Oh no. He Discovered Elevators. - Conan Exiles

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 from Neebs Gaming? It's a wild ride as Simon discovers elevators, Appsro...
Oh no. He Discovered Elevators. - Conan Exiles
Oh no. He Discovered Elevators. - Conan Exiles

Oh no. He Discovered Elevators. - Conan Exiles

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, did you see the latest Conan Exiles video? Oh no, he discovered elevators! Haha, that was hilarious!

simon: Yeah, I saw it! I can't believe how excited he was about those elevators. It's like he's never seen one before!

appsro: Guys, I don't get what's so funny about elevators. I was more interested in decorating our base. But hey, whatever floats your boat!

neebs: Oh come on Appsro, you have to admit, watching Simon's reaction to elevators was pure gold. It's definitely my favorite video so far!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 from Neebs Gaming? It's a wild ride as Simon discovers elevators, Appsro gets into some decorating, and the rest of the gang embarks on a journey with Eeyore. If you're a fan of the channel, you won't want to miss out on all the shenanigans that go down in this episode!

And if you're itching for more Conan Exiles content, make sure to check out the full playlist on their YouTube channel. Trust me, it's worth the watch. Plus, if you're a coffee lover like me, you can even grab some Neebs Gaming Coffee to sip on while you enjoy the show. Cheers to that!

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all right Anthony looks like we got a0.1795.281
hmm I think this is ready haborian Exile2.525.579
oh is it this Turtle uh yeah that's it5.464.5
great all right what are we gonna make8.0995.101
him do so I've got the hybrian Exile9.966.899
okay so our slate I mean friend yep oh13.25.88
it must be Heavy He's a heavy boy can I16.8594.08
just drop him don't we have to give him19.083.48
a task yeah but they can follow you20.9393.661
around too right oh can they I dropping22.564.08
becoming our adventure today maybe yeah24.64.8
oh put him down put them down is he is26.643.66
he there29.43.44
um is it a very small yeah30.35.22
we should have looked this up man we32.845.879
could cut and then have it figured out35.523.199
I figured it out what is it what is it I46.3995.201
put him in my hot bar thing and then I49.5595.16
got to uh rotate place there he is nope51.66.779
Place nope I see no man oh you don't I54.7197.621
see no person wow do you uh right bumper58.3797.321
there we go oh I now see generic man62.345.639
there we go we did it he's got a club65.75.459
and he's dressed to the nines67.9796.661
what do you think it's something yeah I71.1596.0
mean listen I'm I'm staying busy and I74.644.799
think it I think it's got some uh some77.1595.761
cool design features yeah I like the uh79.4396.241
the random angled walls going up the82.925.28
side yeah well it's designed is it yeah85.685.82
have you not seen design before I've88.24.98
seen Design This just kind of looks like91.54.439
it's stoned together uh I'd say things93.185.1
are pretty uniform you think this is95.9394.621
just thrown together you think that by98.284.199
accident those it's not uniform though100.563.48
it's not it's uniform in the middle but102.4793.301
it's not on the sides well it hasn't104.043.0
been finished I'm still getting105.783.54
materials I'm not even close I needed an107.044.5
elevator and that's why I need you oh109.323.479
you okay you need me to help you make an111.543.539
elevator well I need you to to teach me112.7996.0
how to make either smooth wood is it or115.0795.701
shaped wood probably shaped wood yeah118.7993.421
you need a carpentry bench it looks like120.782.94
you got one over here door has one in122.223.539
his house oh okay well I've not used123.724.02
okay you just throw regular wood in125.7593.241
there and then you use the carpentry127.743.78
bench to make the shape wood oh129.06.0
okay so regular wood an eclipse oh yeah131.527.38
I like that in here and then somehow I135.06.959
have to yeah I gotta figure out how to138.95.52
do it how do I type in or where do I put141.9594.14
in shaped wood do I have to put in144.423.66
what's the type should I just give you a146.0993.601
couple options here let me let me take a148.083.6
peek let me take a peek let's see the149.75.039
open craft how this works so you put 314151.684.8
wood in there yeah so I'll go ahead and154.7393.541
start crafting I'll start crafting uh156.483.06
