Bringing DOWN The Tower! (Minecraft Ep 30)

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you'll love this latest Minecraft video! In this episode, Neebs creates a magical tree ...
Bringing DOWN The Tower! (Minecraft Ep 30)
Bringing DOWN The Tower! (Minecraft Ep 30)

Bringing DOWN The Tower! (Minecraft Ep 30)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, remember that time when Anthony tried to demolish your giant tower in Minecraft? That was hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, I remember! And then you were just standing there criticizing Anthony the whole time. Classic Neebs move!

appsro: Guys, that magical tree hole Zeemo made in the world download is my favorite part of that video. It's so cool!

neebs: I have to agree with you there, Appsro. That tree hole was pretty impressive. But let's not forget Simon pooping on the floor in his house!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you'll love this latest Minecraft video! In this episode, Neebs creates a magical tree hole, Simon is up to his usual antics working on his house and leaving a surprise on the floor (classic Simon), Anthony tries to take down Simon's massive tower, Dora is busy crafting his ArrowBall Arena, and of course, Neebs is there to provide some hilarious commentary and critique Anthony's efforts.

And can we talk about Zeemo's amazing world download? Seriously, check it out, it's mind-blowing! The attention to detail is incredible, and you can really see the hard work and creativity that went into it.

Oh, and don't forget to show some love by grabbing one of the Super Simon Defense Squadron shirts. They're so cool and perfect for any Neebs Gaming fan. And if you want to recreate the mod setup they're using in the video, they've got you covered with a helpful guide.

I love how Neebs Gaming always engages with their fans, whether it's through their Discord server, their coffee line, or their Patreon page. It really feels like a community, and I'm proud to be a part of it. And the music they use in their videos is always on point - it adds so much to the overall experience.

