Ark Aberration : The Wingsuit

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest video on the Ark Aberration Wingsuit, you're missing out on some e...
Ark Aberration  : The Wingsuit
Ark Aberration : The Wingsuit

Ark Aberration : The Wingsuit

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting adventure in Ark Aberration! And today, we're talking about the one and only Wingsuit!

simon: Oh man, the Wingsuit is like the ultimate thrill ride in Ark! It's like flying through the air with the greatest of ease!

appsro: I gotta say, the Wingsuit is definitely my favorite way to travel in Ark. It's all about the adrenaline rush, baby!

neebs: Absolutely! And let's not forget the epic music we've got playing in the background. It's like we're in our own action movie!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest video on the Ark Aberration Wingsuit, you're missing out on some epic gameplay. We're diving into the world of Ark Survival: Evolved on Survival Servers, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew is soaring through the skies with the Wingsuit, exploring the dangerous and mysterious world of Ark Aberration. From dodging deadly creatures to navigating treacherous terrain, they're taking on challenges like true survival experts.

And of course, the hilarious banter and camaraderie between the Neebs Gaming team never fails to entertain. Whether they're laughing at each other's mishaps or strategizing their next move, you can't help but get sucked into the adventure.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you'll definitely want to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon for more exclusive content. And don't forget to support Neebs Gaming by checking out their sponsors and music links in the video description. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Thanks for watching and happy gaming, fellow Neebs fans!

