HELP. I'm Stranded in Space With My Chicken - Breathedge

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? It's an epic one, where our favorite crew fi...
HELP.  I'm Stranded in Space With My Chicken  -  Breathedge
HELP. I'm Stranded in Space With My Chicken - Breathedge

HELP. I'm Stranded in Space With My Chicken - Breathedge

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen that video where we're stranded in space with a chicken? It's my absolute favorite!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one is a classic! I mean, who wouldn't want to be stuck in space with a chicken, am I right?

neebs: Exactly! It's like a dream come true. Plus, the moment when we meet our new roommate is just priceless.

appsro: Oh, for sure! And don't even get me started on the condom balloon. That scene had me in stitches!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? It's an epic one, where our favorite crew finds themselves stuck in space, but they might not be the only survivors out there. Exciting, right?

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming, you'll definitely want to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs family. And a big shoutout to all the Patrons who support the channel - you guys are amazing!

Oh, and have you heard about their new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's a whole new adventure waiting to be explored, so make sure to give it a watch. And if you want some cool channel perks, check out the link in the description for all the details.

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Now, let's talk about the video itself. From the moment it starts with that epic intro, you know you're in for a wild ride. The survival challenges, the mysterious voice in the distance, and the unexpected roommate - every moment keeps you on the edge of your seat. And let's not forget the hilarious moments like the "Condom Balloon" and the struggles of no Netflix in space.

With time stamps provided, you can easily navigate through the video and enjoy all the highlights. And trust me, there are plenty of those. So grab your favorite drink (maybe some Player One Coffee with code NEEBS10 for a discount) and get ready to join Neebs Gaming on their space adventure. It's a journey you won't want to miss!

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where come20.3593.121
here you are again did you have time to45.85.04
think of how to behave during the48.2396.281
interrogation remind him50.843.68
R23 you tell us all you know from the58.686.719
beginning no lie61.483.919
confirm that's what I know what do you65.844.72
think about that67.922.64
Bubba you tell us all from the beginning73.7595.121
or violence you tell us that you fly to76.364.32
the funeral but the liner explode78.885.04
radicals of green Universe confirmed all80.686.799
right I'll tell you exactly how it83.926.28
happened okay so not too long ago my87.4795.481
grandfather passed away I had just90.24.48
picked up his body and was bringing it92.963.92
home my ship was docked and the hanger97.3995.521
of the interstellar100.042.88
unnamed I was just there thinking about103.26.16
Grandpa and relaxing with my pet chicken105.885.4
uh I picked up a paper that I'm still109.365.2
unsure of how it got delivered and uh111.286.199
the next thing I know I I hear a boom114.566.12
what the world is going on out there117.4795.56
God grandm124.64.04
you lied to me logo was impossible could151.9594.961
not see the shuttle from space tell154.844.96
Truth No Lie confirm all right you're156.924.84
right there wasn't a logo there I'll159.84.0
tell you what really happened I was sit161.764.08
there reading the paper I heard a boom163.83.4
and the next thing I know I hit my head165.843.8
and black167.22.44
out and I must have woke up a little169.683.12
later stranded out in172.85.12
huh gum gum don't need gum chicken good177.927.599
chicken's okay thank goodness greetings183.123.92
I'm your funerary space suit built-in185.5192.961
Guide to the world of space funerals187.042.72
before we start communicating further188.482.52
confirm that you were still able to read189.764.039
after the impact uh yeah yeah I can read191.05.2
all this spendid you've gotten into a193.7994.041
non-standard situation the breath Edge196.23.039
Global funeral agency is proud of its197.843.0
impeccable history however your death199.2393.28
may cause the loss of its reputation200.843.0
therefore we suggest that you stop the202.5193.8
gas leak and survive uh yeah gas leak oh203.844.84
God that ain't good206.3196.56
uh plug it get the I can plug it with208.687.52
chicken there212.8795.401
perfect to stop the leakage you'll need216.23.88
