I GIVE UP | Subnautica # 23

Hey there, fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel yet? If not, you're in for a ...
I GIVE UP | Subnautica # 23
I GIVE UP | Subnautica # 23

I GIVE UP | Subnautica # 23

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving back into Subnautica, and oh boy, do we have a story to tell.

simon: Oh man, I can't wait to hear this. What happened this time, Neebs?

neebs: Well, everything was going swimmingly until HE called. You know who I'm talking about, right?

appsro: Oh no, not HIM! That guy always ruins the party. But hey, at least we got it on video for everyone to enjoy!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Subnautica fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat. Everything was going smoothly in the game until HE showed up... Who could it be? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

If you're a die-hard fan of Subnautica like me, you'll definitely want to hit that subscribe button to make sure you never miss an episode. The Neebs Gaming crew always brings a fresh perspective to the game, and their antics never fail to put a smile on my face.

In this particular video, the team explores the depths of the alien ocean world, facing challenges and obstacles along the way. From sun-drenched coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches, they encounter it all. And just when they think they have it all under control, a mysterious figure enters the scene, throwing a wrench in their plans.

The Neebs Gaming crew is known for their hilarious commentary and entertaining gameplay, so you can bet this episode will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, with their Patreon page and awesome merch like the 00FU t-shirt, there are plenty of ways to show your support and connect with other fans. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready for another thrilling adventure in the world of Subnautica with Neebs Gaming!

