We Got a DEMON HORSE! - Conan Exiles

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat beca...
We Got a DEMON HORSE! - Conan Exiles
We Got a DEMON HORSE! - Conan Exiles

We Got a DEMON HORSE! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that demon horse video? It's our new favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that demon horse was a real showstopper! But let's not forget about the pirate battles, classic Neebs Gaming content.

appsro: I don't know about you guys, but I'm still recovering from that VERY LOUD SHOUTY SCENE. Classic Neebs overreaction, am I right?

neebs: Haha, Appsro, you always bring the drama! But seriously, that demon horse was something else. I think we need one for FriendCamp Resort!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat because today is demon horse day! That's right, demon horses and pirate battles await in this action-packed episode.

The episode kicks off with some intense corporate jockeying between two competing resorts, adding an extra layer of drama to the already chaotic world of Conan Exiles. And let's not forget about the hilarious antics of the Neebs Gaming crew as they navigate through the challenges and surprises thrown their way.

As always, the team at Neebs Gaming brings their signature humor and wit to the gameplay, making it a joy to watch from start to finish. From demon horses to pirate queens, there's never a dull moment in this episode. And if you're a fan of the series, you won't want to miss out on the latest developments and twists in the story.

So grab your favorite Neebs Gaming coffee blend, sit back, and enjoy the ride as the Neebs Gaming crew takes on new adventures in Conan Exiles. And don't forget to check out their merch and special offers to show your support for the channel. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more epic gaming content from Neebs Gaming!

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all right Dora I'm thinking right here5.727.079
what's there boom Oh this is a circle of8.5596.601
power uh-huh and I don't know what it12.7994.081
does I just know I had enough stuff to15.163.36
make it I just know the last time you16.885.239
did that Darkness thing that was18.527.04
weird hold on what hold on what22.1196.841
seriously all right let's see if this25.565.959
oh ooh31.5194.161
okay oh my36.05.8
God what it's a Damon horse boy I I feel38.5596.081
like you're going down a a pretty rough41.86.96
path oo look look at me oh man I got a44.647.919
demon horse God stares through your48.766.56
soul it's his is not comfortable to ride52.5594.601
on it's very hot I'll bet I'll bet like55.323.239
I got a steaming little muff going on57.164.76
you know what I mean no58.5593.361
all right what we got today hello81.686.16
anybody okay here we go what we looking85.644.439
at I'm looking for some skilled workers87.844.16
like what are you hold on a second oh90.0794.68
skilled workers are you looking for92.05.32
hello oh my God oh my God yep careful94.7594.601
wow what kind of wa these guys are97.324.4
skilled workers these guys are skilled99.364.0
they swing hammers around and they wear101.723.96
loin cloths you know it baby how's it103.363.759
going over here nebs I just got to105.683.039
change something in my settings there we107.1193.96
go and resume whoa here we goes now I108.7194.04
can tell here don't worry I have someone111.0794.36
who can help us Archer Archer my own112.7594.64
skilled worker will get him attack115.4393.481
fighter actually yeah these guys are117.3992.961
more your speed118.922.839
none of these guys are skilled get them120.364.0
buddy I'll be in the cave okay I just121.7594.481
wanted to show you my high class of124.365.319
workers over at sandalis oh yeah you126.245.96
have any like Engineers or scientists or129.6795.001
things like that no but I have a corpse132.25.28
okay oh god well look I strengthen134.685.04
numbers neebs I have like 30 people over137.486.839
there now maybe 40 maybe 50 working hard139.726.08
I don't think you understand what I'm144.3193.881
after I'm after skilled workers and I145.84.96
think you're a [ __ ] corporate hey do148.24.64
you do you drive a car do you have a air150.764.0
condition in your house I do do you want152.844.16
a th000 people building you a I don't154.764.839
know a little paper fan or do you want a157.04.879
AC and a car neebs you realize you're159.5993.72
