OuterWilds Supercut

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're anything like me, you've been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest video in their Outer ...
OuterWilds Supercut
OuterWilds Supercut

OuterWilds Supercut

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the OuterWilds Supercut video? It's like a rollercoaster of emotions, I love it!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is a wild ride, just like our adventures in Outer Wilds. I can't get enough of it!

appsro: I know, right? It's like watching a movie but with our own crazy commentary. Definitely my favorite YouTube video!

neebs: I can't believe we actually survived all those close calls in the game. It's hilarious to relive it in this supercut.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're anything like me, you've been eagerly awaiting the release of the latest video in their Outer Wilds series. And let me tell you, this one did not disappoint!

In this episode, the Neebs Gaming crew embarks on a full Outer Wilds adventure, taking us along for the ride as they explore the vast and mysterious world of the game. From the stunning visuals to the hilarious commentary, this video has it all.

I love how the Neebs team interacts with each other and with the game itself. Their banter and jokes always keep me entertained, and I can't help but laugh along with them as they encounter all sorts of challenges and surprises.

And let's not forget about the music in this video! The Outer Wilds soundtrack by Andrew Prahlow sets the perfect tone for the adventure, enhancing the overall experience. Plus, the inclusion of tracks by audionautix.com and Kevin MacLeod just adds to the epic feel of the gameplay.

If you haven't already, be sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest Neebs Gaming content. And don't forget to show your support on their Patreon page - after all, it's their amazing patrons who help make these awesome videos possible.

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today's the day hey slate oh there's our27.5195.04
pilot back from your pre-launch camp out30.44.319
under the stars i see yep what do you32.5593.921
say ready to get this beauty off the34.7194.16
ground it's all fueled up and ready to36.484.399
go hey yeah i'm ready if you are man are38.8794.561
you kidding of course i'm ready it's40.8794.16
finally time to test the new landing43.443.279
hydraulics with the pilot instead of the45.0394.481
auto flight system anywho you'll need to46.7194.641
get the launch codes from horn spells at49.523.84
the observatory before you can lift off51.364.0
all right i'll go talk to hornsville53.363.76
and i'm excited55.365.8
it's launch day baby57.124.04
oh look at that gorgeous sunrise75.1194.561
hey oh quit playing with that stuff that77.843.52
stuff's dangerous79.683.68
ghost matter81.363.439
yeah you step on this stuff it'll kill83.364.079
you all right little scamp84.7993.68
all right87.4392.401
keep throwing rocks at it just don't get88.4792.801
near it89.843.68
bastard see oh they got the new statue98.844.76
look at this guy103.64.159
what's going on hal hey hey it's my105.63.68
favorite astronaut107.7593.68
launch day at last huh buddy it's the109.284.56
translator tools inaugural flight too111.4395.04
i'm so excited it's making me nauseous113.844.319
just think you'll be able to translate116.4794.401
any no my text you want anywhere you are118.1594.481
the two of us put a lot of hours into120.883.919
inventing that tool so don't break it122.644.0
oh geez126.644.0
don't break it i won't i promise hey so127.7594.321
what's the dirt you here to see the new130.643.2
no my statue no i'm just here for the132.083.76
launch codes yeah i get that you're133.843.6
dying to head into outer space but135.843.52
seriously you've got to see this statue137.444.799
before you go it's an amazing find makes139.364.4
me wish we could see what a real live142.2393.281
nominee looks like but i guess this is143.763.68
as close as we're ever gonna get check145.524.48
it out it looks like they had fur147.445.519
fur is weird it fur is weird ah gee i150.04.959
got a little carried away there go on152.9593.681
you have a ship to launch and you know154.9593.28
what take care of yourself out there are156.643.84
you here yeah i will and there that is a158.2393.041
yeah maybe we can find out more about163.25.039
these guys than nomi horns fell164.485.119
where are you at where are you at old169.5993.28
man oh there you are171.122.8
what's up172.8793.041
ah there you are i just finished173.924.239
pre-flight observations and local175.924.64
conditions are good time to get our178.1595.121
newest astronaut off the ground yeah180.564.72
you'll be needing the launch codes in183.284.0
here they are biscuit off the ground185.283.28
before slate makes any more187.285.28
modifications to your sheep sir188.564.0
all right thanks horn phil sweet i got192.9595.801
the launch codes195.283.48
all right let's do this200.43.36
what the206.9593.241
how was that227.442.64
okay okay234.03.799
oh hey did you get a good look at that242.7994.321
no my statue yeah the statue just looked244.7994.561
at me and opened its eyes whoa the247.125.039
statue was doing what listen no offense249.364.72
but are you sure you're okay to launch252.1593.681
like you know medically speaking you254.084.719
know what don't worry about it255.842.959
crazy statue259.3595.361
crazy weird statue261.5196.921
i'm not worried about it264.723.72
hey slate i got those launch codes i'm273.686.4
ready to go oh well good that's good uh276.6395.041
i guess i'll talk to you later all right280.086.16
then go okay have fun okay we'll do281.684.56
great oh there's the moon that's where289.044.08
i'm gonna go291.125.12
here we go293.125.2
welcome aboard this is the neeps never296.245.28
ever explore by yourself system298.325.52
hey names how may i help you today uh301.524.399
we're launching today oh launching yeah303.843.76
you knew this well you're gonna need the305.9193.28
launch codes yeah i already got the307.64.159
launch codes ah excellent all right are309.1993.601
you ready311.7593.361
are you ready yeah i think we're uh312.84.0
man where should we go i think i think i315.123.519
want to go to the moon the uh the316.86.64
antler rock at lorac setting coordinates318.6394.801
should i start countdown uh you know323.683.84
what yeah let's do a countdown we're325.843.359
going to space327.523.6
starting at 50329.1993.921
49. why don't you do five331.124.0
starting at five333.122.96
two one ignition337.1994.241
we're in space i have been waiting for350.165.039
this like my whole life352.724.64
this is awesome355.1995.84
we're in space names we are in space and357.368.04
your name is uh abstract361.0394.361
looking at the moon367.365.04
setting autopilot okay369.124.48
taking over372.44.48
sit back relax and enjoy your flight373.64.96
that was a short flight wasn't it we376.883.92
will be378.562.24
oh yeah i got it i got it390.3195.041
boom we are down392.564.96
all right probably should suit up395.364.559
you'll be glad to know the397.524.08
team's online experience will be399.9193.441
transferred to the suit yep you'll be401.63.599
with me and in the ship i am aware of403.365.399
how you work neebs405.1993.56
holy moly this is so cool412.966.0
that is the sun uh yes that is the sun416.564.28
over there i think that's the418.964.0
uh the hourglass twins yeah the420.843.799
hourglass twins422.964.239
it's giants deep oh man i cannot wait to424.6394.96
explore this whole universe427.1994.0
let's look at this an ancient nomy431.1995.12
okay wow444.723.28
that's the sun uh yeah all right so448.884.08
that's definitely451.363.6
this okay so these are planets that's452.963.359
what we're looking at here you take the454.962.639
put it towards the planet i bet that's a457.5993.761
brittle hollow459.5995.681
yep points right towards brittle hollow465.284.319
and this469.5993.681
what's this one473.283.72
huh this one uh this one doesn't seem to481.444.0
point anywhere483.365.44
okay let's go see what's down below485.443.36
oh hey trees bonsais490.3193.201
oxygen refuel493.524.799
yeah there's that damn symbol again496.43.28
all right this is what we've been498.3192.72
waiting for499.685.4
translator tool let's see501.0394.041
oh this guy's name was coleus anyway506.084.48
says i was upstairs testing508.44.24
the eye signal locator and it can hear510.564.159
and follow the signals from the sun512.644.0
giant stephen bros okay so this thing514.7194.56
we're in is called an eye signal locator516.644.0
however something strange is happening519.2793.921
when i ask the ico locator to follow520.645.28
the eye's signal the device indicator523.25.28
rotates wildly and never points just one525.925.12
felix felix i see most likely calibrated531.364.32
the locator incorrectly privet my533.8393.281
apprentice and i will make adjustments535.682.88
and try again537.123.36
and update disappointingly everything is538.564.24
correctly calibrated after all540.484.72
sad for me to possess this my friends542.83.84
but i believe we need to build a more545.23.68
sophisticated device if we want to find546.643.92
the exact location of the eye of the548.883.6
okay then we'll build it don't lose hope552.483.919
our search for the eye is what brought555.123.279
our clan to this place we won't give up556.3994.081
so easily so they're558.3993.601
i guess to know my they're searching for560.483.68
something called the eye of the universe562.04.399
that you want to go there yeah that'd be564.163.6
neat you don't even know anything about566.3993.841
it i don't i guess the567.765.12
they were really fascinated by it though570.244.0
because i think that's what this symbol572.883.36
is the i is a symbol for the eye of the574.244.56
universe sometimes there's places that576.244.0
you don't want to go to though like578.84.0
where i don't know myrtle beach580.246.08
yeah that's right myrtle beach does suck582.83.52
oh look at this588.643.199
where should we build this more new okay594.244.88
so they're trying to build another one595.923.2
the southern glacier on brittle hollow599.5193.921
has ample available space i could601.2793.921
construct a new building603.444.56
to house this proposed locator605.24.8
yes let's build there i imagine our608.04.56
young friend conoy c-o-n-o-y would you610.04.48
say kanoe i would call him612.564.0
kanoi hanoi okay kanoa would enjoy that614.483.84
immensely he's always held a great616.563.44
interest in the eye especially for a618.325.92
child born so long after the crash620.06.56
i will begin construction on brittle624.244.96
hollow south pole immediately626.564.8
okay so whatever this is they're trying629.24.639
to locate the eye of the universe631.364.08
and they build some gut should we go to633.8392.881
brittle hollow if that's where you want635.443.36
to go i think we gotta do it let's do it636.723.679
maybe we'll meet kanoi oh wait you know638.83.2
what there was i also wanted to visit640.3993.601
esker i think he's here on the moon feel642.05.82
like having a spacewalk let's do it644.05.92
wow look there's there's our home649.923.599
timber hearth652.322.72
just take a picture653.5193.681
let's see655.043.919
send it back to everyone657.23.84
there we go we got a photo yep we'll get658.9593.041
in it661.042.239
oh you wanna you wanna get in it we662.02.72
should we should there we oh yeah all663.2793.361
right so y'all turn around okay yeah664.724.72
there we go look hey666.644.639
look at us in space669.443.6
this is awesome671.2794.0
yeah the observatory673.045.12
that is so cool675.2794.881
oh look at that678.164.239
look at what see that uh those little680.163.6
things on the other side of the planet682.3993.201
i've never seen that before683.763.28
i'm not sure what you're talking about685.63.2
like i'm looking at it like right you687.043.039
see that the glowing thing a little688.83.44
glowy glowy squiggles yup yup what the690.0794.241
hell is that that's a thing692.244.8
here's a thing694.322.72
okay all right we gotta find uh what's697.443.12
his face hold on699.2794.56
you might be able to700.563.279
scanning oh unknown705.764.8
yep we got an unknown signal 109 meters708.0794.721
i think we found him714.883.759
that's esker718.6394.161
what's going on asker oh hey it's you720.0794.401
ground control didn't tell me you were722.84.32
launching long time no see724.483.68
i guess it's been a long time since i've728.163.2
seen anyone729.763.199
i'm lonely731.363.919
oh yeah i guess that was you whistling732.9595.12
probably actually definitely the other735.2794.401
travelers carry their instruments so738.0793.2
they don't bother whistling you could739.683.52
pick up their music with a signal scope741.2793.601
you know the best spot for that is the743.26.04
north pole great reception744.884.36
harmonica yeah that is a harmonica759.445.12
harmonica no that that's drums764.565.12
how do you think that sounds like a769.8393.041
harmonica i've never done drums before770.8395.481
oh okay well that's that's that772.883.44
drums no that's776.3995.041
got i don't even know what that is779.363.919
all right that's where we're going784.484.159
brittle hollow rental hollow where are786.0795.281
we gonna go now uh yeah okay let's go788.6394.401
check it out the north pole when it's791.364.479
south pole was it oh boy let me check my793.043.919
i think we said southpaw okay we'll go796.9594.88
to the south pole then okay798.723.119
the initiating launching sequence and 15808.885.84
all right and autopilot you ready819.364.88
autopilot uh destination brittle hollow821.365.52
uh we will be there in five827.2795.281
beautiful well done neebs thank you837.924.88
man look it840.725.6
looks like the planet's falling apart842.83.52
okay all right well this is uh well that847.5194.161
looks like like an observatory to me849.922.56
is that the south853.5193.841
uh maybe855.1993.921
not really sure that might not be the857.363.839
right one look there's another ship here859.124.48
oh really861.1992.401
put this down864.562.959
all right we've made it to brittle866.323.28
suiting up we should probably lock up869.65.84
lock what up chip set an alarm872.04.48
okay you can875.442.56
you can be the alarm if something876.484.32
happens yep878.02.8
all right881.444.399
alarm set882.882.959
so what are we doing here again we were886.84.479
just checking out uh what a no my ruins888.164.16
no my891.2792.641
mind that's part of what we want to do892.323.04
out here i want to learn more about that893.922.88
ancient civilization you know it was a895.364.0
statue that looked at me funny896.84.56
yeah it was weird looked at you funny899.364.08
yeah for a statue shouldn't be able to901.363.279
do that right are you one of those903.442.56
people what do you mean what are you904.6393.121
looking at me funny and then you start906.04.399
something no the statue looked at me907.763.6
anyway see if we can get in here maybe911.363.68
it was just looking at you and you912.884.079
made more of it than it was915.044.239
i can't seem to do anything here neebs921.763.68
looks like a door of some sort like a923.444.079
door hold on there's a tape recorder925.442.88
i'm here i did it i put the ship down928.324.56
and that the ship went down and i didn't932.884.56
sustain any bodily harm that's the good934.9593.361
the bad news is well i haven't found a938.324.639
way inside the structure yet i can't get940.484.479
inside from here but i know there are942.9594.32
paths below the surface i'm going to944.9594.721
head north to the ruins on the equator947.2795.841
i'll try to find a way now949.684.8
so that somebody somebody was heading uh954.483.76
to the ruins near the equator like958.243.599
there's another way in huh yeah we can't960.0793.601
get in this way so he went searching for961.8394.161
