Conan Exiles Supercut Part 1

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming on Conan Exiles? If you haven't, you're in for a treat because it's a supercut of...
Conan Exiles Supercut Part 1
Conan Exiles Supercut Part 1

Conan Exiles Supercut Part 1

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the Conan Exiles Supercut Part 1 video? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is a riot! I can't get enough of Neebs and the gang trying to survive in the world of Conan.

appsro: I love how they keep getting into ridiculous situations, like trying to build a base while being attacked by giant spiders!

neebs: And don't forget about that epic battle with the sandstorm! We were running around like headless chickens!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming on Conan Exiles? If you haven't, you're in for a treat because it's a supercut of their first adventure into the world of Conan Exiles. I don't know about you, but I always look forward to seeing what shenanigans the team gets up to in these games.

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One of the things I love about Neebs Gaming is that they always bring their A-game when it comes to commentary and gameplay. Whether they're building a base, exploring new lands, or facing off against enemies, you know you're in for a good time. And with this supercut, you get to see all the highlights of their journey in one action-packed video.

So grab some snacks, get cozy, and settle in for a wild ride with the Neebs Gaming crew in Conan Exiles. And don't forget to check out their other playlists for more hilarious moments in games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, and GTA V. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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look at this yeah it's great I'm a3.324.519
climber yeah all right you know what5.644.4
else what I have like the world's7.8394.8
longest armpit10.045.04
hairs awesome12.6396.961
look at49.0794.8
us punks hey thick hello thick you look49.926.52
like Jason Mamoa oh thank you yeah yeah53.8794.68
you look like Aquaman yeah you you have56.444.0
the hair of Ariana grand58.5596.24
thank you Simon you uh you look like60.446.52
something all right well listen I'm64.7994.441
already very thirsty and I've lost half66.964.64
of my food oh well then we should uh we69.245.16
should seek greener pastures yes let's71.65.6
head towards this mountain range oh whoa74.44.92
whoa look at77.25.12
this you yell at me what do we do what79.324.64
do we82.324.92
do well that was frightening yep oh I83.966.08
left a book it was reading a book it87.245.199
looks uh hey guy I've seen this guy90.044.359
before yeah he was the villain in the92.4394.401
Ninja Turtle movie Shredder yeah it's94.3994.36
Shredder he was writing a journal all96.843.48
right so wait we're still worried about98.7592.961
food and water right yeah we got to go100.322.56
we don't need to be hanging around here101.723.28
we need to get out bye Shredder bye102.884.12
Shredder hey guys if you see sticks and105.03.64
rocks pick them up you're going to need107.04.079
them oh a bang I see green trees there's108.644.119
got to be water here111.0793.921
somewhere hey you made an out whoa who's112.7596.801
this who's who oh wow that's something115.07.84
right there oh boy it's a goddess it is119.565.519
a goddess it's the goddess adahop122.844.44
looking at us from on high adahop I can125.0794.32
see your cooch yeah cover up127.285.72
adahop oh man you got a nice129.3995.881
tokus that nice tuus belongs to The133.04.28
Spectator cam whose footage we lost for135.284.08
this episode so that's always good it's137.283.52
always fun to lose spectator footage139.364.36
during a pilot all right Water Guys140.85.519
Focus see water from here you see water143.724.48
oh yeah146.3195.321
okay water I can't see it but okay uh148.26.24
there's oh what's this what's this it151.646.48
looks like a fetus craft yourself uh an154.448.56
axe uh CRA what craft myself an axe so158.127.479
you say that like it's nothing oh God163.05.68
help I'm coming help damn it it's a165.5997.521
thing oh sck I I I killed it for you I168.686.199
think it exploded in front of my face am173.124.52
I covered in blood no what the hell just174.8795.161
happened I saved his life he did you're177.644.519
welcome okay I can't just you can't just180.044.24
say craft an axe I I don't know how to182.1594.601
do anything oh Jesus this There She is184.286.679
again y it's not going186.764.199
away Tris you're doing pretty good193.124.96
already huh yeah you know it's not that195.24.56
hard to put things together you got198.085.12
pants a sword a shirt yep I've got a bow199.766.0
uh no arrows I've got a um what I got203.24.759
this what you got there it's a what do205.763.52
you mean you don't you got to know what207.9592.801
that is it was one of these well you got209.283.679
one too what do you call one of these210.763.679
yeah you got one of these what do you I212.9592.56
don't want one of those a bed roll you214.4392.8
want a bed roll I got a turtle you me my215.5193.841
pet turtle oh hey hey what's up I like217.2395.241
that these guys are sweet yeah it's nice219.366.12
but I I like killing them too well why222.485.56
cuz peaceful what else do you kill baby225.484.28
seals no but sometimes you need things228.043.68
it's all about survival go grab one of229.764.08
those eggs over there I know how that231.723.359
works I'm not going to fall for that233.843.36
[ __ ] oh did you do that already I just235.0795.921
know huh I do see uh a native you see a237.25.679
native yeah follow me okay should we241.03.159
take him out well I don't have any242.8793.161
weapons yet I just got here oh okay but244.1593.44
you use that I'll just tell them I'm246.042.96
with you may he's friendly cuz we can247.5992.761
just hang out in this place tonight if249.03.72
we want yeah yeah let's do that then250.364.599
probably hey buddy how are you sir my252.724.759
name's nabes this is dalas I have a254.9595.201
sword uh nebes doesn't yep I just got257.4795.801
here um oh what a nice guy yep you might260.166.44
have we just crashing your lean to for263.285.08
the evening if you don't mind I might I266.62.92
might put my bed roll down I didn't268.362.96
expect expect them to be so nice oh yeah269.522.84
yeah I'm going to do that you have a bed271.322.8
roll yeah I made a bed roll good Lord272.364.04
look at you a great posture you have it274.123.96
doesn't allow me to build here cuz it's276.45.56
not ours oh yeah you can't be a squatter278.086.88
not in this world well I feel like this281.965.16
guy doesn't know what he's going to do284.963.92
uh well he lives here let we move on287.124.28
should we go build us a place yeah yeah288.884.08
cuz I have a bed roll to put down maybe291.43.68
on this island this looks pretty nice292.966.0
yeah grab one of those eggs295.083.88
that's a pretty sunset um yeah what do302.885.599
you guys uh we should probably bed down306.83.839
for the night somewhere huh yep are you308.4796.361
hitting on me um no okay maybe we should310.6397.801
Jesus there she is again oh God yeah314.845.12
she's in a different pose though this318.444.479
time I like it she's like more of a come319.965.799
to me get out of my head witch listen I322.9195.161
like her you go on you get if you're325.7593.521
going to have if you're going to have328.083.239
like a God in this fantasy world that's329.284.12
a pretty tight one to have look at that331.3194.561
it's not bad she's keeping in shape I'd333.44.96
I'd worship that why not yeah you're335.884.68
doing all right and even if she put on338.365.16
50 I'd be cool with that too 50 oh where340.565.0
there she goes well there she goes God I343.523.56
said she could put on 50 and all of a345.563.32
sudden she's getting ready to eat some347.082.559
cream come on all right oh guys I see a349.6394.881
fire over there you guys see that hey I352.684.799
like fire let's go what do we do um we354.524.519
kill them and take their fire is that357.4793.041
what we're supposed to to do for real I359.0393.681
don't know that's what that just sounds360.524.6
fun though well fine let's go ask some362.724.56
people you go ask them Let's go ask them365.124.519
how they doing all righty oh jez look at367.284.8
this it looks like just one chump I got369.6394.0
oh no there's a couple of Chumps all372.083.08
right well hold on let's say hello oh373.6394.521
it's ladies hey ladies oh boy they are375.164.879
not happy to see us all right come on378.163.879
baby come on I'll give you some of that380.0395.321
oh one got narrow Simon I'm a get her oh382.0396.88
sh Simon all right I'm running s back up385.367.72
yeah I'm running got this oh God yeah oo388.9195.0
that oh God is that oh that's a giant393.9194.881
sword where'd you pull that up I have396.5997.121
one I've crafted it yeah holy [ __ ]398.87.839
chapter and half I'm a warrior403.725.84
easy is this person is that one of them406.6394.96
hey I'm getting some human flesh there409.565.16
you go who is that person bag I got ooh411.5996.0
arrows wa is that you that's you Simon414.724.919
you were fighting me I was fighting you417.5993.521
damn it you had the long hair I thought419.6393.641
you were one of the ladies no we were421.124.079
just fighting each other we were I423.284.639
apologize man all right I'm super sorry425.1994.44
are you though I've got some human flesh427.9195.481
on me for some reason all right so let's429.6393.761
eat hey438.5993.44
dalas yeah yeah um oh that's looking442.0396.56
nice that's all it's all I could it's446.284.72
like a lean to well not a lean to it's a448.5993.841
well it's you know I didn't know if you451.02.96
heard there's a turtle that's really452.445.039
angry is he mad at you oh good God what'453.965.88
did you do to him nothing he doesn't457.4795.201
seem to mind me I did not take any eggs459.845.639
or anything oh you took it you shouldn't462.685.239
have taken no egg I didn't take any eggs465.4793.801
please stay out of my lean to sir I467.9192.601
don't think you understand I didn't take469.285.319
any eggs hey do not hit this again tell470.529.16
him oh you [ __ ] what see yeah I see and474.5996.88
that hurt very much but guess who's got479.683.079
award oh oh oops that didn't work back482.7595.44
up buddy all right all right easy hey486.04.4
you started this neebs NOP I didn't do488.1994.0
anything I didn't take an egg all I was490.44.639
doing walking around the island looking492.1997.041
aha okay I can't aha you sureck are you495.0395.761
sure you can win this fight Dr no I'm499.243.84
not at all well the fight you started500.83.959
that you're ignoring now I didn't start503.084.839
it my health is not good right now nebs504.7595.321
well it's it's fight or flight situation507.9194.6
what you going to do stand up here oh510.087.439
that works for me so uh he's after512.5195.0
you you're doing good thank you you're518.0394.48
doing great you're doing great too stay520.685.2
right there all right oh I'm really hurt522.5195.32
are you oh yeah you're doing great525.883.519
though almost dead take one of those527.8393.801
eggs almost dead grab the eggs while I'm529.3994.601
fighting them be a good distraction well531.645.08
I've got plenty of bug beep ah my torch534.04.88
broke oh my torch give me some light536.723.359
okay he's dead538.883.88
woo man thank you for the help thanks540.0794.081
for starting it and then not giving me542.762.8
help well I just started I haven't made544.163.08
a sword yet I just wanted to thank you545.564.48
for it all can I can I stay at your547.245.2
place tonight yeah that yeah that's fine550.043.67
okay thank you552.448.079
mhm all right boys there's a a little560.5194.76
bit of human flesh in the fire grab some563.0793.561
it never tried human flesh I am I am566.647.759
interested um let's see how do you get571.046.84
it out of there I'm going to open it uh574.3997.321
can I it's good it it dehydrates you a577.885.6
little bit tell you what it kind of581.723.44
tastes like pork when it really gets583.484.84
down to it I've had worse tell you that585.167.2
cooked human flesh I'm taking 13 hey six588.326.0
filled me up that's all I want I had the592.363.919
uh I had the calf the calf's my favorite594.325.24
let me try this I think I have a forearm596.2796.12
not too shabby that forarms good meat599.565.36
yeah little tough probably be what hey602.3994.88
it' be nice and tough some dark meat604.924.2
well sun's coming up we should uh607.2795.201
explore let's go this way okay follow me609.126.32
boys following612.482.96
you where do you want to go nips uh I623.364.0
don't know man I just I want some626.163.919
Adventure how'd you sleep I good I have627.365.2
a sword now oh cool I got some arrows630.0794.961
now oh yeah look what else bam oh you632.565.519
just W up me yep Shi I made steaks last635.045.0
night you made staks I've got eight638.0795.521
steaks okay who's winning now uh I got640.046.479
eggs because uh no one oh you got the643.65.76
eggs well afterwards after I died right646.5195.161
I'm sure that's how that went down yeah649.364.039
okay I want to try my bow and arrow out651.682.839
real quick maybe I'll try it on this653.3993.641
floating woman you think she'd like to654.5195.161
get hit with an arrow can I hit her I I657.044.4
doubt it I don't know are you good at659.684.719
archery I don't know how to use oh wait661.445.839
with her moving yeah definitely not664.3995.841
um there she is she's move oh I didn't667.2795.081
shoot that yes you did no but it670.244.32
shouldn't wow at some point how about672.363.68
this yep got him oh you're fighting the676.046.12
turtle again okay all right little help678.764.92
you got a sword right well I didn't682.164.799
start the fight I didn't last time yeah683.685.32
yeah you wanted an action adventure go686.9593.56
ahead to fight the turtle well I wanted689.03.12
to I wanted to we've already done that I690.5193.401
wanted to go look up the hill all right692.123.159
I'll take care of the turtle thanks for693.924.479
the help team player well if you had a695.2794.521
friend that kept starting fights where698.3994.361
are you though I'm leaving no don't699.85.8
leave you're the worst dude you're the702.764.48
friend that always starts bar fights and705.63.96
says you got my back fight last night I707.243.52
didn't do709.564.6
anything is he710.763.4
dead all right I'm going on714.686.92
all right guys let's be care oh a nice719.5196.041
big statue oh and a gator it is a oh hey721.65.359
we got weapons now we can take this725.564.519
Gator right well I yeah cuz I Let's Do726.9595.801
It come on hold730.0795.841
on you're punching them I'm going to end732.766.079
up I'm stabbing this boy are you I'm735.925.159
agile Baby Woo all right oh jeez I just738.8393.881
oh I just crippled it oh there's our741.0794.681
goddess we worship our goddess adahop as742.726.799
she floats around watch out oh okay oh F745.765.68
you're stabbing me749.5198.481
okay yeah yeah get down baby uh oh I'm751.448.839
bleeding are you are you okay Simon I758.04.079
don't think so cuz things are getting760.2794.201
worse well hold on hold on let me take a762.0795.361
good look at you oh no please please764.486.88
please help me help me Lord help me Lord767.446.399
goddess the goddess please give me771.364.64
strength pray to the cold goddess give773.8394.721
me what I need to do to survive I will776.04.519
bow to you get in the water I will I778.563.76
will get to the water I will crawl to780.5192.481
water I will go to you I'll come with783.07.12
you please a good friend oh yes be with786.166.119
underwater oh she's going underwater792.2795.481
yeah she went in didn't she how's that796.243.08
going all right M my stamina's going797.765.04
down all right oh yeah look you're hurt799.324.319
know really yeah that's so funny I803.6396.121
didn't know806.5193.241
yeah look at this yeah it's great M814.245.68
Climer yeah all right you know what else816.9594.801
what I have like the world's longest819.924.159
hairs awesome oh don't forget you're the824.0796.521
World's uh worst friend that's not true827.486.919
it is you you started the fights okay830.65.799
wow clim this whole rock this is what I834.3993.641
don't give a836.3993.921
[ __ ] remember when I killed the thing838.045.96
that was trying to attack you no well I840.326.04
didn't do anything I don't care but I844.05.199
saved you right right you remember that846.366.479
part um I could have used help yeah849.1996.241
raise your hands in there okay I climb852.8396.521
the rock awesome I could okay who cares855.446.839
but seriously um you started that fight859.364.479
that time though didn't you in all862.2793.521
honesty yes I did so that was the863.8393.36
difference I didn't start the first865.84.039
fight uh-huh can you see armpit hairs867.1994.961
from there no I don't care about that869.8394.401
either should I climb back down but am I872.165.08
not your friend yeah was that thing your874.245.2
friend can you see my armpit hairs all877.243.8
right I'm done with this conversation879.442.92
hold on I'll come down you get a better881.042.599
look don't worry about it I'm going to882.363.32
go over here I'll be right there hold on883.6394.12
how do I put my arms down I can't put my885.686.76
arms down now I don't care okay but it's887.7597.32
it's going to get892.445.36
tiring arms are895.0796.601
stuck oh I see someone who over here are897.86.08
they are they unfriendly uh doesn't look901.684.32
like an NPC looks like he's just kind of903.885.04
[ __ ] around hello hello is that an906.05.759
NPC who you looking at thick this guy908.925.24
right here you see him around the911.7596.88
campfire oh yeah hello sir hello hello914.168.28
sir what are you doing man hey he's just918.6396.481
acting weird you know what he's acting a922.444.639
little too weird yeah I agree Simon925.123.44
can't trust this son of a [ __ ] human927.0794.721
meat time yeah human mate come on I was928.564.88
talking to him I'm talking to him are931.84.32
you oh yeah I'm just talking to him oh I933.444.44
just stabbed him in the chest with my936.126.8
axe hey he's friendly hey hey hey GES937.887.92
asro oh hey what's up man nothing I942.925.039
can't put my arms down hold on let me945.83.959
swim over to you I don't know if you've947.9593.641
seen my armpit hairs look at them man949.7594.681
that is some nice armpit hair hey hey951.64.56
dalas we thought you were that guy over954.444.879
there don't trust neebs he'll let you956.165.32
what die by the hands of something else959.3194.601
he's got his hands up though I trust him961.484.599
okay well okay at these Hope just stays963.923.68
that way the entire time we played yeah966.0792.801
what's going on with that n these are967.64.52
crazy long hairs right oh God yeah um968.885.28
you got your arms up put them down or972.124.079
stop talking about it yeah otherwise974.163.84
give me your money um I'm not sure how976.1994.2
to put him down how' you get them up in978.04.199
the first place I raised them jump in980.3994.281
the water and out grab a weapon no water982.1994.841
there change up the animation now come984.685.04
back she's beautiful987.044.76
there we go she is989.725.0
beautiful4 that's right learned doctor991.84.08
wow so have you guys accomplished994.722.32
anything it looks like you built a995.883.16
little hook I can't build here cuz it's997.044.64
D's place it won't let me build anything999.045.719
really so that's how this works huh yeah1001.687.159
what you shootas nothing okay hey can we1004.7595.801
start a tribe do you do that in this1008.8394.041
game I think I can yeah I can start a1010.564.279
clan what do we want to call it the1012.886.16
crispy boys uh the turtle friends I can1014.8397.68
give a [ __ ] Clan chowder Clan Chow1019.046.399
perfect clan Chow all you have to do1022.5196.141
Chow that's great Clan chowder it1025.4397.89
is all right so what should we do now we1034.64.599
should go find just like explore for a1037.04.4
minute explore yeah all right well all1039.1994.041
to settle down maybe a couple of us go1041.43.24
one way a couple of us go another then1043.244.12
meet back here this is whole base um1044.644.279
well if I were to look at the map i'1047.364.08
want to go more East where um it looks1048.9194.64
like you guys came from because it gets1051.444.8
Greener that way it does and I like that1053.5594.0
well tell you what Simon why don't you1056.243.799
and I go with duras yeah thick you and1057.5595.041
neebs you guys go uh go somewhere else I1060.0394.041
like that I like that cuz I don't want1062.63.88
to be my neebs right now Al lead the way1064.083.32
me following you thick go uh actually I1067.45.32
want to follow you neebs okay this way1070.5594.681
you have a good sense of smell it smells1072.725.839
good this way woo oh boy oh boy you got1075.246.16
trouble got some dogs you got trouble1078.5594.881
three dogs getting in the up and they1081.44.68
look dangerous and look our mother Lord1083.445.359
is here Jesus maybe she'll save you oh1086.084.24
boy these things are tough did they kill1088.7994.441
both of you oh [ __ ] they're after me1090.324.839
that's what I get from following save me1093.244.12
save me godess aah hop in all your might1095.1595.241
and wisdom1097.363.04
please H seven take all seven yeah thank1104.126.4
you you're welcome all right it's cooked1108.483.28
which way were we oh we were going this1110.522.519
way right yeah it looks like there's1111.763.039
some sort of Critter over there a1113.0395.0
critter see this Critter H it looks like1114.7996.201
a uh a doggo oh it's a doggo you got1118.0394.441
your do you have anything out where are1121.03.6
you at I got a sword and a and a shield1122.484.88
just in case is he going to attack oh1124.64.88
he's just a puppy that's a koala bear1127.364.24
it's not a koala bear oh it's not have1129.484.76
you ever you've seen koala that oh that1131.64.48
does look like some sort of a bear there1134.245.52
right let me see can we feed it h oh oh1136.084.719
look at1139.763.32
that all right let's move on we need1140.7994.36
pets in this game that's for sure you1143.085.12
ready let's see what we can1145.1593.041
see [ __ ] son of a [ __ ] son of a [ __ ]1149.969.4
really [ __ ] son of a Simon Simon y1155.06.52
hey okay well I'm1159.366.12
a all right well I'll see you in a1161.523.96
bit confucious say do not run off with D1165.7996.401
Alas and get eaten by dog stay here and1168.9196.281
build house yes build dwelling that you1172.26.76
may stay in for wrong time here we go1175.25.16
got a bed roll1178.964.12
down putting up a little house yeah this1180.365.16
is much better than getting eaten by1183.084.959
animals will you [ __ ]1185.524.84
hey oh hi what you doing I'm building a1190.367.92
little Hut why uh that's just a p a1194.6795.841
place to stay yeah I know but we were on1198.285.04
a mission we were oh I got lost from you1200.524.72
well we were like I can see where we1203.323.68
died from here that's when you guys died1205.243.12
I didn't die so I didn't know I know1207.03.48
because you ran away but I can see where1208.365.16
we died from here okay this so why1210.484.48
wouldn't we oh you just want to stay1213.522.76
you're you're happy here for the rest of1214.962.4
your life you're just going to settle1216.283.2
here no no I was waiting for uh where's1217.364.04
Simon it's a good question what the [ __ ]1219.483.52
is going on here I don't know is this a1221.44.6
sandstorm what is this Miss beses we1223.05.36
need shelter I know I'm taking damage1226.04.64
how do get the shelter I don't know I1228.364.64
don't know can you build something I I1230.645.279
don't know uh oh man we're going to die1233.05.96
out where are you here down down I came1235.9195.041
back put your torch out it's hard keep1238.965.12
an eye on you sorry my torch broke okay1240.965.12
oh boy I'm going to1244.089.2
die avenge me neees oh man what is1246.087.2
this oh what my stuff is supposed to be1253.766.72
right here it's right here it's getting1257.48.08
bloody [ __ ] what the what is going on1260.487.4
this is1265.482.4
not oh guys yeah I think it's going away1276.127.919
oh good yeah that was rough oh hey1280.125.88
what's going on yeah all right yeah it's1284.0393.081
clearing out it's clearing out it's1286.04.36
clearing out oh back to uh the initial1287.124.88
plan all right yeah you want to head to1290.363.6
Greener pasture yes I want to head yes1292.04.039
all right all right initial plan going1293.963.8
to Greener pastur what are you doing1296.0394.161
after we find Simon I'll probably go try1297.765.68
to get my stuff back okay and then I1300.25.719
should build a house uh okay that's what1303.444.96
I was doing where on this island I guess1305.9194.681
did you guys see that across the1308.47.759
way hello hey hey Simon s hey you want1310.67.4
to still do that one Mission Simon I1316.1594.481
want to do something you can join me1318.04.72
anyone can join me I just want to go now1320.645.24
I want but I want to find my stuff yeah1322.724.6
it's by your dead body that I was1325.884.32
protecting where follow me thank you all1327.326.4
right goodbye neees uh goodbye get build1330.25.8
and settling coming with you I'm going1333.724.16
to be don't run though I can run1336.04.679
whenever I want running don't tell me1337.884.279
what to do what's that on the hill it's1340.6795.841
a new animal let's kill it1342.1597.64
neeps I found your dead1350.1594.561
body are you around1352.526.56
here Z yeah where you at I'm by the big1354.726.88
Disney tree Disney1359.084.64
um oh up there big Disney tree okay hold1363.726.92
on coming towards the Disney tree did1368.085.479
you find your body nope oh wait a minute1370.645.68
you died pretty close to me oh that's1373.5594.72
you again did you died twice doesn't1376.323.839
matter matter I got most of my stuff1378.2794.161
back i' I've got everything I need right1380.1594.961
now should say on your map when you die1382.444.28
yeah I looked there and I saw you1385.123.88
instead of me maybe yeah I couldn't1386.724.4
search my body we're looking at the1389.05.48
Disney tree yep Disney tree I'm on top1391.126.36
of the thing you see me oh yeah what's1394.485.439
new I just wanted to explore a new area1397.485.04
we never been up here before hold on I'm1399.9195.081
coming to you coming to you hey uh I saw1402.525.2
a gator oh you did but not like a normal1405.05.08
Gator this one is much bigger than any1407.725.36
Gator I've seen like another couple 5T1410.085.24
or like a 100 times bigger probably like1413.085.64
twice as big look at this place man it's1415.325.839
pretty yeah let's get on top of this1418.724.559
rock see what we can see can we get on1421.1593.841
top of this rock how oh we can climb1423.2793.161
climb you know how to climb hold space1426.444.08
oh oh my God isn't this cool yeah this1430.525.639
is like 28 days but we're not going to1434.5595.201
have to or what is it 28 days 100 28 281436.1594.4
was whatever 136 days oh [ __ ] what is1440.5597.041
that never seen one of those it looks1444.65.72
like a like a bony Chihuahua like a1447.65.24
giant bony Chihuahua it doesn't look1450.327.88
friendly you think we should uh be ready1452.848.199
yeah oh coming towards1458.27.719
ustic run away oh crap I'm running wo1461.0396.841
holy crap did you see that move you okay1465.9194.281
where you at oh they're coming to me oh1467.884.799
did you fall yeah I came down oh you're1470.25.479
you're up there yeah I'm a cliffhanger1472.6795.681
so wow look at their eyeballs I'm going1475.6796.24
get a closer look y look at this trying1478.366.039
to come at me he can't reach me thick1481.9194.441
it's trying to come at me bro is it on1484.3993.121
the ground with you no you should1486.363.199
probably come down here too it's pretty1487.524.56
cool though yeah you look great I doubt1489.5595.201
we come on nees he's afraid of hi on1492.087.4
down I'm coming come on down easy easy1494.767.639
almost there almost I'm at the B oh1499.484.079
there we go1502.3993.76
bottom huh oh oh there's a koala bear1503.5594.731
you so those aren't Gators oh you're1511.9197.401
right look like kodo dragons are Gia1516.9194.64
monsters so they might be worse to fight1519.325.04
than Gators might be but you know what1521.5595.561
they also might be friendly what duras1524.365.559
shoot he shot at what are you doing why1527.125.159
don't you communicate you wanted to kill1529.9194.0
everything all right I'm going to get in1532.2793.12
there on the action Dal alas keep me1533.9195.12
covered all right well then y oh1535.3997.0
[ __ ] oh1539.0395.88
careful learn it for you toia yeah I1542.3996.041
know are are you hurting it at all oh1544.9197.721
yeah woo come on Big Boy some sweet1548.446.64
[ __ ] he didn't see that coming who's a1555.125.36
little a bit he's about halfway on1557.724.88
health got some more work to do watch1560.484.36
the arrows all right I'm trying1562.65.12
stamina's down get it back um yep bring1564.846.079
him back this way bringing him back I1567.725.72
I'll can I can I help yeah get in there1570.9195.76
salmon all right tag it out tag it1573.447.2
out oh it's bloody yeah come on1576.6797.48
boys that's right oh Simon finish it off1580.644.6
right a little taste of my axe don't you1585.247.72
oh you do yeah you do oh my ax is broke1588.766.08
all right run away Simon Tap Out tap out1592.964.76
I'm coming in I'll I'll finish this guy1594.845.04
down guys guys what uh let's make this1599.887.64
our base uh yeah I could see this being1604.2794.921
a nice little base for now you know what1607.523.879
I mean it's just better than the [ __ ]1609.24.0
hole we were at what about this beach1611.3994.0
over here to Ras yeah I mean look at1613.24.04
this oh come on look at this this little1615.3995.441
b has some lightning come oh yeah I like1617.248.12
this yes this is this is1620.844.52
heaven oh neebs yeah man this is looking1628.445.68
good yeah place around the water I'm1631.964.12
going to build a deck out there later o1634.125.08
a deck yeah can we fish I don't know I1636.084.76
don't know anything it's my first day1639.24.56
okay mine too hey uh I built a furnace1640.847.12
over here furnace yeah like a forge okay1643.766.08
hey I have a little something for you to1647.965.16
spruce up your place you do yeah is it a1649.845.52
deck cuz been want a deck I got you some1653.127.64
Windchimes oh holy moly clang clang you1655.367.52
oh there's no wind okay well it looks1660.764.6
good okay yeah we don't have these kind1662.884.2
of decorations where I'm from well hey1665.365.439
thick um I just want to say uh1667.086.0
congratulations on your first day in1670.7995.36
cone and Exiles and uh or we could this1673.084.719
could be a high five if you did it oh1676.1593.081
here we go1677.7995.561
and H 10 oh1679.244.12
God yep we'll work on that jumping high1683.6797.401
oh wait yeah yep one two three yeah yeah1686.367.559
woo kind of worked kind of what a dumb1691.085.56
looking jump yep your arm hairs are long1693.9194.521
know the1698.443.2
longest D alas yeah that's a nice1702.2795.441
furnace you got it's uh yeah thank you1704.9194.321
so much1707.722.64
You're Building all kinds of stuff you1709.242.96
got us was that a workbench yeah I guess1710.363.64
so I don't know what it does yeah you1712.24.88
know what'll really help us what1714.021.799
slaves yes THS they call them THS it's1735.7995.281
the same thing right what whatever it is1739.2794.0
yeah but THS makes you feel better about1741.083.959
people who work for us for no money or1743.2793.201
compensation what do they doing what's1745.0393.281
going on here right now oh things are1746.484.4
getting a little Sandstorm already1748.325.0
that's unfortunate hey at least we're1750.884.84
we've got shelter uh yeah we have no1753.324.359
ceiling though no we're working on it1755.723.52
though this place is uh coming around1757.6793.801
this is nuts man yeah man as well just1759.244.439
hunker down till it's gone hunkering1761.484.079
this is like it's hurting me yep I'm1763.6793.041
getting hurt what are we doing hurting1765.5593.281
me are you getting hurt oh God that1766.724.24
really hurts yeah God it's [ __ ] is this1768.845.199
all ow [ __ ] am I hurting too it because1770.964.8
of the windows do you think it's cuz of1774.0394.161
the windows I don't know why are we hurt1775.765.399
how do I get my Hut on oh shelter damn1778.25.16
it am I going to die I don't know this1781.1594.24
is the shitty way to die this is a1783.364.319
terrible way to die I'm going to die1785.3994.921
guys it's been a hey real pleasure where1787.6796.48
you at buddy here oh man so obviously we1790.326.28
need a ceiling well at least we got bed1794.1594.12
now I'm going to die I'm going to die1798.2794.081
right next to uh right next to this guy1799.5594.72
let's just keep dying through this huh1802.364.199
oh I think it's backing off abser1804.2794.201
where's Simon I don't know hopefully1806.5593.441
he'll respawn back here did he make a1808.483.36
bed roll that's what I'm concerned about1810.05.12
there's one bed roll there's two bed1811.844.839
rolls yeah I remember making one and1815.123.84
putting it down Simon didn't make a bed1816.6794.981
roll oh [ __ ] where is1818.965.779
[ __ ] the hell hell man it's1826.727.72
gone where am I why am I I just came1830.366.88
back I just died why am I almost dead1834.446.959
still what the oh great oh God come1837.247.679
on Jesus nobody's coming after me all1841.3995.361
right good don't know what the hell I'm1844.9194.0
doing here all right let's see who if I1846.767.12
can find somebody how oh Jesus damn okay1848.9199.521
oh God no no no no no no no no okay okay1853.886.28
there you are1858.444.769
too love living on the water thick neees1864.085.04
it's fantastic couldn't be more1867.2793.36
beautiful out here we need to learn to1869.123.799
craft inner tubes yep we can make a lazy1870.6395.16
pool inner tubes Yeti Coolers we need to1872.9195.48
make beer yeah you got plenty of food I1875.7994.321
do I got food for days man I got1878.3993.64
bumblebees in my pocket by the way what1880.123.0
do you do with those I don't know it1882.0393.441
says ingredient what's your goal today1883.125.2
my friend I don't have one my goal is1885.485.36
your goal oh relax have a good time make1888.324.04
friends is that what we're doing I don't1890.844.12
know uh actually I'm supposed to make1892.364.64
some sort of place of pleasure for my1894.964.439
God uh oh I think I can make a thing too1897.04.519
like a a shrine or something okay so my1899.3994.081
I have to make a pleasure place of1901.5197.481
duretto who's your god uh um um me1903.487.439
starts with Mavis starts with m I don't1909.03.32
Mavis Michael Michael Marty could be1912.325.719
Marty I like Mavis that'd be a great God1915.7997.0
ra Metra aelod of Metra all right yep so1918.0396.281
we should make uh we should make these1922.7994.521
things today maybe I'm mean do you have1924.325.719
time for me to talk to you about1927.325.959
Metra actually I I read somewhere that1930.0395.441
my God was like the shittiest God oh1933.2794.52
yeah um so that's a good angle no one's1935.484.28
pushing that one yeah but I'm kind of1937.7993.561
glad that you know maybe I should just1939.763.0
go with this religion for a little while1941.363.0
and then if I don't like it I can switch1942.762.879
can you do that I can't wait till you1944.362.919
knock on my door to tell me about your1945.6393.841
crappy guy well I might not you know can1947.2795.12
thislet huge loser hardly no one's doing1949.485.28
it but uh just give me a break and show1952.3995.081
up on it's not even on Sunday it's like1954.764.519
it's not on it's a time no one can make1957.485.919
it yeah like Monday at 2 p.m. yeah man1959.2795.4
that looks like Magic Kingdom right1963.3993.481
there that's what I'm going for yeah1964.6794.161
looking good man thank you hey I'm about1966.883.44
to build this place of pleasure you want1968.843.52
to come see it Place wait you're1970.323.52
building your thing already yeah Oh I1972.362.52
thought we were going to go gather1973.842.839
together or something oh no I I had a1974.883.96
bunch of stuff yeah let's see it yeah1976.6794.401
I'm going to put it down here okay hey1978.844.64
just in case leave room for my church oh1981.083.8
sure cuz we're goingon to have two1983.484.559
churches in town sure thing hello hello1984.885.759
hello Simon yes Simon what are you doing1988.0393.681
with your life you went out with the1990.6395.4
other guys I did but I uh I died uh-huh1991.727.319
oh oh wow look at that you didn't make a1996.0396.0
bed no I didn't make a bed look at this1999.0395.0
yeah this is your this is thick Church2002.0395.6
you want to join um it's a bit dark they2004.0396.201
have have church Monday mornings at 9:002007.6394.681
see you lost why would you have just I2010.244.36
don't it's a crappy religion he'll sell2012.325.239
you on it well make it fun make go to to2014.65.24
this service fun and maybe I'll join2017.5594.801
piatas would that do it maybe piñatas2019.845.04
snacks I just want snacks that's how2022.366.4
Christianity blew up yep yep and snacks2024.885.08
well I'm going to try to figure this2028.764.799
thing out I guess uh Simon yeah what's2029.966.959
your plan um I was working on things and2033.5596.041
then I lost my stuff and I bet you don't2036.9194.441
know where you are and you can't find2039.64.039
your way back and you have nowhere to2041.366.84
turn except for thick Church of death2043.6396.96
well if I look at my map it'll tell me2048.24.399
where I died and is my stuff going to2050.5994.441
stay there I don't know it's not like2052.5994.441
can't imagine you had much I probably2055.043.76
didn't have much you're right thank you2057.044.24
for saving me a trip yeah with that with2058.85.119
that snarky statement no I'm just saying2061.284.599
don't waste your time go straight home2063.9194.041
and uh and right well I don't even know2065.8793.601
but where's2067.964.199
Home feel like I feel like uh I'm very2069.485.599
uh I'm more confused than usual which2072.1595.841
which says says a lot man just stay here2075.0797.241
stay here with us okay I I'll stay2078.04.32
hereas AB hey how much uh how much hide2082.85.64
you got buddy 10 hide 10 hide can I have2085.9194.281
the hide or do you need the hide you can2088.443.12
to have the hide oh give me the hide2090.23.639
baby all right I don't know stick it in2091.563.64
a stick it in a box over here stick it2093.8392.721
in the Box on the right I'll put it in2095.23.159
the Box hey2096.564.88
um you hungry um I got a bunch of bugs2098.3594.921
in my pocket I've got some of my own2101.444.72
human flesh cooked oh um yeah I'm good2103.284.48
I'll stick with the bugs you know what2106.162.72
I'm going to try what it tastes like2107.762.44
right now I'm going to see go for it2108.884.88
let's see let's see um oh yes that is2110.25.919
quite good oh cool I mean you look like2113.763.88
you would be tasty if I were in the mood2116.1193.761
for I don't know black man with silly2117.645.64
haircut stop I won't I'll never please2119.887.36
stop it yeah okay I've got a sword uh2123.286.61
that's a that's an2127.244.68
axe hey neees yeah that's you did you2131.927.56
build a spear yeah look at you I build a2136.25.08
spear thank you for the axe just that2139.483.04
one thing makes a big difference you2141.282.68
were going on about an Axe and you can2142.523.68
build a spear well I'm of course harder2143.963.8
doesn't it yeah but I wanted to get the2146.23.72
materials right so the axe you use the2147.764.52
axe yes to help you listen I want to go2149.924.919
back back home back no I want to go back2152.285.16
to my stuff and I want to try to finish2154.8395.041
the day right so I'm going to go and I2157.444.08
just wanted to say goodbye so this is2159.884.8
goodbye yeah yes it was nice it was nice2161.525.319
seeing you oh good seeing you too I'm2164.684.2
going to go okay I'm sure we'll see you2166.8393.921
soon all right uh I hope let me make2168.884.4
sure I'm going the right direction nope2170.764.079
completely wrong direction going that2173.285.839
way okay good luck Simon2174.8394.28
goodbye I think he's actually going the2179.523.68
right way yeah but I think he's also2181.43.8
going to die soon yeah we'll see him all2183.25.0
all right out on the hunt for a thw I2190.886.68
see is this a campfire up here oh oh2194.25.24
yeah but damn did the Gators get him2197.563.72
what's wrong with you Gators did you eat2199.445.96
my slave oh god there the gator on me2201.287.24
okay let's see some awful deer oh I2205.44.439
think I see another Campsite in the2208.524.12
distance all right let's get sneaky oh I2209.8396.121
think I see a couple of them kill one2212.646.64
knock the other one out that's my plan2215.965.8
all right so let's see which one do I2219.286.36
want hello hello how you guys doing oh I2221.765.599
don't know how to use my shield at all I2225.646.52
don't okay here we go no2227.3594.801
yeah woo what you think buddy sorry for2234.26.48
killing your lady but uh2238.167.04
yeah come on hit him damn there you go2240.687.32
oh oh damn you oh damn he's tough oh2245.26.36
he's tough run run run he's2248.06.48
tough oh [ __ ] he's shooting at me he's2251.566.48
shooting [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] he2254.486.44
bugs he bugs oh God he's still shoo damn2258.044.96
you're good with that Arrow weaving2260.926.08
doing Bing and weaving robing and2263.04.0
weaving all right well okay I killed2271.27.879
this woman so we made some progress2274.0795.0
all right so I got my stuff pointed2285.3596.401
right at it I'm close the GU should be2288.3196.321
around here somewhere I don't2291.766.72
know I honestly don't remember what they2294.647.199
were doing when I died cuz I have a bad2298.485.839
memory but I'm going to get my stuff and2301.8394.601
it's going to be good and I'm going to2304.3194.28
be happy hello2306.445.44
hello hello are you a2308.5996.76
friend you are not a friend you're one2311.884.92
of these people that I'm hopefully2315.3592.96
knocking out2316.86.92
later okay if I find my hello2318.3198.241
sir are you a kind2323.725.48
one you don't have a weapon2326.567.519
out uh uh oh [ __ ] what oh hey I was like2329.26.48
where the hell is that voice coming from2334.0794.24
[ __ ] ay man I swear I didn't even in2335.684.2
what's you've taking that out and you're2338.3194.721
making me nervous why I I I because it2339.884.92
cuz I'm I don't know come follow me2343.043.64
where's my stuff do you know probably on2344.84.08
your corpse but I doubt it's still there2346.683.56
why wouldn't it still be there I don't2348.882.8
know don't things like that disappear in2350.243.2
I don't know do you know where it is oh2351.683.8
where you died I okay so let me look at2353.443.56
my map you died in the in the in the2355.483.2
sandstorm I'm right on top you know what2357.03.359
that's fine I'm going to find it myself2358.683.88
oh look at this little this little punk2360.3593.96
are you doing punk you can get around2362.564.039
them are these things easy to kill is2364.3194.201
they're annoying fought them before I2366.5993.441
know but I mean can I kill him with a2368.523.92
spear like a hand spear it's oh he's on2370.044.44
us all right he's on I'm going around2372.443.24
I'll meet you on the other side coming2374.484.599
around you got to outsmart him right but2375.685.2
I don't I don't remember exactly where I2379.0794.721
was when I had to Clos the door oh God2380.885.8
he's in okay all right all right come on2383.84.76
sucker come on suck oh you're going at2386.683.72
all right Let's do let's take him out2388.563.44
let's do it all right we'll swap when2390.44.52
you're uh yeah we'll do switcheroos we2392.04.44
have a goddess watching us so we should2394.924.84
be safe all right oh god oh boy you okay2396.444.72
backing it up oh [ __ ] I don't have you2399.763.0
don't have anything no I do of course2401.163.24
you just saw me with a thing all right I2402.763.319
know well then did get back get back2404.43.32
Simon get back all right getting back I2406.0793.721
kind of have low Health get back I'm2407.723.639
trying to get back can't move get out of2409.83.799
my way get that get out of my way I'm2411.3594.201
trying to get out of the way come on2413.5993.161
look at this get out of the way I'm2415.563.24
moving oh I'm hitting there you go I was2416.766.12
H the wrong button yeah love that that's2418.86.88
strange that's fun you never do that I2422.885.719
know seriously right yeah I'm going to2425.684.48
take him out with this all right screw2428.5996.361
it there a boy that's2430.164.8
it okay sneak up on you hey you're2435.885.36
probably there mourning the death of you2439.643.88
stupid wife like are there two of them2441.244.52
now yeah there's two of you I already2443.523.76
killed one of you all right now I know2445.763.359
what I'm doing though oh I don't Jesus2447.284.44
I'm sloppy at this all right Shield all2449.1194.561
right so I need to kill the first one2451.724.24
knock out the second one this time this2453.685.56
time it's going to happen2455.963.28
sneak attack hey2459.3196.481
boys yeah yeah oh boy come on come on2461.3197.081
come on come on get the arrows back yeah2465.86.039
all right AR go out H all right buddy2468.49.12
all right buddy hey oh yeah here we2471.83910.561
go come on oh nice swing not oh [ __ ]2477.5210.04
that was a good one boom Oh oo want it2482.48.12
hey boom oh good2487.566.32
God oh you're tough I want you you oh I2490.528.24
want you in my trap oh yeah come on oh2493.888.56
oh Jesus okay come with me2498.766.48
oh yeah2502.445.96
yeah come2505.243.16
yeah all right unconscious now what do I2511.526.079
do oh wait so now I should be able to do2514.685.56
and then oh nope don't do that all right2517.5996.841
how do I do this e press e to drag oh2520.246.599
there we2524.442.399
go you coming with me2527.1194.72
buddy right don't let those alligators2529.723.48
eat you they're kind of2531.8395.561
mean I expected you to be a lot2533.24.2
heavier let's see I've never tried to2537.726.04
swim with one of you guys so here we go2540.3598.041
oh no oh no2543.767.18
follow me we'll hug the2548.49.48
coast on2559.045.799
Victory s the alas yeah help I got a2566.0799.721
slave really wow where where you at Oho2571.3196.201
I'm out front I see you I'm I'm coming2575.84.36
right to the door by you oh there you go2577.526.48
oh wow oh looky lookie is he he's2580.166.28
handsome thank you all right so what's2584.05.04
the next step uh I don't know you don't2586.445.08
know no we got him that's all I know2589.044.36
what do we do now wasn't there supposed2591.523.559
to be like a thing that you're supposed2593.43.84
to strap him in and then torture him oh2595.0794.0
wait hold on I I think I need to make a2597.244.4
lesser wheel of pain sounds about right2599.0794.441
yep oh [ __ ] did my oh did my fiber2601.644.08
binding just broke I think it did yep I2603.524.0
got my eye on them holy crap guys we2605.725.96
need 100 iron bars what dude I'm making2607.525.64
iron bars but I was going to make an2611.684.56
armor like a uh so blacksmith table no2613.164.88
we need the we need the wheel of pain2616.243.52
wheel of pain we don't need better2618.043.76
weapons no no yeah we do that eventually2619.763.839
but we got to we got to like keep the2621.84.799
slave okay we need a cage if this guy2623.5997.641
wakes up right make a cage for the2626.5994.641
guy is that people looking at us are2633.3195.0
those ladies oh I have a place of2635.964.92
pleasure huh hello ladies we should go2638.3194.8
introduce ourselves yeah are you sure2640.885.199
the ladies no why would you say ladies2643.1195.321
it looks like a lady from the silhouette2646.0795.28
but you can never tell hey are y'all2648.445.04
ladies are you2651.3595.24
ladies AAS2653.487.359
espol uh son2656.5998.76
mes maybe they're deaf s s2660.8397.121
Som should we go up there2665.3595.041
yeah okay let's climb let's show them2667.964.399
how good of climbers we are yeah2670.43.84
probably impress them yep these aren't2672.3594.801
ladies thick swear hey I said I don't2674.245.2
know I said I can't tell but you got it2677.165.199
in my mind that they're ladies just hey2679.444.32
it's like when you you want some ice2682.3593.121
cream we don't have any maybe they're2683.763.96
just I would have cared until you said2685.485.119
one of them is a lady oh this is a man I2687.727.08
got a lady so hey yeah 50/50 let's2690.5996.24
introduce ourselves you ready yeah they2694.84.519
might might try to fight us2696.8395.161
nah hello my name2699.3195.841
ises what the [ __ ] hello we're friendly2702.07.0
we're friendly look at my fighting IED2705.165.919
we should run away no I'm going to fight2709.04.24
this girl you want to fight me hello2711.0794.201
miss my name is NE oh she got a bow and2713.243.64
arrow it's going to be my bow and arrow2715.284.16
in a little bit yep come here oh [ __ ]2716.884.04
that's a I didn't know there was two of2719.443.04
them all right B run away they're2720.923.76
shooting bow and arrows knocked her ass2722.485.28
down oh yeah you Gone Girl2724.686.8
think 44 come on need need a warrior2727.766.52
moly cut his torso off I know what's he2734.45.6
got uh I don't know I'm going to go2738.3593.801
check these other bodies what is this2740.04.319
place do you know uh like is this a2742.165.52
certain religion or uh I don't know uh2744.3196.641
it said when we came in that we oh2747.686.24
another guy what' it say oh hold on by2750.966.68
the by this tree that's like on fire2753.926.56
uh-huh hey man we're just trying to be2757.645.0
cool I know we killed everyone here but2760.483.52
we're just trying to be cool we didn't2762.642.959
do anything we're trying to meet ladies2764.03.76
and you guys had ladies and I'm not2765.5993.96
trying to fight you even though my sword2767.763.76
is out I think he's fine man just leave2769.5593.56
him huh he's not2771.524.2
attacking so oh there's a box over there2773.1194.041
though oh I kind of want that let's go2775.723.28
look in it see if he messes with you2777.165.76
okay hello let look he don't like it oh2779.06.44
back up I got an idea2782.925.36
okay no no no no oh you got an idea all2785.445.36
right you're doing good thick I feel2788.284.559
like I should be chanting fight or2790.84.759
something do you want to chant with me2792.8395.72
fight fight fight fight fight fight2795.5596.121
fight we're off oh I knocked him out2798.5596.361
yeah there you go all right equip a rope2801.686.6
you have a rope man what are you2804.925.199
royalty all right I'm going check this2808.284.079
box he yeah go in that box hey I don't2810.1194.801
think we have one of those things uh to2812.3595.72
to make to make uh what do they call THS2814.926.08
oh I got a stone Pike another Shield2818.0795.361
some bones a thra that's that the thing2821.05.4
that wears them down no th is I think2823.446.0
they're called THS once man I really2826.45.88
don't want to say the word uh because2829.445.119
this guy's a darker gentleman boom I got2832.285.76
a spear and I just yeah I don't want to2834.5594.401
say the2838.044.68
word um so he would be uh I don't see2838.967.359
our slave anywhere I know qu saying that2842.726.119
I've looked over the whole island yeah2846.3195.24
well he must have snuck off in the night2848.8396.401
or's or stuck underneath this Foundation2851.5595.681
what Foundation well for the thing that2855.245.119
we were making cuz he disappeared and2857.244.599
sometimes they're underneath this [ __ ]2860.3593.641
can we break this over here and see if2861.8394.441
he's underneath it ah I guess it doesn't2864.05.52
hurt to try hold on let me get down this2866.286.52
rock I got boy do I use the building2869.525.599
tool to Break Stuff no you can just2872.84.16
dismantle it by looking at it holding2875.1193.72
and doing stuff I'm coming to you all2876.963.24
look I'm starting it it would be2880.25.919
underneath the foundation maybe right2883.645.88
you see him under there at all come on2886.1194.401
on now we need to clear away the debris2890.526.88
right just walk over it walk over it no2893.8397.561
damn it we lost him ridiculous [ __ ] okay2897.45.24
well hey we didn't have the thing buildt2901.43.36
anyway right right and it was going to2902.643.64
be a pain in the butt so now we know our2904.763.76
next mission right Simon we're getting a2906.284.2
[ __ ] ton of Metal Ingot we're getting a2908.524.52
[ __ ] ton of Metal Ingot you ready well I2910.484.28
need a pickaxe don't I yeah get a2913.043.48
pickaxe uh there's some some big2914.763.4
mountains over there maybe we just that2916.523.24
way guys guys guys guys what what what2918.163.04
what now see I've been out and about2919.762.76
doing this metal ing good thing for2921.24.919
quite a while you see um right through2922.525.559
through this way there's like an enemy2926.1194.801
camp and man I just uh sneakily stole2928.0794.801
half of their metal stuff their iron2930.923.8
crap we can just steal metal from enemy2932.883.56
camps oh I mean that there was like an2934.723.44
island that they live on that that there2936.443.44
was tons of it oh yeah well we we're2938.162.919
going to go steal you want me to show2939.883.08
you where it is uh absolutely I want you2941.0793.04
to show me where it is let's do this2942.963.359
well follow me it's well let's go around2944.1194.48
this I'll show you I'll point in the2946.3194.441
direction I'm about to make uh the2948.5994.96
Lesser uh thingy thing oh you actually2950.764.4
you can make it yeah I just got to get a2953.5592.76
little bit of wood a little bit of twine2955.162.72
we'll be good to go oh watch out we got2956.3194.04
a Comm about him yep always a komodo2957.884.439
suck on it all right so we need to get2960.3594.44
another uh another slave I guess if you2962.3194.48
lost that one sure by the time you get2964.7994.28
get back uh we could get one over here2966.7993.441
by the time you get back I should have2969.0793.28
it made yeah the thing is water I2970.243.48
learned earlier you have to build a2972.3594.0
bridge you can't well this is a bridge2973.724.52
this is where you'd have to do it oh man2976.3593.361
that's a that'd be a big bridge big2978.243.2
bridge see over there there's already a2979.724.68
thrw up there see over there I wonder if2981.444.48
we can get them to chase us across the2984.43.159
water they probably won't and check it2985.923.24
out if you look across the way see those2987.5594.24
dark uh rocks yep that's what we need oh2989.164.6
that's the metal huh yep I only got kind2991.7993.28
of the left side of the island you can2993.762.559
get the right and whatever you want up2995.0792.641
there good luck boys I'll see you in a2996.3193.401
bit all right2997.723.92
thanks man it would have been nice to2999.723.879
have a friend I'd to let that guy go we3001.644.6
don't have one of those things to to we3003.5994.52
don't have a friendship machine friend3006.243.68
machine friend machine I like that look3008.1193.761
at all these spider webs nebs is that3009.923.639
what those are I don't know kind of3011.883.479
yellow aren't they yeah there's people3013.5594.0
up there I see a bunch to the right well3015.3593.321
the people around here aren't very3017.5593.201
friendly so what do you want to do man3018.683.6
want to check these spiderwebs out all3020.763.44
right should we go up or to the right3022.283.76
looks like there's way more to the right3024.23.68
to the right what do you mean well look3026.044.079
it over here is that spider webs too3027.884.959
looks like it spider webs right here I'm3030.1194.361
going look at these right here thick3032.8394.361
okay see any spiders around do you oh3034.484.639
yep I do see a spider what see it back3037.24.72
there oh oh it's coming oh snap it's3039.1196.561
coming oh Shield up thick he's attacking3041.927.639
spider attack me attack out okay whoa oh3045.687.04
flanking him you helping yep okay he's3049.5597.361
no match back up me back up okay woo oh3052.726.68
boy dead spider nice what do we get out3056.925.36
of spiders I don't know take a look uh3059.44.159
nothing you don't get anything out of a3062.284.12
spider can you chop it up for meat or3063.5595.721
let me grab my handy Hatchet oh yep3066.45.8
there's some kiten and yep meat and3069.285.44
kiteen all right cool hey there's3072.24.52
something gone I saw movement up there3074.723.359
there's something going on up there is3076.724.68
it ladies probably ladies all right are3078.0795.201
you going up there yeah I just I was3081.43.48
kind of joking cuz last time we did this3083.283.92
didn't work out too well well okay oh3084.884.64
wow it's kind of cool up here isn't it3087.26.76
yeah neat spiderwebs everywhere oh a3089.527.24
lizard a lizard yeah what are you3093.964.28
talking about where right there look at3096.763.799
this thing tiny lizard hello lizard oh3098.243.599
yeah look at him can you pick it up3100.5595.121
press e press e yeah oh I just picked3101.8396.041
up wait a minute I just have a lizard on3105.686.399
me on me now yep um your3107.887.719
inventory crocodile hatchling what am I3112.0794.881
going to do with that I think if you3115.5993.801
drop it it's going to show up in a bag3116.966.72
are you serious well drop it3119.47.84
drop I just put a lizard in a bag and3123.686.28
left it there yeah I don't feel good3127.245.559
about that well let it out of the bag I3129.966.04
don't know I don't know man I got to3132.7995.401
quit listening to you hey hey we didn't3136.04.48
do anything bad oh we just put a lizard3138.25.32
in a bag and left him in the desert He3140.486.76
he'll find his way out3143.523.72
I know dellas help we got us a new slave3148.5596.28
sweet he's a pretty little white thing I3152.483.879
made the thing it's up front you can't3154.8393.48
miss it there's already a slave there a3156.3594.681
thw there what where' this guy come from3158.3196.081
he comes with it oh he comes with it y3161.045.799
make any what what what when you build3164.45.32
it he's there uh-huh does he ever take a3166.8395.401
break I have not seen one break taken3169.724.8
well this should be interesting all3172.244.52
right so anyway that's that's that's it3174.525.559
oh I can see this th okay great okay so3176.765.16
how do we do this let's see I don't know3180.0792.681
I don't3181.923.439
know just disappeared by the way put an3182.765.52
enemy in the wheel of pain th what do3185.3596.681
you mean put an enemy we put an enemy3188.286.44
into where where what the [ __ ] did she3192.045.559
go I just said she just disappeared and3194.724.28
then you were talking about enemy I'm3197.5994.321
like maybe she's in what the she was3199.04.52
right here I watched her disappear oh my3201.925.08
God all right wait it did put her in the3203.528.36
inventory task Taskmaster one what so3207.07.4
wait did she go into the inventory of3211.884.439
this thing well yeah when when you said3214.43.679
you were going in there it disappeared3216.3193.52
so that's what I kind of figured the H3218.0794.04
Hib borian Taskmaster is that her I3219.8394.041
don't know I don't find out what do you3222.1193.841
do what's it telling you to do what the3223.884.919
hell okay so hold on I I I need I need3225.965.159
biofuel what is that it's like a pot of3228.7995.881
grease I need a pot of grease and a3231.1195.48
person and then and then I hit the the3234.684.04
button this is insane so let's get the3236.5994.76
grease find out maybe yeah figure out3238.725.0
what the grease is you're the3241.3595.0
man all right I think I figured out how3243.724.639
to make this stuff in the fire GRL all3246.3593.72
right perfect you got to have the plant3248.3594.161
fiber you got to have the seeds and then3250.0794.441
yeah all right so just grueling3252.523.4
hopefully the thing in here and then3254.524.799
we're torturing uh maybe let's see so3255.926.399
put that oh there and then hit play Hey3259.3195.081
I think uh I think we're doing something3262.3193.52
you know what we're doing what are we3264.46.36
doing we're going THS deep THS3265.8394.921
deep thick3272.448.08
44 who's there it is I the god3275.3595.161
dero I need you to go out and harvest3280.55910.28
coal and metal dero you have such a3285.888.04
familiar voice and give it to3290.8397.52
neees neees come on down Budd yes needes3293.926.399
no I know he's the man I want you to3298.3594.44
give it oh you see me I see you okay3300.3194.201
well that didn't work I bet it work on3302.7995.361
Simon though probably freak out oh I3304.525.76
okay whatever you whatever you want but3308.164.84
can you make me uh some3310.285.4
clothes but then like he just wouldn't3313.04.16
get anything he'd come back and then3315.683.84
dero would get angry like I totally3317.165.48
forgot yep I'm leaving leaving he would3319.525.88
be struck down by the gods immediately3322.643.919
so I'm going to build my church Church3325.43.8
besides yours is that cool I guess uh we3326.5595.0
having a church off oh Church off how3329.24.76
how close can I put this where can I put3331.5596.8
it here here ah no I got a red X a big3333.966.52
oh by the water there you go oh there we3338.3595.801
go you ready yeah boom open for business3340.487.52
hey need's Church of uh3344.166.12
Metra yeah I don't know I'm going to I'm3348.03.799
still going to try out my religion for a3350.283.319
little while see how it goes yeah if it3351.7993.841
doesn't work out there is plenty of room3353.5994.641
for you over here here at church of3355.645.8
Metra wait get get right here neebs I3358.244.319
think there's something in the game that3361.444.24
you can do yeah yeah3362.5596.961
neees it is I MRA3365.686.919
Metra what what a3369.525.839
surprise I demand you give me lots of3372.5993.96
beef shredded beef huh yeah that's all I3376.5597.24
want EES shredded beef well I will get3380.0797.24
you shredded beef throw your hands in3383.7997.121
the air if you a true player shredded be3387.3195.561
Metra this is our this is our dance at3392.884.8
the Metra Church oh yeah until you get3395.484.52
tired you can't jump anymore be great3397.686.28
pining okay I'm tired uh good night thck3400.06.64
oh good3403.967.0
night give it to me baby my turn3406.648.84
help oh boy he's tough take that oh boy3410.966.44
[ __ ]3415.484.879
attack take that baby that's how it's3417.46.439
done walk free my friend don't pick3420.3597.331
fights next time we could have got metal3423.83913.751
together hey3444.643.52
he abro yes sir I am carrying a lot of3456.286.44
rocks that's why I'm moving so slow man3460.3593.921
listen this place is looking great dude3462.723.359
I love it I know man we're just going to3464.283.24
keep building on to it yeah and why3466.0793.121
would we ever go anywhere else there's3467.523.24
no we don't need to do anything in this3469.23.599
game this is a beautiful island I agree3470.763.68
but I do want to explore yeah of course3472.7993.52
I do I I want to go to that where we3474.443.08
were heading this way in the first place3476.3193.441
for what was what was that you you3477.523.559
brought me here I don't really remember3479.763.0
I know it was East that castley looking3481.0793.641
thing out there oh well I mean you see3482.763.359
the thing across the way right is that3484.723.639
what you're talking about uh like I'm3486.1195.041
looking at it right now over there um3488.3595.24
you second just come over here give me a3491.163.76
second oh yeah you got yeah you're full3493.5993.24
of rocks aren't you full of rocks oh3494.923.48
that's not the one I was thinking of but3496.8393.081
but I mean I want you want to go explore3498.43.0
that course we should maybe I should get3499.923.32
rid of these rocks yeah go get go dump3501.42.919
your rocks off all right give me a3503.242.48
second why why don't we go see what nebs3504.3193.72
in thicker we hav SE boys in a minute3505.725.119
okay right all right moments what the3508.0395.28
hell are you doing what's that what are3510.8395.121
you doing going back go drop the Rocks3513.3196.28
off so let's so we can go huh go slow Bo3515.968.52
go kns yep take a look what you got I3519.5998.281
look like a godamn warrior don't I uh as3524.487.2
a matter of fact yes you do and here3527.886.439
take that where' you get that Forever 213531.684.119
actually I got it at Build-A-Bear it's3534.3193.561
all yours light chest piece is this3535.7994.961
armor yeah it's Armor Man people are3537.885.12
going to talk if we both wear this well3540.763.76
they're going to say hey watch out for3543.04.319
those two gay guys with swords so what3544.525.519
do you think uh I think you look good3547.3195.921
are my nipple showing H let me let me3550.0395.08
kind of get up close here cuz I'd rather3553.244.64
have no shirt than just see your little3555.1194.081
weird right your little titty kind of3557.883.52
just popping out there yeah but it's3559.24.159
better protection from what I understand3561.43.8
okay well I'll wear it I can make you a3563.3595.081
song like have is this do it man okay I3565.25.919
think this is enough for me copy that3568.445.84
well uh I am on a mission to make Dy so3571.1195.801
I can change my clothing color that3574.284.68
sounds interesting yep so you want to be3576.924.28
a part of that uh I don't know I kind of3578.964.839
want to go adventuring yep I'm going to3581.25.159
make die now why you why are you walking3583.7994.721
slow backwards CU I figure you might3586.3595.161
want to follow me going to make die it's3588.526.4
going to be fun doesn't sound fun how do3591.525.559
you make die I don't know I'm gonna3594.926.24
figure it out okay good luck yep so3597.0796.361
you're not coming no I don't want to3601.164.639
make die well you're going to miss all3603.445.04
the fun doesn't sound like it are you3605.7994.04
going to walk backwards all the way3608.483.72
there yep that's part of the fun you3609.8393.841
don't know what fun is did you change3612.24.56
your mind yet nope you're going in the3613.687.359
water no backwards to make die okay3616.765.359
die hello is anyone home hello oh hello3622.1197.72
hey guys hey what's up baby not much how3626.964.52
are you doing doing well oh man I like3629.8393.76
that outfit thank you uh what are you3631.483.639
guys doing well we're coming to see what3633.5992.841
you guys were doing we wanted to explore3635.1193.0
a little bit hey where we set up camp3636.443.84
there's like a cool looking Castle thing3638.1194.361
across the way oh thank God something3640.284.839
fun man it's kind of small but you know3642.484.72
okay need went to make3645.1194.401
Dy why don't we uh you we take off you3647.24.24
don't follow us s yeah man hey it's a3649.524.079
it's a pretty big journey man I just3651.443.96
want to Adventure today all right right3653.5993.2
let's go keep3655.44.159
up whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hold on3656.7994.121
before we cut back to neebs here's the3659.5592.881
full story on what he's going to have to3660.923.56
do to create his die wait is this going3662.443.72
to be a lot first he had to reach level3664.484.24
15 to learn these four Feats what then3666.164.04
he would need to craft a million3668.723.8
pickaxes to mine 540 stones and create a3670.24.08
furnace but Thick's already done that oh3672.523.76
thanks thck so now he needs to mine 5003674.283.68
more Stones wait I got to do all that3676.283.2
anyway to create 50 bricks in the3677.963.52
furnace as well as 330 Iron Stone to3679.484.639
make 165 irons in the furnace wait how3681.484.04
much iron in the meantime he'll need to3684.1193.881
pick PL to C into bit of for something3685.524.64
later back to the bricks and iron bars3688.04.16
all 50 bricks and 100 of the bars will3690.163.72
go into making the blacksmith's bench3692.163.919
