We Found OURSELVES in Conan Exiles - Our Easter Egg!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat because...
We Found OURSELVES in Conan Exiles - Our Easter Egg!
We Found OURSELVES in Conan Exiles - Our Easter Egg!

We Found OURSELVES in Conan Exiles - Our Easter Egg!

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Conan Exiles! Today, we finally found our Easter Egg, and it's epic!

simon: Oh yeah, this is definitely my favorite video. I mean, who wouldn't want to find themselves in a game like Conan Exiles?

appsro: Haha, yeah, it's like we're living out our wildest dreams in the virtual world. I can't wait to see what other surprises this game has in store for us!

neebs: I know, right? It's like a never-ending adventure with you guys. Plus, who wouldn't want to rock some Neebs Gaming merch while conquering the Exiled Lands?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat because in Episode 33, the boys finally pay a visit to their Easter Egg! I know, I've been eagerly waiting for this moment, and it's finally here.

In this episode, they explore the Easter Egg in true Neebs Gaming style, with their trademark humor and camaraderie. It's always a blast watching them play Conan Exiles, and this episode is no exception. Plus, they even have some cool merch available at their resort shop, so make sure to check it out!

And if you're itching for more Conan Exiles content, don't worry because they've got a whole playlist dedicated to the game on their YouTube channel. You can catch up on all the adventures and antics from previous episodes while you wait for the next one to drop. Trust me, it's worth the watch.

Also, don't forget to grab some Neebs Gaming coffee for a pick-me-up while you watch. And if you want to support the channel even more, consider becoming a Patreon or checking out their Twitch channel. There are so many ways to show your love for Neebs Gaming and join the community. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest Conan Exiles episode. Let's see what kind of shenanigans the boys get into this time!

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camels right apparently there's a camel2.124.56
dealer up here all right that's good it4.443.96
would be nice if you know so they hold6.683.32
water maybe it's not like you can stick8.43.72
a straw in there hump it would be well10.04.639
that would be nice wouldn't it heads up12.123.76
him yeah oh yeah you get them Abbot step15.886.44
on them like it's a rug mhm AB I'll fill19.085.64
up my skin I'll do a little drink let's22.324.48
get this quick yeah I'm just waiting on24.724.68
you boom all right from what I have26.85.56
heard it is up this way oh good man I29.44.159
almost went the complete opposite32.363.039
direction that is usually my that's what33.5594.241
you do it's your Mo my instinct wrong35.3995.521
direction look at that little baby baby37.86.88
right okay H is it did I go the right I40.925.959
don't know over here I think I think44.684.0
this looks familiar from what I was I'm46.8793.241
just going to let's leave these here I48.682.76
can do that and then we can explore50.122.64
around here a little bit just a little51.443.16
bit if this is a nice quick thing you52.765.2
know yeah yeah know I'm down with that54.66.16
so you know sometimes there's places57.964.48
that are very friendly I'm assuming this60.764.92
one is yeah oh hello wait wait wait wait62.445.719
wait I also got other advice all right65.685.119
not going to lie well good I'm glad no68.1595.0
reason to oh wow I I don't need any of70.7993.921
this stuff this doesn't Okay I'm going73.1593.401
to take it all though all right I've got74.723.56
a nice good76.565.199
stuff is there another chest around78.285.839
here that's my impression of you thought81.7593.601
there was supposed to be gold in there84.1192.561
well okay let's talk to the guy and85.362.92
we'll figure out the gold thing how much86.685.24
gold do you have uh88.283.64
eight eight okay see what we're dealing92.3995.76
with hey Master Tamer urick purchase94.926.98
camel cap for 10 gold coins98.1599.941
[ __ ]109.244.32
abro what you've been in there a long110.846.559
time tired you got to come out I W to113.565.28
get some117.3995.04
fun I do need Crystal okay also do you118.846.08
have any extra armor you don't need122.4394.801
extra armor let me get up like a hat or124.924.64
some pants hat her pant hold on let me127.245.88
check my armor stuff rero fuzz follow me129.565.64