what how many is that that's gonna be158.284.08
like 30 shaped wood man okay and I need159.544.14
to just learn how to I'm going to learn162.362.879
how to make that anyway so that's good163.682.94
and it's getting dark what a pretty165.2392.881
night look at that no I think it's just166.623.78
ah the eclipse yeah well it's a168.124.56
beautiful pink sky yeah I never want to170.43.9
leave here I like this beach like why172.683.48
why would we move we got food we got174.33.84
water yeah we have a beautiful home to176.163.84
look at that has not been just thrown178.143.319
man just give me something it's looking181.4595.14
great Simon thank you I'm excited about184.54.44
the elevator thank you trust me that186.5995.661
that'll [ __ ] everything up I'm sure188.944.799
this guy's causing trouble already get195.423.599
in there what what he was over there197.224.019
shooting these things with arrows he's a199.0194.741
fighter he was born for it I guess201.2394.92
oh dude you fight that Turtle I'll fight203.765.759
this Turtle dead turtle man eating a206.1595.461
green arrow Johnson what are you doing209.5195.58
bad boy bad I saw you that yeah I saw211.624.92
you put the arrows away215.0993.72
you know you did that216.544.02
what do we do I mean218.8193.721
a whip or maybe I just should I hit him220.564.259
once Anthony come on I'm being serious222.545.18
I'm being serious224.8192.901
serious ow quit acting crazy listen I'm228.483.3
fine is there a button we push to make230.582.879
him not do that or not fine the real231.783.179
answer is I'll go into the menus and233.4593.721
figure out the behavior there we go all234.9594.221
right man he is not even sorry237.185.52
engagement guard me there you go well239.185.38
done well done all right now he's a242.73.72
well-behaved good boy let's go let's try244.564.38
this again man strike one green arrow246.425.22
how many strikes seven you're so248.945.1
generous today251.645.54
I keep track of them254.043.14
you need to just you want you want to be258.123.959
a bright space260.764.26
Hey listen DIY baby265.024.28
are you a man271.85.339
yeah Simon this shaped Wood's great see274.1394.5
with it I can build like really nice277.1394.56
furniture like uh a boat oh wow yeah278.6395.641
that's is that called the chase Lounge281.6994.981
uh this can what was it called let's see284.288.0
this one's called uh divon okay286.685.6
all right I think I wonder if that's292.525.92
what we call a chest Lounge yeah maybe295.1395.34
okay I got a spot to sit in my house now298.444.56
I like it also made like a nice rug I300.4794.5
put a carpet down let's see like right303.04.08
now let me see your carpet yeah oh304.9794.44
that's a kind of a crappy carpet got307.084.02
another carpet might put it like right309.4194.741
here okay let's see back up just a few311.15.76
feet right there yeah okay now that's314.164.44
that's a pretty good carpet except the316.863.24
fact that you want the roll out of it318.64.26
like why why has the roll been designed320.15.22
in here I like the roll like that I like322.864.92
I can appreciate a slight roll yeah I325.325.219
like the roll on the roll see rolling327.784.919
the Rope roll on the road you should be330.5395.481
able to roll that out with your332.6993.321
right lessening the roll yeah did you338.124.72
make that elevator no I'm about to oh340.83.66
let's go let's go I want to see this342.843.6
okay well I mean I've got to make it and344.463.06
then I've got to figure out where to346.442.88
place it so if you want to like tell me347.524.38
uh your ideas no I have no idea what349.324.08
you're up to there's gonna this is gonna351.93.739
be a multi-elevator place353.44.739
multi-elevator yes oh wow how are you355.6393.881
think you can build this thing that's358.1393.601
the million dollar question359.526.239
or maybe it's like 240 000 question it's361.746.42
a 30 Cent question really it's at least365.7595.101
50 cents368.165.46
he's not following you I know it's370.864.92
broken I think we broke him maybe he373.623.48
doesn't even you can't do anything to375.783.479
him he just stands here he might not377.14.14
have good work ethic you know yeah play379.2593.841
some far away yeah try to move let's see381.243.66
I'll try moving him uh try moving him383.15.06
okay you go like this and then you do uh384.96.359
moving guard yeah no go guard that place388.164.72
over there you or get him we're over391.2594.081
here way over there yeah all right try392.886.84
