MINECRAFT: Back To The Castle - New Neebsylvania 45

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you been eagerly waiting for the crew to make their way back to the castle in the latest Minecraft ...
MINECRAFT: Back To The Castle - New Neebsylvania 45
MINECRAFT: Back To The Castle - New Neebsylvania 45

MINECRAFT: Back To The Castle - New Neebsylvania 45

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest Minecraft video, 'Back To The Castle'? It's like a rollercoaster ride of adventure!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I mean, who knew getting back to the castle could be so entertaining?

appsro: I know, right? And the detour they took before getting back was pure comedy gold. I can't stop watching it!

neebs: I think what really makes it special is the epic music choices. 'Cataclysmic Molten Core' really sets the tone for the adventure.

simon: Definitely! And let's not forget about the 'Wingy Dang-Dang' intro. It gets me pumped up every time I watch it!

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you been eagerly waiting for the crew to make their way back to the castle in the latest Minecraft episode? Well, the wait is finally over! In episode 45, the gang finally gets back on track after a little detour, and it's time to see what adventures await them in the castle.

If you're as excited as I am to see what mischief they get up to this time, be sure to click the link to explore Neebsylvania and catch up on all the action. And don't forget to check out the official Neebs Gaming website and grab some cool merch to show your support for the channel.

And hey, if you're a fan of getting discounts on new games, be sure to visit the G2A website through the link provided by Neebs Gaming. Who doesn't love saving money on the latest titles, am I right?

I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans the crew gets into this time around. With the usual mix of chaos, humor, and epic moments, I know this episode is going to be a blast. So, grab your snacks, settle in, and let's dive back into the world of Neebsylvania with our favorite YouTubers!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series! Their cinematic approach to gameplay commentary is so entertaining and hilarious. The way they roleplay and banter in-character as they build their kingdom of Neebsylvania is comedy gold.

You can tell these guys have been friends for years with the way they play off each other. Especially Doraleous and Appsro's constant bickering - those two crack me up! But Thick44, Neebs, and Simon are no slouches either. Their personalities mesh together perfectly.

Watching them construct massive castles, arenas, treehouses, and other crazy builds is just as fun as hearing them joke around. The world they've created feels so alive. And I love seeing how they've expanded Neebsylvania over multiple seasons and hundreds of episodes.

Experiencing their zany adventures firsthand through Neebs Gaming's videos is the next best thing to playing Minecraft with them yourself! No other gaming channel has mastered cinematic storytelling in Minecraft like they have.

Even if you're not a Minecraft fanatic, I think anyone can enjoy their unique brand of humor and camaraderie. They've turned this sandbox game into an immersive roleplaying experience filled with hilarious misadventures.

So if you're looking for entertaining gameplay with great production value and nonstop laughs, go check out Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series! Building the kingdom of Neebsylvania never gets old. This is Let's Play content at its absolute best.