yeah I need some hats come on you come133.124.839
inside come inside huh yeah oh hey hey135.25.28
how you doing oh my Lord what has137.9596.081
happened to you oh let's see hat I got a140.486.28
cultist skirt I also have a cultist hood144.045.0
does it have good armor no I don't think146.764.04
so let's149.044.12
see oh here's some stuff dig around in150.84.079
that see if there's anything you want153.163.04
okay perfect I need something for154.8794.72
hand-me-downs gotcha what it's a door oh156.25.16
not that I didn't say open my secret159.5993.801
passage no it's not very secret is it no161.363.84
it's not not even trying to find it my163.44.32
dungeon Oh you mean this yeah little box165.24.08
okay gotcha bend over Bobby you're167.724.0
looking great you're doing great okay169.285.239
let's see maybe that I don't know she's171.725.0
she's a little picky anything like that174.5193.561
ought to176.725.12
wor oh no178.087.079
uh NE he well I'm good I've been passing181.845.64
out a185.1592.321
lot all right let's go get some Crystal187.764.399
you've lost every bit of your hair it's190.483.8
it's fine it'll grow back probably192.1594.281
Romero Buzz come with me we got to go194.284.599
get Crystal and do stuff and things196.444.159
things and stuff right hey long as198.8794.761
you're outside hey I'll get200.5995.0
outside I think we need to have an203.644.0
intervention this isn't good he's got to205.5995.441
want help do you want want it oh want207.645.12
what Crystal yeah whack let's go get211.044.04
some Crystal I I meant help not Crystal212.763.92
yeah help getting Crystal let's go sick215.084.28
of talking about it okay all right I got216.684.68
what I want219.366.32
thanks up got 10 gold coin in a box 10221.366.28
yes we got 18 it'd be nice to get two225.683.839
camels yeah that would be nice I also227.643.56
have a folding screen you think i' could229.5194.401
sell that puppy listen you can't um I231.24.72
got 24 silver but he didn't say anything233.923.959
about silver and I I can't help but be235.923.599
picking up little other things I'm237.8793.72
almost over encumbered almost filled up239.5194.241
oh damn it cuz I got like a stone Throne241.5994.441
a forgotten bookshelf a table that's243.765.6
long and a stigan bed like it's this is246.045.16
window shopping but just grab it kind of249.364.36
stuff yeah I've been picky should I get251.25.039
a an iron warax yeah I think you should253.724.44
I don't know what how much the damage on256.2394.161
ah yeah that's a good question it's only258.164.64
22 this place is nuts who the [ __ ]260.45.799
Design This it looks like there's um uh262.84.92
I don't know like a little Arena down266.1994.161
there on the ground for a fight hey267.724.52
we'll look around a little bit more y we270.364.52
need couple more chests yeah maybe these272.244.2
yeah I'm I'm practically down on the274.883.92
ground here okay well and they're all276.444.08
friendly right I like how there there's278.84.52
these uh bridges that don't reach each280.525.56
other what the [ __ ] what looks like283.325.24
there's a oh Jesus all right no they are286.084.44
not they are not happy no they're never288.563.84
happy I know no we just passed the guy290.523.48
walking up here the oh I'm watching you292.43.96
Simon yeah the one that was you know uh294.03.72
going to sell us [ __ ] I thought these296.363.96
were his buddies oh no they're no I297.725.479
didn't know let's see head shot head300.324.56
shot all right whatever hey I'm going to303.1994.0
get to this other one and hey if we get304.884.64
one no we got to get two camels we can307.1994.081
get two camel we need two camels we'll309.523.679
get two y we got to find the other gold311.284.68
two gold it's a it's a thing now it is313.1994.321
what else we going to do it's a big315.964.28
victory you just need to get317.525.56
it names who's that lady following you320.244.76
is that a lady yeah it's hamme Downs323.083.76
okay and thank you for the uh skirt and325.03.639
helmet she didn't have a good you know326.844.56
pants or hat oh God you yeah hey hand me328.6394.84
downs I don't think we've met before I'm331.44.919
abro I'm a sorcerer abro doesn't usually333.4793.761
look this336.3193.88
gross what do you that's so mean why337.244.64
would you say something so mean you why340.1993.12
would you ask why I would ask that341.883.52
you've seen yourself I have not actually343.3193.88
I haven't looked at a mirror re are345.43.56
there mirrors are there mirrors yeah are347.1993.56
