MINECRAFT: Coordinates - New Neebsylvania 43

Hey, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another exciting episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania? In episode 43, our favorite trio ...
MINECRAFT: Coordinates - New Neebsylvania 43
MINECRAFT: Coordinates - New Neebsylvania 43

MINECRAFT: Coordinates - New Neebsylvania 43

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Oh man, this video is hands down my favorite! I mean, who doesn't love a good old Minecraft adventure in New Neebsylvania?

simon: Ha, you're right, Neebs! I can't get enough of watching you, Appsro, and Thick trying to find your way back home. The coordination struggles are just too hilarious!

appsro: Hey, hey, don't forget about the epic fails and unexpected surprises along the way. That's what makes this video so entertaining to watch over and over again!

neebs: Absolutely! And let's not overlook the awesome music choices that really set the tone for our misadventures. It's like a cinematic experience, but in Minecraft!

Hey, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another exciting episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania? In episode 43, our favorite trio of gamers, Appsro, Thick, and Doraleous, are on a mission to find their way back home. The title of this episode, "Coordinates," has me on the edge of my seat wondering what kind of adventures and challenges they will face along the way.

As always, the gang at Neebs Gaming provides us with top-notch entertainment and hilarious commentary throughout the episode. I can't wait to see how they navigate through the world of Minecraft and what kind of shenanigans they get themselves into this time. Plus, with the link provided, I can explore Neebsylvania even further and immerse myself in the world they have created.

And let's not forget about the awesome music that accompanies their gameplay. From Kevin MacLeod's "Crossing the Divide" to Silent Partner's "Spring In My Step," the soundtrack adds another layer of excitement to the episode. It's amazing how the right music can elevate the gaming experience and make it even more enjoyable.

So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready to laugh, cheer, and maybe even gasp in surprise as Appsro, Thick, and Doraleous embark on their latest adventure in Minecraft. I know I'll be eagerly watching every minute, soaking in all the fun and excitement that Neebs Gaming never fails to deliver. Let's show our support for this amazing YouTube channel and enjoy the ride!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just can't get enough of the Neebs Gaming crew's adventures in Minecraft. Their latest series following Appsro, Thick, and Doraleous as they try to find their way home after getting lost in a massive Minecraft world is comedy gold.

The chaos that ensues when these guys get together is hilarious - whether they're bickering with each other as they try to build shelter and gather resources, getting ambushed by creepers, or getting completely turned around as they try to navigate back home using coordinates. Their personalities just play off each other so well. Appsro is the exasperated straight man, Thick44 is the loveable idiot, and Doraleous is the wildcard who always stirs things up.

And the cinematic style of the Neebs videos makes it really feel like you're right there with them on this epic journey. The custom camera work and editing builds such an immersive experience that's more engaging than just watching someone's raw gameplay footage. It's like you're watching a movie unfold.

These Minecraft episodes are like a masterclass in cooperative survival. Seeing how they divide up responsibilities, build tools, and overcome obstacles together in their own dysfunctional way is super entertaining. And the guys' reactions when things inevitably go wrong never fail to crack me up.

Bottom line - if you're looking for some seriously funny gaming content, Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series delivers big time. It's like hanging out with your funniest friends as they try to conquer the Minecraft world in the most ridiculous way possible. I always look forward to new episodes because I know I'll be laughing my head off the whole time. Definitely check out their channel if you haven't already!

