A Loving Zombie - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 2

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? If not, you're missing out on some seriously entertaining content. In...
A Loving Zombie - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 2
A Loving Zombie - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 2

A Loving Zombie - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 2

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that new video 'A Loving Zombie - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 2'? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a blast! The crew deciding on their jobs in Darkness Falls was pure comedy gold.

appsro: I couldn't stop laughing when they were trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Definitely my favorite video on YouTube right now!

neebs: I know, right? And the music list in the description had me cracking up. 'Sneaky Bass Latina' is my new jam!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? If not, you're missing out on some seriously entertaining content. In this episode, the crew tackles their jobs in Darkness Falls, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish.

From deciding on their roles to navigating through the challenges of the game, the Neebs crew never fails to bring the fun and excitement. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the channel, this video is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys gaming and laughter.

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Plus, the music choices in this video are on point! From Medusa by Kevin MacLeod to Enemy Ships by Audionautix, the soundtrack adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. And if you're looking for more Neebs content, be sure to check out their playlists for even more gaming goodness.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to join the Neebs crew on their latest adventure in Darkness Falls. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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all right she's been zombies all0.7193.6
confused don't do nothing shh just let1.924.56
her down i mean she knows exactly she4.3194.32
doesn't look at her she doesn't know6.485.56
look at her8.6393.401
come here what see me right here no okay21.924.72
i'm you're right yeah what's up yeah24.563.84
follow me follow me all right uh by the26.643.52
way i'm ver i'm hungry and i have a hurt28.43.44
knee so oh yeah listen we're all starved30.164.559
it's bad oh okay look at this oh oh you31.844.559
got a [ __ ] cow34.7192.881
it's a cat36.3993.121
we have to be able to get milk from that37.63.44
bad boy you'd think i don't know all39.523.359
right i'm gonna approach it yeah don't41.043.839
don't kill it i i think we can have them42.8795.041
breed and everything what yeah44.8795.441
yeah like really oh there's just we just47.925.04
hopped over the damn fence over the moon50.324.48
well can't interact with it anyway i'm52.963.36
tempted to kill it just because we need54.83.279
the meat yeah we do need the meat but56.323.28
man it's right there58.0793.521
i know but it's it's early game you can59.64.16
kill him yeah can i shotgun bessie61.63.68
do you want to waste a shot63.763.44
oh i mean oh god it's attacking me at65.284.08
the table oh yeah you shot a bull it's a67.25.84
bullet it's a [ __ ] boat in my ass69.363.68
we got a traitor over here okay turns77.364.72
out i've been doing these quests based79.684.32
on my class yeah look at those clothes82.084.0
where'd you guys close man just looting84.04.799
up looting and scooting okay yeah and86.085.2
like i got 500 tokens i can pick up88.7994.64
because of the the class stuff that i'm91.284.0
doing so you may want to pick a93.4393.36
profession i gotta commit to a95.283.28
profession yeah i'm afraid i'm gonna get96.7992.96
with the other guys and they're gonna be98.563.04
like the same profession you know well99.7593.761
we could always guess like hey what do101.63.04
you think103.522.4
absolutely was gonna be what do you104.643.519
think dora's gonna be or simon abstra105.923.839
would be probably like an engineer108.1593.361
