BEARLY SURVIVING - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 18

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an absolute must-watch. The gang is putting the final touches on thei...
BEARLY SURVIVING - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 18
BEARLY SURVIVING - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 18

BEARLY SURVIVING - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 18

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod? It's BEARLY SURVIVING!

simon: Oh yeah, that's my favorite video! I love seeing you guys struggle to survive against those zombie bears.

appsro: I can't believe you guys almost got taken out by those furry beasts. It was hilarious to watch!

neebs: I know, right? I thought we were done for, but somehow we managed to make it through. Just another day in the apocalypse!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's video in Darkness Falls is an absolute must-watch. The gang is putting the final touches on their horde base, and you won't want to miss a second of the action. If you're as hooked on this series as I am, you know this episode is going to be epic.

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As always, the music in this video is on point. From Kevin MacLeod to Dan Lebowitz, the soundtrack really sets the mood for the gameplay. And let's not forget about those awesome playlists - whether you're into cartoons, 7 Days to Die, or Scrap Mechanic, Neebs has got you covered.

So grab your snacks, get comfy, and get ready for another wild ride in the world of Darkness Falls with Neebs Gaming. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what they have in store for us this time. Let's dive in and enjoy the adventure together!

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i am nervous i know there's a lot of bad11.925.76
things here i'm gonna say screw14.7195.281
the treasure chest and just get these17.683.519
over here but can i21.1993.201
man it's gonna be game on once i drop24.43.84
down there okay okay this is gonna be a26.242.959
[ __ ] i'm gonna die again29.1994.771
okay okay here we go31.3595.671
okay can i oh i gotta come on pick it38.164.559
pick it pick it pick it what is that41.043.92
no no another one come on come on you57.124.56
are weird-looking oh come on one more59.3594.161
come on give me that give me it get it61.682.72
[ __ ]63.522.24
we can play this all day65.763.039
all day67.62.0
half the day69.64.16
all right one sec come on come on just70.885.76
work work73.762.88
oh dude i got it okay there's that77.044.32
there's that78.964.96
okay i got that right yeah empty81.364.24
give me this give me that83.925.12
i'll take that that was good85.64.96
going good so far89.043.039
what else we got what else we got up in90.564.559
here i can do92.0793.04
this oh97.565.16
i'm getting greedy100.724.719
come on no no okay go go go nope we102.723.94
don't need to mess with that105.4393.441
i got so much108.884.48
simon yes sir we're gonna make some113.364.16
money hell yeah yeah do another trader115.045.039
run yes cash money yeah we need the cash117.525.36
money let's go we need bullets mm-hmm120.0795.281
all right all right oh i'm not driving122.884.0
what did you want to take the golf cart125.364.0
well i kind of assumed we would no no i126.885.28
think i gots a better idea how about we129.363.76
the charger what133.123.6
that's crazy that is that looks like a136.724.08
charger hell yeah oh i got to gas it up138.9593.92
let me gas it up real quick oh this is140.84.4
insane oh you're here listen to it142.8795.281
rumble oh i can't walk okay i'm in uh oh145.24.64
it's it's locked oh it's live okay now148.163.12
hold on all right so i guess i have to149.842.88
unlock it151.282.88
yeah yeah interact with charger i'm152.723.519
holding i'm in it oh154.164.32
yeah look at this156.2394.321
hey niece hey158.484.56
that looks great i know god this is160.563.84
can i peel out please oh man can i peel164.44.559
out ah no not really no let's hope it166.563.52
could all right we're gonna do some168.9593.441
trainer missions okay yeah see you later170.084.879
holy [ __ ] whoa whoa whoa whoa172.45.6
holy crap174.9593.041
oh yeah180.2392.601
all right181.5194.881
okay another gas station eh god i love182.844.92
this thing186.42.72
i feel like i got to name it it's187.762.72
beautiful you know i used to have a189.123.039
freaking mercury comet that was like190.485.759
this same color 1965. oh i got it for my192.1596.401
retirement party hey you know what what196.2394.72
i'm gonna name this car comet yeah go198.564.16
for it you know based on that story you200.9593.521