an object without any holes chicken218.284.599
holes what is this uh yeah when picking220.084.2
up any useful items you can stuff them222.8793.241
in your pockets calling it an inventory224.283.959
if you will take out the chewing gum226.123.399
from your pocket try not to get your228.2392.64
funeral stick it somewhere except for229.5192.56
your face there we go all right come230.8794.041
here chicken come and plug it there we232.0793.921
go you deserve some words of234.923.08
encouragement that's impressive you've236.04.319
almost won thank you remember that the238.03.76
funerary space suit isn't designed for240.3192.881
long-term use of persons or animals in241.762.8
outer space it is recommended to243.22.319
immediately call for help on the244.562.48
interphone improve the space suit or245.5193.521
become depressed oh God which one of247.043.399
those three do I want to249.046.36
do see if I can call for help250.4394.961
okay adjust the antenna you'll have to255.724.68
go into outer257.7992.601
space a source of increased radiation is262.283.8
detected probably this is the central264.62.76
core of the liner be careful the266.082.52
radiation will kill you instantly in267.363.0
such a suit268.63.439
okay radiation I'm guessing that's that270.363.52
big bright spot over there all right272.0395.921
where's the antenna antenna antenna it's273.887.24
got to be it right around the back yes277.965.36
all right check the antenna that was a281.124.079
close call try to adjust the antenna283.324.719
very carefully all right you've got285.1994.44
great engineering skills you have broken288.0393.241
the antenna completely now you will need289.6393.0
some special equipment and interphone291.282.68
activation codes which are encrypted in292.6392.601
the memory of the steering wheel if it's293.963.72
still intact steering wheel oh God I'm295.243.64
running out of breath where the hell is297.682.72
that steering wheel298.885.759
wheel oh this is300.44.239
[ __ ] God there's this door One open304.9197.161
oh grandpa I love you love the308.527.2
chicken okay let's go312.083.64
outside steering wheel plenty of breath316.325.04
plenty of breath here we go steering319.04.199
wheels right over321.364.8
here okay it looks like the steering323.1994.641
wheel you need to try to connect to it326.163.8
oh perfect let's see connect back to the327.844.079
steering wheel great news using my329.963.359
ingenious two-digit password Ric331.9192.481
algorithm I managed to hack the333.3192.841
intophone activation codes now all it's334.42.84
left is to build a cryptographic336.162.44
debugging station and reconfigure the337.242.88
inone using these codes which will take338.63.0
about 5 years with your current skills340.122.84
son of a341.63.319
[ __ ] remember that you are still able342.963.2
to become depressed oh yeah I'm344.9193.12
depressed all346.165.12
right let's see okay got to figure out348.0395.921
how to create a debugging station we'll351.286.12
use this equipment maybe a tool353.966.0
cryptographic debugging station I'm357.44.44
going to need metal I'm going to need a359.965.239
wire I think I can find that there got361.845.759
to be plenty of metal plenty of365.1995.681
wire hanging around here good God this367.5995.6
is a wreck it's actually a wreck this is370.885.56
a mess it's both a wreck and a mess373.1997.361
hello hello hey hey someone there376.447.52
someone out there alive yeah I'm over380.567.479
here over where to your to your left and383.967.799
straight to left LIF and straight wait388.0397.44
yeah is that you thank God391.7598.56
okay I'm are you okay nope I'm stuck in395.4799.041
space uh yeah so am I okay okay can you400.3196.241
get me out of here uh maybe I I got to404.524.76
find metal is this wire okay yeah I just406.564.6
found wire I'm looking for metal and409.284.16
Wire yeah it's everywhere uh yeah I hope411.165.0
it's everywhere look around you oh boy413.444.8
let's see what's down here alcohol don't416.164.719
need that what are those nutrition418.244.959
packets yep that's mine those are all420.8795.16
mine oh I I'll be back buddy I got I got423.1994.161
to take a breath take me with you I got426.0394.201
to take a breath [ __ ] crap what is that427.364.72
water oh good learn how to make a bottle430.244.239
of damn water all right breath breath432.087.679
breath oh God oh God okay metal and wire434.4797.801
got some wire just need a little bit of439.7597.761
metal hey buddy hey um where where's442.287.88
metal everywhere look at this it's a447.526.28
ship oh wait okay I think I found it yes450.165.159
all right I found453.84.399
metal just got to get a little bit of455.3195.841
