MINECRAFT: Blue Balls - New Neebsylvania 39

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Guess who's back? That's right, Neebs and Thick are back at it again with another exciting episode of M...
MINECRAFT: Blue Balls - New Neebsylvania 39
MINECRAFT: Blue Balls - New Neebsylvania 39

MINECRAFT: Blue Balls - New Neebsylvania 39

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey there, Thick! Have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania 39: Blue Balls? It's my favorite video on our channel!

simon: Oh, you mean the one where we're mining for diamonds and end up with a bunch of blue balls? Classic Neebsylvania humor!

neebs: Exactly! I couldn't stop laughing when we kept finding those blue balls everywhere. It's like the game was playing a joke on us!

simon: Haha, yeah, and remember when we tried to build that giant statue of a blue ball in the middle of town? Good times, good times.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Guess who's back? That's right, Neebs and Thick are back at it again with another exciting episode of Minercraft - New Neebsylvania! This time, they're diving into episode 39 titled "Blue Balls." I can't wait to see all the crazy adventures and hilarious moments they're going to get into this time around.

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebsylvania, make sure to click the link to explore more of the amazing content on their website. And hey, why not grab some cool Neebs Gaming merch while you're at it? I know I'll be sporting my favorite Neebs and Thick gear while watching this episode.

And let's not forget all the awesome discounts on the newest titles that Neebs Gaming has to offer. Who doesn't love saving some cash while enjoying some top-notch gaming content? I know I do! Make sure to check out their Twitch channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for even more Neebs Gaming goodness.

As always, the music in this episode is on point with tracks like "Crossing the Divide" and "Rollin at 5" by Kevin MacLeod. And of course, we can't forget the iconic Neebs Gaming Intro by Hank and Jed. I love how they always manage to set the perfect tone for each episode with their music choices. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic adventure in Neebsylvania with Neebs and Thick!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Wow, I am so excited that Neebs and the crew are back with more hilarious antics in Minecraft! Their Neebsylvania series is absolutely legendary in the Minecraft community. The way they roleplay and build an immersive world with ongoing stories and characters is just brilliant entertainment.

In this latest episode, Thick is finally back after being absent for a while. I cracked up when Thick returned to find the village burned down and Neebs blamed it on him! Their banter and bickering is comedy gold. Even when they're just gathering materials, Neebs Gaming finds ways to make it fun with their witty jokes and screams of panic when creepers show up.

The cinematic camera work also adds a lot of production value that makes Neebsylvania feel like a living world. The sweeping drone shots of the landscape and closeups during emotional moments really draw you into the adventure. Neebs Gaming is so talented at creating a cinematic experience while still maintaining their improv spontaneity.

I seriously don't know how they come up with this stuff on the fly. Their roleplaying is worthy of an actual scripted series! But the fact that it's unscripted makes it even more impressive. You never know what hilarious situation they'll find themselves in next.

Even though I love playing Minecraft myself, watching Neebs Gaming play it in their signature cinematic storytelling style is just as entertaining. Their comedic commentary combined with the immersive world they build makes for an unforgettable viewer experience that feels like you're right there with them. I can't wait to see what other zany adventures they'll get up to next in good ol' Neebsylvania!