another way down right963.684.959
or up or or up966.04.8
oh boy that almost hit you968.6394.64
yeah you might want to re-park huh970.84.8
uh would be somewhere safer oh yeah you973.2793.521
know what let's head north let's see if975.63.039
we can find those ruins yeah see if976.83.44
there's a garage or something i don't978.6395.2
think there'd be a garage here980.243.599
holy whoa985.684.079
neebs yeah there's a black hole at the987.124.32
center of brittle hollow all right let's989.7593.361
don't park near that no yeah because991.445.16
it's a black hole993.123.48
that looks like ruins996.84.159
it looks like ruins that did i say sound998.244.08
like it okay1000.9592.56
here i'm gonna park you up here on this1002.322.639
cliff yeah1003.5192.641
there's trees here1004.9592.24
yeah i'll be able to breathe a little1007.1995.041
bit oh why is this wonky there we go1008.246.88
all right i'm heading out1012.245.92
oh boy yeah that's1015.123.04
that's a pretty shiny job yeah i know i1018.563.279
could have done a whole whole lot better1020.02.839
with that1021.8394.401
sorry it's fine just leave it1022.8395.24
jeez just don't spend all day in there1026.244.319
oh boy1028.0792.48
that's not gonna hit where we're parked1031.0393.201
right i hope not1032.243.52
oh man now i'm worried about the1034.243.679
stability of this place uh just make it1035.763.279
all right making it quick sun's going1039.0394.961
down flashlight's out1040.723.28
i don't see anybody1049.6794.161
i found a burnout campsite do you fancy1054.484.64
a marshmallow uh1056.724.72
is that all you eat1062.5595.681
yes i love marshmallows1064.845.4
okay let's see what's this1068.244.0
the journey here to the south pole has1070.244.48
been um i'm going to go with harrowing1072.245.439
because of the um all the medias okay1074.725.199
let's see i poked around a little and1077.6794.24
there's some sort of old know my path1079.9194.721
that starts from across my side inside1081.9194.64
the room building the trees growing out1084.643.44
of it1086.5594.561
okay looks like whoever this was1088.085.52
i guess there's a path down1091.125.439
building oof that stuff1093.64.319
what's that stuff dude oh what's it1096.5592.881
ghost ghost rock or something like that1099.443.599
ghost rifle okay yeah yeah you get near1101.285.04
this stuff it'll kill you wow look1103.0395.921
someone got near it yeah i think that's1106.325.52
a no my skeleton1108.962.88
i'm sure i'm getting a weird reading1112.244.08
here yeah what's that1114.084.56
it's hard to explain what do you mean1116.323.28
readings are off1119.64.72
what readings all of them1121.65.04
oh okay all of the readings yeah which1124.324.0
ones specifically1126.643.2
gamma ratings1128.323.2
gravity's holding up1129.842.88
uv readings what1132.724.4
energy levels so every okay what's it1134.964.719
doing it's all crazy1137.123.919
all right1139.6795.041
and and i don't know okay just saying be1141.0395.601
careful oh geez1144.723.44
not to mention we got meteors flying in1146.643.36
everywhere all right should we get out1148.164.72
of here uh1150.02.88
you're probably fine don't worry about1154.082.32
oh geez okay1156.45.04
all right well i'm going back in okay1159.26.28
all right going over to this tree1161.444.04
nope levels are spiking what levels all1166.644.0
of them1169.0393.201
gravity gamma1170.643.36
super levels1172.243.92
energy levels i don't know what you mean1174.03.44
yeah i tell you what one more1176.164.24
marshmallow let's go1177.442.96
what's that noise levels what levels all1183.25.92
of them going crazy1186.083.04
is that here on the planet uh1190.084.32
what is that it's coming from outside1194.43.96
what is that1196.326.44
huh what is this1198.364.4
good morning1238.482.64
you asleep well1241.362.799
morning sleep1246.03.76
so yeah1248.42.639
he's had a1249.763.44
just had a weird dream uh hey you ready1251.0394.081
to get this thing off the ground1253.25.52
ships all fueled up and ready to go1255.126.64
yeah did did i just die oh bad dream or1258.725.36
something you still look half asleep but1261.764.56
that's a negative on being deceased i1264.083.839
know it's tradition to sleep out under1266.323.599
the stars the night before a launch but1267.9195.281
if you ask me it makes y'all a bit jumpy1269.9196.601
yeah maybe1273.23.32
oh hold up you're gonna want to get the1277.0394.161
launch codes from the observatory first1279.123.12
i uh1281.23.2
i think i already got them ah must be1282.244.88
inhaling more fumes than i realized that1284.44.8
stuff is potent well if you got the1287.124.08
codes i'm not going to stop you good1289.24.64
luck take care of that ship1291.24.479
yeah i'll take i'll take care of this1293.844.839
welcome back aboard appsro1306.1594.561
hey neebs did uh1308.44.96
did anything weird happen to you yeah1310.725.439
somehow time is uh different all right1313.365.12
so you remember levels remember the1316.1593.841
levels yeah okay the levels were spiking1318.483.76
then what now they're back to normal1320.03.76
okay you're not gonna ask me which1322.243.36
levels no no i you told me the levels1323.763.52
the gamma levels all the other ones what1325.64.24
in the hell that was bizarre1327.284.32
would you like a marshmallow no i would1329.844.4
not like a marshmallow okay all right i1331.65.12
i guess we go back to brittle hollow1334.243.84
we've already been there keep doing what1336.722.72
we're doing but yeah we didn't go i1338.083.2
didn't go down that path you want to see1339.442.88
the path1341.284.72
yeah okay just had a course sure [ __ ]1342.326.719
one up course1346.03.039
no i just went ahead and did it i have1349.364.96
like only so many things i get to do1351.844.0
okay okay i'll let you i'll let you1354.323.94
launch from now on1355.845.36
all right coming in hot1361.23.12
all right i'm going to put you up on top1364.963.599
of this cliff neebs okay1366.083.92
boom easy yep are we level think1370.04.96
good morning1384.883.24
you sleep well yeah1388.1593.361
hey you're gonna need the launch card1391.62.959
all right all right1393.64.079
i already got the launch codes1394.5593.12
all right something is definitely1398.963.92
happening that's right you breathe air i1400.644.24
i know i got out of the ship without1402.883.52
putting the suit on that was really dumb1404.884.0
but something is definitely happening1406.44.96
i will try to remind you to wear a suit1408.884.72
next time thank you thank you1411.365.24
setting the course for brittle hollow1422.1593.281
got it1423.764.08
babes okay yes1428.7994.641
we're gonna need repairs absorption i i1431.444.479
see that1433.442.479
all right i'm out let's see what's wrong1437.843.199
with you all right yeah landing gear1439.522.48
hold on1441.0392.081
there we go1442.03.2
all right landing gear is fixed yep1443.125.28
cockpit yep1445.23.2
all right cockpit's fixed just give us a1448.484.72
once look over uh-huh1450.483.92
all right i think that's that's what1453.22.56
sustained the most damage so i think1454.44.159
you're you're fine you're fine too1455.765.919
go get them champ okay all right tree1458.5594.72
in the middle of a house we're going1461.6794.24
down watch out for the ghost stuff yeah1463.2796.0
ghost rock ghost matter1465.9193.36
let's see gotta figure out a way into1469.364.48
this house1471.122.72
look at these sound waves1474.1593.841
we talking about that feature what when1475.844.56
i speak you can measure my sound waves1478.04.19
yeah cool1480.43.6
knock it off knock it off well1484.05.679
yep yeah we get it all right1487.764.32
yeah this is taking me uh in into the1492.44.56
interior of the planet okay1494.5594.0
oh i love these things1496.964.079
what's that little gravity crystals oh1498.5594.0
gravity crystals1501.0393.361
it's a funny thing to love isn't it yeah1502.5593.12
i mean they're neat look at this walking1504.43.6
right on the wall yeah yeah the nominee1505.6793.761
made these to get around the place and1508.04.0
we have no idea how they did it ah crazy1509.445.04
did you get some of those in the ship1514.482.799
we have one how do you think i walk1516.082.56
around in the ship oh we put one on the1517.2793.52
roof no we have one inside the ship yeah1518.643.919
but so you can go upside down sometimes1520.7992.961
no i don't want to go inside that just1522.5593.6
we have the one in the ship okay notice1523.764.72
all right what does it like upside down1526.1596.961
got it gravity crystal workshop1528.486.16
i hear music1533.123.679
sounds like a harmonica it's not no it1534.645.039
sounds like a banjo1536.7996.12
are you sure1539.6793.24
look did you say that's a harmonica1548.43.2
listen to that are you sure listen to1550.083.92
that that is not okay in your program1551.63.52
and i want you to remember this this is1554.03.44
the sound of a banjo1555.124.72
there we go1560.883.2
it's getting stronger oh marshmallow1562.03.52
time who's this1564.082.32
hey ryback oh you launched that's great1568.05.6
wow i guess that means i've been out1572.084.4
here a while huh well um this is brittle1573.65.199
hollow but you probably knew that yeah1576.484.24
yes i did what are you doing down here1578.7994.321
i'm here to see the hanging city it's1580.724.24
always been my dream to see it with my1583.124.0
own four eyes all right where where do1584.964.0
you think i should go here oh wow where1587.124.48
shouldn't you explore here um not the1588.965.28
black hole actually which is unfortunate1591.64.4
because the most exciting stuff is all1594.244.0
below the crust there's also this big1596.03.679
dome on the south pole called the1598.243.2
southern observatory you can't get1599.6793.921
inside from the surface trust me i tried1601.443.68
but if it's like the rest of the gnomere1603.63.36
structures here there's probably a path1605.123.76
to it beneath the crust somewhere good1606.964.319
luck exploring um if you learn anything1608.884.64
about the numai i'd love to hear it it's1611.2794.081
not too much traffic sure if i uh if i1613.523.44
learned something i'll definitely let1615.363.199
you know hey don't don't look at the1616.962.8
i know that much1619.762.799
that's what she said1625.0392.321
it's just a joke that your kind makes1627.363.919
don't look at the statues that's what1629.764.3
she said that that's that doesn't work1631.2795.681
so where are we to where are we going to1636.963.28
where are we going to trying to save1638.7993.041
time let's see1640.243.76
well i guess this leads to the tower of1641.846.47
quantum knowledge whatever that means1644.011.789
oh you know what this might be a map1656.3994.88
i bet that's the observer like yeah you1659.443.359
said south right that's the south1661.2793.361
southern observatory1662.7993.921
northern hanging city1664.644.159
and i don't know what these are let's1666.724.16
get a good look at it okay1668.7993.36
maybe it's the tower of quantum1670.882.48
that's a good guess or maybe that's the1673.363.919
tower of quantum knowledge looks like a1675.523.279
how you getting a bird out of that see1678.7992.401
the beak1680.083.599
and the bird eye no1681.23.76
maybe a hawk1683.6792.88
where are you no i don't see how do you1684.963.92
see bird here it's a bird look at it i1686.5594.161
am looking at it don't see a bird the1688.883.12
and the beak1692.04.08
he's like an eye patch eye he's wearing1694.1593.281
an eye patch it's a hawk with a knife i1696.082.24
still don't see the beat where are you1697.442.0
getting the beak out of that black1698.322.959
little triangle thing on his face it's a1699.443.359
what black triangle1702.7994.0
all right i see the eye right yep upper1704.324.16
that's the eye so now what do you think1706.7994.561
of the beak beach the black big bird big1708.485.6
black bird okay yeah well you're1711.364.64
yeah it's not a bird when we get there1714.084.16
that's a bird temple not a damn bird1716.04.559
gravity cannon east 400 meters gravity1722.086.24
cannon that sounds awesome1724.7993.521
it's only 400 meters yeah check it out1728.964.319
super close1731.364.64
okay that must be the gravity cannon1733.2794.961
all right so if we look at the map all1736.04.08
right now i know what's going on so that1738.243.919
was not the tower that is okay so that's1740.083.839
probably tower of quantum knowledge1742.1593.76
that's probably gravity bird tower yeah1743.9192.88
tower quantum knowledge gravity cannon1746.7995.681
conservatory hanging city um i don't1749.523.92
know how in the hell to get to the1752.483.28
observatory from here1753.444.959
that's where we came from1755.764.88
maybe is there a way there oh boy oh boy1758.3995.441
oh boy oh boy oh boy1760.646.399
okay okay1763.845.76
i think so1767.0392.561
all right this takes us to the tower of1773.522.8
quantum knowledge i guess we're going1775.0392.401
aka bird tower no not bird tower1777.445.04
this is pretty cool technology1783.124.88
it's just like a grav lift you should1786.5593.12
get one of these in the ship1788.03.44
uh we have one not one of those bigger1789.6793.681
ones yeah well1791.443.44
that's how i get in and out of the ship1793.363.36
i know but that's a little one isn't it1794.883.36
yeah it's a big one we need a big one1796.723.12
why would we need a big one we have a1798.243.679
small ship you can park on the moon and1799.845.04
get on it from the planet1801.9196.36
that's crazy1804.883.399
all right1811.0395.041
the tower of quantum no it's not birds1813.24.56
damn it you're getting low on oxygen are1816.083.839
you even paying attention oh god no well1817.763.68
i'm halfway there there's some trees1819.9193.601
over back by ryback so i guess wait how1821.444.16
do i get back can i reverse these1823.523.68
please let me reverse this1825.63.52
okay cool i can get back to right back1827.24.0
if i need to okay because that's okay1829.124.0
that's the crossroads1831.23.52
okay middle is a crossroads that's where1833.123.439
the map is got it1834.724.16
oh we got some information here1840.3995.361
be welcomed in this place above you1843.6794.801
stands the tower of quantum knowledge1845.764.96
not bird tower1848.483.679
if you're making your first pilgrimage1850.723.92
to the quantum moon ascend these stairs1852.1593.841
and obtain1854.642.72
the last knowledge you need for your1856.04.32
journey holy crap1857.364.64
okay i've always wanted to go to the1860.322.8
quantum moon have you ever seen that1862.02.88
thing neebs um1863.124.159
i can't say that i have well if you see1864.886.56
it it's it's gone pretty quickly okay um1867.2798.4
ah boy how do i get up there1871.444.239
yep that ain't gonna do1876.644.399
um is that not an elevator there maybe1878.7993.841
let's see1881.0394.561
if i can reverse it1882.642.96
there you go okay1885.842.959
we have one on this show it's big no1890.5593.201
it's a little one yeah i see you you're1892.244.159
way over there yep hello 300 meters away1893.764.48
i can see my car from here1896.3995.52
okay guess this is the tower of birds no1898.245.12
quantum knowledge1901.9192.961
oh god i hope there's1903.364.159
trees in here i'm getting low on oxygen1904.884.24
i've warned you about that no i don't1907.5193.28
know i might yeah i might have to go1909.123.84
oh tree's detected beautiful hey1915.0394.24
worked out1917.2795.441
identified signal nearby1919.2796.24
could be a banjo1922.722.799
nope not a banjo what is this1925.69.28
watch your step1934.883.519
tower shard1938.3997.0
it's a quantum fluctuation1941.364.039
oh that's it you found it that's the1951.23.76
quantum moon okay yeah yeah now watch1952.963.52
oh that's great oh yeah watch this okay1956.486.64
go on1960.244.64
as soon as you look away from it it goes1963.123.52
where is it i have no idea1964.883.44
it moves oh it's over there by1966.643.36
timberhurt okay1968.324.079
see and then i look over here look back1970.03.919