it bam bam okay ER e or no no he's doing395.346.18
it he's doing it again this isn't even399.723.96
the exact spot but he's close yeah I401.523.6
think we broke him I think we should403.682.82
build a house around him to keep him405.123.24
safe until he comes to you think he's406.53.84
gonna straighten up in a minute I mean I408.363.36
don't know we don't just abandon people410.342.94
when they're not right in the head we411.723.479
gotta you know have houses for them and413.283.96
take care of them yep come back and415.1993.361
check them every once in a while all417.243.179
right let's get some Stone we'll build a418.564.02
little uh Eeyore home and then we'll420.4194.021
continue the journey422.584.8
Eeyore home is that a pun am I missing424.444.379
something no just kind of like a427.383.0
retirement home but it's just for you428.8195.761
right okay sit tight Eeyore you lazy430.386.0
freak I don't think he can sit I think434.583.119
he's stuck in this position forever436.383.539
you're right437.6996.0
all right so I've got the elevator okay439.9196.541
where where do you think like should I443.6996.541
utilize what I've done here essentially446.465.94
like you see how this could be a doorway450.244.38
to an elevator that's on the outside oh452.43.66
okay that's what you want to do you want454.623.0
to put it right there thinking about it456.063.419
oh yeah do it that kind of seems like457.624.199
but I'm not sure by looking at it I'm a459.4794.141
little nervous you think I could pick461.8193.481
these up and if I place it in the wrong463.623.72
spot I can't pick them up I don't know I465.34.56
know you can dismantle it oh wow okay467.344.919
holy moly right that's an elevator469.866.54
that's an elevator so now I go up here I472.2595.901
hit the476.46.84
oh [ __ ] what I thought I was going up478.167.12
you went down one floor483.244.2
what the hell485.284.139
all right okay listen I could take this487.444.759
as a win this is fun we might have489.4195.761
an elevator that goes up one floor one492.1995.261
floor this is not good I thought I was495.184.919
smart over there I almost crafted the uh497.465.82
the horizontal elevator by accident I'm500.0994.801
like oh I picked the right one it's the503.285.039
vertical one but yeah yep504.94.859
wow that's something that is something509.7597.101
wow oh crap okay512.7194.141
you comfortable your good good don't517.625.7
worry about it we'll do all the work is520.744.14
he laying down in there taking a nap523.323.6
really that seems all right that seems524.883.48
suspicious like he was acting the whole526.923.359
time so we build him a house yeah I'm528.363.599
sure he won't just follow you can try530.2794.081
but I mean would you leave yeah you'd do531.9593.961
the work that was a pretty nice house534.365.039
yours home for the stupid AI man he's535.925.94
got it made doesn't he yeah maybe we get539.3994.981
back rolls we can respawn if any danger541.864.62
happens right maybe he'll guard the544.383.84
house who knows he is stuck on guarding546.483.9
look at that guy he's a tough guy he548.224.2
took out an alligator oh the guy on the550.383.84
right yeah yeah you think he's hurt552.423.9
should we kill him yeah I don't know I554.223.119
want to see what's at the end of this556.323.12
River and it looks like some kind of557.3394.5
Temple temple that big tall Rock way559.444.2
down there it kind of ruins all right561.8393.241
you want to run it all right let's do it563.644.02
go let's get there tired565.085.1
get there what I like to go into battle567.665.1
tired yeah yeah I like to go into battle570.185.46
malnourished and dehydrated572.765.1
babes names you're running into a rock575.644.98
names God thank God you've stopped but577.865.099
I've crashed Anthony protect me what580.624.32
yeah you've crashed right into a rock I582.9594.141
see it yeah and also computer crashed584.946.78
what's a computer yeah hilarious587.14.62
done cooking592.443.899
oh we're gonna put it this time so I594.184.32
mean I feel like the one at the bottom596.3394.44
should lead up to this one like you know598.54.32
what I'm saying the one it so like the600.7794.861
one down there okay the one right here602.824.92
right I should be able I want to be able605.646.96
to go here and go up okay okay and then607.746.779
I want to step out now we're gonna have612.64.98
an elevator right here on this side okay614.5195.341
and it's gonna go it's gonna go and it's617.584.379
