Minecraft - CRISIS in Pantsylvania! Appsro is reeling from the recent Bread World bombing that killed Anthony, and he's about to take it out on the w...


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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you've gotta check out their latest Minecraft video titled "CRISIS in Pantsylvania!" This one is a real nail-biter as Appsro is dealing with the aftermath of the Bread World bombing that tragically took the life of Anthony. And let me tell you, he's not taking it lightly - the whole server is in for a wild ride.

In this episode, they're using a new resource pack that adds a whole new level of immersion to the game. Plus, they've shared the link to download the map they're playing on so you can join in on the fun too! And don't forget to follow their video tutorial to make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you'll definitely want to check out their merch store and grab yourself a Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt. It's the perfect way to show your support for the channel and look cool doing it.

And let's not forget about their Folding@Home team - they're doing some amazing work for a great cause, so be sure to check them out and maybe even join in yourself. Also, if you're interested in copying their mod setup, they've got a video tutorial to help you get started.

I absolutely love the energy and camaraderie of the Neebs Gaming crew, and this Minecraft series is always a blast to watch. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for some epic Minecraft adventures with your favorite YouTubers!

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oh boy what's wrong with you uh-huh you27.925.12
just gotta watch out sometimes i31.3593.521
i feel like something might be coming33.043.28
after me yeah34.884.08
yeah i did a little something last week36.324.079
and you weren't here and38.963.84
uh i just feel like the the man's gonna40.3993.761
come after me you know42.84.48
the man okay yeah the man44.167.76
whoop whoop whoa i am sure what's up47.286.88
yeah there's been an act of terrorism51.924.08
what terrorism terrorism54.164.8
that is an abstractopia that is crazy56.05.359
and yeah i did it i knew you did it58.965.76
i knew you did it oh sh oh son of a61.3594.001
oh boy oh i knew you did it65.366.56
oh yeah god oh you want to play that69.923.519
game drop that tnt71.923.519
i don't know i don't know what i don't73.4393.281
know how to play that game75.4392.561
i'll play that game yeah i don't know76.723.12
how i don't even know how to play it can78.02.32
we not79.842.88
put tnt in my place yeah we could80.323.439
probably not82.723.759
how you gonna get out of there oh boy oh83.7593.441
huh are you gonna get out of there87.26.559
i'll just come out to open it i suppose90.646.96
nope hey hey oh i see you hey93.7595.441
i see you you're treating your employees97.63.28
like you know that right99.24.72
this was my mob spawner thing100.886.96
yeah now i'm gonna blow up all your sh103.928.72
wait this is my stuff hold on it's my107.844.8
rebuild it neebs i apologize okay i had114.0794.08
to get back at the terrorists116.7194.08
and then and then he'll have slaves118.1593.441
yeah they're free labor121.68.24
hmm all right well that feel better yeah142.8797.121
i do i can see both sides of the story146.566.24
you don't know any side i don't think150.04.239
yeah well you weren't even here152.83.6
well are you you're angry at him because154.2393.921
he's treating his people badly yeah and156.43.68
you're angry at him because he blew up158.163.359
something that you liked oh160.082.799
that's that you're right that was161.5193.521
perceptive you could have protested162.8794.801
it went straight to terrorism i you know165.045.04
what i don't feel good about that but167.684.24
it's minecraft and i felt good about170.083.36
that yeah oh yeah171.923.2
i feel good about what i just did yeah i173.443.68
felt good um but uh175.123.28
grambling the thing was though there177.123.119
were i believe there were two terrorists178.42.96
so uh i'll be back180.2394.321
no no it was all me that was entirely me181.365.92
no oh no i have information i did it on184.563.28
my own187.282.56
abstract i'm so glad i don't own187.843.2
anything in that direction189.842.64
i'm so glad i don't care about anything191.042.17
i own192.482.24
yeah what do you want hey hey194.726.239
hey hey hey what are you doing hold on198.8794.0
where do you think you're oh you200.9595.121
what you dirty what am i doing is that202.8794.881
what you're gonna do206.083.439