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Simon yep check it out I see them grab10.924.48
straight ahead you think you can hit it14.263.99
from here uh let me see15.47.65
are you a man nope not a man okay let me18.256.81
get a little closer he's underwater I23.053.81
can see him though you can't see him I25.062.97
don't see him underwater26.863.42
barely barely see him hold on little28.036.12
closer come on baby I got on that time30.286.45
there you go34.154.27
hey boys oh yeah see ya38.425.61
I got my new dodo he's gonna join us in42.1093.48
the fight good stuff44.033.93
his name is dill dodo alright dildo doh45.5894.2
go get him don't be scared I'm gonna47.963.989
ride the bear noobs yeah they're49.7893.901
bringing in a crab I know I'm trying to51.9492.941
get a fix53.693.599
doggone Pat I don't want him to fight oh54.895.399
yes lobber can you pick him up somebody57.2894.98
pick him up Wow [ __ ] alright hold on him60.2893.811
coming to get him damn it dick didn't62.2693.691
want a damn dog sitting today and he's64.13.03
right here I don't want the dog get65.961.53
come on slumber let's do this oh boy67.494.799
here we go71.65.299
that's right all right hey it's Molly72.2894.61
that was too easy88.6313.08
no you did great okay good morning right90.0415.139
back you want to die with me today101.716.269
perfect I have been working on this trap105.1794.991
I'm gonna get that spine Oh like the107.9795.911
plan initially wise and it is a deluxe110.177.949
trap now so that's good I can't fail I113.896.78
can't fail bright back it's impossible118.1195.241
you fail me120.676.6
look at this craftsmanship a little bit123.367.36
taller on the pillars some thatch127.276.029
that will probably do nothing so I'm130.725.549
just gonna run straight through here and133.2997.02
then I'm gonna go what shoe because I136.2697.651
made that and that's full of 27th ranked140.3196.061
arrows can't go wrong I'm just gonna peg143.924.2
them right here that should do it146.384.29
what the [ __ ] is that is that a wrap148.125.88
injure really a Ravinder is gonna mess150.678.25
up my day all right I'm putting all the154.07.23
wood in the bear I tamed a list restore158.924.319
what's oh yes one of those little guys161.233.78
that'll help things level up in it yeah163.2393.75
yeah you know I named him165.015.28
I don't Jack Canfield I don't I don't166.9895.041
get that reference Chicken Soup for the170.293.449
Soul chick okay that's the guy that172.033.359
wrote the Chicken Soup for the Soul yes173.7393.0
I probably didn't get that reference175.3898.16
because I'm not a 13 year old girl these176.7399.451
are adult rocket science type people no183.5495.821
teenage girls mean you do not know what186.194.799
teenage girls do these days they're189.376.839
chicken soup books yeah all right I'm190.9897.291
coming jack Chicken Soup for the Soul196.2093.9
whatever how do I get paired with you198.283.42
today I could be on thick and Simon's200.1093.391
adventure their adventure is gonna suck201.73.09
well at least they probably like203.53.06
checking Soup for the Soul they're not204.793.93
teenage girls there's no way there's no206.565.13
way they'd like it jack canfield you can208.724.81
either write another book211.694.95
alright buddy we're going in damn heroes213.536.21
fearless heroes I don't know how this go216.645.35
I see the spinal beyond you and you are219.744.44
exactly in the way you little [ __ ] come221.993.84
on bring it bring it224.188.28
hey hey do you see me bet you do225.838.94
come on let's do it let's do it game on232.464.65
right back oh man people are gonna be234.774.44
talking about this for years237.116.81
do you even and this is not good really239.216.3
you're picking up berries in the middle243.923.75
of this that's what you're doing okay245.514.68
this okay all right just one just one247.6710.41
Oh Simon blue Jim right right here rib250.199.24
for me look at that258.083.18
yeah I'm gonna go back I'm gonna go back259.433.72
all right I'm waiting soon am I gonna be261.263.81
able to wear the wing suit that's it's263.153.69
only one wing suit I know but are you265.073.93
gonna be able to like let me try it on266.845.07
and then and then wing it yeah wing it269.05.85
huh sure well I'd like that oh hey guys271.915.58
hey hey yeah I got another blue jam274.854.86
beautiful all right I'm gonna make that277.494.05
wing suit yeah get to crafting baby279.715.25
leaves you ready go clubbing yes sir go281.546.03
climbing okay let's try this284.965.97
hey Simon hey we're you guys climbing we287.575.07
got a thing to do over there you think290.933.299
you look like a little little fat292.644.08
Freddie Mercury that's actually what I294.2295.281
was going for you I'm coming here we go296.725.58
yeah up here yeah am I gonna fall no299.515.25
it's my first time using these right302.34.98
there right there right there304.764.65
oh man I'm like a little monkey with307.283.51
these things you are like a monkey these309.413.15
things are great all right I was hoping310.793.96
it was flatter up here it is not as flat312.563.78
as I was hoping314.753.9
oh you're actually good spots you can316.344.949
put it up there right now okay318.656.06
Oh oh wait oh you found it I got a spot321.2896.12
I can't really tell if it's a good spot324.714.049
just come in commit327.4094.171
yeah just commit I did it oh yeah that's328.7593.96
actually that's awesome331.5810.019
look at this okay we got the high ground332.71910.491
Anakin stay down341.5994.5
safe up there yeah well that's the whole343.213.34
keep those Basilisk office basileus on346.554.649
list all right neebs349.8493.9