metal you see any more wires I need458.1995.161
wires yeah they should be like in all461.164.56
the brok broken wires everywhere yeah I463.364.72
got those are there any over465.725.919
here let's see plastic don't need468.086.559
plastic oh good I found some more I'm uh471.6394.721
I'm in the middle of making a debugging474.6394.84
station I'm I'm trying to establish uh476.365.279
communication okay with uh I don't know479.4794.56
whoever I'm supposed to communicate with481.6396.161
can I um where do you live live uh-huh I484.0396.201
mean I wouldn't call that a home but my487.85.2
ship's over there all right can I go490.245.32
there you want me to drag you to the493.05.52
ship well I can't move so okay oh I'm495.564.639
running out of oxygen I I'll be I'll be498.524.2
back I'll be back buddy I promise500.1994.761
God oxygen502.724.36
oxygen oh this is getting close a little504.965.72
too close Okay get in get get in okay507.085.6
crap let's see if I can make this510.684.56
station all right here we go516.084.92
cryptographic graphic debugging station518.126.36
got it okay now pick up the debugging521.05.56
station Oh I thought I had it oh put it524.484.2
in my inventory and boom if you're sure526.563.16
that this is exactly what was on the528.682.56
blueprint then try to reconfigure the529.722.52
receiver if you have any doubts531.242.039
concerning it then you will eventually532.242.279
suffer an electric shot and then your533.2792.401
space Hood will automatically take your534.5192.521
body measurements to order a coffin from535.682.8
our company thank you for choosing the537.044.28
global funeral agency yeah perfect so538.485.52
glad I chose you guys all right let's541.326.04
see if I can debug this544.03.36
receiver there we go oh good call for547.645.879
help yes The Rescuer arrival time550.65.12
exceeds your estimated lifespan by553.5194.44
4,369 years you need to get to the555.723.52
extraction Point yourself getting past557.9592.841
the radiation however it's impossible to559.242.839
do this with your current skills to560.82.52
increase your level you need to create562.0793.081
some crap imposed by the developers oh563.324.6
damn it I hate the565.162.76
refined metal wire electrical tape where571.886.56
am we going to find electrical576.126.32
tape hey buddy hey you still out here578.446.56
you're back yeah um do you know where I582.446.24
can find electrical tape uh nope nope I585.05.279
mean there's a lot of wreckage just look588.683.52
around just look around okay hang out590.2793.081
right there a592.24.12
minute I'll I'll drag you back to my uh593.365.76
I guess it's not my house my ship okay596.325.519
let see uh guess I could take more metal599.125.08
going to need that a standard C the601.8394.281
global the opening of the coffin will be604.23.16
considered an defense and an active606.122.64
vandalism but no one will judge you if607.364.08
you die damn it nope that's not608.764.8
Grandpa all right buddy here I'm going611.445.24
to try to get you got you come on okay613.566.16
come on come on now we're talking it's616.684.599
cold out here you619.724.2
know yep no it's super cold I get it621.2794.601
space Oh wow it's a little warmer in623.923.52
here this is your place huh yeah this my625.883.88
place come on this is great627.445.28
oh sorry sorry ow okay are you can you629.766.48
move no oh that's not good we're going632.724.96
to have to get your a lot heavier in636.242.88
here we're we're going to have to get637.683.24
you to like a doctor can I sit on the639.123.92
couch I can try to get you on the couch640.924.28
God you [ __ ] heavy oh yeah oh this is643.044.479
great oh man you're a lifesaver oh645.24.4
you're welcome all right you you have no647.5193.601
idea where I could possibly find Tate649.63.08
it's just out there somewhere what's651.123.24
your hurry we just got here let's catch652.685.48
up catch up I'm neees neees I'm abro654.366.2
cool I need need tape so I can make some658.165.32
crap in post by the developers okay yeah660.564.959
I need tape663.485.28
too to tape stuff okay cool I'm going to665.5195.281
go out I'll be on668.764.319
comms okay what670.85.76
channel um well I guess I'll have to673.0796.121
program your suit to there we go Channel676.565.279
4 uh Channel nebes come in hold on my679.24.52
name is babe I'm beautiful can you save681.8395.721
me completely alone take off your683.725.84
helmet there might be another Survivor687.563.88
needs someone named babe okay little689.563.48
cuter has very sweet accent causing fail691.445.28
errors in micr medical functions okay693.045.0
computer's telling me she has a sweet696.724.0
accent so she's got that going for her698.044.479