So, if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to Neebs Gaming and check out their Minecraft playlist. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Hey hello so Anthony I've noticed you've3.094.499
condemned this yes well I mean just look5.494.68
at this thing it is oh yeah I'm in full7.5894.321
agreement it is a hazard it was an10.173.15
eyesore but someone's gonna die there's11.914.379
loose rocks um who built this I'm new13.324.469
here who built this you know who built16.2893.33
this I mean why are you looking away in17.7896.091
shame I was plugging in my headphone I19.6197.74
was I was gonna begin to do something23.886.27
and you're more than welcome to go ahead27.3594.65
and break it all down I really don't30.152.339
okay so we have permission from Simon32.4895.011
the owner - you know I claim this line34.684.59
it's still be your land hold on it's37.54.41
gonna cost you something a steel pickaxe39.275.16
that's right I got nothing I say it's41.914.71
gonna cost ya is he pickaxe right44.433.899
there's an enchanted one come on that's46.623.33
got to get me a few boos oh wait a48.3294.5
minute or I need ask for more I am going49.957.109
to I also need a enchanted although I52.8296.48
didn't chanted shut up that's wrong and57.0593.84
I only have one in change okay couple59.3093.361
and I keep it for a job like this60.8995.431
diamond shovel diamond axe62.676.69
there's a rock pickaxe yeah y'all meet66.335.25
me in the magic tree hoe in a little bit69.363.81
I don't know where the magic tree hole71.584.05
is what's way amazing tree ho there we73.175.699
go okay listen Anthony I either go at75.635.669
least some steel basic tools thank you78.8694.591
all right yep whatever you want Simon81.2994.261
I'm just gonna be working here thank you83.464.53
on the job where's this hole needs shut85.564.58
whoa oh man biggie103.926.879
hey y'all Hey oh look don't fall Simon107.0211.7
what do you well doing you crazy nuts I110.79914.701
didn't fall down and he knows it quit118.7213.349
falling holes you [ __ ] what is this -125.59.69
eben hey so listen spruce are those the132.0695.341
ones that get real big oh yeah135.194.2
well in this in this in this mod yet I137.414.77
get real big so if I do four they get139.394.409
they grow into a big thing right like142.1822.95
that all right so what I'm hoping is143.79924.151
this tree will grow right and then I165.134.41
won't have to climb it to cut it down167.955.94
you know I'm saying okay okay gonna169.546.419
shave off the top I'll jump on its top173.893.719
and work my way down Oh175.9593.0
and then I'll climb back up the vines177.6093.871
why don't you just climb the thing mmm178.9594.981
because they grow how you climb a tree181.485.49
every time well easily if see those big183.944.29
trees out there you just kind of make186.972.94
you staircase staircase up and then you188.233.81
chop your way down Wow now I like the189.914.109
amazing tree hill why you hit me two192.043.06
rallies I'm just trying to help people194.0192.131
here mm-hmm195.13.03
trying to make this town look nice all196.153.51
right we'll check back later198.133.3
yeah neebs that's a great idea since I'm199.663.51
the provider of fun things in this world201.434.35
I'm going to make an arrow ball arena so203.175.22
I'll let you know when it's done oh that205.784.019
sounds like fun I have work to do as a208.393.0
you know a construction worker ya know209.7993.27
well you just that's why I got owned by211.394.11
Simon's logic so mmm I'm gonna take a213.0694.621
dump in this hole that's that sounds fun215.54.199
- oh I'll watch him and take a dump in217.693.629
the hole219.6996.361
oh boy221.3197.381
what a mess what's your playing in plan226.064.019
hey hey hey228.74.259
my plan we'll take this down mmm we'll230.0794.44
just go to the top and cut it down well232.9592.73
it's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna climb I234.5193.121
have fences as you can see then you235.6893.75
gotta take the fences down well yeah but237.642.76
that's how you know when you're building239.4392.22
a building or sometimes you have240.43.0
scaffolding around it is that what you241.6593.33
want to do and then when you're done you243.43.209
take the scaffolding away it make you244.9894.2
know hey let me throw this out there you246.6093.96
go over here where all these vines are249.1895.071
right these and then you just you just250.5695.28
go up and climb on it you want me to254.263.27
climb another building and then what255.8493.901
tightrope act over like I'm Joseph257.533.87
gordon-levitt that's what I'm proposing259.754.71
and then you just cut it down from the261.45.609
top noobs noobs now you got to break all264.465.01
