We Need The HEAD of a Monster. - Enshrouded

Today on Enshrouded, we so some good ol' fashioned decapitation! ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►THANK YOU PATRONS! https://www...
We Need The HEAD of a Monster.   -  Enshrouded
We Need The HEAD of a Monster. - Enshrouded

We Need The HEAD of a Monster. - Enshrouded

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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright guys, today on Enshrouded, we're going to tackle the age-old question: why is 'We Need The HEAD of a Monster' our favorite video?

simon: Well, obviously! It's because nothing says 'good ol' fashioned fun' like a bit of decapitation, right?

appsro: Oh yeah, Simon. Totally. Because when I wake up, the first thing I think is, 'Man, I really need to chop off a monster's head today!'

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! It's a classic bonding experience. Nothing brings friends together like a shared love of monster heads.

simon: And let's not forget the educational value! I mean, where else can you learn the fine art of decapitation in such a fun, family-friendly way?

appsro: Oh, absolutely. It's like a cooking show, but instead of soufflés, we're serving up monster heads on a silver platter.

Hey everyone! If you're a fan of epic adventures and hilarious antics, then you’re going to love the latest episode on Enshrouded! In this one, we dive into some classic decapitation action, and let me tell you, it's as thrilling as it sounds.

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Alright, that's all for now. Go check out the latest episode and enjoy the decapitation madness! See you in the comments!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I've gotta say, the gameplay in this latest Neebs Gaming video is looking sweeter than ever! The graphics are crisp, the combat is brutal yet satisfying, and the world design is breathtakingly immersive.

You can really tell the developers put some serious thought and care into crafting this game. The attention to detail with things like the physics, enemy AI, and environment interaction creates an experience where you truly feel transported into the game world.

And of course, the cinematic flair and comedy that Neebs Gaming brings to the table elevates the gameplay to a whole new level of entertainment. Their editing and camera work makes you feel like you're watching an action movie at times! Not to mention their hilarious banter and running gags that have me cracking up constantly.

Getting to see these pros experience the game in such an engaging way really is the next best thing to playing it yourself. It's like I'm embarking on this grand adventure along with them. Their passion and expertise shines through and makes me appreciate the hard work that went into developing a game of this caliber.

So if you're looking for an entertaining, high-quality let's play of an awesome new game, Neebs Gaming is absolutely bringing their A-game as usual. I'd highly recommend giving this video a watch to see this impressive title in action with some great personalities guiding the way! It's a blast.