okay well I'm get I'm going to go find700.725.919
tape right on uh checking comes check in702.5196.921
comes yeah I hear you706.6392.801
buddy you seem really busy uh I am busy714.925.28
I'm trying to create some crap imposed718.363.919
by the developers but I need tape720.23.439
founding metal all over the place722.2795.12
Metal's not a problem tape however has723.6397.921
become elusive to me oh boy okay coming727.3997.041
back in I see a I see a little bit more731.564.519
wreckage not too734.444.199
far I'm going to go uh try try to see if736.0794.76
there's any tape there are you cozy I'm738.6394.121
really comfortable I really appreciate740.8394.68
the uh the use of the couch where are742.766.48
you sleeping Pro probably the bed oh is745.5196.12
that the only bed uh yes yeah my749.244.12
grandfather was sleeping here I was I751.6393.521
was my grandfather passed away recently753.364.56
I was transporting him back yep sorry755.164.56
he's he's lost I got to find him too757.924.08
he's lost out there in space okay well759.724.679
where were you going to so he's passed762.04.76
on and what was your intentions just got764.3994.041
to get him back oh hold on Babe's766.764.6
texting me lifegiving768.447.36
oxygen you suddenly smoked there okay I771.366.2
this lady's crazy what were you going to775.84.599
do with the remains777.565.399
bury them in space no hell no not in780.3995.321
space I'm going back to Earth okay I'll782.9595.601
be back I'm going to go check this area785.723.56
here what kind of tape you looking for800.1994.361
just tape man I understand that such an802.483.44
image can horrify you but put your mind804.562.639
at ease you will need to pay only half805.923.64
the cost of a damaged space situation807.1993.681
the breathedge agency is proud of its809.563.519
loyal attitude towards clients uh I hope810.883.56
this guy wasn't your813.0793.32
friend there's a guy out here that's814.445.12
been just crushed oh yeah do you know816.3995.521
their name uh no I don't know his name I819.564.36
don't see a dog tag on him821.925.32
either I am not seeing tape starting to823.926.64
think tape doesn't exist out827.243.32
here judging by the degree of832.163.479
decomposition this subject died long834.043.039
before the catastrophe we have a murder835.6392.841
here Sherlock and we just have to ignore837.0792.641
oh God there's a there's a guy here uh839.725.84
who's handcuffed to a bed looks like he843.03.839
was having a really good time when he845.563.88
died oh wow see is this846.8395.281
tape Nova chunk I don't know what that849.446.16
is damn it I need tape can I get in852.126.36
these drawers855.65.88
no do you think the guy was like crazy858.485.919
or dangerous I have no idea cuz of the861.485.24
handcuffs like was like a restrainer864.3993.281
like a866.724.72
suit no it seemed very sexual in nature867.687.76
oh really uh yes yeah really was he nude871.447.319
uh no he had a space suit on which leads875.445.28
to a whole other line of878.7595.841
questions where do I find tape Staples880.725.919
but are they going out of business or884.64.359
are they886.6392.32
good okay can I make tool a handy890.87.56
Scrapper three metal oh wa if I make895.04.92
that and I can break those boxes open898.364.64
maybe there's tape in those boxes okay899.925.32
where I need more metal metal metal903.06.24
metal uh come down here to find905.249.399
metal oh jeez okay this is a good ways909.247.599
away the largest condom in the world and914.6393.56
also an emission of gas most likely916.8393.761
oxygen are detected ahead the largest918.1993.601
there's no data on the condom being920.62.72
suitable for an oxygen Reservoir but you921.82.839
can try to construct a simple balloon923.322.68
for distracting yourself from Fatal924.6394.961
thoughts okay cool oh I got a blueprint926.05.519
for an oxygen balloon oh there you go929.64.719
oxygen candle oh those are good uh yeah931.5194.68
it does seem good I'll pick these up I934.3193.241
don't know why they call them candles936.1993.721
though yeah that's an odd name for it937.564.56
doesn't look like a candle oh grab this939.923.96
wire while I'm out here you know what942.125.88
they do seconds burn uh candles it's943.886.879
kind of like canned air I think if you948.05.079
lose air you can just suck them oh take950.7594.601
a take a big old puff yeah oh yeah that953.0793.401
is that does sound like it would be955.363.0
handy yep I know I'm coming back I'm956.483.68
coming coming958.365.279
back so do we share food or is there960.165.0
going to be like963.6394.401
a section of fridge it's mine I mean965.165.44
well you can't move can you so I feel968.044.599
