GTA 5 Online - The Bikeless Bikers - Episode #7

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
GTA 5 Online - The Bikeless Bikers - Episode #7
GTA 5 Online - The Bikeless Bikers - Episode #7

GTA 5 Online - The Bikeless Bikers - Episode #7

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey, Simon! Have you seen the latest episode of GTA 5 Online - The Bikeless Bikers?

simon: Oh yeah, that one is hilarious! Those guys are the worst bikers ever!

neebs: I know, right? They can't even stay on their bikes for more than two seconds.

simon: And don't even get me started on their attempts at driving. It's pure comedy gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

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we got to deliver the prisoners to the0.034.62
escape helicopters about four miles away1.778.539
Jesus needs that was [ __ ] Harry okay4.655.659
noobs absolutely this guy wants to race28.47.9
yeah this is faster looks huh you can31.4396.511
take us run down36.33.57
you got this episode I do so this light37.958.339
turns green we're going green light oh39.8711.939
yeah hold on no no no get him we're46.28910.171
faster than you are sucker51.8097.351
yeah an Amstrad yeah we're badasses that56.465.73
was good I know fast fast59.165.249
got my Hummer you move coming around62.194.71
coming around los santos like a bird64.4095.64
just like a bird tweet tweet tweet tweet66.95.94
[ __ ] alright we're going to Simon's70.0495.131
house yeah I hope he's home you could72.848.97
call him Simon yes we're almost at your75.189.78
place okay meet us out front81.815.51
water oh hello hey what's up you guys87.3210.42
ready for the beach let's go to the96.153.329
beach go to the beach hold on this guy97.743.57
over here on the phones pissing me off99.4795.721
go inside dude I [ __ ] live here man101.315.309
you driving names apparently alright106.6194.171
won't let you drive you know what109.4392.761
actually hold on hop in the back you're110.794.41
our chauffeur today I say good so take112.26.269
us to the beach beats out yes quite so115.25.489
what's the plan today oh we can go to118.4698.94
the skate park skate park hey yeah noobs120.6899.54
jeez Mon that's why I bought one of127.4096.841
these okay yeah I gotta go get changed130.2296.391
yeah I got to change myself that's Simon134.254.14
out there swimming yeah there's some136.625.79
people out here how you doing good yeah138.395.069
oh wow yeah that's true yo girls and hey143.4596.36
all right three girls right147.37.769
three guys huh huh huh well where you149.8197.081
going lady no she got tired of treading155.0693.811
water Simon I think she likes you156.94.949
there's no chaser oh okay Oh a little158.885.76
chilly - what I see how the beach no I161.8494.831
think they all liked it well chase them164.643.69
aren't they yeah now we know why it's so166.686.089
wet out here why uh you know Simon in168.336.03
the ladies ah gotcha172.7694.53
oh wait Simon do you're gonna I do that174.363.72
was an accident177.2992.94
ladies i'ma put your gun away well you178.083.719
know what if they see the gun they might180.2393.481
think I'm tough what's up ladies listen181.7994.651
I'm a rough guy they don't really care183.724.26
you guys wanna go check out the skate186.453.75
park you got a skateboard yeah sometimes187.983.96
they're like kids leave bikes around190.22.069
no sometimes heavy fun yeah can we get a192.2697.321
bike if you find one yeah I don't see196.7395.97
any damn hey guys what's up there's a199.595.69
robot man over here202.7096.681
robot man these guys are always fun yeah205.287.02
so like it doesn't matter you could do209.394.44
anything to him and he doesn't move I212.34.74
mean I punch him does he oh okay213.835.01
well that'll do it said was it I thought217.043.57
that he was like well there did you just218.844.08
punch the robot man who easy that's what220.613.48
you get one punch222.923.66
he laid him out he should have felt like224.094.02
a robot it's poor guys just out here226.583.06
trying to make a living Simon yeah but228.112.91
he should have went like paper for229.644.8
malfunction and then drowned yeah you're231.025.82
right piece of [ __ ] so where we going I234.443.81
don't know we got the whole day ahead of236.843.6
us what you want to that sir I don't238.252.52
mountain biking yeah we've never gone240.773.81
mountain biking heavily Mount chiliad do242.393.84
they have bikes there we need to make244.584.26
sure we have bikes that we can get bikes246.234.44
not get up there and then go I did we248.845.88
get bikes I hit eat oh damn250.676.06
I wouldn't got another one disappear254.723.78
yeah I hit eat and it disappear alright256.734.05
oh here hop on that one oh there you go258.54.95
this is riding without me hola [ __ ]260.785.79
faces what is it263.456.93
see that Elias it that is doraleous dude266.575.37
and my bike that I was riding and270.383.18
disappeared oh [ __ ] so yeah that's what271.942.97
that's what happens is like soon as they273.562.91
pull out another bike from the garage it274.913.21
takes it away so then I'm the only one276.474.71
without a bike yeah well that sucks278.124.98
you look snazzy so you just moved here281.183.42
huh no I've been here a while283.14.17
oh really yeah so you have a house yet284.64.77
of course I have a house got a great pad287.273.6
so I'm just gonna want he's been here289.371.95
when we go to your house yeah I wanted291.323.87
to see your pad let's ride our bikes293.722.73
over there alright cool295.193.3
