ESCAPE from Castle Appsro! (Minecraft Ep 28)

Minecraft - Today Appsro and Neebs transport villagers to Appsrotopia while Dora and Anthony attempt to build a glass box for an hour. A very determin...
ESCAPE from Castle Appsro! (Minecraft Ep 28)
ESCAPE from Castle Appsro! (Minecraft Ep 28)

ESCAPE from Castle Appsro! (Minecraft Ep 28)

Neebs Gaming

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel, you're in for a treat with their latest video. Appsro and Neebs are up to their usual shenanigans as they transport villagers to Appsrotopia, while Dora and Anthony take on the challenge of building a glass box for an entire hour. Talk about dedication!

One villager in particular steals the show by embarking on a 1,000 block journey between home and work. Now that's some serious commitment! And if you're loving the content as much as I am, don't forget to check out their awesome shirt design in the link provided. Who wouldn't want to sport some Neebs Gaming merch, am I right?

If you've ever wondered how to recreate the mods setup featured in the video, Neebs has got you covered with a helpful tutorial link. And if you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to keep up with all the latest Minecraft adventures. Plus, did you know that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs? Pretty cool, right?

And let's not forget about the awesome Minecraft playlist they've put together. It's the perfect way to catch up on all the fun and excitement if you've missed any episodes. So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming coffee, join their Discord server, and get ready for some epic Minecraft gameplay. Thanks for tuning in, and remember to keep on crafting! 🚀 #Minecraft #Raytracing #Neebs

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you're gonna fall and hurt himself0.0895.221
that's true what he gonna fall and hurt1.195.02
we're talking about he's already like6.214.44
bummed out this thing and he really does7.954.52
he have sideburns10.6535.49
what do you think about that names46.146.16
psychic uh uh that's like uh 80s home47.985.79
I bet is one of those houses that has52.33.18
the stairs that goes halfway up and53.774.26
halfway down soon as you watch yep it is55.484.32
that's how they build them all yeah up58.033.93
north they build these it's a ranch yeah59.83.99
they build them all over the world I'm61.963.72
up it's downstairs yeah but mostly feet63.7911.13
in Rhode Island who's doing karate65.6816.77
what's going well this place is looking74.9211.4
fancy thank you welcome to my home yeah82.456.3
go in newbs welcome back yeah thanks I86.323.93
decided to set up near you I guess we're88.752.82
neighbors now thanks for keeping an eye90.252.22
on stuff for me91.572.85
no problem welcome to my house there's92.473.209
stairs that go up and down you were94.424.199
right yep it's about time someone built95.6795.041
something nice around here it's very98.6194.53
empty now yeah you know are you just the100.724.53
outsides there yeah I got you man needs103.1493.571
a little work on the inside need some105.253.6
furniture but there's home to live hey106.724.439
wait room to live downstairs where we108.854.53
play the bids and have sleepovers yeah111.1595.07
play the what the bids vids bids113.385.4
oh yeah down here's the family room you116.2293.96
set up the Gamecube and stuff you know118.782.159
the good old times120.1892.61
nice place Anthony I like you thank you120.9394.171
okay yeah I need to do some human122.7993.39
trafficking I need your help125.114.289
one man what I need villagers what is126.1894.89
human trafficking yeah human trafficking129.3993.391
villagers villager trafficking probably131.0793.241
would be people frown upon that132.793.12
yeah I'm now I'm with doraleous I'm not134.325.639
okay with that and Anthony today how135.916.829
this legal no here we go let's just139.9595.611
let's just shut the door and let that142.7393.191
I've got something for you to help me145.935.13
with Anthony okay Oh God what everybody147.676.15
come out up as a proof dip wait if we151.064.56
don't fire what do we do is human153.823.93
trafficking going well no there's a pile155.623.72
of pillagers there people have come back157.753.38
for them159.344.14
remember rallies what do we do do we161.133.55
defend them I don't know where they are163.482.97
no more they're out in front of164.684.77
Pennsylvania uh after oh yeah what's up166.455.4
we cannot have a battle here or at all169.453.96
oh they're looking at the village171.853.63
they're like our people don't you dare173.413.75
okay well I want I'm not gonna have a175.483.3
battle here no I'm saying are they gonna177.163.63
shoot our villagers I don't know well178.784.5