probably want to build stuff yep yeah109.7593.36
simon would probably just want to hit111.523.68
like stuff to die when he hits it and113.1194.401
doraleous uh dallas he's like he likes115.24.72
some crazy stuff he likes scavenger too117.524.08
parkour he likes jumping he does like119.924.479
parkour yeah121.62.799
oh wow guns just popped up back there124.965.2
he's running a gun ring in here oh i've127.65.52
got to get casino tokens oh [ __ ] what130.165.439
have you just exited the game133.125.92
damn it big dummy what now look135.5997.801
great sorry my friend's an idiot139.044.36
hey simon yeah did you see this uh144.166.159
oh no no who no i did not147.125.44
okay you know we had this uh in the150.3194.64
house i'm going down uh i feel like i152.565.039
should go with you okay154.9596.161
oh simon what water that's exactly what157.5996.0
i just needed i had i had oh this is161.124.399
good i just had my things in my hand163.5994.081
yeah [ __ ] we got a ditch down here165.5193.121
little cave system oh man anything168.645.36
snake snake snake snake snake snakes i171.444.4
think all right good i hope you got him174.04.319
i got him chop up that snake chop up the175.845.52
steak yeah yup yup178.3195.681
hmm oh no okay that's another snake181.364.64
that's the boy that's another snake i184.03.36
don't know okay i don't want to fight a186.03.84
snake i got him i got him i got him187.364.0
snake meat get that snake meat sauce all191.363.68
right snake meat make meat stick me we192.9593.761
got some serious snake tonight for195.043.76
dinner yeah no kidding what's for dinner196.724.08
snake that's right good hey we could use198.82.96
the meat how much meat you're getting200.83.519
from that [ __ ] it looks like201.765.199
five from each one so we got ten let's204.3194.321
go into whatever the [ __ ] that'll make a206.9593.681
little bit of grilled meat all right208.644.959
oh chicken chicken okay got the chicken210.644.0
come chop up this chicken i cannot wait214.644.4
to eat later man this is like an animal216.564.959
mine i love it this is great we219.043.85
discovered a little animal mine221.5192.481
oh i bet that's the well the next door224.03.84
this probably leads up into the house226.3193.92
simon oh all right this actually okay227.844.0
this is really cool i don't think we230.2393.681
want to go up into the house no i don't231.843.28
think so i don't think we're ready for233.923.36
that i think i need to heal and drink235.126.36
water like i need to just237.284.2
is a [ __ ] shotgun248.7992.961
i can't believe i made it directly back250.2392.961
to where i needed there's two sticks251.764.0
there's a lot more steaks i'm leaving253.24.96
come back come back we need to escape me255.764.24
oh boy oh god oh god don't bite me don't258.163.359
bite me you son of a [ __ ] i can't260.03.919
afford to get bitten okay261.5195.12
i'm not poison i'm good all right hey263.9194.481
come over here get this snake gonna get266.6393.921
the snake man make me snake meat take me268.45.84
yes watch my ass270.563.68
neebs i can choose some jobs from this274.4794.241
guy yeah yeah there's one close by276.243.679
you're not gonna believe what this lady278.722.88
has back here in this stove what does279.9194.241
she have a grill what cooking grill and281.64.319
some metal and she don't even want it284.163.599
you're gonna take it yeah and there's a285.9195.201
bag back here she doesn't care287.7595.361
glass i could use some more glass jars291.123.92
got it there's something in that uh293.124.56
right here uh scrap that i saw you295.045.04
throwing away aluminum can earlier yeah297.684.079
you can scrap that from metal that's300.084.559
true okay next time hey i have a i have301.7595.681
a job to do yeah yeah i i think i can304.6394.641
share those things with you we'll do it307.445.52
together we'll both get do it together309.285.04
oh man312.964.0
this water takes forever to cook now i314.324.56
think everything takes longer in this316.963.28
mod all right tell you what i'm gonna318.882.879
cancel the water real fast we already320.244.32
got four i'm gonna take two and then uh321.7594.641
okay but i but i'll start the water324.563.52
again i want the food to take kind of326.43.76