Simon you can walk I don't want to walk296.454.62
I'll steal a car Simon fine298.494.77
so Simon where'd you move I'm down by301.075.97
the beach oh yeah nice place I am303.265.61
waiting dude I'm still wanted by the307.043.9
cops so I'm on a move I'm staying yeah308.873.99
we need to get Simon to his hole [ __ ] oh310.943.84
you can okay problem312.863.78
yeah alright maybe gonna snuck into my314.785.76
pad okay I need some help on my own316.6411.029
who's the cop Simon fancy pad yeah320.549.36
thanks man I think I've ever seen a327.6694.481
place like this before yeah it's home so329.94.41
coming here you got the living332.154.23
nicer than Simon's place oh yeah he's334.314.44
really oh yeah Simon's got a piece of336.384.259
[ __ ] for a place cuz I mean it works but338.754.56
I went minimalist that was my approach I340.6395.911
got a good view the city out here yeah343.315.04
not too damn shabby doraleous346.554.02
alright so follow me I really like my348.354.47
bathroom big fan of the bathroom I feel350.573.42
like you spend a lot of time in the352.823.66
bathroom wow thanks place three floors353.996.71
really so here's the the old bedroom356.485.939
another good view and the bathroom man I362.41910.141
mean I spent a lot of time in here drop364.889.6
some classy dukes up in this [ __ ] yeah372.563.9
now this place is swanky thank you374.484.17
shouldn't someone be here by now Simon376.463.54
well here the cops after him he's378.653.45
probably still in the run no no officer380.04.26
this is what this is that might loosen382.17.65
officer pls dope so there it is yeah not384.268.31
too shabby buddy thanks guys he's gonna389.754.5
be so jealous he's gonna love it392.573.36
he's been playing for like months and394.253.93
has like a little shack by the ocean Wow395.933.78
what's wrong with him I'm just an398.183.03
underachiever I think he just doesn't399.713.0
understand the game very well uh-huh401.213.84
it's a really easy game though it's not402.717.25
hard to get this I call him yeah buzz405.054.91
yup here we go Simon we're all here in412.96.22
browse this place where are you do we416.127.2
need a ride I don't know where you are419.126.75
where are you Hospital hospital he's at423.323.24
the hospital425.875.04
did he get killed idiot all right maybe426.566.06
he's out front easily just let him off430.914.08
right here I know cuz I've been here432.625.78
yeah we've all been here once or twice434.993.41
all right I want to try to stay away438.614.709
from the police today yeah so you're441.493.69
kind of just a [ __ ] all around huh443.3193.87
okay I'll let you I'll let you have that445.185.699
Thanks sure Simon what's like nighttime447.1895.671
now he's still dressed like he's at the450.8792.491
I feel like beach people never let it go453.373.84
do they oh wait look at that guy what455.1396.03
guy I'm a motorcycle guy motorcycle guy457.216.6
we should start a motorcycle gang we can461.1693.96
do that you gotta figure out what's463.812.609
involved something you should see465.1294.171
dresses house it's like so much nicer466.4194.411
than your place yeah your place is a469.32.04
he's not a dump that's what I hear I471.344.319
hear it's it's pretty lackluster no I473.54.409
just started playing you'll get there475.6594.16
buddy yeah how long you been playing477.9095.04
approximately two hours ago two hours479.8195.32
what are you talking about I got a shark482.9494.381
cart from trucks all what how much money485.1396.84
was it like 1.2 million or so money you487.337.29
got salmon you want to head back to your491.9794.201
cardboard box and figure this out dude494.625.4
you are a dick I've got 9600 hey that's496.186.9
nothing to scoff at yeah you're so poor500.023.869
fairness Simon you've worked for yours503.8895.49
damn right I do hey I I did as well506.1396.15
he has like 12 or 16 digits I had to509.37917.881
type in for the code what I thought we512.28918.031
had a problem with her yeah that's right527.266.93
[ __ ] oh you can escalate jealousy suck530.3210.29
yeah easy don't even I will take you534.197.95
downtown but I don't know what your540.612.969
problem is [ __ ] you know what542.143.6
maybe you should start being nicer I'm543.5793.931
talking about being nice you mean you've545.743.399
been talking about my cardboard547.519.669
swinging to this answer I don't know how549.1399.45
anymore friends we can handle I don't557.1792.551
know yeah I don't what it's been all day558.5892.46
good one to the hospital I mean it's559.732.699
right goodness dicks not here561.0492.671
oh yeah they would have escalated that562.4292.88
even more so he'd be dead too I think563.723.149
maybe just me and you should hang out in565.3094.11
Los Santos it's those other guys I mean566.8694.32
I kind of like the craziness but I think569.4193.36
we should probably just establish some571.1894.351
rules rules okay yeah rule see if572.7796.75
they're here about time all right all575.546.06
right new rule it's it's okay to punch a579.5293.15
friend but only do it once581.63.989
one punch Simon one punch one punch [ __ ]582.6794.95
is wrong with you all right no fine585.5894.68
believe me jealousy is an evil demon you587.6294.351
need to learn how to exercise um590.2693.87
cockiness is something that you need to591.983.81
have rammed up your [ __ ]594.1393.93
where was the cockiness you calling my595.796.269
place a cardboard but they said you know598.0697.76
what's good to say sometimes like holy602.0593.77
[ __ ] that it's not his face what are you609.164.929