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here we go got some silver going there0.358.02
he is he's waiting he knows he knows6.333.99
when he gets treats he's all excited8.377.89
who's no date face date face up how do I10.328.459
feed him rec league right I just did16.264.26
right click you got him loaded up with18.7793.241
carrots he's been eating where he been20.521.8
that's right you already had carrots up22.325.64
Massa what are you doing face I'm sorry24.6895.281
I saw that I heard a horrible sound was27.963.93
trying to feed him well didn't work did29.972.249
nope that is a [ __ ] cardi over there I32.21910.621
love it41.943.869
mm-hmm want to go see this castle okay42.845.46
well it's not a castle yet it's getting45.8092.851
there you go it's like sprung I want to48.663.69
see the progress we got a lot of work to50.4893.66
do man yeah so why don't we go where52.352.61
we're gonna go54.1493.061
he doesn't seem to eat carrots gasps54.963.899
okay who gives a [ __ ]57.213.48
let he like the castle he like sweet58.8594.351
science where you guys a where the60.694.109
castle moat - castle yeah do you know63.214.019
how to get up there salmon think you can64.7994.081
go up the stairs what are you fighting67.2295.491
right in a zombie anybody have a coal I68.887.44
just put a bunch in the cooker I can get72.725.189
you some where do you need it up here at76.323.95
the castle coal goes in the damn cooker77.9095.191
coal in the cooker oh yeah I'll see if80.274.54
there's a in the house it does not a83.16.8
teeth face has a bunch doors wide open84.815.09
all right I gotta go back to the barn90.4095.231
why that there's not much coal at the92.9096.861
house hope ah95.644.13
what are you doing news we should put100.35.35
more of these lily pads so we can cross103.75.87
wherever we want huh rabbit rabbit105.657.95
you're a frog now rabbit yeah all right109.576.1
teeth base need some of this coal you113.64.14
keep the carrots and the boats should we115.674.98
go to bed now going to bed uh yeah it is117.745.01
bedtime I'm in bed yes yes yeah look at120.653.87
what ballsy enough now just to sleep out122.753.99
in the open if we do it soon enough124.524.26
yeah we've got this game by the nuts126.747.2
yeah we're so good to Opie Oh nobody saw128.786.84
that right you guys didn't say that I'm133.9410.049
not talking about I'll cut it out guys135.6210.41
are so curious aren't they look curious143.9895.011
monkey yes no curious monkey like what's146.034.98
it oh you didn't care and I like how his149.03.06
neighbor thought you're gonna do151.013.33
something bringing Cole guys I mean with152.064.32
this I'm in the cooker so scars house154.348.6
looks good and Rahzel good Jack's house156.3810.139
still there you build stairs guys I'm162.945.609
finishing the steps you're making steps166.5194.291
finishing the steps apps were started168.5494.66
yeah go for mail they ran out apps Rose170.813.989
this okay what i'm doing here is out of173.2092.401
my way174.7994.531
good bad out of my way okay do it thanks175.614.5
here we go179.335.73
yeah yeah right last one ups a stinky180.117.5
egg is that what you used to say stinky185.065.09
egg what he still says it hasn't changed187.616.06
whoo why would it okay I'm up190.155.619
good lord I didn't know to bring that193.675.28
much coal how's the support underneath195.7695.161
this thing oh there isn't it yeah not198.953.599
standing on one block yeah that's the200.933.45
thing yeah I got a lot of work to do on202.5494.231
the foundation there cuz yeah I put a204.384.02
little sign there if you read it just be206.783.239
careful yet don't dig straight down cuz208.42.55
you dig a hole right there210.0193.0
mmm you gonna go down but we obviously210.954.08
got to install flooring at some point so213.0193.991
but in a diamond foundation cuz yeah215.033.87
look Simon and be careful check this out217.013.27
oh yeah that's crazy218.93.24
yep that should be remedied immediately220.284.83
is not gonna pass code no it isn't no222.143.84
not good225.112.879
what are you doing thick i'm just making225.986.18
more more sandstone we're a good team227.9897.951
good we don't fight teamwork yar yar de232.167.62
haar haar dar dar dar that should be235.947.02
maybe if there were a canal connecting239.785.67
the lake to the other side to the ocean242.963.99