the fences names that doesn't seem safe267.0095.69
well iming up okay what am I wearing269.475.49
advanced I love it I'm a professional272.6994.09
feel like you're fishing here274.965.459
I'm a professional demolishing I'm gonna276.7895.011
start climbing this thing yeah you do280.4191.62
mm-hmm oh yeah you do this you walk away282.0394.231
you get that last word in okay all right283.787.379
dumb no nope so you know isn't got the286.2712.54
last word Apsara salmon what what are we291.1599.241
doing what are we doing in this chicken298.815.46
hole um what I'm doing is I'm start it300.45.31
back up again you're gonna keep your304.273.78
mouth shut otherwise are you gonna no no305.713.36
we're not gonna keep my mouth shut about308.053.179
that yeah the whole reason we kill all309.073.99
those chickens to begin with it was it311.2293.901
was lagging the server because I had too313.063.539
many I got greedy315.134.38
you see yeah and also why also why are316.5995.07
you starting it here you have a new319.514.29
house that you're building my house I321.6695.28
got sick of and today I felt like relax323.85.04
you haven't even finished it you haven't326.9494.051
even finished the place it's it's a work328.844.38
in progress I don't even know what I'm331.04.05
gonna do yet the floors a pain in the333.223.78
butt and we have a rescue mission335.054.14
look there's a chicken back there look337.05.88
look back there see Oh way back there339.195.819
way back there oh yes see and keep an342.883.39
eye on that chicken345.0093.09
I got an eye on that chicken okay I have346.273.299
to see if I could that one's dead348.0993.681
hey do you have any wheat don't you349.5693.6
yeah look oh they keep getting in my way353.1696.84
there you are there is alright he's dead356.058.66
what he's dead so are all the others up360.0097.111
what are you d others we're getting in364.713.25
my way367.123.78
what is wrong with you what would me367.965.04
you're the one that wants to start the370.94.199
chicken hole up again although was good373.04.68
if your chicken hole I had like five375.0995.581
other chickens before right yes why too377.687.769
many I was just gonna have like 200 200380.686.84
chickens one put 200 chickens in your385.4494.861
new place you got the eggs you got a387.524.41
hole Chester for the egg take the eggs390.315.099
to your new place it's alright I've done391.935.19
it your new play you know what not this395.4096.961
play good idea good idea good luck a new397.127.94
chicken hole wow wow get those eggs402.375.31
yours genius you're a genius405.066.13
alright thank you how do I get all the407.685.609
spaghetti quickly I forgot is there a411.194.949
thing what do I hit get you a413.2896.901
shift-clicking dummy [ __ ] click [ __ ]416.1397.201
click click it and I'm hit shift and420.196.05
clicking damn it damn it all the hell423.3410.65
goodbye wanna come over later yeah okay426.249.549
let's see you later coming with you433.994.429
thank you okay435.7892.63
alright I'm out of fences and this thing440.686.329
is way taller than I thought it was I'm444.0994.771
a professional though I have the vest I447.0094.951
think I can make a staircase oh wait448.877.05
this is only for thick now what do I do451.966.63
you go to the top using the vines and455.926.87
work your way down no a professional458.596.48
would do it the other way I can make462.794.47
this work all right this is your whole465.076.12
day go for it yeah yep okay I can't be467.264.86
doing this with you471.192.7
gotta go can't go down there if I go472.122.97
down there he's gonna prove him right473.892.94
and I just don't need that I don't need475.0914.91
that so from the man who brought you the476.8316.56
Aqua lounge and who brought you the490.09.36
party tower now the arrow ball arena yes493.398.73
the arrow ball arena we have taken499.365.58
paintball and laser tag type games and502.125.9
added arrows that penetrate your skin I504.945.73
will make this fun people seem a little508.024.959
on edge today I will make this510.674.02
challenging and we will lose all the512.9794.111
points we've gained it's probably not514.693.66
fair for me to play because I'm gonna517.093.11
know where all the hidden items are but518.354.44
yeah this is gonna put a smile on their520.25.53
faces and they're already welcome you're522.797.41
welcome everyone I know they heard me525.736.36
and they already know this could be fun530.25.51
who's gonna be there okay yeah terrible532.098.46
okay this is working so far each jump is535.7110.42
okay okay you put more there and take a540.557.92
few more blocks out looking good Anthony546.136.54
babes you're doing so good hey names hey548.475.19
you should climb this thing right well553.664.38
you already did that huh556.063.99