blacksmith's bench that sounds cool then3693.883.719
another 15 bars through the new bench3696.0793.28
we'll craft a glass flask mold back to3697.5992.921
the furnace again he'll need to melt3699.3593.561
down six crystals and I need Crystal but3700.523.519
he's hopefully gotten along the way by3702.922.32
mining as well as fighting those Rock3704.0393.52
tuaha to turn into three panes of glass3705.243.839
then he'll have to shove the glass panes3707.5592.8
right back into the furnace again along3709.0793.681
with the mold to create a glass flask3710.3593.76
after that he'll need to fill his flask3712.762.64
with water at a river or something3714.1193.24
before placing it in his Fireball3715.43.879
cauldron do I even have one of those so3717.3593.24
now he needs one of those and we'll have3719.2792.84
to create it with the remaining 50 iron3720.5993.72
bars and 20 bits of twine once he's done3722.1193.361
that he can put his water filled glass3724.3192.841
flask Into The Cauldron with 20 plant3725.484.799
fibers to create one green Dy which is3727.165.24
there EAS your color the easiest color3730.2796.241
die to create ah can3732.44.12
you well there it is man hopefully3738.685.2
there's something here otherwise this is3742.683.2
going to be real disappointing right I'm3743.885.08
looking forward to it okay cautiously I3745.886.0
see a couple scorp ey yeah these little3748.964.92
guys all right this feels like Never3751.886.04
Ending Story kind of yeah oh oh my God3753.886.56
what is that oh it's after us it's own3757.924.08
tell you what game on all right hold on3760.445.28
one at a time one at a timeas it's3762.06.64
you okay he's St he's3765.728.359
St oh God he's really tough he get him3768.647.399
very tough all right here I'm moving in3774.0794.401
all right oh boy I just missed every3776.0394.681
damn one oh here we go here we go holy3778.485.119
[ __ ] abro we're going to die oh all3780.726.28
right I'm out the hell with that nope n3783.5996.48
oh God there's another one run run run3787.05.96
run the hell with this oh God there's3790.0794.801
one behind me in3792.964.319
thereo okay out of stamina come on3794.884.239
please get stamina please get stamina3797.2795.961
please get stamina please get St yes3799.1196.761
go all right we KN we learned where not3803.246.96
to go don't go to that place Devil3805.886.76
Dogs they still they're called Devil3810.25.72
Dogs yeah they're Devil Dogs you respawn3812.645.199
Marine Corp oh God thick would have had3815.925.04
to respawn all the way back at his3817.8395.72
base I want to get my stuff yeah get3820.964.119
thck as well he had some good [ __ ] on3823.5593.56
him why don't you page his body did he3825.0794.161
die oh yeah he's dead oh it's on your3827.1193.321
back oh3829.247.16
no oh God no oh no leave me alone3830.449.159
can they swim can you3836.46.199
oh not3839.5996.881
haha you swimming I can't3842.5998.72
tell okay now you can't swim you're a3846.487.72
stupid butt P it wasn't a word at the3851.3196.24
end here's tuby butt3854.23.359
face hello3857.763.319
goddess okay so the first thing I need3861.765.559
is metal and I hear the rocks look3864.446.52
different not like that one uh or this3867.3196.201
one oh okay I should Walk This Way3870.964.76
that's probably easier3873.525.44
so it looks like something over there3875.725.52
might be a good place for metal what we3878.967.599
got here these rocks look dark okay so3881.248.52
Hatchet or pickaxe let's try3886.5594.72
boom Iron Stone perfect I need more of3891.2797.04
that there we go oh yeah now if I get3895.0395.681
some Iron Stone I can make a cauldron3898.3195.601
and with a cauldron I can make dye3900.725.879
because these clothes are little3903.926.8
drab there we go perfect man it's easier3906.5997.48
than I thought it was going to be um o3910.726.559
Chihuahua hey this Taco3914.0796.601
Bell remember3917.2793.401
that what the what the hell is that is3922.245.079
Aquaman hey your movie looks like3927.3196.401
[ __ ] oh3931.2794.0
hello I am think for okay you're just3935.2794.961
going to keep swimming probably can't3938.482.48
me what the hell looks like he3940.967.56
died see what's going on3945.7997.721
here all right I don't see a3948.528.039
body there's a box3953.524.44
I be get in3956.5594.201
box why can't I get in the3957.966.56
box that's crazy what the [ __ ] is3960.766.279
this all right I can't mess with this3964.524.4
right now I got to gra my3967.0396.161
stuff bet those [ __ ] are wearing3968.924.28
it okay I'm okay okay um is this the3976.07.119
front door Crouch baby yeah I'm3980.964.2
crouching I'm crouching two dogs can we3983.1193.361
get can we get in here there's some3985.165.36
sleepy dogs dalas yes get in here follow3986.487.24
me follow me I'm3990.523.2
coming I'm3994.885.479
standing woo look at us yeah we we've3996.7996.52
made it somewhere what is this place4000.3596.321
sand swep something ruins yep right4003.3195.28
let's go left maybe it all opens into a4006.684.76
big one big place all right I'm with you4008.5994.24
I'd say Keep Your Head on a swivel but4011.443.599
we say that too much and I'm sick of it4012.8394.601
well keep your head on a swivel yeah4015.0394.641
okay it's just good advice no matter4017.445.24
where you go or or just be aware keep4019.684.96
keep looking around for Swivel dude4022.683.48
we're so going to die everything about4024.643.28
this place has seems like yeah we're4026.163.76
we're probably really stupid for coming4027.923.24
in here and then to come back and get4029.924.919
our [ __ ] oh maybe we can only go so far4031.165.119
and then when we see something that4034.8392.881
looks really really bad we'll just turn4036.2792.721
and turn and run oh what is that4037.723.72
straight ahead it's I got it's a person4039.07.119
what Straight Ahead okay yep hello4041.447.879
windy in here huh come in peace and your4046.1196.601
snakes have sand coming out in my4049.3198.121
mouth got sand in my mouth or Sak hello4052.728.0
hello sir hello there it is a pleasure4057.444.96
to come to your4060.725.16
place petruso the sandstorm Maniac I'm4062.45.199
going to talk to him yeah see what he4065.888.479
wants H buddy um Talk singing Sans4067.5999.161
stinging s torch broke hold on singing4074.3597.121
stinging ringing Sands fighting Sands4076.768.319
biting not a good one fighting fting4081.486.319
Sands exiled lands he's not done reptile4085.0797.24
lands oh God reptile lands exiled repti4087.7997.8
he's not saying this is he he is um I4092.3194.4
don't want to talk to him again you want4095.5992.921
to try talking to him yeah yeah let me4096.7195.841
chat with the booger uh let me uh say4098.524.04
goodbye well he's not wrong on that4103.3196.201
you're the you live here you're the fool4106.8394.641
hey buddy uh we can purchase something4109.524.08
from him uh the heart of the Sands that4111.485.16
sounds good for a jagged Scourge Sone4113.65.0
piece a shattered Scourge Sone we got to4116.645.32
find these broken Scourge Sone pieces a4118.64.52
and then we can purchase the heart of4121.962.56
the sand hold on let me chat with him a4123.124.239
minute s singing sand stinging s oh4124.525.04
Jesus later Jesus Christ stinging4127.3595.0
singing ringing s goodbye goodbye see4129.565.0
you later good stuff Bud all right so4132.3594.0
this was a fun adventure we found a4134.563.599
weird uh a weird hermit that lives in4136.3597.681
the ruins God going right crazy fool you4138.1599.68
went into the sandstorm4144.043.799
again all right my stuff's somewhere4149.04.88
over there hopefully I don't oh there's4151.44.279
one of those4153.884.919
dogs okay4155.6797.08
scorpion seeing all sorts of [ __ ] like4158.7997.88
what what is that oh is that me what the4162.7596.681
what the hell is that up there okay head4166.6793.6
on a4169.445.319
swivel that's what I always say the hell4170.2799.08
okay uh this is me and my [ __ ] is not4174.7598.56
here dalus what I think I hear thick4179.3596.121
let's try to sneak around him okay I4183.3193.36
don't want him to get his get his4185.483.359
clothes back I really like these oh I4186.6796.281
don't blame you yeah yeah this way4188.8398.641
there's the goddess yeah oh hey there oh4192.968.84
Rock behind a rock I can see4197.488.239
you I can see both of you idiots damn it4201.85.439
give me my stuff back thick we didn't4205.7194.0
know if you were a dog I'm not a dog I'm4207.2396.041
a thick give me my stuff back fine we4209.7195.281
get we get hides and stuff I can make4213.283.36
all this [ __ ] for you yeah man I would4215.02.84
love for you to make me some of this4216.643.36
stuff this is nice here you go start4217.844.6
getting let's see I think this was yours4220.04.8
okay and uh I think it's uh oh wait what4222.443.52
is this what where did you find this4224.84.8
water orb I don't know there you go all4225.965.759
right put my pants stuff back oh dog dog4229.64.48
dog kidding I'm kidding was kidding I4231.7193.401
kidding oh man you got me duras good one4235.125.72
I took off that was I really thought a4238.364.879
dog was coming so fun every time all4240.846.359
right adventure adventure4243.2393.96
adventure hey4248.048.56
Chihuahua Taco Bell oh boy oh boy go oh4251.48.68
maybe maybe I can take him come on yeah4256.65.52
come on big4260.086.72
swing oh shoulder check all right oh4262.126.96
okay oh boy stamina oh crap oh crap out4269.086.36
of stamina eat some steak does that help4272.928.0
woo okay come on baby all right come on4275.449.36
strike Tri strike swing it back come on4280.924.88
big strike4284.82.56
okay get out of the way get oh crap oh4287.367.16
crap the windows get back in okay woo4290.287.72
okay all right you're going to lose this4294.525.96
you can't win4298.05.6
yep fig way come4300.487.44
on okay Shield okay counter come on oh4303.65.76
Miss W woo okay killed a stone Chihuahua4309.368.72
okay nothing in there let's see what I4316.324.76
get out of this guy I use a4318.086.53
hatchet Stone I can get that out of a4321.087.76
rock well that looks pretty doesn't it4328.846.92
yeah yes oh man let's follow the river4331.6398.241
all right yep right behind you man4335.764.12
coming yeah with man should we just like4369.044.48
a little Hut down there see yeah do you4372.085.04
want to looks like C ing yeah Pizza Hut4373.524.84
just keep your head on a swivel guys4377.123.28
craft service I do not want to get4378.364.52
attacked by dogs hold on hold tight I4380.44.16
see dog Straight Ahead dogs Straight4382.884.12
Ahead past crafty what is this coming4384.564.8
toward us what are you ooh there's4387.05.199
stairs that lead down might be a kitten4389.366.12
oh you should pick it up I want to oh4392.1996.04
come over here come over here guys hold4395.484.36
on hold on both both you gu are looking4398.2392.641
at two different things who am I4399.843.56
following here I want the kitten I got4400.885.0
this the [ __ ] cat get the [ __ ] cat4403.45.52
can I grab the cat I picked up a panther4405.885.08
Cub I have a panther Cub you have a4408.924.719
panther Cub yeah is that a good idea of4410.964.279
course it's a good idea Panther mama4413.6393.281
going to be pissed and come after us4415.2393.44
listen this seems really stupid I know4416.923.279
exactly what to name it man you're4418.6793.441
picking up cats and thicks picking up4420.1994.0
lizards and holy [ __ ] look at this place4422.123.48
you need an animal that's what you need4424.1992.761
you need something holy God look at this4425.63.84
place yeah oh man how do we get down4426.964.56
here well there's stairs over here4429.446.759
stairs are cool yeah let's uh make sure4431.529.4
whoop huh oh boy it may have seen me4436.1996.48
should we just climb down I don't4440.923.719
remember how to do that you hit space4442.6793.48
bar if you start falling I think you4444.6393.0
you'll catch yourself oh looks like4446.1593.721
there's a man down there or woman or oh4447.6393.721
it's probably someone saying what we4449.883.2
should bring to him like the other4451.362.839
[ __ ] place you know what I'm going to4453.082.68
stay right here good luck guys all right4454.1996.121
check me out yeah oh oh no4455.768.76
oh yeah there we go man that is wonky oh4460.327.359
hey hey buddy hey old buddy old pal4464.528.04
what's what's happening hey hey hey oh4467.6797.48
oh okay whoa he's not friendly do you4472.565.119
know who I am get him thick oh there you4475.1595.0
go did he know who you were he didn't he4477.6795.721
said no yeah woo oh God watch out thick4480.1595.361
I don't want to stab you baby nice all4483.45.64
right press on wait where's D hi hi4485.526.28
dalus hey guys come on down dalas we4489.046.32
need you do you not really4491.86.0
oh actually uh yeah there's more more4495.364.2
people over here yeah some stairs down4497.84.04
this way all right coming down R if you4499.563.44
can sneak around over there there's4501.843.0
stairs okay yeah you're going to do that4503.05.76
way oh [ __ ] oh boy I'm dead no you're4504.846.2
not oh yeah he's4508.764.36
dead we should probably get that kitten4511.044.76
off of him4513.127.76
yep ah blacksmith bench and now what I4515.87.96
want ooh I can make a wait now I want4520.887.52
this iron Hatchet iron pick that sounds4523.768.6
cool H oh glass flask mode that's what I4528.47.68
need okay uh drop the iron in here do4532.369.4
this craft that glass flask mode made it4536.087.23
what okay maybe I got to like melt melt4544.847.08
the glass okay uh Crystal get out of4548.2395.201
here bricks4551.925.239
and oh wait it's already going there we4553.447.48
go glass okay cough it up crystals thank4557.1599.201
you glass in there play come on please4560.929.12
oh yeah glass flask here we go put that4566.366.72
down in seven how many was it what is4570.045.32
this why do you have to guess everything4573.087.36
okay take this over here and it's full4575.368.52
it's full can I do this yet oh crap what4580.447.52
did I need is it this and then fiber4583.887.839
does that do it please do it 16 minutes4587.965.719
what am I even doing am I making4591.7193.881
something right now you don't even know4593.6793.681
what you're doing in here I'm just4595.63.28
pushing the play button and just waiting4597.363.14
by this thing I don't even know what's4598.883.64
happening pretty good oh [ __ ] I just4602.524.84
drank water now watch out oh God that's4604.525.719
my oh damn it thick sorry good God man4607.364.52
we got to do these things together4610.2392.601
you're right you're right you got a4611.882.64
giant ass sword you can't just walk in4612.843.52
there you are absolutely right I4614.525.159
apologize with my face I am a warrior4616.365.76
sorry you're a warrior I'm an idiot too4619.6794.96
sorry no worries man that guy came out4622.125.0
of nowhere he did you have anything good4624.6395.52
on him yeah he had uh glass some iron4627.126.44
bars on him take that glass you take the4630.1596.321
glass shall we press on thick yeah we're4633.566.84
going uh right here uh yeah I guess so I4636.486.08
guess so bones everywhere I feel really4640.44.08
yeah I should have drank the water full4642.565.52
of body juice yeah gives a little flavor4644.486.239
oh another couple of [ __ ] what the4648.085.44
hell hey guys back what what's on that4650.7194.281
guy's back I don't know looks like he's4653.523.92
carrying [ __ ] around what is this4655.05.52
Crystal hey hey are you a merchant or a4657.447.48
Trader or uh are you cool hello hello4660.526.08
you don't want to talk oh God my [ __ ]4664.924.64
broke ladies and Gentlemen please rise4666.65.92
for the National Anthem sung by Kelly4669.564.96
Clarkson I always wanted to say that in4672.523.159
a big4674.524.56
tunnel all right we should probably yeah4675.6794.801
ooh they have stuff over here yeah let's4679.084.36
rob their [ __ ] yeah oh God it's just4680.485.8
Furniture I like this place though yeah4683.444.36
this would be a cool place for a base oh4686.282.84
this guy's coming back let's see if4687.83.6
they're friendly uh here hold on let me4689.124.519
uh let put my sword away okay your sword4691.43.44
away let's let's let's give him let's4693.6392.281
give him a chance let's give him a4694.843.28
chance let's uh maybe let's see if I can4695.924.36
talk to him hey you looking to trade I4698.125.8
like that backpack you want to uh trade4700.285.0
I mean he seems cool4703.923.799
yeah can we talk to him no he he not4705.284.24
giving me a prompt or anything but hey4707.7194.201
he's looking at me what are you doing4709.524.4
he's just walking around okay okay all4711.923.44
right all right well leave him alone4713.923.64
let's keep uh keep pushing forward4715.364.52
what's what's this can I can I okay you4717.565.92
distracted by now nothing Lord all right4719.886.44
a warrior with ADD right oh we4723.484.12
discovered the4726.325.12
crevice that's what she said4727.67.32
yep hey all right this is dumping us out4731.445.759
a pretty decent area yeah yeah we should4734.924.239
probably go back and clear all that4737.1994.0
other stuff out man I feel like we've4739.1593.52
we've journeyed so4741.1993.52
far kind of want to make a little house4742.6796.801
or a a place to camp for for now I know4744.7196.281
just a little Hut nothing big just just4749.483.759
a little4751.02.239
Outpost stop okay do good Lord do I need4755.327.56
hold on search4760.1995.161
die okay uh4762.886.2
uh okay maybe that's it unlocked okay4765.369.48
back in here and play come on baby oh oh4769.0811.599
color oh uh this one uh this one N I4774.849.16
need oh I need that can I make this one4780.6797.681
this one oh there we go plant4784.08.04
fiber want to make me some green D woo4788.367.68
praise uh uh Matra getting me some stuff4792.048.04
there we go holy moly what a day what a4796.048.76
day ay Matra I might to die thank you4800.089.0
woo stand by do I drag this now to my4804.87.4
shirt how do I use it how do I use4809.085.44
it boy oh boy oh4814.526.88
boy oh we're good we good we're good I4816.766.2
did not take your4821.46.64
Cub I I did not take it I have a sword4822.969.36
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]4828.044.28
guys damn4840.6393.241
it okay I'm going to get my ass handed4844.366.8
to me if I go in there who oh God4846.927.33
all right Matra you're really starting4861.6393.921
to get under my4863.1595.801
skin just want a green shirt can I make4865.568.119
the pants Oh wait here we go uh drop4868.968.759
equip and more more wh here we go die4873.6796.361
bam all right these are not the colors I4877.7195.92
picked what's why I don't want those4880.045.159
color I want this color4883.6395.361
oh there we go oh oh now we're okay did4885.1997.361
I just use the one color on that that's4889.06.4
that's barely even be able to see that4892.564.079
crap uh oh wait cancel did it do it oh4896.63911.681
more die okay this piece this piece oh4902.2397.92
that looks pretty good here we go save4908.324.08
it okay4910.1595.961
torso pantalon4912.45.16
look at4916.126.72
me I have the green clothes woo woo4917.568.32
Matra we're cool4922.846.2
now my God I can't put this4925.886.56
anywhere can't okay maybe over oh this4929.044.84
would be a good spot down there if it4932.446.799
just take it take it overlapping4933.885.359
with okay I really want this to happen4939.565.48
for when little cubby pants come comes4942.767.16
back h no no I'd like this to be by our4945.047.199
H I might have to make a foundation out4952.2396.0
in the son of a [ __ ] make an animal pen4954.566.28
can't put it down it's freaking huge is4958.2395.321
about as big as our place all right I4960.845.44
got some work to do I've got some work4963.565.96
to do4966.286.56
ah hey thick you ready for this yeah man4969.526.36
boom animal pin holy4972.846.319
[ __ ] thing is huge okay I know we said4975.884.12
we were just going to make a little4979.1592.961
swamp Hut and uh yeah things just got4980.04.76
out of hand quickly yeah so so hey grab4982.124.76
the Panther and the alligator okay hey4984.763.6
real quick check this out look at my4986.883.44
clothes hold on let me do what about4988.364.6
your clothes I found some dye colored my4990.324.919
clothes oh4992.965.92
oh just found it oh yeah is it blue it's4995.2396.801
blue it's midnight blue all right oh God4998.884.839
I'm encumbered this alligator and this5002.044.28
Panther are heavy so here we open it up5003.7194.361
open it up all right oh yeah you do it5006.325.56
Panther plus fiber plus time okay so we5008.086.119
need hey go get fiber thick how much5011.884.56
fiber all all of it all the fiber we got5014.1994.281
to feed a panther and an alligator thick5016.445.759
they eat meat they eat fi now just in5018.487.32
case cuz I know uh Panthers and the sort5022.1997.641
eat meat all right hello sorry to do5025.87.399
this to you yeah kill5029.845.76
bamby okay5033.1994.04
chop you up I mean I get what you're5035.64.119
saying makes sense the instruction say5037.2394.92
fiber I know I know yeah but yeah you're5039.7194.761
right to put it in there Hey listen I I5042.1594.281
I I I I feel like your instincts may be5044.484.759
good on this one I'm going to trust you5046.444.759
whoa it went5049.2394.161
away now it's crafting there's a5051.1994.721
crafting Cube we need to kill more meat5053.45.16
oh crafting oh yeah oh yeah all right we5055.924.36
got a crocodile and a panther coming5058.564.48
along let's get more meat than we're5060.284.72
going to have now got over here we're5063.046.199
going to have some pets in a few days5065.04.239
woo Nick yeah we going to have us a5069.7196.201
Pantha soon oh man I can't wait am I5073.05.12
standing funny I mean you got your sword5075.925.52
out like a nut okay you know I'll put it5078.124.92
back I'll put it away there we go all5081.443.239
right well now you're just now you just5083.043.8
look like you're holding your ding dong5084.6796.751
yeah yeah okay good5086.8432.72
do we have to chant something to get5119.563.36
this thing to come5121.326.72
out hand pan Panther come to life what5122.927.68
about ooh ooh I want to see that [ __ ]5128.045.28
ooh ooh I want to see that5130.65.16
[ __ ] nope none none of it worked none5133.323.2
of it5135.762.72
worked check it check it again check it5136.523.44
it's got to be done right I me it's so5138.485.0
close so ridiculously close oh what oh5139.966.52
there it is what where oh sexy Panther5143.486.28
pose what over here to the left I'm5146.485.4
looking I don't see a panther where on5149.765.0
my screen you see a panther yeah I see a5151.884.92
panther take is it in the C take it out5154.763.24
can you take it out cuz I don't see it5156.86.64
on my screen um take okay okay so did5158.06.6
you just put the thing in your pocket5163.442.48
what's what's going on is it in your5164.63.8
pocket this is ridiculous uh this is5165.924.52
insane if this is how the game this is5168.44.839
insane is it in the bag is it in this5170.445.32
bag is a panther in the bag Panther's in5173.2394.081
the bag take the pan how do we get the5175.763.72
panther out of the [ __ ] B hold on5177.324.28
this is madness this is absolute man5179.483.92
yeah take it out take it out of the back5181.66.559
thick H what oh there we go how'd you do5183.47.52
that I put in my hot bar and placed5188.1596.56
it so not dropping it in a bag yeah oh5190.926.12
look at this cute little guy can I oh I5194.7194.321
can name it name it oh what should we5197.046.159
name it uh if we name it ell Marie durus5199.046.44
will yeah he'll really cling to this5203.1994.44
thing then let's name it something he5205.483.6
hates let's call it5207.6394.281
work hard5209.086.8
work May it hard work the there5211.928.64
hard work oh welcome to the team hard5215.886.48
hello anybody this is not uh this is not5222.3610.0
good cuz nobody's here all right [ __ ] uh5227.7197.721
torch torch torch5232.367.92
aha look at me this is a nice place I5235.446.719
had nothing to do with building all5240.286.399
right get out here we go got hey oh look5242.1595.281
hello is that you is that a AA5247.4410.0
God you look weird hello sir how you5253.07.719
doing have you taking a break recently5257.445.199
cuz maybe you know you could just chill5260.7193.281
out for a little bit you don't have to5262.6393.721
just constantly do that do5264.06.28
you hello what the hell is5266.366.24
this this is5270.286.879
cool I wonder pit of yog interesting all5272.66.92
right I'm hungry and I do not like5277.1595.321
relying on my own abilities to5279.527.24
eat damn it guys come5282.484.28
on okay getting lonely here haven't seen5290.1596.48
anybody in days that's okay I've been5293.6398.08
productive look at this sword craft iron5296.6399.281
Hatchet craft iron pickaxe5301.7198.841
craft and oh yeah look at that this5305.927.0
sword is going to kill so many5310.566.079
enemies now replace the stone sword with5312.926.719
the iron sword the crappy pickaxe with5316.6395.6
the good pickaxe I'll give those crappy5319.6394.321
ones to Simon cuz I'm sure he's probably5322.2395.681
lost his stuff okay I'm going on an5323.967.12
adventure let's see uh Matra wish me5327.924.88
luck I'm going out in the5331.085.28
wilderness oh oh Durk AO excuse me here5332.86.52
we go not to find my friends I get5336.368.2
lonely sometimes you know you need5339.325.24
friendship hey yeah we wait for the5345.764.959
Gator to get done it's almost done5348.6794.201
awesome so once we get the gator we'll5350.7193.841
uh let's travel to the coast how about5352.883.44
that yeah we I know I said we go back5354.563.639
why don't we travel to the coast and5356.323.76
then we'll go back sounds good CU5358.1993.04
looking at the map we're not far from5360.082.159
the coast I just want to see what the5361.2392.88
coast looks like if it's a nice Beach5362.2393.161
maybe we can just take everybody and5364.1193.441
move everybody to the beach let's see is5365.43.16
the gator5367.563.0
done Gator5368.564.96
done oh God you know that it's so cheesy5370.564.36
I kind of want to name it Gator done5373.524.599
Gator done Gator done Gator done oh5374.926.239
Gator gator just appeared I see it who5378.1197.641
Gator Gator Gator done hold on put gator5381.1596.0
in a5385.763.6
bag put gator in your pocket and then5387.1593.881
release the gator hopefully they get5389.364.759
along oh yeah no they're going to it's I5391.044.28
got to go over here they're going to be5394.1196.321
best friends hard working yeah Gator5395.329.12
done hey Gator dun looks awesome yeah oh5400.447.36
look at his smile that is a happy Gator5404.445.4
yep you got some meat to put in there oh5407.83.96
man yeah I can stuff meeting this5409.844.52
guy I dare anything to mess with us at5411.764.76
this point wait wait hold on maybe not5414.365.04
anything but most things all right so uh5416.523.92
we going to do the whole head to the5419.44.12
coast thing and then uh head back yeah5420.447.48
love it yeah let's get her done get her5423.524.4
done all right I'm filled up I'm not5428.287.24
thirsty I'm mostly not full and I see an5431.965.96
[ __ ] over there that I could try to5435.525.199
kill but I also saw a little baby right5437.926.48
there and I'm kind of a [ __ ] so I think5440.7195.681
I'm going to try to kill5444.45.239
it did I get it oh yeah you coming after5446.45.759
me I don't care I'm going to kill your5449.6394.801
child come on5452.1595.361
come on here we go did I kill it5454.445.36
already are you already dead is that a5457.525.28
is that a rock no what are you doing are5459.85.96
you not worried about your child look at5462.84.96
this I'm going to get you I'm going to5465.763.919
kill I got all these arrows I stole all5467.763.6
the freaking [ __ ] that I could from in5469.6795.0
here come on why aren't you moving what5471.365.4
are you doing buddy you're making this5474.6794.761
real easy for me can I get right up to5476.767.359
you make it weird huh how's that let me5479.447.4
see if I can get you in the eye huh feel5484.1195.6
like I need to what are you doing what5486.844.76
are you doing just going to keep on5489.7196.161
shooting you what is happening right now5491.66.039
why doesn't this thing care that I'm5495.884.319
doing this why am I5497.6396.681
complaining kill kill come on I'm going5500.1996.561
to get some meat [ __ ] eating these5504.326.0
insects there you go that's what I'm5506.765.6
talking about is this the right weapon5510.324.08
to use to harvest meat5512.365.08
probably not all right now where's the5514.45.239
baby that's5517.445.32
right no5519.6398.04
offence but I needed to eat wow that was5522.767.32
pretty easy I think it's time to kill5527.6796.0
some more hey suon what5530.087.039
nees where are you neees my buddy hey5533.6796.361
man a been so lonely Hey listen you5537.1194.441
should have seen me I just had the5540.044.199
Battle of a lifetime oh yeah yeah a5541.564.679
battle of a lifetime huh yeah it was5544.2395.44
nuts wow and you survived I did barely5546.2395.841
you live to tell about it well yeah I5549.6795.96
did um you okay yeah no I'm fine cuz I'm5552.087.119
uh I'm a warrior oh yeah oh me too yeah5555.6396.681
so uh what what's up man I got 38 arrows5559.1996.281
and uh I don't know what to say after5562.324.52
that I was going to say burning a hole5565.483.04
in my pocket but you got a oh they're5566.843.24
burning a hole the arrows are burning a5568.523.04
hole in your pocket yeah but I don't5570.082.639
think I have I don't think I have5571.562.48
pockets though you want to fight5572.7193.48
something I do okay well I got a brand5574.045.32
new sword so I could come with you we5576.1996.121
could be uh Brothers in battle what do5579.365.08
you call it people that battle together5582.324.0
uh battle brothers battle brothers me5584.444.6
and you all right let's go battle like5586.325.839
brothers do lead the way sir all right5589.045.199
go okay what should we do to what should5596.444.44
we battle I don't know just we'll go5599.04.2
looking all right5600.884.359
see oh there's like a there's a crash5605.2393.88
ship over there you see that oh yeah5606.6795.44
think there's treasure hey oh hey big5609.1196.481
bird get him Gator you squawking at our5612.1194.921
animals isn't going to do anything5615.64.96
except get you killed5617.047.119
[ __ ] you idiot5620.566.72
yeah Gator done Gator done should we go5624.1595.401
over to that ship see what5627.286.76
what coming hey come on Gat her done5629.567.36
they are done well they not you're a5634.046.639
[ __ ] alligator you're an alligator5636.925.96
what about the the panther makes sense5640.6794.04
but you're an alligator I feel like we5642.884.72
need to pick them oh the gate where' the5644.7197.201
gator go it did it Follow Me Oh wa wait5647.66.2
please tell me that's Gator dun okay5651.923.319
Gator dun just appeared here on the5653.83.68
beach out of nowhere okay hold on maybe5655.2393.841
swim to the beach the panther may just5657.483.56
disappear from that beach and reappear5659.083.599
on this beach because that makes the5661.044.32
most [ __ ] sense oh oh yep okay it5662.6794.161
just went in the water no and there it5665.364.04
is yes okay abro what a world we live in5666.844.399
what a world we live in thick what a5669.45.56
what a world what a world holy [ __ ] hey5671.2395.281
there's a trail up here I see that5674.963.12
should we follow that trail I we're5676.522.96
almost at the coast that was the goal5678.083.4
but uh yeah it's hard to turn down a5679.483.88
trail might be able to get a good lay of5681.483.679
the land all right let's go up there and5683.364.96
get laid5685.1593.161
about the panther that's a male Panther5694.362.6
by the way I'm looking at some big old5695.7196.4
cat balls hard work what is that this a5696.969.239
beach hey Buccaneer Bay Buccaneer Bay5702.1198.201
hey I love it hey Buccaneer Bay let's5706.1999.48
take a look at is that holy [ __ ] now5710.326.64
that's what I'm talking about there's5715.6794.281
bound to be treasure in here thick abso5716.964.6
this is our new home look at all this5719.963.92
shelter it's the beach Town we've always5721.564.159
DED of that's true can we can we raid5723.883.08
this place kill everybody and make it5725.7193.44
our own I like that idea it's a peaceful5726.964.6
idea yes yes that's the thing to do this5729.1594.681
is our house this is our place now yep5731.564.679
hey did you hear that pirates Beach5733.846.399
sound woo laughs the5736.2394.0
beach Simon you want to go to that big5742.1995.681
place uh yeah it looks uh interesting5744.485.28
how do we oh we can climb I haven't5747.883.4
really done much climbing you haven't5749.763.56
climbed huh yep oh and there's uh looks5751.284.399
like there there's a like people up5753.324.0
there and we're just going to avoid them5755.6793.921
is that it yeah man everybody here's5757.324.799
rude all right don't you think what if I5759.64.72
shot him from right here like what would5762.1194.721
that do I don't know oh he shot me he5764.325.52
shoots me when you do that okay okay oh5766.845.24
I got an arrow right in my arm oh do you5769.845.04
yeah ouch well you're okay you think you5772.085.159
can take that guy out from here oh [ __ ]5774.886.0
oh God what [ __ ] spider spider yeah5777.2395.801
I'm going to kill this guy okay I'm a5780.883.92
Hunter get him5783.045.56
sumon come on come on baby come on baby5784.86.52
yeah yeah it's too easy a afraid no5788.65.039
spider well he's still shooting at us5791.323.919
yeah well I'm going to kill him from5793.6396.6
right here okay oo look at you dead ey5795.2397.88
come on come on yep you're doing great5800.2395.201
Simmon am I am I hitting him I think so5803.1194.401
you would think I don't know maybe aim5805.445.6
higher a above his head okay above his5807.527.28
head above the head for drop drop yeah5811.046.32
you know gravity oh getting him getting5814.84.04
him you getting him getting him I'm5817.363.359
going pull the shield out just in case5818.843.96
come on oh yeah he's he's shooting you5820.7193.881
is he is he hitting me though looks like5822.83.439
it I don't think I'm getting hit because5824.63.16
my health isn't going down oh you look5826.2395.601
hit to me do I yep I beg to differ okay5827.765.399
I guess you can argue with that I'm5831.844.44
taking him down I'm taking him down5833.1595.601
uhhuh come on baby you sure that doesn't5836.285.439
hurt uh my health is good look like it5838.764.879
hurts okay yep I'm taking him in then5841.7193.761
we're going to run he's taking it who he5843.6393.801
took it down that's5845.485.159
right yeah don't mess with suon jumping5847.444.6
means we're5850.6394.401
yes okay easy5856.485.88
easy you sound like a fool that's my new5859.7194.88
celebration oh okay all right now back5862.364.16
to the fire I'm going to stop being so5864.5994.881
distracted all5866.522.96
right here's what I'm thinking this is5869.525.04
probably pretty popular if we can clear5872.444.759
out a section and then establish some5874.565.2
sort of a base with a thraw maker all we5877.1993.881
got to do is just walk around here5879.763.76
knocking people out and we have a whole5881.085.079
city of THS thck I like the way you5883.525.639
think thank you all right so uh that5886.1594.401
little campfire down there I see a5889.1592.56
couple of them we want to move in on5890.563.44
that action yeah I think I oh I wonder5891.7194.92
if I can sneak up let me oh yeah I do5894.04.8
see a third sorry I kicked all right we5896.6395.08
got a guy to our Lefty to our left and5898.87.04
one to our right ah oh oh this guy looks5901.7197.92
beefy this guy looks beefy oh boy I do5905.845.48
not want to get I do not want to get hit5909.6394.04
with that oh he just he tagged me let me5911.326.64
get him thick who thick sorry oh we got5913.6796.04
a guy with arrows oh boy where go get5917.963.32
the guy with arrows where's he at take5919.7193.281
care of that guy all right I'm taking5921.283.839
care of this guy come on Gator come on P5923.03.639
I like my sword5925.1194.48
better come on how you doing up there5926.6395.881
thick I just killed somebody beautiful5929.5995.52
in a good way5932.524.88
that gentleman is dead very good don't5935.1194.12
forget to search him yeah hold on let me5937.44.12
loot him come on let me find some good5939.2395.88
stuff oh D iron bars arrows exceptional5941.528.44
hunting bow yeah like it okay okay okay5945.1196.641
bad careful careful what do me what am I5951.766.04
careful for Camp right up here I thought5955.2394.92
see all those tense oh there okay I can5957.84.68
see him now probably going to be if oh5960.1596.321
[ __ ] sh sh sh we're going to get sneaky5962.485.4
now what do you want to do do you want5966.483.199
to if they attack you want to fight or5967.885.56
you want to run oh I I really don't care5969.6796.56
I'm so good5973.446.159
okay you know what yep okay maybe we5976.2396.36
should run I can't even get up here okay5979.5995.0
I'm up just run we're running running5982.5993.681
okay we're running just passing through5984.5994.0
don't find us hey D just okay see you5986.284.6
later all right byebye all right5988.5995.04
byebye well that you with me I am that5990.884.279
was much to do about nothing you've5993.6395.281
discovered death whisper ruins5995.1597.881
interesting very very intriguing to me5998.926.84
easy peasy which way sonon yeah you're6003.045.04
asking me um I mean this is the building6005.764.6
we were looking at right yeah I thought6008.083.92
maybe we can get up to the fire let's6010.364.879
see if there's an entrance uh oh boy you6012.06.36
up for a challenge sure okay you ready6015.2397.081
yeah do I this stupid this is stupid6018.367.4
what W nice I just jump that thing can I6022.326.16
run with my my bow uh I don't know all6025.765.359
right let's find out here he6028.485.96
comah oh boy okay all right oh you're6031.1195.881
okay I'm fine that looked I thought I6034.445.64
lost you well you didn't Jesus are you6037.05.08
serious no lonely I've been come on I6040.083.84
know can't lose you this is fun you6042.084.599
should climb this all right here we come6043.926.719
on here we go climbing here we go all6046.6794.96
right now we're going to we're going to6050.6392.681
work our way down this right is that6051.6392.801
we're doing what I thought we were going6053.322.44
up high and now we're working our way6054.443.04
down where's the entrance I wanted to go6055.764.2
to the fire the flame okay you lead the6057.484.92
way all right ready going up going up6059.966.08
watch your stamina uh stamina that's how6062.48.0
you climb [ __ ] all right here uh-huh6066.047.48
going up okay going to see what happens6070.45.52
okay if I stop climbing does my stamina6073.524.0
stop falling well I think when you run6075.924.12
out of stamina you fall don't you uh I6077.523.639
don't know you got look for a place to6080.043.44
grab on this isn't very smart doesn't6081.1593.52
seem like it that's why I'm still down6083.483.44
here well going to go back down then6084.6794.52
okay oh boy stamina's still going down6086.924.52
just as fast going down uh-huh doesn't6089.1994.801
seem right well what do you how does6091.445.92
that make sense oh crap okay you're6094.05.28
scaring the crap out of me well you're6097.363.4
my only friend right now that's what I'm6099.283.0
here to do I'm here to scare the crap6100.762.72
out of you it's hard to make friends in6102.282.359
this world why can't I climb while6103.483.199
turning look Follow Me Maybe This Way6104.6393.721
all sideways look at this hey sideways6106.6793.96
scoochie wish me luck I'm doing this6108.364.59
where you going6110.6394.321
W holy crap okay I'm at the bottom that6114.964.4
sounded exciting you're at the bottom6117.884.88
I'm at the bottom damn you come on down6119.366.04
man this was a6122.764.959
waste all right [ __ ] it what's happening6125.45.48
up there come on oh pretty6127.7195.721
hurt oh crap someone's attacking me all6130.885.64
right where you at oh please oh come on6133.445.679
what was it spider spider attack him I6136.525.079
got attacking him I'm attacking BR come6139.1195.12
on you attack the the for you Brothers6141.5994.321
I'm attacking yeah yeah who do you think6144.2392.681
you're messing with you don't know6145.922.84
anything you're a dumb spider huh you're6146.923.96
dumb well might not be dumb might be6148.764.439
smart yeah I think we we showed him who6150.884.52
was smart didn't we yeah we did he's a6153.1994.761
slinky that's all he is that's it we're6155.48.239
an intelligent life form so what6157.965.679
now so should we establish a base now6164.565.119
let's clear this pier off you want to6167.7193.561
the boat clear the pier off should we6169.6793.0
take the animals up here this seems like6171.283.52
tight quar but maybe they'll be okay6172.6793.48
yeah they might fall in the water yeah6174.83.08
maybe we should get them to stay come on6176.1593.321
yeah hold on let's try the whole guard6177.884.52
thing right bring them out here yeah and6179.487.44
say hey Bubba you let's see stand6182.47.319
guard so nothing's coming this oh wow6186.925.08
you can place him THS are not allowed6189.7194.92
here well why not why the [ __ ] not it's6192.04.96
you just should be able to place here6194.6394.681
I'm going to put stop following yeah6196.964.8
okay I just did that let's uh yeah let's6199.324.0
go up in here there's got to be some6201.763.839
sort of treasure wait can we can we not6203.323.48
even build like we should probably build6205.5992.6
a piece of foundation we may not even be6206.83.04
able to build here it might be one of6208.1992.881
those places in the games where it's6209.843.16
just like uh-uh you can't do it that6211.083.72
would make me so mad would make me mad6213.04.32
too but we should probably check right6214.84.16
yeah do you have any wood I do hold on6217.322.76
let me let me see if I can build a6218.964.56
foundation okay man I am prepared to be6220.086.079
angry right now you building it I have6223.526.44
built a foundation is in my inventory oh6226.1596.08
thick you ready to be pissed knew it you6229.964.719
ready to be pissed on damn it we can't6232.2394.081
bu hold on let me see how far I can go6234.6792.641
I'm going to go down the beach a little6236.325.16
ways okay got to be can't build a base6237.326.52
here this is a great place for a base6241.484.26
it's a base Place damn it6243.844.16
game still can't build still can't build6248.05.8
I'm watching you still can't6251.924.16
build still can't6253.85.12
build still can't build there's an enemy6256.085.36
I know [ __ ] him still can't build run6258.924.679
out of stamina oh yeah I'm out of6261.446.4
oh [ __ ] get her die oh god oh I [ __ ]6263.5998.321
up I'm coming oh oh God run run you fool6267.846.879
run why am I6271.922.799
not let's go go oh we got another enemy6277.08.28
uh-oh this can't be good can't be good6281.288.6
here we go come here you stupid6285.284.6
dick yes6291.6394.641
very good all right abso I know he made6293.845.44
a bed he'll spawn back soon there's all6296.285.24
his stuff I'm going to watch guard over6299.285.68
it there's this gentleman's arm and6301.526.24
what's this what did he have some muted6304.965.6
Brown dye I don't want Brown dye what's6307.764.6
wrong with brown dye don't be racist6310.563.96
where's my6312.366.2
[ __ ] something I don't know man it's uh6314.525.24
I think maybe we're not ready for this6318.562.96
place I don't think so and I just6319.764.24
realized I'm thirsty yeah yeah well6321.524.52
there's a whole river back there I know6324.04.8
let's do it you ready all right come on6326.045.88
coming woo I love Rivers okay careful6328.87.56
it's a steep all right ready6331.927.48
kind careful all right I'm careful all6336.365.319
right last one to the river the winner6339.44.68
last one yep to the river the winner6341.6794.48
yeah I don't give a [ __ ] I just want to6344.086.519
drink okay there we go I win M Water all6346.1597.48
right so what now I don't know just glad6350.5995.321
to have friends around I know but6353.6394.321
seriously though we need an adventure6355.923.799
let's just do let's just be friends6357.964.92
today that's it that's it I'll I'll say6359.7194.601
something I like about you and you say6362.883.16
something you like about me I like women6364.323.56
you kind of look like a6366.044.4
woman no something real you're afraid to6367.884.839
show your feelings no I'm not yeah you6370.444.64
are why are you why are you worried6372.7193.96
about or why do you think that my6375.083.639
feelings aren't like when I say you look6376.6793.601
like a woman I think you're a good6378.7195.561
listener I enjoyed talking to you Simon6380.287.72
okay you're my friend thank you this is6384.286.919
getting weird man see look at you you're6388.06.52
afraid Cliff6391.1993.321
jump all right that was fun that hurt a6395.06.56
bit don't try that all right okay now6397.846.72
what I don't know I'll take a walk you6401.564.52
still look like a woman from the6404.564.28
backside like a woman with no hair on6406.085.24
top why do you think that's a negative6408.846.68
thing you have Min features okay your6411.327.359
cheekbones are quite attractive thanks a6415.526.88
lot I'm blushing with those beautiful6418.6798.761
cheekbones yep I out my curvy6422.45.04
hips so where should we go tents or ship6430.085.72
I feel like the ship is the yeah that's6433.843.24
where they're keeping the good stuff6435.82.96
that's where they're keeping the goodies6437.083.2
all right we'll just we'll have the6438.762.839
animals follow us and they'll just do6440.284.319
what they do yeah you know what screw it6441.5995.921
I've got these orbs grease orb and a6444.5995.6
gases orb okay try the gases orb what do6447.524.44
they do I don't know I got to throw it6450.1993.96
it's a throwable all right so if we see6451.963.52
somebody we're going to throw this stuff6454.1594.201
at him yeah why not yeah why not oh I6455.484.679
see somebody coming down the way oh too6458.364.279
close close6460.1592.48
cors yeah yeah very well done thick up6464.367.839
God you have no chance she well done my6469.1995.161
oh I got something cool what's that look6474.363.799
at this6477.284.04
thing is that a mace it's a mace all6478.1594.52
right I'm leading the way I need to get6481.323.6
some experience I need to Lear you do it6482.6795.48
I need to learn the combat a little6484.923.239
better oh yeah nice now I'm getting the6494.925.19
hang of it6497.926.08
this is a big thing this is great this6504.05.04
is an adventure look at this I love this6505.6396.121
all right press on uh I feel like we6509.045.28
should go up6511.764.839
right oh yeah you're heading down man6514.325.919
let's go up to the top that's where the6516.5995.681
boss is I think tippy top yeah I see6520.2393.521
somebody standing up there oh he's got6522.284.12
his arms crossed up there real Macho6523.763.12
dude watch your6528.44.4
flanks captain Oh we at the captain6530.444.56
Captain's Quarters did you just throw6532.86.28
the gaseous orb I did oh oh yeah got him6535.06.76
Oh Captain looks like a big6539.085.48
boy oh oh here comes another one oh w w6541.764.359
w all right I'm getting in the middle6544.563.559
watch out for the gas oh God yeah oh6546.1193.52
damn it your gas6548.1194.801
thck do this thck oh [ __ ] thck in6549.6395.161
uhoh where is he oh he's after me he6554.85.52
wants me he's got oh he's yeah I am I'm6557.445.04
I'm him something's wrong with me too6560.322.919
come on get it get gat her done where's6563.2395.601
the panther I don't know Panther oh God6565.564.76
damn I'm sorry thick I hit you that's6568.843.319
all right oh thck watch out you're about6570.322.68
to die6572.1593.681
nope what's he got on him he's got a6575.847.2
flon flagen flag flon flag flag yep I'll6579.1595.241
take that flagging I don't know what6583.044.72
that means getting all this silver [ __ ]6584.47.239
ABS what oh man you know what I kind of6587.765.479
want to do6591.6394.161
so thick you want to jump off this hell6593.2394.601
yeah you know what you should go first6595.83.72
because I don't know can can you survive6597.846.17
a fall we're going to find out baby go6599.527.729
go you6607.43.36
alive all right I I'll do it you're out6612.2397.4
oh these are the best times of our6623.87.16
liveso oh [ __ ] what look who it is oh6627.085.84
the goddess goddess anah yeah watching6630.966.12
us dive and have fun you6632.924.16
perf that looks6637.6795.04
interesting yep there's spiders in there6639.764.399
oh [ __ ] they're coming too they're6642.7194.121
coming these [ __ ] spiders suck are6644.1594.281
they coming for us hell yeah they are6646.843.2
they are you ready oh god oh they're6648.443.52
coming for you holy [ __ ] they just yeah6650.044.76
of course oh boy come on take them out6651.965.08
crap woo welome party sick of these6654.85.16
things ready you fighting I am fighting6657.045.039
and I'm using up wasted all my [ __ ]6659.964.4
arrows oh yeah all right I'm going to K6662.0795.961
two did you kill one no oh I'm about to6664.365.64
though all right yeah all right I got to6668.044.079
use my sword more cuz I wasted so many6670.04.36
arrows I used I had like over 100 now I6672.1195.52
got 37 yeah I found arrows are useless6674.365.52
so uh I don't use them oh okay well6677.6393.641
that's good to know at the end of the6679.882.759
day what do you think there you think6681.283.439
they were garding something I don't know6682.6393.721
may be something good in there like a6684.7195.4
foam mattress hello nee's here from6686.366.44
YouTube yep and Simon yep it's me I see6690.1194.0
another spider all right I'm going to6692.83.279
take care of him toot sweet yeah with6694.1194.48
the sword get him that's right come on6696.0796.201
come on zon come on you got him got him6698.5995.921
all right do you get do you do you6702.283.76
harvest stuff from these guys yeah you6704.525.88
get kit and like Venom or torture choose6706.046.24
whatever they call it yeah to torture6710.42.799
yeah all right I think this oh boy it's6713.1994.0
h getting dark we're going to need a6715.5994.0
torch stand by there we go I need a6717.1994.0
torch and a sword with the torch6719.5993.361
Brothers oh God and I could swing with6721.1993.321
the torch yeah we're torch brothers6722.962.8
that's right all right love it we're6724.524.559
good all right so this is this is6725.766.439
interesting as long as we just don't see6729.0795.241
spiders that are coming come on baby I6732.1993.88
see you always spiders I see you you6734.324.759
sneaky little son of a [ __ ] yep D6736.0796.04
that's right you're a warrior I am oh6739.0794.52
God there's two of them okay I'll help6742.1194.721
over here you do that that's right oh6743.5995.881
God another one fight your fight mine6746.845.12
God yep come on did we get him I don't6749.485.52
know no there's still another guy oh6751.965.119
this has been there a lot of spiders I6755.04.52
know wait too many SP and I'm almost6757.0795.441
dead don't die oh no don't die I'm going6759.525.88
to retreat for a second I know we're6762.525.079
friends you got great cheekbones6765.43.719
remember something else give me6767.5993.48
something else to go on6769.1194.281
um uh6771.0796.0
uh oh God uh you shouldn't be hard I'm6773.45.759
such a good guy all right well uh you're6777.0795.681
humble okay here we go all6779.1596.121
right more spot stay behind me I'm right6782.764.0
behind you I'm going to fight the oh6785.283.879
crap there's a bunch bunch like bunch is6786.765.0
what what's a bunch it looks like one6789.1595.44
two like at least four or five oh Lord6791.765.439
all right and these arrows are worthless6794.5995.841
uh you stand back I'll do this you ready6797.1996.04
well let me let me uh I'm doing arrows6800.444.4
don't shoot me okay here you go yeah6803.2393.321
just go ahead and shoot6804.844.239
them are you hitting anything I don't6806.566.079
know yeah now I am are you yeah okay6809.0795.761
look at you all right look at you when6812.6394.321
they move in I'll Attack all right till6814.845.2
then H got one fish in a barrel fish in6816.965.08
a barrel look at this these guys are all6820.043.52
just kind of clustered here yeah I'm6822.042.639
surprised you didn't bring up like6823.562.519
remember the time you ran out of gas and6824.6793.641
I helped you and then i' I'm sure I've6826.0793.921
helped you move or something why is my6828.324.48
my stamina out from shooting arrows well6830.04.199
you don't think pulling a bow back is6832.83.399
strenuous well no not really you've6834.1993.681
never shot a bow before have you well of6836.1994.081
course I have I was quite the it takes a6837.884.68
lot of finger string quite the Marksman6840.284.48
when like a thousand years ago yeah like6842.564.72
exactly a thousand years ago okay look6844.764.12
at this yeah shooting a bow takes no6847.283.76
energy whatsoever this is so strange you6848.883.64
shooting like a kids bow with a suction6851.044.199
cup for an arrow yeah it's ex what I was6852.525.32
shooting and I that has pounds to it oh6855.2394.0
I've already burned through all my6857.842.92
arrows well I think you killed most of6859.2394.0
them no I'll get the rest up all right6860.765.8
do it yep okay who else wants some we're6863.2395.121
the warrior Brothers you mess with the6866.564.2
wrong people there's a bunch still a6868.365.08
bunch okay there's still a bunch and I'm6870.767.52
about to die a crap my friend you killed6873.449.4
my only friend oh crap okay oh boy oh6878.289.24
crap oh Simon I'll miss you miss you so6882.846.92
much should i v yeah I should probably6887.525.04
finish the fight huh seems pointless6889.764.879
alone so6892.565.36
lonely come on you killed my only6894.6396.721
friend I might die too you know what nah6897.924.759
I'll just tell him I Avenged him when I6901.362.74
go home okay see you6902.6794.49
later come on baby Simon yeah what you6907.887.279
doing budy yeah6912.1595.201
practicing oh6915.1596.161
wow it looks as if the goddess approves6917.365.68
you oh I thought I I could swing while I6921.324.16
jumped try it6923.044.96
again okay no jump but it still looks6925.484.52
badass right it does I like that this is6928.04.04
kind of like a training area Now Yep6930.04.239
this is where I train this is my6932.043.92
training area no I made the training6934.2393.681
area for all of us I see you're back6935.963.6
here see I I feel like I fell asleep for6937.923.17
an episode6939.564.75
who hello hello hello hello you live6965.325.879
here now church and me's open you're6969.1195.48
coming oh okay I I could I could go for6971.1996.081
some some God yeah I'll take some of6974.5995.881
your God how do I get up to God uh want6977.285.52
to get there you got to climb6980.484.159
oh yeah it's like one of those temples6982.83.68
in uh the mountains all right I'm6984.6394.04
already not a fan of this God yeah6986.485.0
seriously climb to get to this guy I6988.6795.04
forget how I take things out of my all6991.485.08
right hey neebs yeah You' seen thicker6993.7196.081
abro they've got my my little kitten oh6996.565.36
they got your kitten oh hey still6999.84.399
getting used to these controls uh there7001.926.799
we go hey hi I've seen them but not in7004.1997.201
weeks it's been weeks yeah what are the7008.7195.281
rules for your God here yeah how do we7011.45.279
do this uh you know be good to each7014.06.88
other um don't kill people so I'm out my7016.6796.281
God doesn't work that way either so7020.883.92
that's kind of contradictory what do you7022.964.52
mean mine kind of wants sacrifice right7024.85.68
so killing is good killing is fine what7027.486.04
about um if you drive slow in the left7030.485.88
lane that's fine no no no I'm out of7033.524.599
that too that's [ __ ] well it's my7036.364.16
God so I know well driving slow in the7038.1194.161
left lane I don't agree with that one7040.523.119
but I didn't make depends on where you7042.283.52
live if you live in England it's okay7043.6395.48
right yeah it's Case by case yeah so7045.86.439
don't rule it out great service yeah uh7049.1196.721
amen amen that's it that's it I like the7052.2395.201
fact that it's a really short service7055.843.56
that's good oh yeah short and sweet all7057.444.6
right mine are really long yep not going7059.45.279
there and I also am not a big fan of the7062.045.88
music in a lot of churches where you7064.6794.601
going ah you see that just jump in the7069.286.04
tree and slid down oh yeah yeah well you7072.2396.121
want to see this uh7075.326.879
yeah some boy oh that like a hurt yeah7078.365.759
the hurt I'm going to build a shield7082.1993.561
I'll see you guys in a little bit all7084.1193.96
right I'm killing with my new7085.766.04
sword come on baby oh God I'm going to7088.07911.961
die Simon yep Simon Simon Sim s s yeah7091.811.16
come on oh7100.044.8
[ __ ]7102.963.679
Simon all7104.846.92
right Simon died nebs hey7106.6395.121
man this place is coming along real nice7114.0796.16
this is Paradise I love it I know I mean7117.843.52
we we should probably eventually get7120.2392.84
back to the guys right and just check on7121.363.44
them yeah see what they're doing yeah7123.0793.241
yeah of course I got some more stuff to7124.83.48
do here I got addicted to just making7126.324.279
stuff and I'm going kind of nuts well7128.284.439
you know what I too have been making7130.5994.161
stuff and I've got some presents for you7132.7195.44
oh okay yep you know what thck whip them7134.765.8
out let me see wub7138.1595.56
Bo look at these boys man you look7140.565.679
fantastic man I know I look good look at7143.7194.681
oh wow look at these These are metal7146.2395.36
yeah yeah baby check this out oh now you7148.45.08
got a big uh you got a big metal sword I7151.5993.761
got the little metal swords call this7153.484.239
The Equalizer and also what I was7155.364.799
thinking today look back at that pirate7157.7195.121
base those dudes respawn and I think we7160.1595.161
could find some good candidates for7162.844.08
friends that could join us all right you7165.323.919
want to go get a friend no yeah but I7166.925.159
did also make one of those uh is it a7169.2395.641
wheel of pan yeah I made one of those7172.0794.441
where should I put it uh well not not7174.883.68
inside want outside the fence maybe over7176.524.48
there maybe over there that way like7178.567.119
uh there we go hey wheel P wheel P wheel7181.010.04
P will P will p take the equalizer7185.6799.361
go and bring us back Y St and get a good7191.047.0
one all right you're a big musly man you7195.045.72
know one with good thighs yeah th Master7198.044.119
that's what we'll name him all right7200.765.2
good luck I love you love you7202.1593.801
too simond on y did you want to build7206.6796.92
your altar yeah I did uh-huh where are7210.46.759
you at being chased by oh lizard hold on7213.5994.841
I'm trying to get them I keep missing7217.1594.161
them [ __ ] oh just place your LW your7218.445.719
your I'm getting with my arrows call I7221.324.759
got arrows I forgot about that come on7224.1594.0
you son of a [ __ ] come look I'll kill7226.0794.441
this place your altar well where7228.1594.0
wherever you want to I'm ready to go on7230.523.599
adventure well damn all right hold on a7232.1594.801
second wherever I want to hear yourself7234.1194.04
there you said you were going to do it7236.962.92
by the beach yeah I know I think that's7238.1594.201
a great idea wherever I want to in7239.884.199
whatever you told me where you going to7242.365.44
do it I liked it bam there we go all7244.0796.56
right yeah yeah that looks beautiful i'7247.84.52
like to look at it at least look at look7250.6394.0
at that snake is that a snake that snake7252.324.879
is looks like it's snake worshipper7254.6394.44
aren't you I am but it's kind of7257.1994.0
interesting cuz oh come on you son of a7259.0794.361
[ __ ] come on it's Church day why would7261.1994.361
you forget about this it was nobody7263.444.279
killed it so well he was supposed to7265.564.32
kill it he said I'll take care of it7267.7195.321
just place it there is he dead uh should7269.886.0
be one more hit one more hit there you7273.046.4
all go I like this S I like this looks7275.885.52
like a snake is wrapped around a skinny7279.443.56
Duke what look what's wrong with this7281.44.199
picture dalas you're standing in a7283.04.48
lizard there was an arrow in my arm7285.5994.321
you're both holding bows you got to be7287.485.28
careful well well how careful do I need7289.925.4
to be super careful I can't wait to see7292.765.68
the oh come on bring It Simon I'm out7295.324.2
got a brand new metal shield with your7298.443.4
name on it and I got a brand new sword7299.523.719
that I don't know how to use you want to7301.845.16
fight me sir I don't know fight maybe7303.2396.36
well listen I just shot an arrow in you7307.04.32
you were giving me a hard time can I7309.5994.761
make one rule yes all fights between uh7311.325.08
us take place on the fight deck well he7314.363.6
never answered I don't think he wants to7316.43.16
fight needes it doesn't sound like I I7317.964.279
really don't okay let's go find THS7319.565.32
that's what well I want to make some s7322.2395.801
or you know give some gifts to my God I7324.884.839
feel like I haven't been doing my part7328.044.52
what's a thraw it's a slave yeah yeah7329.7194.601
I'm down I I think I have a club so7332.563.36
after a couple kills I need to get their7334.324.799
purified flesh to throw into uh my pit7335.925.279
yeah I got a religious ank thing too so7339.1193.441
let's do that7341.1993.721
I need to cut out hearts with a dagger7342.564.14
yeah let's be good to our7344.925.729
Gods oh [ __ ] okay no Tarzan was here7351.1996.361
[ __ ] you7355.7195.52
hya oh oh there's lots of people up here7357.566.4
oh maybe I should have brought7361.2399.161
okay who keeps yelling at me woo come on7363.969.88
yo oh boy arrows arrows7370.47.78
Galore oh boy get get get get7373.848.08
[ __ ] aha boo did I scare you yeah you7387.526.599
did hey I'm a I I was practicing my7391.963.6
magic trick where I leave and then I7394.1193.281
come out the door here gotcha well7395.563.32
hopefully your feet felt nice when you7397.44.96
came out the door yep oh look at this R7398.885.68
got rug everywhere these rugs oh my God7402.364.64
this green one feels really good nice7404.564.2
also I die yeah no [ __ ] that's why7407.05.0
you're back so um I think I'm going to7408.766.56
take hard work out okay and go get my7412.06.719
stuff okay but you my friend have done a7415.325.48
fantastic job with this place keep up7418.7194.88
the good work you notice that life's a7420.85.04
beach life is a beach7423.5994.48
yeah I mean what beach house you know7425.843.44
you can't have a beach house without a7428.0793.48
life life is a beach son it's illegal it7429.283.279
be y all right hey after this I think7432.5593.6
I'm going to I thought about climbing7434.883.359
that mountain over there see that uh7436.1593.601
that big one right there yeah I just7438.2393.201
feel like something's at the top know7439.763.76
what I mean yeah it's like it's7441.443.32
something's drawn me to it I've been7443.524.119
staring at it all day I see all right7444.764.479
I'm going to get my [ __ ] all right I got7447.6394.0
a few more rugs to put down okay hey7449.2394.32
hard work let's go hey you keep that7451.6395.361
Panther safe all right goodbye goodbye7453.5597.321
love you love you too7457.03.88
so there it is guys so I have to do7462.484.92
something with my my dagger we're going7465.1994.321
to kill them and then uh I think you7467.43.759
know whatever we need after the fact7469.523.88
like I need to use my bone thing and get7471.1595.361
some purified flesh and or you know that7473.44.759
kind of stuff and I got to use this7476.523.4
you're getting Hearts so we'll just take7478.1593.321
got to use this oh what do you need7479.924.319
neebs uh I think I beat the juice out of7481.484.56
people beat the juice out of them Spirit7484.2394.44
juice so well do I have to kill him or7486.044.559
can I just do this with like a dead body7488.6793.44
put your phone on silence well we have7490.5992.921
to kill them to have a dead body don't7492.1194.48
we um well I know just ask them to be7493.524.52
dead but do I have to kill them with7496.5992.841
this no no no no that's what I was just7498.042.92
saying use a regular weapon and then7499.442.84
maybe you can use it after the fact7500.962.759
we're going to find out real quick let's7502.284.399
go over there huh okay regular weapons7503.7196.561
uh okay and let's do it on our way to7506.6796.4
Massacre a village anyone it's going to7510.285.919
be a spiritual event someone's going to7513.0797.401
get Hearts I'mma get flashh a7516.1997.52
man okay uh there's one right there uh7520.486.719
hey hey buddy want to go to church oh7523.7195.321
there he is all right game on hey metal7527.1994.0
shield all right take turns guys careful7529.044.199
I got his attention take him from behind7531.1993.4
I like how that's7533.2395.32
working oh knock out knock the face okay7534.5995.48
next victim all right I want to stab the7538.5593.52
guy okay here we go yeah maybe lure one7540.0793.48
down here we'll just uh separate him7542.0794.64
from the group hello look out okay okay7543.5594.6
oh we need one guy oh there's one here7546.7193.761
we go get him Simon all right hold on7548.1594.281
I'm [ __ ] I'm going to take this oh boy7550.485.239
there's another one godon fall7552.445.48
back I'm going to shoot back you're not7555.7194.681
falling back falling back not falling7557.924.6
back back you're getting shot get back7560.43.719
falling back get back I got you all7562.523.719
right I got this other son of a [ __ ]7564.1194.201
all right who shoot me I'm blocking you7566.2394.84
kill the guy I'm I'm rolling oh [ __ ]7568.324.839
this kill the guy with your magic Church7571.0794.921
weapon I'm going to die I have no7573.1595.121
stamina so [ __ ] it why is this guy not7576.03.76
fighting anymore right see you later I'm7578.285.359
done he's afraid of my shield oh [ __ ] is7579.766.08
he a what is oh now oh there he is oh7583.6394.96
nice shot stamina so I'm just going to7585.846.52
die this is great coming I'm coming yeah7588.5996.48
no it doesn't matter it doesn't matter7592.364.44
you're not using your church weapon no7595.0793.16
I'm not using my church weapon your7596.83.319
church weapon it wasn't working get7598.2395.761
behind me Simon no ah you suck at church7600.1196.12
go go ahead Simon try it now I'm going7604.04.92
to try it now try the dagger on them now7606.2393.761
did you get a7608.923.759
heart do I have to point the little7610.05.0
stupid white dot on them oh yeah did you7612.6794.321
get a heart well guess what I never do7615.05.559
that did you get a heart yes yeah so you7617.05.599
can use it after all right Simon's got a7620.5594.401
heart I need some people juice there's a7622.5995.681
there's a people over there okay you7624.965.88
ready I got his attention for you all7628.283.839
right I'm just going to take this guy7630.843.799
out go for7632.1196.921
it take that woo come on I'm a fighter7634.6398.201
good luck to you boom bo7639.047.48
yep Ready oh boy oh yeah that's right I7642.846.04
got to do7646.522.36
this woo okay stand by sorry I think I7649.1196.04
shot you by accident look at that two7652.444.48
arrows in my chest I was trying to help7655.1595.44
you all right well H I'm hurt I just got7656.926.56
another guy stand by let me try this out7660.5997.08
Boom o t juice yes people juice7663.487.079
lingering Essence we run out of people7667.6795.56
huh we might have run of people yeah7670.5595.241
this is uh we're too good that's the7673.2394.041
problem starting to think church is bad7675.82.35
for the7677.282.319
population all right hard work watch my7679.5996.241
back I'm in bad shape hardly have any7682.845.719
health what's that what's that okay7685.846.12
where's it at where's it at [ __ ] all7688.5594.481
you do is7691.963.88
yell keep your peepers out hard work oh7693.047.079