yeah that's what i'm gonna do oh you son207.763.6
of a [ __ ] i'm on fire209.5195.44
i'm on fire it's all on fire211.366.879
you son of a you have just started a war214.9596.161
that you will wish you never started218.2396.64
me started trust me mother221.127.44
you will be sorry and you better224.8795.621
beep that228.562.38
oh simon um i told i told233.5195.92
simon just to plant trees because i237.284.159
thought you guys would like trees239.4393.681
he didn't know oh he didn't know what241.4393.601
you were doing nah he still he was243.122.88
working with the enemy245.042.559
well he didn't you burn his house down246.03.439
for planting trees yeah247.5994.321
well it seems excessive for working with249.4394.481
the enemy i don't negotiate with you251.923.36
he didn't know that though he wasn't253.924.719
aware oh simon all that work255.285.679
yeah he's not going to be happy well he258.6393.781
wasn't oh no not at all260.9594.001
what the get out of my way what the hell264.965.679
is this freaking apps for his place is270.963.76
this something that he built272.6396.0
but he is gonna burn he's gonna burn274.726.0
all right all right mother i'm gonna278.6394.321
start taking you down with hand tools280.724.72
unless you got in here i can steal i'm282.965.679
going to trash this place285.445.44
another damn zombie has been living in288.6394.641
this thing290.882.4
what the hell is going on down there295.285.52
i have no idea what if we why are there298.324.08
so many zombies under his house300.84.959
what have we unleashed oh no oh god the302.49.04
skeletons are zombies305.7598.0
oh the skeletons are coming out oh boy311.444.08
oh that's crazy313.7594.961
oh boy ow oh oh watch out watch out oh315.525.519
geez i'm gonna die i'm gonna die oh boy318.723.36
oh boy let's see321.0392.88
do i have any food i got a golden carrot322.083.52
i'm gonna eat one of those oh that guy323.9194.081
is fully armed these zombies are serious325.64.8
yeah they're no joke zombies right here328.04.4
how are they under his house and they're330.43.92
all equipped with armor and weapons332.45.12
what is happening you're cursed dora334.326.24
what no this is his house oh yeah i am337.524.959
cursed hold up hold up hold up i can340.563.199
take care of him all right all right342.4792.481
they're down they're down is that all of343.7591.521
i think so down what kind of sadistic345.283.84
like they might have been summoning them347.681.92
all right349.122.24
the fire is spreading so much now i feel349.64.4
like i got to try to put it out oh no351.364.24
yeah i'm starting to feel bad it spread354.03.44
much further than i thought it would355.65.12
okay what is going on down here how do357.444.479
his zombies360.724.56
have so many resources okay i don't know361.9194.961
building up oh boy365.284.08
gotcha okay you putting the fires out366.883.759
after yeah well it doesn't it doesn't369.363.119
help half of its damn house is made out370.6392.721
of netherrack372.4793.521
okay yep here we go here we go oh you're373.363.04
smacking it out yeah just smack it out376.43.04
just smack it out man i'm glad i didn't377.9192.801
go get water i was about to go get a379.442.479
bunch of water no i don't need water380.722.0
just smack it381.9192.241
all right did we do it oh wait there's a382.724.0
piece over here that's okay384.165.68
what are we gonna do what's the plan386.725.12
i mean i know we got a lot of others out389.843.199
of our system now we391.842.639
we should probably move on from that393.0393.28
yeah absolutely kiss and make up oh394.4794.481
not you need to stay out okay all right400.4793.84
all right i feel better take that long404.4793.041
shouldn't do that406.722.96
but like i was saying what now now we407.523.2
win minecraft409.683.68
we do need to win this you know what i410.723.28
got a413.363.04
ton of ender pearls from them pigs okay414.03.759
don't we need in the pearls to make the416.42.48
thing to help us find417.7592.56
the thing at the end throw them and then418.883.12
they do the thing and then you420.3192.961
find them so you have to make the eye422.03.36
how do you make the eye423.283.6
this feels like an episode of drunk425.363.76
history yep it is absolutely that426.885.52
yep we throw a green shiny eye429.125.199
through the air and then we go to a432.43.359
place underground and then we fight a434.3193.121
dragon but i feel like that's exactly435.7593.28
what happened it is what happened right437.442.879
i didn't say drunk history wasn't439.0392.081
right so how do we make the eye of the441.123.6
um blaze rods and444.726.08
ender eyes and their pearls pearls i got447.7593.761