just get back inside ring with all ring180.794.17
the bell hold on I'm doing it183.283.72
what is the Bell what's the bell shoot184.963.81
me you'll never catch me oh there they187.01.92
oh yeah they're after you bring it oh188.928.089
maybe I can get her to chase me out of199.563.84
town come on you idiots201.645.79
this way dum-dums this way yeah work203.47.66
most simple is working in there take207.436.32
this one right yeah yeah get up211.0611.15
going by fire no fire no swinging he's213.7510.76
chasing us think I'm out of town Anthony222.218.22
come Chase me a jerk some out here Yeah224.517.63
right over here right over here this is230.433.18
a good spot all right I'm ditching yeah232.1424.96
run mode seven is wrong you like that233.6126.73
guy that plays the flute and the snakes257.14.74
like that guy260.344.47
flute snake me in the cow and then a261.845.73
story you drove all the snakes away what264.814.68
are you talking about it's no yours are267.574.05
you thinking about the mice with a yeah269.494.59
not snakes mice mice yeah was it a flute271.625.58
it was something like that yes it was a274.084.74
woodwind instrument but he played it and277.22.88
all the rats followed him out of town278.822.88
are you pretty particular about the280.083.69
animals care less what the animal what281.73.66
the flute was yeah I don't care about283.773.3
the flu but it was rats but what was285.364.11
that guy's name Monty Python now it287.073.96
wasn't damn Monty Python that's a show289.472.61
listen did you see my luck Bobby and292.085.46
Bobby lobby is full oh yeah no that294.964.53
thing's great we have a cleric now I'm297.544.11
gonna lock him in I'll do it I'd like299.496.6
zombie flesh for some reason why I'm301.656.48
getting so many emeralds over here he's306.094.77
already gonna be like a next-level oh308.135.13
wait my health nope I got more here we310.862.82
level up what so what could a cleric do313.687.59
for us let's see oh you can get317.7296.571
wait he won't start going oh you can get321.275.459
a lapis lazuli oh good324.34.709
have a choice want no no no no anyone326.7294.951
lapis lazuli stuff all over the the329.0093.901
mines but maybe we'll keep leveling331.682.91
leveling them up he'll get us some good332.913.78
yep what are those guys in my village334.594.859
yeah absolute Oh Pia is ready for a336.695.55
village it's what you named it yeah it's339.4494.351
my land first name you thought of after342.243.75
Tokyo yeah okay cool place oh I'm ready343.84.709
you name this place Hansel Vania345.994.92
Simon did that I think it's kind of cool348.5095.011
I like absolute Opia I think that's kind350.914.409
of cool well I think you're right I353.523.84
think you're kind of cool well we're all355.3196.061
cool here okay high social distance no357.3616.44
that's right get away from me is gonna361.3819.08
be a pandemic grant all right Anthony373.88.369
doraleous have you ever noticed that the380.464.949
clouds are also square no I never like382.1694.831
they look realistic but they're square385.4093.031
like Minecraft that's a nice touch387.04.259
almost like puzzle pieces yeah anyways388.445.52
what's up what's this this is gonna be a391.2595.671
place we never use this is gonna be the393.966.42
new aqua lounge aqua lounge nothing big396.935.459
but you know just a little sit down have400.383.599
a cigar trying to do another lap402.3893.75
underwater thing a brandy but I'm gonna403.9794.351
start doing the here on the main so you406.1394.111
made glass walls well that's cool you408.332.97
can see right to the bottom410.252.909
yeah and I'm in there you know put that411.33.419
how far down let's let's go I don't want413.1593.48
to break that not too far now maybe you414.7193.211
shouldn't do anything okay I'll just416.6393.75
once maybe I can enjoy this reveal with417.933.989
you yeah you know what about the water420.3893.06
it's really nice and relaxing here and421.9194.891
cooling yeah enjoy it come in for a swim423.4495.22
if you get tired now go ahead and just426.813.68
talk to me a little bit while I do this428.6694.371
well uh cigars430.494.269
okay there and there all right nope nope434.7597.121
nope okay okay all right now no idiots439.244.89
come here come up I need I need follow441.883.599
me follow me look up here look how nice444.131.92
this is445.4792.521
look I'm not this nice is this like I'm446.053.179
not to see do you see I'm honest come448.03.27
back over here you ever seen this nice449.2294.351
get in the car get in the car which451.275.61
could I use leads on these guys crowds453.584.739
want to Brooke this around your neck and456.883.78
pull you over here oh he looks in yep458.3196.03
hey no you click on him come on Kevin460.666.599