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names where where have you been okay you166.36.28
got promoted I haven't talked to anybody170.935.4
in six months no I haven't talked to172.585.72
anybody I tried I tried calling I176.333.99
haven't talked to anybody no one's178.33.7
reached out to me I haven't been in180.326.69
communication at all I don't know I'm182.07.11
hanging out on a desert island I live in187.014.17
a cave and I drink pee water and I eat189.1114.42
Bobo tree okay congratulations191.1812.35
like the singer yeah okay great so tina205.4813.93
turner's your assistant great ships208.2219.91
still coming for me well obviously Simon219.418.72
why did you call me in the first place233.7393.361
hell if I know I've lost all track of237.18.29
time this is ridiculous what's239.367.65
ridiculous ed you guys lost way of245.395.43
amazing my dad's great you got a247.0116.71
promotion but my god no I I couldn't250.8214.61
reach you I couldn't talk to anybody so263.723.63
I just came back to the surface and I265.433.69
live on this island now it's actually267.353.54
been very nice put on a little way to269.123.72
move be honest the bubble trees are fat270.896.42
more fattening than they look it must be272.845.91
the bad ones because I got a little bit277.313.83
of a belly278.752.39
spaghetti oh you mean dr. spaghetti yeah281.287.51
dr. spaghetti is a SEMA down here on the285.44.65
beach the Cyclops288.792.85
I don't i don't think the Cyclops is in290.055.43
good condition well I was looking at my291.646.78
beacons here and the Cyclops name was295.485.58
deep [ __ ] he's a beacon that says298.426.3
destroyed Cyclops deep [ __ ] yeah so I301.065.79
assume banding it what five and a half304.724.71
months ago I couldn't talk to anybody I306.855.34
didn't know what to do I didn't know309.434.26
what to do so I just I said okay I'm312.192.73
just gonna come to this island and wait313.695.37
to die surprised they haven't died314.9211.55
already because I'm really sick I still319.069.6
I can't I can't a spaceship can't come326.474.89
here because of the gun right this guns328.666.44
activated because I have a disease okay331.363.74
I don't give a [ __ ] about the fence how338.769.07
do I get out of here where were we last341.867.47
time what happened trying to remember347.834.52
it's been a minute349.333.02
oh yeah the the big the big creature353.285.65
down there the moonpool yeah I guess we356.747.95
could go back and talk to her I don't358.937.65
want to go back in I don't want to go364.693.6
back in it's been it's been nice living366.583.63
here sunshine every day I live on a368.294.62
beach yeah nothing's trying to eat me I370.213.93
don't want to go back to the water form372.9110.89
to be completely honest no no no I want374.1411.76
to get out of here I want to eat a damn383.86.0
cheeseburger again I don't care I want385.96.44
the bad fats389.82.54
alright alright I gotta think gotta397.813.5
think let's go back to the life pod and409.0220.67
let's uh look at our supplies can't411.319.41
believe I'm out here again429.699.53
Jesus no no it's not the stuff we said430.718.51
the fraud suit oh god yeah the fraud441.834.869
suit was actually into Cyclops444.934.799
so that thing that may be destroyed - I446.6995.391
don't know449.7292.361
okay all right I'm full457.644.69
let me check my inventory here what is460.446.93
all this okay flares signals okay I462.336.45
think I'm ready to go back down to all467.373.81
the month there under the feet is that468.784.2
what you're calling a monster look you471.186.06
giant okay she speaks to you monster I472.988.4
won't do it to her face she could talk477.245.67
to me telepathically I don't know if she481.387.11
can understand what I think I have no482.9110.92
idea all right okay I'm heading I'm488.497.26
heading west I think that's where the493.833.99
mushroom forest was and I think there's495.753.58
a work gate there497.8213.82
all right I'm back of the mushroom511.644.3
forest I'm not mistaken there was a cave513.6913.17
down here in this crack hold on I515.9413.74
thought I had seen a system holding oh526.866.09
[ __ ] we pow yeah remember we took out we529.684.8
took out the we tell you other thing532.953.06
that let us go deep and use it in534.484.13
something else did we feel like we did536.015.49
destroy it probably is yeah either that538.614.87
or the seam or not I'm gonna see mop at541.53.93
the fron suit all right hold on don't543.483.66
get the figa lied though I think I can545.435.19
just swim down here you just doctor547.145.25
spaghetti no I mean I know we're doctors550.6218.48
forgetting that yeah he's left doctor552.3918.42
spaghetti in the mushroom forest and hey569.13.3
good news it looks like this portal is570.814.14
still active yeah this is the portal it572.43.66
should take us back to that alien574.957.49
facility the nice exquisite woman is yes576.0610.34
all right here we go582.443.96
yeah yeah forgot that fit that feels595.4511.14
awful no you know when you're on a599.938.01
roller coaster and you're right about to606.593.26
go over the edge care feels like that607.944.47
yeah you know that feeling in the pit of609.8518.78
your stomach why didn't you call me back612.4116.22
the last I talked to you I was on a640.063.91
submarine it was your birthday six642.413.12
months ago you're drunk643.974.14
and you passed out on me knees knees you645.535.93
promised to call me the next morning648.113.35
the Big Z lady is still alive and down677.086.58
here all right the last thing yeah we680.485.43
needed a crystal I forgot what the hell683.663.54
we were doing down here let me look685.9117.27
around a minute never call me back687.215.98
forgive me I was not so okay here okay705.1511.61
fine yeah hey listen yeah with six710.647.44
months of [ __ ] whoa716.763.66
look at that hey I just sent you some718.083.75
some dead otter nikana720.425.88
the aquarium arch here yeah all right721.837.08
I'm gonna put this ion cube into uh into726.314.76
this place but first they must be over728.9114.97
time is right and break free of their741.067.68
shelves this is what the others could743.8810.7
not force from me to you I gave this748.745.84
oh yeah I got a blueprint for hacking756.688.639
enzyme I assume so should I go with it760.16.69
when you know what let me take a I want765.3193.33
to go through this portal but also when766.793.239