doing you gonna just take that get in612.4393.33
the car yeah damned or else you're worse614.0893.78
than thickest we know light nobody's615.7694.44
worse than thick is your head in that617.8693.96
way yeah you're getting there what we620.2093.09
doing now how do we start a motorcycle621.8294.11
gang oh we should start a motor yeah I'm623.2993.991
gonna do that you need you have to go625.9394.44
online I think it's a foreclosures so we627.294.349
had to bow in these places then we can630.3792.851
start a gang right yeah at the buyer631.6393.151
property there's one down there near633.233.81
Simon's house should I buy it yeah why634.793.56
$395,000 you can keep shopping around if638.353.639
you feel like it I feel like we should640.5493.27
really appreciate me if I buy this for641.9893.33
all of us Oh Simon you could just write643.8193.841
an IOU I suppose oh man he ain't gonna645.3198.37
let it go is he okay style customized647.667.589
stuff you get to pick nerves653.6892.58
yeah what kind of mirror we want on the655.2493.63
wall that looks like a very biker type656.2694.35
yeah now pay attention to adding that658.8794.19
mural you just added a lot to the cost660.6196.59
one hundred twelve thousand dollars663.0694.14
let's go with the basics man this is a668.235.229
base for easy clubbing670.7312.469
we definitely right we do want that673.4599.74
about nut sex with a nut sack the683.925.139
Cossacks I kind of like that yeah we're686.8993.12
the nuts a nuts689.0594.59
cuz we're not yes yes that could be690.0196.74
confusing for a lot of people693.6493.11
a cool-looking place right here and this699.998.82
is a great location Wow yeah sighting is704.795.91
this it's very exciting very cool man708.817.29
come on let's go in towards our lunch710.79.18
breaks check it out guys hell yeah we716.15.22
gots think I love it719.883.329
place is sweet man yeah oh you got to721.324.95
see upstairs upstairs upstairs I was723.2095.19
impressed with this this is just where726.274.379
you keep the motorcycles okay look at728.39910.531
the logo yeah like that all the wall Oh730.64910.411
what's her name oh this is Denise738.934.409
what's up Denise she looks like she's741.064.529
experienced things Denise is what we743.3396.781
call ridden hard and put up like okay so745.5896.901
first things first we start a motorcycle750.123.779
gang we're gonna figure out how to get752.493.87
you guys up there on that wall I think753.8993.781
AB story should be vice president756.363.81
because he's the most experienced GTA ER757.684.68
I concur oh no no no of course mr.760.173.419
experienced over here762.363.66
that's him owner Alice no right should763.5894.831
be resident I'm honored to have been766.023.48
considered that yeah I'll be vice768.423.03
president yeah no I got vice president769.53.839
you sure I mean I don't know cuz you got771.453.24
someone who's qualified and then you773.3393.031
have a dick that gets things given to774.693.48
them which would you want hmm776.374.62
my brother sounds so good I know címon778.174.859
gonna be sergeant of arms or Road780.994.469
captain or enforcer I'll be the enforcer783.0296.091
would I be enforcer know I am now for785.4595.13
[ __ ] that's all right yeah that's what789.123.74
would you like to be sergeant arms or790.5895.431
Road captain a sergeant of arms is fine792.867.12
oh really sort of arms okay so yeah796.025.61
maybe we'll put thick as a road captain799.982.97
we still have to decide if we won't801.633.36
think thick would be a pleasure right802.953.75
now compared to doraleous oh really804.994.38
or we can contemplate simon's remember806.74.59
you know why you're standing you know809.374.02
I'm getting money811.294.47
Denise shut the [ __ ] up yeah lady you813.395.189
can kind of mouthy alright uh so now we815.764.53
need to figure out how we do a job right818.5794.591
yeah you have a mission room alright820.294.59
gentlemen I've called you here today823.174.48
because we are a motorcycle gang yeah824.885.47
do we have motorcycles yet um I dunno827.655.67
you have one yeah Wow how many of the830.354.65
motorcycle no will you stop rubbing it833.323.09
in I get it you guys could get835.03.36
motorcycles too I can't afford one all836.413.39
right we need to get salmon a motorcycle838.362.97
yeah we'll use the money we make from839.84.17
this job to get motorcycles yes as841.334.56
sergeant-at-arms I uh I think that843.973.42
sounds great as vice president I also845.892.55
as the thing that I chose to be but848.444.74
forgot I will do so sounds good let me850.755.07
look at the wall here I think since853.184.92
there's one option maybe that one huh855.824.59
yeah let's start with that what does a858.15.16
job ratio break being sergeant-at-arms I860.415.0
think that's a good option oh shut up863.266.71
seriously really annoying me865.417.39
jail right project the prison bus come869.974.72
on let's go hijack a prison bus boys872.84.53
come on let's go Oh in [ __ ] her car's874.694.32
gone out we need to get another car877.333.509
there's a timer I'm working on it879.013.329
did we already talked about oh yeah god880.8394.381
this 30 minutes eh yeah so well it's not882.3395.791
dilly-dally Oh free these idiots they885.225.19
all route to the penitentiary stop the888.134.14
bus and let them out before they get890.413.9
dead stop the bus little mouse got it892.273.81
all right guys I got a car I'm coming to894.313.0
you here we go896.084.59
thieves hop in all right Simon yeah you897.315.279
