Deep Rock Galactic - This Pipelines a Problem!!!

Hey there, fellow Deep Rock Galactic fans! If you haven't already seen the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel, you're in for a...
Deep Rock Galactic - This Pipelines a Problem!!!
Deep Rock Galactic - This Pipelines a Problem!!!

Deep Rock Galactic - This Pipelines a Problem!!!

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen our latest video, 'Deep Rock Galactic - This Pipelines a Problem!!!'? It's absolutely hilarious!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one was a blast to film! I mean, who knew pipelines could cause so much chaos? And those aliens trying to kill us were just icing on the cake!

neebs: I know, right? It's like every time we think we have a handle on things, something else goes wrong. But hey, at least we have each other to blame for our misfortunes!

appsro: Exactly! And with you leading the way, Neebs, what could possibly go wrong? Besides, it's all in good fun, right?

Hey there, fellow Deep Rock Galactic fans! If you haven't already seen the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel, you're in for a treat. Appsro is at the helm, leading the team through the treacherous pipelines, but of course, it wouldn't be a Neebs Gaming video without a few aliens trying to ruin the day.

As a die-hard fan of Neebs Gaming, I always look forward to their new content and this video did not disappoint. The team's chemistry and banter are always on point, making each adventure feel like you're right there with them. And let's be real, who doesn't love seeing Appsro take charge and guide the team through all the chaos?

If you're not already subscribed to the Neebs Gaming channel, what are you waiting for? Hit that subscribe button and join the community of fans who can't get enough of their hilarious gameplay and epic adventures. Plus, if you want to show your support, consider becoming a Patreon member to get access to exclusive content and behind-the-scenes goodies.

And don't forget to check out Neebs Gaming's social media channels for even more fun content and updates. Whether you're into cartoons, survival games like 7 Days to Die, or sandbox games like Scrap Mechanic, Neebs Gaming has something for everyone. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the latest Deep Rock Galactic video - you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's latest Deep Rock Galactic videos? They are hilarious! I love how they roleplay the different dwarf characters - Appsro as the experienced miner, Thick as the trigger-happy gunner, Simon as the cautious engineer, and Dora as the wacky scout. Their banter as they take on mission after mission cracking one joke after another just cracks me up.

And the way they edit the videos is fantastic. The cuts between action shots of them blasting bugs to closeups of their panicked faces when things go wrong makes it feel like you're right there in the caves with them. The dramatic soundtrack kicks in at just the right moments to ramp up the tension. I was on the edge of my seat watching them desperately throw down pipelines to save Dora from a massive swarm.

Honestly, Neebs Gaming's Deep Rock Galactic series is the next best thing to playing the game yourself. Their commentary and editing bring so much personality to the gameplay. It's like you're watching an action comedy movie! I love how they highlight both the intense co-op teamwork parts and hilarious mishaps.

If you're looking for some top-notch gaming entertainment, I can't recommend Neebs Gaming's Deep Rock Galactic videos highly enough. Their cinematic style and natural chemistry makes for an incredibly fun viewing experience. I always look forward to their next misadventure!

