Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Guess what? Conan Exiles Season 2 is finally here, and we're diving back into the action with our f...


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neebs: Hey there Appsro, have you seen that video where those GORILLA TURTLES won't stop ATTACKING me in Conan Exiles? It's hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, that's definitely one of my favorites! I mean, who wouldn't love watching you get chased around by mutant animals?

neebs: I know, right? It's like a comedy show in itself. Those creatures just have it out for me in the game!

appsro: Well, I can't blame them. You do tend to attract trouble wherever you go in Conan Exiles. It's part of your charm.

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Guess what? Conan Exiles Season 2 is finally here, and we're diving back into the action with our favorite crew. If you've been missing those epic adventures and hilarious moments, then you definitely don't want to miss this new season.

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So grab your favorite snack, settle in, and get ready for some epic Conan Exiles gameplay.

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wake up boys uh it's time to play Conan2.126.7
what oh oh how do I how do I you're4.867.56
stuck there no I got it oh yeah time to8.826.899
play Conan back in Conan hello put your12.425.82
arms down names calm down put your pants15.7195.22
up it's up it's up it's a new Conan18.244.619
series you know what that means pits up20.9394.26
did we start the first one pits up you22.8594.68
know what else what like the world's25.1995.701
longest armpit hairs27.5394.621
should we run down the beach see if we32.163.36
can go find door and Simon yeah follow33.783.84
me all right pitch up35.525.219
stop it stop it stop it stop fake37.625.759
screaming I gotta commit Anthony yeah if40.7396.361
you're gonna do it Go ah ah it feels43.3796.961
good yeah did you just pee yes okay47.15.52
there's a baby that right down there50.344.32
just walking yeah yeah I feel like it's52.624.619
lost from the mama it is Hey listen you54.664.68
need to watch a kid he's just going off57.2394.14
into the water on its own Simon let's59.343.78
take out this guy up here right oh you61.3793.78
want to start with murder yeah okay I63.123.72
could try and then we'll focus on what65.1594.621
we need to excuse me sir not not66.846.9
affecting this one that's interesting I69.785.22
remember like back when we played this73.743.9
the first time he attacked oh what a75.04.38
nice guy yep I might put my bed roll77.643.06
down I didn't expect him to be so nice79.383.599
maybe maybe this is the song yeah let me80.74.14
see if he just wants to talk oh whoops82.9794.201
oh watch out oh I gotta rebind that [ __ ]84.846.0
okay yeah oh excuse me yep okay and uh87.186.54
oh arrows The Wanderer hello Eros90.846.3
another new one eh uh-huh what do you93.725.82
smell probably sarcos we smell like97.144.86
despair I guess okay that's fine now a99.545.88
Wanderer this guy wants a sailor okay no102.05.82
cities in the north learn emote yeah I'm105.425.76
gonna learn in a moat thank you clap oh107.825.54
a light clap I'd suggest you talk to111.184.92
Arcos and learn a polite clap Simon113.365.14
light I think you said light clap a116.15.64
polite one okay I'll take one sure oh118.58.78
this is this is fun isn't it I like it121.745.54
good dude127.7420.18
hello already Anthony what that was a150.25.02
good yell I don't know did you guys see153.184.38
this Eclipse I tried so what you got a155.224.14
clip yeah look at this we're getting157.563.539
attacked by an alligator look at me I'm159.366.36
holding the sun it's crazy guys161.0997.021
is this how Conan usually goes165.723.9
um we just ignore all the threats and168.123.06
look at the sun I mean what this this169.623.119
area is not dangerous I'm getting171.183.72
attacked by an alligator as we speak172.7395.161
where is this alligator on me you want174.94.199
me to bring it to you I will where are177.92.699
you Anthony I'm right over here on the179.0994.441
beach there we are great reference oh180.5994.741
yeah okay oh yeah here's the alligator183.542.9
anything I was screaming for my life I'm186.445.379
sorry all right yeah hey if you're gonna190.0193.961
jump in we gotta communicate with each191.8194.5
other Anthony I'm stabbing big stab big193.984.08
stab I'm staying back from him I'm not196.3193.601