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oh my goodness baby Simon look at you I9.285.12
love it old bath has been hooking me up11.7195.801
old bath who's that isn't this bath14.46.52
Bazar Bazar bath old bath I like it I17.525.08
like it dor you looking nice too is that20.924.279
a new set it is a new set my Scout set22.64.079
man that lady helped me out I don't25.1993.441
remember her name guys are growing up so26.6793.68
quick nebes where you at I'm working on28.644.36
my clothes well get it done come on NS30.3595.36
I'm going to make some pants okay Papa33.04.96
are you going to put on a shirt for35.7194.481
today's fight oh no I haven't made a37.964.96
shirt yet oh I don't think papa wants to40.25.16
shirts are for the week or they give you42.924.88
protection more Health way yeah way more45.364.199
protection yeah yeah it's a weird thing47.84.079
to say neebs neebs you almost done yep49.5597.16
and a helmet and okay yep uh I think I'm51.8799.0
ready yeah all right hey that looks nice56.7196.081
all right not bad huh yeah shirtless60.8794.56
though huh uh because of the the shirts62.84.76
are for the week okay I get you say that65.4394.641
but you actually have a set of armor67.563.84
yeah you just don't have the materials70.083.92
to finish I I don't have no I just don't71.44.28
have it gotcha well I'll tell you what74.03.759
guys I think we're geared up enough I75.683.72
want you guys to follow me back to our77.7593.68
original house and from there we must go79.46.33
defeat a great Evil all right Dad huzza81.43913.131
all right about to enter the Shroud boys102.03.92
yeah ready where I'm taking you guys103.685.039
there an old Elixir well okay Elixir is105.924.479
the stuff everybody got addicted to it's108.7193.241
kind of the whole reason for the Shroud110.3994.441
oh really yeah H it was like must be111.964.32
pretty good yeah well they were pulling114.842.8
it out of the ground they were drinking116.282.96
it they were doing all sorts of things117.642.839
with it m119.243.28
got carried away huh yep they used it as120.4794.201
lube I was about to say what are the122.524.84
things everything it was Elixir it was124.684.6
the it was the drug of the century the127.366.0
fixer Elixir fixer of all this is it129.287.28
this is the old Elixir well oh we got133.367.519
idiots o sorry if I hit you there oh yes136.566.2
that was quick yeah that was quick yeah140.8793.481
we're going to kick some butt here I bet142.765.8
uh-oh more of them yeah144.369.599
yep man y fast I love it okay leveled up148.567.2
all right come up oh actually yeah come153.9593.36
up here this is good this this is a good155.764.64
thing okay see this you stand by this157.3195.241
it'll refill our time in the Shroud I160.44.839
love it oh yeah very nice beautiful so162.564.319
yeah that'll give us at least 5 minutes165.2392.961
I don't know if you guys have any of166.8792.881
those extended things but now's a good168.23.48
time to start sucking suck on an169.763.839
extended thing yeah if you want to how171.683.16
much time you think it's going to take173.5992.841
yep cuz we're going to go down into this174.843.8
well I don't have one of those things176.444.12
it's okay I'll stay stay on the same178.643.12
page with you guys all right is that the180.563.759
yellow ones yeah or is that just181.764.759
replenish your thing no gives you184.3193.401
that'll extend it that'll give you more186.5192.601
time in the Shroud just read the damn187.724.439
thing n I'm taking it oh yeah 8 minutes189.125.28
okay let's do it time's taken yeah let's192.1594.241
go all right I'm going behind you just194.43.399
waiting for the last second all right196.45.24
yep yep and okay chapter 43 the great197.7996.36
evil oo201.645.28
spoopy okay so we got to go through here204.1594.561
and I think there's a big big meanie on206.923.48
the other side all right let's do it208.723.76
right let's do it leoy J all right come210.45.16
on baby ooh look at you you're big I got212.486.319
to eat one second forgot to eat gotot me215.565.56
I'm the one who doesn't like to fight oh218.7994.08
okay coming221.124.759
in oh yeah jump222.8795.481
swing oh no get away get away from me oh225.8795.801
you kicked me oh228.363.32
boy and get away you're doing great231.846.119
babies keep at it woo D it please he's234.127.8
coming at me oh oh oh boy got one wrong237.9598.961
