Subnautica Supercut Ep 23 - 29 (Subzero Starts Next Week)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Adventure Conclusion super cut part 2? If you haven't, you're...
Subnautica Supercut Ep 23 - 29 (Subzero Starts Next Week)
Subnautica Supercut Ep 23 - 29 (Subzero Starts Next Week)

Subnautica Supercut Ep 23 - 29 (Subzero Starts Next Week)

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we talk about how awesome that Subnautica Supercut was? I mean, it had everything - drama, suspense, and a whole lot of underwater shenanigans!

simon: Oh, absolutely! Simon here, and let me tell you, that supercut had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I couldn't look away even if I tried!

appsro: Hey hey, it's Appsro! Guys, that Subnautica supercut was the bomb dot com. I was laughing, crying, and cheering all at the same time. Can't wait for Subzero to start next week!

neebs: I know, right? I can't wait to see what kind of trouble we get into in Subzero. But man, that supercut was definitely one for the books. So many epic moments!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Adventure Conclusion super cut part 2? If you haven't, you're missing out on some epic gameplay and hilarious commentary from the Neebs Gaming crew. Trust me, it's a must-watch!

In this video, the gang wraps up their Subnautica adventure and teases the start of Subnautica Subzero next week. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what crazy shenanigans they get into next. Plus, the music in this video is on point – from "Decisions" to "Urban Gauntlet" to "Doobly Doo," the soundtrack really sets the mood for the underwater exploration.

And let's not forget to show some love to Neebs Gaming's sponsors, Xidax PCs. Those machines are powering some top-notch gaming experiences for the crew, and it definitely shows in the quality of their content. If you're in the market for a new gaming rig, be sure to check them out.

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where have you been i got promoted okay168.164.48
you got promoted i haven't talked to171.122.72
anybody in six months172.643.36
no you would have talked to simon no i173.843.6
haven't talked to anybody i tried i176.02.8
tried calling177.442.879
anybody i haven't talked to anybody no178.83.12
one's reached out to me i haven't180.3193.681
been in communication at all did you get181.923.679
the ship built or is there a ship coming184.03.12
or what's going on i don't know185.5993.36
i'm hanging out on a desert island i187.123.839
live in a cave and i drink pea water188.9594.0
and i eat bobo trees look this is news190.9593.601
to me um192.9595.121
hold on tina can you uh can you look up194.565.28
simon who would lose tina i have an198.082.72
assistant now199.844.319
okay okay congratulations her name is200.85.28
actually tina turner204.1593.601
no kidding like the singer yeah okay206.083.2
great so tina turner is your assistant207.763.199
you know what her middle name is209.286.08
natalie you know her initials are tnt210.9596.161
i like the dynamite like the dynamite215.364.0
okay great that's my that's my assistant217.123.52
ship's still coming for me219.363.519
i don't know i got promoted oh good220.644.56
simon's in charge of your account now222.8794.161
well obviously simon up i'm225.23.44
looking into that listen227.044.64
first things first tina have passed your228.644.0
zero zero f231.683.279
use files transferred to my computer why232.643.519
did you call me in the first place234.9591.681
yesterday your birthday the hell if236.643.44
i know i've lost all track of time238.483.92
well i'm pretty sure it is if you had a240.083.359
birthday sooner we could have242.43.199
figured this out this is ridiculous it's243.4393.681
ridiculous that you guys lost my245.5992.401
i haven't even reached out and i got a248.03.04
promotion yeah it's great you got a249.5194.961
promotion but my god251.046.319
oh here they are i got your files at my254.483.92
desk now257.3594.081
last entry six months ago you're right258.45.2
you haven't done a thing have you no i i261.443.44
couldn't reach out i couldn't talk to263.62.159
anybody so264.882.64
i just came back to the surface and i265.7593.041
live on this island now267.523.2
it's actually been very nice put on a268.83.119
little weight if i'm to be honest270.722.96
the bubble trees are fat more fattening271.9193.201
than they look is it the good fats or273.683.44
the bad fats there's two kinds of fats275.123.519
it must be the bad ones because i got a277.124.96
little bit of a belly278.6395.681
spaghetti oh you mean dr spaghetti dr282.083.6
spaghetti yep284.322.879
your inventory doctor spaghetti is a285.683.76
seamoth down here on the beach287.1993.921
the cyclops i don't i don't think the289.443.52
cyclops is in good condition291.124.96
why uh well i was looking at my beacons292.963.92
and uh this the cyclops name was deep296.884.4
yeah and it was a beacon that says299.044.719
destroyed cyclops deep301.284.8
destroyed yeah so i assume i abandoned303.7594.16
it what five and a half months ago306.083.679
why i couldn't talk to anybody i didn't307.9194.161
know what to do309.7593.521
i didn't know what to do so i just i312.082.559
said okay i'm just gonna come to this313.282.88
island and wait to die there's nobody314.6393.601
here i'll just abandon my shelter316.163.52
i'm surprised i haven't died already318.243.6
because i'm really sick319.684.16
uh let's see first things first we need321.843.44
to get you in a spaceship323.842.96
and get you back to earth i still i325.283.6
can't i can't a spaceship can't come326.82.56
because of the gun all right the gun's329.363.92
activated because i have a disease331.64.8
okay oh the disease that's great hey we333.283.359
to catch up on okay we know what the336.6393.84
good fats are339.362.72
i don't give a about the fats how340.4793.521
do i get out of here um let's get rid of342.083.04
that disease you're not coming here344.02.0
without disease345.122.4
customs will stop you like that where346.03.199
were we last time what happened trying347.522.56
to remember it's been349.1994.0
it's been a minute says you had some uh350.084.959
creature brain talking to you oh yeah353.1993.12
the the the big355.0392.88
the big creature down there in the moon356.3193.521
pool i guess we could go back and talk357.9192.4
to her359.842.56
you've been there you tell me i'm going360.3193.761
off notes that are six months old362.43.919
oh god i don't want to go back in i364.083.6
don't want to go back in it's been366.3193.361
it's been nice living here sunshine367.683.2
every day i live on a beach369.682.88
fat and happy yeah nothing's trying to370.883.039
eat me i don't want to go back in the372.562.72
water if i'm gonna be completely honest373.9192.321
well hey375.282.479
we can close this case right now if you376.243.76
want passenger zero zero view377.7595.681
happy case closed no no380.05.759
no i want to get out of here i want to383.444.08
eat a damn cheeseburger again385.7594.0
those are the bad fats i don't care i387.523.519
want the bad fats389.7593.841
okay then we gotta get back in the water391.0394.561
go see the big brain talking lady and393.64.8
bring her some fuel sales395.66.24
all right let's do it398.46.16
now we're talking401.842.72
welcome aboard captain oh god all right406.04.08
i got a thing gotta think408.563.12
let's go back to the life pod and let's410.085.119
uh let's look at our supplies411.683.519
i can't believe i'm out here again jesus429.526.16
was actually in the cyclops so that that445.443.199
that may be destroyed too i don't know448.6393.68
okay all right i'm full let me check my458.4793.761
inventory here461.124.96
what is all this okay flares signals462.246.079
all right okay i think i'm ready to go466.083.2
back down to468.3193.121
the the monster under the sea is that469.283.68
what you're calling that monster well471.441.92
giant okay but listen if she speaks to473.363.44
you you might not want to call her475.5993.921
monster well i won't do it to her face476.84.56
from what you said well yeah she can479.523.359
talk to me telepathically i don't know481.362.48
if she can482.8792.481
understand what i think do you think483.843.199
you're so far that she can't hear you485.362.959
telepathically right now487.0395.361
i have no idea488.3196.0
all right okay i'm heading i'm heading492.43.919
west i think that's where the mushroom494.3192.88
forest was496.31911.521
and i think there's a wart gate there497.19910.641
all right i'm back in the mushroom512.7193.2
forest if i'm not mistaken there was a513.9192.881
cave down515.9195.12
here in this crack516.84.239
there we go see that's why we made the522.3994.241
hold on i thought i had feet of system526.643.44
oh we oh yeah remember we took out530.083.92
uh we took out the532.642.56
we took out the thing that let us go534.02.64
deep and used it in something else535.21.92
didn't we536.641.92
i feel like we did did we use the537.123.04
cyclops and now it's destroyed it538.562.8
probably is yeah540.162.799
either that or the sea or not i'm not541.363.28
going to see mod but the prawn suit542.9593.041
all right hold on i still got the sea544.643.199
glide though i think i can just swim546.02.56
down here547.8392.961
so you're just gonna abandon dr548.564.0
spaghetti no i mean i know where dr550.85.12
spaghetti is at okay this way552.564.88
oh boy i'm in a cave i don't know where555.923.76
you at so i can't really write a note557.444.24
oh wait you're the mushroom for us right559.684.32
oh oh i was right561.685.44
okay i'm making good notes dr564.04.399
spaghetti's in the mushroom567.122.8
yeah we left dr spaghetti in the568.3993.281
mushroom forest and hey good news it569.923.52
looks like this portal is still active571.683.52
oh really yeah this is the portal it573.443.12
should take us back to the alien575.23.84
the nice exquisite woman is yes579.927.2
all right here we go all right good luck583.5198.32
talk to you on the other side587.124.719
yeah oh i forgot that that feels awful598.3993.361
god how do i describe it like when you601.763.36
brush your teeth too much in the back of603.123.36
your throat no you know when you're605.122.56
you're on a roller coaster and you're606.482.88
right about to go over the edge it feels607.682.32
like that609.362.159
before you go over there yeah you know610.02.8
that that feeling in the pit of your611.5191.841
okay not the feeling where you're613.365.84
weightless no not at all614.647.199
hello yeah hello neebs tina tina said619.23.36
you wanted to talk621.8393.921
yeah listen simon yeah simon yeah622.565.92
why didn't you call me back i'm sorry625.768.079
who are you it's pastor zero zero628.485.359
what have you been doing for six months636.563.44
remember when i got promoted when was638.481.919
simon the last i talked to you i was on640.3993.601
a submarine it was your birthday642.563.68
six months ago you were drunk and you644.03.92
passed out on me646.243.279
neebs you promised to call me the next647.923.2
morning never heard from anybody649.5194.401
do you understand uh that's why i651.123.92
wouldn't remember653.923.28
i'm actually i'm like when i got655.043.2
there was an email that went out658.243.599
describing all of your duties660.0793.44
and you were supposed to take over all661.8393.761
of my accounts appstore is one of those663.5193.361
accounts you understand665.64.16
i've been sober now for 97 days right666.883.12
that's a great reason why you would have670.03.279
called him well i didn't know i was671.24.56
losing my mind back then i wasn't doing673.2794.401
anything hey hey hey hey neebs good news675.763.199
the uh the big677.683.52
sea lady is still alive and down here678.9593.361
okay all right681.22.639
what was the last thing she did yeah we682.323.759
needed a crystal i forgot what the hell683.8393.601
we were doing down here let me look686.0792.481
around a minute687.443.92
listen i'm going i've gone through my 12688.563.44
uh mr fu uh yes simon so692.06.0
uh have i ever wronged you i feel like695.443.2
because i've698.02.399
i've gone around you're running me yeah698.643.68
you never called me back okay so i never700.3992.801
called you back702.323.199
and for that i'm sorry i hope you can703.23.04
forgive me705.5193.841
i was not sober at the time706.245.92
okay sure okay fine yeah i feel like709.365.919
we've moved forward712.163.119
hey listen yeah i was six months of715.363.12
look at that hey i just sent you some uh718.483.28
some data720.883.6
on a the aquarium arch here aquarium721.763.12
yeah got it all right i'm gonna put this724.884.16
ion cube into uh727.2795.041
into this uh portal or arch729.045.039
hold on a new portal someone's talking732.324.48
to me with the passage you've opened734.0795.76
my young can leave this place but736.86.0
first they must feel the time is right739.8396.8
and break free of their shells742.86.96
this is what the others could not force746.6394.32
from me749.766.639
to you i give the secret willingly750.9595.44
oh you there yeah i got a blueprint for757.5194.88
hatching enzymes759.925.28
for her eggs huh uh i assume so should i762.3993.201
you know what let me take a i want to go765.63.359
through this portal but i also want to i767.123.68
want to take a breath of air real quick768.9594.081
did she talk to you yeah she did she770.84.32
said something about um773.043.44
hatcher eggs and they can go through the775.123.68
portal listen this whole place was set776.484.08
up to cure this disease778.83.44
maybe if i help her out i can cure this780.563.839
yeah i think uh that seems like the784.3993.44
logical next step all right786.0792.801
i don't know hold on let's take a look787.8392.401
at these hatching enzymes let's figure788.883.12
out what the hell they are790.243.839
are you sick i remember i'm starting to792.03.839
remember you now oh yeah oh i'm794.0794.401
i'm very scared to exercise and drink a795.8394.161
lot of water oh listen i798.483.76
oh yeah i've got a little chubby drink800.03.519
your own pain that's not802.242.8
good water to drink it's gonna be the803.5192.88
only thing i got i mean i do have a805.043.44
filtered water but the peas been fine so806.3992.56
he's starting to acquire a taste for it808.9594.0
when he gets home he'll probably still810.564.48
think that you drink peanuts drinking812.9594.481
wall pay and just move on to a no815.044.32
pee diet yeah you have clean water there817.443.759
no way we make machines at clean water819.363.68
why don't you drink that no pee diet821.1993.281
dude you don't feel good let's start823.042.239
with what you're drinking824.482.4
okay i'll start drinking clean water can825.2792.881
we figure out how to get the out of826.881.759
six months you didn't say i feel bad828.6393.521
maybe i should quit drinking my pee830.6393.121
hey it was easy it just it just kept832.163.039
piling up and i just kept drinking the833.761.84
you got to get motivated man you got to835.63.84
start exercising838.163.359
daily do you do exercise well i'm839.444.16
looking at these hatching enzymes841.5193.601
neebs you might want to write these down843.63.2
uh one second hatching845.124.24
enzymes making some notes you should be846.84.479
doing this simon uh no are you going849.362.88
uh saturday no i'm not going to stop852.243.36
stop talking about bowling854.163.76
listen listen i need there's gonna be855.63.679
five things i think i need857.9213.919
i stalk seeds sea crowns oh my god859.27912.56
wait this one's an eye on cube too hold875.5193.68
on neebs877.923.279
i have another ion cube and i'm putting879.1993.121
it in something else881.1993.44
yeah there's an incubator here hatch890.83.92
insert hatching enzymes okay892.724.72
if we can make these hatching enzymes i894.723.6
i guess897.443.04
i can hatch these eggs for this big898.324.24
creature what am i doing here900.483.84
this seems crazy all right i'm going902.563.839
through this portal on the new portal904.323.519
yeah i don't know where it takes me yeah906.3992.88
that's what i want to know let's figure907.8391.921
it out909.2793.68
watch it watch it bring you out909.763.199
can cure ourselves and disable the gun938.9593.201
all right let's work on these hatching940.9591.971
maybe instead of bowling simon950.9593.841
tina actually lives in an apartment that959.1993.44
has a big pool so now we gotta invite960.722.559
and then we're gonna end up we're asking963.2793.201
her to use her place when people want to964.6394.241
go and use966.482.4
her every day i know you see her every980.9592.8
day she doesn't talk to her boss about982.243.44
personal stuff she talks to friends983.7594.0
and i'm more of a friend to her are you985.683.839
yeah tell you the truth man i think987.7592.561
sweet on me just saying990.323.759
okay i have a little bit of bolt bush994.326.079
no it takes up like four inventory slots997.7594.241
do you think you have enough to do the1000.3993.521
enzymes i mean i assume i just need one1002.03.839
thing of each well i hope so1003.923.44
it'd be great funny if you needed two of1005.8393.12
each thing well yeah god i hope they1007.362.88
wouldn't make you do that but you gotta1008.9593.041
go everywhere once again1010.243.839
thing what happens when you assume right1012.03.44
yep right i know1014.0793.12
do you know no what happens when you1015.443.36
assume you make an1017.1994.32
ass out of you and me both of us yep you1018.83.92
freaking ass maker1021.5192.641
i don't know i would make one out of me1022.723.599
i know i didn't do anything1024.165.519
yeah you're the one who's the ass1026.3193.36
you have somewhere to store this stuff1032.883.52
no i don't can you make1034.723.76
a little box and put it near your near1036.43.76
the eggs maybe oh you know what yeah i1038.483.12
wonder if i can make a little base down1040.162.159
near that uh like you know where the big1042.3193.36
lady is1044.482.559
then you can just start throwing stuff1045.6792.801
in there yeah i'll see if i can do that1047.0392.161
real fast1048.482.96
that's why i have a corner office simon1049.23.04
ideas like that1051.442.96
yeah that and the fact that frank died1052.243.6
yeah sometimes uh1054.44.08
sometimes positions open up and then you1055.843.68
gotta find the next1058.483.52
the next guy kill it yeah well if frank1059.523.36
didn't eat1062.04.16
steak six nights a week bad fatties1062.885.12
absolutely bad fatties dude you gotta1066.163.519
you gotta stay away from the bad fatties1068.03.679
listen i haven't had a hamburger1069.6794.321
in i don't know how long on a lot of1071.6794.721
things what about sex huh oh yeah1074.04.84
that was fun wasn't it a picture of tina1076.44.88
yeah have fun with your imagination1078.845.0
simon what we have hr rules around here1081.283.04
i know1083.842.959
watch it what hr hr is i'm gonna say i'm1084.323.359
just sending a picture1086.7992.24
she works when she works here you're1087.6793.12
talking about sending pictures of my1089.0393.361