even mirrors in this game just trust me348.964.84
you look crazy gotcha all right so whack350.7594.44
you say there's Crystal around here I353.82.839
used to get crystal out of a cave but355.1992.72
you said this is a good source somewhere356.6392.84
up here yeah there's a cave just up357.9193.161
there the hill here so we just got to359.4793.881
keep going and we'll make it361.087.08
there okay Simon mhm chests chest oh yes363.367.44
chests are good hello hey there there368.163.879
somebody out there I hear someone out370.84.28
there no gold hey out of here help372.0395.72
listen listen we're we're on the other375.084.04
side of the door we we're kind of in a377.7593.84
pickle use your help think there's some379.125.079
lever out there good chance one of them381.5994.641
will will open the door and we'll be384.1993.72
could you pull a lever please listen386.243.04
this is none of our business whatever387.9193.321
you to get in there it's none of our389.282.88
business we don't want to get in the391.242.519
middle of this yeah but he just asked392.163.12
for is there a lever do you not see a393.7593.521
lever yeah there's I see two on this395.283.4
side there probably two on that side397.282.72
yeah so then let's pull levers you want398.683.519
want to help them right fine we'll pull400.04.759
one lever402.1996.761
yeah bees bees getting attacked by bees404.7595.88
yeah we should get out of here yeah but408.962.72
they're on the other side of the door410.6394.721
five guys I'm the oh no I'm I'm going411.686.16
swell it415.362.48
up how convenient he is allergic he's418.526.64
dead pick another lever we'll pick one422.45.68
more lever and that's it okay yeah um425.164.24
you want to get the other one yeah I got428.084.96
it over here Jesus that was not a good l429.46.76
no fire bur we're killing them Sim436.166.84
okay I'm badly burnt we're all badly443.6396.68
burnt oh crap I'm burnt guys we're up446.687.079
first yeah but I'm allergic to fire what450.3194.6
line allergic to fire there's454.9196.921
Nee some somebody say something about I458.525.639
don't think so very dangerous try461.844.759
another one um hey since it's kind of464.1594.521
fun to kill him yeah maybe this one will466.5995.481
too oh wait I hear468.686.56
something what is it472.087.559
Dart yeah darts like the Indiana Jones475.247.679
yeah holy crap damnn thick you look like479.6394.601
a pin482.9195.4
cushion I could they were easy to484.244.079
avoid oh they were clearly poison Simon488.444.759
it's like they were just him it almost491.563.12
sound like he said Simon but I don't493.1993.921
think he did yeah that's okay uh maybe494.684.799
pick another yeah pick another we've497.123.96
already done a whole bunch there's the499.4794.241
last one really you idiots there's more501.084.92
you probably deserve all this all right503.724.919
good vibes yeah come on this is going to506.04.72
work of course it's yeah going to get it508.6396.601
to oh no what is that no that's a510.728.08
tiger tiger I've never seen a tiger it515.245.359
looks just like a tiger he's looking518.83.359
right at you Simon maybe it's a big520.5993.12
tiger looking right maybe it's a522.1594.401
friendly sheep in a tiger suit523.7196.081
gold it's not526.567.68
s oh boy he's eating529.88.36
you oh who's the woman screaming just me534.246.44
left in here any more levers no more538.167.6
levers uh no more none yeah well thanks540.687.36
you're welcome thanks for trying to help545.765.48
okay so no more levers no more levers no548.045.16
not even one that was fun s yeah that551.243.56
was it though yeah I kind of enjoyed553.23.72
that check this chest I'll be good554.84.039
though I'm I'm good sorry suckers I556.923.52
appreciate the help you're welcome do558.8394.081
you have any gold coins thanks anyway560.445.8
I'm good got 17 right here baby oh sweet562.925.52
let's go and a heavy coin purse yeah566.244.68
camels hey worth it we should get paid568.444.68
cuz that was some shitty voice acting570.923.8
up all right so that cave should be574.724.64
right over here okay a sure can you have577.044.96
a horse follow you as well with two no I579.364.919
don't think so but I could be wrong just582.03.6
two of anything could be a horse and a584.2793.041
zombie that's a wack question wack if I585.62.96
had a horse could I ride a horse and587.323.28
have two zombies following you could yep588.563.519
there you go sweet yeah you could try it590.63.799