okay careful baby neede I'm good oh241.925.0
yes what a sucker hell yeah Dora loot247.5996.241
his corpse get his head I will think we251.124.679
can make something good with that give253.844.56
me all that oh man you boys did good all255.7994.801
right now come over here and chop this258.45.44
for rewards I'm chopping chopp choppy260.66.159
chop ch ch ch ch like AET CH263.847.12
okay Point yeah excited that'll give you266.7596.041
guys skill points and uh the Shroud is270.963.4
cleared from this area we can fast272.83.88
travel back home I love it why did I use274.365.08
that potion which one well the one that276.684.6
gave me two extra minutes that was yeah279.443.52
well we didn't know how tough that was281.283.28
going to be but you guys are killing it282.963.0
really good this is crazy we're not in284.563.96
the Shroud anymore no out of the Shroud285.965.12
done see you babies at the house all288.525.16
right all291.082.6
right dad's weird I don't think he's a296.165.96
real dad I don't either yeah he's not my298.686.78
father chapter 44 Father Like302.127.84
Son baby siren yeah buddy I was309.965.28
impressed with your Wizarding skills oh312.9194.961
well thank you Father speaking of skills315.245.64
I'd like to teach you something it looks317.887.319
like oh that's that that you should have320.886.84
enough skill points to unlock it I do325.1997.84
hold on so skills I saw this yes uh four327.728.16
four out of four going to click this and333.0396.401
hit unlock and it is unlocked for the335.886.24
dearest all right so now instead of339.445.36
Dodge what happens I forget uh how to do342.125.56
Dodge cuz I never do it probably alt344.85.239
yeah okay I'm going to trust you in347.684.4
nope o that one what was that it's352.086.559
control it's control oh I like it oh355.44.799
look at us we yeah that is so who's my360.1997.961
baby who my baby yeah I am I'm so glad364.085.88
I've never I didn't think I'd be happy368.163.759
that you were my father ever but I am369.966.76
now yeah da yes hey um tell you guys are371.9196.84
doing great uh we need to go save the376.723.479
carpenter why don't you and Simon run378.7593.88
off and do that Simon yes let's save the380.1995.041
carpenter let's save the carpenter over382.6396.481
going this way huh nope we're going to385.247.16
fly you follow me after I fly here okay389.125.0
okay yeah fast travel to the Spire all392.43.079
right that's fine but look at me he394.123.88
didn't even he didn't even react it oh I395.4794.881
missed it sorry oh I saw that one oh398.04.56
okay okay bye400.365.36
bye now you now402.567.56
me it'll take me a while405.724.4
clearly bye daddy bye baby412.965.4
Simon yes sir I think those uh like421.84.48
houses down there oh yeah with like the424.245.2
orange uh roof however to get there I I426.285.639
feel like I don't fully understand the429.444.759
the length that we can glide so no you431.9193.28
probably don't we're not going to get434.1993.28
anywhere near there yeah so maybe off to435.1994.321
the left take that bridge over jump from437.4795.241
that other place yeah follow me439.526.399
okay oh yeah I'm glad I didn't commit to442.724.52
going all the way to the right we'll445.9193.321
just take it one step at a time right447.245.72
yep I like that hey that'll do that will449.246.72
do all right so you know exactly where452.965.519
we're going here no I mean I I I've got455.964.12
an idea all right well I'm looking458.4793.361
forward to seeing this Carpenter do you460.084.32
like when um Daddy calls you baby I461.844.28
don't understand that part no but when464.44.4
you call him daddy it really kind of466.125.039
freaks me out too even though just kind468.84.32
of giving the weirdness back to him I471.1593.72
know but it's the voice that you use473.123.919
maybe I don't know the oh I know if I474.8793.76
just call him like Daddy like this it477.0394.56
doesn't make me feel too weird yeah but478.6395.141
he does enjoy it too481.5995.281
much what you doing EBS I am going to488.8796.081
grow stronger together it's a farmer491.6395.28
Mission I think oh I know how much you494.964.799
like farming uh well it's necessary for496.9195.761
survival it is I know uh Simon and D are499.7594.4
off trying to find the carpenter we502.684.0
could try to go get the farmer yeah how504.1594.801
about that all right that's pretty far506.683.72