hitting him at all six steps there we go198.064.259
he's gonna be on you now rolling away199.926.959
yeah roll and swing yeah202.3194.56
yeah I got some feral flesh so listen I211.344.06
don't feel in danger in this area214.0193.121
remember this area is easy right215.44.199
alligators scare me yeah okay all right217.144.26
everybody relax let's pull ourselves219.5994.56
together and build a base right by that221.44.979
fire I see over here224.1595.58
right okay I'm sure wait the one in the226.3794.801
woods are the one to the right under the229.7393.181
big statue the one right here in front231.183.96
of me is that someone else's base well232.924.02
we'll have neighbors I don't what if235.143.54
they don't want neighbors they'll want236.943.96
neighbors we're gonna force them to have238.683.96
neighbors where are you what's going on240.93.479
oh yeah no actually yeah this is totally242.644.2
clear oh that's it hi guys oh what's up244.3794.681
Dora what's up dude what's up y'all is246.844.14
this your Camp no we were just making249.063.3
our way over here hey Simon's right over250.983.92
there yeah oh nice we're all together252.365.64
this works out now we uh we live here we254.94.78
live here now yeah yeah is our house258.04.759
good oh you guys have beds yeah yeah259.685.34
those are our beds stay out of them yeah262.7594.0
I need to do that no I'm gonna make a265.022.94
bed yeah go make your own bed these are266.7593.481
mine crap I can't put my bed by your bed267.963.66
now it's because our beds are are270.243.48
awesome and made of cheetah cheetah all271.624.56
right let's start collecting some rocks273.725.96
and stuff and let's build a house276.183.5
I think the true owners of the fire came287.964.42
back yeah that's probably the case huh290.43.72
all right yeah I figured we could we sit292.385.22
up in a dangle nice yeah that's right294.127.639
anyone else that's right that's right297.64.159
I'm sorry is there more sorry boys this301.945.68
is Mommy I just looted this [ __ ] I mean304.86.72
you want to he did clearly idiot fool307.626.18
all right what's with the floating311.524.679
Hammer the floating Hammer yeah you guys313.84.1
don't see this um316.1994.5
no he's losing it yeah now right right317.95.44
here is a yeah this thing is just320.6994.56
there's a there's like what looks to be323.343.72
like a thorish type hammer or325.2593.481
Sledgehammer right here floating in the327.063.9
air nope don't see it perhaps it's mine328.744.799
am I worthy yeah uh no you are not no330.964.14
I've been seeing weird stuff too I saw a333.5393.481
guy buried in the sand back there oh oh335.13.9
well next time if you see that lemon337.024.44
please I'd like to see Steve what are339.03.539
you doing I'm building a little house341.463.6
man next to this yeah these enemies Just342.5393.901
Gonna Keep respawning they won't be345.062.94
enemies forever will they346.443.42
in charge he'll put neems in charge to348.04.139
choose where we live always should we be349.864.08
fighting to to find out who really is352.1393.301
gonna be the leader of this clan wait is353.943.18
that how we has that ever been a way to355.444.819
think about government yeah357.123.139
and in the wild it still happens it's363.85.679
insane It's usually the strongest guys367.444.259
not the smartest so right this is Conan369.4794.021
world all right let's see what's going371.6994.981
on this way oh oh my God oh my God no373.54.979
way okay376.685.0
is this what we're doing378.4793.201
I think you're gonna win but with those382.9194.161
are you getting into this I wasn't going387.1996.78
to do this no I wasn't going to come on389.44.579
Savage down403.345.919
yeah Simon's not the leader huh after406.54.259
don't jump in this let me finish this409.2593.601
you know what you want I don't want to410.7595.041
die what you yield I yield gorillas412.865.88
yields I yield is there no others I'll415.84.679
take you all right let's go I'll take418.743.06
you let's go let's go you want to go420.4792.521
yeah I want to go you want to go let's421.83.06
go you think you can handle my pretty oh423.03.66
I can handle you look at them titties oh424.864.559
yeah oh I'm bouncing you to death with426.664.08
these bazangas yeah in fact I want to429.4192.4
put the shield down so I can see better430.744.04
hey oh my God431.8192.961
all the drama I love it I'm a woman I435.024.899
love drama I'm sorry I didn't see you438.64.52
there come here come here439.9193.201