there there's somebody oh [ __ ] hard work7695.848.16
get him stuck in a rock hard work7700.1196.721
[ __ ] do something hard work there7704.05.599
come on kitty yeah no just just walk7706.846.64
beside him that's great do you know him7709.5996.241
what the7713.485.32
[ __ ] there we go7715.847.64
maybe pounce there yep7718.86.68
pounce [ __ ] sake your what is all this7725.487.96
me a oh there oh finally7729.1994.241
okay okay almost there come on come on7740.47.64
now oh this is going to be good there's7745.364.04
going to be something up here worth this7748.044.32
[ __ ] I know it I got a feeling I got a7749.44.159
feeling in my7752.363.16
butt I that may just be from the7753.5593.921
climbing it may just be yeah the just7755.522.96
tightness all right7758.484.88
ha oh what the7763.43.64
hell okay what you guys what you guys7769.2395.96
pointing at that Island way out there7771.7196.721
okay well that was the creepiest [ __ ]7775.1996.92
I've seen all day ghost I found ghost7778.445.679
okay no treasure but uh go no one's7782.1194.281
going to believe that all right can I7784.1195.641
jump down from here let's see oh boy oh7786.48.44
boy always enjoy doing this7789.765.08
Cannonball sh7795.1593.601
Rock so I I think there's more of a7804.525.079
settlement uh just over this little7807.0793.921
little Bridge what are we doing this7809.5993.04
time I already got my heart man I just7811.03.159
want to go back home and do it you7812.6393.761
needed one heart I think one heart7814.1593.48
doesn't sound like enough it doesn't7816.42.52
seem like it's enough well it's because7817.6393.08
I don't know what I'm doing and chances7818.925.0
are I did pay pay attention Okay so yeah7820.7194.84
there's a guy there's a guy you got sure7823.923.279
you don't want to join the matri church7825.5592.721
yeah but you still have to kill him to7827.1994.681
get oh jeez at me wow wow something7828.285.879
against me careful guys that's you7831.883.88
careful one of7834.1594.48
them get him son you got him you're7835.765.68
doing good let me know if you need help7838.6394.281
I'm going to need help oh God I'm going7841.443.199
to need help oh you think you got you7842.923.199
don't need help7844.6393.801
[ __ ] he needed help he needed help he7846.1195.881
should have asked for help earlier7848.444.91
did he do7852.02.84
too man I'm running around with a bunch7854.845.239
of punks all right you want this juice7856.86.72
or oh wait I thought you died no no7860.0796.04
you're with me I'm a Survivor okay I7863.524.32
guess I'll just take everything I guess7866.1193.401
I should remember what you look like a7867.843.48
little better yeah I'm this guy should7869.525.44
we get Simon stuff I see it okay huh you7871.325.16
see what no let's move on a little bit7874.964.239
further now well I saw another like like7876.484.88
a bad guy respawn back there you don't7879.1993.96
worry about your friends at all do you7881.364.0
our friend just died he's got a bag full7883.1594.841
of stuff over here uhhuh not interested7885.363.839
at all are you you don't think he wants7888.03.119
to come back and grab it cuz we're not7889.1994.04
far from home he needs to learn I'll7891.1193.96
tell him you said you didn't care oh I7893.2396.44
hear oh got a bone a guy okay behind me7895.0797.56
I guess I'll get him nebs cool okay I'll7899.6794.641
just fight my guy if that's all right oh7902.6395.04
you got a guy yeah beautiful help hey7904.324.799
hey Simon you made it back I knew he'd7907.6793.161
make it back God I just got shot in the7909.1192.881
oh god oh I'm out of [ __ ] stamina in7912.05.679
this game oh I just knocked my guy on7915.1594.08
the ground Here7917.6794.761
Comes Close sorry backing out I'll get7919.2396.161
this one oh God jump in the fight Simon7922.444.639
I don't have anything where's my stuff7925.43.56
use your fist it's back where you died I7927.0794.64
know well [ __ ] you know where you died7928.964.719
right no7931.7193.48
cold cold Simon warmer oh man I'm going7935.1996.081
to die there it is there's no way that7938.365.199
your stuff well it's it's a loot bag7941.283.839
think back to when you died what was7943.5593.361
around you oh you know what you're going7945.1193.721
to play this game I hope this guy stands7946.925.4
you there you go St kill them kill these7948.847.799
kill them oh I got a shield and it's7952.327.16
metal wanty to teach me weren't there7956.6396.401
bushes around I don't remember of course7959.485.679
you remember it was like 2 seconds ago I7963.043.519
don't remember and I'm going to die7965.1594.361
again oh crap he's dead again maybe7966.5596.56
he'll remember this one7969.523.599
okay okay one emergency bed roll and I7976.1995.52
put all the stuff I don't want to lose7980.0795.16
into that chest I think I can swim out7981.7195.88
to this island but I don't know if my7985.2395.081
stamina's going to last so only one way7987.5997.761
to find out stamina last okay come on7990.327.319
yeah okay yeah yeah yeah I think I can7995.363.52
this it look further than it was7998.886.0
this ain't going to be too bad oh yeah8001.924.84
oh this easy I don't even I don't even8004.883.799
why was I even worried I shouldn't even8006.764.08
been worried don't mean to be worried8008.6794.04
like that song Don't Worry Be Happy8010.845.399
should have followed oh goodness whoa8012.7197.081
what is what is this what is this8016.2396.081
magical business this what the ghosts8019.83.6
were pointing8022.323.96
towards a big barrier is this the uh is8023.44.6
this the edge of the world is this what8026.282.399
found hey let me uh just walk towards it8028.6796.801
Bo oh8032.1593.321
god oh boy you okay dris yeah I just um8041.366.279
he he's getting close he's got he's got8046.043.039
spear sh sh little help help got a8049.0797.961
sh yeah oh wow manoo nice job with that8052.926.159
Ma thank you so much Simon you find your8057.044.119
stuff yeah I don't want to come out I8059.0793.64
don't want to be out here anymore Simon8061.1593.881
check it out let's go back to the house8062.7195.4
sure and kill each other repeatedly and8065.044.72
then Harvest each other to get what we8068.1194.161
need for our Gods sounds like a plan8069.763.839
over and over that sounds like a8072.282.799
loophole plan yes I feel like the gods8073.5993.48
are going to know huh gods are going to8075.0793.321
know I think the gods will be proud of8077.0792.64
us and they'll say like how come there's8078.43.4
40 dalus hearts in here I'll tell you8079.7194.121
this much I don't think y gives a [ __ ]8081.84.64
oh it might not all right okay I'll come8083.845.279
with you scoop it8086.447.279
out I have food poison isn't he8089.1194.6
awesome got to be something out here you8095.1995.601
think they were pointing this way8097.7194.081
hopefully they weren't pointing towards8100.83.12
the wall because they sailed to that8101.85.799
they were [ __ ] right got us it's a bad8103.926.08
idea isn't it oh that's just a bad idea8107.5993.921
to go the8110.03.679
wall it may not have been this island it8111.523.199
might have been the next Island over8113.6793.4
it's a bunch of islands out here pick a8114.7196.36
pace a little bit oh give me something8117.0797.841
here anything a cave a chest another8121.0796.921
ghost come on game feed me a little bit8124.926.08
feed me I'm an exploring player tingled8128.05.199
my sense of adventure and wonder I want8131.04.159
to be tingled damn it I want to be8133.1995.48
diddled with excitement Conan what the8135.1596.201
hell are those ghosts pointing at8138.6795.201
there's nothing here there's nothing8141.365.52
here damn it oh8143.885.359
oh what8146.884.44
where what are you going to point at you8149.2392.92
going to point at something where are8151.322.48
you looking where are you looking you8152.1593.56
looking that8153.87.16
way all right I got D I got D I got to8155.7197.161
go that way wait that's that's the8160.963.96
[ __ ] Pirate Cove that's where thick8162.885.75
is son of a [ __ ] son of a8164.928.85
[ __ ] hard work you're a bad8174.965.48
kitty I understand that you were trying8178.1994.44
to help me me and then in other points8180.443.84
you were just completely ignoring the8182.6394.0
danger which is [ __ ] you need to get8184.284.279
better at your job I'm going to leave8186.6394.48
you here I'm just going to go out and8188.5594.561
I'm going to knock out the first thw I8191.1195.24
see all right pretty sure there's just a8193.127.0
a dude over here as always hopefully8196.3596.801
he's not some [ __ ] that's8200.129.0
lowlevel let's see oh yep called it sir8203.167.519
let me figure out if you're low level or8209.122.239
I'mma Knock You8211.3595.32
Out pop all right come on buddy you want8212.6797.281
to swing at me hit in the face oh you8216.6795.321
got me stand for me now or swing for me8219.966.08
later all right I like you though boom8222.06.84
bo oh flanks all right the thick as8226.045.88
thieves tough come on this thing has no8228.847.2
range good God could really use absoro8231.926.08
right now God this is going to take8236.043.96
forever maybe Alex should cut to8238.04.29
something else8240.012.53
God you better be worth it you're just8264.923.92
like a poet or something I'm going to be8267.084.68
pissed almost there you're a worthy8268.847.32
opponent sir almost there baby woo8271.769.32
okay on knock out yeah all right what8276.168.72
are you [ __ ] is what you are uh8281.087.8
defari fighter level two all right nope8284.886.16
nope don't want to hit you how do I rope8288.884.599
you hey thick hey what's going on I just8291.044.319
knocked out this son of a [ __ ] I see8293.4795.16
that there we go eat a drag cool yeah8295.3595.08
you finally got a thrw yeah what you8298.6396.361
been up to oh man Ghost Hunt go hey I8300.4399.08
saw a ghost you did yeah water once okay8305.07.719
I saw I've seen three today three ghosts8309.5195.361
yeah that's insane it is insane this8312.7194.6
place is [ __ ] haunted I know there's8314.884.799
a spooky [ __ ] right behind me oh that's8317.3196.521
a goddess I know I'm just teasing her8319.6795.601
this going to turn into that show where8323.844.24
they hunt ghosts I hope not what was8325.285.56
that did you guys hear that oh my God8328.084.72
what was that I heard it I heard it too8330.844.08
oh check the meters oh my God check the8332.83.879
meter what do the meters say oh there's8334.926.32
a disturbance oh my god oh call the call8336.6797.0
the schools call the scientists come8341.243.8
back here help me out with this I'm8343.6794.601
going to ghost son no wait help me out8345.045.0
real quick all right fine I love you8348.284.039
love you8350.042.279
Mery all right Fighter's ready I think8356.3195.12
so Simon are you ready you as ready as8359.123.599
I'm going to be listen we have to do8361.4394.0
this several times so um we can't take8362.7194.441
anything personal you know no let's just8365.4397.181
see who uh wins naturally and go8367.167.159
okay it's a big sword that's a big sword8376.5198.08
oh come on kicking my ass come on baby8379.8410.559
come on oh wow nice roll oh oh oh oh8384.5998.001
come on wow come8390.3995.561
on what's it going to be I don't know8392.65.24
are you getting a heart or is gr's8395.964.08
a come on oh God stamina's out uh-oh8400.66.12
uh-oh I'm8404.844.88
screwed me I'm not in this come on you8406.727.679
son of a [ __ ] oh [ __ ] come on8409.728.679
no the8414.3994.0
fatality I am Warrior all right Simon8422.4395.641
gets a heart yes I do hold8425.86.519
on suck on that Bubba I don't even think8428.087.56
I got a heart Simon yeah good match8432.3194.641
thank you let me grab this [ __ ] did you8435.644.12
get a heart uh I don't think so no oh8436.964.96
great he's close to dead Dr close dead8439.763.599
you punch me I'll probably die oh8441.925.479
perfect go for it one sec there we go he8443.3596.201
gotcha let's see if I get what do you8447.3994.241
get D you get8449.563.64
yeah I got I got what I needed what's8451.644.48
your Godlike gizzards uh yeah it's all8453.26.159
gizzards um there we go now you just got8456.127.0
to do that 50 more times yeah 20 30 508459.3596.201
more times8463.122.44
something okay so the first ghost was8467.764.28
here he led me to that ghost and that8470.4795.041
ghost was looking this way some right8472.046.56
here could be anywhere really could be8475.526.959
anywhere well clim up this just to8478.66.799
see oh God it's going to get dark8482.4796.281
raining this is the worst all right here8485.3996.401
we go come come on oh boy now I can't8488.765.2
see a damn thing I'm climbing in the8491.85.4
dark and just praying to my God which is8493.966.28
uh yir no this is dumb this is dumb I8497.25.72
can't see a [ __ ] thing this is oh boy8500.245.64
yep I just fell guess who's waiting for8502.925.84
daylight this guy this guy's waiting for8505.885.24
daylight for the next episode yeah wait8508.764.559
for the next episode until I get diddled8511.124.359
I'm going to find this Ghost and the8513.3195.04
game's going to DD me I can't wait to8515.4794.96
de this is actually a very beautiful8520.4396.04
location I like this come on give me a8522.87.28
ghost somebody give me a ghost this8526.4796.321
way ghost oh nope I see a big old Temple8530.084.84
over there all right I think I got I've8532.84.32
I've gone I've gone too far too far to8534.924.32
the east I think I need to go west up8537.123.92
there up there is is where I'm going to8539.246.28
see a ghost maybe oh boy oh boy oh boy8541.048.48
oh boy here we go here we go8545.524.0
yep ghost hunting if I don't find a8549.724.16
ghost in a minute I'm going to give this8552.763.4
[ __ ] up this takes8553.885.16
forever come on damn it Ste in Monkey8556.164.2
[ __ ] again8559.0427.92
and ooh upgrade it's like a Christmas8588.767.639
tree oh yeah oh wow yeah put presents8592.3596.321
under there yeah this is the rift of yog8596.3995.761
apparently so I like it I it add a lot8598.686.24
to the place so far your religion is my8602.165.119
favorite because of what I don't know8604.923.28
death like the loving of the death the8608.25.159
skull Christmas trees yeah we need some8610.845.36
THS around this piece and I I know what8613.3594.841
we want I want to call this can we call8616.24.239
this place actually you know what um8618.24.8
since I'm one of the co-founders uh THS8620.4395.161
deep it's called THS deep THS deep yeah8623.05.24
perfect not th of America oo I think8625.64.36
that sounds pretty good but that that's8628.244.52
in America and this clearly is not THS8629.965.16
deep it is this is what Detroit looks8632.765.92
like yeah THS deep um let's get some THS8635.125.0
same place we went last time yeah8638.682.52
because you made the bridge and you did8640.122.239
a really good job on that all right I8641.24.0
got a club I got some twine let's do it8642.3595.12
we could also call it new thins for8645.24.68
alling the8647.4792.401
and there we go oh yeah look at this8653.847.24
H the lightning in the background I look8661.086.92
ominous I'm a [ __ ] Stone Cold8664.3198.281
Champion where's abro hey th you seen8668.08.04
abso I said have you seen8672.66.12
abro you look very like your face is8676.045.84
elegant you look like a man Grace Jones8678.724.719
and unfortunately I can't name you but8681.884.24
I'm tired of waiting for abso you know8683.4395.481
what I'm going take you hard work come8686.125.88
on for all who name I don't know I can't8688.924.559
name you just kind of watch over the8692.04.16
place make sure uh Gator dun gets fed8693.4795.441
and you know just keep the yard straight8696.164.96
luck all right I see you looking at me8702.845.08
see the lightning in the background yeah8706.3993.281
yeah a little uh a little frightening8707.923.64
but I want to get up to those Hills8709.684.599
behind you so I'm just going to Mosey8711.565.12
this way yeah yeah you're still looking8714.2796.721
at me aren't you oh God okay see I8716.685.52
really want to get up there I feel like8721.02.8
on top of that that that mountain right8722.24.32
there that's where the ghost is you are8723.84.4
uh I don't feel like you want me to get8726.524.6
up there do you I don't care I'm getting8728.25.96
up there I'm going challenge you buddy8731.126.84
by challenge I mean run this way and8734.166.159
jump oh who can't climb oh God why am I8740.686.719
falling that was weird okay going this8744.645.719
stupid damn monkeys can't get me come on8750.3596.401
come on come8754.162.6
on ma'am oh who's a dumb ape who's a8756.848.96
couple of dumb dumb Apes oh yeah oh you8761.887.64
mad are you mad dum dum I can yell8765.86.96
too see what's I going to do I'm the8769.525.4
king around here don't you throw [ __ ] at8772.766.28
me got you guys got some big big butts8774.926.2
big muscular butts8779.043.92
Lord keep swinging buddy keep swinging8782.966.6
I'm the king of these jungle8787.3195.281
[ __ ] up here this is where I find the8789.566.16
ghost come on game just D on me man is8792.64.839
it here you were looking up at the top8795.723.8
of this mountain hot sauce rub Down's8797.4394.04
playing Just cost four I hope he's8799.525.28
having a good time come on ghost give me8801.4794.201
ghost ghost ghost8807.167.319
there he8811.842.639
[ __ ]8816.3197.641
[ __ ] son of a [ __ ] well I'm climbing8818.089.16
down out oh8823.966.64
boy this is8827.243.36
ridiculous can we all get one a thraw8834.644.839
yes I think after we compliment nees on8837.3593.321
his Bridge sure8839.4793.641
Great Bridge man I I feel like I did8840.685.2
though I didn't oh no you did great work8843.124.48
but can we all get a th I didn't figure8845.883.32
that'd be a one time deal I figured it'd8847.64.08
be like every time we cross it no no no8849.25.64
that's that's Bridge compliment are you8851.684.84
guys just really slow how you moving so8854.843.76
slow he's just going slow like yeah but8856.524.16
how do you how do you go slow like my8858.64.32
slow is just walk okay here's the one8860.684.12
than everybody here we go so everybody8862.925.2
ready here they come oh crap come on8864.86.32
come on oh [ __ ] there you go8868.125.199
let me try to hit you there you go you8871.125.199
okay you're doing great all right you8873.3196.241
got him man come on baby this one's8876.3195.841
yours Simon come that one's yours that8879.563.919
would be amazing The Rock that's the8882.163.199
rock if I can well I think I'm hit you8883.4796.121
go there you go come on yeah yeah swing8885.3597.361
what do I do now uh now you twine him8889.65.679
okay I give him that how do I twine them8892.724.32
I think you just got to equip it and the8895.2793.721
fiber binding you binding him bind him8897.043.88
all right hold on bam I can't believe8899.03.96
this is happening all right so then do I8900.923.96
just hit the number that it's in I think8902.965.68
so or it should give you a prom to drag8904.886.64
yeah that's it and then what I just I'm8908.646.08
done it says equip take it take it home8911.525.36
walk up close to him it should it should8914.724.08
be clear prompt you to no it's not8916.883.72
telling me to hit a certain thing maybe8918.84.08
I'm already hooked up to you equip the8920.64.24
binding I hit still got the truding in8922.884.68
your thing yeah but I'm hitting it come8924.844.92
on all right but that one's officially8927.564.4
mine yeah that one's yours but I just8929.763.679
thank you just spit up the process I8931.963.24
appreciate it oh no no no problem you8933.4393.641
did a great job keep going okay no I'm8935.23.279
to are you guys not going to go get8938.4794.241
yours we're coming with you oh I thought8940.4394.681
we were all three getting the th okay8942.724.0
all three of us are can't we just how8945.124.0
come we're not saying great job on the8946.725.92
bridge great job on the bridge Dees okay8949.124.96
you okay hard work this is kind of where8958.4795.361
we found you so we got to be careful8961.244.72
because there's probably others of your8963.847.0
kind oh hello come on over here buddy8965.969.519
come here haha sneak attack ha Peg Leg I8970.848.32
do not uh condone like harming the8975.4797.201
handicap just FYI just want to put that8979.167.199
out there uh by the way I am against8982.685.88
violence towards women I think they're8986.3594.841
called THS once man I really don't want8988.565.4
to say the word uh because this guy's a8991.25.32
darker gentleman just want to put that8993.965.8
out there not a harmer of the handicap8996.526.2
if anybody up here has any8999.765.8
disabilities I recognize you as any9002.726.28
other person and will only be aggressive9005.565.16
if you mess with9009.04.16
me come on hard9010.724.759
work my God there's all sorts of9013.168.56
panthers around all right here we go run9015.4796.241
all right ah how do I get out of here I9023.248.68
think I think it's this way yeah I'm9027.647.839
almost certain it's this way which are9031.926.439
usually words that lead to me getting9035.4794.88
onward so that one is a failure wait9040.3594.881
yeah well that counts his mine so you9043.165.68
Unbound him yep right and he disappeared9045.247.239
oh her was she was fine immediately gone9048.847.0
no but now we know not to unbind until9052.4796.761
we put them in the th thingy Circle of9055.845.92
Death right that's a rule it's a new9059.244.56
rule nobody gets Unbound until they're9061.764.28
in the thw Friendship Wheel listen if we9063.85.0
have to break off into um uh go in there9066.044.52
swinging or like pick somebody someone's9068.84.12
dancing up there oh a dancer I'll take9070.563.759
the one to the right did you say a9072.923.519
dancer no it was he was dancing at the9074.3194.12
fire take him well somebody just came9076.4394.601
was he a dancer bow and arrow guy is9078.4394.641
someone oh someone needs the bow and9081.045.0
arrow okay I'm Arrow guy oh [ __ ] I'm9083.084.48
getting bow and arrow guy I'm getting9086.044.6
beat come on he keep oh man come on come9087.564.56
on come back there's a guy over here I9090.643.639
even know there's a battle going on over9092.124.08
here sir oh crap I'm getting hit from9094.2795.0
the back oh boy now I'm getting what the9096.25.8
oh I'm stunned Retreat Retreat what I'm9099.2794.641
I'm beating the guy retreating I just9102.03.92
knocked the guy out there's a bunch of9103.923.8
people but I knocked him out all right9105.925.2
stay on him there one that's oh sh sh9107.725.44
all right how we doing trying to get9111.124.08
this one I got a9113.166.0
guy I'm going baby dang it home s taking9115.26.64
them home this one's really tough I got9119.166.239
my gag done I'm done I'm9121.846.8
done where'd he go oh my guys down hey9125.3995.721
guys I'm hanging out on the bridge my9128.646.24
for the bridge you're welcome NES we9131.124.8
need to kill this other one I think9134.882.64
there the Archer I'm moving in on her9135.922.84
all right I'm going to come in I think9137.523.799
she's fixed on me okay here we go I'm on9138.764.44
her get her you're messing with knes9141.3194.04
Lady Jing and Jab best thing to do is9143.26.279
just lay down and join our tribe okay oh9145.3596.761
yeah I'm too fast she doesn't have time9149.4795.681
to reload her bow come9152.125.68
on oh she's down I got9155.165.84
her okay is that you Gris yes and I've9157.85.679
got a uh an Archer okay I'll race you9161.04.8
over the bridge once we're up top here9163.4795.521
then uh let's have a race you got it man9165.86.08
oh I got her all right at the top this9169.04.399
is the starting9171.887.64
line and on the count of three 2 1 go9173.39910.441
okay oh baby hey you guys racing huh9179.526.2
watch out CLE the hole nope I'm running9183.844.24
too come9185.726.4
on I win it's a drag9188.086.84
race but you got a stamina got to mind9192.125.08
your stamina play on words taking it9194.925.12
home I'm going to win this9197.24.279
woo don't get tired you're looking tired9201.4796.721
I don't feel coming from behind crap I'm9205.23.72
to oh look who's coming in oh taking it9208.9210.28
hole Pho finish yeah oh no up up9214.087.64
finish wins all right all right don't9219.24.92
unbind until you hit the throw uh-huh9221.724.36
can we put all three in at one time how9224.123.76
do you put them in you got to go up and9226.084.199
you hit X or you hit9227.885.32
interact interact it says e for more9230.2795.12
options yep so hit E I don't know where9233.25.079
that all right then hit there uhhuh it9235.3994.88
says I've gained a level it doesn't mean9238.2796.0
anything pan Archer 2 do I drag it like9240.2797.881
this like this oh wait oh it's in oh9244.2796.12
there's already there's already GRL in9248.164.84
Archer oh what is that a thing coming9250.3995.561
what what yep ow yep I'm out of here I'm9253.04.16
out of here hold on I don't know my9255.964.64
thing's in yet a crap come on come on9257.165.64
baby why are you running after me leave9260.65.32
me alone where's Dr man he's dead he9262.86.4
lost his guy didn't he yep sure did that9265.926.04
[ __ ] oh nee's coming for you oh9269.24.76
he's probably coming for me again the oh9271.964.68
that's you all right oh no am I oh I'm9273.964.84
too crazy why did he go right I still9276.644.88
don't know how to put this damn thing in9278.85.8
there r monster so we can build up put9281.524.799
stop running around in circles bringing9284.65.36
them around us or me yeah thank yeah I'm9286.3197.921
just saying that okay y i so listen does9289.966.24
that thing only take one person at a9294.243.76
time or what I think so so mine's in9296.24.04
there but um yeah so now we get to play9298.04.04
Ring Around the Rosie with the kodo9300.243.44
dragon I guess I wish I could help with9302.043.399
my stuffs down there does it tell you9303.684.32
how my9305.4392.561
stamina oh hard work do you see that9308.967.96
over there me thinks it's a rhino I've9313.3995.761
been wanting to get thick leather for a9316.925.0
while and hey it's not a pun not a PL9319.164.36
anyways I've been wanting to get thick9321.923.519
leather for a while because I can make9323.524.56
better armor and I also yearn to take on9325.4394.88
the beast in front of me but I need you9328.084.48
to stay here I don't want you to die but9330.3195.761
I am itching to take this thing9332.568.48
on I see you there oh boy nothing behind9336.088.0
me I'm going to thank you in advance Ryo9341.047.88
for providing your skin to me and your9344.086.12
I respect9350.24.4
you get9352.046.0
up roll back oh9354.67.08
boy okay easy does it looks like you're9358.048.319
a slow guy aha there we go you are ugly9361.689.56
as [ __ ] by the way no offense man I am9366.3597.641
just eating your ass thought you'd be9371.245.72
harder all right here we go oh I can't9374.06.16
wait to get that sweet thick leather9376.964.8
thick hide thick9380.165.04
leather I thank you again Whoa man I am9381.765.84
strong as [ __ ] you went into the9385.24.64
damn I am a9387.65.32
nightmare like in a good way I'm a good9389.847.36
nightmare there we go hard9392.927.439
work I'm a Slayer of rhino in case you9397.28.079
didn't know bck 44 Rhino9400.3594.92
Slayer I'm going to be rich9407.244.76
oh it's going to be treasure it's going9410.044.52
to be awesome oh it's going to be what9412.04.92
could it be maybe a powerful mace or a9414.565.0
powerful sword piece of armor that's9416.926.399
just incredible oh god oh yep I'm going9419.566.64
to run out of stamina before I can even9423.3194.761
think about climbing onto this rock oh9426.24.199
maybe I can maybe I can get right here9428.084.64
come on come on come come on get right9430.3996.0
here get right here oh come on right9432.729.88
there no no get up get up get up there9436.3996.201
St [ __ ] okay just stand here just stand9443.4394.441
here I'm getting greedy I'm getting9446.883.36
okay look at me I'm on island ghost9450.245.6
Island Treasure Island is what it9453.86.44
is all right come on here we9455.847.08
go what's it going to be maybe some9460.244.92
Jewels but I I can't Jewels are9462.925.6
worthless I can't sell Jewels maybe9465.165.88
maybe an animal that I can tame really9468.524.68
really powerful animal oh come on9471.046.64
stamina oh come on stamina oh [ __ ] oh9473.29.56
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] I'm going into the9477.687.799
water I think this will work I think9482.764.16
this is going to9485.4795.401
work okay no no no no [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]9486.926.64
[ __ ] oh look at this little crevice I9490.884.599
bet my little cute ass can fit inside9493.564.879
that crevice yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah9495.4794.641
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah9498.4394.321
yeah no why come on I didn't there's no9500.124.0
reason the game should have even done9502.764.16
that didn't hit a button [ __ ] [ __ ] you9504.124.72
[ __ ] you [ __ ] you game [ __ ] you game9506.924.28
[ __ ] you9508.842.36
game damn9511.3596.12
it oh come on stamina why did he go that9514.046.92
might be no why why why you [ __ ]9517.4796.721
game yes yes9520.965.92
yeah come9524.26.44
on yeah wait let go9526.889.439
oh oh wait no why [ __ ] you game9530.645.679
[ __ ] okay making a wheel yeah I'm going9542.4795.361
to place mine okay friendship wheel okay9545.3595.241
right bam so far we've knocked out it's9547.846.2
a little ways away but four and we have9550.65.6
two one's in the wheel and then I got a9554.044.319
blacksmith here and yeah we had another9556.24.56
one right well we had dancer yeah and9558.3594.04
now the dancer's not there listen I9560.763.679
accidentally hit one I don't know I was9562.3993.96
confused it was the fog of War you9564.4394.0
killed a Dan I don't know I don't know9566.3593.92
he was unconscious listen I don't know9568.4392.96
it wouldn't have been any fog with a9570.2792.961
bunch of sleeping enemies no no I think9571.3993.521
you chopped him up I might have9573.244.239
accidentally done something like that9574.924.519
accidentally accidentally it was9577.4794.241
accidental it was a misunderstanding you9579.4394.04
know what I'll go get another I'll get9581.723.36
another I don't even care did you place9583.4793.201
your wheel yeah it's right behind you9585.084.96
hello there oh thick hey hey9586.685.28
You Look Silly wow you you look nice9590.044.359
yeah I look silly you look badass yeah I9591.964.439
look like I'm from a Gladiator movie hey9594.3995.201
thick hey who's this this is hard work9596.3994.801
hey hard work this kitty cat hard work9599.63.759
remember we found it the one I found9601.24.76
yeah so that's my kitty cat sure it's9603.3595.12
our kitty cat we're all a tribe here we9605.965.6
go uh so hard work is all yours B follow9608.4795.761
me real quick yeah all right all right9611.564.96
neebs got a blacksmith here all right so9614.245.159
what's the black the blacksmith actually9616.524.839
does blacksmithy things I think he works9619.3993.601
at the blacksmith table so what does the9621.3595.361
dancer do Just Dance um I think it makes9623.06.16
you have fun can you go grab some of9626.724.96
that uh that food from the other one9629.165.64
from the other gr GRL got it okay it9631.686.799
says welcome home Ella yeah but but this9634.86.12
cat's name is hard work the cat that I9638.4794.8
had that I yeah why is it called hard9640.924.76
work cuz ABS was like let's name it9643.2794.921
something dalius hates and he goes work9645.684.88
hard work where didd you get the stats9648.24.72
on that like what's that data based on9650.564.6
oh I don't know was it like my Marine9652.924.2
Corps career or when I did construction9655.164.76
or you did construction y like so what's9657.124.72
the like this house yeah I did a little9659.924.92
bit on that house yeah okay good job and9661.845.32
you got that treat well I like your cat9664.843.92
it's a goodl look cat I'm just going to9667.163.239
take this down good meeting you hard9668.764.88
work y all righty what are you guys9670.3996.361
doing I'm waiting on uh summon to bring9673.646.48
me some food and he's been gone for like9676.766.8
forever Y where are you I'm here what do9680.125.52
you mean where am I what what do you9683.563.839
mean where am I you left me you said9685.645.04
bring it over to that there's Now 50 GRL9687.3995.841
in the Lesser wheel of I put we were9690.684.679
standing at the wheel of Friendship on9693.245.8
this hill and oh [ __ ] oh God and now9695.3596.08
this guy's coming after me listen I was9699.045.16
at the wrong one hold on a second it's9701.4394.441
like we're at Disney World hold on I'm9704.23.6
going to let this guy building here and9705.884.72
three wheels why can't son of a [ __ ] oh9707.86.0
there he is back there yeah yep yep yep9710.65.4
and I'm almost dead this guy's following9713.84.04
me you do remember we on top of the hill9716.03.439
and we spoke earlier right nope you9717.843.24
could probably even look up here and see9719.4394.281
I probably could okay probably could9721.085.359
thanks for pointing that out and Ras yep9723.726.0
what you dragging over there a zingaran9726.4396.481
fighter man you did that quick I know I9729.724.719
think it was unconscious from our last9732.923.2
visit oh oh you went up there and there9734.4393.761
was a sleeping one yeah all right it's9736.125.199
in there and what was it a zingle whale9738.26.079
Simon put some food in this in what the9741.3196.361
Lesser wheel which one the one don't ask9744.2794.801
him that you'll be here all day the9747.683.639
water wheel yeah the water wheel that's9749.086.52
it yep okay H9751.3196.641
neeps yep what are you thinking I'm9755.64.4
thinking this scene is going on forever9757.963.439
I think so too goddess you done with9760.04.08
this scene got to be goddess is done9761.3994.641
well I put in the food so it is9764.085.52
definitely done9766.043.56
okay come on come on come come on and9770.965.88
riches treasure what what the hell why9774.07.08
am I that is that is dumb okay wh9776.844.24
okay oh my god oh this is dangerous woo9782.086.72
okay well no9786.766.28
ghost over here ghost damn it9788.87.24
ghost I tell you what coming an expert9793.047.239
climber by doing this [ __ ] ridiculous9796.047.96
all right [ __ ] it this was a waste of9800.2797.841
time a waste of damn time looking9804.06.84
anything anything on the bottom of the9808.124.239
anything on the bottom of the ocean9810.846.96
floor huh Treasures any Treasures9812.3595.441
abound oh that's a9821.85.32
hey babe forun9827.129.08
riches here it gold gold9830.645.56
coins [ __ ] am I supposed to do with9836.2795.841
these another one oh old bars Old Sil9838.3196.761
more silver coins okay all right I found9842.128.0
all Ser coins I have no clue what to do9845.085.04
with is that it is the treasure I'm not9850.2797.04
I'm not I'm honestly I'm not positive no9854.685.44
ghost on that island on the small island9857.3194.96
they were looking over there doesn't9860.123.359
seem to make sense is that what they9862.2793.12
were after those two treasure boxes full9863.4794.761
of full of [ __ ] coins [ __ ] it I I I'm9865.3994.721
I'm I'm done I I scoured that Island I9868.243.52
everywhere all that all that for some9871.763.679
coins what am I supposed to do with9874.043.319
coins I don't I don't even know a9875.4395.241
merchant is there a shop I go shopping9877.3597.441
want to go shopping now9880.684.12
dris you got the uh the warrior thw I do9889.3195.361
I'm ready to place him okay he's down9891.925.399
hey buddy I'll put the Archer here all9894.684.36
right let's test this out I'll go I'll9897.3193.04
go find an enemy what are you going to9899.043.52
find uh like one of those dragons or9900.3593.561
something there's usually one right over9902.563.24
here I can I'll lure this one okay okay9903.923.519
oh you hey guys guys can you keep it9905.83.44
down I'm having some quiet time over9907.4393.801
here well you know what is it Church day9909.245.4
for you yeah um okay uh what's your9911.246.199
God's name I don't know but the the9914.644.56
prayers are simple you should probably9917.4393.441
learn his name I think that would start9919.24.4
be a good start his name9920.886.72
is Sam NOP9923.66.48
just okay we're doing a military drill9927.64.879
so we'll try to keep it down okay well9930.084.88
kodo's got uh I got it attention no it's9932.4794.88
two kodes two kodes run all right all9934.963.359
right we're not going to fight it's just9937.3592.521
going to be them right uh yeah what are9938.3193.361
we going to go inside oh man I was9939.883.2
hoping there wouldn't be two we go9941.683.04
upstairs yeah we'll go upstairs are we9943.082.8
getting ready to lose a thw because of9944.725.32
this possibly oh crap just got him okay9945.887.36
uh great seats though wow quit following9950.045.399
didn't they all right hang on tightly9953.244.72
you got a boat oo good shot oh boy he's9955.4394.681
moving in oh the cat's moving in well9957.963.72
now we're going to win this all right9960.124.08
Archer where' the Archer go where's9961.685.52
where's the Archer you guys you're not9964.25.64
keeping it down shut up9967.26.56
sorry where' the Archer lady go9969.846.08
um oh there she is she's over there I9973.766.2
see her okay um yep okay I didn't9975.925.28
realize she was going to move around so9979.963.84
much did you no I had no idea uh great9981.26.52
job yeah good job sir uh be H dubs nice9983.86.08
work ma'am uh thought you were going to9987.724.48
stay on your mark where'd she go where'd9989.884.36
she go now guys I don't know if she's9992.23.64
going to work out should we sacrifice9994.245.36
her huh where is she oh Simon yeah9995.846.16
church over yeah well it's kind of hard9999.64.799
to concentrate you look ready to fight I10002.06.319
am H you just came from church well oh10004.3995.88
she's back wait she's back there we go10008.3194.521
wow hey she went back to her spot she10010.2794.481
mysterious look at that she moves around10012.843.88
and then she goes right back to her spot10014.764.28
so she avoids the fight and then returns10016.724.679
to her spot well she was arching you10019.044.8
know okay all right I think she's going10021.3994.04
to work out yeah I think it's all going10023.843.76
to work out I like this we'll keep her I10025.4394.521
like it too all right we should get more10027.66.12
okay where's my guy he's smithing that10029.967.04
wasn't mine yep I got the shittiest one10033.725.679
see you guys later I'm right behind10037.04.51
yep I hope that Dragon kills10039.3995.361
you this thing's big it's big and I10044.764.48
forgot to bring it up I totally forgot10047.723.84
and all the excitement well what is it I10049.246.199
don't know why you Whispering get back10051.567.28
up come on we got this where is it10055.4396.04
where' it go oh there to our left what10058.845.84
is it oh is that that is that okay let's10061.4795.681
see what it is we might have to come10064.684.759
back together and when we're stronger10067.165.88
but it's big it's big hello it looks10069.4397.441
super friendly doesn't it sure hello oh10073.046.68
boy yeah that thing looks kind of wait10076.886.2
till it stands up freaky hello hello10079.729.559
hello sir H how are you today10083.086.199
oh okay that's how close you can10092.045.08
get e10097.724.04
hey nebs what you doing up there just10131.244.0
keeping an eye out you know that's the10133.165.0
place to do it it's a dangerous world uh10135.245.0
things could sneak up on you right what10138.163.72
do you want to do today man I really10140.243.92
would like to I don't know fight uh10141.885.559
bigger enemies maybe ooh yeah because10144.166.0
like myself you are a warrior yeah we're10147.4395.321
both Warriors yeah big time probably the10150.165.68
best we know10152.766.559
hello hello Who the hell's that I don't10155.845.559
know I was you know who it is you [ __ ]10159.3195.801
say your name it's as man oh hey there10161.3995.201
you all along holy crap neees I don't10165.122.8
think I've seen you since we started10166.62.759
this series I know I didn't see you10167.923.84
coming hey is that Gator done oh yeah10169.3595.08
that's Gator done Gator done neees10171.764.96
that's that's our Gator we made or tame10174.4394.521
cuz I like the yeah that's that's a10176.727.08
that's a pun hey guys oh did you die yep10178.967.72
already yep oh hey dalus yeah while10183.84.559
you're here real quick uh take a look in10186.684.57
the gate I got a surprise for you10188.3594.481
hey you guys are great I'm so glad10192.845.72
you're here dar's now I can follow you10195.724.84
come on let's go we I got to see10198.564.04
something in gator dun's mouth10200.564.719
apparently what look inside the gator no10202.64.16
I'm not going to look what just look10205.2794.441
inside the gator could it be the10206.766.08
suspense is killing me it's a Tootsie10209.725.44
Roll you're welcome to10212.845.28
Ras what' you get him a kitty my day got10215.164.159
yeah I got him a kitty I found it when I10219.3193.361
was in the jungles looking for ghost10220.964.04
long story yeah well it sounds like the10222.683.559
beginning and the end right there you10225.02.68
going to put it in the pin or yeah I10226.2393.08
think I don't know how to how to do it10227.683.599
oh boy it's going to die tell you what10229.3193.441
though this Island's looking great this10231.2793.321
place is a paradise I like it except for10232.764.84
the uh those things the kodo dragons the10234.65.0
things are [ __ ] yeah I who's doing10237.63.879
something fun today uh you want to join10239.64.28
us we got a fun mission I don't know10241.4793.641
what are you guys doing we're going to10243.883.559
decimate a a village of gimps that10245.124.199
sounds awesome but nebs talked about10247.4393.321
wanting to fight something big and I10249.3192.641
think I want to fight something big I10250.764.16
want to fight something big I'm going10251.962.96
neebs so now we've been all the way to10255.23.76
the coast from this River I kind of want10257.3593.04
to eventually follow that River all the10258.963.92
way to the other end see what's there10260.3995.08
okay I'm enjoying exploring me too love10262.884.32
exploring in this game yeah are there no10265.4794.041
boats I don't know that's a good10267.24.36
question I've not seen boats the only10269.523.24
boats I've seen they're all wrecked10271.563.28
they're torn up yeah oh God is that what10272.763.92
the [ __ ] is that oh God I thought it's10274.843.28
just a deer it's just a deer I thought10276.682.799
it was some it was in a weird it was in10278.122.96
a weird position when I looked at it oh10279.4793.92
I got you oh now what's that rock10281.084.72
chihuaha okay right that thing's made of10283.3994.88
rock yep all right yeah okay now I10285.84.28
understand the Chihuahua reference look10288.2792.881
at that thing those aren't worth10290.083.239
anything though right you just get rock10291.164.159
and something else out of it is this a10293.3194.641
cave though that it's garding oh oh wa10295.3194.721
okay he's coming at you man man I ain't10297.965.399
worried about this boy done get it done10300.045.8
would you Gator's on it oh boy just10303.3595.281
going to watch you guys10305.844.68
now to break out the double swords10308.644.32
careful Gator he's made a rock oh10310.525.32
yeah there we go we got him we got him10312.965.279
he down he down now what' you get should10315.845.72
be Rock yep Stone Crystal oh Crystal got10318.2394.641
a little bit of Crystal oh yeah we can10321.564.36
make a glass things to make die yeah oh10322.884.72
there's another one up here all right I10325.924.479
knew look right at me oh boy I'm just10327.64.6
going to hit him with the10330.3994.161
pickaxe oh that actually does seem to do10332.25.72
a lot of damage oh boy yeah honestly10334.565.28
just hit these guys with pickaxes that's10337.923.6
the way to do it huh yeah seem to be10339.844.519
stone stone yep shall we uh shall we go10341.525.16
down this ominous crevice I'm up forward10344.3596.08
if you are that that's what he10346.683.759
said Simon yeah okay so straight ahead10350.566.36
where I'm looking yeah that appears to10355.044.04
be like a normal personally looking10356.924.2
Village right yeah but then there's10359.084.52
these these temples uhhuh and when I was10361.124.76
going to get that cub and eventually10363.64.96
died there were like these gimpy people10365.884.64
that weren't very nice to me right sit10368.566.44
still okay let me I'm excited let me10370.526.759
give you something sh you got to pee do10375.05.16
you have to pee cuz then you should pee10377.2796.0
here take this ooh that's a sword it's a10380.165.84
cutless a I've never used a cut before10383.2795.761
now we both have cut lie oh I like it10386.04.479
all right keep it down keep it down all10389.046.0
right I you are excited keep up10390.4798.721
okay all right careful careful now H10395.047.0
okay I like the I like the crawling do10399.25.8
you like my mask or the the mask is okay10402.044.68
all right there's a bunch in here there10405.03.76
was last time a bunch yeah and then I10406.724.0
just moved on cuz I was like I can't oh10408.763.84
yeah like in the middle of no there's10410.723.639
two in the other one over there's a10412.64.28
bunch let's get these guys all right see10414.3595.361
if I can do something probably not me10416.885.28
you're hitting me you you know what10419.724.599
battling here together why would you10422.163.44
even make that attempt you were right10424.3194.201
next to me I'm no good now you are you10425.64.719
you pull it together we're a team we'll10428.524.959
see all right next next Temple I feel10430.3196.801
like uh Anakin in that [ __ ] movie and10433.4795.361
what's Anakin's friend's name that kills10437.127.239
him by accident Toby yeah I'm that10438.845.519
guy what the heck is that thing I don't10445.885.519
know it looks like the uh you don't10449.3594.561
remember the 2001 A Space Odyssey yep10451.3994.08
that's the thing from the oh no no this10453.923.76
is got uh hieroglyphs on it could be Han10455.4794.641
Solo no I don't think it's would like to10457.684.84
make it clear that no congress with the10460.125.04
northern city is allowed the humans are10462.524.879
considered enemies of the triumphant and10465.164.56
all contact between the city states is10467.3995.04
severed any slaves cut consorting with10469.725.44
the Enemy will be summarily10472.4395.681
executed what yeah that's what it said10475.165.0
you know what I think of that I'm a hump10478.123.6
it I don't know what you think I'm a10480.163.84
hump it does that mean you like it dry10481.723.96
hump it dry hump10484.04.56
it does that mean he lik it huh does10485.685.0
that mean likes it ABS I have no idea I10488.563.64
don't that means I don't care what it10490.684.0
says it's I think it's saying that uh10492.23.8
this thing doesn't like humans and we're10494.684.719
humans so probably not friendly oh okay10496.06.279
well I'm going to hump it do it get it10499.3994.84
get it get it get it yeah get my dry in10502.2794.04
here get this dry [ __ ] in here am I the10504.2393.561
only person that thinks you hump things10506.3194.96
you like I don't know what y'all do10507.86.36
okay you don't hump everything you like10511.2794.401
let's see that looks that looks kind of10514.162.92
woodsy over there nebes why don't we10515.683.88
head this way let's head up river river10517.084.96
yeah down this Dry River here okay think10519.563.919
we were we were heading towards a tower10522.043.279
I lost track of the tower though call it10523.4793.171
dry hump10525.3193.241
River these are like different looking10528.565.0
gimpy yeah one of them's small and red10530.765.16
and one's bigger and not red so the10533.564.36
other one I'm assuming [ __ ] out the red10535.924.72
one you can only assume that all right10537.926.6
let's go kill him I'm a oh10540.643.88
boy maybe I'll do my arrows10545.885.32
coming from the left use that cutless10549.165.68
use the cutless all right come on10551.26.079
suckers all right get the way there's10554.845.599
some GS there we got GS Goode he's right10557.2794.721
behind you Simon right behind you Simon10560.4394.84
all right all right all right boy oh10562.05.68
God probably not a good idea for me to10565.2794.561
be here I got to run I got to run run10567.684.16
run run run run run s I'll try to10569.844.32
distract he's got a weird butt oh he's10571.844.399
got a pan on his butt he's a pubg player10574.164.239
just stay alive Sam stay alive just stay10576.2393.921
alive is that it alive all right I'll10578.3993.561
stay alive name of the game feel like I10580.163.52
should do something he's kind of strong10581.963.76
I got to Knuck him in the butt get10583.683.84
comeing from behind all right Simon we10585.723.84
might need to rig we got this don't10587.523.2
worry this little guy's going to be a10589.564.919
piece of cake piece of10590.726.599
cake this great all right I like hanging10594.4794.76
with you it's like bring around the10597.3196.241
rosie man you got him you don't have oh10599.2398.2
[ __ ] sorry I got I got confused [ __ ] got10603.565.56
to change it up over here keep him keep10607.4394.241
him moving I got him okay you keep I'll10609.124.6
distract him this is perfect he looks10611.684.799
like a pin cushion now come on shoot him10613.726.36
all right hold on those arrows are worth10616.4795.76
[ __ ] watching the stam we're going to be10620.083.64
smart about it I'm going to be super10622.2394.121
smart another G another G little10623.724.44
friend oh [ __ ] hit you you hit me in the10628.166.44
[ __ ] head look at this right through10632.24.32
my [ __ ] head that's a Steve Martin10634.64.08
that's what they call that yeah all10636.524.12
right hey we could sell that to Spencer10638.685.04
Gibs [ __ ] I'm out of stamina don't shoot10640.644.679
me anymore I'm not going to shoot you10643.724.28
ever again yeah right he's almost done10645.3195.281
Simon all right get him oh all right10648.07.359
almost done I lost I lost visual almost10650.64.759
done keep an eye for a sneaky Gil oh boy10657.685.48
I want to [ __ ] get him right here10661.523.16
come oh but don't die don't leave me10663.163.04
alone on this I'm not going to get I'm10664.684.799
going to kill him come on oh [ __ ] yeah10666.26.119
what's he got what's he got nothing he's10669.4794.641
got a pot cover in his ass that's what10672.3193.681
he's got yeah he does have a pot cover10674.124.6
an idiot oh he had an iron pot on him10676.05.04
got an iron okay great let's see what10678.724.519
have we'll play that game where you10684.3195.401
trust your friends trust what you10686.64.92
talking this are you out of your mind10689.723.96
trust fall trust fall you can trust kiss10691.524.44
my ass abro what's what's that over10693.684.28
there they look like termite Mounds or10695.964.64
something something ooh and oh what's10697.965.68
that oh my God I got you hold on neees10700.64.12
I'm going to get you I'm no we're not10703.644.4
playing cat you [ __ ] okay go thick10704.726.36
look at this what you see look at these10708.047.04
guys [ __ ] that nees yeah I'm a warrior10711.087.279
though are they bugs they look like bugs10715.085.8
man are we going to fight that I don't10718.3594.281
know oh is that neebs down there yeah10720.883.439
it's neees down there neees I think I10722.643.4
can take him you might want to did you10724.3193.801
put down a bed roll nope all right well10726.044.12
the hell with it I'm going in all right10728.124.68
I'm going to shoot it with an arrow10730.165.96
boom Oh Boy it started moving towards10732.86.24
you dick oh he's mad at you good you10736.124.199
guys got The High Ground that was a way10739.043.359
to do it yep where'd he go just like in10740.3194.0
that movie with with10742.3994.681
Anakin and his friend Toby Toby and10744.3195.761
Anakin all mad at each other you were my10747.085.76
friend Toby you guys got a shot oh boy10750.085.92
tur on me I'm coming down n oh boy okay10752.845.479
hit him with arrows did he follow me a10756.03.399
dead shot with this thing all right10758.3193.361
watch out thick I'm going10759.3995.08
in oh oh you're over there make sure I10761.684.04
don't hit10764.4793.96
you we're going in that way huh I can10765.724.639
kick this F oh God it's got a trimor10768.4395.361
mouth oh boy Dam it is down take over we10770.3595.92
on him thck I got an arrow for me we got10773.85.4
him come on man I didn't do it what do10776.2794.401
you mean you're the only one with arrows10779.23.4
[ __ ] no that thing shoots arrows out10780.685.599
of it liquor oh [ __ ] what we got here oh10782.66.08
ichor and Ferro FL10786.2795.801
okay oh and sand Reaper toxin sand okay10788.684.759
sand Reaper is that what those things10792.083.04
these things are called maybe and look10793.4392.96
at us we didn't think we could do it and10795.123.48
we did it I know we took on a sand10796.3994.521
Reaper is that is that another one10798.64.52
another one up there yeah sand Reaper is10800.923.45
that one10803.124.379
bigger oh God that thing is bigger isn't10810.724.8
it he's coming oh God he's coming Shield10813.085.44
up a good place oh boy oh10815.525.799
Boy watch out I got him how you guys10818.524.4
doing up there doing pretty good how you10821.3193.801
doing down there yeah my sword's not10822.924.6
doing dick to it okay here we10825.124.84
go oh boy we're not hurting this thing10827.526.0
beses okay that hurt you got to run how10829.965.88
you looking it's hurting me pretty bad10833.524.0
oh oh God it's been get out of there10835.844.0
guys oh God get out of there all right10837.524.28
I'm running that's too much that is too10839.845.479
much right now oh crap get out of there10841.88.479
I'm running oh crap oh boy oh get upo10845.3196.841
nice knees oh boy okay it's not10850.2793.601
following you it's not following you10852.164.319
wow that thing is a10856.723.8
[ __ ] what are these trees like the ones10860.884.96
that are like that called with the roots10863.2794.881
that kind of come up over the asking the10865.845.559
wrong guy okay you're not a botanist you10868.165.199
botanist deal with no you can ask me10871.3993.561
what kind of finish nails would you want10873.3594.561
to use for like nails would you use in a10874.965.16
tree like this well I was going to say10877.926.8
3/4 in trim maybe 1X six you probably10880.127.56
want at least uh I don't know sounds10884.726.0
about right 10d I love these things man10887.685.44
look at this look at that hey once I10890.724.28
once I was in a car I drove through a10893.124.84
tree did you know I did yeah this is a10895.05.52
whole another world this is like Ewok is10897.964.88
see I would want to go as far up as I10900.525.0
can so let's climb up in the tree here10902.844.24
and then go all the way up to like the10905.524.2
tippy top Bird's ey view I like it all10907.085.72
right how about right over here which10909.725.559
are we already going different ways yep10912.84.36
I I was going to go up to the bridge I10915.2793.921
was going to go up okay we'll see who10917.165.76
gets there first okay race oh yeah I'm10919.26.079
screwed so I'm win I'm going to win well10922.924.359
we'll see it's probably the worst thing10925.2793.441
we could be doing right now this is10927.2794.16
really dumb I'm going to fall I'm going10928.724.2
fall you10932.923.319
okay I guess my thing was less dumb than10936.2795.441
yours oh I want to climb to the top of10941.726.0
that the tippy top tippy tippy top tippy10944.3195.801
tippy top another waterfall I don't know10947.724.84
why we're saying that it's fun holy crap10950.123.96
there's another K like look there's an10952.563.52
En there's a castle embedded in the rock10954.083.6
wall down there you see that there's too10956.083.72
many castles I know there's a lot of a10957.683.759
lot of places I just want to go check10959.83.679
out I don't know if anything is there10961.4393.481
that's worth the [ __ ] but like that10963.4793.92
looks awesome right yeah that looks10964.923.92
awesome too all right the one to our10967.3994.161
left is closest yeah so I say maybe hit10968.844.479
that one to the left the big Aaron10971.563.16
looking place kind of like the one10973.3193.08
that's built in the mountain yeah it10974.724.0
looks like a Spanish church now speak10976.3995.521
Spanish y ablo a Spano yeah yo y ablo10978.724.92
want to go see that uh that that that10981.925.6
sawon Tower y know say you know say said10983.646.799
I don't know y know say you know say Tom10987.525.0
in you know say I tell you what I'll run10990.4395.8
ahead the other one oh you sure10992.525.839
yeah s10996.2394.921
yep Simon yes sir watch out buddy it's10998.3595.761
on my ass what's on your it's on my ass11001.166.56
here it comes what oh no don't hit it11004.125.92
don't hit it it's that's the that didn't11007.725.519
get you no cuz you knew it's your cat I11010.044.64
thought it was going to be great we11013.2392.761
haven't seen look I was looking the11014.683.16
wrong way ah that was so funny in my11016.04.16
head my whole way here yeah that all11017.844.28
sucked ass all right thanks for watching11020.163.36
my stuff what do you want to do no11022.124.76
problem uh well uh not what we just did11023.525.799
me I died let's go to a place safe yeah11026.883.72
well let's just peek around this one11029.3193.641
corner okay all11030.66.6
right so death whisper ruins yep the eye11032.965.0
saon that's what I'm going to call it11037.964.479
yeah because it's what it looks like oh11040.3594.321
wow uh little little Camp over there to11042.4395.401
the left uh more black hand oh is that11044.685.04
the black hand is that oh see now that11047.844.0
looks like a door to me or am I am I11049.725.599
crazy uh like a death door oh God yeah11051.846.479
that's creepy looking look at I don't11055.3196.08
but I feel like it should open right no11058.3194.721
like you would stand outside and be like11061.3996.521
death face open oh boy what's happening11063.047.399
nees oh crap G gaining11067.925.84
corruption what gaining corruption I'm11070.4395.441
corrupted are you working in11073.765.88
politics drain the swamp Okay nees it11075.887.0
went away drain the swamp I'm trying I11079.646.36
got purple things on my bars now I don't11082.885.24
understand what that means purple drink11086.04.6
thans on the bars you know what that11088.124.56
means take purple things on his bars I11090.64.679
don't know man I've never seen that wash11092.685.2
it off in the11095.2792.601
river okay my my health and stamina's11101.4395.441
got purple things on it all right we're11105.03.319
coming down we're going to go see what11106.884.28
your purple shit's11108.3192.841
about Simon yeah what is that I don't11111.25.92
know I can't see what it looks like from11115.4793.441
here it like it's got one big like horn11117.123.6
that looks like a shark fin horn right11118.924.2
Let's Get Closer get closer I think it's11120.724.12
going to attack should I well I mean the11123.123.319
other thing didn't attack when we went11124.844.0
real close to it all right um cuz I want11126.4394.96
to get some water I need water and then11128.843.84
kind of straighten the direction we're11131.3994.281
going is where up I think we're okay I'm11132.684.88
going to do the bow as well I'm11135.685.12
switching to the to the cutless wow we11137.565.56
just went completely what the now we're11140.84.12
not exactly like long distance anymore11143.123.72
are we it's like if it charges at us the11144.923.399
bow is going to be one shot and then11146.843.12
we're like What do we do with boo it's11148.3193.361
in your face you know yeah that thing's11149.966.04
a rhino type thing yeah probably not a h11151.686.52
oh yeah he's he's not uh is he getting11156.05.04
ready yeah he's getting ready okay all11158.24.48
right careful11161.044.84
Sim oh [ __ ] that hurt he hit wow that11162.687.96
hurt he hit you that was a hard hit okay11165.888.08
I'll over here okay I'm up on uh I'm up11170.645.679
on a bridge all right so you coming down11173.963.399
yeah I'm going to come down I need some11176.3193.601
water water can I even drink this yeah11177.3596.601
you can wa oh there's a cobra behind you11179.928.64
Dam it yeah get it you get it unnamed11183.967.92
cat I just shot good job Great Well Done11188.565.879
Simon in the Meer of whatever what did11191.884.64
that just say in the mire we're in a11194.4394.88
mire of Eternal dreams or something it's11196.525.4
like Never Ending Story [ __ ]11199.3194.881
ohy oh11201.925.72
boy suck on it don't you [ __ ] hit the11204.27.64
this cat no no no no no you do not this11207.648.16
is fun is it yep let me know remind me11211.845.84
again in a few minutes that it's fun so11215.84.0
I can remember fun Simon it's fun no in11217.684.28
a few minutes I can tell it's fun now11219.85.32
you just told me here we oh son of a b11221.966.12
[ __ ] ow sh why Always me first oh I just11225.125.88
shot our guy all right pull back up easy11228.087.359
up easy with those easy with that right11231.07.04
here oh boy11235.4395.121
we have a problem I'm11238.046.76
running I'm running we're good all right11240.567.719
buddy I wish you all the11244.86.559
best there you go good job kitty kitties11248.2796.841
I'll come back if I'll I'm brave yeah11251.3597.561
yes you are Simon very impressive there11255.126.6
are going home yeah now can we finally11258.925.16
go home and stay like don't cut back to11261.725.36
nees you trying to scare us where you11272.4397.88
at oh God I got corruption all over me11276.126.239
where are you he's he's right here in11280.3194.641
the river yeah oh Christ I was look at11282.3595.841
this my uh like health bar my stamina11284.966.24
bar have lost like 5% really and it's11288.24.68
not going away yep come here I'll show11291.24.279
you well hold on I'm going to make a bed11292.884.359
roll you don't want to take my word for11295.4793.561
it you got to comece yourself yeah no11297.2392.761
before I go over there I'm going to make11299.042.64
a bed roll because you know I don't I11300.03.72
don't want to be stupid here yeah okay11301.684.639
see what these herpes feel like just rub11303.725.0
your face get all in this herp you don't11306.3194.08
know what it's like until you try it you11308.723.96
know what I can only imagine boom bed11310.3993.641
roll down all right let's do it let's11312.684.799
get corrupted all right God neebs yeah11314.046.16
you dragging us into this [ __ ] me uh is11317.4795.681
that one that you read maybe not oh yeah11320.25.76
is that another uh another Obelisk oh11323.165.96
gaining corruption this is bull oh I've11325.965.2
discovered the arena yep the place of11329.124.88
Blood Sport and competition hell yeah oh11331.167.36
Blood Sport and competition Sean claw11334.04.52
vanam do y'all see the corruption yeah I11338.646.28
do this blows is your power going down I11341.25.119
don't know but I just discovered the11344.923.84
arena I'm going in I'm going in too come11346.3195.08
on neees y'all seriously going in there11348.764.24
oh yeah we're going in here it's an11351.3994.281
arena Blood Sport Blood11353.06.08
Sport y we got really dark Yep this way11355.686.92
thi way where'd you go into the darkness11359.085.319
I went in the darkness too I don't see11362.63.679
you you go to a different Darkness than11364.3995.721
me possibly11366.2793.841
oh oh snakes oh lots of snakes oh God11371.86.72
they're spitting at me o I see something11376.07.12
else run run run snakes11378.526.64
skeletons oh wait I got to fight this11383.125.359
skeleton my man11385.165.199
aha I can't believe you went in there11388.4794.721
you're just bones [ __ ] I'm a human11390.3595.321
man you guys are11393.26.56
idiots you can't hit me H the corruption11395.686.04
flows through my11399.765.4
blood I don't probably not in a good way11401.725.8
you guys are still dumb and only just11405.165.68
bones and I have flesh and a penis Nick11407.526.2
you okay in there sure yep I saw snakes11410.846.24
in our R I'm sorry F that's okay feeding11413.725.48
up skeletons skeleton I'm going to you11417.084.04
skeleton all right I better get out of11419.25.199
here I won the blood sport I avanged my11421.126.4
brother oh boy more snakes oh God snakes11424.3997.561
oh I'm poisoned oh can I get get you get11427.528.6
you bad snake bad Cobra atro run I'm not11431.966.92
running I'm fighting a snake L your arm11436.124.04
oh God he's going to I'm running I'm11438.887.0
running I'm a coward [ __ ] that eat eggs11440.165.72
oh boy uh we lost him um Gone Too11447.43910.681
Soon I'm in hell I've gone to11452.969.319
hell oh wait no I'm back oh there we are11458.126.08
ABS what's up do you still have11462.2795.441
corruption uh yes oh man yes I got11464.25.36
corrupted a lot like corruption not a11467.724.559
lot that sucks so your stuff's over11469.564.0
there now we got to figure out how to11472.2793.761
get uncorrupted how do we lose11473.565.36
corruption uh um I don't know drain a11476.045.92
swamp drain the swamp where's the Swamp11478.925.519
are we the11481.962.479
swamp Simon yeah I think someone's11486.04.08
us I told you not to come back to11490.086.48
us did I not make that11493.126.88
clear I told11496.563.44
you abro yeah what's up buddy this is a11501.925.439
tall staircase uh yeah it's good going11505.4793.441
to be I'm going to put my Shrine to my11507.3593.601
God up on top of this uh this big old11508.925.92
rock hey watch out guys ready yeah whoa11510.966.399
hey that's a tiger yes it is did you11514.847.08
name it no okay but this is fella fella11517.3597.441
fella instead of Ella yep I like it dude11521.925.319
fella and could I suggest Tony I don't11524.83.76
like it they11527.2394.681
great you're great so like Tony the11528.566.08
Tiger on the toilet Tony the toilet11531.925.84
you're great uh I need spider silk cuz I11534.644.719
want to make some goofy looking clothes11537.764.0
for my uh for my altar okay why don't11539.3593.92
you why don't you go guys go get spider11541.763.08
silk I I got a little bit more work to11543.2794.2
do here on my uh my Shrine to yir does11544.844.32
anybody know where I can find spiders11547.4794.361
all right Simon and I okay Simon and I11549.166.44
were up in like a swampy Meer I hesitate11551.845.76
going but you're my friend all right11555.63.96
well duris if you want to show me where11557.63.799
I can find some spiders I'll be happy to11559.563.08
follow why don't you bring yeah bring11561.3993.681
the tiger great here it's going to11562.645.719
follow me11565.083.279
got him we got him okay that was an11587.646.24
action sequence you're a hero damn right11591.044.319
let me hack this this guy doesn't give11593.883.84
you uh spirit juice does he11595.3593.801
uh no what are the odds of us actually11597.722.88
finding a dance where there's people11599.163.6
right up there see them on top of that11600.63.879
rock yeah right in front of me like the11602.762.92
way I'm looking not the way you're11604.4793.321
looking yeah no I can see well good for11605.684.16
you I have perip peripheral yeah11607.84.88
peripheral peripheral I think or11609.844.599
peripheral is that a four- syllable word11612.683.84
I would have said peripheral but it's11614.4394.521
probably peripheral periperal oh I don't11616.523.959
know what it is I can't tell which11618.963.12
Camp's bigger that one that way or the11620.4793.041
one on top of those rocks I'm still11622.083.96
talking about peripheral or peripheral11623.524.919
peripheral let's go in see if there's a11626.046.0
dancer of course that's the whole idea11628.4395.84
yeah okay11632.044.64
uh they spotted us you weren't low11634.2794.321
enough nope I well I was low I just went11636.684.84
too close he's got an arrow move run uh11638.64.679
yep I'm trying still looking for dancers11641.525.16
all right well you look I11643.2793.401
run all right thick yeah right through11648.2796.481
here buddy is it spiderland yeah I see11651.166.88
the webs uh you just want to hang back11654.764.76