I guess we need to build ladders can you351.1993.93
build an elevator there's a thing called353.7497.771
like our elevation platform where our355.1299.66
group okay grown-up talk are you talking361.5215.66
about yeah please364.78915.391
Sonique elevator is if one would let's377.184.949
look into it let's look into it all380.183.0
right let's do it382.1293.301
you gotta press you right yep I knew you383.185.069
did man read man's books I don't think I385.435.609
have a parachute [ __ ] I'm stuck up here388.2495.07
wait dive into the water now this is the391.0394.88
way to get down393.3192.6
okay led those rabbit jurors away I399.855.89
thought it was Ravinder I was saying404.363.589
wrong the whole time it's ravager405.746.06
ravager not Ravinder I knew there was407.9496.19
there you are there you are411.86.0
unobstructed run back to the trap game414.1397.111
on did that miss oh yeah I was a hit417.87.05
that was a hit he's busy I can get some421.258.28
more in him that was a mess [ __ ] coming424.8517.75
you coming oh yeah he's come okay oh429.5313.07
yeah you snap away come on get them in443.9194.861
just let it happen let it happen448.7813.87
oh no no no no let it no no yes yes it's452.1813.2
Ravager about you I'm just reminding462.655.57
myself how to say it right465.382.84
oh hey fella what are you doing how'd470.545.73
you get up here oh man this could get473.842.82
yeah what's down below me there's a bear476.665.94
and another Bulldog how did all you get479.275.55
here and God482.68.45
what would thick 44 do here have an idea484.826.23
but really dumb yeah where'd you land he523.245.97
landed up here on the platform yeah whoa527.274.5
that's cool you guys gonna build529.214.12
something to get to get up here a little531.773.21
bit better yeah we're working on an533.333.96
elevator all right a promise Simon that534.984.17
I would jump into his arms hold on try537.2910.26
it very nice look at that that looks539.1512.12
great so handsome contraption okay I547.556.75
would try it on but I think I don't know551.274.92
what I jump off of I want to see it on554.33.21
you you're so sure I don't think you can556.193.12
wear that let's see the back of us is557.513.81
gonna be on the ground all right all559.314.08
right I know after I couldn't wear it I561.329.63
think you short a new Simon I like it563.3910.02
one size fits all a little songbird all570.953.87
right maybe I should go up there and try573.411.92
it out574.822.7
yeah all right I'm as high as you can575.334.92
good luck I think that's the last we saw577.525.67
of the glider suit yeah fun while it580.254.21
well hello my friend I know you're weak584.466.67
but I am too and I feel like spinal rich588.523.59
is a good name591.133.93
yeah let me tell you why because getting592.116.93
you it's easy easy like a Sunday morning595.067.41
you know what I mean you'll know we'll599.045.44
sing that sometime honestly now I don't602.473.66
know wow I got to make a saddle for you604.484.56
then that'll be fun to watch me making a606.135.7
saddle for you but hey follow me let's609.043.24
go this way611.835.37
oh you are cute he was a dick and spine612.286.39
oh let's go see what's out there but617.211.19
it's our world okay alright watch your618.6715.42
head whoa right at me yeah damn what is628.398.49
that what you build it zipline oh now634.094.38
hold on I think if I just come up to it636.889.06
and hit you came in hot oh I think it638.479.69
was a long way too is it reusable yeah645.944.2
you know we can keep using that why648.163.12
don't you get to pick that up or you650.142.82
just have how's it work no once it's651.283.54
down it's down that's it that just stays652.963.63
yeah I mean we can demolish it and move654.823.6
it but I just want to see how it works656.593.57
I've never used a zipline before did658.423.66
someone ever get up there hey I'm up660.165.33
here doing it662.083.41
all right that that second part was673.856.87
wasn't as cool as the first did you get678.352.76
yeah a little bit woo I want to turn I681.114.14
want to turn I want to turn you can get683.5698.911
it turn turn all right easy Ravagers you685.257.96
take a look692.483.469
female level 56 I know there's another695.9499.221
one close by I and a male level 20 all699.8897.171
right here's what we're gonna do I'm705.173.27
gonna put you guys somewhere safe707.063.449
because I care about you708.444.56
yep you're going right up here in this710.5097.921
little crevasse you stay you stay big 44713.09.63
is an adventure with confidence oh damn718.434.649
we're being ravages is i-44 some kind of723.0799.001
jump out at me man I hate this place729.812.979
oh wow743.679.72
yeah this changes the game you look like750.754.86
an angel how do you dive with this thing753.396.6
point down down pointing down without755.618.64
like control or shift their shaft is the759.996.42
button now we're on to something764.253.84
Simon you recognize I'm a genius right766.414.32
how could you not recognize that okay I768.094.35
just feel like we look past it a lot of770.733.48
times right well I also know that you're772.443.57
an egomaniac so I just agree with you774.213.3
yeah just agree with him that's the best776.015.55
strategy huh yep yep yep sure sure sure777.516.39
hey guys what you doing I thought you781.565.01
were getting us wingsuits yeah so I783.95.7
tried to double-team on some Ravagers oh786.575.13
yeah and I ran out of bolas hey I wanted789.63.63
some Revengers where are they they are791.73.42
very close yeah why don't we go get them793.234.02
you think they're still there yup who's795.126.3