the villain in this right you're you're161.8793.401
afraid of change you're the villain who163.3194.121
comes in with their fancy Tech and their165.284.72
gear and then I'm the guy who does it167.445.079
the Homegrown way unskilled worker here170.04.84
Anthony will take you exactly yeah send172.5194.841
him my way I believe in his potential174.844.2
anyone can be anything they want didn't177.363.799
you go to public school okay I got a179.046.04
carpenter now we're talking and ooh I I181.1595.681
like whatever this is she's so SK I185.083.719
don't even know what she is okay how's186.843.8
it going with that Archer out there188.7995.041
everyone's dead yep including my guy190.646.12
everyone oh boy okay don't come in here193.844.759
killing anything okay cuz I'm working196.763.08
okay I guess I'll just stand out here198.5993.56
and do nothing no this sounds fun this199.846.0
is great yeah how sandal is going just202.1595.841
it's going well we have a we have a nice205.844.479
like hedge uh entrance way that we're208.04.56
building you know at least six or seven210.3194.12
workers all making sure things are nice212.564.52
and uhhuh you know clean okay we're214.4394.0
expanding we're in the middle of an217.083.239
expansion right now but I'm currently218.4394.681
recruiting a very specialized person I220.3194.28
don't know what she does but it seems223.123.399
really cool for what your little224.5994.601
platform over there yeah sure it doesn't226.5195.401
even have a roof come out come out my229.25.039
people have roofs yeah it's a work in231.924.64
progress It's getting better EES I think234.2394.08
you need help honest obviously you have236.563.239
no idea what you're doing what what do238.3194.2
you mean look at you you're going in239.7994.08
caves just beating people up you don't242.5193.0
even have a roof for them to go to this243.8793.401
is where the good people are yeah but245.5193.761
good people deserve good amenities this247.284.159
is like a Hilton without a pool I249.283.679
understand mine's the days in but251.4393.281
there's no Hilton without pools well you252.9593.56
look at yours the point is you're trying254.723.68
to have a high class dump man what is256.5194.041
this Archer doing up here good God258.44.16
Almighty I thought Anthony I thought you260.564.04
were taking these people they had no262.564.4
skills I'm good I only take people from264.64.68
the south side of town all right now266.966.56
listen I got this person who is a temper269.287.32
Smith wow what's a temper Smith you're273.524.959
high class you should know is it like276.64.28
temperature smithing yeah he might work278.4794.481
on AC there we280.885.039
go this this thing seems like I wouldn't282.964.48
be able to take him in the water it285.9194.481
would definitely seem that that that way287.445.599
okay I'm going to go in slow290.44.519
o oh no no no he seems to do okay just294.9196.441
fine huh yeah huh do this help yeah298.286.12
Health looks good I'd love to see um The301.365.96
Offspring of these two a combination304.45.04
might be lovely yeah what was yours307.324.04
cream pie pie I got to figure out what309.446.36
to name this guy crusty Crusty's not bad311.366.04
when he's swimming he kind of sizzles315.83.48
could name him Sizzle yeah all right I317.43.2
got options I got to think about319.282.6
something he needs a permanent name I320.62.64
tell you Bean's going to be jealous been321.882.68
riding around with Bean so long I kind323.243.12
of feel bad oh you haven't addressed324.564.72
this with Bean no no yeah I'm going to326.366.399
have treat being real nice okay well329.286.199
what I figure we'd do is uh I need to332.7595.201
make something called an alchemical base335.4795.081
uh-huh and in order to do that whoa337.965.64
whoo what's that move what the are you340.564.84
attacking me what just happened it's343.64.96
attacking me why cuz it's evil it's pure345.45.6
evil hey is it attacking you yeah it's348.565.8
attacking me okay no more of those what351.05.12
I don't understand get away you get away354.364.24
from cream pie right now you get away356.124.44
use your magic you freaking demon358.63.76
sorcerer hey calm down calm down calm360.562.84
down calm362.364.559
down that's how you get your pets a bad363.45.88
it's a bad damn horse a really bad366.9196.4
horse like that Satan spawn horse well369.286.44