well I mean I'll I'll hang back just a11658.043.12
little bit well a man takes care of11659.523.799
business we all have our fears yeah if11661.164.079
there were bats in this game holy [ __ ]11663.3193.521
there probably are somewhere they're11665.2394.401
probably Giant and [ __ ] nasty I tell11666.845.12
you what when I go on my bat mission11669.643.96
yeah you're coming with I'll face my11671.963.479
fear I'm facing mine right now yeah you11673.64.92
are good job11675.4393.081
thanks oh what is11679.123.92
this Whata Whata what what what what11681.084.88
what what what it's one of those uh oh11683.046.239
need and I fought one one of these oh11685.965.16
God I'mma kill it I'mma kill it I'm take11691.125.92
44 stop tickling me with that weird11694.84.8
thing out of your11697.042.56
mouth got11700.4394.601
it [ __ ] weird here hold on these11702.4796.241
things are nasty we're like in a bug11705.046.52
Forest I don't like any part of this but11708.724.28
I still need spider web I'm going to11711.563.48
phas my fear right now oh I see more11713.03.52
spiders and I'm going to go up and kill11715.042.6
this spider11716.523.679
oh you're okay oh there's one behind you11717.643.799
but thick 44 is not going to let him11720.1993.441
you hey right on time there cats good11724.166.0
job [ __ ] idiots we're the best spider11727.4396.121
fighters in the world11730.163.4
yeah come on baby come11734.3194.481
on come back summon okay oh man sh up sh11741.86.96
up my shield up and my stamina's down oh11746.126.279
[ __ ] out of stamina me too11748.766.36
uh okay yep back in the fight I'm back11752.3995.0
in the fight there's too many spiders11755.125.44
that's right okay all right I've got you11757.3996.361
back I got to run for a second ha yeah11760.567.44
missed them both but I made him run okay11763.766.16
I'll give him the run around there we go11768.05.8
got a little piece of you and a piece of11769.926.12
you get him Simon come on what's going11773.86.439
on come on yeah come on watch yourself11776.046.76
watch yourself back up you got him oh11780.2394.321
he's dead already all right well I got11782.84.76
him the extra swing was just for effect11784.565.32
that was uh that was a lot of spiders11787.564.08
now listen did you get that Ambrosia I11789.883.399
gave you that's the bowl thing right11791.643.24
yeah I'm going to have ones I make it at11793.2794.401
my church wait you mean eat it now yeah11794.884.319
what's it what's is it going to heal me11797.684.12
supposed to mine's going up pretty good11799.1994.16
that's good to know we do this at the11801.84.16
bake sale every uh every Sunday oh it11803.3594.721
almost brought me up all the away y I'm11805.963.72
full health now couple more bugs and11808.084.279
I'll be right as rain yeah if we uh find11809.684.519
bodies I smack them with this in the11812.3593.201
face and that's what we put in it it's11814.1993.681
people juice I don't understand that but11815.564.839
I don't want you to explain it okay well11817.884.359
all right let's go all right we're going11820.3995.731
to find a dancer soon sumon I doubt11822.2397.011
it all right my God's going to be the11831.2397.441
damn bestest God ever and and boom we11834.3597.04
are open for business screw this11838.684.599
pamphlet [ __ ] I'm going to start a damn11841.3993.481
Crusade I'm going to murder people that11843.2793.321
don't believe in my damn God my damn11844.884.559
God's the best God you guys hear me you11846.66.08
hear me down there my God's the best God11849.4395.561
don't you worship other God besides my11852.684.719
[ __ ] all right what can I do with this11855.05.08
thing uh o I can upgrade it to a blooded11857.3994.84
other what is all this [ __ ] I need what11860.084.239
what is a what is a manifestation of11862.2394.721
zeal okay shape wood I know brick I know11864.3194.08
manifest what the hell is a11866.962.84
manifestation of11868.3994.08
zeal see a manifestation of my getting11869.83.64
off alas yes I have a lot of gossamer11876.67.96
which is spiderweb okay but uh I see11881.3994.481
something over there that looks kind of11884.563.0
interesting that I just want to check11885.884.479
out what what what I don't know but I'm11887.564.44
going to check it out well I'm going to11890.3594.241
check it out with you come on man I am11892.03.88
there's lots of birds over here can you11894.64.879
give me a clue is this a spider or it11895.885.319
might not be anything might just be a11899.4793.8
regular Spider use your words I don't11901.1994.881
know what it is ah come on [ __ ] birds11903.2795.281
like you knew no there there's something11906.085.159
oh they're just regular spiders Oh I11908.564.639
thought it was a big spider yeah I don't11911.2394.721
know if they even get11913.1992.761
big that's a damn big spider11916.126.92
man oh oh it's moving you think it can11919.725.04
oh yeah spiders can climb can't they11923.044.319
well you think [ __ ] I have AR I should11924.765.599
be doing Arrow stuff man hand in hand11927.3594.601
combat ain't going to do dick on this11930.3593.521
thing there is no way we can fight that11931.964.88
thing how big it is I mean don't you at11933.885.359
least want to shoot it and run what if11936.844.61
we climb that big rock over11939.2394.321
there all right I'm coming up the other11943.566.839
side oh boy now can that spider reach us11945.889.16
you okay I fell are you up there yeah oh11950.3999.08
my stamina d [ __ ] you okay yeah it's11955.046.52
just annoying come on buddy you can do11959.4795.321
it com that's what she said what was she11961.565.32
referring to if you're lucky she was11964.84.16
talking about coming into the kitchen11966.884.599
okay you wanted milk and cookies oh all11968.965.239
right I see it I feel like I can shoot11971.4795.76
this guy but I can't take out my bow now11974.1994.401
I can because I'm in the right button11977.2393.521
you're going to try to shoot him why not11978.65.04
yeah I'll get my bow too ready uh yeah I11980.764.439
think so I'm going to try and shoot11983.643.32
did I hit him oh I hit him oh yeah yeah11986.964.72
it did well I see his yeah hit him again11989.2793.721
he's moving get ready to run if we have11991.682.88
to he might be able to climb this thing11993.04.56
well sure he probably11994.563.0
can oh boy can he climb this can you can12003.3197.08
he climb this can you climb it oh he12006.687.639
can't it I don't think he can okay ah12010.3995.281
let me kill him be careful don't fall12014.3193.201
off well damn you're so close I just12015.683.719
wanted to oh crap we hit the Rocks not12017.523.799
even getting shots are we oh well I was12019.3994.04
before yep I thought you were in a good12021.3194.88
spot I screwed up you can climb back up12023.4396.441
maybe got a shot uh yeah are we coming12026.1997.0
around yeah come on come12029.885.88
on would it be crazy if we could kill12033.1994.28
this thing that'd be insane we' probably12035.764.8
win the game right in the ass is it12037.4794.401
hitting the damn it looks like it's12040.563.16
hitting the rock yeah if it's hitting12041.883.96
the rock quit well I but it's not like12043.724.84
real obvious to to me yep yeah it is12045.845.04
when you look at the animation yep come12048.564.719
on we don't need that yeah it doesn't12050.883.92
even look like the bar's going down it12053.2793.361
just shows up are you hitting him though12054.83.559
that's the question well I am hitting12056.644.92
him because it it shows up like his bar12058.3595.92
pops up when you hit something okay now12061.564.639
right now it's staying on am I hitting12064.2794.04
him I don't know but I'm I'm hitting him12066.1993.721
right in the face oh yeah he got arrows12068.3193.721
all over him but it's not his his health12069.925.68
is just perfect so this was pointless12072.045.88
but fun at the same time it is listen12075.65.48
there's a box right here underneath me12077.925.439
can you uh just jump down and have him12081.083.84
chase you away so I can get this box12083.3593.161
well I don't mind doing that hold on a12084.923.479
second this will be good should I try to12086.523.799
kill him with my sword oh you're going12088.3993.561
to I thought you just lead him away but12090.3194.801
yeah sure me listen if if he comes after12091.966.68
me and I and it's in I'm I can't escape12095.125.96
oh you're going down throw it run12098.645.96
running get him bu come on suck it suck12101.086.199
it run suck it that's right12104.65.4
run look at this okay here we go climb12107.2796.721
if you can all right [ __ ] I'm St no ST12110.05.84
I'm not high enough level to get this12114.04.68
box oh god I've discovered snipe12115.846.2
breaker's flank don't run into a c I did12118.687.799
[ __ ] this oh boy jump I'll meet you back12122.046.6
at your bed roll oh you made it I made12126.4795.601
it okay come to me come on go oh yeah12128.645.32
let him up to those guys he's going to12132.084.0
kill a whole Camp that's right all right12133.964.76
run summon I'm running but walking12136.084.119
actually let's watch all right I don't12138.723.16
think he's interested in us watch it oh12140.1993.921
he's killing everybody look at that12141.883.68
we're going to go in there and clean up12144.124.319
later that was12145.562.879
amazing look at ab's church Tower oh I12153.045.56
know I I see that oh is that thick Ender12156.125.76
alas yes it is yeah I am up top of the12158.65.36
altar well hello12161.886.0
thick oh wow hello Dalias oh well look12163.965.72
at you I'm looking at an empty chair on12167.884.92
my screen are you really yeah I'm just12169.685.559
so powerful that you can't see me all12172.85.04
right good but I can see you it's cuz12175.2394.96
you got the mask on maybe yeah but12177.846.639
welcome to the alter of Y okay yir the12180.1996.641
frost God so what's uh what's this12184.4794.441
religion's deal I'm not sure but I love12186.844.28
it you're all in see I don't know if I'm12188.924.08
all in yet I got to make some clothes12191.123.44
for my right your clothes did you get12193.03.92
the spider silk I got a lot of spider12194.563.679
well then what are we waiting for let's12196.925.08
go check out your dumb clothes all12198.2393.761
righty ready for a sex party yeah bring12211.125.76
on the sex party wow that's nice and12213.924.399
kink I want to see what the bottom looks12216.883.439
like you got the bottom piece yeah hold12218.3194.96
on one second oh my God this shit's also12220.3195.0
steamy oh let me see this thing it's12223.2793.841
very very Egyptian12225.3193.92
oh happy Halloween y'all yeah all right12227.125.119
silly mask silly mask mask uh hold on I12229.2395.16
forgot my booty shorts my Spanx I need12232.2394.361
spanks to make this thing hurry up he's12234.3994.321
always forgetting something I know I12236.64.28
know your your mask has this like little12238.725.679
goofy mouth at the bottom you like you12240.883.519
like are you done yet dick yep hold12246.9211.16
on oh yeah this looks dumb [ __ ]12251.649.48
dude I don't want to look at oh yeah12258.085.68
turn around I love it thick I absolutely12261.125.04
love it yeah turn around y you got a12263.764.04
little side cheek in there what if I12266.165.0
jump jump oh oh how about this how about12267.86.88
this here we go I can uh I can just lay12271.167.64
down oh I can lay down for you oh God12274.686.519
too much beautiful just the fact that12278.84.72
this is called a pleasure Dome makes me12281.1993.841
want to switch over I don't like these12283.523.799
clothes one bit I think they're great12285.043.199
well I mean you know if you're looking12287.3192.08
to get rid of12288.2393.681
them can you even wear them hold on can12289.3994.761
I wear12291.923.76
boom yes wow they're really flowing with12295.685.24
you yeah they12298.526.4
are they weren't doing Centaur th I got12300.926.0
to say thanks for making the outfit12304.924.0
you're welcome you can keep the masso12306.924.519
the mass looks good oh thank you but I'm12308.925.12
wearing this and damn I look sexy in it12311.4394.321
actually I don't even like the mask but12314.045.239
oh yeah oh yes ma'am all right I'm about12315.765.439
to go worship the [ __ ] out of my God12319.2793.92
yeah you are God might get mad I'm going12321.1995.521
to dle my God come here12323.1996.441
Frosty it's about to get12326.726.26
hot Hena you see it coming over the12336.725.36
ridge here yeah that's a hyena right all12339.684.4
right oh yeah yeah we can fight okay12342.084.72
watch out we can fight this oh we can I12344.084.399
don't know all right oh God you're12346.83.32
hitting me you all right T out all right12348.4793.481
me fight all right you fight and then12350.124.84
I'll come in all right you go in now yep12351.966.239
come on baby come on yeah okay all right12354.964.88
good shot good shot so these guys are12358.1993.08
easy look at this this thing act like an12359.844.72
underground thing you seeing that okay12361.2795.281
yeah that looks cool we need to go down12364.564.48
there so over here what we'll do is this12366.565.6
we'll kill this one guy we'll flank him12369.044.72
is that is that a thing okay he's coming12372.164.199
at us F you start I'll be starting tell12373.766.16
me when to tag out come on come on come12376.3598.161
on come on eat it and then suck it and12379.927.24
then okay you got him got him we12384.524.44
discovered the sinkhole Simon that's12387.163.4
right it's just is that a sinkhole or12388.964.319
just a hole it said sinkhole oh okay so12390.564.96
let's move in all right well damn it I12393.2793.361
don't know how I don't know if I'm going12395.523.0
to make it that much farther I swear to12396.643.92
God keep eating yeah but I don't have12398.524.32
any food I've gone through 9,000 steaks12400.565.919
we'll set up a oh wow look at this what12402.847.68
woo holy [ __ ] and do not fall in there12406.4796.161
or fall right here on the little penis12410.523.679
that's sticking out are you going to do12412.644.04
that should I no don't you want to go12414.1994.0
down there isn't it worth checking stuff12416.683.559
out uh depends on if you want to come12418.1993.881
out alive or not I guess well let's face12420.2393.281
it I'm probably going to die from a12422.083.76
[ __ ] hyena why would you die from a12423.526.08
hyena because I don't have enough food12425.845.72
look to heal me we need to get the rest12429.63.24
of the team before we go into this12431.564.0
sinkhole let's go check out that Village12432.844.399
[ __ ] yeah it's like you're bringing me12435.563.48
over to set up a campfire we'll make you12437.2393.321
some Stakes you'll be fine I got12439.045.279
purified water sounds12440.563.759
shitty so nees and Simon aren't back12449.3193.16
yeah I know I don't know what it's12451.722.32
taking them so long well they're12452.4794.441
probably screwed or they they they're in12454.046.12
a bind a pickle but we should go get a12456.926.16
dancer because I still have corruption12460.164.319
after we cure this corruption I would12463.083.92
like to head to a Frosty because I12464.4796.201
crafted this Frost axe a frost Axe and12467.05.96
apparently I can Harvest Frosty stuff oh12470.684.36
like a frosty from Wendy's yeah but12472.964.2
first cure corruption yeah let's go to12475.044.439
that place that we keep just harvesting12477.164.039
people from sure I'm fine with it you12479.4793.401
got you got a rope yeah I got a rope all12481.1993.481
right you got a rope let's go help I'm12482.883.519
bored yeah man come on yeah come on come12484.684.599
on let's go get a wiggle12486.3992.88
dancer all right I'm going to fight this12490.167.96
guy get him going for it come on come on12492.725.4
on oh contact te all right I'm going to12499.846.559
get that guy12504.085.239
yeah oh yeah I'm distracting The Archers12506.3994.601
Simon take him down all right well my12509.3196.04
stamina's down okay heal up all right12511.06.16
going to get him got12515.3595.84
two all right here comes go get in there12517.167.88
t up okay taging get him T there you go12521.1996.28
smack smack no12525.044.399
gu this guy's uh he's tough is he he's12527.4794.72
tough he's tough there you go yeah there12529.4395.721
we go all right is you he's a fighter12532.1994.601
level two thank you so much for the help12535.162.96
I mean this benefits all of us go ahead12536.83.2
and drag him off dur alas all right ni12538.123.279
and I I'll look for that dancer I'll12540.03.33
hell yog [ __ ] you your mirror's12541.3993.481
better be careful all right I'm jumping12544.885.72
right in front of him jump the12547.166.56
okay I'm12550.63.12
flanking here we go not attack oh you12554.684.559
didn't see me coming be careful damn12557.2396.24
bloody one left yes coming all right12559.2397.641
amazing that was we should chop them up12563.4795.161
so chopping them with an axe what are12566.884.599
you getting I don't know let's see I'm12568.647.16
getting putrid meat with an axe and Bone12571.4796.561
these skeletons don't have anything good12575.84.84
look at this waste of time moving on12578.046.359
Simon all right12580.643.759
oh I see I see a lady dancer really yep12587.4396.121
oh yeah I see a little [ __ ] over there12591.524.679
swinging them titties around so all12593.565.0
right so we want her yeah all right so12596.1994.2
we need to we got to take out the others12598.563.2
all right so I need to kill all the12600.3994.04
other men is what you're saying yes and12601.764.24
then we steal the l oh boy oh boy here12604.4392.601
comes all right let me know when you12607.043.8
want to tag out oh boy tell you what12608.883.359
take care of the other guys I got this12610.843.04
I'm going for the12612.2396.681
Archer Archer is down oh yeah he's way12613.888.04
down I oh I knocked her out it says12618.925.04
performer performer that's what they12621.924.12
prefer to be called now you got that up12623.963.96
there got what oh yeah no that's yeah12626.043.439
that's done yeah we got her we got the12627.924.8
performer all right here we go nice that12629.4795.321
was easy [ __ ] that's what neebs and12632.723.84
Simon should have done idiots what are12634.83.16
you going to name her I don't know she12636.563.719
needs a stripper name like uh Crystal12637.965.0
Porsche or Jaguar I don't know they her12640.2796.04
after a fancy car Tesla no that's too12642.966.2
much Tech that's a modern stripper name12646.3194.661
her name is12649.166.46
Tesla all right we're almost done yeah12656.06.239
man we will stay here for the night cuz12658.964.88
I do not want to go home without a12662.2394.04
dancer I know believe me the guys are12663.845.16
counting on us y we're not going home12666.2794.841
empty-handed so far I think we've kind12669.04.8
of succeeded yeah just by dying as12671.124.6
little as we have yeah I don't think we12673.83.519
we we didn't do anything we didn't do12675.723.679
yeah but we're closer to a dancer you12677.3193.96
keep on telling yourself that I need12679.3993.761
more Stone let's12681.2794.291
nah yeah12691.4392.76
boys my corruption's gone my corruption12694.1996.12
is oh yeah it's gone oh nice oh yeah12697.2794.801
yeah you dance Tesla you dance her12700.3193.601
name's Tesla her name is Tesla yeah all12702.084.359
right I like it man I talk about talk12703.923.88
about really you know boosting morale12706.4394.681
around the place know right I probably12707.84.519
won't leave what the hand why are the12711.124.079
hands up for dur alas um I thought it12712.3194.561
was appropriate oh you know what that is12715.1993.16
a yeah I agree with you we we want to12716.883.599
make her feel safe like hands off kind12718.3594.0
of thing right all right but hands up12720.4793.92
hands up you know we don't want to make12722.3594.241
her feel uncomfortable we don't want to12724.3993.96
make her feel uncomfortable hands up12726.64.36
hands off hey can we craft dollar bills12728.3594.641
I found some gold coins in a chest she12730.964.56
deserves them she's really good where do12733.04.84
we stick12735.522.32
come Simon you see that flag up there uh12762.2795.441
well I believe you I'll take your word12766.2793.881
for that there's a flag oh we spent the12767.724.32
whole night under an enemy camp I know12770.163.6
we're crazy like that surprised they12772.044.52
didn't come attack us I know all right12773.766.4
so we should just use the ramp here yeah12776.565.759
out that climbing was unnecessary by the12780.164.92
way well it was a good warm up I like to12782.3194.521
warm up before I go into battle all12785.083.64
right I guess I'll get ready pull a12786.844.12
hamstring or something oh I see a guy12788.724.719
see him yes I do got your let's see12790.963.88
let's make sure let's let him make the12793.4394.481
first move uh I say kill him okay you12794.845.399
got your bow ready weapon I have my12797.926.04
weapon hello sir I'm neees from YouTube12800.2396.641
Yep this is my friend Simon it's me uh12803.965.76
are you enemy or friend they're all12806.886.359
enemies take them Simon all right12809.726.639
yeah watch your back buddy I see12813.2395.641
him all right I'm running away well he's12816.3594.601
tough Shield up nebes want me to get12818.884.479
them go for it come on come on [ __ ]12820.965.84
yeah looking good Simon oh oh God I'm12823.3597.601
running I'm running I'm moving in we got12826.87.36
him that's right how's my buddy nees who12830.966.239
just fed you your ass that's right bone12834.165.29
Appetit sir12837.19925.2
what do you think thick ooh looks12862.3996.84
intriguing I'm intrigued yeah now I see12865.166.96
a purple Mist above the uh above12869.2395.321
whatever that structure is uh are they12872.124.64
cooking drugs do you think a purple Mist12874.565.919
eh yeah it's like purple smoke H I don't12876.767.08
see said purple smoke your color blind12880.4795.681
can you see purple um12883.845.2
I just don't see it okay I'm going to12886.165.079
take your word on it yeah let's uh we're12889.043.96
probably gonna have to go past this12891.2393.441
encampment maybe I don't know if we have12893.03.359
to deal with them I'm going to go around12894.683.28
are we busy we're really busy AR we're12896.3593.88
super busy we've got things to see all12897.963.76
right this is going to be um this is12900.2394.361
where it gets hairy all right they may12901.726.719
have seen me may have seen you ow12904.65.879
[ __ ] no what are they doing they12908.4393.681
shooting you yeah they're shooting12910.4793.601
watching watching from a distance you12912.125.52
have a a oh I'm going to help12914.083.56
aha I got you back oh is they I can't12919.044.359
tell it they're both all wearing the12921.726.96
same hat all wearing the same12923.3995.281
hat okay I killed the person that that's12930.127.079
not God take off your hat for these12932.884.319
uhoh looking good to Ras thank12941.05.8
you all right oh oh we got one over here12943.884.319
of course we do and there's a dancer12946.84.36
look at that you're doing great oh [ __ ]12948.1996.641
here we go did we miss uh like someone's12951.165.319
yelling feel like there's probably12954.844.12
something yep here they come all right12956.4793.681
I'm going to look and see if we missed12958.962.84
anything in these little no no I need12960.164.239
your help you can't this is like12961.85.24
indicative of like normal Dalia stuff12964.3993.84
where everybody's being attacked and12967.043.0
you're just like looting up is that12968.2393.96
really yeah that's that's you in so many12970.044.359
different games we play well you know12972.1994.841
what it's dumb me you know why because12974.3995.721
you've already looted it no every time12977.046.159
no indicative um key word is dick with12980.124.48
being a12983.1995.24
dick ohoh stuff but I'm not going to I'm12984.64.92
not even going to grab it you don't want12988.4393.721
to clear this place out now I can look12989.524.64
yeah go ahead and it looks like it looks12992.164.6
like thanks thick yeah you're welcome12994.165.079
that what do you think sumon I think I13000.4393.721
shoot him with the arrow and see what13002.763.32
happens is it just one guy up there13004.163.84
all I see well I'm saying is there more13006.083.8
over the hill I don't know but if we13008.04.16
shoot this guy and we get him to come13009.883.76
down here we kill him and then we look13012.163.6
over the hill all right uh I'm going to13013.643.759
do the Crouch shoot what do they say13015.763.92
when you fire on an air is it Loose I13017.3994.361
don't know is that a b an arrow term I13019.684.0
don't know well are you going to do it13021.764.08
you hold on I'm going to do it Loose no13023.686.32
it's not loose yet hold on loose loose13025.847.0
yeah you got him I did oh wow nothing13030.06.319
he's not even moving he's got no sensor13032.847.32
loose yep13036.3196.321
loose all right13040.166.96
loose yep loose loose no you got to say13042.6410.44
loose when it's loose no huh loose loose13047.129.199
what the [ __ ] this is too easy you keep13053.084.68
loosing I'm going to walk up in there13056.3193.361
all right well consider it all loose13057.763.639
right now like a continual loot there13059.683.92
you go y we killed him I hope he was a13061.3995.88
bad guy wonderful oh summon what there's13063.67.56
a whole base up here there is yep I I13067.2795.281
don't want to say loose the whole time13071.163.159
but I am liking the arrows all right13072.563.799
let's let's take it down a notch all13074.3194.321
right I want to see if uh I want to see13076.3594.12
why don't coming all right I'm good13078.642.92
good oh did I shoot you you walk right13081.564.6
behind me and Loos what are you talking13084.3194.801
about shoot me the the way you not13086.165.239
listen it all right moving out take it13089.123.52
was a good13091.3995.0
shot oh boy oh God you got him maybe you13092.645.36
might want to back up and loose I am13096.3993.88
backing up loose yep no we're not going13098.03.68
to do that move in quit shooting I'll13100.2794.881
move in nope I got him okay oh man just13101.685.32
shot his hand off with the with the13105.164.72
arrow loose13107.05.92
baby let's enter the um elephant in the13109.885.24
room I heard there are elephants in this13112.924.559
game by the way of course there are oh I13115.124.44
don't know I'm not probably need toat um13117.4794.321
should we knock just yell out yell13119.565.24
hell good job dalis hello it is I think13126.686.599
44 with my trusty companion13130.566.04
dalus someone ordered a pizza uh oh13133.2795.441
we're in the drags I I stepped forward13136.64.799
and it said the drgs this is the drgs oh13138.725.479
look at a door within a door what ghosts13141.3996.04
W what did I tell you dur alas ghost but13144.1995.441
that was way back wait wait this is a13147.4395.04
story of sorts do we sit and he killed a13149.646.639
lady that [ __ ] he killed a lady13152.4795.121
[ __ ] I froze I am you you froze13157.68.679
yeah froze of fear no13161.768.679
just like locked up oh technical13166.2796.361
difficulties we'll be right13170.4395.601
back I wasn't13172.646.559
scared oh watch out boo boo my God this13176.046.52
one's tough you guys usually pretty easy13179.1996.521
oh boo boo be careful13182.564.44
I don't know but watch out don't get hit13185.722.96
by my blades boo boo what's going on13187.05.56
down there who's that Steve asro yeah13188.687.84
hey what's up you okay yeah I'm okay13192.565.919
need help I may need help with this guy13196.524.24
if you guys are available is it just you13198.4794.601
not sto here with me all right I hear13200.765.08
you yelling oh [ __ ] there you are where13203.084.6
where are you where where is he do you13205.843.16
think by the time we got down there13207.682.679
you'd be done I don't know this13209.03.199
Chihuahua monster is tougher than anyone13210.3595.561
I've ever faced okay hold on coming13212.1995.721
oh okay just be careful don't hit boo13215.924.92
boo who boo boo he's my13217.925.88
slave okay boo boo watch out you're13220.845.519
going to get yourself killed all right13223.84.76
Sky's almost down don't kill him I came13226.3594.481
all this way hey if we if I kill him13228.565.48
tough [ __ ] going to get him knew I knew13230.844.0
it was going to happen I was going to13234.042.239
run all the way down here and it was13234.842.519
going to be13236.2793.801
over okay well I'm getting some of13237.3594.88
whatever he's got uh I take it that's to13240.084.44
you guys' house up there tcus yep that's13242.2393.881
a nice little place13244.524.52
man it's just Stone isn't it more Stone13246.124.239
I mean it looks like he's got gold all13249.043.08
over him or something it's just Stone no13250.3593.481
gold I think you get some gold wouldn't13252.123.279
you I think you'd get some gold see what13253.844.88
you get I got Stone come on13255.3996.04
gold see yeah hey Gold Dust you got gold13258.725.0
dust I got gold dust well look at that13261.4394.0
yeah so now where are you guys traveling13263.725.599
I didn't get any gold dust okay but we13265.4396.681
we're going north and uh I don't really13269.3193.96
know we're still just looking for a13272.124.079
dancer oh we got a dancer got a dancer13273.2795.641
yeah her name's Tesla she she's great oh13276.1995.521
boy I'm still uh corrupted I like your13278.924.76
outfit man oh thanks thank made this for13281.724.08
me and that gave my old outfit to boo13283.684.519
boo um13285.84.479
well I I guess we were just we were13288.1993.721
looking for a dancer now we can just go13290.2793.361
home I guess yeah if you want to or if13291.923.08
you go you can go with me I'm traveling13293.644.16
north uh I need ice shards ice shards13295.05.159
yeah for my God my God loves ice okay13297.84.88
yep I'm I'm down all right I'm in let's13300.1597.0
do it yeah completely unprepared13302.684.479
ter alas yeah I think I think uh these13311.1595.961
things with writing on the walls uh you13314.4395.96
read them uh can you read thats through13317.127.039
our city from untainted sources in the13320.3996.96
high places and down through the mighty13324.1596.481
aqueducts that we built to sustain13327.3597.201
us and the sewers carry away the waste13330.645.24
from the city13334.564.32
washing it away in a torrent of Pure13335.884.319
Water slave you have been chosen to13340.1997.481
maintain those sewers sweep away the13344.1597.28
debris and creatures which maintain the13347.686.519
smelling Darkness maintain the sewers be13351.4397.441
honored bonded one and be wary strange13354.1998.16
things grow in the Gloom of those13358.886.76
tunnels I didn't know wall spoke to you13362.3595.721
okay so what I gather from all this is13365.645.36
that we have to go into the sewers uhhuh13368.086.76
clear it out of the foul animals uh-huh13371.05.96
and maybe we'll get a reward foul13374.844.24
animals being13376.965.08
feces I don't know let's check it out is13379.085.399
this a entrance is what is this can I13382.044.08
address something this is nothing that13384.4794.601
ghost play that they put on yeah just uh13386.124.48
you know local13389.084.159
theater it's not what it used to13390.65.92
be yeah one other thing thing to address13393.2395.92
what look up at the ceiling oh that's13396.524.919
not a safe ceiling13399.1595.481
no looks like a trap uh well this is not13401.4395.72
a door here oh I checked it out oh13404.643.92
that's just a well that's misleading13407.1593.2
isn't it yeah that's like when uh the13408.564.839
Road Runner paints like a hole Yeah and13410.3595.441
goes through it but then Wy coyote can't13413.3993.681
yeah I feel like everyone's laughing at13415.83.639
us right now especially these walls um13417.084.04
where's the13419.4394.601
sewers oh well hey I wonder because13421.125.56
there was a sacrifice made here during13424.044.76
the [ __ ] play yeah and then somebody13426.684.599
went down some stairs do we have to kill13428.85.639
someone here what maybe we have to go13431.2795.281
knock somebody out bring them over here13434.4394.321
kill them and then that'll trigger us to13436.564.48
go down to the sewers and even if it13438.764.24
work for the city if it doesn't work uh13441.043.8
I'm happy to do that let's try it let's13443.02.78
go all right sounds13444.846.72
great damn it13451.564.919
you okay13455.1995.601
Simon [ __ ] that oh oh my God W that's a13456.4796.561
Gator that's a big Gator whoa oh God13464.845.599
guys what clim get out don't run do not13468.04.319
fight this thing he just he took one13470.4393.72
bite of me I have like half Health13472.3193.92
really [ __ ] I'm already almost dead from13474.1594.16
the fall get out of there Savage all13476.2394.521
well where we running to oh God where is13478.3194.721
he where I just stabbed him and did13480.764.88
nothing Bes get out of there13483.045.239
big ass gator where you go where are I'm13485.646.04
over here by uh damn it I see it Simon13488.2795.281
Simon you see me I'm up on this rock13491.685.0
with boo boo yep come over here B coming13493.566.32
which way do I go she said north can you13496.686.96
see me yeah do you see the pool pool13499.885.88
careful that Gator there G yeah that's a13503.645.24
big ass gator man man he's bloody you13505.765.92
should kill it n he's not that hurt okay13508.884.88
he's not hurt at all actually really13511.684.0
damn it you got my hopes up what do you13513.763.32
think neeb should we keep on or should13515.684.2
we fight this thing keep on okay well13517.084.8
hey do you see us neebs this is the way13519.883.64
we got to travel neebs turn around you13521.883.399
idiot oh there you are see we got to13523.523.6
travel North so let's see can we make it13525.2794.601
up here yep we got to keep going this13527.125.72
way watch out for that Gator oh God I13529.884.319
have to mark that on the map that's a13532.843.479
big dude we'll come back here one day13534.1994.801
and kill him Simon oh good just put it13536.3195.96
in your calendar on like a Tuesday yeah13539.05.96
maybe a Thursday I don't think oh damn13542.2795.681
I'm going to barely make it up13544.963.0
hereo oh there's a camp up here so when13548.1994.28
you get up here lay13551.044.319
low oh13552.4796.96
boy you okay Jesus Oh I better keep13555.3597.441
climbing uh stamina yeah come on man all13559.4396.641
right summon careful yeah believe me I'm13562.84.96
probably not going to make it up there13566.083.88
yeah's coming for me yeah make sure13567.763.96
you're off the ground I am off the13569.964.6
ground all right coming up oh no wait I13571.724.599
got to yeah make sure you rest so your13574.563.4
stamina's completely full then start13576.3194.04
climbing it was that's the thing it was13577.964.399
already I'm I'm not going to make it you13580.3593.441
better put some points in the stamina13582.3593.481
boy I've been putting points in stamina13583.84.24
boy Welly you better climb faster boy13585.845.16
all right boy Come Out Boy listen boy I13588.045.08
don't need you to tell me what to do boy13591.04.88
all right well come on I'm coming on boy13593.124.199
come on Zam you can do it ain't going to13595.882.88
make it come on boy yeah you can make it13597.3192.401
I'm not going to make it you're right13598.762.88
here I know I was right there before13599.723.439
yeah you're right here I was right there13601.644.04
before yeah you're fine y13603.1594.28
boy that's it he's gone damn it now he's13607.4394.8
got to respond back at my house that you13610.644.08
didn't want to look at and still don't13612.2395.08
want to look at yeah see I can see the13614.724.96
house from here can you see the house um13617.3193.96
like I'm looking at the house now W13619.683.32
don't you go grab summon I can yell at13621.2795.401
him from here sumon yo sumon I'm just13623.06.319
getting some staks all right come this13626.688.719
way I'm coming it's what she said13629.3196.08
I think yeah I've got one of the local13635.767.559
actors yeah yeah see how this goes13638.86.32
probably done a bunch of extra work oh13643.3195.281
Jesus oh this again guys give it up it's13645.126.159
[ __ ] see now we got a gentleman here do13648.66.559
not kill me yeah uh I will kill you but13651.2796.88
I wonder if it has to be a lady oh [ __ ]13655.1594.32
well we're about to find all right let's13658.1593.401
check it out either way we're doing a we13659.4794.281
doing a good service hold them still go13661.565.2
there we go there we go what killing him13667.43910.04
um oh oh [ __ ] all13672.31910.201
right it's going up yeah D okay uh-huh13677.4798.68
oh what uh hold on is that what opens13682.526.4
the sewers oh I assume we got down oh13686.1595.961
yeah yeah okay down here okay yeah into13688.926.04
the into the sewers sacrifice great this13692.125.0
is like the13694.965.64
backstage all right thick yeah wow this13697.127.76
is oh oh13700.66.92
ghost is it talking to you the wall the13704.885.0
Wall's talking to me uh I'm watching I13707.524.799
just watched some lady disappear I13709.884.559
couldn't tell if it was a man or a lady13712.3195.08
wow uh so you gathered a lot of info13714.4395.521
well I saw one someone walking down here13717.3994.601
look at the fire on the water how13719.964.84
peculiar oh what's this what's this13722.04.359
little bookie book down here that's13724.83.96
probably the probably the script I love13726.3595.08
those I'll read that later yeah learn13728.765.04
your lines later all right what are we13731.4394.121
supposed to do here clean up oh wait a13733.83.519
minute oh look at this you see the13735.566.719
ghosts oh yep I see that one all13737.3194.96
right oh you got to swim down oh boy all13742.3598.721
right yeah uh is that sure uh one of13747.06.8
those okay oh there's a box are you13751.085.079
going to okay how you doing down there13753.87.24
swi are in tight spaces there's a13756.1596.12
something waiting for you up top I'm13761.042.6
going to try13762.2795.441
to what get that thing I I I'm trying it13763.646.32
doesn't let me well let me go oh there13767.725.479
we go hey there was Treasure down there13769.964.76
but not really treasure it was a junk13773.1994.881
box of what uh there was oh there was a13774.726.24
bow that was something like a junk bow13778.085.199
exceptional hunting bow ooh and then13780.964.399
there was like a candle stuff I picked13783.2794.841
up the candle stub I guess we got to we13785.3594.321
got to kill all these things13788.124.0
yeah look at that that thing was a13789.684.799
better actor than any of those were13792.124.279
right cuz I believe it you know what I13794.4795.92
mean yeah I believe that right13796.3994.0
there that's right baby look at us we13805.525.2
wow how do you get out of this place13808.2394.641
know okay keep running just keep running13810.727.36
running yep take it man coming through13812.885.2
baby I bet they were like what oh wow13820.2797.561
elephants elephants tigers tigers13824.3995.281
careful well this is like the African13827.845.439
plane God we got a tiger watch out kill13829.686.08
the tiger all right easy now watch out13833.2794.481
I'm going first I'm going first one a13835.764.399
time remember up watch out for boo boo13837.766.2
oh god oh boy all right woo Shield up13840.1595.361
he's tough13843.963.319
get him Bo oh yeah13845.527.36
got uhoh uhoh what AB what happened bled13847.2798.681
he bled out didn't he oh no wonder where13852.886.96
his bed is oh crap shouldn't have went13855.966.56
streaking something boo boo you're as13859.843.96
good as13862.525.959
dead we got another tiger it's a baby13863.87.399
this is the baby tiger you want it I13868.4795.121
never killed the baby tiger before Simon13871.1994.601
come on what you don't kill baby tigers13873.65.28
of course you do watch oh man I want to13875.84.76
slash your face off right now well if we13878.883.72
weren't going to take it we're putting13880.564.56
them out of its misery Mama's13882.66.24
dead I can't talk to13885.123.72
you hey thick yeah have you been getting13890.4796.76
sweet nothing's whispered into your ear13894.3195.401
uh I don't know well cuz I heard13897.2394.92
something like beloved come to me oh no13899.724.28
I did hear that yeah okay so you have to13902.1593.561
so I'm not you need all right okay yeah13904.03.76
I didn't know yeah so it's just a hor13905.727.32
ghost hor ghost all right let uh well13907.768.719
like I was hoping that was just to me13913.047.119
but no I if you're down here you'll take13916.4796.401
anything lot less special anything and13920.1594.0
everything well that's how the theater13922.884.519
Community Works isn't it it's inest what13924.1597.24
Another Story Another oh boy here let me13927.3995.601
get comfy okay there's two people13931.3993.8
waiting there two people went in in13933.09.08
uh-huh yay yay all right uh okay open13935.1999.841
sesame who writes this [ __ ] oh there it13942.086.319
is again two people so we have to have13945.045.96
two other people here really this is13948.3995.561
[ __ ] hey huh maybe we can ask the13951.07.479
goddess to uh stand next to us yeah oh13953.967.0
goddess of Conan wait wait I think you13958.4795.72
have to do this there she is oh goddess13960.965.56
hey come chill over here with your sweet13964.1995.721
rack come over here for a13966.523.4
minute oh HH behold13969.968.319
nothing let the door13975.127.76
open Let My Love Open Your Door that's13978.2796.801
what she13982.887.04
said oh I opened it I just hit13985.088.04
e very good Dal alas what a riddle13989.927.319
you're wise beyond your years thank you13993.124.119
goddess you you are very kind14001.2397.2
goddess very kind getting like way up oh14004.4396.641
that thing's closing behind us that's14008.4394.0
okay you know why watch your head14011.085.119
goddess why Warriors Warriors are here14012.4396.641
very smart riddle solving Warriors yes14016.1995.96
moving in cautiously come to me come to14019.084.96
are is she saying that to you her breath14022.1594.2
smells like like come to14024.046.72
me all right just wait we done all right14026.3596.321
horos cut that out all14030.764.28
right I was just try I trying to get my14032.685.04
stuff back come on man what the hell did14035.044.56
somebody do something to trigger him no14037.723.32
I think he just walked over why is he14039.63.4
after me I don't know I was just trying14041.044.72
to get my stuff easy Bubba leave me14043.04.84
alone you son of a [ __ ] an elephant I14045.764.639
have no God can we kill it I don't know14047.844.08
I've never fought an elephant before14050.3992.96
either I've already died once it took me14051.923.0
forever to get back here14053.3594.321
oh boy he really wants you ah leave me14054.925.479
alone you dumbo14057.685.12
[ __ ] you can't get up against this well14060.3993.8
I just stuck him in the belly what are14062.84.519
you doing you nut okay oh boy oh crap14064.1995.321
you really want to do this that hurt14067.3194.761
let's do it son oh wow he's tough yeah I14069.524.4
don't think I want to do it oh boy of14072.083.399
course he's tough it's a [ __ ]14073.923.76
elephant dude I don't understand why you14075.4794.121
just did you were just acting not like14077.683.88
yourself there I was trying to help oh14079.65.719
The Tiger too involed oh crap beses CL14081.564.879
climb up14085.3193.801
here clim up here get out of there where14086.4394.601
where oh God to your left like where14089.124.52
where the ruins were I'm killing this14091.045.88
tiger come on baby there's people up14093.645.719
here there's people up here God you're14096.924.96
leading the son of a [ __ ] this14099.3595.96
way oh God easy14101.887.72
buddy Simon I'm sucking on14105.3196.201
thato I'm going get out of there that14109.63.96
elephant wants you oh really yeah it14111.524.799
really wants you mother thummer oh no14113.564.52
he's trying to attack Boo Boo Boo Boo14116.3193.561
get out of there oh God somebody's14118.083.68
shooting me I didn't even see him right14119.883.279
in front of my face all right Simon we14121.762.96
got to make a run for it you ready no14123.1593.561
I'm killing this guy no you're not let's14124.723.92
go I'm killing him let's go we're going14126.723.12
to get killed by a [ __ ] elephant14128.643.4
let's go I killed him anyway good let's14129.845.96
get the [ __ ] out of here all14132.046.04
righty now need test to respa is that14135.84.72
elephant still behind us God damn it oh14138.084.6
God yeah climb this climb this Simon14140.524.24
hold on I'm climbing14142.686.04
oh oh Simon that was the worst place I14144.767.76
could have went Simon where you get14148.727.84
away over here Simon this I'm coming14152.525.799
that's what she14156.564.04
said just get up top of here we'll be14158.3193.801
safe we'll be safe until nees can get14160.65.36
back good God God is right this place is14162.126.44
dangerous but fun but fun yeah I'm14165.964.64
having a good time where's wait where's14168.565.759
boo boo boo boo I see somebody out there14170.64.879
that's him he's just standing out there14174.3194.321
in the African plane jackass boo boo you14175.4796.551
[ __ ] I'm starting to respect local14182.644.599
theater again cuz this is elaborate they14184.883.92
they did a good job on the14187.2393.561
set I think that's where they blew the14188.84.399
budget it wasn't with the talent right14190.84.639
all right tunnel14193.1996.16
oh you said that earlier you hear that I14195.4397.281
do I hear uh bad things why don't we go14199.3595.641
together okay I like it14202.724.08
okay shit's about to go down it is about14205.04.239
to go down this hor14206.86.2
ghost hor ghost actress director we can14209.2397.0
hear you she's up here this is this is14213.08.04
it this is it right here holy [ __ ] what14216.2398.04
uh oh yeah what the [ __ ] was14221.047.04
that what is that I don't know I didn't14224.2797.281
expect that14228.083.48
here I'll distract it you go on the14237.64.04
other side why can't I throw a water orb14238.966.439
get me okay well seems fairly distracted14241.646.36
and I bet that look at me oh there we go14245.3996.561
we got some no no damage no damage um14248.06.439
water orb14251.965.68
Dam that worked great um we're going to14254.4396.8
lose our draws no I know I've accepted14257.646.16
that why doesn't want me B come closer14261.2393.441
coming here do something oh that was14264.686.4
different that was different oh Christ14267.846.12
okay hold on okay I'm almost dead okay14271.085.76
hang in there buddy going to come on14273.964.479
what what what what14276.844.12
what I'm hitting14278.4396.121
it right here yeah I did a little bit of14280.967.239
damage cool if I can see it ooo bloody14284.566.96
is this who is talking to us a [ __ ]14288.1997.04
probably I feel catfished little bit all14291.526.52
right this is how Ginger14295.2396.16
works this thing gets a the right angled14298.045.199
picture and and it's beautiful you know14301.3994.561
what I mean oh14303.2396.96
God there we go there we go there it is14305.969.6
there we go okay yep yep we're doing a14310.1997.801
little bit14315.562.44
something are you alive14318.686.2
thick thick [ __ ]14321.129.76
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] there you are hey14324.886.0
whoa all right nebes I I think I see14338.3195.16
where we should go next you see that uh14340.84.72
see the statue I'm looking at Straight14343.4794.281
Ahead uh I mean there's I guess it's14345.523.6
that one there's a bunch of statues well14347.762.92
there there's three of them I'm thinking14349.124.239
the one in the middle okay all right so14350.684.32
yeah we just make up make a big run for14353.3594.481
the one in the middle yeah okay get out14355.04.8
of these planes because yeah this is a14357.844.0
really dangerous area is that a tiger14359.83.72
down what is that the one eating the14361.844.16
Rhino down there oh to the right but14363.525.0
then to the left is that another one uh14366.05.12
yeah we'll be fine yeah I think if we if14368.525.4
we jump down and just run run for it14371.125.72
we'll be okay you guys ready ready 1 2 314373.924.319
Let's do jump really14376.844.599
necessary oh you hurt yeah a little bit14378.2395.881
but I'm okay all right oh God I got hurt14381.4394.561
blck damn it yep grab button did not14384.123.48
work for me that time okay all right14386.04.72
screw it run watch out for that t tiger14387.66.599
tigers come on all right com fast you14390.725.439
can go look oh yeah go left there's14394.1995.801
tigers go left go left okay up de things14396.1595.881
oh boy oh boy we're almost there we're14400.03.439
almost there okay stamina's down a14402.043.92
little bit I'm okay all right oh crap14403.4395.96
elephant elephant elephant Jesus come on14405.965.68
get up get up run14409.3995.721
boys jump into the pool oh God there's a14411.646.519
tiger at the pool oh no here just just14415.125.239
follow this River go left go left at the14418.1594.601
the statue oh God I'm running alongside14420.3594.601
of a freaking tiger and I'm in the water14422.764.559
come on guys I'm walking on water oh14424.965.279
there's stuff all over the place come on14427.3196.12
oh crap jump in the water crap jump in14430.2394.801
the water all right I'm coming out of14433.4393.76
the water elephant's not going in the14435.044.279
water get in the water oh he's glitching14437.1993.441
out he's bouncing all over the place14439.3195.321
he's a nut oh I am hurt I am hurt B14440.647.24
and I'm up above oh oh that's a tiger14444.645.679
Simon jump in the water Simon there's a14447.886.24
tiger behind you14450.3193.801
[ __ ] where'd you go I'm across the14456.1595.24
the water oh behind you okay okay all14458.683.92
right yeah you're up on that side14461.3994.361
perfect perfect all right oh God yeah14462.66.96
screw Africa oh we're safe right I don't14465.766.559
know man I hope so yeah that was a14469.565.719
sarcastic thing say we've made it a14472.3195.04
little ways North let's follow this uh14475.2795.281
let's follow this water maybe good God14477.3598.281
this place my angle was pretty intense14480.568.56
man woo take a dip get some water Boys14485.647.96
you've earned it hey boo14489.124.48
boo you got that uh roast right who you14494.4795.201
talking to Simon roast I told you to get14497.563.4
all the roast out of the campfire I got14499.683.639
roast is it roast beef I don't know just14500.963.479
say roast14503.3192.16
how many different kind of roasts are14504.4392.161
there well there's a lot of different14505.4794.641
roasts right and Conan well I don't know14506.64.799
all right well just did you get the14510.124.0
roast or not I got some roast beef or14511.3995.161
shredded beef what is it called I think14514.125.159
it's shredded like shredded roast14516.564.639
shredded roast do you like Shredded14519.2794.2
Wheat yeah I don't dislike Shredded14521.1993.921
Wheat I like it when it's covered with14523.4795.361
sugar what this bridge oh man guys this14525.127.039
is gorgeous a bridge waterfall yeah14528.845.559
that's weird oh man yeah what are we14532.1595.0
doing living at that hole look at this14534.3994.441
is a nice place to live this place is14537.1594.16
Disney princess nice it seems like a14538.845.399
pretty good central location to me yeah14541.3195.08
maybe we'll move here hey I like this14544.2393.721
Lake I like the location you got14546.3993.04
mountains in the background you got a14547.963.319
nice Forest down there but how how are14549.4393.76
we going to pray build another church14551.2793.0
yeah we have to just build another14553.1994.0
church all right franchise oh that's14554.2794.681
true you got to it'll be a satellite14557.1993.641
church yeah when the Pioneers move to a14558.963.199
new place you think they said how the14560.842.8
hell we going to pray you build a new14562.1593.2
church Church well okay I didn't know it14563.644.719
was that easy it's super easy super easy14565.3595.401
just Stone and sticks that's right and14568.3594.601
Jesus and well there's there isn't Jesus14570.765.12
here it's truth yir praise yir I'll hail14572.967.319
him Matra and my snake14575.887.479
person I don't know what his name is14580.2795.221
might even be a girl14583.3595.731
dras thick I wonder what happened to our14628.724.2
animals do you think they're still in14631.2394.641
there uh do we care I kind of yeah I14632.924.76
kind of care yeah yeah hey uh do you14635.882.92
have I didn't want to sound like I14637.684.16
didn't it's just that last it it it made14638.85.599
me mad I I understand I was confused in14641.844.72
there and you know yeah do you have a14644.3994.76
bow and arrow I do uh it looks like it's14646.564.32
about to break though okay I have one14649.1593.561
too um one of us is going to have to be14650.884.04
the shield guy mhm the other one the14652.723.679
arrow guy is that how we're going about14654.923.76
this I guess I've got I've got a bow14656.3993.96
that's pretty good though I should be14658.684.92
the shield guy yeah so you going first14660.3595.481
shield guy look at that Shield guy I'm14663.65.24
the boner yeah shield shield and boner14665.845.08
going in first and holding up the shield14668.844.599
yeah I I I feel like it's been forever14670.925.88
since we even fought this so uh um oh14673.4396.321
yeah close now uh-huh I hear you all14676.85.399
these dumb dick sweet little Whispers14679.765.08
the whole way I think they're more14682.1994.681
Careless Whispers what's that Careless14684.844.439
Whispers like you know the song give me14686.886.68
a little bit I'm never going to dance14689.2794.281
yeah that's caress whisper right I don't14696.846.2
remember lyrics or song titles just14700.3199.0
sounds okay um Shield I have Shield14703.046.279
oh shoot me God damn it yeah here I'm14717.764.36
block all right I'm going to be Shield14720.1594.28
huh here you shoot oh okay I see it's14722.125.0
going to take about about 3 hours is14724.4395.241
going to shoot you in the face yeah yeah14727.125.319
you want to sing that14729.682.759
song it's easy to pretend oh wait we14737.2797.12
don't want to get sued up my arrow my14741.524.48
bow and arrow broke you want to uh give14744.3993.401
me yours around the corner here here14746.05.199
yeah let me drop I'll drop14747.83.399
mine such a good song it is it really is14752.3594.681
he's dead though yeah George Michael oh14755.124.359
he's so dead not just like a little bit14757.044.55
dead no he died the whole14759.4793.401
way oh crap oh crap what be oh jeez bear14762.887.439
I'm on him is he following me yeah he's14768.03.04
you oh okay oh boy he's going oh god oh14771.046.359
[ __ ] coming to help hey we fought a14774.924.439
tiger we can take a bear never fought a14777.3994.121
bear before come on let's do it oh14779.3595.481
together them okay yeah yeah oh boy14781.525.719
watch out you shooting him Simon yep14784.844.559
come here win the14787.2395.561
[ __ ] yeah oh I got him bleeding oh oh14789.3994.92
yeah he's swinging he's swinging he's a14792.83.72
swinger shall I move in yeah move in14794.3194.0
don't shoot me sumon I'm going to try14796.523.719
not to just don't shoot until I'm out of14798.3194.721
the way well I'm I'm shooting him come14800.2394.401
oh boy sh up down we got a swing big14804.646.96
swing there you go knes all right I'm14809.844.8
moving in moving in oh sorry oh14811.65.96
yeah it's tall is he I ain't scared14814.644.759
enough bar oh God I'm out of stamina I14817.563.48
can't roll you should be scared of Simon14819.3992.92
he's going to shoot you Simon don't14821.043.6
shoot me I've been shooting the bear I'm14822.3194.721
doing good too I think we go yeah you14824.644.48
get in come14827.046.48
on oh yeah14829.124.4
Simon what watch with the arrows I told14833.83.399
you you're going to end up shooting him14836.03.279
the damn arrow on my leg all right well14837.1994.681
just waking you up a little bit there we14839.2795.361
go see we ain't scared of no B now hold14841.886.479
on see watch out watch out guys what14844.645.599
there we go it's dead I know but I14848.3594.601
wanted to shoot14850.2392.721
them that's a that's a very effective14853.724.88
attack that is a very effective attack14856.3193.721
this is the dumbest boss in the [ __ ]14858.63.639
game it's got to be yeah we got this14860.044.8
it's really stupid go to hell I thought14862.2395.08
that pubg monster that uh the pubg14864.845.84
monster yeah this thing is [ __ ] watch14867.3194.601
out when's he going to do his little14870.683.88
body plop come on buddy do a body plop14871.925.12
getting low body plop oh here we go14874.564.12
uh-huh back up back up back in your14877.046.96
toilet do a body oh God drus you killed14878.686.679
friend no you killed my friend he was my14885.3597.08
friend he's14889.725.08
get it's14892.4397.481
not I dare you I dare you you're14894.89.12
nothing whoop back up plop out of there14899.926.199
there we go you just lay there and let14903.924.279
me kill you14906.1195.561
die die you sick son of a14908.19910.561
[ __ ] come on come my friend oh boy14911.687.08
no you [ __ ] kidding me14920.1995.24
oh God this is a long climb but I think14925.844.439
we can do it y some and I both have food14927.764.479
poisoning yes we do that's what you get14930.2794.0
for eating raw meat I didn't know we14932.2394.04
were eating14934.2794.08
Sim he's never going to make it never14936.2793.521
going to make it oh God there's a lady14938.3593.88
here oh is she fighting oh wor I'm14939.84.679
falling too why you falling I made it up14942.2394.561
fine oh god well maybe you just got14944.4794.161
lucky everything of that yeah maybe you14946.83.559
don't have poisoning yeah maybe you14948.643.4
ain't good well hey yeah maybe it's good14950.3593.12
you guys didn't make it oh God yeah this14952.043.239
this lady's a [ __ ] she fighting you14953.4793.401
yeah she's shooting arrows at me like a14955.2795.84
[ __ ] oh God no I jumped I want to fight14956.886.64
that lady so are we going around I guess14961.1194.0
we'll go around it was a dumb idea to14963.523.44
try to climb this mountain okay we're14965.1193.521
going around all right I'll meet you at14966.963.199
the bottom meet me at the oh [ __ ] she's14968.645.4
shooting at me too oh you [ __ ] you son14970.1597.761
of a gun come down zimon I'm coming all14974.045.96
right where you guys at we're walking14977.923.92
around to the left of the okay I see I14980.03.399
see let's go this way let's go this way14981.843.439
oh you go that way go this way we'll14983.3994.241
head into the woods ooh into the woods14985.2794.321
that was a play you ever see that no I14987.643.32
didn't see it what was it about I don't14989.63.679
remember isn't that like red Ryden hood14990.965.04
or something I'm sure it's not into the14993.2795.241
woods okay maybe it is Ryden Hood went14996.04.439
into the woods didn't she yep did her14998.524.28
grandma live in the woods I I think so15000.4395.04
did grandma get eaten by the in some15002.84.88
stories yes and others no yeah well I15005.4794.0
like it better when she gets eaten I do15007.683.92
too it's funnier what stories does she15009.4794.281
not get eaten in I don't know know the15011.63.879
cartoons I'm pretty sure Grandma didn't15013.763.24
get eaten no yeah there's sometimes15015.4793.0
where they tell the story and the Wolf15017.03.08
like locks are in the closet yeah it's15018.4793.601
more cartoony that way really this15020.084.279
Grandma's irresponsible to ask her15022.084.6
grandchild to walk through the woods no15024.3594.241
when she lives in the woods yep and no15026.683.599
when there's a wolf around hey did15028.63.04
either of you guys just get cold my15030.2793.761
temperature's dropping pretty good uh15031.643.96
yeah I'm cold all right well tell you15034.044.48
what my food poison is gone we got a ram15035.65.719
is this Ram ramming me rip damn it what15038.525.28
they do come on you little [ __ ] let's15041.3194.681
get the horns come on we took a tiger we15043.85.2
can take a ram tell ball we fight tiger15046.06.56
there you go right now get those horns15049.07.04
yes get them horns sh's ass horn Savory15052.567.839
flesh M saory oh well I like that I like15056.046.279
that savory should be able to save the15060.3994.361
horns though no I I didn't get any horns15062.3194.08
son of a [ __ ] all right I think up here15064.763.559
yeah look there's a camp up here that I15066.3993.281
kind of want to go get revenge on you15068.3193.481
guys with me what is that what is this15069.684.08
little guy that's a baby wolf is it a15071.84.24
baby oh God can we get a baby wolf if15073.763.28
you're going to carry it I mean you're15076.041.92
going ready to go in battle you're going15077.042.239
to carry a baby wolf around with you15077.963.76
he's ours now I got him all right I'm15079.2795.0
flanking all right yeah let's do this15081.725.36
all right I'm going to I guess just stay15084.2795.96
back I'm very cold yep it's chilly up15087.084.68
here it's all right though it just says15090.2393.761
cold nothing bad is happening n let's15091.763.639
say very cold let's kill these people15094.06.279
and steal their jackets oh yeah come15095.3994.88
on oh God a God damn it Simon come15100.85.96
really aha flanked them oh there's15103.965.84
nobody here beses yeah I need your help15106.765.0
buddy I'm flanking there's nobody here15109.84.319
though one hell of a stupid flank okay15111.763.679
get him Simon I brought him to you I'm15114.1192.681
going to run over to knes all right my15115.4393.321
stamina's down nees get in there you15116.84.439
lady fight me there you15118.766.32
go [ __ ] I'm running Simon I'll help all15121.2397.0
right I don't like my mouse sensitivity15125.085.92
I got a shield lady boom boom bam yeah15128.2395.521
knock that [ __ ] off that cliff oh oh15131.05.56
crap sh oh yeah here I'll get in wait15133.764.599
Simon quit shooting arrows at everybody15136.564.36
I'm shooting arrows at the guy group of15138.3594.161
us we're in a club yeah you're in a club15140.922.76
you don't want to shoot arrows pull out15142.523.839
a sword you nut all right well [ __ ] it15143.685.12
oh damn it he hit me all right sword15146.3594.561
there you go Simon get in there get in15148.84.2
there get him you got him tell them we15150.924.319
fought Bears before what is this that's15153.04.56
that lady that's that same [ __ ] there15155.2395.281
you Simon all right let's get this [ __ ]15157.565.919
ma'am we kill bears and tigers yeah you15160.525.839
don't want to mess with us15163.4795.321
lady yeah get that that's what you get15166.3594.88
for shooting me off a mountain you [ __ ]15168.83.559
all right get her you might want to15171.2392.16
attack the guy that's hitting you with a15172.3594.201
sword instead of me I'm the nice guy15173.3995.88
oh right on the edge all right beautiful15176.564.44
all right let me see we can get out of15179.2795.561
her oh holy [ __ ] I just got an ice Shard15181.06.88
an ice Shard out of her what car ice15184.844.479
Shard do I just get ice shards for15187.883.84
hitting regular people do you I don't15189.3194.281
know hit those other guys let me see oh15191.723.599
God I'm over encumbered this stupid wolf15193.64.12
all right I got to drop told not take15195.3193.8
that wolf hold on i' I've put the little15197.722.679
baby wolf in a bag and I'm going to15199.1192.841
throw him over the over the cliff no15200.3993.321
give him the salimon no no throw him15201.963.279
over the cliff y there we go sorry15203.723.12
little guy all right listen there's a15205.2394.0
nice fire over here where's the where's15206.843.92
those other bodies where'd they go15209.2392.92
they're right there right there right15210.762.96
there where's right there do you not see15212.1594.681
it on your screen nope am I looking15213.724.32
right here all right well let me try to15216.843.76
hit watch out oh wait there's a thing oh15218.044.239
yeah dude I just got ice shards we don't15220.63.24
need to go to the mountain oh yeah we15222.2792.92
don't need to go all I got to do is hit15223.845.439
people got a ceramic jar a jar what you15225.1996.04
going to do a jar baby hell yeah what15229.2793.281
you going to do with your nice jar put15231.2395.08
some Jam in it hell15232.563.759
yeah all right Gres hopefully our shit's15239.1995.16
still there I'm really hoping so yes ah15241.525.16
I hate this thing I feel like I15244.3593.84
shouldn't have talked so much [ __ ] about15246.686.559
it no no I mean we should have no no on15248.1997.24
me and hopefully there are stuff's here15253.2394.601
all right I see some stuff oh it went15255.4393.96
down back up back up back up back up sh15257.844.559
okay okay I'm back I'm back there's the15259.3998.72
plop come on come on oh come on oh guys15262.3997.8
come on there we go oh we going to get15268.1195.16
it nope not that time back up okay15270.1995.0
mistake I made up15273.2795.16
up okay I think looking at me I can get15275.1996.0
my stuff huh you getting it all right it15278.4396.561
is so low on health man got my stuff we15281.1996.16
just need one more plop don't we yeah I15285.04.0
can't even wait to get my stuff should15287.3594.12
we uh move in move in moving in I'd like15289.04.159
to see you try to15291.4795.521
plop I wait for him to fall him back15293.1596.2
he's going to plop flopping don't get in15297.05.92
the middle though consider it yep get it15299.3595.161
what a dumb move even though it killed15302.925.96
me woo come on come on man get15304.528.36
it yeah15308.884.0
what a [ __ ] punk ass punk ass15323.926.76
[ __ ] [ __ ] ass you ain't [ __ ]15327.4395.201
yeah what do you got goddamn pregnant15330.684.12
tapeworm looking piece of [ __ ] you go15332.644.519
straight to Hell Yep looks like it left15334.84.88
a little package down here oh good you15337.1594.681
have learned new recipes it's always15339.683.719
nice yeah you want to come over here and15341.842.92
read this too15343.3993.72
oh wo15344.766.2
wo come on now come on did you get the15347.1196.601
stuff I I guess I learned new recipes is15350.964.319
that going to that's what we got was15353.723.96
[ __ ] recipes we just killed the15355.2793.92
[ __ ] mayor of flavor town and just15357.686.679
got recipes it was a clearly a cook15359.1995.16
God this is a precarious place to be15368.64.28
isn't it precarious does that mean d15371.046.439
dous uh yes p r e c a r i u s I'm not15372.886.439
sure how you spell it oh boy careful15377.4795.84
that's not how you spell it thought it15379.3197.281
was oh it's a bonfire yeah anybody up15383.3195.361
there oh je what the hell is that no no15386.65.0
no oh God it's a buzzer person boy okay15388.684.719
I'm sitting here I don't know he just15391.64.04
ran right past never seen anything like15393.3995.521
that okay oh yeah we can do damage boys15395.645.92
oh yeah yeah we down wait for the tag15398.925.479
out yeah yeah am I in or you yeah go in15401.566.2
go in go in why not boy oh oh jeez he15404.3995.241
hit me he hit me a couple times I'm here15407.765.12
let me know get back15409.643.24
brotherz all right all right get going15413.2396.401
in oh God oh God yeah he nailed me again15416.4398.601
too hold on he's almost dead there right15419.647.639
Buzzard would have been nice to see what15425.044.52
was in them yeah yeah no kidding well we15427.2793.801
can always go down there and oh there's15429.563.4
another one is there there's more of15431.083.159
those things I see oh yeah they're down15432.964.12
there too all right oh I see Nest holy15434.2394.321
[ __ ] what was he guarding I don't know15437.083.239
let's go check it out oh there's Bones15438.563.52
and [ __ ] up here how'd that thing build15440.3193.601
this fire you got no hands you have15442.083.96
hands well I think he might had little15443.923.84
hands at the end of his wings right oh15446.044.119
God guys there's a cave here oh yeah15447.764.16
hold on let me get my health up yeah I15450.1594.12
agree eat my bugs and look at this the15451.925.04
cold not bothering us oh we've just this15454.2795.361
is Jill's Roost so just so you know this15456.965.56