out with the with my horse watch out592.0794.76
[ __ ] Boys Hey knock it off hey I don't594.3993.921
want to stab your guys yeah don't stab596.8393.201
the zombies just let them do work okay598.322.759
honestly that's what they're here for600.042.919
right they're training like uh your lady601.0794.401
my zombies yep she trained too man these602.9595.801
zombies are tough oh what did you do I605.485.359
think she just shot your horse who hamme608.763.68
Downs you got to shoot the the bad guys610.8393.321
not the horses hamme Downs get in this612.444.12
action monkey boys right there she's614.164.28
broke or something I don't know what to616.564.64
do oh there she's stabbing little late618.444.68
there hand me downs does she have a bow621.23.879
and yeah she's got the bow in her hand623.123.8
and the spear at the same time I've seen625.0793.921
her use both she's really good should we626.924.4
give her one or the other nah feel like629.03.64
you're giving her too many choices give631.324.639
her one or the other okay take the632.645.56
listen to the pro just stab for now okay635.9594.761
yeah just stab y'all going in that cave638.25.879
oh no yeah well I was planning on it but640.725.919
again yeah right yeah we going in the644.0793.921
cave yeah we're going in the cave let's646.6392.961
do it yeah we're going in the cave me648.03.2
and himans will hang here you guys go649.64.08
get it all right Bob's out all right you651.24.36
got your cool light I got my not cool653.684.56
light oh yeah here's the Crystal this is655.564.76
what I'm after whack this is good stuff658.243.68
should be able to come down here where660.323.56
there's a lot of it and use your sorcery661.924.56
to gather a t of oh yeah that's a even663.885.04
better idea good call I mean that's666.484.44
that's why you are the way you are right668.924.68
yeah from all the sorcery see all right670.925.52
zames come on oh sorry whack you're good673.64.28
almost walk right into me there you know676.443.199
what's funny what you don't hear the677.884.6
name Crystal much anymore do679.6396.601
you no no you don't hey bu you mention682.486.479
get him do y'all know any crystals yeah686.247.44
have Nam Crystal oh no oh no my what wow688.9597.201
Jesus fuzz and Romero are both dead well693.683.88
that was quick God really from one696.163.6
monkey boy from one monkey boy man I was697.564.36
hoping zombies were cool zombies suck699.764.0
see I got you back hand me down level701.923.4
them up slowly I don't think he can703.763.0
level them up they were already back705.323.0
yeah zombies don't level that's right706.763.8
yeah zombies suck [ __ ] okay well least708.323.88
let me do the sorcery get all this710.562.959
Crystal I think you're not ready for712.22.96
that yet that's why we're out here still713.5193.361
you watch me fight for a while you know715.163.84
I'll stab things you watch How I do and716.884.6
then we'll get you up to level 15 or 30719.04.24
or whatever a number is that's real in721.483.44
this game all right watch out wack here723.243.719
go awesome that'll do it that'll do it I726.9594.56
think you cleared the whole cave yeah729.883.399
I'm encumbered now here can I put the731.5192.721
crystal in the hor that's why I brought733.2793.961
the horse yep stupid ass zombies all734.244.88
right got what I need back to the base737.243.599
back to the739.125.519
base all right uck so Simon we have we740.8395.721
have 35 we don't want three cam do we744.6393.64
want three camels why the hell wouldn't746.564.76
we you know one of them's going to die I748.2794.92
just want to make sure one of them is751.325.4
named toe all right one753.1996.961
second that's fun purchase Made Simple756.726.359
Things camel calf I'm over encumbered760.166.2
let's see camel calf yeah you know I763.0795.241
taking one it's cuz I want to know what766.363.56
it's like to hold one oh I think I got768.323.8
all three I will I want one okay well769.923.919
you will but you know calm down we we772.124.079
got three cabs okay I want a cab inside773.8396.321
me what I want to carry one as if I am776.1997.561
holding it I'm putting it okay wow that780.165.799
is a weird is it really is it weird to783.764.28
want to be able to give birth to a camel785.9594.24
there's a cap in a bag strange cap in a788.044.64
bag for you thank you that's not toe790.1996.241
though oh oh what a [ __ ] H get this792.687.56
thing out of me I'm sick of796.447.959
it oh man okay hey yeah back home yeah800.246.159