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i picked a bad time to put nuts in my0.3993.52
mouth and why do you do that right2.3993.281
before we were starting to record simon3.9194.0
yep yep yep that's nothing new i don't5.684.08
know but i like it though let's go7.9193.281
okay simon you look good dory you look11.25.2
good uh thick yeah happy halloween sir13.364.72
halloween well this is going to be16.43.76
outdated oh yeah big time very much but18.083.76
it's okay it's going to be more like20.164.4
christmas but anyway whatever21.844.08
you guys want to want to get around24.562.879
before yeah25.923.439
i might as well27.4393.6
pour it for us you dumb robot get it29.3593.521
going on baby31.0393.36
oh you got your beer nut mouth yep i got34.3994.16
it ready37.22.8
let's wash it down we don't have it38.5592.881
right there there you go all right40.04.44
nothing like alcohol on the job ah yeah46.8795.84
great job let's do it49.523.199
all right so you have a new adventure54.03.199
for us today aptro you always have good55.363.839
ones i hope so57.1993.441
so excited59.1994.561
all right i got one we have to refine60.645.76
liquid more kind more kind of refine it63.765.359
huh pods ready time to leave66.47.92
yay this is like old hat now come on69.1195.201
yes yes all right everybody remember75.842.88
their rolls77.283.839
absolutely yeah i'm the gunner i'm the78.725.039
driller i make platforms and turrets i81.1194.881
can remember the controls and appsro83.7594.561
makes us all feel safe all right coming86.04.88
in don't forget to throw out flares in f88.324.96
yeah occasionally yeah90.883.84
all right93.282.799
very nice96.0792.641
that'll work97.364.16
flare oh right away right away some98.724.56
threats yeah i'm gonna put a flare on101.522.48
on the ceiling so we can see it here104.05.84
oh [ __ ] this guy right right away right107.044.16
out of the gate all right clear him out109.843.04
clear him out boys clear him out i'm111.23.919
shoot that guy in the butt oh boy oh oh115.843.919
geez i didn't even see that yeah green118.1593.761
guy shoot him with the button119.7595.36
jesus that was crazy121.924.96
a lot of gas a lot of gas all right yeah125.1194.241
get out of the gas i want to mine this126.883.519
yeah go ahead and start buying the bun130.3993.681
and the crap we can call molly over132.084.159
never do stuff what pulls out the pick134.084.32
oh that oh the right mouse pipe138.45.12
all right simon you see me141.285.28
follow me this over here this is our uh143.525.359
refining platform all right now once we146.564.24
get this going we're gonna have to build148.8794.08
three sets of pipes150.83.68
three pipes152.9594.0
yeah three sets of pipes that's gonna154.484.399
fuel the liquid more kite into this uh156.9595.201
refinery all right so uh straight pipes158.8794.72
we're gonna do fittings what we need162.163.76
elbows tees couplings what's the deal163.5994.561
well first we gotta find oh is that a165.926.56
site over here anybody need a platform168.165.52
not yet172.483.36
oh god you scared me with that [ __ ]173.683.6
why are you shooting them178.483.2
because they drop stuff180.1594.641
yeah they drop loot yeah it's a loot bug181.686.88
okay simon come to me yeah i'm uh hold184.85.92
on how did i do that boop see this188.563.92
little uh i'm marking it i'm marking190.723.519
where i am see it192.483.36
hold on a second i was following194.2392.881
somebody else195.843.2
no i don't see it should be a little197.123.44
blue ball marking199.043.44
marking where i'm at200.563.599
oh i see you hey i'm over here over here202.483.759
stop over here throwing a flare jumping204.1594.08
and throwing flares206.2393.201
right here right where the little blue208.2392.64
ball is209.445.28
nope i don't turn to your left210.8795.841
is that a blue ball i see a blue ball214.723.68
right there oh no you're at the refinery216.723.68
come to me yeah yeah no i don't know218.44.08
where you are i'm trying to tell you i'm220.43.759
marking it i know would you say you're222.483.039
marking it but i don't see where it's224.1593.921
marked on my screen225.5194.321
this is like the same thing over and228.083.04
over again229.842.959
now you'll get it back231.123.28
yeah but did you see where i marked you232.7993.601
see these little no i don't see them234.44.8
when you're not in my vision oh okay236.44.479
anyway i'm marking this you see what239.22.959