is Jill's Place Jill it's NE from15459.645.0
YouTube I think we killed Jill oh that15462.523.919
may have been the Buzzard I don't know15464.645.4
okay I thought she lived in the15466.4393.601
cave holy [ __ ] yeah I'm not sure how we15471.964.56
ended up here by going through that15474.4794.601
thing way down there okay well you know15476.524.719
magic yep it is all M it's a magical15479.085.0
world holy [ __ ] what that's a big wall15481.2396.12
over there yeah yep and uh by the looks15484.085.56
of the map it's a big area yeah I don't15487.3593.8
want to mess with that place right now15489.643.88
no we're not ready for it yeah let's15491.1594.721
Let's Travel back down maybe we can uh15493.525.12
loot up through those idiots down there15495.885.2
and uh head back home okay are you uh15498.644.719
did we go the same way hello where where15501.086.119
are you thick thick where did you go oh15503.3595.88
thick my bad I was going up and you were15507.1994.361
saying down no down no that's the15509.2394.361
direction we have to go right so I'm15511.565.4
just going to uh go down just going to15513.66.92
drop n God damn it did you drop15516.967.239
effectively nope okay shut up oh God15520.526.639
scorpions [ __ ] right at the base there h15524.1995.681
a little bit they don't see me okay oh15527.1595.921
some are bigger than the others okay are15529.885.04
you going to come down I'm coming down15533.084.239
properly okay I'm hiding in a bush good15534.928.279
for you all right HH HH you got your you15537.3197.561
got all your weapons and stuff I'm just15543.1993.681
going to try to go around the threats15544.883.72
all right just kind of boy you are15546.884.12
you're there a big one over15548.64.839
here looking back at the bush you're15551.03.52
saying you were going to hide or and you15553.4392.641
were out in the open all right well I15554.524.04
hid and then then I made my way in the15556.085.8
world today kind of remember that joke15558.565.679
we're still kind of off of it but we're15561.884.8
making our way South making our way in15564.2396.361
the world today T everything you got15566.686.679
what's that from taking a break from all15570.66.44
your worries sure would help a lot you15573.3595.641
could be working or learning a new skill15577.044.439
instead of spinning all you got wouldn't15579.05.64
you like to go15581.4793.161
everybody knows your15590.885.84
name come on dris I'm making my way I15593.685.2
just don't want to mess15596.726.679
up everything you got sing a song making15598.8810.04
a way in the world today Tak everything15603.3997.681
you got I wish we could do a video where15608.924.76
Dr doesn't sing that sure would help a15611.084.92
lot what do y'all think about the tree15613.685.08
what tree shut up about your [ __ ]15616.06.68
tree nobody gives a [ __ ] alcohol won't15618.765.559
save the15622.686.96
day sometimes you got to go15624.3195.321
everybody I'm out15630.1594.731
of the boat15632.3595.761
all right neebs you got the shield yes I15648.66.32
do you got the knives yeah they're uh15650.925.68
they're getting a little worn though I15654.923.72
uh I need to get to a Smithy yeah that's15656.63.599
the thing I want to go home and make my15658.643.4
my clothes are on got the crappy clothes15660.1994.16
on my sword starting to wear out what is15662.045.6
it oh it's another bat creature two okay15664.3595.601
so why don't we kill this guy or kill15667.644.36
them both and then see what's inside of15669.964.239
them okay okay yeah since the other one15672.05.239
fell all right I think we can do that15674.1994.481
buzzards so there's nothing to the right15677.2393.841
or left so I can swing no problem with15678.684.2
this there we go you should be able to15681.082.96
fight with that in your hand all right15682.884.88
good uh come on guys should we here I'll15684.045.0
I'll lure the one that's closest all15687.763.2
right we'll switch out all right start15689.044.6
I'll stay back hey come on all right I'm15690.964.239
bringing him this way okay am I fighting15693.643.32
first for you yeah let's get let's get15695.1993.721
out here in the open open okay all right15696.964.359
first ready sum first oh that's not out15698.924.08
in the open though yeah you went15701.3194.08
upstairs all right so I'll go back down15703.04.199
son of a [ __ ] come back out the open15705.3992.641
right you got watch when he does is a15708.043.64
wing attack you got to run away cuz that15710.3593.08
wing attack hurts who's fighting I'm15711.685.4
fighting still oh yeah hey I I just said15713.4394.92
I'm fighting I know I know I know I15717.083.44
jumped in I I made him bleed all right15718.3594.401
well I think I can take down the son of15720.523.639
a [ __ ] now hey I'm getting I'm getting15722.763.439
a lot of frost on my scre almost you15724.1594.681
need me to jump in go holy [ __ ] I didn't15726.1994.321
realize there's two of them be careful15728.844.559
oh yep I seiz him oh my stamina up guys15730.524.44
my uh my Health's going down man I'm15733.3993.04
cold I'm useless right now all right we15736.4394.72
got to kill these guys quick and go man15739.3594.76
my health is not doing well I'm crazy15741.1595.521
hurt right now so am I all right15744.1194.681
tactical Retreat tactical Retreat15746.684.28
tactical Retreat tactical Retreat we're15748.83.76
choosing to retreat okay yep now I'm15750.963.159
very cold so all right my Health's going15752.564.36
up all okay uh nice seeing you guys oh15754.1194.24
God there's a guy15756.923.8
outside right outside the front door God15758.3594.681
damn it did he respawn now coming in15760.724.96
coming in oh we are sandwiched in a bad15763.044.68
way oh God we got to run through the guy15765.684.04
outside R through the guy Retreat run15767.726.92
through the guy outside I for15769.724.92
reason see uh structure must be a little15783.766.24
village up here there's a big penis rock15786.3195.561
that's what we shall forever call it15790.04.64
penis rock big penis rock yes oh did you15791.885.8
get their attention nope okay now you15794.645.479
did they have no way to get to us n they15797.684.04
don't know what to do they have no no15800.1192.761
idea what kind of athletes they're15801.722.639
dealing with they really don't oh15802.884.72
there's a kitty cat or maybe not a kitty15804.3595.521
cat at all that's like a little baby uh15807.64.719
oh it's just a babes yeah yeah I do bab15809.885.599
baby uh Jackal I'm going to take it okay15812.3195.08
we already have one yep can't have15815.4794.0
enough it's like an encampment over15817.3995.241
there God this goes a long way yeah how15819.4795.8
far do we want to look at that wall man15822.643.96
huh okay oh little little bunny yep okay15826.65.16
we're good let's just like peek around15830.1593.881
the B oh15831.765.2
spider [ __ ] that oh they're fighting15834.046.76
people perfect I'm running by15836.966.92
okay I don't have problems with spiders15840.85.72
oh I got15843.885.08
you oh maybe I don't it's it's just15846.524.0
you crowd control I ha so15850.524.719
muchat [ __ ] is15855.4396.561
this God going into a cave I'll go with15858.2795.801
you oh boy there's a lot of spiders in15862.03.88
cave oh my God what are15865.886.599
you what is let's go home I want to go15868.926.239
home holy [ __ ] even a warrior like15872.4794.521
myself couldn't deal with that nonsense15875.1595.521
right now oh boy good God what is all15877.07.319
this [ __ ] pick I'm going15880.683.639
home oh they're following us still ah15885.924.559
it's all right let them follow we're15888.683.08
come up here we're going to jump like15890.4793.081
Mad Men is that what we're doing watch15891.765.16
out vulture oh God yep here we go I'm15893.565.16
following you15896.924.92
buddy don't take my stuff oh Simon this15898.724.519
is where we need to jump get you we need15901.844.16
to stop get your stamina up all right15903.2394.601
ready are we grabbing onto the wall good15906.03.68
luck buddy all right I'm not grabbing15907.843.8
onto the wall did that not grab damn it15909.683.759
oh okay yeah you got hurt too all right15911.643.36
let's sit here and just eat something15913.4394.201
all right damn it they can't get us yeah15915.03.96
we're in a good spot we're in a good15917.642.679
spot right above I think we're right15918.963.92
above the fire pit all right I'm right15920.3194.96
below the fire pit think it's to our15922.884.12
right oh boy hey look I'm drawing him15925.2794.12
away oh you are yeah15927.05.72
beautiful oh boy oh crap yeah Simon15929.3995.321
right down here yeah has knees he's15932.723.84
drawing him away Simon all right crawl15934.724.559
over to this side all right come on come15936.564.719
on you want some of this BL them away15939.2795.441
NES oh boy he's hey come back okay he15941.2797.441
sees me hello hey no over here over here15944.726.439
oh yeah there he is okay all right oh15948.724.599
he's flying he's flying he's he's mad15951.1594.24
he's doing the chicken dance I see him15953.3194.88
Simon where you at buba right here hey15955.3995.441
follow Meep oh he's ignoring me he's15958.1994.24
ignoring me yeah he came back our way I15960.843.599
don't know why see if you can get him to15962.4394.601
go your way mes yes sir hello remember15964.4394.8
me I'm the guy I was just here all right15967.045.359
sweet going down15969.2396.721
oh all right I'm almost at my [ __ ] oh15972.3997.121
damn it all right let's see who's not I15975.965.12
well I'm the sexy one I'm the sexy one15979.524.919
there I am hold on let me can't get my15981.086.119
stuff oh there we go take all boom I'm15984.4396.401
good hello hello hello hello oh boy oh15987.1994.92
is he on15990.844.08
okay can y'all grab my stuff uh no but15992.1195.521
you can here we'll distract him I don't15994.924.6
know if I grabbed my stuff or your stuff15997.645.519
I think I grabed mine great me Lees oh15999.527.2
boy okay get him you go back up the16003.1594.841
mountain you get in the same way we'll16006.724.92
keep him distracted here hey Buzzard bit16008.06.479
oh boy God he got16011.646.36
close yo oh boy there's a bird coming at16014.4796.121
me oh crap can i k oh catch something16018.05.399
catch something catch crap how did I not16020.65.719
oh boy I think I went too far down oh16023.3995.601
boy where you at neebs I don't know oh16026.3193.92
no I see you you're good you're good16029.03.76
keep going down down yeah down16030.2394.401
okay look right below you yeah you're16032.764.12
you're right near the path oh16034.644.28
good oh yeah there it is we've almost16036.884.96
killed this guy so you're good all right16038.925.76
oh yeah he's going down he's dead that's16041.845.04
it beautiful get your [ __ ] A we call it16044.684.96
a day yes sir Jil what needes again is16046.885.64
it too early to say successful Mission16049.645.559
um no no I think yeah no successful16052.524.839
Mission Simon I think it's too early to16055.1993.761
say no it isn't he's getting his stuff16057.3593.441
right now NES you get your stuff right16058.963.76
yep successful mission16060.83.8
Mission Simon went too early all right16062.725.759
and scene did Simon take my stuff16064.67.16
probably well is my stuff there I see my16068.4796.68
body and ab's body yeah I have iron bars16071.766.32
I never had iron bars just take my [ __ ]16075.1595.521
and then we'll settle up later [ __ ] swap16078.085.76
successful Mission16080.683.16
successful oh look at that place that16084.686.88
looks nice I should check it out uh I16087.67.2
hope der made at home okay but this16091.566.839
place looks like it might have16094.87.88
treasure and I love treasure thick is16098.3999.361
that you hello thick H behind you thick16102.687.88
behind you I'm a man a woman man man16107.764.599
woman man16110.566.839
woman just a man got that yeah you got16112.3597.201
that watch out bunny rabbit bunny rabbit16117.3993.401
behind you16119.564.96
bunny ah you got me all right what what16120.85.24
is this place I don't know I didn't go16124.524.28
home though I I know I see I felt more16126.045.92
wandery I wanted to see more okay wandry16128.87.08
wandry is that like uh Elmer fud doing16131.966.68
yes fud16138.643.28
jokes rolling we got audio on five16149.965.64
tracks everyone16152.926.6
talk all right Che hello hello talk for16155.65.839
real you son of a [ __ ] it's all16159.524.28
represent hey I'm on the red microphone16161.4394.081
this I'm right here here talk normal16165.527.08
normal please talk16169.765.08
normal there's no way to get a [ __ ]16172.63.759
there's no way to get an actual [ __ ] it16174.842.639
I'll just leave it the way it is tell16176.3595.08
the levels are good jul child we're good16177.4795.281
we're good16181.4394.161
you get what you get Alex hey check one16182.764.92
two all right too late okay too late16185.63.759
sorry yeah you're going to you're going16187.684.12
to save this for the behind the scenes I16189.3595.561
was say I my open do16191.85.599
it all right [ __ ] talk for real you16194.925.319
talk for Real Jesus Christ need to come16197.3994.481
gosh why can't you just work with me16200.2393.08
here you always got these tiny little16201.884.12
Whispers well sometimes I whisper a lot16203.3194.12
of times I want to be loud sometimes16206.03.6
sometimes I want to talk loud all right16207.4393.601
that's it the point is though when you16209.64.36
talk loud sometimes just scream well you16211.047.04
scream sometimes too yeah scream I scam16213.969.239
you happy you happy now yep okay16218.088.1
Yep this is when we usually roll on16223.1996.14
video all right put it on NE been16239.964.199
talking about it all morning yep yep yep16242.3194.241
yep yep here we go well it's just makes16244.1595.0
me stronger I think oh wow look at that16246.564.559
okay makes me stronger right uh yeah16249.1594.28
look at me look at me okay it's uh look16251.1194.24
at the shoulder why why you so you need16253.4395.241
nees what do I need you need heart heart16255.3594.721
that's what you need what do you mean16258.683.16
the passion to kick ass do you got the16260.083.44
passion to kick ass I've always had that16261.843.639
I probably got too much of that um well16263.524.44
I'll take better shirt I'll take some a16265.4794.72
well I can't do your push-ups sir I'm16267.963.72
ready to kick ass today you ever heard16270.1993.16
that for pH you can't do your push-ups16271.683.04
Simon all right I'm going to kick ass16273.3593.12
myself then there you go today's going16274.723.2
to be a good day what are we doing s why16276.4793.121
don't you upgrade your armor well I mean16277.924.559
you know wait now speaking of armor16279.64.48
where is this isn't there a lady the16282.4795.76
dancer yeah what hey Tesla she cured my16284.085.92
corruption no you're looking at her like16288.2393.561
a creep you're being a creep right now16290.03.56
no I'm not being a creep you're all16291.83.24
squatting you're staring you got a16293.563.32
little squinty eye look at you you know16295.043.119
what I'm eyeing up though he has a sword16296.883.08
out too that's creepy yeah everything16298.1593.881
about you right now just says creep is16299.964.56
it really yeah I'm the creep look at me16302.044.079
look how I'm doing yeah I'm squatting16304.523.4
and staring right at your breast16306.1194.2
speaking of breasts what taking her16307.925.479
clothes off damnn right she's got armor16310.3195.401
I need armor that's how you get armor16313.3994.241
you Ste from the armor you just steal it16315.724.2
from the stripper is isn't that isn't16317.644.92
that a good thing to do look at that16319.926.0
that's creepy how do I look h Huh like a16322.564.559
stripper yeah it actually looks pretty16325.923.399
good yeah I'm sure I do this is going to16327.1194.24
protect me I'm excited about this just16329.3193.761
like needs is excited about his chest16331.3593.201
plate you look like you're ready to go16333.084.399
to the royal ball I'm ready to ball16334.568.04
that's all right that right sure so yeah16337.4798.601
let's go ball all right let's go16342.66.519
ball so now what is there a16346.088.039
plan yeah you cut the the next scene oh16349.1195.0
good holy [ __ ] what there's a giant bat16354.3598.88
looking at me well talk talk to it no16358.766.84
not without you I have nothing to say to16363.2394.88
it you do you got to face your fears16365.69.679
okay it's a big b okay woo oh boy there16368.11911.28
come in oh there's hey hi hello okay16375.2797.84
just up here are your fears to be fa let16379.3995.64
see let me see what you're talking about16383.1194.76
because okay just up this ramp and then16385.0395.68
right over here and just up the see16387.8795.76
these are steps right here oh yeah okay16390.7195.521
if you if you'll if you'll notice at the16393.6394.73
top careful now16396.244.0
no no no no it's a big old oh it's like16400.247.24
the one from uh Ace16405.3594.321
venturaa I'll bet you it can fly cuz16407.483.79
it's a16409.683.039
bat all right Go Get It Go Get It dur16412.7196.72
alas well this is your oh wow it's like16416.526.32
a that's a weird bat person thingy16419.4396.36
that's not your average bat duras look16422.846.279
at him just oh wait let me uh what you16425.7994.881
know what I'm going to do what I'm going16429.1195.76
throw a gas bomb at him okay16430.684.199
oh oh God okay oh okay all right that's16442.525.119
good backing up backing oh [ __ ] I am16445.684.359
close to dead oh wow oh boy did we lose16447.6395.64
him is he dead ni no oh God how he walks16450.0396.201
I don't like it either oh God what was16453.2796.0
that move I've got to heal up somehow he16456.245.959
sees me where where are you uh I'm16459.2795.801
underneath these stairs going have to16462.1996.0
hit him long range that's creepy [ __ ]16465.085.481
yeah get him get his get him there get16468.1994.961
him I'm going bring him right to16470.5614.759
you this is the way to do it we just16473.166.401
lead him like I am I have no16475.326.799
Health blue16479.5616.078
oo okay what is oh what's he doing16482.1195.52
what's he doing oh I don't know hitting16485.6394.961
him with arrows okay he walks weird yeah16487.6395.56
he does wow he just takes his time too16490.64.88
he adds drama to it yeah must be an16493.1994.561
actor oh I bet he knows the yeah I16495.485.239
guarantee he's right around the corner I16497.765.439
might die why how well from getting hit16500.7195.24
I assume but don't die thick oh he's16503.1994.561
coming at you again oh he is here it16505.9595.361
come here it come like no God basally16507.764.679
give me up16511.324.559
come on come on [ __ ] oh here we go16512.4397.241
uhoh oh God now we're16515.8793.801
together right on the edge of the world16527.7994.881
guys yeah oh God that's a ton of16529.845.68
scorpions okay ton uh yeah we should16532.685.08
just run around him right sure run yeah16535.524.119
hug yeah run hug the edge of the world16537.763.4
what's beyond the is it more scorpions16539.6393.4
beyond the scor scorpions uh yeah I see16541.163.24
some scorpions down there but uh it's16543.0393.561
clear right over here are they chasing16544.44.2
uh they're fast man oh there's a green16546.64.039
wall here oh Stam is out yeah no yeah16548.64.24
stay aw the wall he's right on you I'm16550.6394.441
glad they're after you come down here16552.843.721
all right all right let's take this16555.082.719
little guy let's take this little guy16556.5614.359
little guy okay yeah yeah oh boy don't16557.7994.961
get near the wall Simon all right hold16560.923.199
on let me do this sorry I already16562.763.92
stabbed sorry right I'm in I'm doing the16564.1195.08
C thing damn it I'm knocked out oh NE16566.683.84
you got one coming up behind you buddy16569.1994.801
okay oh boy take him yeah I wait my turn16570.525.16
all right get in there Simon doing it16574.03.24
the Scorpion16575.683.48
damn salmon that's right that was a nice16579.166.0
hit buddy listen Q is my friend now I16582.485.36
got to remember that yeah lock on yep I16585.164.719
haven't been doing it at all got some16587.844.199
kiten that's a big desert looking place16589.8793.881
over there isn't it yeah so is that16592.0393.76
where we're going uh no I think we're16593.764.801
we're hugging this wall I saw a CO we16595.7994.48
you haven't been there no I know we16598.5613.759
haven't been there but passing right by16600.2794.16
it listen I I I got good good word from16602.323.84
the Goddess adahop that says it's a16604.4393.881
dangerous area all right that we may not16606.164.479
be ready for okay I'm probably ready but16608.324.639
I'll do it later you sure with that big16610.6394.64
heavy ass armor you got on yep you are16612.9596.24
so badass so where we going uh This Way16615.2796.44
uh-huh follow the edge of the world to16619.1994.08
Adventure is this supposed to be a16621.7193.92
surprise Simon I don't know I'm just16623.2794.641
going with the flow did you see that a16625.6394.681
Rolling Rock just fell yep what call16627.923.68
that I don't know but so far it's the16630.323.28
highlight of the scene yep like cool16631.63.961
Rolling Rock more of that in our shows16633.64.199
don't we no [ __ ] she call this thing16635.5614.718
Falling Rocks yeah billion views good16637.7995.111
thumbnail yeah we could show rock16640.2798.961
falling or don't show it it' be like16649.244.28
clickbait wow yeah you won't believe16651.46.719
what happens in this video rock16653.524.599
rolls hey bat is he coming nope he seems16659.844.959
okay with our presence now there's an16663.4393.961
alter up top he had an alter okay I bet16664.7995.0
we got to kill him to use it all right16667.44.319
okay what's the plan from behind him16669.7993.361
you're going around behind Okay smack16671.7194.681
his ass I'm going to get his16673.163.24
attention y y nothing happening here B16677.7196.881
nobody's coming up behind you16680.7993.801
boom got you I I got hits on him I got16684.6395.32
he went he went oh [ __ ] that one hurt16688.04.4
that one hurt that one running running16689.9594.76
like a [ __ ] all right I think he's back16692.46.161
on you yep he can't get me that's where16694.7194.581
I come in with16698.5612.238
the okay that that hurt as well I'm16700.7994.92
almost dead almost16703.05.359
dead yeah how's he looking I'm getting16705.7194.48
away before he hits me I kind of figured16708.3593.6
out his pattern a bit one hit and I'm16710.1995.281
done just saying oh God all right moving16711.9595.041
back moving back moving back I could do16715.484.159
one hit but then I die is it worth it no16717.04.6
no just be the bait yeah but he's coming16719.6394.64
it okay yep okay I'm the bait I'm the16721.66.08
bait oh he's he's coming up16724.2797.68
here oh I'm moving watch out duras oh no16727.687.84
durus oh my16731.9593.561
friend oh wow guys see this what no holy16738.46.039
crap two things one it looks like a uh16742.164.52
an entrance to a place and two that's a16744.4395.0
rhino that is a rhino hell yeah uh we16746.684.119
should probably steer clear that guy huh16749.4393.76
yeah yeah well we'll do that just for16750.7995.961
for caution oh what is this place we16753.1996.44
going in um we'll take a peek I don't16756.765.119
see anybody why wouldn't we go in we you16759.6393.881
never know what's going to be here these16761.8794.08
people are eyeball worshippers they like16763.526.041
the old eyeball they like to see who oh16765.9596.48
there's somebody over there oh hello hey16769.5615.318
we are travelers from afar and don't try16772.4395.321
to mess with me cuz I found Q he knows16774.8794.801
how to lock on to people he discovered16777.764.28
that today don't test him16779.683.72
s you may want to put the sword away you16782.043.0
don't look very friendly do you well I16783.44.16
don't need to he needs to look friendly16785.046.08
hello hello hello oh my God he actually16787.565.238
might be friendly that'd be great16791.123.12
wouldn't it look at this yeah I can walk16792.7983.882
right up to him hello let's see oh we16794.245.04
found super miru the city of Relic16796.684.52
Hunters should I talk to him you talk to16799.284.518
him um he's not saying anything he might16801.24.72
just be a guard you just a guard we just16803.7984.84
going to walk through I guess we're good16805.925.6
we're going in this is a full-on village16808.6387.282
wow look at this place this is nice now16811.526.278
we're talking hey look there's another16815.924.52
guy where's the canena I want a16817.7985.16
margarita and some burritos you think16820.444.68
they have a Cantina hope so well if you16822.9583.522
need water there's a nice little pool16825.122.518
right there in the middle I see why they16826.482.398
would have built houses around this16827.6385.32
place oh yeah this place is fantastic I16828.8787.76
know door's open take a look yeah let's16832.9585.522
take a look hello hello can you get in16836.6384.762
hello hello ah no well that's just a tea16838.485.52
isn't it kind of is peek in there though16841.45.52
y oh that's somebody's house okay hey16844.05.718
ladies we're new in16846.922.798
town that always16849.8783.722
works he is he's low we can get him dude16853.7985.92
he's coming towards you dude he is16857.364.2
coming towards me he's coming towards16859.7183.962
you I could hit him but he's going to16861.564.56
[ __ ] me up real quick oh he's going16863.686.16
faster yep he is you don't go16866.126.36
faster I like when make that noise16869.845.44
usually means I'm16872.482.8
scared that one oh he's go get16876.7985.202
him get him get away thick get away16882.46.2
thick [ __ ] bats16884.6387.0
God you're facing your fears thick proud16888.64.88
of you stupid I'm coming in from behind16891.6383.042
I'm going to hit him I'm going to hit16893.483.84
him H him destroy his legs clip his16894.684.64
wings oh he's coming after me did you16897.323.96
know what his name was thick nope White16899.325.398
right now appropriate here it com boom16901.285.48
boom God we're good out we're so good16904.7183.802
now he took some health down I'm16906.765.16
surrendered it says [ __ ] come on I Never16908.526.04
Surrender I die before I Surrender I've16911.924.038
proven that by the way me too I do the16914.565.76
same thing now he's on me oh16915.9587.442
no delius16920.325.44
no I can't wait to make you the best16923.48.8
armor ever buddy H I'm back oh Kate16925.769.64
oh and now you're yeah here we go boom16932.26.28
get get shot that you get16935.46.6
him okay I can't16938.483.52
move you killed my friend16942.244.04
sick going die you son of a16946.285.56
bat okay16951.848.16
W whatever here need my uh let's see16955.247.96
which one's mine where's me where's me16960.07.6
mhm take all put on the sword he's so16963.27.24
close dude oh here's my stuff there he16967.64.88
is come on he's coming he's coming come16970.443.68
on get him right here get him right16972.482.86
there get him16974.122.678
right all right where's he at oh come on16976.7989.08
come on back I know good okay here's I'm16981.445.84
going to I'm going to get him right this16985.8787.0
is the time ah shut it you shut16987.289.04
it oh here we go16992.8788.202
yeah wa wa I'm sorry oh16996.329.04
[ __ ] delius I'm so17001.084.28
sorry I was very excited in the17006.287.92
moment oh man you'll spawn back though17009.488.08
I'm back17014.23.36
you got to tell you Simon I am I am more17022.323.318
than impressed with this lady's17024.443.48
athleticism oh yeah I mean that basket17025.6383.842
is what really does it for me right17027.924.12
doing all that with a basket hey this17029.484.318
place is great oh nebes finally where17032.044.4
you been yeah talking to people doing17033.7987.642
stuff uh look what I learned uh bam take17036.447.96
and Shake It Out twist and tighten up I17041.443.88
don't think you should show that to17044.43.2
anybody it's called snake dance oh I17045.324.96
like it so what do you think boy I think17047.63.76
I'd like it if it weren't coming from17050.282.72
you okay if it were coming from old17051.364.04
basket over here all right well still17053.05.0
it's pretty cool it's brand new skill17055.44.36
all right who'd you learn that from uh17058.03.84
there's couple ghost dancing ghost17059.764.52
around the corner the [ __ ] yep weird is17061.846.038
it very all right so what now um I saw a17064.285.438
place over here I want to check out all17067.8784.202
right following me17069.7187.0
yep so this place here looks like they17072.088.04
might serve food and beer oh the17076.7187.722
bartender yep okay hello sir oh this is17080.127.0
like the the male Hooters hello17084.446.12
everybody wait this is Conan seriously17087.126.16
says Conan is that Conan talk to him AB17090.564.238
Conan what's up what's up with the male17093.283.92
strippers yeah you know what it's okay17094.7985.882
yeah he flies that way hello Mr Nan so17097.26.69
you live and we meet17100.685.72
again it's not too late to get back on17106.44.72
my crucifix he wants us to get back on17109.03.6
the Cru what's he say he says it's not17111.122.96
too late to get back on the crucifix if17112.63.76
we want any fool can see that you need17114.084.24
answers yeah we need answers left17116.365.24
hanging for the vultures on that cross a17118.325.76
cursed bracelet that keeps you trapped17121.64.84
in this place oh guys our bracelets are17124.083.96
cursed that's what's keeping us here oh17126.445.4
really I have traveled far and seen much17128.046.04
but nowhere have I seen Gods as I see17131.845.84
them in this land these avatars that17134.085.558
stalk and spread destruction in their17137.686.24
wake these are not Gods these are what17139.6387.352
men want Gods to be17143.927.44
weapons there is a woman I freed her17151.366.16
from the cross just as I did you it's a17155.084.08
bit longwinded is he yeah yeah he's he's17157.523.198
a he's a chatter box he's a chatter box17159.164.24
old Conan all right hey Conan says if we17160.7185.642
have news of Raza aim let him know so if17163.45.28
we run across a guy named razza we let17166.364.92
Conan know about it razza aim I tell you17168.684.4
Conan I'm bad with names so I don't know17171.283.56
if I remember that remember Raza I need17173.083.92
a way to remember it like R remember17174.844.64
rise from friends no there wasn't a Ros17177.05.08
and friend Ross there was a Rachel Ross17179.484.8
it was Ross well Ross is close enough17182.084.2
for Ross Ross and17184.284.598
yep all right dras y I saw something17188.8785.68
with this you got to put blood in there17192.165.2
or something got the staff of17194.5585.122
triumverate where'd you get that when I17197.364.84
killed that thing check this out what17199.684.92
thing the bat thing the bat thing no no17202.25.678
when I killed the snake what yeah oh and17204.65.52
now I'm crafting something crafting17207.8786.362
awaken staff of the triumverate wow all17210.126.678
right some magic [ __ ] Happening Here17214.245.84
well I just see blue blue wavy W okay17216.7985.442
now I have the staff what can I do with17220.083.0
staff that's it I don't uh did you get17223.086.0
it I I did hold what if I put it if I17226.844.84
put it back in here uh-huh oh wait wait17229.085.2
wait wait okay so what's down by these17231.684.92
other parts uh I'm going to look let's17234.283.84
go see I'm going to look you want I'll17236.63.56
I'll go left I'm going to go left too so17238.123.678
we're not split up okay what else did17240.164.52
you get in of danger huh in case of17241.7986.682
danger um I'm going to stand on it o ooh17244.686.44
this feels good oh I like that yeah17248.484.52
right up in the yeah it's like a taint17251.126.32
there yep it's it's it's cool yeah all17253.06.08
right well that does nothing winter17257.443.24
green Tain all right I'm going back for17259.083.32
the staff I got to figure this out what17260.683.48
else did you get from that bat I got his17262.44.88
head can I have the head uh yeah I guess17264.165.04
I mean cuz you get like magical [ __ ] and17267.283.16
all this stuff at least I can put the17269.24.64
head on my wall or something so little17270.445.438
Keepsake you get all the cool stuff I17273.843.32
don't know what to do with this staff17275.8782.802
man I don't I don't know what to tell17277.164.16
you all right here let's uh let me try17278.684.958
try something okay don't forget about17281.324.76
that head though never never forget well17283.6384.24
you just keep moving away all right17286.085.36
let's go this way I'll see if I can oh I17287.8787.162
can place a staff down okay it says17291.448.92
talk yes yes I live again oh May the17295.048.32
Earth tremble at my coming and all of17300.365.56
that oh17303.365.96
hello hello17305.923.4
staff okay where where we going now I'm17311.084.718
following you all day like I don't know17314.323.76
I'm just exploring I'm in an exploring17315.7984.042
kind of mood oh yeah that castle looks17318.084.718
cool oh look at that oh yeah look at17319.844.64
that like those those like one of those17322.7983.682
walls that talk to you oh should I talk17324.483.398
to it you're probably going to get17326.483.078
corrupted is that with the purple means17327.8783.242
uh oh yeah oh God I'm getting corruption17329.5582.762
right now all right let let me see what17331.122.88
this wall has to say I know where some17332.324.28
dancers are hey a t a tune bracelet what17334.04.878
is that mean a tune means a tuna in17336.65.24
Spanish could be a tuna bracelet oh hey17338.8784.84
I just I I tuned an obelisk and I gained17341.843.718
a level oh wait I want to do that yeah17343.7183.562
everybody everybody uh get your bracelet17345.5585.32
a tuned okay uh graining corruption17347.287.0
bisa tuned you have gained a level all17350.8785.84
right you've gained a level rock on17354.284.48
beautiful I love it that's two levels I17356.7186.282
gained today nice okay what's next um I17358.766.038
saw something on the map a big like a17363.03.558
big blue Pond area I kind of want to see17364.7986.122
that which is this over here17366.5587.24
ah so it's like that's that looks like17370.925.44
it's icy and yet it's next to the desert17373.7984.682
yeah which is weird which is but but17376.364.84
cool it might just be like salt ended17378.485.238
might be yeah it looks like a big Salt17381.24.32
Lake look at these17383.7184.802
trees oh those are crazy looking that17385.524.4
actually it looks like a looks like17388.523.64
people doesn't it yeah oh that is really17389.925.32
creepy it's like people turn into trees17392.165.398
maybe trees turn into people yeah that17395.243.8
looks awesome that's a really cool17397.5583.602
design or they're just very happy17399.045.758
dancing trees yeah that is that is17401.166.36
unnerving po happy cuz they're dancing17404.7984.042
should we get on the water yeah I kind17407.523.48
of want to want to see if I can float17408.844.038
see yeah see how salty it is like the17411.05.718
Dead Sea yeah oh I see chihuahuas17412.8785.68
chihuahuas yeah and that Chihuahua17416.7183.202
chihuaha monsters what you you know what17418.5583.0
you call them yeah but I didn't see it17419.923.24
where'd you see it see these are called17421.5584.4
the shattered Springs ooh well I'm17423.165.16
thirsty so you go get you some shattered17425.9584.68
water y'all see something in the water I17428.325.398
saw a Chihuahua oh God KN okay gas gas17430.6384.802
get out get out get out get out okay17433.7186.92
can't go in that Jesus okay17435.445.198
H smells like eggs huh yeah a little bit17440.9587.322
God to my throat okay can't go in there17445.326.478
I didn't I didn't smell it cuz it's17448.287.32
fake you got no imagination Simon yep17451.7986.682
you're like a wet pair of pants yeah17455.65.358
learn to role play a bit have some17458.485.72
fun y wet stinky pair of pants that's it17460.9585.68
I love I love that that that's a thing17464.25.358
wet pair of pants stinky salimon yep oh17466.6386.482
wet pants name that's it more gas get17469.5586.602
that way go that way go that17473.123.04
way my pants are just damped17477.6387.122
now okay where to abro well I kind of17481.5585.482
want to go into this Castle fight some17484.763.798
skeletons and go into a castle what do17487.042.8
you guys think yeah I think that's a17488.5582.602
good idea all right what do you say17489.842.718
let's make some bed rolls and set them17491.163.32
up out here next episode we're going to17492.5583.962
whoop some skeleton ass I me are we're17494.484.28
not fighting today I mean it's been a17496.524.16
minute okay it's been walking all day17498.762.84
all right well you're still doing your17500.683.68
little prissy dance neees am I yeah17501.64.92
you're like walking in pring walk around17504.362.82
for a minute for17506.523.358
me yep right back to it huh yeah you're17509.8784.882
no I mean you're doing it as you want it17512.65.4
looks it looks amazing now how do you17514.765.118
not end it now yeah exactly you want to17518.05.28
end on something fun right that's fun17519.8785.042
and then come back and just start with17523.284.598
the action okay but promise me next time17524.926.68
we are going to be fighting17527.8785.08
I still doing it you're still doing it17531.62.56
with the shield and sword and everything17532.9583.442
I love it we're going to be fighting17534.164.558
we're going to kill all the skeletons17536.44.84
come at me17538.7182.522
boys it's not17544.764.84
working just punch me I'm I'm trying it17546.7186.402
doesn't work man yeah oh I punched look17549.65.92
Simon can you punch no when17553.126.72
you hold on is that this is my kick oh17555.527.24
there went TR now I bet you I can punch17559.844.958
yeah what have they done what they've17562.763.64
ruined the whole world yeah I can't17564.7983.282
punch at all I just do this weird little17566.43.08
little chicken dance cuz you got to get17568.083.558
into that Crouch thing oh oh there it17569.484.52
went okay all right right anyway come on17571.6384.202
all right we going into this uh this big17574.03.32
castle it's going to be a tough day17575.844.0
nothing works yeah but my as long as17577.323.92
these work I'm17579.845.16
fine as long as my just Shield works I'm17581.247.398
fine yeah your sword not work well just17585.05.68
look at this guy up here somebody think17588.6383.762
high and mighty of himself don't they17590.684.64
there's my sword stand back17592.45.158
boys like a ballet dancer with these17595.324.68
things yep all right somebody else am I17597.5584.4
next yeah you can be next I notice like17600.04.68
locking on like camera goes crazy too17601.9584.522
all W it's all like wobble pants I17604.683.56
didn't get a chance no you didn't cuz I17606.483.8
kicked ass too much yeah you did a lot17608.243.84
of ass kicking let's go up here and talk17610.284.64
to this guy hey we we're here to check17612.085.6
out your Castle y although the greeting17614.924.32
I'd say was a little uh a little17617.684.44
improper she M with ar yeah like that oh17619.246.08
I'm crippled I'm crippled oh boy oh wow17622.125.518
this guy o this guy's big oop sorry17625.324.638
Sonic right in the back I'll take out17627.6384.32
the Archer oh y you get one Archer I'll17629.9583.562
get the other how about that two archers17631.9585.042
okay this one oh oh boy careful oh boy17633.526.56
oh boy I'm hurt this guy I'm hurt come17637.07.0
on baby on Simon the good job that's17640.087.76
right woo all right s you fighting him17644.07.2
yep come on baby ow hit with arrows why17647.844.798
am I getting17651.24.04
shot what why are they just shooting me17652.6384.08
I don't know man they like you like17655.243.04
there's like three of us maybe they saw17656.7184.202
bad Arthur oh watch out you just came in17658.284.56
me buddy listen it just throws you in17660.924.12
there doesn't it all right oh stamina17662.845.56
stamina back away Simon back away it oh17665.046.4
there we go got him all right everybody17668.45.92
heal up we we go into this place all17671.444.6
right all17674.324.92
right all right all right all right we s17676.045.16
right a lot don't we17679.244.76
all right all17681.22.8
right wi dang dang17688.684.6
dras yes thick check out this oh you got17715.25.4
new armor too I did I needed to I needed17718.444.92
to do it I did wow yes you you look17720.64.68
reptilian yeah because of uh I got17723.364.68
recipes from that uh the snake the sewer17725.285.76
snake oh you lucky [ __ ] cuz I didn't17728.045.32
remember that when I didn't I do I'm17731.043.96
okay with this though I kind yeah you17733.362.96
look great man you know what that makes17735.02.84
me think of thick what's that you17736.324.6
remember the the series V yeah yeah they17737.845.28
like remade it and it was a hotter Diana17740.923.958
and everything but uh you know what's17743.123.518
weird about it like when you find out17744.8784.562
that they're reptiles yeah I still17746.6385.282
wanted to do Diana you know what I mean17749.444.32
I still would you muscle through17751.923.12
probably a reference that no one's going17753.764.08
to get but I know what you're talking17755.044.24
about and that just shows you that I'm17757.843.798
old would you do Diana knowing she's a17759.285.2
reptile no okay I'm busy with like17761.6386.682
regular normal humans sexual yeah I'd17764.485.238
get some reptile love and I just wanted17768.323.558
to put that out there right now we look17769.7184.84
like we own this place right uh ours17771.8785.362
seem happy yeah yeah whatever they're17774.5585.802
just people um so hey do you want an17777.245.28
adventure didn't we just do an adventure17780.364.278
are we ever done adventuring dur alas17782.523.358
ready I love it baby I'm even more ready17785.8785.482
all right now I'm now I'm ready where's17789.125.56
your sword oops I just drank some water17791.368.48
uh right oh God right here right here17794.689.84
yeah roll backwards um that way wait I17799.846.28
got to re I got to rebind my keys I17804.523.48
guess [ __ ] all right that would have17806.123.4
been really cool all right we'll do that17808.03.798
and then we'll go off why can't I I used17809.523.76
to be able to do this don't worry about17811.7982.76
it oh you can't roll because of your17813.286.518
armor oh [ __ ] [ __ ] this armor yep nice17814.5587.802
try Winter17819.7982.562
Soldier Simon yo you see that statue of17825.7986.402
that forearmed dog is that a dog uh I17829.485.76
don't know but I do notice the forearms17832.25.64
yeah y coming yeah I guess so you ready17835.244.84
everybody healed up you got your tickets17837.844.32
uh no I don't have a ticket tickets no17840.083.32
no tickets you're not taking a ticket17842.163.08
I'm just walking in [ __ ] yourself taking17843.44.04
tickets all right all right you're17845.245.96
getting kicked out see uh is this a door17847.447.24
we can open yep17851.29.08
e nothing oh hello hello hello ghost17854.687.6
know anything it's just a room huh is17860.283.72
this just a big old disappointment17862.283.64
Factory huh I mean that looks like it17864.03.638
should open maybe it's cuz y' didn't17865.925.12
have tickets oh wait the guy's up front17867.6386.802
again oh good screw him I don't know17871.045.758
what to do there's nothing here um17874.444.68
there's another structure to the east of17876.7984.242
here well I mean yeah let's go check it17879.123.64
out we got nothing else going on cuz I17881.042.88
was I was hoping that place would be17882.763.08
adventurous are these just like really17883.924.6
big altars I don't know I mean that17885.844.44
looks like a castle you can go into and17888.523.24
explore we're going to fight this guy17890.283.518
again or just run by just run by him all17891.765.038
right follow me what a [ __ ] tease hello17893.7986.282
see you y yep we know we know ow oh I'm17896.7985.482
getting hit with arrows zigzag baby zag17900.084.6
you can dve zigzag I don't know yeah I17902.283.358
don't know why you guys are here17904.682.76
worshiping there's nothing there it's a17905.6386.482
[ __ ] hole stamina forgot about17907.444.68
that okay what do your peepers see dur17912.844.798
alas what' you say what do your peepers17915.65.24
see more stuff see straight ahead there17917.6386.602
yeah forgotten city of zela Shela wait a17920.846.64
minute that's a place in Mexico zela Oh17924.245.84
my God it's got like snorkeling oh it's17927.483.84
a resort Community yeah it's like a17930.084.32
resort going going to be so much fun yes17931.326.72
oh my God okay jackpot tree there's a17934.46.88
bunch of [ __ ] here these are wow lots of17938.046.36
gorillas look at this fine house to the17941.287.12
left well gorilla guarded of course yeah17944.45.158
I'm looking forward to getting a17948.44.398
margarita while I'm here myself as well17949.5585.282
nothing like a good margarita not with17952.7984.362
that [ __ ] mixer stuff no that's17954.845.718
oversweet that are some goddamn quo you17957.165.558
put quo in a margarita I'm going to beat17960.5583.482
someone's ass what do you like in a17962.7184.08
margarita I like Patron oh oh wow you're17964.044.88
like I'm a fancy man that's overly fancy17966.7984.202
though that's it's not necessary all17968.925.44
right little herur or luna oh at the17971.06.12
dock fine okay climb I feel like we're17974.365.32
going to get split up oh nope I'm coming17977.124.678
back around around oh there's four17979.684.08
gorilla down here we're in a gorilla17981.7985.202
Resort yeah I mean four gorillas we'll17983.765.958
be fine and they all go to Gold's Gym17987.04.878
yeah we get ourselves into Dr we're a17989.7184.202
couple rasal we got ourselves into17991.8784.322
gorillas yep we're going to die yeah why17993.925.36
am I oh God no doubt okay how about in17996.26.678
here what are you doing I fell okay I'm17999.285.84
in oh there's a gorilla right here18002.8784.562
that's why I didn't fall no no I fell18005.125.04
because this game's wonky oh right right18007.446.24
up this G two gorillas come good luck18010.166.04
Pig get back up here not well I don't18013.685.36
want to fall again oh all right I I have18016.25.72
an idea what what I'm going Run This Way18019.044.678
boom I'm in the water they'll never get18021.923.84
me in the water do you know where I am18023.7184.24
don't where are you remember where you18025.765.0
fell yeah directly behind that within18027.9584.84
this structure still oh so you're behind18030.763.6
a wall yeah I'm going to I feel like18032.7983.562
going deeper into the tomb there's a18034.363.96
tomb I don't know I'm just calling it18036.363.84
that all right I'm going to come come18038.323.8
back to you try to climb through the18040.24.4
window without getting attacked by a18042.125.2
monkey who's going to hurt a big old18044.65.56
monkey who your big old monkey all right18047.324.16
climbing through the18050.163.798
oh see you18053.9583.322
dalas where are18057.923.44
youis oh boy something tells me he died18064.525.358
some of a [ __ ] we'll hopefully put down18068.165.52
on a bed roll all right I'm in gorilla18069.8785.962
land just wait for18073.686.76
dalas cuz he certainly put down a bed18075.844.6
roll no not right now God damn it you18081.125.32
need help no I'm good but I want to be18084.324.8
like a hero all right we'll be a hero oh18086.444.64
oh we got another scorpion coming he's18089.123.92
our friend hey NOP they just okay they18091.084.2
just want you all right oh boy they are18093.044.12
they'll never catch me I'll go to the18095.284.4
Oasis and eat man they don't care18097.165.16
nothing about us They Don't running I18099.684.878
must have like do I smell bad is there a18102.325.16
scent on me the skeletons these things18104.5584.042
smell like18107.485.078
fear yeah take that b off he's my friend18108.66.118
oh God that's a snake that's a cobra oh18112.5584.722
crap Cobra yeah it looks like oh and of18114.7184.84
course he wants me good God look at that18117.284.56
place looks like a a brewery might be18119.5584.802
beer there thank you see it yeah I could18121.844.6
use a beer he's right on your ab I know18124.364.278
that's why I'm CL oh he's CL oh [ __ ]18126.445.0
he's a climber18128.6384.962
sumon for real let me kill this snake18131.443.4
I'm letting you kill him I've been18133.63.64
poisoned oh this isn't good Snak snake's18134.845.038
Dead come on eat eat regenerate you just18137.244.8
relax you're a stressful mess right now18139.8784.68
I know I fell down and I got hurt and my18142.043.96
health is really low and I don't want to18144.5583.16
die because my bed roll is right back18146.04.32
there listen come on up here it's safe I18147.7184.602
will I don't really know some bugs for18150.323.88
sure though eat a few bugs you know what18152.323.84
I bet we could eat that snake eat them18154.24.358
chop up that snake we'll do we're gra a18156.164.52
snake for dinner18158.5585.042
feral flesh feral flesh there must be a18160.684.56
joke around here said it tastes like18163.64.24
chicken tastes like feral flesh yep we18165.246.398
will frell tastes like will Ferell dried18167.845.718
Vick Vick hey yes guess what I didn't18173.5586.08
put down bed roll that's right that's18177.044.16
why I've been waiting a long time but I18179.6383.522
hey I stayed in one spot for you thank18181.23.88
you so much uh I knew you were smart18183.165.44
like that well normally not but today18185.086.12
yes why can't I equi my long sword oh18188.66.0
well I guess I've got this now um how's18191.25.358
it looking around here uh still lots of18194.64.52
gorillas I fought one and killed one was18196.5585.4
it easy it was fairly easy yes as long18199.124.438
as you're Nimble and strong I'm not18201.9583.92
Nimble with this stupid [ __ ] armor on18203.5585.762
you're fcked we got one right there um18205.8786.92
let's try to go right follow me there's18209.325.638
one right in front of us there are two18212.7983.882
of us now and you took one down by18214.9583.642
yourself I know I'm just trying to avoid18216.683.44
conflict because I respect ECT the18218.63.24
gorilla I understand too but this looks18220.124.24
like the place to be in no yeah he18221.844.038
doesn't even look at him doesn't even18224.364.76
see oh there's one up here bet there is18225.8785.92
come on we going to take them yep yes we18229.126.2
are go for it let me know when to tag18231.7988.482
out probably now okay 6 44 baby here I18235.326.0
come here I18240.284.438
come oh yeah that was a good smack right18241.327.398
there all right your turn bam done dude18244.7185.762
hey chop them up get some thick hide18248.7184.322
sure okay right in the butt right in18250.485.318
that butt what a sexy18253.047.12
animal okay who is it Jane Goodall oh18255.7987.08
yeah is that the girl woman yeah do you18260.165.52
think she ever did the thing with them18262.8784.322
like that one lady that used to rub out18265.684.76
Dolphins uh I hope not I hope not too18267.24.88
but you know whatever it takes for18270.443.64
careful dallies yep that's how you died18272.084.52
last time I know I know how I died damn18274.086.92
it that's how I died last time thick18276.64.4
this is a nice spot yeah especially with18282.284.438
the brewery is that a oh it's a rabbit18284.45.0
careful Simon rabbit I know believe me18286.7184.362
yeah you're going to kill it aren't you18289.43.478
you know what I swung twice and I missed18291.085.24
so you're safe my little18292.8785.962
friend so you think this is a brewery18296.324.68
huh I mean what else would it be I don't18298.844.4
know is that a big horn oh no it looks18301.03.84
like a uh looks like they were in the18303.244.12
middle of building a statue oh no18304.844.118
they're working on a statue there's a18307.364.96
guy here okay okay oh we got some trades18308.9585.442
guys maybe let's see if he's uh let's18312.323.92
see if he's friendly hey union break18314.44.88
guys come on oh this is um Mara's hope18316.246.558
all right hey hey buddy just say hi hi18319.285.24
you uh oh wow they're friendly working18322.7985.282
on this statue hello okay I'm nebes uh18324.525.16
we're just uh we thought this was a18328.084.4
brewery do you have beer we like beer no18329.683.958
these are hardworking guys they don't18332.483.8
have beer hardworking guys drink beer18333.6384.482
well I mean some hardworking guys drink18336.284.12
beer and some drink water all right so18338.124.32
this this is what this is a shrine right18340.43.64
yeah whose Shrine is this I don't know18342.443.358
can we can we use this in any way oh18344.043.16
there's people over here too oh yeah18345.7983.802
they're getting their worship on oh yeah18347.24.84
who's this wait this isn't my religion18349.64.198
is it I don't know oh hey I found18352.044.16
someone I can talk to Mela the Artis18353.7984.562
what you got baby oh I can learn an18356.25.0
emote I learned an emote called byra18358.364.56
yeah this hey this is my church oh this18361.23.678
is Metra yeah oh these are your people18362.923.56
then these are my people look at this18364.8783.802
hey we got a met your guy here too so18366.483.478
since you're part of the religion they18368.684.16
should offer us uh food and possibly18369.9584.84
women well it says here I can learn the18372.844.0
oh God she's going on man every NPC in18374.7983.682
this game just chatter chatter boxes18376.844.16
don't they sure do so what happens if I18378.485.6
learn religion because uh you know me's18381.05.08
cool but does that mean you you would be18384.083.718
changing religions yeah but I don't want18386.084.12
to do that well then don't do it I will18387.7984.92
not you're such a flip-flop for I will18390.25.358
talk what's up I was deaf to the words18392.7187.322
of the Divine Pilgrim like you I wanted18395.5587.4
aimless but MRA chose me yep she's a nut18400.045.678
see you18402.9585.802
me this place probably is like the18405.7184.722
Myrtle Beach of this world like at one18408.763.798
point it was thriving and fun and then18410.444.16
it's just dirty and it only you can only18412.5584.4
get like oh watch18414.64.6
out who what is that that scared the18416.9584.402
[ __ ] out of me it's not like a normal18419.25.16
regular one I don't like it what are you18421.365.4
let me know18424.362.4
one the hell is it scared the [ __ ] out18426.8785.92
me I'm coming in coming in boom never18433.07.76
sneak up on us like that18437.485.72
again that's like Planet of the Apes18440.767.798
[ __ ] all right oh a you little chocob18443.29.28
chocoo all right back up I speak chocoo18448.5587.16
really you said just like it there we go18452.484.8
good job all right hey we got some18455.7184.362
stairs over here yeah perfect that was18457.286.32
intense God the hell was that thing well18460.085.76
it looked like a like a zombie was like18463.64.68
a blend of a human and a ape wasn't it18465.844.958
oh Jane godall was here and she did the18468.285.8
thing oh no that was her son oh there's18470.7985.242
more of them of course there are oh18474.085.04
looks like a entrance to a place that18476.046.96
looks bad looks wonderful let's do it18479.126.88
this is epic Vic all right what is this18492.045.36
place oh Palace of the witch queen that18498.323.84
sounds abnote18500.8784.562
yeah hello gained a level have you been18502.165.6
sleeping with the gorillas James to the18505.445.32
Palace of the witch18507.763.0
King has someone come after all these18513.486.68
years approach approach18516.7186.882
your queen demands18520.163.44
it so you think anything here is worth a18527.7185.402
[ __ ] I might live here man these are my18530.7185.762
people you know oh hey oh ghost the18533.127.0
ancestors oh God this guy just L laid18536.486.158
down that guy's oh wait look here what18540.125.32
this guy just laid down by this uh it's18542.6385.602
like a book orian journal oh boy a18545.444.56
journal let's read it18548.244.398
well let's not read it let's no well I18550.04.638
read it there's let's follow the other18552.6383.362
ghost you get anything for reading it is18554.6382.842
it worth the read I don't know I didn't18556.05.24
read it you just said you read it did I18557.485.64
didn't you I don't think I did did I18561.244.2
abro you said you read it where did the18563.124.08
other ghost go hey he went up here did18565.443.64
he leave did he leave his book these18567.25.2
feet are Hollow really why I don't know18569.085.08
they brew beer in here probably to save18572.45.2
metal W you jump in there that seems18574.164.92
well yeah I guess I can climb out hold18577.65.44
on sorry yep already did it18579.086.6
ow yep there's another book you found a18583.044.8
book in yours it's like a trap I didn't18585.684.878
jump in one oh it's up here yep torn18587.846.52
diary page oh good oh let's read it no18590.5586.0
that's not that sounds awful there's18594.364.68
nothing in here just an empty boot an18596.5585.16
empty boot yep yep yep an empty boot18599.045.28
climb out sounds Canadian when he says18601.7185.602
that I already went in and out did you18604.326.318
oh [ __ ] he's stuck now not I'll be fine18607.325.16
we may have to leave him you can't leave18610.6383.442
me why don't you do that to somebody18612.482.84
we'll go get food we'll throw it in the18614.084.558
hole for you oh God e out no problem18615.324.96
what would you like for dinner no I'm18618.6382.842
going to get out I don't need anything18620.282.64
for dinner here we go you live in there18621.484.88
now the [ __ ] I'll bring you some uh18622.925.48
don't you abandon me you [ __ ] bring you18626.364.72
some will feral flavored don't you bring18628.46.0
me some will feral flavored feral freshh18631.085.718
water no I don't want any of that that's18634.44.28
what you're getting you bringing me18636.7983.76
anything of will ferals bring me uh18638.684.118
Anchor Man Anor man yeah it's the one18640.5584.042
movie he did I like God damn it why18642.7983.482
can't I get out of this boot down18644.64.0
there's a DVD player in there so you can18646.284.04
read those journals I found and each18648.64.88
your whe F me I'm out bam boom okay18650.325.638
let's get out of here I see something uh18653.484.238
that way I want to go check out unless18655.9584.642
you guys want to kill a giant Rhino yep18657.7184.882
we know ghosts you you wrote books18660.63.8
whoopy [ __ ] they actually look more like18662.64.76
Trapper Keepers remember those uh yes I18664.46.84
do so yeah let's head this way18667.363.88
you guys talk a18672.123.92
lot you talk a lot too act like you18673.524.52
don't talk a lot all right oh jibber18676.044.758
jabber Simon they call you yeah remember18678.045.598
remember uh jabber jaw no I don't what's18680.7985.322
jabber jaw jab jab jab jab jab jab18683.6385.482
jab wasn't it how it went I've never18686.125.518
heard Jab jab jab he was a he was a18689.124.758
shark one of the deadliest creatures on18691.6384.562
Earth or things for that18693.8785.08
matter hey this looks dangerous oh God18696.24.678
yep should we shouldn't be doing this18698.9584.162
yeah oh Gody that RH was after me yeah18700.8784.92
we just coming run I'm running oh I'm18703.125.72
jumping off this Cliff there a plan here18705.7985.602
I didn't know they were that aggressive18708.846.798
uh coming down after you oh oh God he18711.46.08
comes keep running oh wait this looks18715.6384.762
like a camp run through the camp okay oh18717.484.92
boy which way we going God I'm going18720.44.28
through the camp I've discovered the den18722.45.0
lucky me crap I'm out of stamina what18724.685.32
the oh what the hell was that oh what18727.46.238
the hell what is that thing oh oh God oh18730.05.12
God we got to get out of here we got to18733.6384.722
get out of here excuse me waa look at18735.125.32
that it's like a werewolf I know oh man18738.364.358
we're getting hit I know it's a werewolf18740.446.118
get out of here we're this way I'm right18742.7186.0
on you right behind you oh God18746.5584.562
sandstorms coming in [ __ ] we got to18748.7184.122
build shelter do we have to build can we18751.124.4
find shelter guy right on top of us oh18752.844.52
God oh God this isn't good this isn't18755.524.278
good at all where's shelter um see any18757.364.4
shelter we should run back towards our18759.7983.802
beds wait hold on can we get out this18761.763.6
where are you okay hold on let me pull18763.64.358
up and find my torch [ __ ] right here you18765.366.04
guys see me uh attacked I see you okay18767.9585.802
we're coming uh is there a cave or18771.43.52
something I don't know that's what I'm18773.763.24
looking for there's some big steps yep18774.924.16
come on baby shelter oh crap there's one18777.04.878
of those big were things there's dancers18779.085.68
ghost ghost ghost dancers why oh [ __ ]18781.8784.68
yeah I'm one of those monsters okay is18784.763.64
there a cave is there anything here18786.5583.202
there people right by behind us I18788.43.6
learned I learned a belly dance ooh I'd18789.764.0
like to see that later after we find18792.04.0
shelter oh [ __ ] there's a guy right here18793.763.84
all right I don't see any shelter I18796.03.13
don't see any shelter18797.63.56
either hey thick yeah man you know what18801.165.28
I bet the other guys are doing like18803.9583.962
sitting on a beach making each other18806.443.118
like friendship bracelets or something18807.922.878
probably you know what I mean sounds18809.5583.522
like something they do yeah well we're18810.7987.962
out war war Warrior yes Warrior all18813.086.52
yeah I don't know what uh no I don't18819.65.038
either awaits us we both don't know but18821.9585.042
I can't wait to find out whoop its ass18824.6383.882
that's a sexy face you know what it18827.02.84
doesn't always have to be a fight maybe18828.522.92
we can come to some sort of agreement18829.844.44
with this witch kill it with kindness18831.445.48
I'd prefer that because this place is18834.286.64
badass oh my God okay oh what's that18836.927.0
well there's our th you just calm down18840.925.44
take it in okay I felt like those18843.926.16
statues just moved they did oh okay I18846.364.96
feel like they're going to come down on18850.083.28
us hard because okay there's some type18851.324.8
of force field do it mean we have to18853.365.198
beat these statues before we can pass oh18856.124.96
door closed behind us well that's18858.5585.08
typical okay who are you going to call18861.085.718
Ghostbusters oh18863.6383.16
[ __ ] all right uh-huh all right here we18871.444.68
go I'm going to lock on you it's coming18874.5585.562
towards me um boom boom let's see18876.125.16
that's I'm think 44 I'm too Nimble did18881.285.16
he not know he didn't okay the arrows18884.325.0
don't do [ __ ] okay it's super slow and18886.445.88
that is a good get out of there oh [ __ ]18889.324.68
[ __ ] you man I was nowhere near you18892.326.76
stupid axe oh go coming in oh God damn18894.07.28
it careful bud what are you doing he's18899.084.76
so slow why are you getting hit by him18901.285.0
look at that like all day with this18903.845.958
guy there we go let's just be patient18906.285.76
patient yes you're right duras she know18909.7983.642
she's going to raise that other one oh18912.045.44
nice foot stop slow [ __ ] God oh [ __ ]18913.446.04
move that was the Hyena's F the [ __ ] out18917.485.0
of my way that hyena is going to die I18919.484.72
don't care at this point he just me18922.484.238
neither right bring that18924.24.758
back I didn't even see that one I wish18926.7183.602
that Hy would get the hell out of the18928.9583.882
way so I can attack there you go stop18930.325.238
the hyena taking out the old okay that18932.844.798
hurt that hurt taking out the old18935.5584.24
broadsword woo oh yeah this thing is18937.6385.482
going uhoh yep that that stomp got me18939.7987.642
careful the Ries all right here we go18943.124.32
okay back scat fighting I like it18948.524.68
y wait is dead it's just back to18954.767.36
Statue whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa lasers18958.086.2
what is up with this laser witch all18962.125.598
right what's going on here okay what is18964.286.4
going on here okay statue guys gone18967.7185.482
that's good watch out get get out of18970.684.72
there I'm out of it yep yeah that that18973.24.2
looks like that would hurt this is18975.43.72
seriously the challenge right now it18977.44.44
gives you 5 minutes to move oh here18979.124.518
uh-huh I think we all saw that coming18981.843.878
Kabuki theater here we go oh [ __ ] watch18983.6384.122
out the lasers are a part of it too now18985.7184.282
okay it's all together she's just having18987.764.0
a good old time isn't18990.04.84
she oh God I was so far away from that18991.764.92
you dick I got to move I got to move I18994.844.24
got to move watch the [ __ ] out dog your18996.683.56
turn you're coming in cuz I think he's18999.084.878
on me always look around you Las oh [ __ ]19000.249.0
I think I'm in laser [ __ ] w wow careful19003.9588.92
duras to go after are you kidding [ __ ]19009.246.558
off laser coming laser coming out a foot19012.8785.482
watch out grabs I'm watching eat some19015.7987.08
meat oh boy oh ow lasers are19018.366.48
inconvenient why aren the lasers hurting19022.8784.362
him because he's part of the dark magic19024.845.958
all right here we go Qui Qui19027.245.8
[ __ ]19030.7988.802
Ras oh God here we go here we go quit19033.048.678
stepping on my friends quit with your19039.65.92
lasers all right come on oh boy here we19041.7187.16
go bam get away from the foot come on19045.525.198
you're nothing you're nobody you'll19048.8784.92
never work in this town19050.7183.08
again you got going to meet the locals19057.524.6
with your Knives Out uh yeah cuz the19059.7984.322
locals look crazy I mean you saw these19062.123.12
guys right when we're running through19064.123.16
the sandstorm don't judge a book by its19065.243.76
cover now that's true but I'm pretty19067.283.16
sure a couple of them took a swipe at me19069.03.4
they were like giant werewolf people19070.443.76
okay well it was a storm they could have19072.44.478
been confused oh yeah I see some look19074.24.758
over here what's up man I'll put my19076.8784.08
knife away just to see well I'm keep19078.9584.322
mine out oh boy yeah Guys these are19080.9585.802
werewolves uh hey what's up buddy y he's19083.285.76
he looks mad he does look mad kn are19086.764.64
coming back out yep want me to take the19089.044.28
F you want to go first maybe I'm just19091.43.8
going to approach him hey oh he look mad19093.323.2
yeah he does look mad hey you want to19095.23.48
get mad but he's not attacking he isn't19096.525.278
is that your just way of saying19098.683.118
hello oh there he goes oh yeah he mad19103.765.08
all right oh yeah we can take him though19106.924.2
easy I got you back I'm going I'm still19108.844.118
doing it get him Simon oh boy let you19111.123.8
know yep arrows just came from somewhere19112.9583.322
all right we got an Archer I'm going for19114.923.6
the Archer the Archer I'm finishing this19116.285.76
guy off good jobon done deal got to use19118.526.198
this wonky ass camera coming to you abro19122.046.2
got her yeah oh wow look at that she's19124.7185.042
got some metal and some will feral meat19128.243.08
in her yeah what are you looking at19129.763.64
[ __ ] yeah what are you doing oh19131.323.28
there's that guy and there's this one19133.42.64
right behind another one of those19134.63.278
[ __ ] werewolves I got her spirit19136.043.518
juice oh yeah I should be collecting19137.8784.642
Spirit juice too late it's mine [ __ ] I19139.5585.08
not Harvest that thought that werewolf19142.524.6
would be harder to fight it was super19144.6385.802
hard I just did so great19147.125.28
that's the end of you coyote whatever19150.444.04
the [ __ ] you are come on the other side19152.45.478
of the door oh hello I can't get in I'll19154.486.6
get you in buddy will you maybe this19157.8785.562
thing's almost dead oh it just killed19161.085.718
the hyena that's all right oh [ __ ]19163.447.64
[ __ ] [ __ ] who are you19166.7984.282