what the hell is that about quantum moon1973.9196.161
quantum moon crazy1976.7993.281
so did you see everything you wanted to1980.7992.081
where here here no should we get a1982.883.84
picture and go this is a whole planet1985.0393.681
okay we just got here you're getting1986.722.959
i'm not getting angry when's the last1989.6792.72
time you had a marshmallow you're1991.0393.441
getting impatient let's see unique1992.3993.841
signals coming from the shard1994.483.919
wandering moon okay yeah yeah i've also1996.243.679
heard the same signal this shard1998.3993.441
produces calling out from giants deep1999.9194.561
timber hearth and the hourglass twins2001.844.559
supposedly there are other shards like2004.484.0
this one okay2006.3993.76
i know from earlier felix mentioned this2008.482.96
strange type of rock isn't found2010.1593.12
elsewhere on brittle hollow2011.443.04
what if isn't2013.2793.561
originally from this planet2014.484.96
hypothesis this quantum shard is from2016.844.52
the wandering quantum moon2019.443.68
perhaps it's even a small piece of the2021.363.679
moon itself oh cool2023.124.0
this is a piece of uh the quantum moon2025.0394.48
yep that's neat2027.125.039
what if he does the same thing look away2029.5195.28
yep okay bounces all over the place that2032.1594.481
was a good trick sir2034.7993.441
there it is2036.642.8
that's just2038.244.65
that is that is weird2039.448.249
oh boy this place is falling apart uh we2049.6794.801
better make this quick wow2052.244.639
all the pieces are falling falling into2057.444.399
the black hole2059.042.799
is that what she said2063.762.8
huh oh neebs yep we're falling okay uh2066.86.839
crap you might want a boost2070.489.119
yeah yeah2079.5992.161
we're really far from the ship uh yeah i2081.766.399
see the ship you are 11 kilometers away2084.1595.68
oh crap2088.1594.161
what is that2089.8392.481
okay it seems like some sort of2095.8394.801
satellite or something out here2097.445.679
slowing down slow down2100.644.479
i can walk on this2105.1193.361
it's like it's gravity activated or2107.043.76
all right going into the satellite okay2110.86.2
this is2113.683.32
you don't even know what that does don't2118.244.08
you just gonna start pushing buttons2120.324.24
oh trees detected in here yeah we got2122.324.72
oh all right2129.682.88
all right welcome to the white hole2133.443.52
station if you fell through the black2135.23.36
hole by accident don't worry you aren't2136.962.639
the first2138.562.64
this warp tower can return you to2139.5993.52
brittle hollow2141.23.68
every warp tower is tuned to a specific2143.1193.601
astral body to use the tower stand on2144.883.36
the warp platform on the floor and wait2146.723.52
until the tower aligns with its2148.244.32
corresponding astral body in this case2150.243.2
look up while the station's rotating you2153.443.12
can see the alignment happens after body2154.962.72
did you get all that yeah i think2160.85.12
if i look up2164.04.64
but this thing's not spinning2165.925.439
it should align with okay hold on let's2168.645.68
keep exploring here2171.3592.961
what's this dude oh there we go now2177.044.4
we're doing something2178.84.72
are we spinning now oh yep2181.444.24
okay okay and if i understood that2183.524.319
i stand here2187.8394.161
i look up and i wait for this to align2189.5996.401
with brittle hollow there you are now2192.06.72
oh god i'm gonna throw up that oh god we2196.05.44
did it2198.725.44
oh yeah we did it yeah welcome back i'm2201.444.56
gonna throw up in my suit2204.163.12
i'm gonna throw up in my suit can you2206.03.119
swallow it that was awful if you throw2207.283.28
up keep it in your mouth and then2209.1194.841
swallow it2210.563.4
oh wait2222.02.56
oh these squiggly lines2222.963.36
there was one of these on a2224.563.36
timber hearth remember we saw it from2226.323.519
the moon so maybe they're warp stations2227.923.28
these guys built warp stations all over2231.22.96
the uh2233.045.52
solar system i'll add that to my files2234.164.4
wouldn't it be cool if you could hit a2240.162.4
button and then i could just uh2241.23.28
autopilot back to you it'd be great we2242.563.44
should install that system yeah you got2244.483.599
to pay for that oh wow2246.05.2
it's like a bridge down there2248.0793.121
i don't think i can get to you neebs2251.763.359
well i can't get to you we just talked2253.522.88
about it okay2255.1192.24
all right i'm gonna explore these2256.43.6
buildings up here2257.3593.76
you don't think you can make that jump2260.02.64
no i'm gonna just fall right down into2262.643.199
the damn black hole again well you just2264.45.28
got jet fuel packs okay2265.8395.361
oh what2269.683.52
readings what do you mean readings2271.23.36
getting levels again yep they're all2274.563.84
going crazy2276.723.52
all right so what does that mean it2278.43.6
you might be waking up in a weird place2282.03.359
again okay2283.685.2
yeah what killed us last time uh2285.3596.321
i didn't i couldn't tell2288.884.8
okay probably the levels the yeah the2291.683.76
levels killed us that's exactly what did2293.683.439
it yeah2295.443.2
we'll go ahead and log this data i'm on2297.1193.441
the north pole of uh2298.644.4
brittle hollow yeah there's some ruins2300.563.92
here what if i can squeeze in some2303.043.039
information before2304.484.8
the levels go crazy uh-huh2306.0796.601
damn levels2309.283.4
all right i'm above the hanging city yep2315.764.24
let's go ahead and log that hanging city2318.323.279
and that makes sense we're on the we're2321.5992.881
on the northern part the hanging cities2322.964.0
on the north okay i just warped here2324.483.92
from white hole station on the other2326.963.36
side of british holla blah blah blah our2328.43.439
design work we've2330.323.92
successfully recreated warp travel well2331.8394.481
we knew that yeah good job you guys did2334.242.96
warp travel maybe we should take cover2337.24.639
somewhere huh2339.042.799
yep levels are going nuts man2342.43.52
holy crap it's the sun2346.324.24
neebs we've already seen the sun the sun2348.486.32
just exploded oh it exploded yeah um2350.566.0
so take cover2354.85.64
where am i gonna take coverage2356.563.88
okay i'm going in i can't make it2361.444.44
sun explodes oh good morning sun2372.164.64
explicitly the sun explodes all right2374.84.16
then go okay2376.83.92
don't you forget those launch codes2378.963.76
there i don't need to launch codes2380.724.56
that's good2382.722.56
if so if i tell you to run to the2388.0793.121
building you got to run quicker there's2389.763.359
no way it doesn't wouldn't matter if i2391.24.32
landed the sun exploded okay2393.1193.921
we don't know do we2395.523.2
we don't2397.043.68
i gotta find out more about that statue2398.723.68
i feel like that's our next lead i'm2400.723.359
gonna i'm gonna go i'm gonna talk to2402.43.679
i'm gonna go and talk to sal i gotta2406.0792.961
figure out more about the statue you2407.5993.921
stay here we'll do2409.044.81
see you when you get back2411.5219.269
hey hal hey hey it's my favorite2431.444.24
astronaut hey so what's the dirt you2433.923.52
here to see the new no my2435.683.76
yeah yeah this statue oh you haven't2437.443.679
heard gabriel brought it back with them2439.443.679
from giants deep and horn spells just2441.1194.081
finished prepping it for display this is2443.1195.2
it right here neat huh ah gee i got a2445.24.399
little carried away there you know what2448.3193.601
you go on yeah i will okay so you found2449.5994.0
a giant's deep huh2451.924.08
giant's deep okay i gotta get the giants2453.5994.48
let's see who i see oh yep there's2458.0794.161
giants deep2460.643.92
big gas giant right there2462.244.079
oh yeah oh good morning apps roll yeah2484.3193.76
morning wait you're gonna need those2486.483.28
launch cars already have the launch code2488.0794.681
yeah the statue originated from giants2497.685.04
deep that's where we're going okay2500.165.679
buckling up yep and2502.727.04
team honestly no i'm doing it last time2505.8393.921
there it is you ready neebs2512.567.32
set of course giants deep let's go2515.24.68
should be breaching atmosphere in four2531.925.36
three you don't have to count on me two2535.23.919
why are you still doing it2537.284.16
brace yourself2541.444.399
oh here we go wow2543.3595.041
huh whoa okay yep2545.8394.641
i got us careful here we got some water2548.44.16
you driving yeah i got this all right2553.446.08
all right let me know i need help2556.06.96
holy crap this place is crazy2559.526.319
um it's like an ocean planet in it yeah2562.965.52
okay i kind of see a place i think we2565.8393.841
can land2568.481.92
oh oh boy2570.44.64
never mind i guess we're not landing2573.1193.921
does that come back2575.044.96
okay oh whoa2577.043.84
this place is nuts i don't know if2580.884.08
there's anywhere to land uh2582.564.559
all right looks like these2584.963.44
i guess these water spouts are just2587.1192.801
picking these islands up and throwing2588.43.199
them into space is this one gonna come2589.923.84
oh yeah there it is okay2593.763.68
so you think if we land on it we'll be2596.04.56
fine oh god i have no idea2597.445.04
uh let's take a look2600.563.759
let's try to have an idea though right2602.484.08
yeah hold on let me take a look at this2604.3193.681
looks like okay it looks like there's a2606.562.4
there's a village on this or an ancient2608.963.52
village on this island2610.723.28
oh look that's uh it's one of those warp2615.523.599
things yeah2617.1193.681
okay we could have parked somewhere else2619.1194.401
and warped here all right um maybe right2620.86.559
here this seems like a landing pad2623.523.839
ah we're down oh yeah this feels nice2627.764.8
all right2631.1194.0
suiting up suit up2632.565.6
all right let's check this island out2635.1194.24
gravity's a little higher than we're2638.163.679
used to yeah big time one point 1.72639.3594.72
times let me see if i can jump2641.8396.721
yep that's harder what about my boost2644.0796.641
oh yeah2648.563.6
yeah won't be doing much flying around2650.722.32
holy crap2653.043.36
this is planet they're just islands2654.3194.961
floating everywhere here2656.42.88
forget where you parked i won't2659.3594.72
oh crap2662.722.24
that hurt i'm okay though2664.963.119
all right let's try this again try this2666.885.04
again there you go okay2668.0793.841
yep all right here we2672.0793.681
i go2675.282.24
i think we're on the right track that's2675.764.16
definitely a statue2677.524.64
yep statue workshop2683.287.64
and i can't get in the door is broken2685.525.4
all right i'm going to take these uh2693.524.0
gravity things2695.763.68
up the cliff2697.524.96
wait what are the orange ones uh lights2699.445.04
they like the way got it i still love2702.484.48
these things2704.484.16
why not just have these everywhere right2706.963.04
yeah i've been talking to you about2708.642.959
getting more on the ship well we only2710.04.02
need one on the ship2711.5994.72
okay oh2716.3194.561
trees detected2718.724.72
yeah there's some ancient know my ruins2720.886.32
here some ancient know my bones2723.443.76
what is this2727.522.559
it's a2731.1193.761
it's a plate with some i can't i can't2732.43.76
see the whole thing because half of it's2734.884.0
covered in dirt i bet you it's a bird2736.164.08
if we could see these2738.883.92
birds oh hold on i found some writing2740.245.96
here oh2742.83.4
it's like a bird cage they probably keep2746.3193.601
birds in there oh is that a [ __ ] bird2748.0792.721
let's see2750.83.2
they're going to test the memory statues2751.8393.201
flock says it could be dangerous so we2755.043.68
can't come2756.83.519
but what if we didn't use the door and2758.723.52
snuck in the other way2760.3193.76
does anyone want to2762.243.839
flock specifically told us not to do2764.0793.441
uh i really wanted to see the test too2767.524.48
lamby but that's a huge risk to take we2769.684.0
probably shouldn't maybe flocks will let2772.03.2
us see it later2773.683.36
they were talking about2775.23.52
is that the statue workshop beneath me2777.042.799
oh wait you know what i bet it is2778.722.879
because i think i see the door yep the2779.8392.881
ship that's you right over there so2781.5993.52
that's the door okay uh and there is2782.724.879
another way in but i wonder what way2785.1193.601
that is2787.5993.121
why do they write all their messages on2788.724.08
rocks i have no idea2790.724.399
oh hey hold on oh yeah here we go it's a2792.84.88
full one that's a water spout not a bird2795.1194.48
what were you thinking i wasn't thinking2797.683.28
bird nobody was you were the only one2799.5994.24
thinking bird2800.962.879
i think up here was the uh the warp the2803.924.72
warp yeah the warp the warped oh the2806.06.88
boar yeah yeah the warp2808.644.24
okay hmm2814.8394.601
maybe you have to go in a water spout2817.284.16
wouldn't that be cool why would i go in2819.445.44
a water spout speaking of2821.445.36
oh god2824.883.52
it's kind of chat one's getting kind of2826.84.6
oh god um2831.763.839
babes there's somewhere to run to uh2833.764.079
yeah i'm running to you okay oh yeah oh2835.5995.361
crap crusters2837.8393.121
okay where are we we're in space2841.5993.921
is this bad um i don't know i guess2845.524.16
we're gonna come crashing down you seem2848.163.199
to be okay though get to the ship marks2849.683.52
you in a good spot there we go2851.3594.641
there we go okay2853.22.8
are we coming back down2857.925.679
let's say so hold on2860.03.599
man living here2866.165.159
must have sucked2867.923.399
you think it was always this way2872.244.4
always what way2874.83.36
what do you mean what way okay okay2876.643.199
you're talking about uh always with2878.164.08
water spouts everywhere i don't know2879.8395.801
climate change2882.243.4
so we gotta find another way in2888.3193.841
oh come on i hit i hit the poster i hit2892.724.0
the poster2895.524.44
oh god2896.723.24
some underneath2902.884.239
yeah maybe2904.242.879
watch your head i'm trying i'm trying to2909.5994.161
get under can i get under oh yeah i can2911.283.92
get under2913.763.29
is this gonna work yes2915.23.04
we made it2918.242.72
we're in the2919.763.599
burton cage no that's st we're in the2920.964.08
statue room2923.3593.681
oh yeah i see that's that's the cage the2925.043.519
bird cage that you were talking about2927.043.519
right except it's not it's not a bird2928.5592.881
you don't know if there are birds in2930.5592.161
here all right let's push forward a2931.443.2
little bit yeah2932.723.68
i think we're in the right place2934.642.8
another one of these these things are2936.42.48
everywhere something up with these you2937.444.32
tried to stand on one or2938.884.719
another statue2948.0793.201
it's like an ancient know my record2951.284.24
okay that's from flocks2955.523.92
here would you kindly step back so daz2957.5994.081
is closest to the statue when pairing2959.444.0
the statue will choose whoever's in the2961.684.159
closest proximity2963.444.0
see how its eyes have opened that tells2965.8393.601
us the statue has paired with daz now no2967.445.36
matter where he is in this star system2969.445.28
dazza statue will record his memories2972.84.72
and send him to ash twin project write2974.725.119
down ash twin project what is that are2977.525.039
you asking me yeah i don't know ash twin2979.8395.041
project okay this is extraordinary2982.5595.04
sculpting work phlox2984.885.28
he has outdone himself again hasn't he2987.5994.081
now that we have our first successful2990.163.6
pairing we can test my memory storage2991.683.439
each statue will send a single nomins2995.1194.881
memories to his or her on storage unit2997.284.96
within the ash twin3000.04.4
each storage unit will be equipped with3002.243.2
a mask3004.43.12
the statue's counterpart which will be3005.444.399
able to send those stored memories3007.524.55