this is240.8794.0
this is liquid more kite all right this242.1595.041
is what we're gonna have to attach to244.8794.961
the pump so right now i'm gonna request247.24.56
a pump jack249.845.92
all right so back up pump jack coming in251.765.199
oh we're going to get attacked because255.762.08
of that256.9592.721
yeah maybe257.843.919
i'm going to light up the place259.685.36
now this game works261.7593.281
oh boom yeah we got us a pump jack265.286.24
all right so now269.63.92
we got to build a pipeline that goes to271.524.399
this pump jack oh wait a minute i think273.524.56
i had a pipeline275.9193.361
or something278.082.32
didn't i yeah it came up280.43.68
yeah i think you build it from the282.82.959
refinery so i'm gonna run back here to284.083.04
the refinery285.7594.16
and i think i look at one of these slots287.124.4
yeah simon that little blue circle you289.9194.481
were talking about yeah begin pipeline291.525.679
one bang all right now we're building a294.44.079
um where do we deposit stuff where's298.4794.641
that at molly yeah uh300.44.16
that's a good question303.125.28
hadn't seen molly you ain't molly304.567.12
all right we're gonna add a segment here308.45.12
all right some light here we're gonna311.683.76
add another segment313.523.92
maybe over here where are you getting315.444.319
all these pipes just building it317.445.44
okay yeah this is very different319.7596.321
and uh i'm having issues322.885.2
what's your issue simon i don't know the326.084.48
fact that i shouldn't have done that i328.085.04
can't i can't330.564.72
oh did you throw down some c4 yeah i did333.126.04
go pick it up it's fine335.283.88
you skateboarding on that thing i think340.6393.601
i am i hit e and then i was342.4793.28
skateboarding on it i don't know the344.243.84
controls i'm already out of this345.7595.761
[ __ ] you're doing really good bud yep348.086.72
okay i have attached the pump uh let's351.525.28
see but now oh you can actually grind on354.83.76
this thing too yeah i know i'm trying to356.84.0
pick up my bomb but it's just letting me358.563.759
just stay in the grind that i don't want360.83.28
to grind i want to pick up my bomb oh362.3193.44
yeah you put it in a weird spot you know364.083.52
what go from the side365.7595.44
okay just blow it simon just blow it367.63.599
oh there it's fine371.64.159
let's see i forgot i know you can grind373.7594.321
on it but there's a way to actually like375.7593.601
build the pipe378.084.16
that we all can do i think so yeah379.363.76
oh yeah down here look okay everyone383.123.6
come back down to the refinery okay sure384.884.4
i'm gonna grind386.724.319
yeah everyone grind to the end there you389.283.84
all right all right yeah you see this393.122.88
little thing here that build the394.564.0
same thing keep going up here keep401.124.079
expanding the pipeline403.1993.521
but if you guys want to go searching for405.1993.84
uh more liquid more kite okay406.724.16
well how did you harvest it what did you409.0393.44
do with that we gotta call it a pumpkin410.883.92
oh we got a big guy we got a big guy oh412.4795.041
god okay414.85.119
[ __ ]417.522.399
nice boys nice yeah i didn't really do434.163.039
oh i put a uh i put a zip line up to437.1995.12
some liquid more cut i think up here439.7594.401
beautiful all right i'm building this uh442.3193.761
this first pipeline444.163.439
but yeah if you guys could find the446.083.36
other liquid more kite sites and call in447.5993.921
the pump decks make me sweet all right449.443.28
we got one451.523.36
requesting pump jack454.885.599
coming in hot stand clear pump jack in457.684.959
bound hey simon yeah we could use your460.4794.56
drilling services over here please god462.6394.641
oh god hey we gotta oh god we got a465.0393.681
thing coming in though all right set up467.283.44
for a fight set up for a fight should i468.723.12
drill or no470.724.0
not yet all right open up a flare gun471.845.12
all right here i am here i am and uh474.724.08
remember where my turret i can move the476.963.04
where'd the turret go480.04.319
it's got real quiet grunts right here481.7594.241
special handshake team484.3193.6
come on486.03.599
oh coming in from the top487.9192.801
oh no489.5993.361
oh boy they're all over the refinery501.0393.6
oh guys here we go here we go505.124.24
i'm building the turret building the508.3193.761
turret come on to our turret509.366.52