with me yeah I meet ranks let's do this797.257.68
they're just right up the road boys all801.425.58
right I've got no bolas but I got 20804.933.9
tranq arrows and see what we can do I807.03.99
don't have any bullets I lost you guys808.833.54
when I was Armin shrink arrows we're810.992.67
going up the thing we'll meet you there812.373.18
all right I got Boas thick813.664.74
all right boys an earthquake we're doing815.555.01
this an earthquake are we close I can't818.42.85
see I'm820.564.56
I can sacrifice myself right here huh821.2517.6
right here comes the other one all right825.1224.899
all right come on go down you [ __ ]838.8513.12
needs get your bowls ready just in case850.0193.331
you know they they break free pretty851.972.729
easy now here there's a cool-down on853.354.08
Bella so I can't bother oh god he's854.6993.93
loose stay on him857.433.42
he's running away he's trying to he's858.6295.7
got no easy matter [ __ ] tricks oh god860.855.339
oh god just bullet needs864.3294.2
bola him gonna get him yeah he did866.1895.25
awesome good shot need thank you oh well868.5294.8
I'm whipped out or am I crazy I don't871.4393.061
see the other one pretty good I think873.3292.82
he's behind you laying down right there874.52.43
where I'm looking876.1493.75
he's unconscious 600 conspire on the876.937.38
Alpha yeah I go to sleep mate all right879.8996.031
I'm putting [ __ ] in the first one I'll884.313.149
put it in there and the second one nice885.936.8
nice job boys huh back in business887.4595.271
hello Zuba Zuba Zuba zoo I'm not one to893.2098.201
remember lyrics spine oh but that's a898.5896.591
Lionel Richie song all I knew of that is901.416.359
hello we've got a lot of work to do905.186.55
buddy I am getting stuff ready for us to907.7696.031
tame more things as I got the Taemin bug911.734.62
and I seem to be really good at it I913.84.8
know you know okay916.354.5
enjoy yourself out of here okay enjoy918.64.919
that fire the view pretty cool you and920.856.419
me I'd say I miss the other guys but923.5194.8
they're douchebags so I don't really927.2693.87
miss them it's this is great I like this928.3198.401
yeah I love your smile too okay hello931.1399.541
what's this way thick 72 nice the other936.724.83
ones tamed right940.683.45
uh yeah got a name form I know I feel941.553.63
like we should give him like a twin944.133.84
names or something yeah yeah Donny and945.185.4
Marie Osmond yes sure that's an old947.974.11
reference right that is a very old950.583.54
reference what about new twins yeah with952.083.84
some new twins with some hot young twins954.123.6
that like some that is new channel you955.923.84
know any hot young Disney twins I don't957.723.9
I'm a man yeah me too959.763.33
damn I wish I were a thirteen year old961.622.88
girl I wouldn't know more like modern963.094.59
stuff sass needs I bet he knows oh yeah964.54.95
he's into thirteen-year-old girl stuff967.684.26
like Disney religiously yeah969.455.84
ninety percent almost there buddy971.946.3
alright Simon yes sir975.296.76
okay hide fungal wood fiber that's one978.246.39
we got enough for one saddle we'll have982.057.74
to get the other one later there we go984.637.08
what's your name them we did not we989.793.06
don't think of a name we were looking991.713.03
for like a 13 year old girl Disney992.853.3
Princess name we're gonna ask you neebs994.743.6
I couldn't say Disney but like maybe996.158.85
Ashley and Kate Olsen Olsen twins that's998.349.06
not new enough I don't know yeah I'm a1005.04.32
man I'm an old I'm an old grizzled man I1007.43.69
don't know anything I'm a man - I read1009.328.72
Jack Canfield let's see yeah yeah1011.096.95
now listen I heard a rumor on if you1019.463.09
heard this I heard those things can1020.967.14
climb the zip lines what oh come on come1022.557.68
on that would be amazing1028.13.55
please be true1030.234.17

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Man, I just can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's Ark Aberration series! The way they explore that insane underground world is so entertaining and hilarious. Neebs, Thick, Simon, Dora, and Anthony make such a great team - their personalities bounce off each other perfectly.

One of my favorite parts is seeing them tame all the new crazy creatures in Aberration like the Roll Rats and the Rock Drakes. The way they figured out how to glide around with wingsuits and climb walls with climbing picks opened up so many possibilities. Some of the best moments are when they're just goofing around in their awesome base, getting into shenanigans.

The cinematic camera work really pulls you into the world too. The way they edit the footage makes it feel like you're right there surviving alongside them. It's the next best thing to actually playing Aberration yourself! I love seeing the glowing mushrooms, zipping through the bioluminescent zones, and dodging radiation in the harsh environment.

Neebs Gaming is so creative with their skits and characters as well. I was cracking up when Simon played his alter ego "Captain Fatdog" and started a tribe war. And Thick's screaming fits when he gets attacked are comedy gold. Their style of humor and storytelling takes Ark to another level.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's Aberration series is the absolute best way to experience the expansion outside of playing it yourself. Their adventures in that maze-like world and ability to find humor in even dire situations makes for an incredibly fun and entertaining ride. I can't wait to see what they encounter in the next episode!

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