Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't checked out the latest video on the channel yet, you're in for a real treat. The ...


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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another thrilling episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into Breathedge, where apparently I can't even breathe properly in a game. Isn't that just fantastic?

simon: Oh Neebs, always finding new ways to struggle in video games. But hey, at least you're keeping us entertained with your lack of oxygen skills. It's like watching a fish out of water, except in space!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! Neebs, maybe you should stick to games where breathing isn't a requirement. Or maybe we can start a fundraiser to get you some virtual oxygen tanks. What do you think?

neebs: Oh come on, guys! I'm a pro gamer, I can handle a little lack of oxygen here and there. It adds to the challenge, keeps things interesting. Plus, who needs oxygen when you have friends like you two to keep me laughing?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't checked out the latest video on the channel yet, you're in for a real treat. The gang is back at it again, diving into the world of survival in Breathedge. And you know what they say - survival is all about having plenty of that sweet O2.

In this video, the crew encounters all sorts of challenges and obstacles as they navigate through the game. From dealing with creepy mannequins to figuring out how suitcases work, there's never a dull moment with the Neebs Gaming crew. And of course, they always manage to find themselves in some hilarious situations along the way.

One of the things I love most about Neebs Gaming is their sense of humor and camaraderie. It feels like you're right there with them, laughing and joking as they face each new challenge. And with timestamps provided, you can easily jump to your favorite moments or rewatch the best bits over and over again.

So grab a cup of coffee (don't forget to use code NEEBS10 for a discount!) and settle in for a wild ride with the Neebs Gaming crew. Trust me, you won't want to miss a minute of their latest adventure in Breathedge. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button and support them on Patreon if you want even more exclusive content and perks. Let's show our favorite gamers some love!

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pretty big chunk of the ship down here4.644.4
mhm man it's everywhere yeah you're not6.7993.96
wrong this is H this is going to be a9.044.679
legal nightmare for somebody what is10.7594.76
this the Service Supply compartment13.7193.521
almost intact they usually install15.5193.241
oxygen stations here you would be in17.243.0
luck if you managed to get18.764.279
inside oh man service department a20.244.359
damaged door scanner you can scan the23.0392.641
scanner with a scanner to record the24.5992.361
scanner's damage data to the scanner25.682.72
scanner protection system for emergency26.963.12
depressurization of the compartment you28.43.039
need a scanner I used the word scanner30.083.36
eight times damn it okay I don't have a31.4394.001
scanner yet but I guess I could scan33.445.2
this if you had a scanner I break it35.444.36
you're probably going to need to scan it38.644.0
scan examine says I could I could break39.85.16
it but yeah I would yeah that would42.646.88
ruin ruin what my this thing well what44.967.32
your your your Club my club I mean I got49.525.559
another one yeah thanks to Grandpa no52.285.599
not thanks to damn grandpa so what are55.0795.28
you going to do scan it uh yeah I guess57.8795.241
I got to make a60.3592.761
scanner I know it's not unlimited I'm63.645.36
heading back oh God it's it's very easy66.046.439
to get disoriented out here 3D space boy69.06.64
oh boy okay oo may have went a little72.4795.28
[ __ ] there we go there we go there we go79.46.24
okay you made it yeah doing great doing81.647.2
great still okay yeah85.646.2
you know what now that I got 100 I'm96.523.2
going to check over here yeah well hey97.926.08
be bold go go far and just keep track of99.726.96
your air candles yeah air candles I got104.04.399
three of them in my pocket so I should106.684.6