do it yeah512.083.8
oh man they're all over it's all right520.1594.721
we got them522.7193.761
how are we doing how are we doing all524.883.68
i'm grounded in fire baby528.564.04
oh [ __ ] that was me that was me yeah536.885.2
yeah all right come on baby come on538.885.6
did we get him more542.085.64
all right544.483.24
there we go554.883.36
a couple on the drill we're not on the558.244.08
drill i'm sorry the refinery gotcha the560.083.84
last of the wave is approaching you now562.323.12
keep it together563.923.84
keep it together boys okay i t keep it565.444.079
coming down from the ceiling569.5193.641
damn come on [ __ ]576.03.36
what the hell how many um what's wrong580.083.92
simon nothing just [ __ ] shooting582.482.72
these guys on fire and they're still584.04.399
biting my [ __ ] ass585.26.24
how we looking boys all right588.3995.601
good deal all right simon yeah i need591.444.56
you uh594.03.6
take care of that guy i need you to596.03.279
bring a drill and start drilling right597.64.799
there and make us a way up okay599.2794.721
all right and then thick yeah i don't602.3993.12
know if you can see me i'm right below604.03.519
you this is where you're gonna attach605.5194.161
the pipeline oh yeah then simon's gonna607.5195.041
make us a nice little hallway up oh609.684.64
oh nice um612.563.44
should i reshift my turrets over that614.323.199
way since our operation's kind of going616.02.72
that way617.5194.0
um maybe i'm up all right uh simon can618.724.48
you give us a little bit more of an621.5193.521
angle here yeah coming out of this623.24.96
stairway an attempt625.043.12
yeah looking good that looking good630.324.88
simon all right okay get this pipe up632.3994.401
okay taking the pipe to the thing636.85.36
all right where is the dam oh it's way639.923.599
over here why would it be on this side642.162.679
wish you could turn this643.5193.921
ridiculous all right oh wait oh there644.8394.521
you go oh wow it does turn hey that's647.443.519
good to know there you go all right649.363.28
starting from down there you can start650.9594.081
uh building that pipeline all right got652.645.84
turret down here too oh no655.044.56
wrong button658.483.76
oh there's a nice explosion though659.64.479
throwing grenades over there thick662.245.12
on accident yes sir664.0794.481
it's okay i've been doing it too i667.362.88
haven't played this game in a while668.563.839
all right we got one more more kite site670.243.839
which let me there we go just do a672.3994.161
grenade let me look at the map oh that674.0794.88
one's actually a ways away simon676.565.44
yeah follow me are you guys going yeah678.9594.401
we're going you work you guys work on682.02.8
getting this pipeline built i'm building683.363.12
it right now all right think you got684.83.92
that yeah all right i don't think686.483.68
anything will do688.724.32
let's see where is it oh this way i690.164.239
i hear it simon694.3994.721
okay what do you hear exactly695.925.28
yeah there it is the punk699.125.2
all right so do you pick ax this701.24.56
no we uh this is where we're gonna704.323.92
request the pump jack oh yeah that's705.764.0
right all right so that's coming down708.243.12
but now let me look at my map we should709.763.12
drill a hole711.364.32
right back to the refinery which means712.885.92
simon if you could start drilling a hole715.685.76
that would go718.82.64
[ __ ] what the hell was that the pump724.323.519
jack that we just requested oh yeah726.243.52
that's right all right yeah so simon see727.8394.081
where i'm pointing yeah start drilling729.763.12
that way731.923.76
straight yep straight all right732.884.16
right behind you735.682.56
yeah yeah737.042.72
yeah yeah yeah you're looking good you738.243.44
keep going that way739.763.519
maybe slightly more to the right we're741.682.8
gonna come out right in front of the743.2792.641
oh getting all the gold745.924.479
i'm full on gold actually how do i ping748.324.639
well you can drop it off at the at the750.3994.161
main place here752.9593.44
there's a spot up there you can deposit754.564.0
it the refinery yeah yeah drop it all756.3993.68
off at the refinery758.563.279
you guys want to find nitra uh that'd be760.0794.0
good to have so i'm full i've been full761.8394.0
okay yeah drop it off at the refinery764.0794.161
good job simon all right thank you um765.8394.0
actually could you build could you build768.243.52