don't get in the middle of this let me448.7594.84
finish my my fight yeah I'm rolling at450.785.419
the perfect time453.5992.6
you're gonna458.843.24
you have killed my enemy and therefore I465.685.34
yield to you I'm the leader of the tribe468.364.98
babes yeah you're the leader of tribe I471.023.76
don't want to be the leader oh awesome473.343.66
hey Simon your body's here I need to474.784.46
build thank you democracy at work477.04.319
dorelius come on oh I was just you're479.244.78
just a sword yeah481.3196.801
that's fun all right we got a government484.024.1
guys we're gonna go just head out a bit489.066.0
oh yeah yeah yeah little Adventure okay491.8196.38
yeah see you over there good luck495.063.139
oh god oh no hyena oh the hyena that526.15.44
doesn't care about going to the war I530.14.32
don't think oh God no no no that's bad531.545.7
oh god oh I see him Yep this might be534.425.28
the adventure we needed huh yeah no this537.244.92
is the adventure I didn't want I got him539.74.8
did you oh it's back out of the water oh542.164.38
it is all right um oh it's running like544.55.04
a little brooch oh right there oh546.545.34
there's oh there's friends oh yeah yeah549.543.66
that's the problem they're not running551.884.68
like [ __ ] they are a problem straight553.27.28
past me straight past me556.563.92
and who is this Louise that everyone563.64.54
says geez too I'd like to meet that565.984.32
[ __ ] and kick her in the Box I got one568.143.96
of them yeah that might have been the570.33.42
adventure dude there you go all right572.13.239
Louise I'm not really gonna kick in the573.723.48
Box I got excited get away575.3397.381
mine that's mine mine man my hyena okay577.27.139
watch out there's another one coming I582.723.9
know I'm gonna go back I guess now let's584.3394.801
take it take him take him good yeah586.625.12
yeah oh589.142.6
come on all right I love watching a man591.986.9
fight oh596.944.86
it's dark you're dark I'll take some598.885.38
dark meat please601.86.36
what's that dark meat your dark meat604.267.62
I like chickens yeah yeah like legs I608.164.42
like chicken legs611.885.51
all right Corrales yeah this is great so640.645.56
this is a work table I don't what's this644.225.7
one Artisans Bench Artisan yeah Artesian646.27.86
okay Tannery Forge you cool if uh we use649.925.82
this too yeah this is community right654.063.6
here okay great yeah they have a655.743.36
friendship wheel yeah I can understand657.662.88
yeah I think we're gonna need metal659.13.66
maybe get metal forget he was probably660.543.6
in some of these rocks like probably662.762.88
rocks at higher elevation I would664.142.879
imagine yeah because I haven't seen it665.643.06
in these rocks I got one off a dead body667.0193.241
for my neighbors I need a bunch of hide668.73.96
as well so I'll go on a mission maybe670.264.139
collect some metal and hide uh Mission672.665.22
it is metal hide we're on it I need food674.3995.821
there's some damn food there guys I677.884.26
don't have any680.224.38
how many of those either682.143.9
even though I don't have any of those686.043.68
you son of a [ __ ]691.264.5
come on let's play Ring Around the Rosie693.8993.901
huh I get you I gotta get you in the695.764.019
butt I can make this work go ahead I'm697.83.539
gonna learn your little pattern you okay699.7794.8
Simon uh oh no no I'm probably not okay701.3394.321
stab stab okay now now I run away I705.664.919
gotta try to these sons of [ __ ] live709.0192.88
right across from me I'm not doing710.5792.581
nothing and they just mess with me711.8994.081
non-stop our neighbors are being hard to713.165.4
warm up too as well oh [ __ ] Are they715.984.979
yeah uh maybe you could help me oh no718.564.74
good good you distracted them here I'll720.9594.021
block you strike all right hold on I723.33.84
gotta eat something does that help uh I724.983.479
was hoping you'd strike instead of eight727.143.9
right now strike strike strike strike728.4595.461
okay now a little runny yep that's when731.044.38
you hit and then strike strike strike733.922.9
yeah watch out hey at least we're good736.825.62
neighbors right oh I gained I gained a740.5194.021
level yes we are good neighbors you are742.445.579
a mess I am listen man look at you I744.545.4
know well I mean don't look tough though748.0193.661
yeah you kind of like God of War but749.945.48
with worse hair yeah751.683.74
not working of course it is friends tell759.684.839
