Carno Schwarzenegger FETCH!!! Ark Survival Aberration

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Have you checked out the latest video featuring Carno Schwarzenegger and the gang exploring a new, ...
Carno Schwarzenegger FETCH!!! Ark Survival Aberration
Carno Schwarzenegger FETCH!!! Ark Survival Aberration

Carno Schwarzenegger FETCH!!! Ark Survival Aberration

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neebs: Hey there, folks! Today we're talking about why Carno Schwarzenegger FETCH!!! is our favorite video on YouTube. And let me tell you, that Carno is one heck of a fetcher!

simon: Oh yeah, Carno Schwarzenegger is a real pro at fetching! I mean, who knew a dinosaur could have such great hand-eye coordination?

appsro: You guys crack me up! But seriously, that video is a blast. Watching Carno Schwarzenegger in action is pure entertainment. Plus, we get to see some of the gang explore dangerous new territory. What more could you ask for?

neebs: Exactly! It's like a mix of comedy, action, and suspense all rolled into one. And let's not forget the amazing support we get from our Patreon and Survival Servers. They make it all possible!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! Have you checked out the latest video featuring Carno Schwarzenegger and the gang exploring a new, super dangerous area in Ark Survival: Evolved? If not, you're definitely missing out on some epic adventures and hilarious moments.

I love how Neebs and the crew always play on Survival Servers - it adds a whole new level of excitement to their gameplay. If you're interested in setting up your own Ark Survival server, make sure to check out Survival Servers for all your gaming needs.

And of course, don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all the latest Neebs Gaming videos. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single episode, especially when they're diving into the depths of Ark Aberration.

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But enough about all that, let's get back to the video! From the playful banter to the thrilling gameplay, Neebs and the gang always know how to keep us entertained. And with a killer soundtrack featuring tracks like "Fast Talkin" by Kevin MacLeod and "Final Boss" by Myuu, the atmosphere is always on point.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the wild ride that is Ark Survival Aberration with Neebs Gaming. Thanks for watching, and remember to spread the word to all your fellow gaming buddies!