know that means something to use now it202.723.68
means something to me yeah204.484.56
nice nice all right let's go around here206.44.559
oh wait i think i recognize this gas209.043.6
station oh should i i should probably210.9594.721
have my bow out yep you know what we're212.645.519
gonna try to do this as sneaky as we can215.685.279
okay now absorb i was i was here i think218.1595.521
recently with thick and all of a sudden220.9594.401
there was a there was a hole in this223.683.279
fence which reminded me that that's225.363.28
where we came in and then it just sealed226.9593.2
up right now so i'm probably doing the228.642.959
same mission you guys did you guys230.1593.36
finish that mission oh no we ran for our231.5993.92
lives okay now hold on233.5194.161
there we go now i i've upped my sneak235.5194.0
and uh arrow damage so let me uh let me237.684.24
take point on this one please do um and239.5194.401
i should stay behind you i guess i'll go241.923.76
baby in case i need to run i'm just243.924.399
trying to clear out this first area245.684.88
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] i should not248.3194.56
have gotten into that car exit thanks it250.564.16
holy crap those are runners yep yep252.8794.64
exiting exiting stop there we go run run254.723.759
okay [ __ ] i'm shooting from farther258.4794.72
away watch yourself i don't want to hit261.3594.241
you nice263.1993.761
man okay265.64.0
you killed it literally them yeah yeah266.964.959
god they are runners every time that's269.63.84
not good holy [ __ ] that's gonna make271.9192.801
these point of interest so much more273.443.039
difficult yeah run every damn time i274.723.039
think that might have been one of the276.4793.521
big problems last time okay the running277.7595.041
thing right oh i see one right there is280.04.56
that dog dead i'm gonna hope that dog's282.83.44
dead oh god last time there were dogs284.563.6
that were not dead okay i think that286.244.08
dog's dead all right yeah somehow it288.164.24
died oh yeah so that's right oh [ __ ] i290.323.439
almost shot you292.45.12
okay sorry sorry293.7595.521
hey doraleous hi297.523.6
what do you need tomorrow's horror night299.284.08
i know you think i don't know i know you301.124.72
know okay so what can i do i'm trying to303.365.679
fill the uh hi hey um the whole base of305.845.6
this with spikes inside but still what i309.0393.761
don't know if you can do that it takes311.443.039
parkour oh man i don't even want to try312.83.28
um you can break that that front one314.4793.44
then if you don't okay well do i need to316.083.44
come in well like i'm trying to fill317.9193.601
this whole base inside here i'm gonna319.524.16
try i'm gonna try oh okay yeah yeah yeah321.525.28
give it a shot come on323.683.12
yeah you can jump okay so like i'm gonna327.123.84
leave this open329.682.56
we're gonna channel them up here you330.962.48
know they're gonna change we're gonna be332.242.799
up top they're gonna yeah i'm gonna fill333.443.52
all of this down in here with spikes335.0394.16
okay but one thing you could do yeah uh336.963.76
if you're serious well of course i'm339.1992.961
serious okay i just want to make sure340.723.039
you were serious you want to try this342.164.24
again uh yep ready you can do it343.7594.561
all right yeah346.44.56
so the oh [ __ ] plan that i've got in348.324.96
store okay plan b oh wow you little350.965.2
bridge back here yeah it but it's uh at353.285.199
least i think the bottom should be uh356.165.2
strengthened a bit of course yeah yeah358.4794.56
that's gotta be cobblestone at least361.363.44
yeah but i mean that brings us to the363.0393.681
tree house over there that's that's the364.84.64
final plan oh my goodness man this366.725.039
this looks like a disaster they all do369.444.319
yeah but this is all just particle wood371.7594.321
yeah that but like one if we get one373.7594.16
spitter that hits one of these blocks in376.083.92
the middle god it's coming down yeah i377.9194.0
know how it works but it's the it's the380.03.84
final it's like plan381.9194.801
f plan f okay we don't need it you know383.844.96
so you need me to gather uh cobblestone386.723.52
and stuff like that well whatever that388.82.959
just strengthens the base of these you390.243.44
know well it ain't cement not for me not391.7594.321
yet i got some digging to do okay well393.685.92
okay i'm on it yeah you are396.083.52
okay simon you want to turn yours in400.964.64
first yes sir okay see what you got all402.564.16
dada great job all right so it's getting406.723.919
not really much three splints a wrench410.6396.241
some notes oh twenty one seven six two413.5995.521
that's the one that's the one we need416.884.24