up north I don't think we've been that508.964.079
far so uh yeah travel maybe wait until510.45.16
the morning travel to the Spire okay and513.0394.48
then uh we'll take off from there yeah515.565.359
yeah that's the plan all right sure517.5195.52
chapter 45 down520.9195.6
below all right Simon come on yeah okay523.0398.081
y I'm here crap yeah there is nothing526.5196.721
here oh hold on let me let me look at531.123.76
the map real quick yeah we're kind of533.243.56
like I would see it there all right top534.884.32
of a mountain I tell you what looks like536.85.32
a lot of stuff down here to the West539.25.12
maybe there's maybe it's in the mountain542.124.279
something like that let's um let's do544.324.32
that let's go back down here all right546.3994.68
he is in the mountain working as a548.644.879
carpenter it's a it's worth a551.0795.721
shot all right okay oh this was such a553.5197.241
pain to get oh my god oh Jesus get back556.86.8
okay all right heal yourself we are560.765.92
about to dive down below that's not good563.65.16
and I guess we'll be in the Shroud there566.684.0
um yeah yeah we're okay so you're above568.763.92
me I see you all right you want to watch570.684.159
where I dive sure we'll see how this572.683.92
goes all574.8394.641
right I'm going to wrap back576.65.96
around I oh there is an entrance Simon579.484.479
all right I'm going with you all right582.563.56
we're in shrouded all right we're in TR583.9596.161
got to W whap it around oh [ __ ] I'm like586.127.08
I did not reach you no I see that damn590.125.159
it uh-oh this guy's pretty tough is593.24.759
there a way for me to oh [ __ ] oh God595.2795.12
uh-oh Simon no597.9595.0
oh boy I'm just uh very hurt these guys600.3996.361
are very tough oh no oh crap little [ __ ]602.9595.241
will you please get up here this should606.766.519
be not that hard up see Daisy oh God I F608.28.0
all right oh no you I watched you die613.2794.601
you fell right there can I revive you616.24.759
very quickly oh yeah I can look I'm617.885.6
holding you I'm holding the I'm holding620.9595.801
it huh it's just that oh it's a tack623.485.84
that's what it is it's a tack you felt626.766.28
fell in the right place yes okay oh okay629.326.12
my brother oh boy heal yourself up buddy633.043.88
I will I will I will I will brother635.444.44
brother all right woo um I'm going to do636.924.039
a couple of those I'm going to eat639.883.04
something do that oh yeah I'm I'm going640.9594.0
to do that too I'm going to eat okay642.925.0
let's eat a a berry and let's eat a644.9595.32
steak too y yep yep yep whatever you can647.925.28
eat yep put in your mouth M yummy yummy650.2795.041
all right we looking pretty good yeah653.24.319
looking at the map yeah there's we're655.324.639
facing the wrong way now y we just need657.5194.841
to get out of here agreed number one659.9594.921
priority doesn't even matter which way662.364.56
just so we get a reprieve from the664.884.6
Shroud yeah we got still a good amount666.923.919
of time what the hell are we on the669.482.84
other side of the mountain we don't have670.8393.721
that much time though like oh oh yeah we672.325.24
do right here all right wow all right674.565.839
let's let's regain our composure yes and677.564.959
we will try again I'm going to get so680.3994.641
composed it's going to be awesome682.5197.961
yes chapter 46 going north685.045.44
hey neees notice anything different um691.445.56
oh you finally made that Shield you man694.365.159
you know me I like it I didn't think697.05.519
you'd notice no of course I would okay699.5195.081
all right so we got to go pretty far to702.5194.641
the North you got your bat marked uh yes704.65.359
I do all right I'm behind you lead the707.165.88
way and here we709.9596.241
go look at him so cute I don't know if I713.044.64
can go that far I got to upgrade the716.23.04
stuff that's okay we're going to have to717.683.48
a walk there uhhuh all right I'm right719.245.039
behind you all right let's see oh yeah721.164.76
we're going to land by that uh dungeon724.2794.961
we went in look at you725.926.12
man one day one day baby well we just729.244.0
got to keep fighting stuff so I can732.044.159
upgrade right yeah fighting stuff and uh733.244.88
yeah if we get these people helping us736.1994.241
out we should be able to make some sweet738.125.399
progress okay oh hey here's a tip yeah740.444.519