into pearls450.82.08
we just need blaze rods go find some451.523.28
blaze rods there we go yeah452.886.24
we got a plan yeah and break454.86.08
you didn't break you just you squatted459.124.72
okay squat nobody nobody's ever break460.884.96
i'm breaking okay if you break that way463.843.359
i don't feel like i i can't break the465.842.16
same way you do467.1992.72
you gotta quit talking when we say break468.03.599
well i mean it was a weird break right469.9193.12
kind of defeated how are we breaking471.5992.241
break break means go different ways473.843.68
doesn't it don't all go the same way you475.5993.44
don't say break and i'll go out the same477.522.239
[ __ ] door479.0392.56
about it for a few minutes i know but479.7593.761
it's a dumb phrase if y'all going at the481.5992.72
freaking door break okay now break i'll484.3194.16
go this way487.363.76
damn it going back to my house get some488.4794.371
wait what is that simon506.06.959
yeah where are you did you get here well510.163.28
i went512.9592.96
uh i think when you uh when you had513.445.039
killed me by setting me on fire515.9195.12
and setting my house on fire i spawned518.4793.521
what yeah would you have slept here i522.04.24
guess because something happened i mean524.562.0
i'm happy to see you hey listen man526.564.64
listen we we we got off on the wrong529.24.56
foot didn't we yeah yeah you know what i531.24.24
i forgive you533.763.92
i do i forgive you too yeah i think535.443.6
we're all made up now uh sorry about537.682.0
your house539.042.479
hey hey you know what we're gonna start539.683.52
working towards the end of this game541.5193.681
simon that's right that's right we're543.23.44
gonna go fight the dragon and you know545.22.48
what i was thinking546.643.12
no what were you thinking i was thinking547.684.08
we need a headquarters like an avengers549.762.639
you are reading my mind so we take your552.3995.12
house and we rebuild it555.5194.801
into the base that it needs to be i557.5193.921
don't think so560.323.12
but i will tell you this a house is just561.443.12
a house they're not really563.444.0
important if one house gets destroyed564.564.48
it's not really that big of a deal567.441.92
friendship is more important i agree569.363.44
especially in a world like this i mean571.442.0
yeah this is572.82.08
it's all just stuff in it all right well573.442.959
hey listen now i'm just going to be here574.882.88
i'll come back you go in and i'll see576.3992.56
you in a little bit or maybe577.763.04
can i come in do you mind yeah come on578.9593.201
in thanks maybe i couldn't580.83.2
you can get another uh you know maybe i582.163.359
get some pants or something584.03.04
all right yeah i'll give you some pain585.5193.041
what is this what587.043.52
what's what this stack of cobblestone588.563.12
where right here stack of cobblestone591.683.76
thing what is that593.763.519
i was playing around when you i i was595.443.68
here i was bored and i just started to597.2793.441
play around a little bit no big deal599.124.719
just this your idea of revenge hey600.724.16
you think this is revenge no i'd do a604.884.16
lot better than that wouldn't i607.2794.0
you would hope you would think you would609.044.08
really hope yeah it's a little dark in611.2792.961
i like it i like it dark yeah good you614.243.36
can't see me coming616.563.279
all right all right let's see let's go617.64.0
go on my friend hey i've only been here619.8393.041
for a short while i'm glad that you621.62.16
enjoy the place622.882.8
oh wait wait a minute go on what up no623.763.04
no nothing nothing625.683.12
everything's fine hey wait a minute this626.83.12
is too dark what do you mean it's628.82.08
usually light here629.922.64
it's not it's not really dark down here630.883.199
is it is it too dark632.563.68
here i mean i could see really well634.0793.521
because look i could read all these636.241.839
but you can read though oh wait of638.0793.44
course i can this is this is639.763.759
definitely this is actually probably641.5194.081
better lit than it was before643.5193.921
over here this looks a little bit bright645.64.4
though did you just take torches down647.444.8
excuse me are you what are you talking650.04.48
about down here look if you go down here652.244.719
you can see everything can't you you654.483.28
don't think that656.9592.641
they were i can't because i'm holding a657.763.28
torch in my hand but there used to be659.62.32
torches on the wall661.043.039
well listen i don't know what you're661.923.359
talking about664.0795.121
and i might have taken your torches yes665.2796.881