boom all right let's go get it see what419.123.919
i got see hold on okay escape i'm421.123.76
getting some money too check your pocket423.0394.321
all right bob what you got helmet my gas424.885.599
can recipe uh okay427.366.959
all right 24 ammo as well boom yeah yeah430.4796.16
i'm curious so hold up where you at434.3194.241
where you going i'm right here yeah come436.6394.4
on out here and by the way i'm leveled438.564.88
up so i can do the next uh441.0395.521
forge oh sweet yes no you know what i443.444.72
think you you should be able to do446.563.6
augers now too right yep yep oh god448.163.2
neebs and i would love augers for450.163.039
getting materials that'll be best yes451.363.6
but i'm curious there's two different453.1994.72
ammo types we have here for 762454.966.079
there's steel ammo which does a457.9195.84
range damage of 46 and then461.0395.361
okay so the 762 brass like the standard463.7595.521
one yeah uh that one is better but you466.45.28
also can if you hold r you can switch469.283.919
over to471.682.56
oh yeah473.1992.321
steel ammo474.244.0
different type of ammo round all right475.524.399
whatever whatever i'll take whatever i478.243.92
can get i'd throw rocks if it'll let me479.9194.161
yeah oh wait honestly let's see sun's482.163.12
not you know what let's do another484.084.559
mission all right another mission485.283.359
what's up joel489.283.68
all right don't [ __ ] me over here dude491.124.479
but good [ __ ] we just need uh ammo ammo492.966.16
and ammo and ammonium and eminem eminem495.5995.761
none there i guess i'll look in your501.363.119
ammo thing um502.723.919
baseball cap's great where's the ammo504.4794.16
again that would be where it is all506.6393.521
right i'll be taking all of that thank508.6392.321
uh it brings me down to oh [ __ ] that510.964.8
used everything okay thanks joel513.0394.8
thanks pleasure i thought we were okay515.766.24
yeah have a great day night day517.8396.56
[ __ ]522.02.399
this is the place simon yep yep yep yeah525.445.519
what a [ __ ] hole528.242.719
oh i got a shot at this guy all right531.8394.321
let's do do it together ready three two533.8394.241
one hit him536.163.359
that was so close to your head i'm so538.082.96
glad the game didn't [ __ ] up and kill539.5192.961
you all right i see another guy i'm541.044.08
gonna try to get him542.484.56
all right can i jump up can i jump up545.124.24
why can't i jump up uh oh uh oh may have547.044.4
triggered him oh yeah you know what what549.363.28
no never mind551.443.12
keep yeah just keep shooting him okay552.643.04
there we go554.563.2
you know what uh simon take your wrench555.683.44
and uh get rid of that refrigerator557.763.759
right front of us okay hold on yeah not559.124.159
shovel no i know not shovel i did that561.5193.521
because i had an arrow ready to go and i563.2793.841
i want to save my arrow okay wrench565.044.0
wrenching you have to stay sneaky stay567.123.36
crouched oh am i crouched i didn't even569.042.4
know you crouched you cried i didn't570.482.96
even know we don't want to trigger the571.443.76
mean old gambies573.446.079
okay good job uh-oh do i hear hissing um575.27.44
check upstairs okay anything i do not579.5196.241
see anything obvious get into this stuff582.644.48
real quick right go ahead yeah do you585.762.72
what do you want to do or do you want me587.123.839
to help her uh let's see searching this588.484.96
one here oh got some good ammo got some590.9594.081
bandages i mean only a little bit of593.444.079
ammo but something yeah oh got a bunch595.044.799
of gun parts and a decent wooden bow not597.5194.32
as good as mine oh that's a good mod all599.8393.68
right we'll take all that stuff arrows601.8394.721
suck oil got them though hey arrows yeah603.5195.841
yeah no i'll take them606.562.8
all right unlocked there we go should610.0793.041
have told you i was unlocking it but i611.763.44
didn't take a peek in here man this613.124.24
place is a [ __ ] oh there's zom back615.23.28
over here617.363.039
door's unlocked too oh i don't want to618.482.799
hit you620.3993.041
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] help me oh i'm trying i'm621.2793.921
oh god i'm in a hole623.444.399
oh no simon625.24.56
i pulled aside i felt oh god i fell in a627.8394.321
[ __ ] hole i fell in a [ __ ] hole629.763.68
god damn it632.165.44
that was on me simon simon simon simon633.449.6
savin simon i'm sorry i'm sorry simon637.65.44
god you strong [ __ ] oh i shouldn't have643.683.52
jumped i should have jumped645.23.36
all right you know you got to chew your647.24.96
weight down here you stupid [ __ ]648.563.6
sorry buddy652.562.64