precedent hey listen guys i put i had328.084.399
that second fire down there yeah we see330.164.479
it i got some more cooking too i'm gonna332.4793.761
throw out this proposal okay so i was334.6394.0
looking at the classes if i do the336.244.399
mechanic class i'll be able to make us338.6394.081
like bicycles and [ __ ] oh which would be340.6393.84
great but i'm not going to be able to342.724.24
craft a workbench so we need a laborer344.4794.081
would you be interested in the laborer346.964.239
class man you you know that's the first348.564.8
thing i wanted to pick listen look this351.1993.761
is this is a teamwork situation i don't353.363.279
know you wouldn't really pick scavenger354.963.04
because you're a loop goblin like thick356.6392.961
but i am i'm i'm a loot guy i know358.02.88
you're a luke but thanks going to be the359.62.4
loop gobble all right so that that's360.882.319
probably just going to happen and i bet362.02.479
you probably want to get we're going to363.1993.201
want to do farming mm-hmm i mean you can364.4793.041
do what you want but if you want to be a366.42.799
team player you should probably you know367.523.519
just listen to captain abstract copy369.1992.56
listen hold on hold on do you want me to371.7594.88
be there no i'll be late373.9194.321
what's the other one uh there's376.6394.961
survivalist they're security scientist378.245.44
scavenger here probably thick is381.64.56
mechanic i'll be the mechanic laborer383.683.84
farmer security he likes security he387.524.0
keeps on saying security well we389.9193.361
probably man we could use a hunter391.526.08
security i'll be a hunter or393.284.32
i wouldn't be good at it so yeah i'll be397.9193.441
a laborer have him be the hunter if you399.363.52
don't want him to be secure you can be401.362.64
the laborer but that means you just got402.883.36
to craft workbenches and [ __ ] oh [ __ ]404.03.6
yeah but it'll be fine we'll tell you406.243.2
okay i'll be hunter okay dora your407.64.8
hunter simon your labor yeah all right409.445.599
rock and roll412.42.639
this is it neebs415.843.12
does this helmet actually protect me417.364.08
more maybe yeah i got a concussion418.964.48
remember that last time lasted for like421.444.879
days uh e star quest423.444.0
down here428.3193.28
i like this looks like this looks like430.03.36
it'd be like a speakeasy or something431.5993.521
you know was that open433.365.52
no i had to i had to hit it let's see435.125.519
got a guy in here little beetlejuice man438.885.28
behind you oh [ __ ] thank you i'm on him440.6395.28
keep him down i hit him right in the444.163.92
whatever that is oh there we go oh man445.9194.161
him in the face so hard his arm not fell448.083.679
off nice450.084.16
all right i got skill points451.7594.0
there's something drinking here kind of454.244.0
thirsty ah nothing do you need do you455.7595.361
need a drink uh i am 41458.246.72
i'm 30. damn all right i see461.126.0
i see the little thing on the map464.965.28
ah this is lock two all right so467.126.16
i've got uh yeah some sort of okay it's470.245.28
gonna be upstairs upstairs there's a bag473.283.28
up here475.522.799
hold up you go ahead and loot while i476.563.68
break this door man did you already478.3194.401
check that that was a fancy satchel how480.244.48
often do you say satchel i don't say it482.724.56
very often484.725.12
all right what are we looking for oh487.284.4
right behind you right behind you oh489.845.6
yeah who is this guy bill nye whoa491.685.28
yeah this looks like a495.443.759
scientist or something or a doctor some496.964.079
food over there yep anything behind499.1994.72
there no oh god watch out oh what was501.0394.081
that whoa503.9192.56
that came out of nowhere505.123.359
there we go yep506.4793.361
okay man i should have been watching my509.844.639
back what was i thinking neebs i think512.084.72
this thing's downstairs i think i missed514.4793.841
what i'm supposed to get go back516.83.28
downstairs yeah i'm just gonna go back518.324.159
down i feel like we cleared it let's see520.084.319
let's take a look522.4795.201
ah courier satchel there we go nice524.3995.12
got it oh that was for you that was for527.684.4