there's a price to pay for dark magic373.3195.361
huh yeah no just got to learn to tame it375.725.68
hey calm down calm down if you were to378.686.919
do it again I Y or nay I'd say381.46.68
nay cuz it's a horse yeah but you're385.5996.241
right oh oh wow he kicks I didn't expect388.085.679
this today no I didn't either I thought391.843.799
it was going to be a cool evil horse not393.7593.961
a [ __ ] or Bean's going to get extra395.6394.241
treats oh man be I'm going to feed this397.723.8
guy to Bean she's not even going to know399.883.12
don't feed that to Bean I'm going to401.524.079
feed my do not feed that to be crusty403.05.0
horse to Bean man what a it's like a405.5994.481
boss fight I know she's got one the help408.03.96
pool come on come on these are still410.084.04
weapons these are good uhhuh it stop it411.966.239
stop it ooh don't you kick it me B and414.126.759
food oh418.1994.761
there's a bad damn horse yeah it's a bad420.8793.44
horse there a bad horse what do I get422.963.2
for chopping it up you what I had to use424.3194.56
to make you I don't know oh I got a426.165.719
horse carcass perfect what the hell428.8796.72
seriously hell is Hell the carcass of a431.8795.681
horse yeah what the hell could I do with435.5993.6
that I don't know I wouldn't say that437.563.919
was a horse though H damn I have to make439.1995.161
another one no441.4792.881
rabbit what are you doing Anthony H just445.085.399
relaxing in the shade okay you know it's447.84.679
not that hard to just put up a roof in450.4794.12
this hot sun what about your Resort oh452.4793.921
they're fine they have a nice roof over454.5993.561
their head food they're they're they're456.43.72
living it up I see you've uh taken care458.164.28
of Anthony as a bad dad he's alive you460.124.0
know if that's taken care of him yeah462.443.64
okay I think parents usually strive for464.124.44
more than that but it's a horse okay he466.084.64
looks healthy yeah I know I feed him I468.564.479
take care of him all right unlike your470.725.039
one person you have one person yeah I473.0395.28
think uh I think she's good at like I475.7594.201
don't know maybe black Smith table or478.3193.72
anything like that we're going to see479.963.919
okay yeah but look I've already planted482.0393.961
some plants I'm going to put some shade483.8793.921
probably have some chairs and maybe oh486.03.8
you're you're planning on shade yeah487.83.239
okay that's that's a nice thought yeah489.82.92
they'll be shade I mean I prioritized491.0393.041
that but you know whatever got to make492.723.0
sure they get to work first yep so I'm494.083.2
going to probably head back to the uh495.723.479
the original base and grab some supplies497.284.24
I want to put some bushes up like some499.1994.28
some Hedges oh yeah I already have those501.524.119
yeah okay gotcha man you're really503.4793.761
bitter about this whole thing you're my505.6393.84
rival you're my competition I have to507.243.72
fight you yeah see that's the wrong509.4793.04
that's the wrong mindset is it you510.963.559
ditched me I didn't ditch you you chose512.5194.281
a location you believed in it you gave514.5194.241
us all hope and then you left nobody516.85.239
there can do blacksmithing or nobody in518.765.279
America can do these jobs for the price522.0394.48
we want to pay them let's go to China no524.0395.24
we won't okay Yep this is oh never mind526.5193.801
I'm not talking to you about this529.2793.24
anymore okay yep I'm going to go back to530.324.68
my men get away from my horse there you532.5194.201
go see I'm a good dad get out of here535.03.44
and I'm a good influence on you you'll536.723.84
thank me someday thank you I'll come538.444.519
visit you you'll enjoy your540.566.12
stay oo that's a mean looking Snick yeah542.9596.641
that's not an issue though yeah we can546.684.92
take him right well yeah I mean it's549.65.04
just a kind of an average Snick in this551.64.84
game man I've been killing I've been554.643.48
killing crazy people left and right I556.443.28
think I can take an anaconda come on558.124.48
baby oh well okay oh well okay I don't559.724.32
want to do with my fist that's a bad562.64.16
idea all right uh yeah you don't want564.047.08
that here we go uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh566.764.36
uh oh that snake's going down yeah wow571.486.64
that's a dramatic Death Super dramatic575.2794.881
