Conan Exiles Supercut Part 2

Hey guys, it's time for another Conan Exiles Supercut with the Neebs Gaming crew! If you're a fan of their hilarious antics and epic adventu...
Conan Exiles Supercut Part 2
Conan Exiles Supercut Part 2

Conan Exiles Supercut Part 2

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Conan Exiles Supercut! This is definitely one of my favorite videos, so much fun playing this game.

simon: Oh yeah, Conan Exiles is the best! I love how we just run around trying to survive and build stuff, it's hilarious.

appsro: I mean, who wouldn't want to watch us struggle to stay alive in the harsh world of Conan Exiles? It's pure entertainment!

neebs: Exactly! And the best part is when we team up and take on those giant monsters together, it's epic!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, it's time for another Conan Exiles Supercut with the Neebs Gaming crew! If you're a fan of their hilarious antics and epic adventures, then you definitely don't want to miss this video. They're diving back into the world of Conan Exiles and things are bound to get crazy.

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guys I want you to meet Rhino1.045.0
Richie it's a good name I like the3.7994.72
double horns yeah mean looking6.045.679
rhinoceros a lot can happen with those8.5194.961
hang your coat yeah honestly all this11.7193.761
like extra gear we're collecting can we13.483.68
hang it on the roseros horns is that a15.484.04
thing great and each year we could carry17.164.6
a whole wardrobe on this rhino true19.523.88
that's true this could be Rhino RI could21.764.519
be our uh our wardrobe guy yeah could23.45.24
carry all our wardrobes and Stu great26.2793.76
I'll tell you what I want to do today28.642.28
you want to do today baby I want to go30.0393.801
to the unnamed City I will go with you30.925.2
oh you just got right up there right up33.844.68
in my face sorry about that I didn't say36.124.24
I didn't like it come on back baby I'm38.523.76
coming all right well I'm going to take40.363.96
stoic and I got to go kill a sewer42.283.68
Dragon I'm going to grab one of these44.323.919
Bears you going to grab a bear look at45.964.72
all Epic things we're doing yeah good48.2394.441
luck out there put my helmet50.685.64
on here we go that's dumb get my I got a52.686.96
new sword I got a shield here wow I'm56.325.44
ready to kick me some ass yeah you are59.645.0
I'm same old me okay well I guess I'll61.764.24
catch up with you guys later you want to64.643.36
meet here at the end of the day sounds66.05.0
good see you love you come on stoic68.06.26
we're off on an adventure71.021.22
all right stoic uh I think the entrance104.364.68
to these sewers is over here at least107.323.56
according to what the what the boys told109.043.719
me I got to go kill this snake so I can110.883.68
complete my journey I'm all I'm I'm a112.7594.161
journey man you know you don't know you114.564.28
have no idea do you you're just hanging116.925.479
back there oh oh yeah here we go uh dude118.846.48
do you see my shield I mean really I122.3994.801
mean you could just [ __ ] off you know no125.324.359
you're not I I I'm just passing through127.25.08
seriously just just passing through129.6794.521
don't want to don't want to hurt you at132.285.8
all okay you be cool son of a all right134.25.16
I mean I tried to warn him you heard me138.083.0
tried to warn him right right139.364.239
stoic good Lord I it's a little Camp141.084.64
here are they all going to be jerks lady143.5994.72
come on sulkers in yeah you guys look145.725.56
like a bunch of sulkers the boats I feel148.3196.441
bad yeah there you go stoic I glad I151.286.16
brought you yep you got a shield too but154.764.36
guess what it's made out of [ __ ]157.443.4
pineapples and159.123.24
more stop it all right yeah I see look162.364.159
you were just dancing you were having a165.24.36
good time don't come at me with them KN166.5195.921
quit quit it got to murder a whole169.566.039
village just to get into a sewer and bl172.446.159
oh hey Wa A Sneak Attack what are you Mo175.5997.761
do it I me need some help here oh178.5994.761
oh come on stoic I need some help here183.566.039
get that guy there you go damn why don't187.5195.841
you just do that to everybody woo okay189.5998.0
tell you what bed roll bed roll stoic193.364.239
bedal so the Dan The Den this isn't the199.1596.961
kind of den I'd want no no I'd want like203.445.4
a maybe a little desk TV also always206.125.28
picture a den as in closed as well but208.845.319
that doesn't that doesn't make sense cuz211.45.919
chair yeah I'm going go down a little uh214.1597.401
mini fridge oh yeah oh yeah goodies here217.3198.241
we go here we go Ries can I tell you221.567.84
about a dream I had okay oh I'm going to225.565.679
have to tell you about my dream later229.43.72
werewolves I think we can we can mess233.125.119
them up pretty good can we I hope so cuz235.364.76
oh oh hold on hold on here we go what238.2393.961
what what what what I'm going to throw240.125.6
this oh yeah well what was it a bouncy242.26.92
ball like a fetch toy okay they're not245.727.519
uh budging fite me oh God damn itus I'm249.126.44
sorry you went right in front of me okay253.2395.321
he's still just sucks come on255.567.24
buddy there we 4 let's258.567.32
go oh that's easy oh yeah [ __ ] it's in262.87.0
here oh hey hey ghosts where where the265.885.599
they go hey269.85.52
ghosts oh god oh hey come271.4798.521
here dance on yeah I like that okay I275.326.36
want to learn that are you fighting280.04.56
thick I learned Bell yeah yeah uh where281.684.28
didd you learn that oh I did it just284.563.76
said on my screen learn belly dance do I285.965.72
have a Dan I have a288.326.56
dance hey it's the291.686.64
abro he hey yeah hey this is going to be294.885.92
so fun to run into him again yeah uh298.325.52
what were we doing today I don't know oh300.86.119
uh unnamed City all right let's focus303.846.799
never well let's go306.9193.72
yeah I got one stoic thank God kill313.66.64
everybody in there though we tried our317.6395.881
best okay so yeah see the ghost yeah320.244.56
yeah okay you want me to do the323.524.48
sacrifice so put the guy on the altar is324.85.48
he come on come on dude dud what what's328.03.72
going on with you330.284.639
here yeah I know got noisy ass damn331.727.68
specters okay so we release him and334.9198.4
then Y and339.46.919
ah that is pretty damn cool all right347.084.72
stoic what are you doing here let's get349.9193.761
to work follow me351.84.48
baby come on353.686.4
sto dark in here356.286.28
oh yep more of you need to interact what360.085.88
is this you've learned a new feat I'm362.566.28
dredger what the hell does that mean365.965.079
what's a dredger does it look can I like368.845.4
dig now can I dig stuff yeah it's so371.0396.88
noisy that is so noisy all right sto I374.245.32
think we're just going to we're just377.9194.201
going to run past a lot of this crap379.563.68
yeah we don't we don't need to like382.124.199
waste our time fighting383.243.079
lizards oh looks like some uh corruption386.7596.361
over here perfect I'm gaining389.685.48
corruption let's go back around this way393.124.24
oh yep all right I'm out of it here yep395.164.72
me too uh big old397.364.92
scorpion uh kind of in front of us let's399.886.12
just hug this wall hugging the wall all402.287.88
right okay I'm sensing more corruption406.07.44
uh on the horizon oh yeah I don't know410.166.479
all righty it's up oh yeah what you see413.445.52
a whole lot of city and none of it's416.6396.361
named oh God what this get out of my way418.968.76
Rhino dude that Rhino's the worst423.04.72
stuck really help I don't know how to428.6395.641
help what am I supposed to do make it432.084.64
follow me oh no that's a wrong button uh434.285.639
yeah make it follow you oh there436.725.919
we oh you good at least you didn't fall439.9195.481
the other way there we go I tried to get442.6394.0
out of it like that oh I hate these445.44.0
things dealt with these before they're446.6394.601
like like hurdles and they make me oh449.44.0
yeah here I'm just going to this okay451.245.239
here's a good view uh-huh oh looks like453.46.44
down here is something of note and a box456.4794.601
oh yeah there's a lot there's a lot of459.843.56
people down there yeah I have a lot of461.084.679
arrows yeah we could do a lot of it from463.44.359
up here huh it just take a half hour465.7594.681
well let me see you [ __ ] Rhino I hate467.7596.641
him hold on here follow me where where470.445.96
no not you the Rhino oh474.44.56
thanks oh yeah we got to hit on them oh476.44.359
wow these guys are pretty tough they're478.963.4
super tough where they going where are480.7592.641
they going do they know something we482.362.559
don't know they're probably going around483.43.239
the other way this is our this is our484.9194.601
chance are they for what to go down yeah486.6395.321
oh we're going down did you did you did489.524.84
did you I came491.964.919
down all right here they are I like494.365.119
going into a fight weak oh this guy is496.8795.801
tough coming up on him oh sorry thick no499.4794.641
you didn't hit me oh that wasn't you so502.685.44
I almost hit you I got him Che out I got504.126.0
ooo you gave me a good slice hopefully508.124.039
his friends don't come back want to tag510.124.399
up no I got plenty of stamina they're512.1595.12
doing really good I know oh the other514.5196.32
guys okay they're back from their break517.2796.801
yeah oh [ __ ] what there's a big one oh520.8396.0
[ __ ] how tall man look how tall that guy524.086.12
is he's pretty big idiot your mom beat526.8397.0
you Bo he's tough he's tough [ __ ] he up530.26.52
what is the damn Rhino thank you Rhino533.8394.12
dude really537.9595.161
oh boy oh they're going to kill the543.123.68
rhino rhino545.24.16
Richie there you go Rhino Richie good546.84.96
job do what you can until you549.368.32
die oh [ __ ] okay551.765.92
all right stoic I hope you like the571.883.48
helmet and uh maybe you can use it573.2794.721
better than I can cuz damn makes me575.364.599
worthless all right we got to be close578.03.399
now because she just hissed at me and579.9592.921
was like so581.3995.401
close you are mine beloved God okay here582.887.0
we go here we go oh yeah all right I586.85.44
found it found the big snake thing all589.884.079
right so from what I remember the boys592.244.68
tell me skeleton skeleton skeleton yeah593.9594.761
hit me five times don't don't don't do596.924.039
roll when I roll of course not that'd be598.724.76
too [ __ ]600.9594.761
convenient jesz stoic I'm glad you're603.484.56
with me cuz Jesus Health's already605.724.64
halfway down got to608.047.32
eat all right yeah ow and it things like610.367.32
a dead eyee oh okay yeah you know what615.366.64
you go for it I believe in you good617.684.32
Lord where'd you622.3997.611
go thr it thr it thr it624.688.469
oh is that still down there yep okay633.648.4
yeah hey going to pop out637.488.159
aha come here you fat slug boom he here642.045.64
I'm going make you bleed a little645.6394.481
bit yeah get some of that blood action647.684.12
going all right got it all right moving650.123.399
out moving out moving out moving out I651.84.36
can do this this is this is653.5194.241
yo going it you uh you're not doing [ __ ]657.765.639
down there going to drown ow what how660.84.44
that didn't even look like it hit me the663.3994.68
[ __ ] okay okay yep running around here665.244.039
I'm going to come down here got to eat668.0794.481
some flesh Jesus yep hold on I'll be669.2794.36
back up there in a minute I just got a672.565.68
Munch I'm hungry get my heal up673.6398.361
s s s you're doing678.246.399
okay I assume you're alive I don't know682.04.76
hard to tell did you just run up there684.6393.801
and fall into that pit of acid like a686.763.0
Lord may as well go to another scene690.64.0
while I heal up is this going to be692.882.84
about 5694.63.56
minutes go back see what second dur are695.725.44
doing they still fighting that698.163.0
[ __ ] now's no time to702.63.679
dance hey I have an idea to get our708.24.52
stuff back what you got710.25.84
right so uh I'll run down there first712.725.28
uhhuh and I'll lead them away you go get716.044.64
your stuff you you you have stuff you I718.04.519
grab I grabbed some real quick before I720.684.52
got back oh you just you you just722.5194.76
started running you're right okay cuz I725.24.24
was anxious okay okay wait what was the727.2794.401
plan well I've jumped over here I'm729.444.759
going to lead them away and uh then731.684.399
you're going to jump down and get your734.1994.32
stuff okay then what do we uh and then736.0793.801
we're going to fight them there's only738.5193.68
two of them they're coming after me Dr739.885.12
okay okay okay okay going down trying to742.1994.76
be quick running after me quickly all745.03.399
right come on get off the wall get off746.9593.24
the wall which one's me which one's me748.3994.041
which one is me coming back to you so uh750.1994.32
is that that's your corpse that's your752.443.8
Corp oh the one's running at you oh God754.5194.081
all right get away Dres if you can I'm756.243.68
I'm getting away but I only got the one758.64.799
guy I would say climb up go under go759.927.4
under yep ow get hell man I763.3999.24
mean yep yeah this way come on oh God767.326.84
all right got to heal up again for 6772.6394.56
minutes go back to that fight this for774.165.479
killing our bear and our rhino777.1996.161
ooh ooh you got some spunk in you there779.6396.56
we go this guy's almost dead dras okay783.365.039
how are you could be going better thick786.1994.76
but just climb up here okay if I could788.3996.521
just interest you in oh [ __ ] no I790.9596.481
don't here we794.926.52
go man come on come on yeah get that797.448.24
bleeding up okay ow oh Jesus come on ow801.446.12
oh God oh God805.685.8
okay this dude's in trouble is he yeah807.566.48
because of thick 44 because of thick811.485.4
44 yeah he's got a powerful uh he's814.044.479
strong man he's a little816.884.319
jabster oh he jumps up pretty quick818.5195.0
that's what I've learned he does he does821.1994.801
oh [ __ ] careful823.5194.281
now think826.04.6
44 think827.85.12
44 yeah sure I'll bring a throttle a830.64.359
boss fight that'll help she won't just832.924.24
jump in the damn water and sit there834.9594.601
like a looney here we go over here837.164.64
oh damn you're like a crack shot839.566.32
sometimes but like that and my841.87.399
running you don't have okay St it just845.886.199
got to be patient that's all oh849.1995.32
W he's looking at me I missed I missed852.0795.88
oh stuck I'm stuck oh854.5193.44
no oh God oh858.045.799
God com Victory is scat fighting you860.486.52
know this I'm healing up one hit and I'm863.8395.8
just dunky all right I'm I'm tagging in867.05.759
oh guess I have no869.6393.12
choice bam oh switch to these guys why873.3995.161
don't you please aren't you there's no876.8395.56
help going it worth this piece of [ __ ] I878.566.12
have The High Ground Anakin I am with882.3996.601
you in The High Ground except I got this884.6812.48
yeah here we go yeah oh [ __ ] yeah oh889.08.16
[ __ ] yeah897.67.479
yes oh there you are stoic900.686.32
[ __ ] what's this heat interact what is907.03.68
that I have909.722.919
learned okay I learned a bunch of910.683.88
abysmal stuff there a bunch of stuff912.6393.841
here what do I get out of him does he914.563.68
drop something did you drop something916.484.84
big boy huh what you got in you anything918.245.039
oh Harvest Harvest corpse wait where's921.323.68
my where's my Harvest blade come on what923.2793.321
am I going to get out of you oh give me925.03.48
something good abysmal eye staff of926.66.159
something okay abysmal Fang abysmal hide928.485.96
all right all right anything else in932.7596.0
here stoic you worthless worthless [ __ ]934.446.04
that was pathetic and I gave you a938.7593.721
helmet I gave you a helmet and that's940.483.919
how you treated me didn't do a damn942.484.479
thing just ate my last944.3995.641
fish all right now I got to get out of946.95911.481
here oh oh oh Acid Bath going going950.048.4
going enjoy your day Mr werewolf yep as962.9596.201
you were as you966.9595.32
were the slave pits this place is the969.168.2
pits yeah o okay hold on oh keep running972.2796.641
dur alas I know we don't have time for977.363.32
these losers no we're busy we're busy978.924.08
men busy Warrior men we just came to980.685.399
steal your [ __ ] yep get over it this983.05.04
looks like a place in front of us it986.0794.481
does look very PL all right let's go988.044.84
going straight through straight through990.565.6
bye what the hell is that where what992.886.079
what where what tall guy tall thing oh996.165.64
God it's a tall guy more tall people998.9595.32
[ __ ] A lot of times people say I'm short1001.85.719
but I'm uh atite gr I've never I've1004.2795.36
never said it maybe I've said it you're1007.5194.721
full of beans1009.6396.081
sir all right let's go you know what1012.245.8
we're just going big man are we we are1015.724.479
right who the [ __ ] f is this guy oh my1018.043.919
God he's creepy there's something creepy1020.1995.681
about that tall yeah look at him1021.9596.88
hello you're very tall Mr Shaquille1025.885.439
O'Neal can you sign my1028.8396.24
jersey maybe he's friendly no he's not1031.3197.161
maybe holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] dude I don't1035.0795.321
even want to deal with this kind of he's1038.487.52
got skeleton face hi hello hello you're1040.49.0
an impressive thing I smell you oh I'm1046.05.2
talking to him oh cool hey stench of1049.43.639
your kind is he like smell throughout1051.23.96
the eons I want to look at him in the1053.0395.76
face human I'm just looking at dust yeah1055.166.639
all that remains of what we once were an1058.7996.961
echo of an echo in my mind has still1061.7995.321
walked the streets of our city got a1065.763.279
good view there H iron scent of blood as1067.123.88
I passed the Temple of the old serpent1069.0395.841
could be better the thrumming power in1071.08.48
my uh hello up there uh okay flesh flesh1074.887.6
Terror Falls uh hey I'm just U I'm a1079.485.36
friendly guy just just passing through1082.485.96
see he just hanging out you guys cool1084.845.44
we're just uh yeah we just want to we1088.443.88
want to run in real quick just go1090.284.08
through hey damn it I was getting along1092.325.04
with a guard stoic come on1094.365.52
let's tell you what this day day is1097.365.12
ending just how it started murdering a1099.884.44
bunch of1102.484.96
villagers oh boy come on sto it come on1104.326.44
sto it get in there1107.443.32
all right yep we did it again yeah we're1111.245.24
terrible people and you guys made me do1113.9194.601
it every time I see wait what wait what1116.484.04
is that Supply1118.525.56
materials wait a second can I can't put1120.527.399
that on can I oh oh okay I just opened1124.085.12
it now I'm over encumbered all right1127.9192.721
that was that was absolutely worth a1129.24.0
th000 wood good God Almighty 1,000 wood1130.644.56
F okay oh I forgot to put my war paint1133.25.04
on Boom war paint hey I decorated myself1135.25.16
in war paint Journey complete still got1138.244.4
to find an artisan but I got to get back1140.364.12
to the house cuz I need food I need well1142.644.0
hold on let me dump this a th000 wood I1144.487.96
got 500 Stone Jesus come on1146.645.8
stoic let's try this place1153.366.6
okay oh the1156.966.0
archives oh okay I heard about this1159.966.16
place that snake staff told me about it1162.966.16
all right that chatty little prick place1166.125.6
looks all right yeah so far so good the1169.124.36
most Pleasant place here and there's1171.726.16
actually light ahead oh a ghost1173.487.16
a I don't suppose he can hurt me but uh1177.884.52
I'm going to keep my sword out I don't1180.645.84
know why you'd assume that well cuz this1182.46.12
game's an [ __ ] sometimes should I1186.485.52
walk in this oh it's like a what look at1188.525.72
this it's like a little um a little Town1192.05.799
Place a little set yeah they should put1194.246.16
a train that goes this guy's into trains1197.7993.921
or there's no train yet oh look at1200.44.0
Castle gry skull up here oh nice hey1201.726.52
let's talk to him okay her is that oh1204.45.44
are you related to the other tall gu1208.244.2
wait a second do not be afraid bonded1209.846.88
one I am just a shadow a whisper of what1212.445.359
was before the fall when this Kingdom1217.7996.0
raised knighted pillars of black stone1221.0393.76
to the1223.7993.841
sky I was called the1224.7995.24
arist I'm looking at ghost balls right1227.644.68
now thick I'm looking at ghost ass I'm1230.0394.561
going to learn cartographer have you1232.324.56
come to seek a way free of the bonding1234.66.079
bracelet human there is only one chance1236.886.84
and a very slim one at that you must1240.6795.601
assemble the items of power that were1243.724.24
present at its1246.285.399
creation the diadem of the giant Kings1247.966.04
the mask of the witch Queen okay we have1251.6795.161
that the tears of two races the star of1254.05.64
the champion the heart of the the Sands1256.844.88
The Shining1259.645.12
trapo the serpent ring of s no one to1261.725.439
say it to there's a lot of stuff to1264.764.32
assemble in order for us to not be1267.1594.64
slaves anymore goodbye I'm going to play1269.084.76
with the trains oh this is you know what1271.7994.76
this fun thick1273.845.439
what oh you're like Godzilla won't let1276.5597.921
me place a staff here but I am1279.2795.201
God I come from the1284.888.6
here oh teag this place look at me teag1288.7997.0
castle what1299.845.48
a all right he doesn't mind thank you1302.364.48
for letting us play with your toys yeah1305.325.0
we'll come play some other day1306.843.48
bye a big old pain in my dick just uh1311.084.599
like something crawl up in there and1314.442.76
just and just nibbles you know what I1315.6792.961
mean you don't know what I mean of1317.23.88
course you don't1318.642.44
AB what's up hi guys hey what's going on1321.6796.88
wow you look nice duras what thanks I1325.324.2
mean I think it's cuz you don't have the1328.5592.12
mask I'm used to see when you were the1329.524.399
mask D you like The Mask I know uh yeah1330.6795.401
but you know I I kind of like you1333.9195.441
with it oh my1336.087.599
goodness oh yeah two can play at that1339.364.319
game man stoic join us uh stoic will1344.246.039
never dance like that no she's not going1347.9195.401
to do it uh we went to the city that1350.2795.161
doesn't have a name right a name City1353.323.8
would you name it uh we should come up1355.443.4
with something like Hendersonville well1357.123.24
you guys went there what what's the1358.843.439
place feel like to you it feels like1360.365.559
death hell y uh corruption corruption so1362.2795.76
we'll call it Cleveland there we go1365.9193.681
Cleveland all right Cleveland it is is1368.0394.0
now Cleveland all right so yeah uh I1369.63.439
cartographer so I did too so what does1373.0394.321
that mean we don't know uh we don't know1375.6793.681
but we snap stuff you know we stared at1377.364.559
a tall guys balls and then the tall1379.364.679
ghosts balls wow you guys had a big old1381.9194.081
Adventure so wait okay and we played1384.0393.841
with the train set we did there was no1386.03.64
train you guys you guys had way much1387.884.12
more fun than I did sounds it good Lord1389.643.32
should have I should have gone with you1392.02.88
guys from the beginning yeah but hey I1392.963.92
completed a step on my journey good job1394.884.52
so hey I'm uh I'm one more step to uh1396.883.919
finishing whatever the hell this game1399.43.92
wants me to finish yep the things that1400.7995.961
yeah um fck yeah what can we do with1403.325.719
that cartographer [ __ ] well I can make a1406.765.24
map map room did you hear that abro I1409.0394.801
heard it I want to see it make it well1412.04.48
son of a [ __ ] what uh it needs 2001413.845.0
corrupted Stone oh God where do we get1416.485.4
corrupted Stone what is corrupted Stone1418.844.36
yeah the rest of the ingredients are1421.883.12
fine what is corrupted Stone how do we1423.23.359
corrupt Stone do we take regular rocks1425.03.08
and shove it in our ass or maybe it's1426.5593.321
from a corrup corrupted Stone corrupted1428.083.04
Stone I don't know corrupted area okay1431.124.4
we've been in those so to go to1434.323.04
corrupted area to get corrupted Stone1435.523.92
the Mysteries all right well we'll1437.363.88
figure it out on the next episode of1439.445.2
Conan oh boy1441.246.88
W same bat Time same bat Channel we're1444.646.32
not bats uh Friday Friday at noon or1448.124.52
around noon or whenever aah hop de1450.964.12
signes uploaded on Friday Friday at 51452.644.039
fucking' clock maybe who knows stop1455.083.079
yelling I'm trying to sleep shut up you1456.6793.721
shut the [ __ ] up Conan oh we'll be back1458.1593.481
next week oh we're going to figure out1460.44.08
what the [ __ ] corupted rockar and is1461.646.159
going to dance1464.483.319
up there you1470.723.36
I everybody got a bed down oh yeah y1493.965.199
yeah okay everyone brought brought a1496.7994.681
nope well I got man come on we bringing1499.1595.041
THS make this easier no nobody told me1501.484.48
we we did yeah but you're asking me is1504.23.599
if you didn't know like we're here you1505.964.28
knew we came all the way here you knew I1507.7994.721
didn't have a th you didn't know nees we1510.246.72
got two THS and I brought something that1512.526.759
I hope is a surprise ready I'm going to1516.965.76
drop this for you after for who me yeah1519.2795.88
okay have you ever used that um I have1522.724.24
not you're supposed to put that on your1525.1593.361
blades and it makes some poisonous1526.964.199
Reaper poison eh okay I think that's how1528.524.32
it works so how do I attach it to my1531.1593.681
blade door I just drag it and boom oh1532.843.04
okay deadlier now huh and Simon I didn't1535.885.12
forget you either all right all right1539.0394.921
I'm going to drop this okay grab that1541.04.72
all right what's that what' it get it's1543.963.719
like a reinforcement for armor what you1545.723.679
can make all your armor stronger know1547.6793.161
all this this is awesome where'd you get1549.3993.561
this stuff so what do I do I drag it on1550.843.959
I made it hold on so like drag it to1552.963.599
your chest piece see that helmet that's1554.7993.641
a reinforced helmet I dragged it to my1556.5593.561
chest piece but it didn't stay on there1558.443.599
oh boy can you explain to them neebs I'm1560.123.64
well here you saying drag it onto it1562.0394.0
take your chest piece off oh you're1563.763.799
going to do it while you're wearing it1566.0393.921
yeah oh yeah like that's ridiculous for1567.5594.161
some reason I mean would you do that in1569.964.599
real life sure no but it is a game I1571.724.319
agree listen I agree with Simon she you1574.5592.6
ought to be able to drag it right to the1576.0392.12
chest piece doesn't matter if you have1577.1592.721
it on she have to take it off to apply1578.1594.76
something like that to it bam silly I1579.885.0
got it all right and you got your uh1582.9194.48
your helmet here let me seey look at me1584.885.12
uh yeah yeah yeah that's quite nice1587.3994.241
everybody ready yeah all right man I've1590.03.799
been ready let's go kick this bat's butt1591.644.399
sir there he comes this going to be easy1615.964.28
yep get him at first who mad oh who's a1620.886.48
mad bat oh lock up ow there we go stoic1623.845.4
get in there sto's actually helping this1627.363.6
time and not jumping into a bit of a oh1629.243.799
[ __ ] get out of here get out get out get1630.963.599
out get out get out get out get out get1633.0394.24
out get out get outside Jesus can I1634.5593.641
this oh yeah I'm up here now I'm still1638.25.4
locked on to this son we go here we go1640.766.88
make it bleed yeah I make it bleed I1643.66.559
gained the oh my gu coming down all1647.645.12
right damn stoic sto you okay get in1650.1593.251
there whoop his1652.762.72
ass I'm sniping I'm sitting and it's1655.487.52
dead oh that was easy I told you we'd1660.3995.721
kick it ass K one more shot one more1663.04.799
shot right here1666.125.32
baby oh boy now you don't go away yet1667.7995.681
and see that's why I need your blood for1671.445.16
the map room I'll tell you what do like1673.486.28
it better out here nice weather I mean1676.66.04
we get the occasional sandstorms whatnot1679.764.96
but you know what maybe I should make1682.644.639
this a little bit fair come over there1684.724.559
whoop your ass with my bare1687.2794.52
hands be real quick I don't know why I1689.2794.601
need your blood to make a map room you1691.7993.921
feel like I would just need like paper1693.886.2
mâché and [ __ ] like that but whatever1695.728.88
let's go B 44 killer of whatever you are1700.089.04
boom done I'm a man let me uh go ahead1704.67.959
and get what I need from you I guess uh1709.126.039
I don't see any demons blood yet or just1712.5595.081
a bunch of hide do I use a different1715.1595.64
different thing here I didn't get damn1717.646.32
it oh well I know the Gibbs have some1720.7996.0
here got an idea I totally forgot that1723.965.36
we've got some new Panthers and one of1726.7994.6
them is a greater Panther which I've1729.324.92
never seen before so let's check it out1731.3995.0
hey everyone I just gilled something1734.244.88
you're welcome you're doing great Hello1736.3996.12
Kitty all right oh yeah greater Panther1739.125.6
and we'll come over here by you and1742.5197.28
let's see great Panther craft one oo1744.727.559
look at1749.7992.48
oh man you look like you should be in1755.2795.321
the Black Panther movie how was wakanda1757.845.64
these days all right let's go find some1760.65.52
gimps you're going to follow me and uh1763.484.28
this is going to be an easy one we're1766.123.919
y'all think I can make that jump no what1770.724.0
do you mean no you don't even you asked1772.9192.961
if I thought you could make it my answer1774.722.76
was no I thought you'd give me some1775.885.159
science behind that no uh I think you1777.489.24
could okay step aside okay well okay you1781.0398.88
ready yeah go for it here I go come on1786.726.72
baby you can do it come on take it come1789.9195.441
on come1793.445.28
wow told you you [ __ ] idiot1795.364.76
I thought he was just going to try to1798.722.92
make it to the bottom over there and1800.123.76
grab onto the side of the no yeah Simon1801.644.039
you think you can make that jump well no1803.884.88
I just saw a person uh not even come1805.6794.801
close oh maybe if you hit space bar1808.765.84
harder was I close no nowhere near okay1810.486.52
well I knew I had a bed here so I guess1814.64.04
I got to climb down now yep like you1817.03.32
should have done in the first place here1818.645.759
I go oh God I fell ow did you make1820.327.0
it did he make it wow what a [ __ ]1824.3995.481
dumbass huh huh he was just giving me1827.324.56
[ __ ] of like hit this maybe you should1829.884.32
have hit the space bar a little harder1831.884.519
when you tried to grab on in the wall1834.24.959
it's a good tip son of a [ __ ] all right1836.3995.441
you're going next right Su no don't what1839.1594.12
are you trying to do I was trying to1841.842.959
push you yeah trying to have some fun1843.2794.88
here we go got find my body I I don't I1844.7995.641
can't really get down safe from here can1848.1594.721
I yeah I just started heading down sumon1850.445.719
I'll catch you hold on [ __ ] I I don't1852.884.919
see anything that I can grab oh I'll do1856.1592.121
oh God no I just really hurt myself1860.124.96
looking good thanks um I'm going to eat1862.245.439
stuff so I don't die did you get your1865.084.92
stuff abro I did I had to hang on the1867.6794.921
wall and grab it it was neat oh cool my1870.05.399
stuff's right here in a little uh wait1872.65.84
oh boy okay rock monster you got your1875.3994.961
weapons uh no I don't have them equipped1878.443.719
yet I don't have un equipped either oh1880.364.799
crap runes run I'm running oh boy come1882.1595.161
on all right may as well equip my [ __ ]1885.1593.24
yeah keep distra expecting him you're1887.323.319
doing great woo okay I got a rock I'm1888.3994.64
okay got to put my put my armor back on1890.6393.76
say hey do we want to go to that camp1893.0392.6
that was up there on the other side of1894.3993.24
that Cliff cuz I still need an Artis I'm1895.6394.801
up for it boop boop boop hitting space1897.6395.721
bar hard there we go did you do it yes1900.445.079
sir I told you1903.367.679
man oh there's a body here yep oh [ __ ]1905.5197.64
you think you would heard that Roar1911.0394.081
would you am yeah you would think so and1913.1596.12
you think I hear a roar man1915.126.2
back all right I want to climb up here1919.2793.561
and check this Village out see if1921.323.28
there's an artisan right behind you good1922.847.36
luck Simon I'm okay oh freck you [ __ ]1924.610.16
[ __ ] get up there oh no going to die1930.28.12
the good thing is you got a bed roll1934.763.56
nearby is that a cave [ __ ] is that come1940.5195.88
here oh there's much of these guys all1943.846.319
right whiskers whoa hey two at1946.3999.0
once oh boy whiskers get him get him a1950.1598.041
lot of these guys ugly sons of1955.3995.961
[ __ ] good girl uh I guess you're a1958.26.359
girl I didn't check your anyways uh1961.365.48
see no nothing oh demon blood got some1967.6398.241
perfect is this a cave though oh it's a1972.366.88
grotto dude whiskers come come the [ __ ]1975.884.84
on I love1979.245.439
gratos always wanted a grotto how baller1980.725.72
would I look if I had a grotto at my1984.6794.681
house oh this is nice wonder if there's1986.445.8
some ladies down here in The Grotto1989.366.799
ladies is I think 44 with me kitty1992.245.96
whiskers oh looks like there's something1996.1594.561
down under the1998.22.52
water blue2002.23.4
[ __ ] all2006.763.24
right oh this looks like something it's2011.764.48
like a big2015.125.76
monkey oh ghosts it's happening they're2016.247.08
they're praying to it monkey that big I2020.883.399
too all right should I kind of get up2024.2795.601
close here oh he's holding the book hey2027.24.8
whiskers you just you guys just keep2029.885.08
going huh I'm going to stop oh there we2032.04.559
go all right he's got a book I'm going2034.963.64
to take it lord of the dark2036.5595.0
Darkness who are not men give us2038.66.36
strength and suffering suffering in2041.5596.681
measure let our bodies be pleasing toing2044.967.119
you okay and our mind quieted2048.246.72
from let us find the inner rages inner2052.0795.0
rages I have I have that them upon the2054.964.919
earth I know where Earth is we give our2057.0796.08
sacrifice into your hands sacrifice your2059.8796.121
hand your thirst blood you have to2063.1595.081
sacrifice somebody here us the power of2066.05.56
your might the Eternal strength of2068.245.08
Hanuman all right well I'm going to find2073.327.16
something to kill for you I reckon it's2076.285.96
not going to be2080.485.199
whiskers let me look2082.243.439
around who else got trons I got Tron I2087.325.48
gave a trudon to stoic I got one did you2090.5993.961
take her weapon away from her I did cuz2092.83.92
she'll use it I did you know how she is2094.563.68
I do that's why I did2096.723.08
okay I'm going to go in with a shield2098.243.56
like this I'll I'll take the damage2099.83.68
while you knock them out bang bang bang2101.83.12
you ready I'm ready man I'm ready all2103.483.16
right moving in start with this lady2104.923.56
sure we're looking for an artisan wolf2106.643.68
don't follow I don't want you eating2108.483.2
people for re he's not following you I2110.323.68
think he's good here she is oh right2111.684.6
well shoot me Miss see I would assume2114.04.72
she's an Archer oh here's a guy I'll2116.284.16
take his he's probably a fighter this2118.724.24
one there we go knock that oh is she2120.444.159
what we're looking for uh she is an2122.963.92
Archer yeah called it okay all right2124.5996.52
this guy probably a fighter ow [ __ ] ow2126.888.4
[ __ ] you got him on stoic help out come2131.1195.96
on this is the worm fight all over again2135.282.559
unreliable there we go he's out that's a2137.8395.52
this is a yog priest oh you want a2140.445.48
priest don't we need priest ah if you2143.3594.601
want a priest get a priest that's yog is2145.923.88
is dalus isn't that his religion I2147.963.28
wanted you to have one isn't he a yog2149.83.84
boy that'd be cool huh yeah where is2151.244.32
duris today I don't know [ __ ] off2153.644.92
oh nothing nothing nothing nothing2162.644.479
nothing nothing at all nothing nothing2167.1197.681
nothing which I lost the vagina2170.84.0
THS I'm sure you're wondering why I've2180.045.079
gathered you here today all except our2182.525.04
dancer cuz she's kind of valuable anyway2185.1194.801
anyways today you're auditioning for2187.565.48
play called the great monkey2189.926.439
sacrifice and one lucky thr gets to come2193.047.279
with me and act in the play only acting2196.3596.801
I promise let me see you let me take a2200.3195.161
look at you let see if your material for2203.166.64
it uh you are a fighter level two okay2205.488.32
okay good to know you are Archer level2209.86.92
two this lady is another Archer level2213.85.319
two so we have two of you sir with the2216.725.92
long hair fighter level2219.1197.361
one I think we found our2222.643.84
star oh guys another Camp right here oh2226.8396.161
ravages Clift Clift is a funny word2230.3594.96
Clift like a cleft pallet uh I guess is2233.04.0
that what is that how you spell it CLE e2235.3193.921
f t I don't know I think so I mean this2237.03.839
looks like a Clift I guess if this were2239.243.879
a mouth there's a little clip right2240.8393.24
right through it you know what I'm you2243.1192.601
know what I'm saying got you oh hold on2244.0795.441
Wolf hey what are you come here2245.723.8
yeah oh boy and she's down what are you2250.286.96
uh this is a cook a level one cook o2253.965.96
screw them why we even pretend come on2257.244.44
you do like food I love food man and we2259.923.679
don't have a cook oh God I'm bleeding2261.683.36
having having a good cook around2263.5992.961
actually might be a good idea let's2265.043.0
check the others huh let's check the2266.563.84
others you bleeding all right now I'm2268.044.039
not bleeding all right beautiful so2270.43.64
we're looking for an artisan hello are2272.0793.841
any of you guys Artisans here go what2274.043.68
about you buddy you knock him out oh he2275.923.88
looks like me look at him a little bit2277.725.399
not as dapperly dressed but uh handsome2279.85.12
very much2283.1195.081
so he will Feast upon me I don't think2284.925.12
so not without your cook you won't you2288.24.0
met my buddy Simon oh wait what is he oh2290.045.4
all right let's see he is2292.26.24
armor do we have let's let's not let's2295.445.04
just get the one that we want right well2298.443.44
I mean we want the Artisan but again we2300.482.96
don't have a cook it might be good to2301.883.439
have a cook should we drag this one2303.443.639
along let's take the cook oh wait2305.3194.28
there's a there's a guy out there way by2307.0794.04
himself yeah you want to see what uh you2309.5992.841
want to see what he is while we're here2311.1192.921
yep don't let me forget the wolf though2312.443.679
okay uh I will not we will yeah we're2314.043.52
not going to forget the wolf what are2316.1193.441
you talking to he's running oh he is2317.564.24
running wow he's like a scared little2319.564.6
baby boy what an interesting fellow huh2321.84.08
oh he's fighting an animal oh let's2324.164.48
watch we root for him yeah all right see2325.884.84
how good you are buddy you got it man2328.643.719
well he's definitely a fighter then huh2330.724.08
stay on him what's he fighting couple2332.3596.96
hyenas there H yeah oh no and what are2334.87.64
you doing oh let's knock them out Knock2339.3195.76
Out There we go that didn't take long2342.444.639
did it how close are we to a wheel of2345.0793.641
friendship that's a long way to drag2347.0793.52
somebody isn't it uh yeah it's a2348.723.72
challenge but hey you want to cook or2350.5994.161
not let's get the cook I have a cook at2352.444.12
our old base oh that's where we're going2354.764.0
back to we do have a cook pretty sure oh2356.564.16
forget it then know that his name is Sam2358.764.04
forget it Sam I don't remember Sam that2360.724.44
old that old base is full of THS I don't2362.83.559
I can't remember everybody's [ __ ]2365.163.36
name well that's pretty rude I know we2366.3594.121
have uh what's my name what's your2368.523.52
name's nees I know we have Honda the2370.483.639
dancer oh you know what's the name of2372.045.92
that uh smelter Sam Kaboom yeah that's2374.1196.121
the one you remember just to spite me2377.963.879
that's right what's our blacksmith's2380.245.4
name is it Sam it's Blackie no it's will2381.8395.841
oh oh that's right Will Smith how could2385.645.12
I forget yeah if his name was uh Blackie2387.684.8
the blacksmith that would you forting2390.764.4
something oh yeah the wolf thank you go2392.484.119
back and get the W I'll be right there2395.164.08
all right2396.5994.881
pretty nice set huh this isn't local2399.243.92
theater this is the real2401.485.359
deal now as an actor uh you really have2403.166.08
to go to the character and uh there's2406.8394.76
something called method acting so like2409.245.2
uh you know like you really really have2411.5995.681
to feel the pain so let's uh let's go2414.443.72
ahead and2417.283.88
action doing great kid man you're up2423.886.08
probably going to be up for Tony Award2428.3194.321
something okay2432.965.48
monkey give me uh give me2435.06.52
something I kill I killed2438.445.48
him uh do I get2441.525.72
anything do not tell me I just killed2443.925.28
one of my least favorite2447.244.52
THS for you not to give me anything2449.24.879
monkey answer me2451.766.599
monkey all right well uh uh we'll figure2454.0796.24
something out I mean I thought it was a2458.3593.041
performance okay well I'll uh go get2461.46.88
something else to kill2464.683.6
[ __ ] why do you want an artisan so bad2469.8394.48
oh so I can complete a step of my2472.963.28
journey I have to make a really really2474.3193.841
nice thing but I need an artisan to do2476.243.96
it so we might even have an artisan at2478.163.24
the other are we going to the other Base2480.22.919
today yeah I wish i' have known that2481.43.08
like I didn't know we were doing that2483.1193.2
I'd have brought I'd have brought shoes2484.483.56
oh yeah shoes we could always go back2486.3193.841
and get people okay I just did another2488.044.4
plan we going in here uh yeah let's see2490.164.159
if this place has an artisan let's see2492.443.48
hey look at this guy out here all alone2494.3194.321
like a chimp you look like an artisan2495.925.199
hello I'm neees oh looks like an Archer2498.646.199
now yep I'll take the arrows I'm taking2501.1195.24
yeah take that Arrow guy out I'm getting2504.8393.361
hit no you got to should should I kill2506.3593.841
him oh there a bunch of yeah he's2508.23.6
probably an Archer kill his bunch of2510.25.08
them I'm shielding help me out anybody2511.85.0
yeah I'm try I'm getting there we're2515.283.64
hitting these guys okay I didn't want to2516.83.6
kill anybody in case they're an artisan2518.923.32
yeah well at least take this Archer down2520.44.12
well I got two guys fighting me with B2522.243.72
fine I'll get the Archer knock him out2524.523.079
son come on St I already knocked the one2525.963.96
guy out these two we're not done I know2527.5994.841
what are you Banker hours oh crap uh my2529.925.48
trudon broke okay all that a trudon2532.445.44
stoic Simon it's up to you right all2535.45.36
[ __ ] a trudon broke oh boy damn it stoic2537.885.32
we got R for you over here I'm running2540.764.48
oh wait are are both of our troons broke2543.25.919
yeah my [ __ ] okay ch Retreat okay here2545.247.319
we go are they following me uh oh yeah2549.1196.281
oh yeah all right let's kill them oh man2552.5594.0
arrow to the2555.43.84
knee woo you done it now here we go here2556.5594.201
we go here we go wait this guy looks2559.243.24
like an artisan look at him he kind of2560.764.599
does Artis kind of does but I mean yeah2562.485.4
okay dead was he an artisan someone look2565.3594.361
yeah how can you tell can you tell when2567.883.36
they're dead go in their inventory2569.724.599
corpse well may as well get ice shards2571.244.92
always use that that looks like an Artis2574.3193.8
if I ever seen one well he's a dead2576.164.0
Artisan all right so that didn't work2578.1193.24
out we should have checked our trons2580.163.04
before we went there we learned a lesson2581.3594.48
always check your trons write that down2583.25.8
kids should do like a2585.8396.121
PSA kids if you're going to play Conan2589.04.52
before you go into battle trying to get2591.964.32
an artisan always check your trons trons2593.524.64
are important they're the lifeblood of2596.284.2
this game they make knocking women out2598.164.84
and making them your slaves very easy so2600.485.119
always check your2603.02.599
trons the for you2605.764.12
needs I'm sure you're curious why I've2615.484.48
called you here2617.764.559
again I I hate to be the bear of bad2619.964.96
news but remember our actor friend who2622.3195.481
went off to be in a very very realistic2624.926.399
play he has passed the play called for2627.87.12
him to die and uh he insisted on really2631.3196.561
going to the character and and so he he2634.924.24
somehow I just wanted to take this2639.164.439
moment to tell you all we can all2641.444.76
remember what's his name the2643.5995.96
actor sad2646.23.359
day okay I'm going to build a map2650.3197.201
room okay we have all of our materials2654.166.12
for the corrupted Rock we need the2657.527.76
alchem a a chemical base which requires2660.287.279
gold dust and silver dust which we have2665.285.24
a little bit of [ __ ] where do we get2667.5596.0
gold dust or more gold more2670.526.28
silver uh anybody have any gold or2673.5594.8
anyone see if I can raid this2678.3596.0
house gold2681.8395.161
silver God we are2684.3595.041
poor why are we so2687.06.04
poor you THS have2689.46.48
anything have to [ __ ] my body out2693.047.0
again hey hey uh Honda you got any gold2695.888.64
or silver what the hell's that hey oh he2700.046.68
hey what's going on thick not much I'm2704.524.559
watching your dog run backwards we got a2706.725.72
uh a carpenter oh really yeah yo what's2709.0795.601
he do I mean like I know we probably2712.443.76
build something but we're hoping he2714.683.36
knows how to work the the uh the Artis2716.25.119
table Yeah Simon bring that damn [ __ ]2718.045.24
in here put her on the artison table2721.3194.561
neebs I am almost ready to build a map2723.285.52
room okay ever I need lots of gold and2725.885.6
silver H I found a silver coin you can2728.84.319
do what you do with it yeah I would like2731.483.639
that actually if you just put it look2733.1194.96
let me show you okay I made a grinder oh2735.1194.841
put the coins in the grinder yeah I've2738.0793.441
never done that grinder isn't that that2739.964.44
site that dalus goes to look at that guy2741.525.72
oh the big boy too all right I'll give2744.45.4
big boy a tap I want to look at him in2747.244.8
the face but I'm just looking at his2749.87.279
balls yeah pull it out whip it out2752.046.92
all right let me let me get a let me get2757.0793.921
a little bit of that son of a2758.965.119
[ __ ] um oh wow grinder think a2761.04.8
Grinder's a sandwich isn't it so just2764.0793.76
put this here like that and yep ground2765.85.92
it up 48 all right we so we need2767.8398.48
175 silver dust and 70 or 150 silver2771.727.28
dust and 75 Gold Dust okay so I need to2776.3194.721
go treasure hunting at some point I mean2779.03.88
is there not like a a better way to find2781.045.079
stuff I don't know I uh I just kill2782.885.679
things man I just kill things speaking2786.1194.841
of killing things oh my god do you2788.5593.961
remember our level one fighter we had2790.964.92
here do I he died I don't natural causes2792.526.839
it was was a shame huh anyways hate to2795.885.36
hear that all right Simon see if you can2799.3594.561
stick her on the table right I don't I2801.245.2
when I go to the inventory I don't see2803.924.399
oh wait we have to put her in the thing2806.443.04
yeah that's what I thought right right2808.3192.321
right I was wondering what you were2809.482.48
telling me to do it I thought we had to2810.643.28
put it in the the grindy thing right2811.963.48
something what well I didn't know they2813.923.399
were doing a scene oh okay you didn't2815.443.96
want to interrupt right very kind of you2817.3194.201
all right so but just by hitting e it I2819.43.64
think it just automatically put it in2821.524.36
there okay so now my gu gone and it's in2823.045.24
all right she's cooking hopefully yeah2825.883.84
hopefully she'll work out we don't have2828.283.559
any where is our Artisan table uh it's2829.723.399
it's right in here and there's nobody on2831.8393.801
it there's nobody on it fantastic so see2833.1195.361
we needed one the whole time goals all2835.644.32
right I'm going to get that Artis and2838.482.96
I'm going to complete the next step of2839.963.76
my journey it's going to be great is it2841.443.879
a surprise you going to tell us is a2843.724.359
surprise what what you're going to do no2845.3194.121
no it's not I want to complete the step2848.0793.321
of my journey but let it be a surprise2849.443.76
oh okay surprise the next one after that2851.43.719
I'll be a surprise what do you wait what2853.25.24
are you making a nice something a nice2855.1195.281
something a nice something hold on a2858.443.6
nice something my journey says I have to2860.43.88
craft an exceptional or Flawless item2862.043.96
and I think I do that at the Artisan2864.284.16
table oh so it could be anything I guess2866.04.2
I don't know hey did I hear you guys2868.444.36
saying you needed gold coins yeah I got2870.24.08
I got a bunch from my ghost my ghost2872.84.2
treasure hunt oh [ __ ] well put them in2874.285.52
the grinder doing2877.02.8
it let's see holy [ __ ] this is big I2884.3196.881
thought it was okay I don't know is it2888.1194.921
oh it's going to fit here hold on2891.23.72
wouldn't that be nice J is going to love2893.044.6
that next to his uh yeah do it thing he2894.925.28
can uh he can just play with grinder2897.647.0
it's fine all right wow oh look at that2900.27.44
it's like a a topography thing huh what2904.644.919
it say oh this says teleport what do you2907.643.8
mean teleport I can teleport to certain2909.5594.04
places teleport to what bracelet not2911.444.879
attuned okay so there's different oh I2913.5995.281
can teleport there e and I'm glowing oh2916.3195.361
god what have he done what's he done2918.887.719
where where go oh that's a good2921.686.56
yep oh [ __ ] where am I I need a2928.245.599
torch okay I'm near oh can I attune my2931.3595.0
bracelet here uh Obelisk already attuned2933.8394.76
I've been here here so wait how do I get2936.3597.041
back stoic you came with me what where2938.5998.681
the [ __ ] am I hold on look at my2943.47.56
map oh there I am I'm near the shattered2947.287.48
Springs I'm way back here how do I get2950.966.399
back [ __ ] how do I get2954.766.48
back this is exceptionally [ __ ]2957.3597.161
up guys you like my new armor um fur2961.245.119
hyena armor what' you do with your old2964.523.96
armor it's my house oh can I have your2966.3594.561
pants no no you can't okay because I2968.484.28
plan on going to the snow and then2970.924.6
returning okay and then now you gave me2972.765.96
clothes right me no ABS you stole you2975.525.4
stole the clothes I had for uh pman of2978.723.76
course I did but this is this is the2980.923.199
same stuff right oh you guys going2982.484.0
together yeah I made him I need an2984.1194.24
assistant for my journey I need a2986.483.48
warrior I was going to see if somebody2988.3593.44
wanted to join me but I'll I'll go alone2989.963.44
I'll do it alone I mean you're more than2991.7995.201
welcome to come with me hey guys oh2993.45.12
hey I made it back you want to go with2997.03.76
me uh yeah where are you going I'm going2998.524.0
to try to build a tray buet yes it's3000.762.92
part of my journey I would love to build3002.523.079
a tray buet all right looks like you3003.683.28
guys are doing something and we're doing3005.5992.681
something why you guys dressed like gay3006.963.24
lovers don't worry about it we covered3008.284.12
it let's go thick all right let's do3010.24.48
this Simon follow me over here got it3012.44.28
we're going to do something fun3014.684.72
congratulations you3016.684.879
two I think those kids are going to make3019.44.88
it uh I expect them to die3021.5596.56
today okay let's do it3024.286.12
okay Simon yeah we're going to use the3028.1193.561
map room to3030.43.399
teleport uh all you have to do is go up3031.684.399
to this and interact with it and you3033.7995.401
make Sparkles3036.0795.091
and now he's3039.23.399
gone Sparkles doesn't even say hit there3042.5996.881
we go3046.243.24
bondage bear what a great night we had3065.445.119
last night huh you have got some tricks3068.05.28
up your sleeve I'm going call you bb3070.5594.681
from now on okay cuz bonage bear you3073.286.64
know BB hey BB why are we here you ask3075.247.76
well I had a strange intuitive feeling3079.925.84
that has led me here similar to an3083.04.76
indigestion feeling let's go check it3085.763.64
out looks like something's back here3087.765.079
follow me come here come on come on baby3089.45.76
yep little bit of action up this3092.8398.081
way in the form of H okay let's see3095.167.88
hopefully it's friendly action you know3100.924.679
what I mean hello3103.047.519
sir Shaman's rise you look friendly3105.5996.321
noooo the3110.5593.921
cannibal okay you want to talk stay your3111.926.56
hands stranger come look into the3114.486.119
pit all right I'm going to I'm going to3118.484.48
go in here too come on baby see what's3120.5995.641
up oh I got one of these yeah this feels3122.964.159
home is that3127.1194.321
it was3129.5995.48
it okay sorry BB that sucked ass maybe3131.446.96
we should go find someone else talk to3135.0795.72
follow me3138.42.399
BB wa so what's your plan here neebs uh3142.3594.881
enemies to the right maybe use your3145.483.839
inside voice uh yeah they can hear us3147.244.72
hey guys yeah what's your plan uh build3149.3195.201
a catapult above their Village so any3151.965.56
time we need to fight we got a superior3154.525.4
Weaponry now now hold on we're building3157.524.2
a catap why why are you want to build it3159.923.72
so close your weapon should be where the3161.724.0
enemies are right no no it's a it's a3163.644.479
catapult it's a truchet it's meant for3165.725.119
for distance yeah then why the hell are3168.1194.48
you building it so close well what do3170.8393.361
you want to do shoot it from our Castle3172.5993.401
way over there all the way over here3174.23.56
yeah on on the island over there across3176.03.24
the bridge I don't think we have a shot3177.763.24
over there it's going to hit the Rocks3179.243.599
no it'll smack them well let's see what3181.03.4
about right across what about that3182.8393.841
Island there that's a that's a pretty3184.44.52
straight shot there's no way it's like3186.684.24
just shooting blindly isn't it are you3188.924.24
sure it's a c it's it's a damn tret I3190.924.32
think you want to see the enemy but3193.163.52
there I mean you're right beside the3195.244.28
damn guys yeah fish in a barrel no it's3196.684.52
just going to go what straight up and3199.523.96
then back down I don't know I mean I3201.24.0
think treuchet I think distance I think3203.484.44
you're crazy to build it this close3205.24.2
crazy if you if you build it down there3207.922.52
it's just going to hit the side of the3209.43.28
mountain isn't it no it'll it'll go3210.443.919
right into the camp I've never built one3212.683.0
of these things I I don't know how we3214.3594.081
aim it fine it's build it across let's3215.684.76
build it across the river let's see3218.443.44
you're crazy what mountain are we going3220.443.52
to hit full-blown crazy let's just put3221.883.16
it right here on the beach and we'll3223.962.599
just shoot them up in there all right on3225.042.72
here on the beach I still feel like3226.5593.081
that's super close you know you know3227.762.799
they're going to hate it we have a3229.643.719
permit to build here yeah guys it yeah3230.5594.28
we're just building a tra sh that we're3233.3593.24
going to lob [ __ ] at you don't don't3234.8393.841
touch it should I build it here I I3236.5993.96
guess so I still feel like it's close3238.683.919
that's my opinion but yeah we we'll3240.5594.24
build it here well we'll learn won't we3242.5994.081
we will learn okay I guess we don't have3244.7995.56
a damn choice so uh you got the base3246.686.96
right here H sure okay and I'm going to3250.3597.24
stick it sticking it Stu it God yeah3253.645.6
nothing it's nothing guys don't worry3257.5995.2
about it uh overlapping with uh what3259.245.119
does this mean I don't know I've never3262.7993.161
done this before me either shouldn't3264.3593.281
this just go on here I don't know man3265.963.399
you know how this game is it it does3267.644.439
explain anything put it down why can't3269.3595.161
things just work why can't they work AB3272.0794.441
is that what it's supposed to do nope I3274.524.079
don't know let's see what is it what is3276.524.2
it saying overlapping with another3278.5994.921
object or terrain am I blocking it I3280.725.0
don't think so is it not me okay says3283.523.96
object to terrain it looks like it would3285.725.04
fit perfectly crap this could have been3287.485.24
a fun day hey it's going to be a fun day3290.765.29
we're going to figure this out stick it3292.724.68
all right Simon this is a lovely Bridge3297.43.439
of Death yes and you need to get the3298.883.76
blood flowing thick give a couple good3300.8395.601
jumps couple yep get the blood flowing I3302.645.4
like that y like that it's getting a3306.444.639
little chilly it is yeah now is this is3308.045.4
this going to be very dangerous I can't3311.0795.121
tell you because I don't know what what'3313.445.8
your gut say my gut says yes this place3316.25.76
looks a little ominous it does not look3319.246.0
like uh like a winter wonderland one in3321.964.879
doubt jump3325.244.48
yeah okay that did nothing for me yeah3326.8395.361
all right very cold but my Health's not3329.724.319
going down I think it's because of oh3332.24.04
now extremely cold yeah ooh can I3334.0394.721
interact with this oh [ __ ] AC my health3336.243.68
is going3338.763.76
down you told me these were good clothes3339.924.199
I'm going to die shut up this guy's3342.524.88
talking what the shut up I'm dying I'm3344.1196.48
running back frostbite I got frostbite3347.45.24
you run back I'm going to be a man yeah3350.5994.561
go ahead be a man you son of a [ __ ] I'm3352.645.0
just going to heal up set me up I didn't3355.164.0
set you up I didn't know what was going3357.643.8
on now I'm missing everything this guy's3359.164.8
saying he's saying something about the3361.445.639
farmlands to I don't care what he says3363.965.32
oh he's talking about the volcano I can3367.0794.161
barely hear you talking about the3369.284.559
volcano I don't care really let me see3371.245.24
if it gets any warmer over here still3373.8395.48
says extremely cold this cloth are great3376.485.76
you made me dump off out the clothes oh3379.3195.961
I I see an obelisk what they do hold on3382.244.879
I'm going to I'm going to attune the3385.284.96
bracelet that way we can teleport here3387.1196.321
wh oh boy get out I'm going to go do it3390.244.68
real fast should have known these3393.443.08
clothes wouldn't be so good I'm showing3394.924.52
so much skin I'm coming back you dick3396.525.559
face I look good okay but the skin3399.444.919
doesn't make sense for warmth does it oh3402.0795.321
boy all right now I'm coming back3404.3596.601
hopefully I make it I've got potions woo3407.46.52
this guy wants to attack me Simon what3410.966.159
be ready I'm ready by all right got my3413.927.399
stamina back up woo hey look up in the3417.1196.72
sky make sure uh we we need to look out3421.3195.24
for meteorites oh please I'm not going3423.8394.641
to see [ __ ] unless it hits me in the3426.5595.28
head okay well if it does then let me3428.485.2
know so I can Harvest it that way I can3431.8394.841
make star weapons star metal weapons I3433.686.84
think I promise to die with a sound okay3436.685.919
are you still cold yeah well I'm not3440.523.96
cold anymore I'm just trying to like3442.5993.24
what's the point if I'm going to come in3444.483.28
here I'm going to become very cold hey3445.8394.801
some listen to me some ly sack of [ __ ]3447.765.44
in the comments section said this was3450.645.479
like the best armor for like the cold3453.25.32
troll [ __ ] [ __ ] we've been3456.1194.68
hornswaggled you''ve been hornswaggled3458.524.36
and then you hornswaggled me well you're3460.7994.601
horn swaggle by association that's not a3462.885.64
good thing no no we got to figure out a3465.46.28
uh a quick route into the volcano land3468.525.76
I'm I'm sure it's warmer in the volcano3471.684.679
yeah what if we just run what if would3474.284.92
just run [ __ ] it I only brought like 753476.3595.2
bugs with3479.25.399
me Simon hold on let me give you some3481.5596.441
some fish give me fish bugs usually work3484.5995.52
great yeah they do but I'm dropping some3488.03.48
fish drop3490.1195.801
fish boom boom bada3491.484.44
bang okay we finally got the damn thing3499.0794.24
down you didn't do anything different3501.723.92
nope I I just just managed to hit it and3503.3194.361
click it again in and it just took this3505.643.679
thing's uh this thing's pretty sweet3507.684.0
ready okay oh on your way hold on yeah I3509.3193.841
was going to build a thing oh you want3511.682.8
to go ahead and build the thing I mean3513.162.879
if you click in here now it gives you an3514.483.8
option to build tra shaped frame yeah I3516.0394.361
wanted to spin the thing craft is it3518.283.64
going to build it right on there or is3520.42.8
God I hope so I don't want to have to3521.923.24
attach anything again but yeah go ahead3523.24.96
go for it oh y it's okay there's a3525.165.679
there's a lever here hold e okay so3528.163.639
what's next do we have to build3530.8394.801
something else M maybe uh what's that3531.7997.841
say tray bashet arm 150 wood we need3535.646.199
some oh I still have wood so I might be3539.643.959
able to put it in hold on yep we just3541.8395.041
need more wood oh beautiful here uh yeah3543.5995.041
all that wood I got bam stick it in3546.883.64
there did you stick it in there I did I3548.644.28
stuck it in there okay uh you going to3550.525.799
build it yep okay craft what you guys3552.926.32
doing oh hey Tois oh hey how are the3556.3196.04
tret oh wow interesting location oh it3559.245.92
says fire hold on fire like we're ready3562.3595.081
is it is that hold on like are you going3565.164.28
to shoot that guy uh I think that's a3567.445.399
plan yes so it just says fire here if3569.445.48
you P if you pull the lever you fire so3572.8395.2
pull the lever uh pull it pull it I'm3574.925.32
trying pull it pull it pull the lever3578.0393.961
pull the lever yane there's a lever you3580.243.28
should pull yank it just pull it just3582.03.48
says Fire doesn't it wait so do you have3583.524.559
to load it how do you load it load it3585.485.28
load it load it load it up load it up oh3588.0794.96
wait here we go Siege Boulder Siege3590.764.16
boulder oh we have to craft Boulders yep3593.0394.201
I need more twine [ __ ] okay you have to3594.924.159
craft the boulder we have to craft the3597.243.599
God okay that's a natural thing that3599.0793.601
that the Earth crafts yeah all right3600.8393.681
we're crafting The Boulders hold on I3602.683.679
got twine let's see throw twine in there3604.523.039
got some more twine yeah there's some3606.3593.72
twine okay and then uh Here We Go3607.5595.441
Boulder craft a damn Boulder craft two3610.0794.161
the hell are they thinking just load in3613.03.68
rocks right or anything am i c3614.244.68
absolutely anything you could put a fish3616.684.08
in there there should be a slot okay3618.924.639
rocks or yeah anything line this up all3620.764.72
right okay is there a way to choose the3623.5595.04
angle I don't know uh won you try I'll3625.484.68
eyeball it oh you're going to eyeball it3628.5992.881
you're goingon to let me do this yeah3630.163.28
Jesus okay I love how the enem is so3631.485.079
nearsighted cuz clearly there is a a3633.445.24
weapon facing their village now we told3636.5594.56
him we had a permit yeah we're fine he3638.685.52
fell for it oh okay okay a little bit3641.1194.601
right there all right so we got a3644.25.839
boulder loaded Boulder is it pull it and3645.727.359
oh wait Noe don't punch it that trying3650.0396.601
hold on hold on here we go fire fire3653.0795.441
fire it fire it I'm trying to hit the3656.643.64
fire button pull it fire it hold a e for3658.525.039
more options interact dismantle pull3660.286.68
interact fire fire it it's right it's3663.5596.04
very intuitive let's see just fire it3666.965.2
did you punch it I punched it hold on3669.5995.801
pop it smack it tug it pop3672.166.399
it oh wait so do I have to3675.46.159
drag uh counter wait do we need a3678.5595.121
counterweight oh boy what is that so can3681.5594.841
I put a b crap what in the I have to put3683.684.359
a counterweight3686.44.399
here is there something else to build3688.0395.32
this should be one scene one scene of3690.7995.641
firing a [ __ ] no this is the episode3693.3594.881
for sure the entire episode is usy3696.443.48
trying to figure out how this thing3698.245.04
works this3699.925.72
okay he's turning it yeah you're turning3703.284.88
it good job yeah that's3705.645.159
fun it's like AER around let's see3708.166.679
counter do this yeah hey oh here we go3710.7995.961
current payload oh oh I think I have to3714.8394.041
put the payload y all right so I put3716.764.839
payload in there now can I fire it well3718.885.159
it's not facing right where it3721.5995.24
going what a piece of [ __ ] that was see3724.0394.841
look at that abro hey Journey step3726.8395.681
completed all right far enough horrible3728.885.959
aim but it does warrant one of these3732.524.44
hold on do we put more stuff like if you3734.8393.361
put more stuff in a counterweight how3736.964.079
does the tret work counterweights nebes3738.24.52
this is driving me nuts you got to pull3741.0393.601
down the front thing or wait do I have3742.723.319
to get on the other side and push it3744.643.719
back here I'll I'll I'll do that part I3746.0393.8
don't know how to do that oh you have to3748.3595.92
reload here reload oh oh so if I uhhuh3749.8397.44
ah okay uhh oh nope that looks good3754.2795.401
that's like a good start yep all right3757.2793.921
so yep we got the boulder in there ready3759.683.56
to fire uh all right let's aim it at3761.23.96
this guy for real this time that was the3763.243.879
that was what did you do last time oh3765.164.04
delius said uh moved it all over the3767.1194.121
place I did not I moved nothing yeah you3769.23.76
did no I did not of course you did I3771.243.16
didn't move a [ __ ] course you moved it3772.964.159
you did Maro around we're doing3774.44.76
was just riding it while you pushed it3777.1194.44
let's fire it aim it is it aimed I don't3779.164.28