assistant is that disrespectful1090.7993.281
hey listen i'm not a part of this1092.44.08
conversation i just got a promotion1094.085.44
well i know but technically you're here1096.485.28
see hold on i'm gonna see if i can build1099.524.159
a habitat down here even if it's just a1101.762.4
compartment yeah it looks like i can1104.165.6
so that's what i'll do i'll build a1108.5592.961
compartment and then we can uh i can1109.763.039
store in it1111.523.6
okay all right but i need titanium i1112.7993.601
wish everything was just laying around1115.123.6
here that'd be so convenient1116.43.92
hold on honey i'm working on it i'm1118.723.28
gonna get that enzyme made i want to1120.323.52
hatch these eggs for some reason see if1122.03.28
she knows where the titanium is you know1123.844.32
where titanium is1125.282.88
she's not saying anything1129.28.64
all right i'm back at dr spaghetti1140.725.28
that's right i am really starting to1144.243.439
remember you now remember he didn't want1146.02.72
to call it that no1147.6793.521
you stan are you as dumb as like have1148.723.6
you gotten smarter1151.23.28
you were dumb back then yeah like really1152.323.599
dumb i think you want to call it1154.483.12
bottled pea or something yeah no i1155.9193.601
didn't want to call it bottle pizza1157.63.199
i didn't want to call it dr spaghetti1159.523.36
but yeah it grew on me1160.7994.401
do you have any fresh water with you uh1162.884.0
yeah one bottle of fresh water1165.23.52
all right let's drink that next time1166.884.56
you're thirsty1168.722.72
well i'm a little thirsty right now god1172.083.44
i need some food soon too1174.323.04
no you don't eat your poop do you no1175.524.159
i've not been eating my feces no simon a1177.364.24
lot of people who drink their own pee1179.6794.24
eat their own poop too it's the gateway1181.65.6
i don't i don't think that's true1183.9193.281
no never not once all right not yet1187.846.0
listen both of you should be fired in my1205.363.679
i'm not supposed to call anymore but you1209.0393.361
promised to call names1211.123.28
i did yeah six months later happy1212.44.24
birthday thanks but that's not what i1214.43.84
needed i'm sorry what happened1216.643.76
it's his birthday today oh really yeah1218.243.439
it's my birthday that's the whole reason1220.42.399
he called in the first place was to1221.6792.721
wish me happy birthday so what1222.7993.281
are you gonna do for your birthday today1224.43.2
what special thing are you gonna guess1226.088.45
i'm gonna go get titanium simon1227.69.999
and then i just need two quarts so now1238.243.6
all i gotta do is go get two quarts1240.082.959
and then we can make the little the1241.843.28
thing down there with the lady1243.0394.401
all right we're doing this we're doing1245.124.3
all right i'm in a cave oh boy1256.47.44
yeah oh yeah these crash fish just love1270.484.36
to chase you they want to blow up1272.05.84
mission was a success i'm heading back1288.04.4
to red grass base to grab dr spaghetti1289.526.08
titanium yeah i have six titanium okay1292.46.85
got it beside that did you tell me that1295.66.709
all right don't you think you need some1310.243.76
power no i mean i just need it for1311.6794.801
storage storage let's see now i need to1314.05.039
build a1316.482.559
yeah i don't have any power in here i'm1330.02.159
not worried about it you're gonna1331.22.0
suffocate in there1332.1592.4
no yeah if i need to breathe i'll just1333.23.44
run up for air it's fine could you build1334.5593.761
it up top where the air is1336.644.32
no just let him do what he wants to do1338.323.04
i'm just1340.963.52
look i'm i'm here for for advice and1341.365.12
all right i got it down here and i'm1346.483.12
putting this uh1348.084.079
rotten bull bush sample in there okay1349.63.36
and i i hope it's i i hope i can build1352.963.68
this enzyme with all this rotten stuff1355.0392.961
if i gotta go and collect everything in1356.642.64
a short period of time that's going to1358.016.45
piss me right off1359.2817.68
all right oh i remember this place i'm1376.965.36
down here in this scary river1379.365.76
oh what's this1382.322.8
an amiiboid not on my list yep that's1386.724.959
not what we need1390.1593.201
i should have been scanning more stuff i1391.6793.201
never scanned like every1393.363.04
every flower i ran across because i1394.884.0
thought it was boring now i regret it1396.44.72
yeah i remember asking you to scan1398.883.6
things ugh1401.124.88
get out of here rubbing it in his face1402.484.079
aren't you1406.01.84
yeah i'd be like hey get out and skin1406.5594.561
that he's like trying to eat me1407.843.28
that's different that was the monsters1412.323.92
okay but still1413.9194.481
yeah well if i agree with him he's not1416.244.88
going to want to get eaten1418.46.399
holy crap what is that what you see1421.125.76
a very large creature that i've never1424.7994.48
seen before1426.885.36
no way in the hell a year from now it's1429.2794.321
your birthday and i call you and you're1432.242.559
like i wish i would have escaped1433.63.04
hold on a second i think i can i may be1434.7994.24
able to use my stasis rifle1436.645.6
and freeze it have your evacuation route1439.0395.281
planned all right my evacuation router1442.243.76
swim back to this green waterfall back1444.322.64
uh and uh run all right1446.967.199
we're on standby uh1450.886.0
this is stupid oh god this is stupid oh1454.1595.52
it sounds freaky1459.6793.201
get out of there you got your evacuation1498.964.0
room oh wait1501.364.08
what's happening the skin worked i1507.2793.28
couldn't tell i1509.366.48
do not have the transmission1510.5595.281
should have stayed on the beach should1520.1599.681
have stayed on the beach1522.087.76
all right neebs yes sir you still want1542.483.439
me to scan this damn thing1544.243.039
i didn't get a transmission for the1545.9193.041
first time and uh i feel like it would1547.2792.241
be helpful1548.962.4
bit the out of me i feel like you1549.523.6
might be overreacting is this thing1551.363.84
really that big oh man you should see it1553.124.96
i should see it yeah it's a giant worm1555.24.479
but not like the other giant worms oh1558.082.479
god where'd it go1559.6792.88
oh i see i see it what kind of things do1560.5593.761
you think are big on earth1562.5593.441
yeah let's compare like do you think1564.323.52
that this would be the size of like oh1566.03.76
boy here we go here we go here we go is1567.843.28
it bigger than a great dane1569.762.96
no this is yeah this is like the size of1571.123.52
a whale1572.725.36
oh boy here we go okay all right1574.645.519
got it got it you got it oh yeah i'm1578.083.76
receiving it1580.1596.161
sucker oh god what's wrong with me1581.845.92
wow that is big that's bigger than a1586.322.959
great name how much like how many great1587.763.36
dates is it it's like two great days1589.2794.161
it's like two great dates no it's bigger1591.123.52
than two great things and things like1593.446.4
the size of a whale1594.645.2
67 meters is about even to four1610.06.32
great danes all right i'll tell you what1613.2794.4
i'm going to do neebs i'm going to go1616.322.8
for the one that i know1617.6793.521
the eye stocks see you know i start i1619.124.24
know i stock seeds so i'm going for that1621.23.76
but here's the thing i may want to1623.364.319
upgrade dr spaghetti again1624.964.8
should i go check on the cyclops the1627.6794.081
i think it's destroyed but i can't i can1631.763.519
we can run out and check1633.762.88
i don't know if there's any salvage to1635.2792.961
be found over there maybe i can find the1636.642.24
uh the1638.243.28
the mark the depth thing if you think1638.884.32
it's there it'd be nice to not have to1641.524.72
rebuild that whole thing1643.23.04
i heard a joke the other day oh i like1652.644.48
jokes uh what did the cat say1655.24.56
on his cell phone all right hold on1657.124.72
there's gonna be something with meow1659.766.96
can you hear me out i knew1661.844.88
can you hear yeah now yeah yeah can you1667.363.36
hear me meow yeah1669.23.92
dear oh do you remember the uh1670.723.52
there was like a1673.123.6
cat chow or there was like some kind of1674.249.6
like it was commercials like1676.727.12
see the cyclops oh are you serious yeah1690.643.36
it looks intact1693.122.559
you found a cyclops this whole time and1694.03.76
just wrote it off1695.6794.561
oh what the what was that what was1697.763.2
that whoa1700.243.52
okay what's going on no i don't know oh1700.963.28
no that didn't look good oh yeah no it's1704.243.28
i think can you repair it i don't know1707.524.32
oh yeah i can't even get in it you can't1710.242.08
get in1711.843.68
oh there's a warper okay1712.325.359
oh that oh god yeah there's a giant1715.523.92
where is the pr where's the steam from1717.6792.641
the prawn suit1719.443.92
with the front suit yeah oh yeah it is1720.324.16
up oh man can you repair it hold on1724.486.96
oh man my planters here modification1728.883.6
stations here1731.446.88
oh wait is all my stuff still here1732.488.079
oh yeah hey all my stuff's still here1738.323.04
beautiful silver and diamond oh man i1741.363.919
should take that diamond1743.63.28
i got silver all right well we know1745.2793.441
where to come to get stuff1746.884.64
okay listen your vitals are looking1748.724.48
rough yeah i know i am taking a first1751.523.279
aid kit and i'm getting the out of1753.23.839
going to my sensors amsterdam you're1761.523.12
getting thirsty1763.443.04
did you bring anything other than pee1764.643.68
yeah i do have one bottle of regular1766.482.319
right now do you have any pee with you1768.7995.681
yes i also i have four i have four1771.9194.561
things of pea water1774.483.679
yeah i have a still suit it just makes1776.485.36
it okay1778.1593.681
yeah listen i would love to quit but i1793.124.64
may need to drink the pee to survive you1795.842.959
understand this right1797.763.36
but can you put that suit somewhere else1798.7993.841
and not carry it on you we can't help1801.122.64
you if you don't want to be helped1802.643.12
no no here's how you guys helped me yeah1805.763.76
you get me off this planet and you get1807.843.12
me back to a place where i can buy1809.522.24
bottled water1810.963.839
maybe we can start when you really take1811.7612.08
this seriously1814.7999.041
all right i'm drinking this bottle of1830.725.6
water delicious1831.766.72
nope i'm keeping the p i'm heading back1836.323.44
to dr spaghetti1838.483.28
okay listen i want to upgrade dr1839.763.84
spaghetti so dr spaghetti can go deep1841.763.84
that's what she said all right cmos1843.64.24
depth module mk3 i'm looking at it right1845.63.28
now i remember we needed the1847.842.88
modification station which i have one of1848.883.039
those on the uh1850.723.6
uh at red graph base okay we're gonna1851.9195.201
need some plastic1854.322.8
ruby it's a little redstone1857.6798.161
hold on yeah i think this is one of them1877.26.959
yep the uh eye stalk found the eye stock1881.363.12
very nice see how do i get a piece of it1884.483.36
hit it with a knife1886.644.8
yep all right yep one ice stock seed1887.846.719
okay all right see crown fungal1891.444.88
and ghost weed we need what do you1894.5593.36
think's next while i'm out searching for1896.322.959
ruby if i see1897.9192.561
any plants that i don't think i've1899.2798.161
scanned i'll just try to scan them1900.4810.0
hey i found a ruby two rubies nice1907.446.56
thanks three rubies yeah all right1910.487.039
we got an mk3 coming oh yeah1914.07.84
damn this bad boy1917.5194.321
there was only three i needed correct uh1922.483.199
according to my1924.723.679
documents yes you need three boom three1925.6794.801
rubies but you also need blast1928.3993.921
last feeling oh yeah and that was just a1930.484.559
bunch of uh i'm not mistaken a plastic1932.324.4
wait no that's titanium in it oh god how1935.0394.961
did i make plastic ingots1936.723.28
yeah i'm going to need titanium but i1942.04.799
don't want to fill my fill up my1943.5193.28
that inventory things oh yeah the1947.5193.04
do i still have the storage that's why i1950.5593.041
have a parking spot1952.1593.601
yeah that is why you know what that's1953.63.12
great but1955.763.36
you didn't have to say that like you did1956.724.16
good and i thought oh wow that was1959.122.399
really good1960.882.24
and then you ruined it i don't think i1961.5194.4
do have storage1963.122.799
well maybe you know what i may have1966.1592.481
taken that off and put it on the prone1967.361.919
suit as well1968.643.519
just don't gloat that's your thing like1969.2793.441
don't say1972.1595.681
that's why i have uh1972.725.12
no that's a great tune and you know what2017.23.12
i don't know about grace2019.24.8
i don't know about greatness and a movie2020.324.16
the end of your song you were dead i'd2024.489.36
like it2026.487.36
yeah we're still missing something my2045.123.2
plan right now is to eat2046.3996.081
eat yeah right and not drink2048.326.24
pee pee which is yeah i can do that2052.483.599
because yeah i can drink a large2054.563.519
filtered well my inventory2056.0793.201
see that's the thing the steel suit just2058.0792.961
fills up my inventory with pea water2059.283.76
okay so i'm drinking the pea water2061.044.24
don't drink i'm drinking the peanuts2063.045.2
drinking peanut butter2065.2810.559
you'll find an excuse oh god excuse me2068.247.599
what's wrong with you what's happening2075.9193.68
i'm i'm hungry i'm dying of2077.24.959
hunger here jesus then eat food make it2079.5994.32
some drink at the peace yeah2082.1597.68
all right jesus i'm not dumping the pee2083.9195.92
listen yeah if i had enough bottled2106.563.039
water that's the thing2108.03.68
like i like having the steel suit it's2109.5994.48
just it's an easy way to get water i2111.683.52
don't want to hear him complain about it2114.0792.961
and i'd be fine with it i'd be fine with2115.22.399
to continue to drink pee forever2117.5998.24
but i don't want to hear about that2120.888.4
nobody in six months oh no2125.8395.681
listen i am just trying to survive here2129.284.079
if i have to drink pee i drink pee but2131.522.72
then stop2133.3594.321
bitching about how you feel if you're2134.245.52
not gonna take one no i don't i don't2137.685.159
feel good because i have an alien2139.766.079
you'd feel a little bit better and your2154.963.28
you don't know that you don't know it2158.243.839
either you don't know that's just2159.8394.801
start with the basics let's roll it out2162.0794.161
drinking pee for six months2164.643.76
and you're sick yeah i've been sick feel2166.243.68
worse than ever don't you2168.44.0
yeah because i just keep getting sicker2169.923.6
and it's not the pee2172.44.0
it's the alien bad thing i have sounds2173.524.319
familiar all right i'm going into these2176.42.56
caves see if i can find2177.83910.0
lithium oh god i hate it in here worms2178.968.879
my neighbor went to the doctor they2191.283.04
ended up2193.8392.24
finding out he had a tapeworm pulled out2194.324.4
a five foot table oh my goodness2196.0795.681
yeah disgusting that's gross it is gross2198.725.359
was it alive or dead oh it was alive2201.764.079
what do they do with it they keep it2204.0793.361
they keep it they feed it does it take2205.8393.28
care of it now no2207.444.159
no they just had it and they couldn't2209.1193.841
look at it now and they2211.5993.201
sold it to a college you know they sell2212.963.52
that how much do you get for it you2214.84.16
get like three hundred dollars right2216.484.0
three hundred dollars for a tapeworm if2218.963.52
you yeah and it could be a business2220.483.68
yeah the doctors are the only one that2222.483.2
makes money i think you need to give a2224.163.28
cut to the people i should come off with2225.682.56
your doctor bill2227.442.8
yeah it should at least 20 because2228.243.52
they're the ones taking it out but it's2230.242.48
your worm2231.763.839
technically your worm your worm your2232.725.119
money yeah you should get at least 202235.5992.801
listen when abstract gets back we're2238.44.8
gonna sell his worms2240.322.88
yeah lithium is that hot damn that's it2255.8394.321
you have all you need i have the two2258.881.92
that's to make a plastic yes sir and2260.83.44
with the plastic2263.282.96
we were making one the mka3 we're gonna2264.243.04
go deep2266.245.42
that's what she said2267.2814.88
all right so now we got the plastil2282.163.439
ingot and the three rubies what else do2283.8392.321
we need2285.5993.681
uh let's see we're making the depth2286.164.72
module yeah2289.285.12
ruby in the modification station2290.885.84
right so wait this is for the mark iii2294.44.0
yeah yeah didn't you have to make the2296.723.359
first one before you can make the2298.42.959
new one i don't know you asked me what2300.0793.601
the mk3 was okay well oh yeah i'll go2301.3594.48
where's my modification station i2307.5993.281
thought i had a modification station in2309.23.12
here where'd you leave it last2310.884.239
i thought it was here where i could have2312.324.4
i could have sworn it was here in the2315.1193.601
moon pool like right here2316.724.32
go where you saw it i'm here i'm aware i2318.723.44
saw it last2321.043.2
it makes me think of that modification2322.164.72
okay i think i think we need to make a2333.1193.041
modification station because i don't2334.642.4
have one2336.165.679
you know what yeah2337.044.799
i may have taken it apart and put it on2342.43.28
the cyclops i think it's on the cyclops2343.8393.201
yeah which is at the bottom of the ocean2345.684.0
in the lava pit2347.042.64
i don't know if i can or if it even is2350.03.68
still there can you go2352.243.52
to the cyclops and dismantle things and2353.683.6
use those resources2355.763.52
maybe it may be easier just to make a2357.283.44
new one because if i gotta go there i2359.283.68
gotta go to the cyclops which is behind2360.724.24
the deep alien base when it's surrounded2362.964.72
by warpers and things that want to eat2364.964.159
all right how do i make a modification2367.684.88
station maybe it's not that bad look it2369.11910.471
all right copper i'm not even yeah i2383.044.24
think i can find that without even2385.922.32
taking the uh2387.282.72
i got the seamoth out he's just gonna2388.243.44
swim go to swim2390.04.839
go cave gigging i don't think you say2391.686.159
that's how you would catch is if you're2408.963.04
in the wild and you needed to like2410.3193.681
little three-pronged stab i know but i2412.03.28
didn't know that frog2414.04.8
kicking was like a hey let's go frogs2415.285.12
are like it sounds like prawn gigging2418.83.12
wow that's what i i mean that's kind of2420.43.52
what i think it is go froggy2421.923.84
i mean i've eaten frog and it's it's2423.924.399
good yeah but i haven't had to2425.764.72
catch my own frogs because i have2428.3194.081
restaurants right but you know what i2430.482.639
think frog2432.43.12
meat is really good yeah i've had frog2433.1193.041