friends that something's wrong you say762.544.14
look this doesn't look good all right764.5194.861
well if if we're being honest your face766.685.099
is stupid okay you gotta change your769.384.74
face somehow man you know I'll shave771.7794.081
when you change that stupid face all774.122.519
feel like yours was meaner than mine776.6394.44
okay well Hey listen friends tell the778.324.44
truth yeah but I can't change my face781.0794.2
yeah well it's still stupid at least I782.766.259
can swim with an ax good for you785.2793.74
I think I look tough789.9593.141
ah got it795.7794.381
one more stamp there you go and one more798.34.92
big step short work I gained a level800.164.38
from watching you guys that's awesome803.224.2
you're welcome how about this this this804.545.82
oh different Brownstone different rock807.425.46
all right okay I gotta get rid of some810.364.2
crap y'all gotta get me more around here812.884.019
right gotta be blue hey guys there's a814.565.04
cave up here okay all right uh okay oh816.8994.861
there's people in front of it oh and819.64.919
rocks are falling so find the Rocks so821.764.44
we should head in is what you're saying824.5193.0
um we can at least peek I wonder if826.22.52
these people are friendly everyone is827.5193.06
put away your weapons okay see if we can828.723.299
be cool for a second we'll put up our830.5793.781
hands I'll do my sexy walk up to him oh832.0195.521
yeah hey boys no they're not cool they834.364.38
shot one Arrow but maybe it was a837.542.64
warning shot we come in peace did you838.743.02
hear us there was not a warning okay840.185.099
let's get it right now okay a nordheimer841.766.04
Exile oh he's running he's scared of me845.2795.401
yeah I'm here to kick some ass I'm847.85.96
sneaking in behind where they came850.686.18
hey man one's down we've taken a life we853.764.66
have to kill the ball now856.865.34
man these arrow guys where are they in a858.425.159
bush where I came in the bush they're in862.24.98
the bush oh oh sorry oh that was me dude863.5795.221
I know I'm sorry you guys look very867.183.779
similar except I have a name on my head868.84.5
I just got this hamburger yes all right870.9593.961
let's loot these guys you got anything873.34.68
good on them he has oil that's weird to874.924.979
just keep on your body let's see do we877.984.02
think there's any metal in here we does879.8994.62
we does think Sinners of Refuge this882.06.06
place is called hold on I'm crafting884.5196.901
there we go yes go forward y'all see888.065.1
yeah if it gets too deep we're gonna get891.423.419
out of here right I don't know we just893.163.06
want to see if there's any metal at894.8392.641
least we know it's on the surface out896.224.5
there oh yeah okay now now now yeah this897.485.58
is like a full-on Cave System this isn't900.724.64
for us903.062.3
and I will not be trifled with another910.225.14
time here yeah we need some iron we need912.9593.841
some good weapons before we go in there915.363.539
yeah market for later Adventure pulling916.85.18
out my map right now918.8993.081
dude I am not doing nothing Bubba I922.625.6
don't understand can we just be friends925.445.04
neebs this guy just no matter what928.223.7
happens he was just playing Ring Around930.482.94
the Rosie with me over here just running931.923.419
around I'm glad I got this fence there's933.423.659
a good chance this Turtle guy was his935.3393.721
friend what would you do if uh you went937.0793.781
to some guy's house and my dead body was939.063.48
out front would you be like hey let's be940.862.52
probably not I hope not well I mean are943.384.62
they friendly946.922.58
um I mean they're probably they've got948.03.36
Charisma right do they have a nice place949.53.42
they probably make good margaritas and951.362.82
they have a nice place yeah yeah952.923.24
remember my body's out front right they954.183.599
probably did it but what does that have956.163.419
to do with the fact that this guy might957.7795.281
be a nice person he kills sometimes are959.5795.281
you I don't know that somebody might963.063.18
have somebody might have just killed you964.863.0
in front of his place and he's just an966.243.24
innocent bystander that all of a sudden967.863.599
uh you know forms a really good969.483.479
friendship with me you'd ask questions971.4593.18
though wouldn't you yeah I'd say like972.9594.38
Hey listen did you happen to kill my974.6396.781
friend and if he goes me no then I'd be977.3396.481
