Getting Ambushed! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 41

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an absolute treat as Appsro and Neebs head out to scavenge for resou...
Getting Ambushed! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 41
Getting Ambushed! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 41

Getting Ambushed! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 41

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen the latest video? Getting ambushed in 7 Days to Die was intense!

appsro: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I can't believe we got caught off guard like that.

simon: Guys, I was just trying to build the horde base and you two were out there getting ambushed? Typical.

neebs: Hey, we needed those resources! Can't let you have all the fun, Simon.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an absolute treat as Appsro and Neebs head out to scavenge for resources while Doraleous and Simon work on fortifying the horde base. It's always exciting to see the team split up and tackle different tasks, especially when zombies are involved!

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that's it baby all right pick it up pick15.84.3
it up okay got it I'm gonna stick it18.424.5
right in here I'm thinking this corner20.14.439
what do you think uh oh yeah over here22.922.82
in the medical stuff that'd be perfect24.5394.08
okay so I'm gonna place it there oh yeah25.744.5
all right so do you have any empty jars28.6194.321
yes see if this works I go here and then30.245.4
what can you use it oh wait yeah so boom32.945.16
we gotta working sync just like a puddle35.644.5
or a pond yeah so is that murky water or38.14.02
like clean water um it looks like murky40.143.84
water oh sweet all right so okay so now42.123.119
we don't have to run out of the ditch to43.984.02
make glue heck yeah we got us a sink45.2394.621
baby we got Plumbing all right rock and48.04.92
roll okay our next uh I guess point of49.866.0
action is we need to up our ammo52.925.22
production yep so I think we go out and55.864.379
try to find uh some coal and nitrate58.145.04
powder sources yeah you want to join me60.2394.801
on that um yeah and also just so you63.183.24
know I can make these things now right65.044.68
make these things what uh first aid66.425.699
right oh first aid kits ice bandage69.724.5
that's kid no we need the kit yeah yeah72.1194.381
I can make them oh good yes yeah we need74.224.68
to make a thousand of those well I can76.54.259
make ten okay well we'll start with ten78.94.44
but we want a thousand right okay I'll80.7593.781
do the math because that'll help us83.342.639
during fortnite all right let's uh I84.543.3
think we got everything let's um you85.9793.0
wanna get some glue cooking then we'll87.843.0
take off yep glue cooking and go let's88.9794.161
do it90.842.3
thank you all right what do you think we101.1194.721
got here memes uh probably a bunch of104.044.92
coil rounds oh man I hope so let's see105.845.099
uh watch out there's a rabbit that's a108.964.26
pretty nice stun baton oh and tool and110.9394.201
die set we'll need that stuff here113.223.78
careful how are you on meat do we need115.143.299
to get that deer117.03.54
uh amazing yeah we got meat for days man118.4393.72
okay good good good then I won't worry120.544.859
about it okay but we do need a ton of122.1595.64
coal and nitrate powder so I think the125.3994.14
only way we're going to find this is we127.7993.781
gotta go out we got to go up to these129.5395.041
rocks and we got to hit it and see131.586.239
yeah iron what about where's another134.585.46
rock any other rocks over here yeah okay137.8194.681
there's a rock right over here come on140.046.779
Kohler nitrate powder chicken iron all142.56.06
right we got to keep looking we just146.8192.881
gotta keep hitting the Rocks until we148.564.88
find Kohler nitrate powder got it149.73.74
I'm putting these rolly things that came155.065.8
put that were actually floating yeah158.584.26
yeah I love that I don't know if it160.864.68
needs to be floating why not he there's162.844.619
he obviously had a reason for that I165.543.419
know he had a reason for it but he had167.4594.14
yeah he had a reason to make it an empty168.9596.06
space and then have these things here to171.5996.601
fool the zombies to run past them but175.0195.881
you have full things well I just did178.24.38
that because if if we're up in these180.93.78
little cages they're gonna come you know182.583.78
I understand why you did I'm just saying184.684.02
at these this it might be moot for me to186.363.959
be putting these round things on here188.73.179
because yeah you don't need to do these190.3194.441
I I was just hoping uh wherever they191.8795.701
existed before it is yes I would was194.764.259
hoping this whole area could get back to197.583.0
how it was you know all right well I199.0192.881
just started putting away I figured it200.582.64
can't hurt it it'll give it a little bit201.92.94
of protection especially if I make them203.224.739
concrete so but around all of these204.846.84
um I'm doing metal spikes around all of207.9596.661
these okay that's very nice isn't that211.684.86
nice yes just don't put any more down214.624.8
what do you mean until later well this216.544.8
is a big part of we need this like this219.423.3
you know I mean what do you mean you221.342.64
don't need to put down these I've222.723.14
already it's a part of it we don't need223.984.319
why you tell me not to make my base oh225.864.0
I'm just saying I'm like you're not228.2993.241