son of a658.84.96
[ __ ] all right where am i where am i660.85.92
i'm at okay this place damn it663.764.8
i gotta get my stuff666.723.44
i just want to get my stuff back that's668.563.839
all i really care about all right that670.164.32
away should i bring my bike672.3993.68
i'll bring my bike674.483.2
son of a [ __ ]676.0794.0
i knew i shouldn't have gone in there677.684.88
damn it680.0792.481
what the [ __ ] there's a big dude there684.244.719
whatever that is i can't i'm not686.884.16
sticking around what the hell is going688.9594.56
on here there's a big ass dude right in691.043.84
the middle of the road693.5192.961
i don't want to get any closer i'm694.883.6
scared you're going to spit and kill me696.484.24
yo you sons of [ __ ]698.484.479
two blocks away man there's serious704.165.04
problems there's like a lot of zombs man706.0795.121
can you go around him i don't know if i709.23.84
trust even being anywhere close to him711.24.319
i'm gonna try right now but be careful713.044.32
if you leave are you still in there yeah715.5193.201
i'm still in the place i'm just trying717.362.96
to get to the damn attic there's no718.723.84
stairs in this [ __ ] joint all right720.324.16
i'm in front of the place722.563.44
and they've seemed to have disappeared724.483.76
which scares me even more726.04.24
oh boy all right there's just one guy in728.244.159
the front what the hell man730.243.279
[ __ ]732.3992.88
all right well i'm gonna slowly make my733.5194.241
way in but i'm so scared of one zombie735.2794.8
it's like it's like i'm naked gotcha did737.764.4
you fail the mission uh do you still see740.0795.121
the bag by chance i see the bag but no742.165.28
no no okay i bet you failed it no i did745.24.48
fail it i see my bag i don't see that747.445.68
bag i am breaking in i think my bag's in749.684.48
oh i need the bag cause we need the754.163.6
money hey756.3993.68
wait a second the front door757.764.8
is blocked oh is it because i'm on a760.0794.88
mission maybe hold on let me get the bag762.563.76
i think uh764.9593.761
yes i found the bag and come on come on766.323.519
come on768.724.0
boom i got the bag can you get in now uh769.8394.8
hold on a second front door locked772.724.16
that's why it's not locked it's it's774.6394.241
like i go into the doorway and then776.884.399
there's something blocking me that's new778.884.16
and it's still doing it now like it's781.2794.24
like a screen door what what do you want783.045.12
really the door's open and yet i have785.5194.161
yeah i don't know what the hell is going788.164.16
on but i can't get in so i'm gonna need789.685.599
to get in to get my [ __ ] or am i [ __ ]792.325.199
and it's not allowing me to get my [ __ ]795.2794.24
because i failed in the house failing797.5193.841
wouldn't do that oh god i wonder if the799.5193.841
house oh god because the house is part801.363.279
of a mission803.362.56
all right hold on let me run around to804.6393.601
you all right do that i gotta go back to805.925.039
the trader there's the car808.244.48
where are you at front of the house i'm810.9593.201
at the front of the house oh you're okay812.722.799
you're around that side all right coming814.163.84
to you so maybe maybe did we go on the815.5194.081
other side yeah what are you talking818.03.6
about i tried to get in this door right819.63.52
here i thought this was the door that we821.63.599
came in this door yes823.124.0
this door is locked right well that825.1993.601
door's not even there827.124.399
the door is open and then when you go828.84.719
into it there's nothing there now that's831.5193.68
weird all right hold on hold on i see833.5193.281
what's going on yeah yeah because it's835.1993.041
open oh watch out watch out watch out i836.82.8
want to ask you in the damn hair watch838.243.039
your back839.63.84
simon watch your back what do you mean841.2794.321
all simon843.443.68
okay wait what you're seeing is just the845.63.359
back of a thing yeah go around to the847.124.159
side we came in at hey see this whole848.9594.24
time i didn't know which side we came in851.2793.68
yeah get your bag meet at the car we853.1995.2
gotta go home it's getting dark [ __ ]854.9593.44
it's looking great858.9594.081
yeah i mean just the first like three860.324.48
levels you know yeah that's fine that's863.043.28
fine that's all i was wanting really864.83.599
okay um i don't trust it i said if we866.323.519
fall back to that i mean we're in868.3993.601
trouble anyway uh-huh can i like just869.8394.401
show you yeah you ready okay come here872.03.6
i think maybe we should just reinforce874.242.48
some of these walls you know so the875.62.799
whole thing doesn't cave in on us i876.723.28