Neebs Gaming
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escape back to game statistics0.06.42
achievements options disconnect option2.8995.74
statistics achievements back to game6.424.679
statistics achievements not too many bad8.6395.611
gameplay be just one okay well you want11.0995.071
to be synced right don't you all I need14.2512.9
one thing to sync to okay yeah so you16.1713.41
guys did a you jump in here without me27.153.75
well we didn't think we're coming back29.582.999
huh we didn't think you were gonna30.94.08
return of course I'm returning just out32.5793.991
of town for - how are we supposed to not34.983.87
did I told you well you tell us I had36.574.919
fun it was fun at a good time yeah we38.854.26
did have a good time we uh we built41.4893.961
something I think fickle enjoy okay I43.113.96
hope everybody will enjoy y'all didn't45.453.839
touch myself you did you know your trees47.072.88
gotten bigger49.2892.91
oh yeah have you noticed that oh yeah49.953.96
the thing keeps growing that's my tree52.1994.651
no I know your yeah did you add to it or53.914.649
is that I worked on it a little bit56.852.91
looks great doesn't it58.5592.91
so this has been a good show this is59.764.289
really good I feel good Josie they oh61.4695.22
alright gonna go I gotta tell you I was64.0494.89
concerned about my tree and yes I was66.6894.051
once earned about these houses because68.9393.421
good take down your tres enjoy the70.744.02
houses do you say bad people like to go72.364.32
stand by the houses and just daydream74.763.78
while creepers blow up around them do76.683.09
you think that I would ever let that78.542.28
happen neebs79.772.849
yes every time we have video for [ __ ]80.824.35
episode video could have been bid good82.6193.601
morning but you know what a little bit85.174.26
angrily very much by wanna be honest I'm86.225.189
in bed wait why is getting bit why89.433.149
aren't there enough beds oh wait oh91.4093.721
we're we stole some why do you keep92.5794.261
still in bed no I still have it though95.133.57
don't worry I know but these beds should96.842.91
get move98.72.61
the ones right here should never move99.753.03
good point they're just for display oh101.312.879
and I put one of them down so I feel102.783.81
entitled to move it what if I sleep in104.1894.5
one of these one day Oh too bad106.594.169
take it I don't know where I spawn it's108.6893.57
time to go to bed guys yeah exactly110.7592.64
where you spawn you mean by the112.2591.441
yeah I don't want to spawn these go to113.73.93
bed a bit cool what if we traveled to115.353.839
the far distant before winter good117.633.39
morning morning119.1894.651
welcome inside doraleous nice it121.025.279
wouldn't be the first time the last had123.845.699
two but six is a bunk I'm going to the126.2996.571
beach creeper up top careful oh yeah I129.5393.841
see him132.872.94
holy [ __ ] what what happened man that133.383.06
was so close135.814.11
the creeper yeah 100 pounds oh my god I136.445.159
wasn't paying attention I warned you139.923.81
about it I'm Way behind you almost blew141.5993.601
up the entrance to that of the tunnel143.732.94
see what we got here so it looks the145.25.819
same look up Oh Oh a big diamond oh yeah146.676.899
it's so big so this is uh this is the151.0194.47
high dive and neebs if you go down this153.5694.95
way it'll take you directly to doraleous155.4895.791
ooh spider oh there it is so easy access158.5194.5
to Dre Lee's Park huh and then yeah161.283.48
here's the first high dive we made if163.0193.121
you want to go if you're like a [ __ ]164.763.39
yeah well it's the second for children166.143.81
Setzer yeah second high dive oh this168.154.23
counts as a dive mmm this can be a death169.953.96
there's a spider yeah or if you want to172.386.419
get really crazy you go up here oh [ __ ]173.917.56
uh-huh now I put a diving board on my178.7994.41
spider but but I'm going to take it down181.474.71
cuz it sucks it is it's stupid and small183.2095.521
lean on it looks really dumb ya need186.184.77
yeah take a look around yeah check out188.733.78
fixed place that's nice190.953.75
Nick it looks really good yes now192.515.28
there's your bed all right we ready oh I194.74.31
thought we're gonna do this together197.793.43
there we go199.015.72
well I will slam it on yeah201.226.49
Jeeves huh watch out buddy204.737.02
whoo what takes a while to get up oh man207.717.53
yeah not last Simon thank you whoa211.755.02
come on names you hit me don't be a215.243.51
[ __ ] I'm still looking here we go216.776.56
yep do it hey yeah you ready running yep218.754.58