like this situation like I have to feed970.64.2
you okay I just didn't want you eat my972.6394.281
food okay guys speaking of I'm a little974.84.64
thirsty me too let's976.925.359
see uh yellowish water I can't drink979.444.519
that God I got any bottled water982.2795.401
anywhere or can I make uh let's see oh983.9595.24
you know what you want to do987.684.519
you want to go gather ice ice get there989.1994.241
there's ice everywhere out oh yeah that992.1993.681
makes sense yep melt it down and then993.444.759
we'll have a drink oh yeah these right995.885.68
here yeah ice and I think I just needed998.1995.88
two of them well there's two of us1001.566.16
so okay I'll get a little more1004.0797.34
and what did you say your name was uh AB1015.047.96
abro right can I grab this St1019.3197.401
abso see I thought I was pick it up here1023.09.039
here you go man I'll uh drop this by you1026.727.28
there bottle of water oh yep thank you1032.0393.4
so much and1034.03.799
um here you want to drink it a little1035.4397.48
bit there you go mhm yep perfect you1037.7997.76
satiated very great thank you so much1042.9194.241
all right I'm going to go try to find1045.5592.961
more metal so I can make a thing1047.163.759
hopefully bust open a box got you so1048.527.0
just just hang out there yeah not going1050.9194.601
anywhere do you have Netflix in here I1058.125.04
don't think we have Netflix out here man1060.764.12
that that would be great though I was1063.164.56
watching that series with uh Robo in it1064.885.4
okay unstable I think I think his son1067.726.12
plays his son in it Robo son plays roblo1070.286.56
nope roblo Sun plays roblo Sun okay1073.845.44
roblo Sun plays roblo1076.843.719
a lot of various goods were transported1079.282.92
in the cargo holds of the lineer unnamed1080.5593.201
the global funeral agency rented only a1082.22.599
small part of the ship space in the1083.762.6
framework of the advertising company and1084.7993.721
has nothing to do with these Goods did1086.364.199
you get that last bit I said no I got1088.526.24
distracted by a very odd uh like dummies1090.5595.721
everywhere I don't know okay I got a1094.764.52
little bit more metal coming back Robo1096.285.96
plays like a biotech genius oh [ __ ] um1099.285.36
how do I use these uh okay seems they1102.243.679
were playing some brain cracking games1104.645.0
them just oh there we go okay1105.9195.76
perfect I use one of those oxygen1109.644.159
Candles there you go so I could just1111.6794.441
stay out here a little longer honey I1113.7994.0
found some honey you can eat those yeah1116.124.919
no I'll eat honey I1117.7995.441
won't was wrong I think these these guys1121.0393.88
were playing video games and the TV1123.244.919
crushed their head take the wiring I1124.9194.721
probably knew them I know a lot of1128.1593.121
Gamers oh they were play oh they were1129.643.519
playing Mortal wombat I love that game1131.284.44
mhm be careful games provoke cruelty1133.1593.961
because according to statistics most1135.723.079
criminals played them at least once all1137.123.16
criminals drink water blinked and used1138.7992.88
toilet paper which makes it possible to1140.282.879
draw an unequivocal conclusion about1141.6792.841
your criminal1143.1594.681
inclinations yep I know stereotypes huh1144.526.2
yeah you got to love them or hate1147.846.16
them uh no it was a tool yeah a handy1150.725.8
Scrapper I think if I make1154.04.76
this I can go out and hit some of those1156.523.96
boxes that I was seeing maybe that's1158.763.84
where your tape's at huh well that's my1160.484.319
next best guess yeah check this thing1162.64.28
out perfect W yeah oh you look like a1164.7994.24
ninja carrying that1166.883.88
ninjas carry this don't ninjas have1169.0393.481
those no ninjas would have I don't know1170.765.36
throwing stars katanas okay yeah hold on1172.525.44
babe saying I have big bust and slender1176.124.439
legs I wanted you to know and motivate1177.965.04
to save me I'm guessing Russian what was1180.5595.281
I thinking of not ninjas you're right1183.05.6
about that yeah no this looks nothing1185.845.16
like what a ninja would carry oh caveman1188.64.12
caveman is probably more accurate yeah1191.02.96
it's very Clubby all right I'm want to1192.722.92
go hit boxes1193.966.28
ug yeah ug1195.644.6
come on come on come1203.6798.24
on oh God what is that water1207.088.4
tape no tape nope just a1211.9196.161
condom okay strangely okay I might be1215.483.96
able to use a condom to make something1218.083.8
like an oxygen balloon oh you don't want1219.445.0
to breathe that I think there's like1221.885.84
powder for some reason in those powder1224.444.479