be okay all right what about in here108.3994.121
there's got to be some good stuff in111.283.24
here yeah this is creepy I do not like112.524.32
mannequins mannequins creep me out114.524.44
there's a movie about mannequins called116.844.12
Mannequin I think it is I think I've118.966.0
heard of it yep we go oxygen oh wow120.966.88
plenty of oxygen candles a battery all124.965.359
right I'm going to a damn Scrapper oh127.844.96
man [ __ ] good thing for Grandpa huh130.3196.081
yeah thanks grandpa I made an extra132.83.6
Scrapper what the hell someone drew a138.163.32
ding-dong on the back of this dummy's140.083.799
neck oh yeah141.484.88
yeah you think you'll watch mannequin at143.8794.881
some point what's mannequin about well I146.365.879
think this guy he's single and lonely148.765.0
and uh he starts falling for this152.2393.841
mannequin in a store but I think at153.765.399
night she turns into a real girl wow um156.086.56
I have zero interest in that but that159.1597.121
sounds pathetic162.643.64
okay it looks like a male delivery170.083.32
shuttle surely it was carrying a lot of172.082.72
useless things most of which were stolen173.44.08
before loading God another dead guy out174.85.28
here both lucky to be alive abs yeah177.484.08
you're not wrong doesn't seem like too180.082.64
many people are181.564.12
left all right hey anything in here can182.725.68
I break these come on oh yeah this might185.683.639
be good188.43.68
stuff which reminds me when you get back189.3194.601
home you need to make another one of192.083.28
clubs uh yeah since that one broke oh195.365.48
what's this197.766.479
suitcase inventory full what why you use200.844.959
one of your candles and then it won't be204.2393.681
full anymore you're not wrong boom got205.7995.401
it and then put that there I gotta go207.925.879
back my inventory is completely full oh211.24.8
but I want to hit all this stuff can't213.7993.64
get the metal all right yeah I'm coming216.03.159
back but I'm coming back out here I can217.4393.761
break all those crates there's got to be219.1594.481
good stuff in them so yeah coming back221.23.72
let me organize a little bit and we're223.643.319
going back out there there you go that's224.926.12
my boy thanks226.9594.081
Grandpa let's see can I open this233.5196.761
suitcase oh cool236.924.399
your Grandpa didn't teach you how240.282.2
work I guess he didn't all right perfect242.485.16
I'm going to put some wire in here oh245.685.119
yeah wow this is good storage some honey247.645.519
I'll keep some food and water on me this250.7994.16
plastic I got some253.1596.48
scissors yeah rubber okay boom all right254.9596.601
I got this suitcase here I'll keep it by259.6394.081
my crafting can I pick it up you can't261.564.96
take a container with items in it but263.724.56
Grandpa didn't teach me that I would266.523.32
have said something but sometimes the268.284.04
best way to learn is to let you make269.844.76
mistakes okay so I guess well I guess272.324.719
this lives here now damn it I hate it274.64.159
it's right in the middle of the floor277.0393.241
I'm moving it I'm I'm just taking278.7593.041
everything I can't I can't I can't deal280.283.96
with it my OCD is kicking in okay there281.84.52
we go perfect yeah I mean don't carry284.243.959
much with you you don't have to uh yeah286.323.12
you're not wrong so I can go out there288.1992.921
and harvest this is what I'm about to do289.444.88
but let's see let me use this go to my291.126.32
tools I can make another294.323.12
Scrapper and then boom all right I'm297.9194.201
going out God I'm proud of you shut the299.9194.481
[ __ ]302.122.28
up man you're growing up305.07.56
fast man these things are tough I'm312.564.0
going to go through these Scrappers314.85.0
pretty damn quick mhm I start carrying316.565.4
three of them yeah no319.84.16
kidding that's a lot of metal so I can321.964.0
make another323.963.959
Scrapper pretty much all I'm going to do325.964.679
with that is make another scrapper327.9195.161
so your main goal right now [ __ ] did you330.6395.601
break one I did I did that's333.086.239
okay my my main goal right now I was336.244.6
trying to find339.3195.72
aluminum and paint gotcha okay let's340.847.199
think oh boy hey another suitcase that's345.0396.921
good how's your air air is not good but348.0397.401