come out yes yes we got one I get one464.3494.951
yep oh he goes there he going you win467.2593.961
you win all right that's fine that's469.32.1
oh you'll hopefully end up where I want471.43.389
him now this one get in there get it get473.2893.151
it we got it come on pushing push come474.7897.591
on push him Anthony yeah can you hear me476.449.09
down there wait when did you add a482.385.52
feeling I think I messed up what do you485.534.44
mean I should have probably used this487.94.259
normal glass that I put up here okay489.974.379
with little specks because look how does492.1593.301
it look down there doesn't look like494.3493.6
you're in water does it no it looks it495.464.38
looks like an alien world yeah I think I497.9495.25
use the wrong glass okay this is it you499.844.919
got it give you got it you got it you503.1995.571
got it you got here right there come on504.7594.011
come why are they so dumb there needs to508.9794.48
be a way to just say hey you get in that511.244.77
yeah we hope they self realize and kill513.4593.151
us all516.013.36
I'm too stupid what's that car when you516.615.28
they realize their thing self-awareness519.373.33
it's a word for it artificial522.73.6
intelligence nope what's that word Aida524.297.35
hop huh sentience sentience no I don't526.36.57
like that either oh you might be531.642.069
thinking about the singularity532.873.69
singularity what do I do533.7094.411
how can I help I don't know you look536.563.12
like a little this is funny538.124.14
am I am i a fish now you're like Milo my539.684.68
whole fish loop loop you my little betta542.264.35
lose my little babe don't put anyone544.364.52
okay great a little bit more work to do551.153.85
apparently oof553.743.12
only someone could help you if you gave555.07.11
me some glass come on oh come on it's556.867.22
just just go come on564.083.28
he's not gonna tray with you if you keep566.223.27
doing it all you did it once look all I567.363.96
did it once to show how much I hate it569.493.96
oh no no not down there you [ __ ]571.323.93
now we pushing the thing into him will573.456.11
it take him that you hop in it575.257.95
whoo that's quit Elias what's the579.565.92
monster in here Oh some kind of creature583.23.81
he's looking at me funny how is that585.484.05
possible walls don't work did it stop587.015.75
the nightmares over589.533.23
all right neebs I've been planning for593.159.79
this okay so and then now let's see if595.299.37
this works okay602.944.78
should be going up here yeah come on go608.433.87
through the gate lock a bit look of it611.014.83
okay and you said it yes Wow awesome612.35.43
there in that was brilliant615.844.17
hmm and now this is where their village617.734.29
this is yeah this is their village this620.014.44
is magnificent I got a lot more work to622.024.44
do get the mayor's house here624.453.99
got some residences here come over here626.465.24
to the bar okay and get yourself a drink628.446.09
hello saloon yeah I actually don't have631.74.78
anything to drink in here but here have634.534.5
a piece of meat yeah well thanks I need636.485.25
to give these guys carrots right carrots639.035.16
of make them neither squishy parts right641.734.2
I've lost them yeah it's a big place644.195.13
it's a big place and they've run away645.935.4
all right I have a carrot farm not too649.324.83
far from here uh-huh and I guess wait651.335.09
they end up going through this - what654.155.34
portal they probably will maybe got yeah656.424.24
we should blocked I should block that659.493.21
option I have a say-so see what do I660.663.48
have what I have my pot oh I got some I662.73.12
got some stone Vince it probably already664.144.62
went through it no no I don't see665.824.28
we should look first right they probably670.12.82
ran into a bed they wouldn't run through671.572.76
a portal probably gave you killed by a672.922.64
Pigman as we speak674.332.85
okay tell you what let me let me just675.563.39
kind of wrap it up at it well getting677.183.84
burnt by one of those happy clouds good678.953.96
okay I'll fix this later but I'm just681.023.84
blocking it off for now cuz yeah I don't682.914.17
want any of these idiots get through684.864.83
here okay I guess we just look yep687.085.79
villagers billiards hey all right guys689.695.4
oh there's some lava tell you what you692.873.6
look I'm gonna go get carrots real fast695.093.15
oh there's one all right sweet we got696.473.72
one yep all right I'll be right back698.244.14
okay oh I found the other ones wait all700.193.12
right they're both they're good to know702.382.55
nobody went through the portal none went703.313.36
to hell where they didn't drown in this704.936.99
thing this place is a hazard not very706.675.76