don't know if it will okay i mean it878.3993.521
might okay so down here is gonna be a880.03.199
mess they're gonna come in no matter881.923.52
what but we want them funneled through883.1993.841
here you know they're going to come885.443.759
upstairs they are and we can put uh887.044.0
spikes and stuff like that it's okay889.1993.2
because the whole time if we have a891.042.72
little shot on them we can be shooting892.3993.12
down gotcha especially when they're893.763.439
coming around to here i've got to make a895.5193.44
couple of ramps here to make it go over897.1993.041
here don't mind that are we going to898.9592.88
start we're going to start down here900.243.599
oh very top yup we're not going to fall901.8393.12
back we're going to be the top to start903.8393.36
with exactly and let them get all [ __ ]904.9593.601
up and run on top of each other on the907.1994.32
way up there there's about 160 bullets908.564.56
in this turret that'll be shooting at911.5193.841
them coming up here gotcha oh be careful913.124.8
be careful oh yes metal spikes yeah and915.364.4
then there's another turret right behind917.924.4
us that's got another 160. oh yeah sure919.763.6
is right there922.323.12
all right and be careful super careful923.363.76
here so if they fall down in here i've925.443.519
got one blade trap here and one at the927.123.839
bottom of that hole down there oh yeah928.9593.601
they're gonna be going we're gonna be930.9593.44
over here i've got my dick puncher here932.563.68
hmm man i do not feel safe walking934.3993.36
around nope you shouldn't they won't936.243.44
either oh man i'm gonna fall in here and937.7593.76
die if you duck and go over just duck939.684.48
what just duck i'm i am ducking oh then941.5194.081
go you're going there okay okay that944.163.2
worked out really well for you sure in a945.63.84
weird way right here is where we're947.364.159
gonna we'll be pegging them here as they949.443.839
come across i feel like i'm gonna die951.5193.68
right now just not even having zombies953.2793.601
no no you're not gonna you'd have to be955.1994.08
a total idiot too um but then we can956.884.48
make it up here uh-huh if we're feeling959.2794.24
bad and we can shoot through these you961.363.52
know what i mean oh i like that yeah963.5193.44
we're gonna be pegging peg peg peg a lot964.884.24
of pagan people use pagan as a different966.9593.761
word but yeah you mean pegging like your969.123.36
jeans you how you peg your jean legs970.723.28
yeah dude just like that and that's all972.484.4
coming back but then worst case974.05.04
we go here fall here976.884.48
run around back here my goodness979.044.479
i am so scared just being here i know981.364.08
but have fun983.5193.041
and then985.443.519
a fort should make oh no986.565.04
you you've got death traps everywhere988.9594.56
just for us your base is going to kill991.66.2
us oh survival of the fittest993.5194.281
oh god what whoa whoa whoa1006.84.08
i don't know what's happened what what's1013.5193.841
going on how in the how did they get in1015.2794.56
the base i don't know damn it i see them1017.364.08
too there's a problem watch out watch1019.8394.0
out whoever1021.442.399
oh god they're going downstairs guess1025.764.319
what i'm going upstairs yep yep yep oh1027.523.6
god they're now they're going to be1030.0793.36
following you upstairs and the hell1031.124.319
happened oh boy1033.4394.4
i don't know oh boy they are running and1035.4395.921
they're running fast holy [ __ ] oh god oh1037.8396.401
god yeah this is bad this is super bad1041.364.719
i am not going to waste all of my ammo1044.243.28
simon can you get to the charger there's1046.0793.6
a zombie bear and needs his field i am1047.523.92
i'm sorry but i am in the golf cart1049.6794.081
right now all right rock and roll come1051.444.72
to me dick can you make it out front i1053.764.64
don't know hurry up thick oh damn it all1056.163.759
right well we just took off in vehicles1058.43.04
the app store did you just take the car1059.9193.841
yeah i got the car okay if you came out1061.443.84
here we can at least i think my you1063.763.039
should be able to hit them with your car1065.283.12
right yeah no that's there that's the1066.7993.601
idea now we're going to open it up [ __ ]1068.43.68
there's a big old1070.43.279
there's a big bear how did they get in1072.083.2
the basement did i use this motorcycle1073.6793.601
they just appeared bye1075.283.92
i don't know but i'm gonna hit this wolf1077.284.08
screw you wolfie oh yeah see you thick1079.24.56
what's up baby how you doing oh you got1081.364.16
look at that you got like a charger hell1083.763.6