all the drama with that guy oh look at578.123.399
oh man look at it twisted and rolling580.164.04
into the water oh that looks cool I lost581.5194.88
I lost visual okay these Pirates are on584.24.56
the uh the eastern coast we got a ways586.3994.521
to travel all right well wish you had a588.764.639
horse yeah no I'm I'm going to paying590.924.2
for that one aren't I oh that's another593.3994.361
Snick do you want to fight the Snick um595.124.04
don't really get anything for fighting597.762.96
the Sni yeah why don't we pass the Snick599.163.119
yeah we'll just run right past the Sni600.723.799
and since when do we call them snicks um602.2793.481
I don't know just started doing it it604.5194.44
was fun yeah let's see oh hey there this605.766.0
like Amazon out here it is this is cool608.9595.241
feels great yeah what the hell is that I611.764.519
see it sniffing sniff snicking okay he's614.23.92
sniffing is that a castle what am I616.2794.081
looking at up here you see that up in618.126.32
the Rocks yeah uh I think neebs and620.366.4
Anthony made that oh oh this was a place624.443.72
that was getting attacked there in that626.763.72
uh that last hoard yeah I had a great628.164.48
battle here at one point really I630.484.68
remember very little of it man I guess632.643.72
I've been so focused on being a635.163.679
homemaker wait a minute is that a horse636.365.279
yeah out here take the horse I forget638.8394.8
what the backstory is here oh my641.6395.76
goodness y this worked out for me how643.6396.681
perfect the universe said here who is647.3995.321
evil person have a horse oh it's just650.326.519
horse yeah all right well boom got a652.727.679
horse there's my Resort beautiful656.8394.961
beautiful ladies and gentlemen of660.3994.041
candalas listen up we have a new member661.84.56
and I may have been talking this place664.443.68
up to our competition quite a bit so we666.363.88
all need to buckle down and really build668.123.68
a whole bunch of stuff because I mean670.243.399
look I didn't lie I told him we had671.84.159
Hedges but you know there's not a lot so673.6393.88
get to work get building we have we have675.9593.32
we competition to impress I don't even677.5193.161
know why I care about his opinion I679.2793.721
respect neebs even though he's been a680.684.24
horrible mean businessman lately all683.03.24
right let's build come on and don't684.923.039
worry I'll install lights soon I I know686.244.719
it's dark sorry687.9593.0
you know I thought I'd be annoyed by695.883.04
this but it's kind of like white noise697.323.6
you just kind of get used to it good698.924.159
good yeah no I like it the warrior comes700.924.52
out at night and I just can't sleep I703.0794.601
like it man and it it establish as our705.445.079
dominance in this area like every animal707.685.88
within like a mile radius can hear you710.5194.721
yeah yeah yeah I'd join you when I'm713.567.399
tired right rest well I'm going to715.245.719
yeah yeah I can sleep yeah I'm sleeping721.566.56
to this no problem I can play this for724.163.96
hours oh man sorry you know what I was730.06.48
building bushes and I should have been H733.2796.0
oh no look things are going to get736.484.08
better okay I mean I've already got739.2792.961
light in bushes but you think you could740.563.839
just keep pushing that cuz I'm going to742.243.36
go over here to Anthony's little thing744.3994.161
he built ah I should drop hold on I'm745.64.919
too heavy too heavy you're okay though748.563.519
right you're not going to like I'm not750.5195.361
taking damage yet so Bo what is so heavy752.0796.32
oh it's all this rock there we go okay755.884.079
you know what I'll hang out here with758.3994.24
you as long as I can and keep you759.9596.361
company yeah you're doing great look at762.6395.961
that you know they say sitting sitting766.324.519
today is as bad as smoking it's good768.64.76
that we got you out here oh yeah yep770.8393.921
okay you know what listen I'm going to773.363.12
head in but I'm going to get you some774.763.639
walls built before the next Sandstorm776.484.32
you're going to love love it oh boyy778.3995.361
okay woo sorry I know this looks bad but780.84.96
it's going to get better okay I mean me783.763.4
sitting over here in this shelter and785.763.079
you pushing in the sandstorm definitely787.164.479
is not the look I'm going for so don't788.8396.24