know how to aim this damn thing I assume3781.5593.72
you push like this took 10 minutes to3783.443.56
figure out push it like this that's the3785.2794.241
easiest part okay but now okay now now3787.03.88
it's off cuz now you're going to hit the3789.524.559
damn wall okay then you push it that way3790.884.88
yep all right hold on hold on it's got3794.0793.52
to go further you know that right yeah3795.763.4
but I don't know how to control distance3797.5993.881
or if you can even control distance well3799.163.959
maybe build it on top of the Rocks like3801.484.76
nees wanted to this is going to go ahead3803.1195.16
pull it all right all right here we go3806.243.48
here we3808.2795.08
go come on3809.726.52
baby that way into the camp that's yeah3813.3597.521
okay not one reaction yep we have a3816.244.64
permit all right Simon yeah once we3822.5595.441
start to get extremely cold no I why3825.44.04
don't we just run through the whole damn3828.03.68
thing no because we need our stamina I3829.444.72
know but okay come on I'm going to wait3831.684.919
for extremely cold my health went down3834.165.36
quick I'm cold are you even cold cold3836.5995.121
we're not once it says extremely cold3839.524.44
then we Sprint we C hey there's a3841.724.16
obelisk on the other very cold go3843.963.399
there's an obelisk over here it looks3845.883.959
purple just hit E when you get to it E3847.3594.801
when I get to it and then keep running3849.8395.561
all right [ __ ] damn it damn it damn it3852.164.679
all right I got this [ __ ] damn it damn3855.43.0
it already I mean I'm just don't mind3856.8394.28
this guy here all right sorry sir just3858.44.679
passing through run right past him just3861.1194.601
attuning my friend's bracelet he said e3863.0795.0
when I run up to the purple thing yep3865.725.2
it's right here in front of me got it3868.0795.76
come on baby should I lay down a bed too3870.924.84
nope what this thing right here yeah go3873.8396.841
up to it hit bam all right come on go go3875.768.079
follow me people yep follow me all right3880.687.56
I'm following you Jesus come on come on3883.8395.881
baby oh we're not I'm not very cold3888.244.4
anymore oh I'm just cold too look at3889.726.559
that look at you yep I'm going to eat3892.645.88
some fish all right I'm going to kill3896.2794.881
this guy I like killing it's one of my3898.524.759
favorite pastimes I'm going to walk3901.163.8
around you while you kill somebody cuz3903.2793.881
it's one of my favorite pastimes3904.965.319
watching you kill and then looking up3907.165.639
that's what Whiskers do whiskers thing3910.2794.56
all right get them whiskers honest to3912.7993.681
God fishing bugs are pretty much neck3914.8394.28
and neck of the same thing yeah yep come3916.486.72
on whiskers good girl boy there you go3919.1199.16
this guy have oh spice hunch spice soup3923.27.04
oh Simon get the soup and get the3928.2794.721
hardened steel pickaxe that's valuable3930.244.359
[ __ ]3933.03.24
what man I can't wait to die and not be3936.245.96
able to recover this3939.0793.121
stuff abro yeah it is so pretty up here3942.248.0
like this should be like a movie3946.765.96
poster yeah no it's a it's it's Sunset3950.244.0
we should we should do this cuz it is3952.724.119
getting dark okay uh there's a lady on3954.244.799
the North End of the camp that's your3956.8393.641
target all right that's who we're going3959.0392.961
for I put a bunch of counterweight in3960.483.559
there so it should work a little better3962.07.079
now so here we go all right all right3964.0397.56
fire pull it what now fire it hit the3971.5995.921
fire button shoot it I've done this3974.884.36
before could you imagine doing this if3977.523.759
we were being horrible it's horrible3979.243.92
there's seven Siege things loaded did I3981.2794.121
not reload it hold on it's reloaded3983.164.08
right right hitting e on the reload3985.44.24
thing ah the sun's going down I know the3987.243.879
sun's going down I really want to hit3989.644.0
this [ __ ] with a rock losing daylight3991.1193.92
counter weight got a lot of counter3993.642.8
weight in there which should make it go3995.0394.0
further right I would think reload it3996.445.96
looks loaded okay try to fire again I'm3999.0395.0
try okay hold on let me get right on it4002.46.12
and Fire Fire come on fire just fire it4004.0396.56
n that's swinging I'm punching it now4008.525.079
yeah punch it again fire fire hitting4010.5995.44
the right button right yep he punched4013.5994.641
before fire fire it I'm trying I'm4016.0394.24
trying to fire the damn thing it's4018.244.2
getting dark I know it's getting dark4020.2795.04
you [ __ ] maybe you should fire it I4022.444.679
can't I don't know you you try to fire4025.3193.96
it now let's just never make another one4027.1194.48
of these again no these suck I'm looking4029.2795.881
at the sun it's going behind the things4031.5995.401
let's see and4035.165.32
fire I'd like to do this from the oh no4037.05.76
that's a Miss [ __ ] that's really you got4040.484.079
to go way to the right did I hit you4042.765.599
Dees no okay all right I think uh I4044.5595.361
think it's just the way I was looking at4048.3594.0
it it was wonky your bear keeps going in4049.925.159
the camp I told the bear to not go I bet4052.3595.801
you didn't I did I had it stand guard4055.0794.52
thank you all right so here we go I4058.162.8
think I got it figured out so now all4059.5994.041
right boom reloading reloading the thing4060.964.8
thing goes back got a thing the counter4063.644.04
weight in there all right ready ready4065.764.519
fire here we go oh yeah that looking4067.686.2
come on baby come on oh it you know what4070.2797.121
it killed her it landed like uh 10 ft to4073.886.439
the to the side of her yeah did we4077.47.439
injure her she dead yeah take that [ __ ]4080.3197.72
yeah I'm going to load her yeah go4084.8396.48
diging her ass see what she4088.0393.28
has okay Simon I don't know what's4103.445.0
through this door uh I bet you I know4105.7596.201
what puppies o puppies yep about about4108.445.6
six very cute puppies that's my guess4111.964.319
look so let's just be cautious okay all4114.043.84
right all right let's4116.2794.0
see you just disappeared right through4117.885.12
the door like it was nothing what the4120.2794.721
hell did you just do I went through a4123.04.239
door that's how we've been going through4125.05.279
doors in this game right so you know I'm4127.2395.96
are you special enter the black sheep my4130.2794.641
mom tells me I'm speci oh I got to hit e4133.1994.401
to enter the the freaking door son of a4134.925.6
[ __ ] yeah all right okay looks like4137.66.159
some sort of uh creepy Cavern maybe a4140.526.52
Sex Dungeon might be all right so just4143.7595.721
walk just go I mean we got to see where4147.044.88
else this stuff goes right okay yeah4149.485.44
let's let's go through this doorway all4151.927.0
right hello B 44 with my good friend4154.926.399
Simon he's here to kiss your toes come4158.925.359
on buddies come on come on puppies all4161.3194.681
right they got to be here some4164.2793.56
is there anything uh oh this way looks4166.04.359
interesting oh we got a guy let me let4167.8395.241
me take care of him okay you do it oh4170.3596.96
you got two guys oh well maybe oh okay4173.087.48
come on baby oh do not die do not die4177.3194.641
all right I'm back it off back it off4180.564.04
all right hitting hitting4181.965.799
that woo man I suck4184.65.679
fighting got another I'm bleeding and I4187.7596.241
stopped healing okay well start healing4190.2795.681
I'm going now okay there we go you4194.03.0
should make4195.963.16
bandages somebody just whispered I need4197.04.719
to make bandages must have been a ghost4199.124.4
uh do you know how to make bandages4201.7194.041
Simon you know what let me just drop you4203.524.679
some potions that will heal you I like4205.765.84
that they call me thick the4208.1993.401
enabler check this [ __ ] out uh well it4213.7196.881
worked a second ago hit it oh there we4218.1995.641
go maybe you got to counterweight it aha4220.67.72
elevator yeah oh snap wa that's pretty4223.846.359
cool so yeah now when I want to get up4228.323.32
there I don't have to climb the stairs4230.1994.48
wow so I'm I'm much lazier now yeah now4231.645.12
you're you're probably going to get um4234.6793.441
what's that called when your when your4236.764.16
muscles turn to Mush atopy atopy yeah4238.124.92
yeah and it goes back up H oh God I4240.923.759
would hope so I'd be real pissed off if4243.045.76
it didn't ra yeah it goes back up oh4244.6798.0
yeah yeah damn pretty quick huh yeah no4248.85.84
it's much quicker to get up that way I4252.6793.641
might have to demol stairs to make this4254.643.8
worth the [ __ ] you know what I mean yeah4256.323.56
cuz otherwise it's [ __ ] useless the4258.443.92
stairs is much faster it is fancy though4259.883.799
we'll still remember you had stairs4262.363.04
though and they're that they're better4263.6793.0
guys I'm going to go work on something I4265.43.68
got a plan okay I'll let you know later4266.6793.48
it's top secret right now all right4269.083.56
looking forward to your plan4270.1596.881
thanks you want to kiss nah bondage bear4272.648.28
does I guess I can kiss and4277.043.88
choke I need to get out of here thick4282.924.4
I'm starting to feel claustrophobic man4285.363.56
these are stairs and they're going up so4287.325.12
that's a good sign yeah whoop oh I see4288.926.52
okay that's a big guy ain't it yep hold4320.764.64
on hold on hold on I got full health I4323.1995.121
should fight this guy too here we go4325.45.12
come on baby oh what's he doing oh no I4328.324.8
don't know but I he just that was not4330.526.96
gooded [ __ ] oh boy just took out4333.128.2
everything okay oh [ __ ] there's friends4337.488.12
his friends oh boy oh he's still coming4341.327.68
at me like a slow sloppy son of a [ __ ]4345.65.8
but I'm going to kill him yep you're not4349.06.52
going to get me said this before I'm too4351.47.16
fast too good but I've got shitty4355.524.56
patience so I'll probably [ __ ] up and4358.563.72
you'll kill me but let's4360.085.68
see ooh these Ivory arrows are4362.286.8
nice all right we're almost there aren't4365.767.0
we almost at that point where 644 wins4369.086.96
some people say uh does it get old th4372.768.479
and I say no cuz I'm 44 and4376.049.28
uh you scared me you turn yep I feel4381.2396.92
like uh I feel like I got another arrow4385.325.56
here just one more the last4388.1596.48
one oh yeah didn't do anything so let me4390.887.4
go in there and do this whoop whoop whoa4394.6396.281
[ __ ] all right back up you're almost4398.285.64
okay I'm good I'm good but he is almost4400.924.88
dead woo4403.926.92
woo too slow yeah baby defeat the kin4405.87.32
Scourge skin4410.844.96
Scourge what do you have on you4413.126.32
sir uh some silver dust we can use that4415.87.32
Rhino Head Soup all right I'm down with4419.446.08
that and I guess I should Harvest your4423.123.72
body for4425.524.44
something so let's see what happens4426.845.72
let's see what I get from you oh heart4429.965.6
of the kin Scourge and uh yeah I might4432.565.28
as well take these things too take all4435.564.0
and tears of two4437.845.68
races okay cool well that's it for this4439.566.96
thck I guess I'll just wait here4449.7199.641
huh I got some what happens when you eat4453.845.52
bees might as4459.6796.441
well oh look at that4461.85.8
look at that I've been dropping bees4466.123.96
this whole4467.65.8
time I'm allergic4470.087.28
though he guys oh [ __ ] that looks great4473.47.16
hey hias what's up baby can I show you4477.366.359
something you can show me anything nees4480.565.56
yeah you coming too yeah oh actually Mr4483.7195.0
Cal might want to see this yeah I'm sure4486.125.92
yeah what you got going man uh Mr Cow4488.7195.44
yeah okay great not to cow it's a vanam4492.045.08
reference ah I love it naku4494.1596.121
cow naku cow see this across from the4497.125.48
island oh wow did you build all that4500.284.76
been a busy boy ain't you little bit so4502.64.32
uh we should consider this maybe I used4505.044.88
to not want to hurt this thing but his4506.925.48
uh brother up north is an [ __ ] and I4509.923.96
just assume they're all [ __ ] then4512.44.04
that's great reason I like that what you4513.886.319
got something caged in there yeah so oh4516.446.759
yeah he's this is like a petting4520.1996.121
zoo that's great so uh we might want to4523.1995.681
make it uh I don't know more ramps maybe4526.325.2
um another layer of walls up with4528.884.0
Windows and all of them what's the go4531.523.159
here are we going to kill this guy or4532.884.16
yep you realize that sounds crazy right4534.6795.04
it's a I think it's a boss so he's never4537.045.48
attacked you once but someone related to4539.7194.801
him tacked you so you should kill this4542.525.98
one yep4544.5213.479
ladies and gentlemen hey can you hear me4572.845.08
over there yeah yep okay good you're4575.444.92
right there okay I have some stuff to4577.924.36
show off today just do it we're talking4580.363.72
about it there's a good turnout oh oh4582.283.32
good go for it4584.084.4
okay he hey thank you thank you thank4585.64.639
you glad you could all make it do it4588.485.44
first I want to show off this4590.2393.681
guy okay it's a sabertooth I like them4594.047.08
I'm going to place it over here neebs I4598.485.52
believe has something to show off so4601.125.4
ladies and gentlemen I don't know if you4604.04.56
saw the stream the other night but needs4606.525.24
tamed a giant woman and she was fierce4608.565.159
this lady's on our Island oh she's a big4611.764.04
girl she's on our Island knock her out4613.7194.721
yeah knock her out KN we can use that4615.85.919
come on nice oh arej doing great doing4618.445.56
no you're so close I don't have any food4624.04.0
Simon that's what I said I want to go4626.7193.841
and get some food first God no you got4628.04.639
no you got to commit to this man commit4630.563.88
you picked the wrong fight she picked4632.6395.121
the wrong fight oh oh4634.446.08
yeah who4637.765.08
folks the4640.525.84
camera done uh-huh there she is all4642.846.16
right I like her outfit she doesn't look4646.365.44
big anymore she's not giant at all she's4649.05.0
actually she's smaller than you no she's4651.84.56
taller than she's taller than KN I mean4654.04.199
when she rode up on the island she was4656.364.04
gigantic hey let's get off the stage oh4658.1993.96
maybe she shrunk in the pain wheel which4660.44.319
makes no sense but it's a video game and4662.1595.961
the grand finale is another Sabertooth4664.7197.361
but this one has a4668.123.96
makeover that thing looks terrifying it4672.85.64
is oh I love that yeah that's nice oh4675.44.16
he's going to have a name fi what are4678.442.799
you going to name him oh no I I would4679.565.639
like uh D to do the honors of naming it4681.2395.92
no not the squ you know what it looks4685.1996.081
like kind of what Ghostbusters uh Zu Z4687.1596.401
this is Zu oh yeah I like that I got4691.284.52
that I'll take care of that right now we4693.564.599
get another one do we name it gozar sure4695.85.64
goer idiot goer goar the [ __ ] you want4698.1596.321
about fight him talk to me like that oh4701.444.88
[ __ ] we getting animals4704.484.679
mad all right is that the end of the4706.325.2
show I believe so that was a good4709.1595.681
episode thank you a thank of y'all a4711.526.119
thank you yes all right can we start the4714.845.56
fun yeah let's start the what we uh I4717.6395.281
want to take down that um that thing on4720.44.44
the island that poor creature you have4722.924.2
caged up yeah but you were all about it4724.843.92
no yeah that sounds fun but uh I don't4727.122.84
know what NES what do you got going on4728.763.32
today uh I found a map I'm going to find4729.964.04
some treasure no big deal okay treasure4732.083.92
treasure thick uh I need to go find a4734.04.719
high priest of duretto I have a plan I4736.04.48
like I like smacking priest I'm going to4738.7193.48
do I'm going to do thick all right you4740.483.92
ready sonon yep oh okay well follow me4742.1993.48
yeah it's raining all right you guys4744.43.08
have fun we got a couple of guys we take4745.6793.681
it with us too a couple of archers yep4747.484.12
cool come on need the way let's get to4749.364.2
all right damn it it's begun oh [ __ ]4773.125.0
okay well keep your distance this oh god4775.845.76
oh boy God oh boy time we get back I4778.125.84
am I didn't realize I thought this thing4781.64.84
was going to be like passive I my mouse4783.965.88
sensitivity is [ __ ] clearly um oh okay4786.447.56
holy [ __ ] yep all right this was a poor4789.845.52
um poor4794.03.199
ooh that just bounced off of him I got4795.364.96
to wait GLE GLE I think [ __ ] bounces off4797.1995.321
head dude this is nothing and are alive4802.525.88
for a second there it looked like he was4806.564.24
going to be a real threat yeah he seems4808.44.6
very comfortable with this whole idea4810.86.399
yeah me get a little closer why oh oh4813.06.159
see why would you get closer we had we4817.1994.0
wanted to spice things up yeah but we4819.1593.361
should have probably cut by now to4821.1994.561
someone else4822.523.24
I don't like the rain but I like the4827.63.84
area I'm I'm enjoying the Cool Rain4829.124.039
splashing on my face running down4831.443.32
running down my chin are we going to do4833.1593.761
my map thing first treasure whoop look4834.765.439
at this guy okay it's a snake snake4836.925.16
we've never seen a snake like this I4840.1993.081
wouldn't touch it it's probably4842.084.159
poisonous really yeah it's a snake oh my4843.284.8
arrow just bounced4846.2394.721
off plus it's lightning what does I4848.085.44
think snakes attract lightning really4850.964.16
yeah oh yeah my arrow bounce right off4853.525.159
that too boy looking at4855.126.16
me bam right in the face nope right off4858.6794.281
of it why don't you guys attack his butt4861.283.52
while he's looking at me so yeah arrows4862.964.04
are useless on this guy look it he's4864.84.2
entrance by my eyes balls oh wait yeah4867.03.6
hold on hold on let me see if I can uh4869.02.76
what are you going to do you know you4870.63.16
know you going to play the flute4871.764.72
mm- the old snake flute4873.765.959
ohle wiggle go kick it ass wiggle wiggle4879.7196.801
he loves ites go kick his ass yes sir uh4886.7195.0
he's looking right at me he's just4890.044.4
focused here she I don't know the gender4891.7195.641
and I'm assuming it is4894.442.92
venomous a venomous snake no I don't4898.083.92
think it is not with the not with a head4900.43.759
like that no yeah the venomous ones have4902.03.96
diamond shaped heads that's more of a a4904.1595.56
flathead meeps what are you waiting4905.963.759
for I did that like an hour ago yeah but4911.925.239
mine's s took something off I was closer4914.63.84
mine's actually called a snake dance it4917.1593.761
probably worked oh really yeah yeah4918.444.36
that's taking it off let's do this I'm4920.924.64
getting in here all right4922.85.96
abro focused on you I got going in with4925.566.44
the smack jab I got him4928.767.16
bleeding here we go bam look at that oh4932.06.239
wait did anybody get hurt uh I got4935.923.92
nipped a little bit but I'm okay don't4938.2395.48
heal up why try something okay ready4939.845.6
what what4943.7194.081
what the hell did you heal oo4945.445.04
regenerating is that did you just fire4947.84.32
an arrow at me that heals me it's4950.484.48
healing arrows that is amaz this morning4952.125.559
you put aloe and water in it oh it4954.964.04
creates a little Cloud that you can hop4957.6795.361
in that's amazing I like it it's amazing4959.05.52
okay all right priest hunt we're still4963.043.119
on a priest hunt priest hunt they're4964.524.32
actually hunting treasure4966.1595.08
remember all right he's almost there I4968.844.16
know man this was we need to fight4971.2394.92
everything this way go down with a fight4973.04.6
right there he's a4976.1594.361
sliver this is it this is4977.64.52
oh that was with style that's right look4982.126.24
that and he's dead standing up I okay4985.6395.441
that's interesting I am uh dead corpse4988.364.279
just hang too much [ __ ] I'm going to4991.084.48
come up here look at you I don't even4992.6396.281
bite bud you don't have what oh B in of4995.566.2
course you um am I getting I don't know4998.924.48
what I'm getting how do I harvest the5001.764.8
corpse well with a oh you took it all5003.45.52
I'll give you what I got okay oh what5006.564.52
are you doing in there I fell of course5008.924.319
let's just keep you here from now on oh5011.084.0
this is a nice place for me this is5013.2395.081
Simon's pen look at that all right let's5015.087.76
see what I got I got a skeleton key5018.328.08
ooh skeleton key forgot what game we5022.845.76
were in I forgot I could5026.45.2
climb hey let's go home call it a day5028.66.039
that's perfect that was an easy day it5031.65.559
was an easy day yeah good job THS maybe5034.6394.52
we can go grab a slice let's go get a5037.1595.401
slice yeah awesome well done Simon hey5039.1596.801
well done to you sir hey look at me yeah5042.566.24
couldn't have done this without you wow5045.964.44
if I knew how to point my finger I'd do5048.84.16
it right back at you I'll bet you can5050.46.04
point probably could but I forgot how to5052.965.3
all you have to do is5056.444.44
point hey neees I think I see one of5060.884.799
your churches over here oh yeah it looks5063.483.44
like a metra Church yeah it's a5065.6793.401
franchise oh yeah should go by yeah5066.924.52
let's go say hey get some crackers and5069.083.96
grape juice I don't think they do that5071.443.279
there it's that's a Catholic thing isn't5073.044.199
it I don't know it's your God I didn't5074.7193.96
grow up Catholic and I had crackers and5077.2394.681
grape juice I think just a thing nope uh5078.6794.761
yeah let's just knock them out should5081.924.199
let me go in I'm a member she doesn't5083.447.199
seem happy hey guys hello sir oh boy my5086.1196.56
buddy no he's mad my buddy nees he's a5090.6395.0
mean hold on on here I don't know guys5092.6794.361
should be friendly should we knock these5095.6393.721
guys out see if any knock everyone out5097.046.159
okay for it the [ __ ] off yep B 44 do you5099.366.12
know my name yep you say it a lot5103.1994.121
everybody knows your damn name no not5105.484.36
everybody yep you're worse than Pitbull5107.327.399
huh wide I'm Miss wide pit oh here we go5109.848.44
she oh she up boom okay hey this guy's a5114.7195.96
level three fighter we see holy [ __ ]5118.286.6
level three fighter let go hey priest5120.6798.281
hey we got a priest he a Prest though5124.886.0
kids he got a priest well you should get5128.965.48
it yeah get it I you know what screw it5130.885.6
i'm I should just get this uh this5134.444.04
fighter too level three wait where's the5136.483.28
wheel of friendship there's nowhere5138.483.4
around here is it we have we have to5139.764.64
drag them back should we come back after5141.883.88
we're done getting your treasure let's5144.43.0
take them to the treasure it'll be fun5145.763.52
you think yeah probably what if they5147.43.239
wake up all right you want to drag him5149.282.439
you want me to drag him you got to find5150.6392.441
the treasure so let me drag him yeah you5151.7194.121
drag him here we go you got him do I5153.084.599
have him all right which way uh let's5155.845.64
see we got to keep following the river5157.6793.801
okay you got him I'm working on it uh5170.047.079
one down one down [ __ ] a man5173.66.32
hey yeah what thought that was you where5177.1195.56
you guys at I don't know where are you5179.924.84
oh wait we're up here is that you I can5182.6795.321
hear him you see me hey yeah yeah hey5184.764.8
took us long enough to recognize who we5188.04.32
were all right guys let's go down there5189.563.04
right hi what are y'all doing well we5195.65.079
just killed that one big thing oh the5198.6795.04
big teddy bear well no he was yeah I5200.6794.681
mean it wasn't that hard but um what'd5203.7193.96
you get from him I got a skeleton key5205.365.4
and man this meat this like honch that5207.6794.681
I'm roasted honch oh I've got some5210.763.52
roasted hunch dude it's so good5212.363.52
delicious where are you guys going now5214.283.6
uh we're going to go kill the other one5215.883.6
oh cool yeah yeah what are you guys5217.884.319
doing uh treasure map hunt I don't know5219.486.48
great great let's just go yeah I know5222.1995.721
later Hees lead the5225.964.759
way uh okay I don't actually I don't5227.924.12
know where I'm going well just keep5230.7192.681
following the river you said uh the5232.043.28
anchor right yeah so if we keep5233.43.2
following the river we'll run into the5235.323.24
anchor and you told me you knew where it5236.63.32
was so I was just like I'll just follow5238.563.84
ABS yeah come this way oh okay5239.925.759
okay oh I see the back hand [ __ ] right5242.45.759
here I see the anchor yep here's the5245.6794.401
anchor oh wow I've never seen this oh5248.1593.281
yeah well I remember that because uh5250.082.599
that little that little house that you5251.443.04
and Simon built it's right up the way oh5252.6793.801
really yeah cool I came by here once5254.483.44
that's why I remembered where it's at5256.484.6
all right let me read so you listening5257.925.6
uh yeah yeah Blackhand ship there's an5261.084.8
anchor from the anchor take 45 steps5263.525.199
Walk Don't Run North tell you what I'm5265.884.279
going to leave this priest on the beach5268.7193.881
here let's keep an eye on him okay right5270.1595.201
once you take 45 steps North turn to the5272.67.24
East and take 50 steps 50 steps East yep5275.366.16
so what's what's after that is there5279.844.08
another marker then you got to go south5281.525.88
once you do that 25 steps South 25 South5283.925.36
okay all right and then what finally5287.46.6
turn East what and take 150 steps right5289.287.919
Benny so further this way Yep this5294.05.6
doesn't make any damn sense there hidden5297.1994.641
at the base of a mighty tree is a chest5299.66.519
tree ain't no damn trees around here5301.844.279
god oh Jesus what's the matter you okay5315.087.48
no did you fall no you didn't this5319.525.56
thing's oh god oh that's different than5322.564.36
all the other ones of them this is a I'm5325.083.92
coming up don't come up okay that's5326.923.96
where bad things are all right I'm5329.05.8
coming down go down oh boy did did my5330.887.759
one of my thrs fell okay okay I can't5334.85.56
see hold on I'm just getting my [ __ ]5338.6394.281
together you see me I know right now I5340.367.48
see my thr I think uh-huh nope back to5342.927.68
follow okay bam all right hold on oh I5347.844.76
can't see all right you see my light do5350.64.36
you remember seeing those ghosts yeah5352.64.039
they pointed to where I'm like walking5354.965.239
now you see my light no I'm down below5356.6396.321
my guy fell or my girl fell she almost5360.1994.561
died this is really confusing for5362.963.759
everyone including us yep and I've been5364.765.12
eating bees for like 15 minutes dude5366.7195.041
I've got this sweet hunch you're right5369.884.16
below me oh that's okay I'm just I know5371.764.2
I got steak too but I'm still eating the5374.044.159
bees I saw a treasure chest up here5375.964.56
should I come up do you see me look to5378.1993.92
your right all you have to do is like5380.523.679
look around a little bit and you might5382.1194.52
see me but if you're above me how could5384.1994.361
I see you because if you just look to5386.6393.641
your right like I don't even know you5388.563.079
don't even know which way I'm facing you5390.283.0
told me to look right not see me right5391.6393.201
now Simon I don't know but you're tell5393.282.72
me to look to the right does that make5394.843.319
any sense how do you not see me go ahead5396.03.719
you can't shoot me [ __ ] you can't5398.1593.681
see me you're looking at my face there5399.7193.96
you go you're right in front of me but5401.844.359
still how the I thought you were up5403.6795.52
above how I know because I'm insane and5406.1994.52
I can't see things that are right in5409.1994.48
front of my face that's how there's a5410.7196.96
boss up there Simon I don't care you5413.6795.281
were right in front of me and I couldn't5417.6792.721
see you you get down you're on the same5418.964.12
level fine what do we do here what do we5420.44.2
do your light was your light was lit the5423.083.159
whole time wasn't it well unless I was5424.63.92
climbing but the did you just land here5426.2393.44
cuz all of a sudden I swear you just5428.526.119
showed up no no Simon you sure Simon I5429.6797.161
hear adah hop laughing shut the [ __ ] up5434.6394.08
well the goddess is always around us5436.847.04
yeah um Focus right on Focus do we try5438.7196.92
to fight that what's that over there oh5443.883.799
for [ __ ]5445.6394.721
balls looks like a5447.6795.281
fire okay so we found another anchor I5450.364.359
love that they put two Anor here for the5452.963.36
[ __ ] treasure man look I see a big5454.7194.361
tree uh yeah is it a mighty tree I don't5456.324.12
know we could probably just go straight5459.083.4
to it about to say just walk to the damn5460.444.0
tree I'm going run to it be careful5462.483.759
there's an enemy camp over there too I'm5464.444.4
an enemy camp which tree you looking at5466.2394.88
the big one uh that seems pretty far5468.844.56
away but I don't know I see one right5471.1194.241
here Mighty tree is this a big Mighty5473.43.719
tree yeah just look around the bottom of5475.364.0
that see if you see any uh chest all5477.1194.04
righty you guys don't don't want to do5479.363.319
steps again what are you talking about I5481.1593.401
see a chest hey there we go that's got5482.6794.44
to be it right yeah boom all right5484.563.88
silver and gold I feel like you should5487.1192.641
have let nebes get into that since it5488.443.48
was you know his whole treasure man I5489.764.2
risk my neck okay but I'll give it to5491.924.279
you did you take it yeah I did you took5493.965.08
it yeah oh here I'll put it back you5496.1995.321
have to do that let's go through oh I5499.045.0
can't even put it back in man we got5501.524.44
thicked again no you didn't so silver5504.043.48
and gold so well I guess we can go5505.963.84
shopping now right we can turn into gold5507.523.84
dust into silver and yeah you got to5509.84.439
build with it sometimes yeah I where we5511.365.4
at what should we do here hey let's do5514.2394.721
this every about turn your light off5516.764.439
turn turn the light off oh there comes5518.964.84
somebody wait hold on don't kill him why5521.1995.44
I want to try something okay help what5523.84.16
was that you need to hit him is that a5526.6392.241
Arrow ah they are light arrows wonder if5528.883.92
I can shoot somebody with it that's5531.563.4
pretty cool that cool though yeah how do5532.84.76
I look uh but where are you oh you look5534.965.8
spooky needes oo bounced off her [ __ ]5537.565.44
will you what on Earth can I not shoot5540.765.08
somebody with these things5543.02.84
ow that works H is glowing C hit me I5546.967.44
lit up no the light stays here a the5551.85.2
light just goes still that's still5554.45.319
pretty cool though yep I made that yeah5557.04.52
good job make those you got the other5559.7194.44
stuff found a treasure thick sto it not5561.524.599
bad hey come with me for adventure oh5564.1593.96
wait we left our priest on the beach are5566.1193.401
we going to go back for the priest I'm5568.1192.881
going to I want to go to this pirate5569.523.48
ship I was about to say yeah should we5571.03.84
go whoop these guys out5573.03.199
do it I'm going to go get that priest5574.842.44
well hey let's wait let's wait for the5576.1993.161
sun comes up so I can see I like to be5577.286.32
able to see when I whoop ass sck goodbye5579.367.2
folks salmon yes sir um I got to put5583.65.36
something in your thr okay okay I made a5586.564.88
bunch of [ __ ] and um I can't carry it5588.963.679
all you know what I mean and these THS5591.442.84
are tough they can carry a bunch of5592.6394.48
stuff all right okay um back on our5594.284.6
journey follow me yep Everybody follow5597.1194.6
me now how close realistically can we5598.885.64
get there in like 10 minutes no problem5601.7194.201
like running as long as we don't have5604.523.52
any issues 10 minutes yes does that make5605.923.96
you happy to know that makes me feel a5608.044.24
little happy knowing okay cuz we've been5609.884.92
traveling for so freaking long n5612.283.64
remember when we were just going to like5614.82.919
take the break after that first thing I5615.923.48
know but remember you know how I said we5617.7193.601
need at least four or five days off5619.44.279
after this more like a week now yeah5621.324.12
you're right y now after this let make5623.6795.121
sure seven days going the right way um5625.445.48
you know even if we go away for 5 days5628.83.319
it's like you know when you come back5630.923.6
you need like a a day to poop from your5632.1194.801
vacation no yeah you really mess up when5634.524.04
you jump right back into work after a5636.923.04
vacation you don't want to do that5638.563.679
nobody wants to do that that sound like5639.965.64
spoiled little shits yeah so after up5642.2397.681
here 7 days off at least let's make it5645.67.8
10 double digits dude you you read my5649.925.4
mind yeah that's what that's what5653.44.759
brothers do cuz we're brothers we are5655.326.12
we're siamese twins we are and we were5658.1595.921
we were we were connected at the butt5661.444.92
which is weird yep and we used to have5664.084.599
to [ __ ] on each other's butts we'd [ __ ]5666.365.6
into each other's butts which was always5668.6796.241
weird yeah you know especially I mean5671.966.32
cuz we just got separated at age 20 how5674.924.6
good did that feel when they when they5678.284.919
cut that uh tunnel I don't know I don't5679.525.24
know we were way too young we don't know5683.1994.501
no we were we were 205684.766.399
right but seriously I miss you [ __ ]5691.1594.801
on my ass oh I miss you [ __ ] all up5693.485.56
in my pooper too there you5695.966.279
go hey everyone it's me and abro hey5699.045.0
we're here we say our names for some5702.2394.161
reason coming to whoop the [ __ ] out of5704.044.96
you shut up with your arrow you dumb5706.45.2
dick I got him who a dead [ __ ]5709.04.56
he a dead [ __ ] yeah a dead5711.63.8
[ __ ] come here oh lady got a5713.563.679
soccer mom with her5715.44.319
knives oh all right I saw some arrows5717.2393.92
come in where are they from where are5719.7193.601
they from where are they from good J5721.1595.921
they oh there's guy hey you have be for5723.325.919
the black hand got a guy with a hammer5727.084.079
coming up here maybe oh yeah bunch out5729.2397.041
whoa hey big boy boy H you boy oh5731.1598.881
boy hey we're getting ambushed here boy5736.286.64
get on boys I bed the dark lord I bleed5740.046.44
you [ __ ] Dr oh look at this guy oh i5742.926.12
s him I feel like knocking somebody out5746.484.96
oh wait hey hey5749.047.48
Bubba o he thinks he's chewbaca bam5751.447.64
yellow bar knock his ass no AB don't5756.524.32
kill him oh we're knocking him out yeah5759.082.92
knock him out all right I didn't know5760.842.64
this I don't know let's knock him out5762.03.6
see what happens oh okay yeah hold on5763.484.12
he's uh he uh he's TRD it he's after me5765.63.84
we kill him pretty easily but oh sorry5767.63.519
he's bleeding I I did a lot of bleeding5769.443.719
damage to him he's slowly going down he5771.1194.361
might die I I I didn't hear the knockout5773.1594.881
thing uh yeah I think he might die no no5775.484.639
he might be good he might be good H all5778.046.04
right come on bing bong bing whoa5780.1197.681
Sir W woo he's got does he have an i an5784.086.2
ey patch I think he has an ey patch5787.84.64
thing what sir I happened to your eye5790.283.6
before we knock you out probably lost it5792.442.96
playing with his [ __ ] Trident who5793.883.88
does he think he is number number one5795.44.16
way that most people lose their eyes is5797.763.439
playing with a trident he thinks he's5799.564.32
Aquaman he thinks he's a shitty movie5801.1996.48
come on then he's almost down5803.883.799
thick oh man Captain yushua a fter5808.848.04
should we take him I want to take him I5814.883.68
mean we don't have a captain now we got5816.884.68
a captain well we got a captain yeah5818.564.119
sure let's get this guy out of here5821.563.04
we'll come back and and and pillage yeah5822.6794.56
I agree let's5824.62.639
move that's your captain song kind5829.044.639
of this was way too far away hold on5834.847.64
Simon what my sweet [ __ ] brother my5838.6396.361
dooky twin that's what we are what were5842.484.639
you saying sorry it's just just too long5845.04.08
of a trip well yeah but we're here I5847.1195.321
know finally here's the the key we5849.086.559
cannot set off we don't want that thing5852.447.4
to raise okay we don't want the the big5855.6396.48
do they look exactly the same yeah they5859.844.319
they're the same thing not even not even5862.1194.281
a different color no but if I can place5864.1594.361
a foundation up here off to the right I5866.44.4
can just make one solid wall I don't5868.523.8
have to build all the way around them I5870.83.2
don't think oh but we should have our5872.323.96
ladies stay back once we're up here all5874.06.04
right uh-oh thank you5876.286.68
goddess should we should we have I don't5880.045.559
know what's funny but should we have uh5882.965.32
oh wait a second [ __ ] Sandstorm oh5885.5994.201
wait what is this do we read this5888.285.839
Sandstorm I'm reading uh oh [ __ ] what ow5889.86.0
reading something you little [ __ ] I'm5894.1195.0
laying a bed down yeah I'm killing a5895.86.6
wolf Dam I even have a freaking bed all5899.1195.281
make one they're not so oh two w Simon5902.44.719
there's two I might die God okay Simon5904.45.799
oh [ __ ] oh don't worry about that b all5907.1195.961
right son of a [ __ ] [ __ ] are you what5910.1995.281
I'm running okay well I was I guess5913.084.8
there's no point in me running well no I5915.483.679
mean there's a point in you help me5917.883.64
fight well I don't know where you are5919.1593.921
well now I'm running from I'm just5921.524.32
running okay run run I'm going to make a5923.086.2
bed we're brothers we are brothers fight5925.846.68
and bicker we Brothers bicker we're yep5929.284.68
we're bickerer5932.523.199
oh God how'd you get up here you little5933.964.279
[ __ ] all right I'm going on the rock all5935.7194.241
right I'm going to I'm going to find a5938.2393.521
place to put a bed in case I die5939.964.56
stupidly that's a good call come on it's5941.764.72
not it's not letting me place a bed5944.524.24
Simon they're killing our uh our THS by5946.485.56
the way who's killing our THS the Wolves5948.766.839
I have not even seen one wolf how how5952.045.88
how I just hear you screaming and5955.5994.681
bitching brother I thought you were with5957.925.239
me my sweet twin no because you ran and5960.284.64
you said you kept on running and running5963.1593.281
how did you think I was with you I was5964.923.08
still in the same area where I got5966.444.279
attacked I have no idea where you are5968.05.0
where are you I am I'm by the giant5970.7195.44
swords I'm looking by the giant5973.05.4
swords you want going to come up even5976.1593.881
higher I just wanted some help with5978.44.279
these [ __ ] wolves oh damn it I'm5980.044.0
still looking you're probably right in5982.6793.04
front of me like it was at night time5984.043.0
with the torch okay at least you're5985.7195.841
aware of that is this you I'm not a wolf5987.049.24
I see you or a female Archer hello hello5991.566.4
all right let me do this this is going5996.284.959
to be so good Simon what impression time5997.965.639
um is it a celebrity or somebody that we6007.325.48
know and celebrity that we know oh we6010.1594.161
know the6012.85.12
celebrity Jack Nicholson no it's abro6014.325.799
you were close I6017.925.64
know that's a horrible impression6020.1195.801
can you do a better one no but I don't6023.567.32
try try though oh I just killed6025.924.96
both how about this one hold on hold on6031.566.48
look at me yeah6034.283.76
okay hey man hey it's me uh I forgot to6060.7197.041
read some tablets to get some armor last6064.046.04
anyways uh let me look for these things6067.764.919
cuz there's tablets and O this looks6070.084.32
like one yeah I mean you don't have to6072.6794.641
come come over here all right learn that6074.44.56
let me just make sure there's nothing6077.323.72
else uh do you know is there anything6078.964.44
else in here I need hold on yeah you're6081.044.639
not going to hit me no you're doing that6083.45.56
thing excuse me all right it's got to be6085.6795.761
okay more tablets over here new Feats6088.963.96
Pride of the silent6091.444.799
Legion okay watch out move I'm trying to6092.925.319
get through don't want anything from6096.2394.241
your culinary school all right I think I6098.2396.4
got everything hey thanks and uh yeah6100.488.159
aah start the episode6104.6394.0
Simon yes Alias one day this will all be6128.046.24
yours what do you6132.04.8
mean I was just kidding hey let's [ __ ]6134.285.08
this guy up uh yeah you ready for this6136.85.08
uh yeah I don't see him uh well I'll bet6139.364.12
he'll come out shortly hopefully works6141.883.719
just like last time there he is you6143.484.6
don't see him oh I see him now sure all6145.5994.961
right that hit yep game on all right6148.084.8
good morning hey buddy do you remember6150.565.4
your cousin or brother or he be dead6152.886.16
uncle he be dead y the nice one you're6155.965.639
the dick yep yeah you're the reason why6159.044.48
we killed your nice family member all6161.5993.201
right which route are you taking is he6163.522.76
going let's let's make sure he doesn't6164.84.2
go that way [ __ ] all right Simon okay6166.284.6
plan failed already plan failed let's go6169.03.8
to the other side where where like where6170.884.96
he came prop okay good call yeah we can6172.84.76
do this all day we we need to get them6175.843.68
stuck in the wall I know come on you6177.564.079
little [ __ ] oh that's not it yo he's6179.524.88
stuck oh yeah okay no that's not it you6181.6395.08
are a lot smarter than your freaking6184.44.64
he's so smart this guy oh we didn't6186.7196.201
bring any uh THS oh that would have been6189.046.639
good dude this is so dumb yeah we should6192.924.12
not be doing6195.6793.96
this all right you know what we need6197.045.119
more wall pieces and THS y wall pieces6199.6395.48
and THS6202.1592.96
hello hey thick oh hey neebs what's up6208.1995.0
nothing I just went back to that6212.03.04
culinary school where I had to learn6213.1993.761
different armor types and all sorts of6215.044.04
[ __ ] so just ran through there got that6216.963.6
stuff what are you doing with the help6219.083.32
of abro I got some snake pants like6220.565.159
yours oo yeah looking good my friend6222.47.199
well thank you so today I'd like to I'd6225.7195.88
like to become a better Archer been6229.5993.761
practicing with the bow you know what6231.5993.56
I'm saying cuz I got the healing stuff6233.363.759
and the the poison stuff oh yeah well6235.1593.601
I've got the poison arrows too uh but6237.1193.161
you got the healing arrows right yeah6238.764.08
it's pretty that's awesome where's abso6240.284.52
I don't know he's been renovating have6242.845.04
you noticed yeah it looks yeah it looks6244.85.799
like a a Cino in Vegas up at the top of6247.885.719
this you know Stone building here yep6250.5994.321
let's uh probably a bunch of slot6253.5995.0
machines up there let's go check it out6254.926.719
yeah man this is fancy he's got skulls6258.5995.04
down here at the come in citizen there6261.6394.0
we go okay6263.6395.281
citizen well hello how you guys doing6265.6395.52
hey what's up uh should I shut the door6268.923.84
sure yeah yeah keep you know keep it6271.1594.801
cool wow look at this place yeah oo6272.765.439
candles where where's he at huh you6275.965.0
don't see me no how do you not see me6278.1994.161
you don't see this guy up here on top of6280.963.88
this look got looking on your yeah no6282.365.04
there's no one on my screen right now6284.845.72
the empty Throne wow abro you have6287.45.64
really outdone yourself thanks man hey6290.564.24
listen I like this place kind of don't6293.042.52
want to leave but what are you guys6294.82.64
getting into today anything anything fun6295.563.84
I was going to summon my goddess now6297.443.92
that sounds fun I'm all about summoning6299.44.36
a God and I wanted to go fight something6301.364.6
big with my goddess yeah let's go summon6303.763.16
God all right Simon let's try this again6306.925.56
all right we got more uh snags in place6309.765.2
this should help I trust you you want to6312.485.199
do his energy is back to full of course6314.965.4
yep all right let's see follow me please6317.6794.081
or okay okay that's all right this is a6321.765.56
mess but oh he's coming through isn't he6325.323.76
is he through already oh no he might be6327.324.08
stuck right there oh come on baby he6329.085.24
might be stuck Simon oh yeah he might be6331.46.04
stuck you might be just as dumb as your6334.325.359
relative oh no no no no no no don't try6337.446.88
to go around he's smarter if you all6339.6798.44
right it's stuck on a Sandstone wall so6344.325.359
we just got to he might be a rock6348.1195.0
creature right all right did you like6349.6796.121
worthy yeah that didn't work Simon no6353.1194.361
didn't work and now we got to run all6355.82.919
the way6357.484.199
around he might be stuck Simon we just6358.7194.4
going to have to do this like in a6361.6792.92
really oh wait is he going to stay there6363.1193.961
cuz he's scared to fall yeah I'm sure6364.5994.961
he's scared yeah he's Undead yep he's6367.084.88
Undead all right get him back in here we6369.565.039
can make this work come come on back in6371.967.679
here if you nope6374.5997.56
nope so guys I got to upgrade this place6379.6393.921
a couple times yeah I didn't realize6382.1592.721
we'd have to sit here and watch you do6383.564.639
this hey but look uh I do have a plan6384.886.52
what I need are insects and pieces from6388.1996.121
people like body part stab yeah but with6391.44.759
a specific knife I'm I'm going to drop6394.324.08
this it's called duretto kiss so if you6396.1594.04
guys could go out and just kill people6398.43.799
and grab insects cuz every time I craft6400.1994.321
something this makes a Zeal thing that6402.1994.761
allows me to upgrade I can upgrade once6404.524.599
right now cuz I have enough but then6406.963.36
like after this I'm going to need a6409.1192.881
bunch more of those little coins okay6410.324.319
we'll go to that V up there and we'll uh6412.04.639
get lots of body parts one over there6414.6393.841
yeah okay yeah that seems like a decent6416.6393.361
place to get body parts so stab them6418.483.48
with that knife okay so you can get the6420.03.52
things from them gotcha works like my6421.962.37
beautiful are you actually stuck right6428.6394.801
now is he stuck I mean he's staying here6431.1193.801
I shot him like 10 times he hasn't6433.443.12
mooved well if he stays there this will6434.923.64
only take another 45 minutes perfect6436.564.92
perfect yeah THS are good we need to6438.564.84
remember that I don't know how we forgot6441.483.679
we're usually pretty damn responsible6443.43.199
should I be shooting him in the head no6445.1593.681
I'm going to no sometimes it bounces up6446.5993.721
okay here we go that was a good hit that6448.843.96
was a good hit oh and you ruined it with6450.324.799
a good hit you did no no we're still6452.85.48
good though come on baby come on baby so6455.1194.801
sometimes he's like oh I hate it and6458.283.68
sometimes he like oh I'm so tired he's6459.925.44
had a long day oh yeah another good hit6461.967.199
item broke my bow just broke Simon I can6465.369.48
make a bow that's easy okay6469.1595.681
wow I even have the [ __ ] like I was6477.03.52
going man I don't I'm not going to have6478.524.639
the the materials but I I got you6480.525.48
covered he's taking a naap nappy nap we6483.1594.881
woke him up I'll eat some steak this6486.04.48
will be nice yes I'm I'm enjoying this6488.044.52
it's a nice day even if it's raining6490.484.6
like rainy6492.562.52
day um you see that thing jump our our6496.765.64
job just got easy rro yeah all we got to6500.483.52
do is wait for this spider to kill thing6502.42.48
what that's thing we're going to have to6504.03.0
lead the spider out of this Village uh6504.884.52
right well I'm pretty fast so I maybe I6507.04.4
can outrun him yeah well I mean all we6509.44.4
got to do is climb right yeah he not a6511.44.04
very good climbing spider hey you got a6513.82.76
guy beside you I don't know if he wants6515.442.64
to fight you or the spider hey we're6516.563.24
watching the spider go fight go help6518.082.639
people fine you want to do it the hard6520.7194.52
way there do it the hard way jackass oh6522.83.799
your friend's going towards the spider6525.2393.801
abro uh oh no he's not he's attacking6526.5994.08
that poor bastard just sitting down over6529.043.079
there he seems like he's in danger6530.6793.241
though so yeah yeah but I don't really6532.1194.08
like him you know you don't no if he6533.925.04
dies I can give a [ __ ] okay well he6536.1994.361
might cuz they're they're ganging up on6538.963.199
him all right I'll take out this bow and6540.564.8
arrow guy I'm out friendship look at6542.1595.601
that I hope he values your friendship6545.364.12
abro I hope so too he's getting his ass6547.763.2
kicked by a woman do you know his6549.483.44
birthday I don't that's that's like a6550.964.04
friend thing isn't it I don't really6552.923.52
know when your birthday is I don't know6555.02.8
when your birthday is either I don't6556.444.4
think it's a friend thing wait uh6557.85.68
September yeah it's in September okay6560.844.56
and yours yours is in August hey we're6563.484.56
we're buddies it counts right so we got6565.44.239
the months down we know that that's6568.042.8
close enough I'm not going to remember a6569.6394.0
day yeah I can't do all that just come6570.844.359
September I'll say hey ain't your6573.6395.921
birthday around here yeah all right it6575.1994.361
is come on oh oh no no you're probably6582.527.36
I'm happy I'm here I didn't have a sword6588.03.88
out you didn't have a sword out cuz I6589.883.759
was climbing6591.883.08
come on let's do this I'm wait I'm6593.6393.04
waiting for the sliver let's do this6594.963.719
like man that's not enough of a SLI6596.6794.0
can't hit you from there oh now he's6598.6793.641
stuck all right maybe maybe he's not6600.6793.241
stuck he's like on top of it he's6602.324.44
perched he was s but he is not moving6603.924.96
all right how the hell did I get two6606.765.72
Bows Oh [ __ ] here we go all right when I6608.887.12
hit okay oh that's not oh [ __ ] okay6612.486.08
Simon that's the6616.07.76
sliver come on [ __ ] come on here we go6618.569.32
come on come on you want to suck on that6623.767.439
Simon don't die don't die don't die s6627.886.279
run okay get him away from my body okay6631.1994.92
hold on get off my body I don't think he6634.1594.321
deserves honor anymore no no just just6636.1195.321
[ __ ] him up yeah no I'm taking him down6638.485.639
I need my stuff one more two more shots6641.445.159
come on a for [ __ ] sake all right I'm6644.1195.641
going I'm going for it again ah come on6646.5995.64
jump it in the air no can't get to you6649.764.56
am I going get to you you little6652.2394.96
[ __ ] okay how do I get up6654.325.0
there all right I'll just shoot you from6657.1994.681
here then good call right in the tus is6659.324.52
he follow yeah get him in the tus come6661.885.96
on like a man like with honor6663.848.56
tus oh [ __ ] wolf why he can't hit me6667.847.239
there's a wolf here oh I gained a level6672.43.92
wolfy all6676.326.52
right um [ __ ] is he dead is he dead I6678.486.759
[ __ ] did yeah hey well it's debatable6682.845.64
who got him dead no it's not that was6685.2396.96
all you can't get to my it was all you6688.486.639
buddy [ __ ] oh how do you look at you6692.1994.04
because I'm6695.1193.761
good what how what do I do to get I6696.2395.96
forget the [ __ ] e that Harvest sure6698.885.64
Harvest hit him with something what yeah6702.1994.281
get him6704.525.28
what where's that W what do you want I6706.485.84
don't know you don't know I harvest this6709.84.64
guy I don't even have any tools to do it6712.324.96
you don't no I don't have an axe okay6714.446.0
well I'll get him6717.283.16
good th I'm sorry I'm just waiting on6721.286.319
more brick that's all I need so6724.1195.96
boring I think enough how long till we6727.5994.52
get to fight the spider I don't know did6730.0793.921
you see the spider yeah he's over there6732.1193.761
he's in the camp he killed half the camp6734.05.079
for us that's how we got your uh sliver6735.886.4
juice I see a kitten in the clouds oh6739.0795.921
yeah yeah you see a kitten in the clouds6742.284.6
what are you talking about I'm looking6745.05.599
at the clouds I see Puerto Rico mhm they6746.885.319
all kind of like Islands don't they yeah6750.5993.04
a little bit like the the two right6752.1994.081
there they almost look identical yep the6753.6394.241
other day I saw a penis in the cloud and6756.284.28
I thought of you that's nice yep I know6757.884.92
how much you like penises mhm in6760.566.079
September it's super weird what is it6762.85.439
you and penises anyways they're fun we6766.6393.361
all have them they're fun they're fun to6768.2393.721
take out and swing around don't I mean6770.04.599
we have we have them yeah ladies don't6771.963.92
they got their own fun bits everybody6774.5993.881
has fun bits that's the point okay I6775.883.839
like the fun bits all right I think I6778.482.8
have enough I think I have enough oh6779.7193.241
really to upgrade should I go get the6781.283.08
spider I'm going to go get the spider6782.962.96
you ready okay well I'll go get the6784.364.759
spider no wait not yet not yet all right6785.926.4
craft crafting there's a bar oh boy I'm6789.1194.321
going to lay down and look at the clouds6792.323.56
some I want to get the spider can I get6793.444.679
it where's the kitten can I get it yeah6795.884.12
fine go ahead and get the kitten I mean6798.1193.881
the spider where's the kitten you say6800.03.599
kitten in the6802.03.32
look up and then uh leave leave your6803.5993.881
camera still and then adahop will uh6805.324.919
magically put a kitten there see it look6807.486.44
at that cute little bastard hey6810.2393.681
Kitty halfway6815.286.28
there all right Simon I just sliced them6817.766.64
up bunch of meat and another skeleton6821.565.039
key I'll give you that one I don't think6824.44.0
I should have it no you got the final6826.5994.04
kill I know but you know what what's the6828.44.64
point it's I'm like a child to put it on6830.6394.161
a string and hang it around my neck hey6833.044.48
let's look around for a chest okay there6834.84.359
should be one around here I don't know6837.522.679
you'd think there'd be something more6839.1593.681
than okay I remember hey thick and I met6840.1995.4
that that big thing really yeah was6842.844.68
creepy but he was very very friendly I I6845.5994.161
liked him quite a bit nice all right6847.524.84
chest oh oh what's this nope that's not6849.764.68
a chest yep loose loot chest ran right6852.363.759
by it not high enough level but I have a6854.444.56
skeleton key good [ __ ] well what do you6856.1195.721
mean [ __ ] I can't open it you can't open6859.05.719
it well you think unless I have to put6861.845.08
that in my what about the other key I6864.7193.321
can't move the key You' think it would6866.924.88
automat I can't what the [ __ ] Simon what6868.046.84
what level are you uh well it says I can6871.86.08
open it by hitting e yeah then hit it6874.885.88
hold okay what level are you just cancel6877.888.199
and uh what level am I I am 67 what is6880.767.479
that a thing are you 67 yeah what are6886.0793.281
50 wow tell you you need focus more on6889.365.759
gaming yeah get let me give you this key6893.044.679
okay well how do I get I don't even know6895.1193.921
how to get in this [ __ ] thing it says6897.7194.321
e a loot I mean like I hit interact let6899.045.48
me give you the key and then try okay6902.044.28
you're wasting time oh sorry I didn't6904.523.079
realize that was part of the thing you6906.323.319
are give me the key great it's on the6907.5993.361
ground in the bag hearing the giggles in6909.6392.721
the background doesn't make me up it's6910.962.88
on the ground in a bag just pick up the6912.365.279
key pick up the key uh loot pick it up F6913.845.839
pick the key okay now go try for the6917.6393.681
chest I have to read sometimes try the6919.6793.641
chest do I need to put it in a slot just6921.323.399
just don't rush me just try to open the6923.322.72
chest I'm the one who's here to help you6924.7192.4
open the chest don't even don't even6926.044.0
rush me just open it okay there's that6927.1194.201
interact loot6930.043.48
chest you're not high enough level son6931.324.2
of a [ __ ] so it's probably been saying6933.523.119
that the whole time but I just didn't6935.522.32
see it come up6936.6394.241
because I6937.845.399
suffer no you're fine we did a good job6940.883.48
but uh we're just not ready for that6943.2393.741
chest damn it all right we're going home6944.366.67
there I think I got it finally I'm sorry6958.1596.08
I ran out of Harden brick and I had to6962.0795.0
upgrade the the furnace and then I yeah6964.2393.88
I don't even want to talk about it and6967.0792.52
all these bugs you got to collect so6968.1194.08
many bugs and crap god let's just get6969.5993.6
over neees where's he at yeah thick he's6973.1995.841
over there near the camp go get the6977.44.199
spider are you awake spider get the6979.046.559
spider spider time spider time woo okay6981.5996.04
so the spider is over there are there6985.5994.56
any enemies down here like seriously do6987.6395.881
it do it okay let's need to bring more6990.1595.721
enemies I think hopefully wonder if6993.525.48
he'll follow me from here let's see Fire6995.885.52
come on oh I hit him oh I got his6999.06.0
attention come on baby yep he looks7001.47.319
interested here we go oh boy yeah you7005.05.04
like a little uh you like a little bug7008.7193.681
down there um no I'm not a bug I'm a7010.044.36
Warrior need the bug Warrior okay7012.44.4
where's he at needs bugs oh I see7014.45.719
him okay there he is oh boy he's don't M7016.84.879
he's see just7020.1194.881
coming just run run towards this place7021.6796.0
doing it okay okay I'm going to I'm7025.05.679
going to try to make this happen stop7027.6795.241
yeah I don't see a spider on you I think7030.6794.721
he might be close enough okay now piss7032.925.56
him off a little more I'm on it him off7035.45.239
oh I hit him all right you ready oh7038.483.96
there he is I'm going hit crap on this7040.6394.281
thing craft it here we go might take a7042.445.08
while let's do it my name's s44 my7044.925.759
girlfriend's here to kick your7047.523.159
ass do you have to watch a bar go from7053.046.039
left to right yeah Jesus oh [ __ ] how7055.526.079
long I don't want to talk about it how7059.0796.801
long just let's see hey let's just fight7061.5997.841
and and if she shows up7065.883.56
cool out yeah oh watch out honey here we7070.368.08
go okay yeah you know I like her but no7074.1596.681
spatial awareness yeah none whatsoever7078.446.52
there's hot tub etiquette yep you um7080.848.44
okay it is ow Hey ow okay stop it you7084.966.44
might want to just get up oh my God it's7089.284.839
okay wow all right well this was fun7091.45.92
yeah holy [ __ ] Simon getting you getting7094.1196.681
the she likes you I know she does and I7097.326.68
don't mind this no I kind of do so uh7100.85.96
this isn't working for me anymore no and7104.05.0
the other dude out there like he's that7106.763.6
guy that's just an introvert he doesn't7109.04.199
want to be here I think it's a chick oh7110.366.0
yep um hey you want to come in the hot7113.1996.121
tub no no would you want to come in if7116.366.44
this crazy woman was in here come on all7119.326.44
right was that wow all right I'm I'm I'm7122.85.6
done with this I too all come on let's7125.764.959
get out I'm stuck in her come on get off7128.45.44
of me there we go okay Jesus vacation7130.7195.321
over yeah vacation over let's get back7133.844.12
to work okay we got things to do have a7136.045.199
seat yeah it's break time woo and now7137.966.279
there's a sandstorm but we're safe we7141.2395.241
are are we safe we're in shelter oh we7144.2394.281
are we're in 3/4 shelter so we should be7146.484.119
good this is nice it's nice to be off on7148.523.92
days like this but aren't we technically7150.5994.48
working right now yes yeah so this is7152.444.639
work but we can't do anything so it's7155.0793.64
like we're on vacation but technically7157.0793.921
we're working yeah I don't think she's7158.7194.641
going to leave the hot tub oh that's7161.03.639
fine she doesn't have to leave she can7163.363.0
stay there all day that's true let's not7164.6393.321
even tell the guys where she is not7166.364.0
going to yeah and you sweetheart you7167.964.48
keep your mouth closed yeah you7170.363.52
understand shut it it's none of your7172.444.639
business sick of your yapping right I7173.885.239
just saw something outside the window7177.0794.921
what hold on saw something outside the7179.1195.721
window a lot of Windows I know maybe I7182.05.8
don't know what it was oh well there's7184.845.839
here here investigate just oh might have7187.84.919
just I might have just seen some some7190.6794.161
debris flying by the window yeah we're7192.7194.121
losing our [ __ ] I thought I saw somebody7194.843.319
though we're getting stir crazy I7196.843.44
thought somebody was here I really do7198.1593.641
need to get back to work let's just get7200.283.24
back to work okay back to work we're7201.83.799
good I wish I didn't say that I don't7203.523.03
want to go back to7205.5995.35
work oh here we go Avatar I saw that7212.1997.561
okay holy crap look up in the sky oh7216.365.92
what is going on there's like a funnel7219.764.68
cloud is this just going to summon a7222.284.72
tornado and kill us all uh maybe should7224.445.199
I bring the spider in why not I don't7227.05.48
see a godess or a God or anything is it7229.6398.641
coming yeah baby there is coming7232.485.8
W spiders I'm my back I got 2 minutes7248.2395.561
that's your God she looks [ __ ] gross7251.484.84
help sorry she's like Too Faced like7253.83.919
half of her is7256.324.839
ew SPID zombie that's not sexy think I'm7257.7198.161
coming okay oh there spider holy7261.1598.601
moly kill that kisses do I even hit it7265.886.16
oh Jesus did you just kill it that was7269.766.12
one thing what the hell was that it damn7272.045.559
how long do you have this thing we7275.883.759
should go back home and I got it for7277.5995.52
another minute 30 a minute 30 that's it7279.6397.52
go to that oh B step on it [ __ ] idiot7283.1197.96
who's there what n you step down nees7287.1596.121
sorry nees is there anything else I can7291.0794.961
kill around here um yeah go up into that7293.285.72
camp yeah man you have the grossest ass7296.046.48
I have ever seen well uh I'm sorry I7299.06.0
didn't pick this stay on that side this7302.524.48
looks much better I like that side don't7305.03.8
turn around anymore I don't want to see7307.06.84
it you look [ __ ] gross hey hey neat7308.86.64
sorry about stepping on you Nick you're7313.843.839
so big and crazy looking okay now I want7315.444.799
to see everybody's G cuz that is awesome7317.6794.92
yeah so if you do like a Tinder profile7320.2394.161
yeah that's that's your bad side yeah7322.5995.321
yeah do not show that oh oh thick7324.45.719
where'd you go I don't know uh never7327.924.56
mind I was just leaving right here oh7330.1194.56
you're back I'm back7332.484.92
hey that was7334.6795.801
awesome I mean gross but awesome hey7337.45.64
let's Harvest that spider let's do it7340.484.96
what we get from this guy oh I hope7343.044.44
treasure skeleton key skeleton key what7345.443.759
does that open I don't know Bo you think7347.483.4
it open everything right oh wait the box7349.1994.121
I found it was right over here oh yeah7350.885.92
oo come on baby on something good L's7353.327.16
Drinker what I got a legendary weapon oo7356.85.839
it's called El's Drinker hold on pull it7360.484.32
out pull it out whip about to7362.6397.44
it that that look like a sword yeah damn7364.89.12
man ooh Dam it 53 damn now that's a good7370.0796.16
sword yeah don't let Simon find that7373.924.48
hell no that is your sword I'll chop him7376.2395.561
and slice him and chop7378.43.4
SCE yeah I could have SW I let me tell7384.1193.921
you I could have swore I saw something7386.523.639
out there I hear stuff you hear stuff I7388.046.039
hear a something above who goes there7390.1595.281
all right [ __ ] it I'm going to see I'll7394.0792.241
here oh that whoa whoa whoa whoa where7396.325.52
the [ __ ] did you come from what do you7399.563.88
what's going on there's some there's a7401.845.6
some chick up here okay she looks tough7403.446.36
oh boy uh Simon one sec a chick fighting7407.444.719
you well she wants to fight can you can7409.85.72
you handle it yeah I can well now she's7412.1597.121
fight ah hold on oh [ __ ] really want my7415.525.92
truding kind of want a keeper do you7419.286.48
need help n you you relax Bud okay good7421.446.04
certainly is a nice7425.766.919
day go oh [ __ ] oh oh [ __ ]7427.488.36
ow I can't do the stuck stuck do you7432.6795.44
sound like you're in distress nope good7435.844.04
you're fine oh I'm great cuz you're7438.1194.241
you're say yeah but why am I so heavy7439.885.96
why what's what's going on here ow Simon7442.366.44
Simon tough okay I can't do the roll7445.845.08
thing [ __ ] she's going to Simon I'm7448.84.319
stuck stuck Simon do you want me to help7450.925.04
you or not yeah I'm good oh okay I don't7453.1194.721
think I'm going to be able to ow Simon7455.963.04
[ __ ] are you okay or not no7459.07.0
oh you're not okay all right here maybe7462.325.96
maybe I can get this lady to follow me I7466.05.48
can't oh [ __ ] all right ow follow me7468.285.68
here we go I don't know if that's going7471.484.92
to work cuz I oh I'm hurt where are you7473.965.4
at just came back to where you were okay7476.44.719
well where oh there you are yeah howy7479.364.44
you do go kill her huh go kill her all7481.1197.12
right hey you know you like it yeah baby7483.88.12
good job Simon took her downtown come a7488.2396.761
squad hold on there's a candle in there7491.925.679
what what the hell is what is this7495.06.28
flawless light turban I have a new7497.5995.321
ooh huh check that out took away my long7502.926.92
hair and now I right you have a you put7507.883.839
a t-shirt on your head good job it's a7509.844.759
nice t-shirt though it's got barely any7511.7195.36
smell all right you guys ready yeah yeah7517.2395.521
I'm here big boy here we do I'm doing it7520.44.52
one upgrade coming up all right I got to7522.763.76
watch the bar go from left to right7524.924.84
uh-huh I Surrender yay why are you7526.524.76
surrendering Simon I don't know I7529.762.799
thought my hands would eventually go7531.283.56
down and we got to wait anyway so do7532.5594.56
some of your things uh he doing it he7534.845.2
doing it right now in three two one here7537.1193.6
go okay oh nice sweet okay look at that7540.7196.92
guy yeah what can I craft now oo I can7544.5595.201