back to the corresponding nomi3009.8393.921
memory statue3015.24.159
these crazy bastards develop technology3017.283.6
to store memories3019.3594.401
i think this is a nomi you see that yep3020.884.64
okay and i think3023.764.24
this is a statue3025.525.039
and that is a mask i you know what every3028.05.2
time i die neebs i see that image3030.5593.52
you need to be careful because your3034.0795.04
memories are probably being recorded um3036.483.839
well then i probably don't need to be3039.1193.041
careful huh well if you do a bunch of3040.3193.76
stupid stuff people are gonna see it3042.163.439
yeah that is true can anybody else3044.0793.601
access those other than me3045.5993.971
once it's online3047.686.37
one of those3055.762.64
is this3060.485.28
an ash twin projection stone3062.886.239
looks like it goes here3065.764.16
oh no we got some text here3069.924.399
i've installed the mask inside the ash3072.5594.0
twin project phlox they look beautiful3074.3193.76
although i do feel as though i'm being3076.5592.641
see like we're probably gonna have3079.24.0
footage of you pooping yeah probably uh3081.23.2
raymie it's comforting to know that3083.22.56
statues will not pay her until the3084.43.04
project succeeds3085.763.44
otherwise i imagine the experience would3087.444.32
be hard to endure yeah stuck in space3089.24.399
with an ai3091.763.599
ideally they'll only need to activate3093.5993.681
once the project succeeds as a safety3095.3593.921
measure however the statues will also3097.283.68
activate in the event of equipment3099.283.039
they will why is that3104.04.24
if anything goes wrong with the ash twin3106.3193.601
project the statues and their masks will3108.243.68
make us aware of the situation and3109.924.24
enable us to fix it otherwise it would3111.924.72
be possible for us to remain permanently3114.164.64
unaware of the problem3116.643.6
hadn't thought of that3118.83.68
what a profoundly horrific fate that3120.244.24
would be okay so something's obviously3122.484.0
gone wrong and the statue has paired3124.485.04
with me for some reason3126.483.04
okay all right see what this is this is3133.444.8
more rocks3136.45.6
oh whoa god oh this is memories is that3138.246.4
no i thought we were seeing a memory3142.04.48
did we just warp somewhere3144.643.84
no we're still in the3146.484.16
that's oh oh god that sounds like a3151.524.0
twister right3153.923.679
yeah all right3157.5994.081
boy what the hell three minutes oxygen3159.445.679
whoa whoa whoa okay3161.686.32
oh set a safe zone they keep you in3165.1194.641
place when you get thrown into space3168.03.52
that rhymed i guess i'll just hang out3169.764.08
here for a minute3171.525.479
yes yeah sounds like yep we just landed3190.0795.201
again yep and they went off okay so you3192.245.76
stand there when i win a hurricane3195.284.559
or something3198.03.839
all right make sense make okay make3199.8393.28
sense with the cyclone on there we3201.8392.321
should have we should have figured that3203.1192.801
out right well3204.163.919
the bird thing was very feasible no it's3205.923.919
not a bird thing it's not feasible at3208.0792.561
all right now what the hell was this3210.643.52
that was the memories uh3212.245.92
twin slate thing ejection stone3214.164.0
yep where the hell am i hold on look at3220.3195.841
those weapons lit up3222.726.08
we're not not lit up okay3226.164.72
can you tell the difference uh yeah the3228.83.6
ones that are lit up are obviously lit3230.882.88
up they look like there's three of them3232.44.0
lit up3233.764.799
ash twin3236.44.24
that looks like that's the hanging twins3238.5594.241
right the hanging the hourglass twins3240.644.32
yeah the hour yeah the hourglass wins3242.83.6
what i say hanging twins yeah what are3244.963.84
you talking about okay so is the ash3246.44.3
twin project might be on that planet3248.82.96
okay i i want to look around a little3251.763.12
more but i need to run back to the ship3253.283.839
and refill on oxygen okay yeah let's do3254.886.52
that and then let's come right back okay3257.1194.281
anything else3275.3594.161
some writing over there but i don't know3277.8393.041
how to get to it3279.523.52
well uh3280.883.199
yeah that ain't gonna work there's no3283.043.92
way i can jump3284.0792.881
did i mean did you walk over that that3289.043.6
way yeah that's where i came from3290.7993.601
because yeah i came in on the door3292.643.12
walked over3294.44.719
walked up here but i can't get up there3295.765.839
what about if we're in space3299.1194.561
that might be the key3301.5994.561
hey we gotta wait for a water spout3303.685.28
sounds dangerous3306.162.8
you hear that i hear it i hear it that's3314.7993.361
good that's good3316.483.92
where you gonna start up here yeah3318.163.6
you want to try to get there once we3321.764.079
leave orbit yep oh boy okay we're going3323.1193.841
okay gravity's at one point up zero3326.963.57
gravity perfect perfect go for it3328.7993.121
here we3331.923.679
go all right oh look it's perfect yes3332.8396.361
one of these things up here it's safe3335.5993.601
come on down come on down3339.5993.841
all right all right3341.8393.76
yep just gotta wait3343.443.84
just gotta wait gravity's get up3345.5994.24
dropping him3347.282.559
and we are back baby3350.3193.921
back to normal that's a wild ride all3355.284.319
right let's see what we got here3357.23.76
oh this is from flocks this is the guy3359.5993.2
that built the statues3360.963.28
i'm curious3362.7993.121
is sending a bean's memories back in3364.243.92
time the same as sending the bean itself3365.924.8
back in time3368.164.08
as an example if we're to send my3370.723.119
memories back in time is that the same3372.243.359
as sending me back in time not my3373.8394.801
physical body but my essence3375.5996.72
i imagine they're two different actions3378.646.0
cassava wouldn't both actions be3382.3195.201
effectively the same3384.642.88
suppose that time was being rewritten i3387.5994.321
believe this is different than receiving3389.8393.681
memories from what is effectively the3391.922.96
but isn't the end result identical in3394.882.959
either this is just a bunch of3396.482.8
i don't think it's the same3399.283.68
can your memory make a conscious3400.885.6
decision in the past yeah no i don't i3402.964.72
wouldn't think so3406.482.8
it's not really a memory is it grab a3407.683.52
pencil right on there tell them no3409.284.319
uh i don't have a pen otherwise can i3411.24.08
can i write with this thing because yeah3413.5993.281
i feel like we can answer that question3415.283.44
for them yeah yeah you're sending me3416.884.0
back in time not my memories because the3418.723.76
memory would just be like a memory you3420.882.959
like once it's created is just a thing3422.483.359
it exists forever right3423.8393.601
i think we answered this yeah yeah3425.8393.52
exactly exactly3427.443.119
what's your philosophy what's your3429.3594.2
[ __ ]3430.5593.0
yeah the gravity's heavy here should we3434.3193.201
send your memory back in time to tell3436.02.96
you how to jump3437.523.36
are we out of here i think so going to3440.885.76
the hourglass twins i don't know i need3443.25.2
to heal up because uh yeah that last bit3446.644.0
okay let's see yeah here we go little3451.043.84
med kit oh3453.1194.96
fuel okay yeah i'm feeling better3454.884.8
all right yeah where where makes the3458.0793.681
most sense to go next you keep talking3459.684.48
about his uh hanging uh what was it3461.764.88
hanging what hanging twins i i called it3464.164.32
the hourglass twins it's it is the3466.643.76
hourglass twins i was right no i said3468.483.28
hourglass twins you were on about3470.42.8
hanging something did i say hanging3471.762.72
twins you said something who said3473.23.04
hourglass twins to begin with i said the3474.483.359
right one all right well that's where3476.242.8
what god what was the name of that3477.8393.041
project the ash twin3479.043.92
ash twin project is on the hourglass3480.883.6
twins like now i want to call that place3482.963.76
ash twin yeah but it's the hourglass3484.484.72
twins yeah so the ash twin project all3486.724.24
right let's head there set a course set3489.25.599
the course and t-minus 50. nope going 493490.966.879
one blast off got it we are blasting off3494.7994.8
hey giants deep was fun uh what3499.5995.601
oh god3505.23.2
boy crazy levels do we get to sit here3509.524.4
and just like watch our death3511.763.839
if that's what you want to do you don't3513.923.04
think we can get to the ash twins in3515.5993.2
well yeah if we get there yeah see3518.7992.881
you're doing it too yeah we're doing it3520.243.28
too we started it well i didn't mean to3521.684.96
start it which is the thing3523.524.64
you know what i want to experience this3526.643.76
outside that'll be fun oh yeah yeah i'm3528.164.19
gonna experience this outside too yeah3530.48.56
you okay neebs3538.963.68
this is kind of weird waiting for our3542.642.63
oh there's giants deep so what they3547.1194.0
what they meant what a philosopher's3551.1194.881
stone back there was sending your memory3552.644.8
back to your body is that what they3556.03.839
meant i think i'm paired with a statue3557.444.56
it's recording my memories3559.8394.321
and every time i die3562.04.079
you can send it back to you it sends3564.164.56
back to me so you have a vessel but but3566.0795.841
am i just reliving this in my head3568.726.03
does it matter i don't know3571.924.639
i'll see you next time uh yeah i'll just3576.5593.841
see in a minute you know okay get3578.643.12
through this again wow it's actually3580.44.76
it's really pretty3581.763.4
you can ask me if it hurts3586.162.56
does it hurt yeah every time3590.488.21
good morning there sunshine3601.3593.601
yeah morning3603.3596.281
okay you're gonna need the launch codes3604.964.68
all right ash twin project yup welcome3616.7994.8
back yep thank you3619.1196.161
did it hurt yeah every time3621.5993.681
here we go what do you mean3626.5594.0
i don't know some people like just do3628.43.919
you even have a concept of paying your3630.5594.56
computer i've read all about it okay and3632.3195.76
i know some people like to whine more3635.1194.881
than others yeah when they're in pain3638.0794.641
yeah all right autopilot there you go3640.05.28
taking over beautiful here we go heading3642.725.68
towards ember twin and ash twin the3645.285.76
hourglass twins that's right god that's3648.43.919
confusing we're getting the hang of that3651.044.48
aren't we yeah oh quantum moon3652.3195.121
did disabled autopilot oh come on i was3655.523.44
just starting to have fun i want to get3657.444.399
to the quantum moon okay uh3658.965.52
all right now we're locked on okay oh oh3661.8394.0
boy oh boy3664.482.48
here we go3665.8393.121
always wanted to go here you want me to3666.964.24
drive nope i got this taking us in3668.964.72
manually i'm all excited3671.23.84
all right come on3673.683.439
come on you can do this3675.044.96
come on come on3677.1194.401
you're right come on3680.02.72
what's going on3681.523.839
oh wait you missed it wait you missed3682.724.24
[ __ ] it's gone you should've let me3685.3594.24
drive no you wouldn't have done anything3686.964.32
there's no way to land on that thing3689.5993.281
it's ridiculous this is the guy that3691.283.039
complains about pain all the time all3692.883.36
the time it hurts when the sun blows up3694.3193.76
and it burns your skin you're actually3696.244.0
alive for a brief second as like your3698.0794.561
skin melts off oh boy yeah you have no3700.244.16
concept of that because you're a stupid3702.644.08
computer how long is this gonna last we3704.44.32
might be doing this forever just shut3706.724.399
your stupid mouth3708.724.8
going to ember twin3711.1196.041
stupid [ __ ]3713.523.64
see that satellite3728.243.359
yeah you want to go not land on that too3729.683.679
no shut your mouth3731.5993.841
okay we'll all right slow down slow down3733.3594.0
hey warp thing3735.444.08
okay okay okay3737.3593.521
ooh okay3739.523.12
that's an alien-looking thing right3740.882.719
we'll head to that3743.5992.801
thing upside down3744.962.639
what this thing3746.43.6
that tower3747.5995.361
wouldn't it um it looks like it's3750.04.799
right side up no it's it's obviously3752.964.399
right side up oh wow3754.7994.481
all right oh3757.3593.76
what am i doing i'm hitting buttons3759.283.2
okay come on3761.1193.761
your suit on suit's on3762.483.68
what is that3768.5594.0
that's the ash twin right something drop3770.3195.04
it sand everywhere looks like it3772.5595.52
hey okay3775.3592.72
lights on3778.45.439
remember this3780.43.439
god okay3784.3192.881
bird cage it's not a bird cage what's3789.8393.76
with you and birds3792.162.879
[ __ ] off with the birds that's what they3793.5993.76
keep birds in you ever seen a cage3795.0394.0
yes i've seen a bird cage they're3797.3593.521
nowhere near that big3799.0394.56
oh boy can we get in here what is this3800.883.6
the high energy lab okay looks broke uh3804.486.72
yeah why are all their doors broke3808.165.04
uh cheap probably probably trying to3811.23.44
save money probably usually let's see3813.23.919
what this is saying3814.644.479
rainy note this door will need to remain3817.1194.161
closed for some time3819.1194.081
why is time spilled i'll get whatever pi3821.283.44
and i are running an experiment based on3823.23.2
the extraordinary findings from the3824.723.2
white hole station hey we're at3826.43.36
whitehull station that's how you spell3827.923.919
time you know yeah but but look at it3829.763.44
yeah i get it spelt right but you see3833.23.52
like the weird font oh you don't like3835.0393.52
the font the fonts yeah i don't know why3836.722.96
they would have picked that font while3838.5592.24
they were writing this i think that's a3839.682.639
kerning it's crazy that this tool can3840.7993.28
even define what font is you know what3842.3193.921
i'm saying yeah like they picked up on3844.0793.921
that this is an awesome tool3846.243.68
all right anyway raymie an update the3848.04.079
high energy lab is now being used to3849.924.8
design the ash twin project that's what3852.0794.161
we're looking for3854.722.96
if you're here to help or even just to3856.243.68
observe be sure to use the3857.684.72
sunless city path to the lab3859.924.879
city oh boy okay so we can't get in this3862.44.159
way we have to get in through the3864.7994.641
sunless city3866.5592.881
that looks awesome3877.8394.0
all right anyway3880.5594.0
what do you think that is3887.684.159
that sounds like a harmonica hormone i3889.523.92
guess drums you got that right last time3891.8393.601
you're wrong now hold on how in the hell3893.444.32
man my files are all mixed up oh god and3895.443.84
you're my computer3897.763.12
you're making [ __ ] computers just be3899.283.839
lucky you got one okay all right we got3900.884.479
to go 199 meters away let's go find i3903.1196.121
want to see what these drums are3905.3593.881
60 something meters yo you know what i3909.764.24
see a campsite oh good i want a3912.243.599
do you wake up hungry3915.8394.0
yeah don't you3917.8393.841
no well i guess you're a computer that3919.8393.52
makes sense3921.682.96
oh who we got here3924.643.76
hey it's chert3926.724.24
hey chart goodness it's you i take it3928.44.56
your first launch went well welcome to3930.964.159
the hourglass twins tell me what can i3932.964.639
do for you i just got here where should3935.1194.24
i explore have you seen the old3937.5993.44
shipwreck site on the ember twins3939.3593.76
southern hemisphere the one shooting a3941.0394.241
bright beam of light into the sky it's3943.1194.081
not one of our own crashes surprisingly3945.284.319
enough this one's a no my ship oh cool3947.24.48
thanks for the information3949.5993.041
oh yeah here we go3952.643.52