isn't there1227.723.8
and a condom oh is this tape no damn it1228.9195.681
metal rubber am I mistaken again fine1231.526.2
metal you got to be mistaken I can't uh1234.64.8
yeah I've never used a condom with1237.724.199
powder on it powder powder condoms isn't1239.46.8
a thing no not powder lubricant maybe1241.9197.561
wouldn't it both powdered lubricant1246.25.52
powdered they seem like two completely1249.484.8
different things to me man I could have1251.724.72
SW powdered lubricant there's not powder1254.285.84
in those no you got to be mistaken wait1256.446.08
is there any maybe in this container and1260.124.52
tape damn it no tape I'll put this dead1262.524.72
hamster in1264.642.6
here I'm going to check my smart visor1274.0393.841
and see if there's powder and condoms I1276.43.399
mean you might be right but that sounds1277.884.679
crazy oh got got a result oh whoa whoa1279.7994.161
whoa whoa1282.5595.761
okay sorry um I started freezing oh oh1283.967.199
you can't go near the the coolants oh1288.324.68
the coolant system okay that makes sense1291.1593.64
I guess yeah coolant system blew and1293.05.72
there's just coolant goo everywhere1294.7996.0
gotcha how'd you get on this ship you1298.723.76
don't seem to know anything I mean I was1300.7996.081
just bringing my damn grandpa oh just1302.486.24
you know transport I don't actually work1306.883.76
on the ship I got my oh wait is that1308.723.4
tape refined1310.644.84
metal that oh could have sworn I just1312.126.28
knocked some scissors check keep a1315.485.12
rolled latex condom from sticking to1318.44.72
itself manufacturers dust it with powder1320.64.28
they dust it with powder to keep it from1323.124.48
sticking to itself yep that sounds I1324.884.279
don't know I think of powder like baby1327.63.559
powder yeah and I'm like that in a1329.1595.441
condom that doesn't make any damn sense1331.1597.481
sure equipment tools shears I can make1334.67.92
shears oh yeah Scrapper items1338.646.32
oxygen oh wait there it is oh I needed1342.525.84
rubber rubber to make tape rubber Jesus1344.966.56
okay making some tape you get yourself1348.366.28
some rubber some lubricant and some1351.525.8
powder you got yourselves a condom oh1354.645.919
yeah oh cool I can uh I can make this1357.325.479
crap andos by the developers boom there1360.5595.081
you go sweet now we're getting out of1362.7994.961
here all right now what uh I'll bind it1365.644.35
to a spot and1367.767.919
boom way to go the electrical1375.6794.521
stimulation is complete having traced1378.42.8
your brain's activity while you were1380.22.4
working your brain was stimulated with1381.22.8
small electrical charges to improve your1382.63.04
engineering skills judging by the result1384.02.919
it didn't work and caused a number of1385.642.72
hallucinations however it was1386.9192.88
entertaining you still can't get past1388.362.6
the radiation but I will Mark the1389.7993.521
coordinates of The Rescuers for useless1390.964.839
motivation perfect okay well now I have1393.324.239
the coordinates for our Rescuers where1395.7994.201
do I can I just put this your1397.5594.521
grandfather will be so proud can I put1400.06.52
this here there useless crap imposed by1402.087.599
the Developers1406.524.759
get to the in all right so we got to get1409.6794.36
to the evacuation point oh hold on babe1411.2794.52
I have received signal from Normandy do1414.0393.601
you get it too I think it's some kind of1415.7994.081
trap you mustn't fly there maybe these1417.644.48
are survivors luring other survivors and1419.886.799
eat them she is a piece of work1422.124.559
man okay you've been sit I feel like I1427.965.12
got to move you I'm no I'm good you sure1430.364.28
yeah I I don't I don't think you are I'm1433.083.599
afraid you're going to get like uh I1434.645.919
don't know bed stor DBT is that a thing1436.6796.681
maybe DBT what's DBT deep vein1440.5594.6
thrombosis yeah yeah I'm worried about1443.363.559
you so okay appreciate oh there1445.1593.441
circulation I can feel the blood pumping1446.9193.961
now oh yeah all right perfect yeah just1448.63.76
hang just hang out there a little bit I1450.884.88
feel like an athlete okay um athlete1452.365.199
hold on let me see where this evacuation1455.765.159
point is you say athlete with two or1457.5596.6
three syllables athlete too you sure1460.9195.681
athlete no yeah two athlete is how I say1464.1594.801
it athlete one of those like athlete1466.65.959
athlete athlete athlete athlete jeez is1468.966.599
this evacuation Point1472.5596.0
1,593 damn meters away you don't have1475.5594.401
enough oxygen for that my friend hell no1478.5592.801
I don't have enough oxygen to get out1479.963.04