back home that'll be nice better not get804.3993.56
hemorrhoids when I'm pushing this thing806.3993.761
out you have ever Hamid807.9595.12
I have oh God I was not expecting that810.165.64
answer good talk man glad you brought it813.0795.12
up yeah no I'm oh hey what are you doing815.84.08
I got a guy over here trying to meate818.1993.681
hey what are you do oh no no what you do819.884.48
he hey hey oh God and now I'm it's not821.884.04
going to want to move cuz I'm so heavy824.364.08
I'm too heavy well don't have put it in825.924.52
the Rhino I am hold all right this is828.443.92
not the way to fight this no isn't it830.444.839
not a man we got to just take it down832.364.279
all right here look you're doing it and835.2794.48
I'm helping yay great glad you guys got836.6395.88
to see this killing your family that's839.7594.241
right good job Simon you better be842.5193.32
careful otherwise we'll do it to you844.04.199
yeah let's talk about hemorrhoids more845.8395.481
right all right you just stay back just848.1995.121
stay I don't I don't want to say stay851.323.639
close but stay far but that's what I'm853.323.84
that's what I'm going to say oh okay now854.9593.8
just watch what I do all right you're857.164.28
level two right now I want you to be not858.7595.841
that's too close Okay you block you stab861.444.959
look at that who else we got now that's864.63.72
really close I don't want you this close866.3993.721
you're going to get okay now stay back868.323.72
don't get so close there we go now this870.124.2
is an Archer he's long range there you872.044.76
go see how I did that okay now I had you874.324.319
set for a long distance and what' you do876.84.44
you right on me you're breathing down my878.6395.56
neck okay you don't even look ashamed881.244.76
all right oh you know what this this884.1993.32
sword was stronger than what you got886.03.279
there we go I'll get rid of that that's887.5194.0
heavy oh HS that means that alligator891.5197.68
okay stand back stab stab stab come on895.0795.281
hand me899.1994.241
downs what did it say I just that's why900.365.0
I had you set to903.446.72
Long God man I feel so bad but you don't905.367.279
listen great really getting attached to910.165.2
her too you're going to be hard to912.6394.961
replace we've been through a lot915.365.36
together this just the worst917.66.12
sorry uh make a dragon powder so far I924.445.879
have six Dragon powder I need like what927.1995.521
7 8 n 10 I need I just need four more oh930.3194.481
nice and what's that four sorcery932.725.119
sorcery yeah I really I am jonesen like934.85.479
if I don't get some soon I got feel like937.8393.641
I'm going to kill everybody you know940.2793.521
what I mean anybody home yeah yo what's941.486.0
up hey we got camel c c man put them in943.85.76
the camel R is there a workbench for947.484.44
camels I don't we'll we'll figure it out949.564.04
we got to put them in the yep it's951.923.279
probably the same whack I'm going to953.63.64
guess the same work or thing as the955.1994.32
horses horses yes yeah yeah put them in957.244.36
the horsery which is uh this thing over959.5195.56
here yes yeah so so uh in case you guys961.66.52
are ever wondering camels go both ways965.0795.88
so do we yeah can I'm both ways too all968.124.6
of us yeah you know what he's970.9594.281
saying camels both go both ways you can972.724.599
put them in the stables and then uh ride975.244.519
them okay oh or you can put them in the977.3194.601
animal pin and not ride them I'd like to979.7594.88
just hand the camels up I just had one981.923.919
yeah door doesn't want to do the work984.6393.361
door just wants I brought you a [ __ ]985.8395.56
C boy there he goes again there he goes988.06.199
again so which one makes you can R we991.3995.8
want to be able ride this one give give994.1995.681
that so I go ahead and I drop my animal997.1995.841
in here even though yeah listen Simon we999.885.56
brought them camel like I brought out to1003.043.52
a camel and he was like oh you don't1005.442.36
want to do the I brought you a [ __ ]1006.562.639
camel I know he doesn't care and I1007.83.2
forgot I put the camel inside the the1009.1993.921
Rhino so I'll do that I'll put it in the1011.04.48
stable whack thank you you're welcome I1013.125.92
I'll be busy for a second all right go1015.485.56
get my camels too where am I what's1019.043.799
happened I don't listen you need to take1021.043.96
a nappy food you look like [ __ ] you do1022.8393.96
