Into The Radiation - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 29

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an exciting one, as Simon and Thick are on a mission to retrieve the...
Into The Radiation - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 29
Into The Radiation - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 29

Into The Radiation - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 29

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neebs: Hey Simon, remember that one time in Into The Radiation - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 29 when we were trying to get back our lost bags and you got eaten by zombies? Classic!

simon: Oh yeah, thanks for bringing that up Neebs. It's definitely my favorite video because I got to showcase my amazing zombie evasion skills!

neebs: Haha, yeah right! Your 'skills' got us into more trouble than anything. But hey, it made for some hilarious content for our viewers!

simon: True, true. And let's not forget the epic music list in that video. Doctor True and Birthday Suite really set the tone for our zombie hunting adventure!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an exciting one, as Simon and Thick are on a mission to retrieve their lost bags. We all know how important those bags are in the game, so it's going to be a wild ride watching them try to get them back.

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Now, let's talk music. The tunes in this video are so catchy and really set the mood for the gameplay. From Doctor True to Shtriker Big Band, the music list is on point. It's those little details that make Neebs Gaming videos so enjoyable to watch.

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we got a road trip buddy yeah what are10.75.32
we doing we're going back to the back to13.445.22
the horrific event where you you got me16.025.519
killed out in the radiation Zone I I got18.664.86
you killed yeah well I mean you did21.5394.441
drive into the radiation area get stuck23.524.259
while I was the passenger in the vehicle25.983.66
and I was screaming no I feel like that27.7794.5
was a long time ago it was but my stuff29.645.34
I believe is still there okay well I can32.2795.721
help you get it yeah34.983.02
what do you think about what I doubled39.184.32
them see yeah that's great there'll be41.345.52
two cool team 18b team a team B and then43.55.76
okay and then this will be possibly a46.864.32
fallback but I think what I'm gonna do49.264.319
I'm gonna close this in yeah these whole51.184.44
blade traps on the side worthless yeah53.5793.541
now when you built that did you not55.623.06
think maybe they're gonna I mean I guess57.123.3
you had traps there but yeah no I58.682.699
thought they might come for these60.422.939
corners but since this blade trap was61.3794.021
right you know was in every corner I63.3593.181
thought they would just chop them up65.43.3
they wear out though yeah but the ones66.544.2
on the side or didn't these down here68.73.959
like well that one didn't wear but this70.743.419
one that one worn good yeah that broken72.6593.721
one hit this one was worn out but the74.1593.901
blade traps here on the side wasn't worn76.383.059
out so I don't know what the hell you78.063.059
live and you learn yep live and learn79.4394.381
I'm gonna close this up and this will be81.1194.461
our fallback base yeah yeah yeah yeah83.824.5
and mine will be the uh I'll be the85.585.02
lobby you'll be the reception area sure88.325.6
is that the same thing yep90.63.32
all right Stefan's treasure I heard94.225.5
Stefan's got the finest Treasures in the97.55.119
land let's see if that holds true99.725.88
ah boy I'm out here a little bit gotta102.6195.261
get duct tape for the boys what you got105.65.879
Stefan all right yep it's a lie you107.886.66
don't have the best in the land hmm all111.4796.061
right oh hey are you just watching me114.547.439
was you just watching ah okay bringing117.546.0
back a bunch of meat going to get duct121.9793.841
tape duct tape duct tape duct tape what123.543.539
a mission125.824.259