there oh wait weren't you going to make1481.365.16
a condom to breathe out over1483.03.52
something okay so this oxygen balloon uh1487.525.96
oh that'll increase my oxygen Reserve by1491.25.199
25 points there you go condom wire PL1493.484.439
okay I got everything except the the1496.3993.481
tape but I can make the1497.9195.601
tape uh [ __ ] I just need more rubber1499.885.44
gota and then I can use my beaten thing1503.524.399
I got to go find more stuff uh yeah my1505.324.4
mission right now is rubber go get it1507.9194.161
man I'm I'm going I'm going I'm going1509.723.8
God I wish your grandfather was here to1512.083.67
see this1513.525.0
yeah were you and your grandfather close1518.526.159
no not really oh really yeah sadly1521.245.08
that's I just saw him a lot I was a kid1524.6793.841
you know I got busy you know how I do1526.325.0
you got busy yeah I got busy he was old1528.525.8
was he old when you were born to me yes1531.325.4
okay what is this oh can I get rubber1534.324.239
out of this was that rubber no that was1536.724.16
plastic plastic in a battery babe when I1538.5594.041
tried to connect I'm sick of hearing1540.883.64
from her already you guys didn't do1542.64.679
anything together my grandpa and I yep1544.524.56
took the kayak in once well there you go1547.2793.201
he would take me uh he would also like1549.083.92
take me down to a river it just let me1550.484.84
throw rocks in the river man that that1553.04.52
sounds like something I'll walk you the1555.323.56
river River and you throw rocks in it1557.523.399
listen I was happy to do it I was a kid1558.884.36
there you1560.9192.321
go oh what the hell what happened my1564.886.799
damn handy Scrapper broke yep it didn't1568.5594.72
look like it was made very well oh son1571.6792.841
of a [ __ ] is this something that's1573.2792.801
going to break it oh cool here's one of1574.523.96
these things man can I carry it want you1576.084.56
just grab it and can I knock it back1578.484.439
towards the1580.643.96
yeah I'd be careful hitting things in1584.64.48
space there's no resistance it'll go1587.04.24
forever uh it seems to be slowing down1589.083.52
which yeah doesn't make any damn sense1591.243.159
but yeah you're right you're right okay1592.63.559
I know where it's at now hopefully1594.3993.88
there's some rubber in there but damn it1596.1594.281
now I got to make another Scrapper1598.2793.561
probably have two of those on you at all1600.443.92
times huh yeah no [ __ ] all right let's1601.844.959
see tools there we go at least I got the1604.364.72
metal to do it your grandfather never1606.7994.76
taught you that huh uh no my grandfather1609.085.12
was not stranded in space so uh it never1611.5593.801
up he failed you1615.364.24
come on give me that rubber give me that1621.63.16
rubber give me that1623.444.92
rubber yes I got a piece of rubber sweet1624.765.519
all right good good good good good all1628.363.96
right now I can make the tank to give me1630.2794.921
more oxygen so how much do I have right1632.325.92
now didn't it what looks like1635.26.599
75 so if I use this go to my equipment1638.247.12
wait oh yeah that's right I needed the1641.7993.561
tape there there we go that'll allow me1646.328.56
to do this and create the oxygen balloon1650.04.88
boom man look at you there we go look at1655.26.64
you go and let's see do I put it on my1658.5595.12
here boom Oh so that takes my oxygen1663.6796.201
from 75 to 100 that's beautiful sweet1666.844.439
now I can go a little bit further that1669.884.44
is good enjoy this moment uh I will you1671.2795.841
got to enjoy little victories I I'm1674.324.56
enjoying it I know your grandfather1677.124.039
wasn't there for you and he he was there1678.884.12
for me okay I'm just saying he would1681.1592.88
have been like if I had called him and1683.02.2
said grandpa I need help he would have1684.0392.961
came would come running we loved each1685.23.76
other we just didn't see each other a1687.03.44
lot you know yeah you're still walking1688.962.68
around with one1690.443.959
Scrapper you w yeah I'm fine with one1691.644.879
Scrapper for now okay until you're in1694.3993.52
space and it breaks yeah you know what I1696.5192.841
got enough metal I may as well yeah I'll1697.9192.76
make another one I'll make another one1699.364.36
why not I'm with you can I be your new1700.6796.6
Grandpa no you can give me a nickname no1703.725.679
I'm we to go and make these shears too1707.2793.76
just for fun let's pretend I was your1709.3993.841
grandfather let's not what would you1711.0396.12
call me grandfather Grandpa Papa there1713.245.12
we go now we're talking something1717.1594.041