burn literally okay i'll just put them669.24.72
back up but still that's just the672.164.08
i'm still doing it you will always be in676.245.36
the dark my friend680.06.48
always he would make a horrible super681.64.88
you think someone's gonna let us use his690.563.2
uh i don't care if we build a new place692.0794.161
i don't care if we use this yeah yeah693.763.92
simon's gonna be fine he's gonna be fine696.242.88
he's gonna show up and be like yeah697.682.48
whatever it's699.122.399
yeah it's gonna be fun it's gonna be700.163.44
fine all right i might build like a big701.5193.921
dragon on top of the roof703.63.919
should i ask him or just build it i feel705.443.36
like uh we could707.5193.681
enforce eminent domain that usually is708.83.68
pretty popular711.23.36
yeah people love that stuff well maybe712.483.599
apso could be in charge of that714.563.6
uh on account of him taking the popular716.0794.0
route with him hey let's see718.165.679
what what hey hey man the water's720.0794.721
leaking out723.8393.761
yeah that'll do that is anyone not gonna724.83.839
fix this727.62.64
we're working on the front right now728.6394.0
simon i think it was always that way730.243.12
what do you mean732.6393.2
it wasn't leaking out earlier on it was733.363.76
you had fish735.8394.24
on the back the lawn no always no i737.124.399
didn't i was building740.0794.241
a round about it i had this all filled741.5194.32
with wood you nut bag744.323.759
it wasn't like this oh yeah this is a745.8393.201
new leak yes748.0792.721
that's a new leak the back leak i749.043.44
plugged in dip that's a750.83.92
that's a cool leak though how cool the752.483.28
leak is that754.723.119
oh that looks good you know what as far755.763.92
as legs go honestly757.8393.761
good well you know what never don't say759.683.36
i never finished anything you're not761.62.64
allowed to because i was going to never763.044.16
miss this we never said it never once764.245.599
it's all gone all the wood that's but767.23.28
you know what769.8392.56
simon simon what this is the beautiful770.483.52
thing it's as if the universe smiled772.3992.24
upon us774.03.2
and said hey let's jack this place up774.6394.481
this beautiful creation simon actually777.22.56
near finishing and and then let's779.763.68
provide them this wonderful781.684.64
base to listen i got stipulations i783.444.16
really don't give a [ __ ] except for the786.322.8
fact is the tree okay787.64.08
yeah please she's fine treat the tree789.123.36
looks like it's on fire up top but792.483.44
you're getting bastard794.245.279
oh boy oh you're gonna shoot me shoot me795.929.28
yeah did he just die799.5195.681
oh yep he's got enemies down there we've805.446.0
got some floor work to do808.163.28
oh god you gotta be kidding me simon811.8397.281
you're back in the castle yes815.2796.0
what bet are you spawning in i don't819.123.2
where is it i want to break it oh it's822.323.04
over there it's in that house824.162.4
it's in the building why did you go to825.363.36
sleep in that house listen826.565.68
i want to just oh all right no big deal828.726.72
it's all gravy i'm going to the nether832.244.88
see you later all right have fun in the835.442.639
nether why are you going to the837.121.44
not really i was it was a it was838.563.04
desperate and then i'm glad this thing840.241.76
me all right i need to go back home see842.03.36
ya okay hey844.164.239
i'll go with you i got materials come do845.365.919
do do the things with the things man848.3994.88
it's weird you should put torches along851.2793.041
this uh853.2792.881
this walkway here it's got to be really854.323.28
dark at night856.163.84
did you take the torches you take the857.63.359
torches from this860.01.45
you will pay jesus christ jesus christ864.3997.841
okay cool oh hi oh no simon867.926.88
okay the enchanted forest is uh yeah872.243.76
it's enchanted at night874.84.08
running running run okay yeah run i'm876.03.279
i'm practically dead so gotta run hey879.2793.12
cheeky check881.682.48
come on spider come on bring it up bring882.3994.321
it up oh oh boy yeah it's night time884.165.28
hey you're good man my beautiful place886.723.679
is right here889.443.36
we can find refuge in here you still890.3993.281
have a bed892.82.719
uh yeah i should probably go to sleep in893.683.599
it right bam895.5194.32
there you go oh there you go you got air897.2793.36
on your head bud899.8393.36
that's okay900.6392.56
i'm going to shoot you mother i'm going905.2793.761
to punch you907.045.2
jesus christ go boy yep yep909.045.52
the night time is a potus oh ow careful912.243.36