like a drill like an angle up here you769.8394.56
know what i mean yeah like yeah771.764.96
drilling at an angle until yeah this is774.3994.961
where we're gonna run the pipeline776.723.84
okay that's fine we'll go this way780.564.44
all right where is this third pipeline786.3993.921
all right come deposit your stuff simon788.724.32
if you haven't already790.322.72
i got all i got to hold it yeah you got795.122.56
yeah you looking good baby all right all797.683.92
right you look nice799.443.519
you do too801.62.799
this is different than what we've done802.9593.041
before and we're staying in one place i804.3994.0
don't think i like it806.04.16
what was that808.3994.56
what is this axe yeah i noticed that810.165.2
i saw it too812.9593.921
oh wait you know what that's somebody's815.362.96
oh let's see818.323.44
my grenade yeah you're throwing an axe819.64.64
oh okay all right it's not a grenade by821.764.639
the way uh i am about to build the third824.244.08
pipeline simon826.3994.081
get ready for um you know what to get828.324.079
ready for oh yeah so the grenade when830.483.919
you throw it it doesn't explode no you832.3994.0
have an axe instead of a grenade yeah oh834.3994.0
so that's just your yeah okay yeah you836.3994.321
have c4 you have enough explosives i got838.3994.24
a little cover with the sentries you can840.723.76
do the thing hey simon i need you over842.6392.88
here with me844.483.039
uh where uh we built this pipe follow845.5192.961
the pipe847.5192.721
okay hold on848.483.68
this is a little a little too steep for850.243.599
me so i need to be be able to build the852.163.359
pipe into this hole over here you853.8394.161
created hello hey dick so you want me to855.5195.201
go you want me to drill below858.06.48
yeah below into the right okay860.723.76
oh here we go oh god oh god oh god865.8395.521
behind me okay [ __ ] we got stuff coming868.483.599
oh yeah oh yeah872.0792.88
oh yeah they're coming i see875.045.18
anybody see okay877.685.04
okay simon back to our job this pipeline882.724.72
yeah i think uh you said to go up here885.2793.92
didn't you i did887.443.04
does that do it889.1993.921
and then oof it's gonna be a turn give890.483.599
me a893.122.959
t tear yeah drill just that area in894.0795.721
front a little bit right896.0793.721
there we go how's that it'll work this900.6392.961
is dumb but902.3993.761
it's working as long as it works903.64.479
huh there we go906.164.64
oh it's not let me build908.0794.801
we have to start here oh yeah uh yeah910.84.32
gotta start at the beginning912.884.72
like that917.64.88
and then right to oh we're so close918.6396.721
oh simon get that nitra yeah922.485.68
come on baby oh i gotta do that with the925.363.839
all right928.162.88
final things hooked up929.1993.841
okay pipeline building it right now you931.044.479
know they're coming you know it933.043.919
we all know it935.5193.041
everybody loves it936.9593.041
all right how's everybody doing on ammo938.563.44
do we need a resupply you would think it940.03.44
would be a good time before the end942.02.88
you'd think it wouldn't be this easy943.442.72
yeah you might as well yeah you know944.882.639
what yeah i'll get over here by the946.162.96
refinery yeah947.5193.281
let's do it because yeah once we turn on949.123.76
this refinery it probably is gonna get950.85.039
crazy call it in quickly and is that all952.884.8
we need to do955.8394.24
what i mean i'm still it seemed like we957.683.76
had so much more to do in the other960.0792.56
times that we did this yeah the other961.442.56
time we were following a drill dozer962.6392.961
this we're building uh building a964.03.6
refinery yeah right and then once we965.63.28
turn it on we're going to get a big967.63.039
attack it's probably going to get crazy968.882.56
but yeah i'm going to call in a resupply971.444.16
where's the best place to do that maybe973.8393.281
yeah do it right here don't get under977.124.959
the resupply979.362.719
oh good spot i like that it's good thank984.324.48
you could be coming down any second why986.3993.921
is my turret facing this way now what988.82.8
are you doing990.322.879
it wasn't991.63.28
it wasn't993.1993.851
resupplies here994.886.879
oh that feels good yeah i'm gonna light1001.7594.401
us up a little bit i hit e but i felt1004.243.12
like it didn't do anything yeah you1006.162.4
weren't you were hitting yeah i think1007.362.719