oh yeah i've not detected much nutrition3958.484.24
in that3961.1193.68
it's a marshmallow okay not nutritious3962.723.52
at all just seems like it's all you eat3964.7993.76
not nutritious it's delicious okay did3966.244.319
you detect any delicious in there i did3968.5592.881
yeah it's because you're a stupid3971.444.24
computer oh wow all right we gotta find3972.645.52
this no my ship that's not it because3975.684.72
that's obviously one of ours3978.164.399
tell you what i want to blast off take a3980.45.17
look at this whole planet from orbit3982.5596.68
listen uh as soon as you jump back in3990.7994.881
time i started a timer just curious how3993.3593.841
long this cycle goes you know that'd be3995.683.28
a good thing to know good job so far3997.23.76
eight minutes and 50 seconds it's good3998.964.24
to know4000.965.119
what what healthy food is i mean in case4003.24.399
you ever get out of this loop yeah all4006.0792.641
right you know what as long as i'm stuck4007.5992.561
in the loop i can eat whatever the damn4008.722.96
well i want so i'm eating marshmallows4010.164.639
okay okay4011.683.119
oh there we go oh there's something4015.525.48
that's what he was talking about the4021.923.6
blue light4022.962.56
wow so this is like an old no my [ __ ]4031.446.0
god i've never seen anything like this4034.163.28
oh this is how they drive where's their4038.244.319
steering wheel4040.02.559
they drive with this thing all right4042.722.48
what is this4043.8393.681
escape pod 2 vessel has been mortally4045.24.72
injured emergency sequence activated4047.524.24
awaiting departure from the vessel4049.924.159
unless they're flight log okay launching4051.765.359
escape pod 3 now launching escape pod 24054.0796.161
collision imminent preparing for impact4057.1194.72
scanning external environment scan4060.242.96
complete external temperature is4061.8392.881
prohibitively high4063.23.839
verdict inhospitable do not seek shelter4064.723.52
on planet4067.0392.641
surface okay does that mean there's4068.244.64
three pods set two and three yeah4069.685.28
malory the heat from the star system sun4074.964.0
is more bearable below the surface4076.643.679
when our escape pod punctured this4078.963.2
planet's surface it broke into what scan4080.3194.8
show it's a cave system all right4082.164.48
long-term shelter4085.1196.041
these passages are amazed oh good4086.644.52
oh boy4093.762.959
coming in here might be stupid i need a4095.1193.281
little bit more light this is perfect4096.7194.161
time for the little scout4098.44.799
light me up baby4100.883.6
what does this say4104.483.279
emergency escape hatch oh that's good to4106.03.92
know so that's oh yeah you can imagine4107.7594.4
didn't know you did sound effects yeah4114.482.799
check it it really paints a picture4116.1592.56
doesn't it it does4117.2792.48
all right we'll4120.883.2
start with this one4121.924.64
do not follow this tunnel to its end4124.084.48
kalis and i will examine the horror that4126.564.159
lies at its terminus later4128.565.44
provided we'd live through this4130.7195.12
do it oh god you know what why not right4135.8395.44
yeah what's the worst that can happen4139.3593.601
start over again eat another marshmallow4141.2794.92
yeah exactly4142.963.239
doesn't look so bad just some4149.8395.601
stalactites just like mites what's that4151.2794.161
looks like a moon4156.483.48
oh god4160.2394.241
what is that what is it4162.7193.6
looks like the bones of something4164.483.92
oh she had some writing down there4166.3194.561
oh god that thing's got4168.45.279
geez are there like worms here4170.884.72
is that like the skeleton of like a worm4173.6793.6
worm skin i don't know what are you4175.63.36
doing what did you go on the wrong way i4177.2793.761
can't go this way it's blocked oh is it4178.963.759
yeah you can't squeeze in there no i4181.043.36
can't squeeze in there look at this it's4182.7193.201
all that marshmallows4184.42.959
there's a little thing on the top of4185.923.759
their head what they call the anglerfish4187.3594.241
oh is that an angler fish yeah well the4189.6793.04
little it's got the little thing on the4191.63.36
top of its head the fish live in water4192.7193.841
you know that right well then this place4194.962.8
has no water how the hell did it get4196.562.72
here do you know any fish don't live in4197.763.2
water actually well flying fish they4199.283.04
live outside of water for a brief period4200.963.36
of time because they fly they don't live4202.323.76
they just jump out of the water i guess4204.324.0
this is the start of the path to the4211.443.68
shelter site i've left directions to4213.124.16
guide you there i know we must hurry as4215.123.76
the pathway there is filling with sand4217.284.0
okay all right so4218.883.279
is this4221.283.52
oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy this is oh4222.1594.801
boy not gradual this is okay4224.84.48
oh god can i make it through here oh4226.965.36
[ __ ] nope oh [ __ ] oh god oh god oh you4229.284.64
better hurry back um4232.324.0
oh god oh god oh god4233.924.56
uh neebs yep4236.323.76
where do we go where's the exit oh i4238.483.12
forgot where the exit was i got lost i4240.084.159
got turned around okay uh uh here's my4241.64.079
scout is that4244.2392.801
is it down here4245.6793.441
down there yeah down there see now when4247.044.48
i say stop eating marshmallows it's not4249.124.0
marshmallows wouldn't cause this okay4251.523.52
there's the door4253.126.079
yeah there's the door okay4255.047.36
damn it i wanted to explore more here4259.1994.161
[ __ ]4262.42.24
you know what4263.363.6
this is gonna suck this is gonna suck4264.644.64
this is gonna suck this is gonna suck i4266.963.68
wanna explore more here i don't wanna4269.283.84
give up on this oh this is going to suck4270.644.0
this is going to suck this is going to4273.124.24
suck this is going to suck it's not that4274.647.68
bad oh god this is going to suck4277.364.96
oh god4282.7194.081
[ __ ] oh4284.844.2
good morning4290.1593.121
yeah good morning4291.365.04
holy god i'll never do that again oh you4293.284.399
okay there4296.43.68
yeah i'm fine fine slate oh that's good4297.6793.761
to hear4300.084.159
don't forget the launch code i got i got4301.446.88
the launch code okay real good then4304.2394.081
i could hear you from here god look that4310.06.239
hurt like a [ __ ] that was terrible4312.645.12
you would whine too i didn't feel the4316.2393.201
thing i of course you didn't you're a4317.763.36
damn computer4319.444.0
it's like my brain was still oh man i4321.123.92
don't want to talk about it how long you4323.444.239
were alive how long about 17 and a half4325.045.76
minutes okay well that's good to know so4327.6795.201
now let's see if we can find this damn4330.84.8
sunless city4332.882.72
all right this is definitely the start4338.82.399
of the path4340.03.04
you know what i would have done4341.1994.081
what i would have said4343.043.84
sunless city4345.283.52
with an arrow4346.884.88
or like exit with an arrow the other way4348.84.56
i don't i don't know if they understood4351.763.68
the concept of arrows i mean look what4353.363.76
they've done oh4355.443.6
yeah listen they're they're pretty smart4357.123.44
but maybe they're just bad with4359.043.679
directions should i just follow these or4360.563.679
well i should read these no there's no4362.7193.201
errors see path of the shelter site4364.2393.121
somewhat convoluted so follow the4365.923.2
instructions ahead closely4367.364.4
okay all right here we go is it safe to4369.125.039
say i'm smarter than the nominee well4371.765.04
when it comes to directions you might be4374.1593.761
to reach the shelter site walk forward4377.924.16
until you meet sand fall at the pit then4379.524.639
turn left continue to the room filled4382.084.56
with rock column formations and climb4384.1594.321
upward through the opening above them4386.643.68
all right so arrow here is rising4388.484.0
because it's okay going straight so go4390.324.399
straight sand arrow going to the left4392.484.64
right here that's what i've done go left4394.7194.321
and then some columns it would stop and4397.123.52
it would say4399.043.76
columns here4400.646.32
there they are oh all right and then go4402.84.16
up is where arrows can get tricky4407.443.279
they're like is that are they telling me4409.442.239
to go4410.7192.801
yeah listen they could have left a lot4411.6793.361
more directions down here i agree with4413.524.96
you no one's arguing that4415.043.44
all right let's see if you're doing well4420.643.84
there's only a little further left to go4422.563.84
until you reach the shelter site you can4424.484.96
rest there hurry before the sand comes4426.45.2
yeah i do not want to be crushed to4429.443.2
again oh god where do i go4432.644.079
i'm going that way4436.7194.121
come on jet pack4441.442.799
oh here we go whoa the door hey dory4449.445.04
yeah this one looks like it works4452.563.679
there's some stairs too4454.483.199
door stairs4456.2395.48
choices here we go4457.6794.04
yeah hold on let me4472.963.6
wow this place is huge4476.566.4
um oh all right some old know my4478.886.319
structures this looks like it could be a4482.963.6
what is that4486.562.56
all right i'm gonna head to the center4487.923.44
all righty what have we got here look at4492.084.4
this wow in the world okay four little4493.844.64
tiny bird cages they're not bird cages4496.484.56
you jackass okay angler it wasn't angler4498.483.92
right maybe there was water here before4502.43.839
hey me or that or they live here4504.483.84
anglerfish overlook district4506.2394.241
stepping stone district4508.324.0
high energy high energy lab that's what4510.483.199
we're after that's what you want to go4512.322.96
to well i mean that was that was when we4513.6793.361
got here that was the thing is this that4515.283.04
was the door we couldn't get into it's4517.043.04
related to the astwin pride i don't know4518.324.08
i'm just exploring damn it okay i shrunk4520.084.0
distance are these keys or what do we4522.43.279
got here let's see4524.082.56
what'd that do i don't know4526.643.44
maybe i opened something4528.42.87
[ __ ] grab it4530.082.8
oh it's it's lights oh turn that one off4532.883.68
turn that back4536.562.48
oh it's oh it's way down oh god oh god4539.6793.681
oh god almost fell all that so that4541.442.96
one's way down there all right that's4543.362.879
where i want to go wait where is it how4544.43.36
do you know where it is the lights are4546.2394.0
turning on down there look ah see so4547.764.0
that's that's the district we want to go4550.2394.321
to high energy lab let's do it of course4551.764.32
here we go4554.564.0
oh boy oh boy and fire4556.084.24
damn it4560.323.359
you missed it oh wait can you open it is4561.64.639
there still time4563.6792.56
what going on about little bird cages we4569.763.84
would have been there you were the one4572.324.8
going on about bird cages you jackass4573.65.599
not denying anything you should probably4577.124.0
crush yourself again i'm not crushing4579.1993.921
myself again that was terrible it was4581.123.76
like i could feel my brains leaking out4583.124.4
of my head4584.882.64
trees oh you need oxygen it's true oh4591.284.8
yeah good call4593.442.64
that feels nice anything up here oh4598.04.32
here's a little bit of writing you ready4600.083.92
should we build the sun station to power4604.04.8
the ash twin project what the hey what's4606.1594.401
this okay oh wait that little thing we4608.83.28
saw orbit in the sun4610.563.28
oh sunstage sunstation that makes sense4612.083.84
right yeah okay you put it by the sun4613.843.28
are there other ways to generate this4615.923.68
level of power4617.124.88
theoretically yes practically no i can't4619.63.599
imagine discovering them in our4622.02.719
i understand this proposal is unsettling4624.7193.921
but the sun station4627.043.92
must be built if we hope to complete the4628.645.12
ash twin project4630.966.88
okay now i want to go to the sun station4633.764.08
i almost can't comprehend this being4638.1593.281
suggested the purpose of the sun station4639.763.28
goes against every standard we hold4641.442.88
to and everything we believe in as a4644.323.2
if we fail and the probability of this4647.524.08
is not insignificant4649.523.76
we will without question destroy4651.64.4
ourselves all life here4653.285.04
and the rest of this star system4656.06.08
i wish to protect these species4658.325.919
the potential annihilation of an entire4662.084.96
star system is too severe a cost we4664.2394.881
shouldn't build the sun station4667.044.24
no matter how badly we want the4669.123.52
knowledge that comes with it well we4671.283.04
know they built it yeah especially if4672.643.68
they can't figure arrows out yet yeah no4674.323.919
[ __ ] fear of failure is a poor reason4676.324.48
not to try i believe if we're cautious4678.2394.801
the sun station will work i believe in4680.84.0
poke i'm deeply honored i comprehend4684.83.919
your position however if we are all but4686.83.52
certain the sun station will not cause4688.7193.681
destruction once we've built it then i4690.324.879
won't support the station's use okay4692.44.4
so they wanted to build the sun station4695.1993.441
but they were fighting about4696.84.879
using it because it's dangerous4698.645.519
yeah but it powers the ash twin project4701.6795.441
i say you grab a bag of marshmallows and4704.1595.361
we head to the sun station let's do it4707.124.64
um [ __ ] how do i4709.524.24
if i get out of here the way i came you4711.763.76
might be stuck oh god we got to figure4713.764.08
out a way out of here okay um is there4715.524.97
more of those elevators4717.845.6
can we get through that door up top oh4723.444.96
wait look i see a an elevator in there4725.764.479
see to the right4728.42.96
looks like an elevator through that4730.2394.161
archway yeah maybe but that's higher we4731.364.4
want to go higher right we can we can do4734.43.68
both i'm going for the door okay4735.763.919
oh you're going to rock it the whole way4738.083.52
hell yeah you're pretty good at rocking4739.6793.601
in aren't you4741.63.28
all right what's this say didn't realize4743.283.52
how good you were uh hey4744.883.68
a gravity cannon4746.84.24
yeah you saw one of those on um4748.564.08
uh brittle hollow4751.043.92
you don't remember do you um you're the4756.43.92
damn computer i remember there was a4758.44.16
tower of knowledge and there was a bird4760.324.879
cage oh god that's all i remember from4762.565.84
holy [ __ ] look at this4765.1993.201
oh this place is lined with ghost matter4768.7196.801
wait a minute4773.044.24
uh it's active right there you see you4775.523.679
can see it in the camera yeah4777.283.52
get closer i can't quite see it no i'm4779.1994.241
not getting close to that stuff4780.84.56
hold on it4785.362.4
doesn't it doesn't look active over4788.842.839
are we worried about healthy stuff now4791.6795.841
oh god this is stupid this is stupid4794.7193.921
i'm alive4797.523.52
oh god no problem oh god i'm alive okay4798.644.2
okay okay4801.043.44
here we go here we go here we go4804.483.12
oh wait there's a hole4812.2392.96
hey hey we're back on the surface4817.284.64
no that's a gravity cannon4820.1593.441
it looks exactly the same on riddle4821.923.2
hollow oh that's what you call those4823.64.079
yeah all right wow look at uh4825.124.8
man look there's like a bridge and a4830.7193.92
structure there too jeez like a face4832.2395.761
kind of with a hair dude and a big nose4834.6395.6
where are you seeing this face4838.04.159
it's a round face with a big nose4840.2393.761
pouring in which parts the hair what do4842.1593.681
you mean what part what are you looking4844.04.08
at on top of his head well it's there on4845.843.839
both sides are you talking about that4848.083.04