that takes a while let me tell you what223.876.46
slow that was great Thanks228.623.18
we showed you guys the fun part after230.332.79
this we'll head back to the barn and231.83.63
show them the sad part yeah I don't like233.123.03
the sound of that235.436.18
no oh boy I can't even enjoy this dive236.156.84
now you got me worried about the barn241.613.9
it's not too bad and let the oh no no242.994.17
the barns in good shape I'll tell you245.511.86
yeah the barns fine you ready yeah huh247.374.23
all right Nick you're gonna try to hit249.684.71
me with an arrow kinda here I go all251.610.98
right oh that was way off that was nice254.3910.56
hey up sir that's fun so you could have262.584.14
been up here neebs I was up here you264.953.93
could've did it from here up the first266.723.54
time you were down there you said come268.883.3
right here exactly where you did say270.263.39
right there blew it I don't know if your272.182.88
new names but uh Simon's kind of a273.653.09
camera guy where you camera on the last275.063.84
episode was who else is gonna be trusted276.745.43
to be camera anybody know me278.95.43
we got good footage of him dying yeah282.174.74
several times oh I'm gonna catch you I284.337.5
think no think you are well as hard as286.916.12
you're hitting that spacebar you oughta291.831.95
catch it293.032.46
oh my god are you hearing that I'm gonna293.783.9
lose him in the tree you did oh [ __ ]295.495.19
yeah you did lose me the trees and then297.685.88
my thumb got tired oh it's my egg hee300.686.57
haw hee haw hee haw what there he is303.565.85
ok we're good oh yeah mr. teeth face is307.253.9
fine Elliot we only had one casualty309.414.41
puddin puddings dead puddings [ __ ]311.153.859
dead who's a313.823.689
that was my that was my bastard of a315.0096.16
horse your mule you lost two now no yeah317.5096.72
I lost one no oh wait yeah he did lose321.1696.991
one time yeah hey puddin was okay but324.2295.701
honestly who gives a [ __ ] let's move on328.162.49
[ __ ] happens so great episode of gun guy330.653.63
this is good stuff alright well what are332.873.389
we doing let's move on yeah isn't that334.284.56
it like so yeah we don't remember yeah336.2594.44
no yeah I remember we yeah you killed338.843.99
your uh yeah right off the bat right off340.6994.321
the bat pisode starter yeah did I kill342.833.33
him right though Oh didn't you see the345.022.579
footage right no so that I wasn't346.162.91
creeper that you walked it and we got347.5992.671
together we were gonna build a castle349.072.55
but we ended up building a diving board350.273.78
yep it seemed easier seemed to make more351.624.889
sense yeah can we go to bed we don't354.053.929
know there always want another critter356.5093.03
now we don't need it cuz Simon's here357.9794.111
and I'm in this uh animal orgy over here359.5394.591
in the pool area joined it we should362.093.63
build some well you want to build yeah364.132.969
don't anything in a while that's true365.723.09
what should we be about a castle up top367.0995.07
how about a windmill windmill a368.816.06
non-photo nice beside the barn a372.1694.74
windmill it'd make it look like a real374.874.079
farm if it could spin I'd be all in it376.9093.75
but well it can't it could still have378.9494.291
blades on it yeah but if they don't spin380.6594.021
who gives a [ __ ]383.243.87
I'm not sold on windmere I mean I feel384.684.079
like the farm looks great it's like one387.113.359
of the better-looking areas of our world388.7594.921
I mean yeah when those old windmills not390.4695.76
like the new ones like the old Don393.683.78
Quixote well I know what you're talking396.2294.051
about okay you stood on board no thick397.464.769
yeah are you gonna replace those seeds400.284.199
yeah I just got a I'm getting some of402.2293.541
this inventory I don't know we were404.4793.361
gonna be thick no no I dude I always405.775.55
replace two your big seed replacer I am407.845.19
yeah maybe you are now you're real good411.323.51
at replenishing stuff in villages too413.034.65
you take that yeah everything Debs414.835.55
eat a dick I'm making bread for everyone417.685.609
you stupid [ __ ] Oh bye everyone meat420.387.83
thick no I put it in oh my god yeah I423.2896.301
don't know i i'm down with building428.214.079
something but uh best idea I've heard is429.594.35
the windmill of course we're discotheque432.2893.361
deferred we could start finally working433.943.0
on that castle on top of that mountain435.652.4
we've been talking about436.943.18
that's very true because guess what from438.055.19