craft some nice7547.6395.881
clothing you know what I'll bet you can7549.765.56
the clothes of my thing are they don't7553.524.48
seem that good just blue blue pants like7555.324.72
jeans just like high water blue jeans7558.04.44
you can oh like knickers is that what7560.044.28
they call them is it I don't know I7562.443.239
think nickers is underwear isn't it yeah7564.323.08
nickers yeah it's like you're underwear7565.6793.201
yeah nickers I didn't know that like oh7567.43.04
I want to see your nickers I can see7568.883.199
your nickers woo that's some nice7570.444.52
nickers lady next time I'm that's good7572.0794.721
pillow talk huh yeah show me your7574.964.239
nickers it works every single time can I7576.85.64
sniff your nickers7579.1995.161
talk I don't think that no I think he7582.443.6
was being sarcastic of course it's not7584.363.879
good pillow no wants to use nickers well7586.043.679
even if you said underwear it's not that7588.2393.161
sexy is it no no no one was show your7589.7192.641
underwear no one's going to bring up7591.42.199
underwear in Pillow Talk he was being7592.364.12
sarcastic show your under draws he was7593.5995.201
being sarcastic I know he doesn't mean7596.483.759
knickers I'm just saying underwear7598.82.919
doesn't work either what you want thick7600.2393.44
can you make black ice in there I need7601.7193.321
ice I can make ice but not black ice7605.046.84
damn it so that's a big old no from me7609.1194.721
know why Simon and I are dancing cuz you7611.884.6
want attention no cuz we're on7613.845.48
vacation hey you guys want to go with me7616.486.92
to tackle a frost Giant7619.324.08
tough out man my health is already down7648.445.88
woo okay Shields up attack him I got his7652.1193.801
attention yeah I got some bleed damage7654.324.04
going on him yeah a boy stick him in the7655.925.96
butt here we go he went around I got you7658.365.239
I'm beding he moves every time I swing7661.883.719
he's on me here we go healing up heeld7663.5995.08
is up get more bleed damage going what7665.5994.281
is this thing have you ever seen one of7668.6794.52
these no so it's got a skull on it is7669.885.04
that me is this a boss are we fighting7673.1994.321
the boss no it would have three skulls7674.925.239
on it a boss oh it's too tough to be a7677.524.84
regular animal right I hope anyway's a7680.1593.801
regular animal all right watch out big7682.365.0
watch out oh there we go come on got the7683.965.0
bleed going I guess I can only I can7687.362.839
stack 207688.963.84
bleeding okay you got him yeah keep him7690.1995.161
distracted keep him distracted easy7692.84.6
thick oh he7695.367.199
turned coming in get get oh oh c R AB7697.47.679
thr hardly knew you actually we knew him7702.5594.921
really well okay well he's pretty smart7705.0793.721
about beds he's probably not too far7707.483.759
away yeah hey there's a mammoth over7708.85.04
there too and I know from experience7711.2395.641
that those are incredibly uh strong so7713.845.2
let's avoid mammoths I've actually been7716.884.359
under its Hooves do they have hooves7719.043.8
they have hooves right I don't think so7721.2393.281
I think you're a crazy nut I I don't7722.844.04
know I haven't I mean I was under its7724.524.32
feet You' seen an elephant foot right7726.884.0
yeah I wouldn't consider that a hoof I7728.844.359
don't know it's like a pad with don't7730.884.719
have [ __ ] hoves toenails I've seen7733.1994.601
toenails on these things welcome back7735.5994.48
abso thank you man having a day already7737.84.359
these costumes are ridiculous by the way7740.0795.201
uh shall we move on move on lead the way7742.1595.281
right H the life H what do you what what7756.5598.0
are you pondering Simon vacation just7761.5594.361
makes you think huh when you just look7764.5593.481
out there and all right I'm going to7765.924.799
address it you are I'm not happy with7768.044.159
the fact that there's a spider sitting7770.7193.96
over there well we've got a spider right7772.1994.52
there and then we've got a dead spider7774.6795.801
to your left mhm I mean this another one7776.7196.161
up on the hill like I don't like it7780.484.199
wouldn't spiders at all no I don't7782.883.4
either it wouldn't be my first choice I7784.6792.801
didn't know there were spiders on this7786.283.919
island but you just don't know no but7787.485.56
maybe they're on ification they might be7790.1994.121
I don't know I don't know that whole7793.044.36
world but they I mean but we could we7794.325.399
could kill them that's work but is it7797.44.279
work if it's fun we just set up the7799.7194.36
rules and immedi what are the rules7801.6793.96
Mister what are the rules if we just set7804.0793.361
them up tell me what are the rules to7805.6393.52
not work to not work but so it's not7807.443.44
really rules it's more like rule but7809.1594.881
it's like but this but work if I fight7810.885.96
spiders it makes my skin crawl I don't7814.044.599
enjoy it right okay so that's you go for7816.844.16
it Go Simon that's you go get them okay7818.6394.04
hold on this is what I'm going to do7821.03.079
going to sit here going to I'm going to7822.6793.721
if anytime at anytime I feel like I7824.0794.281
don't want to do this I'm going to stop7826.44.52
because this is for fun yeah go get him7828.364.239
all right hey7830.923.48
bucko hey7832.5995.08
bucko oh Jesus oh my God there's another7834.45.04
one of there's there's a couple that's7837.6794.641
work that looks like work come on back7839.445.0
Simon one of those one of those freaking7842.323.96
weird ass I don't even know how to7844.444.759
describe itd just something son of a7846.286.52
[ __ ] hey hey7849.1995.841
work oh wait what that you see that I7857.45.759
heard that what was that oh it's meteors7860.7197.801
meteors oh yes what me the meteor show7863.1598.0
up did you see it I saw I kind of saw it7868.524.599
and I gained the level look at me for7871.1594.121
watching a meteor running like a coward7873.1194.56
from mammoths the meteors are good cuz7875.284.68
we need to get those so we can make Star7877.6794.161
medal I didn't see where it landed did7879.964.599
you I the explosion was like behind us7881.843.96
so it had to have been somewhere over7884.5595.841
here look at this big thing yeah oh wow7885.88.0
wait is that yamir I don't know man7890.45.08
what's yamir look like does he look like7893.84.04
a it kind of reminds me of that uh you7895.486.8
know my altar oh oh thick oh Ram is Ram7897.846.56
going I think this is the meteor it's7902.284.52
stoking I found a smoking Rock that's7904.44.759
probably a meteor yeah hold on yeah come7906.83.68
over here oh yeah that looks like a7909.1592.601
meteor I mean look7910.484.04
yeah what are you getting nothing7911.764.68
nothing what are you using try this are7914.523.52
you using a metal pickaxe or like a a7916.444.279
basic [ __ ] pickaxe no I'm using uh I7918.044.559
tried iron and then hardened steel7920.7196.321
pickaxe nothing huh nothing it's not7922.5996.321
breaking you have to just keep at it is7927.044.44
this just a regular Rock I mean it it's7928.924.239
smoking I mean there's smoke coming off7931.484.32
the damn thing I got Stone from this one7933.1594.92
well yeah that's a regular Rock okay7935.83.879
maybe it's a pickaxe that we don't maybe7938.0793.16
we need a better pickaxe like you need7939.6793.88
pickaxe of the skylord or some crap like7941.2394.241
that I don't know we need to move on7943.5594.401
though we'll figure this out later got a7945.484.679
frost giant to kill oh Frost giant what7947.964.88
if I hit it with my daggers come on what7950.1593.96
if I hit it with my7952.843.319
shield give me some if I hit you with my7954.1194.161
shield come on if I do my skinning knife7956.1595.361
all right yeah midal note look for7958.287.56
better pickaxe and watch out for falling7961.524.32
meteorites oh I mean what does it all7966.965.759
mean man it's Consciousness it is an7969.365.52
awareness right conscious is it7972.7194.561
Consciousness or Consciousness7974.883.799
Consciousness you just said the same7977.285.959
thing twice Consciousness or cons7978.6797.161
conscience Consciousness is like they're7983.2394.641
different right well that I don't know7985.844.08
how though you you know it's about you7987.885.199
and who you truly are and not like your7989.925.36
ego which is what you've created yeah7993.0794.241
you created when you when you split as a7995.283.439
at some point in your life you split7997.323.52
into two separate egos you very you you7998.7194.561
you SP it as a child you well yeah the8000.844.6
first time you you you need to like8003.284.68
protect yourself um or you want and you8005.446.159
need your mom's tee yeah when you you8007.966.199
become two separate entities yeah one8011.5995.0
protecting the pure right but not always8014.1594.0
in the best way that's why that's why8016.5993.96
you might become an alcoholic or or you8018.1594.48
know what I mean what what did you say8020.5594.281
about becoming an alcoholic saying you8022.6395.121
need to remerge your8024.845.16
egos I'm bored right now what were you8027.763.64
looking at at the end of the island we8030.04.239
were getting where no like what did you8031.45.52
see down here uh well that was that's8034.2394.721
work over there dude I just want to see8036.923.92
it I'm [ __ ] bored man I love talking8038.963.679
to you but it's like the big weird8040.844.52
looking bug see what you know but it's8042.6394.801
not that big it's like three you see8045.363.96
there it is you see it oh God I don't8047.445.04
like that yeah that Simon what like8049.326.839
there it is Simon what we've not he it8052.486.36
sees us it does it see yeah come on back8056.1593.881
come on back we need to put down bed8058.844.48
rolls oh [ __ ] sorry sir yeah we're fine8060.044.76
I'll put down oh my God no we've never8063.323.08
seen anything like that of course we8064.85.04
have no we have not bed roll down I can8066.46.36
give a [ __ ] I listen I will gladly die8069.845.6
right now this isn't a matter of fight I8072.764.56
don't want to fight it I'm on vacation8075.444.119
I'm we're on vacation and work it's not8077.324.44
going to be much work right now actually8079.5595.721
if we die fight that no if we die dude8081.766.08
it is it wants I bet it spits it's got8085.283.959
to spit something let's have some fun8087.843.279
that's got to be a spitter all right no8089.2394.0
I don't think it is a spitter let's have8091.1195.48
some G on8093.2393.36
now game oh God you don't think it's a8103.965.96
the bear no bye bonage8107.488.56
bear wait a second okay okay oh okay8109.928.12
well oh God that thing's this thing's8116.044.639
tough yeah like the arrows like whatever8118.045.199
Arrow [ __ ] I could reach it he's got a8120.6796.361
big spike butt well listen wait this8123.2395.4
what are you doing I don't what do you8127.043.119
mean what am I doing you're so damn8128.6394.721
close to it yeah I'm fighting it while8130.1594.641
it's fight this is the time while it8133.364.52
kills bondage Bear kill it all right8134.85.12
well I'll just shoot him no come in with8137.885.96
the weapon with the weapon is oh God oh8139.928.159
God oh okay okay you all right I didn't8143.846.44
see that coming I neither did I and I8148.0794.321
just hit the [ __ ] steam menu all8150.284.52
right come on come8152.44.44
Simon oh Simon oh that's not good but I8156.847.92
I'll see you soon Simon having fun baby8161.85.16
dude I'm having a blast all right I love8164.763.839
that it's fighting bonage that's that's8166.963.32
why I need you here yeah well I can't8168.5994.241
get my stuff it's right like can I get8170.286.64
my stuff can I you can do it oh God guys8172.849.16
run run run oh God I'm getting [ __ ]8176.925.08
come on time oh God a spider just came8182.366.199
in like is it that oh it is that I8185.0795.241
should have know that all right hey how8188.5593.321
you doing on I'm I'm just here8190.323.279
nonchalantly taking my8191.883.719
[ __ ] okay we're going to lose bondage8193.5993.8
Bears soon and shit's going to get real8195.5996.281
oh are you're going to get real stay8197.3997.561
away let me get some food he up I'm8201.884.04
fun it's only work if to make it work8205.926.92
right yeah8209.3593.481
but time I bet we got some purple uh uh8213.5195.8
goo coming I'm going to die we didn't8216.926.599
even get way oh okay Simon not the good8219.3196.521
time to8223.5192.321
be oh8225.883.32
vacation lot of [ __ ] down there man oh8231.28.399
wo WF on my ass nope okay oh boy come8235.126.359
here yeah I love when I swing and8239.5994.441
completely misses you locked on yes I8241.4795.92
was locked on yep yep yep yep yep yep8244.046.479
yep yep somebody else tagging8247.3993.12
out got the big oh he's a8251.084.72
jumper needes turned into Bruce Lee oh8257.5196.12
and the Wolf goes down the mountain8261.084.319
lesson number two dragon whipped his8263.6394.481
tail oo oh those those some of those bad8265.3994.361
wolves out there the ones that uh kicked8268.123.92
my ass earlier yeah hey I feel like it's8269.764.24
getting colder so I'm going to put my8272.044.399
helmet on by the way this thing8274.03.96
ridiculous oh I know I feel like we've8276.4393.2
talked no one should be able to see in8277.963.28
this thing oh we're doing helmets got8279.6395.401
you yep down we go right behind you8281.246.359
J okay8285.045.279
and okay kind of feels like we're a team8287.5994.12
now though you know got the whole match8290.3194.24
in set yeah like a soccer team uh yeah8291.7198.64
sure just any team mainly so kind of man8294.5598.521
where you us here run this way all right8300.3597.16
run then climb oh oh crap oh wow oh god8303.086.639
oh [ __ ] come on okay you okay I'm trying8307.5196.681
to climb stay my friend oh damn it okay8309.7197.041
oh I can't am I bleeding why I can't I8314.25.359
climb why can't I climb game okay8316.765.08
bleeding shouldn't make me not climb oh8319.5594.8
[ __ ] something on mean now I can't climb8321.844.28
either I can't yeah a damn it I'm8324.3593.801
getting attacked and I can't heal I'm8326.124.8
bleeding constantly don't die I'm I'm8328.165.519
trying not to but I'm going to see this8330.924.559
is what happens when we follow fix8333.6794.521
instructions no you did it wrong I'm8335.4794.801
still extremely cold even though I'm we8338.26.399
dark y n come on let me climb let me8340.286.52
climb game come on stop bleeding so I8344.5993.88
can just [ __ ] climb a rock shouldn't8346.84.639
be that [ __ ] hard heck where you at8348.4794.801
I'm climbing another rock okay you see8351.4395.16
youve abandon us already no I am saving8353.286.359
myself abandoned us already no you8356.5995.88
didn't listen to Tiger you're bad at8359.6395.121
things I'm good you didn't listen you8362.4794.04
did things WR I'm bad at things I am bad8364.764.16
at yeah you are a son of a [ __ ] dick8366.5195.561
I'm still alive8368.927.04
yep sound like you died8372.083.88
[ __ ]8376.03.0
[ __ ] told8379.166.64
you I'm not going to lie man yeah8382.4796.12
starting to feel like work no my AR my8385.85.16
arm's killing me yeah I mean this will8388.5993.681
be nice I mean I guess we'll get8390.964.16
something but technically I don't think8392.285.8
oh see I'm exhausted I'm so exhausted I8395.124.199
we've been working really hard harder8398.083.08
than we ever intended on we also didn't8399.3193.401
know this this [ __ ] hideous thing8401.164.319
would be on our vacation island no you8402.724.92
know so when is our vacation officially8405.4794.801
start well I'll tell you when it's8407.645.16
really soon really soon I'm out of ammo8410.284.88
great oh yeah I guess I get to8412.85.36
finish good job good oh [ __ ] it's in the8415.165.199
oh god oh no okay how do you dive are8418.166.0
you can I don't think I just did oh [ __ ]8420.3597.12
the hell do you do that how do you die I8424.165.44
can't there we8427.4794.88
go there we go am I going to get8429.66.36
anything nope can't dive come on how do8432.3597.681
you dive there we go okay vacation has8435.966.04
officially begun Simon we got another8440.044.76
skeleton key too do I get the key you8442.06.319
got the last one all right I think8444.86.04
what's in here I don't know but I I tell8448.3194.601
you what after we look at this the wreck8450.845.04
of the Martyr great after this right8452.926.72
vacation oh what loot chest bet you8455.885.559
you're not a high enough level to do8459.643.4
not good thing cuz that'd be like work8463.045.76
let's go back to our chairs I agree wait8466.286.159
a all right where yeah oh I'll follow8468.86.48
you cuz I have no idea where we are yeah8472.4397.281
it's a huge island huge8475.284.44
all right against my better judgment8481.883.2
we're following thick again well just8483.23.84
listen next time I did listen you took8485.083.68
me up into an extremely cold region8487.043.439
where I was freezing to death these8488.763.12
clothes aren't helping me thick yeah8490.4794.081
these clothes suck what don't you put8491.884.92
stuff into your what grit is it grit I8494.563.52
don't know I've been putting a lot of8496.83.72
stuff into other other stuff okay yeah8498.084.84
what's that ice ice I was looking for8500.525.44
black ice is it regular ice get water8502.924.559
can't you just make it dirty and have8505.963.2
black eyes I don't think that's how it8507.4793.241
goes feel like that's how it goes should8509.163.159
we go into these Woods or should we stay8510.723.56
along the lake we're following thick8512.3193.561
that's what I'm saying I see a8514.283.44
sabertooth over there come over here all8515.884.559
right just follow me stay close can't8517.724.92
see anything in these Woods just stay8520.4394.841
close Mammoth to the right uh get ready8522.645.2
to run and climb just follow me you're8525.283.88
not going to take us into an extremely8527.843.72
cold region again are you I have no idea8529.163.6
okay well if it turns if it hits8531.562.68
extremely cold we got to double back and8532.764.04
we got to Bunch up all right here we go8534.244.04
going do the shield again feel like8536.83.24
we're looking good yeah still saying8538.284.36
very oh extremely cold cely cold back up8540.045.0
back up back up what if we go back back8542.644.48
down extremely cold dick all right go to8545.044.16
go to the left left go left and go down8547.123.48
well yeah hold on yeah I want to go down8549.23.0
that's the important thing yeah let's8550.64.08
let's let's get back together where'd8552.25.119
you go oh my God he's the worst needes8554.685.04
no I was the leader yeah and you let us8557.3194.361
into [ __ ] you understand when we say8559.723.719
extremely cold that means we got to8561.684.04
double back you [ __ ] right here thick8563.4394.801
good God Almighty he's got a point then8565.724.32
come the [ __ ] over here look at you8568.243.48
you're getting attacked by a mammoth8570.043.0
you're get attacked by a mammoth well8571.722.52
you're you're leading us to a damn8573.043.279
Mammoth come on no you stood there and8574.244.079
ran your [ __ ] mouth yeah because you8576.3193.281
don't know where the [ __ ] you're taking8578.3193.481
us I do where we going a good leader8579.64.2
takes responsibility for the whole team8581.84.84
yeah we've got to go back that way just8583.86.16
go just go cross needle Forest thck8586.646.2
where did you go I'm climbing we can't8589.965.479
climb it's extremely cold run straight8592.843.76
to the place sck maybe there'll be a8595.4392.96
fire there I don't know where you are oh8596.63.12
God I'm I'm bleeding and I'm heading8598.3992.451
into the mountains8599.723.04
a oh he must be saber-tooth food I'm8602.767.48
coming oh8606.843.4
God we want one of these awnings what8619.2794.921
I'll take one of these awnings with yeah8622.123.88
and I'll take the yeah let's take our8624.24.8
stuff yeah I mean why not yep okay okay8626.05.16
perfect I'm over encumbered8629.03.92
oh is that why let's see let me drop8631.163.52
some well how far away is this place I8632.922.76
don't know we're going to do a lot of8634.682.96
swimming though I'll tell you that much8635.684.88
well let's see how we swim you ready8637.643.88
follow me8640.563.28
zamon oh you're going that way you oh8641.525.919
but I wait what how already how yeah8643.845.24
because I'm going to drop this stupid8647.4394.521
canopy thing awning it's too heavy8649.085.48
that's how all we need is one good all8651.964.72
right now we go now we go no more8654.563.759
fighting all right well we weren't8656.684.24
really fighting we fought did we you8658.3195.201
don't remember that spider no oh yeah no8660.923.72
more fight I thought you were saying we8663.523.44
were fighting each other no like no more8664.643.88
arguing we weren't arguing we were8666.963.24
having a good deep discussion I know8668.523.68
that's what I got confused about [ __ ]8670.24.52
wow what what was that oh Jesus this8672.24.84
spider [ __ ] yeah it's got sort of ring8674.723.96
on it all right let's just run we're8677.043.319
going to Island hop from this island8678.686.28
down south God [ __ ] ring poison it's8680.3597.521
fine it's still shooting okay well it's8684.965.84
not going to get us it did well it's not8687.886.519
going to kill us you could it won't it's8690.85.88
not stay positive oh man my okay that's8694.3994.441
freaky all right so we're going to this8696.683.36
island right here and then we're going8698.843.28
to hop to the southern like down to this8700.044.52
one big one in the Southeast and then8702.124.44
I'd say that's the it's like Hawaiian8704.564.56
island hopping right so we were just on8706.565.0
the big island um no we're going to the8709.124.84
big island oh so what were we just done8711.565.759
in Hawaii uh probably Maui was that Maui8713.964.519
but it was North so that'd be like8717.3193.241
Kawaii the the smallest but even though8718.4793.561
it wasn't the smallest was it Maui or8720.563.919
not that was Maui okay Maui sucked we're8722.044.92
on Kawaii right now Kawaii this is8724.4795.481
Kawaii yeah now we're moving to um you8726.964.439
see the field there's like a there's8729.964.479
like a wall of of death no I mean you8731.3994.321
know what I'm talking about though right8734.4393.081
yeah I'm not going to go through it all8735.724.08
right it's very close there's people on8737.526.04
this island really yeah they better be8739.86.16
friendly cuz we are8743.565.44
vac oh man they're laying down so8745.965.68
they're just relaxing8749.08.04
that's pretty cool okay um hello fellow8751.648.2
vacationers island of unsightly Sirens8757.045.84
Jesus [ __ ] balls oh my God all right8759.845.2
Simon all right I'm I'm going back in8762.884.04
the water should we take them hold on8765.043.399
I'm running away I thought we're going8766.924.16
to well hold on I didn't say anything oh8768.4395.401
boy and I have to have a sword I'd like8771.084.76
that'd be cool want to give you a hand8773.844.24
oh yeah oh8775.845.84
yeah you're a man ooh8778.087.359
ooh nice little flippy flip8781.689.92
Y come on come on come on come on who I8785.43910.88
am kill the dancer wo there you go that8791.67.08
is what is up that is what it's up sorry8796.3195.16
guys we needed to take take over the the8798.684.52
island this is our Island now this is8801.4794.0
our vacation this is our vacation spot8803.24.079
this is uh what island is this it's not8805.4793.601
the one we want to end up on oh God then8807.2793.281
we could have just swam past the these8809.084.16
poor sons of8810.562.68
[ __ ] it looks like we can go through8814.644.16
here and get to where we need to go all8816.963.479
right just keep an eye on temperature8818.83.96
just cold right now yep just cold8820.4395.801
looking good Dam o an obelisk hey cool8822.766.04
sweet well now we can fast travel here8826.244.52
so that's good yeah all right I'm going8828.84.679
to tune it tuning the bracelet you got8830.767.28
it tuna Maka Aisa tuned yeah love it I'm8833.4795.84
never walking through that cold area8838.044.08
ever again wait very cold okay I'm what8839.3196.201
is this black ice black ice yes yeah I8842.125.279
mean it looks like black ice doesn't it8845.523.919
this is perfect I can make that badass8847.3994.161
sword but oh wow is this where you're8849.4395.96
taking us yeah jeez doesn't look good no8851.565.56
this doesn't look good at all but hey at8855.3994.04
least we attuned the bracelet so yeah8857.124.56
whatever coming N I want to see if I can8859.4395.481
get black eyes yep I got some nice hey8861.684.92
guys let's never fight again let's never8864.923.6
argue well yeah won't as long as you8866.65.12
don't make stupid decisions well uh8868.524.6
we're going to be arguing a lot then I8871.723.2
can't I can't make promises oh God8873.123.279
should we put down a better Ro I see a8874.924.04
big guy over there yep couple big guys8876.3995.0
the Temple of frost all right we all8878.964.96
together yeah I'm thinking High ground8881.3994.441
and arrows might be our friend in this8883.923.64
situation I mean assuming this guy's a8885.843.68
jerk we don't know that for sure nope8887.565.52
I'm pretty sure we have to kill him but8889.525.52
he's got two buddies hey I gained a8893.084.12
level good job good I'm proud of you so8895.043.88
we're looking for High Ground huh I8897.23.4
would reckon all right so there are two8898.925.12
of these guys uh-oh uhoh what just I8900.64.64
thought we were doing one didn't realize8904.042.68
there was two yeah there there's one on8905.244.0
each side so uh all right so we going to8906.723.84
drag him out here or we going to fight8909.243.56
him in there uh we can try to drag him8910.564.2
out here let me me see what a poison8912.83.76
arrow does to this loser oh wait let me8914.763.44
get high ground for dragging him out oh8916.564.08
he's he's coming towards me yeah he's8918.26.6
coming towards back up me that's y oh8920.646.52
what up B oh man okay he's faster than8924.85.679
uh than he looks you going to swing yep8927.166.04
all right super slow who yeah he's a8930.4795.201
slow boy two okay I want to figure out8933.24.079
yep oh W [ __ ] yep got he's got a big8939.3196.921
swing there hey I found High Ground yep8943.245.96
yep it's pretty far away though okay8946.245.68
what do you mean good I don't know what8949.24.6
do you mean you don't know I don't know8951.923.559
okay what should I say to the fact that8953.82.88
you found High Ground what do you want8955.4793.521
me to say congratulations how about knes8956.683.88
we'll draw him closer to you you have a8959.03.56
clean shot I'm about suck my dick I8960.564.28
don't see how that frost bite real bad8962.564.919
huh I have frostbite real bad frostbite8964.845.599
frostbite oh because you got hit8967.4797.121
yeah oo okay I'm I'm good oh I got a hit8970.4397.521
nice good job suck my dick it's two hits8974.65.2
I'm healing up I thought we weren't8977.964.399
going to argue anymore we're not seems8979.83.639
it o I got him bleeding good I'm going8983.4394.84
to equip it a different Arrow so I don't8986.4794.081
uh hurt abso yeah I'm bring him over to8988.2796.521
knes yeah oh good idea you don't bu you8990.567.0
don't scare me boy AB you're doing great8994.84.599
oh man like this guy's slow as hell8997.564.64
there comes the big one yep yep8999.3995.92
yeah all right now get behind him9002.26.72
and give a dead [ __ ]9005.3196.921
W hold on I want to harvest this boy do9008.925.519
it oh wait he's got stuff in him what's9012.246.119
he got I don't know o a jug I'm taking9014.4398.0
that spiced pork hell yeah ice iron jug9018.3595.96
oh man that that look good in my in my9022.4394.681
house does he have any fried plantains I9024.3194.881
don't see any fried plantains he look9027.124.0
Jamaican to you oh man you can get a lot9029.24.199
of thick hide from him man I'm over en9031.124.159
I'm almost yeah I'm too heavy I can't I9033.3994.08
can't get anymore all right five more of9035.2794.04
those and we can fight the boss did you9037.4794.161
say five are you kidding me look it's9039.3194.201
simple NPCs are all unleashes we can9041.644.12
just kite them out one by one how long's9043.523.959
that going to take I'm freezing my butt9045.764.4
off out here I'm I'm fine with it let's9047.4794.601
do it nuh-uh I didn't even want to do9050.164.279
this today I'm heading home Nee wait9052.085.68
neebs out good luck well [ __ ] you two9054.4395.401
neees guess we don't get to fight the9057.764.36
boss this episode we got to wait till9059.846.439
the next one a whole week a whole week9062.126.239
[ __ ] wait do we have an episode9066.2794.0
coming out next week we got the live9068.3593.161
show the9070.2794.321
plgx possibly two weeks don't put this9071.528.28
on me I didn't level up my survival yet9074.65.2
Simon yeah couldn't get to that one9082.24.8
Island cuz it's on the other side of9084.925.24
that wall but um what's the one problem9087.04.2
with this9090.164.92
spot well it's not pretty I mean yeah9091.26.52
but what's the big well I mean we know9095.084.84
it it doesn't smell good right I mean9097.725.88
it's so fresh it's like the skin was9099.925.64
just ripped off of this thing by9103.64.52
somebody yeah yeah there's that's an9105.564.08
interesting um I don't even know what9108.124.199
that was but why would we set up right9109.645.24
here well you did it yeah I didn't think9112.3194.96
about that right well I mean we can't9114.885.88
just stay here you want to go home soon9117.2795.2
well I mean I'd like to go somewhere9120.764.04
else on the way home I mean are we9122.4793.84
really just going to sit here for the9124.86.84
whole time no no right so let's get up9126.3197.761
yeah let's get the stuff okay all right9131.644.839
let's pick up the stuff things oh9134.084.12
instead of picking it up I sat down9136.4795.761
again yeah you did oh yeah yeah all9138.26.079
right so we got this I don't even want9142.244.6
the awning screw the carpet am I doing9144.2794.481
like a kneel down thing what happens if9146.845.559
you go through this I mean I'll just lay9148.765.88
a de bed down have we gone through this9152.3994.361
before I forget no I think AB I don't9154.644.52
know what happened um well if I die I9156.764.36
mean I would just come back to my my bed9159.163.04
roll right here your bed roll did you9161.122.8
just put it down yeah go get him buddy9162.23.32
see what's on the other side all right9163.922.96
well here I'm going to back into it I'm9165.523.16
going to make watch me while I do it I'm9166.883.0
going to watch it that's watch me I'm9168.682.56
going to back in it's going to be9169.883.439
dramatic okay I'm going to be like let's9171.244.68
make it a scene Simon9173.3195.16
yesus I really wish you wouldn't go to9175.924.72
the other side of the other side I have9178.4795.681
to why because it is the unknown and I9180.646.799
am here to tell people things about the9184.165.76
unknown I can respect that yes I will9187.4393.96
let people know of9189.926.12
you I salute you I accept said salute9191.3998.561
all right now let's back it up goodbye9196.046.2
Alias goodbye Simon I will see you soon9199.964.319
with things unknown say hi to bondage9202.245.8
bear oh God Simon9204.2795.691
Simon oh9211.763.88
Simon oh9213.847.8
no smells worse now oh hey I was killed9215.647.759
by the cursed wall and guess what I just9221.644.2
realized what your shit's on the other9223.3995.121
side of the curse of course it is of9225.844.4
course it is9228.524.56
yeah I will tell people of your s your9230.245.48
your cre agous Adventure it's right9233.085.04
there wait a second can I can I can I9235.724.88
get it I think you can hold on you can9238.125.279
reach it wait I mean I can see it you9240.65.679
got it come on you got this come on easy9243.3995.321
come on9246.2792.441
easy what a9249.963.359
hero maybe next time maybe next time9257.2795.441
you'll get9260.3992.321
it abro w w it's cold I made I made the9270.127.12
sword oh really the sword all let me see9274.684.599
it let me see it9277.245.0
w this is the sword man this thing has a9279.2794.521
damage of like9282.243.64
60367 I don't know something like that9283.83.599
but let's go whoop some ass I mean it's9285.883.399
impressive I I I don't know my head's9287.3993.201
not in this9289.2793.2
well I woke up this morning I saw that9290.63.28
damn picture of Sonic the Hedgehog9292.4793.601
ruined my day oh yeah what the [ __ ] were9293.883.479
they faking I don't know but it looks9296.083.0
like the monkey from jamanji when the9297.3593.321
boy turns into the monkey also how'd9299.083.84
they get Jim Carrey to agree to that9300.683.48
like he went from being like kind of9302.922.92
goofy actor to like oh now he's doing9304.164.279
respectable movies to like now wait wait9305.844.639
wait wait don't go don't go in oh yeah9308.4393.481
these guys three of did you guys see9310.4794.161
that Sonic the Hedgehog God what were9311.925.84
they huh right I don't think they saw9314.645.92
him Sonic all right maybe we let's9317.765.12
tackle the guys uh one at a time on the9320.564.08
left and then take out the big one9322.883.04
they're all big what are you talking9324.642.679
about the big one all right so the one9325.923.359
in the in the uh the light yeah the one9327.3193.361
in the light is the main guy that we9329.2793.321
have to kill I mean makes sense it looks9330.683.4
like he's on a throne there's a light it9332.63.24
looks way more intimidating hey this is9334.083.8
a nice Throne Room very nice I like what9335.843.4
you did with the light how it kind of9337.882.84
comes down on you and makes you look9339.243.52
epic I want that in my place it's a good9340.724.4
design who's your guy unlike that9342.766.4
[ __ ] Sonic the Hedgehog9345.1227.359
Simon did you realize this this guy in9372.4794.441
this wheel of friendships named nurus9374.523.36
backstabber no I didn't9377.884.439
makes me not trust him right well yeah9380.083.48
it's right there in his name you said9382.3193.12
the guy who's who's the the wheel this9383.564.08
he's pushing the wheel yeah so if we9385.4394.761
take this guy out I don't know what to9387.644.0
expect maybe get your sword out or9390.22.84
something yeah but why are you taking9391.643.799
him out because he's a thw I mean9393.044.439
normally THS help us you know right but9395.4393.681
he's already got a job to do he's9397.4792.92
already doing his job why would you want9399.122.76
to take him off of his job you still9400.3992.88
don't understand how any of this works9401.884.2
do you no that guy pushing is just9403.2794.561
always there yeah I know he kind of9406.084.04
represents the people we put in I know9407.843.68
he he's pushing you're saying you're9410.124.199
going to stop him from pushing right ex9411.525.16
no jeez just get your sword ready my9414.3194.96
sword's ready okay I'm going to do this9416.684.679
what the hell's going on here and9419.2793.961
uh here we9421.3594.481
go oh crap what did I do just pulled a9423.244.92
Simon I think oh yeah that's great I9425.844.24
love it I love how you insult me right9428.163.68
when I'm here where' the th where' the9430.083.72
thrw go don't you know how this game9431.844.36
works you dick just hit a button you9433.83.44
know you know like you would be in a9436.22.76
butthole and tell me about you know how9437.243.68
how you still know how this game works9438.964.6
you don't don't know how but you know9440.925.24
what you don't know how you don't know9443.564.16
how it9446.163.88
works I love that voice how come you've9447.724.24
never done that before oh because it's a9450.044.0
new voice all the cartoons we've done we9451.964.2
could have used it yeah but I lose it I9454.043.84
lose it I lose it I already lost it it's9456.163.8
gone you've already lost it it's gone9457.883.76
all right grab your weapons let's go on9459.963.92
adventure all right Adventure Time you9461.644.04
can teach me more about what you don't9463.884.8
man I got like 20 bleeding on this guy9470.683.08
he's just going to bleed out like a9472.64.36
sucker he's going to bleed sucker you9473.765.92
can't catch me I'm fast sucker y all9476.965.479
right all right hey hey Thanos let me9479.687.0
give him an arrow hey man9482.4394.241
catch it's a badass a so this is oh wow9493.64.6
this guy's got a badass looking axe oh9496.563.56
boy he's going after you I'm oh I know I9498.23.68
know I'm going to sit in this Throne9500.124.64
smok no n come on get him AB where you9501.885.2
at I'm sitting in the throne get oh [ __ ]9504.764.12
he's coming after me dude oh yeah I9507.083.199
can't climb it that's right I can't9508.882.8
climb in caves I can climb everywhere9510.2793.521
else in this game but some reason not in9511.684.92
here I'm just too stupid9513.85.679
wo let's see what's your move set like9516.64.799
same stuff here I go here I go same9519.4796.361
stuff get boom boom now that's9521.3995.96
boom okay it's super slow and easy to9527.3595.12
get away from oh who has a power Stone9530.64.04
in their butt hello he's got the blue9532.4794.84
one what's the blue one the T he's got9534.644.4
the Tess I'm going to Tess like I'm9537.3193.441
scared of you you big dumb [ __ ] you're9539.043.399
like a little ballerina just twirling9540.762.96
around with your9542.4394.281
Tessa seven bleed now oh twirly twirly9547.729.2
twirl come on fig sort him bad ass dude9551.927.32
good jump oh did you get hit yeah I did9556.924.32
get hit and you got to be fast told you9559.244.28
I get a little cocky sometimes little9561.244.52
lazy yeah you got to go fast but I'm I'm9563.525.24
good Sonic the [ __ ] you Hedgehog God9565.764.76
damn it I bet you this guy feels the9568.764.12
same way about Sonic I mean everybody9570.523.879
should like who who was in that9572.883.479
boardroom that looked at that design and9574.3994.601
yeah it's still like that like detective9576.3594.161
Pikachu I have no interest in seeing9579.03.96
that film right but I mean Pikachu looks9580.524.72
like [ __ ] Pikachu honestly the door9582.964.72
of the Explorer film looks much better9585.244.64
than both of these well now they didn't9587.684.08
do her right either she's got tiny eyes9589.883.68
in that one door the Explorer has always9591.764.36
had those weird big ass creepy eyes like9593.564.24
can you find the notebook and it's like9596.122.8
right there in the background and she9597.82.599
stares at you for 5 minutes and you9598.924.08
slowly die inside I know but hey they9600.3993.801
should have made it but I mean they can9603.02.6
do that with CG you know like battal9604.23.92
Angel Alita yeah I mean they could have9605.64.28
made her eyes stupid big I don't know9608.124.359
why they didn't here we go killing glow9609.885.36
bam woo all right gained the level sweet9612.4794.8
yeah all right okay so you said there's9615.244.68
stuff to read we defeated uh her in gear9617.2794.481
of the frost a journey step completed9619.923.68
sweet he had some absent on him why9621.763.36
don't you get that man okay I want to9623.63.08
drink some absent maybe you'll forget9625.123.6
about that [ __ ] Sonic the Hedgehog9626.684.84
[ __ ] I doubt9628.722.8
it where do you think it's going I don't9633.3193.281
know man we've been following this bear9635.4793.481
for like 2 minutes now yeah I mean it's9636.64.16
interesting have you is there a lot of9638.964.96
ghost animals I mean I see a ghost when9640.764.639
I see a ghost it usually disappears9643.923.12
pretty quick right but it's also not9645.3994.561
usually an animal right uh I've heard9647.044.48
there's monsters and all kinds of stuff9649.963.399
right okay but this Bear's got somewhere9651.523.36
to go he's going to go somewhere and9653.3593.641
take a nap somewhere hopefully cuz if he9654.883.479
just disappears that's going to be9657.03.479
annoying he's trolling us isn't he I9658.3593.841
hope not what if he took us back to our9660.4793.721
camp and we just we came all this way to9662.23.56
find adventure and he just takes us back9664.23.4
home well that'd be fun for me cuz then9665.764.32
I'd be home I'd have to respect that a9667.64.96
bit that's pretty funny yeah oh oh did9670.084.44
you see that no what this thing just9672.564.36
popped out of the ground oh yeah look at9674.525.919
that uh something paid off maybe open9676.927.32
can we access it no crap no it says eat9680.4396.201
open there it goes it's going yep we're9684.244.079
probably not high enough level okay hold9686.643.639
on it's good to know though huh well9688.3193.561
will you take Char will you like write9690.2796.321
it down uh yeah we are right here and9691.887.76
we'll call this uh how do I add a thing9696.65.28
well call it call it the thing we found9699.643.96
when we followed the bear it's very9701.883.64
short and easy to remember oh wait I'll9703.66.2
put a box and I'll call it a bear box9705.526.879
ghost bear box ghost bear box and then9709.85.24
in parenthesis put the thing we9712.3996.161
found box when we followed the ghost9715.046.88
bear close parentheses9718.565.96
followed ghost right and then after the9721.924.92
parentheses put a period and then say9724.526.36
this should be fun should be fun right9726.847.4
then period uh period or smiley face and9730.886.12
done did you write done yeah can you see9734.245.88
that no but I I trust you well you have9737.04.92
to trust that's a thing you have to9740.123.199
trust people or you wouldn't be able to9741.923.96
survive cuz you know trust is very9743.3195.561
important yeah I know especially for9745.885.36
Simon yep well no no especially for9748.884.36
everybody not just me I think everyone9751.244.039
should trust yeah yeah but especially9753.244.079
for you how that sound especially for9755.2794.881
you well a little less for me I can do9757.3194.721
things on my own sometimes yeah I could9760.164.56
so could I sometimes yeah but a lot of9762.045.76
the time in in the real world oh look a9764.726.599
moose deer oh wow we had to change the9767.85.92
subject beautiful okay well we can go9771.3194.481
back to it I'm not avoiding the subject9773.724.639
I just I think I have a point yeah well9775.85.08
your point is whatever you say usually9778.3596.04
sounds stupid and sticks to you cuz I'm9780.886.439
rubber right you're your glue and glue9784.3996.281
whatever I say sticks to me and turns9787.3197.361
you into an [ __ ] ha nailed it think9790.685.08
we can jump9794.684.96
This I Know It9795.767.16
boom I got hurt uh9799.647.759
no did you get hurt no yes you did9802.927.519
little y tiny bit so maybe don't trust9807.3995.481
people all the time yeah all right let's9810.4395.241
keep moving don't forget ghost bear glad9812.884.72
we took9815.685.2
notes all right one more room abro thank9817.65.839
God yep then we can go home to some9820.885.76
sunshine oh man I'm very I'm very cold9823.4395.761
oh my good is that a portal I hope so9826.644.24
where did do you think that LE extremely9829.24.279
cold oh boy I'm drinking some absent uh9830.884.36
I'm just going to go in here and [ __ ]9833.4793.0
God there's three of them hey I just9835.242.64
completed a journey step by drinking9836.4793.96
absm in here nice it said uh survive9837.884.72
like the most extreme cold there's a9840.4394.321
bunch of [ __ ] in here oh wow God these9842.64.719
dudes um should we just pick a portal9844.764.8
this is the disjunction the what9847.3193.96
disjunction that's what I got on my9849.565.12
screen the disjunction yeah yeah the9851.2795.561
disjunction all right hey guys are are9854.684.44
these guys cool they don't seem to be9856.844.36
backing hey guys we oh yeah they're not9859.124.6
g okay there we go should we should we9861.24.44
go through something uh yeah you want to9863.724.559
just pick one yeah where you at abso9865.644.28
just just go just go in one I'll be9868.2794.481
right that one okay [ __ ] it that's not a9869.925.0
wait what is this damn it climbing it9872.765.0
that's not a portal what about this this9874.925.8
one ah no what is9877.765.639
this what is this crap kill these guys I9880.725.25
don't know God9883.3995.841
following the summon yeah I know [ __ ]9902.3194.881
they look tough we going to fight them9905.243.48
well yeah I mean I thought that's what9907.23.76
we were doing okay well we can talk9908.725.36
about these things yeah I I'm I'm with9910.965.64
an arrow I'm doing the arrow oh wow got9914.085.12
a good lunge there don't he I don't know9916.64.24
how's shoes doing keep an eye on her9919.25.52
well shoes is fighting and I think okay9920.846.0
oh man he got me with some9924.725.4
corruption come on baby corruption shoes9926.845.439
disappeared what do you mean disappeared9930.123.76
yep because probably following you oh9932.2793.04
there she is she's back of here up get9933.885.519
him girl oh damn come on baby come on9935.3196.281
suck on this take down you only got one9939.3994.92
guy right I got one guy all right come9941.65.32
on somebody shooting at me shoes he's9944.3194.12
got you back all right he's shooting at9946.923.2
your enemy I hope she wasn't shooting at9948.4393.601
me too well she know we've been9950.123.8
traveling together all day long I think9952.044.16
she knows yeah well we make mistakes9953.926.16
don't we um yes we do all right good9956.26.52
point Simon Okay go Harvest your guy9960.084.52
I'll Harvest this one see what we get9962.724.36
healing wraps oh yeah I've never had9964.64.64
healing wraps before man aren't you9967.085.359
fancy do I want steel bars and Crystal9969.245.72
uh probably yeah she will carry it if9972.4395.081
she's got room should I use this wrap9974.964.64
when I'm almost dead you think think9977.524.56
what is it now healing wrap I mean it's9979.64.2
probably like a bandage right yeah I9982.083.08
don't know man I mean I would think that9983.83.36
I would put it on myself when I'm hurt9985.163.44
but I'm hurt now but I'm not hurt that9987.163.199
much so I'm going to save it well just9988.63.719
use it right now I mean what if it's not9990.3594.201
what you think it is all right hit it9992.3195.401
bandaged oh damn let me see how much it9994.565.04
it heals me probably would have healed9997.724.12
me okay it only healed me a little bit9999.63.92
but it did something healed you though10001.844.0
yep it did maybe as much as a steak10003.524.759
would maybe maybe shoa wants to wear10005.844.96
this thing well let's see oh look well10008.2794.281
there you go don't say I don't get you10010.84.12
nice things shoes looks nice it's a new10012.564.759
shirt she likes I mean she's a shoe girl10014.924.96
but she likes blouses too yeah well it's10017.3196.241
nice it's very form fitting on the10019.883.68
aha damn10027.725.04
it so wait yeah these aren't portals I10029.884.76
mean look at got to be this10032.764.719
one nope I mean they look so much like10034.644.679
portals this is [ __ ] you can't do10037.4794.201
anything with this fire I don't know I'm10039.3193.681
going to climb the fire we already got10041.684.16
the chest to get hurt um I don't know10043.04.76
guess not no okay can't go through the10045.843.08
portals we already got everything out of10047.762.48
the CH is that's all that's in this room10048.922.84
this seem this room sucks it seems like10050.243.88
such an important place there's nothing10051.764.44
here nothing I want those portals to10054.125.159
take me somewhere they're just it's like10056.25.119
during the road runner in Wy coyote when10059.2793.521
the Road Runner paints a hole on the10061.3193.681
wall and it's like like he can go10062.83.4
through we've been bringing up Road10065.03.68
Runner a lot God okay well I'll tell you10066.24.239
what uh you said you can craft like a10068.684.04
sword or something at that Forge an ice10070.4394.601
ice pickaxe okay well I guess I'll get10072.723.44
that all right I don't want to leave10075.043.0
here empty-handed no you should at least10076.164.56
get one souvenir came all this way for a10078.045.16
damn pickaxe right but it hey it might10080.726.2
come in handy maybe damn well better10083.26.239
well okay looks like we're up on a10086.924.68
platform was what we're up on some sort10089.4393.88
of platform there's like I don't know10091.64.04
don't drop below all right there's a10093.3195.521
pickaxe in there for you yay made of ice10095.646.16
ice pickaxe let see info pickax is warm10098.844.36
to the touch despite it being made out10101.84.479
of pure black ice shimmering Serv the10103.25.84
Shadow black ice sounds like a uh like10109.045.6
an Axe Body Spray flavor yeah or scent10111.845.68
ory be a flavor see it's got to be a way10114.646.04
down here can miss out on some treasure10117.525.64
treasure oh wait about there you go can10120.684.52
we get down here yeah if I go down will10123.164.119
I'll be able to climb back up oh hey10125.27.52
yeah okay okay okay oh it's cold10127.2798.04
extremely cold yet though well maybe10132.726.719
here oh oh see I okay see me to the10135.3196.721
right I see10139.4395.681
you what10142.045.92
no there's a creature down here what the10145.126.84
hell is that damn it uh wow thick can we10147.967.519
keep him oh man that'd be boy oh boy I10151.967.04
made a move oh boy climb I [ __ ] climb10155.4796.681
hey cool it here take that oh come on10159.04.64
thick you don't even know if he's like10162.163.84
nice or not he's not nice well he can't10163.644.599
climb up here yeah I mean I'm halfway in10166.05.16
the Rocks right now I feel fine yeah I'm10168.2396.0
good let's kill10171.166.239
it you behind me sumon yeah is it faster10174.2395.641
to run without your sword I don't know I10177.3994.241
feel like it is well are you running10179.883.68
right now let's do a race I want to say10181.643.92
some s off okay now book it all right10183.563.64
book it hey guys just want to kind of10185.563.2
look at their place for a minute Prett10187.23.199
nice huh well I didn't really look cuz I10188.763.679
don't care I like the uh who keep10190.3994.321
running that's that's what I'm doing I10192.4393.88
like the uh architecture you know it10194.723.44
seems like a good use of the10196.3193.641
surroundings oh there's a bunch of these10198.164.72
guys in there yes there is woo okay up10199.964.6
this way you behind me yep I'm right on10202.883.519
you it's like I'm practically inside of10204.564.96
you yeah it seems efficient you know10206.3995.321
like uh as far as Heating and Cooling10209.525.08
all that Earth is a keep up shoes you10211.724.96
know being inside one another is a very10214.65.28
uh good way to heat someone as well you10216.686.16
know making love to someone to keep to10219.885.599
keep warm that happens quite often in10222.845.399
this world I'm sure love to keep warm10225.4794.201
yeah making love to keep warm you're10228.2393.24
freezing yep I mean that that should be10229.683.52
an option that they give us maybe not10231.4793.361
making love but like if we're in a place10233.24.6
where we were freezing let us Embrace10234.844.96
yeah but how long you going to yeah I'll10237.83.519
Embrace for as long as I have to we can10239.84.0
walk slowly anding isn't making love is10241.3194.801
it yes but it is definitely using body10243.84.559
heat and it's in the it's in the it10246.124.08
might lead to making love if we get you10248.3593.681
know yeah but the embracing is what's10250.24.199
keeping you warm no well I mean the body10252.044.359
heat but you can't do that for 8 hours10254.3993.96
if you're like like you're sleeping I10256.3993.601
can hug you I could hug you for8 hours10258.3593.841
and we would be better off embracing10260.04.92
yeah yes with our skin against skin just10262.24.119
you're just saying making love is a form10264.924.2
of heating your house no not house10266.3194.841
heating each other up should we go look10269.125.52
at this guy he's on the water all right10271.165.56
let's go this way there's a lot of crazy10274.644.4
electric skeletons around10276.723.88
are we done talking about the skin on10279.043.48
skin heat well I felt like I came to a10280.64.08
conclusion did10282.523.72
yeah get him bleeding a little bit all10305.884.8
right oh wow okay holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ]10308.123.319
[ __ ] all right healing up healing up oh10311.4394.761
oh thick no he's really loose now the10314.164.119
goose is loose yeah the goose is loose10316.24.199
oh and he wants me thick where'd you go10318.2794.0
going to hide behind this ice I'm right10320.3996.96
here yeah get him thick10322.2795.08
AB ah you killed my friend you know what10329.846.36
that means he has a bed roll he's going10334.124.52
to come back and he'll be fine but but10336.25.56
I'm coming after your sweet ass right10338.647.08
now oh God Bless10341.768.679
America that hurt that hurt oh God climb10345.727.519
thick 44 oh this is stupid oh this is10350.4398.321
stupid oh boy oh he's after me come on10353.2399.281
baby oh go go10358.767.76
go I'm too Sly for you abser will be10362.526.52
back we'll kill you yeah I just10366.525.0
smack you with an10369.046.279
arrow okay okay extremely cold oh God I10371.525.879
don't even know if I can make it back oh10375.3193.841
why did I why why even go down there and10377.3992.88
fight a dragon you know what I should10379.162.64
have said like no that's a dragon I10380.2793.641
should wait until uh we're well equipped10381.83.96
and then come back then fight a [ __ ]10383.924.92
Dragon okay come on stamina up up up all10385.765.28
right heal's halfway down come on we're10388.845.96
almost there almost there than yeah man10391.046.239
I'm back all right all right keep keep10394.85.32
the dragon occupied I got to get my [ __ ]10397.2794.881
hold on just wa oh oh man I should10400.123.52
really he's really close to your [ __ ]10402.163.76
right now just wait wait I can't wait10403.645.12
man I got to put my uh armor on like now10405.926.319
okay God a cloud of poison why would you10408.765.4
put a cloud of Poison by my stuff here10412.2393.961
let me go let me go distract him here I10414.164.319
come where's my [ __ ] hold on I'm going10416.24.0
to dress where's my sh distract him come10418.4793.321
on come on come on distract him thick oh10420.24.0
God I was like oh no one of those situ10421.83.679
there it is there it is come on come on10424.22.239
come here10425.4793.76
boy come here10426.4394.201
get out of here get out of these minion10429.2395.801
oh God I don't I need here back gone oh10430.647.0
he uses fire roo you okay good he uses10435.044.92
fire wonderful all right I got my [ __ ]10437.644.56
back on him I took a little Ambia keep10439.964.16
him occupied all right I'm going to hide10442.24.119
behind this stuff like a coward out of10444.125.359
stamina he's coming at me10446.3195.881
woo and here he goes again I'm going to10449.4795.641
poising my daggers it's a good10452.27.32
idea I can throw at this guy going to oh10455.127.52
yeah while stabbing your ass okay Vick I10459.524.759
think we got a good thing yep you on10462.643.52
that side we on this side take this son10464.2794.96
of a bit down woo whack whack whack okay10466.164.48
back it up back it up oh he's going to10469.2397.401
ram go in there going in B bam back out10470.647.96
Bam Bam Bam10476.644.799
Bam going a Ram oh God10478.66.28
whoa that was close he got short and10481.4394.88
curries on that one didn't oh my pubes10484.884.64
are gone that's a good thing all right10486.3194.641
oh wa okay that was what killed me10489.525.16
before Oh God W tail attack mean tail10490.966.6
attack okay going to ram he's after me10494.685.24
he's going to do a ram he is almost dead10497.564.799
man we got this I know we can do this10499.925.04
woohoo come on come on right in his10505.046.04
butthole careful all right give me just10508.3194.521
a second let me let me apply poison he's10511.083.08
still looking at you oh now he's looking10512.842.399
at me come10514.164.92
on you didn't get me sucker10515.2397.721
woo here we go here we go moving in yeah10519.085.72
doing some poison10522.964.56
damage w w that's that tail that's that10524.85.28
tail yep yep you okay yeah I'm good oh10527.525.52
should do that oh boy come on you [ __ ]10530.084.88
man he's almost down oh my throat feels10533.043.279
dry I'm out of10534.964.24
stamina now here we go come on thick10536.3197.08
we're so close let's go we're so close10539.28.88
yeah go fly you10543.3994.681
hey destroy a dragon Journey step10548.3994.521
completed yeah [ __ ]10550.525.4
wow looks like they're protecting10559.3193.641
something see him he's already coming10561.4793.321
man yep let's take him out unbelievable10562.963.24
Hey listen stay out of the way of uh10564.83.08
shoes cuz she has a bow and arrow you10566.23.8
know I know shoes has been shooting me10567.883.2
well that's what I'm saying you keep10570.02.56
getting in between her and the enemy10571.082.68
well I thought that she was good enough10572.562.759
to be able to tell well not when you10573.763.479
stand right in front of her well uh you10575.3193.561
know you see how now you're to the side10577.2393.2
that's perfect well good I'm going we're10578.883.519
going to tag team this these guys got10580.4394.0
these guys are tough man they tough okay10582.3993.641
get out of my face full of arrows that's10584.4392.92
the way it's supposed to10586.045.239
be okay here you go oh man he is in a10587.3596.801
Simon Nee shoes sandwich uh-huh here we10591.2794.761
go going for the10594.166.48
quadruple bam and out good for you oh10596.048.04
suck on that yep it's a lollipop it's a10600.645.679
Simon sucker it's a good Simon sucker we10604.085.399
got grape flavor cherry and uh what else10606.3197.08
we got uh we got P colada P colada lemon10609.4797.281
woo coming down huh cranberry huh that's10613.3995.88
a shitty one but which one cranberry oh10616.764.2
yeah nobody wants that one I know I know10619.2792.921
but some people like it like black10620.963.0
licorice we got black licorice yeah you10622.23.44
got kidney stones we got the flavor for10623.965.359
you yep we got dog [ __ ] oh God ow come10625.646.839
on man are you okay are you okay I'm10629.3195.841
fine thanks for ask stabing for you10632.4795.92
stabbing for you stabbing for you that10635.165.159
one for you I man you're doing great10638.3993.08
okay listen that little talk we had10640.3192.481
about you not standing in front of shoes10641.4793.121
that really paid off I think I you know10642.84.08
what sometimes things sink in yep and10644.63.639
then I'll ask you what were we talking10646.883.12
about cuz it's gone you'll probably ask10648.2393.521
me again tomorrow yeah let's head up10650.03.8
here they're protecting something when10651.763.8
did shoes get here what do you mean when10653.85.88
the shoes get here a you're joking I'm a10655.566.839
joker too rich I know right oh there's10659.685.0
more guys a crap just run I'm not even10662.3995.121
nearly as oh [ __ ] I'm screwed I'm trying10664.685.599
to run I'm trying to run can you run10667.525.839
whoa there's so many oh God shoes hope10670.2794.521
you wee your good shoes where are we10673.3594.361
going see what they're protecting yep10674.85.0
okay there's a cave there's a big door10677.724.04
there's a big cave is it a it's a door10679.83.599
it's not a cave okay well it look like a10681.763.4
door can we go in are they following us10683.3994.201
ah crap you don't have the required item10685.164.4
of course we don't what is the require10687.63.92
are they coming well why wouldn't they10689.564.32
be that'd be weird if they didn't look10691.524.24
they got the attention span of Simon oh10693.883.559
look I've got a bandage I'm going to use10695.764.16
cannot bandage while in combat suck a10697.4394.161
dick you just did that put your sword10699.924.16
away I'm doing it I'm just hitting the10701.64.759
uh the wrong thing how the hell do I get10704.084.92
this damn sword off of me boom this is10706.3593.721
what I got to10709.03.12
do damn10710.085.84
it bandage that didn't take long at all10712.126.08
did you band did you bandage yes I did10715.924.359
you feel better a little bit better sure10718.24.0
wait what is that behind you I don't10720.2795.801
know a body some skeleton and a thing is10722.26.32
this it is this what we came for uh it's10726.086.08
a note and uh rest your10728.526.36
incredulity that's not a word I use rest10732.164.56
your incredulity10734.883.88
incredulity how do I read this note I've10736.723.639
studied the ruins and Stones around the10738.764.16
region blah blah blah found a burial10740.3596.561
chamber uh it last okay blood to seal10742.927.399
the blood to hold incredulity like like10746.925.8
not believable I don't know believable I10750.3194.16
was hoping I'd be able to easily easily10752.723.679
read it and then make fun of you but I I10754.4793.201
don't know either really don't want to10756.3993.121
read this Simon no well then let's walk10757.683.2
away let's walk away from this whole10759.522.759
damn thing like we might like this is10760.883.0
one of those that mean something though10762.2792.96
well okay so do you want me to read it10763.883.88
just to make sure blood to seal and10765.2395.04
blood to hold blood to warm and dead and10767.765.16
Cold Blood to sign the final pack blood10770.2795.0
to seat between the cracks blood to eat10772.926.08
and blood to sit blood to uh pack out10775.2797.04
with the rift yep blood to wipe on your10779.07.319
nose and cheeks blood to eat with cheese10782.3196.521
and Peaks my name is name is nees I'm10786.3195.08
here to rhyme I have a dollar I'd like a10788.846.599
dime you take that dime you put it away10791.3996.721
and then someone will say you're gay but10795.4396.121
not in a bad way and that rhymed man cuz10798.126.64
gay is not bad yeah we dropped some some10801.565.28
lyrics seriously hard10804.764.639
hardcore so how do we get in this door10806.843.92
oh we still talking about that yeah I10809.3993.681
want to get in here yeah well okay get10810.764.32
used to disappointment ah we'll figure10813.084.279
it out next week then I'll kiss you on10815.086.399
the cheek yep and on YouTube You'll seek10817.3597.841
the next installment of uh crap just I10821.4794.001
know open this door come on let open the10826.565.52
door animals and THS of THS deep I am10833.4796.281
Dallas but you already knew10837.764.2
that I just want to let you know you're10839.765.88
all doing a great job we appreciate it10841.964.72
whatever you're10845.643.32
doing there's some Scuttle butt going10846.683.639
around that some of you aren't holding10848.963.16
your weight but to be honest we don't10850.3193.481
care and we're going to look right past10852.123.319
that cuz we're not paying10853.83.88
attention I'm going to meet up with my10855.4394.8
warrior friends in the10857.687.4
Northwest now uh carry on good talk10860.2396.361
me I hope this is the right place please10866.65.44
be the right place please be the right10869.924.399
place right place right place right10872.044.64
right right place10876.924.399
hello are are you reading that10900.86.8
again no I'm looking at bones are you10904.526.919
good Anatomy uh yeah I think so okay uh10907.67.12
I'll test you um do you know what a uula10911.4397.92
is a uula yep I thought a u uula had to10914.729.639
do with um like a female's Anatomy nope10919.3597.201
so the answer is no you're not good at10924.3594.281
Anatomy no it's your little dangler in10926.564.12
your throat little little ding dangler10928.643.36
what was I thinking of you know in the10930.683.96
cartoons and they yell and it's like10932.05.279
back there hey boys hello oh good hey I10934.644.96
thought I heard you guys oh hi who knows10937.2794.441
what a uula is dangler in the back of10939.63.48
your throat it's a little it's a little10941.723.36
vagina flap isn't it that's a vol that's10943.086.68
a UA Vol car idiots card car car it's a10945.087.8
car it's made by the sweds oh right oh10949.765.76
yeah the vua listen we found this door10952.885.04
can't get it open why we even tried10955.524.759
doing some Rhymes looks like a Gong were10957.924.12
they were they sick Rhymes were you10960.2794.361
spitting mad bars I guess I need the10962.045.16
door open cuz I need it open now wakka10964.645.96
wakka wakka Wakka Waka cow see nothing10967.25.8
nothing you're right let me see we've10970.64.48
knocked hello there you go the hell hit10973.04.8
the button up I just hit it I just hit10975.084.08
the butt I just hit the wall he's10977.82.599
usually the way to open what did this10979.164.48
door want why did it it did not I swe to10980.3995.721
God just open what I just opened it it's10983.644.4
open isn't it all right fine let's move10986.123.64
on you're how would you argue that you10988.044.0
don't want to know why it opened okay oh10989.764.719
nees yeah [ __ ] oh is it closing yeah10992.044.8
it's closing crap I'm stuck out here now10994.4795.281
are you serious why would you wait cuz I10996.845.2
want oh here we go look it opens every10999.764.8
time doesn't it anyone can open that CU11002.045.359
I act rhyme all right whatever you have11004.564.28
to unlock something no I think it's11007.3993.401
because you needed the blood right oh11008.843.84
demon Blood Demon blood yeah I carry11010.83.36
that stuff on me all the time oh this we11012.683.0
got it from that Dragon thi and I fought11014.164.88
a dragon oh I see somebody uh we can11015.688.799
shoot from here right huh oh damn okay11019.0410.68
awoken by a moral death11024.4795.241
who just shot that who just shot I him11038.06.359
do it let's get with shredder oh [ __ ]11041.4394.88
what the hell's going on right be all11044.3593.241
right yeah let's go let's get to where11046.3194.12
we at we have a little open space11047.67.679
in ug tall boy one guy I hope so oh okay11050.4396.201
well there's like five of us this will11055.2794.361
be easy that's KCK oh boy he's quick11056.644.52
yeah this guy's not hard at all let's11059.644.92
see got to wind up hit the bounc off11061.166.64
every time no I got a hit now oh poison11064.566.719
poison why wait who did Poison got a hit11067.85.519
damn it he's coming after me I feel like11071.2794.2
that who who did the poison not me I11073.3193.321
didn't do the poison somebody have11075.4792.88
poison arrows cuz they're just like yeah11076.643.639
poison clouds all over the place now oh11078.3594.441
[ __ ] who's doing poison I don't know11080.2794.08
stop shooting11082.85.16
arrows I'm shooting arrows still11084.3595.721
he's halfway down all right oh really11087.965.56
already y oh this is cake yeah good go11090.087.199
after me I done nothing you little11093.525.799
cup wasn't I feel like I need to keep11097.2794.08
the torch out I'm the only torch11099.3194.12
guy how the [ __ ] did I get an arrow in11101.3595.0
my head probably me that was not me oh11103.4396.84
crap he help help coming in needs doing11106.3595.361
some lighting too yeah hey you do some11110.2794.721
lightting I want to do some it big boy11111.725.12
some bleed how you want to handle it11115.04.359
[ __ ] come on like that that's how he11116.845.16
want [ __ ] he's saying something11119.3593.92
and you look like a damn Lord of the11122.05.319
Rings reject make the T no I bleeding11123.2795.721
Miss cut you ain't going to Middle Earth11127.3193.801
you going to no Earth [ __ ] feel like11129.04.52
the insults are getting dumb man you11131.124.76
like peanut butter and jelly what's11133.524.2
wrong with that I don't know where you11135.883.599
going with that11137.726.2
though yeah what you got what's he got11139.4797.281
in him what you got anything good got11143.924.96
he's got an axe toilet paper I can get11146.764.92
some toilet paper cut cut him up cut him11148.884.88
up we get the stuff out of him F okay oh11151.683.52
there it is did you get anything from11153.764.679
him let's see thick hide I got a diadem11155.26.199
of the giant Kings a diadem of the giant11158.4395.0
Kings a diad you want one of those it11161.3995.84
looks like a crown SL Tiara oh I can't11163.4396.161