make any opinions yet you too free hes791.6396.121
don't judge795.0792.681
me all right Dora I think go PE is with798.8396.081
a pirate Z yeah what are we doing again802.683.68
what what were you getting I want gold804.923.479
and silver and my thought process was806.364.4
pirate have gold and silver yeah it's808.3997.601
true they they do notoriously look at810.765.24
this here B you doing great no I'm not816.046.12
there we go all right I got him I got819.6394.2
him I got him oh you just walked in okay822.163.96
let me take his blood though zath loves823.8394.0
that blood oh yeah now get your uh get826.123.519
your zath blood oh I cut his arm off827.8394.12
look at it rolling did I get it I don't829.6393.88
know if I got it I get it probably got831.9593.921
it see he have anything good on him oh833.5195.32
wait what you got a page of sorts h is835.886.84
it anything first mates report H oh that838.8396.481
might help with Intel we were I'll look842.724.559
up to the left here wow oh yeah I845.323.439
remember this there's a bunch going on847.2793.24
here oh yeah yeah there's like a pirate848.7593.921
ship and like a pirate Village oh my God850.5194.201
like up to the left want I kind of want852.684.0
to knock that out all right should we uh854.724.0
yeah should we climb yeah going in that856.683.64
way I like that that's sneaky right858.723.039
isn't that sneaky look at this look at860.323.439
this you and me yeah on the world861.7594.88
sneaking me and a a person whose heart863.7596.2
is corrupt and nice oh no I'm good now I866.6395.161
hung out with a dancer oh you did yeah869.9593.721
oh good prostitutes do wonders for871.83.959
corruption that's all it takes all right873.683.48
what do you think go in guns blazing875.7592.76
like oh wait you know what let me put my877.164.32
helmet on yeah I'll get this guy no I878.5194.721
can't come on it doesn't fit through881.483.76
there what all right yeah that's a Bull883.245.92
guns blazing yep guns blazing hey y yall885.246.959
made mistak I can't fit under889.165.119
here oh892.1994.361
W oh wow there there's a lot of them894.2795.521
there's a lot of them yeah y uh-oh uh-oh896.565.0
did you put a bed roll down uh didn't899.84.36
did you yeah oh that was always always901.565.12
yeah okay well good for you l oh boy904.165.039
I'll be back bed roll oh [ __ ] it's in my906.686.399
horse [ __ ] oh you you left me here oh no909.1996.08
I'm here I'm here oh ous the greedy913.0793.961
sorry buddy you're not fighting I got915.2793.441
him I got him I got him all917.045.799
right oh no come on man well tell you918.725.52
what you stand back I'll take them there922.8393.841
we go all right Jesus calm down you guys924.245.48
got anything good on you is that oh hey926.686.0
that's good that a spy fighter oh it's a929.726.76
merchant okay ignacious the greedy hello932.686.32
ignacious it needs gold coins and gold936.485.799
bars he wants a sand Reaper egg for 10939.05.92
gold I'm not buying an egg for 10 gold942.2795.0
yeah we don't want said egg yeah goodbye944.924.88
can I kill him guess not there you go947.2794.56
you idiot all right come over here put a949.84.399
bed roll down I will I got to make one951.8395.761
got some silver coins sweet I need954.1995.161
all right free H uh if anything comes at959.365.12
you you just run okay don't be a hero we962.044.08
got to get in that Brimstone I don't I964.482.76
don't like that girl out there pushing966.122.76
that Wheel by herself we need one of967.243.959
those big ones is that noise you hear968.884.24
that this lady just walked up there she971.1995.08
goes this lady is walking oh I guess you973.125.199
I mean yeah I knew that come on now all976.2793.36
right I'm going in for brimstone978.3193.041
remember I was in here with the queen979.6393.76
and there was a ton of Brimstone here981.363.2
I'll be983.3993.8
back hey Dora there's a guyy down there984.564.88
doing the same dance you were doing oh987.1994.12
crap look at him he's establishing989.444.92
dominance ah or just enjoying that I991.3194.32
don't feel like I'm dominant it just994.363.68
feels really good do okay so it's like995.6395.401
yoga kind of yeah yeah you do it for the998.045.919
exercise yeah that's what I yeah okay1001.045.64
I'm thinking we come over here we start1003.9595.56
at the top and work our way down okay so1006.684.279
I mean we can take out a couple without1009.5193.081