care about that sorry914.565.04
sorry oh oh hey your bed worked jesus915.65.2
christ i will fight you919.63.44
where is this guy of course it is that's920.84.08
what i do where are you923.044.72
oh you're gonna die by my hand by my924.883.519
get him simon get him run my hand928.3996.161
get over here931.7592.801
all right i'll get him i'm gonna be oh935.923.359
hey simon938.323.36
hey it's nice to be back here i don't939.2794.24
care how many times i die941.685.36
oh my red dwarf my door is out943.5196.0
is that a creeper yeah yeah you're947.048.799
looking good bad949.5196.32
all right we can't all sleep in here964.9593.12
this is a death trap i'm going966.563.68
home i'm going with you i'm sleeping968.0794.401
over here neebs970.244.24
no again i'm following you break doesn't972.4811.359
work there974.489.359
all right oh ow all right listen what983.923.12
are you thinking986.242.32
because i already see what you're doing987.043.12
and i'm like all right oh988.564.56
son of a i'm thinking that my my hands990.164.16
don't they don't work993.123.04
it happens the it's the whole game994.323.36
switching thing yeah996.163.44
now what initial are you going for997.683.279
initials or do you want to go999.63.599
a little bit bigger and then spell i1000.9594.081
think i think you know where i'm going1003.1992.801
don't you1005.044.719
ow no okay i don't oh1006.07.04
yeah okay yeah very juvenile1009.7596.08
i get it i like it it's a classic it's a1013.044.799
okay all right i'm happy i'm happy how1017.8396.96
funny how funny is that though1020.726.079
what's uh what's that gonna be it's a1024.7993.28
dragon oh1026.7992.321
you're gonna you're gonna make a drag1028.0792.96
you got enough wool to make a dragon man1029.122.4
had a sheep farm forever oh listen i1031.523.76
know and i got a bunch of sheep back at1033.363.76
uh absolutely if you need more wool1035.283.84
yeah i kind of want to have like some1037.123.6
like toenails i don't know if that works1040.723.68
i don't care for it doesn't the ender1044.43.6
dragon have purple eyes1046.244.0
i'm gonna do eyes too but toenails would1048.03.679
really bring it home wouldn't it1050.243.04
yeah but i don't i don't get toenail1051.6793.041
from that i'm looking at that right now1053.281.84
i i get an eraser vibe eraser yeah you1055.124.32
know with a pinky tip1058.244.08
okay yep what if it was underneath or1059.443.599
on top just a toenail just this one1063.0394.081
it's it should be bigger i don't know1067.123.2
look let's stick how's the shape guide1070.323.28
me up here1072.723.839
oh like that's the belly right there oh1073.65.439
that's gonna be the belly these are feet1076.5595.921
two feet belly wings coming out the side1079.0395.921
oh well you're going all out huh yeah1082.483.439
holy moly1084.963.92
um okay put the toenail back oh now you1085.9193.441
see it1088.883.6
yeah okay out front yeah now1089.365.12
go a block over and put another toenail1092.483.04
like not right beside1094.482.559
right beside it but yeah yeah you go1095.523.2
over a little bit like two claws1097.0393.681
yeah but now we need to make the feet1098.723.839
bigger so we can have three claws1100.724.319
then the toenail works so go out this1102.5593.12
yes and then one more these are big feet1105.6794.24
i know they're big feet but1108.642.72
you know if the boss is gonna have some1109.9193.521
nice toenails you gotta have big feet1111.365.439
okay this is good yeah boom see now1113.445.92
that now that that looks like a big1116.7993.601
dragon foot1119.363.679
yeah with some pink-ass toenails now we1120.44.56
match this on the other side1123.0394.561
and we're good to go what's up simon1124.964.56
that's gonna be a dragon foot1127.65.439
yep okay i listen i'm down but you know1129.523.84
listen i'm doing a big thing by letting1133.363.84
you take this over1135.763.68
i need to have at least can i have the1137.23.92
interior of this place1139.444.08
can i be in charge of the interior base1141.123.28
yeah all right but we're gonna need like1144.43.6
a place for all of us to sit1146.243.439
and like plan stuff like this is the1148.03.36
avengers house right oh well i was going1149.6792.88
to do a whole dragon base1151.362.64
i was going to do a bunch of chickens1152.5592.961
i've got like i stole a bunch of eggs1154.02.96
from no we're not doing it1155.522.64
you can't do a bunch of chicken can i1156.963.28
please do a bunch of chicken somewhere1158.164.0
no no it's always your go-to all right1160.243.76
well maybe listen i might do1162.164.399
some chickens beneath you may or may not1164.04.24
see them i love chickens they make me1166.5592.161