wear it though then uh give it to me11167.2393.881
I'll wear it you I mean you can't you11169.63.759
can't wear it oh I bow to you princess11171.125.239
Dalias uh I didn't put it on so you are11173.3595.761
still princess princess d oh thank um11176.3595.841
praise be Princess D be we should come11179.124.6
up with the song this wasn't the whole11182.23.92
thing right I don't know we got that dim11183.724.599
me was that good yeah did we do good is11186.123.48
that probably like one of those things11188.3193.12
we need to eventually get these uh11189.63.24
bracelets off so we can get out of this11191.4392.761
world do we have to do something to this11192.843.0
oh there's something over here to11194.25.039
read learn a new feet now we're talking11195.845.8
nice hey Vanquish of the king yeah11199.2394.341
princess can you show us your11201.644.719
uula oh open sesame the giant Oreo11206.3597.0
openeth yep Double Stuffed I see yeah11210.3594.761
yeah clearly was this somebody's pickaxe11213.3593.441
that I picked up oh Jes was that was11215.123.199
that the pickaxe from the bad guy I saw11216.83.16
he had one in his inventory it was in a11218.3193.521
bag so oh was in the bag yeah that was11219.963.72
uh that was the bad guy's pickaxe okay11221.843.24
cool there you go you got a brand new11223.684.04
shiny pickaxe yeah they can go pick your11225.084.159
butthole yep that's what I do with it11227.723.519
yep well I'm going home home all right11229.2393.2
yeah I haven't been back to base in a11231.2392.841
while I got to get rid of some [ __ ] I'm11232.4394.281
going exploring some more um I heard11234.084.199
about some people in the desert pedaling11236.723.639
a new religion I'm not too happy with my11238.2793.281
religion even though that thing was11240.3593.561
really cool she really really creeps me11241.564.2
out and haunts my dreams I don't think11243.924.16
any of them won't I don't know okay I11245.763.96
mean I guess I'm assuming there yeah11248.085.0
there might be a nice very friendly mhm11249.725.12
anybody coming with me yeah I'll go with11253.084.199
you okay we haven't hung for a while11254.844.32
yeah where are you we can catch up I'm11257.2795.0
over here so I guess that leaves me and11259.165.119
you unless you want to go with abso but11262.2794.281
if you'd like to uh find peders of11264.2795.721
religion then yeah I like religion11266.566.12
sometimes I mean as long as it helps me11270.04.96
you know right that lady helped me and11272.684.759
all but you saw her right you saw what11274.964.519
she looked like I know but I I can't be11277.4395.601
seen with that why you are such a so you11279.4795.441
so what you need is like a11283.044.399
closed-minded superficial religion11284.924.8
exactly ah yeah you want to go find it11287.4393.88
with me I would like to help you find11289.723.559
the perfect religion for you okay let's11291.3196.401
go one made for dicks11293.2794.441
what do you think nees I think he friend11298.845.72
but if he not friend can I kill the11301.965.0
douche nugget yeah I think I want to get11304.563.719
the points so I can get the thing back11306.962.88
in the thing that we you're trying to11308.2793.441
get points well yeah yeah I want to go11309.844.04
up a level so I can uh get what most of11311.723.84
you guys got back in that little Oreo11313.884.16
cave ah okay we can go to that Village11315.563.4
down there there's a lot of people to11318.043.319
kill over there see over to the left oh11318.964.319
god I've been there yeah there is a lot11321.3594.04
yep all right let's move in should we11323.2794.761
just run in well it's a hard place to11325.3995.04
run to isn't it uh got to run on the on11328.045.439
the ridge here oh boy you falling you11330.4394.601
okay we're both falling all right going11333.4793.041
this way I guess we're just doing it11335.044.48
yeah we're oh God okay yep okay right11336.526.28
friendly sir have that ready hello he's11339.525.08
not he's not friendly you sure you want11342.84.36
to fight him yeah I'm going to fight him11344.65.52
okay should I help you want me to help11347.165.58
okay man did not expect you to die that11356.044.0
fast I really would have jumped in11358.643.839
earlier all right well he don't even see11360.044.8
me I'll wait for dras to come back he'll11362.4796.8
probably want a stuff and then I'll11364.844.439
help o I think this is the guy I'm going11369.844.519
to put my sword away uhh so that he11372.2794.681
knows that I mean friendship okay and me11374.3595.441
what should I do uh maybe kill kill the11376.965.6
Scorpion maybe I I'll kill it all right11379.84.439
I'll watch you kill it all right here we11382.566.16
go ready wait Simon do you like your11384.2396.921
uh I don't really know much about it11388.724.8
okay well maybe I'll try this one out11391.165.36
and uh if I like it uh I can pedal it to11393.525.28
you okay I'd like to see what my God11396.524.2
looks like it's a snake you know so oh11398.82.92
yeah that'd be awesome probably be11400.724.84
pretty cool okay child of jabal sag uh11401.725.679
so he's in the he's in the guild Screen11405.563.679
Actor can I get close is it okay yeah11407.3993.801
yeah he is handsome hello handsome sir11409.2395.641
hey come oh [ __ ] come to me you have11411.27.079
nothing to fear of me human I am simply11414.886.68
lonely as I await my return to the Misty11418.2796.281
lands I would like to11421.566.0
talk is my appearance repellent to you11424.565.759
you no you are handsome your kind find11427.564.6
no kinship in the11430.3195.241
unnatural okay my brother impy summoned11432.166.84
me from the Misty lands we are bound by11435.567.96
Flesh Blood and our kinship with Jeb sag11439.06.16
sounds like a basketball player but in11443.523.959
PC asked of me power that could would11445.165.72
not be given he took my silence for11447.4796.401
Disobedience and drove me forth from his11450.884.76
camp and a11453.885.0
wrath I simply wish to return to my11455.646.36
realm but imp peace he will not allow it11458.885.96
because he thinks I am withholding11462.06.04
information if I could simply kill in PC11464.845.439
to secure passage to my11468.044.56
realm I would do11470.2796.0
it this says learn midnight Alchemist11472.67.4
boom I've learned it all that for that11476.2796.681
your conversation shall be missed human11480.04.84
I'm not going to miss this conversation11482.963.8
I think I have to make a potion in a11484.845.08
cauldron huh cauldron sounds like a yeah11486.765.84
like the witch's pot right the witch's11489.924.84
pot that's what a cauldron is is it can11492.63.839
I make one right here can you can you11494.765.0
make uh can you talk like a witch oh my11496.4398.0
pretty my pretty Simon ah yeah goddess11499.767.16
adahop has made me able to build11504.4395.161
something over here oh you are good11506.925.72
witch aren't you I like that all right I11509.65.36
got to build a cauldron good all right11512.644.04
let then you'll have to do the voice for11514.963.76
the rest of the day no not for the rest11516.684.92
of the day only for a little bit okay11518.724.599
yeah too much of a good thing can make11521.65.24
somebody sick right that's11523.3193.521
right Apes yeah H is he still there11527.08.2
where are you hey yeah still here okay11530.926.319
you died really fast you I'm kind of11535.23.68
embarrassed about that but hey it's been11537.2393.561
a minute uh it was funny what should I11538.884.16
throw some poison at him oh you you got11540.84.36
get my stuff's right by him that's right11543.043.239
how are you going to do this I don't11545.163.8
know I want to kill him still and you11546.2794.481
know what I really wish that once you11548.963.56
picked up your stuff it just went right11550.763.8
back into the spots it was oh yeah it11552.524.16
doesn't do that does it no you're going11554.564.2
to need me to get his attention right11556.683.759
what you want me to get his attention11558.763.479
yeah I guess so but yeah I'm going to11560.4393.8
pray to the to the developers later and11562.2394.08
hope that becomes a thing okay you know11564.2393.641
what I'll get us a attention you go in11566.3193.321
and get your stuff yeah lead them off to11567.884.68
the left uh I will equip myself and11569.645.0
finish him off left who's left um if11572.564.879
we're facing the wide open area in front11574.645.16
of us uh-huh go left okay over this way11577.4394.121
all right you ready oh here I go11579.85.519
dropping in and hello all right just KCK11581.566.16
nothing okay oh there's a box here11585.3195.08
there's a box over here good stuff in it11587.724.88
huh don't want it yet I want to kill11590.3994.361
that guy get your stuff yet I just got11592.64.719
him to grab this sword and here we go11594.763.76
he's probably somebody we should knock11597.3193.521
out but forget that [ __ ] you know how11598.524.719
far it is to the Friendship Wheel this11600.843.479
is working we should have done this the11603.2394.04
first time oh look you knocked him down11604.3195.561
I'm moving in did11607.2797.16
you you're a crazy nut okay oh boy okay11609.887.04
now I'm getting to do what D did oh crap11614.4395.761
I got to eat I got to eat sir I'll be11616.927.399
back after lunch I'm hungry stop it oh11620.27.119
Ram okay food break11624.3196.321
ah boy you know what I'll go up here11627.3195.92
they'll probably never see me here11630.645.08
because this is a good no go back to11633.2396.04
your place for some weird11635.723.559
reason boy this is a life hack love it11639.3196.92
I'll have my lunch11643.522.719
here oh God all right I knew uh I built11649.3996.641
this table I didn't imagine it was this11653.725.32
damn big11656.043.0
yeah this will be nice oh I think I11659.965.2
might make myself a seat the head of the11662.2395.321
table be like Boop and then get over11665.165.48
here and Boop H yes gentlemen where are11667.565.2
we going today you want to go over to11670.644.08
the snow region thick and say your name11672.763.36
over and over oh what do you want to do11674.723.679
Simon yeah what if I just uh I just I11676.123.56
don't really want to think about it I11678.3993.441
just want to follow11679.685.04
somebody what are you11681.846.73
doing you know neebs what are you doing11684.726.639
today yes good neebs good yeah this is11691.3595.481
perfect this is going to work great all11694.644.839
right got to build a lot more though to11696.845.08
make this11699.4792.441
impressive NES NES yep yep yep yep oh11703.4396.601
hey welcome back that guy's really good11707.684.24
ow yeah [ __ ] you should come up here11710.043.12
with me he doesn't seem to mind if11711.924.04
you're on his roof um I can get it oh11713.165.68
get my stuff I don't think he'll see of11715.964.68
course he's going to see there he goes11718.843.68
yep he sees okay distra him get him11720.644.799
moving in get hey sh oh he's coming11722.524.48
after you hold on let me get his11725.4392.441
firsto wa right on top of my stuff over11727.885.2
there front I'm all right I'm going to11730.165.96
get this stuff all right come on sucker11733.087.319
okay I got you stuff what you11736.124.279
got come on all right oh yeah get him11741.4395.641
now you going to help out Brothers I11745.045.52
know you want them points oh11747.086.52
okay put your stuff on all right I well11750.565.0
put your armor on there's not much time11753.63.639
okay well I got his attention all right11755.563.52
well let do it I guess we could use one11757.2395.881
more grave here all right g a level woo11759.086.52
now I can go do that one thing huh I can11763.125.359
do that one thing what thing uh back in11765.64.839
that the Oreo cave oh you're going to go11768.4796.081
back into the cave yep11770.4394.121
I don't know why you coming to me I'm11779.4393.88
just building it's boring to watch [ __ ]11780.764.8
off all right Simon yeah there's a11790.3994.8
potion in there for you uh potion in11793.04.84
there for me yep what do I potion of11795.1995.881
midnight purple yeah I'm over encumbered11797.844.84
what did I just pick the thing up you11801.083.359
picked up the cauldron all right I11802.683.639
picked up the cauldron Put The Cauldron11804.4394.8
back down yeah oh you have everything's11806.3195.16
in your inventory huh everything well11809.2393.921
you do have the potion but yeah let's11811.4794.8
put just get rid of what you don't need11813.165.88
right where where's the where's the damn11816.2795.441
cauldron uh oh I see it it's right in11819.044.399
this [ __ ] your hot bar yeah just put11821.723.36
it back down and then put everything in11823.4394.561
there ha this I got to put things in it11825.087.8
mhm wonderful yep there's some11828.08.319
wood yeah there's some seeds they11832.885.08
probably were in my inventory I'm just11836.3193.521
going to donate some stuff probably the11837.963.479
plants that you have in there some11839.844.08
plants I got some Brimstone put it put11841.4394.8
it in there yeah some I'm going to keep11843.924.68
some of this hide I feel I'm looking at11846.2394.561
your inventory and you have a tremendous11848.64.799
amount of just random [ __ ] yeah that11850.84.479
I just picked up a hoarder it's like I11853.3993.761
don't really give a [ __ ] really it's fun11855.2793.08
though you know who would like all that11857.163.72
stuff though probably who shoes you11858.3594.441
remember shoes I do remember shoes11860.884.439
whatever happened to shoes I don't know11862.85.0
did shoes die wait AE a minute the shoes11865.3195.441
over here shoes SP shoes would be better11867.86.16
off dead than with us right right all11870.765.439
right so can we move on or what do I do11873.964.56
now yeah how's your so where's my so I'm11876.1993.721
going to drink potion do I have some11878.524.679
sort of potion [ __ ] it's going to go in11879.925.2
you got to drink it now Simon what oh oh11883.1994.881
[ __ ] potion 5 Seconds what's that uh uh11885.126.52
potion four hold on [ __ ] now hold on11888.084.88
that's the wrong potion it's a purple11891.645.52
one no oh [ __ ] it is I just Dr it water11892.967.12
breathing damn it I drank the wrong11897.166.48
one water breathing should have known11900.085.08
should have known he said it was wrong I11903.643.759
said n he's probably he's probably11905.164.4
wrong where the hell is the damn potion11907.3993.561
is right in front of my11909.563.56
potion that's light11914.644.799
magnet I don't see dark11916.845.04
magenta I don't know where the potion is11919.4397.601
probably right oh wait down here nope11921.885.16
this place looks11929.523.839
awesome o what's this I don't want to go11931.164.4
in there yet God so much it's like11933.3596.241
sensory overload hey this looks like a11935.566.32
couple of11939.65.879
creatures let's see that's a mouth11941.886.359
Crystal mouth well looks like only one11945.4794.521
way to go except yeah I don't want to go11948.2393.921
there yet that looks like back to home11950.04.279
but this place is great it's like uh11952.165.039
it's like out of a Disney story cave11954.2796.881
right what are you hyenas oh oh you're11957.1997.361
going to fight now okay can't wait to11961.166.76
see what this religion is all about woo11964.566.4
what was that movie wait one saw let11967.925.479
worship me but they11970.965.84
forget hey you worship me cuz I'm11973.3996.96
living let's go hey you wear a headdress11976.85.76
like duris I think no he's got the11980.3594.401
one yep11985.4394.601
adios muchacho what was that Disney11987.3195.801
movie or was it Disney Maleficent this11990.045.6
looks like a Maleficent thing that movie11993.125.44
wasn't too bad I was okay with11995.646.559
it what's this a neon light assuming11998.566.4
this means something brother of the12002.1995.04
awaken uh one M approaches show them the12007.2398.04
darkness all right uh show them the12011.166.279
darkness oh12015.2794.08
okay show me the12017.4396.081
darkness oh that's a big cat I'm going12019.3596.561
hit you with poison oh you got three12023.525.36
skulls on you12025.922.96
[ __ ] all right oh you're not that12039.127.88
bad nice panther kitty12043.3995.84
oh you got me there all right all right12047.05.88
all right L of stamina come on baby here12049.2394.681
go come here can't even see him in the12053.925.319
bushes let's come over here there's no12057.3995.121
bushes come on boy12059.2396.08
girl now you probably have balls man12062.527.6
you're Nimble not like the other ones oh12065.3194.801
boy oh12070.763.28
boy oh boy here we go oh12074.3196.681
God all right hold on hold on hold12078.3195.16
on oh come on I want to lead you back12081.05.319
through here heal up I'm12083.4796.96
bleeding oh boy heal12086.3194.12
upo F12091.3998.601
no no this doesn't end me12094.125.88
what you think12145.64.08
Simon man I'm impressed just with the12146.685.92
outside it's very Majestic thank you I12149.685.759
worked hard on this one come on in okay12152.64.48
this is uh I figured we need like a12155.4394.081
place to like plan Adventures I can't12157.084.64
run really how much crap you got in your12159.524.04
pockets I don't have much it was it was12161.724.12
it was something the goddess just told12163.565.44
me what I was doing oh got so then wo12165.846.2
boom Meeting Hall wow see I I need to do12169.04.439
a lot more decorating we need some stuff12172.043.08
on the walls I feel like we need carpets12173.4393.281
we need chairs obviously there's only12175.124.76
one chair it's very churchy yeah I I12176.724.599
could see how you'd feel that but I12179.883.76
don't want it to be churchy no yeah you12181.3195.601
can do anything in here and I12183.643.28
mean anything yep you you said that like12188.049.399
in a a weird weird way hey holy [ __ ]12192.168.239
whoa wow I was coming in with urgent12197.4395.161
news but I forgot what it was this place12200.3994.481
is this this is what I imagine heaven to12202.63.52
be like Immaculate is the word you're12204.883.8
looking for Immaculate this table I want12206.124.52
to jump on the table it's great do it12208.683.92
man you can do anything in here and I12210.644.679
mean I know you already said that come12212.65.28
on guys like honestly we can groom dogs12215.3195.801
in here we're talking anything so listen12217.885.08
yeah I went to a magical I drank a12221.123.76
potion went to some magical land got12222.964.439
killed had to go back get my stuff I've12224.885.28
been there before no you haven't this12227.3994.481
man you're just doing more wonders to12230.163.48
this place oh yeah like I don't want to12231.884.2
leave got some fencing yeah you guys got12233.644.44
to come with me to this place I have to12236.083.319
make three potions I'm sorry you want me12238.082.44
to do what you want me to drink your12239.3993.281
drug potion and trip with you I need you12240.524.879
to take drugs with me man sure I've been12242.684.719
working hard I deserve a little trip all12245.3994.92
right hey let's ready up okay ready up12247.3994.121
I'll go to make the potions all right I12250.3192.681
got to get a lot of stuff out of my12251.523.919
pocket you make potions Simon yeah12253.04.279
what's he talking about I don't really12255.4394.0
know okay well I'm going to go empty my12257.2797.441
stuff yeah I'll see you in potion land12259.4395.281
sure I'll stay here I12265.3997.201
guess nibs yeah man it's a strong KY I12268.885.04
know I think this is going to take12272.64.639
forever uh it already has taken forever12273.925.68
I got a plan what it's probably going to12277.2394.801
involve us dying though oh perfect I got12279.65.52
a shield uh-huh I'll try to get him to12282.045.359
fight me and you attack him in the12285.125.88
butt what do you think um did I put a12287.3995.761
bed thing down yeah do that first I'll12291.04.96
keep shooting them right beds and stuff12293.164.8
um look how that was smart of me to12295.965.16
think of right yeah man you're a gamer12297.965.6
sometimes this might take a minute let12301.125.319
me know I will I'll do the shield right12303.565.4
I heard the plan uh I got to get some12306.4396.601
Fiber ah hey you don't have fiber hey no12308.968.519
I don't have fiber okay um fiber around12313.046.8
I'm busy don't get attacked by the tiger12317.4794.96
I know that why would I all of a sudden12319.844.16
decide to get attacked by the tiger12322.4393.161
because you might go to fiber near the12324.03.399
tiger and the tiger further from the12325.64.52
tiger to get the fiber yeah good plan12327.3995.481
right um more sensitive you think12330.124.239
shooting in the butt would hurt more you12332.883.76
would I I put a couple butthole shots in12334.3596.201
there yep I think it liked it well jeez12336.646.32
okay I'm going wide am I safe down here12340.565.0
for the fiber I don't see you I hope so12342.965.08
got some Fiber some bees Sone would like12345.565.52
those yep he's a bug man all right go to12348.045.359
make the I'm going to make a bed okay I12351.085.48
see you okay you're safe you know that12353.3995.681
cat was in this house right inside the12356.565.52
house inside like I think did I think12359.086.08
it's sprayed oh jeez oh it's bold12362.085.0
stinkiest smell in the world it's so12365.165.039
bold it's a unique smell isn't it it's12367.085.44
uh that's the weird word to choose I12370.1994.2
guess unque I feel like it's still an12372.524.6
appropriate word I feel like horrific12374.3994.201
okay see that's a little extreme like12377.123.359
you're kind of a [ __ ] about it no it's12378.63.839
really gross and it makes me wonder12380.4794.201
about your uh judgment when you don't12382.4394.121
think horrific is correct for that yeah12384.684.08
but God awful unique could be a god aul12386.564.16
smell too it's just a unique God aful12388.763.84
smell don't put them in the same12390.723.639
category this is really stupid of us to12392.63.32
even what a waste of time I'm not to12394.3593.96
smell anything you tell me is unique any12395.924.2
anymore listen I think I didn't get12398.3193.12
fiber is this really this whole time is12401.4394.601
just you making a bed why had to make12404.3193.88
the twine then too you know it's like a12406.043.56
thing it's not the12408.1993.721
easiest it's close to the easiest but12409.66.12
not the EAS now I need branches H all12411.925.08
right heading back12415.726.599
out okay what a unique time we're12417.05.319
having all right guys you ready to trip12422.524.64
balls yeah I guess so you better be12424.844.16
ready to fight too all right oh I only12427.163.68
have one sword damn it all right you're12429.06.279
fine protect you all right in three two12430.849.639
one drink Bottoms Up Baby Boom whoa okay12435.2798.601
hello welcome to my world boys let's get12440.4795.0
freaky oh I didn't know what I was12443.883.2
getting into here yeah there are things12445.4794.561
that we need to fight lots of hyenas and12447.084.48
then we're going to encounter a big12450.043.8
[ __ ] Panther who I had to run from12451.564.4
like a little girl really is this how we12453.844.399
leave though what if I jump in here will12455.965.2
I leave yes that's how you leave but you12458.2394.401
don't want to leave you want to follow12461.164.239
me o which kind of makes me want to12462.644.719
leave right no no I want to follow you I12465.3993.161
want to follow you this is interesting12467.3593.721
what is that right there that is a hyena12468.565.2
okay a hyena two hyenas two hyenas man12471.084.44
all right so they're they're easy enough12473.763.28
I guess where are we what's the point of12475.524.04
this place you have come child yeah12477.043.84
someone's calling us a child you want to12479.563.719
get freaky let's do it all12480.885.12
right oh damn I hope I didn't hit you n12483.2796.08
you're good one dead hener all right12486.07.08
hener like that which Messenger to the12489.3595.721
four brothers of the night oh man their12493.084.68
lore is always so Sil in it four12495.084.399
brothers of the night hey that was a12497.763.96
good good attack good combo know man12499.4794.041
good teamwork you with the smack smack12501.723.92
and me with the old woohoo the old12503.524.64
woohoo yep me and me with the old12505.644.96
watching I'm saving myself for the big12508.164.84
fight I'm saving myself for divorce I'm12510.64.719
saving my virginity hold on this little12513.04.08
thing's in my way all right where did12515.3195.241
you guys were you you go up the tree man12517.084.92
this I'm going the wrong way this is a12520.563.56
magical journey no you're not Simon keep12522.03.88
going keep heading up upwards there you12524.125.319
are okay yeah come on oh [ __ ] what12525.885.08
[ __ ] almost fell off the tree don't12529.4393.121
fall off the tree all right this is like12530.964.08
Pandora from that movie about those uh12532.565.32
Smurfs what the Smurf movie I did not12535.045.92
see it yes you did no Smurfs yeah I see12537.885.2
the blue people yeah Pandora like12540.965.239
Gargamel yeah Gargamel Gargamel it's12543.085.8
like an Italian Dish it hey what's your12546.1994.801
mom cooking she's cooking some gagel oh12548.887.16
man her her gagel is so juicy12551.05.04
neees you got the bed ready yeah it's12559.05.52
it's down okay this thing is not even h12561.165.76
i mean almost halfway but good Lord I12564.524.839
got some okay you ready to do this uh12566.924.519
yeah going to switch to Shield uh-huh12569.3593.681
and I've got a little bit of bad news12571.4393.641
what's that pretty sure the cat got a12573.044.72
little spray on your particular bed roll12575.085.119
ah all right I'm coming you ready yeah12577.764.12
here we go that didn't affect you at all12580.1993.721
did it is he on me nope it's not on you12581.885.359
at all oh wow look at this12583.925.76
going well so far this might be easier12587.2394.721
than a thought huh what what's wrong12589.685.28
with him he got his nose stuck in a rock12591.965.479
huh you going to come help me or well12594.964.64
now we have a plan B now like well this12597.4393.8
is still the same plan if he gets out of12599.63.56
that rock shield and you stab him in the12601.2395.401
butt but what's the oh oh boy okay yep12603.165.199
yep oh boy is he stuck there What's12606.643.719
happen going what what is happen I12608.3593.721
should I come around12610.3596.84
oh KY Cy Cy caddy wow what is happened12612.087.319
this is some sort of war strategy he's12617.1994.361
developed I don't okay I'm going to come12619.3994.84
up around okay come up around back side12621.564.12
yeah coming up back then what are you12624.2393.24
going to do well get him in the butt12625.683.799
that was the plan right through the rock12627.4795.081
no I'm coming around back oh okay how is12629.4794.601
he doing that all right just yeah go12632.564.879
ahead are you getting hits yep had a boy12634.086.56
oh uh-oh up up up up what are you doing12637.4394.84
coming around back again okay wow this12640.643.44
this is a good plan yeah you just sit12642.2793.321
there and do nothing he's looking at me12644.084.52
I got to attention yeah I like that okay12645.64.36
if only you didn't move forward while12648.64.24
you swung okay go go forward oh that was12649.965.479
a good hit oh my goodness he swung at12652.846.559
you Woo you're not taking damage12655.4399.0
nope look at him look at him Cy ooh yeah12659.3997.401
K you're a fierce Warrior w w12667.167.36
okay okay let's try this again you're12671.925.68
like uh Swartz in Niger in his prime no12674.525.6
he was much more active okay I thought12677.63.92
this was going to be a lot cooler you12680.124.159
yeah all right come on oh I see him wait12685.087.48
now there's another symbol yep wait is12690.044.64
this like a he sees him though it's like12692.564.0
a oh I see him too there he is all right12694.683.559
so like we beat this one we go to the12696.563.2
next level is that what is that what's12698.2393.401
happening oh God so this is the first12699.764.91
one of many levels12701.646.88
get me12710.1995.761
no get out go back out back out back the12711.4798.321
[ __ ] oh no ST it already that took woo12715.966.08
that took like less that took like 1012719.85.559
seconds thi yep I get his bandages all12722.045.56
right never mind to begin with don't12725.3594.401
forget to heal up uh yep yep I'm doing12727.63.799
pretty good so far except he's looking12729.763.12
at me and he wants me and my stamina's12731.3995.201
down here we go all right12732.885.88
yeah come on now oh he's going to bleed12736.65.879
out look all that blood damage I done to12738.763.719
himom much easier with more people yeah12743.2396.921
well with me let's see we should uh here12747.04.92
I I I'll grab his stuff cuz you know he12750.163.64
ain't coming back he ain't coming back12751.924.76
let's see I'll carry his uh what in the12753.85.399
hell he's got like boots in here and12756.686.36
glove what blows my mind this man12759.1995.16
carries so much [ __ ] in his12763.044.12
inventory gr he's got 20 bowls of GRL12764.3595.241
and five fat grubs I'll take his bed12767.164.279
roll the grubs are actually pretty good12769.63.24
whoa he's got some roasted hunch now12771.4393.521
that's not bad that does great for BL12772.844.76
resin he's got some paint in here man12774.966.68
he's weird this a weird man12777.64.04
thick all right come on it's getting12784.565.56
closed RIS I know dude I think this is12787.644.719
like a boss he's got three skulls on I12790.126.04
know that means bossy stuff okay yep12792.3596.521
so it's kind of an honor that there's uh12796.165.44
this cat Ur in on your bed roll yeah you12798.885.399
know what I mean yeah kind of uh it's12801.65.16
different it's grown on me it's uh it's12804.2795.0
even more unique smells like success12806.765.679
yeah it does yeah okay come on you12809.2796.04
little son of a12812.4395.88
[ __ ] okay hold12815.3195.441
up I'm taking them home I'm going to12818.3193.92
take him home you take him home I'm12820.763.2
going to take him on home does that mean12822.2395.24
kill him not let take him home L come on12823.966.16
come on go home so I'll quit swinging12827.4795.161
I'll quit swinging so you get the kill12830.125.319
walk free oh [ __ ] I fell were you12832.644.599
talking to him or you uh I was talking12835.4393.681
to him what who's talking why would I12837.2393.2
talk to me he said walk free and then12839.124.76
you just started walking oh right12840.4396.241
y um I get I'mma get him all right what12843.884.84
do we get how come it doesn't say we won12846.685.04
Conan huh that's he just killed the the12848.726.759
tiger boss oh dude uh I can't wait to12851.726.28
tell tell people that won't care all12855.4795.321
right H what a good caddy be a good12858.05.199
holiday story for uh got another12860.84.88
skeleton key oh you got the key yeah I12863.1994.24
got the key I did I I did all the12865.683.08
fighting remember at the end I was like12867.4393.92
I'll let you get the kill felt like I12868.764.16
did a thing I feel like you probably12871.3594.12
took down 10% of the health I put like a12872.924.479
200 arrows in this guy I know you really12875.4793.84
did it's a shame arrows suck balls in12877.3995.201
this game yeah what a unique friend you12879.3199.361
are hey guys guys Simon yo yo did you12882.68.44
did you guys grab some of my stuff yeah12888.683.679
I grabbed most of it I thought you12891.042.72
weren't coming back how where' you12892.3593.92
respawn right outside like right right12893.764.84
back there oh I thought I thought when12896.2793.761
you uh you died in here you you were12898.63.52
gone oh wait that damn it I accidentally12900.045.04
put your pants on look at me all right I12902.125.0
need I need stuff what do you need I12905.083.52
don't know whatever is mine that's12907.123.64
that's useful yeah the the the stuff I'm12908.64.32
dropping that's your clothes I like it12910.763.479
and then uh here's some more your12912.923.439
clothes i i b basically grabbed all your12914.2393.641
clothes and your roasted hunch you had12916.3593.561
like a ton of roasted hunch I know I12917.882.92
don't know why you're eating bugs all12919.923.2
the damn time listen I saved the hunch12920.84.2
for special occasions we may as well eat12923.124.279
it it's going to go B eat it I eat it12925.05.399
all right all right all right boom all12927.3995.641
right boys we're back on track yeah are12930.3994.601
we I think I'm going to stay farther12933.043.239
back we we've encountered a bunch of12935.03.84
dudes so far let's go slow hold on hold12936.2793.881
on hold12938.843.76
on hit him with a poison arrow yeah you12940.165.0
want to bait them in yeah oh oh that12942.64.24
that's a bunch of of them oh they'll be12945.164.039
dead before they get12946.846.0
here oh one did oh he's wearing that uh12949.1995.841
yeah God that sword is awesome I want12952.843.559
that sword but with my little double12955.043.399
blades here I want got to find those for12956.3994.281
you man are there some exotic double12958.4393.88
blades somewhere out there I bet there12960.683.639
are that's what daddy wants Daddy's12962.3193.641
going to get them daddy wants it bad12964.3193.441
daddy you can get them why am I calling12965.964.2
you Daddy man Daddy's shit's creepy man12967.764.04
you got to stop that [ __ ] why is it12970.164.279
creepy it's it is it's just creepy Oh12971.84.2
Daddy W what are you guys see in the12974.4395.081
symbol uh I see a frog yeah me too12976.06.199
really funny I see an angry lady with12979.524.799
one arm with her leg spread open like if12982.1994.24
yeah flip it you see her her eyebrows12984.3193.761
are looking down then there's her eyes12986.4393.481
and then there's her mouth yep and she's12988.084.44
got one arm yeah or a pran mantis upside12989.924.64
down yeah I can see praying mantis but12992.524.6
beyond this I see a big [ __ ] gorilla12994.565.36
o oh really all right what's up Donkey12997.124.68
Kong all right I'm going to try to stay12999.924.559
as far away as I possibly can oh my God13001.87.88
Bing oh [ __ ] okay yeah he's yours13004.4795.201
thick oh wait a minute he's a whoa yeah13014.06.8
he's a b oh he's going down okay oh he's13017.1994.721
boss all right got some bleed damage13021.924.279
going on him swiping his butt oh man13024.05.76
you're doing great get that gorilla butt13026.1996.841
huh watch out as I like it from over13029.765.28
here yeah you're doing great s over13033.044.72
there arrows all right I got him bleed13035.047.0
damn it monkey boy slow and you're dumb13037.767.679
come on Congo hey oh W oh wow W he hit13042.046.199
my princess he hit me good damn it I'm13045.4396.161
I'm I'm suered he suered me man okay13048.2396.08
that hit me really good I got you'll get13051.64.44
dude I got him right in13054.3194.681
[ __ ] yeah you did oh yeah why you13056.045.0
looking at me oh look at me I'm suered I13059.03.319
don't know that I think that means my13061.043.159
Dodge is kind of shitty oh let's get13062.3195.681
some B damage whoa whoa come on now Bing13064.1995.521
bone crabs all13068.04.92
right so dumb he is he's a dummy he's13069.724.88
about to go down come on dumy I'm glad13072.923.399
you guys are here oh man yeah this is13074.68.32
easy uhhuh oh hit wo come here boy13076.31910.721
and oh yeah did I get take him down I13082.925.88
think you may have a s Simon chop him up13087.043.159
what do you get I don't know how I don't13088.83.479
have the the I got I got a chopper I got13090.1995.761
a chopper here we go what did I get say13092.2797.281
anything oh fur hide shade Bloom it's13095.965.96
that it's a flower oh good I got a13099.564.08
flower let me see if I can make some13101.923.519
arrows I don't think I can yeah I need13103.644.52
to eat dude I can't make arrows Chow13105.4394.8
Down on some fish we got to go this way13108.164.119
it looks like hold on bone can I make13110.2395.481
bone can you make13112.2793.441
bone nieps I saw a tiger chase you yeah13116.3596.12
cuz I took his13120.4395.561
baby well yeah that's not nice you're13122.4795.76
only supposed to take Cubs that don't13126.04.359
have a family well what's wrong with you13128.2394.721
it might not have been it's family yeah13130.3593.801
there's another cup back there if you13132.963.439
want one okay well no not if it has a13134.164.8
mom and dad well we I mean of course it13136.3994.321
had a mom and dad but they might be dead13138.963.12
where did the mom go I just saw it13140.724.12
chasing you I don't I ran down um maybe13142.084.199
it's dealing with those giant bugs up13144.843.519
there let's go take a look cuz I wanted13146.2794.521
to fight those bugs why cuz I forget13148.3594.361
what they give you don't they give you13150.83.8
stuff to build stuff you know what I'm13152.724.0
going to watch you do this one okay done13154.64.679
all the work today all by myself y oh13156.725.08
boy all right good luck out there killer13159.2795.08
crap where that tiger ah look at this13161.84.88
there's one two three bugs and a tiger13164.3593.84
three bugs and a tiger that sounds like13166.683.679
a movie bre breaking left okay three13168.1994.681
bugs and a tiger what a classic tail it13170.3595.441
is so funny okay you wa you see me yep13172.885.2
getting chased by a bug yep holy [ __ ] is13175.83.96
a bug chasing me I thought you weren't13178.083.239
fighting I'm not going to I'm running13179.763.88
like a [ __ ] okay here he comes bam I've13181.3194.601
done today I'm still coming I'm moving13183.648.0
in Bam Bam on God that's nasty Bam13185.928.64
Bam you okay going home you don't want13191.644.88
to be a part of this scene hold on I'm13194.563.839
coming back thought I was rocking you13196.523.36
were Jason St all right I got a good13198.3994.441
shot from here come on bu oh I killed13199.886.16
one uh-huh okay what do you get ah crap13202.846.72
I put my my axe away stand by watch my13206.045.399
back I am kind13209.566.839
of from like a half mile away13211.4394.96
oh boy what is this I don't know looks13218.766.96
like a snake oh maybe yeah snake and a13221.3997.04
rhinoceros man next time you ask me to13225.725.679
take drugs remind me to say no or I13228.4396.081
would bring like a 100 Arrow 200 arrows13231.3996.401
hold tight something's up what yeah yeah13234.525.839
something's up a can I just shoot down13237.84.72
at it them your Savage yeah that is a13240.3595.481
bull you can't come up here oh man Toro13242.525.64
boys here we go damn it go oh God run13259.7610.439
dick run oh my13265.3594.84
god oh he's zooming up you know oh [ __ ]13272.926.479
wa oh boy he knocked me in some poison13276.764.559
oh it's okay so that box poisonous get13279.3994.92
down here help me out we need to do that13281.3195.601
boom all right wow I'll all right figure13284.3195.241
out it figure out its system it just did13286.925.359
the kicking I'm coming13289.565.799
down hurt [ __ ] man that just hurt right13292.2795.88
there take you some uh healing potions H13295.3594.321
look at him Bucking in a going and a13298.1594.681
going and a buck in there he's bleeding13299.684.799
oh I know that was me baby he's looking13302.843.08
at me13304.4793.92
oh [ __ ] it didn't go to the side come on13305.924.76
come on wow oh I'm out of stamina like13308.3993.96
an idiot oh [ __ ] now I'm going to chop13310.686.16
his balls off there you go to follow13312.3597.321
Cho thank God for honch all right yeah13316.845.319
eat your hunch baby we got this yeah we13319.684.559
got this here he comes oh he wants thick13322.1595.08
so bad yeah a bit of a bull fighter you13324.2395.601
didn't know this about me Chop Chop13327.2395.16
watch out Simon damn it no no no no no13329.844.12
no woo I'm bleeding and I'm crippled13333.964.96
well bleeding is probably for me oh damn13336.564.36
it sorry about that hey when I start13338.923.8
swinging I can't help it all right my13340.923.6
blades are poison13342.725.32
now oh God get back here oh God get out13344.526.24
of the r I'm running I'm running step13348.044.84
back step back oh come on thick couple13350.764.0
more swipes that big ass sword you got13352.883.8
we killed us a bull that's right here we13354.767.479
go boom yeah oh yeah woohoo that was13356.689.88
beautiful oh that was fun13362.2394.321
hey nebes yes sir what's going on out13370.925.359
here with this pillar yeah well I've13373.764.28
noticed a lot of animals out here are13376.2794.401
rude and I thought I would send a13378.044.279
message you think that's going to be13380.683.519
effective I mean if you were one of13382.3193.241
those things you wouldn't want to come13384.1993.04
over here would you I choose to seal13385.564.919
their babies I got a fawn and a Jaguar13387.2395.92
cub in there okay in the just hanging13390.4794.68
out in the in the chest do you have any13393.1596.04
more heads mm cuz I as of now I just13395.1595.681
think those antalope things would go I'm13399.1993.521
not going there but Tigers would be like13400.843.599
H maybe they're tiger friendly well13402.723.719
tiger this probably will draw tigers13404.4394.361
because they eat the [ __ ] out of analou13406.4394.081
so I don't think this is an effective13408.82.84
method well I'm going to put a tiger13410.523.839
head up there too right I got to go get13411.646.48
a tiger head are you bored out here well13414.3595.761
the problem is water I think I think13418.123.44
that's a question though it's like yes13420.123.88
or no I'm no I'm not bored okay what are13421.565.12
you bored fun to be around like I'm13424.04.279
playing dress up and [ __ ] that's how13426.683.599
bored I am okay well we don't have to13428.2794.12
live here I mean I just I know I know13430.2793.321
making the I thought we were just having13432.3993.521
a trip together our safari V vacation13433.64.759
home no I've enjoyed it but like we13435.923.84
should probably go back to our base13438.3594.84
because like my bow is uh yeah let's go13439.765.08
we got to go home yeah cuz I don't want13443.1993.921
to build all this tables and crap again13444.843.68
dude we've done enough here and you13447.123.44
might want to tame your animals I do13448.523.919
want to tame them [ __ ] that's going to13450.563.56
take forever to get back they're very13452.4395.641
heavy oh well hand me one okay good call13454.127.199
remember that song uh-uh hand me the fwn13458.085.279
nah he's not heavy he's my brother yeah13461.3193.681
I don't understand that probably not the13463.3594.12
same I think he was carrying his brother13465.04.76
his brother was injured they said they13467.4793.521
said here let me carry him he's like13469.763.8
he's not heavy oh so it was like literal13471.04.92
yeah it wasn't like a okay this is the13473.565.24
same I'm like your best friend okay yeah13475.925.92
grab it I'm ready to go man this Fawn is13478.84.88
probably going to be op can't wait to13481.843.88
tame that I can't wait to have that f f13483.685.2
that's going to be my baby okay well uh13485.725.559
let's head home heading home lead the13488.885.279
okay ah it's going to be a long walk13494.1596.601
he's heavy the song was wrong yeah but13497.3196.311
it's not your brother that's13500.764.28
true man this place looks cool it does13505.045.119
it's got a good creepy Vibe man I'm13508.4794.641
feeling good I got some arrows man oh13510.1595.681
you did B huh yeah so now I'm feeling13513.124.52
right as rain all right so thi you13515.843.08
mentioned the four brothers so we did13517.644.48
the bull uh what the gorilla the panther13518.925.04
ooh looks like this might be the last13522.123.88
door up here okay so this is the last13523.964.0
brother all right13526.05.159
that's sacrific them to me oh boy I13527.965.04
didn't realize they were brothers well13531.1593.32
that's what thick said I think goddess13533.03.319
adahop Dro that in his ear you know what13534.4792.521
mean a13537.03.12
little okay there's what we got here13540.885.359
there's the Mad lady with the uh spread13543.923.76
look at this guy look at this guy behind13546.2393.841
the door you he the birds you he the13547.685.599
birds the blood awaken is this a13550.086.119
werewolf man a we man oh wow this guy13553.2795.08
this guy looks creepy as [ __ ] right13556.1995.321
what what why is his view bad now why is13558.3596.641
my view bad here we go ready wait wait13561.525.719
show them blood lust and he's13565.04.96
monologuing to become you show them the13567.2394.281
blood lust the heart rate is this the13569.964.56
religion you want to know thick yeah man13571.524.28
like you're not going to turn into one13574.523.08
of these things are you I hope so that13575.82.76
would be kind of cool let me see what13577.62.599
poison does to this guy probably just13578.563.84
piss him13580.1994.601
off oh yeah D pissed him off oh yeah13584.85.8
that's a wolf man he moves fast look13588.3194.801
holy [ __ ] oh boy this is uh this is13590.63.759
going to be an interesting fight all13593.123.84
right I'm staying far away what the13594.3595.84
[ __ ] hey you better run thick no he's13596.965.56
coming for me oh boy yeah get oh wow oh13600.1994.881
Jes Jesus Jesus13602.526.36
oh up there we go there we go up man oh13605.085.76
wow does have you got anything to13608.884.76
[ __ ] this guy uh yeah yeah let's try13610.844.639
to [ __ ] him why is he just standing13613.643.48
there oh he's just yeah there you go get13615.4793.0
a little [ __ ] on him oh I got him in13617.124.44
there there you go oh got oh boy back13618.4795.361
out back out oh boy watch out s damn13621.563.719
even if he he's crippled and he's still13623.843.68
moving like a damn Maniac oh boy he's13625.2794.92
okay oh boy you know what he is what13627.525.759
he's a Coke W wolf he's a Coke wolf oh13630.1995.521
he's chasing me [ __ ]13633.2794.681
come here go back after your F drugs are13635.723.96
bad he's the one that started this stay13637.964.6
off your drugs Coke wolf C what are you13639.684.36
getting Coke well look how fast he's13642.564.679
moving and he won't shut up how oh God13644.047.08
stop stop [ __ ] stop stop oh boy oh13647.2396.321
God oh God oh God oh God oh no no no no13651.124.88
no no no no no all right coming in to13653.565.48
try to help some bleed damage here heal13656.05.359
up heal up heal up oh I think I I oh I'm13659.044.08
I'm putting a lot of lead damage I got I13661.3593.88
got him in a weird spot good I like it13663.124.039
he's standing there weird yeah oh he's13665.2393.681
got like 20 bleeding damage now this is13667.1593.641
good okay n no now now he's on look at13668.924.0
him help help took another a s oh he's13670.83.8
getting down man is that what they do13672.922.88
they take a snort of it yeah he's13674.63.639
snorting coke he's a Coke weasel Coke13675.84.24
whatever the hell you call him Coke wolf13678.2394.761
oh God now he's after me oh God ow ow ow13680.046.04
coming in at ow ow so fast oh boy oh boy13683.06.84
oh no I am out of Stam oh boy com out13686.085.72
get him on you get him off there we go13689.843.559
there we go okay heal up buddy I'm13691.83.519
healing I'm healing I'm healing13693.3995.681
Simon protect me oh he's so close oh God13695.3196.16
he's so13699.085.64
close come on oh no come on come on get13701.4796.68
him Simon I'm trying oh oh God oh God13704.725.16
he's right there he's so close let's get13708.1595.08
him Simon come on [ __ ] shoot up let's13709.886.76
get him oh boy shut up bring it on ding13713.2399.12
dong yeah right [ __ ] damn right baby oo13716.647.599
how'd that taste oh wao whoo whoo What13722.3593.601
the [ __ ] is there had that taste in your13724.2395.881
mouth s look behind you what what oh god13725.965.6
consume the spoils your Victory once13730.124.64
been okay am I supposed to eat this guy13731.565.96
I'm coming back okay what's going on I13734.766.8
don't know easy chill I don't13737.527.56
know are you cool don't shoot it Simon13741.566.36
oh okay oh boy13745.085.76
Tero oh he's going to sit on his throne13750.843.92
let me get my [ __ ] oh is he the the13753.045.359
whole time sneaky little bastard okay so13754.765.36
wait what are we supposed to do here13758.3994.161
look at him nothing in there nothing in13760.124.52
there hold on hold on a second what is13762.564.56
this cooling down I oh God I just drank13764.643.599
this I don't know if that was a good13767.122.8
idea does he have anything in his13768.2393.601
inventory uh I don't see anything should13769.924.64
I hit him with my old you know let me13771.845.319
try oh I got some werewolf meat how much13774.563.879
werewolf meat did you get I didn't get13777.1593.361
any oh I got a flesh of remembrance oh13778.4393.72
are we supposed to cook this and eat it13780.524.16
can I have it uh how much do you have um13782.1594.681
I got a bunch oh give me some here here13784.683.559
here here here let me see what happens13786.843.92
when you uh just eat it raw drop there13788.2395.04
we go drop some of that I drank out of13790.763.84
this pool of blood on accident oh I13793.2793.801
already did that me too why not it's13794.65.08
cooling me down all right uh you know13797.084.199
what I'm just going to do you have any13799.683.0
Stones so I can make a campfire I want13801.2792.721
to see what happens if we eat this uh13802.682.96
werewolf meat well let me see what13804.04.56
happens when you eat it raw I have no13805.645.599
stone you have learned new recipes oh13808.563.879
you eat it raw really and I'm13811.2393.721
regenerating yeah13812.4394.441
right so you learned something from that13814.963.96
yeah I don't know what recipes I learned13816.885.64
okay let's go through here okay oh so do13818.924.399
win what is what is this the Beast lives13823.3197.04
within child remember okay good oh good13826.646.16
to know hey this is a way out oh do we13830.3594.161
want to leave now I don't know what did13832.83.599
we come here for what did you drag us13834.524.639
here for thick I don't know so think you13836.3993.92
came here to learn a religion did you13839.1592.881
learn it yeah let me check probably13840.3193.96
learned it from eat that damn meat oh13842.044.239
yeah bow of13844.2795.0
jabag what yeah I got a new religion13846.2794.721
that's the silliest sounding religion13849.2795.92
jaag actually no jabag jaag I like that13851.07.08
name sounds like a basketball player kab13855.1995.401
jaag all right I'm out of here all right13858.086.239
let's go return to the surface return13860.66.799
return to the how do you return to the13864.3197.631
surface oh I didn't see a prompt for e13867.3997.361
guys what what are we doing today I have13874.765.04
an idea well okay let's talk about it13877.124.64
everybody to the meeting room the13879.83.72
meeting room man yeah I built a meeting13881.764.92
room very proud of it that is not a room13883.525.639
that is a cathedral okay the meeting13886.684.96
house holy moly I want a chair wow all13889.1593.521
right here give me this chair place13891.642.839
looks awesome very nice is there a13892.683.4
signed seating no you can sit wherever13894.4794.161
you want to oh this okay I'll take this13896.083.84
side yeah I still want to do more13898.642.719
decorating in here it's a little empty13899.922.8
it's a little echoey I need some uh you13901.3593.521
need some furniture but uh I mean look13902.723.679
at this this looks awesome right this is13904.884.12
great I mean come on yes it does did we13906.3994.641
all do the same uh thing with our hands13909.03.56
that's kind of weird yeah the glamour13911.043.8
shot hand to the chin yeah I think it's13912.563.719
kind of based on whatever chair you're13914.843.319
sitting in so if you guys don't like13916.2793.241
doing the things with the hands I can13918.1594.2
put your chairs in here so plans gentle13919.525.12
gentle gentlemen yes I've heard word of13922.3595.96
an underwater city what what a city13924.645.719
underwater I'm down underwater city13928.3193.441
sounds fun13930.3594.52
I'm going to try to avoid working today13947.925.479
cuz I die a lot when I try oh wow today13950.4794.88
huh you're going to try that today today13953.3993.481
yeah today know a lot of the time I13955.3593.8
throw C to the wind and I die because13956.885.0
I'm really just trying to like be a hero13959.1594.681
I don't need to do that not today well13961.883.599
how are you going to get better well I13963.843.24
mean I'm just takeing I'm just going to13965.4794.441
take it easy today that's all feel like13967.084.6
you take it easy a lot oh shut up forget13969.924.239
it on like vacation the other day yeah13971.683.759
it's like saying I'm going to breathe13974.1593.641
today all right guys this or here13975.4394.321
nothing like that oh this or press e to13977.84.599
interact You' learned a new feat the13979.766.04
broken ore that's a feet huh yes I don't13982.3994.681
I don't have to interact with I don't13985.83.639
see the interacting thing all right just13987.084.359
hit e though I learned it yeah did you13989.4394.441
learn it Simon I learned it you come13991.4393.601
over to this boat13993.883.72
it says travel to the sunken city okay13995.045.6
pry we're going on a water adventure I'm13997.65.44
going to be the last one watch14000.645.48
me is this it we made it it was a long14003.044.92
journey yeah I guess this is the place14006.126.079
uh hop off okay huh up here yeah I mean14007.966.359
let's follow the trail looks like uh14012.1995.441
okay yeah this is a neat Place HH yeah14014.3195.641
why not I like this little island looks14017.645.2
a looks a bit stormy seems safe though14019.965.8
it's good yeah oh o today is the day14022.845.12
that the prophecy comes oh God here we14025.764.519
go okay it's not going to be safe is it14027.964.279
going to be chatty yeah should we just14030.2795.96
move all right let's just go you come to14032.2395.721
free me I think we're freeing somebody14036.2393.801
it thinks we're a redeemer is it talking14037.963.92
to you or's text coming up i' see a14040.043.64
bunch of text on my screen I don't see14041.883.439
[ __ ] well you're taking the day off so14043.683.599
don't worry about all right all right14045.3194.601
lots of writing graffiti looks like oh14047.2794.92
hello everyone hold on hold tight looks14049.923.88
like a sacrifice of sorts we don't want14052.1995.08
to interrupt we we want to be polite but14053.86.08
oh you want to fight I was trying to be14057.2794.481
cool boy why are we fighting these14059.883.68
people well they're fighting us they are14061.763.679
now we're fighting back well that guy's14063.563.52
big he came straight from me didn't he W14065.4394.201
no he came straight from me what the14067.084.399
it's own like [ __ ] Donkey Kong now14069.644.4
you son of a [ __ ] oh hey this guy's14071.4795.84
tough I'm with you coming down there you14074.047.52
go down stupid I've being thck dummy all14077.3196.08
comeing in comeing in tag it in come on14081.565.48
now get this bleed going baby a bleed 1114083.3997.201
12 13 14 hell yeah what boy thick14087.045.239
doesn't even care about turns does he14090.63.679
I'm sorry jumps right14092.2793.521
secondes you get in there I'm knock down14095.85.399
give me a shot at it all right time and14099.723.519
go this is like a you know when your14101.1994.361
break dance and and you take turns give14103.2393.441
it to me I'm going to do the wave14105.563.32
followed by the worm do the windmill in14106.683.88
it with the back spe14108.884.599
oops just shot Simon with an arrow thank14110.564.679
you I'm14113.4793.281
came out real quick and he was trying to14115.2393.721
take the day off look oh Simon's just he14116.763.76
can't help he's such a hero he can't14118.964.96
even get a moving Simon's got him yeah14120.524.6
thought you were taking the day off14123.924.239
listen this is my day off baby tag out14125.124.8
who's next all right one14128.1594.0
more yeah damn I just want it Simon14129.924.16
whipping boom trying to get back but it14132.1594.401
won't allow me see that's why I said I14134.087.159
tried crap [ __ ] good Lord that's a14136.567.839
mess son blood all over that rock you14141.2395.361
supposed to put bed rolls down here yep14144.3997.561
yeah who's next I'll go okay I'm here oh14146.67.52
cool Spa the boat oh it's like in that14151.965.64
other place thick and I were at yep oh14154.125.44
he hit me oh wow oh he good all right14157.65.44
I'm out out oh he just woo grazed me my14159.566.4
body down there yeah that rock I hear14163.044.92
Simon I like this guy's armor I kind of14165.963.76
want it well might be able to take it14167.963.479
yeah yeah make it take14169.725.4
it yeah he's almost down boys ha there14171.4395.441
we go beautiful what's he got in him14175.124.279
anything good I don't see it um some14176.885.24
Stone it's like he was poor all right14179.3995.121
let's move on14182.124.56
okay all right they're still talking to14184.524.0
us yep there's someone praying down14186.683.599
there their dreams were drowned they're14188.525.879
so talky they are Chatty Cathy oh okay14190.2796.92
okay man just hold14194.3994.641
tight Oh I thought you were going to be14197.1995.521
cool God nobody's cool you got her thick14199.047.279
get out goas I swung a little early oh14202.726.759
God shot me with an arrow14206.3196.441
who is that Dres14209.4796.241
guys just the thing just said jump I've14212.764.679
waited long enough oh do we have to jump14215.724.639
into this water14217.4392.92
inall I think you're next abro okay I14222.085.079
want to get a running start cuz uh you I14225.083.56
don't want to hit the Rocks I think make14227.1594.441
it I think so come on guys here I go14228.645.759
yeah baby14231.66.839
woo I'm going well double14234.3998.891
flip look at look at this14238.43918.9
pretty let's all get together where's14261.2793.681
everybody at14263.3594.201
we just kept swimming drink your potion14264.964.8
yep don't forget about your potion14267.565.2
somebody's still talking drink one why14269.764.76
do we need to drink our potion we can14272.765.08
breathe in the water right now I okay14274.525.839
which color is that one the the blue one14277.845.96
yep no is it is it blue I'm just messing14280.3596.761
with you situation all right I hit it14283.85.359
but why is my exhaustion level going14287.125.039
down cuz you have stamina not breathing14289.1594.761
I know I don't understand I'm above the14292.1593.28
water why do I need to have a breathing14293.923.2
potion I'm out of stamina I took my14295.4393.96
breathing potion guys we should wait14297.124.68
I'll let the entrance here calm down14299.3994.201
yeah but a little bit of explanation14301.85.399
would be nice all right I figured out we14303.66.679
good want to kill us in yeah you're I14307.1995.16
think we're swimming down here seems lit14310.2796.08
up right yeah coming ton yeah out of14312.3596.401
stamina yeah I'm out of stamina too we14316.3594.641
of stamina okay see the real some thck14318.764.84
hey guys let's go all right right behind14321.03.6
you go14323.64.04
right water it doesn't matter all right14324.66.639
hey folks welcome shake it off this kind14327.647.2
of cool huh underground uh Temple thing14331.2397.2
okay more oh boy talkie talk God all14334.845.24
right should I just go see if they're14338.4393.161
friendly or not I'll be ready on the14340.084.119
right hand side go here you're our14341.65.32
ambassador de just break the ice somehow14344.1995.24
with something common no let him go14346.924.12
someone someone be ready around the left14349.4393.04
side you want to do this you want me to14351.043.56
do this goad go14352.4793.8
quit back seat driving one of you go14354.63.4
around the right or left side okay I'll14356.2793.281
go around the left side neebs from neebs14358.03.84
gaming just uh we had breathing potions14359.564.919
and oh okay nope no they're mad ah14361.844.479
everybody's always jerks all right I'll14364.4793.68
be the lighting guy cuz uh there's not a14366.3195.441
lot of lighting here yes sir okay I14368.1595.841
light you up thick come on man get in14371.764.559
there get in there14374.05.319
down yeah there you go Simon whipper14376.3196.0
whipper good this sub tag on how you14379.3196.481
doing here doing fine oo a challenger14382.3195.04
what what kind of weapons you got there14385.84.88
oh man he smacked you yeah okay tag out14387.3594.92
he's got a pretty cool Shield I think14390.682.96
he'd give up now because all of his14392.2793.361
friends are dead and there's five of us14393.644.48
okay I said tag out I don't well no I'm14395.644.44
holding the light okay somebody else14398.123.52
somebody else get in here all right14400.083.399
where I need to eat I need to eat all14401.643.599
right there you14403.4794.92
go get him him and his dumb haircut14405.2395.401
finish him off14408.3994.681
someone come on oh god oh he's running14410.644.559
from me he's after me I'm almost out of14413.084.6
stamina [ __ ] hey help get off somebody14415.1996.321
help fight me sucker there you go yeah14417.685.96
damn all right did we win let's see14421.524.04
what's he got on him anything good man14423.643.12
this [ __ ] is just full of rocks14425.565.36
and F he's poor somebody else get some14426.767.28
uh I guess it's some sort of weird blood14430.925.519
chop them what kind of blood hey guys I14434.044.64
found the Ten Commandments really Tim14436.4395.04
Commandments oh oh what is it you need14438.685.36
to learn star metal tools to use this14441.4794.321
know how to make Star metal Tools H I14444.044.72
think so then read this okay read it14445.85.2
hard oh I've learned new Feats the laran14448.764.32
sword laran14451.04.6
shield excellent thank you so you know14453.083.64
you know how to make a new sword and14455.63.52
shield now yeah it was worth it all14456.724.92
right so we're out where to now do we go14459.124.159
back out are there other entrances to14461.643.32
this place yeah it look pretty big14463.2793.281
should we split up into two teams one14464.964.68
goes right and left yeah um I'll go left14466.564.4
uh got to take another water breathing14469.642.679
I'll go left with you thck I'm going to14470.964.359
take yep use all right uh I'll go right14472.3195.481
I'll go14475.3192.481
right some more eels there yes there are14483.047.0
some eels they seem friendly yeah14486.3196.281
there's a lot of stuff down here are you14490.045.72
going in this oh [ __ ] go to the entrance14492.65.16
to the right that is a shark there's an14495.764.2
entrance to the right there's there this14497.764.96
place is huge I know this is crazy oh my14499.965.439
God there's just nothing but es all14502.724.04
right let's go in this one we're going14505.3994.721
to call this entrance City I no better14506.765.36
name think we just hit the edge of the14510.124.88
map boys okay no entrances over here14512.125.319
nothing in here this place14515.05.92
sucks oh D yes we got somebody else14517.4396.681
doing doing some praying or doing some14520.926.439
work let's hey what not every is this14524.126.279
guy naked yeah put some clothes on oh14527.3596.12
for Christ's sake hold on let me just no14530.3995.04
oh he's a big old long thing he's got a14533.4795.241
trident people Trident they're pretty14535.4396.0
badass holy [ __ ] my sword Hardly did14538.726.16
anything uh-oh uh-oh oh God all right is14541.4395.88
he strong jum jumping in the water are14544.886.319
you yeah just jump in the water real14547.3198.08
quick can he swim can you swim he can't14551.1995.601
swim maybe he won't notice I'm here I'm14555.3993.601
going to see what was I need to learn14556.83.72
star metal tools thick why don't you14559.03.52
just come back here and interact I'm14560.524.6
healing up14562.526.08
uh yeah cuz I went and tried to read it14565.125.84
without beating them you know got to14568.64.44
heal up I hear you I'm going to distract14570.963.92
him I'm going to go read him go read it14573.045.04
I'm distracting him he okay learn new14574.885.599
feet uh laran Trident so mission14578.083.72
accomplished let's get out of here get14580.4794.441
the [ __ ] out of here this guy's14581.85.72
woo that's how we do y we steal [ __ ]14587.527.0
steal ideas and then drun we don't need14592.563.17
to fight14594.524.859
[ __ ] those14600.925.0
eels like big eels yeah14602.685.559
maybe friendly oh no that looks like a14605.925.479
big old catfish like type eel okay14608.2394.96
interesting well let's get there before14611.3993.361
the potion wears14613.1996.601
out oh boy you guys behind me Yep this14614.767.76
feels really dangerous oh all right14619.86.519
there's a okay woo oh God so wait is14622.525.56
this just another another room with14626.3194.521
another dick head in it maybe this one's14628.084.0
friendly huh is that is that what this14630.844.16
is just you go from room to room andc to14632.085.319
him what is that though he's got like oh14635.05.279
boy oh he's like a fish person that is14637.3996.721
different fish boy [ __ ] okay let's see14640.2795.321
is there anything here hey there's a14644.124.8
chest weapons out oh crap weapons out14645.66.32
see well there's like uh yeah there's a14648.924.359
bunch of chest here are we going to14651.923.72
fight this thing or what um yeah we14653.2795.481
can okay he's on me crap oh God it's14655.645.519
crap help okay it's really dark yeah it14658.765.16
is oh boy can you guys see yep just shot14661.1594.361
him with an arrow and it's not going to14663.923.64
do a damn thing here we go oh boy man14665.523.759
he's out yeah God so quick it's tough14667.564.24
for me to hit him okay I got a torch out14669.2794.0
here we14671.85.32
go what was that I have no idea but but14673.2796.281
I'm I'm bleeding it oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay14677.124.84
I need help okay okay just don't shoot14679.565.839
us son please I I'll try not do promise14681.967.08
oh boy oh jeez stay on him Simon watch14685.3996.481
out oh [ __ ] we got him against the14689.045.439
pillars come on baby stay on S come on14691.885.599
baby yep that was Simon that was close y14694.4794.601
I know but I'm hitting them so but don't14697.4793.88
be shooting abro oh I got him bleeding14699.085.279
oh jeez man he has got one man he's got14701.3595.601
a [ __ ] quick move list how do we know14704.3594.92
when he does that [ __ ] now move in right14706.966.239
oh man I mean it's just a stab wow okay14709.2796.721
okay damn damn this guy's quick oh God14713.1994.561
now I'm lagging all him over the pl okay14716.03.6
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I need help I need help14717.764.479
all right I'm in oh boy yep okay God14719.64.719
bless all right there better be some14722.2393.92
[ __ ] worth it in this treasure there14724.3193.92
ain't going to be nothing in there oh14726.1593.961
God no that was14728.2395.401
a G oh boy need anyone [ __ ] him slow14730.125.279
him down please I mean I'm hitting him14733.644.16
with my sword you're supposed to [ __ ]14735.3994.401
should I be trying to [ __ ] with my14737.83.76
sword instead of shooting with the arrow14739.83.96
hey it won't oh God it won't hurt I I'd14741.563.879
feel safer if you weren't arrows flying14743.764.719
around everywhere all right ah we almost14745.4395.401
got him we almost got him oh God him up14748.4795.161
keep them off me I need to heal almost14750.844.16
there get14753.644.519
him there we go done what have we done14755.05.12
here oh he's got what is that he's got14758.1594.28
scales I never had a scale before I14760.125.6
don't get those taking it do it here's14762.4396.201
what we came for though these treasure14765.727.479
chests oh hey coins silver coins gold14768.646.08
man guys we're going to go shopping14774.724.639
after all this oh yeah we got like 3014776.2797.0
silver coins oh yeah I got gold bars too14779.3597.04
hell yeah treasure woo I can go home now14783.2795.721
and be happy but we won't something will14786.3994.92
[ __ ]14789.02.319
up all right thick this place looks cool14793.646.2
it's like a planetarium oh oh I hit the14796.887.8
button so oh god let's be on there14799.848.319
M okay well they're not cool know that14804.686.639