one's his neck the other one's his head4849.6793.281
okay that's what i don't get your4851.123.599
description it's okay so for a living4852.963.44
being you have no imagination listen4854.7193.281
damn it remember this there's there's a4856.43.6
hole right next to the gravity cannon4858.04.32
leads right to the underground city got4860.04.239
it [ __ ] next time next time the sun4862.324.24
explodes we can just come down here and4864.2394.0
we can get there quick and then we can4866.564.32
uh we can make our way to the uh4868.2395.841
the high energy lab the city yeah lab4870.884.799
got it all right let's see if we can get4874.082.88
to this sun station4875.6798.321
station it's orbiting the sun i saw it i4884.04.48
swear i saw it are you going to land on4886.562.72
i was going to try to4889.284.0
maybe you should let me do it no4891.284.8
remember that time you you crash landed4893.284.72
in the timber hearth but i landed on it4896.085.44
didn't i no not timber hurt4898.03.52
i don't even see it i have nothing to4915.1994.641
pinpoint you to all right4917.65.36
wait is the sun getting bigger4919.845.52
it might have swallowed the damn thing4922.967.0
it's been 15 and a half minutes4925.364.6
yeah what now bubbles aren't too crazy4930.1594.08
yet yep4932.2393.281
i really want to get into that high4934.2393.44
energy lab so4935.524.4
all right this will be quick oh boy hey4937.6794.0
here we go this guy will hurt less than4939.923.44
the crush it hurts just i would imagine4941.6793.441
it hurts just as equally because my skin4943.363.359
burns off okay4945.124.559
probably quicker4946.7192.96
yep nope4952.563.04
it hurts hurts just as much as the other4953.763.04
you're gonna need a couple two three4956.84.32
launch codes4958.42.72
all right we gotta move quick4965.762.959
ass twins uh yeah setting the course all4969.444.16
right all right all right where are you4972.42.799
at where are they at there they are4973.63.28
you made it like 16 and a half minutes4975.1992.641
at a time4976.882.56
okay cool4977.843.12
did we drive nope4979.443.36
see now i'm seeing the sun station you4980.963.199
see it going right across the sun right4982.84.64
now yup yup all right so uh autopilot no4984.1594.801
no we're not going4987.443.92
damn it okay let's try let's try4988.964.8
you know what we're going for it why not4991.363.839
if it's powering the ash twin project4993.762.64
it's related but i still want to get to4995.1993.601
the high energy lab yeah let me do it4996.44.08
no i'm not letting you do it oh god whoa4998.83.68
oh that was close that was me no i think5000.484.32
that was one of the the hourglass twins5002.483.52
all right where's that where's it at5004.83.12
where's it at come on5006.05.36
come on come on come on show yourself5007.926.64
show yourself5011.365.279
oh there it is yeah5014.563.92
don't you blow this okay okay okay come5016.6393.681
on this time i'll land the next one all5018.483.92
right i got it oh my god oh my god5020.323.44
that's a lot of gravity that's a lot of5022.45.12
gravity i got it i'm back5023.763.76
here we go i got this i can catch this5040.83.04
son of a [ __ ]5042.323.919
okay i'm gonna lead it i'm doing it i'm5043.843.52
doing it i'm doing it you've already5046.2392.721
blown it no i haven't i got this all5047.363.76
gods of gravity i said i got it i got it5048.964.239
i gotta say i've already blown it i got5051.123.92
oh wow5055.044.48
it's got a warp thing on it you see that5056.884.56
no it's got a little squiggle oh you can5059.524.08
warp to it maybe how the hell we get5061.444.48
there i don't know what the damn oh god5063.63.76
all right here we'll try one more time5065.922.88
okay all right it's going around i'm5067.362.56
gonna catch it on the other side of the5068.83.28
i can't wait here we go here we go5072.323.919
see it not yet i'm waiting for it i'm5078.563.92
waiting for you5081.283.76
i'm waiting for5082.482.56
[ __ ]5095.523.0
you're gonna want them launch gods5106.7195.92
go [ __ ] yourself slate you know i should5109.444.32
have noticed you didn't want to hear5112.6392.321
my bad5114.962.56
we can't do it it's impossible5118.564.8
all right all right screw the sun5121.843.839
station let's uh let's see if we can get5123.365.68
to that damn high energy lab5125.6793.361
and it should be this one let me double5137.844.64
check yeah high energy lab oh no yep5139.284.16
that's where you're going the high5142.482.48
energy lab yeah well that's exactly5143.442.88
where i'm going we're talking about this5144.962.719
okay you want to do when you get there5146.325.2
though find out what the hell's in there5147.6794.96
easy make sure this is right high energy5152.6395.52
lamp trailhead yes5155.284.8
drill here this sounds nature he doesn't5158.1594.48
it does but i'm sure it's not5160.084.88
all right we gotta follow this power5162.6394.241
power's coming this direction isn't it5164.964.0
it's coming this5166.883.6
might be powering the city won't you5168.963.12
waste a bunch of time so we get crushed5170.482.64
yeah you're right you're right i'm going5172.082.69
i'm going5173.122.72
oh god i hope where we're going there's5175.844.799
trees my oxygen's always already in half5177.286.64
that sucks okay come on sand5180.6395.6
all right not high enough i keep waiting5183.923.2
aren't you5186.2394.0
well yeah there's look at that5187.124.96
you said it yourself cactus5190.2393.841
yeah i know i just think we can jump a5192.085.119
little bit here we go5194.084.24
all right patching the suit yeah okay5198.325.68
see don't call all right here we go ow5201.363.6
patch of the suit jesus5204.964.239
oh boy here we go oh god all right keep5206.7194.881
keep moving sand oh yeah sand's coming5209.1993.281
get in it's a return somewhere5214.6394.321
i gotta jump this5216.965.36
don't you puncture anything5218.963.36
okay all right there's the cable cable5222.964.88
no going this way following the cable5230.2397.0
right yep okay coming out yes yes okay5231.925.319
you still ain't got no oxygen i know5245.365.04
go for it you got the time5247.845.44
yeah hey5250.42.88
all right i better move whoa5259.927.92
squiggle work work that looks like warps5262.6395.201
is this the energy station i don't know5269.844.64
uh oh yeah oh yeah yeah we're right5272.84.32
above it see that's where we were5274.484.159
so there should there should be a door5277.123.519
somewhere right oh this is the bottom of5278.6394.241
the birdcage yeah they'll catch you not5280.6394.481
the bird cage oh wow all right there's a5282.884.0
lot of info here5285.124.0
but let me make sure5286.884.08
that we're in the right spot yep yep5289.124.4
look there's the door yep the broken5290.965.36
door bam5293.524.48
beautiful oh look now they know how to5296.323.2
make arrows yeah5298.05.719
jack's the best for last5299.524.199
uh initial things first our experiment5310.1594.401
setup will first pair a small black hole5311.923.44
with a small white hole core5315.364.24
to mimic the setup on whitehole station5317.443.199
got it5319.63.2
all right hypothesis it is possible for5320.6395.281
an object to exit a white hole5322.85.439
before entering the corresponding black5325.924.799
hole what5328.2394.0
did something like that happen to us in5330.7193.201
theory what we want to try to reproduce5332.2394.641
is a negative amount of time elapsing5333.924.48
between something entering the black5336.884.48
hole and exiting the white hole at its5338.44.799
destination what this is this is some5341.365.2
high concept [ __ ] okay give me this5343.1995.641
oh what's this dude5348.843.72
what did you just do i don't know i sent5355.124.079
power over here did you just5357.124.559
okay uh you know what larry let me let5359.1993.841
me finish reading there was another5361.6794.56
scroll before i get distracted5363.045.84
all available energy has been rerouted5366.2394.48
from the city to run our experiment5368.884.4
raymie and i are about to run a new test5370.7193.681
uh no5373.282.56
you have a request that we let him know5374.42.88
before we reroute energy to the5375.843.12
experiment i'd hate to leave them in the5377.283.52
dark okay5378.964.4
in the dark hypothesis confirm5380.86.08
hypothesis confirm i saw it pi saw it5383.366.08
hypothesis confirmed okay what5386.884.48
this is beyond extraordinary the changes5389.444.4
this changes everything what a beautiful5391.364.96
day for the intersection of abstract5393.845.92
theory and practical application5396.325.52
all right okay so wait a minute you know5399.764.24
what this is this is the power5401.843.44
cord that we5404.02.88
followed in right5405.283.28
okay yeah so that was to the sunless5406.883.839
city and now we've rerouted it to their5408.564.8
experiment to the experiment which is5410.7195.201
hold on oh god i hope this doesn't kill5413.365.279
us okay5415.924.799
their light switches seem a bit extreme5418.6393.761
they do5420.7193.681
look a window5422.44.56
to nothing5424.42.56
remove warp core uh that looks like a5432.1595.921
that looks like a white hole right5435.445.6
yeah that looks like a little black hole5438.084.32
oh are they little black holes and5441.042.32
so wait a minute if i take the5443.365.04
oh you put one over here maybe5446.1596.241
and then a white one and then5448.44.0
oh we're experimenting5453.045.92
that is cool shoot your scout over there5455.66.68
okay so5458.963.32
oh okay that's what they were talking5462.44.16
about okay do it again it it comes out5464.1594.721
of the white hole like a fraction of a5466.564.079
second before it enters the black one5468.884.0
came out before yeah before the other5472.883.759
one was gone what if you do the reverse5475.123.119
it doesn't work5476.6394.0
oh it sucks sucked into the black one5478.2393.44
gotcha there's like a little time5481.6793.281
difference there5483.6792.96
okay cool so what the [ __ ] does that5484.964.679
the southern observatory5491.6794.401
that's on brutal hollow right is asking5493.64.72
if creating a 22-minute interval is5496.083.28
that is to have something arrive 225499.363.12
before it was actually sent through the5502.483.12
that's a long time that's not a fraction5505.64.079
of a second that seems yeah5507.363.68
you don't need a lot of power for that5509.6792.641
all right we've learned the negative5511.043.199
interval of time between departure and5512.324.72
arrival can be increased by adding more5514.2394.641
energy to the warped core5517.044.08
problematically the energy required to5518.883.6
extend the5521.124.079
interval increases at an exponential5522.484.239
you get that5526.7194.401
now i quit listening5528.1595.121
okay the energy required to extend the5531.123.119
so you basically you need a lot of5534.2392.48
energy to do that yeah you're going to5535.524.159
send something 22 minutes back in time5536.7194.881
that needs a [ __ ] ton of energy give it5539.6792.96
all you got5541.63.44
okay hypothesis creating a 22-minute5542.6394.481
long interval is possible but we are5545.043.599
currently unable to generate the5547.123.84
necessary energy understood5548.6393.681
all right raymond and i believe it would5550.963.6
be necessary to invent a new method of5552.324.319
producing energy a thrilling but5554.564.0
enormous undertaking we would also5556.6394.56
require advanced warp technology to be5558.565.119
able to handle such energy okay5561.1995.281
we would also likely need enormous space5563.6794.721
to fit these proposed new energy and5566.484.159
warp technologies together5568.44.56
the only location large enough5570.6394.401
would be the ash twin okay that's that5572.964.64
other planet that sand's coming off of5575.044.0
all right the energy is currently5577.65.52
unavailable you say you're a gas pie5579.046.48
what you're a gas pie my pun5583.125.119
was unintended remy so i believe it's5585.524.08
out there making khan's god i want to5588.2392.48
take this scroll and i want to throw5589.62.559
this scroll down5590.7194.321
nobody likes a pun you idiot5592.1595.04
all right what does this one say5595.044.0
come on give me something good i hope5597.1995.361
it's more puns i better not be more puns5599.045.92
the ash twin project will be one of our5602.564.72
biggest undertakings metaphorically and5604.963.6
to build it we will need a way to travel5608.563.679
quickly between ash twin5610.2393.841
and each location5612.2395.92
that holds crucial project materials5614.085.92
all right what if we use warp towers5618.1593.361
like the one we have on whitehole5620.02.719
to connect each planet directly to ash5622.7194.881
twin all right each tower on ash twin5624.886.0
will warp to a different planet5627.64.96
we can design each tower to visually5630.884.08
reflect its warp destination5632.565.2
uh the giant's deep tower for instance5634.964.8
could resemble a cyclone just write5637.764.0
giants deep on the wall yeah honestly5639.764.16
giants deep tower right yeah those5641.764.0
arrows i don't understand these towers5643.923.68
giant steep tower could resemble a5645.764.0
cyclone and we could add trees to the5647.64.48
timber hearth tower5649.764.72
so wait5652.082.4
that looks like a cyclone it does it5654.6393.841
like a cyclone and that's a tower but5656.084.8
i'm confused because it doesn't say5658.484.48
giants yeah honestly giant steep tower5660.883.2
we'll shoot a little there'll be a5662.963.04
little squiggle here yeah giant steep5664.084.159
tower steep so like this one to the left5666.04.48
what is that i don't know i don't5668.2393.44
recognize that i don't recognize that5670.482.719
either don't make any sense to me i5671.6792.881
don't know what that is we've been to5673.1992.96
brittles hollow5674.563.52
we went to the moon this might be ash5676.1595.601
twin right twins hello yeah sure and uh5678.086.48
sun that's the sun5681.765.919
sun station you think sunsta wouldn't5684.564.88
know never landed there5687.6793.681
could have landed there hold on5689.443.199
but no one let me drive just said5691.363.759
they're building warp towers on ash twin5692.6394.0
okay right5695.1193.681
yes where's ash twin show me ash twin5696.6394.161
damn it now where ash twin is it's right5698.82.8
there's a one look at that that one5701.63.119
looks like a sun that one looks like a5703.042.56
oh son5705.62.88
you see the face though right see the5707.042.88
hair on top no i don't see the hair in5708.482.8
the neck i don't know i don't get where5709.922.719
you're seeing a face but that looks like5711.282.32
a sun5712.6392.321
i don't know what that one looks like it5713.63.2
doesn't make any sense to me all right5714.963.12
let's go there5716.83.6
where are you at5718.084.079
that way that's a scout that way the5720.45.21
scout back ship all right coming to you5722.1596.53
here we go here we go here we go come on5729.1994.401
baby come on home5731.1194.481
here we go here we go there you go5733.64.16
welcome board sir there you go course5735.64.16
for ashton that's twin that [ __ ] that's5737.765.56
not too far away5739.763.56
where's the one that looks like a sun5745.365.359
where's the one that looks like a sun5747.525.28
i'm just seeing a face5750.7194.321
wait there's the cyclone yeah that's the5752.84.24
cyclone one okay5755.043.84
so that takes us to giants deep right i5757.044.079
would think if it has warped yeah look5758.883.44
there's like a warp thing in there5762.324.08
might be this one5767.765.2
that looks exactly like a sun5770.564.159
how did you not see that you see a face5772.964.08
in the damn planet you were beside it5774.7194.48
from one side it looks like a tube no5777.044.88
you could tell a little like a sun okay5779.1994.801
okay suit's still on see the face but5781.925.199
you see the sun fueling up5784.04.48
wait is the ship in the way in the way5788.484.08
of what5790.323.2
you get5792.563.84
we're not blocking where's the door5793.526.32