doing the whole fill out these these are229.864.14
just part of the just let me do these I231.544.02
mean go ahead I mean I just I might hurt234.03.54
myself you might too but okay no yeah235.563.48
there's a good chance of that sure yeah237.543.059
I mean the [ __ ] Woody's already got239.043.839
me over here just backed into one so me240.5994.381
too if you're into wasting bandages I'm242.8794.201
down with this plant yeah yeah and244.983.6
that's the goal is to waste a bunch of247.083.359
bandages that's okay now we're on the248.584.7
same page hell yeah250.4392.841
all right oh we got some nitrate powder259.4595.621
oh yeah okay maybe I'll bodyguard while262.744.32
you while you do this all right so now I265.083.6
think that means267.064.32
we start digging down a little ways yeah268.684.2
I've already found us on the nitrate271.384.379
powder right here okay oh good okay so272.884.379
wait first thing I need to do though is275.7593.72
go to my map where are we at we are over277.2596.421
here let me save this as a waypoint I'll279.4797.821
do uh yeah just do that as a resource283.688.18
nitrate powder powder287.36.88
so now I know where it's at always I can291.864.059
always come out here and get more here294.183.54
is the downside though is uh when you're295.9194.5
coming out and doing this we're moving297.724.56
my trigger a screamer well I got I got300.4193.72
down to control okay you're on screamer302.285.58
Duty I'll uh I'll get her perfect304.1395.641
that's right yep I'm gonna hop out of307.863.36
there all right309.782.88
Scouts came out of nowhere there's a311.221.5
yep um right to the car um yeah come to314.225.28
the car okay are you in are you shooting317.16.0
so I was are you in are you in I'm in319.54.919
holy crap baby yeah324.4193.5
I guess that was from you digging huh uh329.463.78
was there a screamer I didn't hear one331.53.96
okay that just could have been a333.244.2
Wandering horde and I don't see one and335.463.299
there was a lot of what do you call them337.443.3
when their eyes are glowing yeah Glory338.7593.66
guys oh one of them dropped a bag you340.743.6
want to get that bag real quick uh are342.4194.761
you serious yeah get it344.345.4
grab it run grab it to run okay come on347.184.359
boy come on come on crap what is it R349.744.019
yeah God I forgot come on dude I'm not351.5392.601
I'm coming to you I've been happy come355.2594.38
on come on come on there we go it's all357.784.23
right yes oh you should know that by now359.6395.581
hey Dora Simon check this out over here365.224.74
this might be fun to look at okay you368.13.3
see how there's a row of trees over here369.963.84
uh yes I do now Simon yep all right371.45.57
watch this ready and hey373.85.04
next and slavado I'm bored okay no no387.746.76
you got four left let's do it no I392.6993.72
didn't I didn't prep them all did I394.54.38
maybe I did ready and the last one I396.4195.06
don't think wow398.886.06
I missed the first one huh the first one401.4796.34
oh [ __ ] son of a [ __ ] how'd you miss404.946.18
that I don't know it's a tree cut it in407.8196.021
post Jack411.122.72
oh we got some coal maybe all right418.584.899
let's do it all right let me mark it on421.623.0
the map don't want to forget the423.4793.301
location cold spot yeah all right how424.623.72
much Coal's in there because if you put426.782.82
on the map then it's not there and428.343.18
someone shows up right Who the hell's429.63.719
gonna show up one of us that use the map431.523.299
do you think one of us is actually going433.3193.181
to come out and do this other than me I434.8193.6
might come out get cold yeah Hey listen436.53.419
yeah we could use another Harvester of438.4193.301
uh materials I'm gonna read one of these439.9193.72
Maps can we stop by and do a map oh you441.723.66
want to do those okay I usually don't443.6392.941
get to do them let's see who am I445.383.84
concerned except446.585.04
um oh it's over that way how far yeah449.227.44
how far is it that is it looks far a 1.1451.626.9
kilometers okay so yeah that's not too456.664.56
bad oh I'm gonna make all the gun pounds458.523.84
should I take the car over there and461.222.819
meet you meet you there you want to take462.364.86
the car one kilometer away from me and464.0395.461
you meet me there on foot467.224.74
sure go for it okay I didn't think you'd469.54.56
say yeah see in a bit all right I'll471.965.6
catch up to you okay be careful474.066.639
Gotta Move quick because dark time right481.347.18
here bam485.8194.681
man you know what am I not carrying my488.524.5
turret around why does that I keep490.55.84
forgetting to grab it all right okay493.025.22
freaking me496.343.34
what are you doing are we gonna chase498.245.299
you serious all right forget you499.687.739
I think so I'm leaving but I'm not oh503.5395.22
there we go508.7596.241
I can play your game sir511.0393.961
build just a little526.923.599
marker here528.364.5
move this is where the mine is come out530.5195.581
there we go that easy enough to see532.866.54
yep we got zombies out the belt oh God536.17.76
and you're gonna get up and then you're543.865.56
gonna go right back down all right neebs545.946.06
is kilometer this way all right549.424.62
start moving through the night all552.03.22
sneaky like554.044.229
a snake snake Robin Hood in the night559.24.94
like Batman and Robin Hood had a baby561.664.859
and they dumped him off a zombie564.144.19
what you got572.945.94
oh don't ride tea that's all right okay574.88.159
that was further oh only 192 meters yeah578.885.82
it isn't bad at all582.9594.201
oh I'm taking you you're taking y'all as584.76.139