like cool so what's your name Shady what981.426.06
I just said what me no right you just983.825.879
said me referring to yourself and then987.484.56
you answered my question no you have to989.6996.601
listen to tone man Simon what tone tone992.046.659
okay listen to this tone okay if he's996.34.26
nice I want to be friends with him998.6993.901
gotcha is that a good tone I don't1000.563.719
believe you I'm not nice and I'm not1002.62.76
sure if you want to be friends with me1004.2792.941
right now yeah but you're dead the face1005.364.62
thing okay yeah yeah you're dead in this1007.224.859
situation right I can't be your friend1009.984.56
okay I mean I can I can honor your1012.0794.26
friendship by becoming friends with1014.544.02
somebody else listen does your house not1016.3394.381
have a top part of the roof is that your1018.564.079
house right there yeah no it does have a1020.723.3
top part I just don't know how to make1022.6393.78
it so it's flat nobody's getting wet1024.025.76
okay except for your mama oh I shouldn't1026.4195.221
have said that I'm sorry you know her1029.784.2
that's disrespectful can't wait till we1031.644.439
see her next time so damn it she's gonna1033.985.04
watch this that was a mistake she I took1036.0794.86
a wall away crap I was trying to help1039.024.2
you you know what we're even yep about1040.9394.74
what I said and that makes it even1043.224.079
oh you do have a roof up here yes who1045.6792.461
gave me1047.2993.301
to climb on my roof friends climb each1048.144.86
other's roofs friends climb each other's1050.65.959
mothers oh damn1053.07.02
they don't you're on a roll you wanna1056.5596.821
roll nice1060.023.36
darker rocks over here boys saw that saw1065.5395.88
that promising eh but our medal question1068.64.14
we don't know we don't know they just1071.4194.021
look different oh man oh maybe they're a1072.745.52
statue ruins yeah1075.445.7
that's exactly what they are oh God1078.265.06
oh oh how you doing oh how you know1081.144.68
maybe up here though maybe up here oh1083.323.94
yeah I found some guys I think all right1085.823.06
let's deal with these Hiatus first all1087.264.5
right oh oh I shouldn't punch him can I1088.885.78
please yeah1091.762.9
oh wait that's he was a little chihuahua1111.44.24
in something wasn't he yeah I remember1114.23.06
that Cheech Marin1115.643.96
think it's Cheech all right this video1117.264.38
this [ __ ] metal I don't know I was like1119.64.079
looking at these right there I think1121.643.84
they're just stoned I think they're1123.6794.441
Stone son of a [ __ ] yeah it's hidden1125.484.68
see let's just see coal oh it's probably1128.124.2
good though different coal you could use1130.163.96
coal yeah I'm sure we're gonna need coal1132.323.239
for something let's grab all the coal we1134.122.82
can that's pretty cool all right yeah1135.5594.561
yeah I'm gonna Mark that on our map yep1136.945.4
Colon's pretty cold done good boom now1140.123.6
we know where we can get cold we've1142.343.719
charted the world we've made our Mark ah1143.724.199
man I love it I wish everything was damn1146.0593.721
explored already I would have loved to1147.9193.361
have been an Explorer back in the day we1149.783.6
got to go to space now space the final1151.284.62
front end up there how do you know you1153.383.9
haven't explored it yet it's just a1155.94.74
bunch of damn Suns and planets isn't it1157.286.36
come on man listen I'm almost dirt what1160.645.72
is your problem buddy1163.642.72
buddy hey Simon1167.0593.12
I'm I'm not probably gonna die I guess1168.53.539
it's not a big deal if I die can I come1170.1794.261
over she you know what six of course you1172.0393.961
can I give you permission can I bring my1174.444.02
neighbor uh yeah I'm gonna see if I can1176.04.5
kill this guy when I'm almost dead okay1178.464.02
whatever said it's okay if you go with1180.54.98
us yeah I don't know much about her you1182.484.68
know how do you know it's so hard you1185.485.48
sure I mean just judging I think so okay1187.166.78
now she changed her mind oh no okay1190.965.5
please is it right behind me what's up1193.943.78
with doing these Turtles I get along1196.463.42
with them dude they are they just don't1197.725.959
like me go ahead tick swing oh good1199.883.799
and you wonder why is it after me are we1207.45.5
good you killed it what do you mean no I1211.163.36
mean there was another one there was two1212.94.139
did you not see another one I saw the1214.524.26