looks like over here okay5796.43.44
oh wait oh wait is the sun station going5799.925.84
i don't know let's just do it man [ __ ]5803.843.92
we can't get in here5805.764.08
how do we get in well the gravity's not5807.764.64
too bad we can fly around right yeah all5809.845.04
right taking a look zero gravity oh5812.43.759
there's something come on come on come5814.883.759
on oh crap oh crap oh crap back it up5816.1595.361
back it up back it up back it up5818.6395.361
okay oh [ __ ] neebs5821.525.04
i'm sorry here i'm sorry5824.04.719
are you the oh5826.564.559
[ __ ]5828.7195.761
oh i made i landed babes yeah let's be5831.1196.801
nice are you okay don't worry about me5834.487.36
i'll be dead in a few minutes5837.923.92
i lost sight of you you're you're caught5842.083.2
in the uh5844.03.6
the orbit of the other planet okay5845.284.399
ash twin hourglass i know i'm on azure5847.64.639
amber twin i'm fine god damn it let's5849.6794.401
just get inside and see if there's a5852.2394.081
oh god5858.483.04
how are you gonna get in here i don't5861.63.519
know you're not squeezing in there with5863.364.72
all the marshmallows you eat call me fat5865.1194.881
not calling you little5868.083.68
can you navigate that oh5871.764.399
you're going to puncture your suit5874.483.04
what else do we have to lose right i5876.1592.56
mean do you see another way i don't see5877.522.719
another way5878.7192.96
i don't5880.2393.201
you doing okay over there by the way oh5881.6793.361
you're worried about me now5883.443.04
well yeah i'm just making sure oh i see5885.043.84
you yep i see you hey5886.484.159
you better get on it you know the sun5890.6394.241
blows up everybody oh yeah i know i know5892.324.72
oh god5894.884.239
i don't want to suffocate5897.045.52
get on it here we go5899.1196.08
okay here we go5902.564.24
nope nope nope5905.1993.52
look at this5906.84.24
i've caught i've caught a bunch i've5923.043.679
gotten a bunch of uh spikes okay three5924.44.239
minutes of oxygen remaining and your5926.7193.361
vitals are low5928.6393.841
[ __ ] at least i have to take a fuel okay5930.083.76
i'm just going i'm just going i'm just5932.483.199
going i'm just doing it5933.844.64
why didn't you boost i5935.6795.601
this isn't easy this isn't easy okay5938.484.48
just keep going this time don't drop5941.284.959
like like you did before5942.963.279
just there5948.963.239
oh god oh hey there5960.85.72
oh yeah i hate suffocating5966.564.079
how about those lunch calls i got the5968.563.44
launch codes5970.6393.681
that's good5972.02.32
all right i almost had that5976.086.48
hit a lot um cactus5979.043.52
so what's the plan uh5991.446.239
i want to try to get to the sun station5994.564.72
okay we gotta wait for the sand to start5997.6793.841
falling oh the sand isn't falling at all5999.283.839
right now no tell you what in the6001.523.119
meantime i'm gonna play around with this6003.1193.841
gravity camera the bird cage the gravity6004.6394.56
cannon what does it work i don't know6006.963.92
i've never tinkered with it doesn't look6009.1995.48
like it works to me6010.883.799
wow the shuttle is currently resting at6022.6393.921
the comet6024.883.359
the shuttle6026.564.88
okay is on the comet yes6028.2396.241
call the shuttle home6031.443.04
activate the gravity cannon6034.6393.201
oh one does6038.322.399
oh wait call the shuttle home at home6040.7194.081
is that what is looks like a shuttle6048.1594.48
and boom6053.63.84
there's no way for us to be in that when6058.565.76
we launch it is there i don't think so6060.088.24
so we just launched the thing in nowhere6064.324.0
oh it's back yeah is it back yeah i just6069.043.04
called it back6071.045.04
oh nope and i caught it back again6072.084.0
okay i'm just gonna launch it6076.484.4
i don't have time to investigate this6079.524.88
right now i'm uh i'm coming back to you6080.883.52
oh [ __ ]6085.1993.281
oh [ __ ]6087.1193.52
oh god did it launch you yeah it6088.485.36
launched me okay oh god6090.6397.281
no need to yell i just asked a question6093.844.08
now what um6098.884.239
can i get back to you uh we got enough6100.963.52
fuel i think6103.1193.52
hold on i'm gonna try to intercept the6104.485.199
planet okay6106.6393.04
i'm stuck in space what do you mean6111.1194.0
intercept the planet i mean6113.1193.361
i'm gonna try to catch you there's no6115.1192.881
way i'm doing that6116.484.0
there's no way i'm catching you oh hey6118.04.56
quantum moon yeah6120.484.88
ah you little bastard oh crap i'm over6122.565.76
here near timber earth6125.362.96
geez what is that that's the moon6128.6394.56
you still can't land on it i know6130.7194.4
oh god hold on6133.1993.04
can i6135.1192.961
push push push push push i'm using all6136.2394.351
the fuel in my thrusters6138.085.84
i might be able to get the timber hurt6143.924.239
okay that's a start oh god oh god oh god6145.524.88
i got6148.1592.241
don't you miss it6150.563.28
wow what is that it's like a big6152.1593.761
mountain oh crap6153.843.68
wow what is that oh that's that warp6155.924.16
station on timber earth can you6157.524.4
seriously not land on a planet this size6160.083.04
i'm working on it6161.923.12
careful let's grab it firing thrusters6165.047.76
can't believe you lived through that6177.925.92
it's okay everybody i'm fine just got6183.844.24
launched off another planet and landed6185.923.279
anybody else ever done that write that6189.1993.52
in their [ __ ] history books you6191.1193.6
pieces of [ __ ] have you ever launched6192.7194.081
off a planet and then managed to like6194.7195.121
land back on this one without a ship ah6196.84.24
didn't think so6201.043.72
all right i know what i'm doing i know6207.442.88
exactly what i'm doing for the rest of6208.964.44
the day6210.323.08
that's how you're going to end yourself6231.62.88
this time yeah6232.884.56
overdose of marshmallows yep6234.485.84
oh yes good6237.442.88
oh look at you good morning yep good6245.524.8
morning slate you'll sleep well yeah i'm6247.64.72
fine i just uh overdosed on marshmallows6250.323.6
so i'm good yeah it already got the6252.323.52
launch code so get it don't even ask6253.923.199
don't even ask me about those launch6255.844.279
all right sun station yeah oh we're6260.324.08
going there yeah that's where i'd like6262.85.52
to go okay set the course6264.45.92
we're not doing that i'm just growing i6268.323.919
don't know why you do that every time i6270.324.799
hurry all the time6272.2392.88
you know why i'm in a hurry silly6275.923.04
stressed out always6278.967.26
yeah a whole bunch6300.963.36
uh all right looks like sand's starting6302.483.04
to go down6304.323.68
or be transferred to the ember twin6305.523.84
which is still a wonderful sight to see6309.367.6
oh is this our sun stay yes sir6312.2397.201
wow that was good timing yeah you timed6316.964.239
that perfectly all right we still can't6319.443.12
get in there i got to go through the one6321.1993.761
at the bottom uh-huh6322.563.36
because that door's broken okay but this6325.924.239
should go down and i should be able to6328.483.36
get in and hopefully won't puncture my6330.1593.761
suit oh that's right it's all coming6331.844.16
back to you you punctured your suit6333.925.08
three minutes of oxygen remaining damn6344.483.84
it let's hope this will go quicker now i6346.563.36
kind of want to run back to you6348.322.72
where are you at you're over there6349.923.6
that's a scalp was there air inside the6351.044.8
thing do you remember i don't remember6353.523.76
but there's no guarantee of it you know6355.843.12
what all right real quick come back to6357.283.919
you get to you and get you closer uso6358.964.64
you know that what you is so needy for6363.844.399
what air of course just something's6366.483.04
always something6368.2394.721
air is important i need a6369.523.44
all right let's come back come back come6375.764.16
back your thing6377.284.24
and i wonder if you'll be safe under6379.923.52
this bridge oh are you worried about me6381.523.32
now yeah6383.442.96
yeah this feels like a good spot yeah6386.43.36
why not maybe you'll be cool here we'll6387.764.24
all right come on go down damn it i want6392.1594.241
to get to the sun station6394.1593.921
telemaps road6396.42.799
i will6398.083.52
telling who the boss is i'm the boss6399.1993.841
i'm the boss that wants to get to the6401.63.28
sun station yeah6403.043.52
oh it was over here i was on the wrong6404.883.92
side anyway wow okay oh boy oh boy oh6406.564.24
here she comes6410.83.399
oh god6415.924.239
you know how back in the day they would6418.7192.881
say ye6420.1594.801
yi are we too late too late for what6421.64.639
didn't you want to like have this full6424.962.96
of sand when you went in there oh god6426.2394.0
that would have been so much easier6427.924.96
all right i might be able to do this6430.2394.96
come on god i should have refueled6432.883.92
come on he's gonna die6436.84.8
don't say ye remember they used to say6439.6794.401
that no because i wasn't alive back then6441.63.92
well i don't think you personally6444.083.92
remembered it but in the history6445.524.96
but like ye old al6448.05.199
taver yeah i get it i get it he keeps6450.484.8
hitting the cactus i know i keep hitting6453.1994.081
the cactus will you shut the [ __ ] up6455.283.68
you're gonna puncture your suit if you6457.282.959
keep it up6458.964.48
look come on6460.2393.201
it's right there you just gotta make it6463.923.12
to that it's right there6465.366.279
come on come on come on6467.044.599
all right6472.962.96
okay going to6474.1594.0
hopefully the sun station6475.923.84
come on6478.1594.08
come on6479.762.479
three minutes of oxygen oh good i6482.83.359
thought i filled it all the way oh it's6484.963.44
because i punctured my damn suit hey6486.1593.761
good thing i went for that oxygen though6488.44.0
i know that would have been really bad6489.924.799
you'd be dead he would be dead i would6492.44.799
be dead6494.7192.48
you would be dead yes i would oh there6497.283.76
it is come on please work please work6499.443.84
please work6501.044.72
what nah there's no sun station there6503.284.879
yeah there is it there's a w6505.764.8
oh god every time that6508.1594.56
okay holy [ __ ] where am i what's going6512.7192.561
uh that's nothing i would assume right6515.284.959
oh there we go6518.324.24
uh okay yeah there's the warp we worked6520.2394.4
to the sun station6522.565.04
hope so wow some weird gravity stuff6524.6394.961
going here in there yeah there is6527.64.2
all right what do you say6529.65.44
281 042 years ago no user commands6531.85.72
received for 10 minutes all systems6535.044.079
entering sleep6537.523.679
nine minutes 14 seconds ago increased6539.1194.401
solar activity detected sunstation6541.1994.401
integrity approaching critical levels6543.524.639
closing emergency doors6545.65.92
280 000 years ago that's crazy it's back6548.1596.0
when they said yeah exactly emergency6551.524.88
holy crap is that how that opens that6556.6393.52
doesn't seem like a good way for that6558.83.04
though no oh boy6560.1592.721
oh boy6561.842.24
oh boy6562.883.279
oh i don't have much fuel oh [ __ ] i6564.084.159
don't have much uh you didn't get fuel6566.1594.321
either oh crap oh crap oh crap you see6568.2393.92
what i mean by needy though right yeah6570.483.28
needy for what do you mean it's always6572.1593.04
i need fuel yeah i need a both6575.1996.081
okay god i hope there's oxygen here6577.523.76
[ __ ]6582.7193.601
get in there6584.7194.081
i know fuel level is critical okay hey6586.324.72
i thought we were going to do this all6591.1193.761
over again we made it to the sun station6592.2394.161
all right now what6594.882.56
now we make up another word for you6597.445.199
um i like i like you what's wrong with6599.925.199
you what was wrong with ye nothing6602.6394.48
they changed it i think it's just part6605.1194.241
of the process hold on mission science6607.1195.841
compels us to explode the sun6609.365.759
can we change this i don't enjoy working6615.1193.12
in the view of such morbid mission6616.882.4
here's a better one mission determine if6619.283.919
it's possible to prompt a sun to explode6620.84.319
are these the guys that did this6623.1994.561
um you lack a sense of humor at least i6625.1194.801
don't lack a sense of ethics they're6627.763.6
arguing about it kindly refrain from6629.923.199
going supernova on me before the sun6631.362.56
all right6633.922.64
but if it's accurate we're going to6635.1993.681
create a supernova for the purpose of6636.565.76
scientific progress that's our mission6638.885.44
our mission is to decide if such an6642.324.56
irresponsible feat is even possible they6644.325.279
were trying to blow up the sun6646.886.0
on purpose i think they did it6649.5996.161
didn't they uh well it blows up we've6652.884.0
seen it6655.762.24
yeah but they were trying to do this6656.884.08
over 200 000 years ago right oh yeah6658.04.4
so oh boy okay maybe they didn't well6662.45.44
maybe they did whoa and they just went6666.03.679
around to see it yeah oh good what are6667.844.399
these guys6669.6792.56
uh approximate time until sunstation is6677.1195.921
destroyed by expanding star 12 seconds6679.445.52
approximate time and still star's death6683.045.28
11 minutes wait 12 seconds6684.965.04
is that that's not 12 seconds until this6688.323.04
place goes right because that's what i6690.03.84
just read i forgot to set a timer yeah6691.364.56
and i don't know6693.843.839
okay you're needy because now you want6695.923.279
more information6697.6792.801
i mean i would like more information all6699.1993.361
right let's see6700.485.8
okay that's what they meant6702.563.72
son of a [ __ ] oh good morning6710.44.719
yeah good morning6713.6793.281
don't you forget those launch codes6715.1194.08
yeah we're gonna need the launch codes6719.365.799
we're to need a launch code slate huh6720.7194.44
freaking me out right now6730.084.28
like that you think that's fun you're6736.03.599
gonna need the launcher oh i got some6738.05.52
logic codes all right real good6739.5993.921
all right we're getting there quick this6744.483.6
time okay five four don't even do it you6745.523.52
don't need to count you don't need to6748.083.119
count ever don't fast don't count i got6749.043.04
counting every damn time for no damn6752.082.32
why do you hate uh accounts don't6754.44.4
are you sure you don't you sound like6757.282.879
you don't6758.83.52
i don't yeah i i it doesn't matter just6760.1593.761
you do it every time did you ever play6762.324.0
hide and go seek as a child of course6763.924.319
did you count of course i counted what6766.323.12
are you getting out here did you hate it6768.2392.241
back then6769.442.48
no because i was playing a fun game i6770.482.96
know i hate it i hate it when you do it6771.922.96
every day of time every damn time i get6773.442.64
in the ship and start a countdown no6774.882.88
need to start a countdown when you6776.082.88
that just hit the button i hit the gas6778.962.639
i'm controlling this damn thing there's6780.323.12
more people here some of us like6781.5993.601
oh wait is that oh yep i better get the6796.964.96
hell out of the way6799.362.56
yeah should i get out of the way no yeah6802.02.719
get out of the way try to get out of the6803.5991.761
yeah part b6805.362.64
so long neebs6809.284.8
hope you don't need anything i won't6811.045.92
oh wow you actually flipped over6814.084.24
you're flipped over6816.964.08
oh there's the door all right stay safe6818.324.56
yep get in there6821.043.44
i'm gonna crawl6822.884.08
i got this come on come on come on6824.485.28
come on come on come on come on come on6826.965.199
here we go oh yeah oh yeah look at this6829.764.0
oh should have done this before look at6832.1595.04
this not one hole oh man6833.765.52
that was the way to do it yes sir what i6837.1994.561