uh for torches and stuff around the743.5194.32
house you see these trees that uh have744.9594.601
more yellow leaves yeah they drop more747.8394.201
resin oh really yeah Pro749.565.399
tip got to chop them yep just like any752.045.32
other tree it's not my tree Cho chopping754.9594.201
act but does it both work Simon do the757.363.88
same damn thing I just didn't feel like759.164.08
switching why it's not even equipped now761.245.279
I got a rake see it's a rake can't do763.245.36
anything with you guys seem can't do766.5193.241
anything with you guys if you really768.63.16
want me to go to my menus and switch to769.765.24
an ax I will do it you don't have to but771.764.519
if you're going to do it do it right775.02.8
damn it okay there look at all that776.2793.841
resin on the ground there we go go all777.84.32
right now I'm ready all right lead the780.124.92
way okay we're going north I didn't plan782.124.68
on chopping anything on this785.044.799
trip okay I guess I'm going jump786.88.12
this yep right behind you try to keep up789.8398.081
grandpa I may be old but I'm Sprite you794.925.479
are sprite wait I see uh797.926.68
H are we oh wow look at this wow okay800.3996.361
this is like a whole Raider Camp here804.63.44
are they getting ready he's looking at806.764.199
us oh oh wow yep808.044.44
we might have to either fight or go810.9594.44
around these idiots gotcha um I'm a big812.485.24
fan of fighting them cuz they shot at me815.3994.161
all right yeah let's do some killing817.725.76
okay Simon yes sir this is uh just a819.566.76
guess but like that area ahead which823.485.08
looks very lootable and explorable826.324.48
uh-huh I feel like we might have to do828.563.959
that and to make our way back up into830.82.8
that entrance in the side of the832.5195.391
mountain but follow me833.66.359
oh red stuff not good oh God careful839.9596.521
careful oh God no842.484.0
no or Crap yeah crap but at least we got848.486.24
our stuff still like I still have the853.043.44
things I care about right no I'm with854.723.84
you on that so so that works but we can856.483.96
do this we know we can get down to that858.564.36
entrance we can do this yeah I know we860.445.8
can just not that way well yeah no we're862.924.279
we're going to make our way into the866.243.159
entrance like we intended in the first867.1994.401
like Speed Run how about that how quick869.3995.721
uh Speed Run Speed871.63.52
Run chapter 47 it's just embarrassing I875.566.04
I don't know why anyone watches878.887.28
this okay Simon speedrun let's let's do881.69.2
this [ __ ] God damn it down again buddy886.167.039
come get me damn it D get it together we890.85.24
need to stop [ __ ] this up oh there's893.1994.921
a skeleton coming behind you [ __ ] [ __ ]896.044.76
oh damn it no no no no don't mess with898.124.639
me buddy I got to I got to revive my900.84.399
friend oh boy oh Simon yeah yeah are you902.7594.121
uh no stop fighting him he's going to905.1994.121
get you cuz you're you're taking hits go906.884.36
up the hill go up the hill stop fighting909.324.72
trying all right why are you running911.245.24
into them going up the hill I didn't914.044.4
know well maybe look at this maybe that916.483.76
was the way to go you're going to die918.444.079
with one hit no920.246.68
no no what oh no yes yes okay yes thank922.5196.44
you now it's yes now okay I appre926.925.88
appreciate that uh oh928.9593.841
no chapter 48 nebs and abso murder a934.66.2
town I'm going to try to take somebody938.445.759
out you ready um oh wow so you I I got940.86.959
here yep I got that guy oh doing good944.1996.2
damage uh pretty decent uh now that he's947.7594.88
moving it's going to be a lot harder950.3994.56
right yeah they're just down there952.6395.041
uh-huh okay now this might be quicker if954.9595.041
we go down oh wa then watching you stand957.684.599
up here with an arrow and shoot them one960.03.759
individually yes yes it would probably962.2793.601
be a lot quicker if we went down okay uh963.7593.361
let's do it maybe we'll go over here to965.883.0
the left you ready sure right behind you967.125.959
you on me all right going this way yeah968.885.399
okay and now I'm going to switch to the973.0793.44
axe oh they're coming they're coming in974.2793.68
be ready to heal me up yeah he's976.5194.32
shooting yep okay want to eat some of977.9595.721