gonna But but so in other words I'm619.865.52
putting it somewhere like right there oh621.9595.521
does that make sense no where does that625.384.2
one go hold on627.484.44
does it go down wouldn't it I don't know629.583.72
let me come up to all right let me come631.922.88
up to you let me come up here eventually633.34.28
I don't know how I get up there634.85.76
it's probably my my thinking isn't637.584.66
making sense but we gotta hit this right640.563.24
you gotta oh no this goes down oh no642.243.96
that goes down okay take it from the643.85.039
roof take it as if as if you're starting646.24.5
down there wouldn't you want to like648.8393.661
have some sort of offshoot like you need650.73.12
an elevator that goes from like the652.53.0
ground all the way up of course but653.824.019
there's only these only seem to move655.54.68
like too damn oh wait a second oh wait657.8394.201
so to get to this elevator do I have to660.184.14
climb now I think I understand so the662.044.38
only reason why it stopped there I664.324.019
wonder how far it goes down can I not666.423.539
climb your house there we go oh wait668.3393.961
nope damn it can't climb your house for669.9596.921
some reason oh climb there we go672.34.58
guess what what677.03.839
I put the I I crafted the wrong one I681.665.94
forgot it and I grabbed so not only can684.65.28
can we not get to this elevator but it's687.64.14
all it does is take us from one side to689.884.079
the other right it's the most useless691.744.62
it's actually kind of perfect oh here we693.9594.081
go I'm getting to it yeah get up there696.363.96
and then go across oh that'll be perfect698.044.02
we're gonna we're gonna use it we're700.324.92
gonna use something if I find the thing702.065.04
hit the thing705.243.8
look at that707.15.58
wow it's holy wow709.045.35
wow look at that712.684.94
oh man721.85.46
yeah nibs hold on oh my God what did you723.385.34
it's been like 25 minutes yeah I thought728.725.32
I'd never see you again it was also a732.244.68
power surge yeah on a computer whatever734.046.66
that is yep do you want to uh man do you736.924.979
live here now are you still a warrior740.72.759
what's happening uh no I could leave741.8993.18
it's just like a little temporary Hut743.4593.681
you know everyone builds these okay745.0794.741
let's try this again then let's hit it747.145.16
okay so all right that's is up as high752.35.86
as I can go you think if I can click it756.243.24
what the hell what do it I tried to put759.483.72
elevator down above above me and it763.25.939
looks like it's on top of me now so how765.9596.12
do I uh I want to get out of here oh oh769.1394.921
I see myself all right that's772.0793.301
um can I come over uh I don't know if775.385.04
you need to I'd like to just get out of778.24.079
here how do I there it is all right so780.424.68
how do I I'm crouching all right looks782.2794.86
like crouching worked well what the hell785.14.799
man where is this okay I think I see787.1395.041
okay the elevator you put one way up789.8994.921
there yeah I put one way up there but it792.185.339
doesn't work here I guess with the floor794.825.22
that's not good at the top well it's at797.5194.021
the top but I thought if I put it at the800.043.599
top it would it would uh you know just801.544.38
go infinitely down until it hit where it803.6394.081
couldn't go anymore which I guess it805.924.38
might have yeah can you climb up to that807.725.04
I'll see if I can why do I keep hitting810.33.839
y sorry I've been playing breath in a812.763.12
while get out of climb oh there it is814.1395.461
nope can I climb this pillar all right815.885.82
here we go here we go I might be able to819.64.26
climb up to it give it a shot sexy butt821.75.16
here we go oh no damn it this house is a823.866.419
damn maze it's it's gorgeous let's see826.865.7
can I get it this way uh This Way seems830.2793.961
to be working pretty good can I climb oh832.563.779
I can't you can't climb those bits see834.243.36
those bits with the wood sticking out836.3393.3
yeah the decorative pieces that the837.64.38
design yeah take one of those out all839.6393.301
right hold on841.982.82
how's that there we go so now I bet we842.943.24
can climb up here yeah yeah yeah yeah844.83.539
yeah see oh god well maybe maybe not846.184.2
come on come on here we go there's that848.3394.861
yep all right now can we climb we climb850.384.62
this wall window wall I don't know but853.23.48
I'm here all right but you can't hit the855.03.06