Neebs Gaming
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you guys got your bids right yep okay oh0.1494.71
by the way I don't have a bed we got to3.06.42
make one good - by the time you guys are4.8596.291
all ready we'll be there9.424.759
you will and you will in here no no will11.155.08
and eve's I should have taken a breath14.1795.141
we're on a river adventure I am like16.237.41
Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer Oh dog dog yes19.326.869
where wherever oh I don't have a bone23.645.34
though who's guys I got rid of the bones26.1895.371
oh you did lead to find skeletons oh I28.985.94
see yeah hey boy hey puppies isn't this31.565.82
good footage this is wonderful yeah yes34.924.65
great we'll have to come back here neeps37.384.32
we're yet but I'm making bed I'm gonna39.573.509
go to the top of the house the dogs are41.73.48
out the house not the barn anymore nope43.0794.621
I'll make a big tower since a dogs are45.183.359
nearby here47.72.58
yeah there's dogs over here everywhere48.5393.961
yeah guys good news we found dogs yes50.283.99
cool I heard hop on a horse52.53.51
how do you how do you do the coordinates54.273.809
thing again is it control f3 no that's56.013.9
just every step 3 are you ready58.0793.66
I think it's snippy but I'll get off and59.914.62
see shift right yep okay let's both take61.7397.95
snippy's I got one you ready yep oh boy64.539.42
come on here we go I'm out ah you guys69.68910.191
with me lately wanna see I see doraleous73.955.93
once you get out and build yourself a83.186.52
little ramp there you go you're out that85.326.45
makes no sense I know the ramp doesn't89.75.32
all right we're goin South91.7711.769
oh I do have bones you got a night of it95.029.51
you guys ready we got to keep going103.5393.091
north okay I was just getting ready rid104.532.58
of some stuff106.632.25
good story let's go we should figure out107.113.959
at least if we're on the right uh I'll108.884.29
kill you out here like x-coordinates or111.0694.26
whatever so yeah you're right that'd be113.172.549
our x coordinates right now negative uh115.7197.32
28:52 we're at negative 5/8 - so 70 is118.6594.89
up and down123.0394.62
what's your Z coordinates negative 1 379123.5497.651
and your X was what negative 2 8 5 6127.6595.61
traveling north baby all right Simon131.24.41
follow me following you my friend you133.2693.601
guys behind me mm-hmm135.614.8
this is a mission to find friends it's a136.876.869
fine friending mission friend finding140.414.5
you guys behind me143.7393.121
Ashley really isla I lost you hold on144.914.32
did you see your shiny rock he's146.864.439
implying I know your acted easily Anna149.236.78
now you are negative 2 8 5 Wow what was151.2999.06
your Z coordinates negative 1 570 now so156.016.229
are you guys sure you're not north of us160.3593.571
I'm positive162.2394.84
cuz on my map we are it says we're south163.937.709
well if I go Z go negative I'm heading167.0797.141
north I'm not mistaken I haven't put any171.6394.771
thought into it I'm just natural Sun174.225.13
going down Jenna Sun is going down I'm176.414.5
just going the direction according to179.353.78
the map man not ordering to Jesus I hope180.914.29
it leads somewhere he's just living his183.133.6
life yeah all right let's climb to the185.22.849
top of the seal to set up camp for the186.731.92
night fellas188.0492.81
how's your guys's mission going around188.654.32
us yeah I'm starting to wonder if we're190.8594.451
on the same server they're down you babe192.974.59
playing Minecraft right you guys put her195.316.989
down to bed I'm asleep I'm sleep I'm197.569.359
asleep I am asleep honestly I miss you202.2995.881
guys I feel like we haven't seen each206.9195.04
other much time come on sniffy are you208.185.369
sure you're not where we went to collect211.9593.481
snow yeah I thought that was further213.5494.351
north see according to according to mom215.444.139
you have lured here you gave me are217.94.29
north of where we are really way far219.5794.56
north what Matt must be [ __ ] broken222.194.35
salmon yeah let's leave the donkeys here224.1393.12
oh really226.542.05
let's make a pin for them227.2594.241
oh you make a pen I'll watch all right228.594.71