this let's get him oh we got one coming980.8395.161
in left side I see it Bo yep I got him983.685.92
stunned okay nope ah boy stunned I986.04.759
thought I said left side what are you989.63.32
doing I had to eat some meat should have990.7593.921
done that maybe before we jump down here992.925.64
you're right hindsight huh taking hits994.687.44
okay and here we go oh that's going to998.567.279
pop he keeps swinging ow oh wow he went1002.126.76
down he blew up from something all right1005.8396.041
get this guy yeah I'm on him Bam Bam o1008.886.319
bam combo yeah baby got him stunned got1011.885.48
stunned there go that guy's down got him1017.686.159
stunned yeah yeah moving in oh I like1020.8394.84
the stun thing oh yeah the stun thing is1023.8396.161
great yeah they can't fight back suckers1025.6797.601
he's almost down almost down come on1030.06.679
baby nice heal up yeah what these guys1033.285.08
give us what they yeah what do we get1036.6794.76
ooh this is a Elixir consumable damage1038.366.88
multiplier ooh that might be all right I1041.4395.321
might go ahead and drink1045.244.2
that all right Simon I think this1046.765.279
probably the the smarter route yeah I1049.445.52
mean there's a path yeah there's a path1052.0394.601
um like1054.965.079
that um there's the village okay okay1056.646.32
yeah this wraps off left we don't need1060.0395.401
the village I don't think nice big house1062.963.64
so this is the place that you said you1065.442.92
wanted to loot this is where I wanted1066.62.92
well we're not going to loot now we're1068.362.96
going to focus on the prize cuz waste a1069.524.159
lot of time this is where we think theur1071.325.16
is that's yes this makes sense we tried1073.6794.281
to get to the Village but ended up in1076.486.52
the red stuff no bueno yeah no so okay1077.968.68
okay now we're looking good and um I've1083.05.4
got something there's that thing up1086.643.399
there that we can go up to and and get1088.45.88
all charged up yeah a ball chargy ball1090.0396.281
okay yeah I mean we're not even in it1094.285.279
yet but no we're not location1096.326.56
above location above is it1099.5596.761
just H hard to see in here isn't it yeah1102.885.08
it doesn't seem like a very nice place1106.323.52
at all it's not1107.963.4
I don't like1109.844.24
it oh these guys okay we got some1111.364.88
suckers to fight I'm thinking like from1114.084.32
uh I might might not go they're right on1116.244.799
you careful buddy yeah they're these are1118.45.0
oh god oh boy yep that wasn't that was1121.0394.481
no good there's a lot y holy [ __ ]1123.45.159
there's enough to the point1125.523.039
where I summoned a oh God1128.6796.521
and H nice give me meat yeah finally got1139.6794.321
meat this time sometimes they don't give1142.883.72
me meat yeah it's a random so this place1144.06.12
up here about 80 70 some met away yeah1146.65.76
the very obvious yeah I see some sort of1150.124.72
tower uh-huh that's probably where our1152.364.88
farmer is hanging1154.845.079
out hopefully he doesn't like it here I1157.243.76
hate to take people away from something1159.9192.321
they like you know one I think it's a1161.05.159
she and two [ __ ] them okay so I guess if1162.246.64
that's the take we're taking yeah yeah1166.1594.121
no we're uh they're they're they're1168.884.84
coming with us gotcha okay right stairs1170.286.44
all right seems pretty cool so far seems1173.725.24
pretty relaxed I don't see any threats1176.724.199
yet yeah hey here's a respawn point for1178.965.839
us okay easy peasy right there huh yeah1180.9197.561
right here at the entrance so ooh this1184.7996.601
looks creepy this does look creepy1188.484.24
doesn't look like a place a farmer would1191.43.08
live no if I were a farmer I wouldn't1192.723.36
[ __ ] live here okay so we're going to1194.485.36
go up above it says h1196.086.28
oh look at this door you see a door I1199.845.199
see a door right ahead maybe I can just1202.364.48
open it probably not it looks like it1205.0394.201
has three little bibbles on it and yep1206.843.959
yep there's the Egg Baby right through1209.244.08
the door okay three bibbles means you1210.7995.321
can't use an arrow yeah we got to find1213.325.0
buttons start looking around for buttons1216.123.84
spread out I guess spread out where1218.323.76
would a button be hiding if I were a1219.964.839
button on a1222.088.28