meat before2435.523.599
it ain't bad really2436.162.959
yeah it depends on how you prepare it2442.43.76
right oh of course but frog legs like2443.764.319
good frog legs2446.164.679
like really like they're like chicken2448.0794.401
remind me yeah uh the copper wire and2452.483.28
what else uh2454.723.84
to make the computer chip copper wire2455.763.68
gold table coral sound that's right the2459.448.399
table coral sample2461.286.559
oh that's right i can make hot knives2476.483.04
forgot about that2478.163.52
yeah we make all this good stuff a lot2479.523.52
of it which i already have2481.684.72
seamoth upgrades okay2483.043.36
oh i gotta make to make the mark2487.284.48
three i have to make the mark two2489.683.84
you know what we might be able to just2491.763.92
we might be okay with just the mark one2493.526.24
arms wait yeah yeah2495.686.159
oh god i need to mark i need i need the2499.764.0
mark one to make the mark two2501.8395.121
jesus all right good2503.765.76
a big waste lord time no we're making2506.963.76
stuff that's going to come in useful2509.522.079
simon all right2510.722.32
come in handy come in useful why did i2511.5993.201
say that a little weird i know you say2513.044.78
weird things like cave gigging2514.86.08
all right here's what i'm going to do go2520.883.92
down i'm going to store this uh2522.645.199
ice dog seed don't lose it and then2524.84.64
we'll go to the cyclops and see what we2527.8393.361
can find maybe we can find some stuff2529.447.36
i like it good plan2531.27.28
all right got the bulb sample got the2536.83.279
eyestock seat two down2538.484.72
beautiful i stuck bulb sample2540.0795.681
got it got it see crown fumble and ghost2543.23.2
then we're in business go to the cyclops2546.43.76
now yeah i suppose we could2548.3195.28
yeah let's go check out the cyclops2550.163.439
all right i'm gonna run out back to the2555.3593.361
cyclops see if we can find i wish you2556.882.719
luck my friend2558.724.0
oh thank you oh boy names good good2559.5995.76
talking good talking yeah yeah but we're2562.724.56
gonna do uh bowling for sure i mean just2565.3593.201
for a little bit and then we'll do your2567.282.72
thing next week this weekend2568.562.799
all right next week markup are you2570.04.319
really leaving oh yeah god all right2571.3594.96
big monster just ate something swim2574.3194.401
right to it and put it in his mouth2576.3195.04
well now it's getting interesting i2578.723.92
thought you had to go2581.3593.121
well you just said a big monster eats2582.643.199
something yeah well i'm looking at that2584.481.92
uh oh yeah well how you describe this2586.43.04
it looks like a dragon with uh2589.446.56
with like tentacles like puff no2592.724.72
it's not like puff it just disappeared2596.03.76
too like falcore2597.444.96
no oh there it is all right let's run to2599.764.319
the cyclops2602.43.04
i need you to keep an eye on my health2604.0793.361
and my oxygen okay i'm looking at your2605.443.919
vitals health is good2607.443.36
yeah but i'm out here in this hot ass2609.3595.841
water it is not gonna it's gonna go down2610.84.4
you need something no i'm i'm okay i ate2615.525.04
a little bit before i left2617.5992.961
okay found the deep2621.924.32
i'm entering the deep for the ruins2626.243.2
of it anyway2628.487.359
there is a kitty fish2629.446.399
okay oh hey my modification station was2640.883.439
down here2643.523.44
hold on i wonder if i can yeah let me2644.3194.401
deconstruct this one2646.964.399
so i can get yeah the diamondback2648.724.48
beautiful all right yeah oh i even got a2651.3593.361
a chip2653.23.52
a microchip yeah awesome all right let's2654.724.0
see quartz2656.724.24
coral titanium oh we need a little coil2658.723.44
table table coral yeah and then copper2662.163.76
gold copper yeah copper2665.926.96
beautiful nice2669.446.08
silver and diamond grab any of that your2672.884.32
health's halfway down bad boy2675.525.599
okay things do not look good in here2677.26.48
okay okay okay oh you know what this2681.1194.0
battery charger2683.683.2
deconstructing the battery charger so we2685.1194.081
can rebuild it2686.883.84
power still charger all right all right2689.23.52
i'm bailing oh yeah i am hurt2690.724.08
i'm hurt i am hurt get out of there2692.723.119
buddy getting out of there2694.83.519
oh boy2695.8392.48
i hope so would it be weird if he died2698.886.959
right now would that be bad2700.725.119
no no it's hot it's just hot all right2713.3596.48
so just hot2716.3193.52
all right and i made it back2723.1196.321
oh you're good man easy2726.45.36
okay all right good run though what do2729.443.919
you mean good run it was a swim right2731.763.12
you were swimming yeah good swimming2733.3594.0
good swim2734.882.479
all right now i go now it's time for me2742.963.359
to go all right uh2744.883.6
simon thanks for stopping by remember if2746.3193.201
you want a parking spot2748.484.32
you got to stay on fire don't you think2749.525.28
he's being a bit snobbish2752.83.84
it is being a little braggy yeah thank2754.84.08
you all right did i stay at work2756.644.0
for the men i'm supposed to yeah get a2758.883.52
life i'll see you guys later have fun2760.643.439
walking to the back of the parking lot2762.42.8
all right i'm going through the portal2764.0794.801
bye simon wait is he doing2765.23.68
you guys still doing that stupid meal2774.45.439
joke it's really funny off with it2775.8395.601
man this is pretty what are you looking2779.8393.441
at it's just night time i'm in this2781.444.56
mushroom forest and uh dr spaghetti was2783.284.48
kind of lighting everything up oh yeah2786.03.119
it just looked pretty did you say2787.762.4
mushroom forest2789.1193.601
yeah you're looking for something called2790.164.159
a fungal sample2792.724.879
yeah yeah a fungal sample would2794.3195.441
be a mushroom wouldn't it that's some2797.5993.52
good logic you're right2799.765.2
hold on can i smack2801.1193.841
got something2805.8392.561
i got a fungal sample yeah nice2809.927.919
nice work neebs2813.1194.72
see you don't need to bring up the2818.0792.24
parking spots every time you do2819.042.079
something good2820.3192.0
that's what that's what simon was2821.1192.72
talking about it is being a little2822.3193.28
snobby it's not snobby snobby you just2823.8392.641
say you know oh2825.5994.641
parking place oh i got a parking spot2826.483.76
you know what just shut the up just2833.23.119
call me in the morning i'm gonna go back2835.042.48
to red grass base and2836.3192.8
make this damn depth finder and get some2837.524.24
sleep oh red ground space2839.1195.921
you're so snappy call me in the morning2841.768.559
god let me get this disney parking spot2845.045.279
all right dr spaghetti what seamoth2854.5594.641
death module mk32856.884.56
installed we got a storage module now2859.23.52
yeah you are looking2861.446.08
good all right what can i do next2862.729.52
weapons gas pods torpedoes2867.527.28
you this is hq come in hello names i was2872.244.0
hoping you'd call me today2874.82.88
you were yeah you were supposed to call2876.243.119
me this morning2877.684.24
is it the morning there it's one o'clock2879.3594.24
clearly not the morning is it2881.923.6
did we set a time no i just said morning2883.5993.041
all right i've been out digging for2885.522.319
stuff all morning though well2886.642.88
you know how much i love listening to2887.8393.441
you grind for stuff yeah i know2889.524.48
it's boring uh with dr spaghetti i got a2891.284.64
depth module installed so we can go deep2894.02.8
the mk32895.924.24
the mk3 baby love it so you still need2896.86.48
c crown and ghost weed seed while i was2900.164.399
out looking for stuff i was i was2903.282.24
looking for those but2904.5593.441
i never could find anything so i assume2905.524.079
i just have to go real deep for those2908.03.2
and now you can go deep now it can go2909.5993.281
deep at least 900 meters2911.24.24
now the good was it the ghost wheat seed2912.883.28
i have an2915.443.04
idea of where that might be okay because2916.163.76
i know an area that's2918.483.44
i guess i could only describe as ghosty2919.923.6
okay yeah it's like it's a very very2921.923.919
spooky area so i'm i'm gonna go there2923.523.76
with hopes that i find this2925.83916.531
ghost weed seed2927.2816.64
oh boy you're in a ghosty area huh yep2943.924.08
this is the part i hate2946.645.6
how you gonna call ghostbusters2948.07.28
hold on hold on i see a warper2952.244.64
these guys hate me i i figured out these2955.284.16
guys only attack things with diseases2956.884.4
oh really yeah so i'm hoping when i cure2959.445.52
this disease it won't attack me anymore2961.285.68
they're like the white blood cells of2964.963.44
that world huh2966.963.92
yeah i guess white blood cells attack2968.45.919
things all right hold on i see some uh2970.884.959
these look like they might be ghost2974.3195.921
weeds come on oh what's it2975.8394.401
hold on uh gabe's feather2981.3595.681
that's not what i'm looking for oh you2984.883.439
scared gabe's feather2987.043.039
yeah interesting oh gabe's feather what2988.3193.28
is this2990.0793.04
i'm more curious about white blood cells2991.5993.041
right now oh speaking of blood i found2993.1192.881
some blood oil2994.643.439
blood you've had that before yeah i2996.03.599
don't need it though my blood cells are2998.0792.081
also called2999.5993.921
leukocytes really yeah leukocytes eh3000.164.959
cells of the immune system that are3003.523.28
involved in protecting the body against3005.1192.96
both infections3006.84.0
that sounds like a warfare uh yeah but3008.0794.721
does it have big big claws and3010.84.319
tentacles take it off of its butt nah3012.84.4
just like a little blob3015.1193.681
there's nothing like a damn white blood3017.23.28
cell technically it kind of has the same3018.82.24
yeah yeah it seeks out infections i3021.045.279
i'm looking at boots online boots that's3026.3195.04
gonna you ever seen those mexican pointy3029.442.639
mexican oh wait the the the dancing3032.0793.921
boots yeah i'm gonna get some of those3034.0796.24
okay i think they're called uh bola3036.04.319
i think they were on an episode of an3040.723.68
idiot abroad yeah i've seen that3042.0793.921
yeah that may have been the first place3044.43.6
i saw him3046.04.079
oh come on there's got to be a ghost3048.03.599
weed seat around here3050.0795.76
oh what is this thing3051.5994.24
oh neebs yes sir3062.3193.441
i think i found the ghost weed yeah3066.05.2
did you get a sample uh no hold on i uh3069.044.16
oh i made a hot knife by the way3071.25.2
oh man3073.23.2
salmon uh no they don't have salmon here3076.724.8
but i do have a ghost weed seed now3079.5995.041
excellent hold on awesome mark it off3081.527.36
got it i'm doing it3084.646.4
sir see crown all right i have no idea3088.884.0
where the i'm gonna find that okay3091.043.44
but i tell you what i have since i have3092.883.36
the go sweet seed and i have the fungal3094.482.32
uh i want to go back down to big mama3096.83.84
okay and go ahead and put those in the3098.964.48
storage container3100.642.8
hey hey simon hey uh do me a favor uh3104.3195.28
can you uh call my phone would you lose3107.683.679
it yeah just let i gotta3109.5993.361
just let it rain call it right now come3111.3593.681
on i didn't lose it in here hey simon3112.964.56
hey uh who this is passenger zero zero3115.043.039
he's your client uh okay i need my phone3118.0796.961
so if you call it i'll run back to3121.283.76
he's as organized as ever yeah if his3131.3593.361
head went attached3133.682.159
he'd lose it wouldn't it you've heard3134.725.119
that phrase yeah yeah yeah3135.8394.0
all right i uh neebs yeah you gotta call3140.884.88
it again uh i'm gonna go to my car3143.1194.321
how long do you think it'll take for me3145.763.359
to get to my car from here yeah3147.443.6
i mean you don't have the nice parking3149.1193.041
spot like that oh3151.043.279
jesus come on man simon what should i3152.163.84
search for to find the mexican pointy3154.3192.161
mexican pointy boots i typed that in his3156.483.2
and it doesn't say it names i'm going3159.683.439
through a portal okay3161.5994.321
go back to the big alien castle oh good3163.1195.361
good idea3165.922.56
do you realize what your problem is3168.963.119
right what's that3170.3194.871
i'm not on bing am i i saw a3172.0796.181
is baby bang yes of course it is there's3179.443.2
a freaking b3182.03.2
symbol type in google and why is chrome3182.643.36
up there3185.24.08
look at the website it says3186.05.359
bing just because there's a baby i don't3189.285.92
care it says3191.3593.841
i know but i need to get to my car3203.1194.24
either you need to call me continuously3205.1194.48
for five minutes or we need to time the3207.3593.2
call okay3209.5993.041
so what do you want uh i'll call your3210.5594.161
phone in five minutes actually it's not3212.642.4
it's gonna be less than five minutes two3215.043.44
all right neebs yeah i've stored the uh3222.244.4
what we have so far so all we need is3224.962.24
crown crown yeah yes3227.27.2
see there anything i've missed here3231.043.36
yeah i'm just looking around man i mean3234.723.119
there's some vegetation here that i3236.3193.28
don't usually see3237.8394.321
okay god i'm hoping to get lucky neebs3239.5993.681
that's all you can do right3242.163.04
yep because i have no idea where to find3243.288.559
all right are you kidding me did3252.0793.601
you find it i3254.644.24
found some secret oh yeah3255.688.96
oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah3258.888.16
yeah all right hell all right3264.643.84
how do i get this so i hit it hit it3267.044.079
with my hot knife3268.482.639
baby good god hey we have everything3272.965.44
send you two images3276.963.359
there's a and b you tell me which one3278.43.6
looks better these pointy boots3280.3193.681
a is a little more expensive yeah i3282.04.0
don't give a about the pointy boots3284.04.16
we got to make this enzyme now real3286.03.68
quick pick one3288.163.199
all right i like a it's the more3289.683.2
expensive one though3291.3593.681
well then go with b i don't give a3292.883.52
you're worth the extra money3295.043.2
no neither of them are worth a3296.43.52
dime those things look dumb as so3298.242.319
go with b3299.922.32
where are you gonna wear these things to3300.5593.361
parties a or b3302.244.079
final answer um i still like hey i think3303.924.08
they look better so it's worth the money3306.3193.601
it's worth it if i was gonna buy some3308.04.319
mexican damn jumping bean shoes3309.926.0
i get a like an thank you3312.3196.881
all right add to my cart okay can i3315.924.08
carry all this stuff3319.22.399
at once because i think i need to go to3320.03.359
the fabricator either that or i gotta3321.5993.121
build a fabricator in here3323.3592.881
okay so then i would have to power this3324.722.96
little thing down here which you know i3326.242.079
like this seems like a big pain in the3328.3194.0
ass i'm gonna haul everything3329.925.919
i'm gonna go3332.3193.52
look at your dumbass shoes3345.684.159
it's not my car huh it's not my car oh3356.0794.561
wait i didn't call you3359.1193.44
is it two minutes yet it's four it's3360.643.28
over four minutes3362.5593.28
because you said hurry up the timer just3363.924.159
go away listen what do you like better3365.8394.48
a or b can you call me now in two3368.0793.601
minutes here i'll set an alarm3370.3193.201
set there there you go so when are you3371.686.159
hitting start get started3373.524.319
i'm looking good i'm heading back to dr3384.5594.641
spaghetti okay i am back to dr spaghetti3386.164.32
i love it3389.24.08
i'm heading back to red grass base to3390.484.48
get to the fabricator3393.285.12
oh what's that3394.966.08
set alarm to call simon he should be in3398.47.439
his car right now3401.044.799
you got it yes thank you very much okay3412.965.52
bye well that's good he found it at3417.043.2
least he brought it to work yeah did you3418.483.119
get to the fabricator uh3420.244.48
i'm almost there3421.5993.121
hey hatching enzymes we got everything3428.963.839
okay you're making it3431.764.88
yeah here we go just making one3432.7997.04
uh yeah one's all i need all right3436.644.959
all right so now i gotta go back down to3439.8393.201
the big big lady3441.5993.681
and stick those hatching enzymes in uh3443.044.0
the thing all right is there anything3445.284.319
else we need here before you leave let3447.043.12
me think3449.5993.601
any crystals keys i3450.164.56
i guess i could drink a little bit and3453.22.8
eat a little bit why don't i do that3454.722.0
drink some3456.02.319
fresh water all right yeah a little3456.723.76
fresh water here we go delicious do you3458.3193.841
have any peanut butter on you3460.483.92
uh let's see yes i have two things you3462.163.28
drop that off3464.44.56
and get more fresh water all right3465.445.919
dropping off the pea water3468.964.8
getting a little bit more fresh water3471.3594.161
done all right you know how crazy that3473.764.559
sounds right it works3475.524.48
when you have perfectly good water it3478.3194.24
hydrates you it it it solves the problem3480.03.599
of being thirsty3482.5595.52
okay all right what is that here3483.5996.24
it says i got a hot knife again i can3488.0793.201
just hit things and they cook them3489.8392.48
automatically that's3491.284.0
awesome i love it well they break3492.3195.361
all right i think we're good so i'm just3497.684.399
gonna go straight to dr spaghetti and3499.924.159
head down to the lady oh instead of3502.0793.361
going the normal route why don't i go to3504.0791.76
the gun3505.442.32
you're going to go through a portal yeah3505.8393.361
i'll go through the portal that takes me3507.762.559
right to her to the gun3509.23.359
is that quicker i think it's about the3510.3193.921
same it might be a little bit longer to3512.5592.961
get there3514.242.8
well once i hopefully can cure this3515.523.279
disease i gotta deactivate the gun3517.0413.2
so may as well just get there3518.79914.641
is tina at lunch oh hey simon hey3530.245.92
uh no she left early today why was she3533.443.28
no disappointment why would she be upset3536.724.079
because her and her man3539.5993.76
man they've been arguing a lot i mean i3540.7994.481
hear him talk on the phone when i watch3543.3592.641
because i got a routine you realize that3546.03.839
sounded creepy right simon well i mean3547.525.12
uh we eat at the same time she's just3549.8393.76
across the i mean3552.642.88
are you actively staring at her well3553.5994.161
yeah when i eat i focus all my attention3555.522.48
her uh it's kind of like watching tv3558.04.24
when you watch tv is that creepy is it3560.3193.04
creepy to watch tv3562.243.04
he's not a person yeah well the tv3563.3593.681
people on tv want to be watched3565.283.76
yeah exactly what are you saying right3567.046.48
now sounds insane simon she wants to be3569.046.4
i mean if you're staring at her i'm sure3573.523.839