even you know what I mean I mean yeah if1010.9593.481
you want to I'm I'm going in like a mad1012.64.52
man or mad lady uh-oh how do I stand1014.445.56
again there's going to be one less yep1017.127.319
maybe a Pirates Come on get that up1020.08.28
heads oh God you look right oh kushites1024.4397.161
huh oh the kushites make some good weed1028.285.399
die oh1031.64.959
boy come on come on come on there's a1033.6794.16
red Barrel over there I don't know if1036.5593.161
it's worth shooting yeah but you know1037.8394.48
how I do I do all right got one of those1039.726.52
down okay wo oh or maybe it wasn't a red1042.3195.48
Barrel it was just a barrel covered in1046.243.52
blood watch out we got an Archer here oh1047.7993.601
yeah oh you little son of a [ __ ] all1049.763.72
right go for it I'm going to get this1051.46.0
Blood nice yeah you get the blood Z gets1053.485.8
the blood you know what I'm saying oh1057.44.04
yeah oh what is all this stuff lots of1059.286.0
stuffs oo underwater breathing mask1061.447.16
really what that's pretty awesome yeah1065.285.96
yeah I'll take that I bet you will [ __ ]1068.66.959
yeah rare gem stone oh let's see oh is1071.246.679
this guy cool oh here we got shamala the1075.5595.921
pirate Queen oh well hello pirate queen1077.9195.88
I'm the new Queen in the land so don't1081.484.28
you dare screw with me and that's right1083.7995.961
you kneel you kneel and you pay respects1085.766.36
that's right let's see I'll learn oh she1089.766.0
can teach me some alchemy what I I want1092.125.96
that learn sticking Alchemy all right1095.764.2
and I talk to her but I'm not going to1098.083.599
because it's boring what is this1099.963.44
Merchant sell what do you sell oh it's a1101.6793.36
cat cat all right I'm going to steal1103.43.8
their cats and this is we this guy's1105.0393.88
name's WEA1107.24.599
man you can buy some decent like uh oh1108.9195.0
you can purchase mercenaries from this1111.7994.681
guy gotta yep not going to talk to you1113.9194.041
either cuz it's boring all right you1116.483.079
want to work our way uh work our way1117.963.68
down I'm after Sil and1119.5596.641
gold yeah um yeah here I1121.644.56
come you getting in on this uh you know1136.9194.441
what are you doing we're having our1140.364.48
morning drum circle oh a oh you got it's1141.365.24
looking good1144.844.56
hey hey you guys you guys keep going you1146.64.04
guys keep going I'm going to uh I'm1149.42.48
going to go talk to this guy you keep1150.642.919
going you killing it oh man I'm liking1151.883.52
this hey we have morning activities yeah1153.5593.761
we have like you know plan stru oh sorry1155.45.0
let me hey buddy what's up yep yeah1157.325.32
what's going on get it yep how long does1160.44.32
this go for um you know probably the1162.643.48
entire day or until I tell him to1164.724.319
[ __ ] stop all right well I feel like1166.125.16
you're ruining the you know the chill1169.0393.921
Vibe you had going by yelling at them1171.283.08
it's a little bit of chill but you know1172.963.0
they're still slaves we want to have fun1174.363.28
but they need to know their place okay1175.964.48
listen this looks great oh thank you I1177.645.279
love it I love the entrance yeah big1180.444.16
entrance you come in it's all about the1182.9193.561
presentation you know community area you1184.64.04
got a dog yeah yeah he hangs out he1186.484.52
really makes everyone happy my gosh we1188.643.84
got people working on arts and crafts1191.02.76
there's a few people back here who are1192.483.84
slacking that yelling is uh I don't love1193.765.0
the yelling after a minute you know yeah1196.324.64
all right I stopped see no you're still1198.764.56
at it okay them well that's the activity1200.964.68
you know it's like if we have morning1203.324.28
swimming in a pool gotcha they're just1205.643.039
going to Splash around in the pool you1207.62.559
don't get annoyed at the old old people1208.6794.88
splashing let me guess Archer uhhuh1210.1596.321
fighter are you I bet I bet these are1213.5594.521
archers or Fighters huh you judging1216.484.28
everyone here just on their occupation1218.085.68
what they choose to do arer that's a1220.765.159
horrible way to dictate somebody sir1223.764.52
fighter they come here to relax Nees1225.9194.64
gotcha are you ever at a well you might1228.284.44
be you might be at a you know hotel and1230.5594.281