all straight through you could you could245.452.52
throw a boat in there and just head out246.952.88
to sea that'd be cool unless you'd247.974.68
rather it be out there that way past the249.834.35
dead no I think that's a great you know252.653.24
that really nice looking amazing tree254.184.77
out there mmm oven soon it's really it's255.894.44
not far for me actually if you just a258.955.1
tree though right no no ho no not just a260.336.15
tree just one of the greatest trees264.057.19
you'll ever see in your life yeah hmm266.488.43
well that's cool I suppose well I guess271.245.02
I'll just walk around while y'all build274.915.27
stuff cuz that's what you'll be doing276.265.13
that's dangerous guys oh she would be281.394.95
all over you right now here give me give283.793.47
me all that dirt286.343.6
come get it this will be good footage287.265.38
you have to I ask feelings right under289.944.08
there that's good imagine should I292.642.13
should I help you294.023.0
yeah salmon come with me you'll294.774.43
appreciate this okay with your297.024.14
construction background Oh299.24.42
Suns coming down Sun is coming down look301.164.83
at that going done works look up at that303.624.41
oh god that's one layer back one layer305.994.14
oh Jesus all that someone could fall308.035.43
through everybody got beds yeah yes can310.134.68
we do it right now yep313.463.15
Simon look at you you're all over it314.816.09
three two one sleep time only come down316.617.29
to sleep moments away moments and I'm in320.93.51
a bed323.94.23
oh yay I'm in the bed bed bed fit baby324.416.03
baby baby bed if you guys see any coal328.134.05
wherever you are get cold we need coal330.443.57
we have a cold storage I have seven coal332.184.38
I'm talking down at the house there's334.015.19
none at the house son and I are all over336.564.89
it okay you're with me I'm with you bud339.25.13
I'm with you baby boom baby341.455.969
my buddy baby bop bop see if you can go344.334.89
away from ladder then jump back on it to347.4194.351
go faster what do I need to do like pull349.224.23
back away from the ladder okay351.773.09
you'll start falling and then head back353.453.57
towards a ladder okay well don't okay354.863.089
Oh whoo all right let's go on an357.9493.15
ready follow me greatest mind ever made361.0994.951
notice how the torch is on the Left yes364.0693.75
oh that's that's for a reason left366.053.6
torches mean you're leaving right367.8193.6
torches mean you're returning left369.654.88
leaving right returning okay okay371.4196.9
thought you'd be more excited about so374.535.5
I'm gonna be more excited oh no I would378.3194.56
never be more excited about that oh boy380.035.18
yeah let's go this way382.8795.28
you'll wind up dying left leaving385.217.449
remember oh boy salmon right leave it388.1595.25
do you want me to open it up wide I'll393.4094.591
do whatever you want here you miss just396.3193.421
here what we'll go short I want you to398.07.43
open it up 1 D 3 D 3 block here we go399.748.039
you tell him what to do with it okay and405.434.66
then just move forward like this right407.7796.991
oh we are children yeah we're children410.097.41
yeah yeah you want me to break things414.774.709
that aren't even right stone right yeah417.53.509
just start doing a tunnel hopefully419.4793.09
we'll find a vein of coal pretty soon421.0095.94
yeah hmm I love a pain now the cold you422.5695.85
don't want me to go over yeah up to the426.9492.52
right yeah that's what we're here for428.4193.36
okay be nice to those Pigman would drop429.4695.7
gold pickaxes instead of swords or some431.7795.431
beats that drop some beats yeah435.1694.17
funky dope beats would be helpful as437.214.199
well yeah so you guys can't sleep Kenya439.3394.5
language yeah me sleep oh yeah everybody441.4094.98
sleep won't be nice so down a bed might443.8393.121
be nice446.3894.111
hey on three I ready yep nope three no446.966.09
no - wait why would they hope why would450.54.139
you why are we counting down there453.052.97
nicely tight there we go ready454.6395.43
synchronize sleeping huh on uh like this456.026.6
three two one sleep ready yeah yeah yeah460.0696.87
yeah yeah yeah three yeah two one sleep462.626.479
do it alright I might have cheated I was466.9392.641
already in bed469.0994.021
Janice that was worth the that was worth469.584.619