from from a distance it'll be very nice440.124.71
and pretty even if we don't spend much443.242.769
time there444.835.14
it's true yeah what do you think laying446.0095.791
the foundation for that bad boy that's449.973.06
what we were gonna do last time big451.82.459
castle where everybody has their own453.033.629
room there's like a meeting area huh454.2594.62
warble we just need to hear one person's456.6594.111
opinion on the matter sure it takes458.8794.5
thick a long time to make bread no it460.774.59
doesn't I just made a bunch we mean it's463.3793.061
a long time for you to answer the465.362.85
question yeah I've been asked are you466.444.349
into that the castle yeah yeah I just468.214.53
think it's gonna be a disaster the fans470.7893.81
want it that's true they mom's been472.743.54
asking since we've started hey where is474.5993.361
that castle all right let's build it476.283.09
is it Castle time that's the way to get479.373.18
needs to do anything we could add a481.4092.611
little bit tell you what we'll finish482.553.03
the castle we'll put your we'll put up a484.023.81
windmill yeah it's okay deal the castles485.583.809
yeah that should be quick a windmill487.833.149
would take a very short amount of time489.3892.37
wouldn't it490.9792.731
I'm talking about a good wind meal it's491.7593.301
good yeah it'll take some planning look493.713.989
awesome some-some Nate okay you're495.065.4
starting to sell me on the windmill here497.6993.891
we go500.464.169
Wow missed you guys so hard I don't I501.596.06
don't want to be a tattle-tale but uh504.6296.901
absurd absurd did hit Belvidere lastest507.655.439
oh yeah I slapped him one good time I511.533.749
didn't show it the footage but why why513.0893.841
wouldn't you show that was hard to watch515.2793.151
Simon yeah I like what you're doing516.933.84
their names we need a lot of wool yep I518.436.899
know 14 red five paint 33 white on our520.779.39
way it'll grow back can we make a modern525.3297.831
castle what's modern I mean I that would530.164.11
be a house what do you mean a modern533.164.049
castle just everything is like so but534.275.49
that's what evil rides Amelie oh I'll537.2094.471
get some uh I'll make some make539.763.72
something fancy gym vinyl siding real541.683.54
quick I'm fine with that let's make the543.484.349
whole thing out of red stone no can't545.225.58
why this is red stone a block yeah we547.8294.5
have one in our house well geez it's550.82.76
true realize how long it would take us552.3292.941
to gather that amount of material though553.563.33
yeah it'd be more impressive wouldn't it555.273.54
I guess it would having something556.894.47
magical up there with it being made out558.814.83
of red stone would be awesome but it561.364.229
would take forever do you want people to563.643.87
go did you see that castle they may out565.5894.231
a cobblestone big deal yeah we don't567.514.019
want to do it at a cobble stone if they569.823.78
say they made a whole mill so that a red571.5294.231
saw I've cut sea legs they would huh573.63.9
I've made a bunch of stone bricks don't575.763.49
bricks be good yeah but that's not577.53.22
pressive either just make it out of old579.253.15
hat and everyone does it well when580.723.63
someone says did you see the guy he made582.46.24
a he made a little model uh-huh truck584.358.46
out of plastic yeah you go okay instead588.646.15
he should make it I was mom when he592.813.9
makes out of matchsticks you're like594.793.54
then you tell somebody it's it's596.713.84
impressive so you're saying if we do598.333.87
something that's different600.554.26
it'll be impressive be impressive so why602.24.26
don't we just make a castle in the shape604.814.2
of boobies cuz that's not impressive606.464.32
either it's not impressive it's not your609.012.82
size China610.783.36
mmm done jackknife you're thinking of a611.834.2
dungeon sign that is it dungeon are we614.143.18
doing the redstone thing is that what's616.033.48
happening that's gonna take a long time617.324.11
it could be some accents like the court619.514.44
like the the corners the the doorway621.434.77
trim basically like that yeah yeah yeah623.954.59
trim it out in redstone sound good I626.25.13
like that noobs it's not impressive is628.544.62
it I mean honestly I met her a matter631.334.11
what we build now boy you can't compete633.163.96
with some of the crazy [ __ ] that other635.443.36
people know and we show that up you're637.123.78
losers no honestly we shouldn't pretend638.82.94
that we can't either640.93.36
did you guys already run off well I'm641.744.08
gathering some supplies that I might644.263.15