be like so what do you do I can't I1232.723.36
can't hear a word you're saying so what1234.843.48
do you do like you go to a hotel you1236.084.04
right away you're like what do you do I1238.323.239
don't go to a hotel where everyone that1240.123.2
works there's a fighter right but now1241.5593.24
the people staying there these people1243.324.04
are staying here say that again these1244.7994.441
people are staying here okay I'm just1247.363.72
saying I'm trying to build a hotel hey I1249.243.72
think your horse is interested in this1251.083.839
uh thing you want to get her in on this1252.966.0
oh God okay look I enjoyed the visit I1254.9196.401
just I can't relax here can't what I1258.964.88
can't relax here well this is just the1261.324.719
morning it's just a temporary activity1263.844.04
that should be okay all right I'm going1266.0396.76
to put my mask and get back into this1267.884.919
y'all you guys are great1273.767.399
great all right very nice let's see oh1277.6795.961
what was that oh hey that's a gem oh oh1281.1593.801
you that's a pretty that's a pretty good1283.643.519
mace all right probably better than what1284.964.319
I got really let me look you want to see1287.1594.88
something fun usually oh that's I'm1289.2794.201
taking that that's better than my piece1292.0394.201
of [ __ ] oh yeah use your mace man a1293.484.76
masing a shield that'd be that'd be mean1296.244.08
okay but uh yeah look at this ready what1298.243.12
what what what what what what you're1300.321.8
going to love it you're going to love it1301.365.04
you're going to love it R what R oh oh1302.128.2
hey I got me a pig leg did you remove a1306.48.0
leg to do this uh yeah is it worth it y1310.327.8
y y it was worth it y o y wow you're1314.46.2
losing your [ __ ] man I had a good day1318.125.799
look I found this oh man this dress that1320.65.72
looks good too oh that looks I like that1323.9193.961
oh yeah look now now now this is a good1326.324.56
combo here when I found these earrings1327.885.48
uhhuh let's see it's like we're we're1330.884.679
shopping day it was shopping day for me1333.364.6
yeah look at me I'm a pirate lord with1335.5595.401
big old knucker I got me a mace and a1337.964.36
bow y y man good God I got some bazongas1342.327.839
yeah I try not to stare out of respect1346.6796.201
okay okay get the [ __ ] away look at him1350.1594.921
no I don't want to look no no you're my1352.883.799
you're my friend you want to touch him1355.085.52
no touch him I will swing this mace at1356.6793.921
you oh look at this she's ready alumit1360.888.919
envil brow is that your name interesting1366.26.44
okay so let's get a look at you here we1369.7995.521
go and1372.645.68
um okay I know how to do this I know how1375.325.359
to do this right pretty sure I know how1378.324.17
to do1380.6793.281
this all right we're back okay I don't1383.965.36
know which table this lady goes into but1386.963.68
I feel like she does kind of like what1389.324.719
you do H can you guys just like do1390.645.8
multiple jobs what about let's try1394.0395.921
stinky tanky so her name is alumit Anvil1396.447.64
brow oh holy crap she can do it look at1399.967.8
this oh right so uh boom boom look at1404.086.839
that you guys can just gossip all day1407.766.799
and go on about like murder shows and1410.9195.801
pumpkins and all that stuff let's see1414.5595.161
hold on can I give you huh can I add1416.725.319
clothes can't add clothes can I I'd like1419.724.319
to give you something fun to wear I'll1422.0394.601
pull you out no just take take all I1424.0394.401
don't see many things all right well1426.643.399
listen if I can figure out how to get1428.443.719
clothes I will bring clothes but in the1430.0394.161
meantime I don't know maybe I can make1432.1593.441
some pumpkin bread or something you1434.23.12
girls have fun I'll go get some more1435.63.199
what the hell was that I don't1438.7993.76
know all right everyone good job I don't1442.645.279
think neeb suspected a thing he thinks1446.085.199
we're a nice happy sandala Resort and1447.9194.76
that's how it's going to stay for now1451.2794.121
until we reveal ourselves but now oh1452.6794.041
sorry I keep forgetting I'm wearing this1455.43.24
mask there we go can you hear me better1456.724.88
okay now that the resort is coming1458.645.96
together I think it's time we start on1461.65.199

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