personal something fun I'll grab some1718.364.6
rocks buddy and we'll go to the river1721.23.16
yeah now you're not going to be my1722.964.4
yet okay I'm just going to get out and1727.5193.52
explore and then I can go a little bit1729.6794.12
further and see what resources there are1731.0395.321
go get them sport I'm going to get them1733.7994.88
don't call me sport1736.363.72
take these shears what can I use these1738.6794.12
shears on go get them1740.084.599
plating oh this this fabric oh cool I1744.6796.48
can take this I got fabric I knew you1748.1594.131
could do it1751.1597.481
tiger what is that oh another battery1758.646.0
water oh wait can I scan the TV oh I1761.846.04
need a scanner how's your air uh oh yep1764.645.48
20 seconds time to head back Grandpa's1767.886.32
not going to let you down you're not my1770.126.159
well kind of feeling that road right no1776.2793.561
you're not you're not my damn Grandpa1778.323.12
you're some dude that I've just met1779.842.76
today that I found floating out in1781.442.959
[ __ ] space yeah but you feel like you1782.64.28
lack wisdom and guidance oh [ __ ] that oh1784.3995.12
God okay that was close that was1786.884.799
close I've only been your grandpa for1789.5193.681
like you're not my damn Grandpa okay I'm1791.6793.161
just saying you would have died like1793.23.719
five times already had I not been1794.843.36
watching you1796.9192.64
what you're not watching me you even1798.23.079
know your paralyzed ass is sitting right1799.5593.84
here in in my damn ship you just about1801.2795.801
suffocated in space what you saying but1803.3995.681
I wouldn't have hey you know what this1807.083.88
is normal look I got an extra look I got1809.084.56
two oxygen candles on me it's perfectly1810.964.839
normal for family to bicker we're not1813.644.48
family all right we're not stop1815.7994.561
pretending we're family okay let's see1818.123.64
uh I need to clear out some inventory1820.363.64
space guess I can store these Waters1821.764.88
good God give you give give out water1824.04.15
like candy1826.645.6
here what are you going to do when you1832.244.08
get home if we when we get out of this1834.085.28
well first thing is uh get Grandpa's1836.324.92
will read and figure out what to do with1839.366.799
his estate our estate could be what what1841.248.559
could be our estate our estate our like1846.1596.601
you and me no you you have no legal1849.7994.801
right to what the hell my family does1852.763.399
you don't know where this relationship's1854.63.84
going what our the relationship between1856.1593.841
you and me I know for damn sure I'm not1858.443.599
putting you into Grandpa's will because1860.03.679
I have no legal authority to do that1862.0393.52
okay but we just met today I know that's1863.6794.6
what I'm saying like relationships grow1865.5595.201
you don't know where listen Maybe we we1868.2794.201
develop a great friendship and maybe1870.764.36
I'll put you into my will but you you1872.484.6
can't go into my grandfather's will he's1875.123.76
already written the damn thing okay1877.083.079
let's don't get ahead of ourselves all1878.882.759
right you're the one that's saying our1880.1594.48
will we're both healthy we don't need to1881.6395.16
talk about it right now okay there's1884.6394.081
nothing wrong with planning okay yeah1886.7993.401
let's talk about it talk about what my1888.725.52
grandfather's will sure I mean I hope he1890.27.4
left me something1894.243.36
yeah scissors batteries tell you what1899.324.88
I'm excited for the day I got to make1902.842.88
something with a battery I got a1904.23.439
thousand of those oh man that's going to1905.724.799
be something yeah I hope I'm there for1907.6397.0
it yeah me too I mean you don't you feel1910.5195.681
okay right yep you don't feel like1914.6392.601
you're going to pass out or anything or1916.23.8
anything no I'm ready to sit up though1917.245.24
okay I'll I'll I'll sit you up1920.05.48
buddy here we go let me sit you up just1922.486.24
a little bit okay y you're heavy we go1925.484.72
you're heavy okay I think I might have1928.724.28
to put you down throw your feet oh sorry1930.24.24
not as big a fan as this okay are you1933.04.399
okay that are you okay there I mean I'm1934.445.239
on the floor but okay you want to okay1937.3993.361
yeah now you're right you're right all1939.6793.161
right I try to grab you here yeah I like1940.763.6
being a pile where I can see everything1942.843.959
okay yep yep yep got to move you in1944.365.76
there we go movie in and oh yeah okay oh1946.7994.961
let me get you1950.126.64
higher yep that's perfect you don't look1951.7619.92

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