a biker boy that's it might be a fight587.163.679
that's true we'll see you oh yeah you594.64.919
see him in here yep okay597.544.2
um hey do you have lock picks uh no but599.5194.621
I got a crowbar I was oh I can do that I601.743.599
could have done that whole time you've604.143.0
been waiting for me to come here lock605.3393.18
picked these things ain't no smash it607.142.52
with a clock608.5193.421
I gotcha okay I've known to do these609.664.98
just keep Smeg until it's open yeah give611.944.14
it the old smacky smack and I'm not614.643.12
getting anywhere near you God forbid616.084.439
anyone hits you hey I like this new rule617.764.62
let's see what do you got out there in620.5195.161
the distance oh is that a dummy622.385.399
we're gonna miss that one almost in625.685.04
there come out do it here oh one more627.7796.12
bam oh wait untouched got it here we go630.726.059
what do we got oh yeah okay a bunch of633.8995.161
uh like 7 000 tokens a bunch of uh636.7794.141
titanium arrows639.065.94
44 magnum shotgun shell 16 762 with gold640.925.52
nuggets and silver nuggets hey that's645.03.72
all right that's not a bad haul okay all646.443.72
right let's get back to the car and648.723.72
let's uh yeah let's get back to bed you650.164.739
know actually I saw I saw a cabin I saw652.443.899
Kevin yeah you want to go check out a654.8995.101
cabin I like cabins yeah let's do it656.3396.56
yeah okay what are you hoping to find672.864.539
here I don't know but I see you see it's675.363.12
got like a677.3993.421
like a radio tower in the back is that678.484.799
what that is yeah okay places like that680.824.199
just make me think okay there's more683.2793.781
here you know what I mean yeah it looks685.0194.38
uh too futuristic for this cabin yeah687.064.38
exactly so why don't we uh why don't we689.3995.221
investigate oh wow all right all right691.445.76
I'm sneaking in I was sneaking yeah is694.625.1
there like a Stairway going down into697.24.86
the future what you got it's a dead699.724.26
zombies what I got okay oh nope nope702.063.18
he's gonna get back up there's something703.983.06
here in the porch I'll take care of this705.243.839
one punch this face off man I like this707.043.96
punching thing you're starting to do yep709.0794.561
quiet back here you keep looting I'll711.03.66
watch the front713.643.36
I don't see anything hidden if you look714.664.26
around outside oh wait what's this the717.03.36
tower doesn't have like a door going718.923.06
down does it or something beeps go out720.363.84
go out back go back yeah go to the back721.984.26
I think uh I just hit a button here and724.23.96
I think it opened the cellar I'm coming726.244.14
there is a glowing green zombie oh here728.164.38
we go yep I see it are you down there730.383.899
see you yeah I'm right in the window oh732.543.479
oh you could have said something what734.2794.141
was that you see that guy that's a wolf736.0195.161
okay you're right nope nope oh crap I738.424.8
got the lady I'm not even loaded I'm not741.183.36
even loaded all right I got him I got743.223.179
him I got him oh God did I hit you Jesus744.544.26
Christ I'm so scared me towards you no746.3994.44
are you dying no I think I'm good okay748.83.84
well there are a bunch of them oh750.8393.601
there's a here we go should I go there752.644.08
and help I think I can do it come on oh754.444.2
boy yeah help me out I'll run around I'm756.723.239
coming I'm coming I'm coming Oh I758.642.58
thought you'd just shoot him as I was uh759.9595.101
running nope oh one of them died oh from761.226.6
hitting you I got it probably oh bag I'm765.064.8
gonna hit R this time all right how's767.823.24
your health because again I don't want769.863.539
to get anywhere near you oh yeah look at771.064.26
this I'm good man all right you want to773.3993.841
uh you want to take Point here uh yeah775.323.72
should we uh shut this behind us or that777.243.06
didn't work779.043.9
done work it's locked which is the780.35.46
dumbest thing ever gotcha782.946.12
this place looks serious Jesus I knew it789.065.48
I knew it I knew it there was more here792.484.799
look at this dump this is great man I794.544.9
could do this in my neighborhood what I797.2793.661
just dig down I'm gonna make my house 10799.443.12
times larger than just down here under800.944.019
your house just a giant bunker yeah all802.563.779
right which way should we go first all804.9593.721
right let's go let's go clockwise huh806.3396.081
yeah I like that idea going to the left808.683.74
hey I wanted to ask you a question can I821.05.44
put spikes up here I'm gonna put one up824.4593.901
and then you tell me if you like it okay826.443.54
because I see that as a ledge of them828.364.02
being able to jump oh okay don't put829.984.56
another one do not put another okay why832.386.3
because because I'm gonna do that oh I834.546.06
can't put it under oh were you gonna go838.685.04
up all the way nah just on a little bit840.65.52
man sometimes this stuff gets so weird843.725.52
hold on no problem hold on so spikes846.124.56
wouldn't be a good idea around that849.244.26
thing it would be it would be like this850.684.98
Tower is pretty tough and I'm just kind853.54.5
of putting one in the uh I'm just kind855.664.02
of like make it a little stronger all858.03.42
the way up but I can't put one in that859.683.36
middle spot so you can put it in the861.422.82
middle but you can't do it on the edges863.043.419
so I could do yeah one on the each side864.246.24
of those yeah yeah I like it and then uh866.4596.12
all right good because I made like 20870.484.979