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Hey guys no Conan this week because wait r-tx0.032.16
If you're in Austin, Texas come out and say hey, and if you're not sit here and enjoy this aberration episode. Here it is2.195.339
I'm done talking about it7.5292.0
Man this place looks great. Well, thank you. I like it. Y'all know thick has an issue, right?11.084.46
I mean look at him every single time. What are you talking about?15.542.819
He just like wants to put himself in like the head of the table. Excuse me Simon. Yeah, but look what you're doing them19.245.569
Yeah, you bring an attention to what does it matter? You just need somewhere to sit down Simon sit over here24.814.77
Here and yeah, no, I don't mind that. Okay to the tables over here30.763.409
Does it matter just somewhere? It's sit down follow you all you just sit down somewhere34.23.449
All right, any moment come with me to get oil? Yeah, I'll do that37.662.569
What's going on thick? What are you doing?40.751.85
I want to go to the south and explore and I want to do explore and kill. Yeah42.65.4
Does anyone want me no, nobody wants you Simon? You just got rused Simon. I choose killing. All right48.166.289
Break. Yes. Are you with me? Huh? Yeah, I guess so. Let me is Carl added releases his ass. Okay. Well, it was fun55.756.77
Neebs you see that crab, right, of course, I do man. It's not safe to have him here. No, it's a crab67.6895.18
Those things are jerks to make the first move72.92.0
Yeah, maybe should we either lure away or well if we get smiley involved we can certainly kick his butt75.2994.83
It's not anchors and smiley you up for this. Yeah. Yes. I mean look at that face. That's a face80.134.47
It says I'm up for anything. Yeah, just take a shot. Yep, I think so. Let's do it84.65.669
Come on in here. Did you get him?91.242.209
Yeah, you jump a bitch trust peasant, this is a safe zone96.283.77
You can be crab legs sucka beat yo ass and go to corral. Oh boy102.224.16
We got your back smiley. You can tame one of these guys, but I think it's not just your it's not a normal tape109.485.269
Yeah, you probably got to make them a souffle or something. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, you know what? What are these things have?114.756.089
Let's see what we get out of this shot. Yeah, chop them up chop them up organic polymer cutting in raw meat120.914.849
Hey organic polymers. Oh, that's some good stuff. Yeah, I mean, we'll take all this125.823.18
Well after this, we we go get oil133.242.36
Okay, I tell you what if you want oil135.641.67
I think the best thing might be trial bikes and those are in the river if you say so man137.313.809
So I think the best option may be to take the boat. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna put this stuff away and I141.125.309
Load up and go147.492.0
Guys come on. Hey, this is we're asking for it. You know that we are asking we're it's dark and it's swampy150.436.41
I don't want to get thick today tomorrow. I'll get thick but not today. All right, we have to keep heading this way156.856.349
Probably should kill this spine. Oh, what's that thing? Oh,163.9592.36
Yeah, those things are assholes to let them do their thing for a minute and get weaker166.9894.79
See, no, he's just stuck in something. Maybe we should take him in. Maybe we shouldn't get this sucker out of the way you171.784.919
They're Sarcos dumb. That's a low-level guy, right? You're just gonna take a look. He's level eight177.855.089
I've had you guys covered I just shot him now. He's coming after. Oh he's coming on the bitch182.943.99
Now he's running kill him kill him. Yes. He's188.292.929
Down food. All right, let's keep looking197.984.13
I mean, it's not a very big lake so it's not like I'm gonna turn right here206.383.649
Yeah, I know but uh watch out for crabs. We don't have any crabs on us210.093.36
Although we got these ravages about worried. I think we could take it. Okay213.453.449
I'm thinking I think the mouth of this rivers right up here. We could Park on this beach are gonna be yeah. Yeah216.95.37
Okay, always like I'm always worried in this world. I'm always about building foundations and beds just for safety a safety guy223.05.96
You know the boat hasn't228.961.88
You know, we might we might get aways in. You never know. I've been out here been out the wheelchairs before230.844.619
All right, follow me. Let's see take the mouth of the river235.4592.55
Yes, yes names240.9592.0
Right here. This is where it dumps out. We follow this river. Hopefully we can find trilobite. Okay?243.094.97
Trilobite give us the oil. Yeah248.8191.95
Yeah, this a seer avengers' Ravagers Ravagers not wrap in germs Ravagers. Yep. You see them250.7697.52
From God how many even I see that you see? Yeah, let's go258.844.489
Jump up on these rocks beeps. Yeah267.62.0
Up here up here hit up. Okay rock. Yeah, I want to do it. This is working. I'm trying to light273.36.02
Yeah, it's Cardo trying to like my white got left hey get up get up here in the rock dipshit282.64.879
I thought my life would stick to my thigh. Get up here in the rocks. I'm coming. Hold on287.4793.66