you already did that I just started558.044.32
though yeah this is the way560.055.22
professionals do it um oh yeah oh wait562.363.57
there's more565.272.4
okay yeah see what you have to do is565.933.9
take a block from the top and then jump567.673.27
here uh-huh569.835.25
and you put another block take a few570.946.51
more you know it takes a while but this575.084.2
is the way the unions kind of they want577.456.15
it do they I think so I mean I just579.286.0
became a construction worker today but583.63.5
hey hey how close to my my quick my get587.16.15
there yeah you know from this point you589.924.89
should just you have dirt you should593.2513.92
just stick to okay okay maybe I don't594.8115.42
want to fall yeah yeah man it's like you607.175.49
picked the worst idea just a lot of dirt610.234.14
you could have just build another poll612.666.15
straight up with dirt actually you know614.375.91
what rock would have been the way to go618.812.88
that way don't switch tools620.284.26
how many pickaxes you got I have one621.694.92
enchants one I had two but Simon was624.5417.61
greedy and wanted it's my first job they626.6117.49
find out you're gonna mess up their safe642.154.92
working hours on Jesus all right well644.14.35
I'm just gonna stay here and watch this647.073.96
okay I think I might be catching up to648.457.11
the point where I run out of blocks look651.036.69
at all the cobblestone around you but655.565.37
what if I start taking every other one657.726.54
here we go yeah there we go see now now660.937.28
it'll work where I build the next one oh664.268.57
wait no no that's not that don't work668.214.62
told you I didn't wanna be right680.126.39
well I heard Anthony scream yeah but uh689.116.21
well now Simon you have a house692.1495.071
unfinished in just full of chickens695.324.389
right if I do and I can do whatever I697.224.41
want here I thought you were gonna make699.7093.871
a home like a place for them you don't701.633.48
you just let them run all over the all703.582.28
over the house huh705.113.36
well we started off like this and then705.866.69
we work them down the hole okay so yeah708.475.609
yeah you get a lot of chickens don't ya712.553.0
you're a little overkill right now well714.0793.211
I think this is this will be a good715.552.55
and then and you know I'm not gonna go718.13.84
crazy with it I'm just gonna I figure719.935.339
memory about 100 maybe 150 chickens721.946.66
right maybe a hundred maybe fifty 50725.2695.041
chickens this is probably 50 chickens728.63.81
already now this is more like twenty six730.314.95
chickens okay maybe 50 chickens and then732.414.83
and then stop okay we'll see all right735.263.18
you're not gonna work on this place737.242.61
today you said you're not doing anything738.443.36
I realize they've been like I had a739.854.049
while what do you mean Anthony build a741.85.0
house I've got a house over there with743.8996.151
this is I know but I'm taking a break746.86.52
from the Minecraft for how long just for750.056.96
six months or so I'm taking I want to753.325.07
see this complete you never finished the757.013.329
bridge I just want to see you finish one758.393.81
thing that's one thing I wanted I want760.3393.901
to see you finish I did finish something762.25.52
I finished a beautiful house this no oh764.246.539
this isn't a beautiful house the house767.727.859
oh that's a Shack770.7797.041
that is a Shack the chicken hole oh775.5794.741
forget it out kid never I could never777.824.75
make you happy you could absolutely make780.323.63
me have if you just finish what you782.574.05
start well then you can I finish what I783.954.8
start what I want to finish it I just786.626.0
started this stop meeting me hey if you788.756.06
need materials I got a castle full of792.625.43
materials okay I'll take all the logs794.816.54
and all this red I need to finish the798.056.149
floor you get the material I'll do the801.353.97
I'll bring you some I'll bring you some805.323.449
netherrack in know what what type of807.33.33
what is it oh yeah I'll bring you some808.7693.391
netherrack in some boat but get back to810.634.379
work right a bag of slacker the chickens812.165.43
will be here to keep me company at least815.0095.27
okay names you better hurry820.2796.221
did any of my stuff fall down here maybe823.985.669
I see your sword up here okay I don't I826.55.67
see swords and maps and boobs oh I see829.6494.261
some armor and a pickaxe832.173.899
I'll need that yeah you better hurry I'm833.915.01
glad I'm fine Tigers own I have a bunch836.0695.041
of professional cobblestone yeah838.923.899
professional dirt are you doing841.113.75
something to make a sensible well yeah I842.8193.061
mean I'm still gonna build a tower844.862.94