oh boy how you doing bud not good not19183.24.08
good not19185.685.4
good [ __ ] off I'm right out here well19187.286.438
there's a lady in here okay I have no19191.085.878
idea do you know this girl no no no no19193.7186.522
all right that's how I block [ __ ] me I19196.9587.802
got to eat you come over here you come19200.246.478
here get back get back you are and not19206.7186.362
for much longer oh I'm out of stamina19211.242.558
on woo that almost hit me I almost just19213.7984.92
picture in my head what you're doing oh19217.165.96
boy oh boy oh boy be dying19218.7188.282
soon come on lasers are back on duras19223.126.678
that sounds fun nope so much the19227.04.84
opposite of fun if you tell her there's19229.7984.84
a delivery I'm trying to make right here19231.846.32
we go come on you go down okay it's19234.6387.122
going to take while dyr get in here D oh19238.165.638
boy pajama19241.767.24
G woo Edible Arrangement oh man dalas19243.7987.682
yeah this is going to take a while come19249.05.958
on [ __ ] you guys having a sex party I19251.487.6
wish oh my God sorry I died sick oh me19254.9587.162
too it's could to be it careful bud I'm19259.084.878
just I'm just19262.126.24
relaxing oh god oh boy oh this could be19263.9585.122
what a day right right yeah I used to19269.086.6
V he still going on about that the old19275.686.0
one the old one19279.06.04
indeed Robert England was like the19281.686.72
friendly oh godle in that and you just19285.045.48
loved him he had such a big heart he did19288.44.36
have a big heart it's like I didn't want19290.524.68
to be a reptile alien and oh boy this is19292.765.08
it they wanted to bang that that human19295.25.678
chick she was kind of dumb she was like19297.846.44
annoyingly stupid oh dalas how am I19300.8787.802
still alive he was dumb too you19304.284.4
know you know what I19309.5585.202
mean you just kind of yep door's open19311.9587.162
here I come for got how to get19314.764.36
upo F I'm back I'm back I'm back what oh19319.929.32
back there hey thick so you die19326.325.12
oh I'm sorry I died too well you lasted19329.246.12
about a you know like an eternity yeah I19331.445.88
lasted Dres we should go get the other19335.363.518
guys come back here and fight together19337.323.478
as a team you're probably right not that19338.8784.202
we need them it just be more fun I don't19340.7984.122
I hate leaving them out don't be back19343.085.08
[ __ ] yeah don't forget about us she'll19344.926.16
never will the best she knows she she19348.165.12
know this guy seems friendly doesn't he19353.6384.32
he does he doesn't seem to be attacking19356.123.0
hey hey19357.9583.122
oh well son of a [ __ ] can't judge a19359.124.28
book B's cover can exactly kill19361.087.12
him get him sing suck it g awaits all19363.47.36
right I I I need I need his juice give19368.24.88
me this man's juice yeah there we go19370.763.798
getting some ice19373.084.12
shards fantastic that's right we need to19374.5584.802
go back home at some point cuz uh you19377.23.758
know we got to build yeah I got to19379.363.48
deposit my ice shards man where should19380.9583.642
we go this place is a freaking maze19382.843.44
there's a lot to look at let's uh let's19384.64.56
explore a little bit yeah there's some19386.287.2
H we should go up top yeah uh yeah find19389.166.44
some stairs you want follow me see yep19393.483.6
I'm right behind you so there's a19395.62.88
scaffolding does that go all the way up19397.084.52
we got a werewolf behind us19398.487.72
chasing yeah yeah oh we got archers too19401.66.68
oh he jumped wo yeah he's oh God I just19406.24.72
got nailed they try to go after these19408.284.84
archers yeah go after the archers well19410.923.02
I'm on19413.124.04
one he got kind of tough oh come on come19417.166.638
on one Archer down19424.04.958
baby oh boy you need help he got me19426.524.48
against the Rocks you want to tap out19428.9583.6
yeah tap out if you need to I can get19431.03.958
him yep take it from the back got him oh19432.5584.122
Diamond I'm all right I'm done moving I19434.9583.722
was going to go in after I said I'll go19436.684.0
in well because I was just about to go19438.685.0
in and say I was going to go in you beat19440.685.4
said it you beat me to it I got I backed19443.684.038
down I beat you to it then you went in I19446.083.84
backed down you went in I went in and19447.7183.642
then I backed down all right there's19449.922.92
some stairs up here NE you want to take19451.364.32
these nebes nebes neees oh god really19455.687.878
that whole time with that old did he die19461.7184.602
like where did he die I don't know well19463.5585.762
I need ice Shard19466.323.0
so hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey19469.63815.802
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey19478.486.96
hey guys hey hello long time yeah that19485.767.56
we've been together yeah yeah look like19490.6383.92
reptile uh so Tesla she said you took19494.5586.922
her clothes right but Tesla has the her19498.844.76
clothes back no those are her clothes19501.484.398
that are on you she just has newer19503.63.8
clothes right so she has newer clothes19505.8782.84
that's good in the future in future just19507.43.64
make your own clothes I I mean but I19508.7185.0
don't have the things to make it oh well19511.045.12
Simon what she wasn't happy with it19513.7184.682
there's the point yeah she's filed a19516.165.04
complaint with HR so I I don't care what19518.44.88
are we doing hey we're going to fight a19521.24.48
witch we need your help needs I need to19523.284.518
throw this orb at some point go ahead19525.683.118
you want to throw it at me well I'd19527.7983.362
rather use it in battle okay what is19528.7984.242
what is it I get promoted if I throw the19531.164.2
orb the orb of chicken soup pretty19533.044.56
awesome all right so we'll do that so19535.364.278
let's plan on doing that to the witch19537.63.84
yeah the witch Hey look it's not that19539.6384.16
Dalias and I weren't strong enough to we19541.445.48
were super strong uh it's just that she19543.7985.0
might you not make eye contact to people19546.923.718
when you talk like what's wrong with you19548.7983.962
to yeah I'm look I'm looking right at19550.6384.602
you neees are you yeah you're looking at19552.764.32
well I see somebody looking at me giving19555.244.16
me the side look this is you hello oh19557.084.28
he's stuck he's stuck looking in One19559.44.398
Direction is this better that's great19561.363.96
yeah like19563.7983.602
hello get Clos now you know I'm talking19565.325.36
to you this is a conversation thisle19567.45.68
this is an ory up look everybody in here19570.684.44
that witch might that witch might be19573.083.478
hacking I think she might be with19575.123.438
forchan but we got to kill her you19576.5583.602
fought a witch all right yeah hacking19578.5584.0
witch hey thick yeah tell them about her19580.164.638
a little bit uh well she's got two giant19582.5585.0
statues yep that fight mhm and then she19584.7984.92
comes out and fights oh then there's all19587.5585.08
these laser beams and lasers oo that's19589.7184.202
what that's why I thought she was19592.6383.442
hacking I love it she going to get orbed19593.924.76
yep nice all right on a count of three19596.086.96
we say break 1 2 3 break and run away19598.687.68
okay direction we go wait hey running19603.045.518
you got a guess okay go in the water19606.365.198
all right let's do this I19637.326.08
agree um you know what we need to be uh19640.525.52
completely aware of is not here you know19643.44.04
how if we're all going for it at the19646.043.12
same time kind of thing uhhuh that's19647.443.8
going to be important oh tag in tag out19649.163.0
cuz there was this I'm not going to19651.242.88
mention any names guys but I got sliced19652.165.558
in half by a by a teammate recently oh19654.125.48
yeah we don't need any of that happening19657.7184.282
he did but do we have a plan and yeah19659.64.68
nebs mentioned we don't have abro so19662.03.718
what's the plan I'm supposed to be just19664.284.358
staying back just come on in man palace19665.7186.202
of the witch Queen yep so Simon yeah19668.6385.722
maybe you should stay back and uh shoot19671.924.12
arrows right that's the plan I got the19674.365.598
fancy bow yeah so I'm going to stay back19676.045.96
and then we're going to say tag in tag19679.9584.482
out one of us is always going to be the19682.05.44
attacker okay did you say that there was19684.445.4
some sort of a Rhythm to figure out kind19687.445.0
of there's patter you'll see really19689.844.6
quick the is this where the fight is19692.443.4
yeah this door is going to close behind19694.444.0
us so we all have to go in at once see19695.844.76
see the statue guys fight these uh big19698.444.358
statue y yeah these Kabuki theater guys19700.64.6
how far is back some will someone come19702.7984.242
on coming in coming in coming in coming19705.23.08
in you started away go through it didn't19707.043.0
even tell anybody you you should watch19708.283.92
with your [ __ ] eyes I'm the only one19710.043.44
to follow19712.24.08
you this is not the way to start a fight19713.485.28
right how where's my back you said start19716.284.678
back is this back yeah I would consider19718.765.0
that back okay good I'll be back I might19720.9584.76
use my bow while I'm not in there yeah I19723.764.118
kind ofs you and I we can't roll I just19725.7184.24
awakened oh yeah I could switch my armor19727.8784.562
though I brought two armors I that's the19729.9584.362
thing we're fighting game off that's the19732.444.118
one I'm already shooting all right he's19741.125.12
looking at me somebody come in I'm19744.285.24
coming in coming in come on come on come19746.246.08
on should I shoot him in the head right19749.524.84
in the butt all right that's got to19752.324.12
sting do in the butt man we're hurting19754.363.518
him pretty bad yeah I don't like this19756.443.64
armor uh right in the ding ding looking19757.8784.76
at me come on right in the face come on19760.087.08
sucker he a suck no idea who I am suck19762.6387.32
Su guys those are my friends I'm just19767.165.558
going to be you up watch hey I'm just19769.9584.042
going to keep arching until y'all need19772.7183.442
me to move in when those lasers come19774.04.12
it's going to switch the game okay19776.163.398
little bit you'll see it's like all19778.123.88
right you still looking at me you're so19779.5585.762
slow you big doofus I feel like I'm I'm19782.05.638
not really in this what do you mean well19785.324.44
I'm shooting him but I'm so far away are19787.6383.962
you hitting him though oh yeah me then19789.763.198
you're doing then you're in it want to19791.64.56
get closer still looking at me woo that19792.9585.6
was close Simon you're waiting for your19796.164.84
arrows to spark um what do you mean uh19798.5584.202
you mean the the glisten yeah the19801.04.68
glisten I'm glistening I'm like a going19802.764.878
down on a Friday evening there we go get19805.683.56
ready for the other all right y'all19807.6383.602
needed our help for this seemed easy19809.244.6
well bad part come the lers watch out of19811.244.36
green out of the19813.844.64
green yep that's how that works okay we19815.66.08
got this um should we move in closer19818.485.56
what's next the next big guy right I'm19821.685.64
moving closer y we go there we go same19824.045.56
thing guys always uh watching for those19827.324.398
lasers don't let him surprise you he is19829.65.16
looking at me yep like that19831.7185.882
okay staying on the outside watch out19834.765.48
woo oh okay I brought some Ambrosia19837.63.88
don't worry about me what the19840.242.88
marshmallow stuff with the with the19841.484.6
coconut it's a watch always looking19843.124.64
around you he seems to be looking at me19846.084.28
he's focused on me he likes you get19847.763.92
pretty good at arching here I don't know19850.363.12
if y'all noticed well well I'm kind of19851.684.32
focused on how I'm doing things you as19853.485.36
good as me nees uh probably I think I19856.06.878
don't know right in the armpit nobody19858.847.038
just a big dumb statue well be nice that19862.8785.602
is a swordman you can Dodge Rolland19865.8784.962
Dodge you know if I was the witch I'd19868.484.0
have made them both come out at the same19870.844.24
time maybe it's a test for us she wants19872.484.398
to see if we're worthy or she's just19875.083.76
really dumb seems really dumb I know19876.8784.482
some dumb witches yeah I know some dumb19878.845.76
witches myself know what I'm saying man19881.367.32
oh he's almost down a dumb ass19884.64.08
witch I was supposed to be your savior19889.487.639
oh that the witch witch we'll stay on19905.165.44
the Statue Guy oh yeah we got to get19908.524.32
that guy down don't let the witch hurt19910.63.88
you bring the Statue Guy down and then19912.843.68
we'll focus on her and don't tell her19914.483.68
about your idea about the double statue19916.523.24
she might do it next time you're right19918.163.08
well there won't be it next time you're19919.762.958
right she might be able to like revive19921.244.398
yourself I have survived for a neon oh19922.7184.24
this guy's going down right in the19925.6384.402
throat done you done he's done he's done19926.9585.242
guys where is she uh she's coming19930.043.838
towards me going be hard to tell her19932.24.92
fromon yep she is okay yeah will get my19933.8788.122
stam's back yeah Miss right behind you19937.126.518
keep I'll keep her uh run past me I'll19942.03.6
lock up with her I got to eat some food19943.6383.402
take that see imagine that would have19945.64.8
hit you bracet to my enemy oh she's19947.045.598
coming at me we tagged out yeah tag it19950.44.0
that should I still be shooting from the19952.6383.562
outside long as you don't hit the hit19954.45.318
our guys yeah yeah they w Las oh lasers19956.25.358
yeah like she should have been doing19959.7183.882
that from the start you know I need to19961.5583.802
talk to her at some point D God will19963.63.32
me take that lady come19966.925.76
on o I knocked her down oh yeah he was19970.043.838
[ __ ] come on Shield is in no knees war19973.8788.282
was inevitable Simon how you doing what19979.324.88
still there right yep right on you I've19982.164.04
been doing some pretty good stuff over19984.24.16
here too I think19986.24.08
damn it but now miss going in going in19988.366.64
going in there we go nice alas get out19990.288.278
out oh [ __ ] really hurt really hurt19995.05.798
really badly hurt I'm coming Simon don't19998.5583.722
shoot all right well I think I just hit20000.7984.642
her yeah but I was going in get out bam20002.285.16
feel like I should get closer careful20005.443.92
though I got to heal for cuz I'm one hit20007.444.04
and I'm out so I'm going to heal up for20009.366.16
a while guys hello hey open the door we20011.486.72
can't can't ah come on about that I20015.524.358
think I'm on our right oh man I'm just20018.24.08
come on baby oh does nees have any uh20019.8784.482
does body have any healing stuff on him20022.283.96
there should be some ambrosia in there20024.363.8
get some of that dras while I keep her20026.244.44
occupied oh okay okay but don't take my20028.165.08
good stuff back I won't get the healing20030.683.6
stuff I was want to make sure I don't20033.242.718
get in the laser oh that was a like a20034.283.76
laser why do she like me so much well20035.9584.92
look at you the war continues child is20038.045.04
he about to die that Ambrosia's good20040.8784.202
nieps thank you you're welcome she's20043.084.68
less than halfway though ah oh wait I20045.084.638
see a crack in the wall maybe I can see20047.765.28
top of the laser oh sorry I think I just20049.7185.16
I think I hit you you did sorry that was20053.043.36
the first one of surprised it was only20054.8784.642
that one I'm coming in after this20056.46.6
laser oh Simon again God damn it he shot20059.524.76
me in the20063.04.718
foot sorry Simon maybe stop doing that20064.285.598
not too bad listen I've shot like 20020067.7183.762
hours but that was like two in in 1020069.8784.362
seconds that's right watch out getting20071.485.158
her can y'all come man she is almost20074.243.92
down hey can y'all come over by the20076.6384.16
cracken fight so I can see calm down20078.164.32
just over by the door near the crack20080.7983.122
he's looking at me oh wait I saw20082.483.318
somebody run by coming in coming in I20083.924.28
had to go higher don't shoot I need to20085.7984.282
if I have a clean shot I'm doing it20088.27.72
she's so close here come God get get get20090.089.638
she almost dead she's dead she's20095.925.36
die yes let me20101.287.278
rest it is time yeah20104.6386.522
yeah that's20108.5585.842
yeah oh yeah Do's open20111.166.84
hello all right babies love it that20114.47.398
weren't [ __ ] here's your body good job20118.06.24
what's up here I don't know I'm going up20121.7984.08
problem why would anybody attack me I'm20124.243.398
such a good guy we want to come up here20125.8783.522
together everyone let me get my stuff20127.6386.042
hold on can I sit here I've learned new20129.46.72
recipes oh you I've learned new recipes20133.684.84
that's cool yeah come up to the uh alter20136.125.04
I've gone up to the altar hey don't uh20138.525.68
Pro tip don't go in the fire all right20141.164.84
uh I'm going up to the altar it's not20144.24.4
proud to me to do anything so boys off20146.05.6
of her body yeah I got the mask of the20148.66.48
witch Queen okay and the key to Rosa's20151.65.92
quarters all right I don't know what20155.084.08
that means but it sounds proba time20157.524.038
share thing did y'all say did y'all say20159.165.718
RZ rosma from friends from friends yeah20161.5585.482
I know that name RZ RZ yeah we're20164.8784.402
supposed to find RZ cuz uh she was in20167.044.918
friends with what's her name and Conan20169.285.518
was talking about her oh you met Conan20171.9585.042
yeah oh I not say that no that's20174.7983.642
important that's a pretty big deal I20177.02.92
think the name of the game I do a lot of20178.443.518
cool stuff it's hard to keep up yeah we20179.924.2
too keep some form like you die in The20181.9585.642
Witch fight okay so um for the record my20184.125.12
shield was not going up and I was20187.63.88
holding the shield button okay well for20189.244.52
the record I kicked complete ass Simon20191.483.68
you did a great job you only shot me20193.764.038
twice that's it that was amazing ah crap20195.164.558
I forgot to throw my20197.7984.362
orb son of a [ __ ] could have thrown it20199.7184.322
the wall from the outside well we'll20202.164.0
have plenty of things to throw your orat20204.045.4
on the way back let's do it okay go bye20206.166.92
dead nebs bye dead knbs bye Dead witch20209.446.118
lat a20213.082.478
witch see anything I can throw this20224.523.88
you really want to throw that onuh well20228.44.0
I think I get I get level up oh right I20229.8785.402
forgot about that part um let's see oh20232.45.92
Rino do Rhino throw it at the Rhino well20235.285.8
it's up to you uh yeah I think that's a20238.325.398
good idea yeah it's a lone Rhino I don't20241.085.2
see anything else so let's get on top of20243.7184.642
this rock though right what's up oh20246.283.8
there's two rhinos let's run to that are20248.363.48
they going to attack us I don't I don't20250.083.2
know I've never dealt with a rhino let's20251.843.76
go to this rock okay go to the Rock okay20253.284.438
and then what you behind me climb it20255.63.958
that's a rhinos don't climb rocks do20257.7184.84
they no they don't that's Warrior 10120259.5587.522
okay so I see the one yeah the one is uh20262.5586.122
way up on the hill to the left so20267.083.12
obviously you want this one you can't20268.684.0
hit that from here uh but you can get it20270.24.16
okay I see where you're going I bet draw20272.682.84
in go20274.364.08
ahead yep that's a hit that's a sweet20275.525.52
okay come on Rhino come on I dare you20278.445.72
come on now yep watch him climb what was20281.045.16
that through it why did you throw it so20284.163.6
soon I thought he was going to walk into20286.23.16
well hit him again hit him make him mad20287.763.36
make him mad he'll come into the green20289.364.88
come on he's smart isn't he he got smart20291.124.678
listen all right I'm dragging them into20294.243.96
it come on you're going to get hurt come20295.7984.402
on you keep running through my stuff20298.23.84
come on you're going to get poisoned20300.24.0
come on okay come on I don't know how20302.045.32
he's made it this far in life dude he20304.24.8
what does he think what he's a smart one20307.363.358
he's the one not going in the gas run20309.05.44
through it he's so smart the gas is gone20310.7186.122
okay that sucked hold on I got another20314.444.84
one you do two yep two okay now you can20316.845.36
just hit him yep I'd say that hit him20319.285.76
right on him did you go up a level I20322.26.16
think I did did I not I didn't see I20325.045.4
didn't see the thing this has been great20328.363.72
I might have missed the words man I20330.444.0
wanted to see the words I'm sorry buddy20332.084.558
sorry to waste your time and bloody you20334.444.72
up this is the worst fight ever isn't it20336.6384.32
I thought these things were aggressive20339.164.12
look how sweet he is he's like what the20340.9585.482
[ __ ] man yeah walk out of the gas he's a20343.286.04
little Shifty20346.442.88
alone he's20353.245.12
friend this is my new dance20354.6383.722
partner are we going to go visit right20358.9585.722
you got to K20362.162.52
yourself what's20365.8783.84
up Simon yes sir how you feeling after20369.7186.76
that Mighty battle feeling epic yeah yep20373.44.6
you want to go venture out a little bit20376.4784.802
of course I do okay I'm thinking that we20378.06.28
should go uh uh Northwest all right I20381.284.598
haven't really uh discovered a lot out20384.285.32
there that means nothing to me okay well20385.8786.282
I'll tell you what you just follow me20389.63.76
all right and we'll see what kind of20392.163.04
trouble we can get into all right here20393.364.88
we go I'm following you all right hey20395.25.758
jump in the water yeah20398.246.04
woo swimming's pretty safe in this world20400.9586.042
yeah not bad at all I like it looks like20404.284.08
going to run run out of stamina but20407.03.478
before we get to the uh Shore are you20408.363.72
but even if you run out of stamina you20410.4784.08
just keep on swimming is that true like20412.084.28
watch look no I don't want to watch keep20414.5583.562
on swimming I don't want to watch I know20416.363.68
well you can watch me I'll watch you all20418.124.92
right so I'm over here right by the wait20420.046.48
for that stamina okay I remember this20423.047.56
once before come on stamina there it is20426.528.958
stamina keep on swimming no stamina I20430.67.48
swim okay what's the point20435.4784.202
isn't that interesting that is very20438.083.6
interesting facts and stuff Hey listen I20439.684.56
taught people things oh [ __ ] is this a20441.685.878
sandstorm it is a sandstorm oh God s20444.246.238
swim back great can swim in the20447.5585.08
sandstorm don't have to worry about the20450.4786.282
stamina nope it's worked out Simon20452.6387.682
sandstorms are [ __ ] yes they20456.765.56
are going to have to work on getting20460.327.318
some screens in this house oh yeah20462.325.318
Simon yes sir make the sand Storm's over20472.847.52
heading out it's very dark in here yeah20476.845.44
it'll it'll it'll lighten up did you20480.364.278
leave yet no I'm I'm at the door can't20482.284.518
even see you so dark in here oh I have a20484.6384.122
torch so that'll help all right there20486.7984.042
you are nope nope that's the blacksmith20488.764.48
you're by the door was by the door I20490.844.36
don't see you side door all right come20493.244.478
on are We Ready can we start over let's20495.25.04
start over like it never happened hey20497.7185.562
let's go for a swim20500.246.398
hey swim is pretty safe in this game huh20503.285.358
yeah you know you don't run out of20506.6384.0
really yep you should try that20510.6385.84
okay so Conan has a bar uh way down here20518.287.358
and to the right somewhere why do you20523.7984.92
walk so slow huh you walk really slow20525.6385.08
you in a hurry well no I just can't walk20528.7184.442
slower than okay how are you walking so20530.7185.642
slow cuz I like the controller oh it's20533.165.44
Analog Man it's way to go got you okay20536.364.358
uh what what were you saying uh Conan's20538.63.958
Place yeah I don't care about that he's20540.7183.482
the one that told me about Roz's key20542.5583.282
that's cool I don't get Star Struck20544.23.4
often you know there was a lady here see20545.844.118
this door yep it's open but you can't20547.64.6
like is that RZ place oh I I don't think20549.9586.76
so is it try it hello hello are you R20552.25.518
from fr20556.7184.282
what was the girl's name RZ and uh20557.7185.92
Jennifer Aniston right she was in that20561.04.6
yeah but that's not her name in the show20563.6384.522
no I don't Rachel was it Rachel oh yeah20565.65.52
RZ and Rachel RZ and Rachel yeah I I I20568.164.36
didn't watch it much but I've seen a20571.124.358
couple Rando episodes oh here we go Nies20572.524.92
holy did you just open that door yeah I20575.4783.962
guess so that was the key oh you used20577.444.518
the key on it I guess let me see or did20579.444.76
you just walk in no I just I've got the20581.9584.162
no did you ever try hitting E when you20584.24.32
were uh I didn't I know I never thought20586.124.4
to hit key is this uh who's this we're20588.524.08
looking for Ross or20590.527.24
Rachel no this is Ross okay uh20592.68.118
rosma this your girl D what do you mean20597.765.038
rosma of shim is that it is that what20600.7184.08
the key said yeah I did yep you want me20602.7983.282
talk to her you want to talk to her go20604.7984.482
ahead okay I wanted to thank you oh well20606.085.0
the woman that you met in those RS20609.284.48
you're welcome you almost killed me in20611.083.558
City I cannot begrudge you that she said20614.6385.482
we almost killed her such a terrible20617.325.558
awesome creation I didn't do it while I20620.125.96
wore the mask I was somebody else see20622.8785.282
the witch we just fought I was something20626.086.32
else the witch we fought such power and20628.167.718
knowledge I stood on an island in a vast20632.46.2
ocean oh jeez I could see across the20635.8785.402
water and20638.62.68
every oh oh I don't know if I'm going to20645.8786.6
make it oh woo wow you must you must20648.287.92
have low stamina maybe my cardio is [ __ ]20652.4785.722
it's grit baby I've been tur you got to20656.23.598
put it in grit I've been turning my grit20658.24.278
up yep that's your stamina oh uh it's20659.7983.442
just one20662.4784.24
of hold on there's one hello welcome to20663.247.398
thick Fila oh another two another two20666.7186.282
[ __ ] hey hold on I'm right here I got20670.6385.642
you right here you got me oh oh [ __ ] two20673.05.84
behind us come on come on boys back out20676.283.678
of there so I can get what are you20678.843.638
talking about I'm killing okay I'm a20679.9584.402
killing machine all right killing20682.4787.682
machine damn all right but God bless you20684.3610.04
thank you all righty let come down here20690.169.24
who who so do you have any plan uh heard20694.47.2
T thing I haven't heard anything it20699.44.64
looks like maybe a tall Temple of sorts20701.64.878
all right I got the stamina for it let's20704.044.08
see you got a torch man I don't have a20706.4784.962
torch here we go oh an elephant an20708.126.04
elephant I re you really what I like20711.444.6
elephants a lot I really don't want to20714.163.96
deal with this [ __ ] because they're20716.043.758
very aggressive yeah I don't want to20718.124.16
kill an elephant well just stay away20719.7985.76
okay are they fast um I don't remember I20722.284.48
think I've been killed by one but I20725.5583.32
don't remember okay hurry go all right20726.764.84
oh tiger tiger tiger where's he at I20728.8784.562
don't know oh it's right behind us watch20731.64.0
out watch I'm killing machine now you do20733.444.198
it I'm bleeding20735.66.038
y Simon what tag in okay so I'm the20737.6385.522
killing machine now you've been the20741.6383.682
killing machine20743.164.478
okay I didn't realize I thought I20745.324.88
punched out you know oh you clocked out20747.6384.522
like or punched punched out you have a20750.24.64
punch out yeah I guess yeah it's a thing20752.165.08
yeah sure yeah Punch Out clock out all20754.844.16
right so am I clocking in or out you're20757.243.84
clocking in I'm still I'm in to I'm20759.04.4
staying clocked in or punched in yeah20761.084.718
all right I had no idea so are you20763.46.078
clocked out no I'm in well damn act like20765.7986.68
it dude okay20769.4785.08
fine I hope there weren't any of those20772.4784.16
monkeys that just jump out of the20774.5587.16
freaking is that here nope wrong20776.6385.08
game nebs yeah I fell down this little20783.287.358
uh little uh crass oh yeah yeah there20786.766.64
was a scorpion up there oh you know what20790.6384.202
I don't know if I can clear this either20793.42.88
should I just come down I just was20794.843.118
avoiding the scorpion but now I'm just20796.283.678
here I doubt you can climb up huh I'd20797.9583.68
have to take off my armor I think yeah20799.9586.442
coming down catch me I I just kid man20801.6387.24
that was funny hey trust fall remember20806.43.64
earlier did you hear that like20808.8782.482
like uh I thought that was you n that20811.364.4
was thick sneezing you can hear that20814.084.44
from anywhere oh yeah it is a it is a20815.765.038
funny sneeze yeah he gets vocal with it20818.523.56
like a20820.7984.802
weirdo that's that big city yeah thick20822.086.0
and I speaking of we uh we avoided it20825.64.24
we've heard bad things and not to20828.083.68
mention when you look on the map it's20829.844.878
got that evil purple color oh yeah that20831.765.32
says stay away it does I'm not going20834.7184.642
there until I have a helmet you know20837.084.76
yeah we should make helmets I like my20839.364.92
mask just fine have you does it do20841.844.638
anything I don't think so it says it you20844.284.64
can see like dead people and [ __ ] but we20846.4784.802
all have without this so anybody can see20848.924.4
dead people you're right you mean ghost20851.283.84
I think that's what they meant yep no20853.323.92
not just a a corpse on the ground yeah20855.124.28
you can see corpses with20857.244.478
this look it I have a it's a Scorpion20859.44.158
mask yeah you going to fight it yeah why20861.7184.722
not get it yeah it's a good mask look at20863.5586.442
you ow owie you need help well let's20866.445.0
we're a team damn it what are you doing20870.03.84
I don't want usually we don't want to20871.444.0
like stab each other doing yeah but I20873.844.638
was done with my attack where you now20875.445.8
where'd you go help me I can't I need20878.4784.362
the mask are you a dead20881.246.04
person where'd you go20882.844.44
oh I see okay oh there you are wow were20887.683.6
you just behind me the whole time you20889.7184.642
the the entire time hit the [ __ ] SC20891.285.8
he really wants you doesn't he yep fight20894.366.08
hey come here you just hit that yep all20897.085.44
right I got it I got you back RIS there20900.445.198
you go you took it home yeah there all20902.525.56
right where were we going Just Walk This20905.6384.24
Way let's just go to the city and look20908.083.32
okay yeah I'll take a peek to go in we20909.8782.322
just kind of go over there and look a20911.43.078
little bit little window shopping yep20912.26.438
dude the unnamed City so you've not been20914.4785.722
here oh yeah I already it already said20918.6384.282
that for me at one point yeah so are we20920.25.64
going further explore oh Journey step20922.925.08
completed hey good job we're exploring20925.844.32
it right now it's very dark I don't I20928.03.36
couldn't we're going to have to wait20930.162.84
till the morning this is a horrible we20931.364.48
have to wait till the morning20933.02.84
yeah this a good way to kill time till20939.124.518
morning yeah it works and we're pretty20941.444.96
in syn yeah and you get your stamina20943.6385.642
uhhuh I like it yep I like it this is a20946.45.078
good dance and I'm glad we decided to do20949.284.598
this the Irish really know how to dance20951.4784.962
they do hey but we're warriors now the20953.8785.202
Sun is up okay I didn't know there was20956.445.038
Irish in this world I don't know there20959.084.638
should be a lot more alcohol let's check20961.4784.442
this place out all right go slow I20963.7185.042
thought I saw some Silhouettes20965.924.878
Silhouettes when did you see some20968.763.48
Silhouettes what the hell's wrong with20970.7984.08
your legs Simon my legs yeah I don't20972.244.638
know what's wrong with my legs nothing20974.8784.722
you're fine okay so I did see some20976.8784.402
people up here hey do you do you want to20979.63.4
tell them or do you want me to tell them20981.285.96
tell them what T ey thick 44 is Heath20983.08.638
thck 44 Slayer of snake and bat and20987.248.96
penile he slays the penile yep okay I20991.6386.682
can't go up the stairs I see a fire you20996.25.04
can't go up the stairs NOP try dancing20998.326.44
um uh try dancing hello all right now21001.248.12
press X yep go up the stairs aha look at21004.767.198
this healer Simon you are healer I'm not21009.364.0
going to have my sword out I'm I'm going21011.9583.282
to let them know that I come in peace21013.364.198
all right and I'll just walk with you21015.243.8
they probably know a champion when they21017.5583.802
see one hello gentlemen hello I a21019.046.16
champion yes oh he seems friendly okay21021.366.438
that's good uh I'm going to talk to this21025.25.96
guy oh I could learn uh a religion I21027.7985.242
could talk to him I could I could learn21031.163.398
an emote all right I'm I'm going to21033.043.918
learn this emote by set who's religion21034.5585.32
is set oh that's you Simon that's me let21036.9586.242
me see the snake Okay I learned by set I21039.8785.162
had noide talk to this guy talk to him21043.24.12
go talk to him learn he all right he's21045.045.36
your people great I've gained a level21047.324.88
yeah that was worth it is there anything21050.45.36
else over here I don't know we just yeah21052.25.64
we just we just did all that for that21055.763.52
hey you this is one of your hey you21057.842.878
found out where one of your people is21059.283.92
all right well let's oh okay so he's21060.7186.362
officially one of my same religions yeah21063.26.12
I keep hearing like a like a beast or21067.084.08
something like a growling I'm going to21069.324.36
climb up here maybe there's a well I'm21071.165.76
my a snake snakes don't growl yeah I21073.686.0
know might not be a snake I'm climbing21076.925.48
I'll climb with you oh21079.685.08
falling can't make it all the way up no21082.45.72
I can it's just uh it didn't let me just21084.766.84
uh Mount up there uh so my21088.125.72
religion's man I forget what my religion21091.65.68
is even called but my my God is set21093.845.4
yeah all right I believe it I believe21097.283.96
it's a snake yeah I believe it's a snake21099.243.76
too but I didn't realize it was named21101.244.558
set oh boy all right climing in this21103.06.0
game is so wonky all right I'm almost21105.7988.482
there my God hello God oh how are you21109.08.76
today this is what my God looks like is21114.287.16
it I don't know I fell this is an21117.766.038
interesting thing but I'm I'm way up21121.445.6
here you you still coming thick21123.7985.84
I'm not a good climber yep all right I'm21127.044.838
going right up to this fire let's see21129.6386.362
what happens get in there nope probably21131.8787.162
probably good for your people go ahead21136.07.0
just get in no I'll climb up right here21139.049.598
[ __ ] who woo all right I'm on top of the21143.08.6
world baby check it out what are you21148.6385.722
dancing I'm dancing to my God you're a21151.66.278
fool yeah a fool a danc fool um oh yeah21154.365.24
like I say that in the good way oh good21157.8787.362
you better otherwise my God will spite21159.65.64
you here we go I'm going for it you21165.286.0
doing it yep I'm going for it too all21168.6384.642
right come on you ready oh quit sliding21171.284.84
there we go you ready yep and here we go21173.285.76
okay climbing all day long I got this I21176.124.04
don't understand the corruption with21179.044.2
here because it's uh it's not giving me21180.167.638
purple nope oh [ __ ] oh no son of Ras you21183.246.76
you okay you alive I got to try again oh21187.7985.602
I made it good for you okay you seem21190.04.92
less happy for me than you should be no21193.42.88
I'm happy for you I'm upset with how21194.924.6
mine went all right um here we21196.286.8
go it just looks like a bunch of I don't21199.525.278
see any people or anything so it's not21203.084.0
worth even coming I don't know man21204.7985.92
probably not yeah what I don't see any21207.086.76
oh did you make it yep there you are hi21210.7184.602
here we go well it doesn't look like a21213.843.118
very fun place to live in any see21215.322.84
anything it still says gaining21216.9583.76
corruption yeah I'm afraid to oh you21218.164.638
about you going to fall in there man21220.7185.76
never really hot yeah this has been21222.7986.84
great what do you think should we I mean21226.4786.562
go home it's over21229.6383.402
here how'd you do this how'd you do this21235.768.64
Dres W yep I fell in in the21238.928.12
place are you in the city now I'm back21244.46.68
kind of where we were yeah okay of21247.046.2
Scorpion we should probably leave here21251.085.478
huh I don't like it okay let's uh yeah21253.245.558
let's let's go back home huh okay here21256.5585.202
we go oh oh scorpion I know I thought21258.7985.042
you were going to kill that thing no21261.765.24
okay ah crap this isn't going to go well21263.844.84
all right let's go home we'll come back21267.03.4
with a dancer you should never leave21268.683.84
home without a dancer good point good21270.44.2
point I want to dancer with me21272.524.56
you guys ready are you ready yeah it's a21277.084.44
nice day for it make it happen so uh you21279.444.278
want to do countdown do you want if this21281.526.16
is your alter you three two one21283.7186.442
no all right whatever four start start21287.683.56
right at the top start at the top start21290.163.52
at three well I'm actually it didn't21291.244.0
work I have to CL I clicked it already21293.683.76
but now it's got to build okay oh that's21295.243.398
right you got to build how long building21297.443.358
how long hold on I'll try to time it out21298.6383.722
you ready tell us when to count we're21300.7984.962
going to start from Counting six six six21302.367.32
seven no six five21305.766.08
four Follow My21309.685.4
Le why you thrwing it out like that it's21311.847.76
not ready yet it's not ready yet21315.088.14
and let's count it down three oh my God21319.65.48
two the same but different color fcy I21325.085.36
want it does look good like want to eat21327.765.118
here but the reason why I'm doing it is21330.447.278
so that I can make arrows I AR Arrow21332.8786.562
what are you talking about what you21337.7183.482
don't want AR I want you to I you21339.444.96
misheard me I want you to okay well [ __ ]21341.24.96
wait a second I want arrows can I have21344.44.28
arrows too they're poison ones right21346.164.88
wait a second what I need more of the21348.684.6
Zeal to make the arrows does that mean21351.044.758
nobody's getting arrows no I was told21353.284.96
that all I needed was does it mean we're21355.7984.282
not getting arrows not we you told are21358.244.318
we getting know hey hey guys do I need21360.086.84
more than branches to make arrows21362.5584.362
that that aside we'll figure it out can21369.084.16
I give you an alter Waring present yes21370.4785.562
you ready oh that's it right there mhm21373.245.84
what is it go ahead s oh look at that a21376.045.838
puppy no it's a cooked exotic shellfish21379.084.76
it's Lobster I gave him a lobster21381.8783.522
where'd you find a Lobster from my21383.842.798
trap really that's awesome that's21386.6384.642
intriguing and so far better than these21389.523.958
arrows I can't get well I can make my21391.285.08
ice arrows oh those sound great you can21393.4786.08
do it right now ice God yir I'm coming21396.364.76
with you are we all getting arrows come21399.5583.562
here to see yir yes we're all going to21401.124.72
get arrows hopefully right hey Simon y21403.124.28
maybe hand him that Lobster he might21405.846.18
deserve it more well okay21407.431.158
all right how do they look do they look21438.5585.642
icy are they icy shoot Simon neebs yeah21439.767.4
you feel cold uh that CH at all neebs21444.26.88
huh sure okay buddy yeah just uh I'm21447.167.08
just thinking21451.083.16
all right let's get us let's accomplish21457.03.28
something today okay get something done21458.5584.0
I'm sick of this Arrow crap neees yeah21460.285.84
should we get THS yeah I want THS I want21462.5586.482
Carpenters I want armor people I want21466.124.838
THS come on yeah exactly abro here's21469.043.518
your uh here's your cook crab you earned21470.9583.962
it oh thank you well you kind of almost21472.5584.362
earned it all right guys I'm going to I21474.924.24
guess I'm going to work on getting my21476.924.12
arrows cuz I'm not going anywhere21479.165.76
without him okay well uh abso yeah would21481.045.598
you like to come with me21484.923.32
I don't know what are we doing we're21486.6383.602
going to go to a place called The Arena21488.244.44
I went in briefly and ran out went in I21490.245.2
remember that yeah yeah ran out because21492.684.198
we were busy with something not because21495.443.6
we were scared um I was thinking we21496.8784.722
could take uh what's her name Tesla21499.047.12
Tesla uhhuh we can take Tesla and Tony21501.66.358
and uh that way we're not corrupted21506.163.2
we've got a little bit of protection and21507.9585.0
we can investigate this Arena Tesla Tony21509.366.04
thick and abro the odd man out but yeah21512.9585.442
I'll do it all righty let's do it baby21515.44.158
team a21518.44.158
t team21519.5586.24
at all right I'll grab Tesla I'll grab21522.5585.122
the tiger the [ __ ] is21525.7984.322
Tesla oh are you kidding me no she's21527.684.6
over here she's on top of uh yeah your21530.124.4
altar who put her there Tesla are you on21532.283.8
Molly or something what the [ __ ] is21534.525.08
wrong with you you look great21536.083.52
honey all right guys so we need uh more21540.166.44
THS or friends yep more hearts21543.44.84
uh well no don't kill these guys we're21546.64.118
trying to I need Hearts yeah but we're21548.244.238
trying to get the right so tell me if21550.7184.802
he's eligible for killing oh boy here he21552.4784.842
goes eligible wait let's see what he is21555.524.198
uh I would I don't know if he's eligible21557.323.68
how do I know what he is what do you21559.7183.042
mean doesn't say what he is he's he's21561.03.28
going to be a th that's what he's going21562.763.52
to be is he a blacksmith is he a21564.283.92
carpenter too late too late get in his21566.284.72
heart Sim Simon Simon get in his heart21568.25.598
get his heart wait hold on no it's too21571.04.28
late I mean we can't make it a th now no21573.7983.442
what was he I don't know J do you know21575.283.32
what I'm saying do you understand what21577.243.8
I'm saying yeah it doesn't say okay21578.64.76
doesn't say all right Simon you locked21581.044.56
out on that one did you get Hearts no no21583.363.92
not one heart wait wait did you use the21585.63.958
right yeah you did oh I did get a heart21587.285.198
yeah bam there's 10 arrows man I almost21589.5584.92
want to go back right now go back21592.4784.0
because we we got to get THS all right21594.4783.362
you're going to be right here I'm21596.4783.522
looking for Carpenters any any21597.844.32
Carpenters out the mood stay right here21600.04.6
guys it doesn't say Why didn't it say I21602.164.0
don't know I thought oh here I'll take21604.63.56
care of this one probably a setting21606.163.84
probably have a setting turned21608.164.96
off out go to sleep come on go with seep21610.06.16
seep seep seeps you go seeps that's a21613.125.758
shield sir can't get through it go to21616.165.0
bed oh we got someone else moving in my21618.8786.042
guy's asleep uh-oh he's a smelter21621.166.88
uhoh a smelter did he felter yeah he21624.926.038
felter okay you need help uh yeah I just21628.044.438
want to take this guy out while he's on21630.9583.242
me go ahead and get him he's uh this21632.4783.522
guy's probably an Archer huh I'm21634.24.24
guessing Archer yeah uh sorry we don't21636.05.2
need archers n maybe next time maybe21638.444.6
next time we'll need archers tell them21641.23.358
we have we have one we're pretty happy21643.043.598
with them okay well uh I'm going to take21644.5585.08
this Archer back too well that was sorry21646.6385.92
bud this sorry you need archers we need21649.6385.08
smelters yeah but we're still I'm still21652.5585.202
taking this back the Archer yeah okay21654.7184.802
can it work at some other station yeah21657.765.0
we got three stations so this will work21659.527.84
right absolutely man21662.764.6
which way should we go in I remember21669.763.64
last time I went right okay let's go21671.323.96
right all right I'm behind you oh hey21673.44.6
I'm gaining corruption and Tesla Tesla21675.285.08
entertain me baby oh it already says21678.04.08
entertain losing corruption entertain21680.363.198
yeah there go go we're good we're good21682.085.12
come on let's get in here good job Tesla21683.5586.16
man I can't wait to see what's in here I21687.24.358
already know there's like skeletons yeah21689.7183.602
well I remember oh God it got dark I21691.5584.362
remember uh getting bit by a cobra oh no21693.325.318
that's not good oh Cobra yep yep there21695.925.24
we go oh yeah that's right yeah we need21698.6384.202
to communicate sorry sorry I jumped the21701.163.0
gun jump the gun all right we got a21702.843.798
skeleton now hey skelet boy get him21704.165.36
thick I'm a badass sir you are you get21706.6385.962
in there now come on Tesla oh man left21709.525.198
Tesla Man team Tesla and Tony look at21712.65.24
this yep TNT will21714.7186.16
call let's see where there we are oh let21717.844.958
me get this guy yeah you know what boom21720.8785.68
F Bing bom gotcha Tesla get him and from21722.7987.08
behind too another skeleton yep get21726.5587.722
him easy Tony yeah got a rist oh yeah21729.8786.162
get that Arrow guy get that Arrow guy21734.284.16
I'll get these21736.042.4
skeletons got a skeleton coming up21738.684.198
behind you thing so you know out control21740.684.278
baby oh boy they can't do anything21742.8784.962
against me ow oh boy all right there we21744.9586.122
go come on oh L of stamina come on come21747.847.08
on I need to step in no woo all right21751.086.04
hold on let's heal a little bit let's21754.924.2
heal up all right uh how's how's Tony21757.123.12
and Tesla doing let's make sure their21759.123.96
Health's good let's see Tony uh Tony's21760.245.12
not bad fine how's Tesla doing yeah21763.084.6
Tesla uh I'm not going to touch you21765.364.0
inappropriately just ask her to cough21767.684.798
Tesla uh yep uh Tesla do not have balls21769.367.198
okay uh she is 594 and going up out of21772.4786.682
900 so o okay so she's taking a little21776.5585.522
bit of a beating oh21779.162.92
cover hey uh can you you want to see21783.25.0
something what what come check this out21785.9584.722
I was kind of waiting on my th friend21788.25.12
he's not going anywhere come on where oh21790.686.278
hey in the water okay look at this this21793.326.478
something I got to do to advance21796.9586.082
uh how do I do this just uh your feet21799.7985.322
wet it's a it's a it's a fish trap why21803.044.0
don't it Why didn't it can I not put it21805.124.838
here I don't know hey maybe you have to21807.045.04
uh I had to adjust my shellfish trap to21809.9584.642
the terrain I might have to go to the21812.084.16
the pond or something21814.63.76
why are you sure why is this are you21816.244.318
sure should we follow you God you're21818.363.8
wasting our time trying to I didn't21820.5582.92
realize how hard it was just to put a21822.162.96
fish trap down all right well I got21823.4783.122
something I could do in the meantime21825.123.358
let's do that Simon fish trap no we're21826.65.16
doing no Simon what' you want to do uh21828.4784.4
hold on a21831.765.878
second that okay did you get is it21832.8787.442
that's the snake Arrow yeah it's uh I'm21837.6386.16
poisoned it's so snaky I'm poisoned I21840.326.12
have an antidote for you but21843.7985.08
yeah fish trap's down great I had to do21846.444.96
it in the lake or the pond all right21848.8784.6
well on our way Simon you missed the21851.45.36
snake arrow is amazing nebs when I say21853.4784.962
Pond what what does that mean to y'all21856.763.08
what do you think it means it means Pond21858.445.278
[ __ ] where's the pond a pond is small21859.847.0
body of water that is not this is not21863.7184.682
part of the pond what we're running21866.843.958
across right that's what I would think I21868.44.158
mean think about what you're saying out21870.7984.202
loud and process it you know what this21872.5584.92
is Simon said he said it was in a pond21875.04.08
you know what this is what is it it's a21877.4784.08
scheme all right well this isn't too bad21881.6385.362
so far except for the cobras and the21884.685.52
skeletons and the weird lizard monster21887.05.718
okay going21890.26.32
down and then back up okay oh lots of21892.7186.602
corruption up here oh you ready for this21896.526.278
ABS I don't know what is this oh ghosts21899.325.08
and then something oh God that's a21902.7983.442
sinkhole you just discovered the21904.44.0
sinkhole oh [ __ ] you see what's in the21906.244.23
thick oh it's coming what's coming21919.287.198
oh oh God oh God holy tits I'm stuck I21922.9586.882
am almost dead give me21926.4783.362
the oh heal up heal up thick oh no21930.07.0
crippled come21934.846.0
here all right you're gone everyone21937.07.12
run oh [ __ ] okay I need to heal up a21940.845.798
little bit come on abro I need you back21944.125.48
here O Let's21946.6388.122
see gotcha B oh man Tony's going to21949.69.56
die D get back21954.764.4
oh Tesla21963.329.08
or I need you that's SL21967.285.12
hey oh hey22023.7184.722
you could have said Pond by our place I22026.284.0
mean we're on an island with one pond on22028.443.6
it it was like a riddle and you go22030.283.198
straight to the coast that's where you22032.043.04
put it that's the only place it would22033.4783.16
let me that's how are fish going to get22035.084.32
in that uh yep there you go is that one22036.6385.0
of your special arrows how's it feel22039.44.52
what do you think okay uh let it sink in22041.6383.762
a little bit I'm poisoned it should have22043.922.48
went right through your head with the22045.41.88
way I was22046.43.078
aiming but all right so anyway go on22047.284.08
this is a nice trap okay well now we22049.4784.362
wait for fish you got to put bugs in you22051.364.598
also got to put in the water oh do I put22053.844.68
bugs in the damn trap bugs in it they22055.9585.162
fish love bugs oh tip thank you uh I22058.525.278
don't have any bugs I'm a shell Fisher22061.125.16
want yeah throw some bugs in there Simon22063.7984.84
all right so there's a fish in there22066.285.88
already really yeah oh I don't like the22068.6385.122
fact that it you don't actually put it22072.163.558
under water no it bothered me the second22073.763.76
we walked up two fish don't like it22075.7183.84
either but hey that's we're doing great22077.523.8
I didn't realize Dr already fished ah22079.5583.202
shellfish that's why I gave him a cooked22081.323.36
lobster yep earlier I think I should eat22082.764.36
that Lobster well was it was it ever was22084.685.16
it ever part of our our series mhm yeah22087.124.16
I talked about it at the very beginning22089.844.038
of this episode and uh you just chose to22091.284.678
ignore no I heard the crab but I never22093.8783.442
why wouldn't you let us know that you22095.9583.882
placed a trap that's big news I let22097.324.398
everyone know at the beginning of this22099.844.2
episode I think he was wanted to know22101.7184.522
why we couldn't see it happen hey I22104.044.32
killed I killed the Conan boss I'm22106.243.92
telling you now it's not the same I22108.363.08
didn't think you wanted to see it happen22110.162.798
I wouldn't assume people wanted to see22111.443.4
the shell trap it's not a big deal22112.9584.202
honestly I wish I never talking about22114.844.48
went through miss this this is a damn22117.164.44
eyesore yeah this right now I already am22119.324.6
I'm unhappy that we yeah no I'm22121.64.68
disappointed with the whole day22123.924.4
okay that thing kicked my butt so this22128.326.72
is going to be get in get stuff get out22131.126.28
good thing I died oh Jesus Christ take22135.048.4
all take all Run Okay success success22137.48.558
thck abro where you at coming to get my22143.444.84
stuff I died he set me on fire oh God is22145.9584.202
that you oh that's you okay oh there a22148.283.64
skeleton behind me get your [ __ ] get22150.164.318
your [ __ ] let's go oh God where's my22151.925.038
[ __ ] [ __ ] off ghost oh22154.4784.762
Cobra I don't even have a weapon equip22156.9583.962
oh this must be me all right get it get22159.243.318
it let's go take you got a skeleton22160.923.32
coming up behind you ah get out of here22162.5583.682
get out of here run like22164.244.2
cowards let's go I'm going I'm right22166.243.68
behind you I'm right behind22168.443.358
you why are you why are they still22169.924.36
talking to me where's Tesla where's Tony22171.7984.562
I don't care what may you don't care we22174.284.96
got to go back for Tesla okay where are22176.365.278
we got to get them I got to equip my22179.244.718
weapons okay okay you have time no it's22181.6384.642
a cobra I can't even equip a weapon just22183.9586.0
[ __ ] everywhere got everything that's22186.287.76
hit my arrows ghost will you [ __ ] off22189.9584.082
Tesla uh go to the uh go to the monster22198.764.798
arena take a right I'm hiding in a22201.764.718
corner coming a coward22203.5584.92
oh God I'm getting hit by a [ __ ] I can't22206.4786.32
do oh no oh no cobas skeletons ow Tony22208.4787.362
that's left oh God thick I'm right here22212.7986.122
oh no Tony's dead oh no I found Tony's22215.845.48
body where's Tesla22218.925.718
Tesla I love you you're like a brother22221.324.8
to me but with a22224.6386.762
vagina Tesla well said at TLA oh [ __ ] I22226.126.92
just run to the other side just run22231.43.68
through oh no no no no no turn it around22233.045.48
oh [ __ ] Tony all right abser where you22235.085.478
at I'm coming to you let's get the [ __ ]22238.523.64
out of here oh you got a cobra behind22240.5584.442
you I know I got a cobra kill the Cobra22242.165.24
come towards me come here22245.05.558
Cobra got it all right we can't fight22247.44.96
that thing man we are nowhere near ready22250.5584.282
that thing one like swiped me once I was22252.364.4
gone we need lots of arrows for that I22254.844.118
believe okay yeah believe oh watch where22256.764.798
you're swinging that thing sorry come on22258.9584.362
go I'm22261.5584.802
coming coming22263.326.2
hell out of here dude lot of stamina oh22266.364.88
yeah okay I'm just I'm just running22269.526.118
through I'll see you outside boy healing22271.247.84
up my God skeleton arrows don't shoot me22275.6385.482
with your damn arrows almost almost down22279.083.68
thank you behind me I'm running towards22281.126.678
the the exit I'm running oh god oh22282.767.47
there's a giant snake22287.7988.322
there's a giant snake in front of me22296.126.12
giant snake where'd he22298.63.64
you get get away from22305.26.24
me come here22308.245.52
oh oh no a22311.445.278
sandstorm [ __ ] Darude think we can't22313.765.958
stay out here there's a sandstorm we got22316.7186.24
to go back inside I got to get my stuff22319.7187.08
I'll help you oh God going back22322.9586.962
inside oh I22326.7985.882
stopped skeleton there's my stuff come22329.925.48
on oh God damn it damn it oh I'm right22332.685.32
here oh22335.42.6
just still alive22338.284.08
hello Sandstorm I have a mask I have a22343.5585.042
sandstorm mask it's in my inventory I22346.64.6
just got to get it [ __ ] off Cobra take22348.64.4
off how do I equip inventory equip22351.25.04
where's the mask Bo [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] you22353.05.68
[ __ ] you22356.242.44
game did you get it nibs yeah smelter22367.846.118
you want to do smelter first um well22371.04.958
where should I put mine well we'll look22373.9583.442
at mine then we'll look at yours huh22375.9584.562
okay no great go ahead do it uh smelter22377.46.398
oh hey hey there what's his name uh you22380.525.24
can name him Simon uh22383.7985.602
uh H Sam oops it's going to be hard to22385.766.198
remember but all right Sam the smelter22389.44.238
why is it going to be hard to remember22391.9583.282
well like Will Smith over there is easy22393.6383.642
to remember cuz he's blacksmith what do22395.245.318
you I like this you can name him Simon22397.285.12
okay Sam I just thought you would take22400.5583.842
to you met Simon am I going to remember22402.44.72
this later no I'm good whoops wrong22404.45.558
button yeah no go ahead and name him all22407.125.08
right that's that's Sam what you got22409.9584.162
dris uh where am I putting mine what is22412.23.64
he an Archer22414.123.838
she I she I believe archers I thought22415.843.48
you brought like a worker hold on I'll22417.9582.562
be right back we already went over this22419.322.8
just like we went over the lobster and22420.523.198
the shell trap all right I'll be right22422.123.0
back what are you doing going I'm22423.7183.0
getting the other guy when I came back22425.123.8
to this thing yeah there was already a22426.7184.282
cook in here God we suck where should I22428.923.76
put this one we've had a cook in this22431.03.28
thing for months great where should I22432.684.038
put this one put this one give it to me22434.284.8
what can you follow you around we have I22436.7183.442
set it down on the ground right now it's22439.082.718
in my pocket yeah set him down and he22440.162.92
can follow you around he'll just come22441.7982.962
with us yeah but we want it to work out22443.083.44
at one these stations yeah but we can't22444.762.92
have that one work at the station I22446.522.56
guess right not that station we have22447.682.878
other stations I'm doing the cook y'all22449.082.92
want to see the cook no I'm going to try22450.5583.08
this right here all right see Sam would22452.03.478
have been a good name for a cook how do22453.6383.442
you put it in the in the because Sam22455.4784.282
isn't Sam cook a comedian no no he's a22457.086.2
singer singer I think okay um coming out22459.765.52
[ __ ] we go you're stealing the whole22463.284.8
there we go yall met Sam Cook not to be22465.284.96
confused with Sam the smelter where are22468.083.92
you yeah where is he cuz I thought he22470.243.2
was here I'm over here by the the22472.03.44
cooking thing oh the big camp fire on22473.444.16
the side yeah I just saw this for the22475.444.56
first time today oh [ __ ] oh is that that22477.64.08
Sam that's Sam Cook all right where do I22480.04.718
get to put mine well it's just an Archer22481.685.278
they don't go they don't go in specific22484.7184.76
places yeah now I'm getting it now I'm22486.9584.882
starting to get it but yeah so like I22489.4784.042
said why don't you bring them with you22491.843.08
well it's going to [ __ ] up our getting22493.523.72
other THS I don't know how y'all get by22494.926.44
day today I do okay I'm putting it over22497.246.12
okay I'm not really a part of this22503.365.96
should I leave what's our smelter name I22506.245.28
don't know man I'm going to get some22509.325.08
water this is22511.522.88
Laura all right I see the snake all22514.523.88
right hit it see if you can bring it22516.922.44
way what the hell did you just fire I22519.365.76
fired a an arrow what kind of an arrow22522.284.92
uh abysmal arrow look like a freaking22525.125.358
Cannon I hit it all right is it coming22527.26.72
it looks to be oh22530.4785.562
God you sure you want to fight this22533.923.24
NOP but he might not be able to come22537.165.36
through here oh God we'll see hey oh no22539.286.04
he's turning around yes22542.525.64
turkey hold on we can hurt him from here22545.325.09
I know I'm going to run in and hit his22548.165.318
butt oh God all right I'm done I'm done22553.4785.282
oh that did nothing that did absolutely22556.683.798
dick to him he seems to be kind of stuck22558.764.24
right there oh God no he isn't oh yep22560.4785.962
yeah he is okay so we ain't going to we22563.05.24
ain't going to do that today your your22566.443.88
arrows are just bouncing off of him you22568.244.68
see that yeah I think I saw that let me22570.325.68
let me see one more one more do22572.927.92
it nope it hurts him okay how bad uh a22576.07.24
fraction he get me from here I don't22580.845.878
know he looks like he might be oh22583.247.6
God oh God damn it oh wait oh wait yeah22586.7186.962
no we uh get the [ __ ] out of here heyy22590.844.68
hey snake go back in go back in your22593.686.0
little hidey hole oh [ __ ] oh get in22595.525.84
yeah oh God all right all right oh boy22601.366.198
wo okay yeah no uh I'm done I'm done22605.084.718
with that place think we got to be done22607.5585.24
yeah Simon you remember those uh those22614.5584.562
dogs that killed that killed somebody22617.123.598
didn't they they say yes but I don't22619.124.598
remember I'm sure I died uh once or so I22620.7184.202
just thought we're we're stronger now22623.7182.962
now we got better armor better weapons22624.923.638
this is a good22626.685.278
test oh I think I see one do you up here22628.5585.522
to the steps to the right all right I'm22631.9584.202
going to try to shoot this guy no do it22634.085.08
Simon do it did I get him you missed22636.165.478
nope hold on got him in the butt there's22639.164.558
another one uh not far oh he's coming22641.6384.442
he's coming who's fighting first got we22643.7183.76
him don't hit each other nope don't want22647.4784.442
to all right all right I'm backing up22650.083.558
okay he's on me I got a shield up can I22651.923.48
hit him from back here try22653.6385.402
all right hold on oh boy oo we're uhing22655.45.36
good Simon all right all right I'm going22659.044.438
to move in y oh [ __ ] all right I'm going22660.765.038
to move oh I miss try to move oh [ __ ]22663.4784.32
move oh22665.7986.642
boy oh su's down oh boy okay I got the22667.7987.482
shield up Tak him I am I am oh [ __ ] keep22672.445.76
moving keeps moving you on him22675.286.358
yep come on come on come on coming at22678.25.04
coming at me all right get him go get22681.6383.24
him [ __ ] back that hurt that hurt come22683.243.398
on come on oh he's tough he's still22684.8784.562
pretty strong yeah he really22686.6385.562
is all right come on trying to heal22689.444.118
trying to22692.23.8
heal oh boy come on Shield don't let me22693.5587.4
down okay I got to okay this is RIS move22696.06.92
oh ow ow ow ow step in you want me step22700.9585.722
in oh boy we go oh crap Shield up fight22702.926.32
me come on we're hurting him we're22706.685.56
hurting him oh boy I know I know I know22709.246.36
nibs [ __ ] now he's oh oh you son of a22712.245.558
[ __ ] it's all I got I got to just kind22715.64.68
of got to go oh God it's going to take22717.7985.402
me out going22720.282.92
to uh oh22732.05.44
boy I don't think I've done a bed roll22734.923.6
in a22737.443.038
crap oh crap22740.4784.442
asro I see a dancer I do too see her22751.6384.802
wiggling I see uh somebody else standing22753.7984.92
straight up maybe if I we should take22756.444.84
out one other one there that's not a22758.7185.0
dancer yeah is it just one how many how22761.284.8
many's over there I only see the one22763.7185.16
yeah well I see two total two total hold22766.084.478
on let me let me take out that other one22768.8783.402
all right the dancers you you got a what22770.5584.722
a Tron a bludgeon yeah22772.286.4
God bless I love those arrows man yeah22775.286.678
keep coming she oh God all right that22778.685.44
was easy yeah let's just come in all22781.9583.562
right here's the dancer get your22784.123.92
trudging out don't come to me go to him22785.524.48
no not me over here oh there's another22788.043.04
one there's another one I'll get I'll22790.02.798
get that one you work on the uh you work22791.083.12
on the dancer all right bring them over22792.7984.882
here so they don't fall off [ __ ]22794.27.678
stamina up I got it me focus on me I'mma22797.687.08
Knock You Out22801.8785.68
knock you out I knocked her out22804.765.68
beautiful you got a rope I do oh boy now22807.5585.442
we got to drag her all the way back hey22810.444.72
you know what we're going to uh ah she's22813.04.638
only a level one but gu Man level one's22815.163.718
better than nothing we need just22817.6384.84
anything to dance for us all right so22818.8786.202
head back to base uh yeah all right lead22822.4785.0
the way um all right we're dragging her22825.083.84
so we got to we got to stay on the land22827.4783.642
don't we yep woo this is uh this might22828.924.2
be a challenge all right we'll be fine22831.123.56
yeah we can do it hopefully she you22833.124.88
won't die like Tesla don't bring it22834.687.16
up I miss you22838.03.84
Tesla oh man this is a really long way22842.166.36
looks like a thing I should check out if22846.4788.0
I can get to it let's see okay here we22848.529.8
go come on stamina it's not too far I22854.4787.202
think I can make that come on scalet22858.326.398
here we go and22861.685.68
up almost here okay looks like22864.7185.282
corruption yep I'm going to need Tesla22867.366.4
later here we go wa look my bracelets22870.07.92
getting bubbly Obelisk uh two uh okay H22873.767.76
I need to yep Obelisk already tuned okay22877.926.52
get out of this did I get corrupted I'm22881.525.52
all right I don't think I lost anything22884.443.92
okay I'm going to need some water and22887.044.72
I'll get down from here uh down this to22888.365.56
here we go woo oh that's higher than I22891.764.76
thought it was Wo22893.922.6
Simon Simon Simon yes sir what happened22903.325.8
to neebs you suppose I don't know I22906.765.32
think uh I think he's dead and I'm22909.125.04
assuming he didn't have a bed here yeah22912.083.638
that was my guess yeah but we're22914.163.318
prepared and you know what's nice right22915.7184.642
now what this view I love it I mean this22917.4785.442
is just it's I love it it's pretty it is22920.365.16
it's tranquil tranquil is the word mhm22922.925.038
um I'm relaxed for the first time today22925.523.198
fully relaxed yeah I see you uh took22928.7186.682
your shoes off yeah well you know it's22932.4785.282
it's it's you ever hear about earthing22935.44.84
earthing you got to connect to the Earth22937.764.958
that's a verb no Earth take your shoes22940.245.08
off Dar take your shoes off oh I know22942.7184.402
I've heard this yes it's a thing you22945.323.92
want to connect to the electric waves in22947.124.2
the in the planet yeah it just it makes22949.244.04
you that much more in tune with with the22951.323.638
the universe that's right22953.283.92
we're Universal look at that we're22954.9584.52
earthers I'm never wearing shoes again22957.26.2