Hey, we should tame this car. No, she made you move this gal of a sudden. She looks cool. It's a carnival291.1694.92
Let's see. All right, I'm going for it. All right. I got one shot on him. He's gonna come down here296.095.1
He's gonna get stuck in the rocks. Oh, yeah. Brilliant. Brilliant. You dumb creature. Here we go. I'm on him301.195.669
Come on sucker won't you he does whoop too fast? Oh, wait. Hey bring it back this way307.475.6
Bring it back this way a serve coming313.072.0
I think he's think he's running can't tell. Yep. He looks like he's running. I'm giving chase. Yep317.4394.709
I'm on him - where you going man? You don't want to be on YouTube?322.1492.61
What are you a nut about man, which is trying to make you internet famous324.9193.349
Okay, hey back to the rock back to the rock ESS good plan ruin everything332.9595.12
Damn it pick these Ravagers what I can I go he's over there339.3794.01
Yeah - Ravagers behind your crap I'll lead them away you got some fur No350.363.589
They're falling for it good. I'm after the card out my buds blade no cramp. Come on Ziggs356.515.63
They're all over me. No guy names. How are they? Like, just don't live with me all the time. Good luck amps robe363.416.019
I'm trying to stay alive her nose down nose down. Okay, everybody from my life. You remember where you what where are you?369.687.04
I'm heading towards the boat. I'll meet up with you in a minute376.722.25
Let's get a gander at what this all is over. Oh shit. Looks like The Tree of Life. This is beautiful. Wow379.556.92
This is beautiful387.22.0
What I can I can live here. I want to live here, except there's no water389.274.279
There's a lot of death a lot of death. That's beautiful. You want to see look at this. This is what Spina thinks. Oh394.016.529
Yeah, it's what Care Bear thinks401.362.0
That looks like some sort of a bridge oh God. Yeah it does let's head down go. Okay. Whew, this is really something405.447.549
Pioneers man. Well, we've never been here before. Oh no were the Davy Crockett's of whatever413.635.119
Aberration. Yeah, this is fucking amazing. I mean it's it is pretty I love it. I feel like I see basilisk ears419.727.699
And ten, I left or right to the right, but it's a ways away428.214.82
Yeah, but there'd van they are so sensitive you go as far left as you can if it's to the right433.155.309
That's what you do. I mean, we're still uh, that's what you'd go. Tell them what to do438.594.369
So I'm you doing okay far away as you can what fighting what's going on here. Are you fighting something's biting me?442.966.6
Monkey oh, it's monkeys these like monkeys that pop out of the ground. Oh, yeah. I don't like that. Oh, they're all over452.576.859
Muscle brother up. Oh shit. Suck a ball. Never get back here. Oh, no, you dick460.836.619
Don't even think about it doctor I get a chocolate468.063.169
This is not good suck a dick473.72.75
Sort of a bitch, yeah478.112.0
fucking big ass481.751.949
Today nice. I didn't see that basilisk up there kind of moving around and shit there. This is not a good idea483.6996.35
No, it's not. I say we do this we go back here490.682.549
Okay, and we set up shop a bit, you know, so we have kind of you know, oh493.2294.739
Okay. I know how to make a sleeping bag. Nick - but only make it that accent498.9095.51
Yeah, wow this is like whitewater rafting instead of a you know a raft it's a Ravager509.2896.229
What is the like tubing it's like a rush relaxing tubing?515.643.449
Alright subject Jeff Ravagers coming Avenue, you know, come on get him523.4194.789
Oh, look I killed it. You know what I named it?547.452.6
Give me clues eighties action Schwarzeneggerr, right get it card or today, but I didn't know how to spell Schwarzenegger550.057.259
It's it's way up drop or something down there557.313.09
Just run this carelessly running towards the green light sounds like a dumb idea, but okay563.414.7
Yeah, super lame but hey now we got 12 Oh sticks588.283.83
Okay. Alright. So I think this is this is the main river that we just landed on. Oh, that's dangerous. Yeah. Oh, it's super dangerous592.667.369
What are you that way into the sunlight see III?602.833.109
All right guys, I'm gonna run across this bridge to the other side whatever it's at607.665.0
I'll yell for you. If it's safe if you need help and you think we can take them then you call for us612.666.059
Yeah, I'll go619.361.96
Good luck. Good luck to you so fearless son he is621.323.809
So far so good, whoa, what was that what is this freezing spores frozen cold? What's happening to me?627.97.969
Sound smart I know but I'm not smart. What's going down. You're are you? Okay? I don't know638.525.57
I'm coming to you because I'm a heroic. Oh god 91 seconds. I'm probably gonna die644.164.399
Somebody make it bad just in case I can't make it bed. I got rid of my shit. Come on648.64.88
This doesn't look smart. It looks cold. I don't know what those things were. I'm past them their spores. They're freezing sport653.97.169
Needs yeah, I see something in the water. Wait, I think that's a trilobite name wait668.645.57
Oh, it's in the water. You ever see Doug's white stuff in the water. Ah doctor knocking the thing just scared him away674.214.979
Well, I can go get him. I got a pike679.292.0