you're probably holding e next to the1008.562.8
one that i was getting there's one on1010.0792.721
the there's still one left on this side1011.363.52
there it is1014.882.639
all right assault rifle looks good1018.243.2
shotgun looks good1019.8394.641
all right are all these pipes built yeah1021.444.239
looks like it1024.484.319
okay we can begin the refining process i1025.6795.36
believe everybody deposit all your nitro1028.7994.16
whatever you got it right there and then1031.0393.52
i just gotta find the button i know1032.9593.12
there's a button somewhere is this the1034.5593.601
button right here looks like it oh yep1036.0793.76
that's the button all right do you want1038.163.759
to do the honor simon sure hit the1039.8394.08
button uh oh we got him coming in hold1041.9194.0
on no no let's not hit the button don't1043.9193.28
hit the butt i don't even know how to1045.9192.961
it's not even giving me a pump oh yeah1047.1995.48
because it's on this side1048.883.799
oh he's coming1055.847.16
starting refining do it get it all right1057.25.8
pipelines are jammed1077.764.72
pipelines okay so oh damn it honey yeah1079.364.4
what are you doing follow the pipeline1082.483.199
i'm grinding it along this pipeline oh1083.763.68
excuse me boom you see this part where1085.6794.161
it's jammed yeah old e to repair it all1087.445.76
right oh that's a good one all right1089.844.88
all right pipeline number one's repaired1093.22.88
house two and three1094.723.36
i got it repaired oh no there's no you1096.083.68
don't two and three are still they still1098.084.4
need work i got i got one car repaired1099.764.56
i'm grinding what do i gotta do [ __ ]1102.483.36
find the spot where the it's like1104.323.84
shooting out oil trying to try to1105.844.64
preparing right now repairing repairing1108.164.56
stop the copy this pipeline is fixed all1110.483.84
right all right here's that one all1112.723.12
right two's done what about three three1114.323.28
needs to be repaired it's still there's1115.844.48
still a bad one over here [ __ ] i just re1117.64.959
i just there must be more than one leak1120.325.04
all right i'm coming1122.5592.801
yeah this is pipeline three i'm grinding1125.524.08
on it oh i found it oh god oh god1127.9193.201
there's a big guy in here all right i'm1129.62.959
gonna try to get up there with you my1131.123.04
[ __ ] turn don't want to grind but i1132.5594.321
okay he's down1136.884.08
all right i'm wrong he's not okay uh1138.7993.441
we'll get him i'm repairing the leak1140.963.52
back here all right1142.243.84
all right three's repaired back to the1144.484.6
your pumpkin head looks like the ass of1158.883.44
one of those bad guys yeah it scared me1160.484.559
sorry got a big guy coming in yeah let's1162.323.84
see him1165.0394.961
market him right there get him1166.163.84
all right our pump sequence at 50 oh god1170.885.679
we got flyers watch out for them1173.125.919
oh we gotta repair damn it my blinds are1176.5594.801
down i'm gonna work on pipeline three1179.0394.0
there you go i put down a decoy for you1181.363.12
afterwards all right i'm doing now i'm1183.0393.361
repairing pipeline i think i'm repairing1184.484.0
two all right i'm repairing pipeline1186.43.92
three right now all right that's1188.484.16
repaired you got the other one yep1190.324.32
repairing this hold the spot on three1192.644.72
that needs repairs1194.642.72
but you need to clear out all right1198.883.36
threes fixed we still got pipeline i'm1200.244.72
on two's done beautiful all right we're1202.244.16
back in production1204.962.719
there you go1206.45.2
we still have malfunctions in the system1207.6793.921
come on you little [ __ ] try to mess1212.484.96
with our pipes huh they are are they1214.324.239
yeah that's what they're doing they've1217.442.719
been doing uh we got another swarm1218.5594.881
coming here watch out1220.1593.281
light this up a little bit oh boy i'm1224.5594.561
out of flares1226.482.64
i'm on the1232.322.479
nice turret placement doraleous thank1243.844.16
you it worked out pretty good that dude1245.524.8
be nice if that gas went away1248.03.84
there it goes nice1250.324.56
uh we're at 86 percent 87. oh [ __ ]1251.844.719
pipelines are busted i'm on one of1254.884.24
course they are oh all right i'm on one1256.5594.24
right now you're on that one too here1259.123.52
there's a grenade out in case something1260.7993.36