me yeah we could continue to clear this529.5194.88
house or we can just go back we got we532.083.6
don't need you let's go back so i can534.3992.801
get some food and water yeah and you535.684.08
need to did you pick a job no damn it537.23.59
hey baby hey you like my outfit yeah it544.484.799
looks good yeah i got this for doing the547.24.48
uh the first part of my i guess mission549.2793.521
like you should probably have something551.682.719
in the top right of your screen telling552.84.159
you what to do uh gather resources554.3995.521
gather small stones gather clay soil556.9594.241
yeah there you go559.922.8
you do that stuff and the game rewards561.23.68
you with stuff oh [ __ ] okay well i'm562.723.76
gonna have to do that hopefully after564.883.519
this hopefully i won't die yeah566.483.68
hopefully not yeah let's see if this is568.3993.601
unlocked it's like okay of course you570.164.0
wanna use your axe there bubba sure572.04.08
there you go i just found this too574.163.6
that's a good axe or it looks like a576.084.16
good action guys guys guys yeah let me577.764.639
get the first zombie okay okay is that580.244.0
part of your hunter it is i just need582.3993.201
one more and i couldn't find any in town584.243.76
isn't that crazy oh i need cloth i need585.64.0
club you need clothes okay you want to588.03.36
get that yeah i guess you could get589.63.919
cloth from that yeah you can oh rock and591.364.88
roll yeah okay can i go ahead you lead593.5196.0
the way i need i need the cloth anyone596.245.76
come on this is awful quiet isn't it it599.5193.281
all right609.123.2
there you are610.242.96
nice shot nice shot again that was not a613.26.04
nice oh615.923.32
yeah yeah it'll improve you know yeah627.363.479
god i hope629.64.239
so hey we're doing hey very nice so630.8395.401
what'd you get uh just now i've gotta633.8394.481
craft a bone knife gather bone and636.244.159
gather okay that was just the first step638.324.16
but um i do have a uh640.3994.161
pipe shotgun do you want it uh no i642.483.44
already have one give it a simon i got a644.563.6
bicycle chassis and a wheel too oh now645.924.08
i'll take that yeah648.163.2
i'll tell you what i'm gonna go650.02.72
downstairs and stick that stuff in the651.362.8
trash can trash can there's also a652.722.48
little bit of food and water i've been654.162.239
sticking extra food and water in the655.23.35
trash can okay got me coming656.3996.481
oh god i thought that was something662.882.959
different you want you want her or can i664.243.279
get her uh go please get her and by the665.8393.841
way i'm like 11 infected i don't think667.5193.841
i've told anybody that669.683.44
i've been infected for a while oh man671.363.44
you know what i may have some honey back673.123.76
at the house okay but the honey's only674.83.84
going to be a temporary thing for me676.883.28
yeah i wish you had said that earlier678.643.04
yeah we got to go out into the woods and680.164.32
find stumps yeah cause man yeah you're681.684.719
infected that's no good i know but i684.483.52
don't want to waste the honey on me now686.3993.841
either well yeah i kind of feel that we688.04.399
could just let you die yeah respawn690.243.839
because he's gonna get back up oh i was692.3993.521
gonna go back up sometimes i can hit him694.0793.361
one here let me get ahead get it get a695.922.8
hit get a hit697.443.36
nice oh what's in the bag come on baby698.724.0
come on baby give me good it is700.83.68
mechanical parts oh that's uh that's702.724.559
good stuff okay that's locked704.486.08
up with your baby lady lady lady707.2794.8
got it710.563.76
it scared me come on712.0794.961
all right swing at me baby714.324.16
sweet or not717.043.28
okay i'll get this deck [ __ ] please do718.482.56
i've seen this one before it's like a721.043.52
business lady yeah see that missing this722.245.36
lady with a bloody mouth yep724.564.64
oh come out727.63.6
and there you go she's down i'll give729.23.6
her the business731.22.639
you're nuts733.8393.521
oh good we got stuff735.044.799
i like the way this looks yeah yeah yeah737.365.599
oh man ammo machetes what is this orange739.8394.961