it yeah I was ready473.123.15
that's great dessert Hawking exciting474.1993.78
you want to get footage you got it oh476.272.85
was that me - that's what I wanted that479.124.409
though when I'm in front swinging I wish481.314.27
it I was [ __ ] in483.5294.721
of you you're not enough gap funny485.585.28
that's what I have funny was your two488.254.47
girls like you real you realize that you490.863.36
were not in my view and no matter what492.723.45
you say you can't tell me you were in my494.223.87
view okay well you could see whatever496.173.54
you want over there footage is in my498.093.78
favour good footage that's what you see499.713.21
it's not what I see501.873.06
alright you my on the right I'm on your502.923.48
left what I've been doing504.932.94
you're right in the middle you mind your506.43.27
own business got a boy507.875.25
go over there go over there please go509.673.87
over there513.124.17
Simon you tell me you want me over here513.547.02
no that's the right salmon517.295.67
look at me I am looking right at you520.564.95
okay stop look at me tell me to mine on522.968.34
the right right on the right okay so525.518.73
easy with that you do realize that way531.34.89
I've been doing clave the entire time on534.244.71
a switch it come here back it up back it536.195.12
up tell me the Mount Alessi what I do538.955.25
through the mount on the left left mine541.316.28
okay do that we go wear you out noobs I544.26.42
went back to the main part of the mine547.596.24
left is left is something and right is550.625.01
out told you twice you didn't listen553.833.93
once I did listen I just forgot don't555.634.23
pretend like I'm you don't know I don't557.764.5
have a memory you remember it doesn't559.864.53
have a memory or you may not exist562.263.93
horrible who are you it actually even564.393.78
works in the tunnel too doesn't it whoa566.195.1
torches are on the right it's true get a568.178.96
little fancy angle well that's nice huh571.2911.84
that looks good whoa oh [ __ ] what a577.138.05
problem what did you do583.133.369
Oh No585.184.229
all right Oh pretty awesome I have to go586.4994.41
down there and get your stuff don't I589.4093.69
now get it it's trying to give everybody590.9094.65
some fancy angles that's what we wanted593.0995.22
what you get Simon yeah wait for me595.5593.12
all right I'm back you still have your598.6796.06
bed by chance um Oh y'all want to go to601.6495.1
sleep yeah it is it is getting nighttime604.7394.08
and I am stuck up here all alone606.7496.21
looks like uh uh Simon has that Simon's608.8195.91
already got the beds made look at him612.9595.24
they're going to sleep I'm bed mmm good614.7297.23
man pimp pimp and here I go she had a618.1994.93
bed tonight I was wrong621.9593.18
nope nope nope nope so close to that bed623.1295.34
it okay mmm something blows up yeah I625.1395.94
don't have any armor on in to be had out628.4696.39
to be out till I love you guys oh yes631.0796.6
this is nice this is good this is good634.8594.47
time we get along for was this is good637.6793.3
because we're not in boats there's a639.3296.24
creeper up there there is a creeper it'd640.9796.78
be nice to have this just a layer of645.5696.62
rock underneath all this dirt oh [ __ ]647.7596.6
Simon did you fall I thought if I was652.1894.09
holding shift I couldn't fall you can't654.3594.111
I was holding shift yeah I doubt you are656.2794.92
yet neebs I'm underneath the foundation658.474.169
you should look you should be able to661.1994.25
look down at whole city don't need eggs662.6397.68
chicken air pickaxe665.4496.64
there we go yeah you got any more like670.3195.21
stone or dirt I got some uh that's water672.0896.84
hey you kidding me you're gonna kill me675.5299.25
Oh what are you doing under there need678.9298.91
some and foundation so if someone684.7794.2
accidentally hits a blot they're not687.8393.66
gonna fall through the hole that creeper688.9795.6
he wants to blow up so bad yes he does691.4995.7
you guys got beds over there getting694.5794.96
dark yeah I can sleep here come on out697.1995.13
nearby it won't let me sleep oh yeah you699.5393.96
got to walk away from that creeper a702.3293.48
little bit well do my [ __ ] bed just703.4994.68
fall down oh so you just you didn't705.8094.47
place the bed you just I place it there708.1794.94