Simon it's gotta be where they can't get231.53.39
out of it well they can't get out of233.33.659
this give a little more room throughout234.894.86
happy Hunger no needs they don't really236.9595.161
need the room to be happy yeah they did239.756.08
no they're not real so we could be done242.127.8
that's why anger happens up sorry up see245.835.769
but you did you hurt him now249.924.26
there we go what in the world would you251.5994.621
do that for low on the food's look at254.184.649
what you did you like that this is worse256.225.669
for them they've got an area now braised258.8295.671
up I thought they wouldn't be able to I261.8894.381
thought us got crushed oh sorry264.54.889
Jesus don't stand there that's your266.275.52
fault you would be yelling at me so much269.3894.861
right now but it doesn't work that way271.795.31
oh I know it doesn't does it all right274.255.04
we'll be back that Porter really threw277.13.24
us a long way didn't it279.294.11
grab two boats Simon two boats heading280.345.1
north so you're you're heading south283.43.239
correct nice where are your ups right285.442.789
now heading north well I'm heading north286.6394.351
well I don't see how you could possibly288.2295.31
be south we think that your map is290.995.37
screwed up now as you travel are you293.5396.211
going further negative yes the negative296.364.74
is getting further away I think you're299.753.419
going further away from the US that301.13.33
doesn't make sense according to my303.1694.771
Magadan tooth 220 let's meet at negative304.435.489
1,000 okay okay307.944.41
Wow negative 1,000 a like number309.9193.721
negative once out and that's this way312.353.21
then all right Simon and I are going to313.643.749
negative one thousand and zSpace315.565.04
uh in z space yep it's taking us back317.3893.84
the way we came320.62.25
yeah I think you might have been going321.2294.051
the wrong way this whole time I think oh322.854.71
you are now I'm do I trust you or do I325.284.29
trust my map well let's go by number if327.563.9
it's one block per you know it's eight329.574.08
per one block there's we've traveled way331.464.679
farther than eight times the distance we333.654.47
walked I mean obviously the whole way336.1395.431
farther way way way damn it Oh we're338.125.84
going back yep no we came from that341.574.89
Simon let's go this way we're going back343.963.82
the way we came if we're gonna meet them346.464.86
at a net in zSpace negative 1,000 you347.785.04
behind his timing yep where we got to go351.324.969
the other thing was a bad idea352.823.469
that idea are you petting yourself in357.6896.11
what are you doing that's trying362.4594.62
everybody got beds yep yeah I'm real363.7993.73
one second blumburtt Burt Burt Oh367.5295.0
negative we're heading towards positive374.1594.53
Z and we can't wait to see these guys376.3195.96
when we're uh alright we want negative378.6896.75
1,000 Z negative 1,000 see we're heading382.2795.77
there follow me Sam I'm on your butt Oh385.4395.55
found the chest I've got the chest oh388.0495.34
this is where we came to get snow390.9894.41
there's nothing here though follow me393.3892.52
I'm on your butt all right so negative395.9096.63
728 we're almost there right getting399.3893.48
are they close to us now we're in we're402.8695.85
still at negative 2448 oh boy405.6895.52
so we got a ways to go so we all could408.7193.51
have just killed each other411.2093.48
like killed ourselves right yep coulda412.2294.26
shoulda yeah where's the fun in there414.6895.46
where's the fun in this traveling where416.4895.16
the hell are you I'm behind you420.1493.63
okay so I should go to you well I'm lost421.6493.99
too so watch out for the lily pads423.7793.96
fellas oh [ __ ] de Raley's what'd I do ah425.6395.82
I didn't see you but I was in the huh427.7396.54
boy oh boy oh no you fell I saw you431.4594.41
think you have enough wood okay434.2793.75
I'm allowed is this the way we came in435.8696.72
hold on [ __ ] no everybody's lost here we438.0296.21
go all right there's the mushrooms442.5893.84
Simon write this down over there what444.2394.08
grab a marker and write this on the446.4293.51
board what's your what's your448.3194.65
coordinates now after we're at hold on449.9395.1
let me I'm navigating a minefield of452.9694.17