there's that weird eye contact moment no3575.443.44
i don't let her know that i'm looking at3577.3593.121
her still sounds creepy3578.883.36
you shouldn't do that you shouldn't do3580.483.52
that at all no3582.243.68
no god no you're gonna be steered out3584.03.68
yeah i'd be okay with that if somebody3585.922.8
wants to stare at me3587.682.96
how would you feel if a weird fat guy3588.723.359
was just looking at you while you eat3590.644.0
hey listen if i never saw him do it i'm3592.0794.321
down well don't do that anymore yeah3594.644.8
yeah stop honestly3596.43.04
it is absolutely3611.5994.24
is unwanted3626.162.959
i want these pointy mexican boots people3641.24.24
can't just send me uh3643.5993.281
snow boots because that's not what i3645.442.96
want right are you trying to make some3646.883.199
sort of analogy up yeah stop paying3648.42.959
attention yeah well yeah3650.0794.881
simon the point is don't stalk tina3651.3593.601
followed her anymore her knowing all3655.23.2
over the place all right neebs3656.884.0
getting through the portal near the gun3658.44.24
spaghetti should be safe right there3660.885.52
going to the big all righty3662.643.76
what's up big mama neb's still there uh3669.523.76
all right i have the hatching enzymes3673.283.6
with me3676.164.48
okay i'm coming up and i'm inserting3676.884.16
in this uh hatching enzyme hatchery3681.047.36
thing all right here we go3684.483.92
oh boy oh boy3689.1195.921
oh god these things better not eat me oh3692.645.36
what's happening3695.046.64
yeah cute cute little big mama babies3698.05.359
they look just like her but they're tiny3701.683.679
guys they better not eat me3703.3595.361
hold on here i'll scan one well careful3705.3595.681
she's a mama she might not like that3708.724.96
no well i'm the one that helped her i'm3711.043.519
there you go the sea emperor juveniles3714.5593.151
oh yeah3716.7992.161
cute little bastard oh3718.965.359
oh they love they love their mama needs3722.44.719
oh yeah they love their mama3724.3194.881
oh that's the cutest damn thing ever3727.1195.341
you are cute you are just adorable3734.5597.28
i thank you their freedom3752.247.68
is my end what will it be like i wonder3755.288.48
to go to sleep and never wake up3759.927.04
perhaps next week i will be an ocean3763.764.24
carrying seas to a new land or a3768.04.0
so small it sees the gaps between the3772.06.559
grains of sand3775.523.039
she spoke to me and it said it sounded3783.683.439
like she's3786.5592.48
uh she's old and tired i think she's3787.1194.401
gonna die3789.0392.481
but her babies are uh where the did3791.8394.48
her babies go3794.724.72
circle of life man yeah i don't think3796.3193.52
i don't think she's doing too hot3799.8393.2
anymore that's sad she's3800.966.399
sad maybe she can help her wait3803.0397.28
wasn't i supposed to get cured though3807.3594.641
yeah remind her hey remember3810.3193.121
that you need to get cured before she3812.04.319
dies let me whisper in her ear3813.444.48
you're supposed to cure me you're3816.3193.76
supposed to cure me before you die3817.926.32
you gonna do that huh3820.0797.601
did she say anything no not a word3824.246.319
man you got played sir well she said her3827.685.439
babies were heading for the shallows3830.5595.76
okay what does that mean3833.1194.801
i guess that's where we started right3836.3193.28
this is the shallow area3837.924.24
i think so hold on let me scan myself3839.5995.601
here am i still infected3842.166.399
yeah so affected what the hell you got3845.26.96
sir damn it no something all right3848.5596.161
names i'm not uh not 100 sure what i do3852.163.199
let's see hold on i i'm gonna go back3855.3593.361
out through the portal3857.23.2
okay try to figure out what our next3858.723.44
step is so3860.43.6
she told you her children were heading3862.163.439
to the shallows3864.03.76
yes but maybe it goes to the shallows3865.5993.361
that's my best guess3867.764.24
i'm going through a portal3868.963.04
yeah and then when you get there maybe3872.963.28
that's the uh oh the babies came through3874.642.959
the portal3876.244.72
oh really yeah they're here hey3877.5995.121
you little want to cure me oh3880.964.96
wait what are they spitting out here3882.723.2
i don't need them oh god they got like3886.726.079
they left a little a and i just i3890.04.0
want to touch it and get it on my3892.7993.52
hand yeah yeah i really want to cut3894.03.44
their oh god3896.3194.561
you should use a bag covering me3897.445.119
okay yeah use it when you pick up3900.883.9
droppings you want to use a little bag3902.5595.27
neebs yeah i feel good3908.967.44
oh yeah is it a drone hold on a second3913.0394.56
are they drugs3916.42.959
ow you little you little sick3917.5993.2
no remaining sign of bacterial infection3933.8394.321
congratulations normal3942.243.68
the little the little baby that3946.03.44
cured me hey3947.8396.24
hold on see one more time normal3949.446.48
they might let you back on earth now oh3954.0793.841
man hold on all right dr forget it come3955.923.919
here baby3957.924.48
all right i am cured i am heading3959.8393.601
towards the gun3962.43.919
to shut that down hell yeah neebs3963.443.599
right on3966.3193.841
sir oh man i feel good so it wasn't the3967.0393.76
pea water3970.162.159
no it wasn't the pea water it was the3970.7993.681
alien disease who knew who knew except3972.3192.561
for me3974.483.68
he's still off the water3974.883.28
theoretically since i'm cured all i3991.5993.601
gotta do is push the button you really3993.5992.96
know your way around this place now3995.22.8
don't you well i've been here before3996.5592.081
okay all right here we go3998.643.52
nothing stopped you oh oh oh okay4002.964.159
he's looking at me oh4006.04.24
oh no no don't do it don't stab me ow4007.1196.24
you oh damn it hurts4010.245.599
you okay yeah this thing came out and4013.3593.121
stuck me4015.8394.641
i guess it checks my blood4016.487.04
what's going on hold on4020.483.04
i think i turned it off well it's dark4025.683.84
in here now4028.02.72
you might have just turned the lights4029.523.92
off oh4030.724.319
you think you just hit the light switch4033.443.84
i have no idea i think i shut the whole4035.0392.881
thing down4037.282.24
seems excessive for a light switch4037.923.84
doesn't it yeah things stabbed you4039.524.559
yeah it's i i think it's checking my4041.764.48
blood so yeah it grabs your arm and then4044.0792.96
it stabs you4046.243.599
it's awful4047.0392.8
what you need me to do after well send a4058.05.839
did we send the ship standby did you4063.923.52
send a ship4066.723.119
it's been a long time how do you4067.444.24
actually authorize something like that4069.8393.76
because i hear it always just gets4071.685.52
caught up in red tape many4073.5993.601
guys are ridiculously inconfident send a4086.244.319
ship now there's nothing to worry about4088.883.84
all i can do is put in a request it's4090.5593.52
not up to me to send it4092.724.4
did tina actually mention where her4094.0798.16
dentist is like which dentist don't tell4097.125.119
yes and the ship4108.8813.839
hey buddy it's been three days man sorry4122.7193.761
i've been busy4125.62.159
okay well you could at least called and4126.483.04
said i'm busy but we were still thinking4127.7592.4
about you4129.522.719
yeah it scared me for a minute i was4130.1593.441
there i was about to go back to the damn4132.2392.161
at least you're not sick anymore no4134.43.279
actually yeah it's the best i've felt4135.923.439
i've been active i've been out swimming4137.6794.241
yeah i'm honestly i've just been hanging4139.3594.0
around the base4141.923.04
eating some snacks every now and then4143.3594.0
okay awesome4144.964.719
well listen i got some good news and4147.3593.521
some bad news4149.6794.56
and some other bad news okay good news4150.885.68
you know tina my secretary right no4154.2395.52
cavities okay okay i don't give a4156.565.84
i don't give a about tina's dental4159.7593.52
teenagers okay well that's impressive 104163.2793.201
yeah all right so that's it wait a4166.483.759
minute so that's the good news yeah4168.03.759
so you don't really have any good news4170.2393.04
for me4171.7593.761
all the news for me is bad actually the4173.2793.761
bad news well the first bad news is for4175.522.56
boots won't be in for another week i4178.084.239
don't give a about boots4180.3194.561
okay so that's not again not for me so4182.3194.161
you only have bad news for me yeah the4184.882.479
last ones you4186.484.719
we can't send the ship so i'm stuck here4187.3597.281
um we're thinking if you had blueprints4191.1995.281
you might be able to build your own ship4194.645.2
okay send me blueprints uh we can't why4196.486.48
because the blueprints should be on the4199.845.04
aurora can't just send me the blueprints4202.964.0
because ships will keep blueprints on4204.883.92
them but we don't have any blueprints4206.963.36
for a ship that you would need so you4208.82.8
don't have blueprints for the escape4210.322.8
ship i would need but the escape ship4211.63.24
blueprints might be on the ship that's4213.123.119
me running4216.23915.601
uh one of those fat manatee things ran4240.1593.841
by it4243.1992.48
all right i'm in the shallows now4244.03.12
heading towards the aurora4245.6794.081
you ever swim with a manatee no i4247.125.36
recommend it4249.762.72
there's a spinning one oh yeah he's4253.444.0
dancing he's a dancing manatee4255.124.24
he's a big fat dancing man today we4257.444.08
should get out and swim with one4259.364.4
oh wait you've killed one yeah all the4261.523.92
one that was uh annoying me you forgot4263.762.56
that didn't you4265.442.88
yeah well i mean he deserved it if4266.323.28
you're trying to block out that you're a4268.325.52
bad person4269.64.24
ah i found light spot four again4273.923.6
oh get the pda okay4277.847.0
how did i have this integrating new pda4281.365.68
data cool4284.845.399
to any altera crew landed in4287.046.72
areas in alien activity encountered4290.2395.201
predators in the leviathan class4293.764.32
highly aggressive spectroscope scanner4295.445.44
assigned species designator reaper4298.084.4
one specimen attempted to swallow the4300.883.839
life pod doing extensive damage in the4302.483.6
only viable option is to make the safety4306.083.76
of the aurora crash site4308.03.44
i have retrieved a data box with the4309.843.76
creature decoy and enough resources to4311.443.759
fabricate a couple of them4313.63.2
the swim's longer than the decoy4315.1993.281
lifetime but it should just be enough to4316.83.919
keep them busy4318.484.32
if you don't find me on board the ship4320.7195.201
oh geez assume i'm miscalculated4322.86.56
well names i think uh like the the guy4325.925.04
from lifepot4 tried to swim to the4329.364.64
aurora and he was eaten by something and4330.964.96
i actually see the something4334.04.64
okay it's it's that really big creature4335.923.44
this thing uh4338.642.64
he he bit me once or well i mean he4339.363.28
didn't bite me but4341.283.12
oh my god that thing's huge what was he4342.643.68
saying about decoys can we use decoys i4344.43.44
don't have any decoy oh4346.323.359
he's good he spit under the sand well4347.843.52
you need to either get out of there4349.6794.321
or no i'm i'm i'm i'm in the crap i'm4351.364.48
i'm around the aurora's crash site so i4354.03.36
think i'm safe4355.843.6
okay god i would love to torpedo this4357.364.799
guy in the face4359.442.719
arming torpedoes4363.523.04
hey oh come on4370.488.08
hey it's blinky blinky oh yeah4374.5610.4
oh yeah4378.568.159
oh it actually worked what'd you do a4384.963.68
torpedo that in the face4386.7194.161
oh really yeah that's for trying to chew4388.644.0
on me4390.884.16
wow damn that felt good nice work damn4392.643.68
that felt good okay4395.044.24
listen can you get in the ship and get4396.323.919
get the blueprints4399.282.48
well yeah i've been to this ship before4400.23913.601
i never found any blueprints4401.7612.08
all right i'm inside the damn aurora4418.2394.241
oh yeah oh it's been burning for4422.484.48
i remember remember when we had that4451.443.84
conversation about tina4453.364.08
and you were giving me yeah we told4455.283.439
you to quit talking today4457.443.6
not stalking anyway staring at her while4458.7193.361
she's eating well4461.044.159
hr now for some reason i i've been4462.083.84
by them because someone has filed a4465.923.6
complaint about me4468.2393.761
watching tina when she eats i wonder how4469.523.28
she found4472.02.56
out about that how she found out someone4472.83.359
was staring at her while she was eating4474.562.96
she probably saw you staring at her4476.1592.401
while she was eating4477.524.08
i've been doing that for so many months4478.564.4
i would have filed a complaint too4481.63.119
anytime you stare at someone4482.964.0
for too long it's creepy neebs you're4484.7193.201
not going to believe this4486.962.96
what's up there's a seamoth debt module4487.923.12
mk1 in here4489.923.6
oh really yeah well you got an mk3 i4491.044.0
know it would have been nice to uh4493.523.28
you know have that because i had to make4495.043.199
that to make the other thing that yeah4496.83.04
it was a big pain in the air4498.2393.44
you wouldn't know but i was just saying4499.843.359
it's ironic we were looking for it4501.6793.601
i love how like i'm talking to you about4503.1993.361
something and then all of a sudden you4505.284.959
completely change the subject4506.563.679
you shouldn't be following tina being4521.843.839
innocent i never had any sort of4523.524.96
any ill will doesn't that count for4525.6794.641
anything you gotta take her feelings4528.484.08
into count she didn't know i told you4530.323.919
that i obviously did or she wouldn't4532.562.639
have complained oh4534.2393.201
someone else complained for her that's4535.1993.201
what i'm saying4537.443.12
i'm thinking it was you neebs i wouldn't4538.43.36
complain i told you4540.564.08
i told you directly stop looking at her4541.7610.16
you know what her loss4544.6414.96
hey nate yeah um i found the captain's4559.63.599
quarters you think the blueprints might4561.922.4
be in here4563.1993.761
that's a really good guess man okay i4564.323.76
know you guys don't have the code for4566.962.56
the blueprints but you have the code for4568.084.56
the captain's quarters4569.523.12
well i'm gonna have a drink here at the4572.885.279
bar while you're uh figuring that out4574.325.76
let's see what was on the menu today4578.1594.241
baked potato coleslaw mac and cheese4580.083.92
garlic bread biscuit oh4582.43.68
man you know how to make a good coleslaw4584.03.12
just sugar4586.083.28
and miracle whip and i don't even like4587.124.24
miracle whip miracle whip is gross but4589.363.359
for some reason4591.364.799
oh man do you want to do a barbecue this4592.7193.921
um yeah sounds good quit talking about4596.645.44
let neebs focus searching for that code4599.844.16
you know what you can take4602.085.28
you can take take a break buddy me4604.05.52
it's not all about you all the time i am4607.364.0
taking well i'm i'm on the insides of a4609.522.639
yeah but will you put yourself there hey4612.1593.04
listen i don't know if4614.2392.641
this is it but i'm seeing a lot of4615.1996.321
captains use the code 26794616.884.64
i'll 2679 it a shot4621.62.88
six seven nine4625.043.76
i think it worked it's open yeah4629.125.76
all right i'm in the cabin's corner good4632.84.32
all right you know what i really need to4637.924.72
start working harder4640.2394.321
i'm going to do that all right hold on4642.643.2
hold on a second i found it that a4644.561.92
okay holy creating new pda4646.488.0
data what you got i got it i got a4650.964.64
blueprint for the rocket4654.483.759
okay hell yeah can you send a copy here4655.63.44
so we have it4658.2392.881
on file yeah i will send a copy to you4659.043.92
right now let me uh4661.123.36
well actually i don't know if i can4662.963.759
what's that wall shelves4664.485.52
i don't need wall shelves blueprints4666.71911.771
here's how you build a wall shelf4670.015.099
all right let me get out of the ship4689.042.88
then we'll look at the blueprints for4690.7192.0
this thing eh4691.923.279
got it man hey good job guys we're gonna4692.7193.921
get you home apps right4695.1992.801
that's right hey you know what and i'm4696.644.88
gonna help i'm inspired right now4698.05.679
what can i do for you what could i do to4701.523.52
help well uh4703.6792.721
we need to figure out what he needs to4705.043.119
build this thing and assist him in4706.43.12
gathering materials we're gonna4708.1593.52
officially start doing this tomorrow4709.524.24
no yeah we're gonna start no we're4711.6794.321
starting today i know but i'm going to4713.763.84
officially start because i've done4716.02.96
nothing until now4717.63.28
and i will continue doing nothing until4718.963.52
tomorrow are you gonna pick no no we're4720.883.12
doing it today4722.484.239
we're starting today i'm inspired you4724.04.0
start today4726.7199.121
i start tomorrow4728.07.84
all right let's do this all right where4739.843.28
are we at we're building the launch pad4741.763.12
titanium ingot computer chip4743.124.96
lid let's see4744.886.16
all right two titanium ingots i think i4748.084.96
went out searching for4751.045.28
let's see what was it lead yep4753.046.4
and a computer chip had one from when i4756.325.6
deconstructed the uh the thing at the4759.446.239
cyclops the modification station4761.923.759
here we go4768.962.56
uh i assume it's gonna float all right4772.884.96
here we go i'm logging in4776.44.64
okay all right yeah neptune launch4777.843.76
says i could build it all right all4781.64.24
right i'm putting in the parts4783.67.44
holy all right go guys go4785.8410.399
good lord it's a big one4791.045.199
you need to be more descriptive or we4796.564.48
need to start playing more games4798.2396.721
because i want to go are you4801.043.92
uh yeah it's done really yeah hold on4823.6795.441
i'm going to it right now4826.963.92
is it floating or landing yeah it is4829.123.68
floating it is a floating4830.883.92
platform that has a giant hole in the4832.83.04
middle of it4834.82.879
and i assume this is where i'm supposed4835.844.16
to build a rocket4837.6794.321
it's kind of dark out here right now so4840.03.6
i'm having a hard time seeing4842.05.04
okay okay oh yep there's a platform here4843.65.52
i bet this works like uh4847.043.76
all the other ones i'm accessing the4849.123.039
platform now4850.84.8
okay let's just say neptune4852.1595.361
gantry oh okay i guess i gotta build a4855.63.84
gantry it's something that supports4857.525.04
the rocket during construction okay4859.445.12
some plastic ingot copper wire and4862.564.88
lubricant back up4864.564.8
what is this again the recipe for uh the4867.444.48
neptune gantry4869.363.68
gantry i guess that's what they call the4871.924.319
thing that holds the rocket in place4873.046.32