was doing was crazy you were dumb6839.284.08
flawless right all right and sun station6843.366.48
come on baby6846.43.44
boom blowing that open i want to be a6850.82.96
little bit more careful about this this6852.483.52
time walk straight out you got more fuel6853.765.52
you got more air fuel6856.03.28
not so wacky6859.6793.52
going down6861.1994.48
man you're a pro me6863.1995.121
oh here we go6865.6793.92
all right this is where we were we read6868.323.359
that we read all that crap yeah and we6869.5993.52
there was was there any more scrolls in6871.6793.161
here did we miss anything6873.1193.201
yeah there's a bunch of masks laying6874.842.44
all right and then we went down here6877.282.8
that's the sun6880.083.76
that's the sun i'm looking at it yep6881.5994.08
yeah what an awesome like that's pretty6883.843.359
awesome view though6885.6793.44
if like this was your office desk6887.1994.241
just looking at the sun what are you oh6889.1194.161
this guy had something what is that oh6891.443.12
is it one of those stones one of those6893.282.959
weird things yeah you put it here oh6894.563.119
projection stone that's right ash twin6897.6795.121
all right let's see6900.44.16
what happened did the sun station not6902.83.839
it fired yarrow but it failed the sun6906.6394.48
barely responded6909.5993.361
there were infinitesimally small surface6911.1193.6
level changes but they were barely6912.964.159
visible even to the third eye6914.7194.641
the sun station is useless it will never6917.1195.6
and could never cause the sun to explode6919.364.799
i don't know what comes next my friends6922.7193.121
i suppose we must start over but i'm6924.1593.681
unsure how6925.844.319
pi i heard for you my friends we all6927.844.24
know how hard you've both worked i can6930.1594.0
only offer my compassion how are you how6932.084.559
is idea6934.1592.48
uh we're well though disappointed i may6936.7194.081
have disagreed with exploding the sun6939.043.44
but i never wish the device would fail6940.84.24
i'd hope our terrible work was finished6942.484.239
return to ash twin first my friend6945.044.079
perhaps a change of task would help6946.7194.081
spire noticed a comment approaching the6949.1194.721
star system we'd like to investigate6950.85.919
so it didn't work i was right we're good6953.845.68
no not good oh because now we can't stop6956.7193.841
that's too bad6961.922.719
i'm sad6965.5994.161
what would cheer you up6967.763.76
would you like a countdown maybe a6969.764.76
let's see if i can get out of here for6987.6792.96
this place blows up6988.84.799
where are you going back to you i guess6990.6394.881
still still want to try to get into the6993.5995.6
ash twin project okay6995.523.679
oh god man that really turns your6999.444.4
wait how do i okay good i can get7004.1592.401
through this door i can get through this7005.524.24
door oh it works from this side huh7006.565.44
now how do we get back together oh there7012.084.159
went the sun station i just saw it oh7014.7194.241
wait you gotta just time did you yeah7016.2395.761
um we don't need to get back together i7018.966.52
feel like we should7022.03.48
these got to be the terrace with the7030.1592.321
twins right7031.283.12
ash twin makes sense because they're7032.484.96
twins yeah7034.43.04
i guess he didn't make it7041.363.44
it's pretty good though to have not made7043.1193.52
okay here's a warp7046.6393.361
there's two warps here7052.1593.04
so wait what the hell so which one do i7055.444.88
take is one of them take me to the7057.1195.761
well i guess i just got to try them7060.323.44
what else what else is there to do what7064.565.28
you got to lose exactly7066.1593.681
oh so there's two ash twins so one7070.964.96
wait you're on one of them yeah exactly7073.764.24
so i don't know7075.923.92
which one takes me where you're on7078.03.04
you're on ember twins so let's see where7079.843.04
this one takes me uh-huh here we go here7081.045.119
we go here we go i see ya i see you hey7082.885.44
you're 300 meters away you're 300 meters7086.1594.641
away of course7088.325.6
and come on7090.83.12
anything up7094.884.319
oh where am i are you a number uh oh7099.1993.92
damn it7101.923.759
everton yeah i'm on ember twin7103.1194.881
yeah i want to be the ass twin pro so7105.6793.761
the other one's got to take me to the7108.03.52
ass twin project and i'm live the sun7109.443.44
station's still there i thought i saw it7111.523.52
disappear disappeared if not boy7112.884.799
so i didn't really get out in time7115.044.24
but hey you should be here so i'm coming7117.6794.161
back to you7119.282.56
i don't know what's going on ash twin7122.1593.921
project yeah that's the thing we've been7124.2394.48
searching for so man you are a forgetful7126.084.639
computer i just don't understand what it7128.7192.88
it's the thing at the center of ash twin7132.883.6
the ass twin project but you were on ash7136.483.759
twin yeah they were trying to blow up7138.7193.281
the sun to power the damn thing and7140.2393.761
that's that's what powers the [ __ ] the7142.03.92
memory statues so is it going to warp7144.04.56
you inside the ash twin i don't know i7145.923.92
hope so7148.563.2
there's only two planets that i see here7149.843.44
or whatever these things are oh look the7151.762.56
bird cage7153.284.52
gravity kid7154.323.48
and now we wait for it again7161.763.6
that's just a broken roof7166.1594.48
i'm well aware of that7168.7193.681
what happens if you look down i mean i'm7170.6393.6
standing i'm standing on the black hole7172.44.08
wow this should work me somewhere i use7174.2394.081
that one what i'm looking at okay here7176.483.679
it comes7178.324.64
wait what the sand just get me7180.1594.56
to kill you i don't know i'm going to7182.963.44
find out aren't we7184.7192.721
come on7186.43.839
come on come on come on7187.442.799
oh bye neebs hey7191.1995.451
oh god oh [ __ ] oh7192.966.88
oh no it did not7199.844.0
uh where'd you go7202.43.52
uh oh there you are hey7203.844.96
hey come back ships in the night oh boy7205.926.759
come on come on oh boy7208.83.879
come here no no no no come on names7218.325.279
oh boy7221.1192.48
okay okay okay i think we're good i'm7224.84.319
all right that didn't work7230.1593.361
there's gotta be a way to use it all7231.925.08
right going back7233.523.48
i mean what else you gonna do i don't7240.83.919
know it works by just standing on the7242.484.08
thing you did that yeah what are you7244.7195.601
gonna try where am i where am i7246.563.76
sorry i parked you a little cock-eyed7253.6793.92
yeah like you're a hot mess right now7255.444.48
you think i think so yeah why because7257.5993.841
look at you what what do you mean you're7259.922.719
in the ship you're out of the ship7261.442.56
you're parking things yeah i'm trying to7262.6393.201
figure out how to get to this this damn7264.04.639
place you need to relax uh okay that's7265.844.24
the one i took earlier that one takes me7268.6393.281
over to ember twin7270.083.119
this one7271.923.679
if i stand here i get sucked7273.1994.721
maybe i'll be okay under this7277.923.12
what we can bridge just wait under the7281.362.64
bridge wait under the bridge until it's7282.564.8
right over us and then run at it7284.04.159
and then hope i don't get sucked7288.1595.121
i'm grasping at straws here yeah look7290.2394.48
i don't understand anything you're7293.283.919
saying so stand out of the bridge and7294.7194.321
then when the uh the ash twin goes above7297.1994.241
us which it's about to do jump in there7299.044.0
i jump in there when it's like right7301.442.56
above us7303.044.8
okay so okay hopefully7304.03.84
i don't know why that'd make a7307.922.96
difference but all right7308.884.16
well i won't get sucked up by the sand7310.884.88
okay okay all right and i'm right under7313.045.36
it let's do this7315.762.64
okay whoa i don't know why that7318.966.88
why that worked holy crap7321.764.08
i i think we found it7327.1994.161
how far away from each other7329.284.08
oh looks like you're7333.363.04
looks like you're flying i don't know7334.882.88
god i'm getting all turned around in7336.42.16
it's like being though you ever go to7338.562.4
that thing in the fair with the room7339.763.2
spinning the gravitron yeah and you kind7340.963.199
of feel like you're walking funny not7342.962.96
the gravitron it's like a little room7344.1594.08
you walk through and the it's spinning7345.923.6
and you kind of feel like you're walking7348.2393.44
funny oh the walls are spinning that's7349.525.119
what this feels like hey we found it7351.6794.401
what it's the ass twin prod these are7354.6392.96
the damn masks that are recording my7356.083.44
damn memory yeah hold on look around oh7357.5993.921
yeah see the ones that are out7359.524.8
yeah remember that i do7361.524.4
all right all right what are you saying7364.323.359
here what are you saying to me7365.922.799
received data from previous cycle so 157368.7194.48
minutes ago i got the data from the last7371.524.24
cycle okay probe tracking module hey7373.1995.281
wait my timer says six minutes until end7375.764.8
of cycle transmission okay we got six7378.484.4
minutes wait that's gonna be roughly 227380.564.96
minutes i've done the math it all works7382.884.719
out okay cool we only got six minutes7385.524.24
left until the sun blows up ready for an7387.5995.201
information blast do it7389.764.64
all right today we finish excavation of7392.83.359
the ash twin here in this space we've7394.43.68
carved we will craft our most ambitious7396.1594.0
project yet the ash twin project7398.084.32
powerful enough to send information back7400.1594.48
in time good we'll need to keep our eye7402.44.799
on the house to pick7404.6392.56
it up is a lot of reading naps right it7407.763.76
is flocks and das finished the memory7409.523.44
statues today and they're truly7411.523.44
remarkable oh yeah when the ash twin7412.964.0
project succeeds or in the event it7414.964.56
fails the memory statues will activate7416.964.32
allowing us to gather more data before7419.524.32
we shut down the project7421.283.68
in total each cycle created by the ash7424.963.92
twin project will last precisely 227426.84.16
minutes you were right neebs7428.886.239
and we can end this cycle at will how7430.965.6
these words are difficult to write the7435.1193.04
sun station did not work yeah figured7436.563.76
that out already suppose we redesigned7438.1594.0
the sun station to generate that power7440.323.68
of magnitude7442.1593.201
i believe we can still find a way to7444.03.599
create a supernova don't lose hope7445.363.839
uh that's easier expressed than7447.5993.04
you can wait for the sun to explode on7450.6393.761
its natural timeline if you prefer7452.2394.161
idea but you'll need to find some way to7454.45.44
halt our aging process7456.43.44
so that's what's happening neebs the7460.04.0
sun's just naturally exploding for us7461.6794.081
okay however this is the closest we've7464.03.119
ever been ashwin project is7465.763.6
theoretically sound we're only able to7467.1195.281
power it okay7469.363.04
why did i do that because you're7472.483.199
starting to go7474.2394.44
so what's this all mean so these guys7480.883.68
were trying to blow up the sun7482.7194.241
to create that uh that time interval you7484.563.599
know you understand what i'm saying they7486.963.52
need the energy from the supernova to7488.1594.56
send your memory back in time yes and7490.483.84
now the sun is exploding at the end of7492.7193.681
its natural life and you're stuck in a7494.323.279
loop yes7496.42.719
got it7497.5994.321
all right what's this7499.1192.801
looks like a big door it7502.44.56
does oh come here give me a little7504.844.52
these things are hard to grab7511.1994.801
you know what that does7513.1992.801
open something in the middle7518.884.239
what is that okay7521.283.839
i get oh boy oh boy oh boy you just7523.1193.361
gonna start grabbing things can't launch7525.1193.6
it here what's this7526.484.239
there you go oh artificial gravity7528.7193.501
that off oh now it was no gravity7534.486.239
yeah yeah you're right don't grab any7537.043.679
oh what is this oh7541.283.959
it is7548.03.599
what's a warp core okay7549.443.6
so you get it they're powering yeah7551.5993.361
they're powering the warp so yeah this7553.043.36
is what they're using to send us back in7554.963.92
time oh it's a like a black hole and a7556.45.92
white hole yeah so i'll just i'll take7558.885.12
there it's off wait what does that mean7564.964.159
it means it's off means we can't go back7567.523.28
in time anymore7569.1192.721
why is that perfect7571.843.839
because we can't go back in time anymore7574.0794.0
we need to go back in time why so we7575.6794.081
could keep7578.0793.841
i don't know done every 22 minutes7579.764.08
exactly i'm not going to do that for the7581.924.159
for all of eternity uh cause of the7583.845.68
numbers right you hate numbers oh7586.0796.16
yeah okay so what's your plan7589.524.159
i guess pick a good spot to die that's7594.6392.96
my plan7596.43.279
come on neebs7597.5996.201
you didn't even ask me about this7599.6794.121
i said you didn't even ask me about this7604.43.92
oh yeah i actually am making the7606.7194.0
decision for both of us i'm gonna ask7608.325.04
you about that7610.7192.641
oh that's getting hot i'm backing up7614.45.239
back it up7616.43.239
why would i put the core back so we can7619.6793.52
do this every day i don't want to do7621.284.16
this every day for eternity because it's7623.1994.96
miserable it's fine i walk around i read7625.447.159
stuff we look at bird cages7628.1594.44
asked me for the launch codes i swear to7635.1194.56
god if i have to hear slate ask me for7636.965.679
the launch codes one damn time7639.6795.52
this is much better it's not it is it's7642.6395.44
not i can get out of it this way7645.1995.281
wait where's timberhurt can i experience7648.0794.321
this on timberhearth you'll never see7650.483.679
timberhearth again if you don't put that7652.44.16
back no that's my home planet7654.1595.44
oh oh screw it it doesn't matter it does7656.565.2
matter it doesn't just go7659.5995.281
you got probably like 20 seconds no you7661.765.76
know what i'm watching this from outside7664.884.96
i don't want to spend my last few7670.563.679
seconds arguing with you well no it's7671.845.04
not let's just agree to disagree and let7674.2395.261
the sun blow up7676.884.4
oh there's timberhurst see i did see it7681.285.16
one more time7683.043.4
do you want to tell me how much you7687.442.88
enjoyed our friendship7688.83.279
i joined our friendship neebs it was7690.323.919
it was too short7694.2393.121
uh maybe7696.0792.961
but this is better7697.363.92
this is better all right7699.045.52
i'll tell you what what let's count down7701.286.08
i don't want a countdown7704.564.0
i don't know what the number is going to7707.363.2
be let's start at 20.7708.563.039
20 what7710.563.519
19. no i'm not don't do a countdown you7711.5995.201
just let me enjoy team can i just dice7714.0794.801
team did i just die7716.83.919
you made a decision without me so we're7718.883.199
counting down7720.7194.561
no 13. no 12. i'm gonna ram i'm gonna7722.0795.281
run you in 11. i'm gonna run you into7725.283.28
the sun7727.363.68
no shut7728.562.48
come on7743.1992.801
are you gone are you still here yeah7744.44.239
you're still here damn it leave me alone7746.04.32
it's a good countdown was a terrible7748.6392.96
countdown you didn't even get it right7750.322.72
you want to count down till we die now7751.5992.721
no i don't want to keep you shut up just7753.042.96
let me die in peace okay i'll let you7754.325.52
have ah here we go7756.03.84
nice knowing shut the [ __ ] up okay shut7760.44.719
up that's your last word shut the [ __ ]7762.886.359
up dude great last words7765.1194.12

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