lily pads give me a second good luck get455.0393.84
an episode out of this yeah all is the457.1393.14
what's your coordinates apps right uh460.2796.61
negative 2448 that's the same as you462.8095.43
working or are there you don't even466.8893.36
trying to get closer I'm not even trying468.2393.23
come on little I don't know is it is470.2493.33
z-axis I don't understand what's going471.4694.391
on it it's going up now what the [ __ ]473.5794.08
yeah you have to keep an eye on it475.863.449
constantly well I'm heading the same477.6594.47
direction yeah but as I was keep an eye479.3095.37
on it constantly so do that and don't be482.1293.08
2,450 I swear to god I've been going to485.2093.55
the same [ __ ] direction does it487.1992.97
matter he's saying look at it the whole488.7592.581
time I've been490.1692.97
looking at it Suns going down right God491.343.359
what's the teleport command this is493.1392.611
pissing me huh494.6993.301
I'll Australia synapse ro oh god of495.753.78
course she did does it surprise me498.03.63
well you just kept going like a champ we499.534.169
jump a couple times abso right where you501.634.38
are yeah I see you if you look behind us503.6993.061
yeah I see you506.012.79
alright let's go to sleep Simon I'm in506.767.05
bed I'm in bed yes I don't see how we're508.87.2
all in bed I'm in bed I had to get out513.814.44
of water okay good morning everyone516.05.669
morning Jesus Christ somebody kill me518.255.909
heading towards the positive z-axis and521.6694.621
positive attitude yeah then there's a524.1593.87
beacon there's a this the big beacon I526.294.4
like that and we need to go to negative528.0295.25
mm all right negative we're gonna have530.694.51
to be the ones to do this wait what's533.2793.481
your Z coordinate right now Neves535.25.0
negative 883 okay yeah we're at negative536.766.15
1597 oh wow you a lot making our way540.24.27
knees what are you doing in the trees542.913.84
are you ready I built a beacon we're all544.474.29
we all split up our party of three546.755.7
seriously going on follow me Sam all548.765.91
right bud I've been doing good this this552.456.45
whole time I'm real good to put a little554.675.25
thing at the end of the episode you558.94.41
Simon did alright yeah okay no it was559.925.25
the envy every uh every episode should563.313.18
have a Simon rating at the end of it565.174.26
that's a good idea it's not too bad566.494.98
we've hit water alright so get in the569.434.44
boat right well I'd rather save it until571.475.19
I know we need it let's swim it alright573.874.409
can I eat and swim you're gonna get576.663.929
cramps noobs where you at trying to get578.2794.321
a negative 1000 but then we got to580.5894.411
figure out our the other way next space582.65.16
all right I made it to negative 1000 z585.05.73
space I'm at negative nine ninety by one587.766.48
okay first number 136 yeah last number590.736.0
negative nine ninety okay I'm at UH594.246.539
my first number is negative 2269 Lord596.737.799
but um the last number is negative 1024600.7796.451
negative 2,000 you kidding me what so a604.5294.261
ways to go you're telling me so we607.232.609
learned a lesson today608.792.76
don't build another portal in the nether609.8393.961
don't go nearly as far when we're trying611.556.7
science so which direction is that this613.810.48
nope is it this way facing west I was618.257.44
hoping you'd run it I'd run into a624.284.17
variety of biomes keep traveling not so625.695.4
much yeah it's ridiculous crazy yeah628.456.42
Simon yeah I feel like we can take this631.096.21
thing down so we not only need to find634.875.37
them but then get back can you believe637.33.24
know what let's try to meet at negative640.545.91
1,000 by negative 1,000 easier plan well643.065.37
might as well enjoy the sunset enjoy the646.453.09
sunset I'm asleep648.436.11
oh you're asleep I'm asleep649.5411.75
[ __ ] the sunset go to bed I'm in bed654.5410.24
good morning good morning is it though661.296.88
it's like this is so frustrating what664.787.14
the Z yeah it's like it no matter which668.175.22
way you turn it's still going the wrong671.921.95
I lost you again doraleous right now cuz673.873.81
I'm looking at my no my own numbers676.032.48