screw shoes [ __ ] them they can go to22959.4783.922
woo okay it's a long run but uh oh yeah22966.7188.322
just keep going I22972.242.8
guess we'll get there eventually22976.44.6
oh ho exciting times boy yep how so uh22984.5586.0
I'm about to make a bed that's how so22988.284.48
bigger exciting times I'm about to get22990.5583.92
rid of our corruption ladies and22992.765.24
gentlemen coming to the stage give it up22994.4787.282
for Honda Honda hey22998.06.84
Honda oh yeah yeah hold on let me get23001.765.08
let me get my corruption going oh there23004.844.52
it is there it is nice going away and23006.844.44
Honda I'm not going to I'm not going to23009.364.08
do you wrong baby I've got some gifts23011.285.64
for you here we go here we go oh yeah23013.446.76
there oh yeah you like it that's myit23016.924.92
yeah that's my outfit you can't put my23020.25.64
outfit on Honda he he can yeah why not23021.845.68
it's special to me and she doesn't wear23025.843.24
it right look the Bottom's all messed up23027.523.32
no she looks better in it I think look23029.083.478
she doesn't look better than that no no23030.843.4
that move she looks there you go she23032.5583.32
looks great I think maybe I have to23034.243.36
change the top though for YouTube23035.8784.362
purposes are the covered they are23037.65.278
covered well what the heck right okay I23040.243.92
don't know I mean that's what I would23042.8783.962
think dras I have something for you but23044.164.28
you have to get something for me what's23046.844.638
that I need the Flesh of a human man or23048.445.6
woman so human flesh copy that do you23051.4784.122
guys know that every time you yawn a23054.044.72
ghost puts its dick in your mouth I did23055.64.52
that's awesome that's why I yawn every23058.763.32
day yeah I'm not worried about that23060.122.758
right now tell you what there's23062.081.878
somewhere on the map I've been wanting23062.8783.642
to go check out who wants to go with h23063.9584.68
who what what uh I'd like to come with23066.523.56
let's go let's go I'm sick of talking23068.6382.722
about it hold on a second let me just23070.085.33
double Che about n n get out of here23071.364.35
gr watch out for that Gator I know he's23099.164.2
been watch out for that Gator the whole23101.9583.322
freaking way oh yeah that's what you do23103.363.84
when you take the river I know Gator's23105.285.16
like the river all right well uh how23107.25.08
okay what are you what are you thinking23110.443.6
oh I'm thinking we're traveling north oh23112.283.72
check out that Aqueduct up there you23114.043.678
remember the aqueduct yeah that's what23116.04.0
they call them right I think so Aqueduct23117.7183.522
should we go to the top of that thing I23120.03.12
don't think I've ever been up top I mean23121.243.478
I mean it's a big distraction I mean I I23123.123.438
know I know somewhere I want to go but23124.7184.16
now should we I mean do let's do it23126.5583.802
let's do it all right cuz I've got bad23128.8783.642
instincts so for me to say no means it's23130.364.4
probably a good idea yeah but but if I23132.524.198
was right then it was good instincts and23134.764.038
then I get to claim that I knew what we23136.7183.402
shouldn't have done there's thinking23138.7983.602
with your noodle that's what it is wait23140.124.32
is this a cave what is this this is a23142.45.44
cave Simon oh this is a good distraction23144.444.92
yeah this is a good distraction all23147.843.28
right so hold all right so first cave23149.363.438
then climb the aquad do then go to the23151.122.96
place I wanted to go I'm getting23152.7982.562
distracted maybe there's a potion in23154.083.52
here I need a potion Simon when do we23155.364.198
get to do what I want to do what do you23157.65.56
want to do take a nap take a nap no not23159.5586.0
today not today he at all we're caved23163.166.16
out oh this has got to be a spider oh23165.5583.762
man hello Spider23170.127.96
Boys oh my goodness Simon oh this could23174.45.36
very well be has this not been seen23178.083.798
before I haven't seen this before this23179.765.6
looks crazy uh we need to this is where23181.8786.0
grappling hooks come in right yeah well23185.365.04
we can climb in this game well damn23187.8785.84
that's right23190.43.318
Vick dalas some uh human flesh for you23196.368.96
very good and and we come over here23202.046.438
uh-huh dras this is a press I'm23205.326.318
impressed yes okay this you can make23208.4786.722
blood I can make blood other ways press23211.6386.122
I what you can make blood with this you23215.24.04
can make a lot of things but right now23217.764.08
I'm making blood what you doing that for23219.246.08
huh for a reason to make a sacrif face23221.845.878
no come on over here now okay in the23225.325.04
fireball cauldron eh in The Cauldron of23227.7185.16
fire all right what you going to make in23230.366.598
the c f I'm making some totemic fodder I23232.8785.362
wasn't done with the song but all right23236.9583.442
what are you making totemic23238.245.478
fodder okay yep I want to be more23240.46.2
excited about it put this over here now23243.7185.602
where's your kitty Dalias where's fella23246.64.8
is it yep yep that's fella see if I can23249.325.638
do this right23251.43.558
well dris uh I'm not sure how to uh how23257.286.88
to do this wow that's amazing where did23262.24.32
the other guys go what's that what was23264.163.52
that what were you saying that was going23266.524.72
to dress up your cat going to yeah I23267.686.4
don't know how that I have the recipe I23271.245.52
wonder if I have to put this thing in23274.086.76
the in that I I don't know you okay bud23276.766.08
yep so where' the other guys go what was23280.844.16
that what are you trying to just23282.844.24
distract yourself to get away I was just23285.03.36
you thanks you're welcome seriously23288.364.84
where' those guys go uh they went up23291.06.718
north I believe exploring oh Simon oh23293.25.48
[ __ ]23297.7183.322
Simon come on we've done this before23298.684.32
well I know but it's different it's23301.044.04
different but I'm good yeah it is a23303.03.52
little bit different no it's not23305.084.28
different it was a little bit sorry it's23306.524.48
okay I forgive you this time woo my23309.364.88
stamina just run out W all right all23311.05.84
right hey we're at Weaver's Hollow all23314.244.12
right Hollow at your23316.843.038
hello let's see what is all this you23321.4786.522
think we'd see some ghosts oh God [ __ ]23324.6384.752
out of here23328.010.84
what the hell just23338.846.76
happen justar okay I'm running I'm23341.326.238
running away now he's chasing you climb23345.63.6
climb climb like a [ __ ] all right23347.5583.282
climbing like a [ __ ] fcked up out of23349.24.32
nowhere yeah oh God Run keep climbing23350.845.56
keep climbing clim climing Bit Me Oh God23353.525.038
this is not good all right Simon do you23356.44.64
see me coming to you all right run I'm23358.5585.682
running run fast oh [ __ ] faster I know23361.045.32
my come get come get come to me oh God23364.244.478
little guy little guy oh my stamina's23366.363.8
about to go oh yeah you're all right23368.7183.08
you're all right keep tracking I'll get23370.162.84
that little guy off here oh right no23371.7982.442
you're good keep running run run R run23373.04.0
run run run run run oh God we got little23374.246.398
spiders on us oh [ __ ] I'm just23377.06.24
running I'm right behind you savage all23380.6384.122
right I got a couple of spiders right23383.244.6
here oh help oh [ __ ] leave my buddy Sav23384.766.038
it alone come on come on yeah all right23387.845.2
come on come23390.7986.602
on yeah woo oh God okay back up back up23393.046.0
back up eat some eat some stuff Simon23397.43.28
get [ __ ] there's a big guy right there I23399.043.16
know I know he's coming oh there's a23400.684.278
little guy okay's run the hill run up23402.26.84
the hill up the hill run it up the hill23404.9586.042
running past this guy oh [ __ ] watch out23409.043.88
right behind you right behind you right23411.03.878
behind you is a little guy oh po [ __ ]23412.923.84
I'm running past run past him run past23414.8784.402
him you got little guys on you oh [ __ ]23416.765.24
oh and I got God this was a mistake this23419.286.4
is a this was a mistake big mistake here23422.05.04
keep running up keep running up it's23425.684.36
about to lead out somewhere hold on sa23427.045.678
we's got our I see you you do yep keep23430.043.96
running keep running I'm right behind23432.7182.962
behind you I'm right behind you all23434.04.92
right [ __ ] oh God I see light light head23435.685.0
towards the light we're it I'm making it23438.925.08
out head towards the light holy23440.685.68
[ __ ] holy23444.04.52
[ __ ] here climb up on a rock get23446.363.72
somewhere with you [ __ ] spiders kick23448.522.72
all right23450.085.0
here eat it yeah eat23451.246.318
it Simon that we shouldn't have gone in23455.084.798
there that was dumb or it was the best23457.5584.682
thing we ever did all right let's let's23459.8784.362
get our health back up let's uh let's23462.244.0
heal up a minute and bed rolls we should23464.245.08
probably put down bed rolls yeah bed23466.245.638
rolls it is right here yeah wo my dick's23469.325.558
woo we should explore I heard about a23475.325.44
dungeon get out a dungeon I'm so ready23477.7184.962
for a dungeon and you know how well we23480.765.16
do dungeons23482.683.24
what is this what look at this thing on23495.3984.842
the oh it's a little sluggy buug I just23497.8784.52
yeah I ate a grub you ate it I didn't no23500.243.52
I picked it up what are you going to do23502.3984.08
with it did I eat it you tell me oh no23503.764.32
it's right here fat grub You' think you23506.4783.642
would know if you ate it or not I can23508.084.92
eat it I think let me try something for23510.125.278
recipes no I ate it I'm cooling down and23513.04.76
I'm regenerating oh [ __ ] it looked like23515.3984.922
a looked like a gummy worm it's23517.764.6
beautiful all right there's spider webs23520.324.6
and one of those other things yep if we23522.365.4
can uh avoid that for now of course cuz23524.925.28
we're super busy are we super close23527.764.68
though um yeah why would you bring me to23530.24.598
a more spider Webby place I don't know23532.445.24
this is abro he was like Hey I know the23534.7984.562
dungeon you guys should go to cuz he23537.683.4
could give a [ __ ] okay he's probably23539.364.96
sending us into death and I I hope abro23541.086.28
wasn't just messing with me23544.325.84
dude [ __ ] sometimes he's full of beans I23547.364.84
swear what's up23550.165.04
boys o o23552.25.48
who want see my belly23555.25.08
dance who want to see my belly dance23557.685.798
Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle23560.286.84
yeah he's often full of beans smells it23563.4787.32
too oh yeah Musical23567.127.278
Fruit oh okay so I see something okay at23570.7985.802
least it opens up a bit out here [ __ ]23574.3985.122
hate those tight quarters staging area23576.65.08
okay so I guess we'll just get ready23579.525.038
here level Okay so corrup wait what was23581.685.118
that someone just shot at us what what23584.5584.962
what where you aters help a [ __ ]23586.7984.92
spider I got you well I'm looking for23589.527.24
the dud who shot us I don't know Show23591.7187.562
Yourself coward might have been the23596.765.92
spider oh just dead wa wait wait wait23599.287.48
wait wa what wa oh it's one of those23602.686.958
things care what was that sound what was23606.765.84
that think about it pouncing on my face23609.6384.92
what's beyond it though oh there's two23612.64.56
of them okay yeah I wonder if this right23614.5585.282
here let me check the map this sucks23617.165.398
think we go this23619.842.718
way just over this hill Simon we should23624.444.6
be able to see it well that's good I23627.04.12
want I want to know where the hell we're23629.043.88
going I don't know it just looks like a23631.123.8
cool place on the map that we haven't23632.924.12
seen and I want to see and this is the23634.925.4
big reveal oh oh God that's a giant base23637.047.08
C giant base yeah you see that looks23640.326.558
awesome well hold on introduce ourselves23644.126.358
I feel like introducing ourselves to a23646.8786.202
bunch of people might be a bad idea and23650.4785.282
I think we should put a bed right here23653.085.12
hey I like your uh I like your sense of23655.764.638
caution yep it's it's surprising from23658.24.4
you yeah except for the fact that I23660.3983.442
don't have hold on I got to make some23662.63.278
twine I got to do my thing you got to do23663.843.6
your thing you cut this [ __ ] out all23665.8783.162
right we'll cut it out Alex will cut it23667.444.24
out he's a good boy aren't you Alex yeah23669.045.598
you are a good boy who keep this really23671.684.84
in the video though going to put this in23674.6384.92
the video it's so23676.523.038
dumb oh I see a big face ahead a big23680.366.64
face oh yeah dude23683.445.88
there's there's going to be so many bugs23687.05.798
in this dungeon you running just run23689.325.238
Just Go For It Go for the face go for23692.7983.402
the face going for the face get that23694.5582.84
face Bob and weave there's another23696.23.198
spider in front of us I don't care face23697.3985.48
face face ow [ __ ] ow the [ __ ] was I'm23699.3985.842
not using you as a sh poison crippling23702.8785.402
poison just keep oh he's on your ass too23705.244.36
yeah oh no got him you good yeah let's23709.66.76
heal up okay [ __ ] [ __ ] come in here23712.8785.882
come in here all right good call hello23716.364.92
we are travelers from AAR from the23718.765.24
regions of the of the rivers and the23721.285.518
wetness and the sand right yeah we come23724.05.718
here just uh seeking Refuge to see if23726.7985.6
you have any women maybe potions yep23729.7184.962
potions especially this is a nice home23732.3985.122
you have here I I like the design yes23734.686.92
very nice uh walk you son of a oh come23737.526.878
on listen we just want to we just want23741.65.0
to trade all right watch out friendly23744.3984.16
watch out we are friendly it's time to23746.66.4
kick some butt good God fine yep come on23748.5586.08
look at this look at this look at I'm23753.04.04
sorry look all I wanted to do see if you23754.6384.482
had any potions but no no you don't want23757.044.28
to be nice did you now you're cutting23759.125.438
half was it worth it hey we tried to be23761.325.558
friendly first yeah we did this is your23764.5583.92
fault what's about to happen it's23766.8783.362
official I didn't want to Massacre a23768.4784.48
village today but now we have to you23770.245.12
made me do it no well me too it's not23772.9585.082
just a you thing you made us do it thank23775.364.0
you all right I'm going to run into this23778.043.678
house and kill women and children oh no23779.365.16
leave the kids alone oh hey a loot box23781.7186.322
oh hello lady even though you're not a23784.527.198
lady oh God three guys oh God this is23788.047.48
not good I need to get out of here right23791.7183.802
coming all right all right I know I know23797.525.278
when we're not wanted I stole some of23800.325.0
your [ __ ]23802.7982.522
though oh God oh God oh there it's23805.5587.0
around so that I can carve it on your23807.7184.84
P huh oh this place looks big huge JS23819.6810.48
hello anybody home probably a bunch of23830.165.398
spiders and bugs th it's the best way to23833.284.24
get down here you can't slide down I23835.5583.24
think be fine are you going to try to23837.523.8
get down over here I like some green23838.7987.042
crystals not so bad lots of little23841.328.0
Ledges oh you okay alas yeah went a23845.845.4
little further than I wanted all right23849.324.36
oh there's a big spider down there big23851.245.52
oh God lot of spider look at that Terris23853.684.24
they hate23856.763.44
you where are you I'm coming down I'm23857.924.038
just climbing down a wall you use some23860.23.32
help it's a lot of spiders I can help23861.9585.562
you come get it sucker23863.527.438
woo little good form what is this place23867.525.16
man just chisling away I don't23870.9585.202
know so there's there's a fire this23872.684.798
looks like it might have been some sort23876.163.6
of a ship yeah I wouldn't have uh I23877.4786.32
wouldn't have sailed in here personally23879.764.038
what a23884.163.16
big is that a queen that's a queen is it23888.766.08
looking at us I'm going to the left23892.285.48
let's break to left23894.842.92
way all right Simon yeah the quest to23898.6385.682
get our stuff back I definitely need my23901.4784.562
[ __ ] yeah we're going to get your [ __ ]23904.323.04
next Simon we ain't going to go down23906.043.96
with that a fight let me re-equip myself23907.363.84
I shouldn't have died it was a dumb way23910.03.52
to die it was really stupid yeah I don't23911.24.518
it's all a blur for me you know they say23913.524.118
that happens you forget how you die when23915.7183.882
you die I don't know if anybody says23917.6383.76
that I think that's a thing no no it's23919.63.6
not a thing no one said that no no no no23921.3983.08
one's ever said that it is for me you're23923.22.678
the first person that's ever said that23924.4783.762
well maybe the second but probably the23925.8784.76
first all right all right so so I got my23928.244.638
stuff and I got nothing all right well23930.6383.202
we're going to go we're going to go get23932.8782.402
your stuff side so I wish I could just23933.843.558
punch the hell out of these guys can I23935.284.24
ah yeah hey I tell you what real quick I23937.3984.682
can make you a sword real fast a yes yes23939.523.68
watch my back watch my back watch my23942.082.478
back I'm going to watch your back I'm23943.23.72
going to specifically watch your back23944.5585.282
watching your back you want a shield uh23946.925.958
does a monkey like to [ __ ] everything23949.844.28
likes to [ __ ] I mean that's pretty much23952.8783.402
why we're born but monkeys in particular23954.124.24
but everything everything you know it's23956.283.72
it's instinctual in all of us well23958.364.198
that's it no no sometimes it's just23960.04.638
instinctual and not all animals getting23962.5584.962
pleasure out of sex so I asked do they23964.6386.442
like to [ __ ] the answer is yes so you23967.526.8
want so you want a shield okay fine good23971.086.638
God just making a point here we go here23974.325.76
we go boy here we go boy there you go oh23977.7184.642
yeah yeah who got that Shield got the23980.084.12
shield I do get your sword and shield23982.363.598
out let's go kill these guys I so don't23984.23.96
use the the how do you how do I equip23985.9584.802
the uh there we go mhm you know how to23988.164.88
block oh [ __ ] I almost stabed you hey23990.764.92
hey hey hey e okay good God I'm not23993.044.75
going to give you anything anymore you23995.684.64
nut I think we need to do it thck it24000.326.2
looks like what we need to do yeah it's24003.64.64
it when we went around this way notice24006.523.878
how it's still just looking at us we24008.245.08
didn't fool it water is oh no that's24010.3985.16
that that was his butt oh got you we24013.324.04
fooled it I'm going to go around the24015.5583.282
other way we'll take it from two sides24017.363.68
hey yeah should I should I hit it with24018.844.878
some arrows for no let's just get close24021.045.88
me practice my roll roll this armor24023.7185.122
what's that I can't roll in this oh boy24026.924.0
there it is24028.848.038
oh here Tomy you coming all right here24036.8786.482
we go you come in you come in and here I24038.7184.642
come oh boy that is not doing [ __ ] to it24043.4785.762
boy thick I don't know look I I've got24046.844.16
my shield up I did too oh it's looking24049.243.8
at you here I got24051.05.878
this yep get it get oh my God this that24053.045.438
not get potion up oh that was a hard hit24058.4787.602
thi hard hit it is yeah all right Simon24062.9584.322
let's just find your [ __ ] and let's get24066.083.398
out of here all right I have really24067.284.24
honestly no idea where I died all right24069.4783.48
there's a couple of them down there here24071.523.24
I wonder if I can here why don't we kill24072.9583.84
these guys and then I'll I'll do the map24074.764.198
thing back it up back oh God hold on24076.7983.722
watch out s watch out trying to kill24078.9582.882
these [ __ ] guys yeah but don't die in24080.523.958
the process all die in the process get24081.846.24
out of here Shield baby God damn it s24084.4785.442
yeah SP back in your bedroom come here24088.084.84
all right I'm guarding your [ __ ] hurry24089.925.52
[ __ ] I I found its pattern alas what's24092.924.6
the pattern pick it's going to swipe and24095.444.958
try to spit at me and when it spits see24097.524.76
right there it spits in the wrong24100.3984.362
direction you24102.284.72
idiot we going to kill this thing man I24104.764.16
know I know we are it doesn't scare me24107.05.0
as much anymore how about you no uh-oh24108.925.958
that hurt hurt big time got to go got to24112.06.16
go all right I'll distract it24114.8785.762
woo goias24118.166.08
uhoh Simon what hurry up Sandstorm oh24126.327.52
[ __ ] Sandstorm hurry okay I'm trying we24130.6384.682
got shelter we could hide in this little24133.843.08
Hut where I killed all the women and24135.324.158
children oh no children are dead oh wait24136.924.36
I got a sandstorm mask now because I24139.4783.282
came prepared where is you said you24141.284.24
write all my stuff no not that body I24142.765.16
need the other body the other body yeah24145.524.438
the first one that one that [ __ ] on it24147.924.12
you need the first body of course I do24149.9584.042
oh where's the first body [ __ ] is it24152.044.758
down here I that's the whole [ __ ]24154.07.76
question oh wait oh boy oh come on okay24156.7986.322
oh Simon we're in trouble we're in24161.764.16
trouble we are [ __ ] I'm in big trouble24163.124.92
hey hey get in here get in here in here24165.923.558
yeah in this little all right there's24168.043.358
somebody behind oh [ __ ] I thought that24169.4784.202
was you no come24171.3985.202
on damn it oh [ __ ] what are you doing24173.684.718
why what am I doing you yeah you're24176.63.4
running right in front of my fuing24178.3984.762
weapon all right I'm dying ah I'll take24180.06.398
take you all oh God I won't take you all24183.164.798
this was a bad24186.3984.202
idea s oh God he's dead again of course24187.9584.6
he's dead again24190.65.6
Jesus come on24192.5586.962
hello I'm coming back oh boy come to me24196.25.24
oh God I'm about to die oh here hide24199.526.08
hide can't get me here just me and you24201.447.358
you [ __ ] you big dummy my friend dur24205.64.68
Alex is going to come back everything's24208.7984.68
going to be fine we made a bed roll two24210.286.56
bever rolls look how good I am at stuff24213.4786.16
now you're going to spit so good at24216.846.4
everything thinkig 44 I have a shield my24219.6386.682
head's in your ass some would say most24223.244.638
of the time it's in my24226.324.96
ass a noble fight indeed but you're an24227.8787.362
idiot spider friend spider why in the24231.287.438
hell is dalas taking so long where the24235.246.76
[ __ ] am I where was this the pass was it24238.7185.16
called The Passage oh yeah I died up24242.04.2
there okay okay I was going the wrong24243.8783.962
coming all24247.846.118
right not sure how you heard that cuz24250.6385.602
it's the warrior speak I heard Dr in my24253.9584.882
heart where are you at abso I'm in that24256.244.36
same Hut all right I'm going to try to24258.843.36
run in and go right in there but they24260.64.0
might follow me in yeah that's okay I'm24262.24.438
standing at the door the Trap is laid24264.65.118
all right practically there there I'm24266.6385.08
waiting for you here we go is anybody24269.7183.84
behind you yeah24271.7184.562
aha boom my booby trapped him like Kevin24273.5584.562
mallister except for the fact that I'm24276.284.48
probably going to die right now yeah on24278.126.96
you arer [ __ ] yeah come on come on baby24280.765.28
come on24285.083.6
baby all right she's down Simon how you24286.045.0
doing with her oh good God that was a24288.684.44
big punch man I fisted her all right24291.043.72
come on okay come on come on we got to24293.123.438
find your original stuff I know that's24294.764.0
the problems oh my god do they just keep24296.5585.442
respawning Retreat God damn it Retreat24298.764.878
stop it24302.02.6
come on24303.6385.562
baby yeahoo I got lost oh okay I'm going24304.68.038
to try to oh [ __ ] thing's almost dead oh24309.27.88
God thanks okay that's sper friends get24312.6386.562
out I got to24317.087.2
run that [ __ ] oh thick good luck getting24319.27.32
back here not24324.289.56
easy oh no oh Nick no don't shoot no24326.527.32
hey thick24338.9582.84
hey all right let's go in all right come24342.525.198
on I think I saw your body yeah is it24345.244.12
it's just to the left outside the24347.7183.92
building it's right it's right here is24349.364.598
that it oh boy come on Simon Get it24351.6384.482
while I got you back there's no body no24353.9584.122
body I don't see you body oh it's it24356.125.438
despawned already God damn it [ __ ] off24358.086.12
[ __ ] oh oh wait it's here but it's24361.5585.84
not here what do you mean boom oh oh24364.25.198
yeah I see the stuff got it you got it24367.3985.0
you got it got it let's get the hell24369.3985.56
out all right going to get my stuff all24372.3986.32
right me too poison are you in the where24374.9586.562
you at I'm in the cave okay I'm I'm I'm24378.7184.84
I'm all right gotcha it's right24383.5585.682
underneath me where okay what I have an24386.045.96
idea okay I don't want to die I don't24389.244.8
want you to die I don't want me to die24392.05.32
SI Dying God I24394.046.64
pressed did you24397.323.36
die damn24401.63.24
it and24411.9584.76
boom we'll see how these people like it24414.5583.482
I'm going build a little house on their24416.7183.68
land yeah yeah now these people have24418.043.838
made a mortal enemy someon you know who24420.3985.042
it is uh his name's AB you his name's24421.8785.6
abro is IM mortal enemy of these people24425.444.24
all right the uh what is it hold on let24427.4783.282
me look at the map what do they call24429.685.92
this place yeah new asgar asagarth new24430.768.16
asagarth new asagarth hey new asagarth24435.65.0
you're a bunch of new ass holes am I24438.925.038
right am I right Simon that's a play on24440.67.84
words zing zing you fools all right so24443.9585.802
um is that really going to affect them24448.443.08
though they're not going to care no I'll24449.762.718
tell you what they are going to care24451.521.76
because guess guess what else we're24452.4782.562
going to do what we're going to get some24453.283.278
little baby wolves and we're going to24455.044.08
raise them to be big wolves Simon Okay24456.5583.762
and then we're going to take them big24459.122.64
wolves and we're going to go back in a24460.323.318
new asgar and our big wolves are going24461.764.16
to murder most of them you really think24463.6386.042
that that's worth it yes okay you see24465.925.44
how they treated us we were just nice24469.683.798
Travelers out on a little stroll and24471.364.68
then what do we get nothing but rudess24473.4784.202
right but we killed them already we24476.044.16
killed some of them but not all of them24477.684.48
all of them Must Die Simon in order to24480.25.32
satiate my hunger for24482.163.36
blood dras yeah thck I'm down here me24486.66.44
too I got a spider I can't I don't have24490.3983.802
I can't I don't have time to put my24493.043.28
sword I'm just running it's getting24494.25.32
annoying yep oh another yep spider oh24496.325.04
[ __ ] there so all the spiders came24499.525.038
back huh yeah oh [ __ ] where's my stuff I24501.366.518
don't know but hey hey I just had my24504.5585.562
sword I could do some [ __ ] I don't have24507.8783.962
time to put my sword on I don't even24510.124.678
know where my is oh I pray to the24511.844.878
Goddess adahop that I find out where my24514.7983.242
is this is ridiculous24518.047.12
yeah all right alas oh I got some drugs24521.8785.642
oh I do have some food all right okay24525.164.52
it's after me now and yeah you did a24527.525.038
good job Vick all right let me heal up24529.685.958
I'm just running I see him yeah oh yeah24532.5585.882
chasing me poisoned I think I can get in24535.6384.522
and help now I'm at least halfway24538.444.958
beautiful hey beautiful I I wait till24540.165.84
hey how are you here we go hello hello24543.3983.722
my stamina's down he's going to get a24546.02.92
shot he's going to get a24547.126.4
shot oh he's going to spit oh no sir no24548.928.52
no no TI to your ass there we go we've24553.526.278
got more spiders24557.446.08
around I might die so close to being24559.7987.08
down I know I'm dealing with24563.527.68
spiders thank you stay stay with me all24566.8787.242
right spider down okay oh up come on24571.24.48
come on do a little spitsy do a little24574.124.438
spitsy got to wait for the tail whip get24575.686.04
his attention I'm I'm okay24578.5584.562
now ow got his attention so did I well24583.126.838
no he's still he's still likes you here24587.4784.642
we go here we go give a little swipe get24589.9584.402
a little give swipe go ahead go ahead is24592.125.2
it swipe time swipe time Swip get the24594.365.56
killing bloater alas can you do it if I24597.325.8
go he's got to be spit there we go there24599.925.84
we go here we go24603.125.64
war did you uh okay did you harvest it24614.9586.362
let me uh let me get out the old axe get24618.686.118
some kitan some ier yeah okay that's24621.326.0
what we that's what we're here for yeah24624.7985.962
that was it um I saw something up here I24627.325.158
think we have to climb that's where we24630.764.28
came came from thick right there yep24632.4784.92
other other way other way right yep that24635.044.598
makes sense to me all right moving on24637.3983.122
job as as a good job a good job to you24640.527.08
sir a flawless I would say Flawless24643.4786.722
Victory all right you ready Salon yeah24647.64.958
look at this ceiling damn hey how's that24650.24.84
ceiling looking it looks great hey you24652.5585.122
did a good job s it's a little low but24655.044.678
I'll take it yeah no that's okay this is24657.684.0
just a little Outpost all right our uh24659.7184.08
screw Asgard Outpost it wasn't Asgard24661.685.16
asgard's the thing from Thor as ath as24663.7985.882
as a hold on I need map I'm terrible at24666.846.558
remembering the asgar no it's not as24669.686.48
asagarth yeah that's right because there24673.3986.882
[ __ ] hey hey welcome to asagarth24676.166.88
where we're a bunch of [ __ ] do you24680.284.92
want to get some pastas and some pizzas24683.046.08
and assar [ __ ] ass aarans said eating24685.26.04
their pasta and pizza all right and hey24689.123.16
while I was out in the Bel I already24691.244.318
caught one baby wolf he's in the Box24692.285.198
take him out of the box oh I killed a24695.5584.642
wolf earlier uh but not a baby one right24697.4784.802
that was a baby oh no you know what no I24700.24.16
attempted to kill it and then I didn't24702.284.8
so we're going to be baby hunting uh we24704.364.68
are going to be baby hunting uh we need24707.083.718
some meat too all right hold on let me24709.044.04
put him in here we need some meat God I24710.7984.042
I harvested a bunch of wolf fur should24713.083.318
have been getting meat all right you24714.843.08
know what I've been seeing this wolf up24716.3983.842
here we need some meat let's go get some24717.923.878
meat all right we're going to feed these24720.244.158
baby wolves [ __ ] mother wow that's24721.7985.122
Twisted I know but we need to do it so24724.3985.282
we can go to aard hey24726.925.92
Mama might make the bab the the grownup24729.685.4
feel a little bit better knowing that24732.843.44
yep there going to be food for her24735.086.478
babers oh come here oh come here get the24736.285.278
meat hey D alas hey Vick I'm almost up24741.686.52
here I see that all right here it goes24745.3985.842
up here I see you I'm I'm going to24748.24.96
attempt to climb this well I see you're24751.244.12
climbing it right now it's not even okay24753.165.798
well I'm attempt to get oh oh God okay24755.366.56
hold on hold on you're very strong woo24758.9586.362
hey thick yep yep yep thick yep thick oh24761.926.84
I'm okay wow yeah right I guess that's24765.327.2
how you get down yeah glad this uh this24768.766.0
boner Rock here was there it's like you24772.525.198
just gravitated toward it yeah cuz I24774.766.24
love boners big old rock hard knob in24777.7185.282
your face yeah24781.04.04
you like that yeah well especially when24783.05.798
I yawn and it's a ghost yeah who knew24785.046.12
yeah it's fact if you wake up with a24788.7985.122
sore throat yeah it's that damn ghost24791.166.478
boner ghost mhm ghost seing all right I24793.925.84
I see kind of a broken piece to this I24797.6383.92
might be able to go24799.767.28
around okay here I go do it come24801.55810.042
on oh my God I can see a box damn it24807.047.4
what no24811.62.84
come I'm not dead did you fall in a24815.045.04
there's a box up there there's a stupid24818.125.08
box you got this look at these controls24820.085.96
calm down I hate when you do I love when24823.24.04
you do24826.043.598
that oh24827.245.638
spider oh you dick24829.6386.32
God oh24832.8784.622
God how you doing24835.9583.042
thick don't put your dick in my mouth24843.287.438
thick okay dras I'm trying this again24847.4785.842
okay good you're back yeah this is fun24850.7184.362
to watch from here I'm not going to lie24853.324.318
yep sure it is cuz I don't have to do24855.087.558
anything this is the worst I'm sure oh24857.6388.16
what what yeah baby I'm up here you did24862.6386.76
it TI ey reap our rewards yes I can't24865.7985.282
wait to see what's in24869.3985.202
here what the [ __ ] what is it two gold24871.085.0
bars and two gold24874.64.118
coins worth it man we were supposed to24876.085.398
get some sort of Shard of Shard of sh of24878.7186.722
Wonder and the sword of cool I checked24881.4785.962
my inventory there's nothing there did24885.443.88
you get something from that thing from24887.445.278
the wait hold on let's see let's see24889.325.638
see I got a broken Scourge Stone piece24895.365.92
that's it [ __ ] okay hey but we had to24898.245.318
see what was in the box I guess so all24901.284.84
right come over here I think all right24903.5585.442
see you in about 15 yeah man probably24906.127.2
die getting down try not to24909.04.32
okay here we24933.843.92
go I'm back24935.125.56
everybody I forgot to put you know what24937.765.6
reminds me she put a bed down I will do24940.687.32
that I will do that thick abro uh hey24943.367.48
hello there there's some new faces here24948.06.44
huh oh hey you're not Tesla what's your24950.847.16
name I'm neebs you wearing abso24954.447.958
clothes interesting okay well crap24958.07.958
nobody's here oh a sign what we got here24962.3986.48
neees went to Circle place in the24965.9586.202
north okay Circle place in the24968.8786.52
north that's a circle place that's got24972.166.718
to be it all right uh I'm going to I'm24975.3986.722
going to get some things then I'll do24978.8783.242
that all right Simon yes sir we got two24982.246.158
dogs are cooking I know they got a ways24985.765.038
to go though I know but check this out24988.3985.042
come over here see what I made um it24990.7985.562
looks like a a little fire pet it's a24993.446.278
crude planter okay so I can open it and24996.366.4
I think I put some seeds in here a boom24999.7186.08
bam check it out I gained the level and25002.765.24
journey step completed I've planted some25005.7985.642
seeds you did Bam can I can I get it go25008.05.92
up a level if you plant some seeds sure25011.444.48
so I just got to plant the seeds yeah I25013.923.878
guess so take those out and plant them25015.922.958
maybe you'll get a journey stuff25017.7984.6
completed too a our journey take these25018.8785.6
leavening plant seeds out you're saying25022.3984.0
take them out and then put them back in25024.4784.0
all right and then put them back in this25026.3984.48
is the easiest farming job ever all25028.4784.282
right did you gain a level you've gained25030.8786.0
a level yeah D huh yeah easy level gain25032.765.68
look at this why don't we listen25036.8783.84
positive day even though it's raining it25038.444.76
raining is good it feeds the the the25040.7184.562
Earth right and also feeds the seeds we25043.24.56
just planted exact listen Good25045.284.598
Vibrations today Hey listen I'm all25047.763.958
about it except when we go to new asgar25049.8783.242
over there well we're still gonna have25051.7183.84
Good Vibrations there yeah stay positive25053.125.24
about killing them people all positivity25055.5583.962
well that's what I'm going to do let's25058.364.598
kill with love yeah I'm down it's going25059.524.8
to be uh it's going to be a love25062.9584.6
Massacre it's going to25064.323.238
exactly all right there's a way out okay25069.244.92
let's go says to the highlands this is25072.084.6
up here huh the highlands yeah it says25074.164.28
that was that door was to the highlands25076.683.64
we're in the highlands I figur we'd come25078.444.198
out some somewhere where we oh25080.325.44
woo snow wo it's cold [ __ ] it's so25082.6386.042
cold it's beautiful [ __ ] it's25085.765.6
beautiful [ __ ] dras beautiful snow I25088.684.36
didn't ask for this well it's killing us25091.364.198
I wanted Sunshine oh we we should go25093.045.48
yeah raise you oh no raise you to the25095.5585.722
lowlands o I'm just going to25098.526.76
run we might we might die holy [ __ ] we25101.286.518
need to build a fire possibly we're25105.283.8
going to have to do it quick I'm going25107.7984.562
to [ __ ] we're going to die here yep okay25109.086.24
oh no we'll be fine I don't have any uh25112.364.68
we'll be fine we'll be fine no we're not25115.324.238
my I'm less than half Health then keep25117.044.56
moving south we're not are we moving25119.5584.522
south somewhat okay we are somewhat all25121.64.56
right yeah just follow this uh oh there25124.085.08
we go the bank okay okay temp up a25126.165.718
little bit oh God it's cold again very25129.164.6
cold what the deuce my health isn't25131.8784.402
going now it's just cold not very cold25133.764.56
this is better I can I can live with25136.285.0
this yeah okay hopefully we don't have25138.326.12
to fight anything hold up the great dam25141.285.48
is that a we at the great dam Dal alas25144.444.08
yeah we are this is great wonder if they25146.765.038
do tours hope so holy [ __ ] let's take a25148.527.24
look out here oh damn look at this [ __ ]25151.7985.402
this is a Bob Ross painting with an25155.764.198
aqueduct like he did a few of those no25157.24.8
he didn't do any I I don't think so I've25159.9583.76
seen just about everything he's done25162.03.28
might you might have missed that25163.7185.76
possibly H what to do go down let's make25165.287.32
sure there's no danger yep uh there's25169.4786.24
always danger thick of course always all25172.65.6
right uh you know I'm just going to I'm25175.7185.042
just going to do this going down there25178.25.24
woo I'm going down here a good move all25180.764.878
right here we go I can do that too I25183.445.56
know you can [ __ ] you're War I am stuck25185.6385.962
in a what the25189.06.36
[ __ ] he's a stuck Warrior I didn't I25191.66.278
didn't do it so well think I'll try that25195.364.84
again get that stamina check this it's25197.8784.722
going to be good here we go I'm down25200.25.438
nice oh yeah getting better at that25202.66.118
what's down there grass leaves trees25205.6385.08
rocks got to be cool to break this Dam25208.7184.08
huh don't do it let's follow the25210.7185.042
aqueduct let's get underneath it and25212.7987.882
yeah not a bad day for a run um rock25215.769.28
monster two of them no problem okay oh25220.687.6
he doesn't look friendly all right oh25225.045.56
maybe he does here watch my back H judge25228.284.08
the book by its cover good luck with25230.64.32
that hello I'm nees just heading north25232.365.118
to the circle place oh yeah look it's25234.924.12
the friendly place they're just25237.4785.0
protecting me they're like uh Scouts25239.046.24
they're like uh Hall monitors what do25242.4785.882
you call that you watch the Halls yeah25245.286.48
good guys all good guys okay here I come25248.368.118
world look out it's neees from25251.764.718
YouTube what' you name yours uh Pasqual25258.126.64
pas what yeah Pasqual Pasqual I got an25261.66.278
uncle Pasqual okay you like him yeah25264.765.68
he's great he lives in Queens nice I've25267.8784.84
never been to Queens yeah yeah now25270.445.84
Queens is uh yeah it's good okay good25272.7187.522
food hey a the Guardians help we're back25276.286.678
and we got wolves [ __ ] right oh no25280.244.08
wait but we're doing love AR we we're25282.9582.6
supposed to be doing love oh yeah we25284.323.398
love you now for some reason yeah we're25285.5583.882
going to love the [ __ ] out of you I'm25287.7183.442
going to come up here and kiss your face25289.443.0
with my wolf25291.164.0
that's right let's see I should probably25292.444.438
oh you know what I made a new fancy bow25295.163.44
I'm going to use this fancy bow on one25296.8784.08
of these jackasses I'm going to stay25298.64.24
here with hold on hold on forgot how25300.9585.322
this game works hold on here we go how25302.845.36
you doing guys there we go yeah should25306.283.4
meet our friends huh check out our25308.23.8
wolves oh boy oh boy he's on me I hope25309.683.76
I'm not going to accidentally hurt my25312.04.44
wolf can I do that oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh25313.444.438
God what did I hit the Windows button25316.443.518
[ __ ] all right I hit the Windows button25317.8784.402
oh you're good oh God I'm getting hit25319.9586.282
wvs attack attack did these guys respawn25322.285.84
uh I don't know what is the respawn rate25326.243.718
on This Server can we change that this25328.123.4
cuz that's stupid yeah that is25329.9583.92
ridiculous can we just try to have a25331.525.16
good time here oh God watch out Salon25333.8784.882
all right there we go good wolves good25336.685.6
wolves all right so we need to uh go in25338.765.56
yeah I'm just going to run around let my25342.284.88
wolves work all right oh boy should I do25344.323.68
too time it oh God oh God wolves you're25348.05.12
doing great great I knew the Wolves were25351.364.08
a good25353.122.32
idea hello oh hey sa [ __ ] I don't know25356.085.84
exactly where it is it's right here I'm25360.244.638
standing on top of it are you yeah I was25361.927.76
hit damn it bam wol do your25364.8784.802
job bam run hold on a second I need to25375.3987.08
regroup all right Tactical tactical25379.7984.16
Retreat we've done that before Oh that25382.4783.522
guy's got a big sword I can't my brain's25383.9583.402
not working right now and I can't even25386.03.12
get B brain never works what do you mean25387.363.278
not working right now all right well25389.123.758
where the hell is my sword I don't know25390.6383.76
probably right in front of my face I25392.8783.76
don't see it it's just I'm not I'm25394.3983.882
useless right now there's a bad wolf I25396.6383.24
think there's a bad wolf let's run I'm25398.283.72
going home no you're not I listen this25399.8783.722
is there's a bad wolf right here God25402.02.958
there is a bad wolf hey how you doing25403.63.32
where's our other wolf good I don't25404.9584.042
[ __ ] know it's probably dead I'm25406.924.28
taking a break B me don't bite me [ __ ]25409.04.718
see you25411.22.518
home that's a big crocodile oh right is25415.766.798
that bigger than normal he seems bigger25419.8784.642
I need a regular crocodile so I can25422.5585.442
compare there's one all right so this25424.527.84
guy is this size like a Saro watch out25428.07.478
deer crocodile coming through all right25432.364.72
so this25435.4784.842
crocodile and that yep definitely25437.085.92
difference in size now I got two of them25440.328.238
follow me that's probably dumb okay uh25443.08.16
well kind of want to kill one of those25448.5585.0
things let's see all right let's run25451.164.318
down the beach a little bit pull out my25453.5585.602
magic Axe25455.4783.682
and that's not going to work cuz that25459.243.638
other one's going to attack me all right25461.245.92
I need High Ground um let's see over25462.8786.76
here here we25467.167.2
go boom a look at that look at this shot25469.6387.602
man it's a brand new bow should feel25474.367.198
lucky okay oh there we go Shields up oh25477.248.12
boy here comes the big guy okay run woo25481.5586.522
okay now question is can I hurt this guy25485.365.08
with my axe or he's going to kill me25488.085.76
with one bite oh boy here we go locking25490.447.6
on come on big swing oh crap oh crap25493.848.4
okay Shield up back away back away okay25498.046.518
unlock run25502.243.96
okay man he has not hurt at all not at25506.25.8
all good thing I'm faster than you you25509.4786.042
know what going this way okay good day25512.06.2
to you I'll be back with a bigger weapon25515.524.96
may be25518.26.84
friends all right Simon yeah here don't25525.046.16
lose this one I didn't lose it where25528.4783.842
where is he the other one where do you25531.22.72
got it did you already throw it down25532.323.478
yeah he's right here you not see it25533.924.24
right here oh you mean that that guy I25535.7983.84
thought you throwing me down a freaking25538.163.718
sword no I'm throwing you down a wolf25539.6384.202
okay so don't lose this don't lose this25541.8784.76
one well okay cuz you lost the last one25543.844.558
didn't you I got to get him to follow me25546.6383.202
right I already forgot how to do that25548.3983.882
hold you go follow oh I got it got I got25549.843.28
hold you got it you got it all right25553.123.838
let's uh re attack this oh wait who's25555.4782.842
enemies hey hey oh [ __ ] good is hey25558.326.76
guys that's crazy what are you guys25563.123.96
doing here uh we're attacking that City25565.083.84
over there to our left yep look at these25567.083.96
psycho Fox yeah oh yeah these are our25568.924.36
wolves hi wolves Mine mine's name is25571.045.12
snarly uh what's the plan uh Jesus I'm25573.284.48
I'm still working on attacking this damn25576.163.558
city oh that's what we were coming to do25577.763.36
oh we're good at attacking things we25579.7183.16
just chopped some people in the bits25581.123.56
back there yeah hey now there's more of25582.8783.68
us and I think we got a wolf actually in25584.683.24
this city that one of you guys can have25586.5583.482
if we can find it Simon lost it he come25587.924.638
on it's pasal should we raid it like the25590.045.2
[ __ ] beasts uh yeah I'm down for a25592.5586.482
raid like like beasts like I did there25595.247.28
like this would sounds like this would25599.046.598
be a great place to get like a good draw25602.525.958
but also a good place for me to just25605.6384.92
whoop ass cut people in half yeah I want25608.4783.362
to get some ice shards I need to make25610.5582.762
more ice arrows so I'm just going to be25611.842.52
doing that you guys want to tell them25613.323.84
who I am uh yeah no hey ASD Guard we're25614.365.118
back uh we love you and we brought dick25617.165.0
44 we brought your alas we got our25619.4784.802
wolfes back how you want to handle it25622.164.558
boom head shot oh you already started25624.284.88
wow I thought we were going to go oh we25626.7185.042
can now go that one guy's just standing25629.165.798
there you could I'll just shoot him own25631.765.28
now be careful these guys are tough they25634.9584.242
don't look tough trust me they're tough25637.043.678
well that one was not tough you guys25639.24.24
aren't tough is that Pasqual Pasqual25640.7186.322
it's not Pascal Pasqual okay hey ding25643.446.48
dongs we're back oh yeah here they25647.045.56
come yeah25649.924.32
there we25652.64.24
go why' you why' you say these guys are25654.245.88
tough uh because of that yeah whooping25656.845.798
their ass they they have no chance not25660.124.4
anymore there's way more of us no it's25662.6384.522
just me fighting like this one guy two25664.524.8
guys I've done nothing we do something25667.163.76
well I think things are tough well I25669.322.68
don't want to I don't want to hit25670.923.32
anybody else atast God this is so much25672.04.68
easier with all of us and two25674.244.52
wolves so much easier with our big25676.683.878
brothers here protecting us oh come on25678.764.28
you know what being dick screw you good25680.5586.16
G that's25683.043.678
yeah oh [ __ ]25686.8786.402
easy I'll get this guy yeah oh my God25689.6386.24
they're both up okay easy up up I got to25693.284.48
move I'm not going to do anything tough25695.8784.242
Simon damn it now she's dead holy [ __ ]25697.764.68
where'd you come from say Simon damn it25700.124.24
well oh behind now there's a lot of25702.444.32
there we go damn team holy [ __ ] Simon25704.364.84
they're they're all over me I'm running25706.765.638
Simon come here I'm backing up four on25709.26.84
you guys guys roll out roll out I had to25712.3986.56
retreat a little bit you're down [ __ ]25716.045.24
yep yep yep yep yep get out get out get25718.9584.202
out just got to learn to fight oh I know25721.284.84
how to fight watch this oh God the guys25723.166.0
at the gate respawn God damn it what's25726.125.16
going on man I can't you know what I25729.164.638
think that that's why we've had problems25731.284.278
guys right it's like you can't figh in25733.7982.802
this Village without these guys25735.5583.682
respawning in like 6 seconds tall lady25736.65.08
with the titties came back too dude I'll25739.245.44
die if I stay here come on I had to head25741.686.32
out front got to revitalized energized25744.686.16
stuff oh we retreating again yeah these25748.04.76
guys just keep respawning I'm retreating25750.844.118
come on snarly all right I got to go I25752.764.958
got to go [ __ ] up [ __ ] come on come on25754.9586.042
Sal [ __ ] [ __ ] we can't win with that25757.7184.722
[ __ ] yeah I told you these guys are25761.02.92
tough they just keep respawning that's25762.444.4
not even tough that's cheating cheating25763.925.84
all right this was a nice idea I didn't25766.845.2
know they were going to respond yeah25769.765.118
well that's what they do huh they're25772.044.64
magical oh they got their girlfriends25774.8786.442
after me yeah dick you need help nope25776.686.4
he's still fighting's going to go25781.323.28
somewhere no I've got I've got a25783.083.44
schedule conflict and that guy right25784.64.64
there just uh resawn yep that's stupid25786.526.358
but is stupid I'm25789.243.638
leavings who programs that in like that25793.166.638
it's a waste of time25795.8783.92
okay pretty close on the map I don't25801.765.4
know what those are uh what are the25804.685.84
chances their friend like bore if I'm25807.166.76
not mistaken bore or never friendly uh25810.524.56
maybe I'll go to the woods here all25815.087.24
right they'll never know I'm here oh25818.8786.68
okay there's a bunch more of them all25822.325.12
right well they're not attacking yet so25825.5586.042
maybe I'm good hey not a problem I heard25827.444.84
snort Dr does that when he laughs is25832.286.16
this it I'm pretty sure I'm close on the25835.326.478
map to Circle Place let's take a look uh25838.446.92
Circle place up and to the left oh boy I25841.7987.722
got to climb this okay okay climb the25845.367.8
hill I'm sundried I should start a25849.526.6
store man I should have rested think I25853.164.6
can do this though look like there's a25856.124.598
lip up here we go should be fine if I25857.764.118
get tired25860.7185.84
a little bit okay okay take a breath25861.8786.362
almost there I'll be with my friends in25866.5584.802
a second and hopefully they'll have some25868.248.04
water here we go keep on25871.364.92
climbing wow what is that it's like some25876.5586.08
kind of little Watchtower or something25879.3986.202
yeah that's cool okay I don't see my25882.6386.92
buddies anywhere and I'm like right here25885.66.16
Circle place is right here25889.5586.0
nope no sign of them wow look at that25891.766.84
place that's25895.5584.562
hello ne's here did I get the wrong25904.924.638
Place anyone else here hear the distant25909.5584.84
sound of a redneck I do hear a redneck25911.766.0
of some sort yep hello25914.3987.602
redneck hello yep it's a redneck get ne25917.767.4
yell up mayhaps it's a wild hillbilly25922.05.52
where are you guys um follow the sound25925.166.16
of our voices this way here here here I25927.525.198
thought a a big25931.325.2
crocodile how'd it go who25932.7187.08
crap that's a big drop off do you have25936.525.878
oh wait is this y'all probably it looks25939.7984.322
like a taming cage yeah yeah we've been25942.3984.642
taming wolves left and right oh yeah oh25944.125.758
hey where is he so uh there he is hey25947.045.438
what's up buddy boom just kidding see25949.8784.242
gravity still works here when's the last25952.4783.122
time we've all been together I don't25954.124.04
know it's been a minute wow yeah this is25955.66.0
like a big H this is a gang's all here25958.167.36
yeah yeah what do we do25961.63.92
now learned this on the way here after I25967.445.0
fought an alligator that's nothing oh25970.245.36
that's awesome very nice yeah oh okay25972.445.72
wait sorry about thatas you just that's25975.65.64
not a dance dalas oh man that is sassy25978.166.6
yeah you are so sexy oh wiggle wiggle25981.246.04
wiggle yeah yeah God I love it and I25984.764.198
hate it at the same25987.287.08
time yeah baby wow look at25988.9585.402
this I don't think we needed this25995.9588.162
scene you know shut up we go kill like25999.926.6
how much really look I need some thick26004.123.96
uh thick leather and [ __ ] we're fighting26006.524.958
Mammoth yeah I'm I'm in26008.086.04
any particular Mammoth plan uh we fight26011.4785.0
we fight hard fight the mammoth got you26014.124.48
so it's a mammoth and I'm going to get26016.4784.16
out my Mammoth sword oh good I'm going26018.63.56
to this is the perfect I could just26020.6383.402
shoot him with the arrows yeah I'm going26022.164.92
to start with that too do we start do we26024.046.2
make contact ahe let's see what26027.083.16
happens oh wow that thing's big yeah26030.925.92
that thing is big really big that big is26034.084.878
he coming at me oh God I think I I don't26036.845.038
know why I chose to Sho first26038.9585.44
oh he tried26041.8784.882
me and you shot there's an arrow26044.3988.4
sticking out of my head damn you I shot26046.766.038
you arrow sticking Straight Out of My26053.04.28
Head have y'all fought one of these26055.8784.042
before uh nope first time oh boy oh boy26057.284.64
look hit the rally it's not me I'm26059.924.4
coming in oh26061.927.28
sh he back no oh boy oh boy oh this a26064.327.84
good is he behind me he's still looking26069.25.92
at me he's going to26072.166.96
no are you hurt thick yeah a little bit26075.126.08
why is he looking at me he wants you26079.123.48
he's revving26081.23.92
up oh26082.65.76
God falling way back fall the way back26085.127.72
oh boy come for me why that you cuz you26088.365.92
were chopping him in the butt with your26092.845.32
sword I wasow there's gas there we go oh26094.288.118
[ __ ] oh he's getting bloody boy26098.164.238
wooo no that was my friend Bo coming in26104.28.358
oh [ __ ] going down yeah he is yeah with26108.65.878
the crushing blue let me get that thick26112.5584.562
skin all right so what we do chop him26114.4785.802
exotic flesh elephant hide thick hide o26117.125.0
yeah exotic flesh and elephant hide26120.283.76
though man hey one thing that I know is26122.125.56
if you put exotic flesh in one of those26124.045.758
um animal Tamers you might come out with26127.684.08
a better animal you're chances are much26129.7984.402
better really so we should find a puppy26131.764.0
thick you okay you look like you hurt a26134.24.0
little bit here yeah well I think I'm26135.766.16
okay uh um there was an arrow in my head26138.26.12
I know what'll cheer you up26141.925.878
what hey baby hey look at you look you26144.325.06
you look like you're feeling better26147.7982.882
already this is making me feel better26150.684.16
already yeah I'm not going to lie I like26152.8784.52
it too yeah hey D is back he you doing26154.844.48
pointing come in pointing at people do26157.3984.08
you dance do a dance26159.323.92
quit holding your dick what is that do a26161.4783.762
dance dan look looks like you're praying26163.244.238
are you emo it's my dance it's not a26165.243.88
dance I don't have a dance you got don't26167.4784.16
have a dance insecure about it give me a26169.124.64
[ __ ] break well that's not a dance no26171.6384.042
this can be a dance no it can't be a26173.763.36
dance get out of our club until you26175.683.878
learn a dance look I'm to doing the26177.124.838
robot it's not a robot26179.5584.762
meep meep BP you you be better off26181.9584.722
running there's actually a dance called26184.327.16
that uh you be better off running26186.686.92
hey there you go yeah perfect actually26193.64.92
if I ever saw a human move like that26197.124.32
it'd be really impressive MH I don't26198.525.958
need to bend my knees to jump Dance I'm26201.445.518
glad we all got together it great26204.4785.112
friends forever26206.95816.622
all right guys ready yeah yeah three two26228.926.558
to kill all26260.24.84
you watch out that oh God I should have26261.9584.882
gotten a better sword that's right all26265.044.69
right come on buddy come here come26266.845.4
on boy it's a fight it's a big old fight26272.246.92
I'm not good at fighting down you are26276.05.718
today Simon26279.165.96
ahaa boy oh boy he's a tough boy you all26281.7187.84
right dris yep you all right NE26285.124.438
yep watch out it it doesn't take long26291.766.718
he'll be back really well equipped hey26296.047.28
Adis hey it's me okay oh I got hit um26298.4787.4
hello everyone26303.327.238
hello tag out neees okay oh he's got him26305.8786.84
these wolves are so silly dance neees26312.7985.322
dance woo all right I'm going look26315.5584.602
around for26318.125.56
you oh up here nees I see a guy over26320.165.96
here there's a guy right here wearing a26323.685.52
headdress oh you ran in too far beses26326.126.56
did I here comes the wolves the B all26329.25.12
right th I'll fight this guy will you26332.683.68
let me know when you want me to jump in26334.324.398
don't have to all right I got this guy26336.367.08
644 we know I need no jum we [ __ ] human26338.7186.24
Warrior Arrow guy yeah we got to get26344.9586.642
Arrow guy kill this guy Ione know where26348.127.758
my body is no in heaven I see body [ __ ]26351.66.64
hey I'm I'm bringing a bunch towards you26355.8786.042
good here they come come here you26358.246.318
boobs yeah oh I missed everyone your26361.926.878
village is going down [ __ ] oh [ __ ] ow26364.5588.92
everybody back away all right all you26368.7988.522
thck help26373.4786.122
Simon Simon does he does he know how to26377.325.92
eat and like heal n of course I26379.66.32
do hey thick I I don't like the new26383.245.6
armor you gave me I might have to better26385.926.44
naked oh [ __ ] where's that coming from26388.847.44
see God damn it s I don't recognize you26392.366.16
with this new [ __ ] hey everybody who26396.283.678
died I'm going to need you not to die26398.523.56
anymore I didn't die yeah I'm just26399.9584.722
addressing the others who died I see26402.084.04
think he's talking to you look he gave26404.683.84
me like a bunch of fabric to wear I had26406.125.24
good armor on before found my stuff hey26408.525.038
congratulations Simon all right let's26411.364.0
loot the place and let's get to work all26413.5583.562
right let's do it loot the place and26415.363.278
then meet back at26417.124.16
base hey I found some climbing gloves26418.6387.522
sweet hey what we're like26421.284.88
Brothers now what boys I kind of want to26427.5584.882
keep heading uh keep out heading out26430.683.16
west I kind of want to head there with26432.443.08
you okay well you go with me then I'll26433.843.558
go with you too the we got climbing26435.524.198
gloves uh yeah you and I got a climbing26437.3984.122
thing all right well let's go do our26439.7184.362
thing are you moving again no I'm not26441.524.56
moving I'm exploring okay but are you26444.084.04
coming back here maybe I don't know26446.083.558
sometimes I I end up in a spot and I26448.123.0
like it and I settle down and I wanted26449.6383.122
to Massacre a village you know [ __ ]26451.123.758
happens you're a rolling stone man I26452.764.958
know how about that okay Dancing in the26454.8785.722
Street break all right you're with me26457.7185.042
Simon that's where we break you got food26460.64.52
we're breaking yeah don't worry about it26462.764.56
don't worry about it we're breaking we26465.125.838
way just St I'm going to the West Jesus26467.324.76
the way we're going there's nothing26470.9582.242
wrong with that we shouldn't have said26472.083.04
goodbye though well let's break off a26473.23.24
let's make it look like we're running26475.123.16
away from each other now you guys are26476.443.278
going that way we're going this way26478.288.32
goodbye I'm going up following you break26479.7186.882
ooh this looks pretty neat yeah stuff26495.8784.362
you think it's another Village full of26498.8783.92
[ __ ] though possibly you know it is26500.245.08
just a bunch of roided up idiots already26502.7984.722
right there look at that [ __ ] yeah26505.325.238
hey [ __ ] let's try to be peaceful26507.526.958
hey uh we're we people from running26510.5585.722
right away he's not running over to give26514.4782.682
you a26516.283.678
hug every time good Mander alas there's26517.164.52
only one there's only one place in this26519.9583.962
whole map that seems to be friendly son26521.684.4
of a bit kicking your ass right no he's26523.923.558
not kicking26526.084.798
ass that was very exaggerated all right26527.4785.48
look at that [ __ ] over there so is26530.8783.242
this another place we're just going to26532.9583.282
raid and murder I don't know I mean I26534.123.598
kind of want to go into one of these big26536.242.8
castles you see that I'm go right in26537.7183.0
here uh duras you shouldn't have broke26539.043.12
up from us that guy's shooting arrows at26540.7182.84
you now yeah but he's he's okay he's26542.162.84
going upstairs he's going to murder that26543.5582.962
guy N I thought you the one upstairs I26545.03.2
couldn't I couldn't you couldn't I26546.524.038
didn't see how did he get up there on26548.23.758
good question that is a good question26550.5582.84
how does he get up there how did you get26551.9584.0
up here hey there's not a ladder in26553.3984.602
there no we're on the outside how does26555.9584.242
he get up there how'd you get up there26558.03.84
don't want to26560.24.678
climb yeah we hear26561.846.24
you we are M he doesn't notice the guy26564.8785.92
shooting arrows into his stupid head he26568.084.84
will now look he's over here he's right26570.7983.882
here I'm right here how'd you get over26572.926.44
here over here shoot us Hey ow he got me26574.686.36
ow he got me again Dam26579.365.038
all right he's going down soon he's down26581.045.96
beautiful there we go well done all26584.3984.122
right still no ladder in there no26587.03.478
nothing no ladder all right I guess I26588.524.08
need to get serious should we go up here26590.4783.442
yeah let's go into this place look at26592.62.718
this Tower there's bound to be something26593.923.638
good in here ass are holding probably no26595.3184.202
though is that it Simon yeah it looks26599.525.118
like it's the tallest Dr Seuss looking26602.4784.522
thing right is that what it was Dr Seuss26604.6384.602
looking I guess I mean it said uh tall26607.04.478
thing at scour path26609.243.52
that's where we are well this is the26611.4782.84
tallest thing around here so if this is26612.763.48
it this is it so what's the best way to26614.3184.842
get up there I don't know man just uh26616.246.0
start here I guess yeah I don't know we26619.164.638
we might be climbing something that we26622.243.68
could just simply walk around how do you26623.7984.52
eat an elephant well it depends uh you26625.924.0
got to kill it26628.3184.48
first well one bite at a time that's the26629.925.44
the saying oh okay well well you're26632.7984.322
going to skip the whole killing part26635.364.198
yeah just go right to small bites small26637.124.8
bites why I would start with cooking26639.5586.602
yeah oh oh boy already started this is26641.926.638
the easy part Simon you know what you26646.164.2
can lose your toue Bubba I mean it's not26648.5584.16
a toue is it no it is it was advice no26650.364.64
no actually wait no wait a second was it26652.7184.322
advice yeah what was your advice that26655.03.958
you just said to remember this is the26657.045.0
easy part that's advice yeah you're26658.9585.882
crazy this is the easy part isn't advice26662.046.16
one bite at a time that's that's advice26664.846.2
okay figuratively maybe right here we26668.24.64
can climb you think we could oh I got to26671.044.2
put my gloves on your gloves on nope and26672.845.36
I knew that cuz I'm good that's advice26675.244.638
no advice would be you should put on26678.23.48
your climbing gloves oh yeah you should26679.8783.322
put on your climbing gloves and eat26681.683.4
elephants one bite at a time that's26683.23.758
right okay so we're going to go for it26685.082.96
we're going to try to go to that lip26686.9582.84
right there you ready well it depends on26688.043.0
what lip you're talking to over here to26689.7983.122
the left that little lip yeah that26691.043.72
little baby lip just follow me go to the26692.924.638
bigger lip follow me right all right go26694.764.118
you do your thing wait you think we can26697.5584.722
stand right here no no nope you're right26698.8787.042
that's good advice okay coming back over26702.285.84
this might take a while you bet your ass26705.925.52
it's going to okay it doesn't it doesn't26708.125.96
look like these gloves do much I feel26711.445.6
the same way y it's good advice yeah it26714.086.08
is well good advice but I think maybe26717.045.758
I'll be able to stand in this Kass of26720.166.558
the thing come on come on baby don't26722.7988.322
fall are you good don't fall you're fall26726.7188.482
you're falling oh no26731.129.48
oh oh no I'm my26735.28.358
dead he didn't put a bed roll26740.65.958
yeah well this place was lame yeah you26746.5584.722
can't go into any of these towers that26749.524.198
is so lame yeah it's awful I I doesn't26751.283.678
make sense yeah I don't know why you26753.7182.522
would put something but but again there26754.9583.482
might be something up top we just can't26756.243.68
climb it right now because we're we're a26758.443.16
little weak boys yeah we're a little26759.924.92
weak boys hey yeah look over here what26761.65.44
someone let some swords in the ground my26764.845.32
God what some big swords in the ground26767.045.598
yeah you see oh we got to go check that26770.165.12
out you damn right that's right oh okay26772.6384.522
is there water down here oh yeah water26775.283.358
Hey Little River yeah all right we can26777.163.96
get a oh there's a wolf though so just26778.6385.202
uh be careful be careful down here with26781.128.12
wol worried about a wall yep no wolves I26783.847.558
gotur you guys doing is that like an26789.244.28
Adam Sandler thing26791.3985.202
no one time Adam Sandler I went down to26793.524.798