remember the singularity712.438.38
should I start breaking yeah the walls720.815.1
are good I'm inside the dirt queue but723.484.05
shooting huh you just replaced them I725.914.53
guess oh this is gonna take forever it's727.533.9
gonna take some time730.444.44
don't just fall away in here I think yes731.435.97
no there's no I'll stay here I can't do734.883.03
it's gonna take forever you want help737.913.63
it's a better way to do this you come up739.683.63
with it what you guys let's look741.544.14
brainstorm let's put sand all the way743.315.25
around this well I'm doing this okay you745.685.28
know what someone's laughing at me real748.564.98
close by why would we do that the750.966.72
goddess of zooms why because try to753.546.3
break this glass underwater oh it does757.683.72
it take forever Oh759.846.06
what if you use something else L else t761.46.36
in there but how do you what breaks765.93.45
glass better what do you mean I'm gonna767.763.15
have a pickaxe how would that know when769.353.57
you dig with a shovel it dig better than770.914.71
a pickaxe so an axe772.926.9
I don't know experiment Sian I got it775.626.57
alright I'm covering it all okay I'm779.825.7
gonna cover it all with sand do it and782.195.82
then glass on the outside of the sand785.524.83
and then we dig out through this glass788.014.95
and another layer of sand all right I790.355.01
don't hear any giggling from a goddess792.964.17
because it's brilliant so that must be a795.363.69
good idea don't really go with it yeah797.134.08
yeah you can remove that sand in there799.054.53
now okay well it's dirt but got dirty801.215.24
sand yep803.582.87
just seems like a lot of hazards since807.197.2
okay yep what I think this is outside I810.436.33
think one went outside they know how to814.394.86
open oh crap he's gonna fall and hurt816.764.4
himself he gonna fall and hurt himself819.256.06
that's true what he gonna fall and hurt821.166.61
himself we're talking about he's already825.314.14
like climbed out this thing and he's827.774.65
really is he up sideburns I think this829.4513.08
guy's sad burns what is he the door the832.4212.48
door what door do you know how many842.534.59
doors you have one that goes to it Oh844.93.51
what do you mean what door you're right847.121.8
behind me848.413.15
mmm you saw him right he got up on the848.925.19
wall somehow he went through this gate851.564.74
and went to here I didn't think they'd854.115.07
get open gates yup the open gates mmm oh856.36.3
okay damn it no this is a disaster859.185.7
hey you want a carrot I'll ring the bell862.63.72
I'll be back yeah sure I brought the864.882.52
bill with me maybe you'll bring it866.323.21
they'll run back in I'm on it okay867.415.96
hey dummy Oh God oh yeah these guys here869.5317.61
guys a bail knock that Bell down bring883.367.14
it closer Oh knock it down yes sir come887.144.35
over here ring the bell890.53.42
it's dark okay yeah that way dummy yeah891.494.17
all right I got him back in oh i'm893.924.77
genius not still ringing the bell yeah895.664.5
where's the other one the other one was898.693.48
outside wouldn't she whatever these900.163.869
things are yeah ring it902.174.89
their body the man alright where's the904.0294.831
other one where's the other one other907.063.719
one thought I thought I saw him on the908.864.979
walls he's still over here Oh yep I see910.7794.17
em I see em today913.8398.94
of course come on oh you bring the bell914.94911.791
over here okay hold on hold on I might922.7795.85
need you to go dig dig again dum-dum yep926.744.589
okay all right well no I'll know he fell928.6295.07
down I'm eatin in the river931.3294.771
oh stop it trying to dang dang fools in933.6994.291
the river come on get up there then you936.13.9
can run ding-ding I'm heading it937.994.45
run-run come on don't you hear that942.443.51
don't you hear that stupid come on I944.092.76
know you hear that yeah945.953.42
keep thinking where are you running to946.855.4
you fool oh god I'm gonna die give me no949.374.14
I don't want to trade with you you952.256.24
stupid idiot he's running he's a lost953.515.34
maybe he'll be there in the morning no958.854.02
way we're getting him though he's just961.524.52
running out in the middle of nowhere962.873.17
oh crap okay he about died guys good uh1043.3718.6
the villager was about dead he was on1059.294.6
fire and there was a skeleton I think1061.973.69
we're good all right1063.893.9
they shouldn't be able to open this type1065.6612.09
of gate Reaper hold my nice walk away me1067.7912.72
I don't think they can open this type of1077.755.52
gate because it's higher okay maybe I1080.514.71
don't think I get open gates yeah why do1083.273.27