looks like I'm doing just fine actually144.925.98
oh nice I mean I don't see any ill148.025.88
effect right now good man wow I mean150.95.16
this suit really worked and you've got153.95.04
what like some Yucca and uh Sledgehammer156.066.06
no listen no I got good weapons and158.945.1
things I'm pretty sure it was worth it162.125.339
okay I'm happy I got my stuff I'm happy164.044.68
you're happy167.4593.661
um I feel like while we're out here yeah168.724.92
we should probably you know maybe maybe171.125.399
loot up something close by I will this173.645.22
is great and uh I got my bed here so if176.5194.08
I die let's just stay reasonably close178.864.22
right this way man I know it's daytime184.264.92
and you're sluggish but uh let's just186.94.559
walk this way what you doing here I'm189.183.9
curious what happens if like he doesn't191.4593.721
get killed and he gets inside you know193.084.26
yeah you ever seen a bird build a nest195.183.9
on the side of a damn hill isn't that197.343.36
crazy yeah like what do you think the199.083.96
eggs do fall right out yeah we should200.73.66
have an omelet down here on the ground203.043.059
don't let don't get distracted by my204.363.98
friend oh look at me yep right up here206.0995.461
okay so I want to pick up this uh208.346.16
Nutcracker here here he comes and then211.564.86
let's say he gets all the way inside the214.54.62
base uh-huh and then I'm up here what's216.424.62
he gonna do I don't know do you see him219.124.259
uh yeah he's walking in and then now221.046.18
he's he's uh smacking the back back he's223.3795.64
hitting the back right wall now what if227.224.98
I jumped over here still yep still229.0194.8
hitting the back right oh nope nope nope232.23.3
now he's turning okay he's probably233.8193.541
coming from me I may have ruined your235.53.78
experiment oh well come join me okay237.364.26
we'll let him cross here I wonder if I239.283.66
can make this jump I don't have those241.623.78
parkour skills like door does yeah but I242.944.26
did it anyway you made it oh where's he245.43.72
going now where's he going uh okay he's247.23.98
coming back okay now you come upstairs249.124.979
okay just jump up to this ladder251.185.559
um okay there you are yeah ah what a254.0994.88
what a beautiful sight my friend256.7395.46
oh boy here we go now what's he doing I258.9795.021
don't know I can't see him now I don't262.1993.78
see him either huh you wanna go look you264.04.08
think he's leaving uh nope he's still in265.9793.301
there he's still in there just like268.083.059
smacking it don't come back yep we're269.284.139
not over there sir we're up here we will271.1393.421
have I mean there's no way you can climb273.4192.461
up there not with that ladder as low as274.562.88
it is yeah I wouldn't think so yeah275.883.3
seems dumb but does he I don't want him277.442.94
to just sit there and tear the place up279.182.4
that's absolutely what he's gonna do280.383.48
yeah he's still trying to get at us but281.583.899
maybe he left he's like ah nobody's home283.863.3
let's see is he leaving well every time285.4792.821
you go back over there you're gonna set287.162.759
him off again no okay no he was leaving288.33.899
hey he's going over to the uh he's going289.9194.861
over to the second one oh yeah yeah he's292.1994.141
like whom everybody can get him this way294.783.24
oh wait maybe I'll wait I'll see him up296.343.96
there they're home going this way uh is298.023.899
he gonna Smith oh yeah he's tearing that300.33.54
up now hold on all right put him down301.9194.5
yeah put him down thank you for your uh303.844.74
assistance I didn't assist it you me or306.4195.961
him him yes thank you sir308.583.8
okay oh [ __ ] oh I see yep all right314.15.819
turns out we have another bag out there317.16.84
oh [ __ ] this yep come on go go I know I319.9195.701
am going trust me I could see oh man323.943.539
they are they are are they coming for me325.624.56
rabbit for your [ __ ] ass all right327.4794.321
let's just hope I don't run into a tree330.183.9
we need to get this to read the bed of331.85.7
your body that was like my muppet voice334.086.119