you know what exploding arrow yeah I14808.1597.04
like I saw that one assh okay okay oh14811.3196.401
[ __ ]14815.1992.521
okay all right you the big thing is14830.765.04
coming if I can just take down one take14833.1994.04
down the little guys first and avoid the14835.84.2
big guys take down one pick pick pick oh14837.2395.481
boy I'm oh God screw jump in the water14840.06.52
oh I can't jump in the water oh God heal14842.726.479
up heal up no you14846.525.679
okay okay got one oh what are you guys14852.66.24
doing what are you doing wait what' you14855.647.96
just do you hello hello wa that that14858.847.04
guy's like oh no that guy's not14863.64.719
resurrecting him or something is he come14865.884.359
here don't you bring that guy back to14868.3197.641
life all right get now come on F come on14870.23910.12
stop hit ears all right you're gone all14875.967.359
right it's just me and you Fish Boss hey14880.3595.241
we have a friend named Fish Boss my14883.3195.561
friend deria should be back at any14885.66.839
moment yeah hey oh welcome back thank14888.885.279
you um let me get14892.4395.121
[ __ ] three we have a little dance going14894.1594.96
on here by the way exploding arrows14897.563.599
don't do anything to this guy okay I14899.1194.601
don't have any so that's useless14901.1594.921
information for me oh God uh let me just14903.725.36
suit up and got him covered keeping kind14906.085.52
of busy getting busy for me he's a14909.084.72
little busy bee is he a busy little bee14911.68.08
man sh abso here make this sucker bleed14913.85.88
all right where you next boys there's a14924.1194.12
place right in front of us may as well14926.644.36
check it out and then we'll maybe go up14928.2395.04
top after that yeah this is a fun little14931.03.96
yep like The Little14934.965.72
Mermaid yeah I guess that but no we're14938.4394.04
like The Little Mermaid right I want to14940.685.04
be like the like isn't there a lobster14942.4797.281
no merid Sebastian that might be uh wa14945.728.439
hey guys in here oh oh wow how do you14949.766.08
get in we're fighting this14954.1594.24
guy careful sorry punching everybody14955.843.639
well I thought that might be how you get14958.3993.401
in okay I I was wrong what the hell are14959.4795.121
you fighting uh big merman thing get his14961.85.319
name his name's Phil Squidward is it14964.65.32
Phil or Squidward Phil word oh14967.1194.881
yeah oh using arrows watch out for the14972.05.279
green stuff I mean you can use arrows14974.765.12
arrows work best I'm All Out wa holy14977.2794.721
crap look at all this technology they're14979.883.92
like they're like space alien people14982.03.399
here they're pretty smart it would it14983.83.84
would appear yeah except these rotors14985.3993.92
don't turn they're kind of14987.644.96
jacked oh boy get me out of here all14989.3195.561
right healing up uh I read the tablet on14992.65.2
the wall and I learned deon's breath14994.885.08
heads up out heads up got some of that14997.83.599
all right Simon let me get in there I14999.963.92
got to make this boy bleed get him out15001.3993.72
out get in there he's almost dead guys15005.1198.28
is oh crap oh here we go watch out out15009.1997.96
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry oh15013.3996.681
god oh w w wow yeah he's got a big old15017.1595.32
swing on him didn't he yeah he does yep15020.085.6
y oh15022.4793.201
[ __ ] Little's see what's he got what's15026.05.239
he got sces scales of I'll take those15028.4794.601
man the [ __ ] just got fiber and15031.2394.96
wood what else is around here scales of15033.086.119
Deon you might yeah hey this uh15036.1994.641
technology quit working did you guys15039.1994.96
learn Dagan's breath over here I did15040.845.88
so what do you think these planets are15044.1595.2
uh oh this is uh one of those places15046.724.36
where they study planets oh yeah15049.3594.161
planetarium but what planetarium thank15051.084.68
you I already said that like a long time15053.523.799
ago okay yeah but I'm curious It's like15055.764.12
is this a Conan planet is this the cycle15057.3194.401
of the uh cycle of the moons around15059.883.64
Conan Planet where's that tablet I want15061.723.88
to learn a thing come here on the wall15063.524.959
yeah just go to it oh yeah look at this15065.64.679
okay do we feel like we saw everything15068.4795.601
in here in here I believe yes h okay all15070.2796.04
right we learned the dragon breath thing15074.085.76
so still search huh yeah guys how many15076.3195.8
more entrances are there I don't know15079.844.84
guys I'm going to have to uh let you do15082.1195.961
this without me uh oh door's closing why15084.686.759
is that uh I have to pick up my daughter15088.087.239
a you're going I have a family sick I'll15091.4395.84
wait back by you if you'd like sorry15095.3193.92
about my family I'll be fine you and15097.2796.441
dalish just no you go on you you guys15099.2397.12
make you know your teor your two teams15103.724.519
and all right you guys got this well15106.3596.601
take good luck adios hope you live don't15108.2397.321
he's a good15112.962.6
guy oh I'm talking to myself get this15115.765.76
one straight ahead of here right let's15117.926.12
go you guys want to split up again sure15121.524.04
I'm going to go for this one straight15124.043.159
off to the left I'm going to go to this15125.563.599
one more to the left all right I'll go15127.1996.2
I'll go with you okay you with me sure15129.1597.361
seey sure all right yeah these look like15133.3997.161
the last two final two good luck guys15136.526.48
you too all right15140.565.559
abro yeah I mean I think we know what's15143.04.96
coming I mean really there there's going15146.1193.36
to be a fight and we just need to read15147.965.84
like a tablet oh wait oh uh-oh oh15149.4795.8
something oh what a Twist something15153.84.0
different wait is this a prisoner hey15155.2795.761
guys hello oh hey what's up guys if we15157.86.72
open this do not attack15161.045.68
or you're screw okay you ready hold on15164.524.16
can we talk to the lantern antler lady15166.723.759
here well yeah but let's just oh we15168.683.679
can't open it I don't know let's see15170.4795.281
Hello damn it talk hello hello hello15172.3594.441
okay we're going to have to go around15175.762.599
then so these are prisoners we're in15176.85.399
like a prison Dr yeah yeah yeah okay so15178.3595.241
which way this probably there probably15182.1994.2
circles so yeah right you think yeah15183.68.08
sure yeah yeah okay all clear all up15186.3997.241
there's definitely a bad guy ahead he's15191.685.799
big and bad fish monster he's a god he's15193.646.639
a what a guard oh I thought he said God15197.4795.72
God he's G more prison oh yeah we need15200.2796.241
to free these people H can we just run15203.1995.04
is a lever hold on here's a lever oh15206.524.0
pull a15208.2392.281
lever turn my I turned my Lantern off so15211.565.599
he wouldn't see oh that did it he15213.886.279
doesn't seem based you're free everybody15217.1595.08
go free run yeah he don't give a [ __ ]15220.1593.881
what's what's going on here I don't know15222.2394.641
but hey buddy maybe he's having like a15224.047.319
Simon day maybe so all right hey ladies15226.886.399
keep it down hey we just uh we just15231.3593.401
broke in here and freed you guys there's15233.2793.241
some chests in here oh he doesn't like15234.764.32
that does he did you go after a chest um15236.523.879
there's like three chests right in there15239.082.76
look at two chest right now I'm having a15240.3995.121
good time um oh wait did that shut again15241.846.16
did he shut it okay he's coming did you15245.523.679
get out of did you get out of there dur15248.03.239
alas I'm out of there where are you uh15249.1994.481
I'm I was looking at the chest15251.2393.96
coming back around oh God there's15253.684.92
another okay none of this looks good oh15255.1995.401
boy ABS I don't know where you are but15258.64.4
I'm going way down lower way down okay15260.64.04
so you must have gone this way we freed15263.04.6
antler lady okay but I'm opening a stone15264.647.32
door way low way low huh uhhuh okay15267.67.28
there's more slugs and [ __ ] way down15271.964.6
here all right I'm trying okay I think15274.884.319
I'm going down I'm trying to get to you15276.566.719
another door I can't open that door [ __ ]15279.1996.04
oh hey there you are bud how are15283.2794.84
you do we have I don't know oh boy is15285.2394.601
there something to read in here oh wait15288.1194.08
can open this door just running away I15289.843.519
found one I found one you can open the15292.1993.641
rally it's over here oh oh where is over15293.3594.681
here yeah right here where we came15295.844.359
that's not where we came at all no oh15298.043.8
god oh can we just go can we read15300.1993.96
anything to read oh [ __ ] it I'm doing it15301.844.76
I'm doing it15304.1592.441
too Simmon yes sir you agree right15310.086.44
they've been in there too long I know I15314.2394.521
mean that's what we're doing either15316.524.0
they're dead or they found something15318.765.28
good right so we'll see probably dead15320.525.36
well I hoping found something good well15324.044.76
of course well even if if they didn't we15325.884.479
could take their stuff oh that's true15328.83.76
too kind of hope they're dead now I seen15330.3594.561
youbing ab's pants like you want to wear15332.563.839
them well I always want to wear his15334.923.76
pants okay something about that you know15336.3994.88
turns me out yeah oh [ __ ] okay there's15338.684.479
already [ __ ] going down here damn it15341.2793.641
just run by it right are we doing is15343.1593.2
that what we're doing yeah right all15344.924.92
right running go okay D it we go and15346.3596.441
over here y why can't I run fast all15349.845.479
right watch out looks like gas to the15352.86.16
left no no no this way oh this way okay15355.3197.88
all right ab ab oh [ __ ] okay hello damn15358.967.04
it hello just keep running till we see15363.1995.12
him this oh this is it okay I'm in a15366.04.76
door I'm so proud of myself I hit quick15368.3195.361
all right hello yeah15370.764.519
where'd you go I'm right behind you oh15373.683.599
yeah okay I don't know where to go these15375.2794.04
stor things are these are these are like15377.2795.321
doors okay good okay [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]15379.3196.441
sh careful [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] get out of the15382.64.559
door you want to go through there come15385.764.08
on oh there grub worms too oh God look15387.1594.601
at these guys a bunch of door jumping15389.844.2
through jumping through no damn it no no15391.769.12
no God Simon come on crap15394.046.84
I like the bones on your shoulder thank15403.3594.96
you I never noticed that before really I15405.4394.321
like your mask I've always liked your15408.3193.601
mask I appreciate that why why the bones15409.764.16
on just one shoulder I don't know thick15411.925.92
made this for me oh I'd go go should15413.926.72
what's lighting this place up huh hello15417.846.439
hello oh boy hey hello is all right five15420.646.12
leavs uh yep I just lost something he15424.2794.84
did well doesn't surprise anybody maybe15426.764.679
he can get back to us I doubt it knowing15429.1194.401
him he's probably like I'm so done on15431.4396.641
his day off at that crap these are oh15433.525.679
put some ladders in here or something15438.082.56
shouldn't they nebes take a look at this15439.1993.601
[ __ ] so you guys took forever wow oh15440.644.0
yeah you guys found something cool huh15442.82.96
yeah well that's why we didn't want to15444.642.44
go any further I feel like we needed15445.762.76
more of us this seems kind of big15447.084.119
doesn't it yeah got to wait someone saw15448.525.16
us what someone saw us well they can't15451.1994.761
reach us here no they can't well all the15453.685.12
bow and arrow work possible I'm on it oh15455.964.64
was that a hit that was definitely a hit15458.83.28
come on oh you guys are over there oh15460.64.28
there's a guy rightow Lois and whatever15462.084.8
y I think my arrows are hitting the wall15464.884.08
look at this oh yeah no I can't yep15466.885.2
mine's just floating space of oh come on15468.965.08
that's like an easy bow and arrow spot15472.083.48
that's a great place for an Archer why15474.043.0
would you block it like that this makes15475.564.04
no sense we got go15477.046.48
down well shall we after you sir let's15479.65.16
it all right got to heal at that oh boy15484.766.96
we are so screwed I have one piece of15489.3195.08
steak left all right I am just let's run15491.724.0
around the room and just see if there's15494.3992.96
stuff to interact with run around the15495.726.12
room um no don't see anything over here15497.3596.721
check it out this door oh yeah there a15501.844.399
big door right here oh come on what is15504.084.96
this oh my God guys giant look at that15506.2396.761
fish there oh what the hell15509.046.52
what dude it's amazing and I kind of15513.05.6
want to just get closer oh [ __ ] oh God I15515.568.32
oh that's it out damn15518.65.28
that went well man we are nowhere near15530.3595.521
ready for that we lost all of our stuff15533.04.319
yep and the only way to get it back is15535.882.72
to go down there but when we go down15537.3194.761
there we can't get back yep not yet15538.66.719
right is that the whole idea yeah yeah15542.085.6
that's the whole idea man got to rebuild15545.3196.04
all my armor coming yep going back home15547.685.679
yes sir all right right see you at the15551.3594.96
house see you at the15553.3592.96
house monkey crap we got nothing15565.2796.481
either how realistic can we take this15569.3594.08
guy down by punching him of course we15571.764.639
can well I mean it's four of us oh up15573.4395.281
easy easy yeah you got to watch out15576.3995.241
can't punch each other done oh sorry15578.724.8
this is going to take forever guys no15581.645.759
look already got down 10% come on 10 10%15583.525.799
you act like that's yep craft a sword15587.3993.08
okay we need to have some weapons this15590.4794.64
is his cousin's over there watching15592.684.599
right uh let see some branches might can15595.1194.721
stab with a branch or something or can I15597.2794.241
do the whole thing punch him in the a15599.845.16
got some bushes over here get him duras15601.526.919
yeah I can't roll why can't you roll I15605.05.04
don't know I don't like that though what15608.4393.441
your stamina hold on let me get in here15610.044.68
yeah get in here stamina's15611.884.359
oh that's right don't hit him KN the15616.2395.801
[ __ ] out look at he misses like I miss15619.04.8
looking for some rocks I see some rocks15622.044.319
they make a little don't care I don't15623.85.12
care yeah I just keep going and going15626.3594.721
and going and going oh yeah yeah you15628.925.359
guys are doing great that yeah oh God15631.085.56
that's a big one oh God holy crap what's15634.2794.761
up with that oh oh [ __ ] this is a boss15636.644.519
how big what no no no no I can't we15639.043.8
can't do that come on what are we doing15641.1594.0
here how's those swords coming uh I can15642.844.92
make a torch and a club oh let's get the15645.1595.2
hell out of here let's just get out now15647.764.2
all right neebs where are you at I'm15650.3594.441
right here hello okay what's the plan uh15651.965.12
let's uh follow me let's run yeah run15654.84.12
run run we got to try to make our way15657.083.48
back home without getting killed oh we15658.924.359
go killed one okay yeah we got the one15660.564.599
yeah he's coming with us don't make us15663.2793.681
fight you fight the15665.1595.28
sewers oh this is a cool oh God he's15666.969.04
right behind me yeah oh boy do it15670.4395.561
well there's no way I'm sticking around15705.524.28
here without backup because these guys15707.65.2
were hard as [ __ ] to kill I need some15709.85.679
stor metal stuff the only way to get15712.85.519
that is to go Harvest that stuff so I15715.4795.361
need to get my P armor and then I'm15718.3195.92
going to go to that cold area let's see15720.846.439
my bre looking good how do I get out of15724.2397.441
here what was that is that a bro I bet I15727.2797.0
get out on that bro out hope the other15731.686.679
guys made it out okay on my way15734.2796.281
home ah dead15738.3595.601
gorilla my brethren have been here all15740.566.0
right however it does smell like [ __ ]15743.965.68
like Simon like he [ __ ] his pants I know15746.567.96
that smell it's like hearing my baby's15749.646.759
laughter now we got to get out of this15754.524.36
monkey area guys you think everybody15756.3993.76
follow me let's go this way I'm15758.884.399
following you oh boy more Mony oh God15760.1595.481
that was a sneaky monkey oh Dam and a15763.2795.241
bird and a bird these guys are fast man15765.644.639
I know just keep running oh boy this is15768.524.52
a monkey infested area we EV15770.2797.801
Jes perfect perfect going down oh boy um15773.047.399
um um this way left or right left left15778.084.359
let's go left let's go left we'll deal15780.4394.521
with the mistake later so how how long15782.4394.161
is it going to take us to get back man I15784.963.84
don't know 10 minutes 10 minutes 1015786.65.08
minutes liar going to be 10 minutes say15788.84.24
that no15791.682.84
yeah well if we get out if we get out of15793.042.92
this Temple area I think we're fine well15794.523.28
then we're in the swamps we got want to15795.963.96
head left here oh no there's a uh yeah15797.83.8
no let's uh let's keep going this way15799.924.8
there's a monkey oh Bo one just run just15801.64.96
run just run oh God that's a big one15804.723.84
he's a big one yeah left go left there15806.564.0
Ellas left it is oh more monkeys get out15808.565.28
of my way more monkeys oh more monkeys15810.565.919
and then up oh15813.845.399
God paron coming through go left Ellas15816.4795.161
okay go left oh this feels good all15819.2394.16
right we getting out of it I think we15821.644.599
are I'm we got a bird up here I'm just15823.3996.08
chilling oh boy where are we um at the15826.2395.561
Gate of the Moon just said can we stop15829.4794.72
yet yeah we can stop C our breath don't15831.84.599
get by that bird bird straight we're15834.1995.841
looking good there's another bird15836.3993.641
straight give me that lip bir okay got15841.1193.881
go I can still smell his [ __ ] maybe if I15848.4796.561
follow his scent I can find them excuse15851.84.92
me sir have you just run into a man who15855.045.56
[ __ ] his pants15856.723.88
AAS woo yep15860.688.439
nope yep God you guys are just easy I15865.046.68
like oh I'm at the gate of the15869.1195.24
Moon feel like he's gone this15871.724.92
way I just can't wait to see what15874.3596.601
Treasures they have guys you have15876.645.96
sounded like Jimmy Buffett there hey15882.64.96
everybody got treasure I don't have15884.3995.08
talent hope you have15887.564.559
treasure y'all pick up any Talent on the15889.4797.88
way I sure could use it fins to the15892.1198.881
left we're so close guys oh man I got I15897.3596.08
got bit by a gator not doing too hot did15901.04.199
you eat some bugs no I got bit by a15903.4393.72
gator we eat some bugs bugs I even know15905.1994.401
if I have any bugs I got some bugs you15907.1596.08
haven't stopped to get bugs let's see no15909.65.639
I've been running I got seeds and15913.2395.321
branches and God this stinks we can't be15915.2394.92
that far from the house right no I think15918.563.559
it's I think it's kind of right over15920.1594.08
this way this way yeah it's just oh God15922.1194.841
there's another Gator this way you guys15924.2394.681
are going two different directions okay15926.964.239
well Dalia seems sure let's go this way15928.924.88
I looked at the map that's how sure I am15931.1995.881
oh wait you were right wait I was going15933.84.639
to say I was going to say let's trust15937.083.72
rice this time well when that happens15938.4394.561
all right all right15940.84.479
gator just run oh don't bite me I'm so15943.04.119
close to death are you really that close15945.2794.321
cuz I do have bugs man bugs is where15947.1195.12
it's at I'll get some bugs I'll distract15949.65.32
them hey gor look at me Simon punch this15952.2394.721
deer up here to this so I can cook it15954.924.76
why don't you get bugs we're almost home15956.964.76
that's true we are follow me follow me15959.684.04
I'll punch them anyway fiber fiber I'm15961.723.96
not even getting bugs guys where you15963.723.36
going up the15965.684.599
hill but okay all right that makes sense15967.084.44
watch out watch out watch out you got15970.2793.16
one coming in the there's a wild deer15971.523.599
coming in all right come on stay on me15973.4393.76
guys stay on me you need to stay alive15975.1194.0
you're almost dead well my my my idea15977.1993.2
was I get to the top of the hill we can15979.1192.721
kind of get our bearings I just picked15980.3994.321
up five bugs right there run picking up15981.845.399
branes and F just freaking hit the damn15984.724.36
e while you're running that's what I do15987.2393.481
well then do it you're going to get bugs15989.084.079
Simon you're such a fiber freaking gamer15990.725.2
it's like I can't even take it listen15993.1594.28
I'm going to get I'm going to get bugs15995.923.12
all I got to do is just do this how much15997.4393.641
can one person game look at this is the15999.043.6
question just got all right I got no16001.083.319
bugs there but I I'm going to get bugs16002.644.16
worker be eat some bees I don't have any16004.3994.641
bees I keep picking up fiber and seeds I16006.83.84
just picked up five two bushes he got16009.044.159
bees what are the chances look at this16010.643.799
right here you're going to turn it into16013.1992.96
a thing well now abster can't get hand16014.4394.0
full of freaking bugs I just got fiber16016.1594.681
and seeds hey I got a worker bee oh boy16018.4394.88
eat it I'm eating it eat the bee God I16020.844.519
hate eating bees they taste great we got16023.3193.96
to Brak up left here they're Nature's16025.3595.0
Pop Rocks16027.2793.08
yes cannon ball16030.646.679
woo yeah man I love this16033.06.72
place little16037.3196.201
fish ah this ain't dangerous not like16039.726.04
that other place I know I got to be16043.526.04
getting close to those guys come on oh16045.766.359
just jumped out of the water nothing16049.564.839
dangerous around here they were16052.1193.761
certainly through here and took care of16054.3995.241
everything for me like Warriors badass16055.887.599
Warriors badass fully equipped Warriors16059.647.0
hello dear how goes it have you seen my16063.4795.8
friends oh you're you're not spooked by16066.645.16
me you know I'm friend of all deer I'm16069.2794.12
glad you've taken the time to talk to me16071.84.08
dear I must be on my16073.3996.0
way hello other16075.883.519
dear salvation a bad looking place a16080.766.04
it's a great looking place thanks to me16084.685.08
yeah it was all you every bit of it I16086.84.479
mean look I mean I mean come on my place16089.763.32
is look great okay get over yourself can16091.2795.12
I ask a question Simon uh abro yeah16093.085.399
what's up didn't you guys go like find16096.3994.561
another religion with thick lately yeah16098.4794.041
th yeah I think was all about it it was16100.962.88
a what was it God what was his name16102.523.52
yagle Bogle something no it sounded like16103.844.599
Ballack remember it is it's ball saac16106.045.239
yeah you guys gotal jabal saac jabal16108.4394.8
jabal saac that's it yeah you guys are16111.2794.16
you worship jabal saac I don't think I16113.2393.88
do well I mean I think you could learn16115.4393.96
as many you could like be a part of16117.1194.28
every religion got inducted to the16119.3993.321
religion but I'm not really serious16121.3992.561
about it you know what I mean right like16122.723.2
I don't donate right yeah I'm not giving16123.963.319
any tithes there's nothing wrong with16125.923.92
the jabal saac I didn't say there16127.2794.561
was hey16129.844.04
home what was his question I think it16131.844.2
was a setup for his ball sack joke oh16133.883.68
yeah there's nothing wrong with your16136.043.56
ball sack it wasn't a setup you guys got16137.564.679
trolled okay well let's see if we can't16139.65.12
rebuild our armor and weapons get to it16142.2394.761
boys all right Simon get to building16144.723.96
your armor and weapons I know I what I16147.03.56
need to do is get that knife so I could16148.684.479
stab things and get a16150.564.839
Zeal that's a16153.1594.681
thing get off my land16155.3995.04
trespasser holy what the what are you16157.845.399
doing Simon God you scared me I thought16160.4396.76
we had a trespasser wow you're naked why16163.2397.24
why am I naked yeah because I died you16167.1997.08
but but didn't you get your stuff a a uh16170.4795.161
where' you lose your stuff I can help16174.2793.521
you go get it no it's back where where16175.644.12
the [ __ ] happened with you know the the16177.84.28
place of I don't even really remember16179.764.04
tell you the truth it was last week do16182.083.68
do any of our friends know maybe they16183.83.599
could tell me what their words yeah they16185.764.24
can they're around go talk to people and16187.3995.321
and do me a favor next time talk first16190.04.88
shoot later well you look like a16192.725.12
trespasser whatever okay I love you yeah16194.886.84
right all right hello hello F yeah just16197.846.68
the man I wanted to see really yeah that16201.724.92
no one says that but thank youy where16204.525.0
you at Bubba I'm right out by our I see16206.645.4
down there hey you know you're uh you're16209.524.24
you're your God your pleasure God I need16212.043.68
uh I need new new bottoms I lost my16213.764.12
bottoms oh I I need I need my Flappy16215.724.399
wavy bottoms I tore that place down16217.884.12
we'll build it up again well I I have a16220.1193.801
new place I mean the other other option16222.04.319
is uh I make some clothes for this lady16223.924.359
and you take it from her oh that's true16226.3193.481
yeah oh yeah she does have some what the16228.2793.721
hell's her name that's not Tesla that's16229.84.359
Honda Honda yeah that's right that's16232.03.399
Honda we lo I don't even know where16234.1593.681
Tesla is she r Wait no she died Tesla16235.3994.481
gone she died I was thinking of stoic I16237.844.12
don't know where stoic went sto's lost16239.883.92
sto yeah I feel like stoic is probably16241.964.239
stoic was a badass stoic was a badass I16243.84.12
wish I wish he was still around I'll16246.1993.12
tell I'll tell you what let me make some16247.924.68
uh new armor for her uh and and you take16249.3194.681
that yeah I'm just taking her bottoms I16252.63.16
don't want her top so thanks for the16254.03.84
bottoms baby hey put them put them on16255.763.84
let me see let me see you put them on16257.843.399
okay well I I need to color them they're16259.63.32
not the right color you know well I know16261.2394.401
I just I like the blue oh my God I know16262.926.6
I love them you are quite the uh quite16265.647.16
the man huh yes I am all right I need to16269.524.759
keep building my stuff back up I need16272.83.08
new daggers I need hey can you make16274.2794.241
badass daggers I want badass daggers16275.885.04
yeah you're kind of weap guy around here16278.523.679
I'm kind of the building guy that's our16280.923.04
roles I'm going to Sur I'm going to16282.1994.92
surprise you okay I like16283.965.439
that least I can do for showing me or16287.1194.921
took us okay who else is in here hey16289.3995.281
neebs hey man what you building uh new16292.045.96
helmet new chest piece gauntlets you16294.685.599
know the normal yep I just kind of used16298.05.479
what I had on my uh you know hold this16300.2795.801
back out woo that's uh that's something16303.4794.68
D alas16306.086.319
right that's something Yep looks hot16308.1596.801
it's warm hey Simon why is it that I16312.3993.96
can't make the things that I used to be16314.963.56
able to make like it would click on16316.3593.92
things and it would there were all these16318.524.599
Simon in crafting oh you have to there16320.2794.96
was a thing there was like an upd thing16323.1194.481
I have to relearn the crafting thing all16325.2394.88
it you got to go through and just click16327.65.81
buttons oh Christ16330.1196.761
fuing I man something Simon hates it's a16336.887.239
button and so our heroes journeyed forth16340.526.4
on their quest to regroup thick made16344.1196.24
abro some fancy daggers abro made neeb16346.926.72
some lizard pants Simon threatened abso16350.3595.601
with the bow and arrow for no explicit16353.645.0
reason thick convinced abro to set out16355.965.399
in search of star metal with him Simon16358.644.24
remembered that he needs to gather16361.3594.241
Hearts from corpses to please his God16362.885.84
and Dalias started himself down a Lonely16365.65.32
Road of attempting to figure out how to16368.724.639
gather bones he would become so16370.924.16
engrossed in his journey that he would16373.3594.241
forget to record any more scenes for the16375.086.119
rest of the episode what's going on guys16377.66.72
nothing all right I'm just trying to get16381.1997.6
bone okay how do you get16384.324.479
bone you really are trying to be the16390.247.799
Simon what the [ __ ] learn from the best16393.8798.84
yeah bone no sorry and now we join ABS16398.0397.84
in thick as they set off four star metal16402.7195.201
country ah I can't believe he talk me16405.8794.521
into doing this well I I certainly16407.924.641
appreciate it if it gets too cold for us16410.44.799
we'll uh we'll head back it's C you can16412.5614.439
teleport here right you can use this one16415.1993.401
let's see bracelet not a tune where are16417.04.92
you going ah the snow over here what uh16418.65.279
there should be another one uh that's16421.923.959
kind of close by I know your bracelets16423.8793.4
attuned to this one yes I can I can16425.8793.201
teleport to this one all right we can16427.2795.241
get close to there from here oh boy all16429.085.959
right fine all right shall we here we go16432.526.519
let's do it oo I Sparkle parle effect I16435.0396.441
Sparkle and I Shimmer16439.0395.641
and h i sparkled and that was16441.486.879
it uh there I go more16444.686.08
Sparkles all right get away from the16448.3594.481
corruption n no16450.764.72
God oh yeah I remember this dump still16452.844.24
gaining corruption I'm going jump yep16455.483.159
yep yep down in the water I think this16457.085.68
water was shallow H it is [ __ ] damn16458.6396.0
it all right which way are we going16462.763.56
thick leave the way uh we are going to16464.6391.96
east which is this way all16468.1196.08
right let's see come on just fall out of16474.1998.0
the sky come on meteorites16478.4396.561
anytime now maybe it'll give us16482.1994.68
radiation poisoning and we can become16485.03.959
like my favorite superhero from the '90s16486.8795.361
Meteor Man Meteor Man yeah you remember16488.9597.881
Meteor Man nope oh boy what a piece of16492.248.08
[ __ ] he's come to save the world one16496.846.92
neighborhood at a time media16500.325.479
man sorry16503.765.84
Mike I remember uh oh what was uh Bill16505.7996.64
Cosby's uh superhero character he had a16509.65.16
superhero character didn't he was it16512.4394.44
possibly uh where did me just kind of16518.44.36
where are we going I don't know we're16521.243.52
just exploring all right I think we need16522.763.48
we're out of the Zone we need to go back16524.763.48
oh wait there's a smoking uh meteor16526.243.399
right up there what what what what what16528.244.16
what look got to climb up there yeah16529.6396.121
look up there I I see the smoke yeah all16532.46.399
right now it's an adventure but oo oh16535.765.359
man oh yeah I see it D oh man that's in16538.7994.121
that's in such a a shitty spot though16541.1195.0
isn't it I know oh boy come on stamina16542.925.641
my stamina oh can I stand up right here16546.1194.361
you're standing up right here watch out16548.5614.519
abso back up back up I got to explode it16550.484.639
I got to explode this thing what from16553.084.08
here yeah watch out all right I'm16555.1195.281
watching out oh boy oh and then it falls16557.165.959
down is that the star medal all that16560.45.719
where'd it go just disappeared oh crap16563.1195.041
oh crap all right did it all roll down16566.1193.641
was that the star metal thing yeah I'm16568.163.959
going to go look for it me too somebody16569.764.16
said you have to make it explode well I16572.1194.68
mean you did that oh boy16573.925.039
who all right here we go here we go come16576.7994.64
on oh I see it it's actually up there16578.9595.92
it's what yep it's up there up where see16581.4395.801
that ball of fire up there wait that's16584.8794.56
it that's where you made it blow up yeah16587.243.84
I thought I thought I saw we got to16589.4393.641
climb back up it's fine we're16591.086.719
adventurers man okay you do it16593.084.719
okay all right so up here we'll just I I16598.2794.92
just need to get some essence or16600.924.879
whatever right yeah Spirit juice Spirit16603.1994.721
use cold Hearts right you get Hearts16605.7993.681
Don't you I get Hearts so I'm going to16607.923.92
get some hearts so I'll help you kill16609.484.879
but I will not take the the hearts okay16611.845.48
but kill help kill yeah I'll fight too16614.3595.641
okay yeah we'll go we'll tag team it16617.326.08
okay oh boy okay he's almost dead almost16620.05.16
dead already huh yeah let's give him a16623.44.28
good backstabbing now grab your uh super16625.164.08
knife got16627.685.0
it bam you got a heart I got a human16629.245.959
heart baby got a boy let's move forward16632.685.119
moving forward all right folks listen up16635.1994.481
uh smon needs Hearts cuz he's a16637.7995.48
religious man so bring them on I I heard16639.685.24
I heard that when I get a whole bunch of16643.2793.481
Hearts I can get one step closer to stop16644.923.32
playing this game watch out for the bow16646.763.279
and arrows all right we're just going to16648.243.76
play another game you hate so might as16650.0394.08
well stick with it no no I I want to go16652.05.4
back to seven days oh yeah yep I think16654.1194.6
you maybe you just don't remember how16657.43.0
much you complain to that one too I'm16658.7193.16
sure but you know what it'll be16660.43.36
different complaining I like to mix my16661.8795.441
bitching up yeah a boy yeah variey all16663.765.119
right there you go what else we got here16667.324.2
let me get some Hots okay any more16668.8795.48
Hearts got one yep there's one over here16671.526.439
grab this one all right come on sister16674.3596.801
yeah I got one one over here feeling16677.9595.521
like feeling like hunger for a heart now16681.165.119
y' where we at where's the other one you16683.484.28
don't see it it's right in front of me16686.2794.241
oh don't see it now yeah got get it hot16687.764.24
nothing nothing16690.523.8
nothing well if you ain't going to do it16692.04.6
I'm going to grab some Spirit juice too16694.326.16
bad son here how have water that's a16696.68.039
thing Simon I got dessert for you all16700.484.159
right here we16706.3595.68
goo all your sir thank you thank you16708.7996.281
very your birthday there you go good16712.0394.961
look at you this game's growing on you16715.083.959
you're not going to want to leave I mean16717.04.68
it's okay right yep let's go to the next16719.0395.201
one all right come16721.687.039
on yeah you got it I got it awesome hey16724.246.24
what if we went towards that volcano16728.7194.801
just to take a peek yeah I've never been16730.484.959
to the volcano that sounds like that16733.524.08
sounds like an adventure yeah you want16735.4394.481
to climb over this mountain and do it16737.65.08
man I I I can try to climb over this16739.924.199
mountain it's a big it's a big damn16742.683.64
mountain is another route man my stamina16744.1193.68
goes down I feel like much faster than16746.323.479
it used to man when I reset my uh my16747.7994.041
points uhhuh I think should have put16749.7993.48
more into like climbing tell you what16751.843.119
I'll come down to you we'll go around16753.2793.241
yeah let's do that let's do that that'll16754.9593.561
be that'll be a little safer all right16756.525.08
hold on let me uh woo you see me uh I16758.526.519
don't oh I just passed you oh whoop16761.65.0
midnight blue flower I'm going to give16765.0394.0
that to Simon Simon loves flowers yeah16766.63.839
and he'll probably he'll put it in a16769.0394.0
random place which is always fun I love16770.4395.122
going into the uh you know Artisan table16773.0395.041
and there's like boots in there yep like16775.5614.519
what the hell like make make your own16778.084.798
box not that hard you going into his16780.085.4
dead body inventory and you find like16782.8786.282
400 fiber yep oh boy I fell okay I'm16785.484.8
good all right where you at I'm at the16789.163.08
bottom of the mountain I'm at the bottom16790.283.96
too I I think I hear you I'm coming16792.244.96
towards you I definitely hear you oh I16794.243.76
you there he is friends oh boy my throat16798.04.638
feels dry thick I'm going to need some16801.084.2
WWA yeah yeah hopefully there's a lake16802.6384.32
up here or you can just crack into some16805.283.8
ice if you see some ice oh yeah I guess16806.9583.68
I could crack into some ice you're right16809.082.878
come on16810.6383.122
this way Pi where'd you go I'm I'm right16811.9583.482
I'm right I'm looking at you oh there16813.763.72
you're being blocked by a bush oh the16815.444.6
old Bush block yeah you ever been Bush16817.485.52
blocked man every day every day I get16820.045.08
blocked all right nees watch that head16825.124.92
you want help you want me just to watch16828.44.12
I mean you can watch this okay ooh16830.043.48
that's right in the head wasn't it16832.523.04
that's right look at him you picked the16833.524.72
wrong C sucker right in the face too he16835.564.0
said he picked the wrong Camp did you16838.243.398
hear him oh did it really I don't think16839.563.72
I did which Camp were you trying to pick16841.6383.08
I think I picked the right camp this is16843.282.96
the one I wanted I set up was the right16844.7183.642
Camp sir I wanted the one with the uh16846.243.88
with the idiot with the arrows in his16848.363.84
head oh you're trash talking this guy16850.124.12
that's right I am yep I'm going to jump16852.25.12
on this cage come on little son of a16854.245.718
[ __ ] going to get some of your essence16857.325.04
I'm going to drink it up like fine wine16859.9583.802
I'm on the cage I brought my friend16862.363.72
salmon he says it's the right one so you16863.764.52
were wrong about that uh-huh that was a16866.084.28
bad shot Simon it was a bad shot now all16868.284.12
of a sudden I'm losing my [ __ ] oh that16870.363.598
was a bing bang oh because I'm hitting16872.43.72
the The Ting Tang you need to hit them16873.9584.602
not the cage got it did I just get them16876.124.08
there nope still hit in the cage I got16878.564.2
him there nope maybe okay that one you16880.24.48
did all right well you can help now cuz16882.764.52
my [ __ ] talking's done all right suckers16884.685.24
neees bringing in the let's see I'll use16887.284.76
one of these one of these going in woo16889.925.2
here we go uh oh they don't even see me16892.045.08
well good look at that well now it's16895.123.36
working the they're just sitting there16897.122.88
so they're making it nice and easy for16898.484.478
me I'll just watch the show all right oh16900.06.718
behind me oh boy oh I got a a yellow16902.9585.76
health bar guy you do your thing while16906.7185.92
I'm out of stamina he seem's pretty weak16908.7183.92
though thank you kindly for waiting16913.564.238
patiently while I built up my stamina so16915.763.64
I can still continue to shoot you in the16917.7984.682
face you talking to them yeah okay this16919.46.16
lady's really nice if it's a lady are16922.485.8
you lady you're coming after me now you16925.563.8
want to give me a16928.283.4
hand hey too slow16929.364.96
hello I'm doing this16931.687.038
okay there we go sir your friend just16934.329.04
died yeah and you yep16938.7188.762
yeah you got him sure looking good keep16943.367.88
them off me you got no chance mate he16947.485.08
said you don't have a chance someon you16951.243.44
hear that oh really yep you don't think16952.564.8
I got a chance what you just said okay16954.684.958
uh-oh now I'm talking [ __ ] Ain working I16957.364.12
think what my friend Simmon saying he16959.6386.202
does have a chance y I have a 30%16961.487.318
chance that's what I got come on son of16965.844.28
a [ __ ] you're moving too much I can16968.7983.08
barely get you when you're not moving16970.123.8
okay you know what I'll do for you what16971.8786.202
NOP I'll stay still oh damn it come on F16973.927.32
I mean come on Simon it's there we go16978.085.718
all right back on the board baby back on16981.246.84
the board 40% chance now 40 42 43%16983.7986.682
chance all right oh [ __ ] back down to a16988.086.28
30% chance okay this is fish in a barrel16990.485.478
Simon it should be over by now it should16994.363.0
be but you're really far away I'm about16995.9584.0
to run out of arrows I think okay oh16997.365.04
it's a done deal oh got one more that's16999.9586.202
it though last Arrow uh I'm going to17002.46.398
shoot you okay oh got him there that's17006.164.4
it though no more arrows that was it I17008.7984.562
got to make arrows you do your thing17010.565.158
okay I tell you what like a chicken Wang17013.363.96
that's right I said it I'm going to I'm17015.7185.482
going to kick this man oh watch this17017.327.478
summon watching come on this is like a17021.24.678
movie you look so good yep you come my17025.8785.442
brother I avenge my brother and then we17029.243.04
go to17031.323.84
Disney okay and we go to17032.285.678
Disney I was going to say Disneyland you17035.164.558
yep one more you watching watching17039.7187.882
okay I should unlock Kung Fu boots after17044.765.038
this right damn it my brain's not17047.65.44
working again17049.7983.242
how you going to act 29% chance of17053.285.598
winning in a kick fight come17055.7186.522
on oh boy that hurt Simon I got this17058.8785.242
what are you doing up there getting17062.243.68
ready to shoot you in the back by17064.126.64
accident oh got there we go you see that17065.927.44
I got an arrow you're still shooting17070.764.44
what's happening oh is that you look at17073.366.12
me sorry I honestly good for you buddy I17075.27.04
really thought that you were down17079.484.96
sorry you know what I look like well uh17082.244.36
no that's new to me your your whole head17084.443.68
thing grab your thing come get your17086.65.92
hearts all right thank you that's17088.124.4
funny oh17093.565.04
whoa okay what do we have here I don't17095.8784.202
know this looks awesome though look at17098.63.0
that that looks great it looks like17100.083.92
we're going into the mouth of is that17101.65.358
the is that the mall of the volcano ma17104.07.0
ma that's a good word isn't it the M huh17106.9585.282
I mean you're talking about looking17111.03.04
ominous this thing looks like like a17112.244.15
mouth it's going to eat us17114.044.2
yep all right is this what we're doing17118.244.96
thick sure lucky for me I don't I don't17120.25.48
get eaten by things okay well hey do we17123.24.758
see any ice around here cuz you know ice17125.683.64
would be good to have now cuz I mean17127.9582.482
you're talking about making yourself17129.323.8
cooler going into a volcano ice would17130.443.92
would seemingly be something good to17133.123.36
have yeah I don't see any ice let's just17134.363.438
take a look in here don't see any ice17136.483.318
we're surrounded by [ __ ] snow I know17137.7984.482
but I don't see any ice that's so dumb17139.7985.242
oh we're in the dragon mouth you've17142.284.2
discovered Dragon oh you think we going17145.043.918
have to fight another Dragon we did that17146.485.0
recently I kind of don't want to yeah17148.9583.962
but hey man I mean that's why I'm not17151.482.6
worried about it if we run across a17152.923.28
dragon guess what we're Dragon Slayers17154.085.24
eat it ass oh wait oh boy oh no you17156.25.28
disappeared this is like a boss thing17159.325.318
this is like a place isn't it oh [ __ ]17161.485.2
here we17164.6385.24
go all right uh didn't want to do this17166.685.958
today because I'm sure there's something17169.8785.522
here that we're going to need to fight17172.6384.562
oh yeah look at this this is already17175.45.04
getting a little magma I feel like I see17177.27.08
some some lava oh yeah look at this yeah17180.446.32
this is look at this [ __ ] hole let's oh17184.284.598
boy hold on let's just let's just check17186.763.798
it out yeah listen I'm all for checking17188.8783.402
it out but if it gets to a point where17190.5582.922
it's like you can't survive anymore17192.282.64
because you're going to heat to death17193.483.238
yeah heat to death huh yeah heat to17194.923.958
death you got to jump over lava is that17196.7184.24
what is it is it going to turn into that17198.8784.522
I don't know it is look at this no is17200.9584.042
this a thing oh no okay there little17203.45.12
Bridge it's a little Bridge yeah okay17205.05.84
okay hey look at this that door looks17208.524.56
pretty very17210.845.16
nice this fantastic this feels magical17213.085.52
oh boy what17216.05.4
again it just loaded this this is just a17218.65.6
roof with the Lava River really all17221.46.68
right whatever I didn't design it oh17224.27.16
abso turn around and get out heat stroke17228.085.44
heat stroke I told you oh boy can we17231.364.32
just take our clothes17233.525.96
off oh wait I can eat my ice use okay17235.685.8
boom how am I doing I'm cooling down and17239.484.478
I have a heat stroke well that makes a17241.483.68
lot of sense doesn't it all right I'm17243.9582.6
going to take a peek I'm going to take a17245.164.718
peek before I17246.5583.32
leave okay oh extremely hot yeah that17250.483.68
looks good all right yep we're not17252.9583.522
geared enough for this after come back I17254.163.36
know we're getting geared up we're17256.482.72
coming back we'll see you on the next17257.524.32
episode of Conan be sure to leave a like17259.24.92
sub subscribe smash that notification17261.844.76
Bell diddle it with your diddle finger17264.126.16
leave a comment say something17266.63.68
nice hey guys heyis who's here who we17272.126.04
got here I hear somebody talking that is17275.486.28
me Simon yep I just like to um it's a17278.166.32
special day for me not every day you get17281.764.72
to upgrade your your pit oh you're17284.483.398
upgrading your pit yep we're going to17286.485.28
make it into an abyss okay here we go oh17287.8785.722
I should have like should we stand back17291.764.64
factored in the uh hold on crap I didn't17293.64.32
know this was your pit should we stand17296.43.84
back hold on oh it's okay we'll just17297.925.12
should we stand back hold on now on I'm17300.245.0
going back going back over here craft17303.045.0
one this is sound dangerous oh this is17305.244.638
going to take a long time crap that bar17308.044.598
is not even moving this is poor planning17309.8785.0
on my part but wait but maybe by the end17312.6384.682
of the day yeah if we if we make our way17314.8783.962
home from wherever we're going where17317.323.6
were we going nebs funny you should say17318.843.56
that we're going to an abyss it was a17320.923.76
question I didn't say anything huh well17322.44.04
you did techic you should ask that all17324.684.24
right yeah we're going to like a pit so17326.444.88
it's a pit day oh I love it today's pit17328.924.44
day they say at the gym today I'm doing17331.324.52
pits today's the pits coming you ready17333.365.84
you go you go uh I think so whoops I17335.845.32
don't think I can work out today on my17339.24.08
my pits my pits are sore from yesterday17341.163.798
well today's a pit day you should have17343.283.12
thought of that let's go we got to go17344.9583.452
every other day man17346.416.42
God damn it's still hot it is but uh17374.684.878
speaking of Gods uh yamir I feel like he17377.084.36
saving our day right now yeah thank you17379.5583.362
for making these things they look like17381.443.48
uh costumes you get the Halloween store17382.923.638
yeah kind of goofy looking but as long17384.923.28
as you have these on and like you eat a17386.5585.4
piece of ice I think we may be okay okay17388.24.96
I don't know this this could all this17391.9583.522
could all be for not true hey look down17393.164.798
here down where this crazy looking17395.485.158
statue oh to the left oh yeah that is17397.9584.322
creepy looking we head looks like17400.6383.402
Emperor Palpatine from those movies17402.285.64
about those uh those animals good good17404.045.44
yeah from uh17407.923.56
Madagascar yeah one with all the teddy17409.484.318
bears you know who I'm expecting to find17411.485.2
here who Anakin Skywalker another17413.7985.802
Another Star Wars reference huh yes yes17416.684.76
no the last one was Madagascar no it17419.63.24
wasn't you knew we were talking about17421.443.8
Star Wars I like to move it move it I17422.844.48
like to move it move it I don't even17425.243.36
remember those movies wouldn't Ben17427.323.398
Stiller in that I don't know he was a17428.65.68
lion sure Jada P Smith was a hippo and17430.7185.762
the guy from friends with the giraffe17434.284.08
and Chris Rock I remember the whole cast17436.483.158
yeah you do I didn't think I saw I saw17438.363.24
the movie Once why does the whole cast17439.6383.642
of that movie stick in my mind I don't17441.63.92
know I can't remember anything why does17443.285.2
a madag gasar cast stick to my brain17445.525.68
that shouldn't exist we got people up17448.484.88
here huh oh wait maybe maybe they're17451.23.56
friendly hello17453.363.96
ladies hello oh there's kind of lots of17454.764.36
you there thick put your sword away man17457.323.0
let's be friendly for a second hold on17459.122.518
oh I got to eat some ice don't forget to17460.324.16
eat ice right right hello we come from a17461.6385.122
land from afar we come from a land down17464.485.52
under oh they actually seem cool oh wait17466.765.878
of course not come on hey going to mess17470.05.44
you up there you17472.6385.362
go did someone just blow a horn did you17475.446.278
hear that yeah The Well of skos we've17478.05.76
discovered The Well of skelos yep I'm17481.7186.282
about to give these guys some hellos17483.767.44
hell y take a little potion need a17488.05.44
little ice oh17491.25.32
arrows oh yeah so17493.446.518
long oh thck oh God I'm running oh God17496.527.52
I'm running this day is off to a good17499.9584.082
start purple thing should be close huh17505.445.76
purple thing well that's the thing we're17509.23.518
supposed to be looking for well I'd say17511.23.64
we're close then what right there okay17512.7185.282
yeah there's a pit sink call yeah oh17514.845.24
okay we're already getting chased so and17518.05.36
I'm already all right get him oh huh17520.084.92
there you go give it to him giving it to17523.365.56
him behind me woo oh good job17525.07.48
salmon bad dog salmon ands killing17528.926.48
little puppies wo we're not puppies17532.485.04
though I know it just came out of my17535.44.12
mouth was a puppy I would raise it I17537.523.72
would care for it and I would love it17539.523.76
even if it tried to kill you well then I17541.244.28
would kill it that'd be adorable a puppy17543.284.64
that'd be adorable all right so the pit17545.524.84
yeah oh God see that that's a dragon you17547.924.52
wanted to come in from the top eh we're17550.364.68
like uh we're like special agents17552.444.88
special ops folks we're not there17555.043.678
there's a dragon down there can you see17557.325.68
it see it no your camera a little17558.7187.322
bit puppy attack you scared the crap out17563.03.76
us don't fall in there holy [ __ ] it was17566.764.0
close to17569.324.28
Falling come on baby made aner the17570.765.958
dragon oh there it is there it is where'17573.66.76
the puppy go I say we climb in and to do17576.7185.802
that I hear you climb better if you're17580.367.12
in the nude oh and I see a chest ooh ooh17582.527.16
ooh I kind of want to I kind of want to17587.484.0
do this right here now but I'm going to17589.684.36
get naked17591.486.158
yep oh God it's hot come on man come on17594.045.72
holy [ __ ] it's hot all right all right17597.6383.202
here get up here I'll take care of these17599.762.76
guys before grab your stuff got to go17600.843.798
fast man my God I got cocky man I got I17602.524.198
got two cocky all right let's see all17604.6385.0
right I see your stuff actually you17606.7184.92
might be good go ahead and grab it okay17609.6384.08
grab it fast I'm going to eat ice holy T17611.6384.802
ah they cut me in half that's the worst17613.7184.722
really kind of you look intact on my17616.443.518
screen all right put those clothes back17618.443.68
on running back down here just in case17619.9584.722
yeah yeah heal up heal upo right I'm I'm17622.124.04
going to take a peek man there's a lot17624.684.0
of dudes here like a sword fight like17626.165.08
yeah' be nice if there were some ladies17628.685.24
these guys are cultist skelos cultist I17631.244.88
guess skos might be a God or I don't17633.923.48
know you know one of those things in17636.122.838
this game there's like a thousand of17637.43.76
them they're all over this place yeah17638.9585.082
what gods no no the these these people17641.165.04
these cultist gotcha so should we slowly17644.044.44
move what do you think left or right hey17646.23.96
what's what's going on with this light17648.483.238
uh it's a17650.166.718
light who's there oo whoa ow fireing17651.7187.322
arrows at us okay oh God come on back17656.8783.642
come on back yeah come on back I'm going17659.044.0
for the arrow [ __ ] but did you did you17660.524.8
see down there that light that's like a17663.044.88
void like a space Bo we can get in there17665.324.76
and like go see Thanos or something17667.923.84
Thanos you say I don't know yeah look17670.083.2
it's like you know what's up top I kind17671.763.84
of want to part of me wants to jump down17673.284.358
there just see if you fall into the17675.64.52
infinite realm of space and time you17677.6385.402
know what I mean yeah uh get time [ __ ]17680.124.838
let's get time [ __ ] time [ __ ] that's17683.044.2
the name of the episode yeah get17684.9584.322
demonetized demonetized for sure YouTube17687.243.88
will be all17689.284.56
like YouTube I don't like it when you17691.125.36
use dirty17693.842.64
words who's going first I mean I kind of17697.6385.0
want to is this yeah this might not be17700.324.478
the best one all right hold on whoa Jim17702.6384.882
you're so close oh you're backing up17704.7985.722
whoa make it yeah I really oh boy you17707.526.32
okay um now you got to shoot me on the17710.526.118
wall yeah I guess [ __ ] can you do it I17713.843.64
know oh [ __ ] oh he17717.489.56
G okay yeah barely that worked out but I17722.326.6
wouldn't recommend it is a bad place to17727.044.36
climb probably but you went where you17728.924.48
needed to go good for you hey see that17731.44.318
one over there summon oh see how how big17733.44.28
that one sticks out let's go this want17735.7183.402
to try the safer one we're going to go17737.683.08
over here yeah go to the17739.124.4
meet you on the the first floor there17740.766.0
yep here we go Simon right here huh I'm17743.525.92
I'm just following your lead man come on17746.766.0
baby I'm going to put my oh wait17749.446.198
okay I'm down on the first thing my17752.766.52
clothes are back on oh hey I see you17755.6384.962
okay oh you're you're pretty much good17759.285.08
aren't you I think all right Simon you17760.66.68
coming down um yeah do I look like I'm17764.364.438
above it for some reason I feel like my17767.283.678
view is off yeah pretty much just kind17768.7984.442
of inch out all right and correct if you17770.9585.92
need to yeah right on the thing yeah17773.244.84
there we go there you go now we should17776.8783.322
be able to jump on this wall here and17778.084.16
climb down you want me to go first yes17780.24.438
of course I do okay hold on hold on let17782.244.478
me let me ex me okay all right hold on17784.6383.642
there we go Y and look at what you're17786.7184.322
doing let's see what you got oh boy this17788.286.2
makes me nervous it should so okay I17791.045.72
should be able to like come down here17794.486.28
right and then yep under here like this17796.767.44
oh boy is that working wowo look at me17800.765.36
holy [ __ ] just like that summon yeah17804.24.88
there's very strong things here fight or17806.126.64
run yeah yeah I know okay I think I'm17809.086.798
safe to drop a crap here we17812.765.92
go okay okay oh there's a crate right17815.8784.282
here Simon you coming down well I'm17818.682.92
trying to but I've never I don't think17820.164.92
I've done like this where do I how do I17821.65.88
keep going forward maybe all right okay17825.085.28
interesting nope there we go you're17827.484.96
looking good keep climbing all right17830.364.08
maybe make your way towards the wall17832.444.16
towards which like here like to your17834.443.56
right I mean you could probably drop and17836.64.16
live but you can climb down that wall17838.06.24
even oh yeah huh this we did it very17840.766.76
nice neees oh oh out of stamina right17844.244.558
there I wasn't even looking at my17847.523.198
stamina I know you're good but we got to17848.7983.602
so good regroup with the rallies put our17850.7184.602
clothes on and it's uh it's action time17852.45.478
woo you ready abro I'm right you baby17857.8784.84
all right making sure a piece of ice17860.764.56
need I need some ice there we go yeah17862.7184.602
man we been we're going to run out of17865.324.0
ice hold on what what's going on there17867.323.52
what what is that happening there17869.323.76
there's like a fight going on oh yeah17870.844.0
between something and something else17873.085.24
what is what is watch out Arrow come on17874.845.36
she just hit me why is that guy fighting17878.325.04
her poison arrow for both of them boom17880.25.518
that ought to do it good job what what17883.364.598
is that guy I've never seen ow I got hit17885.7183.602
with another arrow where the hell was17887.9583.242
that from well one of them's dying17889.323.96
faster than the other can you see their17891.25.8
health yeah oh what is that17893.285.84
thing that thing's attacking her but17897.04.2
she's shooting me yeah she's an idiot17899.123.96
what the hell she doesn't notice that17901.24.08
weird what's wrong with that guy's neck17903.084.558
is that a lizard head I I don't know is17905.283.92
that lizard head17907.6384.32
man hit me oh boy thick you want to go17909.25.56
in there yes go in there let's go I got17911.9584.522
I got you back lizard man oh that is a17914.764.878
lizard man die by my sword all hold on17916.487.0
oh come here you H whoa yep lock on and17919.6388.882
hit him Dam it got doing great whoa okay17923.486.88
he's got like a yeah he he builds up for17928.524.038
a little swipe all right it's always fun17930.364.84
to see a new enemy in this game17932.5586.442
yeah oh I got him watch him17935.27.28
die nice17939.03.48
abro Hey listen I like I know y'all know17944.284.598
not to hit each other but you seem like17947.483.72
you still do it so let's get a very17948.8785.242
let's get a very distinct plan here okay17951.24.96
I'm sorry plan just shoot an arrow while17954.123.72
we're talking there's the distinct plan17956.163.76
I'm shoot an arrow now too we're doing17957.844.16
that go ahead go ahead nbes we all17959.923.84
strive to be as perfect as you it's not17962.03.558
even one day well communication just cuz17963.763.08
you don't communicate you think that's17965.5582.882
some sort of Jud communting right now17966.843.44
you should help us kill well he's not17968.443.56
fighting us that's why we should and I17970.283.438
want to save AR with the dragon I mean17972.03.958
the dragon's more dangerous right right17973.7183.962
well then you're welcome yeah okay I17975.9583.562
mean shouldn't I use my sword though oh17977.685.0
here he go finish him off nabs yep o wow17979.525.88
look at this thing look at this thing we17982.685.08
have I have okay I thought you were17985.43.36
going to finish him off you're not17987.763.118
excited though I am going to get hurt17988.764.08
Simon get out of there I can't move cuz17990.8783.602
there's no stamina all right well I'll17992.843.038
take care of it thanks NES for the help17994.482.88
thanks why why don't I swing while he's17995.8782.802
right by the thing so I kill both of17997.363.76
them great or or use your arrow all17998.684.52
right like two of them saveing arrow for18001.125.758
the dragon I know great for a rainy18003.26.12
day anyone got a torch you should do a18006.8783.722
torch at me18009.323.318
well you're good oh there's another one18010.64.48
all right I'm I'm I'm tapped out okay18012.6384.802
ooh we can knock him off maybe think I18015.083.76
don't know oh18017.445.32
Bo come on oh he big he big all right18018.846.36
tag team well I I'll just shoot him yeah18022.763.72
I'm going to shoot him I'm not saving18025.23.28
arrows yep cuz I'm using them right now18026.483.84
for when they're good oh yeah they won't18028.483.56
be good against the Dragon no I might be18030.323.638
dead before the dragon comes yep I got18032.044.24
an arrow in me I do I got an arrow right18033.9586.522
in my head well good on18036.286.76
was going to happen he went down at a18040.484.72
well good time but I can barely see come18043.044.56
on you deserve it all right back to18045.24.72
light back to light I think that went18047.64.48
great how we get down there's some18049.923.4
purple stuff over there you're the one18052.083.718
who decided to come in from the top do I18053.324.8
know how are we going to get up we're18055.7983.76
not worried about that are we one thing18058.124.16
at a time right this is probably the way18059.5585.642
down where all that corruption18062.285.518
is I don't like it is anybody else18065.23.84
curious if we can shoot that dragon from18067.7983.362
up here yeah but the other side was a18069.044.2
better side I think hey let's take Let's18071.166.558
Take a Shot okay uh ready18073.247.08
yep got them just bounced off mine18077.7185.442
bounced off mine hit him right I got no18080.325.28
visual now yeah okay well it looked like18083.164.638
it came toward us thus making it go18085.64.118
underneath us what if I shot it from18087.7984.322
over here I like it oh so we go back and18089.7186.402
forth yep yeah he's under you um he's18092.127.438
under me y'all see him I missed I missed18096.125.92
yeah I'm not hitting him either come on18099.5585.762
all right I got a marker there come on18102.046.758
[ __ ] he's going into the corruption18105.326.16
yep and he's up he's going up the steps18108.7985.16
he might be coming to you uh-oh that18111.484.318
could be bad huh I didn't know that18113.9583.722
there were steps why didn't we take the18115.7984.642
steps there corruption oh the completely18117.685.4
to all right so we're not in a good spot18120.444.4
well I don't know if he could get to you18123.083.36
he couldn't reach you there boy if he18124.843.56
gets out here I'm really scared cuz I18126.444.0
got nowhere to go I don't see him coming18128.43.558
out yet just let me know I've got a good18130.444.04
eye well I'm climbing off18131.9585.6
the there he is oh no does he breathe18134.485.64
fire anything yep hi buddy how you doing18137.5585.122
I'm going to run this is freaky okay I18140.124.56
got a little damage on just a little bit18142.684.16
oh oh oh he's looking these are probably18144.683.56
the best place to be it's just going to18146.844.878
take 3 hours look at this we're18148.247.24
brilliant we're like Conan18151.7183.762
Geniuses all right so what now thick I18156.64.68
want to jump jump in the hole but let's18159.443.358
look let's look around see if there's18161.284.358
any way to get up higher oh is there18162.7985.682
like a like a Stairway over here I'm18165.6384.32
looking off in the distance this place18168.483.68
looks awesome all right I's see those18169.9584.242
things wait is that where we came in18172.164.76
what about right here where you I'm18174.25.598
looking I don't see you oh wait oh no18176.924.718
wait that's the entrance below oh okay18179.7984.0
wait I'm completely turned around oh18181.6384.08
wait wait wa thick come back to me come18183.7983.802
back to me come back to me but I'm up18185.7184.202
what I climbed up oh you climbed up oh18187.66.16
you're up there yeah gotcha but um man I18189.924.92
kind of want I kind of want to go down18193.762.44
here now what do you see up there is it18194.844.56
worth it I don't know uh hold on climb18196.26.64
up a little higher see more enemies so18199.45.0
should I go up there or come back down18202.843.2
here come up here all right going up18204.43.88
there I can probably clear this place18206.045.598
out be careful I wasn't going to until18208.284.96
you said18211.6383.642
stamina come18215.284.72
on here we go don't fall don't glitch18217.124.32
sometimes you love to glitch don't do it18220.04.28
today thank you Game18221.445.84
abro neees yeah we're out of arrows okay18237.26.4
um we need to fight him with swords oh18241.164.04
God yeah that doesn't seem like it's18243.63.4
smart but you haven't even got one hit18245.23.16
on them what do you mean well with a18247.03.76
sword yeah yeah but let's don't say it18248.364.198
that way cuz remember all the arrows I18250.764.32
shot right yeah sure so he's right in18252.5585.362
front of us yeah not firing at us with18255.085.16
his his Flames do you have an arrow nebs18257.924.28
uh I got a few left yeah yeah get hit18260.243.2
them with one bring them that way and18262.22.96
then we'll climb up and maybe lead them18263.443.16
down to the bottom so he doesn't knock18265.164.798
us off while we fight him you got it bam18266.66.198
Nice Shot n come on baby there he goes18269.9584.042
you guys want to run him down to the18272.7984.682
downstairs about to do that yeah CP18274.05.04
going I have a little game of Pop Goes18277.483.72
the Weasel that's what it is oh boy he's18279.044.96
breathing fire I got skeleton hey18281.25.2
running oh there's a [ __ ] of course18284.04.08
there's a skeleton dude I'm going to run18286.43.478
downstairs okay we're all running down18288.084.24
oh boy this is going to be awkward okay18289.8785.92
I'm like following him there's skeletons18292.327.12
me yep okay right through his legs come18295.7986.84
on [ __ ] go get through oh yeah made it18299.445.24
through made it through he might breathe18302.6384.16
fire I'm downstairs all right here we go18304.683.64
we're going downstairs there's skeleton18306.7983.882
dude run right past these suckers yeah18308.323.638
but then they're going to catch us and18310.683.56
we're have to oh they said Come On Come18311.9586.082
On Pop Goes a weasel D Alias crippled oh18314.246.398
[ __ ] stop shooting me buddy I'm going18318.046.08
back up again for some reason bad idea18320.6385.122
all right a lot of skeletons down here18324.124.0
meet me in the arena me in the arena I18325.763.878
already lost you I don't know where I'm18328.123.36
going and I'm out oh God I'm here we are18329.6384.92
here we are I going SK I'll take the18331.486.28
other one baby oh they're both on you D18334.5586.362
be careful this was a bad bad idea all18337.764.878
you got to do is run downstairs what's18340.923.84
wrong with you I'm downstairs and guess18342.6383.762