have in the butt all right okay with645.824.019
redstone how do you make a Ritz okay647.414.679
there it is what is war for it's no it's649.8394.5
all of it the whole thing whole thing652.0894.381
holy [ __ ] I use although I used all the654.3394.321
Redstone we have I mean yeah I'm making656.475.07
some up top oh I got 13 I should get us658.666.75
a castle I'll bring dirt perfect yeah661.544.38
you will665.412.429
I got course dirt I got regular stuff665.925.01
what's this stuff loot lapis the blue667.8394.711
stuff all the blue stuff we don't have670.934.23
any green sheep we do not how do we do672.554.83
that yellow blue green yellow and blue675.164.23
make green very good nice job677.384.05
proud of you of course it is thank you679.394.65
how do you get a blue sheet uh that681.434.02
stuff that Tony has right we got the684.042.76
blue loves Lupe's with Lupe's love685.453.18
litter hey give me something I'm pulling686.83.9
it off my internet barista here Hey he's688.635.57
in Bongo get it geez took forever690.76.51
Nate me before we go to bed first mmm694.25.35
venturing out into the dark697.214.2
everybody go to sleep okay good asleep699.558.43
good sleep she have a garden in our701.4110.13
dungeon so we should all bring beds707.987.02
yes look at me making a suggestion they711.546.07
bring a bit or we'll do we have any beds715.04.14
up there I've always got one in my717.612.64
inventory I thought we went over this719.141.65
yeah I had one but needs it want me to720.793.48
break probably what's going on hmm722.563.81
imagine extra you should have an extra724.274.92
bed your inventory and a bed at common726.375.94
locations the barn should have a bed for729.196.66
you always here hmm exactly just lay out732.315.31
there why keep it in your inventory you735.853.63
can die like because having one737.623.33
inventory at all times as always yeah739.482.91
I'm not saying don't have a new740.953.509
inventory I'm saying have it but the742.394.23
common places we go there's always a bed744.4594.351
there that never gets removed in case746.624.8
you die and that's one to grow on748.815.49
there I do not have a bed should we head751.424.05
up what do we need yeah let's set up754.32.849
y'all head up I'm gonna go see if I can755.472.73
turn a sheet blue757.1492.671
why wouldn't we follow you need really758.24.11
yeah camera we're just doing the real759.824.29
important stuff you know yeah yeah I'm762.313.27
not building anything I'm just gonna764.113.51
have to be your yes-man so you're gonna765.583.78
be Simon we'll see if nipples let me767.623.78
borrow some wool Oh is nipples I feel769.364.47
like it's been forever he's harder he's771.43.87
all hot that's why he's in the water773.834.53
okay oh sorry nibbles my bad775.274.59
come on let's see if this sheep turns778.364.229
blue this with me is an adventure my779.864.5
feel the big stuff kid he just looked it782.5895.25
up but science yeah science yep [ __ ]784.366.06
our science you you suck good sign yeah787.8394.231
exactly one that doesn't involve killing790.424.5
or such ahem what do you say it what am792.074.95
i hypocrite about well you could look794.922.49
this up797.023.63
well one ya'll willing to look it up no797.415.85
no I'm fun to do it I'm doing it for fun800.654.35
just when you kill something803.264.17
I didn't kill anything mushroom well but805.03.66
then we spread it and then we made it807.432.52
again yeah but you didn't know at the808.664.45
time I had a really good809.957.54
you made it oh look at him it's cold813.116.96
let's call them balls oh I like it817.495.46
little blue button some balls how many820.074.65
did you make sure how many taters oh822.953.09
wait can we get nipples and bal tiga824.723.119
balls together and have them make a826.044.89
green sheep huh babes we should we827.8394.381
should probably just make another yellow830.932.04
sheep in here832.223.179
I like blue balls somebody raising a832.976.78
barn looks like it no there's a yellow835.3996.981
flower over here there you go stinky839.754.41
excuse me sir842.384.12
oh wait that's it no oh wait here I can844.164.859
i grave it's a grape flower can't touch846.54.29
those I bet I can make one hop I got a849.0192.221
yellow flower850.792.609
these orange flowers we don't have any851.244.8
orange anybody got wheat I got we make853.3996.091
these to make a green sheep bing bang856.048.31
all right you two yeah and yellow little859.498.58
yellow dirty busting little thing I was864.356.95
hoping that would she868.073.23

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