eight of these uh here I'll I'll do this872.5794.921
next piece for you to do the the thing875.4593.721
you're doing uh except you can't really877.54.62
do it there but that's okay yeah yeah879.184.8
obviously don't put one by the ladder882.125.339
right uh-huh uh-huh good well good huh883.985.7
there you go this is nice sound question887.4595.461
yes wonderful I've been doing quite a889.686.48
bit I hope that you uh you like my help892.925.88
I love your help good good because it896.165.28
makes me feel good good898.87.929
oh I bet I know what's going on neebs908.164.2
yeah look over here keep an eye right910.444.32
here keep an eye right there okay I912.365.46
found a switch that I bet if I hit yep914.765.34
yeah it's open we got a cheerleader be917.823.72
careful all right I am going to be920.12.58
careful I'm not going anywhere near you921.544.08
yep she's down oh that room is open oh922.685.519
that rules oh God hold on hold on I see925.624.26
something smoking down there underneath928.1993.481
it uh should we set up a defensive929.884.5
position or something sure well I guess931.685.159
can we close these doors all right yeah934.384.319
tell you what we gotta fall back we'll936.8393.18
fall back into that all right we'll938.6992.7
funnel them through there yeah maybe940.0193.0
yeah is any of this floor gonna give941.3993.721
away probably I mean yeah look at this943.0194.32
I'll run to the middle you ready945.124.219
okay no yeah stay behind me I'll try to951.84.12
fight him off first I thought we were954.543.799
doing the room955.922.419
there's so many out here already I'm958.445.519
going to this room oh boy okay are these960.125.64
are these demons I think these are963.9595.761
demons oh wait those yeah the guys oh965.766.6
God oh God stay away from me Yep they're969.724.619
not dying I'm running oh crap I'm972.365.279
stunned I'm stunned bro's done oh God I974.3394.86
don't want to go right I'd help you but977.6393.0
I might kill you I can't get through979.1994.221
this guy980.6392.781
you got to be kidding me this is nowhere996.543.96
man I remember this taking forever in a1000.57.199
helicopter oh god well I don't want my1003.2596.481
kill counter going up so I'm going1007.6994.7
all right where the hell is neeb's seven1016.826.54
kilometers away what the [ __ ] has he1020.186.119
done he's oh he's out in the desert all1023.365.04
right I'll go help him out1026.2994.861
um let me Mark this place see because1028.44.74
I'm such a good friend I'm Gonna Save1031.166.84
this Waypoint as neeb stuff and then I'm1033.147.08
gonna take the buggy and I'm gonna go1038.04.02
pick up a gyrocopter and I'm gonna take1040.223.54
it to Neves because I'm that good of a1042.023.86
oh okay oh I remember this this is our1047.725.76
old base me and Dick there it is hey1050.544.379
there's something good in here1053.484.28
see should I go in1054.9197.321
oh man are you serious squatters man uh1057.767.419
is this lady nope that's good there's1062.245.34
two of them oh no he's one of those1065.1795.761
uh-oh are you kidding me all right let's1067.586.18
try this jump nope you guys are really1070.945.88
good at that oh boy they got me1073.764.86
okay maybe I can do this1076.824.32
here we go can they climb that I hope1078.624.08
not okay1081.144.38
Oh no I got no good weapons I just got1082.74.74
this club all right what if I just squat1085.523.84
will they forget about me let's wait it1087.442.7
maybe they'll forget about me and1090.143.72
they're feral I thought this is just1092.244.52
regular zombies1093.862.9
see where you at buddy I'm in the woods1110.55.14
where are you all right right behind you1113.484.68
oh behind me yep coming up on you oh oh1115.645.96
there you are oh man I'm glad to see you1118.165.58
man why are you gonna spawn way the hell1121.65.079
out here for I think my bed on the The1123.745.04
Horde night got destroyed probably by1126.6793.481
one of your explosive grenades or1128.783.12
something oh okay yeah right blame it1130.164.68
all on me huh well you uh you redeemed1131.94.5
yourself oh hey check it out pick up a1134.842.94
dick puncher for you I know how you love1136.44.38
them I do and then give me a second1137.785.46
there's a lot of stuff in my inventory I1140.784.68
have to find it get rid of all this crap1143.244.74
I got because I don't want this junk all1145.463.839
right oh God we got a Wandering horn1147.983.559
coming in ah crap okay okay all right1149.2994.801
hold on let me unlock it unlock it1151.5394.721
unlock it all right go kill yourself1154.13.959
just keep all the good stuff right yep1156.263.9
oh God there's squids are there squids1158.0593.601
yeah there's a squid in this one and a1160.164.139
horde and a horn okay meet you the base1161.663.66
um yeah you know how to get there from1164.2993.0
here uh yeah watch I'm going to my bag1165.323.54
okay yeah that's right you go to your1167.2993.361
bag and then you make me a base thank1168.863.98
here we go yes okay all right oh boy got1176.65.88
zombies already man I hope they're not1181.0392.701
back in there1182.483.66
how's that oh I did pretty good bit of1183.743.24
yep and there we go all right I don't1186.985.52
have my stuff but I still got it all1190.223.54
right um1192.53.419
is this what happened to the doors this1193.764.74
thing have doors on it oh boy okay at1195.9193.471
least it's not night time1198.53.419
here we go yes now we're top r takes it1201.9199.241
all baby now we're talking okay good1207.445.64
deal I'm sure after we've picked this1211.163.84
place clean all right1213.085.9
we got it thanks for having us1215.014.599