I just took a thing thing of migger mhm351.966.519
thing of M gigger candle yep oxygen355.445.44
ooh all right water not bad not a bad360.884.36
find all right what about in363.284.72
here a lot of good resources out here365.245.88
have you found any aluminum zero oh hey368.04.759
more oxygen candles that's good ah damn371.123.28
it my inventory is full what is that an372.7593.0
generator I want that well take the375.7595.201
candle and grab it drink water out in378.444.159
space which is stupid boom got the380.962.519
generator inside a battery okay oxygen383.4794.921
yep oh I'm going to have to do another387.04.919
candle there we go there we go okay got388.45.919
some good stuff out here got some real391.9194.881
good stuff but no I have not found394.3194.6
aluminum anywhere yet we're going to396.85.16
have to shift gears H to what can you398.9195.081
build a401.966.2
drill let's see H boom what does it take404.07.52
to make a drill oh wait stations408.165.4
containers oh I can make411.524.519
suitcases oh now I got two suitcases413.564.0
[ __ ] where should I put the other416.0393.641
one yeah there we go see I'll keep a417.563.56
little water in here for you there's a419.685.519
sweet package there you go man I mean421.125.639
you can't open it I still need to open425.1993.241
it and feed you but I'll keep your food426.7594.041
in here I just like knowing it's nearby428.446.439
okay good good so maybe uh you know430.86.56
maybe you'll be able to move again yeah434.8794.241
you know look on the bright side I like437.363.8
it I like your optimism let's keep that439.124.799
up we're going to find aluminum today441.164.08
yeah I'm going to find aluminum all443.9193.96
right so drill let's see I guess that is445.244.959
going to be to447.8793.72
hey drill I got enough stuff I'm making450.1992.921
a drill there we451.5994.761
go let roll up for sleeves all right453.124.919
sleeves are being rolled up boom we got456.364.839
a drill let's check this thing out oh458.0395.081
yeah all right so you think I can use463.124.28
this to get aluminum I'm hoping why465.4793.241
don't you empty your inventory so you467.42.96
got room for aluminum let's go out there468.725.879
and get it okay I I like this470.364.239
plan see think I could find aluminum on478.084.959
an asteroid now yeah I think you're on480.46.239
the right track what's this what's this483.0396.481
um Grabber what the [ __ ] okay I need486.6396.12
something else an alkaly Supply but I489.526.239
need a grabber okay let's remember that492.7595.12
uh so this is ice I don't need ice maybe495.7596.0
look along the rocks and see there's any497.8793.88
aluminum oh there's something what are504.967.319
you holy yep your instincts were correct508.245.84
nebes there you go Grand that's some512.2795.56
aluminum right there lead you astray514.086.079
yeah all right517.8394.32
aluminum okay what was the other thing I520.1595.081
needed damn I forgot paint oh yeah paint522.1595.161
am I going to find525.244.4
paint I know the paint department was527.325.56
way down there way down there yeah it529.644.72
was a separate part of the ship you're532.883.399
probably going to need some a lot of air534.363.599
to get there I think I might see the536.2793.56
paint department if that's what537.9593.961
I see something now it's either paint or539.8394.24
blood it' be a lot of blood so I'm541.924.159
guessing paint I don't know that's544.0795.601
that's a guess it's me either easy okay546.0795.081
well now that I can get aluminum that's549.683.64
cool anything else I can make here that551.164.2
would help me here's what I would553.326.12
suggest lead paint can you make uh like555.366.68
a air air refilling station air559.443.92
station alcohol I can make the oxygen563.364.8
candle well that could work all right565.9593.841
tell you what yeah I'll just I keep568.163.239
exploring maybe there's a blueprint or569.83.32
some sort of material that I got to find571.3995.56
maybe so okay uh let's see which way do573.126.88
we want to go is it paint way down576.9597.161
there you know what one two I got five580.05.32
candles I'm going way out here oh boy585.327.44
I'm so nervous for589.683.08
Oxygen's at 60 already603.164.28
nebs just just a quick peek was flooded604.9593.721