look like [ __ ] you smell like [ __ ] you1025.03.52
usually smell like [ __ ] what's different1026.7994.681
is you look like [ __ ] what is this that1028.525.08
looks different right that is different1031.484.839
that's like a glow and eye gray hyena1033.64.959
jeez okay uh well want going to fight1036.3194.48
back so I'm War you okay oh you're not1038.5593.921
good with rocks huh now what what are1040.7993.921
you doing now oh oh you trying to fake1042.484.24
me out oh I see now you got like a skull1044.723.12
I don't think I've ever seen one of1046.724.36
these wow okay oh yeah oh yeah you hurtt1047.847.199
me bad okay oh God man it's good thing1051.085.479
hme Down's in here cuz she definitely1055.0393.0
would have gotten killed right now hey1056.5593.48
neebs what are you doing there I just1058.0394.481
fought a hyena that looked different oh1060.0394.321
yeah it was gray its eyes were glowing1062.523.64
oh yeah you found a corrupted hyena1064.363.48
that's pretty cool okay do they have1066.163.759
anything better that I can Harvest yeah1067.844.92
smack wait wait smack them with a pick I1069.9195.521
don't have one oh pick yeah pick pickaxe1072.765.52
yep yep that sounds stupid though right1075.444.32
demon blood are you saying that cuz you1078.283.6
want Dema blood well you get better1079.763.84
stuff that way sometimes they'll drop1081.883.2
potions sometimes they'll drop1083.63.64
alchemical base a lot of different1085.084.76
things listen do you remember1087.246.28
hand-me-downs yeah yeah she died um I1089.845.92
told her what' you do I told her many1093.525.48
times to not follow so close and I1095.764.64
stabbed her while trying to stab an1099.04.48
alligator nah that'll happen so listen I1100.46.04
would like another uh friend that's not1103.485.88
going to die so easy okay so we do that1106.445.359
where should I go so I need to go up and1109.364.88
get black ice and on the way to Black1111.7994.681
Ice there happens to be one of the best1114.244.88
THS in the game the Samaran Berserker1116.484.199
mhm so if you want to go do that we1119.123.36
could go go head up there and do that1120.6794.081
sounds like a plan right let's do it1122.485.679
okay I'll grab free holies we'll hit the1124.763.399
road what I just I I just dismantled my1130.448.64
altar you just dismantled your sh what'1134.726.88
you do that for it was an accident yeah1139.084.04
hitting the wrong button about time for1141.64.199
you to pass out again AB show probably1143.126.84
good you going to dismantle another1145.7994.161
altar I just noticed this bridge [ __ ]1150.364.92
the bridge has been there for weeks it's1153.6793.841
beautiful it's beautiful I don't go to1155.284.36
this side of the island it's very big I1157.525.72
thought I was dismantling a torch FYI I1159.646.2
didn't so wait did that take away like1163.244.04
all the upgrades or did you just put it1165.843.48
in your pocket I don't know no it1167.283.24
doesn't look like there's one in my1169.322.68
pocket I'll tell you that much so yeah1170.522.639
so you got to build that thing from1172.02.84
scratch huh yeah I'm not just happy to1173.1593.561
you all right so we'll get up here grab1176.725.839
the black ice kind of as quick as we can1180.25.64
because it is going to be cold okay and1182.5596.0
are you freezing yet any spice food oh I1185.846.199
think I might have a little I got rid uh1188.5594.961
yeah I can check whenever we get there1192.0392.721
if you think we need it okay are you1193.523.639
freezing now no just very cold so we1194.764.52
might be okay okay I think it warms up1197.1593.841
up here oh man this spot looks like a1199.283.759
horse killer doesn't it yeah okay we got1201.03.559
enemies are you fighting them or just1203.0393.321
grabbing some ice and going oh no we1204.5594.201
we'll have to they'll knock us off the1206.364.88
edge it's not smart not to fight them up1208.764.279
here oh God what is that thing what's1211.243.76
this thing oh you got a Golem I don't1213.0393.961
like free holes being over here there's1215.04.2
more star metal fall oh my God star1217.04.28
metal fall there's all sorts of stuff1219.25.24
going on up here very cold all right oh1221.284.6
God there's so much I never fought one1224.443.119
of these but I do have a star metal1225.883.48
sword yeah you're doing good at it he's1227.5594.401
getting into pooper all day long boop1229.365.04
boop boop oh boy stamina all right I'm1231.964.719
on it going the same place you did just1234.44.48