within our construction zone you don't845.883.36
want to build a bunch of hoppers all the847.84.349
way up or something crazy no I don't849.244.44
think that's necessary that's kind of a852.1493.541
stupid idea actually why would you do853.688.07
something like that that's okay I don't855.6911.879
know yeah that should be enough to bring861.757.62
pickaxe I brought a couple of stone867.5693.781
pickaxes yeah869.374.409
okay I'm probably work might get you871.355.37
there yeah no I need use my fists are873.7795.971
you looking at the ground oh I'm almost876.724.799
up to the part where the fences ended879.755.01
your stuff still there is it okay so the881.5196.481
race yep its construction race you might884.765.6
do this888.02.36
I'm not lying I'm not a liar this tower901.94910.601
just needs to be gone that's all they911.172.88
care about they're not really that912.553.8
strict okay914.054.979
dirt you guys all the rules916.354.39
it'll be fine I'll work through the919.0293.9
night they never have to know it'll just920.745.099
it'll be done okay also a bad idea but I922.9295.33
love it925.8392.42
it's getting there948.64.9
thank you for the materials you are950.474.83
welcome listen I think this is gonna be953.53.36
a sweet-looking floor when you're done I955.33.48
mean our deal is looking sweets and I956.865.25
need I need an axe I lost all my stuff I958.785.37
really just got down I didn't I was I962.114.62
lost my motivation and I can't even chop964.154.32
you know what only damn thing I have is966.733.81
the freaking pickaxes I've stole from968.474.77
Anthony hold on hold on hold on daddy970.544.32
Astros got you taken care of973.243.51
yeah cuz maybe you could fill in some of974.864.14
these things cuz I have to lay these lay976.754.68
these logs a certain way otherwise979.03.6
they'd look at me981.434.17
I'm looking look at me thank you sir oh982.66.74
yeah are you pooping what's going on I985.66.9
could feel it inside me I don't know989.344.24
what on here992.54.2
what no what do you mean huh like you're993.585.7
like you're pooping or something it996.74.89
looks like a poop yeah looks like you're999.283.99
like your feet are pooping right now1001.594.23
yeah right now like your feet if poppin1003.275.46
huh well that's interesting yeah yeah1005.825.1
they just keep pooping no matter where1008.734.2
you're standing no matter okay it's a1010.923.93
weird oh now you're pooping red off you1012.933.39
stand on the netherrack you poop bread1014.854.98
oh yeah did you see by cephalus is back1016.326.81
hey you just you disappeared on me you1019.838.369
dumb animal all right I've got work to1023.137.86
do if I still poop it out of my feet yep1028.1995.071
yeah if you're still going1030.995.13
that's say oh well yeah now you're1033.276.36
pooping grey you're pooping grey I am so1036.126.209
far it's been what grey red what brown1039.635.01
gray red Brown what do you think that I1042.3294.111
just want to see pink green green come1044.643.39
on I want to see you poop I want to I1046.443.48
want to see you come over here come over1048.033.03
here to me I want to see you poop green1049.923.15
what about this come here1051.064.57
I think I could poop green like this oh1053.073.71
no you still pooping brown around man I1056.784.69
really wanted to see you poop you1060.243.0
thought that we were on the same page1061.473.75
though on how to do it yeah hold on a1063.244.41
second I mean this is gonna happen this1065.224.23
is gonna happen is it can I keep on1067.652.88
shopping yep1069.452.34
yeah keep on chopping for a second1070.534.85
alright we get something yeah1071.793.59
I'm not a monster no I know I got you I1076.175.1
got hold on hold on alright hi Simon do1078.872.97
me a favor1081.272.1
what come over to come over to me come1081.845.16
over to me you see me yeah stand on that1083.377.86
standard and ha ha now you're not1087.07.95
pooping anymore no oh I just wanted to1091.236.57
see you poop cream all I ever wanted1094.955.34
it's all I ever wanted in this world can1097.84.65
we do something minecraft let's special1100.294.59
effects cruel mistress have me put your1102.455.84
special effects pooper green full-grain1104.886.81
right Alex send me send me this clip I'm1108.295.16
gonna add special effects to it1111.694.95
salmon yeah see sit right there and now1113.455.14
turn away from me and then bend down1116.644.61
okay ready yeah1118.592.66
and here we go the beginnings of what's1131.237.89
it called its called arrow ball arena1135.595.37
look at this up top what we're gonna do1140.963.66
oh no don't run into that1143.184.38
oh no no hey maybe I'll go up topside I1144.624.08
might do that1147.564.14
hey now I'm up topside but I'm kind of1148.75.16