it just sounds off the cliff no I710.2795.941
usually what you do is you you break the713.1195.08
bed and it sucks into you correct during716.223.2
your telling us718.1992.541
so that's what happened you set it down719.423.0
and you moved it because the monster720.743.48
don't fail I went to go break it so I722.424.53
could move it and it fell ah724.226.87
where'd that bad go Simon there we go726.958.73
morning good morning guys [ __ ] can you731.096.69
guys come up here I kind of want to try735.685.07
something look up here I see him yeah737.786.9
all right hold that now okay put that on740.755.82
your person put that in your hand put744.685.22
this on my hand okay hold on boom boom746.574.11
all right in my hand now come over to750.685.61
the edge and throw it off come over to753.84.08
the edge I'm gonna hit shift cuz I don't756.293.39
want to die all right757.884.29
and then how do I throw it how do I759.689.17
throw it right click ready yeah damn Oh762.1710.28
Oh God768.853.6
he's done nothing please buddy kill him772.845.62
did you die a paranoid you're supposed776.096.06
to just teleport I thought so so like778.465.88
somebody else test it why782.155.34
okay so respawn where's all this stuff784.345.19
[ __ ] now where am I you're gonna hit the787.494.44
lighthouse I feel like we did it already789.534.44
I don't remember how we tried it once I791.933.99
didn't kill him though so how do I get793.975.01
home from here I'll come get you just go795.924.71
to the lighthouse and then hop in a boat798.983.36
there should be a chest now there's no800.633.39
boats I've said that three times you802.345.94
don't know God no one's listening whoo804.026.72
if you stay right on the red buoys808.284.35
you'll find me all right810.743.18
you could just drop me a boat right here812.633.09
but yeah all right Simon I don't see813.928.37
your stuff well that sucks [ __ ] you know815.728.07
it's a nice thing right here some of822.293.06
this stuff out watch out water's coming823.793.03
to you click the changes we're gonna825.356.12
park my boat ah broke okay all right826.825.45
[ __ ] it831.475.49
look at you baby let's go let's go baby832.278.25
go baby come on baby whoo836.966.26
it's good this way can we swim up this840.526.16
dry try to swim up exciting we're like843.226.37
salmon whoo we are like salmon all right846.685.07
oh yeah they were salmon who are you849.593.299
gonna get right851.752.85
up to the castle what's y'all forbears852.8894.56
look at this Oh what is that854.65.31
kill jar oh that's what you built to get857.4495.01
up that's what I felt to get up yeah859.914.139
that's a nice sunset this evening any862.4594.53
boys they need it's one of the better864.0494.681
ones I've seen are you now866.9893.84
hey neebs they need help there you are868.734.259
hey I like playing that game look at870.8292.85
this place872.9892.07
remember when we first got here and873.6793.421
there was nothing I remember that yeah875.0594.59
just a few short episodes later all this877.14.56
all right let's go bid bid bid bid bid879.6493.81
bid bid bid bid bid bid bid do you doing881.664.019
up here Simon I don't know just looking883.4593.84
around what are you doing there thick885.6793.57
well though this is a nice painting up887.2996.87
here yeah one who did that that creep889.2498.041
over there I see you justa creepin in me894.1698.19
she would get rid of him yep whoa Jesus897.297.079
scary thick rocked it out with his car902.3594.53
didn't know if he was gonna blow up did904.3694.68
you guess I guess Simon you got a poop906.8895.1
Simon got a poop where are you at909.0493.54
ah just finishing a couple of things912.5896.12
Simon yeah are you up at the castle914.9296.291
yep got something else for you buddy oh918.7095.22
you know he wants it now it's gonna kill921.229.88
him this time that that on let's see um923.92910.32
Oh about that button brace Majesty I931.14.799
think needs a bit over there cleaning up934.2493.541
your [ __ ] this is not a fun assignment935.8993.9
down here oh Jesus bring him right937.797.919
through huh-huh yeah Simon yeah are you939.7998.01
adding foundation oh yeah I am945.7095.13
okay yeah I'm in some dirt yah yah yah947.8096.96
ha cha cha cha cha cha be so horny with950.8398.79
Nahanni such a boy how Ross are the954.7697.891
broad I am i cha cha cha cha Chi got959.6294.62