make sure we Double Down On It yep we've1236.6794.681
already made it tender so get in there1238.884.72
oh what was that move oh my gosh1241.365.319
spinning kick tag out okay okay and boop1243.65.24
boop there we go nice wow I've never1246.6794.161
seen one of these ever whoa careful for1248.843.719
Holly is right here yeah so so you want1250.844.28
to harvest him with a pick okay and1252.5594.881
you'll get some new stuff new stuff huh1255.124.36
all right let's see stuff all right pick1257.444.64
and Chop Chop what we getting blood1259.485.16
Crystal Gold Stone all right I don't1262.083.88
know what that does we'll need that1264.644.039
blood Crystal for some stuff later on oh1265.964.719
yeah good description so you see the1268.6793.841
difference in this ice this one on the1270.6793.961
left is Black Ice oh yeah it looks like1272.523.759
Crystal but it's darker yeah and then1274.644.6
the other ones are uh regular ice so1276.2794.52
just up here we'll grab some of this1279.244.08
black ice all right cool and then and1280.7994.36
then we can smelt down the star metal1283.323.0
great I don't know what you're leading1285.1592.801
to but it sounds really big and1286.324.239
promising so uh yeah grab all that stuff1287.964.8
then let's go get this th Sounds new1290.5594.321
friend yeah let's do1292.765.0
it all right how's this going you know1294.885.399
what it's great man I was what the [ __ ]1297.764.6
oh it's it's just armor I summoned goes1300.2793.441
away and like I don't know it's like1302.362.52
you're wearing a bunch of rugs or1303.723.76
something I like it yeah yeah you don't1304.884.2
smell better but what's up brought1307.483.52
something to cheer you up B Bo hey but1309.084.04
that was for you oh there you're1311.04.72
beautiful is this toe this could be toe1313.124.4
yeah yeah I'll name it toe can you ride1315.723.52
it or do you I guess we need put a damn1317.523.2
yeah we got to make a damn camel saddle1319.243.439
don't we maybe so check it out because I1320.724.68
messed up like an idiot y i uh I asked1322.6795.161
the goddess a uhhuh if she could help1325.44.2
and she done goofed she put like a1327.844.6
thousand manifestation oh wow look at1329.64.8
this look at all can't out I know look1332.443.839
at all those kills I got oh man I love1334.43.639
it when stupidity is rewarded yeah1336.2794.601
exactly it's the best what now you got1338.0394.361
camel Simon what are you doing H just1342.44.68
extending my uh1345.084.28
stair what was that1347.084.8
com com it all right well hopefully he1349.364.199
gets rewarded for that yeah maybe so1351.884.919
I'll see if I can bring it back to life1353.5595.841
Perfect all right neeb so we're going1356.7994.721
after Samaran Berserker he's going to be1359.45.56
walking around in the water out here and1361.524.639
it's always there it's another1364.963.56
guaranteed spawn is it a man or woman1366.1593.76
could be either way are they by1368.524.84
themselves yes okay so no one to kill1369.9195.36
huh no one to kill now are they going to1373.363.6
be anywhere in here just they just roam1375.2793.64
around should be should be around right1376.963.68
there right here oh you got eyes on him1378.9195.041
already yep there he is oh yeah okay so1380.645.68
this is my new friend maybe yes he's got1383.964.92
the sto it too which is great okay I'll1386.323.92
I'll get a helmet cuz I don't like that1388.884.72
haircut oh all right we got a staral x1390.245.84
go ahead and back up yep backing up yep1393.63.679
how's that that's working about pretty1396.082.8
good huh no wait if he knocks out in the1397.2793.28
water for a second we don't want him1398.883.32
falling getting knocked out in the water1400.5593.24
do we oh he'll be fine it'll be all1402.23.32
right oh that's this game doesn't care1403.7993.36
huh nope don't knock a dinosaur out in1405.523.6
the water they'll drown ooh watch out1407.1594.201
yep I'm watching that one hurt he hit1409.124.679
hard yes he does one of the hardest in1411.364.72
the game almost down yeah there we go1413.7993.161
that's right we can just pull them out1416.082.88
of the water can't we yeah I forgot1416.964.52
about that okay so boom boom here we go1418.964.4
I'll let you do the honors okay thank1421.484.6
you so much and then yeah nope uh that's1423.364.4
the button I want there we go okay let's1426.083.199
get this guy out the water yeah1427.765.2
absolutely good deal thank you1429.2793.681

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