a good thing all right stop right here337.54.979
what I'm gonna do something all right340.1996.121
bam up running got a runner come on342.4795.461
puppy you're gonna die where's it at346.324.319
it's coming at us now oh come on yeah347.947.5
yeah yeah boom nice yes yeah all right350.6396.961
but really that's two out of like 30.355.444.74
yeah well and and they're all just like357.66.92
you know just moseying around my stuff360.184.34
come on there you go man you are just365.786.82
killing it we come oh we got are we got369.186.48
a runner come on lady oh [ __ ]372.66.539
oh no damn it I'm just running because I375.665.46
like to run379.1394.201
and boom get in here381.124.56
come on lady383.345.52
oh man I am leveling up I'm gonna do385.684.98
come here let's do it I'm just bringing388.863.48
the card a little closer yeah yeah do390.663.78
whatever I want to because I gotta get392.344.799
that uh level level 10 or the little394.445.819
Master scavenger yeah that's what I want397.1396.301
man I want it for you I don't I do not400.2595.601
that's it oh did we clear them all out405.866.54
we did409.383.02
oh hey nibs hey man uh how's it going414.1994.78
out there it looks great oh thanks good417.4793.06
I need a generator and I can't build418.9793.301
them so I'm gonna have to get someone to420.5394.5
build it for me oh Simon Simon does that422.285.46
okay yeah listen I'm awfully excited I'm425.0395.88
like 40 000 points from being able to be427.744.62
a master Huntsman that level that430.9193.84
10-point thing oh really yeah I kind of432.364.14
want to do it tonight and be uh throw434.7593.301
caution to the wind maybe go out436.53.78
somewhere and just kill just kill some438.063.9
stuff should I become a master former440.284.02
can you I mean I got points for days I441.964.679
got 16 points well why don't you use444.34.799
them huh you just never know you do446.6395.521
rainy day rainy day oh my God like you449.0994.741
you want to be a master Huntsman but you452.163.0
can't afford it because you wasted all453.843.6
your money no I've got I can I can touch455.164.74
my head on this my head can hit the457.444.8
ceiling okay I use points to do that all459.93.78
right I'm just saying I can become a462.243.54
master farmer because I'm responsible463.686.079
with my points you're a hoarder yeah465.783.979
all right so I'm in straight East all470.226.539
right so okay I'm making left left oh473.0997.38
there you go okay yeah all right so oh476.7595.94
damn there's a lot of stuff in here okay480.4795.521
I am carrying a lot of stuff oh yeah482.6996.0
okay I gotta have to put some stuff in486.05.52
the uh the guard in the cart and now so488.6994.34
what are you saying so since I got 100491.524.92
radiation you can probably loot some of493.0395.741
that stuff down there like like what496.443.539
though there's two like I don't know498.783.06
caps like quarter buildings you know499.9793.241
like I mean you I could look there501.844.74
obviously look all right just look baby503.225.52
I'm gonna look let me just dump some506.584.86
stuff I got so much freaking stuff it's508.743.89
oh here he comes neebs hey if you want518.4593.481
to go inside there you got a Crouch520.683.479
because I put bars up top okay I know it521.943.66
looks weird you can Crouch under that524.1593.061
huh yeah then you can lift those doors525.63.54
up and you're protected oh cool yeah527.223.78
okay so let me uh let me come down we'll529.143.24
both be inside all right so you're531.03.42
inside on the other one uh now I am yeah532.385.04
okay yeah I see you hey oh hey what's up534.424.26
I don't know all right I don't know537.422.94
where the zombie went okay He was538.684.02
crawling up oh he's coming oh yeah you540.364.8
should have put your uh your DP down oh542.73.96
I don't have a DP on me right now like545.163.06
you don't okay well you just take them546.664.32
out right there okay easy enough hold of548.225.34
that hurt the face oh yeah it did what550.985.52
do you think oh wow we got um I think we553.564.86
got a party over here now okay you feel556.54.62