what there's a million of these freaking18344.764.64
guys up like shooting stuff and the bad18346.46.2
guy we got this that's not good we got18349.49.6
this we do yep wee come join us fine oh18352.69.118
the you got that Arrow guide s yep I'm18359.05.558
on the bowest you call them archers oh18361.7185.362
[ __ ] oh these guys are strong and I'm18364.5585.32
going to die they are strong yep very18367.085.36
strong this not good I'm leaving we're18369.8785.282
not even fighting the dragon [ __ ] [ __ ]18372.445.118
this in the ass R away suon I'm trying18375.165.478
to but I'm hitting the bow instead fun18377.5586.682
times fun times oh God these guys are so18380.6386.0
tough got him where's that Dragon I18384.243.96
don't want him here yet I'm going going18386.6383.402
to look for him I'm going back up help18388.23.88
me with these guys I'm going back up man18390.044.518
I'm just going to die so what do I want18392.084.798
to live or do I want to like die doing18394.5585.08
very little damage sumon what do we want18396.8784.442
what do you want grumpy pants to a18399.6384.642
dragon fight it's not grumpy it's a it's18401.324.8
a fact you sound very grumpy to me I'm18404.283.64
trying to figure this out what you climb18406.124.16
something climb up somewhere High shoot18407.926.12
the thing I don't have arrows clim high18410.286.48
and just rote for us yeah all right18414.046.12
cheer lead I'll die I'll just [ __ ]18416.766.4
okay AB is a you yeah it it's me I18423.246.398
cleared this place out cool yep climbing18426.684.56
up man I just rolled right off I hit a18429.6384.32
button gone where you at I'm going to18431.244.638
get my stamina up and I'll be I'll I'll18433.9583.362
go right up there uh there's something18435.8783.08
that looks maybe a little different up18437.324.0
here okay what do you mean h just come18438.9584.962
on up maybe a little different huh yep18441.324.72
is it like a snake head but has cancer18443.924.0
or something I don't know it looks like18446.044.2
kind of aake does he look kind of sickly18447.924.2
he does look a little sickly Ah that's a18450.244.44
shame eat some ice don't forget oh yeah18452.124.8
I know I've been eating ice every 1018454.685.278
seconds here we go oh does he look a18456.925.718
little different uh yeah he looks kind18459.9584.802
Tosh oh he's a boss oh he's a boss is he18469.65.76
oh well then we'll let him sit there and18473.923.798
just choke on the18475.364.5
poison man these guys are18477.7187.862
idiots now now he got now he got better18487.045.0
oh boy yeah all right how creepy all18489.7984.602
right he's got a little nibble oh boy18492.043.678
tearing his little butthole up aren't18494.44.2
you yeah I'm trying to oo he's he's18495.7186.282
weird man oh man this is easy this is18498.65.32
nothing let him come on yep all right18502.03.04
he's still looking at you he's looking18503.923.24
at me oh man he doesn't take bleed18505.045.8
damage like at all he ain't bleeding who18507.167.76
who hey now come on now who you think18510.847.52
you is who you think you is some weird18514.925.638
lizard mik you think you were tough18518.363.198
monster I got news for you I'm afro18521.5585.642
[ __ ] and I killed lizard18525.04.798
whatever very nice woo what's he got18527.24.88
what's he got he two has a candle this18529.7984.442
is [ __ ] yes [ __ ] you want to cut him up18532.085.68
or should I I didn't get nothing damn it18534.245.6
all right it's a double negative well18537.764.118
we're Southern yeah that is true it's18539.843.84
yeah it's acceptable when you're18541.8784.362
Southern St sound like a complete idiot18543.684.24
oh yeah hey all right good looking18546.244.08
stairs I still want to jump into that18547.925.52
void oh this is the top like we're here18550.325.398
the tippy tippy top is there uh was it18553.443.96
oh wait I saw a tablet at least I18555.7183.282
thought I saw a tablet saw right over18557.43.72
here right over here okay can we read18559.05.76
this as well ooh Serpentine shorts18561.126.2
Serpentine sword shield Javelin you just18564.765.32
learned a ton of stuff yep book learning18567.325.8
is fun everything's Serpentine damn I18570.085.28
love book learning18573.126.758
appsro dick I'mma do it you jumping into18575.366.04
the void one thing I'm going to leave18579.8783.202
with you though wait you leaving18581.43.84
something with me I want to jump in too18583.083.6
well then I'm not leaving it with you18585.243.88
man listen if you're jumping in the void18586.684.08
I'm jumping in the void with you man you18589.123.598
don't jump into a void without a friend18590.765.32
it's like fman Louise yeah except uh I18592.7185.84
don't know Dumber yeah all right I'm18596.083.798
just I'm not going to jump out because I18598.5582.362
don't want to hit a ledge I'm just going18599.8783.84
to walk off all right uh man this looks18600.925.76
epic right yeah like this this looks18603.7184.882
great all right here we go 3 two 1 I'm18606.685.44
walking off all right here we18608.66.52
space come on I know he's in18616.485.12
there I don't want to go back through18619.763.84
this corruption though you guys all18621.64.6
right yeah yeah I think we cleared out18623.64.44
well skeletons that were attacking18626.23.438
okay this I see him okay18629.63814.202
yeah bring him you okay see him no I'm18643.846.118
looking the door I got a few arrows left18647.124.32
so I'm going to keep using them how's18649.9584.84
y'all's Health uh not good where you at18651.446.4
this ah here we got Taki wall in the18654.7984.442
wrong door yeah we're looking in the18657.843.2
wrong place man you don't see the big18659.243.318
dragon no I don't know where we're18661.043.758
looking I see oh I see the oh there's a18662.5585.202
dragon I was on the wrong side all right18664.7985.122
okay here we're going flank flank Simon18667.765.92
oh boy hello gos going flat getting a18669.926.52
hit got a hit got a hit getting out of18673.685.24
there getting out of there out of18676.446.04
stamina little in and out [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]18678.926.24
in and out oh boy again bringing the18682.484.72
heat boys there you are okay here we're18685.167.0
going in going in ow all right oh yeah18687.27.598
wall still talking suck okay cover18692.165.12
that's a time to go oh crap we lost18694.7985.642
Simon how's your health dry I'm full18697.284.92
right now surprisingly all right let me18700.444.198
know if you get low I got I got oh is he18702.25.12
on me now yeah he's locked on me hold on18704.6384.202
I'll try to get his attention well I18707.322.96
mean oh well you could fight him while18708.843.4
I'm doing this yeah I got a bow and18710.285.32
arrow oh yeah you good yep oh yeaha18712.245.558
going in for another attack okay oh he's18715.65.0
watching me now oh yeah this is perfect18717.7984.242
he's looking at me you can get his butt18720.64.118
oh yeah I'm getting his butt oh crap oh18722.045.838
crap he just did a swingy thing keep his18724.7186.042
attention no I'm hurt okay I got to eat18727.8786.042
hey boys I'm back ni can you climb down18730.765.0
yeah I'm already on the second level I18733.923.24
out D where you at oh I'm almost dead18737.165.12
and I'm coming down right now baby be18740.324.84
careful take your time well man I'm18742.285.598
probably not going to go very far but I18745.166.2
see my body hey keep him away from suon18747.8786.362
get away yeah lead him away from my body18751.365.92
okay stay on the outer ring he's right18754.244.718
on your body yeah he's not following me18757.283.24
right now exactly where you want to be18758.9583.882
oh [ __ ] he's going after you okay it's18760.524.038
not going to take much to kill me going18762.844.36
in for a butt attack oh [ __ ] still after18764.5585.602
me come on baby this is what I needed18767.24.64
you to do before you got your stuff18770.164.44
Simon no I never had a chance your18771.844.68
body's free go over there I'm well he's18774.64.72
chasing me you see he's right after me18776.524.08
I'm trying to get his attention and my18779.323.478
Stam shoot him hit18780.65.198
him godamn it do something you don't18782.7985.122
even have your CPP pants all listen to18785.7985.84
you all right is he he's off you you18787.925.56
good yeah I don't know where my body is18791.6382.962
now cuz up18793.485.52
there green is that it shut the [ __ ] up18794.66.038
boy swear I'm going to dress you next18799.04.08
time [ __ ]18800.6386.16
you that was a good Echo suon stop18803.085.32
telling me I'm [ __ ] grumpy you're18806.7983.602
pissing me off oh now he's even worse18808.43.76
now you're just pissed God damn it I18810.43.36
just fired a healing area at you and you18812.163.92
ran out of it good come getting this18813.764.92
juice well then start talking nicer come18816.084.36
getting this juice and he you right18818.683.8
there I don't need wasted it I don't18820.444.08
need it wasted the healing juice I don't18822.484.92
give a [ __ ] I didn't ask for it run18824.526.6
Simon no come on18827.46.28
baby made my friend grumpy you've ruined18831.126.4
his day I'm going to kill you for that18833.686.52
he's on me yep waiting for that one18837.524.6
attack where he goes down kind of oh18840.23.92
[ __ ] I wasn't ready hey look alive I18842.124.36
know what you doing well I'm just in my18844.124.96
inventory trying to do something he just18846.484.72
did a Swing Swing I'm going in I'm going18849.085.68
in I could use the healing18851.25.96
Arrow that's a spinning one that's a18854.764.24
spinning oh18857.165.6
crap jeez swear sumon he's not going to18859.05.24
be happy when he comes18862.768.08
back no no he is not oh come on ow [ __ ]18864.249.08
[ __ ] valish need18870.845.878
healing I will oh I'm eating I'm eating18873.324.96
I'm eating I got a couple good hits in18876.7184.202
though hey watch your step there's Simon18878.284.08
everywhere did he just18882.365.278
fall he just fell didn't he now he's18885.04.0
going to be like which body's got my18887.6385.362
stuff in what do you suppose causes the18889.07.718
when he dies what does that do you think18893.07.12
maybe things on18896.7183.402
me I love it I hate to say I love18900.67.0
hearing them die but I do all right it's18904.045.64
the highlight of my day18907.65.87
of my day I18909.687.079
know oh look at this place no we didn't18919.526.56
die yeah which was uh refreshing yeah18922.525.118
but you know hey good for them you know18926.083.4
if if you put a hole like that of course18927.6383.802
people are going to want to jump into it18929.484.12
wow all tight whoa whoo these these18931.445.04
people are like worshiping yeah all18933.64.72
right just uh are they going to attack18936.484.078
us or are they going to be like peaceful18938.325.72
people like hey I'm here to worship too18940.5585.642
holy crap thick look at this18944.045.88
place where we in hell um it looks like18946.25.72
it holy18949.924.48
[ __ ] I guess I guess yeah they're just18951.925.36
worshiping at this point yeah so they're18954.45.28
not messing with us man this place is18957.286.278
huge guess we can go this way oh God may18959.687.0
as well let's do it this like a big big18963.5586.202
old furnace huh little bit hey hey whose18966.686.278
God is a snake God that's Simon's God18969.765.76
right yeah he makes the snake arrows or18972.9584.042
he could make the snake arrows but let's18975.523.8
be honest yeah oh come come our death18977.04.08
making a damn thing been too long18979.323.72
delayed what what what does it say it18981.083.878
says come come our death has been too18983.043.36
delayed yeah the other people didn't18986.45.96
attack us but I feel like these people18989.44.6
are going to uh yeah they look like18992.363.0
guards you know they got that guard18994.03.16
thing going on yep oh they're already18995.364.358
shooting oh yep they're shooting Sho get18997.166.04
it let's do this come on B that come on18999.7186.722
big yeah yeah yeah I can't do [ __ ] with19003.25.358
your bow and arrow can you buddy oh you19006.443.24
got a bow and arrow that's just19008.5583.602
completely useless against my two blad19009.684.48
right oh the mirrors of to capture a19012.163.52
soul it's like okay they want me to19014.163.16
fight and read at the same time guess19015.684.958
who's not doing that me both of us yeah19017.324.92
can't do two things at once what's he19020.6384.362
got it any candles let's see yeah blah19022.244.6
blah blah blah blah blah blah let's see19025.04.32
oh this guy's got a candle hell yeah oh19026.844.92
some spiced something some spiced19029.323.8
slivers yeah I don't know if you want to19031.764.08
eat spiced anything in here not gonna if19033.124.88
it's not iced you know what I want iced19035.845.0
beer iced beer that's what these people19038.05.48
need in oh hey look it's an arena thick19040.845.68
should we clear oh man ah all right19043.484.96
slowly moving forward oh I've heard19046.524.92
about this place what is that where we19048.446.04
are sun yeah oh this guy's coming at19051.446.4
coming at you19054.483.36
holy crap that guy looks crazy oh that's19069.124.678
a boss dick that's all right I'm a boss19071.25.438
let's take care of these minions19073.7985.362
first those no not those minions [ __ ]19076.6385.682
those minions hate those minions and not19079.165.04
you nothing against anybody who likes19082.324.398
them but [ __ ] I hate those things watch19084.24.96
out thick yep my stamina's down get in19086.7184.482
my path of righteousness you guys19089.164.68
worship the wrong damn God time to show19091.25.678
you some what yir is like I'm here I'm19093.846.08
your mirror get used to19096.8786.642
it woo oh boy think oh they hurt me a19099.925.68
little bit oh God they've hurt me a lot19103.523.72
all right AB fall back if you need to19105.63.8
heal up yep yep yep yep yep yep cover me19107.243.718
buddy all19109.44.398
right of course Chas come on I need to19110.9585.482
eat I need to eat come on leave me Al19113.7985.802
come here boy I am19116.446.92
ouch didn't get my name out oh [ __ ] how19119.66.88
you doing Z19123.363.12
hurt come on come on let's go baby just19127.66.44
Stam it up man oh boy it's hot oh no19131.125.838
thick yeah I'm about to die don't die oh19134.046.36
I'm trying I'm trying my best oh ice19136.9586.122
[ __ ] holy [ __ ] I'm a sliver wi death19140.44.72
can you come kill this guy I got some19143.083.718
osion my pop [ __ ] it I got to do it19145.125.28
myself stamina stamina Stam okay some19146.7985.802
Ambrosia I've almost got this guy dead19150.44.158
after okay give me a second I got some19152.64.48
Ambrosia I'm eating it oh God I was so19154.5585.24
close it's close to the de door that was19157.088.2
crazy it's your time son I'mma put you19159.7985.482
down baby there we go19165.688.198
yeah here goes fire19169.8786.802
in got to get out got to get19173.8785.282
out uh-oh what was that19176.686.76
oh he's dead dr's dead now what a shame19179.166.6
I'm sure I'll die soon too oh there you19183.444.48
go did you find your stuff yeah I got my19185.763.56
stuff oh really how' you know which body19187.924.2
I was in how19189.322.8
going hey guys I see you hello Simon19192.366.48
how'd you get down uh the way I've19196.764.56
gotten down each time oh God come on19198.845.08
baby come at me breath fire you behind19201.324.8
him you ready yep I'm ready come on19203.925.76
breath fire ow come on you back breath19206.125.64
fire [ __ ] remember how I was19209.683.64
like I'm saving my arrows all right19211.765.68
forget this huh here he19213.324.12
goes hey Simon hey how you doing I'm19230.925.638
good I um show me how you get down I19234.124.28
think you can do that much better than I19236.5584.602
oh okay yeah I've had a lot of practice19238.44.76
uh I think this is the uh I think this19241.163.76
is the one that the one you picked y19243.163.16
we'll pick this one do a little jump19244.924.84
down you get a little hurt uh-huh jump19246.326.72
on here and19249.763.28
then how how'd that go19254.411.189
again yeah I'm back19266.447.32
baby oh19270.123.64
[ __ ] ABS yeah hey I've got some19274.925.638
landmines that I made wait back up back19278.124.4
up what did you make landmines I totally19280.5583.16
forgot I had them but it's part of my19282.522.76
journey oh you want to try to lure that19283.7183.402
guy over there into it yeah I just put19285.284.358
it down hold on is that is that it right19287.124.598
there yeah what I'm looking at yeah let19289.6383.962
me uh so yeah all right lure these guys19291.7184.642
in okay here comes an19293.65.92
arrow beautiful let's oh they com and19296.365.518
come on come on come19299.525.358
on I missed it oh there we go baby19301.8785.122
that's a shitty land mine well you know19304.8784.722
what Journey step complete going it19307.05.16
explode with the guys on top of it I I19309.65.72
guess so it's a it's a land mine there's19312.164.798
really no point in a land mine if if you19315.323.16
have it set to be stepped on and then19316.9583.882
explode 3 minutes later I'm with you man19318.485.12
I'm not disagreeing all right got that19320.844.08
guy you got the other guy and he's19323.64.68
running away like a [ __ ] all right this19324.925.68
guy's down all right we going to go into19328.285.56
this building yeah this place is huge I19330.64.72
don't know what when we're going to be19333.843.64
able to get out of here never we're19335.324.28
trapped we oh wait we are the fading19337.484.76
echo of what once19339.65.84
was no they are hungry thick the19342.244.8
children are hungry oh yeah look at them19345.444.16
all over there worshiping oh oh no oh19347.046.56
[ __ ] oh no th yeah we should uh oh19349.67.4
no no where's that land mine that that19353.65.0
would have worked in this situation19357.04.32
right oh I have another oh well put it19358.65.56
down okay I'll keep these guys I'll I'll19361.326.04
try to keep this guy put it down okay no19364.166.08
get away from that oh there it is okay19367.363.518
you yep come on guys over here oh he19370.8789.562
went right on it yeah oh man wow hell19373.9586.482
hello when they get back here it's over19384.27.358
all right coming in oh there he comes19388.7184.602
he's doing something there a swing and a19391.5585.842
swing moving in and come ons yeah I'm19393.326.52
back baby okay come show this man what19397.44.76
you made of all right I just got to find19399.844.52
[ __ ] I like hearing him19405.325.28
die okay this is going to be a fun game19407.7185.962
I where's my [ __ ] yep can I take D's19410.65.64
stuff oh boy there's a freaking werewolf19413.685.32
skelet Simon watch out Simon19416.244.88
oh trust me oh I'm dead I can't find my19419.05.28
[ __ ] there's too much stuff going in19421.126.0
come on baby I just want to watch ohra19424.284.8
stuck underneath you got this buddy19427.123.56
stuck underneath I'm here for moral19429.085.36
support woo you close close the dead19430.685.56
yeah yeah he's close to dead he's like19434.446.278
hanging my thread [ __ ] [ __ ] woo can you19436.246.0
help for these skeletons guys I'm trying19440.7183.362
to find the way down again yeah but I19442.244.8
can't find my stuff so not surprised19444.084.76
there's that yeah well [ __ ] half the19447.044.08
bodies are running into is yours tip19448.844.64
[ __ ] that's why I'm not surprised oh19451.124.758
okay sorry yeah skeleton you're making19453.485.92
this difficult come on get out of19455.8786.442
here found your19459.45.76
stuff did he did he just slip out a a19462.325.478
line of dialogue after that yeah he had19465.165.24
my stuff I I think I he said where did19467.7987.202
he die okay crap stamina guy wish you19470.46.68
could find your stuff D oh there you are19475.04.04
sure could use a hand a dead19477.085.718
Simon right in found it all right give19479.046.48
me a moment and oh I don't want to up19482.7985.682
okay going in I just need to get19485.525.72
dressed okay nobody he look that makes19488.484.36
no sense I was naked already we've19491.244.318
already seen you we climb down I know oh19492.844.958
crap that hurt hang in there bud yep19495.5585.522
you're the hero okay19497.7986.16
is woo all right move19501.087.36
in come on come on19503.9588.282
die die die die19508.446.198
die on I swear jeez look at all this19514.6385.442
crap down here all right coming down19518.25.758
soon give me a second oh19520.086.32
[ __ ] oh he saved my19523.9586.042
B dude19526.43.6
him I'm getting a drink hold on hey I19534.524.32
found my [ __ ]19537.5582.922
I found my [ __ ] NE shoot me with an19538.844.0
arrow I'm drinking shoot me with19540.484.36
something that gives me Health please19542.843.64
now I want to jump on him again see if19544.845.24
this works science do19546.488.04
it science you healing up Simon you oh19550.086.478
sorry you you did it I just spit it yeah19554.525.8
well I didn't see it okay move oh god oh19556.5587.042
godo okay I ain't messing around Bubba19560.326.0
died too many times today just died come19563.65.72
on now it's time for you to die19566.324.8
oh [ __ ] you just fall from the ground to19569.325.0
alies is that you oh God did you just19571.124.72
fall from the ground is that what you19574.324.16
said fall to the ground it was one word19575.844.92
god you say so much worse said from the19578.484.398
ground all right I don't think just cuz19580.763.4
we're fighting dragons means we throw19582.8783.162
English out the door that's true you did19584.163.398
say that I heard it in the afterlife19586.043.28
very true here we19587.5585.562
go oh yeah I saved my19589.323.8
yes oh I like this game19597.046.758
again oh boy he's coming suon oh boy I19599.925.48
want to fight you [ __ ] just for19603.7983.802
the helmet look I can't even see his19605.47.68
reason did I just kill him yes yes yes19607.68.4
yes coming oh it was worth it nice it19613.085.0
was worth it all yeah let's Harvest this19616.04.24
Dragon read these tablets and head out19618.085.0
of here I'll be right19620.247.318
down abser I can make that can you yeah19623.085.718
are you sure19627.5582.882
nope I've seen neebs try to jump over19628.7983.362
Bridges like this before and it didn't19630.443.88
it didn't go well that's a long jump man19632.163.36
yeah I know but neebs isn't good at19634.323.478
anything yeah I'm really good at jumping19635.523.84
I'm the Michael Jord jumping I don't19637.7983.16
doubt you're jumping but it looks like19639.362.598
you could make it but you're going to19640.9583.362
have to cling onto the edge let me see19641.9585.962
if I run this way and then okay I think19644.327.638
I have it lined up woo all right drum19647.926.32
roll please here we19651.9584.692
go okay19654.245.729
bab yep yep yep yep yep you okay19660.127.7
thank y damn19665.365.509
h b19690.363.72
y b yog what does that do what's that19695.286.88
what does that do I don't know I'm I've19699.8784.92
been kind of not paying attention to yog19702.165.24
lately so I'm just kind19704.7984.882
of you think he likes that though I19707.44.158
don't know who wouldn't but is that19709.683.878
official prayer or did you make that up19711.5583.442
no it just it comes from the heart19713.5583.362
really feel like a lot of religious19715.03.48
music they're like you know what God19716.923.2
likes us and how do they know well I19718.483.96
don't know I'm just kind of just trying19720.124.24
something out it's working for how about19722.442.86
uh by19724.362.48
you pretty much what he was19726.849.48
doing yog oh yog by you y yep anyway I19730.448.48
want to get a arch priest for this thing19736.325.88
cuz um yeah what the next step yeah19738.926.038
could I have um maybe some help maybe19742.24.48
it's not too far away I'll do whatever19744.9583.802
you want I got nothing else going on you19746.683.84
know where to get it what's that you19748.765.118
know where to get it I do okay oh I mean19750.526.32
I think so I've heard uh you get out of19753.8786.402
here again yeah this is a thing there we19756.845.878
go yeah I think so it's not too far to19760.286.278
the West um there might be some ppcs I19762.7186.08
need to do things to I need a little bit19766.5583.842
just a little bit to level up so I can19768.7984.242
get points before you go or on while we19770.45.44
do this now let's do it you guys ready19773.044.28
yeah I'm ready so ready [ __ ] this is19775.843.718
great I thought I was going alone right19777.324.72
um let me look at the I'm following you19779.5585.722
my friend and as far as I know it's19782.044.48
directly this19785.285.16
way okay we're19786.523.92
off abro I'm coming I know I've been19791.6386.402
sitting here for 20 minutes sorry I19794.8784.76
think somebody was hacking that's why I19798.043.2
didn't make the jump oh is that what it19799.6383.802
was forchan clearly it looks like he19801.246.16
missed it completely no about at forchan19803.445.84
it looks like we could go up on the left19807.43.44
side which may be the safer way to go19809.283.04
you know instead of doing this crazy19810.843.36
jump I really wanted to see you make it19812.324.478
but yeah do you want to try19814.25.56
again I do oh there you are yep I'm19816.7986.0
right here ha ha sneak attack you really19819.765.24
going to try this again my angle was way19822.7984.362
off oh is that what it was your angle19825.03.4
yeah yeah it looks like maybe if you19827.163.32
jump like right here like straight and19828.43.6
then grab on then you might be able to19830.485.04
make it right yeah okay all right come19832.06.2
on F you can do it this time baby here19835.525.6
go yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah19838.26.24
yeah yeah okay there you go stuck it hey19841.125.838
and you're on a lip all right climb up19844.444.84
oh God now I got to do it don't19846.9585.76
I can can you climb up yeah get on up19849.287.16
there trying get on up there oh boy H's19852.7187.24
going on get on up there thick it's hot19856.446.16
here I know it's hot here chewing ice19859.9585.362
for like a week come on19862.67.84
Dick my God can you not climb up hold on19865.327.16
it's got to let me climb up come on you19870.444.68
can do it right19872.482.64
there all right well I'll be here for 2019877.844.798
more minutes and uh then we're we're19880.845.24
going left we're going to that side oh19882.6387.642
boy this is uh this is19886.084.2
[ __ ] all right guys I think we're19890.484.318
getting close I think it's there's no19892.44.52
spider I think it's up spider spider19894.7984.482
it's called the summoning Place uh-huh19896.925.038
and I think it's up here is oh no spider19899.284.56
oh God all right all right come on get19901.9586.122
get out of the way boys men have work to19903.847.44
do you little [ __ ] you all right need it19908.087.12
am all right I gained a level yay Simon19911.285.678
I'm already done for the day boys all19915.23.32
right we'll see you later all right19916.9586.402
let's see um let's take the left side up19918.527.88
okay summoning place oh is that where we19923.365.358
are is that is that where you wanted to19926.44.238
go more SP this is looking this is19928.7183.642
looking promising here we got we got an19930.6384.522
Archer you little [ __ ] Simon you see how19932.364.24
you just ran in when I'm swinging yeah19935.164.04
but guess what I backed out too buddy I19936.64.0
backed out why would you run in though19939.22.598
because there were two threats and I19940.62.4
didn't think you were going to take care19941.7983.282
of both of them spine breaker's flank19943.03.4
this isn't where I wanted to be you know19945.083.12
I have an area around me right maybe19946.43.72
it's up here still guys let's I didn't19948.23.4
get hit though he's trying to tell me I19950.122.88
didn't get hit yeah let's just move on19951.64.56
from that okay more to do all19953.05.76
righty look how I'm not running in hey19956.164.2
look how look how I did it and I didn't19958.764.48
get hit so good guys hey there's19960.366.88
probably a priest up here by the the19963.246.76
the I don't see one all right so but no19967.243.84
it's okay there's plenty of them going19970.02.84
to be coming so should I go over there19971.084.36
and kill the Entertainer I'm on it okay19972.844.16
man down don't a priest you'd think19975.442.96
there'd be a priest up here this might19977.02.52
not be the right place there's an arm19978.43.92
rolling down hill Oh God look at this is19979.526.118
that a priest I made a mistake I need to19982.326.16
run run run19985.6384.802
I really wanted to find a priest here19988.483.84
woo y'all got to see this arm oh it just19990.443.64
stopped you just missed it anybody see a19992.324.44
priest you're being followed yes I am19994.085.478
Holy Moly exactly anybody see a priest19996.764.48
up here there might be what they look19999.5582.922
like there might be a priest following20001.243.24
me there's a big spider out there you'd20002.484.078
think it'd be by the uh you know the20004.487.28
temple thing oh boy oh God you [ __ ] oh20006.5587.4
boy this guy's good good I'm going to20011.766.92
die you [ __ ] timeon St come on baby20013.9585.962
I can't tell if the priest or not I'm20018.682.52
just killing20019.925.2
him damn it oh boy spider is this the20021.25.64
right place that's the question don't20025.123.8
know I'm just following you I don't20026.843.878
think it's the right place damn that big20028.923.84
ass spider's getting closer I think is20030.7184.482
it a real big one super big all right20032.764.44
should we go up higher I'm I'm going to20035.23.8
stay here oh look at they got a trapped20037.25.24
spider in here coming to you dris hello20039.05.84
I'm looking for my friend hurting this20042.445.84
[ __ ] at all oh God okay oh [ __ ] come20044.844.25
god oh there you are hey hey buddy how20050.324.398
do you know what a priest looks like I20053.483.478
don't um I just figured it'd be by the20054.7183.722
altar but we might not be far enough it20056.9583.322
might be up this next uh wow you really20058.444.76
don't okay hey hey guys hey Simon I'm at20060.285.24
the entrance of the where are you guys20063.24.758
take a left take a left at the entrance20065.526.16
yep I'm healing left once I get in up20067.9586.6
top take a left why they why why they20071.685.16
just want me probably cuz you started a20074.5584.202
bunch of Miss I didn't start [ __ ] I came20076.843.038
in like a friendly guy and you're just20078.762.24
coming in killing everybody I don't know20079.8784.68
if that's true okay well um why are they20081.05.52
walking right past you cuz I'm a20084.5583.842
friendly guy we just covered this oh20086.525.16
well I just got here okay well there I20088.44.238
don't even need a weapon do I I'm20091.682.56
thinking about going up higher look at20092.6383.92
this poor spider in here I really feel20094.243.36
like you don't know what you're looking20096.5584.442
for uhhuh he doesn't but let's help him20097.64.84
but we're just killing everybody he20101.02.92
doesn't know what a priest looks like I20102.445.04
know well I oh boy all right I'm up here20103.924.32
me too I'm going too20108.244.2
going I'm following you man I said I20110.123.838
would do that and I'm doing it I love20112.443.278
that man I like how little you're20113.9584.202
complaining right I've given myself to20115.7185.642
you don't do that no I mean we're all20118.166.28
kind of just tagging along today so mhm20121.366.92
so far it's been a pretty good day I'd20124.443.84
agree all right abso whoa you want wonky20129.07.12
man you want to try to jump again nope20132.925.24
all right let's go with uh the original20136.124.518
plan go over here to the left all right20138.164.32
you with me yeah I'm right behind you20140.6384.522
heck yeah Bubba wrist it for the biscuit20142.485.0
should we just run past these guys uh20145.163.718
yeah follow20147.484.76
me Bo can they go through the20148.8786.282
lava yeah look they just went oh god oh20152.245.68
[ __ ] snakes thick atro move come on20155.165.24
let's go where start running the way20157.923.718
that we're going to go come on yeah but20160.42.558
is that a good idea we just going to get20161.6383.522
surrounded by a bunch of stuff nope you20162.9585.162
sure positive oh boy I've seen you be20165.165.92
positive before okay okay okay okay got20168.126.28
some more lava to jump okay key up all20171.086.16
right key up they can't jump this a yeah20174.45.318
all right beautiful oh he's still behind20177.245.398
us n we good man look at all these glowy20179.7184.682
glowy [ __ ] it's like an Avengers movie20182.6384.92
in here yeah all right come on oh we got20184.46.04
some gentle s over here eats ice God I'm20187.5585.042
running out of ice man yeah we're going20190.443.64
to have to figure something out well20192.63.4
hopefully we'll be done with this place20194.084.2
soon yep I don't know what but I still20196.03.24
don't know what the point of this place20198.282.64
is we found that cool Forge that's where20199.243.44
all the lights are going yep I'm going20200.923.68
to take the guy on the right you go left20202.683.72
I can't do anything all right I'm going20204.64.48
left hey sorry my friend thck told me to20206.43.92
come over here and murder you I didn't20209.083.96
want to not my fault he wants me to do20210.324.88
it so just going to stab you until you20213.045.598
die sorry you seem like a nice lizard20215.25.358
person I'm sure you have a bunch of20218.6383.722
lizard kids at home that are going to be20220.5584.08
Sab tonight it's not my fault sck's20222.366.278
fault so again I apologize and yeah20224.6385.482
you're dead what do you got his kids20228.6383.762
probably hate him be honest with you20230.124.88
this got an obsidian great sword oh damn20232.44.2
you like great swords don't you yeah but20235.02.92
I've got a really good sword what's20236.64.0
what's the damage on that uh let's see20237.926.798
damage on this is 48 uh mine's like20240.64.118
63 black damage is 63 on my sword this20244.926.24
is like Temple of Doom right here yes is20248.7984.08
all right said that about the place when20251.163.44
we came in to begin with still like20252.8784.122
Temple of Doom yeah you're not wrong all20254.64.56
right so where Where Do We Go From Here20257.03.52
I see there's a bunch of dudes over20259.163.52
there let's not let's not AG those guys20260.526.64
oh this guy looks solitary and20262.684.48
ominous what's he20281.5587.842
got oh thick yeah obsidian daggers get20283.528.08
them I'm getting them oh what are they20289.43.6
are they good I don't know better than20291.63.48
what you have let me see let me see all20293.04.92
right what I had damage was 35 the20295.085.08
obsidian daggers20297.924.68
31 oh well I'll go back to what I had20300.164.638
all right well at least I got spares hey20302.65.56
look this door open did it yeah oh well20304.7984.802
good that's all we had to do to open the20308.165.08
doors kill some weak ass s [ __ ] yeah20309.66.198
ooh this looks like an interesting area20313.244.6
doesn't it yep it looks looks like20315.7983.722
something bad's going to happen I don't20317.843.36
know I mean this place looks pretty cool20319.522.8
it's like they get get around here and20321.23.678
do like a fire pit sing kumbai on jerk20322.324.72
each other off that's probably exactly20324.8783.0
happens all right we got some uh guys20327.8784.08
over here so we got there's guys20330.283.16
everywhere yeah they're all over the20331.9583.082
play oh boy I get I got shot with an20333.444.24
arrow let's just run where okay hold on20335.043.96
where where are we running we're going20337.682.878
to run to the left to the left to the20339.04.04
left and I'm still running still kind of20340.5584.362
ducking all right ducking in here20343.043.0
ducking in here ducking in here right20344.922.638
behind you right behind you monster oh20346.043.72
that all right are we taking him nope20347.5584.482
okay we're still running oh God oh God20349.763.6
we're still running we going I feel like20352.042.56
we're going to miss stuff doing all this20353.363.68
running we'll see we'll see we'll see20354.63.878
these guys go through the20357.045.12
lava woo oh boy oh boy come on as I know20358.4784.882
I wasn't comfortable with that jump20362.163.88
doing this one20363.366.4
oh woo little hot footed there nioo it's20366.046.04
ice they didn't follow us here okay so20369.764.118
now what do you do you have you you have20372.084.32
any idea where we're going nope but uh20373.8784.442
there got to be a purpose to this place20376.43.92
yeah I think if we kind of go back20378.326.238
around this way woo20380.324.238
oh okay well I'm not going to make that20386.684.878
jump D you don't cough that much after20392.924.798
you die knock it20395.086.798
off guys yeah where are you man I think20397.7186.202
I went further but I'm super high up20401.8784.0
looking down what do you see same thing20403.924.24
but I can't tell where you are yeah like20405.8784.522
I'm further along this likei The Rock20408.164.04
Ridge we were climbing up but what the20410.43.44
hell you even looking at like I can't20412.23.92
see [ __ ] right now I'm looking at where20413.844.36
the the arch priest probably is there's20416.124.358
like that the the temple thing that I or20418.23.92
the little Abyss that I was just20420.4784.48
worshiping at back home uhhuh you see20422.125.48
that yeah yeah so we're both looking at20424.9584.322
that well I don't know I'm not looking20427.63.8
at it but that's okay right okay that is20429.285.0
all right um I feel like a lot could be20431.45.12
done with arrows from the right spot I'm20434.284.76
too high up though ah I wish I knew20436.524.4
where you were well can we just meet at20439.044.12
a loc like where I'm at's perfect cuz I20440.924.4
won't have to move I mean I don't know20443.163.36
if we want to meet there do we want to20445.323.238
meet toward the front more I don't know20446.523.76
where the front is of course you know20448.5583.442
where the front is you're in the back20450.284.84
let's just run in there get them I I20452.06.28
can't from where I am uh can you can you20455.125.88
offer some cover fire I'm too high for20458.285.4
cover fire what's your plan well I got20461.05.16
to get closer nees are you even close to20463.684.6
me right now you're at the very top I20466.165.12
think right did you climb down huh I'm20468.284.88
like halfway down who are you talking to20471.284.278
which one Simon I'm going to go down20473.165.2
then is that the plan to go down we're20475.5584.522
all going to go down well I'm going to20478.363.48
go down then but I don't know the best20480.084.52
way but I'm doing it hey guys let's go20481.845.798
down and then we'll yell at each other20484.65.56
and take it from there right while we're20487.6387.042
going down we're going to go down but be20490.164.52
safe Simon Get Down you just ran by20495.045.04
enemies I did okay all right I'm going20498.045.2
to come Center myself on the priest from20500.085.32
behind you guys Center yourselves on the20503.243.76
other guys from behind they're not going20505.44.36
to move on the count of three we go in20507.04.44
after our person someone take the guy on20509.763.198
the right someone take the guy on the20511.443.56
left I got the priest but we have to20512.9584.322
trudge in them no you can kill the other20515.04.08
guys I just want the priest all right20517.283.32
I'm killing the guy on the left tell me20519.082.638
when you're ready got the guy on the20520.63.08
right and you can get up now and go20521.7182.682
coming [ __ ] oh crap no no no no no don't20524.46.478
don't kill the priest no no which gu was20528.45.04
on the right I'm climbing Jesus Christ20530.8785.08
that went to [ __ ] quick oh God come on20533.445.24
come on come come on20535.9585.442
baby okay one of the guys is down I'm on20538.684.76
the other20541.44.96
one you okay where you at I got him two20543.444.92
guys are down oh come on come on should20546.364.04
I charge in this son of a [ __ ] too no I20548.366.358
got I'm fine I got looking good br oh20550.48.078
baby check him out yeah priest I got him20554.7185.042
check him is he High PRI wait wait a20558.4783.562
second I thought yeah he's the Y yog20559.763.92
high priest20562.045.32
perfect did I need an arch priest oh God20563.685.48
I hope not all right I think I'm good20567.363.598
difference I mean Beggars can't be20569.164.36
choosers okay thank you guys you're20570.9584.0
welcome hey before we go though I'm20573.522.8
going to be looting so yeah loot the20574.9583.162
hell out of this place job you deserve20576.323.08
every bit of20578.124.838
it I'll sit here and20579.43.558
heal abre got my stuff good today's20583.168.638
filled with [ __ ] for you yeah for me20587.766.36
where are you uh I came up a little ways20591.7985.482
I climbed on top of this uh this Dome20594.125.2
I'm not far from you I'm looking around20597.284.56
I'm looking where you died where are you20599.325.558
there's the Lava River oh I see you yeah20601.845.878
hey hey is there anything over there uh20604.8783.962
I don't know I just kind of got in the20607.7182.92
safe spot I was waiting for you to get20608.844.84
back I see I see a lizard monster okay20610.6385.402
should I come over to you uh yeah come20613.684.118
over to me come over to me die that Lava20616.043.598
River again that was [ __ ] I didn't20617.7986.202
even hit it all right I'm coming oh20619.6388.362
yeah there you are hey a chest get it20624.06.638
chest God there's nothing in here really20628.04.84
yeah hey I see a place uh we're not too20630.6383.882
far from it it's it's kind of lit up20632.845.038
like a Vietnamese wh house oh I love no20634.525.56
actually never mind it's a purple very20637.8784.042
phallic I mean one of the most phallic20640.083.52
places I've seen and there's a lot of20641.924.16
phallic stuff here okay so I mean I20643.64.358
guess we should head that Direction yeah20646.084.04
that seems like the place to go like for20647.9584.402
a wh house yeah uh snake should we just20650.124.0
run past all this yeah yeah let's do20652.363.84
that the Run technique that's worked in20654.125.96
the past woohoo so long lizard suckers20656.26.4
can't catch us we're faster than lizard20660.083.718
honestly they should be quicker than us20662.62.56
they're lizards I know they're lizards20663.7983.322
yeah lizards are quick they're20665.164.478
like you have come for the test I didn't20667.124.04
come for anything thick drug me into20669.6383.602
this technically uh I would like20671.164.52
whatever whatever you have I am the last20673.244.68
of my kind okay even see where he's at20675.684.24
well hey we just want the Tes P we want20677.924.878
the Tess give us the Tess we'll [ __ ] off20679.926.2
oh is he on that Throne oh oh boy thick20682.7987.282
yeah what's going on okay oh20686.123.96
no what ghost oh God okay this has just20699.849.0
got this just got real oh wa oh not that20705.127.24
bad I couldn't hit him you hit him yeah20708.845.638
I'm hitting him okay there we go there20712.366.518
we go got to get my stamina Come On20714.4786.642
Son can we get the old crow control20718.8784.242
going on yeah you got the you got the20721.124.24
crowd control thing May one poof in the20723.124.2
Smoke disappear single20725.364.0
guy come on20727.327.2
ghost we're Ghostbusters oh yes how many20729.366.56
how many ghosts are20734.525.92
there get some with my bow and arrow off20735.926.24
off ghost oh God the bows and arrow they20740.443.48
go right through them bow and arrows20742.165.6
useless God heal up get some20743.926.52
ice come here you little jackass all20747.763.84
right I got another20750.443.72
one got one come20751.65.76
on they keep coming oh yeah dude they20754.165.6
just keep respawning hey did you try you20757.364.358
try to shoot an arrow at that guy on the20759.763.958
throne no he's got like a force field20761.7184.08
Block in him look it's all purple and20763.7185.602
glowy oh they keep coming thick how do20765.7985.802
we beat this guy I don't know I guess we20769.325.08
just got to keep beating his ghost20771.64.32
how what is [ __ ] every about this20775.928.48
day is [ __ ] [ __ ] day mark it on20780.5586.042
the calendar happy [ __ ] day after we20784.44.8
make it an annual event yeah I didn't20786.63.878
think I'd be fighting ghost lizards20789.25.04
today that was an unexpected twist yep20790.4785.962
hey do poys and arrows work on these20794.243.318
uh I can20797.5586.202
try nope uh oh does oh hey forse Field's20798.5588.962
down you come here sir out of stamina20803.766.24
out of stamina here looking at me20807.525.958
okay oh God okay you come20810.05.718
here there we go I'm going to kill this20813.4785.0
son get get him get him get him20815.7185.16
yeah hey we destroyed whatever dwells at20818.4783.682
the heart of a volcano like that's the20820.8783.362
only thing oh he he gave us a fortnite20822.164.28
gem cool take it is that what fortnite20824.243.8
gems look like I don't know that's what20826.443.6
I just assumed they look like let's get20828.044.918
the [ __ ] out of here honest to God let's20830.045.918
see so uh this this way then this way20832.9584.082
okay if we're getting out of here we20835.9582.962
need go to go back to the blue glowy20837.045.72
Place yep right which is right there man20838.925.76
I I just want to spend the day on the20842.764.4
beach or or just in the house like20844.683.64
reading a20847.163.04
book is that what you want to do for20848.323.76
[ __ ] that's that's a lie I don't I20850.25.3
don't like reading I can tell20852.088.92
mbes do you like your seat my chair20861.03.4
seems less comfortable than everybody20862.6383.16
else's you said you wanted a different20864.43.84
one well I want it to be as comfortable20865.7986.202
you look um petty petty he looks Petty I20868.245.52
think he looks dainty yeah I think20872.03.68
dainty is a better word or proper or20873.765.68
cute Regal you look nervous well I'm not20875.684.72
look like you're here for a job20879.443.56
interview huh what are your strengths20880.45.2
well uh I'm a good team player where do20883.05.52
you see yourself in 5 years I see myself20885.67.48
Dead uh that's 520888.524.56
minutes see how the day goes yeah20893.164.398
hopefully alive what the hell are we20896.23.358
doing you got the job hey good20897.5584.202
congratulations yeah tomorrow morning 7:20899.5584.722
a.m. hopping bucket in the closet yep20901.764.16
I'm back well tell you what I'd like to20904.283.08
do gentlemen and I'm going to stand up20905.924.16
for this so all you guys can hear okay I20907.365.48
propose to build a giant castle I'm20910.085.68
going to the unnamed City I will go to20912.846.08
the unnamed City with you I also want to20915.766.958
wow okay what that's how I stand anyway20918.926.6
I want to go to the unnamed City I feel20922.7185.402
like Michael Jackson a little bit Yeah20925.524.038
need I need at least one person here20928.124.04
helping me work I don't want to do20929.5584.602
anything Simon you're helping20932.165.0
oh okay samon you know what I'm thinking20939.63.92
I bet you it's the same thing I'm20942.282.8
thinking what are you thinking I'm20943.522.76
thinking you're going to connect those20945.082.96
two people Peaks right there in front of20946.283.8
me with a foundation and you're going to20948.045.88
build a castle above that not what I was20950.086.2
thinking man it should be man I don't20953.924.36
think we can build that high you think20956.284.518
why not I don't know I've never tried it20958.284.88
I was thinking water Castle okay but20960.7984.0
where where are you thinking Maya20963.163.28
everything's going to pil in comparison20964.7984.402
to that idea now now you want to do that20966.444.038
oh God so far away we got to keep20969.23.04
running back here for resources or you20970.4782.762
have to keep running back here for20972.243.16
resources no where listen where is your20973.243.68
foundation you're saying you build a a20975.42.92
castle I'm assuming you're going in a20976.923.2
completely different location no like I20978.323.44
was going to here here's I show you what20980.125.24
I was thinking okay show me all right20981.765.6
don't know how you going to show me okay20985.364.4
so this will be the start of the walkway20987.364.0
oh God then we're going to have to build20989.763.56
down I think20991.364.358
oh oh God water Castle might be a pain20993.324.0
in the ass this is already a pain in the20995.7183.122
ass yeah listen my idea is starting to20997.324.12
look better it is because I mean I20998.844.28
should why can't I build on top of this21001.443.16
right here fail to place building right21003.123.88
yeah no this water Castle's already me21004.63.76
off we probably wouldn't even be able to21007.04.638
connect those two peaks could be but now21008.365.24
you got me wanting to try it Simon well21011.6383.642
you know what our goal could be which is21013.63.92
really nothing is to see if we can21015.285.88
connect a structure from tip to tip but21017.525.6
that's such a stupid idea why would we21021.167.24
even do it let's do it oh God I love21023.125.28
you I just remembered I don't like it21030.445.0
here I don't mind it yeah it's not the21032.7185.642
cold that's true true that's true you21035.444.6
seem over a dressed Ries what do you21038.363.598
mean look at your jacket it looks like a21040.044.2
cold place jacket I know it really does21041.9584.642
but it's so hard to take off not not21044.244.08
like physically it's just like it looks21046.64.0
so damn good it does look good why would21048.324.36
I ever want this off of my person you're21050.63.64
like the peacock of human beings right21052.683.0
now listen and I added these horns for21054.244.0
this mission do you like the horn thing21055.685.72
ooh yeah yeah yeah feel like I'm playing21058.245.92
dress up and I got a katana nice yeah21061.45.8
I'm not messing around here21064.165.318
okay yeah I had to take that off guys21067.23.92
that was really warm did you bring21069.4784.442
something else mm- like a tank top or21071.125.24
something no I'm weaker I didn't bring a21073.924.36
tank top you know what uh went out of21076.364.358
style fishnet shirts remember those21078.285.198
those used to be big I never wore them21080.7184.722
yeah that's all I had for a while our21083.4783.922
friend Shak Curtis still wears them oh21085.444.278
yeah yeah maybe he wants my old ones I21087.44.72
think he's got a i he's got at least21089.7185.042
five I think oh is that all yeah that21092.123.92
would't even get you through the week21094.762.32
half sure21096.043.48
dud we more half shirts these days like21097.084.68
a halter they yeah I mean that used to21099.524.4
be a thing in the 80s you're not a dude21101.763.44
anymore if you're wearing a half shirt21103.923.48
which half well what left or right top21105.24.678
half oh top no top gotcha oh we got some21107.44.8
uh we got some gentlemen here A bunch of21109.8785.08
them oh he just ran right by me is it21112.25.12
like dark here y'all man oh jeez feels21114.9584.402
like it it's really dark out here come21117.324.158
on somebody fight me someone help dude I21119.365.76
came to this party too dude I'm dude I21121.4785.962
don't like this weapon at all oh all21125.124.64
right I'm a I'm a [ __ ] going keep21127.443.68
talking about it too keep it together21129.763.92
Adis no I am but I'm just trying to stay21131.126.2
alive oh I got knocked down no who do21133.685.278
you think you are anybody have a21137.324.28
different weapon they can spare oh boy21138.9586.322
oh boy kind help help me stamina all21141.66.358
right here I come neees okay oh thank21145.285.56
you guys yeah I was so excited about21147.9585.122
this K there's one more I know he's21150.844.32
following me get the receipt we told you21153.084.08
don't you look at stats of21155.163.44
yeah it was it was stronger than what I21157.163.638
was using all right going in the bow21158.65.48
need help never oh good job guys good21160.7985.602
job I say never but I do I do because21164.084.52
I'm now the bo guy all right Bo guy21166.44.158
let's do it princess boner that's your21168.62.84
no what do you think well I remember21172.7984.242
those [ __ ] down below us to the21175.323.638
right there's so many [ __ ] so we21177.043.48
don't have to we don't have to deal with21178.9584.642
them we ourselves guys I have a fawn in21180.526.08
my pocket oh that's got to be heavy I21183.64.72
have a fall in my pocket he I really21186.63.48
wanted that I thought you were yeah I21188.323.158
saw him in the thing and he was ready21190.083.32
and I took him and I forgot to let him21191.4783.962
go you going to let him go and get him21193.43.36
killed here well he'll die out here I21195.443.358
got to carry guess that's okay fwn of21196.764.198
Dead Simon I can put a foundation right21201.766.4
here man being up here I'm thinking what21204.45.398
I don't think this is going to work21208.163.04
you're the one that had this idea of21209.7983.362
course I had the idea you were like ooh21211.24.32
a castle in between the two spers21213.163.798
wouldn't that be interesting now but21215.523.118
then it turned to let's just connect21216.9583.84
them forget the castle and now I don't21218.6383.642
even think you can connect if we can21220.7982.962
connect them we can build the castle in21222.284.72
the middle all right listen all for it21223.764.718
watch this21227.05.0
boom all right all right so oh boy space21228.4785.32
is C oh man how in the hell am I going21232.03.638
to build this I know that's what you21233.7984.802
know but no we have to somehow have some21235.6385.722
sort of a system where you know how the21238.64.44
uh like archways on the bottom we're21241.363.598
going to have to connect can you put one21243.043.918
underneath this one and then connect21244.9585.282
outward to it yep okay now we have to21246.9586.882
build like our own arch if you will but21250.245.04
we have to God we're going to have to21253.842.878
start we're have to go down and start21255.284.76
from the bottom and then oh boy and then21256.7185.402
like build up oh man this is going to be21260.043.88
a mess Simon is there well listen that's21262.123.64
why I like like I was thinking maybe I21263.924.12
would supervise you see how I already21265.764.32
got this going well yeah but also I'm21268.043.32
going to need I'm going to need help21270.083.2
like hauling materials cuz I mean yeah21271.363.64
we're building this in such a weird21273.284.16
location but look this all right all the21275.05.76
way down to the bottom and then can I go21277.445.72
out from here man cool if I could leave21280.763.16
like a21283.163.2
hole all right climb21283.925.16
this you know this this this is all21286.365.278
wrong what I feel like I need to be21289.085.398
using like um like columns you know like21291.6385.32
the pillars and ceilings okay does that21294.4783.842
does that work better yeah that would21296.9582.962
that would work so much better it's it's21298.323.158
still going to be a giant giant pain in21299.924.798
the butt but better but better I'm down21301.4784.682
for that so you are you taking this21304.7184.122
stuff down uhing it yeah yeah yeah I'm21306.164.558
going to take uh I'm going to dismantle21308.843.28
this what happens if I dismantle this21310.7182.562
one at the bottom does the whole thing21312.124.598
collapse let's see nope oh wow so that's21313.286.12
good to know so is this actually are you21316.7184.84
starting to think maybe this is doable21319.44.398
ah anything's doable Simon if we put our21321.5584.682
heads to it okay should we should we21323.7985.962
start drinking sure okay yeah have a21326.246.2
have a drink it's too early all right21329.764.878
but we need to go down instead of this21332.444.56
we need to make pillars and ceiling all21334.6383.642
right so are we going down am I going21337.03.16
down or what uh yeah let's go back go21338.283.198
back to the house we got to get go get21340.164.0
supplies all21341.4785.802
right I keep hearing growling that's my21344.166.558
stomach oh we we have snacks yeah I just21347.285.08
ate some snacks it should go away sorry21350.7183.882
about that oh okay uh there's lots of21352.365.56
corruption over here that usually means21354.65.52
good danger death [ __ ] well yeah21357.924.24
that part of it too but I'm going in21360.125.16
going into the hold up okay oh we're in21362.168.558
the uh left oh there's a a bat thing fck21365.287.64
you love bats are we going to fight that21370.7187.202
bat yeah on now Boom game on oh God it21372.928.0
just bounced off oh it21377.923.0
is you love that you bat he's after you21388.26.48
thick oh he's strong no kidding I love21392.324.398
that he's after thick oh oh he's got21394.685.24
three skulls yes he does I got a bunch21396.7184.402
arrows he's a strong little bat got to21401.125.4
heal up got to heal no no no no no oh21403.8785.722
God I got to kill this guy come21406.526.8
here I killed your kind before sir I no21409.66.278
longer fear you your relative's head's21413.324.92
being mounted into the castle today this21415.8785.802
is true maybe oh boy okay that hurt a21418.245.2
oo get in there uh I'm well I'm in there21423.444.8
technically right oh you're yeah you21426.243.638
keep him distracted think this just take21428.243.08
an hour but I can move in for a minute21429.8783.282
if you like here you go I got a big21431.324.478
sword you step in yeah oh you moved out21433.165.76
of the way a he's so clever is he clever21435.7986.042
B we go my friend needs is21438.926.52
here okay he's on me now take him Dar21441.845.36
I'm doing it okay don't shoot me I'm21445.443.438
coming through I want to he's mad at me21447.23.678
isn't he look at him I'll just keep21448.8783.162
walking around just don't shoot me with21450.8783.84
the arrow no I don't I'm not going to21452.045.28
okay don't think now moving in don't21454.7186.0
shoot me oh okay he's on you yep got a21457.325.08
few of these moving in all right now I21460.7186.202
got all right okay moving in ow21462.48.04
coming he ran right into it I know I21466.925.0
don't have any more of those okay I'm21470.444.92
moving in moving out good moving in yeah21471.925.0
slice the back ah you didn't see my21475.363.92
friend behind you did you woo now the21476.925.038
friend is me I out and now it is I the21479.285.48
other friend forgot about me bet you21481.9585.362
thought we were out of friends no oh21484.764.84
ever seen the show Friends all21487.325.39
right you almost up there s21494.7184.802
almost all right I'm going to lay these21497.6386.762
pillars down yeah and there uhuh then21499.528.038
there my pillar game is strong I know it21504.47.88
is see yep uh yep and boom all right21507.5586.722
we're connected to the ground so those21512.285.08
ceilings I gave you yeah able to extend21514.287.64
those like right bam there you go bam21517.369.08
yes sir yes sir bam yeah come on sucker21521.927.798
all right oh how far can you go um21526.445.08
nothing there nothing there okay so21529.7183.362
that's it so now we got to we got to hit21531.523.56
pillars on that one and then work all21533.083.638
the way down oh God how am I going to21535.083.44
get up there and look I just want to is21536.7184.362
this good right nice and sturdy you need21538.524.6
to make sure you jumping on it I'm21541.084.44
jumping all right we're good hold on21543.124.16
give me one one second I'm going to try21545.524.16
something here are we about like what a21547.283.64
third of the21549.684.038
way I don't know yeah oh boy yeah we got21550.924.92
a way to go Simon we do but it's going21553.7184.08
to happen oh oh it's going to happen21555.843.798
this is exciting listen I got I got my21557.7983.882
determined face on I know and it's good21559.6383.962
and listen all you need is someone with21561.683.64
a little bit of creativity like me to21563.64.64
help help show you what you can do yeah21565.325.8
yeah yeah yeah all right can I can I21568.244.718
stand on top of this please let me stand21571.124.16
on top of this please let him stand on21572.9585.562
top come on come on Conan just let me21575.285.64
just let me right21578.525.68
here damn you damn you Conan all right21580.925.4
hold on Simon I don't think I can reach21584.24.64
that pillar what so hold on I might have21586.324.52
to do we have to build things do we need21588.843.638
to build scaffolding I might have to21590.844.038
build some scaffolding yeah yeah yeah21592.4784.642
yeah it's part of the job it is part of21594.8783.642
the job all right let me let me build21597.124.16
some scaffolding start right here I can21598.523.958
reach up to those pillars and we can21601.282.678
start working our way down that's what21602.4784.282
you got to do buddy who I got to do is21603.9584.802
what you got to do we got to do man all21606.763.92
right we'll do it let's do it I'm coming21608.763.92
down yeah it's really distracting having21610.683.72
thick at all them fighting a bat behind21612.684.038
me I know the [ __ ] volume's way too21614.44.68
loud yeah F monitor is cranked it's21616.7185.08
insane it's like he has no awareness to21619.084.44
what he21621.7984.322
does sorry just started fighting21623.525.958
something it got loud I'll turn it down21626.124.358
next who are you talking to21630.4784.602
nebes what's up Ries why not the Fawn21637.124.8
why haven't you put that out yet he21639.844.92
going to die yeah I know I thought you21641.925.28
wanted to keep it yeah but I I wanted it21644.763.878
to fight alongside me this would have21647.22.88
done that do you really want me to put21648.6383.442
the Fawn out right here kind of bring21650.084.478
the Fawn out Fawn Warrior hold on you21652.084.92
don't know what you're in store for now21654.5585.842
bat person Fawn of21657.05.478
death go ahead that would have been a21660.43.558
really good time for that from DUS till21662.4784.202
fa oh do the line again21663.9586.6
wait it won't let me do it oh I defeated21666.686.24
or something probably you didn't yeah I21670.5585.08
don't know never mind never mind bad21672.924.558
person so I'm just carrying a unlik21675.6384.882
ready Fawn around and now I I guess hey21677.4784.722
you're the one doing it I just feel bad21680.524.038
that uh I got the battle excited about21682.26.12
the fun that no fun that's no fun how21684.5584.92
fun is21688.324.318
this we can do this all day you think he21689.4786.48
eat fond de21692.6384.442
feel like that deserved a better21695.9583.442
response come on baby oh he just yelled21697.085.32
at me chop up okay yeah he's not very21699.46.44
fond of us oh very nice that much like a21702.45.398
big kite with legs here we go we got to21705.844.958
be getting close now come on yeah get in21707.7985.962
there oh one more one more St one more21710.7985.322
who's taking him down I'll go21713.767.08
in now nees yeah big21716.128.16
swing all right [ __ ] now we got it oh21720.845.6
legendary armor patch kit21724.285.88
oh this fragment of power wood he wants21726.446.438
this Fawn there I'll leave him a fawn21730.166.08
right there's a pawn in21732.8787.68
there all right s yeah scaffolding work21736.248.478
coming down here we go oh man I was21740.5585.522
hoping this wouldn't happen but I think21744.7183.08
it's going to happen these pillars are21746.083.878
having to go right down through this big21747.7985.042
ass crack what this is a big ass crack21749.9585.92
here sing oh so that's bad luck ain't it21752.844.958
yeah it's bad Lu it might not be so bad21755.8784.84
might oh boy here we21757.7982.92
go what did you turn into Looney Tune oh21761.6384.802
I've always been a Looney Tune Simon you21765.04.36
know that I do let's see can I connect21766.446.198
it from here please yeah man I love the21769.366.358
distance these things connect uh yeah21772.6385.202
pretty excited right21775.7185.682
now boom s okay all right did not going21777.844.76
have to go all the way down like I21781.44.44
thought place the ceilings all right oh21782.66.76
oh yeah beautiful beautiful beautiful21785.846.44
beautiful uh uh-huh oh man I feel I feel21789.365.8
like I could taste what the urine oh no21792.284.64
done it's done where are you going with21796.924.718
that uh taste the urine taste the urine21799.125.32
of the animals that pee on the mountain21801.6385.042
cuz I'm so close I could smell it oh you21804.444.118
can smell all I can smell it and I can't21806.683.6
wait to taste it I've not seen any21808.5582.962
animals on this mountain I don't know21810.283.12
where you're getting at I don't know man21811.523.84
sometimes there's nothing here pee21813.43.96
there's nothing here leaving urine yeah21815.363.278
and why would I taste it man I don't21817.362.68
know I don't know my God where where are21818.6383.362
you going with that who knows man21820.044.64
sometimes [ __ ] just comes out I guess so21822.06.0
tasting pee yeah I me don't say a fleas21824.684.958
you know you've probably tasted your own21828.03.958
pee right I don't think so yeah I21829.6383.84
probably did you probably blocked it out21831.9583.042
when you were a kid when you were like 521833.4782.682
years old you probably used to always21835.02.798
drink your own pee yeah you're yeah21836.163.0
you're not wrong who knows what I was21837.7983.16
doing when I was five a lot worse than21839.163.478
that yeah I know yeah you don't know21840.9583.322
what you were doing when you were five21842.6384.122
like that was like 80 years ago21844.284.0
all right Vick yeah come uh come stand21848.287.56
to my right okay and uh look at21850.5585.282
nebs right looks like he's got a big old21856.366.278
big dong oh is that what yard yeah21859.684.92
that's funny yeah that's it's a weird21862.6384.562
looking one too it's theong it's a horse21864.64.878
one maybe what's the21867.25.24
dong what is that oh it's your I don't21869.4785.4
know it's it's it's your un we'll call21872.445.518
that unfortunate wind yeah all right21874.8784.642
what now boys you want to go see those21877.9584.442
statues up top up there yeah let's uh21879.524.64
press forward let's yeah press forward a21882.44.28
little bit because yeah 30% of my health21884.163.798
and stamina are gone I'm going flank21886.682.68
around this right here oh yeah I'm going21887.9583.722
to flank around this tree there we21889.365.96
go oh to the left there's a fire fire21891.685.958
means something yep I think we've been21895.323.8
there remember we were looking at that21897.6384.16
guy's balls that one dude yeah he was21899.125.12
nice he wasn't he wasn't bad I liked him21901.7984.482
all right here follow me21904.244.68
hey what thick but we never went in by21906.285.08
where that guy is I thought we did21908.923.958
thought we did too oh we might have ran21911.364.68
out because of corruption oh corruption21912.8785.162
but you know what we're already corrupt21916.044.918
like is there a corruption uh like cap21918.044.4
are we going to keep going down to zero21920.9582.802
is just going to keep getting corrupted21922.443.72
I don't know how far does it keep going21923.764.16
uh well it hasn't stopped should we go21926.164.04
in here good God that's a lot of21927.925.0
corruption I mean that is heavy purple21930.27.88
smoke man inde indeed yeah let's go in21932.926.558
all right we're going21938.086.76
in fight ready oh God y oh here I'm21939.4786.922
going to read it eat it where where did21944.843.48
you do that this is21946.44.158
spiritual okay I read it keep moving21948.323.41
uhuh reading all21950.5582.32
right are we through it I think we got21952.8783.92
through it yeah we're we're through it21954.925.36
mhm blah blah blah PE around the corner21956.7985.0
oh yeah this place is not oh what is21960.283.96
that what is that little snaky pants I21961.7984.362
miss it completely oh boy oh he's after21964.245.12
me he wants me there's21966.167.2
more everywhere can't get me behind you21969.366.96
come on snake sucker oh this was down21973.365.4
all right I'm talking oh big snake big21976.324.68