right i don't mind chickens in the base1168.723.44
we'll see1171.23.28
but it's a dragon base all right fine1172.165.12
and this dragon is in drag look at them1174.485.36
i like it1180.416.23
i don't even know what i'm doing i heard1201.764.24
that people do this but oh1204.483.439
what the hell what is that what's going1206.03.12
on over it1207.9194.721
oh boy things are happening1209.126.64
at simon palace1212.648.399
hmm maybe just a quick real quick uh1215.765.279
i think that's how you do it i saw it in1224.323.92
a youtube video1225.845.52
all right i'm gonna see what is afoot1228.247.919
over at simon central which is now1231.366.96
for uh we don't have a team name yet1236.1594.241
we'll come up with a team name1238.323.68
yeah that should be probably the first1240.49.44
thing we do what's our team name1242.07.84
it's a nice little meeting space i it's1253.63.68
it's what i had right now no i know1257.284.48
it's like you know you always try to1260.482.88
build chairs in this game but you've1261.762.72
actually built chairs but they're not1263.362.96
chairs you stand on them and it works1264.484.079
perfect better than any other kind of1266.324.08
and does this make it any better1268.5592.961
probably not oh it looks like you're1270.43.6
pooping nope yeah this is the way to go1271.523.68
you're standing tall you're a proud1274.02.0
man yes and i'm aware you can't write1276.03.76
anything on the board but it's like more1278.02.88
of a1279.763.44
it looks like you could i'm glad to have1280.883.679
you guys here too1283.23.28
because the place looks better now i1284.5593.521
like it you know what else though1286.484.0
we could pretend like i could be here1288.083.04
yeah then1290.482.24
you know you get a shot and as i'm1291.123.6
talking the graphics are popping up1292.723.36
behind me it can be like1294.724.079
just as your imagination charts show1296.083.52
that we're1298.7992.961
trending upward you know see that again1299.63.28
show that we're trending upwards oh1302.886.0
graphs how cool is that oh you show like1306.643.44
stocks yeah stonks going up1310.086.8
stock market no stock stock stock market1313.365.679
okay okay okay who's leading who's1316.883.44
leading this next1319.0393.841
portion like the end what who's come on1320.323.599
someone correctly1322.883.039
me me me look at this look at this i1323.9193.441
figured out how to make something real1325.9193.041
good these ender pearls i got1327.363.439
yeah check it out into pearls and then1328.963.44
blaze rods you break them down into1330.7992.161
powder yeah boom boys we got eight1332.966.24
eyes of vendors those can go over here1336.084.8
uh-huh in the stomp chest1339.23.44
this is the stunt chest so boom we1340.883.039
stonking there we go1342.643.36
all of our armor all of our objects we1343.9194.481
need to beat minecraft go in this chip1346.05.44
that's right eyes of ender is a big1348.46.08
deal yes okay it's causing stonks to1351.443.92
rise right now1354.482.4
yes i can picture that on the board1355.362.96
right behind you simon right when you1356.883.84
said that i pictured a bunch of isaander1358.325.76
oh big deal good now1360.725.04
anthony's not here but i made a chair1364.083.36
for him back there we'll fill him in1365.763.76
uh we'll fill him in on it later i don't1367.443.68
like him here1369.525.76
does is anyone else liking him here yeah1371.126.32
yeah i'm okay with that we all like him1375.284.16
here okay i like him because1377.443.84
let's face it he wasn't here for a day1379.443.359
and we tore each other apart no that's1381.281.84
that's true maybe i need him maybe i1383.124.0
need him more than ever we all need him1385.363.439
okay we all need him he's the glue1387.124.32
that keeps us all together is he oh god1388.7993.281
yes he's he is smelly glue let me tell1392.083.04
so this is dragon based alpha dragon1395.123.36
base alpha1397.523.279
and can we uh get someone to build that1398.483.36
dragon it's a lot of work1400.7992.24
i know it's a lot of work you know what1401.844.079
i i got some guys we're gonna make a1403.0395.601
nice damn dragon out of this place and1405.9193.76
we're gonna go to the end no that's the1409.6793.921
right i just wanted to say it for1413.64.88
dramatic you don't have to we knew that1415.0394.561
we knew that i don't know why you said1418.482.88
it again because then everyone's like1419.63.36
yeah but you said1421.364.08
that well now it's ruined yeah yeah yeah1422.963.04
guess who1425.446.4
i guess are ruined oh well montage1426.05.84

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