I want to take a breath of air real768.6494.771
quick yeah she did she said something770.0295.97
about um half your eggs and they can go773.424.5
through the portal listen this whole775.9993.9
place was set up a cure this disease777.928.719
maybe if I help her out yeah I think779.8996.74
bowling listen listen I mean there's854.1394.99
gonna be five things I think I need I857.425.149
stock seeds see crown859.1293.44
wait that's what the night on cube -874.545.799
hold on noobs I have another iron cube876.7997.04
and I'm putting it in something else880.3393.5
yeah there's an incubator here that889.7495.171
insert hatching enzymes okay if we can892.3395.521
make these hatching enzymes I guess I894.925.31
can hatch these eggs for this big897.864.68
creature what am I doing here this900.233.269
thing's crazy902.542.81
alright I'm going through this portal903.4994.28
yeah I don't know where it takes me yes905.358.229
let's figure it out be amazing come on907.7798.04
name's I met the gun okay yeah okay why926.379.94
is it taking me to the gun yes we need932.565.73
to disable the gun so that's good we can936.314.11
we can cure ourselves and disable the938.293.21
gun all right let's work on these940.422.24
hatching enzymes941.511.42
okay I have a little bit of old book no993.458.04
it takes up like poor inventory slot I997.818.39
mean I might just need one thing of each1001.494.71
no what happened1015.263.48
yes somewhere to store this stuff no I1032.08.169
don't maybe oh you know what yeah what1035.16.51
if I can make a little face down there1040.16961.041
near that uh see if I can build a1041.6161.83
habitat down here even if it's just a1101.215.89
little apartment yeah it looks like I1103.446.09
can that's what I'll do I'll build a1107.14.35
compartment and then we can can store1109.534.71
[ __ ] in it all right but I need titanium1111.454.469
now which everything we're just laying1114.244.53
around here that'd be so convenient hold1115.9194.561
on honey I'm working on it I'm gonna get1118.773.18
that InDesign made I want a hot hatch1120.484.71
these eggs for some reason know what1121.955.93
titanium is1125.192.69
she's not saying anything1128.173.45
I'm back at dr. spaghetti spaghetti but1139.90926.051
yeah it grew on me yeah one bottle of1160.7117.459
fresh water no I've not been eating my1165.9620.81
feces no Simon I don't think that's true1178.16927.99
no never not once listen both you should1186.7724.67
be fired my opinion but you promised a1206.1596.081
call names1211.444.92
six months later thanks not what I1212.246.39
yeah it's my birthday that's the whole1219.1699.161
reason he called the first blue titanium1221.3099.74
all right if six titanium and then I1235.583.849
just need two quarts1238.472.639
so now all I gotta do is go get two1239.4293.0
quarts and then we can make the little1241.1093.45
the thing down there with the lady1242.42926.541
alright we're doing then oh hey buddy oh1244.55924.411
yeah oh yeah these crash [ __ ] just love1269.41911.59
to take you they want to blow up how1271.76913.83
many Court didn't one to court1281.0098.01
alright nice mission wasn't success I'm1285.5995.04
heading back to readdress base to grab1289.0197.16
dr. spaghetti yeah I have six titanium1290.6395.54
all right just think it's power no I1309.725.27
mean I just need it for storage storage1312.4816.74
now I need to build a no production of1314.9915.939
fly yeah I don't have any power in here1329.222.87
not worried about it1330.9293.421
no yeah if I need to breathe I'll just1332.0914.26
run up for air it's fine no they're all1334.3513.74
right I got it down here and I'm putting1346.354.62
this rotten bulb Bush sample in there1348.096.569
okay rotten and I hope it's I hope I can1350.975.159
build this enzyme with all this rotten1354.6592.551
stuff if I gotta go and collect1356.1292.371
everything in a short period of time1357.214.819
that's gonna piss me right off1358.53.529
all right I remember this place I'm down1376.278.51
here and the scary River oh what's this1379.35.48
and amoeboid me boy not on the list yeah1385.715.26
that's not what we need1389.625.18
should've been scanning more stuff1390.973.83
because I think I may be able to use my1395.1348.04
stasis rifle and freeze it all right my1436.997.74
evacuation route uh swim back to this1443.174.82
green waterfall back here1444.733.26
one this is stupid1448.3110.55
oh god this is stupid Oh God1454.943.92
it sounds freaky1459.113.56
yeah or did I miss1465.413.6
oh boy did it how did that not hit him1472.577.91
okay all right I'm getting to me the1489.65.72
half-naked work help uh-huh shoulda1507.04915.181
stayed on the beach should have stayed1520.194.73
on them [ __ ] beach1522.2317.479

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The Game

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- The cinematic editing and humorous narration by the Neebs Gaming team seems designed to showcase the exploration, discovery and survival aspects of Subnautica in an entertaining way. Their enthusiasm for the game comes through.

- The expansive underwater environments and myriad aquatic life forms look very immersive and imaginative. The game appears to offer a lot of freedom to explore the alien ocean world at your own pace.

- Crafting, base building, and resource management seem like they will be key gameplay mechanics, based on the activities shown in the video.

- The story about a crashed spaceship and signals from other survivors could provide an interesting narrative backdrop and motivation to keep exploring the ocean depths.

- Overall, the video makes Subnautica look like an inviting underwater adventure for players who enjoy exploring, building, surviving and unraveling mysteries in a beautiful, otherworldly marine environment.

- Neebs Gaming's humorous cinematic approach seems like an entertaining way to experience some of what Subnautica has to offer without playing it yourself. But the game also looks engaging enough that it may convince viewers to dive in and play it firsthand.

In summary, while I can't provide a full review without playing Subnautica myself, the Neebs Gaming video showcases the game's impressive underwater world and survival gameplay in an amusing cinematic style. Their enthusiasm and humor may inspire viewers to further explore the alien ocean depths themselves.

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