all right ingredients uh plastic ingot4876.2393.92
copper wire4879.363.92
lubricant we're building a rocket we're4880.1595.04
in the walking we're building a rocket4883.283.439
we're building a rocket4885.1994.161
now i'd like to go out with you later4900.964.16
let's do it4903.923.44
no don't go out now we're building the4905.123.28
rocket then we could do4907.363.92
i'm saying afterwards we should eat i'm4908.44.16
not going to go all day without eating4911.282.48
yeah why don't you just go get food4912.562.88
simon you guys could eat here well then4913.763.6
i'm just gonna pick up other food i'm4915.443.44
not gonna go to the place that they cook4917.362.96
in front of me i'm either gonna have you4918.882.96
picking up i gotta try or i'm gonna get4920.323.44
tina to order me some what's it gonna be4921.844.24
well you know what i'll talk to tina i4923.763.84
don't think that's a good idea no i4926.085.76
don't think that's a good idea4927.64.24
i know i have copper laying around yeah4947.525.04
all right got some copper4950.485.199
to make the copper wire okay4952.567.28
man i'm getting good at this4955.6794.161
i know yeah i'm gonna be able to build4960.1592.401
all kinds of when i get back all4961.443.199
right what was the last one4962.564.72
lubricant now lubricant yeah you might4964.6394.241
have to remind me i know it's creep vine4967.282.959
related but i don't bear with this the4968.883.68
lubricant right now that's why you have4978.323.52
a meeting with hr today simon4979.844.799
why why comments like that comments like4981.845.2
what obviously you lubricate4984.6395.441
you masturbate obviously so you're using4987.044.48
the lubricant on a regular basis you're4990.083.52
like oh i'm not quite sure4991.524.4
yeah but he's our he's our client indy4993.63.44
you're talking about4995.923.6
sexual stuff but i don't mind he doesn't4997.043.76
mind yeah i don't mind but4999.523.76
but other people might whatever other5000.83.04
smother people5003.842.879
uh we are ready to construct the gantry5010.324.08
i'm inserting the stuff5012.2395.281
okay here we go5014.43.12
good lord okay yeah it's a gantry all5020.324.16
right holy crap that thing's big5022.7195.44
is it bigger than a school bus yeah yeah5024.486.239
i'd say it's about two school buses and5028.1594.721
imagine a third school bus on top but at5030.7192.881
a a5032.882.799
like an l-shape sounds crazy sounds very5033.63.119
yeah it is you built all this i believe5036.7192.801
i'm building i'm out here in the middle5038.482.4
of the ocean building a rocket5039.522.48
this is crazy5040.883.6
you got quite the story yeah too you5042.04.0
might be able to get on uh5044.484.64
jimmy kimmel or uh jimmy fallon oh5046.08.32
jimmy carter okay jimmy carter yeah5049.125.2
so now what let's see now we just need a5054.43.36
uh we need boosters oh boy5057.766.479
three nickel ore two aero gel and a5061.1994.881
wiring kit5064.2394.081
yes sir this is to build the boosters5066.084.48
this is to build the boosters oh boy5068.324.16
nickel i think nickel is going to be a5070.564.0
i'm not really sure5072.484.88
oh whoa whoa whoa okay hold on look5074.564.72
we're a little shaky here5077.368.48
all right5079.286.56
uh yeah this uh i'm on top of the5092.883.759
platform platform is shaking5094.885.12
and i can't seem to move have you taken5096.6395.201
any mushrooms no i have not taken any5100.02.32
diamonds no mushrooms any other5102.323.76
hallucinogenic drug5104.45.44
no no hallucinogens i seem to be5106.086.96
stuck come on jump am i moving forward5109.843.73
at all5113.044.88
oh oh oh oh there we go5117.923.12
um i think so5121.286.399
that was wonky so uh so we want to build5124.7193.92
next and we need some materials do you5128.6393.921
have those materials5131.363.76
at the red grass base uh i don't know5132.563.28
let's see5135.123.72
uh the nickel i definitely don't have5135.844.64
nickel what about back in the cycle5138.8415.72
maybe i'd have to go back and look5140.4822.159
all right cyclops where are you at where5162.6393.201
are you there you are yet5164.1595.281
dead piece of oh you're taking5165.845.28
damage sir i know i'm taking damage keep5169.442.96
an eye on my health i do have health5171.124.0
packs with me so i should be fine5172.45.44
can i just go in oh good god i just5175.124.079
realized that was busting out5177.843.92
this is where we got to pay attention5179.1994.721
danger situation okay so how do i5181.764.16
show me exactly how all right you see5183.923.759
here these are his vinyls we want to5185.922.48
make sure his5187.6793.04
air and health are good right looks like5188.43.36
he's doing pretty5190.7193.52
pretty good the blue is uh more down5191.766.08
than the others we're looking for nickel5194.2393.601
deconstructing a fabricator maybe we'll5198.7193.44
take that with me5200.563.36
oh yeah my aquarium hey my fish are5202.1593.281
still alive in there wow5203.924.239
that's insane that is insane all right5205.444.88
you gotta hurry sir looks like he's5208.1593.761
doing okay what's the rush take a lot of5210.322.319
oxygen take your time he's fine5212.6395.6
yeah oxygen is a big thing yeah i know5216.323.76
but i mean trust me5218.2393.92
right i didn't trust simon absolutely oh5220.084.88
wait right out of stuff guys5222.1595.52
take a health pack5224.962.719
there we go i am still looking for5228.883.12
magnesium sulfur oh damn5232.06.96
are storage bins there any checked yet5235.525.92
uh no i've checked all the store well no5238.963.279
you know what the5241.442.16
ones on the bottom but i need a breath5242.2393.281
of air i'm gonna run back and take a5243.62.96
breath and we'll come back5245.523.04
all right i like it play it safe looks5246.563.679
like one of those things5248.564.88
on the meters there is low nice work5250.2394.881
yeah good job simon good there right5253.443.04
that's my occupant watch out5255.124.88
watch out for the oxygen5256.483.52
okay yep there's some storage down here5264.483.28
come on what's this5266.44.64
lid come on nickel nickel5267.767.28
lithium come on5271.047.76
ruby damn i got everything button nickel5275.046.4
gel jailback5278.82.64
serious i got everything here butt5282.324.0
nickel neebs5284.6394.881
nickel have you checked everything5286.326.24
uh i believe so i'll double check5289.524.8
you really need to double check every5292.563.52
time my grandma used to always tell me5294.322.56
double check5296.083.76
every time don't be stupid that's a good5296.884.72
that's good5299.844.08
too it was uh it was always fun it's5301.64.079
wordy and it doesn't rhyme but i guess5303.923.12
it works5305.6792.881
a lot of times those things you remember5307.043.36
things that rhyme actually she would5308.565.119
change it up sometimes too she'd be like5310.45.36
stop being stupid i'm sure i'm worried5313.6793.121
about your health right now5315.763.2
oh yeah good call neebs do the right5316.83.6
thing that's what she said5318.964.0
a couple health5320.42.56
well we know we can always come here for5329.843.2
other supplies but that's a good thing5331.444.0
you got everything but nickel yeah i5333.043.44
know it's insane5335.443.84
but nickel do that again black nickel5336.483.199
at one two three button nickel5339.6794.321
everything butt nickel yeah5342.43.12
kind of funny when you said it the first5344.07.84
time second time5345.526.32
uh if i'm not mistaken i think i have5355.123.44
found nickel before5357.1994.081
in the super creepy river and what i5358.564.72
need to do is i need to go back to dr5361.283.919
spaghetti and then i need to go back to5363.284.0
red grass base and i'll deposit5365.1994.48
some of all this i picked up at red5367.283.68
grass base5369.6794.581
and then we're gonna go nickel hunting5370.965.88
creepy river like man this must be a5378.084.159
scary book5381.122.96
i like titles that tell you what it's5382.2393.92
like like super creepy river5384.085.2
maybe a murder mystery called uh he5386.1597.681
watched her eat5389.284.56
ah yeah here we are i've been down here5406.563.119
in a while huh yeah no5408.483.52
it's it has been a while oh i can't5409.6793.841
imagine why you wouldn't go to a scary5412.02.56
place more often5413.523.52
i hate scary movies do you watch scary5414.563.04
other you guys know5417.64.24
like something like sixth sense where5422.1593.04
it's like a5423.843.52
mystery kind of a creepy thing yeah but5425.1993.921
that was a little bit more than just5427.364.319
that that had scary moments not just5429.123.92
creepy it was well written it wasn't5431.6792.96
just like a slasher movie those are5433.042.32
always dumb5434.6393.291
oh yeah no i just i don't like creepy5435.364.96
do i find nickel just out in the open on5440.323.28
its own or do you think it's in one of5442.1592.241
these uh5443.62.4
limestone droppings or whatever they5444.43.279
were like uh rocks that you might5446.03.6
weren't they what's this5447.6795.601
oh i found some nickel ore really5449.65.119
that's probably what you make nickel out5453.283.68
of it yeah of course it's nickel5454.7194.721
it's nickel come on you're gonna harvest5456.963.12
too big that's what i'm saying yeah i5460.083.84
don't know if i can find the the5461.763.919
smaller i know i found like a smaller5463.924.0
piece of nickel but not the nickel ore5465.6794.721
because to get that nickel ore i would5467.924.16
actually probably need the prawn suit5470.44.72
and the damn drill arm on the prawn to5472.084.24
make suit please5475.122.4
yeah we wanted to make another cyclops5476.322.8
we might have to make another prawn suit5477.523.6
yeah why don't you suck it up5479.123.2
thought we're gonna be launching that5481.123.92
rocket soon5482.322.72
can you make nickel out of nick you5485.6793.441
can't i mean yeah of course i can make5487.524.159
it out of nickel ore5489.124.079
well yeah but but it's also like you5491.6793.121
know for example quartz5493.1994.881
like right now i am looking at a big5494.86.56
thing of uh quartz ore or5498.086.32
a little thing of quartz so you couldn't5501.364.0
mine the nickel5504.42.96
i cannot mine the nickel ore unless i5505.363.2
have a5507.363.68
a prawn suit with a thing on it so you5508.563.28
have to make a5511.043.199
prawn no we don't if i can find a little5511.843.52
because i know i found little nickel5515.363.6
before you found little nickels i know5516.842.52
yeah you know i i remember exactly where5519.364.48
it was i'm going back there right now5521.65.599
that is a great nickname yo what up5523.845.04
little nickels what's up my nickel5527.1995.761
hey nick nicky i like5528.884.08
still no sign of any sort of nickel5557.043.599
neebs well let's look a little bit5559.122.24
if we can't find this or what to build5561.364.48
that prawn suit man5562.882.96
oh god what happened oh god what5567.6793.361
man that stuff's poisonous okay5571.044.8
the area i'm in simon there's like5575.842.96
there's stuff that's heavier than the5577.62.32
water that kind of5578.82.96
it's like green and gross and it floats5579.923.44
on the ground it's poison5581.764.56
uh yeah it's poison us sucks to be you5583.365.279
it does5586.322.319
damn all right let's learn don't get5589.64.24
into that anymore5592.085.119
i didn't know that was great even after5593.8410.0
your man5597.1996.641
all right i remember finding nickel in5622.2393.281
the room where uh i left the beacon that5623.842.96
neebs as a that somehow5625.522.88
disappeared are you kidding me5626.85.2
is this door freaking closed son of a5628.45.839
the door that you've already been5632.04.48
in that i've already opened clothes what5634.2393.521
do you want yeah you want some kind of5636.482.88
crazy orange tablet5637.764.399
me there's a nickel in there damn5639.363.359
ah this is frustrating all i want is5642.7193.241
as much as i want to stick around5652.086.8
you gotta go gotta go5655.363.52
try to survive here in the scary river5682.45.44
uh neebs i'm back at that uh beautiful5693.363.6
underwater tree remember5695.762.879
talking about that yeah let's see if5696.963.52
there's any around here let's see i see5698.6394.56
jill sacks5700.482.719
even with the mk yeah no this is this is5705.444.16
the limit for the seamoth5707.926.0
gotcha okay all right i'm gonna hop out5709.65.68
just search around keep an eye on my5713.922.16
yes sir now there's a cloud of stuff5716.084.48
here but it's blue5719.445.04
i'm gonna risk it oh5720.567.679
yep i'm okay in this stuff good5724.483.759
i know what is this5730.486.96
titanium or deposit5734.03.44
holy i just found a piece of nickel5739.525.199
holy i just found nickel5741.925.6
all right oh my goodness how many did i5744.7193.841
three you know what to look for now5748.564.48
yeah i mean they're hard to see it's5753.043.92
probably riding past him this whole time5754.885.52
yeah oh i see something neebs5756.967.84
come on come on5760.44.4
oh yeah one more buddy5765.1995.761
oh god where's dr spaghetti there you5784.44.08
all right let's get the out of here5788.4819.57
all right ah rocket day5815.847.12
let's go build this rocket all right yep5819.366.64
i got everything let's start making5822.967.279
some boosters yeah5826.07.36
hello oh hello i'll take a uh5830.2396.801
large cheese with half black olives5833.365.6
and half mushroom simon are you5837.043.04
with me i'll do what5838.963.279
what simon are you with me5840.083.039
excuse me5842.2392.48
what are you uh what are you doing why5843.1193.12
are you why are you calling me ordering5844.7192.641
this is stuff this is zero zero fu5847.368.48
this is supposed to be i hit this button5850.7195.121
i don't know i don't know how your5863.1993.281
office works i've never called5864.563.92
you from my office5866.484.0
this is not where i've never spoken to5868.483.199
you from here okay5870.482.96
holy crap hey by the way i just built5871.6794.401
the uh the boosters for the rocket5873.445.84
they are looking good okay wow so5876.084.639
you're getting ready to head back no5879.283.76
i've built the bottom of the rocket i5880.7194.161
think i still have to build the uh the5883.043.119
middle and the top5884.883.44
okay yeah i gotta build holy crap i5886.1594.321
gotta build the uh the fuel reserve5888.325.68
oh god i need kyanite5890.487.36
oh god i'm gonna need a5894.06.32
freaking prawn suit does complaining5897.843.12
make it5900.321.919
better no it doesn't make it better i5900.963.279
was i was hoping to leave today5902.2393.281
the sun's going down right now the day5904.2393.361
here is almost but i was hoping to leave5905.524.48
soon now i gotta build another freaking5907.63.36
prawn suit5910.02.56
and then i gotta go deep down into the5910.963.679
hill that is the abyss of this planet5912.562.96
what if you5914.6393.361
looked at this as a positive thing and5915.525.28
you said oh wow i get to enjoy5918.04.56
making these things oh yeah i get to5920.83.359
enjoy going down where a giant monster5922.562.96
might eat me you've never been on this5924.1592.56
planet simon you don't know what it's5925.521.52
complaining will only make it worse5927.043.52
stealing it's two air jails are you5929.1192.641
writing these down simon5930.564.96
two what oh never mind i can just look5931.768.08
at my blueprints5935.524.32
plastil ingots no i need one titanium5944.968.88
and uh two pieces of lithium5947.66.24
i'm gonna need more lithium son of a5960.6393.361
so what are you gonna do when you get5972.2392.561
back i don't know they was thinking5973.442.88
about going to the office and punching5974.82.89
you and needs in the5976.323.2
i'm face to be nice here you weren't5979.522.88
even trying to call me you're trying to5981.041.76
call a5982.42.56
pizza joint yeah but i'm still5982.83.76
talking to you i could have hung up yeah5984.963.04
i know i'm surprised you haven't hung up5986.562.72
already in order to dance5988.06.83
yeah well off i think i'm goodbye5989.289.409
hello hello hello yeah uh i'll take a6000.884.08
cheese with a half black olives6004.967.279
and half mushrooms and um6008.565.679
you got any zebras oh no we don't have6012.2393.361
this happiness we all we're all out of6014.2392.161
the set please6015.62.4
you ran out already we're all out of the6016.43.759
pasta too we don't have any pasta simon6018.04.84
you idiot6020.1595.731
because a giant worm is trying to eat me6032.323.68
simon yelling6034.2394.48
turn down your microphone okay oh yeah i6036.04.159
was out trying to gather lithium and i6038.7192.96
was getting eaten by worms6040.1593.761
my cousin used to take lithium you told6041.6793.04
me that6043.922.48
he told me that already he told me about6044.7193.44
your cousin who's addicted to drugs he's6046.45.44
not addicted to drugs6048.1593.681
simon what why is there smoke coming6054.884.4
from in here6057.365.52
do i have a fire smoking yes i'm smoking6059.284.72
can't smoke in this6062.882.96
office i'm smoking in the office simon6064.03.119
yes i can sense6065.843.68
when i could what are you talking about6067.1193.12
since when6069.524.08
is there the last 25 years what freaking6070.2395.92
tony i saw tony smoking two days ago6073.65.28
was it outside yeah that's where people6076.1593.841
smoke now6078.883.279
we live in the future simon you shall6080.04.08
yeah you're smoking in the damn office6082.1592.721
that's insane6084.083.599
i have not had an abstract yeah neves6084.883.52
you're on the line6087.6792.721
i'm on the line he calls me he thinks6088.43.68
i'm the pizza joint who6090.43.44
what's pepino's number do you know6092.083.68
pepino's phone number i have it on speed6093.842.64
dial yeah6095.763.919
so did i and someone changed my6096.484.159
speed dial6099.6793.04
and changed it to his freaking number6100.6393.281
are you okay abstract6102.7193.601
yeah i got attacked by a giant worm i'm6103.923.84
out trying to get lithium6106.323.12
hold on i'll go to my office i'll jump6107.763.12
on the line please do6109.444.56
nobody else nobody else cares6110.884.4
yeah but it stinks up the office6114.02.96
cigarettes are they're they're just6115.282.32
i'm surrounded by stinky people6117.64.24
hello hello neebs yeah you're you're on6122.325.76
simon you here yeah i'm here may not6125.444.16
know that you can't smoke in the office6128.083.2
i think it's a stupid rule what if i6129.63.2
just come in your office and just6131.284.08
spray urine in your face from a spritzer6132.83.2
i think that would be really different6136.03.199
it's the exact same thing6137.6794.0
you think that me smoking a cigarette6139.1994.241
you putting stinky6141.6793.921
cancer in the air is no different than6143.444.0
me spraying urine in your face6145.64.8
so absorb yes what would you rather have6147.443.36
urine sprayed in your face or6150.84.72
be in the same room with someone who's6153.843.04
smoking a cigarette uh6155.522.88
yeah i think i'd rather just be in the6156.882.88
same room if somebody's smoking i don't6158.43.04
want urine sprayed in my face are they6159.763.76
the same ones6161.443.44