you think I have that thing you jump on1085.222.94
him up high no but I'd like it like I1086.543.75
said I was under the assumption that1088.163.87
they could not open gates because that's1090.293.12
why I like the whole thing down here1092.033.0
like this is the boathouse the boathouse1093.413.09
is gates all over they never do that1095.033.39
yeah but you're 100% positive you saw1096.55.13
him open a gate yep damn it 99 percent1098.423.9
okay alright these gates get out uh-huh1102.3212.35
okay yep we'll go back to Pennsylvania1106.618.06
okay so it was a lot easier replacing1115.154.12
block by block yeah1117.83.03
and I tell you what like you know I kept1119.273.57
the bottom ones that new glass mm-hmm I1120.833.6
don't like it on the sides because it1122.843.18
got too you don't like it it was too1124.434.44
much too much and they're little too1126.024.92
little so there's no in-between I just1128.875.13
I left the top and bottom regular glass1130.944.68
and then the side I wanted to see this1134.03.24
crystal clear goodness look at these1135.624.5
fiesh look at these floating weird fish1137.245.07
yeah that look like aliens1140.124.2
I leave them the other idea though but1142.314.44
that I was inspired by at night but1144.325.46
imagine what this landscape would look1146.755.4
like in front of us with like 301149.784.98
randomly placed glow stones closer I1152.154.13
thought you were gonna say torches no1154.764.11
that won't work underwater yeah but most1156.283.79
stones are worked or it'll light up that1158.873.24
environmentally gorgeous1160.073.839
we could charge people to come here and1162.113.21
like to just look at it no one's gonna1163.9092.88
pay anything but you're right will they1165.322.67
do that all the time there's like1166.7893.421
Gardens with they don't know like oh is1167.994.439
that oh yeah oh it's just a squid I1170.214.099
thought I saw it drown is that a zombie1172.4295.161
Spinney zombie oh there's a drown what's1174.3096.48
a zombie underwater1177.5910.01
I'd love to watch forever to get out1180.7896.811
yeah the stairs up fishing pole okay1188.01924.341
skeleton that's not you no okay a little1204.171.64
bit under get out of this that's fine1212.3663.38
just open the gate just come on Twitter1275.895.53
you want to get out just open the gate1278.9295.791
look that's all you gotta do everything1281.425.96
you do it before just open the gate1284.727.079
noobs these guys don't open gates they1287.386.01
might not come on look you want to get1291.7993.781
out what if I smack you one good time1293.394.35
boom right the head with a block run run1295.583.63
run away from me open the gate1297.743.27
stupid okay you might not want to smack1299.214.86
them see ya they don't open gates hope1301.015.16
you're right hope you're right gotta be1304.074.32
right because there's no way there's no1306.174.83
way you saw someone open a gate yep it's1308.394.59
possible it's not possible it's possible1311.05.25
that I didn't see it I'm saying okay1312.984.47
yeah I don't think you did alright1316.252.97
alright I already accidentally sent one1317.453.57
and hey looks like there is another one1319.222.4
so hey you1321.022.64
this is the opposite I need you to get1321.623.51
out I'm gonna hit you over the head with1323.663.09
a block yeah I want to do it sucker man1325.133.12
you gotta quit hitting these these1326.754.71
villagers it's every now and make it1328.255.669
means you can't you know good luck1331.464.2
trading here they're gonna charge an arm1333.9198.911
and leg oh yeah that's right all right1335.669.389
hey I'm gonna run you got my belt I'm1342.833.66
gonna right yeah I got it I'll meet you1345.0491.831
um I'm going oh you're gonna run there1346.883.57
yeah I'm gonna grab carrots we're gonna1348.832.13
need them1350.452.219
yeah I'm gonna ride just to make sure1350.964.02
they get there yep it's a race race is1352.6694.951
on oh you'll probably beat me oh I'm1354.984.23
already being pushed back by the one we1357.624.67
sit damn it come on1359.213.08
on the tractor game oh come on go that1362.733.75
nope wow this is a pickle will turn any1366.486.3
we are this is a two hops weird sex hole1370.894.05
there's a blinking lights it's nice I1372.784.17
want some of those I'm gonna make those1374.944.5
what is this oh good good lord what has1376.958.1
she been doing oh come on why do you1379.446.69
keep slowing down this has never1385.053.27
happened why is it red what's going on1386.134.17
feel like I'm gonna with Charlie and the1388.323.42
Chocolate Factory they're going down1390.33.99
thing another day all the colors feels1391.745.43
like right now going back nope what are1394.295.58
you doing come on killed why no why are1397.173.48