green one that was just minding her own1217.0392.541
and then you killed this one I thought I1219.583.76
stabbed it by accident and it was gonna1221.783.779
fight me all right all right yeah look1223.344.26
at my roof though huh in the front love1225.5595.881
it huh I love the roof yes yep1227.65.819
bye man what a nut1233.4196.421
there we go1237.344.14
nice and look what I think this is metal1241.484.9
metal yeah that's why I came at these1244.583.12
hyenas I noticed they were guarding this1246.383.06
a little black rock yeah this is right1247.74.38
across our house is right over there1249.445.82
okay yeah all right everyone I am almost1252.084.56
done for the reason yeah I am almost1255.263.419
entirely converting I need to heal up a1256.643.0
little bit there's another little one up1258.6793.541
here sweet okay so we can come up here1259.645.039
at least sure more than this oh I'm1262.225.48
heavy yeah exactly1264.6793.021
there we go all right sweet all right1267.823.88
let's take what we got let's go back1270.382.76
let's start cooking then we can come out1271.73.0
and get more what do you drop anything1273.142.96
good um1274.74.62
yeah I don't need it you need it I kind1276.14.78
of want it but no no no no I don't want1279.323.0
to get too heavy I don't need it I can1280.883.419
run now all right let's head on back I1282.324.38
see door over there on the beach takes a1284.2993.901
while to swim across well you guys look1286.73.479
like never mind yeah I didn't get two of1288.23.599
them I am1290.1793.781
I'm a nice tainted lady I gotta watch my1291.7993.841
figure yeah don't worry we'll stay with1293.963.36
you we'll walk that's why I can't drink1295.645.419
beer it's only vodka tonics for me1297.323.739
here we go babes yeah we got metal okay1301.46.12
my neighbors are mad our neighbors are1305.123.96
mad our neighbors are mad this is our1307.522.7
neighborhood we have to stick together1309.084.88
right can we build a wall to keep1310.223.74
and we supposed to be nice to him should1315.54.08
I should I stab him again or we build a1316.884.5
relationship no no no we're well past1319.585.78
that okay oh no my thing broke1321.383.98
that was bad babes I'm on it1327.625.46
ow oh that's who is that what is1330.524.2
Steve stop that's you yeah1334.726.16
sorry we're new hey guys I made it1338.484.199
remember Community we're together that1340.884.02
was uh okay it was a big mistake I1342.6793.721
thought you were attacking abstro and1344.93.54
then yep sorry it's okay I can't believe1346.44.5
you didn't die I'm a warrior I yeah I'm1348.445.64
close yep sorry hey that was weird all1350.96.38
right let's uh let's load this Forge up1354.085.28
you see how much I was just fighting1357.283.639
Anthony well I know I had to tell you to1359.363.78
stop yeah we need a better way of1360.9193.24
telling me to stop something because1363.142.58
obviously that didn't work I'm the big1364.1593.961
white-haired man okay listen I got1365.724.02
everything in this box we need to make1368.123.9
the Friendship Wheel okay okay um except1369.743.84
for metal yeah now you got metal in1372.023.42
there you want it in that box yeah and1373.583.24
we should probably look at each other1375.443.54
real good so we recognize each other1376.825.4
yeah nice to meet you Anthony yeah Dora1378.985.819
haircut white hair abstract I mean you1382.224.199
can't I mean look at me okay you guys1384.7993.12
pushing about face paint on or something1386.4193.24
yeah I'm trying to get what's your1387.9193.541
standout feature what do you think um1389.6594.321
absolutely the one with with uh okay1391.464.98
yeah and um I got really big boobs you1393.984.079
guys are all wearing jeans right we'll1396.443.359
remember those yeah yeah remember the1398.0592.941
boobs and the haircut I'll remember the1399.7993.0
boots got it how's this metal looking1401.04.5
you want it in here yep okay all right1402.7994.26
I'll see you guys in a bit tomorrow we1405.53.299
build a friendship wheel damn right we1407.0594.321
do oh hey you could also use coal for1408.7995.221
the fires that's pretty cool huh it is1411.384.22
pretty cool1414.024.88
call us1415.63.3
we already did the joke dick well that's1420.824.42
not cold1424.1594.52
that's cold Dallas1425.243.439
all right pits up folks that's how we1432.24.68
start Traditions that's how we1434.365.42
you know what I mean1436.882.9

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