there's only there's only two people6163.523.28
here in this poll okay so let's take a6164.883.2
poll how do we do that6166.83.919
i can't talk to tina maybe you could ask6168.083.119
huh i know what tina's gonna say you're6171.1996.641
in the face6173.1994.641
here comes the prawn suit boys all right6201.64.32
hopefully it'll just drop right on the6204.564.559
uh right on the platform there6205.923.199
yeah oh no hit the water that's fine6210.965.12
that's what you wanted well yeah i6214.1593.201
wanted to be in the water anyway6216.084.079
okay okay hopping in the prawn suit wait6217.363.759
we gotta name it6220.1596.641
oh yeah that's it uh i don't know6221.1195.681
do we have to build depth modules for6230.323.52
this thing oh yeah we might6232.2394.081
storage yeah there's again some modules6233.843.6
it's a good chance6236.322.16
you know i was thinking the other day6237.443.04
that there's arm attachments i know yeah6238.483.6
there's some modules down at the cyclops6240.481.92
could try to go see if we're working6242.43.759
this thing but let's see hold on hold on6244.323.6
it may not be may not be too crazy let's6246.1593.201
let's look at the fabricator here6247.923.199
modules i'm certainly going to need a6249.362.72
drill arm6251.1193.281
five titanium one piece of lithium my6252.084.32
cousin takes lithium yes we know your6254.47.44
cousin's a drug addict6256.45.44
bronze suit drill arm sweep so because6262.483.84
we need that drill arm to get the damn6264.882.16
okay so we got that yeah6267.046.0
now we're gonna need uh before anything6270.884.319
we need a depth module6273.043.76
can we not access the prawn suit6275.1993.121
upgrades right here6276.84.16
who designed this who designed this mess6278.324.879
let's uh let me try out this drill arm6284.6395.6
it's a drill arm what do you have on the6288.563.28
other arm uh right now it's just6290.2393.601
it's just a grabber we need a grapple6291.843.44
what do you think oh yeah the grapple6293.843.92
would be sweet6295.282.48
front suit grappling arm advanced wiring6298.1596.601
kit yeah titanium okay6301.445.279
lithium can we get those things6304.763.72
the is benzene you're gonna need6306.7193.361
blood oil to make benzene6308.483.44
blood oil huh that's down near the6310.087.76
spooky place isn't it it is6311.925.92
okay come on lithium ah diamond that's6330.04.4
okay i used a little bit of that6332.963.68
yeah yeah lithium6334.47.52
i still think i think it's crazy that6341.924.4
diamonds and gold and silver they're6344.083.28
worth anything6346.322.799
honestly i'm with you on that it doesn't6347.364.0
make any sense diamonds especially6349.1194.721
like for jewelry well if you bring some6351.364.319
back with you abstract oh yeah i've got6353.843.44
a bunch of diamonds yeah bring it home6355.6793.52
with you we can start our own business6357.284.0
true use your diamond to fund our next6359.1993.52
business i think i can probably do it6361.282.56
without you guys well6362.7193.52
i feel like you owe us i think we should6363.844.319
open up a pizza place because let's face6366.2393.041
it but that's nice6368.1594.641
you and pizza simon is not very good and6369.284.959
they make a kill like6372.82.72
right names you know that there's6374.2393.121
nowhere else to go we you know we could6375.523.119
do this i think we should just lay on6377.362.56
the first business6378.6393.201
we should talk about this no i don't6379.923.36
it's not the first i don't really want6381.842.48
to be a pizza6383.283.2
yeah i don't want to own a pizza place i6384.323.28
have zero desire6386.482.88
what do you want to do after wait if i6387.63.119
if i got back we could do whatever6389.363.12
when you get back with your diamonds6390.7193.52
what kind of business honestly if i get6392.482.96
back on my diamonds i don't want to6394.2392.4
start a freaking business6395.443.04
why because i've been doing all this6396.6393.6
i want to rest yeah but you can6398.483.679
only rest for so long yeah no after that6400.2393.761
maybe i'll think of something but yeah6402.1593.681
when i get home i don't want to do6404.03.28
no you should get right to work6405.843.12
no that's insane i've been working too6407.286.87
damn hard too hard6408.966.64
the hell are these things i don't know6415.66.41
neebs i've discovered a new creature6418.885.52
you hear these guys yeah what is it like6424.45.12
giant lobsters6427.284.8
oh really yeah well they're like man6429.524.96
three-legged lobsters6432.085.28
they got like a big elephant nose and6434.485.04
two legs in the back6437.363.759
they're just walking around oh wow6439.523.04
they're kicking up all kinds of6441.1191.761
oh really yeah i don't know6442.885.92
stuff you can use hopefully these guys6446.45.44
are cool you guys cool6448.83.04
gold diamond6452.2393.92
give me some lithium baby yeah6462.325.91
lithium man yeah these guys just6465.444.239
kick up all kinds of resources beautiful6469.6794.96
i should have come here more often6472.6393.841
wow remember that spot you think they'll6474.6394.161
be there later i don't know6476.484.0
you can tell they've been walking here6478.83.6
the place is like6480.485.199
torn up that6482.46.48
oh good i found some alien6485.6794.96
oh actually i will stick that in my6488.883.759
bioreactor is that what she said6490.6394.641
i'll stick that in my bioreactor uh yeah6492.6397.201
i guess she could have said that6495.284.56
hold on let me go get the blood oil6503.1192.56
actually i need to store some stuff so i6504.482.639
can carry the blood or because it6505.6794.321
takes up so much6507.1192.881
of space when you get a super when you6511.1193.12
get like a6513.6794.0
an injury yeah cut or scrape but iodine6514.2395.361
do people do that still i haven't seen6517.6793.281
that in years6519.62.559
back when people were smoking in the6520.963.84
office still listen i can't help it6522.1595.121
i really can't but i can can i quit6524.83.359
absorb should quit drinking i'm drinking6528.1594.401
i'm drinking pee to survive i'll make a6530.7192.081
stop smoking to survive stops shitty6532.84.879
analogy needs look if pea water's so6535.522.719
maybe we should do6538.2392.801
i can't wait to be off pea water quit6542.083.92
bringing it up i've explained myself a6544.1592.881
thousand times now6546.06.4
absolutely starting to piss me off6547.047.92
that's funny6552.42.56
all right grappling arm coming up all6570.083.28
right guys you're encouraging me6571.923.04
bottled water company i'm saying if6573.363.279
we're going to make a business he can't6574.962.96
quit drinking you know what i'll bring6576.6392.801
you guys a few diamonds and i want you6577.922.88
to start that business because i can't6579.442.08
wait to see it6580.82.96
fail wait the business of encouraging6581.523.599
people to drink people we're gonna need6583.763.839
your bladder6585.1192.48
oh yeah i'll gladly give you the suit6588.04.96
when i get back you can make all the6589.523.44
it's a mix of everything it's a still6596.483.119
suit it's a mix of pee it's sweat it's6597.765.76
like any moisture your body excretes6599.5993.921
all right good news well that makes it6604.84.72
sound a little bit better doesn't it6606.7195.681
a drill arm got a grap alarm neaves what6609.523.28
is this6612.41.759
look at that's like a salt deposit i'm6612.83.04
gonna i'm gonna test my uh6614.1594.721
mouth yeah6615.847.12
baby you getting it i think6618.885.839
how do i know which side oh yeah there6622.963.36
we go salt deposit it adds it right to6624.7192.88
the vehicle storage all right now why6626.322.24
don't we build this6627.59912.241
to get the cayenne kyanite6628.5611.28
yes we have to make the mark one before6642.03.199
they make mark ii we may be able to just6643.444.239
get away with doing the mark one6645.1993.92
because i think we might be able to find6647.6793.92
kyanite that deep but i'd love to have a6649.1194.08
jump jet upgrade6651.5994.481
and then yeah and at least the mark one6653.1994.561
i was like hold on let me see how far6656.085.519
uh how far deep i can go in it right now6657.763.839
such a boring conversation okay i can6661.6794.56
only go 900 meters right now it's not a6664.43.04
boring conversation simon we're6666.2392.721
oh it's boring to prepare before you go6668.964.4
down and get eaten by crazy ass6671.1993.281
lava monsters i'm just6673.363.12
looking at how bored i'm looking at that6674.483.6
clock right now going all right6676.484.239
i got another 15 minutes before i order6678.084.32
my pizza6680.7194.241
15 minutes how many hours til work day's6682.44.799
over uh i get a union break6684.964.56
we all get union breaks we get breaks6687.1993.601
yeah well i union here6689.524.079
my union break starts in 15 minutes are6690.83.68
you not in the union6693.5992.881
they pay us well here and they give us6694.483.92
breaks vacations there's no need for a6696.482.56
union need6698.43.12
jump get upgrade what do i need uh you6699.043.599
need a6701.523.599
nickel got the nickel do i have a suffer6702.6395.52
okay yep sulphur titanium6705.1195.441
damn it did i use all my nickel already6708.1594.321
i think i may have hold on let me double6710.562.32
everywhere come on nickel6712.884.239
we got to go out and get more nickels6717.6793.44
sounds like fun not6719.1993.201
fun all right we're gonna have to take6721.1193.52
dr spaghetti you don't think your new6722.44.48
crab friends will have nickel do you no6724.6394.641
nickel is its own little deposit oh well6726.884.08
okay we could go down remember that big6729.283.12
nickel deposit we saw6730.963.36
use the bronze suit could use the prawn6732.44.56
suit of6734.322.64
we should use it hold on i just had a6737.444.08
wild idea drink fresh water no6739.1994.96
no no no no yeah that's crazy no i was6741.523.92
thinking what if we could can we take6744.1593.921
the prawn suit through portals6745.444.56
sure why not i don't know i've never6748.083.92
attempted it i don't know if the portal6750.03.76
suck it in it's a machine just like6752.03.28
anything else right yeah you would think6753.762.16
sounds like science6755.929.92
hey neebs yep i am now 1429 meters6778.085.519
below the surface and it looks like i'm6782.03.04
okay because i'm inside the castle6783.5992.161
you're inside6785.042.32
so good news we can take this bad boy6785.763.919
through the6787.362.319
there any portals that bring you out6791.043.119
deep underwater be careful of those6792.44.239
yeah no the one i'm going to so that was6794.1593.361
that um6796.6393.281
hold on let me let me try to remember6797.523.76
which door6799.922.96
took me to the underground river that6801.283.6
one you should put sides down there i6802.884.16
oh i'm walking through it right now6817.1193.361
that's the one you sure6818.7195.041
i knew i could feel it but we'll see6820.485.44
i don't know6823.762.16
it's again going through a portal6826.883.279
my grandma told me6830.7195.121
i'm only 278 meters down the deep river6842.6394.321
is much lower much lower than that6845.283.359
business we're going to stick with the p6846.963.92
okay try the other door6852.85.6
was your grandma really a psychic uh no6855.924.4
she was an alcoholic6858.43.279
do you have one of those palm reading6860.323.76
places no she just would uh go into the6861.6795.121
poor i'll be right back6864.082.72
and if they uh if they wanted to she6868.483.6
would rub their feet6870.884.0
so she did she's not a psychic well6872.084.0
there's a lot of different things6874.883.759
oh she ran a massage parlor psychic6876.083.28
slash plumbing place plumbing yeah she6879.364.72
would do some she would do sinking6882.322.319
okay so she was sort of a jack of all6884.6394.48
i guess that was part of the massaging6889.1193.04
thing right right yeah but that was it6890.562.96
was a therapy it was6892.1594.881
it was called um prostitution yeah6893.525.76
that's what it was okay hey guys i am6897.043.76
here i am at the uh6899.283.76
the creepy underground river hopefully i6900.84.08
will avoid that uh6903.043.84
juvenile leviathan that likes to bite me6904.884.48
oh oh6911.524.159
is he attacking yeah but i'm attacking6915.6793.04
back hey the6917.6793.121
drill arms seem to have worked really oh6918.7193.761
it did hit me though but 916920.85.12
on my uh help okay i need to get out of6922.485.119
here as soon as possible i need to get i6925.923.279
need to get to a safe location6927.5993.04
is he pursuing or is he retreating he6929.1994.0
what's going on man uh okay he seems to6958.963.12
seems to be stuck okay okay all right6962.083.84
i'm getting out while they're getting6964.561.76
i'll be right back6966.3217.359
all right i'm going deep okay hey you6983.6794.641
can only go about 200 more feet oh i6986.42.88
know yeah this i6988.323.04
should hit ground before i hit 900.6989.283.919
let's hope so6991.364.48
that's 700 meters okay let's see the6993.1993.761
hello 7506996.965.84
hello simon quit calling us call the7000.323.68
pizza place7002.83.04
800 meters were you trying to call the7004.03.44
pizza place and you called us again how7005.842.879
many uh everyone's choosing7007.443.279
all the buttons in this office i swear7008.7193.041
i'll just dial it7010.7193.841
manually i don't have the freaking7011.765.28
all right neebs i'm uh about as deep as7017.843.44
i can go with this thing but this is7019.842.799
kind of the area where we found the7021.283.04
nickel deposit before7022.6393.681
you are dancing around the 900 meter7024.325.68
mark yeah i know7026.325.919
i swear i keep finding lead and silver7030.03.119
and everything7032.2394.561
but nickel hello hi simon7033.1195.761
i'd like to order a pie not the pizza7036.83.2
place you idiot7038.884.239
i'm kidding oh i ordered the pie you got7040.04.56
through huh yes7043.1193.921
all right so it's it's going to be 457044.564.24
minutes hey7047.043.52
what are you talking about not not you7048.83.68
these little okay7050.568.48
you should clarify7052.489.92
come on what is that what is that yeah7059.044.96
we got some nickelback7062.46.4
baby okay finally good god7064.04.8
i really did obnoxious7069.1193.921
first thing and then to make the other7076.7192.48
so i'm going to get as much as i7078.02.239
possibly can7079.1993.281
okay we're going to need some sulfur you7080.2393.201
yeah i already have some okay if not7083.444.08
that's as easy as going to the alien7085.923.92
castle and just walking outside7087.524.079
dehydrated man yeah let me get the7089.845.12
nickel and i'll drink some pea water7091.5993.361
one two three four five six seven eight7095.043.199
nine 10 117097.365.839
12 pieces of nickel man that is awesome7098.2396.48
yeah but now i'm concerned about7103.1993.92
something food is there no fish down7104.7192.721
uh well they're little fish but they're7107.443.279
not edible7109.1194.56
food oh wait let's see something i can7110.7193.601
good deal good deal yeah yummy7114.329.44
uh i got yeah i i got a little guy7119.524.24
yeah okay we're good on food beautiful7124.084.96
all right what's next next7126.564.24
now no we gotta get back i i have the7129.043.119
sulfur already okay7130.83.76
so next we gotta get back to uh oh we7132.1594.241
gotta get back to the alien castle7134.564.0
while i'm there why don't i raid the uh7136.47.44
the cyclops again for more stuff7138.565.28
oh boy okay neebs this might be an7144.07.36
issue i gotta climb a pretty steep cliff7148.2396.161
that's what she said this is where i7151.364.239
wish i had that jet7154.44.08
upgrade right now come on go a little7155.5993.761
go a little higher oh you7159.366.879
come on shoot there you idiot7162.6397.761
over there no you idiot fire the7166.2396.641
you having trouble yeah yeah i'm having7170.43.199
trouble there's7172.882.16
a pretty big cliff face that i need to7173.5994.241
get up and7175.042.8
hold on try again i feel like if i can7178.2393.521
just get a little bit higher i can get7180.42.719
onto this lip here7181.764.72
come on right there okay7183.1195.361
okay come on get up get up your wonky7186.483.52
piece of7188.485.84
get up okay okay good uh good news my my7190.05.92
jets charging hold on all i gotta do is7194.322.64
hang here a minute really7195.922.88
yeah we're good we're good you can hang7196.963.52
and then recharge your jets yeah7198.84.64
seems seems so7200.482.96
and yeah7203.5996.6
okay hold on sit here let let my jets7208.085.76
recharge jets7210.1993.641
yeah i'm used to the uh the seamoth and7214.1594.08
yes i'm almost up simon7216.4811.36
that's what she said7218.2399.601
hey good news that uh leviathan's stuck7228.323.839
by the way stuck in the trees oh maybe7229.923.92
not oh god oh god come on7232.1594.08
stay stuck stay stuck stay stuck you7233.844.96
save a7236.2392.561
are you okay7241.9213.92
should we go check on the big mama big7263.043.04
oh the lady yeah the big lady i mean do7266.083.039
you need to7268.483.199
i don't need to so let's let's7269.1194.161
stay focused on the mission7271.6793.92
okay i wouldn't go that far stay focused7273.284.399
all right i'm gonna hop out7275.5995.921
of the prawn suit oh it's7277.6795.841
that's funny it sits down oh yeah when7281.523.36
you hop out on a7283.523.679
in a place with air yeah just it just7284.886.0
took a squat like a little puppy dog7287.1993.681
yeah weird7291.1996.641
all right food's a little low health7298.323.12
how's my7300.322.64
yeah all right neebs i have two health7301.443.6
packs you help me keep an eye on my7302.962.719
yep while we're out here i'm gonna see7305.6794.241
if i can see any kyanite as well all7307.363.279
i'll i'll keep an eye on you on your on7310.6393.121
drink and you're fine on your drink oh7313.763.68
neebs look7316.7192.801
neebs this is perfect there's a kyanite7317.444.0
deposit right outside of this castle are7319.523.28
you looking at it7321.442.56
there's a couple of them that one's out7322.82.72
in the lava so once we get the prawn7324.03.28
suit out here and you're7325.524.719
1400 meters deep yes you're gonna be7327.285.12
able to get it all from that one7330.2393.521
i don't know it depends on how much i7332.43.759
need oh hey i need those7333.764.08
this plastic or titanium ingredients7336.1593.281
might come in handy i make a lot of7337.843.52
plastilinius i feel like7339.444.159
silver and diamond oh i should grab some7341.363.68
silver that's a rare7343.5992.961
is that lithium yeah i'll grab that7345.044.48
lithium how's my oxygen needs7346.565.599
okay i'm gonna head back um i think i've7349.524.88
rated this place pretty good7352.1594.0
all right not as much sulfur as i wanted7354.43.04
oh there's some kyanite back here too7357.444.159
sweet sweet sweet and sweet7359.1194.321
so we gotta build those depth modules we7361.5993.281
gotta build those depth modules7363.443.759
and then we can bring the prawn suit7364.883.52
here and get the kyanite7367.1992.881
the first thing is the jump upgrade7368.413.44
right jump upgrade7370.0811.76
all right neebs prawn suit depth module7386.2393.841