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest 7 Days to Die series in Darkness Falls! This new modpack completely transforms the 7 Days to Die experience into something fresh and exciting. The first thing you'll notice is the overhauled visuals - lighting effects, particle effects, and visual touches that make the world come alive. But it's more than just a cosmetic upgrade. Darkness Falls expands the gameplay with new crafting recipes, items, weapons, enemies, and game mechanics that offer challenges for even seasoned 7 Days veterans.

What I love about watching Neebs Gaming play this modpack is the cinematic quality they bring to it. Through their skits and conversations between characters like Appsro, Simon, Dora, and Thick44, they make it feel less like watching someone play a game and more like a movie or TV show happening within the world of 7 Days. It's hilarious and entertaining seeing how their personalities bounce off each other as they scavenge, build, and try to survive the ramped up zombie hordes.

Some of the most memorable moments so far have been Appsro marveling at the craftable weapons and technology added by the mod, like laser turrets and lightsabers, or the team huddling in fear as a thunderstorm rolls in, now far more dangerous thanks to the new weather effects. Even just gathering resources turns into an immersive cinematic experience with the Neebs crew.

I seriously can't overstate how much more enjoyable it is to experience Darkness Falls through Neebs Gaming rather than playing it yourself. Their commentary and filmmaking draw you into the world in a way that makes it feel alive. So if you're a 7 Days fan, do yourself a favor and check out Neebs' Darkness Falls series for the ultimate cinematic survival experience! It's a masterclass in how to transform gaming content into entertainment.

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