safe I think I'll be all right I can558.424.32
come up and help you from up top like561.124.26
this oh you killed him already I did and562.744.62
I don't have a DP but I do have let me565.384.56
put that down why not let's see so567.364.44
Crouch oh I picked up your frame shape569.944.26
sorry that's all right and then I'm just571.87.56
gonna do uh and uh okay it's not a DP574.26.78
but it's a turret oh yeah that'll work579.363.3
keep me locked in for the night let's580.983.479
see I see a Greenie over there yeah I582.664.2
see him and uh pretty quiet otherwise584.4594.861
I'm gonna pop him586.864.08
did you kill him I think I did kill him589.323.72
in one shot yep I got that sneak damage590.944.079
bonus he didn't see me coming593.044.38
hey guys595.0196.5
someone opened up man I'm so close597.424.099
yeah you gonna be a master uh master601.986.6
hunter sweet yeah anything out here I605.3995.341
can kill uh oh you know what I do see a608.585.34
green zombie to our West he's kind of uh610.745.279
he's kind of oh yeah wedged in the base613.924.44
oh I see it come on hey what are you616.0194.081
doing in there get out of there I need618.363.72
to fix that whole place up all right I'm620.14.14
coming I'm coming oh he's always up top622.085.34
yeah look at him wow very impressive624.244.08
all right what's up with your base is628.324.8
everybody Welcome huh I guess so well630.244.32
there's a lot of points of Entry right633.123.8
now too634.562.36
hey look we got some action oh oh my God637.385.76
yeah is there a race I don't know who's639.8995.701
winning what do you see up there this is643.144.92
Easy Pickins for uh points okay I mean645.64.5
listen I don't want them to attack the648.064.14
house but okay I got a crossbow out650.14.26
let's see yeah do it all right sneak652.24.259
damage Nice twice as much all right so I654.365.28
gotta hit boom yep yeah that one that656.4595.641
didn't look like it did okay well let's659.643.72
see if it doesn't make it obvious one662.13.239
all right a little bit of drop is there663.363.979
a little bit there's a little bit665.3396.841
man yeah doing great all right let's get667.3398.221
this a little bit off672.183.38
the world and we're loud we're being676.3994.801
loud we don't care yeah679.24.199
and through the trees I can't really see681.23.639
it see if it works it's like no I'm not683.3993.241
even looking really hey yeah I'm full684.8393.721
yeah I'm gonna close my eyes yes you686.644.98
know what yeah I messed up I didn't yeah688.565.339
I I really can't see through the trees691.626.5
yeah that's not working very well693.8994.221
I did it you did it I did it I'm gonna699.0196.88
come do it by you oh man it feels good702.247.8
oh level 50 at that oh perfect so master705.8996.781
hunter master hunter and then you're710.044.799
gonna be able to what can you do I'll712.684.68
tell you man I will tell you skills714.8396.601
Hunter master hunter so Master under717.366.419
yeah uh Advanced extended magazine mod721.444.26
sniper rifle ghillie suits titanium723.7794.68
knives crossbows titanium ammo ah725.74.5
increases range and duration of my728.4594.141
I can see the entire map you know what I733.85.039
should do what I should do Master former736.443.899
right now and it'll be like like we're738.8392.821
twins like we have the same birthday740.3394.381
dude do it yeah can you do it let's see741.665.16
without having done anything else Master744.724.859
farmer right there I'm gonna buy it746.824.92
um seven oh I got 17 points and it cost749.5795.641
me 10. I got seven left congratulations751.746.38
yeah we're Masters at what we do755.225.63
I can do Master Pharma stuff758.127.36
hey thick hey yeah my help went down789.05.279
quick I wasn't paying attention I did792.364.38
not expect that damn I'm not used to not794.2794.381
having anything796.743.839
um going upstairs should be fat easy798.664.44
enough yeah right you got it yeah okay800.5794.861
all right let me got my full stamina803.15.34
here I'm gonna run these guys shouldn't805.445.519
be able to run run there are some ferals808.445.459
out there so just be careful yeah810.9595.541