mark one what do i need7388.883.68
i'm looking i'm gonna be looking too uh7390.083.92
did i tell you that already7392.563.52
yeah oh i think i got everything nickel7394.04.159
ruby plasti lincoln7396.084.559
yep three ruby two ruby two what i'm7398.1593.761
looking at what are you looking at7400.6392.96
what are we talking about the prawn suit7401.924.08
depth module three ruby right no7403.5996.121
two ruby7406.06.799
hey good news at least we got everything7414.485.04
all right prawn suit depth module mark7417.362.72
coming up7420.083.76
pea water on it no one's gonna buy that7435.1993.121
it's a label7436.962.88
you like the label no i don't like any7438.322.96
of it get the out of here as much7439.842.799
as you like pee water you don't like7441.283.439
this all right i'm making the mark two7442.6396.48
michael for the prawn soup both of7444.7198.801
uh you suit depth margin mark oh god7449.1196.801
i need three kyanite for the mark ii7453.524.639
depth module7455.924.0
yeah but it's oh god the kind that we7458.1594.08
saw is so deep i may need this7459.924.56
to even be that d which that i need7462.2393.681
kyanite for the rocket like the whole7464.482.48
thing of making this thing was to get7465.923.679
kyanite for the rocket7466.964.8
well we saw kyanite down in the lava7469.5993.681
area yeah down it's right beside the7471.762.72
castle yeah you know what7473.284.16
it wasn't far from the door was it no7474.484.159
yeah as soon as you stepped out you're7477.442.239
like oh look kinda7478.6393.04
all right you know what i got a plan7479.6794.0
welcome spaghetti7481.6794.641
see as soon as you said i had a plan i7483.6794.4
started to get a little excited listen i7486.322.96
got a plan7488.0794.721
i'm gonna take the uh upgrades i'm dr7489.284.48
spaghetti here7492.84.16
all right i'm gonna take the whole7493.765.52
reinforcement out of dr spaghetti7496.963.92
i'm gonna put the whole reinforcement in7499.284.399
the prawn suit7500.882.799
okay we're going to take the prawn suit7507.523.28
and we're just going to run outside the7509.362.64
castle we're going to try to get as much7510.84.08
kyanite as we can before we die7512.06.0
did you empty the cyclops wait am i7514.885.68
doing it again7518.02.56
yeah we keep mixing that up i'm going to7522.43.279
empty it right now with all the nickel7524.02.639
and silver7525.6793.44
okay i'm going to store it we're going7526.6393.921
to fill it forward7529.1192.721
you're going to fill this full of7530.565.28
kyanite that's what she said7531.844.0
we can just get the kyanite we don't7545.1192.56
need to worry about the damn depth7546.481.759
we shouldn't even build the first one7548.2393.44
that's right outside the door to the7552.964.0
left okay7555.1194.401
ah yeah maybe just reach through the7556.963.04
no like it's like half a football field7560.03.44
away i would say maybe7561.6793.841
yeah it's a ways away good news though i7563.443.6
don't see the big dragon that's usually7565.523.44
out here oh you better go now then7567.044.8
all right okay keep an eye on my health7568.963.679
if i need to turn around i can turn7572.6395.201
around here we go7574.03.84
yeah oh oh yeah what are we at7579.6793.92
come on get out there quick get over7583.5993.52
here quick7585.5995.441
all right i'm already at the kyanite's7587.1193.921
i'm not worried about water7600.2395.601
i know come on7614.6396.321
all right one more bit what are we7619.5993.12
looking at 887620.965.119
okay boom fine okay all right7622.7195.761
nope oh boy you got plenty of time7626.0793.6
heading back to the door heading back to7628.482.36
the door7629.6792.261
getting the 20. no i'm not 20. 20 is7645.044.48
that's irresponsible oh yeah that's7648.02.639
dangerous all right hey let's check7649.524.0
let's see how much we got7650.6395.361
oh man we only got four pieces of kyani7653.523.36
that's why you need to7656.02.56
go out there and hunt for some we're7656.883.199
gonna get more but we're gonna go back7658.562.8
and repair before we go back7660.0792.721
out oh yeah i've already repaired hold7661.363.359
on let me i'm gonna come out here and7662.84.96
peek where's where'd be the closest7664.7194.721
hold on names all right i see two7667.763.6
additional pieces of kyanite7669.444.0
ow what the get away from me7671.363.279
i just got a lava lizard just spit on me7674.6396.401
okay this one oh boy both of them that7677.924.48
there's one over there that's in the7681.043.28
lava there's one right here that's not7682.42.96
as in the lava7684.324.0
okay i think i can make it but it is oh7685.364.879
it's a whole football field away7688.326.24
okay oh he's being in the lava bed7690.2396.88
yeah being in the lava is really bad is7694.563.92
there somewhere you can stand that's not7697.1192.0
the lava7698.482.88
uh on the one over there yeah i think so7699.1193.441
but i i i7701.363.44
could be wrong man this makes me nervous7702.564.96
it does make me nervous too hold on7704.84.879
33. i'm not nervous at all i say you7707.523.84
should go for it you'll be fine7709.6798.161
and if you're not those skin off my nose7711.366.48
approaching the kyanite7732.563.039
what are we looking at that's hot that's7735.764.08
hot that's hot that's hot7738.1593.761
all right i'm at the kyanite start the7739.845.44
drill you're drilling7741.923.36
i know you don't care about the water7749.044.88
but you're fine you're hydrated come on7750.46.319
84. hey i'm doing something neebs keep7753.924.719
it up simon7756.7195.44
80. you're fine keep on going to 50.7758.6395.44
yeah i think we're gonna be okay yeah7762.1594.96
you're gonna be just fine7764.0796.0
oh boy come on7767.1192.96
go get the7770.482.48
all right yeah all right 70. good okay7775.443.44
all right i think i got all the kind of7777.521.679
that i7778.884.319
could heading back to the door okay 169.7779.1997.201
oh yeah that's a good boost7783.1996.48
uh we now have six kyanites six one two7786.44.56
three four five six7789.6794.881
four before we only got two yeah i guess7790.964.96
i guess so i can run back there and7794.562.559
check make sure it didn't leave any on7795.922.56
the ground but yeah i only think we got7797.1193.441
two out of that7798.484.08
well i know that'll make the the next7800.563.84
thing i needed for the neptune rocket7802.564.079
which was uh it was it was the mid the7804.43.04
mid section7806.6393.401
did you do the jet upgrade what get7807.448.4
upgraded no we abandoned that7810.045.8
all right uh yeah there's no more7822.882.719
kyanite on the ground so i assume i've7824.03.199
got as much as i can7825.5994.721
there is one more out there do we think7827.1995.681
it's worth it7830.322.56
all right one more one more piece of7837.523.119
kyanite it's about the same distance7839.1993.361
the other one here we go keep an eye on7840.6393.44
me baby7842.564.079
uh yeah this one stand in the lava try7844.0793.04
not to7846.6392.401
i'm gonna do my best not to oh yeah7847.1192.96
there's a there's actually a little7849.042.96
island i can stand on here right beside7850.0792.481
okay and boom i'm here7852.565.679
start the drill7855.5992.64
85 now going down7860.2396.96
quick one that kind of still very safe7863.447.6
it's desperate but not at all7867.1995.281
i feel like he's taking damage a little7871.043.039
faster why am i not getting any7872.483.52
is it falling in the lava this is7874.0794.481
what the hell oh god there's a there's a7879.443.36
guy here chewing on me that's what's7881.442.56
doing it oh really7882.85.68
59 57. that sounds exciting okay7884.08.079
i don't i can't tell7888.486.8
46 abstract okay come on kai knight7892.0796.721
come on7895.283.52
damn it why aren't you breaking why are7902.6394.721
you breaking oh you're 38.7904.484.56
all right all right i'm going i'm going7907.364.08
i'm going i'm going back7909.044.32
oh man i should have gone back sooner7911.443.92
yeah get out of there buddy7913.365.2
33. look at this7915.365.92
it seems fun where are we at 31. all7918.563.84
right i think we're good i think we're7921.282.319
all right7923.5994.241
let me open the storage i didn't get a7938.43.279
damn thing7940.8814.96
are you serious oh piece of7941.67914.161
i need two ion power cells oh my god7957.1996.641
okay oh you know what for ion cells i7960.2394.96
know you need these uh7963.843.359
these fuel crystals here here okay wait7965.1993.44
is this can i drill this7967.1994.641
do you see something yeah hold on7968.6393.201
come on now come on don't kill7971.926.96
me oh yeah okay you got fuel cells7975.525.199
yeah just drill this thing for fuel7978.883.92
cells okay cool yeah i got a i got7980.7196.0
several of them oh god7982.83.919
nutty all right heading back we got the7987.523.44
kyanite we'll make a couple of ion7989.442.32
and we'll build the next piece of the7991.766.08
all right got the two ion cubes two gold8002.883.759
two silver should be able to make two8005.1193.441
ion batteries8006.6396.08
yes ma'am here they come all right8008.567.599
easy peasy and the silicone rubber8012.7195.761
all right silicone rubber uh that's uh8016.1593.92
you know what that's just a creep vine8018.482.32
something or other8020.0794.961
you got it just actual creep fun not8020.84.24
the seed cluster all right i'm gonna8025.6793.04
grab a few of those real quick8027.1994.641
simon you get your pizza yeah but8028.7197.761
they it wasn't the right pizza really8031.844.64
i've never heard that phrase that ain't8040.963.04
my known as pizza8042.84.56
yeah well no no nona means grandma8044.05.44
in italian oh it does no no i didn't do8047.366.48
that you never heard that8049.444.4
what's wrong i don't think i have any8065.1994.081
more fuel crystals8066.7194.4
you just got fuel crystals i know and i8069.283.359
already used them everything for the8071.1193.12
prawn suit you just used yeah8072.6393.04
i thought you just dug like a bunch of8074.2393.121
them i thought i thought i had more i8075.6795.681
guess i don't8077.365.68
i could have sworn i had some in storage8081.362.879
and maybe that's what i'm thinking i'm8083.042.48
thinking they were at the cyclops8084.2394.081
might not even be there i hear a lot of8085.523.599
down there i know we were just down8089.1193.761
there all right hold on i'm going8090.83.919
all right it's the last time maybe it's8092.883.199
the last time we ever have to go down8094.7193.121
and take everything out of there all8097.843.6
right empty my empty all of it8099.366.08
let's see what's the story take8101.444.0
i'm running back i'm almost at the door8113.444.159
to go out and go to the cyclops listen8115.923.44
guys i gotta clear the chamber8117.5995.441
clear the chamber yeah i'm gonna8119.363.68
you can eat more if you clear the8134.43.279
chamber yeah that's how i do8135.5993.52
that's how i do all right you have fun8137.6793.201
clearing the chamber simon yeah8139.1193.281
me and steven oh my god did i even bring8140.883.44
a health pack i'm a idiot8142.45.04
i'm a goddamn idiot i am so8144.326.64
stupid i am so stupid8147.445.52
i've got to go back i got to go way back8150.963.6
up there to get health back8152.966.159
up where to my baby hell8154.566.88
i hate that i'm leaving now i love8159.1193.52
hearing you miserable8161.443.679
i got an idea i'm going to go down there8162.6394.0
to big mama8165.1192.96
see if there's any fuel crystals laying8166.6393.44
around i know i got i got lucky one time8168.0792.961
i can't believe i didn't bring any8170.0799.761
health packs8171.048.8
see hey oh oh neebs yeah i think big mom8184.45.759
is dead8187.5992.56
yeah i wish8190.2393.601
wait is she still breathing i can't tell8194.5593.04
oh wait no she's not dead she's uh she's8197.5994.0
getting there though8199.5995.12
yeah that's just sad sad okay8201.5995.441
damn eggs all right maybe i can get8204.7193.92
lucky fine i found a fuel crystal around8207.044.399
here that one time8208.6396.241
oh these names did you find one i found8211.4394.321
how many you need i think i how many do8215.763.839
i need i got to make two ion batteries8217.5994.561
wait i already have the wait no i got it8219.5993.84
yeah i got to make two ion batteries to8222.162.88
make the ion power cell8223.4395.521
jesus christ this is overly complicated8225.043.92
what crystal boom8231.844.4
all right we got two crystals that's8234.883.519
what we needed holy all right lucky8236.244.64
lucky break8238.3992.481
okay it seems like we run back and forth8241.045.359
i know yes is there anything you need8243.844.24
where you are before you leave yeah i8246.3993.12
would love to go to the cyclops but i8248.082.559
don't have a health pack8249.5192.241
that was the whole reason coming down8250.6392.401
here is we were going to the cyclops8251.762.719
there's no health packs down there is8253.041.679
no all right we got lucky with the8254.7194.0
crystals hopefully8256.04.84
hopefully we won't have to come back8258.7195.121
already have the two ion crystals boom8272.245.6
one ion battery8274.6396.481
and two ion batteries8277.846.559
and now one ion power cell already have8281.124.559
the silicone rubber8284.3993.2
i love it holy do we have8285.6796.161
everything now8287.5994.241
come on come on yes i have everything8296.03.439
fuel with fuel reserves coming up hey8299.4396.0
all right we're looking good is it8304.163.92
working yeah it's building the fuel8305.4395.12
so can we uh can we get you off this8311.283.92
planet now oh god yeah all right i gotta8313.23.76
build a cockpit8315.24.72
okay computer chip easy plastic easy8316.964.08
enameled glass8319.923.759
easy shield generator what do i need to8321.043.519
build a cyclops8323.6794.161
shield generator cyclops shield8324.5594.08
okay here we go advanced wiring kit okay8328.6396.561
polyamory okay power cell all right8332.3194.481
polyaniline oh what the is8335.23.359
polyethylene oh you're not gonna like8336.82.16
what you gotta build it in the cyclops8338.964.559
upgrade console8341.5994.401
cyclops upgrade console do you have a8343.5194.721
cyclops upgrade console oh holy are8346.03.359
you telling me i got to build a whole8348.242.8
another cyclops just to build the8349.3592.561
for the rocket cycle cyclops recipe is8351.924.32
there any way to8355.5193.521
oh god that's crazy that's crazy talk8356.244.56
you might have to build a cyclops you're8359.042.88
kidding me8360.83.44
that's insane why can't i just build the8361.923.679
upgrade without the thing why not the8364.243.279
modification station anywhere8365.5993.441
you should have taken care of the first8367.5198.0
one it's not my fault it exploded8369.047.76
do you remember where you built the last8375.5192.96
one did you build it in the cyclops i8376.83.2
mean yeah there's an upgrade station in8378.4793.761
the cyclops8380.03.92
yeah oh my god it's a part of it are you8382.244.8
telling me i just can't make it8383.923.12
yeah i'm gonna build the submarine just8391.523.839
to use the one thing and then get the8393.4393.201
out of here8395.3592.401
i feel like there's a bright side8396.642.64
somewhere we didn't make that before did8397.762.24
like did did we have a shield upgrade8400.03.2
because it might8402.562.24
it might still be in the modules down in8403.23.6
the cyclops8404.83.92
maybe i don't remember i don't remember8406.83.36
if we built that or not i don't remember8408.723.12
either i know we just keep going down8410.163.6
there i know and i hate going i know i8411.843.28
hate going down there we go down there8413.764.08
all the time8415.122.72
all right here are the upgrades come on8422.563.44
of a son of a needs8426.06.56
depth module fire suppression system8430.165.04
engine efficiency model8432.566.0
decoy tube upgrade none of those8435.24.72
are shield generators none8438.564.48
not a damn thing of those8439.925.36
us build a new shields yeah yeah well8443.043.6
hold on8445.282.72
i wish i could just deconstruct this8446.644.0
whole thing that'd be amazing8448.04.24
you deconstruct the whole cyclops right8450.643.36
now just give me everything all right i8452.242.88
never want to have to come back here8454.02.08
hold on8456.086.0
a box or a crate or something and put it8459.4394.081
just inside the palace8462.083.04
and we just start moving stuff out of8463.524.4
the cyclops no i'm not doing all that8465.124.72
there's no sense in it we only we only8467.925.92
need certain things8469.844.0
no i'm not gonna do that it's the last8482.243.92
time we're down here swear to god8484.084.56
okay i made it all right what did i get8486.163.92
i got lubricant how many how much8488.643.36
lubricant do we need to build a cyclops8490.083.6
i only need one all right then i'm gonna8492.04.88
i'm gonna drop these oh okay8493.685.679
i'm not gonna build a box so8496.883.68
hard to make a box8499.3593.04
listen what do i like while we're here8500.563.36
i'm gathering the materials to make it8502.3992.401
okay so you're looking at the recipe8504.83.679
right but like you're in the palace8506.962.479
right now right yes8508.4792.801
imagine you had a little box i am not8509.4393.361
gonna build i'm not gonna use tight i8511.282.8
don't even have titanium8512.82.72
i'm not going to do that i'm not going8514.083.12
to do that it's so easy8515.523.36
no well i mean i got to go why would i8517.24.32
build it here8518.882.64
and complaining about air no i'm not8521.764.08
going to do that because i got to go8524.3992.641
there to get it anyway and then bring it8525.842.16
back that sounds tedious8527.043.76
as okay good job simon right now no8528.03.76
that's insane8530.84.0
your idea is insane8531.763.04
i swear as soon as we get back here i8534.964.399
don't have an advanced wearing kit8537.283.52
i don't have this no with the advanced8539.3592.641
wiring kit what do you need to make that8540.82.88
that's just like gold copper8542.03.2
is there anything else crazy in that8543.683.12
it's a wiring kit yes it's8545.24.72
gold and it's a computer chip8546.84.559
all right computer chip what is that you8549.922.8
got to make that like that's that's all8551.3592.321
stuff that i can find8552.723.759
up top okay8553.682.799
this is the last time say goodbye to8560.963.6
this castle goodbye goodbye castle8562.3194.401
we're done with you you never want8564.563.2
to see you again8566.722.24
we'll see you in like 10 minutes we're8567.762.67
not gonna nope we're not coming back8568.965.65
okay we can build a cyclops nibs you8575.4393.121
know where to go8577.62.4
well i gotta go to my mobile vehicle8578.564.32
back that's right8580.02.88
correct sir should i uh man the mobile8583.124.0
vehicle base is sitting really close to8585.682.96
the platform i feel like i should take8587.123.199
it aways a bit i don't want to build the8588.643.28
cyclops and it just fall on top of the8590.3192.201
yeah all right i'll pack it up and i'll8594.882.72
bring it over here a little bit to8596.083.04
listen to you mumble about8597.63.68
last deal yeah exactly i don't want to8599.123.44
