you're the pro what am I666.712.43
doing wrong668.692.85
I fed I've been weak you should see some669.145.67
hearts at or no I had to feed the donkey671.545.4
a bunch a week how do you feel wheat674.815.55
oh there we go your right leg okay so676.944.71
now he loves you derail you making680.363.33
friends better saddle I'm I'm gonna try681.654.02
okay so the way that I did it eyes I683.694.86
just kept feeding feeding them uh wheat685.674.68
oh you're on then and then I would right688.554.26
click on it oh wait wait wait then we690.354.44
put it well while you're all goes well692.813.86
there you go694.794.74
yeah thank you sir I Coughlin ten696.674.78
frickin wheat like it's talked about699.534.77
hard to get I don't have to feed me any701.454.74
of my girlfriends now I'm on the horse704.34.95
but I don't have a saddle I don't think706.194.77
that was the whole conversation we had a709.255.91
go saddle Simon there you go okay so you710.965.61
can do it while you're on as well yeah715.162.97
all right all right so you got a horse716.574.14
you got a horse there we go I like this718.135.82
guy hey buddy give me some hearts ain't720.714.5
gonna put a saddle on you so you already723.953.84
have a horse but you don't have a saddle725.213.33
D I don't727.791.98
that's a baby horse you can't read that728.543.81
one oh I can't is that a baby no it's729.775.04
Molly is it looks just like all the732.355.1
other damn horses around here - the size734.813.78
am I crazy737.453.24
is this a baby horse that one's been738.594.08
once they were so baby having a baby740.694.2
horse just come get this horse man which742.674.2
one the one I'm on okay make these744.893.87
horses I'll take this one guys it's746.873.48
about to get really delaying yeah748.763.99
there's their girl right right yeah it's750.354.41
getting dark you doc yeah it's darn a752.752.88
little scared right now754.763.0
why don't we go sleep sleep before the755.633.99
buggies right now and throw around a bed757.763.9
hi I'm ready what do I just Rob sleeping759.624.68
yeah just drop it okay Jesus Christ or761.663.93
just put it in your inventory just throw764.31.95
it in anywhere765.592.49
come on son hammer down here not on the766.253.51
iron yeah do it on grass girls are we768.083.57
talking about I can't do it on crowd769.763.81
witness just find a smooth area late771.653.12
area you're dead773.572.55
oh yeah good day all right buddy's been774.773.42
all right yeah I would real quick before776.124.41
we leave see see if we can't find some778.194.35
these wild horses and make them will780.533.66
they mate do we have enough willow oh782.544.41
Jesus grab your bed oh I didn't grab a784.195.04
good call I kept trying to get to horses786.953.72
side by side well they mate789.234.02
no we can always breed them back at the790.675.85
yeah back at the barn but you want this793.257.02
natural horse habitat to exist don't you796.524.71
my god800.273.75
Oh creepers Simon you're pretty close to801.234.47
that creeper - where's he at804.023.66
that's never a good blend he's just -805.73.51
you're right answer you guys are gonna807.684.41
have to go back on your horses leaves us809.215.46
to start walking Oh follow oh [ __ ]812.094.95
did you lose your watch what'd you do814.673.06
I'm [ __ ]817.042.34
what'd you do were you a duck in a hole817.734.92
here we go oh boy good oh Christ819.385.04
let's head back okay oh there you guys822.655.01
are Hey all right all right ready where824.425.7
there are noobs at least you can't break827.663.78
your horse when you run into others830.123.06
watch out for that lava bed by the way I831.444.05
know horses don't like those mm-hmm833.184.44
how fun is it riding those horses I'm835.497.289
enjoying it Lou careful holes837.628.339
yeah no balls on these Ivan horses don't842.7796.87
like cactus I didn't know no wait we're845.9594.8
still going the right way correct leaves849.6493.0
are you guys following me yeah yeah I850.7594.5
think so by map let's see so you guys852.6494.411
said you found a way to cross over here855.2594.02
yeah I don't know why I see one other857.064.11
person on the map I don't see everyone859.2793.781
but I see one other person so here861.174.38
everybody be still AB strand it's not863.065.219
you stop trolley spin around nope okay865.553.24
Simon spin around that's it I can see868.794.62
Simon on the map it was weird how it's871.043.57
Jerry that lets you know where the873.413.419
location of the special person is maybe874.615.13
mm-hmm haha which way we go neebs follow876.8294.74
me we're following all right we're home879.743.93
nice yeah yeah everybody get kind of881.5694.231
behind me so I can see see you real well883.674.62
oh that looks good rally's the calendar885.84.5
how good dry ice looks yeah what am I888.294.349
like so like there you go Simon just890.33.329
jumped right where you are892.6394.44
spacebar Oh what though how do you jump893.6296.21
soon if you hold it down there's borders897.0793.57
like a balloon899.8394.021
alright guys yeah good day today yes900.6497.081
yeah these things are great man look at903.867.909
us we're moving up in the world guys907.734.039

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