[ __ ]813.8992.601
come on baby wait816.667.38
um it's saying it's right is it above me819.68.1
not sure come on Simon hold on it's824.045.64
showing uh oh there it is damn it I'm in827.74.5
the complete wrong place all right where829.684.62
are you at uh now I'm just gonna out832.23.6
front you're right out front I can't get834.34.14
a broken leg so I'm coming down all835.84.2
right get ready to hop in and they're838.444.1
ready to go840.07.22
yeah thank God842.544.68
happened this chicken I shot it oh you854.3394.56
shot it yeah with a sniper rifle okay I856.623.719
thought I just like died of natural858.8993.481
causes no it died of natural me killing860.3393.721
it okay well I'm gonna Harvest it yeah862.382.94
oh and I got something cool to show you864.062.839
neebs okay865.325.4
what's better than two gyrocopters don't866.8995.801
say three because that's that's an easy870.724.46
answer yeah no I'm not I'm gonna say872.77.46
gyrocopters and I'm a Marauder875.184.98
yeah let me guess this bad boy up whoa882.385.92
is it fast oh I don't know hop in hold885.7796.18
on I'm coming bam that block phone eight888.35.399
interact oh well hold on yeah you know891.9594.921
what let me unlock it there we go boom893.6995.76
bam oh my God this thing's a damn896.884.44
Bigfoot now this seems like something to899.4594.021
be good the mountains on the Hills yeah901.324.86
I mean look at these tires yep oh903.486.14
fast this is crazy906.186.659
so this uh oh man I wonder we could909.625.2
probably just hold two in this sadly912.8394.74
probably so yeah maybe a bus yeah party914.824.74
bus I'll work on more of a transpo oh917.5793.361
man this thing stops on a dime do you919.564.32
see that that was quick yeah let me do920.944.8
that again can I stop on a dime just923.884.5
skirt yeah this thing stops fast he925.744.2
didn't climb something like climb uh928.383.66
climb up or something let's see let's929.943.78
see where's a good hill Hills around932.043.239
those knees yeah like try to climb the933.724.14
wall or uh you know this fence935.2794.981
yeah just went through it basically what937.864.5
about your farm nope yeah stay on the940.263.9
farm coming over the farm down the farm942.363.839
can I climb this Farm quit it on fire944.165.66
stop stop the farm946.1993.621
feet man950.3392.661
all right I just got my eyes on the954.544.14
portal okay I see him I wonder if I956.223.96
sneak and kill him if that would be958.683.719
worth doing right now I would go to the960.184.38
portal okay go to the portal yeah all962.3993.361
right so964.563.6
um should I run oh God there's a few965.764.319
guys should I run maybe yeah yeah you968.164.619
know what and and I'm full of [ __ ] but970.0796.481
yeah just tell me yeah go all right go972.7794.74
oh God no no running through running977.5196.841
through oh I mean it ran through what'd981.7794.081
you see nothing I just ran right984.363.06
directly through I'm gonna go through985.864.74
this one oh boy here we go going through987.425.419
then do a damn thing990.65.16
oh [ __ ] all right hold on put on992.8396.161
bandages come towards me I am I'm995.764.86
running towards the cart right now so999.03.899
that was it yeah just like a portal next1000.624.139
to a portal portal next to a portal I1002.8993.18
don't even know if it took me out from1004.7592.64
one portal and brought me to the other1006.0793.921
it felt like I just jumped right through1007.3995.281
like it was just a doorway I'm gonna1010.06.339
shoot this guy please do he's running oh1012.685.519
and I'm at the cart which by the way1016.3393.18
you're gonna have to drive out of this1018.1992.82
[ __ ] I can't believe you poured it1019.5193.301
here hey I gotta get out of here this1021.0194.32
guy this guy's not coming down I'm1022.823.32
coming to you1025.3394.77
oh my God1030.263.98
oh now there's [ __ ] in there is it full1035.5595.62
no I don't think we have anything in and1039.1993.961
now let's just uh all right yeah let's1041.1793.301
just get out of here all right let's1043.162.679
just run it1044.4822.199

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