with paint during the crash even the607.442.32
service center wouldn't be able to clean608.682.52
it from the inside it's impossible to609.763.12
repair it the paint itself also has no611.24.4
value after freezing okay how do I how612.884.639
do I extract the paint can I get the615.64.44
paint here the safest private property617.5194.401
funer is indifferent to the effect of it620.044.44
opening SC my funeral agency we care621.924.2
about your reputation there we go scan624.485.08
my retina what's that doing scan your626.128.6
oh scan the re a mismatch oh [ __ ] oh God629.567.36
is there not just paint floating around634.724.52
uh I don't see I mean you think this636.923.84
would be paint but I don't know that I639.242.719
can extract640.765.72
it if I can I'm not seeing it oh God641.9596.56
uh how much air do you get from each646.485.24
candle like oh not not enough yeah this648.5195.32
is dumb I shouldn't be out here this far651.724.0
see if there's any balls like paintballs653.8393.961
like there is everything else uh I see a655.724.4
metal ball it might be like you know657.85.599
near all the big paint splashes okay oh660.124.6
what's this what's this it's probably663.3992.481
the owner of the shuttle with paint he664.722.84
was engaged in illegal665.883.68
pumping on his hands and a huge hose667.563.719
stuck to his face no no I got to get669.564.279
back I got to get back I'm671.2795.281
panicking [ __ ] all right so I know where673.8395.201
pain is at least that I did confirm that676.564.04
there you go if you just had more air to679.042.919
look around longer you'd probably find680.64.76
it yeah I got to figure something681.9593.401
so let's see um oh okay metal and690.9595.32
battery is all it takes to make an695.03.92
oxygen candle so I do this that's five696.2795.0
oxygen candles you think that's enough I698.924.84
man I hope so I got to get out oh wait I701.2794.521
should make another one of these huh703.764.639
another uh Club705.85.839
Smasher yeah I think that was just708.3995.961
metal let's see tools yeah another handy711.6395.121
Scrapper there you go two handy714.364.32
Scrappers you got plenty of room in your716.763.92
inventory for paint got plenty of room718.685.04
in my inventory yes uh you know what let720.686.0
me drop off some of this723.722.96
rubber yeah that should be plenty of726.923.599
room in my728.8394.921
inventory and uh yeah I guess I can go730.5195.44
and try and get paint that's the only733.765.16
thing I know to do and they just upgrade735.9595.401
my other stuff hey looking around I738.925.279
support you fully all right you comfy741.365.24
I'm perfect all right let me just there744.1994.2
you go I just need to sit you up a746.64.88
little bit you want to lay down um there748.3995.841
we go that's perfect okay751.485.039
cool all right big breath and I'm going754.244.44
it all right looking for paint blobs765.04.56
like you said oh he needs a few paint767.564.6
blobs yeah I see metal that's got to be769.564.279
metal right yeah that's just772.164.039
metal it's773.8396.12
metal [ __ ] metal776.1996.161
I'm not seeing any paint blobs like do779.9595.521
you see big big blobs of paint see is782.367.36
this anything down here is this785.486.919
guy Smuggler wait what does that say God789.727.08
damn it stop stop oh792.3997.12
God okay I took a guy's eyeball why796.84.279
would you do that uh I don't know there799.5193.161
was a retina scanner I saw not too long801.0793.361
ago I wonder if I scan his eyeball if802.683.44
that'll do anything wow that might be804.445.44
handy oh no Oxygen's not Unlimited806.127.04
okay paint I mean this seems like the809.884.72
place to get paint right it said813.162.88
something about paint all right sucking814.62.88
on some816.043.52
oxygen this shuttle is reconstructed for817.483.799
pumping paint from the liner tanks such819.562.92
paint sells for a lot of money on the821.2792.401
black market although Smugglers are822.482.32
happy about their profit only for a823.683.24
short time due to the paint's824.85.159
toxicity I don't see any paint I can't826.924.279
anything is this anything out of831.1997.601
here paint dude the hell how do I get834.047.44
get paint you can do it I would love to838.86.08
do it I would love to do it okay this a841.484.84
paint glob844.884.48