didn't we're a biker gang breaths where900.673.539
you at oh you're on your bike perfect902.5893.771
neebs yes I need a weight point man oh904.2095.231
yeah where's this thing906.365.78
I don't know oh [ __ ] get your map909.446.23
ding-dong don't we have a God for that912.143.53
oh I'm president map guy yes would that919.127.27
be like a [ __ ] knocking mark on the923.694.41
mini-map so I know where the [ __ ] I'm926.392.91
going listen928.13.93
yeah yeah seriously president should not929.34.5
be the map you're not driving I'm932.034.08
driving sorry no you know what the map933.83.99
guy is the guy who's in shotgun who's936.113.99
riding shotgun right now that's the937.794.44
[ __ ] map guy where's the power ace940.17.83
the map got my food goddamn snack it's942.237.47
heading towards the penitentiary it947.933.77
looks near the penitentiary yep sure is949.74.26
[ __ ] so didn't wait to steal this thing951.74.12
from the penitentiary would be bad953.966.87
wouldn't it my god okay see um this955.826.18
doesn't look good right960.833.09
it doesn't seem good all right this is962.03.42
gonna be a quick get out let's waste963.922.97
these guys let's steal this bus ready965.424.92
what did we go Jesus and hold on don't966.896.87
open fire yet now open fire970.347.05
the others [ __ ] bus973.763.63
all right so we'll get that cop car get978.04.36
it out of my way I'm gonna back up okay980.654.8
I got it Huxley Carly all right hit and982.365.76
shout out oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I'm careful985.455.82
okay oh don't worry over please all988.126.08
right you guys I'm gonna drive the bus991.279.3
fun of me I'm trying to get the bus I994.28.77
didn't know we got to deliver the1000.575.43
prisoners to the escape helicopters four1002.976.33
miles away Jesus needs that was [ __ ]1006.013.47
Harry okay okay I got one in front of me1009.312.02
guys he's shootin at me1019.474.56
keep him out of my way all right then we1021.327.629
need to go ahead who did whoa [ __ ] good1024.036.99
work leaves that's what happens when I'm1028.9497.38
not looking at Matt go round as that1031.0210.29
throw those tires are [ __ ] damn it hey1036.3298.0
where are you oh [ __ ]1041.313.019
stop wait for you roadblock huh pretty1045.810.81
lame roadblock going around it1053.258.01
what happened doraleous oh let's try to1056.617.409
help you oh god what's out get in get in1061.268.85
I'm gonna go with this we got you1064.01923.971
doraleous sit tight oh wait yeah we1070.1120.87
gotta get down there to the beach Shh1087.995.279
remember the prisoners to the helicopter1090.985.159
so wait do I stop here okay hold on oh1093.2695.971
wait we lost the cops bring your [ __ ]1096.1395.961
sirens off needs1099.249.58
ah look guys the chopper chopper damn1102.110.05
bikers holy [ __ ] and we did it in less1108.827.62
than 15 minutes and we're good all right1112.156.68
past hey change your clothing1119.16.0
immediately yeah you look really obvious1122.116.09
up oh now let's listen to it Mac once1125.14.84
I've seen we've been on that laptop in1128.23.42
the clubhouse [ __ ] the one on the1129.943.9
anonymity network you know I mean hey1131.624.95
whatever we all grown folks but you1133.845.22
missing the trick is all there's a whole1136.574.5
world opens up on the feds ain't peeping1139.064.59
you here on you peace out1141.075.4
I don't understand a word he [ __ ]1143.654.8
shot either huh so wait a minute do we1146.475.07
make any money from this how do we check1148.454.59
well may yeah I don't have any extra1151.542.97
money I don't have any new money did1153.042.97
they pay the clubhouse is it is it back1154.513.75
at the clubhouse maybe I don't know how1156.012.97
this works1158.262.48
anybody's Adrenaline's still pumping1158.983.36
that was awesome1160.745.02
yeah we did real good so a different1162.345.82
vehicle yeah different vehicle here on1165.764.07
that soon as we get to the highway yeah1168.164.38
everybody pile out I'll out huh hop in1169.835.77
okay oh hell yeah now we're talking1172.545.04
thank you miss you can have the police1175.64.62
car we're done with it yep just needs a1177.585.15
little repairs can anyone sing that uh1180.224.71
national lampoon's vacation so every1182.733.49
time I see this car that's what I think1184.935.16
of yeah Bank can't get it better okay do1186.226.78
me anything that wasn't in the movie1190.094.77
though okay he's right1193.03.21
although one of the movie was a holiday1194.863.62
he's probably working now huh yeah all1206.675.05
right so we got to figure this out I1210.252.73
want to go to the room and see if we1211.722.67
actually made any money is that where we1212.983.06
go in here maybe wasn't there a thing1214.393.72
like all the stuff there on the bottom1216.044.62
yeah tell you what what we've done yeah1218.115.07
Clubhouse contract earnings only four1220.665.25
thousand also seem like much does it1223.184.77
no seem like much what we did we just1225.913.87
freed a bunch of damn prisoners dude1227.953.9
we've just made six grand apiece we1229.784.29
could have stolen a multitude of cars1231.854.71
and gotten the same amount of money hmm1234.074.86
okay first job yeah we got to earn their1236.564.47
trust right okay we got to establish our1238.934.14
name but it was a successful mission and1241.033.84
we did kick some serious ass yeah we1243.073.45
yeah all sorts of ass guys I'd like to1244.874.29
put a vote out what's that do we want a1246.527.85
new president Oh or a map guy Oh1249.165.21