button because the damn thing's at the856.683.599
top at the top oh yeah so we gotta climb858.064.26
to the top yeah but I thought that I860.2793.481
thought I even said that we could do it862.323.42
from here too oh wait you just oh you863.763.66
pull the thing yeah hold the thing okay865.742.7
then get out the way get out the way867.423.84
right all right yep I guess up okay so868.444.86
now it's coming down yeah this is this871.264.259
is not the way I wanted things873.33.96
perfect okay so the way you get into875.5194.32
this elevator is to climb up here then877.265.639
jump over to the door oh you just hit me879.8394.62
in the head no this is not how we're882.8993.24
doing things I'm gonna pick it up I like884.4593.361
that you can pick these things up oh886.1393.241
wait no let's I want to ride it to the887.824.199
top I'm riding it all right right you889.384.62
want to ride no too late I missed it892.0194.141
here we go this is my ride see what our894.04.44
place looks like from way up here does896.164.02
it stop it like a doorway or like898.444.62
halfway through stop to the top okay I900.185.099
go wow I'm at the top wow yeah what a903.064.2
view too all right oh you know what I905.2794.8
bet you this decoration hmm and that907.264.379
decoration is what keeping it from910.0793.721
coming all the way down so come on down911.6394.021
I bet you to work now let's see you913.83.06
think maybe I could jump into the River915.663.359
from here uh no I want you to look yeah916.865.099
sure wow my house looks awesome okay I'm919.0194.32
gonna try to jump into the river try921.9593.421
let's see let's jump let's jump here we923.3395.421
go here we go here we go yep925.383.38
oh God that was a lot more shallower928.825.019
than I thought my legs got hurt I think931.624.26
what the hell is that933.8394.021
um oh seven yeah we got a turtle935.884.019
approaching okay that's fine because I'm937.863.599
just trying to see if this goes all the939.8994.8
way down now oh look at this it's not941.4594.62
going all the way down no of course it's944.6993.26
not stand up946.0794.5
all right I think I got a plan for this947.9596.06
things are gonna be good950.5793.44
okay so let's see how do we handle this954.65.4
be friends with them yep that never957.184.26
works until you knock them out and put960.03.72
them on the wheel we could try all right961.445.36
you go try out watch there you go963.726.059
show them your belly hello look at my966.85.8
belly my belly is soft and if I lay down969.7795.461
it is my soft on ow deep they already972.64.739
shot me yep you gotta use the wheel all975.244.2
right oh God all right I tried I'm977.3394.081
moving in some Hope For Humanity here we979.444.079
go I guess we got we're fighting yep oh981.423.84
boy he's already doing they're doing983.5193.421
great all right a sandwich you're doing985.263.6
great big step for me big step from you986.944.44
big step yeah988.865.94
what do you got oh what is that has some991.385.04
kind of armbands or something so let's994.84.02
see defarian yeah look my arms are red996.426.8
now look at those yeah baby998.827.8
the rest yeah all right let's do it is1003.225.919
going behind the moon which means we1006.624.019
have the element of surprise it's the1009.1392.88
eclipse I think I'm gonna go down and1010.6393.721
fight oh boy stamina hang on I'll have1012.0193.901
you back in a second all right all right1014.364.46
wiggle it okay shoot me if I'm wiggling1015.925.52
come on I'm going in yep where's that1018.824.6
lady oh she's coming behind you all1021.444.46
right all right it was out hang in there1023.424.98
roll it around roll it around there we1025.94.659
go a lot of boys a lot of boys a lot of1028.43.38
boys oh everything's getting dark purple1030.5592.9
shoots but you know crap stamina there's1033.4595.021
a lot of us you want to climb up bro1036.9193.66
come down I'll come down oh God that's1038.484.319
five that's five the six there's a whole1040.5794.62
lot buddy I I think you uh I think you1042.7993.721
fall for the rage for a little bit more1045.1993.36
let me come up to you yeah here tag out1046.523.899
you go up there come down here I can't1048.5594.141
I'm full of stamina1050.4194.62
what happened did you die oh boy there1052.75.099
are so many so many of these guys look1055.0395.461
at this lady oh boy stamina come back1057.7996.841
please I need your stamina I was engaged1060.56.84
run away oh there's Anthony's Body yeah1064.644.32