here oh damn it that's metal nah I don't846.324.8
want metal I know I don't want metal I849.364.76
don't see any damn pain out here851.127.399
neebs it's got to be854.124.399
[ __ ] three more oxygen tanks858.7595.161
okay wait is this this entire thing's864.06.16
paint why can I not use that866.64.32
on paint anything anything any bit of870.927.32
paint come on let me Harvest something875.5198.0
no what do I do how do I get878.245.279
paint all this paint but I can't get it883.8393.68
[ __ ] I got three tanks left neebs man I889.244.76
okay you're not seeing any huh I'm not892.123.079
anything this place is paint895.1996.521
devoid unless oh wait if I scan this was897.684.76
scanner no oh I got paint902.448.16
hey okay and I got the tape and boom I'm907.8394.161
heading back yeah you think it's enough910.62.64
to build what you want to build yeah why912.02.959
did it work on the chicken that time or913.243.44
maybe I scann the other thing I don't914.9593.601
know if it's enough to build what I want916.684.44
to build I think it was one lead paint918.564.839
okay well so I got I got to get back and921.124.48
look okay what are we looking at 20923.3996.281
seconds yep yep yep all right okay okay925.67.41
this is going to be close I think I'm929.685.719
okay get in here C out C out oh got I'm935.3997.12
back there's my boy yeah there you are940.164.159
hey you look you look ridiculous let me942.5194.361
see if I can K oh oh sorry here we go944.3195.0
yep okay there you are very flexible946.884.56
okay so now with this949.3194.96
paint uh resources did I learn something951.444.72
new composite resources oh I can make954.2795.12
paint with paint and Lead you can make956.165.039
paint with paint perfect I already got959.3994.041
lead paint yeah Jesus961.1994.76
perfect man tell you what if I could uh963.444.92
that only gives me radiation protection965.9594.24
man I need I need more oxygen that's968.363.2
what I need I don't need more radiation970.1994.241
protection I mean that's cool I need971.565.04
oxygen now how do I protect myself974.444.56
against like976.62.4
freezing well there's a wheel there's a979.483.719
way there is yeah you're right okay fine981.3194.481
I'll store the paint for now all this983.1996.361
metal good Lord glass any idea where I985.85.2
might be able to find989.564.32
glass let me think I got a lot of991.05.48
memories you993.882.6
know do you know that no I don't I'm997.1994.601
waiting for you to help me find glass999.923.52
okay I'm just saying when you get to be1001.83.44
a grandpa you're not a damn Grandpa all1003.443.36
right I mean you might be I don't know1005.244.64
we met today um let me think it's going1006.86.56
to take a minute you might want to busy1009.883.48
what about this stuff out here is this1019.3996.64
anything what am I looking at this1023.0795.0
toilet yeah I know freezing danger1028.0794.401
depressurization may occur in the1031.282.32
vicinity of the toilet pump when the1032.482.88
Wast is damaged externally it is highly1033.64.52
recommended not to sit oning and a guy's1035.364.199
hand sticking out of a toilet with a1038.124.6
thumbs up oh yeah that's blood like in1039.5596.081
Terminator uh yes like in Terminator oh1042.725.76
man it's so damn cold over here though1045.645.08
all right I got to get away from this is1048.484.68
this an ice ball right here no man I1050.724.839
guess yeah this is an ice ball isn't it1053.164.48
God what a mess yeah you don't need ice1055.5593.641
you need you need1057.645.389
glass hey nebes you like1064.6796.36
schwarma man I like anything this food1067.06.919
well I dropped it oh it's back there so1071.0395.481
yeah I left you some schwarma okay see1073.9195.12
you're welcome appreciate it all right1076.524.56
any uh any idea about glass yet you know1079.0394.601
what I'm trying to remember I feel like1081.086.64
Glass is very dangerous to a space suit1083.645.32
so I think you're going to probably want1087.723.12
to use a grabber if you find it it might1088.964.92
just be floating around in1090.843.04
space I'm not seeing okay free it's too1099.085.959
cold over here I can't go in this region1102.5596.281
right H do you see any like1105.0397.241
heat lamps you can get in near heat1108.846.199
lamps freezing danger is this a heat1112.284.519