the river and there was a wolf and I was26796.64.118
like wolf don't come and get me yeah26798.3183.4
that's oh that Wolf's over there26800.7183.0
munching on something have to munch on26801.7185.362
you there you go bab munching on the26803.7186.322
wolf what's up PO what's up puppy who's26807.087.398
your pups who's your pups be pups these26810.046.32
are uh these are kind of gloomy lands26814.4784.682
aren't they yeah yeah not happy26816.365.598
place little some sort of broken down26819.165.238
Tower here yeah like they tried to26821.9584.242
establish a b base here but they were26824.3985.32
too weak and they failed we wouldn't NOP26826.26.08
we would be triumphant another wolf26829.7185.0
there another W look at these swords26832.285.0
okay yeah this is got to be cool it's26834.7184.6
got got to be something yeah you guys26837.284.76
have names for your swords or whatever26839.3185.362
you're using sure Dingus Dingus Dingus26842.045.678
oh big old Dingus mine's doofus mine is26844.685.92
uh Kareem Abdul Jabar nice I like to26847.7185.16
whip out my big Dingus so I can hit26850.64.48
people with my big Dingus I like to slap26852.8784.642
people with my little doofus I like to26855.084.96
grab cream Abdul Jabar and kill people26857.524.438
oh ghost to the left ghost to the left26860.044.358
oh what's this mean they're cheering26861.9584.0
something down there what are we looking26864.3983.122
at what are we hey cheer cheer cheer26865.9584.482
show us a dance oh a book oh they're26867.525.84
cheering a big fight I learned an26870.444.038
email son of a [ __ ] that's my26874.4786.122
friend those ghosts love wolves it says26877.845.16
I learned the unknown emote wait you26880.65.0
learned an emote yeah it said unknown26883.04.558
emote but yet I don't see it on the how26885.64.798
do you do the emotes again R hold R26887.5585.642
unknown emote eh unknown unknown unknown26890.3984.4
maybe I have to follow MRA very26893.25.04
mysterious Oo we learn uh something that26894.7986.6
we don't know how stupid is that is it26898.246.638
this one is it this one is that is that26901.3986.92
an emote is it is it this emote huh you26904.8784.322
look like you're holding your little26908.3183.602
doofus is it this one all right let's26909.25.92
check these swords out yep sword26911.926.76
time all right where are you should be26918.686.24
looking right at you right now you still26922.247.558
with me there you go good boy so this26924.928.398
right here it should be facing where I26929.7988.122
died now can I jump down here and not26933.3187.762
die I want to but I I don't know if I26937.925.6
can I really don't want to have this26941.086.718
journey again cuz it's annoying [ __ ]26943.526.32
damn it I can't tell if I'm going to be26947.7983.802
able to grab on to that but I think I26949.846.4
can Let's Do It come on Baby Woo okay26951.68.4
huh there we go I made it down at least26956.247.44
this one Jesus all right I wish I could26960.05.84
be like my wolf friend here and just26963.684.92
appear like wouldn't that be great where26965.845.68
are you at there you go hey you bubba26968.65.038
that's Pasquel you're a good boy all26971.525.72
right all right now get down the sand26973.6384.802
hopefully there's nothing down here is26977.244.398
going to kill me Matt it's saying I got26978.445.68
to it's like right there okay so around26981.6385.962
this Loop what are you what the [ __ ] is26984.126.4
that what the [ __ ] dude you are Pasquel26987.65.08
you're as good as dead cuz that's like a26990.525.038
werewolf and if we've seen this before I26992.684.15
have a very bad26995.5583.4
memory go for the Archer I'm finishing26998.9585.642
this guy off good job suon done27001.767.6
deal holy [ __ ] okay let's heal the [ __ ]27004.67.878
up because that's important so that this27009.364.88
guy can take more than one swipe at me27012.4785.362
before he kills me Jesus okay Pasqual27014.245.96
listen I really do care about you cuz27017.844.52
you share my uncle's name and I named27020.24.24
you and you know you seem Italian cuz27022.364.08
it's pasel and you probably like big27024.446.038
ziti but listen you are as good as dead27026.447.72
man you're as good as Dead Oh or you're27030.4785.042
just walking what are the odds that he27034.164.558
just here Pasqual let's hide Pasqual get27035.526.0
a little Clos to me oh you moved you27038.7185.16
disappeared where are you Pasqual27041.525.118
where'd you go okay oh what happens can27043.8786.242
I yeah sneaky that's a thing isn't it27046.6386.602
should have been doing this a while ago27050.126.12
Pasqual okay oh boy I'm staying right27056.3986.602
here that's [ __ ] get down you son of27060.526.68
a [ __ ] get down you Fearless son of a27063.08.44
[ __ ] all right okay27067.28.32
okay yeah do I do we take a run for it I27071.447.16
feel like oh no see the Run would have27075.524.84
[ __ ] let's do I'm running I'm running27078.64.84
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] come27080.366.84
on and27083.443.76
Crouch look at what we did27087.67.32
we moved stealthily around one crazy27090.525.358
map God I'm completely turned around I27097.5586.442
got to go that way all right we're good27101.046.758
come on Pasquel we learn no that's not27104.09.08
right we live what do we do we uh long27107.7987.642
to live another day is that27113.085.558
it I don't know27115.447.24
[ __ ] oh almost there27118.6386.602
nees maybe you're an ear27122.684.92
shot can you hear27125.247.318
me names salmon yeah hold on let me get27127.66.48
where I can get a good27132.5585.202
view uh are you in the desert you might27134.086.478
be too far away for this to be realistic27137.765.0
I can see the whole Desert from up here27140.5585.802
good I'm coming at you shouldn't I see27142.766.08
that thing that I died like that big27146.365.038
thing it's a a big uh remember there was27148.844.76
the one straight spire and to the right27151.3984.282
there's the wiggly Spire I know what the27153.63.84
spires look like I was hoping I'd see27155.685.76
them by now but I don't not yet oh [ __ ]27157.446.958
all right no stamina add of water too I27161.446.08
am unprepared I got water because I went27164.3985.042
to a church for a little bit while you27167.524.64
were gone good there's a metra church27169.445.16
just over there you should go sometime27172.163.558
no thank27174.67.16
you where how do where's uhle BL27175.7186.042
[ __ ] do you know where my body is nope I27182.045.0
was looking for it I'm hoping you can27185.365.48
find it man this is a big waste of time27187.046.358
is it for me cuz no I can't remember27190.844.4
where my body is when it's very close to27193.3984.522
where the bases and I die I came here27195.245.078
cuz you wanted to come here well I got a27197.924.718
wolf with me oh I see it you passed me27200.3185.882
there you are okay see me okay good I27202.6385.562
have no idea where I was man okay well27206.23.72
what's your map say where were we when27208.24.48
we came up what's your map say my map27209.924.798
says that I'm right on top of my27212.685.278
body oh27214.7183.24
boy all right boys cautiously with27219.526.56
caution yep right27222.926.84
hello giant sword wielding people circle27226.085.318
of Swords yeah no27229.764.52
[ __ ] wow yes indeed it's like an27231.3984.282
Amphitheater yeah we could do some27234.283.84
Shakespeare here I don't want27235.687.52
to oh it oh is that an whoa whoa that27238.129.96
thing's freaky that what are you what is27243.27.8
it looks evil no oh and they got it27248.086.28
yay y they did it it's more actors these27251.07.16
guys are great wait who these to these27254.366.0
swords of ghost which is dumb right yep27258.164.04
and then they crumbled and then they27260.364.32
fell into place what is it mean what27262.25.16
does it mean how do magnets work it's a27264.687.84
great question oh [ __ ] oh God that27267.365.16
guy hey Bubba oh hello get out of there27280.3988.682
oh I got a wolf on you too oh27284.764.32
boy I don't think we have a chance27289.24.278
against that um I don't know do we have27291.363.4
a chance against this guy I'm just27293.4782.762
saying I don't think so I don't know27294.763.08
there's three of us and he's slow he's27296.243.88
coming to me yeah he is he want you27297.844.28
leave me alone yeah hey leave my friend27300.123.8
alone I don't want to fight you I think27302.123.678
you're great yes what are we going to do27303.923.0
about this27305.7983.322
guy all right he's got a little slam27306.923.798
attack doesn't seem to have any27309.123.32
projectile attacks at least none I can27310.7184.042
see got to dance around I think he's27312.447.438
very strong oh boy yeah oh boy trying to27314.767.24
fight him he's still looking at me oh no27319.8783.722
now he's not no now he not now he wants27322.03.798
me here I come oh hey I can see the27323.65.878
goddess hey goddess27325.7983.68
got that oh he's tired oh yeah okay all27330.244.84
right so it seems after he does that he27333.4783.24
takes a little he takes a little nap27335.083.76
after his butt Branch move after his27336.7184.08
oh I'm way too that's a good one reckon27340.7985.202
I'll get up my big27344.763.92
Dingus and Kareem Abdul Jabar going to27346.04.478
have some fun with this guy flop my27348.685.638
little DUIs all over him gotcha oh God27350.4787.722
okay that was D take it off oh damn27354.3185.962
what'd he do I made a mistake I got a27358.24.64
little too close little too close I'm27360.285.198
going to oh god oh27362.847.558
[ __ ] oh no hey there's a w back there27365.4787.042
well good thing I put a bed roll down27370.3983.962
good smart guy hey uh yeah you guys uh27372.524.16
you guys lead him away from my stuff you27374.364.64
[ __ ] off ghost and I still don't27376.684.4
understand how the stones a ghost like27379.04.16
that's stupid that's the27381.083.878
dumbest all right so are we going to27383.163.558
take him or we going to cow I don't27384.9583.92
think we can take him this could take 427386.7184.442
hours take a long time I think we have27388.8784.642
the whole team all right Retreat Retreat27391.163.638
head back down uh head back down to27393.523.16
where we were hey no I heard go to the27394.7984.122
Southwest from where we were yeah let's27396.684.638
keep exploring right like the book said27398.923.52
okay yeah you're right the book said27401.3182.682
that all right to the Southwest maybe we27402.443.32
can lose this uh big monster like the27404.04.2
good book said like the good book27405.765.48
said commandment number one go to the27408.25.358
Southwest commandment number two play27411.243.44
with your little27413.5585.84
Dingus slap your little doofus27414.684.718
neees yeah man my stamina's practically27421.64.358
out and I reached the point where I27424.3982.882
thought I was at a ledge where I could27425.9583.76
stand and now I I don't think it'll work27427.284.518
maybe you should uh with the rest of27429.7183.68
your stamina just kind of come towards27431.7982.882
me and maybe you can land on this lip27433.3983.48
that I'm on that's what I'm trying to do27434.683.958
oh come on come on come on stick it27436.8783.802
stick it kicking it hit the [ __ ]27438.6386.602
thing you okay oh I'm alive I bet you27440.688.038
want some church water oh God don't you27445.247.2
just offer me water and some Metra soup27448.7186.08
okay I'll take some I'd have to come27452.443.6
down though so you're going to have to27454.7982.76
come up actually all right well I'm27456.043.88
coming up right now and if I fall again27457.5584.962
I'm going to die uh-huh but I'm going27459.926.0
for it cuz actually you know what uh27462.524.798
it's going to be hard to hand it off up27465.923.68
here is that you right there I can throw27467.3184.522
one down to you [ __ ] is there anything27469.63.958
right here that I could stand on look at27471.843.44
you little monkey aren't you I don't27473.5583.642
think I'm going to make it I'm not going27475.283.56
to make it right up to this little ledge27477.24.758
right here this you got it27478.843.118
yeah you know what I know but seriously27483.925.08
that's just juvenile what do we do what27486.444.958
else is a juvenile is it Church water27489.04.6
and church soup cuz I've got some and27491.3984.842
you need some I know where why don't you27493.66.118
why don't you uh go I I I have hold on27496.244.558
let me see how much food I got you27499.7183.202
should eat food I know I should I want27500.7983.482
to go for it you all right you need27502.924.478
Church food I'm fine okay moving up you27504.285.4
stay there this might be a promise in27507.3985.602
lip right here come on baby over to the27509.686.32
right yep okay I found a place okay you27513.05.12
can do it I got to come to you huh just27516.03.478
go up and then you're going to come to27518.123.56
the right damn you should be able okay27519.4783.962
yeah this is all very deceiving you27521.683.48
should be able to freaking stand in a27523.444.0
lot of these places we're so close man27525.163.96
are we that close I think we can do this27527.442.8
I don't know if I'm going to make it to27529.124.16
you cuz my stamina's right there yeah27530.247.558
[ __ ] you got it no I don't go up go27533.287.678
up you get27537.7986.122
you okay yeah you good I don't know but27540.9585.642
my body's freaking out right now look at27543.926.16
what it's doing this is yeah I'll see27546.66.44
you later what do you mean what see what27550.085.28
do I mean pretty sure I'm like I feel27553.046.32
like I'm down a lot farther ah Maybe not27555.366.92
maybe I'm the same just do your thing27559.365.08
I'm going to I'm going to go for it go27562.283.72
if I do this we're going to church27564.443.438
together all right I'm coming up because27566.04.28
I don't want to go to church27567.8784.562
if I do this there's a person up here if27570.284.518
I good what's his name I don't know I'm27572.444.92
not quite there yet all right well if I27574.7985.76
make it up there no church okay deal I'm27577.365.72
going to go on ahead though all right27580.5586.682
hello sir I'm nees27583.084.16
uh that's my friend down there Simon uh27588.166.44
he doesn't go to church so do not let me27591.766.08
spoil this moment for you stranger going27594.65.92
Peak such as this is no small thing oh27597.844.638
man tell me about it my buddy Simon27600.525.278
couldn't even do it so oh a mountaineer27602.4784.882
oh you got your own religion well look27605.7983.442
I'm going to your church today here we27607.364.8
go I learned a mountaineer you saw a27609.245.638
peak and had to climb it I know the27612.164.6
appeal I actually didn't even want to do27614.8785.042
it all right thanks man your always be27616.765.0
strong friend okay I thought it was my27619.926.2
turn to talk um anyway uh going down27621.768.68
easier right wish me luck27626.124.32
hey what's this blue stuff over here27632.4785.32
blue stuff you say yeah oh more Ghosts27634.125.96
no not ghosts what are they what the27637.7983.802
[ __ ] are they what the [ __ ] these are27640.083.798
they who who what is this my name is427641.64.798
I'm friendley they don't care oh boy27643.8783.92
Nick we're coming we're coming coming27646.3983.16
all right let me know when you want to27647.7984.122
tag out this one back here is super27649.5585.602
strong super strong oh yeah yeah yeah go27651.925.24
for that one not the one closest to you27655.167.798
damn game oh hold on oh Che out you man27657.169.44
oh he he lunged forward he keeps lunging27662.9585.962
hey let let let me hit him a minute okay27666.64.0
there you go he's pretty strong now he's27668.925.6
confused got him and now me there you go27670.66.16
there you go teamwork wherever you are27674.524.878
you're going to die get him at now me oh27676.765.038
he jumped he a jumper ah missed27679.3984.962
everything yeah they're pretty Nimble27681.7986.0
yeah now all right no he lunged at you27684.365.518
I'll just send him do it27687.7985.0
jeez what the hell was this guy he had27689.8784.802
stuff on him he's got some stuff on him27692.7983.562
give me that hold on look at him though27694.683.798
he's crazy there's another one right27696.364.92
here yep I've been working on this one27698.4785.642
was the stronger one like quite a bit27701.285.96
not anymore I did it good job what the27704.124.598
hell was that all about I don't know27707.243.478
they're like uh blinking disco people27708.7184.24
blinking disco skull people maybe it's a27710.7186.68
big old party up here yeah27712.9584.44
Simon you okay I mean I'm okay for now I27724.244.158
mean there's snakes everywhere I know27727.082.878
there are they're right behind this wolf27728.3984.722
and oh look at this coming yeah well I27729.9584.722
mean [ __ ] we just ran through a desert27733.123.4
with bunch of snakes if you need me yell27734.683.878
I'll come back and fight well I mean I'm27736.523.72
going to run out of stamina soon27738.5584.802
probably okay you behind me kind of all27740.245.078
right we're almost there yep my St is27743.365.84
about to run out okay we good not really27745.3186.762
snake in there crap snake I'll fight it27749.25.96
I got a pickaxe up help us Pasqual27752.085.96
Pasqual come on come on you [ __ ] I'll27755.166.12
punch you oh back up I got it oh back it27758.046.88
up okay perfect Simon yeah I'd like to27761.286.8
introduce you to the Priestess uh oh God27764.924.878
I'm I'm poisoned this is the Church of27768.084.04
Mitra you're in good hands now okay good27769.7983.52
I thought I was going to die in front of27772.124.04
her nice to meet you lady can we wrap it27773.3184.842
up now I me you should talk to her we're27776.165.238
here why not blessings of Metra upon you27778.166.12
Pilgrim are you come to this land you27781.3984.282
know what I'm sorry goodbye you're going27784.283.64
to fit right in here no NP no no I just27785.683.52
realized what you doing you're sucking27787.924.52
me in okay well not [ __ ] doing it no27789.24.758
offense to your church I'm sure you're27792.444.64
nice but you're not getting in my brain27793.9586.202
i' rather die in the27797.083.08
desert my tree what are you doing up27800.525.278
there D alas just being in a tree get27803.5586.32
out of that tree come on o jumpy jump27805.7986.322
I will be in uh oh I jumped27809.8784.862
early yeah he27812.1225.92
did so what's up man do you have plans27838.045.598
today yeah no I didn't think so follow27840.7985.6
me all right you see this guy right here27843.6385.24
uh yes I do you know what that is uh no27846.3985.08
I don't that is a grinder oh okay well27848.8785.042
yeah it says grinder so yeah yes then27851.4783.4
what do you think when you think grinder27853.923.32
you think a sandwich don't you hey guys27854.8784.882
hey no I well yeah I do think of a27857.244.638
sandwich here sorry to bother you what27859.764.16
are you doing here uh it's a good27861.8783.802
question sh you died didn't you did you27863.925.12
just die yeah okay are you staying27865.684.48
you're staying with us you're going back27869.042.72
I could have swore I put a pet roll down27870.163.76
up there could have swore well that's27871.763.718
going to throw a kink into everything27873.926.16
isn't it yeah yeah okay well uh either27875.4787.362
welcome or good luck we're talking about27880.086.238
Grinders both work fine so Sun yeah uh27882.847.0
you open this and you throw bones in it27886.3186.762
right and guess what I'm making oatmeal27889.846.84
almost bone meal really yeah I had the27893.086.44
meal part right yep that's kind of crazy27896.685.958
and that's where I either am stuck or27899.525.32
I'm wait let me just take this follow me27902.6383.482
over here you27904.843.08
ready this is really what you're talking27906.124.88
about no so far this is exciting yeah27907.925.558
all right well D okay so this over here27911.04.318
is a planner okay don't let me interrupt27913.4783.0
you you know what I mean Hey listen but27915.3183.722
you are though you're interrupting okay27916.4784.642
and you're dragging out this awesome27919.043.24
thing that he's showing me and you're27921.123.72
telling us not to let you do what you're27922.285.64
doing right you ready right here drop27924.845.718
the bone meal in snarly is coming with27927.924.958
come on snarly have a have a good day27930.5584.92
guys you too thank27932.8785.282
you I feel like if derus was close by27935.4785.442
he'd be back by now so let's continue27938.164.36
East I'm guessing he didn't put a bed27940.923.32
roll down I thought he did I could have27942.524.56
swore he did he's a pro at it not27944.244.76
putting bed rolls down that is all right27947.084.238
left or right th uh let's go left oh27949.03.84
wait wait wait back up back up back up27951.3183.362
why why why why why why what's going on27952.843.558
we got some guys right here we got some27954.683.6
guys right where this guy's sitting down27956.3986.08
pondering life you see him oh yeah Mr27958.286.8
ponderer he's just sitting there I think27962.4784.442
he wants to die I mean look at27965.083.96
this this is27966.925.44
sad you got any arrows me yeah I do but27969.045.56
I don't want to I don't want to do this27972.365.0
why I mean I feel bad for the guy27974.67.278
shouldn't all right fine he chose us all27977.367.598
and beautiful great job let's move in we27981.8785.76
did it we murdered a guy who didn't27984.9585.44
obviously wanted to die yeah hello oh27987.6384.442
there's a lady to the left and another27990.3983.522
dude oh man I hope this wasn't a27992.083.718
Friendly Village wait a minute is this27993.923.52
another is there another guy over here27995.7984.92
pondering uh oh Mr Ponder oh yeah look27997.446.118
he's uh he's taking a me yeah may as28000.7186.16
well this is nuts this is weird I feel28003.5586.602
bad they just like pain cushions hey28006.8786.6
your friends are all depressed and dead28010.165.558
they're that too oh here's some down28013.4785.042
here AB oh is is she depressed oh oh28015.7185.882
she's not oh God hit me28018.525.08
arrows okay I'm going to have I'm going28021.63.718
to have to switch up my weapon here we28023.63.358
go oh28025.3184.56
God knock her down there we go finally28026.9585.122
uhoh oh boy than uhoh28029.8785.202
uhoh I'm in a sandwich not a good one28032.085.2
come on big sword wasn't me who killed28035.084.36
your friend it was me how we doing how28037.285.48
you doing oh this lady oh yeah28039.447.878
get oh boy there we go stamina I got you28042.766.558
I got you all right man I love our28047.3184.962
teamwork here we go oh boy I just got28049.3186.042
hit I just got hit bad kill these guys28052.285.32
need to get out of here all right oh oh28055.363.48
another arrow person where'd that come28057.63.4
from I don't know I saw it this guy here28058.844.038
we go oh boy he's on the edge I don't28061.03.24
want to try to fight him there I'll28062.8784.482
fight him on the edge you piece of [ __ ]28064.244.88
he is a piece of [ __ ] I'm going to hide28067.364.198
behind here can't hit me God how'd you28069.125.8
hit me guy's like [ __ ] Robin Hood all28071.5585.882
right he's dead he's dead wish I could28074.926.0
heal by dancing ooh yeah I got her all28077.444.92
right I'm going in the in the house you28080.923.2
going in the house man I'm healing up28082.364.0
feeling better already good oh there's28084.124.518
two guys in here get those guys hold on28086.364.16
oh I got an idea I got an idea okay yeah28088.6384.562
tell me your idea I'm going to uh use my28090.525.24
gas bomb on them what the [ __ ] was28093.26.358
that shut the [ __ ]28095.763.798
up all right smon yeah I found out you28100.525.76
can put uh dung there's dung in the uh28103.3983.882
pins okay so maybe if we add this to the28107.287.0
planner you with me well no but let's28111.524.4
just pretend like I am okay well let's28114.283.64
walk over here to the planner okay and28115.924.08
then we uh go in here and then let's try28117.925.76
adding the compost oh yeah that's hops28120.05.478
now we're growing hops what are we doing28123.684.48
we're growing hops okay Isn't that cool28125.4784.762
I guess I picked up some hops earlier28128.163.638
well now we can grow we like whatever28130.243.88
you find we can grow it here um but I28131.7984.642
have Hops and we could pick it here so28134.125.0
you're you're excited about growing hops28136.444.16
well imagine we lived in a place where28139.123.278
like imagine you could grow pineapples28140.63.798
but you lived in Philadelphia you know28142.3984.48
what I'm saying if we move we can take28144.3984.882
the Hops with us I've never used hops28146.8784.44
you coming what the hell is hops good28149.284.32
for besides you know beer well you could28151.3184.802
grow aloe you could grow flowers for28153.64.16
medicines I don't know whatever you28156.123.678
don't know yeah so you're excited about28157.764.36
it but you're not sure baby steps man we28159.7983.92
grew something now we got to learn what28162.123.0
to do with it all right I'm just trying28163.7183.68
to be as excited about it as you are28165.123.72
okay you didn't give me much of an28167.3983.602
explanation you were like hops I want28168.844.08
you to start looking at the potential28171.04.558
the potential in hops yeah imagine you28172.925.32
learned how to I don't know melt steel28175.5583.562
what are you going to do with that I28178.242.76
don't know wa that sounds a lot more28179.124.56
exciting than hops you want a new thraw28181.04.84
what's this tell you me putting I got my28183.686.0
club brought you truding I like it so um28185.845.798
this place is dangerous I know and I'm28189.683.52
probably going to die but my bed should28191.6383.362
be right there so I think we should try28193.23.758
to lure them out of course this is what28195.05.16
I'll do oh boy what hold on hord defari28196.9585.76
can hord defar28200.165.718
can't what did that say it said hord def28202.7185.322
can't what does that mean though it28205.8784.282
means it means let's just Let's ignore28208.044.08
it it means Let's ignore it in Latin28210.164.76
that's what it means Simon Okay Let's28212.127.16
ignore it yeah you ready go28214.924.36
all right thick I'm all healed up so we28235.244.478
can either go back into the village or28237.3985.48
maybe see where this path28239.7187.042
goes oh heyas hey yeah what happened to28242.8786.162
you what do you think I brought snarly28246.763.558
with did you guys notice that oh is that28249.044.678
snarly yeah snar oh they my favorite is28250.3185.802
your favorite yeah he's my favorite oh28253.7185.402
oh bear oh God that's a freaking holy28256.126.16
[ __ ] that's a saber 2 tiger what oh I W28259.124.598
that's a saber 2 tiger I was looking at28262.284.96
a bear Jason you I know it's Jason me28263.7185.522
come here do something with it it's a sa28267.245.2
2 tiger it here we go get it snars all28269.246.158
right we got this up watch up watch up28272.445.24
heads up moving out doing great all28275.3983.962
right I got it I got it I'm stepping in28277.685.44
there we go good job everyone nice I'm28279.365.16
going to get some of its uh goodies yeah28283.122.678
get that meat we can cook that meat now28284.523.16
I saw a bear up here too that's what I28285.7983.802
was looking at okay where'd that bear go28287.683.878
to the right oh man we can get some28289.63.798
saber-tooth meat we can get some bear28291.5584.282
meat cuz I need some meat uh do you28293.3983.842
think there's anything to the to the28295.843.84
left probably like a rock formation over28297.243.96
here right looks like there's a path28299.683.038
that heads up to the mountains but I28301.22.72
don't think we're Geared for that we're28302.7182.802
not geared oh there's a fire up there28303.924.32
though where where in the mountains a28305.526.6
Mountain Fire smoke I see smoke you say28308.245.76
fire on top of the28312.124.04
hill let's see how uh let's see how we28314.05.33
can do a there let's go Hill R and Rush28316.166.289
what wait did you just become what's his28325.04.318
face what is28327.4784.802
that little John wait he's hold on are28329.3185.48
they cool no hold on let's check you28332.285.438
know hold on but we know no we don't28334.7986.202
know let's uh let's try a greeting hello28337.7185.84
everyone giant our weapons are out yeah28341.03.558
I mean thick you're not you're not28343.5583.562
really helping our case here okay look28344.5584.4
um do you know Metra28347.125.04
hello you are handsome I bet you're as28348.9587.082
well sir Camp look guys you got talk to28352.168.84
him hey buddy oh the I learned the alter28356.047.918
of your I'm talking to I have seen the H28361.06.92
Frost glittering in the sun I have heard28363.9588.042
the wind Whispering across Everlasting28367.925.6
that's great you want to join our team28372.04.718
well hey yamir that's that's my guy I'm28373.526.118
I like all yamir with the ice he does he28376.7184.08
said he didn't have a name we should28379.6384.722
probably give him one um Dennis Dennis28380.7986.68
you are now Dennis goodbye well so he's28384.365.198
an outcast just living up here oh he28387.4784.802
likes yamir I like yamir don't there I28389.5584.4
know don't steal his [ __ ] right well28392.283.96
maybe he wants us to well no he doesn't28393.9583.642
me why would we come up here and just28396.243.68
rob a guy I mean we he seems to be a28397.64.6
gentle giant razor arrows I'm taking I28399.924.28
don't have a bow okay if you take his28402.23.96
[ __ ] and he gets28404.25.598
mad oh boy what the [ __ ] was28406.167.2
that is attacking a ho defari cannibals28409.7984.802
is what the hell is that feel like we're28413.362.278
in a good28414.64.44
spot talking CE yeah he's still going on28415.6386.92
isn't he shut up I could not shut the28419.046.8
[ __ ] up28422.5583.282
I don't see anything you Simon nope said28457.446.8
defari cannibals attack right but I mean28460.767.68
nothing yeah uh maybe it was a joke28464.246.158
think they were messing with us that's a28468.444.48
shitty joke I mean who's laughing at28470.3985.042
that I mean they would be but we need to28472.924.32
eventually think it's funny too right28475.443.438
well no not everyone thinks jokes are28477.243.28
funny all the time you know yeah but28478.8782.92
when you're told the punch line you28480.523.878
could usually judge it okay you know28481.7985.042
what listen this thra thing man every28484.3985.0
time like there's always a problem well28486.844.16
what's the problem I put the thra in28489.3984.842
there I've got the GRL I hit play28491.05.878
nothing it's not working are you sure it28494.245.398
isn't working I mean you you look at it28496.8785.162
like how do you just go hit e it says28499.6385.522
fighter one yeah like I've put I have28502.045.12
something in my inventory says28505.164.88
nordheimer fighter fighter you picked it28507.166.558
up yeah he's out of it so now so what28510.045.48
how do you place these guys oh you put28513.7183.122
it you put it in a maybe it was already28515.525.08
done put it in a hot spot boom boom boom28516.847.638
oh yeah look at this slam there he is28520.66.08
okay hey look at there yeah you got it28524.4784.24
oh crap that thing he he Tamed fast28526.683.84
didn't he I don't know is it low level28528.7184.642
is that how it works uh yeah yeah I28530.524.84
don't think he was a good one anyway28533.365.88
what you want to call him um Pasqual no28535.366.038
that's the name of your wolf you can't28539.242.76
but if I name everything Pasqual I'll28542.05.24
know the name all right tell you what28545.522.84
get him to follow you come over here28547.242.44
we'll dress him up and then we'll think28548.362.84
think of uh and then we'll think of a28549.683.278
name afterwards no we'll call him28551.23.16
Pasqual no I don't want to call him28552.9583.68
Pasqual call him I'm doing it you did28554.363.64
the same thing with the with the cook28556.6382.16
and the smelter guy what are you talking28558.7983.6
about I don't know how to make him28560.7182.962
follow me what's the name of the guy28562.3985.202
that's our smelter Sam it's Sam right28563.686.718
but in most cases I'd be right it's Sam28567.65.718
look our Planter's growing listen you28570.3985.202
suck cuz the point you tried to make28573.3185.442
blew up in your face and I love it now I28575.64.798
can't get this guy to follow me but I28578.764.36
not calling him28580.3982.722
pasal uhoh anybody hear that I did sound28583.685.68
like the horn that we had back at our28587.683.798
base yeah someone back at our base28589.364.88
blowing our horn possibly there's a28591.4786.08
mammoth oh a hord of defari cannibals is28594.246.88
regrouping run run from what oh good God28597.5587.76
[ __ ] me no holy [ __ ] oh I am almost dead28601.126.48
I am almost dead where thck where'd you28605.3185.64
go I ran okay I'm running I don't know28607.65.08
where is there still a man God there's a28610.9584.122
[ __ ] elk attacking me elk I didn't do28612.684.76
[ __ ] to you got right B it's elk I'm28615.085.0
running come here elk you make that28617.446.76
noise at me 44 [ __ ] [ __ ] I got a sa to I28620.085.76
got a wolf on me I got a mammoth I have28624.24.16
no help the [ __ ] I'm running I'm just28625.844.6
running I don't know where I'm going28628.363.88
I'll catch up with you guys later all28630.444.118
right I'm I'm running back to you guys I28632.243.92
don't know where you28634.5585.482
are oh God I am [ __ ] all right they28636.165.6
can't jump over rocks like I28640.044.0
oh everything's chasing me out of28644.047.64
stamina oh [ __ ] [ __ ] dick God damn it28647.287.678
oh fck 44 don't you step on28651.686.638
me oh God I don't know what I'm jumping28654.9585.6
woo oh God and then there's idiots down28664.448.48
there hey just uh don't mind me fck yep28667.3188.802
oh that's abro sorry hey coming down the28672.924.44
hill coming down the hill turn around28676.122.758
yeah yeah run and roll I'm trying to get28677.363.76
back to my [ __ ]28678.8785.202
okay okay everybody rest up and then28681.125.12
we'll head back to base good God are you28684.084.0
sure back to base right now shut the28686.244.68
[ __ ] up nope nope I'm not going to let28688.086.2
your dumb ass talk to me that28690.923.36
way all right St and check this out all28696.047.32
right uh shirt it's crappy shirt right28698.5587.76
yeah uh we get rid of this we get rid of28703.365.198
these gloves these pants28706.3185.64
P of cannibals oh defeated really you28708.5585.122
see that we defeated the cannibals and28711.9584.202
we've gained a level that was easy28713.684.278
listen well it was easy or you could28716.163.158
think of it as hard work and make28717.9582.882
yourself feel better about yourself28719.3185.08
either way man you ready yep pants pants28720.847.32
shirt shirt boots boots I like repeating28724.3985.48
the words after you say them it's fun28728.164.238
yeah next word is hat you ready yep hat28729.8786.122
hat what do you think I like it and28732.3987.48
that's not all I'm going to do uh this28736.07.44
in his hand you see that no okay good28739.8787.042
and then this his hand moved but I don't28743.445.92
see anything well I've put a trudon and28746.924.638
a shield so he he could help us knock28749.364.118
people out can we just give him a real28751.5583.642
name though like he does we don't even28753.4783.042
get to name him I'm going to call him28755.25.48
Pascal too or I'll call him pman pman I28756.527.878
like that pman let's do that28760.683.718
pman we're almost back thick that's28764.926.08
right yep there it is new aagar wonder28767.524.76
how the other guys are doing I don't28771.03.318
know kind of another reason why I wanted28772.283.76
to come back I need to resupply man I28774.3183.202
was low on food I was getting my butt28776.043.96
kicked you know what I miss I miss our28777.524.0
our like beach base remember the28780.03.52
tropical one with all our that place was28781.524.198
awesome over there by the Pirates no oh28783.524.118
that that place was good too no the the28785.7185.202
big place where uh oh where all Alters28787.6384.642
are yeah I mean I feel like that's you28790.923.28
know that's home base but yeah we were28792.283.598
establishing little outposts and things28794.23.96
like that it's okay I know I know just28795.8785.6
missed the the warm weather you know28798.167.238
yeah got a warm weather guy oh I see our28801.4787.48
base here we are see if anybody's home28805.3987.602
hello hey hey what's up bu not much bu28808.9588.242
butter hello hey oh wa hey who are these28813.06.76
people we got some new THS oh yeah look28817.25.24
at you Simon did you change your clothes28819.765.4
what you stole you stole Pan's clothes28822.444.4
well yeah of course I did I made those28825.163.638
for pman I know but I mean my clothes28826.844.24
were [ __ ] those look like pajamas Simon28828.7983.92
well they look they're very comfortable28831.084.2
you look like a like old bald28832.7185.282
Aladdin that's28835.285.0
me how about28838.04.76
this okay the helmet changes everything28840.285.0
yeah well then good all right well I28842.764.638
came back here to resupply uh we found28845.284.0
mounds of the Dead all kinds of stuff it28847.3982.642
silly cross giant up in the M name oh28850.045.918
yeah we defeated uh defari cannibals oh28853.3984.682
congratulations I saw that thank you you28855.9583.76
for your for your service it it was an28858.083.44
epic battle you're welcome all right28859.7184.282
well I'm going to gear up hey um thick28861.523.64
yeah if you want to you can make a28864.03.12
sandstorm mask as well and go with me uh28865.165.558
to that place oh yeah where's the RAS um28867.125.198
oh he got Huffy when I told him to shut28870.7183.24
the [ __ ] up and he he didn't want to28872.3183.08
come back with us yeah he'll probably28873.9586.282
respond um yeah he'll be dead28875.3987.042
soon you know he's not okay with being28880.245.76
talked at that way snarly me I'm not28882.446.038
okay with it now see some people people28886.04.04
when they [ __ ] up they blame other28888.4785.762
people but um so by that logic abro um28890.045.838
has never [ __ ] up just everyone around28894.244.52
him has sad little stupid piece of [ __ ]28895.8785.84
but I tell you what snarly let's um28898.765.6
let's move on and defeat all the bosses28901.7185.202
together you and I okay all the bosses28904.365.24
follow me follow me snarly you're good28906.9210.478
pup o [ __ ] oh here we go probably a boss28909.67.798
oh or not maybe a lady friend28918.04.6
snarly okay I I I'm digging this28923.65.76
possibility maybe settle down up here28926.764.878
away from those dick28929.364.4
nuts um28931.6386.0
hello oh you you're taken son of a [ __ ]28933.767.08
all right I guess I'll all right calm28937.6385.32
down everyone I was just trying to get28940.845.16
laid all right I'll take you out28942.9588.322
and snarly hang in there bud okay that28946.09.318
hurt sorry to interrupt your28951.285.84
romantic I'm28955.3185.802
Dalias that is snarly I am out of energy28957.126.0
if I could just swing this that'd be28961.124.32
there all right you're done snarly how's28963.125.24
it going bud well we'll find love28965.447.08
elsewhere my friend for now28968.368.08
um we stay here for now snarly bosses28972.526.92
guys yeah I think I finally figured this28980.046.08
out figured what out well I'm going to28982.67.44
craft this thing oh God come here over28986.126.72
here over too close to other th all28990.044.438
right let's make it epic out here out28992.844.44
here all right here we go here we go28994.4786.442
this thing oh what the [ __ ] is that that28997.286.278
is cool that's a wolf with a costume on29000.925.6
yeah I still had some totemic uh f fod29003.5585.0
look at his dumb little face in there I29006.523.92
like them yeah but it looks like one of29008.5583.282
those you know like when you when you29010.443.0
see real dogs actually wearing clothes29011.843.4
and they look miserable and they're29013.442.878
that's the vibe I'm getting from this29015.243.0
thing when they get uh ear operations so29016.3184.962
they can't scratch yeah mhm so this29018.246.12
animal feels humiliated now that's what29021.285.678
they say maybe I'd be humiliated wearing29024.364.438
that yeah look at that thick what you29026.9583.92
going to name him oh um Captain29028.7984.882
depressed hold on Pasqual now I think29030.8785.162
Pasqual is with dalus no there's many29033.684.638
pasqual's or was it snarly you I'm sorry29036.044.16
snarly with the rallies I get them all29038.3183.32
confused they all look alike except for29040.25.518
this one Pasqual it is yes wait welome29041.6385.84
to the team Pasqual is Pasqual still29045.7184.202
here yes and then we have Mr P who's29047.4785.0
technically Pasqual yeah Mr P is just uh29049.924.478
short for Pasqual all right I missed29052.4783.802
something with the name and [ __ ] Simon's29054.3984.202
not allowed to name anything else yes I29056.285.598
am no no more pasqual's at least eight29058.65.038
and we just name that dog Pascal for29061.8785.282
real which one the one you just made ah29063.6386.562
I can change it no okay it's confusing29067.165.36
you guys have to fight for it figure out29070.24.96
fight this fight I'll fight now if I29072.526.64
kill Simon I get to name it yes we ready29075.167.0
look what I got my axe yep Simon that's29079.164.318
my axe I know but I'm just going to29082.163.158
fight with it so don't worry about it29083.4783.682
we're going to fight to the death okay29085.3186.122
me and this kid over here okay ready29087.168.76
yep come on Simon all you got oh nice29091.447.16
roll yeah yeah29095.924.16
never going to call that wolf Pasqual29098.62.44
I'm going name something that makes29100.084.52
sense oh my stamina's dead perfect I'm29101.045.838
shouldn't have said that I know I soon29104.65.0
as I said it I said I said oh no come on29106.8785.802
you killing our wolves huh screw you29109.65.9
come on uh-huh all right wear him down29112.684.24
oh oh boy nice hit Simon thank you all29116.924.92
right never going to name that wolf29120.524.4
Pasqual though I might this is probably29121.845.32
not wor what who's shooting me someone29124.924.44
who doesn't like the name Pasqual I bet29127.163.798
I don't think that's29129.364.278
fair it's not fair it's really not29130.9585.482
Pasqual we been shooting Simon with29133.6386.642
arrows o I can make a potion oh oh yeah29136.446.76
what kind uh a yellow Lotus potion cool29140.284.358
oh that's the one that makes you like29143.23.96
hallucinate I think okay watch out Mr P29144.6385.84
get out of there Mr P woo Simon you look29147.167.238
hurt I am oh boy Shield oh oh good hit29150.4785.24
good hit come on Shield what are you29154.3983.92
doing Shield what's this Shield doing29155.7185.562
huh got get these dogs away yeah why is29158.3184.32
all this stuff un follow oh there he29161.284.1
goes there he goes oh he's he's29162.6385.76
fast yeah block him would be good oh29168.3984.722
you're hitting Mr P Mr P get out of my29171.04.76
way all right oh stop stop stop stop29173.124.758
you're going to get everything killed29175.764.92
stop I just gained a level baby29177.8786.08
congratulations AB yeah I just completed29180.686.4
my chapter 4 beautiful yeah how about29183.9586.242
that love it you're a hero29187.086.96
[ __ ] no no you're going to kill Mr29190.25.758
you're going to kill everything stop I29194.044.4
got a better way okay what you got stop29195.9585.282
no payoff not worth it not worth it pick29198.447.118
a number between 1 and 10 11 Simon damn29201.248.398
it 10 is 10 closer than 11 it sure was29205.5586.642
all right nees you get to name the dog29209.6384.84
Simon give me my axe back no you know29212.23.88
what you'll need it I'll figure29214.4783.522
something else out thank you I'm out of29216.084.0
here the next step of my journey is I29218.04.76
have to craft an exceptional or Flawless29220.086.0
item I guess I'm learning how to craft29222.766.68
wow great story why don't you shut the29226.086.878
[ __ ] up you shut the [ __ ]29229.443.518
up f i l29243.844.958
neebs yes sir I bet you're wondering why29255.7985.042
I'm not wearing any shirt oh uh you're29258.164.6
not wearing a shirt are you I'm not why29260.844.6
not cuz I want to show off29262.766.118
this war paint wow yeah how you make29265.445.72
that uh you make it in in The Cauldron29268.8783.6
thing oh you got a little you got a29271.164.36
little dragon dragon tattoo Dragon man29272.4784.042
let's keep walking we got a lot to do29275.523.08
today all right but I I kind of like29276.524.198
that tattoo ignore these guys run around29278.64.32
just passing through oh yep yep just get29280.7184.322
going through sorry lady hey can I get a29282.924.36
tattoo on my face I don't know about29285.044.56
your face I I haven't tried the face yet29287.284.48
this it just makes it go on the chest29289.63.52
how ridiculous is that that they29291.763.48
wouldn't allow you if they don't yeah I29293.123.48
mean Simon needs to get a big old white29295.244.04
stain on his face nope I don't need the29296.65.56
white stain are you coming with us Simon29299.285.24
uh no tired yeah he's right here he's a29302.163.76
guy in the pink right right but we're29304.524.038
going to we are you ow you this lady29305.925.718
come on oh oh boy who are these people29308.5584.362
are we climbing up this thing are you29311.6383.522
got I was trying to I got to assaulted29312.924.16
we got to hold this lady off no you29315.164.12
should just run away we're got to climb29317.083.36
and got new29319.284.198
energy get her I made her bleed look at29320.446.56
down there bleed lady bleed okay look29323.4785.642
got her CWS are on her oh yeah I'm not29327.04.12
even worried about it look at that it's29329.123.838
just a glorious mess over there here we29331.123.56
go we knocked her out you want beautiful29332.9583.482
oh you knocked her out she's a who she's29334.684.878
a priest priest what kind of priest a29336.446.08
nordheimer priest yeah no let's chop her29339.5587.08
up what level one ah yeah Cho her up yep29342.525.72
all right so listen actually I'm not29346.6382.962
going to I climbed up there but I didn't29348.244.04
need to sumon I thought I thought you29349.64.718
were going to go findus I'm going to go29352.283.8
see dalus cuz look when you when I go to29354.3184.442
the map really I could uh I could see29356.084.2
where he is he's that little white dot29358.763.0
there it shouldn't take this long to29361.764.35
kill a priest29363.79821.581
we're looking for an artisan to join our29387.25.16
tribe yep we need an Artis oh wait I29389.844.558
want that guy with the backpack oh29392.364.038
really watch out sorry ma'am I thought29394.3984.842
you were a man join our tribe pig man29396.3984.48
take her there you go just knocking29399.243.478
people out right you guys yeah knock29400.8783.242
them out knock them out and see what29402.7184.282
they are need an AR all right backpack29404.125.32
lady is down nice P man's coming to back29407.03.718
you up take you think they'll write a29409.443.16
book about you what do you mean the man29410.7183.68
with the Dragon Tattoo oh that's another29412.64.52
fighter fighter don't forget I got dibs29414.3984.32
on backpack lady all right you got29417.123.678
backpack lady I might have this29418.7184.0
beautiful bald bastard here so long as29420.7986.0
he's a uh Artisan come on Artisan oh29422.7186.16
this one's down Artisan what is he29426.7984.562
blacksmith number one I think we have a29428.8784.08
blacksmith already what about a29431.363.32
Taskmaster I think we should take the29432.9583.52
Taskmaster and I'm going to grab29434.684.36
backpack lady all right uh hey there's a29436.4784.762
deer here if anybody needs hide Lady In29439.044.8
Here Lady in here oh Artis Artis lady I29441.244.638
don't know she trying to Tango with29443.844.478
thick 44 she might be a dancer hey I'm29445.8784.362
heading back with backpack lady okay29448.3183.48
sounds good we're going to get this lady29450.242.52
I'm want to see if this lady's an29451.7983.202
artisan she's tough I'll see you at the29452.763.52
camp all right we'll be there in a29455.05.638
second take man with we KN go okay oh29456.288.32
God yeah God she is rud she is29460.6387.442
mean fall back no what this our th's29464.66.0
almost dead I mean I feel like we should29468.084.878
oh there he goes he's dead man but this29470.64.798
one's going to be much better oh god29472.9583.482
let's get29475.3983.202
oh oh damn thick okay well at least I29478.66.52
got you you an Artis fighter fighter29482.25.96
three okay you know what I'm open you up29485.127.92
[ __ ] fighter three you are coming with29488.164.88
me all right P dog look at these things29496.167.84
they look interesting where's D on the29501.364.8
map oh God I'm like tur the wrong29504.06.16
direction I got to go this way oh boy29506.166.6
all right let's run through this ready29510.165.558
go see what we got hey nothing to see29512.764.6
here if there are people here seems like29515.7183.642
there' be people here no29517.367.518
people no people oh [ __ ] but that oh God29519.369.64
that's a something yep come on Pete Pete29524.8788.76
P dog jump and come on no no no no no J29529.07.28
crab there you go I didn't get hurt come29533.6386.0
on we're almost29536.283.358
deis wrong direction again here we29541.168.92
go where're doing it my stomach hurts no29545.7986.882
[ __ ] apparently GRL is not good at oh29550.085.318
God that's not good oh and the stamina29552.686.48
good timing let's do this buddy come on29555.3986.882
you want this come on I don't give a29559.165.798
[ __ ] you think I'm here to mess around I29562.285.16
got I got PE dog eating your ass well29564.9585.202
not yet P dog get behind him eat his ass29567.444.76
come on lick it show them we can get it29570.164.92
from the front and the back come on it's29572.27.92
called the P dog right right29575.085.04
okay M map Mt good to29580.210.8
go oh watch out29586.048.358
bam I'm a29591.03.398
man I'm going to go make a sandwich and29595.247.44
build something and buy the shirt29597.7987.482
kichi kichi29605.286.118
abro why are you being such a showof oh29611.3983.762
man I'm just showing her how to wiggle29613.843.118
you've got the best dance in the world I29615.164.52
know I do man go over here over here29616.9585.202
over here over here and a little twist29619.684.24
little spin little wiggle wiggle wiggle29622.163.68
wiggle wiggle wiggle wies abro showing29623.923.76
off again oh yeah oh yeah I'm trying to29625.844.118
teach this new th how to dance she's a29627.684.718
fighter not a dancer well she could be29629.9584.122
both why not I mean her titties say29632.3983.92
otherwise but is she catching on no29634.084.0
she's just staring at yeah she's very29636.3184.362
stoic that's her name stoic that's a29638.084.84
terrible name no it's not yeah it is no29640.684.08
it isn't what does she do she's a29642.923.958
fighter stoic our fighter so you didn't29644.764.6
get your uh what AR no I needed an29646.8784.0
artisan but she's like a level three29649.362.72
fighter so I think that's really good29650.8783.042
she was tough as Nails killed thick29652.083.08
really she didn't kill me but I forgive29653.923.68
her she also killed our other thw yeah29655.165.92
the Archer oh no okay well yeah it was a29657.65.56
good trade all right I'm trying to build29661.085.04
some clothes for my uh she's a bearer29663.165.84
she's called a bearer a bearer Bearer oh29666.125.24
so she's going to have your baby uh I29669.03.28
guess that's what that means no I think29671.362.24
it means just cuz she carries a bunch of29672.283.8
[ __ ] that means she's pretty so she's29673.64.56
pretty yep what let me take a look at29676.083.76
her what's her family like cuz you know29678.163.52
when you marry somebody you marry their29679.844.08
family too that's true I'll look into it29681.684.638
all right so what are we doing next I'm29683.925.68
making gauntlets for my Bearer okay oh29686.3185.802
yeah hey what you going to name her I29689.64.08
don't know man I got to think about it29692.123.72
maybe I'll let her name herself you know29693.683.878
yeah I like your uh like backpack you're29695.845.08
right she is pretty let's see gauntlets29697.5586.0
there we go all right now she's got a29700.924.84
little protection she's got a sword29703.5583.962
she's got spare shoes you know women29705.763.52
need that cuz they always oh yeah no you29707.523.08
got to have like six pair of shoes in29709.283.358
her anybody got more shoes thick you got29710.64.16
more shoes looking for maybe boots with29712.6385.642
the fur hold on anybody got shoes I got29714.766.0
some shoes okay give it to her stoic29718.283.92
doesn't need any she doesn't seem like29720.762.92
the type of woman that has a lot of29722.23.72
shoes basically she's a lesbi I actually29723.684.68
put some shoes on her for you look at29725.924.478
that boots with the fur you know what29728.363.84
let's just call her29730.3984.32
shoes all right shoes MC boots are we29732.23.84
going to take shoes with us or we going29734.7182.482
to leave her here for this adventure I29736.043.0
think shoes should go with us should we29737.23.598
give them gas mask yeah make more gas29739.046.0
mask all right keep making gas mask keep29740.7984.242
okay should be close maybe if I uh I'm29747.3985.722
here I know you're up there Simon yeah29753.127.0
did you not see me no not until you just29757.446.198
no okay well I'm here what are you doing29760.125.72
I'm just coming to you man it's like you29763.6383.92
knew I was here or something well I saw29765.843.52
you on the map how'd you know I was here29767.5583.362
well I saw you on the map too oh there29769.363.598
you go well we both happened to you29770.924.318
utiliz the M look at that wow is this29772.9585.722
your place oh it is now did you make it29775.2387.282
nope but it's mine now oh what are we29778.686.76
doing not talking like that anymore I29782.525.48
don't know let's consider it uh for the29785.444.0
rest of you could do it for the rest of29788.04.238
the day I don't want to good thank God29789.444.0
that's one of the things that you could29792.2382.682
have easily went with and I would have29793.443.24
been very upset I'm trying to put my29794.923.878
hands down I really want there oh you29796.684.24
don't even know how to do that no hold29798.7985.92
on hold on you hold on oh that it's like29800.928.478
psych back up but uh you are my friend29804.7188.642
am I yeah um but trying to do the dance29809.3986.48
oh I don't have a dance yet okay Hey29813.365.038
listen what now that you're here I was29815.8784.52
getting lonely I killed the only two29818.3983.642
people I could talk to CU well they29820.3985.802
wanted to kill me um you look what are29822.047.08
you doing I'm just29826.26.118
chilling what's up with you so you came29829.125.16
up here to be with me alone so you could29832.3183.722
do that in front of me asro is not the29834.286.438
only one that has a sexy dance I wish he29836.044.678
was someone tell me how to stop once you29842.043.12
I'll once you stop I'll tell you what29845.166.318
we're doing well anytime I'll shake my29847.3987.32
fist oh good enough that was good that29851.4785.16
did it okay Hey listen see where I'm29854.7184.68
facing yes sir there's a ridge line it29856.6384.362
might be too cold for us but you look29859.3984.32
warm my abs might be cold but just kind29861.04.238
of want to get a lay of the land up29863.7184.122
there in this cold mountainy region all29865.2385.08
right cool plus we got PE dog yeah I see29867.846.038
that so he's good at getting stuff yeah29870.3185.56
yeah you know all right let's go yeah29873.8785.52
great there we are okay so you guys have29875.8785.802
been here before or no uh yeah we came29879.3983.682
here one time but we couldn't make it29881.683.878
very far because of this uh it's kind of29883.085.12
poisonous down here ah hence the masks29885.5585.16
hence the mask now that we have mask29888.23.678
should be good but where do you see29890.7184.882
these trees thick okay crazy trees shall29891.8785.202
we yeah29895.63.52
sure we're going I'm going in right here29897.085.84
to you guys left okay all right29899.126.838
Sandstorm mask seems to be working so if29902.925.24
I take this off I'll be hurt well you29905.9583.882
remember we were here last time we were29908.163.6
pois right here right here I kind of29909.844.038
want to see all right better do it quick29911.765.32
you ready yep oh yep yep yep yep that's29913.8787.84
that's not good okay yeah yeah sweet go29917.086.52
gag you now we kind of we can explore29921.7182.722
area bones in this water gross man we29924.445.48
can even walk in this stuff huh I know29927.6384.76
it's pretty neat it's like a paradise29929.926.558
but not yeah oh boy hey look at that29932.3986.642
thing yeah it's one of those uh sons of29936.4786.202
[ __ ] yeah jerks okay give us oh wait29939.045.838
it goes down pretty far over here look29942.684.44
at this oh yeah oh what was that oh29944.8784.042
that's one of those Chihuahua we can29947.124.438
take a oh hey yeah he's right on two29948.926.478
chihuahuas oh crap all right sto it y29951.5586.562
okay easy lady y oh boy I almost rolled29955.3986.4
right off the dam Edge come on oh yeah29958.125.72
right okay they got nothing on us baby29961.7984.08
hey what's this what if I hit this you29963.843.718
get anything I got Brimstone out of the29965.8784.0
Chua no I didn't get anything out of it29967.5583.882
hold on let me uh let me try to use a29969.8783.642
pickaxe you can make uh Brimstone is29971.445.278
what you used to make steel really oh sh29973.524.68
okay well just got a [ __ ] ton of29976.7184.722
Brimstone then did you yeah hold on now29978.25.16
we're talking okay so we can okay so29981.444.6
this is prime Brimstone location I love29983.364.76
it woo we brought shoes with us she's29986.043.32
going to be carrying this stuff yeah all29988.122.08
right yeah let's get a bunch of29989.362.958
Brimstone and shove it inside pack mule29990.28.0
yep her name is shoes get it right sir29992.3185.882
salmon this was stupid well I mean I29999.045.16
feel like I upgraded my survival okay we30001.524.68
should probably take okay there's only30004.23.518
I'm going to take these five branches we30006.22.96
might need them there's not many sticks30007.7183.52
up here all right so let's go to the30009.163.84
next firep point we're going to die up30011.2385.122
here wait a second lay down a bed huh30013.05.318
lay down a bed oh God I don't know man30016.364.518
is it worth it if you die it's worth it30018.3183.842
yeah but I don't know if it's worth even30020.8784.08
going I think it's worth doing something30022.165.12
and why can't hold on all right come on30024.9584.76
hold on what where you going we have I30027.285.08
can't lay down the bed no oh well it30029.7184.6
might be a height30032.365.438
thing hold on hold on maybe up here30034.3185.24
where it's flat all right I'm going to30037.7983.6
go up to you cuz if I start dying right30039.5584.08
now this whole Point's mute is that a30041.3984.602
thing moot moot a lot of people don't30043.6384.402
like that word I know they could suck it30046.03.84
you're absolutely right they can suck it30048.043.518
it's just a word it's just a word get30049.844.08
over it yeah a real word it's a word30051.5584.722
that translates your point it's kind of30053.925.038
what supposed to do right y if you30056.284.32
understand it why would you be annoyed30058.9583.92
by it like the word moist which is30060.64.16
perfectly fine word doesn't bother me in30062.8784.162
any way no sometimes things are just30064.764.76
damp enough to be yeah they're just30067.045.32
moist like moist cake oh that's so good30069.524.84
moist cake is great oh God there's30072.364.198
nothing better than moist cake no and30074.364.358
even if it's too moist I'm fine with it30076.5584.0
yeah I'll take some I listen I'll I'll30078.7183.6
roll it up into a ball I'll press it30080.5583.24
into a ball in my hand I'll throw it on30082.3182.842
the ground and I'll bounce up I put a30083.7983.6
bed down here look at that30085.165.28
look at this putting beds down you know30087.3984.642
when you're a kid and like I'm extremely30090.445.32
cold mom's got oh I just realized [ __ ]30092.045.198
but you know what my Health's not going30095.763.118
down cuz there's no blood yet let's30097.2383.56
muscle then come on oh [ __ ] no no no no30098.8783.882
I'm going to die here we go why what's30100.7983.6
the point are you dying now well I'm30102.763.478
going to be dying any any yeah it's30104.3984.282
going down is it going down uh let me30106.2383.922
let me yep yep it's going down I have a30108.682.52
feeling it's going to be really warm30110.162.76
right here get get another fire another30111.24.08
fire right here this is dumb as [ __ ]30112.924.16
it's the dumbest thing hurry hurry up I30115.283.8
just got to be able to put it down it's30117.086.238
okay oh boy oh I had a SP oh y there it30119.088.12
is and is it even going to make me warm30123.3185.962
yeah cuz it's a fire yeah but guess what30127.24.08
I'm still extremely cold can't get much30129.284.518
closer to it than I am oh very cold30131.285.0
that's better very cold see we're30133.7984.84
surviving except I'm going to die of30136.285.038
thirst Simon yeah I just chopped down30138.6384.76
one of those Crystal things yeah it gave30141.3184.602
me ice so can you melt it in the fire I30143.3983.962
don't know I mean you'd think if you30145.922.558
just put that on the fire it would just30147.362.438
melt all over the fire and put out the30148.4783.4
fire probably but you know what this30149.7984.242
isn't real and that Ram is eyeing up30151.8784.44
your ass I don't give a [ __ ] about that30154.044.08
Ram oh you're going to give a [ __ ] when30156.3183.962
he's ramming your ass like dude I don't30158.124.88
know what I put ice in the fire right30160.285.118
still ice I just want to suck on it my30163.04.718
mouth you know right get something that30165.3985.92
way that Ram wants to suck something to30167.7187.642
maybe if I oh oh water filled glass fat30171.3186.882
ohy okay Simon what I can drink water30175.365.518
now that's great so you can live and I30178.24.8
will just die you just go ahead and keep30180.8784.122
dying yep all right let me just get all30183.05.44
this good water this is good water30185.05.16
people pay top dollar for this Mountain30188.444.24
Water oh extremely cold again did the30190.165.04
fire go out maybe [ __ ] did you put it30192.685.558
out nope nope I'm30195.25.518
running I'm running you just got to turn30198.2385.842
the fire back on yeah but ow [ __ ] you30200.7186.722
[ __ ] Simon what no I'm30204.085.96
running that'll be funnier30207.445.08
anyway Fire's back on all right I'm30210.045.678
coming back God this is so much fun30212.525.798
today yes it is30215.7185.722
Simon is that a regular what it is that30218.3187.56
a baby baby r Rhino oh I got a rhino30221.448.438
calf guys you got a what Rhino calf well30225.8786.68
we don't need its damn leg no we've got30229.8785.52
like it's a rhino baby oh we found two30232.5584.68
bear cubs on the way out over here stick30235.3983.92
it in pack mu with them her name is30237.2384.64
shoes shoes be kind of R we're going to30239.3184.0
have a zoo we're going to have to take a30241.8783.36
couple shoes out of pack just so she can30243.3183.802
hold more stuff I mean we got a bear a30245.2385.602
baby Sho is shoes is pack mule no her30247.125.88
name is shoes are we heading back I got30250.843.6
a ton of Brimstone yeah I've already put30253.04.08
a b a bunch of Brimstone in pack mule30254.444.4
yeah let's head30257.085.398
back hi Simon we can't do that we know30258.845.92
this no I know so you see where those30262.4786.882
other guys are on the y um yeah why30264.766.92
don't we beine to them be line to the30269.364.48
boys why not since we're out this way30271.683.52
you know they're kind of about this way30273.843.52
so yeah we just head back down and we'll30275.25.24
go say hi I'm over uh the whole ABS30277.364.878
being a dick that's why I stayed up here30280.446.08
yeah but I mean it's absur right right I30282.2386.0
mean we're all dick you're a dick too30286.523.798
sometimes you got you hell yeah I'm a30288.2383.682
dick right so I mean you don't need to30290.3183.122
get butt hurt over that that's why you30291.923.84
were up here well it just did I don't30293.444.358
know yeah I can't even remember it's30295.763.36
been so30297.7985.642
long has it couple weeks at least okay30299.125.64
CU you know we only have one episode a30303.442.878
week come out all right well Bel line30304.764.0
Bel line right that'd be to the left30306.3184.4
more I'm not even going anywhere the30308.765.798
right direction follow me I'm U nope I30310.7185.92
can't see you follow me remember that30314.5583.722
Village over there where you where you30316.6384.642
came up where this is not working out30318.285.48
well I'm a I'm a like a human person30321.284.8
figure if you just follow that how about30323.764.6
we see who gets there30326.087.798
first huh oh game on Simon game on30328.369.72
bubba man I'm going to kick your30333.8784.202
ass so when we get back home we're going30338.164.478
to make some uh steel yeah I guess we30340.283.92
got all that Brimstone we may as well30342.6383.362
right yep what what can we make with30344.24.72
steel just better armor weapons yeah30346.04.6
that's awesome we made a good decision30348.925.2
today bears and rhinos sort almost30350.65.358
forgot we had those I know we got a lot30354.123.678
of good stuff she's didn't forget she's30355.9584.0
carrying half of it I know hey wait a30357.7983.642
where's Humper did you tell him to30361.445.84
follow you go back and get Humper all30364.285.678
right I'll be back I'll meet you guys30367.285.4
you nut Warrior yeah Warrior30369.9584.76
irresponsible [ __ ] Warrior Warrior30372.685.878
needs a notepad to-do list sticky notes30374.7185.24
be a good name for30378.5585.282
warrior sticky notes Warrior of the East30379.9586.722
I will help you remember30383.846.08
all right Humper let's go halt halt what30386.687.32
who halt hey durus hi thick how are you30389.925.44
I'm pretty good let me see I want to30394.03.638
look at the map real quick I was Raising30395.363.64
Simon somewhere but we didn't really30397.6385.08
Define where where was uhhuh um he's uh30399.05.318
he's probably coming over here let's30402.7183.84
just say that I won okay30404.3184.442
congratulations on your on your Victory30406.5584.08
thanks yeah uh hey guess what we got30408.765.24
what we got a bear cub and a rhino cath30410.6385.562
nuh-uh yeah we're going back home I'm30414.06.44
going to have a zoo nuh-uh yeah Simon30416.25.72
I'm going to call it the Simon Memorial30420.444.038
Zoo cuz he dies all the time well then30421.924.28
we want the animals to die why would you30424.4783.562
no it's just the zoo a memorial for30426.24.438
every time Simon dies oh I like that30428.045.678
yeah best way to honor our friend you're30430.6386.802
close s hello oh you're here already30433.7185.08
yeah of course you are I can see you on30437.444.64
the map did I win guess so where is he I30438.7985.6
don't know I'm close enough to for you30442.085.0
to hear me it bounces off the Rocks you30444.3986.042
see Simon I'm naming a zoo after you30447.085.6
great I'm sure it's an insult in some30450.443.878
way hey Hogs are out here they're going30452.683.36
to attack you know what they were they30454.3184.802
were bored never sneeze on my joke again30456.045.74
thick I'm sorry they were bored I love30459.123.96
it all right we're cooking a whole bunch30463.085.44
of Steel Man yes sir uh oh wait any more30465.286.08
wood in here oh Brimstone that's what30468.525.32
we're making ah tar you got to use tar