juice schematic i guess i know how to742.9593.44
make orange juice now simon thank744.83.52
goodness all right breaking open the746.3993.12
looks like oh wait is that medicine749.5193.201
right there on the floor it is and751.045.039
that's a grain alcohol simon are you752.725.84
what antibiotics756.0794.88
cyber antibiotics cure that infection758.564.64
baby eat that infection cure that760.9593.521
now wait don't i need to drink it with764.483.599
water no [ __ ] no all right good good765.925.12
good good good damn idiot oh wow thank768.0795.361
you looky looky771.043.68
that worked out774.723.04
dick where you at i'm not too far away778.483.919
i'm at one of these restaurants over780.564.88
here sun's going down yeah i know like782.3995.521
you know what time it is no785.444.0
do you make a watch yet i don't have a787.924.08
timepiece timepiece i love that789.445.6
all right i am almost to you man792.05.36
i set up a stove in the kitchen i795.044.0
reinforced the garage i didn't reinforce797.363.599
it i put some blocks up it needs to be799.044.0
reinforced oh i think i see you yep800.9594.161
hello like it could it could get turned803.044.56
any second you know i know well don't805.123.66
hurry whatever you do807.63.84
what in the hell of those glowy guys811.445.68
yeah yeah they look crazy they're like815.124.159
irradiated at least they make their817.124.159
presence known i mean i can't hate that819.2793.68
oh yeah no they're not gonna sneak up on821.2793.201
you look at it they're like doing some822.9594.0
uh dragon ball z cosplay god there's one824.485.039
really oh boy so as long as we stay826.9595.201
crouched usually we're we're going to be829.5194.961
we should be fine we should be fine yeah832.163.6
you got the little eyeball in the bottom834.483.12
left hand corner if it's really really835.763.12
low that's a good thing that means837.63.12
you're really hard to spot really low838.884.079
what's considered low what do you think840.724.96
i'm five that's low hey maybe good842.9595.68
just just humor me here be on this side845.685.279
of the lip because i've got the spikes848.6395.041
at the front door if they do spot us you850.9594.801
got a lot of spikes out there no i mean853.684.0
i've got about eight maybe ten down at855.763.6
the front that ain't bad oh hey look857.684.48
what i found in a toilet what i've got859.366.08
oh a pistol hey listen dora i can really862.164.799
use that shotgun if you do have it865.443.199
because i do have shotgun ammo here you866.9594.401
go oh like here you sure it's gonna not868.6394.241
fall off the roof that's a good point871.363.2
we'll wait well wait no do it i want to872.882.88
see if it falls off the roof okay let's874.563.04
see if you got to grab it quick okay875.764.48
ready ready yeah now first of all877.66.16
ammo yeah nice nice nice nice pipe oh oh880.244.24
oh good i got it oh yeah it did it884.483.599
didn't fall through sweet sweet wow good885.684.719
hey thick yeah i just learned you can892.04.639
grill yucca really i've grilled one here894.0795.521
let's see hold on uh896.6394.721
it doesn't hydrate you like the raw899.63.599
stuff but it won't give you the okay the901.364.719
poops okay hmm it doesn't tell me what903.1995.841
kind of food i get i'm hungry hold on so906.0795.041
i could try it well i'll try i'm cooking909.044.799
more for you though 56 is what i'm at911.123.68
ate it913.8391.921
took me up three915.762.879
i was just three917.1995.041
okay yeah i'm at 22 on on food okay here918.6395.44
we cook a couple yucca for you okay922.242.599
you i'll be right in a second all right924.8396.201
guys i think this zombie's in love with929.363.599
this rabbit dude it's been chasing it931.043.44
and then it gets to it and it stops and932.9593.041
just yeah look at that934.483.44
there goes the rabbit again come here936.03.839
zombie is she gonna chase it this time937.923.599
no yeah she's going after it look at it939.8393.841
is she if she's going kind of slow yeah941.5193.921
she was running a second ago943.683.839
oh okay now she's running yep and then945.444.24
she'll stop yeah she'll stop oh it's947.5194.161
like she remembers this other life where949.683.599
she used to think they were cute she951.683.2