we going this way1399.872.79
why are we going this way we should be1400.6515.12
going this way stop on the ocean floor1402.6616.41
zombie dead no but it it's a little ways1415.773.6
floating huh oh yeah that makes sense1419.374.77
it's not on the ocean floor at all I1422.732.82
have a boat I'm gonna use your boat1424.143.87
again okay like yeah and I'll tell you1425.553.81
where this guy is if you want to get1428.012.19
your vengeance1429.362.46
I do want vengeance and now I have my1430.23.96
sword back yep it is do you see the1431.824.05
direction I'm facing nope I don't see1434.164.83
anything hang on yeah no see I got out1435.875.31
of the boat before great how do I do it1438.996.51
now sing away nope nope you're throwing1441.1813.32
things control he's on the well he's1445.510.98
coming back up oh he sees you come here1454.53.9
I'm Anthony what's up dancing hit that1456.482.28
great I'm Anthony here we go kill the1458.7611.28
dress take a moment it was you're you're1460.6811.16
losing you can't breathe them all all1470.044.86
right I'm not a you're my hero Anthony1471.844.68
thank you two rallies can I come in1474.93.48
there now I'm gonna come out you sure1476.524.02
yeah we're gonna get some glowstone okay1478.384.88
good fight Thanks1480.545.269
all right names Suns going down Suns1483.263.06
going down1485.8093.481
let's any little dark spot you see light1486.323.39
it up1489.293.03
okay I'm gonna request some torches from1489.714.709
you later though yeah no worries man no1492.323.51
I'll do some nicer lighting eventually1495.837.95
but nice bad decent at night aren't they1498.147.83
we should probably leave here when it1503.785.13
gets dark leave where absolute opium why1505.975.28
because the mobs are drawn to us and1508.914.17
we're gonna get these villagers kill you1511.254.89
right well tonight's the best time to1513.084.41
figure out where the dark spots are in1516.145.07
it that's how you want to do it right1517.495.52
you're gonna get everybody here killed I1521.213.48
don't want to get everybody killed but I1523.014.08
mean see reason oh here he comes1524.694.38
did he go yeah well he went into the bar1527.0911.19
okay yeah he just Roy he's wandering are1529.0712.06
you he did all their zombies where is he1538.284.68
he's okay you know what I might be able1541.132.429
to save him1542.962.37
all right let's cover this this is this1543.5593.061
is a bad thing uh-huh1545.333.24
so you know what I gotta take this whole1546.624.14
table out put these tables here one of1548.573.81
your people did you're right you're the1550.767.77
dictator what do you think I like it I1552.387.83
think it looks really nice I could use a1558.533.149
little bit more light on the right side1560.213.51
over here but for the most part I'm1561.6794.051
really enjoying this what if we get rid1563.723.54
of these just to darken up at the scene1565.734.23
a little bit sure sure I like it oh I1567.267.23
like the side yeah hey hey1569.965.94
I like on the sides where it reflects1574.493.36
there's like a ton more glowstone yeah1575.94.769
that aren't as Chloe's and to seal the1577.855.579
deal yeah what's with the letter T yeah1580.6696.0
you know I really does is your very own1583.4297.851
aqua lounge concierge h2 Joe1586.6699.231
oh it makes those things right yep aah -1591.287.44
Joe H - Joe do your job and serve1595.95.73
everyone as they think they'd like does1598.724.77
he serve water or coffee I don't think1601.633.57
it's serve [ __ ] but it's a it's a friend1603.493.93
down here little Fred hope you enjoy it1605.24.05
you're kind of stuck yeah1607.423.9
do we have to feed him no okay so1609.254.11
they'll just live here okay I'm uh I'm1611.324.23
happy with whatever this is okay yeah1613.363.99
whatever it is it is thanks for all your1615.552.19
no problem ch - Joe see doraleous I'm1617.7420.85
gonna hang out with Joe okay hold on1621.8817.94
hold on1638.599.21
where'd this builder come from - zombies1639.8212.44
down three more crap1647.84.46
take all right I saved their names okay1658.784.8
there's another one outside and this way1661.365.07
up scraper try to get outside I don't1663.584.44
know it's a brown one I'll make sure who1666.437.89
is but oh all right you see this there's1668.028.1
right where I'm at right now right here1674.325.88
there is a person okay I'll leave the1676.125.13
mobs away from him1680.22.73
wait this is a perfect time to try my1681.259.42
new bow Bilbo Baggins inside the castle1682.939.02
I'm working on it1690.674.77
come on come on noobs I'm coming1691.956.91
doors open yep come on through listen1695.445.37
open well it was open for you what are1698.864.52
you a villager1700.812.57

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