[ __ ] with us i'll get this far one i1262.643.84
got it i got it i want one uh i think1264.1594.321
i'm on two1266.483.52
all right yeah dory you got that part1268.483.04
look good looking good1270.03.52
simon how you doing1271.523.92
i'm on one of the pipelines oh i'm on1273.524.08
three and it's bad and i and i'm1275.444.08
struggling on getting up here1277.63.12
all right i'm coming to help i'm coming1279.522.72
to hell1280.723.68
oh i got it i got it i got it1282.244.72
all right don't forget to throw flares1287.0393.281
out guys helps us all see i got more1288.45.6
than one break doing another one1290.326.56
all right i'm going to surf to you simon1294.06.0
oh yeah i see you i see you three's good1296.884.64
you good yeah all right let's let's uh1300.02.84
let's grind1301.523.44
back i forgot what1302.845.959
no i just bit grenade for grind1304.963.839
all right we're 95.96 on refining1310.328.94
98.99 oh come on yeah1314.847.509
nice all right i'm gonna hit the button1330.724.16
that's gonna send the more kite1333.0395.361
into space do it1334.883.52
fight the good fight there it goes four1339.64.72
kite is off we're gonna meet danson down1342.04.96
there look at him dancing1344.324.56
hey that's fun1346.963.12
oh that's a big move right there1350.083.52
i guess that's helpful all right1355.364.16
we got that off but now we got to get1357.846.0
out of here yeah oh we're going here1359.524.32
kiss my wife ready to go1364.083.599
do you know where we need to go oh yeah1366.322.64
they're going to send in the drop pod we1367.6793.041
got to hang tight for a second1368.964.0
boy [ __ ] i should get my stuff1370.724.0
do we have enough to call in some [ __ ]1372.964.079
it'd be nice uh yeah i think we do all1374.724.16
right heads up let me yeah i'm gonna1377.0395.601
call in a supply pod right here1378.885.6
nitro has been withdrawn that supply1382.643.44
part is inbound yeah i'm starting to1384.482.96
think that i i was trying to think that1386.083.04
we were like almost done with it yeah1387.444.4
that's why i was oh [ __ ] okay but no not1389.124.0
as soon as we get to the drop pod we1391.843.36
will be done all right okay all right1393.123.76
it's coming in oh yeah it's not farts1395.23.359
all right hey everybody resupply down1396.882.64
all right we got two minutes and 501401.0393.12
seconds to get the [ __ ] out of here oh1402.883.76
god i've been whipped that's easy peasy1404.1594.721
all right supply baby1406.644.88
oh you're wet1408.882.64
oh [ __ ] oh god things have gone to hell1412.965.839
i'm feeling whole are we going are we1416.884.08
heading to the drop pod uh yeah god1418.7994.081
where okay yeah i see it's over there1420.963.28
[ __ ]1422.882.64
oh what's the best we got to get there1424.242.96
in two and a half minutes1425.523.32
there you can make it you can jump up1427.24.16
here jump up there simon follow me see1428.845.64
me uh yes i see you guys see me no all1431.364.88
right i'm gonna ride this thing jump up1434.482.96
all right i'm riding uh jump1437.444.479
all right well god can't jump up there1440.243.36
you can i just did it okay it didn't1441.9193.521
work for me gonna be a better jumper all1443.63.679
right present grinding i'm grinding cool1445.443.839
hop off right here stop it what happened1447.2793.921
right here okay follow me all right okay1449.2793.52
all right there's door we're stick where1451.22.56
are you1452.7992.161
i'm coming1453.762.799
you got two minutes1454.963.68
light this up oh boy1456.5593.441
oh we're here1458.643.12
come on with it yeah hey we're at the1460.04.799
tripod thick we're now coming oh wait a1461.765.12
second there's threats trying to come on1464.7994.561
guys it's too late give it up pal give1466.884.08
it up i'll put out some decoys it's1469.364.0
gonna be great yeah come on dick come on1470.964.719
i got you covered thank you1473.364.24
get him simon come on1475.6793.761
there we go1477.64.0
come on thick don't worry we got a1479.443.52
minute and a half we're here simon come1481.64.079
on all right okay okay i thought we were1482.964.65
still waiting for him1485.6793.6
got him1489.2792.4
nice decoy1490.42.96
let's get it let's get in get him get1491.6793.12
him get in boys1493.362.559
successful mission yeah1495.9198.081
good job boys let's go to the barn yeah1500.04.0
drop part departing1512.325.16
one minute1514.083.4

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