loves it she just wants to get a better953.2794.161
look at it close up yeah that's it's954.884.0
what if i can hit the rabbit from here957.444.0
that's what i needed oh wow you said you958.884.24
need it well i mean that's part of my961.443.36
yeah you should be doing it then i'm963.123.36
gonna get that rabbit and then you could964.83.52
kill the kill the rabbit right in front966.484.4
of the zombie yeah send a message yeah968.325.519
says anything you love we will kill970.885.6
oh you [ __ ] i almost hit the rabbit oh973.8394.721
my god what i just gave it a haircut976.484.719
she knows exactly she doesn't know you994.563.68
look at her thing she doesn't know look996.322.8
at her998.244.08
stop dora i'm i stopped it just stopped999.126.0
can we admire that got her what the [ __ ]1002.324.959
that that was loud no it wasn't it1005.124.079
sounded like a shotgun me punching you1007.2794.641
in your ass is gonna be loud wow wow1009.1998.041
you wish you wish you could punch my ass1011.925.32
hey neebs you see that a yellow house1025.124.4
over there with a garage um1027.284.159
i think so yeah it looks like there's1029.524.08
some sandbags on top of it i wonder if1031.4393.921
it's hiding something over there yeah1033.64.319
you gonna go right now yeah i don't i1035.365.199
don't see much around zombie wise i'll1037.9193.76
watch your back1040.5592.4
all right1041.6792.801
yeah it looks like there's some sort of1042.9592.24
torch up there1046.03.12
oh okay i thought we'd nerd pull1047.63.36
together but oh i thought you were just1049.124.96
gonna like watch me from afar i want to1050.965.28
see let's see what you're getting into1054.084.0
oh here we go1056.243.84
bam gotcha1058.083.92
get out of here what'd i miss what'd you1060.084.4
fight i fought a buzzard i think that's1062.04.48
cobblestone right oh yeah oh man those1064.483.84
things are my worst enemy oh yeah1066.483.76
there's some stuff down in there yep you1068.323.44
know what i'm getting this stuff right1070.243.439
here what's that this stuff right here1071.764.08
let me see in that cobblestone this is1073.6793.521
good stuff right here where's this1075.844.56
cement oh neeps yeah green puffer jacket1077.25.28
for you down here oh yeah i'll take that1080.44.88
coming down oh there we go yeah yeah1082.484.72
this is good stuff all right hey watch1085.283.04
your back because there's a hole right1087.23.68
here puffer jacket huh yeah oh man i'm1088.326.08
gonna look slick and it's your color1090.886.56
good morning good morning now check this1094.46.159
out let me see where you at bam yeah how1097.445.119
good does that look oh oh you look1100.5593.921
really sexy you look like a male1102.5594.0
stripper football player man crazy1104.484.26
person crackhead uh-huh1106.5593.841
all right we got we got company1110.45.279
are they in the front yeah yep front to1112.645.68
the left uh this almost even feels like1115.6794.481
it's too much to deal with no we can1118.323.68
deal with this all right yeah why1120.162.879
wouldn't you think we could deal with1122.02.64
this i don't know i mean how many are1123.0393.52
there looks like there's like another1124.642.8
seven or something like that all1127.443.119
together okay seven or something we1128.965.36
can't handle seven damn zombies come on1130.5595.681
what's the alternative run away i'm1134.323.68
scared is what happened1136.243.76
i'm sorry i just get a little shocked1138.03.84
because i got hit before that's how it1140.03.919
got me it scared me but with an1141.844.079
unexpected hit my adrenaline started1143.9195.921
rolling oh i could try my shotgun do it1145.9196.241
now you ain't so scared oh yeah i wonder1149.843.839
if noise is a thing though because i1152.163.04
feel like when i was using the shotgun1153.6793.761
last time like that spawned zombies but1155.23.599
maybe i'm wrong1157.443.359
i hope i'm wrong i hope you're wrong too1158.7993.841
because i'm about to start shooting [ __ ]1160.7993.681
makes sense yeah it's like yeah you're1162.643.84
attracting everything oh there's one of1164.484.0
those green glowy guys out there simon1166.483.76
oh i don't want to try to go for a green1168.484.96