snake like boss snake let me just see21978.764.32
what an arrow does to him probably piss21981.05.558
him off I'm guessing let's see right21983.085.36
bounced off that was an explosive he's21986.5584.92
not that bad he's not really ooh there's21988.445.038
chest I'm opening the chest anything21991.4784.16
good gold coins silver coins that's it21993.4783.682
yeah keep it oh he's coming oh he's21995.6383.212
moving he21997.164.68
moving fling oh boy you're a come22001.846.0
you're no moving oh you came near me I22004.7186.122
was going to get away from you H all22007.845.24
right oh boy he is kind of tough what22010.843.878
were you talking about no no he's he's22013.084.44
weak when it comes to boy being hit by22014.7185.522
things if you have arrows shoot it oh my22017.524.8
God I feel like he's healed holy [ __ ]22020.243.96
did I hit something else is he healing22022.325.44
on oh God no try him again thick oh no22024.28.518
do it he's coming coming at me okay hit22027.766.76
him with another arrow see how it does22032.7184.282
Arrow thought bouncing off yeah that one22034.524.48
bounced off that one did not but it22037.04.08
barely touched him you hit him with the22039.05.84
sword man not yet I'm trying to De he's22041.085.04
running after22044.843.92
me have to do a22046.124.88
dance yeah oh man this is a big going to22048.763.878
be a big fight it is it's going to take22051.04.638
a while Dy he hit me but [ __ ] this game22052.6385.24
he hit me right through the pillar just22055.6384.32
bit me in the shoulder22057.8786.642
okay oh man he is oh man dud all right22059.9586.0
we got to get out of here we got to get22064.523.4
out of here I'm going to be like abro22065.9583.642
I'm going to get him bleed I'm going to22067.923.0
bleed bleed bleed I'm going to get him22069.63.358
bleed that's what he says I'm going get22070.923.4
bleed oh man oh boy that I'm hurting22074.325.0
listen I don't think we can win this22078.23.8
fight I know we can't is there anything22079.325.0
in his room you check his room no go22082.04.68
check it do that run occupy him keep him22084.325.08
busy occupado uh can't I can't open this22086.684.32
thick can you open this chest I don't22089.43.558
know does it needy I have a key it says22091.04.558
I'm not high enough level oh I'm running22092.9584.802
right for watch out no get out of there22095.5584.642
dur alas why what' I do cuz he's chasing22097.764.118
the snakes back here must have a key to22100.24.0
open it I have a key I have a key too22101.8784.0
why' you tell me to get out follow me22104.22.84
snake cuz you were supposed to be22105.8785.0
distracting him God we didn't establish22107.046.04
that well if we're all three in the same22110.8784.402
room pretty sure the snake's going to oh22113.084.28
thick no oh good thing we just laid beds22117.365.32
he'll be back all right dude we there's22120.324.52
no way we got to go well thick already22122.683.798
died you saw that right yeah but I'm22124.844.798
about to die22126.4783.16
Alice Simon that should be so close yeah22137.246.88
I can connect man do it do it do it boom22140.047.96
boom boom are we there boom we're22144.127.24
connected yes we did it seven did22148.07.478
it that awesome that is so freaking cool22151.367.198
yep man that's one hell of a foundation22155.4785.722
this is nice now how are we going to how22158.5584.08
we get to what how we get to what how22161.24.278
wide can we make this top oo that's22162.6384.962
another good question oh man like can I22165.4783.602
still can I attach some of these walls22167.64.0
to see how far they attach out hold on22169.084.558
oh yeah the ceilings yeah yeah yeah yeah22171.63.278
attach them attach them out here all22173.6384.962
right so go to that right go that so22174.8785.322
yeah from these pillars that's already22178.62.76
freaking wider than I thought it'd be22180.25.0
able to be yeah hold on okay oh bam so22181.365.518
it looks like they go at least three out22185.24.12
right from the pillar yeah it looks like22186.8783.722
right now we could put I ran out we22189.322.68
could put one more that way that's a22190.64.32
that's a pretty wide place man like for22192.06.4
something this big yes this oh man this22194.925.2
is going to be crazy when we're done22198.44.72
with it oh it's going to be sick oh I22200.124.72
don't I don't know oo it's almost it's22203.123.598
almost d haunting now like what I had in22204.845.92
mind was was much smaller but now this22206.7186.322
well this is nuts but you say castle but22210.764.038
listen we've already got the height and22213.043.8
you're going to have a massive staircase22214.7983.76
right yeah we're going to need a22216.843.798
staircase leading in so we don't need to22218.5584.442
be that tall and we could always add on22220.6384.562
so just just imagine how cool you know22223.04.04
what I'm saying you don't have to be22225.24.12
that tall don't have to be that tall22227.043.918
okay the castle doesn't have to be that22229.323.478
tall because the castle is technically22230.9585.642
already tall because it starts up here22232.7985.08
you understand what I'm saying yeah but22236.63.08
I mean it could also extend below I mean22237.8783.882
I I'm an I'm imagining dungeons now22239.684.64
sewers oh my goodness all of it it's a22241.764.48
castle it's a full functioning Castle oh22244.323.398
Jesus I got every bit of it all right22246.243.36
you got problems I do you got to be22247.7183.92
careful I do I'm going to go nuts all22249.64.278
right back to building I'm going to22251.6384.522
Mostly oh yeah oh so close I'm going to22258.045.4
run I'm going to go down and chop it22261.284.518
there's not even a need but go okay here22263.443.09
go oh did you get22268.326.88
it I'm down oh I don't know hold on what22271.246.16
oh wait you see where it flew yeah it's22275.24.8
over here look at look at his face22277.43.72
little skeleton guy over here look at22280.03.0
this should I chop him up neees yeah22281.123.16
chop see what you get is there anything22283.04.2
in the inventory oh I got a skeleton key22284.285.198
no there's no inventory oh really got a22287.24.758
lot of demon blood a lot of serpent22289.4787.882
Venom glands uh-huh ow uh of f flesh22291.9587.84
okay that head where's it at get that22297.365.118
head give me a head oh this is not at22299.7984.802
all where the snake was when I saw it22302.4784.562
die no oh guys oh these little [ __ ]22304.66.08
po skeletons come on oh hey I didn't22307.045.88
realize you just ran right in there dang22310.684.72
it that's a perfect shot to make me look22312.926.28
like an ass okay all right shall we uh22315.46.158
head back home yeah that's probably a22319.24.2
really good idea yeah it's time to go22321.5583.24
home I've had enough of this point we'll22323.43.078
come back you know what I mean did we22324.7983.122
not get anything for killing that snake22326.4783.24
though like just glands and stuff well I22327.923.76
think the skeleton key was supposed to22329.7183.642
unlock that chest but since we already22331.684.24
had a skeleton key oh and we got like22333.364.84
it's like a trudon look at this thing a22335.924.68
trudon yeah that's what we got a trudon22338.24.24
beses come here let me see let me let me22340.65.08
try this on you psych all right here22342.445.16
think you can get it on me bud go let me22345.683.0
psych all right let's go home I'll lure22348.684.118
there there you go got22352.7985.322
you got want to go out the same way you22356.285.48
came in cuz this isn't22358.123.64
that I'm going to play with the trains22362.26.24
oh this is you know what this fun thingi22365.086.24
what oh you're like Godzilla let me22368.448.08
place the staff here but I am22371.325.2
godilla have you come to seek a way free22379.65.92
of the bonding bracelet human there is22382.446.118
only one chance and a very slim one of22385.526.0
that you must assemble the items of22388.5585.682
power that were present at its22391.526.438
creation the diadem of the giant Kings22394.246.6
The Masque of the witch Queen the tears22397.9586.322
of two races the star of the champion22400.847.24
the heart of the Sands and The Shining22404.285.84
trapezohedron I fear I sent you an22408.084.0
impossible Quest you22410.126.69
what are you looking at Simon I mean I22441.043.2
was looking at you what's with your22443.083.0
horns they're new right yeah just you22444.243.638
need to get sick of stuff what horn are22446.083.718
new what they don't belong to you who's22447.8783.92
your friend this is Santiago he's my22449.7984.482
San did I say that right well he just22454.285.84
one of22457.8782.242
them all right are we good now what are22466.444.8
you doing down there we're having22469.4783.602
Spanish class what are you doing other22471.243.84
than being racist by working on the22473.084.558
Castle I haven't had sleep in like all22475.086.16
weekend it's Castillo Castillo it's22477.6385.16
Castle yeah let's just stick with the22481.244.2
castle thing right now Castile Blanco22482.7986.122
okay or White Castle I like that I like22485.445.278
that a lot thing oh it's already given22488.924.718
me the shits man White Castle is good22490.7185.282
it's some good eating yeah it's great22493.6384.762
you guys want to come up22496.04.878
here wait what the hell was22498.45.12
that um yeah I kind of want to see it22500.8784.642
that's for being racist all right let's22503.523.88
see it there's a fire up here is that22505.525.118
you thick could that that could have Tak22507.44.318
that could have taken down the whole22510.6384.0
damn thing that have been awesome just22511.7184.282
make just make your way up to the big22514.6384.882
Hall that's where I'm at abro yeah you22516.05.878
okay buddy yeah there you are what's up22519.524.4
you okay bud yeah I'm fine how you doing22521.8784.522
I'm a little sleepy you look sleepy yeah22523.924.878
I'm a little tired I'm digging D's look22526.44.72
man this feather [ __ ] be a directory you22528.7983.602
should put a directory downstairs22531.123.16
shouldn't you you need something or22532.43.76
maybe a took me all day to find this oh22534.283.598
yeah listen I'll uh yeah we we'll uh22536.162.798
I'll decorate the whole thing I'll put22537.8783.84
signs someone at a desk maybe at the22538.9584.562
bottom telling us where to go a22541.7184.282
receptionist mes you brought Santiago22543.524.198
yeah yeah thanks for bringing your damn22546.03.798
uh kind of animal is that yeah what is22547.7184.122
that that looks like a prong Horner and22549.7983.722
antel loop yeah I'm glad that I'm glad22551.843.44
that's in our house stinking up the22553.524.358
place right Santiago smells fine to me22555.284.678
yeah it doesn't stink a fine smelling22557.8784.122
Beast yeah there's probably a big turd22559.9583.68
on the stairs now well that was from22562.04.84
Simon no she's in heat to female I smell22563.6387.482
that a male yeah I I can smell the22566.847.36
heat listen I want to do things so I was22571.124.48
going to go to that place that we were22574.23.358
like at at uh episode 3 or something I22575.65.48
don't know oh uh the sand sand Place s22577.5587.042
people yeah yeah we got guy the22581.086.28
N those S people hey quit being racist22584.65.24
big day well you need to take a you you22587.364.68
need sleep no I can't listen I got to I22589.843.48
got to finish the roof there's a lot22592.042.88
there's a lot needs be needs doing22593.323.6
you're going to need help s who wants22594.923.92
who wants to help I'll help you all22596.924.0
right neees me and Santiago are pretty22598.844.28
good uh Partners all right I need you22600.925.718
and your uh animal Santiago Santiago I22603.125.518
need you guys to go back uh and you know22606.6383.642
all the furniture that's that's in our22608.6383.562
old place uh I need it here the big22610.283.8
table uhhuh I'm thinking the big table's22612.23.2
going to go in this room now this is our22614.083.76
new meeting Hall okay so but this we22615.44.2
need a lot of decoration we need a lot22617.845.08
of stuff so get on it okay yeah Santiago22619.67.03
we got a mission let's do it22622.927.739
I tell you what I want uh in my future22632.046.36
home what's that sand fountains oh yeah22634.5585.682
yeah yeah let's enjoy this you know22638.43.8
what's nice about sand like this it's22640.243.8
like it's nice cuz it gets in your mouth22642.23.84
and you just get oh dude you can't have22644.045.24
enough can't have enough it's in my nose22646.045.2
yeah but you don't have to but come on22649.283.518
we could talk through it cuz we're22651.244.68
adults no no no I God I wish I never22652.7984.802
said anything there's a man I've got22655.923.12
sand in my mouth been here before it22657.62.84
already happened to all right let's talk22659.042.678
to this22660.445.118
goad uh I'm going talk to him go for22661.71810.202
it seven prophets went to walking six22665.5586.362
to the cor through the Pirates is it22673.26.84
good enough not right in the head the22677.4784.642
trying to listen to the silent22680.046.758
Sands here sandine outing at you but I22682.127.92
stumbled into it the first22686.7986.122
time I'm tired of conversing through22690.047.0
this madman Exile I desire release from22692.926.28
this PL of22697.045.438
existence the scour Stone was sat when I22699.26.72
was Unleashed upon the world each piece22702.4786.282
was lost to time but what are these22705.926.6
words mean so yeah I think he is the the22708.766.198
actual storm and we got to get the those22712.526.16
things that broke and uh the sandstorm22714.9586.322
huh he's the storm this is what we're22718.683.76
dealing with yeah but there's things22721.282.518
that broke that we need to bring them22722.443.48
it's the scourge Stone pieces and all22723.7983.882
right so we have almost all of that what22725.923.4
are we which one are we missing uh I22727.683.64
think the jagged one right so how do we22729.323.84
get the jagged one I think there's a22731.323.28
gator we got to kill all right go ahead22733.163.36
Simon oh can I kill this guy yeah I mean22734.65.32
just give him a shot yeah no you said no22736.525.88
or yes okay go ahead yeah he doesn't22739.923.36
care he's22742.46.078
sand I'm out bye Sandy son of a22743.285.198
[ __ ] never never coming back here shut22749.044.838
up table set cool and I'm having a hard22754.4785.442
time with these ceilings what's for22758.4783.522
dinner I don't know what is for a dinner22759.923.4
how about how about that animal you got22762.02.84
there he looks tasty you better watch22763.324.0
your mouth Santiago want a Santiago22764.844.08
Burger how about that how about we have22767.324.478
a abro omelette yeah I'll put my dick in22768.925.52
an omelette slice it up let you eat itum22771.7985.642
yum y y That's not what goes in omelets22774.444.64
it is Dick omelette that's what you're22777.443.56
eating for breakfast never heard of [ __ ]22779.084.44
you you heard of a western omelet I like22781.04.798
those what's in that it's like ham22783.526.0
peppers onions cheese not one ding dong22785.7986.362
okay sounds good what you got going over22789.525.76
here just a table man I'm waiting for22792.164.638
dinner yeah it's looking nice well look22795.282.678
I'm not cooking dinner I don't have time22796.7982.282
to cook dinner matter of fact why don't22797.9582.722
you go out and get dinner I kind of you22799.084.32
kind of give that host Vibe though yeah22800.684.68
do I you've been given a host Vibe all22803.43.88
day I thought you were providing meals22805.364.358
not providing meals I'm building what22807.284.278
what about what I've been doing all day22809.7183.92
screams host been showing us around I've22811.5583.08
been showing you around I've been22813.6382.562
building the whole time that says host22814.6383.202
to me no it doesn't say host I haven't22816.22.72
been hosting I don't know where you're22817.842.118
getting this you've given this22818.922.32
impression that you were going to take22819.9582.76
care of us no I'm not and now you're22821.242.92
like ever man for himself no you're just22822.7182.76
making [ __ ] up you're just just coming22824.163.88
out this is coming out your ass listen22825.4784.962
Santiago and I need some action so we're22828.043.8
probably going to go kill something for22830.443.198
dinner well do that and also see if you22831.844.16
can collect that 10 M did you bring the22833.6385.122
heads by the way nope okay well I need22836.04.958
those heads okay so go get more heads22838.764.198
well listen no antalope head in here22840.9584.202
okay is that because it might offend22842.9585.042
your uh your your dumb thing would you22845.166.478
want a bunch of uh abro family reunions22848.05.4
up on the wall yeah I guess you're right22851.6383.602
all right no antalope heads deal all22853.44.36
right if I can find my way out of here22855.244.478
I'm going to get dinner all right come22857.765.198
on Santiago22859.7183.24
it's nice that this wasn't that far away22865.44.76
uh this is definitely a cave entrance22868.127.24
yeah oh I hear noises oh ghost ghost22870.166.92
yeah there's a lady it looked like a oh22875.363.278
looks like the goddess I'm going smack22877.084.16
you on the ass goddess ghost actors22878.6386.16
again yep all right so in the in the22881.246.398
cave we go yeah into the cave I you know22884.7984.68
what what I ain't even taking out a22887.6384.08
sword right now you're not no not right22889.4784.282
now it's dark hold on I'll take this out22891.7183.882
perfect good call and I will be the22893.763.798
swordman in the front let me take lead22895.64.4
oh okay oh look at you I'll be in the22897.5585.0
glowy goop stick in the middle all right22900.05.12
all right see anything you oh we got a22902.5586.642
Croc cocer C come on baby b Crocker I22905.125.48
ain't messing around going to make a pot22909.23.64
out of you guys I ain't messing around22910.65.6
make some boots oh another one oh22912.845.28
holding the goop thing and this is what22916.23.758
we're doing today cuz I ain't messing22918.123.518
around well we're going to fight a giant22919.9584.562
one so I I ain't Ming johar around a22921.6387.042
little cocats this ain't too bad I I hey22924.527.118
you [ __ ] sneaky little Croc up on us22928.685.08
sorry I ain't messing around who's now22931.6384.882
dead hey why you Simon just give a yell22933.764.56
let know you ain't messing around I22936.525.278
ain't messing around COC coming boom and22938.325.8
two hits that's it come on this must be22941.7983.962
a cave for todders to go through S I22944.126.56
sense another Croc hey what's that a22945.764.92
Croc oh oh there's daddy Croc oh oh22951.07.92
that's a big that's a big you want to22955.5586.92
bed roll is this bed roll bigan probably22958.925.638
oh that's that speaking of bed rolls22962.4784.24
beds maybe huh it's a big thing isn't it22964.5585.24
should be laid out what he said speaking22966.7185.84
so are you laying I can't put it inside22969.7985.642
Collision would you pray to the goddess22972.5585.522
right make that22975.442.64
happen oh holy God22980.165.6
already all right Santiago uh lesson one22995.26.518
hunting and22999.5584.442
fighting so today we're looking for23001.7185.042
dinner which is going to be that bird I23004.04.6
think so I'm going to start I want you23006.763.76
to finish it you got it use your23008.64.52
instincts here we23010.525.64
go okay I hit him I heard him all right23013.124.758
you know what you got to do right so see23016.163.718
how he's being aggressive he knocked me23017.8783.642
down so that's where you come in all23019.8783.802
right hey there you okay I don't think23021.525.08
you hit him though so just rear up nope23023.685.52
you still missed him okay you can do it23026.64.358
I'll just here I'll stay behind you that23029.25.24
way there you go just right where the23030.9585.962
horns that a boy he's biting you back23034.444.76
though you don't want that okay are you23036.924.32
winning I'm going to need you to win cuz23039.23.8
this is going to be a short friendship23041.244.238
if you don't all right23043.04.44
like faster if you could do that23045.4785.16
faster you're starting to worry me buddy23047.445.24
like like we're Partners like if this23050.6384.442
was a tiger this would be worse they get23052.685.24
stronger than this oh23055.086.84
boy I can't tell if you're winning or23057.926.718
not all right guys I have a strategy all23061.924.76
right can we can we can we agree that we23064.6383.762
have a countdown though well can you23066.683.32
want to hear my strategy first yes yes23068.43.64
yes Simon you stay maybe dead center23070.03.68
with your bow and arrow I like that and23072.044.08
move forward uh slowly with us Nick and23073.684.278
I will take the right and left flanks to23076.124.48
clear out any Crocks should Simon get up23077.9585.202
on that pillar up there that when we get23080.63.76
there but if but you know we don't want23083.163.28
to okay so the clear out first yeah the23084.365.358
clear out huh Simon code word for you to23086.445.8
climb up that thing is bacon okay so you23089.7184.0
say bacon and because if that thing23092.242.76
comes out you're going to need to climb23093.7183.24
up there quick all right uh I don't see23095.03.84
any Croc there's three coming from the23096.9583.962
left oh it's coming oh it's coming for23098.844.92
me what do I do bacon bacon bacon bacon23100.925.28
thank you was waiting for bacon whoopsy23103.764.64
Daisy close by he's looking at me he's23106.24.24
looking at me come on I'm stuck in a oh23108.44.158
[ __ ] all right damn it all right two23110.444.4
Crocks down are you shooting him son23112.5584.562
damn it I can't get on this thing it's23114.844.24
funny that he looks at me he's just woo23117.123.96
he's a messing it's hard to stay up on23119.084.2
the top of this thing really I just got23121.084.718
a little bit of space here come on nope23123.284.84
just [ __ ] hop me off here you go all23125.7983.76
right forget it I'm just shooting this23128.124.0
guy this guy's nothing he is nothing one23129.5585.92
skull dude a nothing Croc23132.126.04
make nuggets out of coc of [ __ ] look it23135.4785.24
done yeah is he thanks thanks for the23138.164.76
last hit sorry oh we're done we're done23140.7183.802
Simon dead already what the hell was23142.923.2
that I wanted now the the real challenge23144.523.198
is climbing up this thing I don't have a23146.123.64
knife you want to cut them open thick23147.7183.802
now we're good damn that thing just23149.763.36
meoo all right that was very good and23153.125.24
now we're done ah jacket skourge Stone23156.124.598
piece that's it fantastic nothing else23158.365.08
in here oh and a crocodile head abso is23160.7185.522
going to be23163.442.8
it come on buddy come on you got this23167.47.04
all right listen what if I come over23173.282.88
here maybe if you can look at me that23174.444.278
I'll give you strength see I'm with you23176.165.0
I'm right here with you bud wow I did23178.7185.322
not expect this to go this this way I23181.165.44
mean this is just a bird not even like a23184.044.72
predator bird this is like23186.66.118
a man he looks bad okay I was about to23188.766.08
give up I was about to p pull my sword23192.7184.16
out you were like seconds away from me23194.845.32
having to step in all right listen you23196.8784.76
and I are not going to be fighting23200.164.24
Partners I can tell that but we're going23201.6387.802
to have some chicken tonight so let's23204.45.04
Harvest I thought I had it I know abro23210.25.598
was with me when when uh we killed that23213.4784.562
guy well let's go talk to him here H man23215.7983.482
I wish we had like some sort of23218.044.4
megaphone or come on sty see if could23219.286.12
ABS yep you remember picking up some23222.444.92
sort of a stone from that pirate Captain23225.45.0
we killed uh no didn't he get eaten by a23227.368.358
tiger oh my God it's it's okay all right23230.48.0
we got to go kill some Pirates well hey23235.7187.76
we got stinky now stiny what oh uh D got23238.47.76
a crocodile named stinky stinky okay23243.4785.922
cool and hey take a break no I got to23246.165.6
finish this [ __ ] roof 10-minute nap23249.44.8
that's all we ask oh man no this this23251.764.08
roof doesn't make any sense some things23254.23.598
just won't clip at all I think you23255.844.68
should work until you die that that too23257.7984.402
you can do that you can do either or23260.524.6
either or plan Simon there you go all23262.24.88
right guys let's go kill some Pirates23265.124.63
Come on stinky pirate23267.086.01
time so what now cuz this place looks23273.525.358
kind of cool like I like this this place23276.25.24
looks awesome never been here it's great23278.8785.122
no I I love it here honestly like if I23281.445.24
get can just take this place over oh and23284.05.24
just make sure nothing else spawn here23286.684.36
oh I know what we should do what what's23289.245.2
that theater huh dinner theater at this23291.045.72
place this would be a great place for23294.444.32
dinner theater Like Pirates Voyage type23296.765.32
stuff yes yeah we know the guys at23298.765.6
Pirates Voyage what do we got this hey23302.084.398
kids eat free on Tuesdays they do they23304.364.8
eat free and the chicken will be moist23306.4785.0
it will be dirty but it will be moist23309.165.12
Sandy Sandy Sand's chicken nothing is23311.4784.722
better than Sandy chicken rather than to23314.283.84
run through all these [ __ ] yeah you23316.24.32
know right let's see if we can uh scale23318.125.2
this thing okay you're the veteran he's23320.525.198
a good boy I a good boy well so he23323.324.88
stinky Stinky's also a good boy yeah but23325.7186.16
Stinky's stinky is not very stinky well23328.25.278
catch some of that breath does he have23331.8784.122
bad breath oh God stinky it's like if23333.4784.202
you fed your dog you know like human23336.03.76
food it's whole life oh wow you know23337.684.32
what I mean and then some vomit well23339.765.198
yeah oh God oh God oh hey guys sorry to23342.05.6
interrupt uh you remember me I was with23344.9584.322
another guy back here made weird noises23347.65.958
all the time wow pizies and these guys23349.289.518
over here hello hello tall lady boom23353.5587.562
boom they just stand there and take it23358.7985.0
watch out stinky stinky oh you got two23361.126.04
arrows in stinky no three arrows in23363.7985.282
stinky guys please uh have stinky23367.163.6
awareness all right that's four I hope23369.083.478
I'm not Sho Sim you are shooting stinky23370.763.118
and nothing but look where the reticle23372.5584.362
is I will yeah but look at stinky stinky23373.8784.522
get out of the way there's two in the23376.923.48
stink right now I'm going to move back23378.44.68
here cuz Simon's dumb come on stinky23380.44.12
he's good Simon's going to get one in23383.083.76
the pink in a23384.525.6
minute yeah she hit stinky again yeah23386.844.44
okay hey we could probably we probably23391.284.08
don't need to mess with her I know but I23393.5583.562
want to see her die she's got one one23395.364.198
skull I know but I mean I think we can23397.123.678
bypass a lot of this all right well23399.5583.08
you're the veteran here thank me for my23400.7984.92
service here we go bye we'll get her23402.6384.92
later all right oh look at her she's23405.7183.202
just right up there where do you guys23407.5583.682
run off to oh we crossed look look23408.925.28
across really really easy to follow yeah23411.244.718
that that that just doesn't get old does23414.23.438
it you tell all you have to do is you23415.9585.162
you you look around 360 for your friends23417.6385.24
can't see all the time there a guy23421.124.838
sweeping down here and there's a chest23422.8786.162
see this he had a peg leg nice ah this23425.9586.122
is annoying to Traverse it is a bit uh23429.045.758
there's not [ __ ] in here let's move on23432.084.478
mhm which23434.7985.562
way did you fall in of course I did okay23436.5585.32
yeah I'm you both fall in I'm in the23440.364.598
water that's it I don't see a23441.8785.6
ladder to your right to your right come23444.9585.122
here huh just climb up the Rock and do23447.4784.24
the same thing we did Simon yeah I don't23450.083.6
know how to get up there oh but good23451.7185.282
you'll just shoot us stinky oh Simon23453.685.6
nope going back to the beach going back23457.04.04
to the beach yeah you just want to meet23459.284.16
us uh yeah I don't want to I don't want23461.044.4
to be in the water anymore get out of23463.443.358
the water23465.444.358
[ __ ] [ __ ] thing's going to kill me23466.7985.6
you be fine Simon uh [ __ ] something23469.7985.882
found me almost got killed by I'm23472.3985.962
bleeding there's issues [ __ ] I'm going23475.688.56
to die not get get [ __ ] God take you how23478.3610.48
the what just happened [ __ ] dras hey23484.247.318
Simon what think dalus is dead oh23488.844.878
actually I know dalas is dead all right23491.5584.602
good what the hell why are you still23493.7184.642
going after me this freaking thing is23496.163.88
still on top of me there's a panther23498.363.92
under water Panther in the water look23500.044.0
can Panther under water like hardcore23502.284.198
get to land and kill it I I've been23504.044.438
having issues I'm about to run out of23506.4785.122
stamina freaking Panther was full on in23508.4785.4
the water it's not supposed to happen oh23511.64.72
[ __ ] a panther just attacked me get it23513.8784.76
sneaky actually get it get it thick I'm23516.324.2
going to kill it was just jumping all23518.6384.122
over the place come on you son of a23520.524.958
[ __ ] come on I gotta kill you all23522.765.28
that's what I got to do I'm GNA kill you23525.4785.202
and I'm gonna kill you because you a23528.045.64
little [ __ ] and that's what you do23530.686.08
you annoy me and then you you you going23533.685.118
to you're going to [ __ ] do it come on23536.764.32
you little [ __ ] come on come on I'm23538.7984.282
almost dead but what's going to happen23541.083.478
I'm going to show you my dick you're23543.085.718
going to taste it ah how to taste huh23544.5585.642
tasted like marshmallows didn't it you23548.7983.642
[ __ ] how's it going neees good I brought23552.844.68
all your trophy heads back oh good23555.284.198
except for the horned animals gotcha all23557.524.08
right so it's just horned animals23559.4784.08
general ones that look like my buddy23561.64.44
here all right any horned and hoofed23563.5585.16
yeah so lot of alligators a lot of Apes23566.045.838
lot of bats so so there well good you23568.7185.562
want to put them up around oh yeah yeah23571.8784.08
I like to decorate yeah decorate this23574.283.56
whole place man whatever I want yeah I'm23575.9583.482
still working on Roofing hey come check23577.843.878
this out look at this nonsense uh-huh23579.444.4
the stairs that go nowhere no no that's23581.7183.84
that's actually helping me get up to the23583.843.68
roof where I can actually do stuff okay23585.5583.882
now look look look at this look at this23587.523.48
like uh all right over here on the left23589.443.64
side was able to put a slope roof no23591.04.2
problem okay and then I got a slope roof23593.084.718
and I want to put it here nope nope I it23595.24.56
gives me two options and neither the one23597.7985.802
I [ __ ] want yeah like why well why23599.766.24
think outside the box huh think if I23603.64.68
were a game that didn't work good what23606.05.24
would I do uh improve yourself so you23608.284.48
could work good from now on but what if23611.242.96
you wanted to like let's you're like23612.762.84
Simon and you're like well I know I'm23614.24.84
not going to work out but maybe if I23615.65.72
walk weird that'll take more energy so23619.044.08
now just walks weird everywhere he goes23621.323.0
what are you talking about I've never23623.123.04
seen him walk weird uh he didn't think23624.323.68
of that idea but he that's probably23626.163.718
something he would do yeah or he yeah he23628.03.36
could just improve like he wouldn't go23629.8783.76
to the gym every day he'd like I just23631.363.598
going to fill my pockets full of rocks23633.6383.442
and carry those around that's not a bad23634.9584.92
idea okay make you stronger well this23637.084.2
conversation isn't going well cuz I23639.8783.362
forgot all my ideas are good but pretend23641.284.678
I made bad bad ideas okay done that was23643.245.158
easy imple and then Implement them okay23645.9583.642
that's how you finish this all right you23648.3982.882
didn't help me fix this roof issue think23649.63.958
like a buggy game okay so maybe I can23651.285.678
put a ceiling here uhhuh and then I can23653.5587.482
put a roof onto SE nope nope nope still23656.9585.202
doesn't want to do it you got to reach23661.043.04
deeper you got to go buggier all right23662.165.6
what if I put a pillar under here uhhuh23664.086.558
and then maybe the game will let me nope23667.764.798
NOP I think you need to move on move on23670.6383.282
past that piece like what if you can23672.5583.962
build out beyond that piece and he so23673.924.28
put the next piece of roof in I want to23676.523.358
put these pieces in a damn it I got to23678.23.72
build more ceilings think I got material23679.8784.76
I've torn apart this roof 10 times all23681.926.16
right and then there now can whoa can I23684.6387.682
slope down from that well nope damn it23688.088.6
this is a mess nebes got a pink bug23692.324.36
here you guys seen stinky at all uh I23696.8785.802
have not okay hey we go up here we kill23699.9585.162
everybody we don't take [ __ ] from no one23702.684.16
as far as like the items on their person23705.123.758
or just like no we we don't if they run23706.843.76
their mouth right we don't take their23708.8783.6
crap here we go all right careful now23710.63.84
we're tight Quarters here I'm going to23712.4783.562
go past you and I'm going to get this23714.442.84
person all right I'm going to wait for23716.043.08
another thread to come out or to to jump23717.283.278
in whenever you guys need help out the23719.123.48
way move out the way all right here you23720.5584.482
go get him I'm getting them all right23722.65.198
got him oh God sorry Hey listen too23725.045.48
close this way quickly yeah this is23727.7984.92
where uh Captain would be huh all right23730.525.0
yep oh I see where his Roost is oh do23732.7185.362
you oh is that hey is that stinky stinky23735.524.0
hey what's up23738.085.718
stinky killed this guy walk forward we23739.527.08
got this keep going stinky knew where to23743.7985.122
go the whole time you picked the wrong23746.64.4
campmate [ __ ] we picked the right23748.925.92
one ow you pick the you picked the wrong23751.05.92
person to say we picked the wrong Camp I23754.844.48
didn't hear any of that but uh he said23756.924.558
he said this Peg like son of a [ __ ]23759.324.318
okay we got some beeps right over here23761.4784.32
all over am I shooting the wrong people23763.6384.402
I'm going to get the one up top here hey23765.7984.68
this might be it stinky ain't doing [ __ ]23768.045.04
not worried about stinky I got the black23770.4785.48
corsera oh I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry23773.085.718
sorry who's this hold on I got a meat23775.9585.0
for stinky meat for stinky I'm going to23778.7983.642
get some meat for stinky you do you I'll23780.9583.6
be right up there what no we all got to23782.444.92
do this I know but I got to protect I23784.5585.682
got to feed you know hey guys yeah23787.364.358
listen I don't know where you are but23790.243.558
I'm I'm not doing Soo good follow our23791.7184.322
voices follow you oh that'll do it there23793.7984.76
we go hey you're right there uhuh oh23796.044.96
that was close okay I'm ready all right23798.5584.962
everyone hold on what now you we he's23801.04.32
ready we're good we're good we got this23803.524.32
you want to go in just uh go in with our23805.325.6
balls blazing yes balls are blazing yep23807.844.68
that's a new saying by the way it isn't23810.923.76
the kids are saying I hope not oh look23812.524.438
at this guy [ __ ] off yeah tight quarters23814.684.0
I'm going to let you do that Captain's23816.9584.322
Quarters oh guy came in from right23818.684.32
behind oh this guy got that's right this23821.282.96
guy's got a23823.04.12
oh he's steing me sit down [ __ ] thanks23824.244.96
for waiting for me guys you're welcome23827.125.4
appreciate it he's down that's it that23829.26.88
was it that's it oh yeah yeah SC Stone23832.525.76
got it and a panther trophy sweet did23836.083.638
you get the panther trophy ab's going to23838.283.08
want that yeah I know all right are we23839.7186.322
good can we go uh no one last thing what23841.364.68
what it's Simon whistling yeah23847.045.838
it's looking good nebs thank you sir um23853.8785.562
you like this placement uh yeah good23856.844.76
good spot for the crocodile head okay we23859.443.68
need more of those those look great23861.63.52
don't they just the crocodile heads or23863.124.48
the heads I mean the crocodile head in23865.124.72
like specifically it's just big okay23867.64.56
just impressive well I got two of them I23869.845.24
think oh sweet yeah maybe one uh maybe23872.164.398
one above the door over here I don't23875.083.798
know where are you uh I'm on I'm on my23876.5584.24
little uh thing trying to put ceiling23878.8784.642
ceilings in which door this one yeah23880.7984.282
like a big crocodile head right above23883.524.68
that okay and boom yeah look at that23885.085.318
that look good there you go maybe two23888.23.92
things around that yeah sure if you got23890.3983.522
a couple things kind of balance it out23892.124.56
like that uhhuh was that a salamander oh23893.924.958
that's kind of too small yeah no that's23896.685.798
uh well oh a bear there we go oh yeah23898.8785.08
that look good that's a dangerous23902.4784.122
looking door yeah that look good and I23903.9586.44
got one more and it's a cat uh it's hard23906.65.72
to reach up there there we go look at23910.3984.0
there oh yeah looks pretty good yeah a23912.323.92
little uh it's kind of a cluster but23914.3983.842
that's okay I like it yeah we can start23916.243.52
with a cluster and our cluster will just23918.243.8
expand we don't have like an elephant or23919.764.52
a rhino maybe we should get one of those23922.044.918
hey go get a man should I go get it uh23924.284.4
yeah go get an elephant take your uh23926.9583.402
take your animal have him have him kill23928.685.64
it oh boy okay elephant Mammoth whatever23930.366.07
something big something impressive23934.324.68
yep okay yep let's go see Sandy uhhuh23939.07.398
that's f and dandy right yes you guys23943.04.76
think it's weird when people name their23946.3984.362
kids like girl names no like Sandy or23947.764.76
Ashley I don't look at those names as23950.763.878
girl names yeah they go they go all23952.524.8
around sorry I'm I'm killing what are23954.6384.522
you killing it was a there was a sorry I23957.323.92
should have rent uh we got we have23959.165.2
threats threats yeah no that's that's23961.245.558
stinky you ID stinky oh you're the only23964.366.358
one who hurts it oh God oopsie23966.7986.642
Daisy never hear of any boys named Daisy23970.7186.24
all right Sam stor Maniac all right uh23973.445.68
purchase the heart of the Sands we're23976.9583.802
releasing him right now this is a big23979.125.32
deal for sand Purchase made thank you is23980.767.08
he happy thank you I guess he's still23984.445.518
he's just talking your turn to talk he's23987.844.52
just talking right but we can leave23989.9585.642
right goodbye goodbye stay out of stand23992.365.76
storms you great fool that's it that's23995.64.198
what he said okay let me see let me make23998.123.518
sure I got this thing heart of yeah23999.7983.6
heart of the Sands so shouldn't this24001.6384.042
Sandstorm go away now that it's not you24003.3984.16
know well you just want yeah I don't24005.684.64
know oh24007.5582.762
alligator I almost swung at him just to24012.04.958
be funny yeah only we're funny so are we24014.25.08
done like is this is this do we have24016.9583.562
everything that we've done everything24019.283.32
that we need to do yeah I think we we24020.525.48
have everything to release one person24022.66.198
yeah okay we end the game well rock24026.04.558
paper scissors that [ __ ] it's kind of24028.7983.442
crazy what are the odds that we decided24030.5583.24
to set up a base24032.243.478
close to this place you know what I'm24033.7985.962
saying yeah just crazy Universe [ __ ]24035.7188.24
right is it really sure oh Gator Gator24039.767.198
Simon all right Santiago see that24048.64.878
elephant that's our goal you're going to24051.4783.682
stay here though cuz remember of the24053.4784.442
bird fight pretty sloppy so I'm going to24055.164.718
go down I'm going to fight this elephant24057.923.558
we're going get ahead for the trophy24059.8783.482
wall if you hear me and you think I need24061.4783.522
back up just stay there cuz listen24063.363.56
you're not good at this okay I'm going24065.05.08
to try to climb just stay put no matter24066.925.52
how much you hear me yell I'm going to24070.084.76
okay already starting off hurt looking24072.444.518
good though you look great up there wish24074.845.32
me luck oh boy this is going to go bad24076.9585.44
I'm doing it Santiago I'm going to fight24080.165.52
an elephant wish me luck Dam all right24082.3985.602
we got a hit want to go down it's pro24085.684.878
move all right I did the old runaround24088.04.76
see look at this you can use that tactic24090.5584.92
in the future CH all right back to Bow24092.765.84
bam oh quick you saw that coming his24095.4785.602
elephant senses were tingling all right24098.64.4
this what we want buddy now we got the24101.084.638
high oh oh he's moving he's moving he's24103.05.6
smarter than I thought ah they're clever24105.7185.84
going try the sword now so big sword24108.65.798
pushing in come24111.5584.602
on swinging his24114.3984.202
trunk it's going pretty good s dieo woo24118.65.44
come on24122.8785.68
Baby Woo we did it I got Tusk but no24124.047.2
thing no trophy I'm might have to fight24128.5586.282
another one kind of crap is24131.243.6
that whoa hello hi hey what's going on24145.7185.562
here well I figured we could maybe rent24149.3984.842
it out for receptions or um yeah this is24151.284.56
really like a very pretty place to get24154.244.2
wedding like a wedding yeah uh you could24155.845.4
even have a a church cere whatever yeah24158.445.358
graduations we could also sacrifice24161.244.84
animals yeah oh yeah like a lot of a lot24163.7985.202
of pagans are like like to uh like kill24166.084.52
things in front of an audience and then24169.03.718
they can all pray yeah I grabbed one of24170.63.72
these off one of the Pirates and it fit24172.7183.482
in my pocket somehow so here it is it's24174.323.72
a nice tent it's very nice Town gets a24176.23.518
little drippy down the center it does24178.043.24
but you don't there's no seating down24179.7183.722
the center so right only the ride will24181.284.358
get wet y but she's already wet right24183.445.0
yeah I'm kidding if it was raining if it24185.6385.0
was raining cuz there's no cover on the24188.445.32
way here I had to move my uh my temple I24190.6384.722
don't have a high priest oh yeah you24193.764.36
need that I need that Simon yeah I'm not24195.365.278
really into doing any work high priest24198.124.92
though oh yeah I got one got one oh did24200.6384.08
you yeah I got it last week it was been24203.043.518
it was great yeah oh yeah his name is24204.7184.802
Frank of course right Frank of course24206.5585.4
it's Frank uh does anybody Dres you have24209.524.358
a high priest though I do that's why my24211.9584.122
shrine's glowing and shooting a thing24213.8784.122
toward the skies yeah look I got pants24216.083.878
on too let's talk about [ __ ] we have24218.03.36
that's great that's that's a dress24219.9583.0
actually well you're going to need a24221.363.56
high priest Simon no I don't I don't24222.9583.362
have a high priest I don't know what you24224.924.24
need to do in order to get a high priest24226.325.638
all I know is we have other things to do24229.164.96
right sounds like Simon's not going to24231.9584.122
be leaving this world he's going to stay24234.123.678
here forever is that what I'm going to24236.084.04
do oh God or I'm just going to avoid24237.7984.522
work and then we can move on well I hope24240.124.0
you're comfortable here Simon well dras24242.323.44
I have to go to the den okay I'll go to24244.123.16
The Den with you yeah I'm going to be in24245.763.038
the living room I'll see you guys later24247.285.32
we don't have a living room to the den24248.7983.802
den all right so the big part of the24254.65.84
Castle's built but now we need a dungeon24257.3984.682
because I ain't going to have our slaves24260.445.038
living with us no sir slaves stay24262.085.558
downstairs where they belong uh o this24265.4784.4
is a nice big open section here okay so24267.6383.802
what I'm going to do I'm going to build24269.8782.76
this I'm going to build up a little bit24271.443.958
with foundations and uh this is going to24272.6385.802
be the main the main dungeon area24275.3986.0
yeah I've always wanted a dungeon and24278.445.8
baby we going to have a dungeon we're24281.3983.902
going to keep24284.243.28
Simon oh crap Santiago are you safe you24287.525.958
should be safe over there as a freaking24291.524.56
tiger and a white tiger was like a boss24293.4784.842
tiger I got a special bow for you guys24296.084.2
I'm going to poison myself aren't I well24298.324.68
let's try it boom oh yep doing it24300.285.16
poisoning myself ah crap okay you just24303.04.16
sit there and die buddy let me eat some24305.444.358
steaks this is actually bird my friend24307.164.68
Santiago killed it he's not much of a24309.7983.92
warrior but he did Kill the bird okay oh24311.843.6
here we go is this far enough away there24313.7184.84
we go bam okay that's working I'll eat24315.446.16
bird meat you guys suffocate one Tiger's24318.5584.84
easy you're going to be tough got24321.64.118
another bow for you ah you moved oh24323.3986.0
there you go okay now this guy Santiago24325.7188.24
is going to be a minute be safe24329.3984.56
I tell you fun getting Zeal what I need24334.164.96
75 of these things I don't even know24337.243.8
what I'm doing here I feel I'm getting24339.123.88
pure pressured into this [ __ ] it's24341.044.56
like do I do the boss do I do like my24343.04.638
own do I want to see what my God looks24345.64.64
like sure do I want to do anything to24347.6385.92
make it happen that would be like work24350.246.12
no no I don't and yet I'm somehow24353.5585.362
expected to why cuz the people who24356.364.598
expect me to do it are dumb I don't even24358.923.36
there should be a quick key for me to24360.9584.042
drop these freaking setite sandals that24362.284.24
I keep on making because they're the24365.03.76
only thing that I can get Zeal from as24366.524.76
far as I know like I don't work hard24368.764.92
like you don't know the struggle right24371.284.76
people you don't know so don't give me24373.686.038
[ __ ] oh God this is I think I'm going to24376.045.438
soon belly dance on an24381.4785.762
elevator doing a belly dance I'm going24384.085.44
down belly dance in an24387.245.2
elevator do a belly dance till I hit the24389.524.24
y y y doing the belly dance oh look at24393.767.36
my hair and my stuff24398.7186.322
oh this is great takes too long though24401.125.838
honestly honest to God this is uh this24405.044.598
is ridiculous she move they should go24406.9586.68
faster right am I insane way too long24409.6386.08
all right stop this nonsense yeah there24413.6384.16
we go all right couple things I want to24415.7183.602
do now to make this place feel a little24417.7984.242
bit more dungeon like obviously we got24419.325.078
to have some dungeon like torches here24422.045.838
on the wall yeah that's feeling like24424.3987.202
it's a dungeon one maybe one over here24427.8787.482
yeah put a torch here can't really can't24431.66.0
put one there not enough contact with24435.365.16
wall look at this how much contact do24437.65.0
you need you jackass can put one over24440.524.038
here yeah all right so can't you can't24442.64.278
put a torch on a pillar come on come on24444.5584.4
game and one here at the24446.8784.362
entrance I got one more I need a good24448.9587.562
spot good spot good spot yeah sure sweet24451.247.28
yeah now I got some torches on the wall24456.523.878
that's a good dungeon24458.524.56
feel that feels like a dungeon baby all24460.3984.962
right but now I need24463.085.398
slaves get me some people that work for24465.367.08
free take my elevator up to the top this24468.4786.282
is going to take an hour thinking about24472.445.76
all my slaves I'm going to have oo I24474.766.44
almost got a Plantation Plantation under24478.26.16
the castle done Plantation it's going to24481.26.04
be both Plantation dungeon with all the24484.365.88
yeah man this is taking forever I'm24491.245.158
going to have to go down there okay well24494.243.638
I'm coming down we're going to give this24496.3984.202
a go I maybe running in a minute so if I24497.8785.442
were to dodge and the Dodge doesn't work24500.64.72
why doesn't the Dodge work all right24503.324.638
swing come on and then move all right I24505.326.04
got to run got to run got to run that24507.9585.242
was pretty good though like we did24511.364.08
something there and you're barely hurt24513.24.56
look at you barely hurt at all I wish I24515.444.118
had a better plan other than go up here24517.763.878
and eat and come and swing once or twice24519.5584.08
well while I'm healing up back to bow24521.6384.0
and arrow I24523.6384.362
guess all right hey you got to tell the24525.6384.962
gator to stay oh right right right yeah24528.04.32
no he's he's been busy boy we killed a24530.63.6
lot here do you know where we're going I24532.323.36
I think we're going up here there's a24534.23.8
guy worshiping some [ __ ] uh-huh I'm24535.683.64
guessing that's24538.04.878
him stand guard right there right there24539.326.12
there uh oh God they're all alerted to24542.8785.722
her presence oh already yeah [ __ ] well24545.445.038
let's fight them here it's not the lady24548.64.0
with the priest come here uh no the24550.4783.602
priest is still there I should have just24552.63.24
said stop following cuz that's not what24554.084.12
I said no now follow come over here24555.844.718
there's a go boy okay okay come on stink24558.24.88
come on stink fight me oh God there's24560.5585.442
more people what the hell is this God24563.085.558
everyone around is a dick we're used to24566.05.32
that that's true this is the guy we won24568.6384.362
the guy with the head thing hitting him24571.323.68
with the you that's the headdress guy24573.04.52
God damn it you just killed him what the24575.06.36
[ __ ] um I what happened why why was what24577.526.438
he doesn't work now he doesn't work now24581.365.598
I didn't know I was so24583.9583.0
strong all right Santiago sometimes you24587.364.8
got to know when to when to when to run24590.23.64
you know you got a big white cat that24592.164.76
won't die you got to run so see that24593.844.92
elephant I think that's a baby you and I24596.923.558
going to run in try to grab that thing24598.763.56
and then head home cuz what's better24600.4784.122
than elephant head in your trophy room24602.324.12
the whole elephant right come on24604.64.84
Santiago let's do this come on you're24606.444.64
going to carry this though if we can24609.444.038
grab this cuz this is heavy yep pick it24611.085.16
up oh worked all right listen you're24613.4784.16
carrying this cuz you got four legs I24616.243.44
mean it makes sense right here we go all24617.6384.442
right let's do it woo technically we got24619.683.98
an elephant24622.083.0
head oh yeah see that looks good you24625.086.28
look good you doing Simon oh nothing24628.924.478
just admiring the look look of this very24631.363.358
Beast you know what I'm saying yeah24634.7184.362
that's a that's an interesting24637.524.038
admiration pose you got going on there24639.083.92
what are you doing in here nothing man24641.5583.882
I'm just chilling having a good time you24643.04.84
see the dungeon uh well I've I don't24645.444.118
know if I've seen what you call a24647.844.038
dungeon I'm stuck here there we go yeah24649.5583.762
it's downstairs honestly we need to put24651.8783.08
a wheel of pain down there I got a24653.323.2
perfect spot for it we should make a big24654.9582.76
one all right what do we need to make24656.522.72
the big wheel of pain the big wheel of24657.7182.76
pain you know what you need we need24659.244.638
bread we need salami we don't we need24660.4784.4
sandwi you're making a sandwi you're24663.8783.802
making a damn sandwich making a Jesus24664.8785.162
what do we need I don't know I'm hungry24667.683.92
let's get into our inventory let's eat24670.042.758
because now I'm hungry and I want a24671.62.76
sandwich and uh let's go figure out how24672.7983.562
to make a big old wheel of pain right oh24674.363.96
I know now you know what you need a hogy24676.365.24
roll seated oh yeah maybe some turkey24678.324.88
and a little bit of lamb yeah a little24681.64.32
bit of lamb yeah yeah for your chops24683.26.438
yeah yeah like with the Euro uh-huh okay24685.927.038
okay what else do you need uh aiki SAU24689.6386.08
you need sliced tomatoes oh yeah you24692.9584.962
need some mayonnaise a little bit of24695.7184.322
cucumber maybe a24697.923.32
pickle ooh Santiago you see that it's24701.245.12
another person they're usually enemies24704.3984.0
so get your sword ready but you never24706.364.438
know we'll surprise her we sneak up24708.3984.48
behind her okay should probably put the24710.7984.362
sword away though actually24712.8786.202
yeaha hello Miss yep she's not attacking24715.166.478
it's a good sign either she's glitching24719.084.0
or she's friendly24721.6383.84
let's see oh you can talk to this one24723.086.28
Jamila the pirate Queen hello Miss I'm24725.4785.92
you've not the saltwater stagger of the24729.365.16
regular most of these uh people Santiago24731.3985.762
talk gibberish so you just kind of nod24734.526.08
and smile and then you say goodbye just24737.167.44
like that so there you go social24740.64.0
skills all right dalas okay one with a24744.685.278
headdress headdress copy roger it's24747.844.798
going to be over here by this uh large24749.9585.722
structure ah oops I'm going to need a24752.6384.962
weapon oh yeah I'm afraid to pull out a24755.683.36
weapon I'm so strong you know I mean I24757.63.08
know you are a very strong man killing24759.043.758
machine it's it's all right back up back24760.683.4
up back up yeah she's got a bow and24762.7983.16
arrow huh yeah back all right I'm going24764.083.84
to trud it I'm getting my truding on24765.9584.122
take siding out it's Trident all right24767.924.12
Boo you're lady this24770.086.16
time okay knock your ass out yeah doing24772.046.32
great dur alas thank you for not killing24776.243.92
oh she's about to go down here we go24778.365.358
Bing Boop okay I feel better now all24780.165.08
right yeah let's uh let's get out of24783.7182.442
here you're going to have to be my24785.243.44
muscle let's24786.165.96
go hey seven yo yo all I got a little24788.685.118
bit of bad news I couldn't make the24792.123.4
biggest one but I made the second24793.7983.322
biggest one all right well how big is24795.523.198
the second biggest I don't know we're24797.123.438
about to find out I don't think we need24798.7183.92
to have the biggest I think the second24800.5584.08
biggest is going to be perfect I mean24802.6383.84
the first one's pretty big to begin with24804.6383.682
and yeah I don't know all right where24806.4783.842
you going where you what you doing I'm24808.325.158
coming over here completing my Vision oh24810.325.04
oh yeah okay I think this is going to be24813.4783.802
perfect all right let me do it right24815.363.08
here man that's right in the middle you24817.283.04
won't let me do on the wall will you24818.444.038
okay well right in The Middle's fine yep24820.325.0
here we go boom oh look at that that's24822.4785.48
perfect that's very nice look at who are24825.325.318
the uh we have uh three fun is this your24827.9584.882
cousin yeah they just come with a thing24830.6383.92
you know all right well they're special24832.843.638
and we care about you guys and you'll be24834.5583.92
getting breaks every once in a while24836.4785.042
yeah also set up a campfire in here24838.4784.962
right there bang that'll be good for24841.523.358
them so you can take breaks every once24843.444.118
in a while I'll stick a oh wait I got a24844.8785.482
smelting thw for the uh smelter over24847.5586.84
here let's open this up and boom Oh put24850.366.438
him right there yeah you got the good24854.3984.4
job hun this is great look at this we24856.7983.402
got a dungeon with slaves I think you're24858.7983.68
doing a wonderful job ABS yeah still got24860.24.4
a lot more decorating to do and I have I24862.4783.882
have lost sleep getting all this done24864.64.32
you have weird priorities yeah maybe so24866.364.08
I just want I just want to entertain man24868.923.08
I want to entertain people watching good24870.443.198
for you you know want to make sure they24872.04.16
they see our Sex Dungeon yep I mean it24873.6384.602
was just a dungeon now it's a Sex24876.165.558
Dungeon Simon oh yeah because she's here24878.245.92
poking that fire poke the fire baby if24881.7183.962
you play your cards right you can poke24884.166.478
that right up his butt mhm24885.684.958
woohoo Santiago this is a bandit Camp I24891.125.96
need to go in and attack Bandits cuz it24894.5585.202
makes the world safer so if I don't24897.084.96
return I expect you to take the Elephant24899.765.198
Back to camp and build a shrine In My24902.045.2
Memory you ready oh I don't need this I24904.9584.44
need this one all right that's for later24907.245.158
okay wish me luck going in look out Su24909.3987.442
out come on Santiago stay put I know24912.3986.16
you're tempted to help out but you suck24916.843.44
this come on the big hammer you got24920.285.278
there oh didn't help you though come on24922.845.718
woo okay I see you he's quick oh oh he24925.5586.362
got me that one24928.5583.362
flag's in the way woo I think I got him24932.3985.962
anybody else not you're not even24935.5584.722
looking he's never going to learn to be24938.363.88
a warrior and I'll just loot their24940.283.8
bodies and we'll be out of here maybe24942.243.44
you'll watch next time where' their24944.084.76
bodies go Santiago you see the bodies24945.686.038
all right well world's a safer Place24948.845.798
let's hit it next stop24951.7185.962
home Ries I went across the river okay24954.6384.882
here you go that's a big hand you ever24957.683.84
seen that hand yes okay fair I believe24959.523.48
we jumped off of it been a lot of stuff24961.523.438
in this world that we've seen we may be24963.03.878
getting to the end but there's still24964.9583.68
like a ton of [ __ ] that we haven't seen24966.8782.84
of course there is but we're going to24968.6382.92
bypass all that and ignore it yeah maybe24969.7183.24
we'll come back every once in a while24971.5583.92
and just be like G probably remember24972.9584.962
this place no like the whole volcano24975.4783.92
yeah I never been there but I don't care24977.924.038
to be I lived it through you it's crazy24979.3984.24
I believe it and that whole underwater24981.9584.562
place that we sucked at that place was a24983.6384.92
hell hole I would like to uh see what24986.524.118
happens in that big portal yeah at some24988.5584.84
point maybe mhm not going see okay these24990.6384.562
Tower places that you can attune your24993.3984.122
bracelet to like with the map room you24995.24.72
could teleport to them oh what there's a24997.524.48
hole oh yeah oh God this brings back24999.925.92
memories woo we had a good old time here25002.07.04
yeah I died like twice was it just twice25005.844.75
as far as I remember you25009.043.0
okay didn't have any peanuts but we had25012.044.28
fiber so I guess the elephant can eat25014.523.438
anything you know I guess the peanut25016.323.36
thing I started in the circus I don't25017.9583.642
think they really eat peanuts in Africa25019.684.92
probably just eat like uh oh crap look25021.65.08
he's there looking at us man you do not25024.63.48
say a word you could have said look the25026.682.92
elephant's right behind you all right25028.083.84
who are you talking tobs Santiago hey25029.66.24
thick guess what I got an elephant who o25031.926.08
that's awesome all right buddy you're25035.845.44
coming with me all right now Santiago he25038.05.398
is oh wow he's heavy and you would know25041.284.598
why cuz he's an elephant but he's not25043.3984.56
replacing you you guys are going to be25045.8784.402
in a family okay cuz there's a new25047.9587.122
member no jealousy oh ooh yeah uh-huh25050.286.4
could you not dress him up oh I don't25055.082.76
know I don't know how to do that oh you25056.682.56
should have dressed him up yeah you just25057.843.878
wasted it nebs dang what a waste25059.244.2
whatever well I wish you were cooler25061.7183.92
elephant I like him just the way he is I25063.444.72
don't can't ride him huh um I don't know25065.6384.442
won't you uh won you get him follow you25068.163.558
we'll take him to the castle asro will25070.083.398
love it he likes animals in the in the25071.7184.202
meeting room all right to the castle25073.4784.92
I'll meet you25075.922.478
there place is looking good man man it's25079.05.44
it's tight like it's so nice so much25082.124.32
nicer than I thought it was going to be25084.443.0
yeah there's some things I don't like25086.442.56
about like the pillar behind me it's25087.443.198
holding up the ceiling I couldn't F in25089.02.84
the ceiling without building this25090.6383.562
[ __ ] pillar right here it's fine oh25091.845.558
man wow yeah this is great in a very25094.25.04
short amount of time I'm very impressed25097.3983.442
where you at D alas I hear you oh you25099.243.12
can't see me oh there you are you're on25100.843.6
the table yep oh jesz what the that an25102.363.92
elephant can we address that in the room25104.444.56
how did that yeah we can good one guys25106.284.358
guys this this is our Castle it's not a25109.03.76
barn actually this could totally be a25110.6384.282
castle Barn it's kind of a barn now I25112.764.6
could see this being a thing like a lot25114.924.36
of animals in this room no listen I want25117.363.278
a lot of animals in this room but I'd25119.283.32
like a lot of animal heads in this room25120.6384.642
not live elephants traing around my25122.64.76
castle well there was no elephant head I25125.283.678
killed two of them so I just brought the25127.363.68
whole elephant speaking of heads there's25128.9584.68
one randomly placed that doesn't really25131.044.4
go with the rest of them no there's a25133.6383.402
couple randomly place on yeah oh I mean25135.443.518
I did it and okay never mind you did it25137.043.0
you did something what' you do I thought25138.9582.76
you'd care more I don't oh the panther25140.043.24
yeah I was wondering I thought NE did25141.7183.202
that you did that that was me well done25143.284.24
Dal get upset and make him happy yeah25144.924.84
act mad oh damn it Dres why'd you put25147.524.76
that panther head up there I'm sorry uh25149.768.718
who am I angry you have no respect wow25152.288.4
yeah okay yeah yeah that's not going to25158.4783.432
annoying gentlemen and uh um zoo animals25169.5586.24
that are here for some reason y welcome25173.5584.362
hi pretty smelly in here his name is25175.7984.722
Santiago we know his name okay what's25177.924.798
the elephant's name I don't know I don't25180.524.118
care you asked the question he looks25182.7185.84
like a Gus Gus when did we get a trophy25184.6386.482
nebes we didn't you just decided to put25188.5585.442
yourself up there on the wall huh where25191.125.08
where up there on the wall all that with25194.04.08
all the other other things trust me if I25196.23.88
could if I could stuff you and mount you25198.084.878
I would ah wouldn't we all25200.085.36
no we wouldn't okay you just said you25202.9584.722
would what's the plan today gentlemen25205.444.0
well I think we want to see some uh some25207.684.52
sweet priest action right right oh man25209.444.68
that nobody's ever said that and made it25212.25.358
sound creepy I just did yeah who needs a25214.125.72
priest me okay all right I need to25217.5583.92
upgrade my altar before I get a priest25219.843.558
so I'm not there yet but I'll gladly go25221.4784.282
with somebody to uh both bludgeon and25223.3984.762
kidnap a priest I can already upgrade25225.763.878
what do you want to do are we doing that25228.162.92
are we going to upgrade later are we25229.6382.92
going to save that it's like it's going25231.083.36
to be like a nut well Simon you should25232.5583.802
upgrade and then uh I'll go with you to25234.444.118
get your priest I can do whatever man25236.364.16
whatever whatever floats your boat thick25238.5584.522
I love you you want to watch of course25240.524.878
come on let's watch you can watch Simon25243.085.44
you and thick go go go do stuff nees25245.3985.48
yeah uh what what are you doing what you25248.525.52
you need a priest uh yeah okay how long25250.8785.202
should I do this gag uh it's already25254.044.518
done it's over the elephant gag that gag25256.083.84
it's all over done they're all done25258.5582.682
they're all done like we can get a25259.922.478
little more out of it this scene's gone25261.243.6
on way too long let's uh let's let's get25262.3984.522
out of here okay right behind you all25264.844.94
so you think you got a priest out here25294.445.88
huh that's what thi told me oh boy yep25296.087.04
now I want to say it out loud I I helped25300.324.238
him get his priest I don't know if he25303.123.64
knew that so I'm pretty at this okay25304.5584.762
sorry sorry Santiago I uh I need the25306.765.0
meat what do you mean what nothing don't25309.324.8
worry about it he didn't did you kill it25311.764.638
wasn't Santiago it was one of his oh wow25314.124.12
that was that that tripped me out for a25316.3983.56
second I was like that is ballsy whoa25318.243.318
there's one flying in the air what's25319.9583.722
going on there would you look at that he25321.5584.24
go to heaven then look at that I want to25323.684.76
worship it right now I think can we I25325.7984.402
don't know hold on you probably25328.443.6
shouldn't kill those things if something25330.24.8
spooky magic about that wow all25332.046.358
hail whatever you are gazelle all Hil25335.04.2
gazelle well we can't do this all day25339.24.08
let's move on oh yeah it's gone but hey25341.7983.76
that was fun yeah it was interesting I25343.284.92
like seeing uh flying animals yeah who25345.5584.802
doesn't so keep an eye out for a mean25348.25.8
priest a mean priest eh yep wait Metra25350.365.118
yeah that's right you're all you're all25354.03.24
about sucking off Metra ain't you priest25355.4782.882
priest priest priest priest priest25357.244.28
priest priest me you try to call a25358.365.68
priest like you call a cat yeah priesty25361.523.958
priest priesty priesty25365.4784.682
pleas these aren't the guys I know I so25370.164.52
it's just going to be knock them out25373.324.28
until we see is that going to be it yeah25374.684.84
cuz I keep my Hut off and then I turn it25377.64.24
back on it's kind of a fun game I play25379.524.358
can we see it if we turn the what25381.844.36
there's a guy over here okay that guy25383.8785.482
just walking away from us yeah hey waa25386.26.4
hey oh okay indeed indeed I am a fighter25389.365.68