hello ma'am thank you for not fighting1067.346.36
me here we go turn him back to the house1068.969.719
okay just kidding joke's over1073.78.18
you can go back home now1078.6793.201
yeah bring your middle over here baby1084.6794.5
you got most of it man I barely got any1086.724.38
I know I put it uh put it mostly in here1089.1793.541
come over here to app store's hot Honker1091.13.9
all right you're hot Hunker yeah this is1092.724.079
my hot Hunker all right that's what I've1095.05.58
named this bench all right Ironstone 45.1096.7996.481
oh yeah 45 now is it one to one wait oh1100.586.42
73. 73 what sorry I see what's crafting1103.286.18
and what's in there right now I can't1107.04.799
tell if it's one to one yet oh today1109.463.959
yeah down in the bottom right yeah we1111.7993.0
can tell that like that's how many were1113.4193.361
crafting so it's not one to one oh cause1114.7993.961
it's saying it's gonna make seven yeah1116.783.96
yeah yeah yeah yeah that's it that's one1118.763.06
but yeah if you want to take the iron1120.742.819
that's in there already how many do you1121.824.14
need for one elevator 30. okay all right1123.5594.441
we'll back out of there let's figure out1125.963.599
uh where do we want to put these1128.04.559
platforms man oh it'd be cool to attach1129.5594.801
it to my house you know yeah it would1132.5593.961
actually like oh is that even possible1134.364.199
like could we have an elevator can I1136.525.159
build a foundation like right here hold1138.5595.581
on give me a second yeah like I don't1141.6795.161
know right here yeah I mean that would1144.144.74
be here and then maybe oh I can extend1146.843.839
it out a little bit but imagine taking1148.883.6
the elevator and boom you get off the1150.6793.901
elevator and I can uh I think I can1152.484.319
remove this fence here you get off the1154.584.32
elevator and like oh boom you're right1156.7994.801
at the bar yeah no I like that I mean1158.93.96
that's perfect that's where we're1161.62.699
putting the elevator that's gonna be1162.863.3
awesome yes I guess we're all 50 people1164.2994.321
have to figure out if you1166.163.78
don't so do we got to build a foundation1168.623.36
over there how does this work you know1169.944.739
what [ __ ] the way I did it before I mean1171.984.92
the way it works is it goes from one1174.6793.601
across to the other so I don't know1176.93.659
maybe what you'd have to do is this I1178.285.759
bet you you can build all the way across1180.5596.36
right and you know just so that you know1184.0394.561
where One's Gonna connect to the other1186.9194.021
and then after you connect it then you1188.63.78
can take out the foundations in between1190.943.359
does that make sense no we can leave the1192.383.36
foundation that'd be all right just like1194.2992.941
a little platform yeah but I mean but1195.744.08
then why wouldn't we just run1197.245.939
run across what the platforms no you1199.824.2
don't have to build a whole damn1203.1792.581
platform out there just across a river1204.023.96
right that seems crazy all right you do1205.764.46
what whatever whatever you think I said1207.984.86
okay you make two elevators and give one1210.226.459
to me all right figure this out by God1212.846.06
then I'm gonna go into first person mode1216.6796.681
and I'm gonna look at my boobies1218.94.46
dude in the knife1226.286.24
how close your stuff Anthony right where1229.664.899
those two rocks over there meet so as1232.524.38
soon as we get your stuff we fight back1234.5594.021
to back huh do we get something good1236.93.0
from killing these people what do we1238.582.88
what are we why are we killing them we1239.93.659
might get their technology huh I'm gonna1241.464.8
go right over this okay I see my my body1243.5595.101
yep I think I'm kind of stuck I'm a1246.264.98
little stuck okay take all all right I'm1248.664.98
getting hit but I'm climb it out of here1251.245.7
I've been sick all right we fight names1253.646.48
now we fight it's lure app okay don't1256.944.68
wait the whole don't get in too deep you1260.123.12
want the village to come to us all right1261.623.12
they can't go over the rock to the right1263.244.08
they're stupid keep coming oh sneak1264.745.88
attack we're buddies Brothers in Arms I1267.324.92
got back up do you see that coming there1270.625.28
we go stab your face off okay right here1272.246.0
Anthony I block you attack all right go1275.93.72
get it1278.243.66
yeah there we go1279.624.74