do all that over again i'm with you8601.282.24
trust me8602.564.13
okay mobile vehicle man go baby go8603.527.12
all right waves ways away from the8610.643.04
all right build this thing let's figure8613.683.6
out where we're gonna go8616.163.199
we're not going anywhere we should do a8617.283.119
last hurrah8619.3593.12
all right we're building another cyclops8620.3993.04
just so we8622.4794.401
can access its freaking upgrade8623.4395.201
station yeah yeah we're just building a8626.883.36
shield generator that's not i'm not even8628.643.12
naming this piece of yes8630.244.48
we're naming this i want to name it let8631.764.0
me name something8634.723.599
no name what do you want to just call it8635.763.04
neebs so when someone8638.84.48
so when they find this in the future8641.924.32
it's part of history8643.282.96
all right i've named it the ss neebs so8646.84.0
when they find this uh8649.66.08
they'll remember you planet8650.87.44
has been etched in history yeah this8655.685.36
wasn't here before8658.244.72
what is it well there's like a vehicle8661.043.2
modification station8662.963.84
actually in the cyclops now oh wow yeah8664.245.44
it's a new upgrade8666.88.16
okay so cyclops upgrade fabricator8669.687.679
good god cyclops shield generator what8674.965.439
do you mean ingredients unknown8677.3596.721
what do you mean ingredients unknown8680.3996.241
neebs yes sir i gotta go digging through8684.083.359
of the aurora to find8687.4394.96
yeah no no i'm out and about today hey i8724.564.64
found another piece of the aurora8727.763.44
oh yeah yeah i'm out i've been i feel8729.23.36
like i've been in six or seven pieces8731.23.199
already i'm trying to find this damn8732.565.36
cyclops shield generator oh really yeah8734.3994.641
you haven't been able to find it yet8737.922.72
i've not been able to find it yet and it8739.043.279
is really frustrating8740.643.04
it's the last thing i need to get off8742.3193.441
this damn planet so you8743.684.48
really do sound frustrated oh man oh8745.764.639
yeah i'm livid i'm in a bad mood i'm8748.162.72
i'll be honest with you make sure you8750.882.4
feel any better i'm wearing my boots8751.842.24
so the boots came in yeah well8754.083.6
holy names did8776.84.16
all right where where am i where am i oh8792.563.2
i got turned around okay8794.4794.401
here we go come on dr spaghetti8795.764.639
i'm gonna celebrate here in a little8798.883.439
while with a meatball sub8800.3995.521
meatball yeah meatball sub eh yes8802.3196.401
listen the pizza yesterday sucked8805.924.16
because they got a new guy8808.723.679
from papinas you know they fired ricky8810.084.319
ricky's who normally makes the pizza8812.3993.841
popino they have a new cook now yeah8814.3993.361
well we don't know how it's gonna be8816.243.52
no no but i know the meatballs are8817.765.36
always good and their bread8819.763.36
okay let's take inventory all right we8834.84.88
gotta do the cyclops shield generator8836.4794.561
all right hold on i gotta focus now i8839.6811.03
gotta focus8841.0415.93
hey all right cyclops shield generator8862.566.96
right advanced wiring cab lane and a8866.165.52
power sail how do i make land land8869.524.24
mammalian i will be glad to help you8871.683.44
with that sir8873.765.2
you're gonna need gold hydrochloric8875.126.08
acid hydrochloric acid how in the hell8878.964.24
do i make hydrochloric acid please stand8881.22.88
by sir8883.22.4
you're telling me you need something8884.083.2
right now that you don't even know how8885.62.4
to make8887.286.56
deep shrooms and salt deposits8888.05.84
ricky did ricky prep these are these8904.4794.081
like prep by cause you know ricky's gone8906.722.639
i don't know8908.562.879
i don't know what the hell happened man8909.3593.521
what do you mean what happened like what8911.4393.601
what was what was the real deal with8912.884.0
ricky getting fired damn it damn it damn8915.042.64
it damn it8916.882.0
what's wrong i don't have any deep8917.683.12
yeah guess where i gotta go8920.815.04
so ricky ricky got fired yeah ricky well8936.724.56
he's been off lately you know8939.24.48
but alonso's good alonso doesn't know8941.283.199
fin crust always way too thin you're8944.4794.0
right why are you delivering the food8946.82.48
you work here now8948.4792.561
i'm double dipping on the side i'm doing8949.283.36
you're working both jobs yeah you're8951.042.64
full-time here8952.643.759
yes technical yes it's a good gig and8953.683.04
sure wait that's policy yeah i don't i8956.723.2
don't think you should be able to be8958.963.12
you know do that right like that's8959.923.6
messed up right but if you can get away8962.082.48
with it8963.522.799
yeah you shouldn't you shouldn't even do8964.563.04
that just ethically right like you8966.3192.241
should have that thing in your brain8967.63.92
that goes i shouldn't do this8968.562.96
over there no here oh sandy i mean8972.05.84
it's almost over dude tyrellius wow i'm8988.85.92
almost out of this dump8991.63.12
you okay names oh boy saw a swallow spit8995.26.239
you all right i'm good that's what she8999.24.56
said yeah yeah okay yeah she can9001.4394.241
okay she would have she would have said9003.763.679
i swallowed my spit just seems weird you9005.683.52
guys are true9007.4393.201
no i don't think any of us are i'm9009.29.279
getting pretty good9010.649.6
this is the entire reason we built this9018.4794.161
damn cyclops so we can make this stupid9020.244.56
shield generator what is that gonna do9022.643.679
yeah what exactly does that do9024.83.519
uh that makes the cockpit for this9026.3194.16
freaking rocket9028.3193.681
it gets me off this planet and then you9030.4793.121
launch and that's it oh so you really9032.03.359
are ending your vacation oh yeah no i'm9033.63.12
almost out of here9035.3594.721
it feels so good are you gonna9036.724.88
are you gonna miss anything about this9040.083.2
place not a thing9041.63.52
so ready to leave other people well9043.283.119
actually you know what if you guys if9045.121.76
you could9046.3994.561
set up a resort here it might be okay9046.884.08
they should put a sandals here sandals9051.282.96
would be great you know it's coming9052.722.24
middle-aged couples running down the9054.964.16
beach together9057.4393.281
all right hey i'm looking at the cockpit9059.123.12
got the cyclops shield generator that9060.722.56
was the hard part9062.243.119
enamel glass i have a piece of enamel9063.284.64
glass computer chip i used it9065.3594.721
and plastil ingots yeah better charger9067.923.2
all right9070.083.76
go ahead go ahead this is you i know i9071.124.319
need a computer gym9073.843.12
okay i wish i could what else could i9075.4392.96
destruct here what do you want to say to9076.962.64
rally oh nothing no9078.3992.721
i was just picturing the sandals and9079.63.12
taking my girl there9081.123.44
you got a girlfriend yeah no i really9082.723.44
hit it off with9084.564.56
you guys met tina9086.162.96
yes what are you talking about you're9093.763.28
you're dating9096.082.96
yeah no wait since i don't know like i9097.044.56
guess it became9099.043.92
how do you official about that simon9101.63.6
couple days oh dude doraleous simon's9102.963.92
got the hots for tina yeah9105.23.6
oh well give it up man because she's you9106.883.76
know you you you've been seeing each9108.83.28
other for two days please9110.643.839
text me tina gets around it became a fit9112.085.76
no official9114.4793.361
oh i think naves remind me of the9127.684.4
plastic ingots i think i need lithium9130.3193.361
damn it i hate going to get lithium and9132.083.68
i know i don't have any here9133.684.08
are you actually exclusive like was that9135.764.32
verbally we are officially exclusive9137.764.4
verbally you you talked about it oh yeah9140.084.0
yeah we that's kind of quick to have9142.162.72
that if you9144.084.72
really look at my facebook it's a fish9144.883.92
two lithium oh god guess what yep we get9149.284.56
to go and find more lithium oh you sure9151.843.519
want to deconstruct your base to get it9153.842.559
well no i already9155.3592.721
deconstructed the modification station9156.3993.521
and i got another computer chip9158.083.2
and if you end up staying here for9159.922.64
another month you're gonna wish you had9161.281.92
all this stuff9162.562.08
is there anything i can deconstruct to9163.23.6
get lithium what let's see can i9164.643.759
deconstruct india can i deconstruct the9166.82.639
what about this prawn suit i don't need9169.4394.321
the cyclops anymore9172.563.36
do not deconstruct anything important9173.763.679
whatever you do can i deconstruct the9175.923.36
see damn it no i don't think i can oh9179.283.119
wait i didn't put any9181.523.44
lithium in here no just kind of yep9182.3993.92
i gotta go on a lithium run9184.964.16
all right great so wait wait wait no9186.3193.201
how how how did you even meet her at the9189.524.16
i would just kind of sit there and stare9193.683.04
at her while she ate what9195.044.96
yeah just like that simon does that9196.726.24
i did that she likes it turns out yeah9200.04.56
no i just stared at her all creepy like9202.963.359
uh i couldn't help it she's hot man9204.563.839
so staring at her watching her what is9206.3193.281
wrong with both of you9208.3992.96
what do you mean both you and simon you9209.64.0
just stare at women9211.3594.401
i get why you did it i originally9213.63.68
thought it was a good thing i did it9215.763.36
every day but she thought it was creepy9217.283.039
when i did it well she9219.123.359
she saw me she caught me and then she9220.3193.841
came over i was like oh you know9222.4792.241
kind of9224.162.08
i yeah i thought she was upset but then9224.723.36
she just started flirting and9226.244.48
then and it was it was magic lost a lot9228.083.68
of respect for her9230.722.639
why is that because that's creepy9231.763.12
because she's happy you're being creepy9233.3592.801
you don't like her when she's happy is9234.883.76
she happy9236.164.159
i do want her to be happy that's sweet9238.644.24
of you yeah no she seems really happy9240.3193.921
we both you know that when the heart9242.884.559
gets the little bitter pads9244.243.199
what are you talking about when your9248.722.88
heart goes peter peter that's a really9249.922.559
weird way it is9251.64.16
yeah yeah9252.4793.281
yeah i know i know i need to eat i also9269.763.36
need to find lithium which seems to be9271.4393.361
like that the most impossible thing to9273.122.08
on this entire planet in the9275.23.04
no my cousin used to take me yeah i got9278.243.76
one i need two9280.565.28
yeah your cousin took lithium9282.03.84
oh i almost got eaten by a worm there9286.883.76
did you get lithium i got one piece i9288.643.759
need two pieces of this9290.645.679
just one more yes just one come on9292.3993.92
go away worm9299.122.72
that's the magnet oh boy i need to9302.84.16
repair not the9304.3192.641
god spaghetti happening what's happening9311.123.68
spaghetti i hate worms i hate worms so9319.66.64
much it sound so dramatic9324.844.36
oh god are you safe oh god see i'm9326.244.88
betting that worm's not even that big9329.23.84
like i'm picturing like a six-inch kind9331.122.88
of little no9333.043.04
not even that big no this thing is it's9334.03.359
huge all right9336.082.96
okay i gotta repair dr spaghetti you9337.3593.361
okay abstract yeah9339.045.68
no my heart's doing the little pieces9340.724.0
how do you say it that's what my heart's9346.164.56
doing right now9349.766.08
worm trying to eat me9350.725.12
someone wants a ride right from the9363.285.76
parking lot i've been doing the uber9364.884.16
dude it's pretty great i see you in and9372.883.599
out all the time9375.3592.561
that's what i'm doing i'm just in and9376.4793.281
out all right niece hold on guys i'm9377.923.04
sorry interrupt neebs9379.765.12
yeah uh cockpit what what do i need9380.967.68
to build a cockpit yeah hold on man9384.885.36
you just threw that at me well that's9388.643.2
what oh yeah that's the thing we were9390.242.8
doing all the time if you quit talking9391.842.72
about your mexican jumping shoes9393.041.92
uh he would have been my head i think he9394.963.68
would have been ahead of this over here9396.163.84
i think he was done talking about the9398.643.6
shoes there's no reason to take it out9400.04.0
the neptune rocket cockpit wait you guys9402.242.88
don't have that you don't have the damn9404.02.399
cockpit you want to build a cockpit now9406.3994.801
yeah that's what that's the whole9409.63.04
purpose of going out oh here we go9411.23.44
neptune caught holy9412.644.96
i have everything computer chip plastil9414.644.24
ingot enabled glass9417.63.839
cyclops shield generator i'm building9418.885.13
the cockpit boys9421.4394.88
all right dr spaghetti maybe the last9426.3193.761
time i see your dumb ass9428.725.28
oh man that must be hard9430.083.92
that's what you said yeah there9435.523.44
oh is that it is this this thing ready9449.923.439
to go9452.643.2
is this any is there anything else neebs9453.3593.281
that you know of9455.842.8
from the cockpit let's see you got the9456.643.04
uh you got the9458.643.04
platform the gantry the boosters the9459.683.52
fuel reserve9461.683.84
and the cockpit yeah you might have a9463.23.84
rocket sir9465.524.64
hey this planet9467.045.279
i'm getting the hell out of here are you9470.165.6
sure you want to leave this planet9472.3193.441
neptune one road all right that was9477.4396.241
freaking terrifying9480.644.799
let's see take the elevator up wait are9483.684.0
you leaving hell yeah i'm leaving9485.4394.401
do you have the golden diamonds nope9487.683.28
leaving them here9489.842.88
how are we going to start a business i'm9490.963.28
leaving them in the water we can become9492.724.24
cats come on dr spaghetti9494.244.4
you're gonna regret it you're gonna9496.963.28
regret you're right there and you're9498.643.28
gonna be annoyed that you didn't do it9500.242.0
because listen i read the fine uh the9502.243.52
fine print if i got back9504.163.04
and i had that it would all belong to9505.763.28
the company none of it's coming to me9507.24.56
so i ain't taking it actually let's see9509.044.319
we actually get a cut of that9511.763.679
and we can cut you in on it i got one9513.3594.561
diamond i'm bringing one diamond9515.4398.401
let's see uh hydraulic systems9517.925.92
all right it's a cockpit okay9525.526.0
what is all this life support system9528.723.759
yeah you're gonna need that9531.524.72
turn it on9532.4796.88
life support systems online well that's9536.245.04
what's over here prepare time capsule9541.284.4
what does that mean you have to sleep9543.284.0
we might all be dead by the time i'm9545.683.04
gonna put my hand here for some reason9547.282.72
it wants it9548.723.92
what what9550.02.64
isn't it we're all gonna be dead when he9554.964.399
gets home9557.044.8
that's weird no it wants me to leave a9559.3594.401
okay it wants me to leave a time capsule9561.842.72
oh like when i take off put some9564.563.52
diamonds in it snap screw it in case you9566.3993.441
don't make it nope not doing that9568.083.2
here i'm going to boot up the primary9569.843.28
cpu you're not putting anything in the9571.282.56
time capsule9573.123.04
primary computer systems empty primary9573.844.96
computer systems are now active9576.164.64
what we got what we got oh okay i gotta9578.83.519
turn all this on i gotta turn on9580.82.88
the auxiliary power unit the9582.3192.641
communications array9583.682.799
oh i gotta do something with the time9584.963.2
capsule oh god9586.4794.361
you should put something in there all9588.165.68
image it wants me to take a picture a9604.723.599
here message there we go9608.3195.12
left a message oh god do i have to take9611.684.24
a picture9613.4392.481
there we go ah look at that look at that9617.524.56
nice little moon there oh yeah9618.884.72
you can't go wrong with the moon picture9622.083.84
yeah see what the moon looks like there9623.63.6
yeah well i'll take a picture it'll be9625.922.72
in the time capsule when i leave this9627.23.04
hill hole9628.643.52
oh it's uploaded the time capsule time9630.243.44
capsule's full of pea water9632.163.44
message is uh this is afterwards p with9633.683.44
a pitcher of the moon9635.63.12
i don't understand how they all tie9637.123.6
together yeah i don't know9638.724.08
but that exists now time capsule's ready9640.723.599
okay i think i just have to throw the9642.83.44
switches downstairs for the9644.3193.841
auxiliary power unit hydraulic system in9646.243.44
the communications array9648.163.84
the switches aren't in the cockpit no9649.683.28
they're down uh9652.02.58
they're on the second floor9652.963.68
activating hydraulic systems9656.643.52
auxiliary power unit9672.725.12
hey i'm glad you got to be here9688.3193.361
doraleous me too all right9689.525.44
guys i'm coming home safe journey9691.684.4
oh look at turn daytime out of nowhere9696.084.64
that's nice9698.242.48
all right hold on i'm hitting buttons9701.682.56
there's a blue and there's a white one9702.963.439
launched on your command captain9704.246.239
all right uh it's ready to launch9706.3997.681
there we go oh god there's a seven9710.4795.92
ray birds on the ship all right get your9714.085.76
seatbelt on9716.3993.441
all right9736.724.08
i'm in space9740.87.04
all right i clear the orbital debris9756.04.35
filled okay9757.3594.401
wow i can see the planet from up here is9761.763.84
that an island9764.243.76
named i see an island really let's see9765.64.0
see a bunch of islands9768.02.96
there's not a sandals on it is there9769.66.24
destination that'd be funny9770.964.88
my is is going into my mouth9787.43916.401
what is a wave without the ocean a9804.244.0
without an end they are different9808.246.32
but they go together now you go among9811.2794.561
the stars9814.564.48
and i fall among the sand we9815.8415.15
are different but we go together9819.0421.359
this is altera hq this may be your only9840.3993.92
communications window9842.563.52
we can't send a rescue ship all the way9844.3193.601
out there so aurora you're just gonna9846.083.279
have to meet us halfway9847.922.96
we've uploaded blueprints to the ship's9849.3593.441
computer sandwich run you in9850.884.0
uh yeah give me a second black box data9852.83.599
shows the high security terminal in the9854.882.479
captain's quarters9856.3993.121
is still functional becky's leaving like9857.3593.281
in five minutes all right9859.522.48
tell becky i'll just take the the9860.643.28
regular the regular yeah she'll know9862.02.399
what i mean9863.922.399
the coach should be she doesn't just9864.3993.841
tell her the regular dude okay the code9866.3193.761
regular she's like what's the regular i9868.242.96
have to come all the way back up here9870.082.279
the code should be9871.23.52
2679. the regular's just a ham and9872.3594.281
cheese okay would you just say amateur9874.7212.04
ham and cheese okay9876.6425.04

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