lamp here some things around the1115.0393.681
spaceships are like will heat you up an1116.7993.281
automatic shuttle temperature control1118.722.48
system due to the freezing of the1120.082.719
sensors it works at maximum power and is1121.22.92
able to melt the cooling gel along with1122.7993.481
the helmet oh I guess this is a heat1124.125.84
lamp Okay now just look for like little1126.285.68
glass fragments you can grab with your1129.964.32
Grabber it's so hard to see out here cuz1131.965.16
what is this ice ball all already got an1134.285.639
ice ball ice is1137.127.679
everywhere okay little glass fragments1139.9194.88
huh they might even look kind of like1145.365.04
ice but they're not1147.725.079
gotcha if you see more heat lamps you1150.44.399
can kind of Bounce from lamp to1152.7995.12
lamp oh [ __ ] oxygen oxygen yep damn it1154.7995.0
I'm sorry I got1157.9194.601
so got to breathe yeah I1159.7995.201
know okay well there's one heat lamp I1162.523.48
don't see1165.03.559
anym not unless I'm just missing it all1166.06.28
together damn it uh oh God oh God damn1168.5595.641
it damn it damn it damn1172.284.519
it oh no I dropped it I dropped it you1174.24.16
dropped it I dropped it I dropped it all1176.7992.641
right get back1178.365.88
inside oh God what you do you okay yeah1179.446.599
I dropped it instead of using it is this1184.244.36
a coffee mug oh it's my grandpa's coffee1186.0394.841
mug it's still out1188.64.72
here I'll take that inside there you go1193.325.8
you got to keep that don't you1195.887.72
oh God my health is not looking good do1199.126.16
you think I should use the coffee mug1203.63.6
now here you want me to leave it over1205.284.399
here with you I mean I'm your Grandpa1207.25.719
now there you can have it I mean my1209.6795.161
grandpa's dead and you're not my grandpa1212.9194.161
but feel free to use that coffee mug you1214.845.839
want me to help you1217.085.24
there enjoy the coffee mug I know you're1222.324.359
saying one thing but your actions are1225.1594.64
saying another really yep oh wait what1226.6795.441
is this an1229.7994.561
accelerator a complex device for1232.124.24
outputting accumulated gases to1234.364.04
accelerate the body and weightlessness1236.363.88
that's what I'm talking about schwarma1238.44.0
refined metal and yellowish W give me1240.244.919
that schwarma back1242.42.759
nebes uh yes you got everything you need1246.365.4
to make it yep one accelerator coming up1249.365.52
oh man all right listen all right you1251.764.52
equip that thing you get out there and1254.883.84
you get you some ice so do I yeah like1256.284.08
right there that's right all right let's1258.724.92
see how this thing works an1260.365.96
accelerator am I going faster I think1263.644.8
you got to hit shift or something oh1266.323.76
yeah whoa1268.444.4
okay and then it has to recharge there1270.085.88
you go sport yes okay yeah I know I'm1272.844.88
freezing you know what makes you go1275.965.319
faster shift that's fart gas oh from the1277.726.319
schwarma from your suit yeah gotcha1281.2795.76
makes sense okay now careful is this1284.0395.64
glass nope that's ice but I need ice you1287.0393.721
don't want to B you don't want to bump1289.6792.6
into that ice and I don't want to freeze1290.765.44
to death okay that's all ice oh man is1292.2796.481
there another oh I see another heat1296.25.64
thing okay keep an eye out oh God this1298.765.24
is getting far away no no no no no no no1301.844.199
no this is getting too far away I want1304.04.919
to say the ice is the marking to the1306.0396.481
water tanks be like a light blue um okay1308.9195.88
I I'll keep I'll keep looking for that1312.524.12
but uh I feel like I need to make more1314.7993.401
uh oxygen things if I'm going to go that1316.644.76
far gotcha but this is great though oh1318.25.56
yeah I can I can really zip around now1321.46.04
look at you go look at me1323.763.68
go oh wait can I1336.63.64
scan oh damn it what you got I got the1340.726.68
blueprint for the scanner ah the scanner1343.765.919
okay sh [ __ ] all right well that's1347.43.6
helpful because I've been wanting to1349.6793.561
learn that for a minute let me break1351.03.679
this thing you going to break the door1353.244.28
hell yeah I'm going to break this door1354.6796.761