exposed and this one over here I can go1151.73.33
over here look at this I got a pretty1153.862.97
good angle on everything but you know1155.032.28
that's too dangerous I'm gonna go down1157.315.04
I'm gonna go to the dance eyed and what1159.264.95
mysteries lie below I tell you what how1162.353.57
creepy is this three different ways in1164.213.93
and out a little look at what is that1165.923.57
all about nobody knows doesn't matter1168.142.67
this is gonna be great1169.493.54
they're gonna love it and thank you so1170.8111.76
hard hey do you want help I mean if I1173.0312.06
ever felt comfortable now is the time I1182.573.99
mean you're welcome to come help you1185.092.94
could just take those two and I'll take1186.564.11
these two this this looks so - where I'm1188.034.35
at like it's probably not but I feel1190.673.75
like this is like a jump you'd see a1192.383.55
mission impossible1194.426.849
okay Oh God1234.493.97
I did it alright you made it okay I'm1236.363.66
very close can you move a little bit do1238.463.66
not over looked up over the ledge please1240.024.38
okay thank you don't hit each other okay1242.124.68
okay here I'm gonna destroy this minion1244.43.9
you're swinging like a wild man I'm1246.83.15
right beside you I know all right how1248.34.32
about you huh take those two blocks and1249.954.95
the dirt okay or that those two blocks1252.624.65
on the one on the end um be here and1254.94.44
I'll do these two in the fence okay you1257.274.47
get started this is the exercise and1259.343.69
friendship thank you1261.743.87
you got wood - I know that's why I1263.033.93
brought the axes now now we're good1265.613.36
we've got this you gotta keep changing1266.965.22
tools though oh yeah yo yeah back and1268.977.23
forth cool eh yep can't wait to see you1272.186.09
make the job oh I want to make that jump1276.26.99
oh say what right I mean I'm pretty1278.2711.07
close okay it's uh it's been a long1283.196.93
I've died several times you may have1290.123.69
noticed I didn't see the screams yeah1291.864.05
it's a dangerous job you know not1293.814.02
everyone can choose such an occupation1295.913.21
should we stop names I should probably1297.833.45
stop so he has he's already had a long1299.127.56
job so let's see oh I'm good man got cat1301.288.13
brother let me Fred1306.684.88
let's see can I see Simon yeah I think I1311.569.85
can't see Savin from here floors looking1314.937.17
hey don't worry about it don't worry1322.19.14
about it I'm here I can see you baby1327.8310.5
alright let's see if I can throw all1331.248.71
right don't hit each other grab a pic1338.332.13
Anthony you do exes know I came up here1340.464.88
to get some1342.772.57
I'm live you live how did you learn oh1346.917.38
you hit the water Oh God I'm jumping in1351.2310.98
the water what fun this game I'm going1354.299.42
to ignore that you just tried to murder1362.217.08
someone I just tried to kill you good1363.717.14
luck babes you're the only one up there1369.294.44
now I got it don't worry about me I'm a1370.855.99
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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play Minecraft. Their latest video where they explore the incredible custom map created by Zeemo is comedy gold. The banter between Neebs, Anthony, Simon, and Dora as they work on their builds and prank each other never gets old.

Neebs has such a great imagination, like when he turned a hollow tree into an magical elven home. His attention to detail with the furnishings is top-notch. And Simon cracks me up - only he would build an elaborate toilet system that dumps directly onto his floor. The feud between Anthony and Simon is hilarious too, with Anthony trying unsuccessfully to demolish Simon's giant tower. Meanwhile Dora is hard at work on his awesome ArrowBall Arena.

You can tell these guys have been playing Minecraft for years with how skilled they are, but also how they keep finding new ways to have fun and goof around. I lost it when Neebs started criticizing Anthony's demolition skills. Their camaraderie really shines through.

The cinematic camera work also adds a lot of production value that makes Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series stand out. Seeing the action from different angles with close-ups on the characters makes it feel like you're right there with them. It's the next best thing to playing Minecraft yourself.

Overall, the Neebs crew has mastered the formula for an entertaining Minecraft series - fantastic builds, hilarious commentary, and cinematic presentation. Their videos are always the highlight of my day. I can't wait to see what they come up with next in Minecraft!

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