All right. I'll keep a lookout. All right going in don't want to fish. What is this an otter down here?682.327.22
a frozen on her down here690.212.0
Hold on I'll meet the charla bite first wait693.572.0
Okay, you guys seen a trauma bite anyone697.592.929
The place really? Yeah awesome701.72.57
I lost the trolley bite though. We go to the shore on the other side. I don't see the trilobite704.814.2
These guys are protecting them to being pretty tight-lipped. Oh god. Well, I'm here709.084.429
I kind of wanted otter. Can I derail us? Can I get an otter you do otter I'll do trilobite tag team713.516.119
All right. I need a fish719.642.0
next fishing gear right there722.382.0
Now, where's that hotter the Petrella bite do you726.23.26
See D Potter. Hey, it's something knocking me around through the earthquake going on. Oh, is that what's doing it?730.555.48
Yep, it's so annoying. You spend them with your wing suit on. Yeah, that seems crazy. Well, it works damn it736.067.44
Ah, hey, I got a knot her already. Yeah, I'm naming me. I'm gonna name him q-dance. Boom. Hold on. Hold on743.895.849
I got a surface749.742.0
You got him I think so you gonna follow me out of the water yeah look at there756.535.329
You cute little bastard what a pleasant surprise I think otters are on this map look at this. Congratulations Apsara a.m763.977.729
Oh boy. What Raptors? Oh771.72.489
Jesus Raptors774.921.59
Right. Oh, they're coming. There we go. There we go. Get the boys776.512.989
Oh god, I think I got knocked off names. They're gonna get it781.3793.14
Finally contribute me fine. Okay. Good. Good job team786.3294.73
That's close792.7492.0
Simon yes, sir. Good job. That's the good job right there. Look at that bed. Yeah, even better job Vick. That's a good looking bad794.7597.4
Guys that was good. Well, you know what though? That is good. It's a good thing that it's there804.2094.099
I'm glad I made it anyway808.3091.111
Yeah, no809.420.599
I'm glad too because I've got to go back and get my stuff and we're gonna have to science this a bit because I have810.0195.34
No idea what hit me. I don't want you guys going over there. Barry Bonds seems fine. Barry Bonds. What?815.365.07
Who what's your bears name? Your bear Care Bear. All right, right820.433.059
All right. Let me uh, let me slowly go over there. You guys stay here. Okay some sort of spores823.495.489
Yeah, I kind of want to stay. I want to stay a little bit back829.113.349
But like, you know, I'm only going where you're going so it should be safe, right?832.743.709
Like you'll be affected by anything up buh buh buh buh buh buh nine gold sports837.364.699
I told you to stay by hand, but you just walk right through this you just walked right through it842.0594.86
Oh god now I'm down freezing coming back. All right, I'm freezing my846.9493.42
Arm 20 seconds. It makes you freeze850.9492.3
At work. Do you have a torch? Oh, yeah. I got any pain broken torches out ain't do it shit854.1896.5
I'm gonna die, but I'm gonna go to the bed first and then you'll be screwed. I'm gonna try something860.6895.22
You're gonna kill you did you're gonna kill yourself keep dirty kick Oh God and now I'm on the ground son of a bitch869.145.699
Killed myself. He just died by an aberrant elective electroform forest. Yeah, Mike880.855.21
I want to put out my fucking keep doing I'm dying. Why why are you dying right now?886.065.159
Why would you do right now?892.162.0
I'm looking at one right now noobs. All right, you block his path?896.453.77
Well, if I hit him should hear that he should go that way. Yeah, try it. Oh, yeah900.414.16
Okay, all right, well, I guess somebody really likes trilobite908.063.559
Let me see if you got him. Come on. See if we got any oil. Yes. He got sick soil soil913.14.82
Okay, so we got it we got to do we got to do some more trial about hunting. All right917.923.809
Oh, I see a couple across the river going across the river, huh? Yeah, it's two of them921.764.919
Right there, I'm gonna nip one of the rocks928.612.27
Try to get in there it's his favorite damn food935.272.479
Okay, this boy loves a trilobite man, like my dog if you open a can of tuna937.914.52
He loses his mess like some tuna, huh? Yeah, okay. All right, those red mushrooms. Those are the bitch-ass Mustangs, right?942.437.2
I don't know. I949.631.75
Feel like they are I'll test it. You ready? Yeah, whoa951.382.719
Did they go?954.891.29
All right up charla bites trying to bite buffet over here. Yeah. Get back in there956.184.7
Go go for that what I'll get this one. Oh shit, I push this960.882.28
Oh, but he's going after the one I hit good963.772.719
I love it. Oh, there's another one across the river. Okay, I'll let him eat that one - no dip this one968.155.389
Oh, you're not gonna run away you still in a movie turner Schwarzenegger get that one973.543.72
This is great man, I think we're gonna we're gonna have enough oil after this. Yeah978.863.65
All right, shall we keep moving up the river sure?982.642.599
It's our adventure we're doing fine. Yep, we're doing good things are happening987.533.03
Monkeys monkeys smug gaze hitch fuckin coming out baby. I'm behind you991.175.119