okay how's that going it's1357.526.039
going can you tell if you're like1361.445.239
getting through it yeah it's at uh 501363.5598.921
out of 100 okay H that's halfway1366.6798.401
yes and Bo that's broken but I made1372.486.199
another one what do you at now eight1375.088.92
15 yeah this is good 8 5 31378.6797.561
yes there can be no mistake here this is1384.04.0
working autonomous oxygen station it can1386.243.12
be used for longdistance flights if you1388.02.44
don't break1389.363.919
it examine a broken oxygen station you1390.444.0
must carefully remove this you must1393.2792.481
carefully remove the station by removing1394.444.239
two screws there anyway this doesn't1395.764.519
matter anymore at least now you have an1398.6792.721
understanding of how to assemble one you1400.2792.4
have a set of its parts and a light tast1401.44.759
of Despair oh NES yeah I can breathing1402.6796.961
here oh really this oxygen broken oxygen1406.1596.52
station oh1409.643.039
crap am I supposed to take where you1413.645.2
going damn it I lost it it's broken1415.765.12
maybe I learn how to make a not broken1418.844.079
one can you not bring it back with you1420.884.24
gra these wires uh maybe you don't need1422.9195.0
to maybe uh maybe I don't need to1425.126.48
sh oh there it is let's1427.9195.921
see nope it won't let me grab it it's1431.64.92
just broken so yeah this is broken but1433.844.28
hey I can actually breathe in here here1436.523.759
there's enough oxygen flowing that's1438.124.48
perfect hey if you can make an oxygen1440.2793.721
station you could build one out there1442.64.36
where you're looking for1444.02.96
glass here we go a scanner oh and I got1447.45.36
all the stuff to build it1450.0394.841
okay ahead and make you one of those1452.766.08
yeah there's several things that I can1454.883.96
scan so let's see what else can an1459.0395.681
oxygen generator we already have one of1462.246.12
those okay uh but can you make the uh1464.726.12
oxygen station oh yeah here I need an1468.365.4
oxygen candle I got I got all the stuff1470.844.4
there that's what we do we build one of1473.763.919
those we got to the cold area and you1475.244.96
can get oxygen while you're looking for1477.6795.36
glass oh my God thing's1480.25.24
huge all right I'm going to give it a1483.0395.681
shot good luck1485.443.28
all right my1498.64.24
Oxygen's 60 Al also have to consider1499.7995.12
getting back so I feel like I'm going to1502.843.719
put an oxygen station over here by this1504.9194.64
heat lamp Okay that's like I I think I1506.5595.281
can make it back I'm assuming the oxygen1509.5596.6
station will get you to 100 okay install1511.846.839
confirm and re is it I can just refill1518.965.719
the oxygen please go up to it1521.9196.201
and oh yeah oh but the oxygen station1524.6796.081
actually does have a health meter okay1528.124.32
well don't dilly d man okay then I'm not1530.764.799
Dilly ding I'm I'm getting in and I'm1532.445.44
going I got to get back to the oxygen1535.5594.0
station and then back to the ship so1537.883.519
when your air is around 50 around oh my1539.5593.401
God I'm going to freeze it is so [ __ ]1541.3993.841
cold out here look for them heat lamps1542.964.439
I'm going to the heat lamp oh my God oh1545.244.12
my God oh my God heat lamp heat lamp1547.3995.081
heat lamp heat lamp heat lamp heat lamp1549.365.08
come on please oh1552.486.559
God did you make it made it okay see any1554.448.08
uh glass glass glass anywhere look for1559.0396.12
glass God damn it I do not see any glass1562.524.2
need look for more heat lamps I'm going1565.1595.361
to turn around at 50 okay [ __ ] another1566.724.679
lamp is there one over1571.3996.16
here oh my God it's so far away1574.964.319
everything's so far away you don't have1577.5595.24
any candles do you uh no I got to turn1579.2796.201
back I got turn back I got to turn back1582.7994.561
jeez swing by that heat lamp just in1585.483.439
case yes yeah I'm going to do real quick1587.364.08
heat lamp and then to the oxygen tank1588.9194.961
can I make more oxygen stations I think1591.444.52
so good I need to build a thousand of1593.884.2
them that's the1595.964.439
spirit this is going to be a pain in the1598.086.12
ass isn't it I hope1600.39916.201

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