trying to get better at that man I hope678.514.18
when we get to these numbers are there681.166.57
yeah the biggest disappointment huh it's682.697.26
just like [ __ ] look at that under the687.734.65
water what is that Jesus see that is it689.954.14
Oh God one of those temples where692.384.77
there's some there's some monsters that694.094.41
spawn there that are really [ __ ]697.153.3
means to be there you know what I lost698.55.34
you noobs I mean son of a [ __ ] one job700.453.99
[ __ ] ass stay on my butt damn it oh704.447.56
crap oh boy what happened that monster708.786.88
jumped out of me don't ya ah that good712.04.92
foot I don't know where you want I'm715.664.41
backing up okay guess what get the [ __ ]716.924.67
out of there man you could be backing up720.074.26
nowhere near me I don't want you got to721.595.38
be kidding me nope Simon seriously I724.334.62
have all you had to do was just be on my726.975.34
butt I follow there you are top look see728.956.66
I'm poisoned or something you see me yep732.317.38
oh god I see the monsters from oh my god735.617.53
oh Jesus Christ oh I found you guys did739.695.52
you find him yeah that's force expensi743.144.65
where are you I'm coming in on a boat745.214.61
you made a pact Neves how do we get back760.114.72
to need Sylvania well never leaving762.822.78
what about yes look I'm still got swear765.64.75
squigglies coming out of me no what's769.032.79
wrong with you I got like a disease I770.353.45
got shot by that minecraft aids creature771.823.09
no way773.85.85
aids is funny again let's uh finally let774.916.18
me go over here and get on my boat and779.653.0
eat and see if that helps I think we781.092.82
probably get to this island let's build782.653.63
a beacon for thickened doraleous a if783.916.36
you build it we will come orgasms mmm no786.285.76
I'm gonna bring my stinky squigglies to790.273.54
you do it look at this792.045.94
what I can't even dig oh is it oh wait793.816.39
he needs some curious little squeeze797.984.26
there you go you're you have mining800.22.64
yeah mining fatigue we have a little802.844.83
beacon up and the coordinates we have805.126.57
our negative 9 55 and negative 9 42807.676.6
let's see excellent see the beacon you811.693.12
see the beacon814.2712.39
yup hey guys was it you814.8114.25
we're together now oh gosh where were826.663.99
the gears all right go figure829.065.1
last coming back to us huh Manolis you830.654.89
didn't even know how to make bread you834.163.57
dumb [ __ ] dude I never said I was good835.545.61
at this now thick are you close oh yeah837.734.86
he's shooting arrows at us from across841.154.35
the UH yeah ah he's over there actually842.596.27
I gotta shoot this guy sleep sleep I'm845.56.15
sleeping I got it I'm sleeping a lot ok848.863.54
yeah man and [ __ ] BAM okay all right852.48.46
then take that and you gonna sleep okay857.833.949
even sleek yeah taking put a bed down861.7793.87
dude well I had to864.7792.461
what are you prime inventory I got a865.6493.12
bunch of [ __ ] I don't want to lose any867.242.789
just worry about the bed right now I'm868.7693.711
gonna say my mother started bad idea870.0297.381
zombies coming right honey you all right872.486.94
don't worry oh my god guys hurry up ed I877.415.01
don't want anything come Lord there was879.425.37
a witch in the distance a witch in the882.428.25
distance good morning she's still there884.798.13
where's that I'm gonna get her we're890.674.289
gonna [ __ ] oh so a creeper Josh leap892.923.479
good there's a bunch of [ __ ] out here894.9594.68
man flowers are we doing the boats again896.3995.19
yeah we gotta hop on the boats and899.6393.361
travel home right well if we're gonna901.5893.721
stay here we will just spawn right back903.03.99
here and we start back yeah well yeah905.315.55
yeah yeah all together again hey we made906.995.459
it right we made it guys were together910.864.649
again together yeah hey I love you I912.4496.24
missed your smell oh man your Musk it915.5095.58
smell good I do smell good time Hey918.6893.57
noobs I did good right921.0893.06
you just really good guys same with you922.2594.651
watch I said watch out whoa shooting at924.1496.531
the Sun yeah926.913.77

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