shirt chapter 49 round two1224.7995.561
going straight forward running through1231.24.28
all right doing it too yeah running1232.64.8
through oh good boy this is these this1235.484.8
are bad okay oh boy I don't know what1237.45.04
the hell that is I don't like it oh no1240.283.96
neither do I but I'm shoot oh no look at1242.443.119
all these things it I'm just running1244.243.48
through oh you're running I'm running1245.5594.641
through okay trying to run trying to run1247.725.64
oh I wish I had I wish I had a bandage I1250.25.24
wish I knew what wish I had some sort of1253.365.319
Health thing oh boy I'm practically1255.444.96
where am I where am I where are we going1258.6793.24
what am I doing oh this is horrible I1260.44.04
can't see no not good maybe if I just1261.9196.64
Crouch here found way I found1264.447.16
Simon oh that hurt yep that's all right1268.5596.641
I'm still going Simon sorry buddy AR1271.65.679
think I can do this oh there's bugs on1275.26.359
my butt what is this restore time okay1277.2797.121
oh climb climb it climb it I don't have1281.5597.0
the stamina I got to fight the bug1284.44.159
oh I do see a button though oh yeah yeah1290.0395.081
just ate some meat and you found a1293.323.88
button beautiful yeah at the end of that1295.124.08
hallway oh man I can't shoot in Arrow1297.24.56
can I uh no I think we've trapped that1299.24.68
before and it has failed every time and1301.763.6
if you want to do it again go for it I1303.884.08
feel like one time it worked Dres did it1305.364.52
okay don't try to use your shield on1307.963.959
these all right I'll stay here you go1309.883.56
for the button I can get between these1311.9194.441
right yes okay and bloop Crossing there1313.445.16
you go Crossing yeah it's like Frogger1316.364.76
Crossing all right made it yeah it's1318.64.36
just Frogger these are getting1321.123.64
crazier yep1322.966.52
Crossing yep and I'm through easy hit1324.767.039
the button hitting the button button's1329.485.52
been hit nice all right well that's one1331.7995.441
yeah oh I stopped it yeah you did okay1335.04.2
so maybe it's over here huh yeah let's1337.244.96
keep searching good job baby Lees yeah I1339.25.8
get a gold star you'll get a gold1342.27.479
nothing chapter 50 third times a charm1345.06.679
I'm going to go buddy try to stay on my1349.6796.0
butt I'm going to all right I wish I had1351.6797.521
more to heal I know I know I'm running1355.6795.401
well I'm going to until I have to run I1359.25.56
got to maintain that stamina1361.083.68
right okay uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh good1364.7997.12
good I hear him I hear him oh why why1369.247.0
why did I fall there I don't know no y1371.9197.081
no you okay God1376.244.84
yeah you died first I had a feeling that1379.05.36
was going to happen um where where was1381.085.28
he he was just looking for stuff speed1384.366.48
run right it's amazing how much longer1386.367.04
I'm alive than1390.844.88
him right now it's just running around1393.43.879
circles uh coming back in Simon okay1397.2795.241
good oh there's a chest I just ran by a1400.44.24
chest I don't think we need a chest I1402.523.48
know but it might be in the chest right1404.643.399
we need an egg we need an egg okay the1406.04.039
egg might be in the chest now no that's1408.0395.921
not we've seen the eggs okay all right S1410.0397.081
I live so much longer than you you sure1413.965.8
did you're a big boy hey I'm not going1417.126.96
to stop and save you okay all right you1419.767.56
didn't make it much further though did1424.083.24
you EES yeah I think it's over here oh1429.47.639
yeah yeah I see a grapple a grapple oh1433.126.36
good god that's way up there yeah you1437.0394.561
think we can make that uh you want me to1439.485.679
go first I mean yep and then jump and1441.68.28
then yeah and yep easy easy damn peasy1445.1597.12
here it goes if I can quit crouching1449.885.279
make sure you got plenty of stamina yep1452.2797.441
and oh crap no de baby ow God baby de1455.1597.321
okay baby yeah I didn't fall in the lava1459.724.199
but it's going to be a minute before I1462.483.0
get there all right well yeah just try1463.9193.041
to work your way back up I'll peek1465.483.439
forward and see if I see this button1466.963.56
okay oh y actually there's one right1468.9193.64
here in this room I'm smacking it not1470.524.8