look at that what are these black hooded1281.93.659
people don't know what's happening here1284.363.48
call back there we go you leave them out1285.5594.521
here very they're very indifferent neebs1287.844.86
okay we got a couple on us watch your1290.084.599
stamina oh boy you might want to pull1292.74.26
back yep play very safe falling back1294.6794.321
falling back oh boy oh that guy that guy1296.963.959
has a China Hat I gotta heal up how you1299.04.799
doing I'm okay okay okay can I get to my1300.9194.801
wraps heal up wraps hang in there1303.7994.62
Anthony light them up hang it in okay in1305.724.1
here we go1308.4194.401
come here oh what happened Anthony don't1313.5397.0
leave me there's so many people oh boy1318.144.88
crap fall back again1320.5395.161
these guys are tough1323.026.46
all right just kidding never mind us we1325.76.32
won't be back1329.482.54
well it's connecting Simon but Lord if I1332.2994.86
know where it's gonna go all right well1335.0594.081
I mean you what's nice is you can pick1337.1594.921
them up there we go oh wow that actually1339.144.98
looks like it did it yeah it did hold on1342.083.959
let me get next to you all right let's1344.124.98
see X oh it's not it's not moving oh1346.0394.581
maybe okay maybe we gotta come over here1349.15.28
yes that's probably it1350.626.939
oh wait I'm moving oh you are maybe you1354.384.919
couldn't take both of us no that'd be1357.5594.201
ridiculous it it would but guess what1359.2995.161
buddy I'm coming to you man I'm actually1361.764.86
surprised it worked I built this little1364.464.14
thing pick up that Foundation you were1366.624.02
actually pretty close let's see can I1368.63.6
pick this up all right I'll remove this1370.643.84
foundation and then let me see if I1372.25.16
can't build another one I mean I don't1374.484.8
know why you would except for the fact1377.363.42
that well it's floating it looks dumb1379.284.5
yeah okay no I get that but we still1380.784.62
might not be able to take two people at1383.783.899
once no that's silly which is two of us1385.46.38
wrote the elevator turn it on get on1387.6794.101
hold on I can see I'm coming back huh1392.725.04
I'm annoying come on attached to the1394.5395.921
platform like go right here cannot place1397.767.02
while overlapping another object1400.466.719
there no that looks dumb yep you put it1404.785.34
on top no damn it do I need to do this1407.1795.761
do what I'm a builder look at what I've1410.125.34
made over here I can make this piece of1412.944.619
[ __ ] look right trust me you want to be1415.463.3
in charge of that look if you can make1417.5593.36
this look good it's all new I'm just I'm1418.763.48
just surprised the damn thing worked to1420.9193.721
begin with uh it's on me buddy you leave1422.244.2
it to me yeah look here's what I want1424.643.18
you know when you get off the elevator1426.442.76
you know boom there's a nice little1427.823.54
platform here with some stairs listen to1429.24.44
me you don't tell me what and how to do1431.364.799
it I'll make it look good all right and1433.643.96
then you'll judge it yeah yeah I don't1436.1593.361
know I mean you got that going on yeah1437.64.38
that's beautiful and this listen if you1439.524.08
don't like what I make here I will tear1441.984.34
it apart and I will fix it1443.66.439
that's you you like1446.323.719
that's you Oh I thought that was you1453.345.319
you're lucky you're lucky I like the1458.6595.221
stab in the in the air oh oh you are you1460.75.04
about to bring a damn knife this fight1463.883.96
no no no no no no no let's just listen1465.744.38
let's just stop right now oh yeah yeah1467.844.26
because I have work to do1470.124.2
you understand1472.15.16
oh yeah oh okay oh it's on now1474.325.76
oh it's old now what did I do oh now I'm1477.265.58
using this as an escape this will be1480.085.12
your death yeah right come on come on1482.847.819
get it oh yep down there now yeah yeah1485.28.32
and then that oh God damn it I missed1490.6596.52
yeah you did you suck you suck big time1493.526.24
Paulo come on oh yeah you want to hit a1497.1794.021
woman you want to hit a woman yeah yeah1499.764.34
right in the boopless come on1501.24.5
yeah I don't think we're actually1504.13.939
hurting each other we're not are we no1505.74.26
we're not okay well it's just a buttons1508.0394.02
it is fun I'll I'll try to make it look1509.965.48
good thank you all right bye1512.0593.381

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