You're leaving them good shot Simon a lot of monkeys always996.294.169
Yeah, just took down three1000.981.98
Finals get tough Oh drop really? Yeah1002.963.53
Yeah, go get1007.252.0
That drop I'm getting the drop earned it. Thank you. I'll kill these things. See we got here1009.55.36
Aberration camo portal get it this shit worth the damn and then I got blueprint for a fish basket1016.885.72
Oh, that's the only thing you got the other thing is always there. Okay. All right. Let's move on1022.64.95
All right. This looks like something up here Oh1028.282.239
What what cold nope no, what what a rock drake these things if we can tame this a rapper1031.377.55
Oh, it's invisible be close. Oh shit. What?1039.072.789
Wait for me jump threat. Oh, you just angered the rat me yet. I did I did. Let me get the rat1047.06.589
On the rap that's dumb right here1057.653.9
Let's get back. All right, let's stay by one of us. What's the plan pick let's fall back1065.394.459
We're gonna build an outpost back in the monkey land1070.072.42
Get triggered there were some Ravagers and they were attacking and then he jumped in good lord1079.195.269
Unlike Curnow Schwarzenegger, I liked him too. Yeah, we had a good relationship and adventure together. He'll buy out deca sources1085.467.58
What a way to go. Remember when he used to eat chili vine. I know1093.043.059
Oh, well, you need to get the oil out of him. Yeah, sorry buddy, but that's this. That's this map. It'll screw you. Yep1096.16.54
Good nice knowing you. Thanks for the oil and black pearl black pearls sweet1103.166.14
I'll say a few words. His name was Carnot1109.823.11
Swardson Egger1113.61.26
He loved trilobite buffets way more than a few words already. He was a good friend. We know okay Oh, was that good enough?1114.867.43
Yeah, it's fine. Great eulogy back to the boat. Yeah, we're almost there. Yes. What's the prep we a week? Yeah1122.295.219
We almost made it. I was looking forward to bringing him home. But at least we got your otter, huh?1127.513.239
Yeah, I think the boats just right over here. Yes it is. Yeah, we got the otter and we had a successful mission. Yes, sir1130.757.5
Lord and the ship sails sweet, let's go make a fabricator1140.635.689
Good at something it is square. Oh, it's a nice square though. I mean, it's a really nice square. It has no roof1156.116.979
There's no top. It's not like a cube. It's actually a perfect square. Yeah, we don't actually have to worry about it raining. So1163.096.69
Those can't go into the area. That's got the blue particles. Yep, and1171.24.43
Yeah, can I make a suggestion sure at some point?1176.483.38
Can we can we have a or yeah, yeah, that was that was definitely on the docket. Good good. I need more supplies1179.865.449
I mean you never know and if I didn't say anything it might have been like weird to bring it up. Later1185.3094.29
Yeah, no cool. I understand1189.842.0
All right, you making it that's it. After we got everything we need I got oil and hide in the Forge and1192.615.479
Let's see. Where do you wanna put it? Ah, that's a good question. I think it's kind of big right it is big I1199.336.5
Know I made a lot of storage bins we get rid of what some of these storage bins if we want like this one1208.4194.31
Okay, I'll tell you what. Yeah. Yeah, there's nothing in those two yet. Nope, get rid of that one1212.985.059
Look fit right there. Get the other one too. Oh the other one too, huh? It's a big image pretty big. All right1218.385.989
Yeah, that's a good spot. I think1224.712.03
All right. I hope this is good. You ready? Sure. Oh, yes. Oh good1227.6794.64
Yeah, all right I got the gas here, yep throw that in1235.1793.26
No, I love that sound. We're in business man. The otter loves it too. Good day. Yes, sir. My hair's coming in1239.0497.31
Look at this. Uh-huh. Look great Wow1246.362.219
Fantastic looking pretty the fumes, uh the fumes from the applicator a little strong though. Yeah1249.585.66

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Man, the latest Neebs Gaming video is an absolute blast! I always get excited when I see they've posted a new Ark episode. This one does not disappoint. We get to meet the hilarious Carno Schwarzenegger and watch the gang explore an insanely dangerous new area.

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What I love about Neebs Gaming is they don't just show straight gameplay, they craft an immersive cinematic experience with storytelling, custom structures, and creative camera work. It makes you feel like you're right there on the adventure with them. The top-notch editing and music choices also add so much atmosphere and tension.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's Ark series is the most entertaining way to experience the game outside of playing it yourself. Their Aberration playlist is shaping up to be another classic. The pure fun and humor they inject into the videos is contagious. I always look forward to kicking back and joining the gang on their hilarious misadventures. If you're an Ark or survival game fan, you need to check out Neebs Gaming's videos. They consistently deliver grade A entertainment!

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