two buttons is there nope just the one1472.5595.36
we still need a third damn button all1475.323.92
right I'll keep1477.9194.091
looking chapter 51 the1479.245.24
farmer y right behind me y it's I'm I'm1484.487.319
so tired like I guess my stamina's low1489.5593.881
cuz I haven't been home yet yeah we need1491.7993.401
to go home and rest we had had a good1493.443.479
sleep in a minute all right wow we're1495.24.599
out outside this is pretty yeah let's1496.9197.081
see maybe this way H I don't know I'm1499.7996.641
just kind of following following paths1504.03.88
see where they lead me you know it's a1506.443.119
weird place to put a button you know1507.883.24
yeah I wouldn't put a button here would1509.5593.6
you imagine if your like kitchen light1511.124.4
was outside in the porch yeah no that1513.1594.721
that'd be dumb that'd be a porch light1515.525.519
uh-huh oh can we open this can o oh and1517.884.799
I see the last1521.0396.88
button spikes okay do that do that do1522.6797.401
that and then they do that yep and then1527.9196.36
they do I'm going oh oh just missed it1530.086.64
nice going no need for me to go over1534.2794.52
there right okay yeah I'll hit that1536.723.88
button no actually I want to see you do1538.7993.641
it now I'll hit the button you know what1540.65.079
now I want to see you do it okay um here1542.444.88
it goes been bad at this before see if1545.6793.961
you got any better uh probably1547.325.959
not come on okay come onab yep come on1549.645.84
baby I'm going to do it now come on baby1553.2794.28
yep okay I'm going go over here to the1555.483.799
side take a break for a second yeah1557.5594.801
that's not a bad idea I like it and wait1559.2795.0
and then aoop there we go nice you1562.364.96
deserve to hit the button oh sweet all1564.2794.64
right bet the other guys going to be1567.325.079
jealous button pushed yeah all right and1568.9196.961
then uh where oh I see the bridge right1572.3997.841
below us oh yeah boom and there that's1575.888.24
the Egg Baby there it is huh yes right1580.245.919
there straight ahead man finding these1584.124.64
Egg Babies is easy sure is thought this1586.1594.161
you know they were going to be hard this1588.763.96
is the Walk of the park wait up Emily1590.325.079
Frey the farmer sweet we got the farmer1592.725.439
let's get on out of here all righty heck1595.3994.4
yeah could use some more ladies around1598.1593.52
the place yeah no kidding it is a1599.7994.6
sausage fest little1601.6796.161
bit chapter 52 the grand1604.3996.751
Escape what you breaking it through well1612.846.4
yeah oh my God you found it yes I think1615.3995.841
yeah I mean I got through oh there's so1619.243.36
bad there's a bad guy yeah that's not1621.243.64
good not good at all is he coming uh1622.64.4
well coming through yeah I don't know1624.885.799
about one maybe want to yeah just wanted1627.05.24
to see what would happen where is where1630.6794.161
are you oh man I only got 2 minutes left1632.244.039
oh I forgot about that I've got one1634.844.36
minute though oh god dude it's the all1636.2796.681
for yeah go go boom hold on hold on is1639.25.839
this it I think that's it awaken1642.964.68
Survivor come on baby I did it I did it1645.0394.921
I awaken the Survivor okay can we just1647.645.279
fast travel back uh I don't know oh my1649.964.68
God I it's got to open oh wait go over1652.9193.721
the door open come here what door this1654.643.759
door over here okay I kind of want to1656.643.279
just fast travel cuz I only have 461658.3993.361
seconds can you fast travel I don't know1659.9193.201
you can't unless you're in a place that1661.762.48
that allows you and when you're in the1663.123.48
Shroud you can't go Go baby go baby baby1664.244.64
so uh is it is the other door over there1666.65.919
open ready I'm doing it flying [ __ ] oh1668.885.519
God it just went straight down I think1672.5194.76
my stamina was slow oh God no Stam as1674.3994.681
long as we get this1677.2794.841
okay Simon um I'm still in the1679.086.599
Shroud Simon 20 seconds I know I can't I1682.125.2
can't I1685.6794.441
can't get out of here get out of1687.324.65
here oh1690.123.159
no you bre am I in the Shroud get out1693.2798.28
get out yes I made1697.6796.761
it I know sorry buddy you you're you're1701.5597.321
a hero I'll catch you on the flip1704.444.44

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