yeah i got a damn charger like the duke1085.524.08
boys oh my god are they gonna chew at1087.363.199
the base1089.62.72
oh god i think all right i'm gonna run1090.5593.521
over as many as i can all right i'm1092.323.359
gonna try not to run into you and i'm1094.083.68
gonna run some of them over too1095.6794.161
come on you [ __ ] i'm just cute like1097.764.32
what the hell happened how did they just1099.844.88
appear yeah i don't know but whatever it1102.085.28
is it's a problem that's a wolf yeah all1104.724.4
right i'm not even gonna try to mess1107.363.04
with these because it's just gonna end1109.122.799
up screwing up the cart and i'm gonna1110.43.2
have to repair it yeah just keep an eye1111.9194.0
on your cart's health i'm at 73 on the1113.64.64
charger dude football player get the1115.9193.921
[ __ ] out of here yeah there you go there1118.243.12
you go there you go1119.844.23
i'm just running away sorry i'm a [ __ ]1121.365.6
dallas i don't know about that platform1126.963.92
which one the one above us you don't1129.0393.441
know about it the yellow and middle one1130.883.84
you think it's just we're asking for it1132.484.16
that's our escape route yeah if that1134.723.6
collapses we have no escape route why1136.643.039
why do you think it's going to collapse1138.324.0
zombies yeah i know but well i mean we1139.6794.401
can fortify that then like there might1142.324.239
be spitters like should we like you know1144.084.959
uh can i reach1146.5594.081
what if we just had something else you1149.0393.601
know holding it up yeah yeah we can we1150.643.84
can fortify that like oh man there's1152.643.76
like a half block at least that i would1154.483.28
shield it right like a little bit of1156.42.72
something right if we had something like1157.763.36
that in case there's spitters yeah yeah1159.123.76
there's gonna be yeah that makes sense1161.123.439
i'm downing for it all right let's do1162.883.679
that maybe we'll run run a pillar can i1164.5594.881
make this jump right there oh boy oh1166.5594.801
wow we put like a pillar up here going1169.444.0
up to support it okay yeah dude i'm all1171.363.84
about that all right that makes sense1173.445.4
yeah let's do that1175.23.64
is it daytime yet i think we're getting1178.964.48
close to day time1180.5592.881
oh god he's hitting me he'll thick help1184.964.16
all right oh hey that wolf's going for1187.283.68
some of those zombies that's good i'm1189.125.12
gonna push you up there you go you [ __ ]1190.965.04
man this was not our night we were like1194.244.4
oh it's so peaceful out here i was late1196.04.96
i spawned in it's like hey guys what the1198.644.64
[ __ ] yeah you brought him i did probably1200.965.36
zap it yep oh [ __ ] oh i just can't did i1203.284.96
almost kill that bear no i ran him over1206.324.4
oh thank god oh god he's chasing me he's1208.246.24
after me oh [ __ ] oh no no no no no no no1210.724.56
leave me alone this is a good go go go1215.286.36
go go go go go go1217.763.88
what an incredibly chill night yeah went1228.485.12
bad was it well i was up top looking1231.443.68
down i just wanted to get a couple kills1233.63.92
to level up and i didn't see a single1235.124.16
zom no i didn't see one till this1237.522.72
and it was like you could tell she1240.242.4
didn't change her dress you know what1241.522.08
i'm saying1242.642.96
because she's a zombie walk of shame1243.63.199
yeah it might have been a walking show1245.62.8
she wore that yesterday i know what she1246.7994.24
was wearing we've all been there uh i1248.43.759
feel pretty good about this i know you1251.0393.52
don't but compared to our last two horde1252.1594.801
nights i feel good oh it can't be worse1254.5594.641
it can't be worse yeah it's gonna be a1256.966.16
[ __ ] show but it can't be worse1259.26.16
oh damn it my car's at zero percent oh1263.124.08
no repair it hop out right now i can1265.364.559
repair it i'm hopping out all right1267.24.479
interact cover me cover me cover me1269.9193.601
there's a there's attempting to uh is1271.6793.441
that repair there's coming1273.523.92
it's repaired oh god bear's coming oh1275.124.64
boy is it repaired it is repaired i'm1277.444.96
moving god that was yeah i'm being1279.765.279
chased probably yeah lure that bear away1282.45.04
oh god trying to1285.0394.481
do a three-point turn in this position1287.443.52
that's not good1289.522.96
go through1290.962.88
need help yep1295.9193.681
why is it shocking1297.844.23
sorry dick geez1299.63.6
welcome welcome to seven days buddy glad1303.25.359
you logged in oh there he went oh there1306.03.52
he goes1308.5592.321
that was fun1310.886.35

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