glowy guy oh i kind of i kind of do just1170.244.88
to see what its capabilities are you1173.444.0
know what i mean well all right well i1175.124.559
this this cause it's coming all right1177.444.479
it's coming all right i'm doing it i'm1179.6793.681
gonna club this [ __ ]1181.9193.601
uh let me repair my club real fast all1183.364.24
right i'll shoot it once1185.524.399
cut it down once okay come on club1187.65.36
repair repair club repair please club1189.9194.801
let's take it oh god there's all this1192.964.079
other stuff from scrapping oh1194.723.92
nice shot thank you1197.0394.321
all right i'm going to shoot this guy1198.644.24
oh yeah all right greenies aren't so1201.363.6
tough okay they're just green they're1202.883.84
just glowing green for some [ __ ]1204.964.56
reason okay i need to go rent some cars1206.725.76
i need to hunt some animals okay i gotta1209.525.68
get some stone and clay yeah you need to1212.484.16
work on that uh get that workbench1215.23.04
rocking simon you get that workbench1216.643.279
rocking i'm gonna build some good [ __ ]1218.243.12
all right get out of here go find our1219.9194.88
friends i'm working on it1221.364.88
hey we gotta get out of here matt we1224.7992.801
have to get up with the others this1226.243.84
place is hairy everything is hairy here1227.63.76
we're stronger1230.083.68
tiny tomato man that's when there's a1231.364.24
chair like a cherry tomato right yeah i1233.764.08
guess so i'm starving i'm gonna chance1235.64.72
it eat it i'm gonna eat it no food1237.844.56
poisoning there we go nice1240.323.359
you don't think we should strengthen a1242.42.8
little bit more it's only day three1243.6793.161
before we try to travel1245.23.68
uh like more food no i i think we should1246.843.079
start traveling after all these years1249.9193.841
you're like you still trust your you1251.9192.561
decisions man we gotta get together with1254.484.559
everyone else just saying it's day three1257.284.0
we look i've got one more1259.0394.241
like fetch thing to do1261.284.48
right over uh to the west here uh-huh is1263.284.32
it wednesday yeah it's west1265.762.88
and then1267.62.0
we can1268.642.48
what time i don't even know what time it1269.63.36
is yeah you gotta you gotta be like a1271.123.76
survivor you gotta look at the sun look1272.963.52
sun's way up in the sky it's probably1274.884.72
like eleven how about eleven well1276.485.76
let's do this fetch thing for the trader1279.65.92
and we get out yeah all right i'll i'll1282.245.84
follow your lead okay even though my1285.526.32
brain tells me not to1288.083.76
hey guys1292.02.08
hey hey uh i found a farm down the road1294.084.719
i got more corn and i got a [ __ ] ton of1297.0393.921
potatoes oh god i need it because of my1298.7994.961
my food's at two good i also found this1300.964.959
what the hell's that uh doodoo1303.765.44
you found crap yeah human feces can you1305.9195.841
eat it uh it says it's a disgusting turd1309.25.04
only pick up on the clean end and it can1311.764.48
be thrown at your friends or to distract1314.244.319
all right seriously though give me some1324.5593.201
baked potatoes or just potatoes i don't1325.843.04
care here you know yeah i've already1327.763.12
baked a couple well yeah these i had a1328.883.679
couple here here's three of them1330.883.36
i have 14 in my pocket i'm gonna go bake1332.5593.201
those right now and make sure you pick1334.242.96
up all the yucca fruit you can grill1335.764.399
yucca oh yeah okay i did pick up a yucca1337.25.04
yeah grill it oh grill it really really1340.1593.601
i thought you said grow grilled i'm sure1342.243.36
you can do that too grill the yucca1343.763.2
doesn't give you much you give this one1345.62.4
all right1346.961.63
shut up1348.01.84
needs yeah i think i'm gonna die from1349.844.24
starvation i ate something bad you still1352.04.0
on the roof nope i'm coming right1354.086.36
towards you uh yep1356.04.44
see this is why i don't want to listen i1362.484.16
don't want to listen he he's ready to go1364.7992.641
on a1366.642.08
a voyage1367.443.04
and he's starving to death1368.723.6
all right1370.484.97

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