o huh smack him come on come on you25392.64.72
little [ __ ] come on I know you want some25395.044.4
want some of this oh Hut is good now cuz25397.324.92
then I can tell if I'm going to die [ __ ]25399.445.518
Al see all right we yeah okay oh I'm25402.245.68
doing good come on D smacking him around25404.9585.52
he's nobody he's nothing he's about to25407.924.878
go he's about to go down I'm in your way25410.4785.602
boom B he's down what's his name is he25412.7985.802
down down what's his name I don't see he25416.086.558
have a name is he uh setc the bloody25418.65.878
he's disappeared he's not on my screen25422.6384.122
oh he's right here for me well damn well25424.4785.0
give me your rope uh give you a rope25426.765.44
give me the Rope Rope A Dope and the25429.4784.842
there we go all right tie them up so25432.23.88
you're going to do this for me I like it25434.324.2
I'm a friend well you you are a friend a25436.084.478
bad friend but still a friend no but25438.524.52
listen if I needed you to like help me25440.5585.0
move a couch uh-huh would you do it25443.044.8
absolutely you're a good friend yeah25445.5584.362
that's a good friend now you wouldn't25447.843.48
you wouldn't steal from me though would25449.923.16
you oh look there you are just your25451.323.8
heart you'd steal my heart you already25453.082.96
buddy all right this is going to be a25456.044.16
long journey home man it is uh we're25458.083.36
really going to have to be on our toes25460.22.56
here so listen I'm going to be25461.443.6
protecting you with check this out new25462.765.32
sword huh where' you get that sword25465.045.4
listen I found it in a freaking box all25468.083.92
right it's all that matters going be25470.444.038
awesome I know let's go kill things yeah25472.04.558
let me figure out the best best route25474.4784.122
home no but okay well let's just leave25476.5584.202
this let's just walk out now just walk25478.66.24
out I'm fig okay okay okay25480.768.08
walk I'm walking25484.844.0
good so that's the cave huh yeah looks25490.7186.08
cavey I think so what kind of priest25494.245.558
hangs out in a cave uh you know I mean25496.7984.362
look around what's what's wrong with25499.7983.84
that not exactly Modern Age here yeah25501.163.6
but I don't know you feel like you'd25503.6383.122
have a temple and I don't know I was25504.763.36
expecting something a little bit more we25506.762.798
don't know what's in there priest yeah25508.123.278
you're right you're right mhm we're25509.5583.042
going to just run in or we going to be25511.3983.362
sneaky well we aren't you cool with25512.63.44
these people I thought they were your25514.763.118
people it doesn't work that way here let25516.043.438
me try no I mean one time we went to25517.8784.162
some Metra people they were fine okay my25519.4784.522
people aren't oh yep they're already mad25522.043.28
look at them okay yep yep yep they're25524.03.52
these time I'm maton I'm maton don't25525.324.638
shoot it's too late for that all right25527.523.68
is one of these guys a priest they don't25529.9582.802
look like priest and if they were25531.23.64
they're dead oh that's right25532.764.76
we're yeah actually we got a goal here25534.844.038
yeah I don't think a priest would be25537.523.24
watching the door would he I I wouldn't25538.8783.6
think so but you don't know I mean these25540.763.32
are cave people okay well let me just25542.4786.042
look this one's a uh Exile your religion25544.086.478
uh must be uh pretty reputable we're at25548.525.038
The siners Refuge perfect siners Refuge25550.5585.24
this is where we find the priest huh oh25553.5585.042
wow all right see a lot of people so25555.7984.322
well we all we know they're all Sinners25558.63.08
uh-oh all right I'm I'm going for for25560.124.8
the arrow people Okay Okay no25561.687.48
Okay jeez all right anything look like a25564.926.24
priest hope these arrow guys aren't25569.165.28
priest because uh they did we remember25571.165.398
we're doing priest yep we're doing25574.443.84
priest hard to hit them when they're25576.5585.4
moving okay did I help oh that was a25578.285.678
good shot uh well this is kind of your25581.9583.44
mission can't tell if this guy's a25583.9583.082
priest or not I thought you were going25585.3983.202
to kill these guys that I was doing sh25587.043.838
with yeah snuck in a good shot there25588.63.56
take them out25590.8783.6
don't want to hit your abro I got this25592.164.0
guy this guy was a carpenter that was25594.4783.802
probably Jesus let's keep going but is25596.163.398
that a good show yeah I wish you could25598.282.678
read these guys but yeah all right let's25599.5583.962
look for an obvious priest all right25600.9584.162
let's see what do we see in here I see a25603.523.48
couple of guys25605.124.64
there Step you stay25607.06.04
back how you doing I just got stuck I25609.764.84
got her going to look around oh man I25613.043.758
really need a light source here okay25614.64.32
here we go all right so all right I25616.7983.68
found youbs this is madness we're just25618.922.92
running around yeah I'm just just run25620.4783.562
around I want to see if I can just find25621.844.44
oh come on I'm looking for the priest25624.043.438
let's see all right hold on let me take25626.282.598
this bow all right get that bow and air25627.4784.802
guide there you go whoa waa waa this guy25628.8785.282
oh this guy looks important oh yeah yeah25632.284.48
wa he's fast holy crap uh-oh like a25634.164.16
priest though uh no he doesn't look like25636.762.84
a priest but it looks like I might need25638.323.318
help with him like knock him out or kill25639.64.278
him knock him out see any priest in25641.6385.0
there dur alas no I'm just uh consoling25643.8784.642
a young lady you're going to be fine25646.6383.522
ma'am we going to get you out of here25648.525.4
okay B hey boom and he's down boys all25650.166.84
right what we got25653.923.08
uh gilmon s is chosen now he's an25657.325.398
alchemist well [ __ ] interesting that25660.844.0
looks like a good F right maybe we're25662.7183.562
not after an alchemist though we're25664.843.16
after a priest we've never had one of25666.284.32
those though man I look awful he seems25668.04.32
important he seems like the most25670.63.198
important one here yes yeah he's25672.322.76
definitely the most important one here25673.7982.522
we should tie him up and take him with25675.082.798
us but he's an alchemist he's not a25676.325.96
priest there's no priest here then25677.8784.402
hey we made it yes we did so listen25688.66.32
thick so I'm going to like upgrade my my25691.8785.76
uh station yeah your alter yeah and then25694.924.2
I'm going to have a priest and then that25697.6383.16
means that I'm going to be like I'm25699.123.72
going to be able to spawn yeah your25700.7985.522
snake guide that is freaking nuts I'm25702.846.4
very excited I'm very surprised thank25706.325.478
you for helping me of course man and let25709.244.718
me tell you birth thing I love I love25711.7984.482
all these these new friendships that are25713.9583.52
that are starting cuz you know what25716.283.438
thick I know that we used to you know at25717.4783.48
least I used to pretend that we were25719.7183.92
friends okay but we were never friends25720.9585.082
not until today yeah no we we weren't25723.6385.24
friends no but today we became friends I25726.045.28
guess all right until I forget about25728.8784.0
what was good about today and then back25731.323.04
I'll go back to pretending that we're25732.8784.6
friends okay well whatever whatever you25734.365.32
like uh we need to put this guy in a in25737.4785.682
a thr thing okay let me see oh hey guys25739.685.92
guys hey what going on we're doing the25743.164.6
whole you know we're moving forward in25745.64.038
the game priest [ __ ] you know the deal25747.762.958
did you guys actually manage to get a25749.6382.522
priest of course we did did better than25750.7184.362
we did well I'm sorry I wish I could say25752.164.718
I'm I was surprised well we got an25755.084.0
alchemist you know there's a put him in25756.8785.0
our Fireball pot wow like like none of25759.084.638
that means anything to me me neither25761.8784.76
let's see this AB R well I'm trying okay25763.7185.962
and one Alchemist25766.6386.0
boom yeah wow yeah get to work oh there25769.685.4
yeah as if he was just born to do that25772.6384.482
yep well dressed didn't he for that no25775.083.878
he's got a he's got a nice outfit on I25777.124.64
like that I need to upgrade my uh my25778.9585.642
church right do it yes all right anyone25781.765.718
want to I want to see it come25784.64.72
hey look at that wow hey guys gold and25792.246.84
shiny hey I'm going to put your priest25797.084.44
in here if you don't mind oh please do I25799.085.478
think I can all right cool nabes yeah25801.525.118
what are you doing I just built a really25804.5585.802
cold sword ooh come check this out all25806.6386.562
right right you need a priest man okay25810.365.48
well I got Sidetrack so this sword25813.25.16
tracked more like this is my normal25815.846.038
sword okay seen it seen it seen it now I25818.368.64
just made this guy boom oh it looks more25821.8787.6
primitive that's made out of dragon bone25827.04.76
o what's the damage on that25829.4786.08
so the first sword had a damage of 4425831.767.92
mhm this one's 65 nice [ __ ] that'll hurt25835.5586.042
yeah woo okay I can't wait to try this25841.66.64
out should me to get you a priest so25845.285.598
maybe you can use it to kill people to25848.245.158
get your priest yeah maybe even kill the25850.8785.362
priest accidentally that'd be nice all25853.3985.042
right let's do it lead the way I don't25856.244.238
know where the I don't know I've already25858.444.518
done my thing25860.4785.0
there wasn't a priest there nope so all25862.9586.402
right I'll go study on it good25865.4783.882
luck what did that just say Purge25872.524.52
incoming said something about snakes or25874.8785.0
swords on it timer here yeah I have25877.046.12
minutes Purge incoming 133 what does25879.8785.562
that mean uh I mean snakes coming in 225883.165.0
minutes oh that sucks well should we25885.445.4
cover uh well let stay together yeah but25888.166.2
listen Purge right guys yeah Purge yeah25890.845.798
but we had we've had a purge guys you25894.364.118
see on the map no what's going on on the25896.6383.482
map what's going on over here25898.4783.08
something's going on over here where you25900.123.04
guys I was just trying to fix my armor25901.5583.4
that's a big dude guys we should get25903.163.718
that guy I'm just I'm I want to knock25904.9584.68
him out Knock I'm going to knock him out25906.8785.0
it's not the purge though I know I've25909.6384.562
got a minute got a minute 14 to knock25911.8785.242
this guy out well now it's 53 he can25914.24.8
help I'll get him a weapon he looks like25917.124.08
Shredder from the N Ninja Turtles25919.03.718
knocking him out yeah I'm knocking him25921.25.08
out yeah tonight I D on Turtle right25922.7185.642
soup good job man yeah he's he's going25926.284.08
to end up getting smaller when you when25928.364.08
you they don't stay big for some reason25930.363.598
we all know that right that's what she25932.445.64
said so listen Purge last time there was25933.9585.562
nothing right that's right yeah last25938.083.318
time was kind of lame but last time they25939.523.8
didn't have snakes guys if if you look25941.3983.642
at the map it says The Purge is going to25943.324.88
happen over here where over look at the25945.046.72
map okay hit him the first part of oh25948.26.678
yeah is a sword oh oh damn right by us25951.764.798
that's where we live yeah that is where25954.8784.162
we live 10 seconds there's a Grove it25956.5586.122
says Grove of of yel sag25959.047.48
four two one y'all seeing that countdown25962.686.92
Purge a nest of snakes is25966.526.038
attacking oh I get to use my new sword25969.64.52
yeah get that Dragon Ball sword out25972.5582.562
Bubba where are they going to be over25974.122.72
here that's what it's said kill the25975.126.04
rabbit kill the rabbit God really summon25976.846.798
yeah well the rabbits are friends to the25981.164.76
snakes all right everybody keep your eye25983.6384.962
out for snakes keep your peepers open25985.925.718
house is clear yeah guess what snakes25988.64.358
there's you know what there's probably25991.6383.402
like six snakes across the hill over25992.9584.402
there that's the25995.045.918
purge huh yep GL we waited for this25997.366.76
hello snakes just waiting on a purge26000.9586.122
snakes I don't see anything abro yeah26004.124.758
it's big countdown to a let down wasn't26007.084.318
it countown to the let down I like that26008.8784.042
yeah it's kind of interesting how that26011.3984.0
happened can we realize it now hey guys26012.924.52
make sure you mark yourself as safe from26015.3984.722
The Purge on Facebook oh good idea oh26017.445.84
yes yes oh there's a snakes oh oh I see26020.126.518
snakes I see snakes where oh over over26023.285.64
by the theater there's something come on26026.6385.32
nebs that's something neebs coming it's26028.924.76
your time to shine yeah okay yeah26031.9583.562
they're attacking the theater which God26033.683.718
we never use it so who gives a [ __ ]26035.524.24
right our new Alchemist made me one of26037.3984.24
these come on SN don't shoot me in the26039.763.118
back I'm going to try this sword out26041.6382.682
don't get that close [ __ ] oh there's a26042.8783.642
bun oh oh look at all the things are26044.325.158
going in go animals go woo going around26046.526.118
the back we're Santiago he loves snakes26049.4785.0
I'm sorting them good for you he you're26052.6384.882
in a really dumb spot back out of there26054.4785.522
I got hurt bad he hey hey I got you26057.524.76
buddy I got you I'm poisoned nice job26060.04.04
I'm probably going to die yep there we26062.284.678
go oh de good thing I live here ah yeah26064.045.598
just respawn you dummy he let's just let26066.9585.92
do let our THS oh Here Comes Santiago in26069.6387.562
to save the day Santiago go Santiago go26072.8786.84
kill those snakes you dumb animal you26077.25.678
and uh oh what's her name shoes or uh26079.7184.76
what did I call her forgot what I called26082.8784.122
her feet look at this I know I'm not26084.4784.562
even doing anything this insanely easy26087.03.44
abstra while this is going on I'll give26089.043.838
you this yeah what's up I'm fighting let26090.445.0
me see what I got oh thank you you're26092.8784.282
welcome yes I've been wanting one of26095.444.56
these a glow stick pretty great yes I26097.164.398
wish it were night time so I could uh26100.05.478
you know place up in the glow stick okay26101.5585.32
I'm back any more26105.4785.442
sakes oh crap okay now Mark yourself26106.8787.6
safe hey oh oh God a nest of snakes is26110.925.24
regrouping huh yeah they regrouped here26114.4783.32
they're all dead yeah no what are you26116.164.2
talking about I can see him good look26117.7984.322
Santiago I know you want to play but26120.364.0
come on man you're not cut out for this26122.124.678
no no sgo is perfect for this hey let26124.364.198
Let Him Live his life if he wants to26126.7984.76
battle snakes let him battle snakes nope26128.5586.0
he wants to fight26131.5586.482
okay oh they're attacking where oh26134.5585.442
there's a bunch of them yeah same place26138.043.598
holy crap oh and they're in the water26140.03.6
great let's do this over here oh that's26141.6384.042
fun I like that come on change the26143.65.358
scenery holy crap a lot of damn26145.685.36
snakes look there's a cat is that our26148.9584.68
cat uh maybe I'm going to go I'm going26151.044.16
to go ahead and say yes yes that's our26153.6384.16
cat shooting these guys in the face look26155.24.518
at this guy just sitting here yeah know26157.7983.442
he's getting a little closey sign I know26159.7185.76
he is oh he won't you over here he won't26161.246.8
you [ __ ] they both won't you look at you26165.4784.122
look at26168.045.0
him okay oh here's a oh here's a three26169.65.68
Banger when I say three Banger he has26173.044.518
got three skulls holy [ __ ] oh my God26175.284.56
it's a big one is that my guy you're26177.5584.762
killing yep got him you son of a [ __ ]26179.844.4
it was taking you forever I wanted to26182.324.72
shoot him with the26184.245.12
arrows is his head doing weird stuff on26187.045.16
you guys' screen sure like a bip you26189.364.48
guys see that26192.25.16
right look at him oh we lost oh which26193.846.16
draw did we lose I don't know was it was26197.365.84
it our new guy I'm stuck in the snake26200.06.44
stuck in the snake get out that26203.23.24
sake what is going on with this thing's26208.165.318
damn head I like it it's like the uh the26210.525.24
movie Anaconda but with the worst budget26213.4784.16
oh okay there's a change feel something26215.763.878
different oh he's coming after me going26217.6385.24
to fight woo wa man he's got quite the26219.6385.802
reach what the hell was that a tough one26222.8784.042
yeah that the white one there that's26225.444.08
going after uh what's her face Santiago26226.925.24
look good buddy oh yeah careful sh is26229.525.278
taking a beating oh Jesus right in the26232.166.04
head oh crap okay woo he wants me now26234.7985.92
doesn't he I guess26238.26.0
so yeah whoa hey26240.7186.84
Hey ow [ __ ] that guy's got to26244.26.16
reach Mak him bleed [ __ ] oh he's stuck in26247.5585.282
that position again all right right here26250.364.278
sh your face who said you have no you26252.844.32
got no chance did that just26254.6386.042
talk yeah who said that or was that one26257.165.52
of our THS maybe is our26260.684.56
Panther watch your flanks yeah what's he26262.683.878
who's saying26265.244.8
that poke poke M said who said poke poke26266.5584.92
who the [ __ ] are you oh that guy getting26270.044.56
ready good down oh no oh that's the new26271.4785.642
guy was it I don't know he was all right26274.64.278
I look the same oh yeah here we go26277.123.16
where's where's our elephant why isn't26278.8783.362
our elephant in this man that's a good26280.283.72
question I'm going to grab the elephant26282.244.558
gra the elephant you lazy ass like a26284.05.04
dead body here I got a dead body yeah26286.7984.76
check where it's just kind of hanging26289.044.96
out in the sky looking Majestic oh26291.5584.762
really mine's on the grounding mine26294.04.558
looks amazing go elephant get the26296.324.88
elephant you got it go ahead elephant26298.5585.16
elephant never forgets he's about to die26301.25.16
he dead almost oh he's coming after me26303.7184.522
get a little26306.365.16
bleed oh yeah that's26308.246.6
comes in smack elepant thank you thank26311.524.92
you elephant for smacking his dead26314.844.118
corpse oh thank goodness shoes you're26316.444.08
Santiago worried about you guys are26320.525.76
there any more over the hill oh are you26323.046.518
kidding what the hell wait a minute now26326.285.0
this is getting intense I'm going to26329.5583.482
look up here yeah that seems where they26331.283.04
like that's where they like to come from26333.043.08
isn't it26334.325.04
h i can't tell if they're yep yep yep26336.125.72
yep they're out here there's so many26339.365.16
snakes laying around yeah guys I changed26341.844.76
my wow holy [ __ ] look at oh God there's26344.523.84
like snakes flipping out and everything26346.64.6
over there I changed my armor cool that26348.366.16
a boy what a26351.23.32
tail in the middle of all of26354.7985.242
them woo look at that strike neees take26357.044.48
take some of this damage for me all26360.043.56
right all right yeah oh I killed them26361.523.958
both there you26363.66.56
go elephant elephant yeah go elephant go26365.4788.08
get him new me and you elephant26370.165.92
careful oh crap that hurt okay oh yeah26373.5584.882
he's a Nibbler it's all right oh is that26376.084.718
you now thick hell yeah wow hold on man26378.444.6
you look like a damn Skyrim guy you look26380.7984.362
cool I thought I look cool thank you I26383.045.2
look nice yeah yeah all right yeah26385.165.84
you're spooky all right wait was that it26388.244.6
I bet there's going to be more did we26391.03.798
kill all the snakes please tell me we26392.843.798
killed all the snakes might oh [ __ ] more26394.7984.962
snakes more snakes God damn it where hey26396.6386.122
back over by S Place uh coming towards26399.766.28
oh coming towards our horn ah man come26402.766.16
on towards s's Place ehy yeah kind of uh26406.045.918
this way oh good God yeah that's oh my26408.925.16
God that's they're attacking your oh let26411.9585.482
them I mean Museum I'm going in come on26414.086.04
snakes wow oh God that's another big one26417.446.92
I know oh [ __ ] here we go go in there26420.125.64
pants yeah oh God oh God that sucked woo26425.767.718
it here we go come on baby I can hit26430.3985.24
from a distance I'm back in the fight26433.4784.642
boys there baby he doesn't see me I'm26435.6385.08
hacking him up oh now he sees you now he26438.126.358
sees you run away oh that hurt okay oops26440.7186.84
wrong wrong arrows what nees yeah you26444.4784.92
got a you got a big guy on you I see26447.5583.362
that [ __ ] you want me to help out with26449.3984.642
him uh I think I can take him oh oh go26450.925.798
ahead yep there we go woo look at you oh26454.045.08
our poor elephant oh no is the elephant26456.7185.16
about to die a no it's not dead it's26459.124.48
just fighting the big one doing a great26461.8784.802
job where the hell is the big26463.63.08
one what the hell happened holy [ __ ]26468.284.32
killed our elephant our elephant just26471.085.478
got hted across the lake suck aming that26472.66.16
is something I wish I saw oh it was so26476.5584.482
good Santiago get in there don't you26478.765.48
look at me don't you look at me snake oh26481.044.32
he [ __ ] you up boom all right let's get26485.364.4
rid of these little guys yeah got that26487.843.24
one good job26489.763.08
got the big white one now I was just26491.084.24
trying to get a dead hyena to follow me26492.843.32
work all right so the big white ones all26496.166.238
we got left think so oh no okay Santiago26498.5585.84
get out of there what's up this one's26502.3984.24
almost dead the the white the big white26504.3984.202
one I don't know is that one white I26506.6383.882
mean yeah whiter than the all the other26508.63.958
ones yeah that one's almost dead no big26510.524.84
one no I guess not oh crap you just shot26512.5584.762
bounced right off they're all big oh26515.364.4
crap okay get out of there daes D you're26517.324.6
way too close bud oh he's after you26519.765.118
though go Panther go there's fella go26521.925.2
get him26524.8785.482
fella come on come on I'm making him26527.125.758
bleed baby look at us all working26530.364.48
together to beat this snake's ass it's26532.8783.802
like that shot Avengers with they go26534.843.558
around they're all like in slow motion26536.684.16
look at Santiago's dumbass in the lake26538.3985.522
you talk crap about Santiago partner oh26540.845.52
he's almost down he's almost down keep26543.928.12
at him boys yeah the Snak26546.368.518
defe and fella made it through good job26552.044.838
fella who the hell was shooting at me oh26554.8783.642
I got a skeleton key out of him a26556.8785.68
skeleton key a skeleton key you say God26558.526.4
I'm encumbered Santiago you fought26562.5587.722
bravely today well done shoes at a girl26564.928.84
did I do enough to go home you are home26570.286.92
Simon thank26573.763.44
goodness we done good Santiago got a26578.845.68
arch priest I guess this guy should26582.05.44
allow us to do the God's thing got to26584.525.4
drag him all the way home is he going to26587.445.92
fall did he fall guess not wonder if I26589.925.31
can make him26593.364.32
fall that's weird I like physics all26597.685.798
right Santiago will we get home we got26601.164.238
oh there we go we got to get to low26603.4784.08
ground cuz we got to cross a river get26605.3985.48
home hey guys what's up I got a arpr26607.5586.522
East see you later is that spider26610.8786.322
following us yep Santiago you going to26614.084.2
that we'll just take him with us why not26618.285.598
oh stamina26622.3184.522
Santiago help me26623.8785.92
Santiago oh crap all right I can do this26626.845.84
with the thing yeah that was my priest26629.7986.122
he's good I swear if you weren't so cute26632.685.718
there'd be no purpose for you whatsoever26635.924.26
let's hit it26638.39830.462
Simon you hear that sound26669.083.238
um no you don't oh listen listen real26672.846.718
close Okay that's the sound of boiling26676.526.68
tar oh of course that sound yes I do26679.5584.84
well good what are you going to do with26683.23.88
it what's the plan Stan well I need a26684.3985.042
priest and apparently my priest exist in26687.085.08
the the city I hate the most new26689.446.118
asagarth right so we're going to pour26692.169.638
boiling oil on the people of this place26695.5586.24
I like that so what do you what can I do26702.525.68
I have this gaseous orb okay I tell you26705.4784.4
what I need you to do uh here follow me26708.23.64
follow me okay so watch out for the26709.8784.08
spikes when you hop down hopping down26711.845.6
without oh yeah okay all right so uh26713.9585.242
you're going to be my bait Simon Okay I26717.443.878
like that yeah speaking of liking I like26719.24.4
your outfit oh yes I stole this this is26721.3184.16
much uh better armor than what I had26723.63.958
before was it was in the in our little26725.4784.24
place over there yonder yeah like the26727.5585.32
bear closet anyway uh so I'm going to26729.7185.202
want you to go up there and cause a26732.8784.202
little bit of trouble okay but then here26734.923.558
now then now you really need to pay26737.083.238
attention now so when you run back right26738.4782.802
you're going to lure them here you're26740.3183.16
going to open this you're going to boom26741.284.278
you're going to climb the wall and then26743.4784.362
you're going to come over here I get out26745.5585.122
the way oh okay then I can pour I can26747.845.118
pour uh more stuff on them all right so26750.684.32
I'm going to leave the door open and26752.9583.722
then climb oh that's perfect and then26755.03.2
lure them in and then get out the way26756.682.76
and then you can uh you can get up in26758.23.48
the back and then and you can uh join me26759.443.6
uh we'll shoot him with arrows we'll hit26761.683.038
him with gous orbs we'll have a good old26763.043.72
time Simon good old time okay listen I'm26764.7183.282
fine I'm going to do this I'm going to26766.764.08
do it now you ready yeah go get me some26768.05.04
as garans slam a26770.844.52
jam hello26773.044.598
fellas how you26775.364.84
doing I got a gas ass all with your26777.6385.482
names on it oh [ __ ] okay there dogs26780.25.64
there's dogs I didn't see the dogs run26783.124.56
away from the dogs all right I'm getting26785.843.68
away from the dogs yeah bring him bring26787.683.24
him bring it in what was the point in26789.523.24
closing the door yeah you don't have to26790.923.878
worry about closing the door you in I'm26792.764.24
in all right get out of the way I'm26794.7983.76
getting out of the way where's that dog26797.04.44
I may have poured where'd he go are they26798.5585.24
gone oh he's went that way hey oh [ __ ]26801.444.76
all right I got to reset this did I do26803.7984.84
my job good boss uh you you you did good26806.24.198
I was hoping the dog would stay around26808.6384.122
but he uh he he's a good boy he went26810.3986.042
back so okay hold on a second I think I26812.767.118
know what to do26816.443.438
hello hello neebs hey hello do you see26821.28.278
me no you don't are you take a look26824.5587.962
around uh take a look is this like Prop26829.4785.642
Hunt well not really I'm not a prop are26832.526.878
you this going hello thick that's might26835.126.12
want to wow are you invisible no oh wait26839.3987.722
wait wait wait wait oh hello hello26841.245.88
everyone you like you got a hook for man26847.66.278
I do now yes you look like some sort of26850.8785.202
pirate competitive figure skater I think26853.8783.92
it's a little bit fancier than that I'm26856.083.92
kind of Regal you're like the prince26857.7984.442
Madonna and Lady Gaga of Conan kind of26860.03.958
like everything though really every week26862.243.078
you got some you're wearing a meat suit26863.9583.042
tomorrow right all right this26865.3184.48
conversation bores me where's thick um26867.04.6
he's the chandelier up26869.7986.16
there beses oh hey there you are like26871.67.038
that fantastic okay thought you were the26875.9584.6
gong for a minute yeah what are you26878.6384.76
doing um uh well I got a new priest he's26880.5585.962
on the wheel he's a Bit Sassy he taking26883.3985.962
some time well what makes him so sassy26886.524.52
he's stubborn he doesn't like being26889.363.24
knocked out and dragged to a new place I26891.044.598
don't think anyone does so uh I had an26892.65.24
idea not a word about my new chest plate26895.6384.442
huh no I didn't even notice I didn't26897.844.6
mean to steal the show nebes but yeah uh26900.084.638
lady gonad here uh definitely stole the26902.444.958
ship is that how he talks now what no26904.7185.362
I've always talked like this okay hey26907.3984.802
who wants to fight the red mother uh26910.083.798
that's the dragon that's the dragon I26912.23.84
got a dragon sword so let's do it yeah I26913.8783.76
just don't really have time you know26916.044.04
what what what well you know I scuff26917.6385.202
this up I you could always change I mean26920.085.0
this is true this is true I I still got26922.843.478
a little fight in me if you know what26925.083.2
I'm saying I do all right I'll fight the26926.3184.32
red mother all right let's uh let's do26928.286.118
this okay we go this way all right26930.6389.362
Santiago you stay here fella follow us26934.3985.602
what's you playing salmon shooting the26940.24.96
dog just got him oh so you just bringing26942.24.8
the dog this time no well I thought26945.163.52
maybe there's two dogs oh there are two26947.04.52
dogs bad bad plan bad plan we'll run in26948.685.16
hold on here we go bad plan pour in the26951.526.08
tar are you [ __ ] thought you run run run26953.846.478
come on inside I'm killing we get inside26957.64.92
this is not this is not working so far26960.3184.522
hold on got to run watch out all right26962.523.798
hold run run run you hold on are you26964.843.92
running hold on not yet look at this26966.3183.48
look at this look at this look how good26968.762.52
this going to bait are you down oh yeah26969.7983.16
I see you down there all right you [ __ ]26971.284.438
I'm pouring the tar come on you [ __ ]26972.9585.082
did I get did I get the dog I don't know26975.7183.6
if you didn't get them then you weren't26978.043.08
going to get them oh yeah they're right26979.3183.442
there oh wait can I re hold on let me26981.124.56
reset this God I'm bleeding I'm bleeding26982.764.68
stay there dogs stay there all right26985.683.958
putting some more tar in are the puppies26987.444.518
still down there Simon oh damn they're26989.6383.68
all back what are you talking about burn26991.9584.162
dogs is there are there things down here26993.3185.842
oh yeah hey guys man I'll hit you with26996.125.198
poison I was really hoping this Hot Tar26999.164.798
would do more than nothing look at that27001.3186.32
go get him dog bur burn puppy burn27003.9585.162
you're burning man there's nothing like27007.6383.24
burning puppies are they even doing27009.123.358
anything I don't think I should have27010.8784.042
said that out loud here we try again27012.4786.84
burn puppy dog burn puppy dog get that27014.926.28
all over you you it's not let's just say27019.3184.882
don't say burn let's not say burn dog27021.26.08
let's let's call it like uh get scolded27024.26.56
get scolded puppy dog man this is a big27027.285.48
old batch of disappointment isn't it27030.763.638
yeah come on27032.764.32
puppy no point is it not going down like27034.3984.762
what what oh all right yeah there's27037.084.28
still is it being blocked by something27039.163.238
this doesn't make any sense you know27041.361.958
what hold on I'm going to take this27042.3983.962
first one out oh now let's see if it27043.3185.56
works here come on got it was that a27046.365.08
thing let's melt the Melt the puppies27048.8784.202
all right come on let's really let's27051.444.24
scald these puppies ready scold burn27053.088.238
puppy no no scold and this sucks melt27055.685.638
so we think it's this way huh yeah I27063.3987.722
think let's see H hello Mother Mom oh27064.928.478
oh I'd say that did it yep shot kill woo27087.167.84
come on follow me not you guys okay oops27091.367.16
turn around turn around right in the ass27095.06.2
right in that anus oh that really works27098.525.0
taking some good damage yeah not too27101.25.758
shabby is it on there who's he after I27103.525.118
don't know he's just sitting there he's27106.9584.082
kind of stuck she I guess it's a mother27108.6385.92
you know butt shots here oh turn yep27111.045.8
nice who's in there who's in there oh27114.5584.282
the the cat's right27116.844.76
under she'll be fine this is how fella27118.845.52
wanted to go you not care about that cat27121.64.6
I'll put my helmet on that cat's got its27124.364.518
own you know cat how long have you had27126.26.358
that CAT long time okay that makes sense27128.8785.44
probably had enough of that yeah cat's27132.5584.202
fine had a good life here we go some27134.3185.042
more see if we can get some more on this27136.764.4
yeah it's taking it down I think the old27139.364.08
butthole is a that's quite nice I like27141.164.28
the butle shots and just hanging out in27143.444.358
the fire I'm good with that that cat's27145.444.038
going to that cat's going to get some27147.7982.6
it's okay27149.4784.562
it's okay for our sins why is that okay27150.3985.722
yeah it's I feel bad cuz we're almost27154.045.88
done with this game like the fuel to the27156.126.598
fire that cat's completely engulfed in27159.926.36
flames she loves it oh boy nothing like27162.7186.642
flaming cat jokes sorry kidy man we27166.284.438
should have been using this tactic a27169.364.72
long time ago the sacrifice of kittens27170.7185.322
no no just the fire in general it's a27174.084.08
full grown cat okay you don't have to27176.044.08
exaggerate it well when we tell the27178.163.238
story you're going to seem like a bad27180.123.278
guy yeah you tell your grandkids and27181.3983.602
they're going to start crying no that27183.3983.08
cat's a hero it's going to go down in27185.04.36
history F you're doing great yep more27186.4786.92
fire for fella right under it when this27189.366.4
cat dies though uh he's going to be27193.3984.202
looking at us going to be start moving27195.764.638
so you should be thankful yeah yeah we27197.65.4
should have brought two cats or or an27200.3984.802
antelope this is a three cat dragon27203.06.12
right here it is27205.23.92
suya easy with that aquam man ah all27210.284.76
right we've been in here before hold on27213.7982.92
I want to rush in we got to find the27215.045.518
church where is the church well I see uh27216.7186.402
gravestone looks like hold on maybe we27220.5585.08
should get get sneaky sneaky yeah let's27223.124.08
sneaky let's sneak through this Village27225.6383.362
all right I can do that we got to find27227.23.92
the uh find the church some people27229.03.638
accuse me of being the sneakiest son of27231.124.678
a [ __ ] there is out there in the world27232.6385.562
yeah what someone said if we come any27235.7984.322
closer they'll gut us oh boy watch out27238.24.16
[ __ ] they're running oh God wait27240.124.358
wait hey hey hey hey all right we're in27242.364.4
to fight come on27244.4787.08
suck See Come onoo Oh Boy come on now27246.766.32
don't die on me Simon oh God I'm going27251.5583.602
to die don't die come on back back come27253.083.718
running running running running run back27255.162.76
run back towards the entrance I'm27256.7983.562
running away towards the entrance oh God27257.924.2
if even someone touches me I'm going to27260.362.84
die all right don't let him touch it27262.122.48
don't let him touch you don't touch me27263.23.0
I'm fighting the tough one here you're27264.65.48
good don't touch me bubba come on27266.27.88
sa it sa it damn it do the flank Panky27270.086.798
is that a new dance turn yourself around27274.086.238
the Cat Not Dead Yet nope insane oh yeah27276.8786.042
she's dead she is dead okay think have27280.3184.602
you tried melee yet yeah I've been27282.924.92
chopping him okay uh who's he looking at27284.924.478
who are you looking at his head is kind27287.843.52
of stuck here where's his butt stick27289.3983.362
don't shoot me I'm com I'm crossing27291.365.118
uh-huh uh where's his body it's inside27292.765.958
this thing have a body that's not fair27296.4787.32
cheater oh I just I sliced him yeah27298.7187.6
oh okay this is good so wonky and27303.7984.242
there's his head coming right through27306.3184.24
there okay oh boy I want to get out of27308.046.56
here I don't like this okay halfway woo27310.5586.522
there we go coming in a big look him on27314.64.718
back look at that he's nothing may be a27319.365.88
the red mother but I'm your daddy going27322.683.92
all crazy now27325.245.2
berser bring bringing it here we go27326.66.68
let's go27330.442.84
yeah Simon yeah you got your stuff uh27336.366.08
yeah okay I see a guard all right he's27340.124.04
walking that way though all right we27342.443.6
need to find the church I know and you27344.165.44
know what I'm very nervous why because I27346.046.16
think I'm going to die again why would27349.64.52
you die again I don't know man I'm not27352.23.678
feeling it right now I'm not feeling the27354.123.838
confidence all right it's got to be a27355.8784.562
priest somewhere around here here okay27357.9584.482
here comes more all right I got the one27360.444.438
on the left all right going yeah no hold27362.445.68
on o that one's oh I think time oh God I27364.8785.042
think that's a priest which one the the27368.123.678
redhead one right there she's got like27369.923.718
glowy stuff like her health bar is kind27371.7983.402
of glowing27373.6383.802
okay come on back out follow me follow27375.24.598
me back out okay hold on wait back out27377.444.64
like oh hold hold on I I'm I'm in Father27379.7983.962
hold on yeah I know I'm waiting for you27382.084.44
I'm turning around zigzag zigzag someone27383.765.36
got me bleeding against this Pike guy27386.525.92
damn it damn it damn it [ __ ] out oh God27389.126.4
God no no no okay running out so you saw27392.445.72
who we need yeah the red there's a red27395.523.84
still following us yeah she's still27398.162.52
following us let's him out let's lead27399.363.56
him out let's him out good that's good27400.683.44
come on you little shitthe let's get27402.923.28
this dog kill this dog dog okay come on27404.124.278
baby come on okay you're not a girl so I27406.24.278
can kill you come on yeah that's her27408.3984.08
that's her right there all right I don't27410.4783.762
see her I'm just trying to kill the27412.4783.882
other people come on you little [ __ ] no27414.245.638
no no no she's hardcore she's all W come27416.366.32
on oh God okay all right I can do this27419.8786.282
without him need him all right kill this27422.685.56
guy move I don't want to hit you I'm27426.163.318
trying to hit that dummy behind you okay27428.242.84
he was bleeding he's good all right come27429.4783.84
on oh Simon's going to spawn back at the27431.083.84
bed here I'm just going to lead you to27433.3182.232
bed follow me hey hey hey bab what's up27437.526.64
I need to go get my stuff yeah go get27442.7184.562
your stuff get your truding right here27444.165.96
why is it getting so dark oh God oh no27447.285.358
no no no no no no no [ __ ] [ __ ]27450.124.598
no no no no no how do oh God how do I27452.6384.042
stop this what's the matter [ __ ] all of27454.7183.322
our [ __ ] wolves and everything are27456.684.0
attacking this stupid [ __ ] no no stop27458.046.24
stop stop stop is there how do I stop27460.685.798
him where where the hell oh God damn it27464.283.96
she's going to okay I give up I'm done27466.4783.562
with this game I'm done [ __ ] it [ __ ] it27468.244.88
I'm out oh God I'm out I'm done I don't27470.044.358
give a [ __ ] about a priest I don't give27473.123.32
a [ __ ] about seeing my God I'm done are27474.3984.4
you okay I'm done with this no now27476.443.518
you're done yeah27478.7982.802
I'm I'm I'm pulling at you today I'm27479.9584.562
done it's too annoying it's too annoying27481.65.16
it's dark I can't see [ __ ] my wolves ate27484.524.038
my priest hold on a second hold on a27486.764.28
second [ __ ] done hold on a second I27488.5584.08
want you to see something27491.044.678
hello it's going to be okay who is this27492.6385.0
[ __ ] you [ __ ] son of a [ __ ] you27495.7184.482
ruined the moment lady you ruined it go27497.6385.92
ahead go ahead27500.23.358
die you got your mask on yeah I got the27508.445.038
mask on what are we still doing here uh27511.24.678
thick wanted to where' thick go thick27513.4784.48
hey hello oh there's thick you're so27515.8784.482
dark oh there you go hello why are we27517.9583.962
still here I thought I saw something27520.364.518
over here okay well I I did but until27521.925.398
all the sand got in our face was it this27524.8784.162
way I don't want to go anywhere until I27527.3184.24
can see well I feel like we have an27529.044.518
advantage he doesn't see us coming no I27531.5584.522
bet it does see us coming okay well27533.5584.282
we're going to just sit here well this27536.084.16
thing's dying down right okay okay let's27537.844.28
do it we're warriors feel we can handle27540.243.44
this okay it's feeling better let me see27542.123.04
let me see I'm put my all right I think27543.683.44
we're good yeah that's better I think27545.163.28
we're good I'm going to take this this27547.123.758
thing off so dark all right27548.445.6
torches okay why we have torches thick27550.8786.042
and gloop sticks thought it was over27554.044.598
still can't see [ __ ] well it's night27556.923.878
time what is it what is it what did you27558.6384.282
see I don't know something glowing oh27560.7985.52
you just saw I just saw a it's right27562.926.038
there oh skeletons Yep they're like27566.3183.682
not bowing but they're chilly but27570.03.44
there's something ahead kind of27572.083.08
sparkling these skeletons are going to27573.444.878
attack right is this like a yeah they're27575.166.638
going to oh yeah why why are we no no27578.3184.882
there's a bunch of them they out of the27581.7983.282
boat I thought we just ramb by skeletons27583.23.96
now oh my God I can't see anything I've27585.085.12
got I can't light I see a guy he's big27587.165.04
but okay wait there's a chest over here27590.23.16
oh there's a chest should I just try to27592.24.358
look real quick uh oh crap nope there on27593.367.16
me all right I'll lure him this way27596.5586.16
oh I'm getting gang banged not in a good27600.524.878
way ow yeah there this one guy he seems27602.7185.562
bigger than the other ones yeah yep hey27605.3984.522
you look at that chest I'm trying to27608.283.08
there's too many skeletons around oh27609.923.878
that's D alas oh wo wo sorry about that27611.364.118
sorry hey here's some skeletons I want27613.7984.642
talk just like bones and hide and stupid27615.4786.84
stuff just steal it let's go uh well um27618.445.76
okay I don't think I want it is that the27622.3184.202
only chest oh he's coming in he's coming27624.25.92
in hot look for another chest uh oh you27626.525.278
know what there's a chest like halfway27630.124.0
in the ground grab it I'm going to do27631.7984.0
another lap CU they're on my back all27634.124.438
right I'm going in all right do it gr27635.7984.84
I'll hold him off oh great silver coin27638.5584.602
and gold bar awesome that's what we came27640.6387.122
for useless all right we're out go27643.164.6
home oo Bly Bop ooh Bly bop bop bop I27648.4788.602
pray to the goddess adah hop that the27654.284.72
goddess adah hop will make it daytime27657.084.16
be PR27663.5582.602
oh oh she shines on his27666.5585.92
hle okay easy easy27670.05.558
easy I think we're good now we already27672.4786.84
Lord no okay no no no now I pray to the27675.5587.202
Goddess adahop that that she spawns me a27679.3185.64
priet I can bludgeon right in front of27682.765.44
me now27684.9583.242
wow wow hey there we go all right let's27691.4785.442
beat this [ __ ] to death all right all27694.3186.24
right oh she's pretty bang oh man and27696.925.478
tough too watch out so oh man she's got27700.5584.442
she's got one mean sword all right I'll27702.3985.042
I'll be behind oh god oh man stamina27705.04.398
holy crap you got a bludgeon right of27707.443.72
course I do trudon bludgeon what I like27709.3984.442
I like call trunch trunin that's right27711.164.6
right I always forget the name of it27713.843.68
look at this look at look at me there27715.763.798
you go seven that's right my name is27717.526.038
Simon and I beat your ass yeah smack27719.5587.0
that Ginger that's right gingers don't27723.5585.642
deserve to be conscious all right here27726.5584.76
we go here we go healing up healing up27729.24.64
no all right oh God man you are oh okay27734.169.238
oh all right B oh almost down come on27740.3985.762
come on I got you almost27743.3986.56
boom all right woo27746.167.798
woo ah Simon you did great you did great27749.9588.76
thank you goddess thank you goddess made27753.9584.76
aop so are you are we friends now or are27773.925.52
you still going to be stubborn is that a27776.9585.482
leopard yeah you got a leopard I do it27779.444.92
was just hanging in my room for the last27782.443.16
I don't know how many episodes I believe27784.362.358
you didn't pull that out before I think27785.62.84
it's pretty well that was my fellow27786.7184.0
replacement look at this hey guys little27788.444.56
guy think is leopard is that a leopard27790.7185.16
cheer yeah you see me look at this thing27793.05.398
thick let's see we're playing or a girl27795.8785.162
what is this thing oh I see thick hello27798.3986.16
in there where's thick I see them now do27801.045.12
you need you're not going to be able to27804.5583.4
find me with uh your head up that thing27806.164.68
snooter you in there thick hey thick you27807.9586.282
in there nope okay seems like a place27810.844.638
thick would be well I know where he is27814.242.44
it's not bad does he keep playing this27815.4783.802
game cuz it's fun fun the first time27816.684.038
something to do I really like it all27819.284.16
right I'm not playing it got bad eyeses27820.7184.6
I've got a thing to do all right do your27823.444.8
thing oh crap look what my temple just27825.3185.08
upgraded where's it where's your where's27828.245.638
that oh up there yeah ooh oh there you27830.3985.042
are I found you thick yep I'm right here27833.8783.322
there he is yep were you in the cheetah27835.444.6
butt I wasn't okay hey is your priest27837.27.198
done yeah I think so um it was this one27840.048.838
right M nope nees yeah wrong wheel am I27844.3986.122
talking to the wrong one yep I was27848.8783.122
talking who was this sorry sir I thought27850.522.84
you were my priest how embarrassing is27852.03.718
that okay oh was this one down here yep27853.365.88
you ready to be friends yep you're27855.7185.722
ready all right let me see if this red27859.246.92
head's done um guessing she27861.444.72
is yep she'll be h huh all right let's27866.26.64
see I'll put her in my inventory and27870.25.118
that makes sense and then I can't put27872.845.4
her down I can put her down do I have to27875.3184.722
wait do I have to carry her in my pocket27878.244.238
back home is that what I have to do27880.044.678
Simon why would you have to do that you27882.4783.562
know what she's safe her in my pocket27884.7183.362
anyway keep her in my pocket that's a27886.044.04
good idea but I'm encumbered so I got to27888.083.6
put a lot of stuff you know what let's27890.083.12
let's take some of these uh dumb dogs27891.684.718
with us okay yeah all right dog follow27893.25.92
me I got the priest in my pocket and uh27896.3984.522
oh now the long journey back home see27899.123.56
the dog's following you yeah do you want27900.924.12
to you want to bring a dog or anything s27902.683.958
okay how do I get him to follow me is he27905.045.24
dumb too yeah all right hold on a second27906.6385.802
was that pman it sounds familiar how do27910.283.48
you get him to follow you I don't even27912.443.358
see a prompt of him doing anything or27913.764.08
you got to hold e oh I got to hold it27915.7983.84
like a sucker yeah like a sucker and27917.843.558
then there should be a follow follow27919.6383.92
follow me sucker all right you ready to27921.3983.682
make the journey home salmon are you27923.5583.522
going to follow me there you go I'm27925.084.638
ready to listen I was born ready yeah we27927.084.96
got protection this will be easy be easy27929.7184.122
easy easy peasy come on man let's take27932.044.918
our dicks out no why not it's C show27933.844.52
everybody we don't give a [ __ ] yeah but27936.9582.962
it's cold out here it's not that cold27938.362.92
once we get to the desert then it's27939.923.6
dingdong time all right but I'm just27941.284.0
saying right I mean like you really27943.523.32
think it's too cold to whip out your27945.282.88
your wing yeah all that mountain air27946.842.92
blowing through here come on it's good27948.163.76
for your ball set going do not going to27949.764.0
do it it's good it's get a nice fresh27951.924.36
air get your balls no go to dingdong27953.764.16
desert look at this we already got27956.284.118
wolves on us oh suck on this suck on my27957.925.76
taint walles your taint balls yeah my27960.3985.48
well I said taint wolves it came out27963.685.798
weird if get an itchy tank no it's a27965.8786.6
real [ __ ] yeah I take care of it yeah27969.4784.802
so it doesn't itch I take care of it too27972.4784.042
but sometimes the tank gets itchy really27974.283.48
yeah come right out of the shower with27976.524.16
an itchy tank never happened to me all27977.765.48
right let's get out of here go to the27980.687.038
desert pull our dicks out yep27983.244.478
this way zimon all right well I was27989.042.758
hanging out with them and I didn't know27990.5584.722
where you went so you know how that goes27991.7986.642
over here there you27995.283.16
go little pig little pig let me in what27998.767.558
now leave my castle28003.8788.242
alone I love you am my castle28006.3185.802
and the last touch on this Castle thank28020.086.638
you guys for bringing me this head and28022.3987.802
boom that is nice man that is freaking28026.7185.482
bad ass you're nobody in these parts28030.23.56
unless you have something like this in28032.24.08
your Palace any smaller of a room and it28033.764.28
wouldn't have been big enough nope28036.283.64
wasn't even that hard of a fight was it28038.043.88
no it was a little bit lackluster all28039.924.038
right okay so before a god fight do we28041.924.398
have anything else we want to do here in28043.9583.6
in in these28046.3184.4
lands God fight and then uh we only have28047.5584.722
enough stuff for one bracelet so we got28050.7183.802
to decide who's who's going free oh who28052.285.118
do we free whoever wins the god fight I28054.525.4
guess so huh okay hey then now now we28057.3985.362
got some Stakes some stipulations yep I28059.924.798
think I'm just going to go get a dancer28062.763.4
I know it's very lackluster but I'm28064.7183.202
filled with corruption right now yeah we28066.163.6
need a dancer and uh you know I might as28067.923.398
well just dance the night away thick is28069.763.76
your God thing prepped my God thing is28071.3184.16
prepped all right I still got to prep M28073.524.4
got go all right I guess the rest of us28075.4785.602
let's go prep our stuff yeah yep okay to28077.925.32
the elevator this is it yeah let's take28081.084.12
the elevator28083.244.318
nebs oh thick are you in the elevator28085.23.96
I'm in the elevator I'll send it back up28087.5583.962
when you get down there okay I'll do28089.164.28
that in about 5 days when I get down28091.524.18
all right all right looking for a dancer28137.525.0
coming to the stage we're going to name28140.287.24
you after a car like Mercedes or jaguar28142.527.24
or Buick all right I'm going to go28147.523.72
through this whole place see if you guys28149.763.718
have an answer if not I'm just going to28151.245.44
kill y'all is it you are you the dancer28153.4784.882
ah you're an Archer come on where's your28156.685.6
lady get out out of my face my trunin28158.366.0
which I say correctly these days you're28162.284.038
probably an Archer28164.365.84
yep oh oh I bet it's you oh you're hot28166.3185.962
kind of smoking hot I got to take care28170.25.8
of your spider BL blah blah Don't Kill28172.287.518
the lady all right just no get away from28176.06.08
him you're going to get stabbed Here We28179.7985.962
Go Mama Said Knock You Out I'm going to28182.086.6
knock you knock you out if I can hit28185.765.92
your ass you got some tickle Bitties28188.684.798
make adahop look like a28191.686.32
child wait what28193.4784.522
oh there goes mine I'm ready mine too oh28198.766.4
there's me oh I got a bag and there goes28202.445.48
mine now what I don't know we got these28205.164.718
medallions there's a timer on it oh28207.923.638
there's a timer oh yeah but it's like28209.8784.6
240 hours so we're fine don't touch the28211.5586.76
number that of the slot correct thanks28214.4785.722
Simon you're welcome well it's it's28218.3185.64
important information mhm guys oh thick28220.27.04
hi hey you got to make your gide okay I28223.9584.92
I got to put this uh stripper I mean28227.244.52
dancer in the uh in the wheel wheel of28228.8785.242
friendship okay she's level two with28231.766.28
like level six Hooters what's your neare28234.125.92
no I I thought about like we we keep28238.043.88
doing the car thing you guys have any28240.045.16
ideas like a nyare after a car um PTO28241.926.478
Ford what about hatchback Cobra Cobra28245.27.04
Chevrolet Suzuki Cobra how about minivan28248.3986.16
I get all right yeah name her minivan28252.243.92
she looks like a minivan with those big28254.5584.4
tits minivans don't have tits abro not28256.165.92
in your mind okay hey should I go get my28258.9585.0
God thing yeah yeah that's what we're28262.084.16
waiting on man28263.9584.562
hey now hurry up thick getting this28266.243.68
dancer out of here I got a God in my28268.523.16
pocket I need to summon it thought28269.924.12
you're just happy to see me no welcome28271.685.32
minivan is that named her oh there's28274.045.918
nothing mini about her Jesus holy God28277.05.6
save some for the after party good Lord28279.9584.52
Lees yeah come check out the Hooters on28282.64.0
this [ __ ] I'm coming hey come on I28284.4783.32
thought we were doing this now we're28286.62.6
checking out Hooters28287.7983.482
yeah we're scatterbrain you know us yeah28289.24.438
but still stay focused might make a good28291.285.4
thumbnail that's no matter how big they28293.6385.442
are well let me see man she could be a28296.683.56
streamer what just chatting LOL I'm so28300.245.88
talented look at all these Emojis all28304.283.64
right I got some corruption so let's hop28306.123.96
in here there we go what do you think of28307.924.84
heres minivan nice to meet you ma'am uh28310.084.28
my name is neees all right so what's the28312.764.16
plan let's we going to do this yeah28314.363.84
maybe everybody get on different sides28316.923.16
of the Island and we'll summon our Gods28318.24.118
like break where we were so put the28320.084.04
thing in your hot hot bar yep put the28322.3184.4
thing in the hot bar and let's do28324.125.598
it all right is everybody in position28326.7185.042
yep yep28329.7188.042
yep nees yep okay three two one summon28331.766.92
God raise28338.687.038
J can't do it oh okay I did it got it I28341.767.24
don't like where I'm at though28345.7184.84
look at28349.05.558
that you28350.5584.0
oh no what M says the spirit has left28381.8786.042
you oh that's too bad oh did your spirit28385.085.638
leave you thi oh boy my spirit's here28387.927.52
big time baby oh my God boy SN oh damn28390.7186.802
good God who is the giant squid monster28395.444.84
that's me you look disgusting I love it28397.524.68
you should be ashamed of yourself not28400.284.598
all right metra's here oh is that Metra28402.23.84
hold on I want to get a good look at28404.8783.122
everybody dude that thing floating in28406.045.64
the air is crazy oh okay is that like an28408.07.12
octopus hey guys our house is okay sorry28411.686.08
there goes the theater W I just got what28415.124.32
happened you you might have lost the28417.763.878
spirit of yir just left me for some28419.447.278
reason are you done oh Jes what is that28421.6387.08
it y28426.7185.722
won wow I gots won yeah wait what28428.7186.362
happened what the hell that what the28432.445.038
that was [ __ ] hor wait can we only28435.083.76
have one God at a time is that what28437.4783.92
happened did we did we summon28438.844.718
something easy with the stomp in there28441.3985.0
knes it spawns though that makes no28443.5584.442
sense we could obviously have more than28446.3983.602
one at a time cuz we did let me try28448.03.958
something just a countdown oh mine's28450.04.92
done what the heck like come on you can28451.9585.082
we only had a g for like a second I mean28454.923.52
the first time we did it was just for a28457.043.358
second what do we expect no it lasted28458.443.32
longer than that thick walked around28460.3983.48
with an ugly thing for like at least two28461.763.92
three minutes what if I kick you off28463.8784.122
from the tribe but is that what did it28465.684.4
why would that matter I don't know but28468.05.718
why don't I do it and see if it28470.083.638
works boy I'm seeing it okay I have a28474.686.6
two-minute timer I too have a two minute28477.5586.882
timer who's is that is that thick uhoh28481.284.358
hello I mine disappeared oh already when28485.6387.24
you bit me oh oh I'm out [ __ ] so wait is28489.765.76
it like a one hit thing I'm out I win28492.8784.482
again so is that is that what's going on28495.523.68
it only takes one hit from a God to28497.364.358
another God to that's that's28499.25.84
disappointing isn't it did28501.7187.042
y it looks so stupid you look stupid all28505.045.32
right now all right let's try this hit28508.763.718
thing one of you guys hit each other and28510.364.8
I want to see if you28512.4782.682
disappear you're just like inking28516.6384.732
everywhere it's disgusting28518.685.75
wow all right you're about to enter me28524.5586.802
oh uhoh he I got I got killed oh really28527.3987.362
from the stop oh you kill it no fair28531.366.92
oops you stopped done all right here I28534.766.798
come hey what if I go over here and do28538.287.88
what little pig little pig let me in28541.5587.24
what now leave my castle28546.166.36
alone I love you AB no my castle I don't28548.7985.402
even know if it's going to do anything28552.524.92
oh it'll do something yeah no it's a God28554.24.84
no it's not going to do anything why28557.443.48
would it do how not it just looks like28559.044.24
I'm I'm like putting like wind on it or28560.924.478
something now I'll bring in your mirror28563.284.48
screw you J Ball SEC hey somebody else28565.3984.522
come over here destroy this thing ow28567.764.48
damn it oh you gone good okay I was28569.924.28
worried for a minute oh here I'm back is28572.244.398
there any28574.22.438
damage he just love seeing the stupid28579.046.438
giant squid pop out of the28581.63.878
ground okay we better had enough of this28586.125.5
Castle no leave it28588.8784.202
alone you are just leaking all over28593.084.638
everything I know it's that time of the28595.767.638
month oh boy here it comes oh oh no28597.7189.16
yeah I have protected my castle from the28603.3985.962
squid well done abro hey knes hey buddy28609.447.92
what's going on pal got to go oh here we28613.446.29
Simon hey get your G out I'm going to in28625.66.798
a second you want to destroy this Castle28628.925.878
yeah what leave my castle alone Simon28632.3984.32
listen I think it'd be fun to see it go28634.7984.962
down oh yeah don't you think it'd be fun28636.7185.202
huh Simon look up28639.768.48
no no son of a b guy28641.926.32
oh no oh no is he back who's on top of28651.045.9
the castle28655.444.56
no oh get out my castle you big bit28660.06.16
Quin oh boy doing itas you bastard oh28670.010.12
boy yes oh I love it my CLE I'm just28676.046.32
going I'm going to take a seat right28680.124.96
here that's where the throne room is28682.366.68
that's my seat you stupid fat28685.083.96
Quin yes damn it oh God look at the28689.4788.08
differ scking out of28694.245.478
yes I am28697.5585.32
yog I am28699.7187.402
yog to the car you missed the spot R I28702.8786.372
did a couple all right let me get28707.125.33
that youir I need your help28713.048.08
again oh hell yeah28717.046.8
no I could probably sneak in one more28723.845.558
attack you better run Dres I'm not going28726.524.878
to run I'm just going to take this out28729.3984.0
okay oh28731.3984.722
crap come here you stupid28733.3985.442
squid a that's it for me28736.124.64
yay look at this oh that's like just one28740.767.08
piece left two weeks of work oh no ABS28744.8785.282
watch out you have a snake coming behind28747.845.0
you you bastard that's right all right I28752.846.798
think we I think we're good we good28756.765.16
enough destroying uh I got one more28759.6385.76
thing I want to destroy do it here we28761.928.038
go oh yeah28765.3987.802
oh that's good is there candy in it I28769.9586.202
don't know let me see take one more hit28773.25.92
everybody get the28776.162.96
candy let's see oh ne's house oh wait28782.05.76
shoes is in there shoes huh take care of28785.4784.882
shoes you have no heart if you do this28787.766.76
so long shoes abro yeah look get28790.368.598
Santiago yeah oh my God [ __ ] what's28794.527.438
wrong with you get Santiago no I like28798.9586.562
Santiago all right you're a monster no a28801.9586.722
monster would kill Santiago uhuh all28805.525.798
right gods are absolutely cool it's a28808.684.52
shame you can't fight them did I step on28811.3184.122
Simon Okay so uh who gets to go who won28817.5585.282
who gets to go we got to make this a28821.364.0
thing now let's not dly D I don't know28822.846.68
fist fight oh okay all right boys same28825.366.4
rules as a God good clean fight whoever28829.524.278
wins gets the bracelet and can leave the28831.766.4
world got it all right and go sry are we28833.7987.76
all just going balls at it balls at it28838.167.36
[ __ ] it's the wrong way to roll y28841.5587.202
y okay this is going to be interesting28845.525.92
this is the sexiest episode of Conan I28848.764.84
think we've ever done man we are sexy28851.445.958
and bloody here we are wow yeah screw I28853.66.118
mean screw screw MMA look at this this28857.3986.0
is the way to beoo out in time yep wait28859.7186.282
are we allowed to eat food no oh okay28863.3984.122
have you been eating food I ate food a28866.04.398
minute ago son of a everybody gang up on28867.525.76
knes you can't have well you didn't say28870.3984.642
that did you you should have had nothing28873.284.64
in your inventory okay nothing cheater28875.044.8
punch me again he he likes to cheat we28877.925.68
already covered that salmon suck on that28879.847.0
I'll go down on you what I know right28883.64.84
phrasing I know28886.843.68
come on come on [ __ ] come on you want28888.445.56
some of this okay I'm at half is28890.523.48
that you Ki you oh no door down door28894.9588.082
down who's it going to be boys I can do28900.445.118
this all day yeah soon as you can roll28903.045.598
away it's like oh god28905.5587.24
oh oh good exchange I respect you so28908.6386.882
much oh that's tough we're hurt now28912.7985.6
hurry up kiss neees come on guys kiss28915.525.48
him so D you got any money I got money28918.3984.882
that uh I have I'll put two gold coins28921.05.6
on app I bet I bet you two gold coins28923.287.32
that is about to go28926.64.0
down come on thck let's do this man28933.07.398
let's do it oh boy come on thck come on28936.687.32
come on come on Who wants28940.3987.682
it oh yeah right you owe me Simon my28944.06.2
body AB I'm calling you from the grave28948.085.478
to get the stone out of my28950.23.358
body getting fat baby that's right all28954.126.678
right now you two gold so I get to leave28958.124.92
yep you're out of here rock and roll28960.7984.722
coo there it is guys yep okay so this is28966.846.76
the altar of chaos mouth that is the28971.245.04
silliest sounding whatever this feels28973.64.68
official huh they just pick from my hat28976.283.48
probably okay all right I'm going to28978.283.518
start putting the stuff in here the28979.764.878
heart of the Sands the tears of two28981.7985.322
races The28984.6385.642
Shining the star of the champion mhm the28987.125.598
dadam of the giant Kings and the witch28990.284.92
mask huh and the mask of the witch king28992.7185.84
queen queen and it gave me a keystone28995.25.118
the cap of the beer bottle get the28998.5584.0
Keystone out right take the keystone29000.3184.08
insert it in your rectum yeah that's29002.5583.202
where I'd put it squeeze it till it29004.3983.842
breaks well I think I oh well looks like29005.763.92
you're squeezing right now yeah right in29008.243.96
that butt so do I just I put it in my29009.684.68
slot and use it wherever it fits oh yeah29012.23.72
I think so do you have any last words I29014.363.16
don't know why uh no this has been fun29015.922.638
why don't you climb on the top of the29017.524.118
altar yeah like climb up there29018.5584.962
like yeah like right right by these29021.6384.562
coals hey have fun out there abser was29023.525.118
cool yeah this was great uh we had a29026.23.8
good time it was fun exploring these29028.6382.882
lands maybe I'll come back one day in29030.04.0
the form of a of a different thing uhh a29031.524.798
beaver yeah that'd be cool but uh here29034.03.92
here I go guys we're going to miss miss29036.3184.602
you good luck love you speed uh remove29037.924.958
your bracelet and escape from the exiled29040.929.12
lands okay and here we go oh oh wow he29042.8787.162
gone so long I'm in a desert now Somehow29050.126.598
Here I Go29054.4784.24
leaving oh yeah I can walk past these29056.7183.562
things and the wall won't kill anymore29058.7185.482
hooray I'm leaving these lands for more29060.287.118
desert why the [ __ ] did I come out here29064.26.72
this dumb I get to see my family again29067.3988.722
what happens is that is that it is that29070.925.2
it you better not roll credits you29076.523.64
better show me a happy ending with like29078.8782.402
family what are you going to29081.286.76
do oh eat29084.446.118
[ __ ] did you guys lose on purpose too29088.044.758
yeah I threw it yeah oh yeah I I'm29090.5583.722
surprised you guys went as long as you29092.7983.6
did I I know dude we had to make it29094.283.88
believable yeah exactly29096.3983.202
well it was believable that I'd die29098.164.84
first so right what a poor sack abser is29099.65.64
yeah oh well better him than us had it29103.04.24
coming killed shoes so now let's go play29105.244.92
for fun just us okay never show it to29107.246.558
anybody ever yeah secret game play yeah29110.165.478
let's go Santiago I'm going to kill29113.7986.962
Santiago I'll kill you no you won't29115.6385.122
all right where they get a little of29223.3185.282
these bazongas29225.3983.202

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