that random chicken just chilling up962.663.719
here I like him it's good to have a [ __ ]964.2493.96
in the castle my great-grandmother had a966.3792.82
rooster named bill968.2092.73
but then my grandfather ran him over969.1994.44
with a tractor then my brother [ __ ] feed970.9395.721
him what happened time Oh Simon's tinea973.6397.32
no respawn did you have any stuff I976.666.479
don't see it my [ __ ] had some stuff980.9594.021
like everything983.1394.63
a thick took is sweet not like time984.984.71
we're just going to read around ready to987.7692.94
go to bed a regular bit alright989.692.37
everybody I go to bed am I losing my990.7091.68
[ __ ]992.062.43
oh yeah no you you have time you can't992.3894.861
go to bed and have a bed oh yeah yeah I994.494.86
didn't I still have my bed here actually997.253.51
you slept there's the bit that's the999.352.789
best place to sleep anyway cuz yeah if1000.762.97
you die you to respawn at the castle on1002.1395.101
a bed I'm in bed it's a zombie in our1003.734.049
it's a villager zombie let's see them so1007.7798.911
where is this birth [ __ ] did I what you1012.496.209
looking for I guess I gotta be at the1016.696.829
bottom of hello hi ro hi Ralph1018.6994.82
wood floors out of the question right it1024.9593.97
is you know what I think would be good1027.642.819
for the floor and I don't know if it'll1028.9296.63
clash but the Fleur maybe this yellow1030.45912.391
stained clay - couch how would that look1035.5599.211
with the red fun noise when you break a1042.855.01
block glass of a block of glass again1044.775.7
say say it does it return as a block of1047.864.83
glass no oh it's done ask yourself about1050.474.829
that in real life yeah the same physics1052.695.01
apply to this game is real life that is1055.2992.821
is this real life right here this block1058.125.79
it's real it's what happens in real life1061.7994.301
with dirt two people seriously people1063.913.33
don't want to watch us build this castle1066.12.79
do they know I don't know why you guys1067.243.66
are doing it1068.894.11
chickens don't this chicken won't fly1070.98.13
will it maybe well no maybe not oh yeah1073.08.07
maybe you would can you pick him up push1079.033.45
him off push him off the cliff he kind1081.073.57
of fell softly there push him off the1082.482.72
go chicken go Looby live chicken for1085.25.8
science chicken I think you're gonna be1089.621.89
use your wings alright you ready yep1091.518.46
look look at him he's flapping his legs1097.158.399
going down go chicken oh he's gonna be1099.977.11
ok yeah he's fine1105.5493.991
biggest workout of his life1107.084.72
what you doing gasps you'll see it I1109.543.55
just worked on something Ella stuff in1111.83.24
there you like thick today yeah dress1113.092.97
I'm feeling lucky today1115.043.12
a dress has been gone all day any kind1116.063.87
uh yeah I'll see you at your castle hey1118.162.55
your lighter1119.934.53
no I'm a ways away yeah that's where are1120.717.05
you I'm gonna I went I left it is secret1124.465.7
yeah like I'm not here I'm not where you1127.765.1
are I'm on rail him a home aha my he my1130.165.58
hey what is bothering me is I think what1132.865.16
was written down on the board is not1135.743.06
elaborate please he's lost I'm I was1138.85.88
looking I was wanting to get some dogs1142.795.13
oh I wrote down what I thought I think1144.688.91
that's an 846 right- 28:46 28:46 i1147.927.98
thought that was just at Z or six oh1153.595.01
that would explain a lot guys I'm bored1155.94.41
so make yourself on board1158.63.9
this building is boring that's a1160.313.69
beautiful but that's a beautiful sunset1162.54.35
yep it's nice that'll make the whole1164.05.07
video just that right there look at that1166.853.54
how pretty that is1169.075.79
Oh kind of noise is that Simon noobs are1170.396.78
you in bed not really I'm out in the1174.864.77
jungle are you yeah I thought you might1177.175.4
want a time-lapse of this sunset some1179.635.49
really nice music right here make a make1182.575.07
the music seem like bigger than life gay1185.123.93
people be like oh man this is a good1187.644.77
episode ooh look at that view listen to1189.055.69
that music1192.414.62
so you going to bed or what good morning1194.744.56
[ __ ]1197.032.27
you kind of live1208.873.61

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