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Man, I just gotta rave about the new GTA Online update that Neebs Gaming has been playing lately. The Bikers DLC is so much fun and adds a whole new dimension to the game. Riding around Los Santos with your biker gang, doing missions and wreaking havoc never gets old.

The roleplaying that Neebs and the crew bring to their GTA series is hilarious and really makes you feel immersed in the biker lifestyle. Thick44 cracks me up as the clueless new recruit always screwing things up for the gang. And Doraleous as the angry, unhinged leader is comedy gold. The banter between all the guys feels so natural - you can tell they're just having a blast playing together.

But what really makes the Neebs Gaming GTA series stand out is their masterful cinematic editing. The way they stitch together footage, add music and sound effects, and enhance the action with creative camera angles transforms their gameplay into a thrilling, movie-like experience. It's the next best thing to actually playing GTA yourself!

I'm constantly impressed by the hilarious sketches, intense action sequences, and clever editing tricks they come up with. Like when they recreated the hospital scene from The Godfather in GTA - pure genius! Their passion and creativity really shines through.

So if you're looking for a seriously fun, cinematic take on GTA Online that will have you laughing your head off one minute and sitting on the edge of your seat the next, you gotta check out Neebs Gaming. Their Bikers series is some of their best work yet. It's the ultimate way to experience the insane world of GTA Online without even picking up a controller.

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