We carried a baby HORSE across the ENTIRE MAP. It went poorly. - Conan Exiles

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat because i...
We carried a baby HORSE across the ENTIRE MAP. It went poorly. - Conan Exiles
We carried a baby HORSE across the ENTIRE MAP. It went poorly. - Conan Exiles

We carried a baby HORSE across the ENTIRE MAP. It went poorly. - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Conan Exiles! Today, we're doing the impossible - carrying a baby horse across the ENTIRE map. And let me tell you, it went about as well as you'd expect.

simon: Oh yeah, it was a disaster from start to finish. Anthony really dropped the ball on this one, becoming a deadbeat dad and all.

appsro: I still can't get over the monkey cave shenanigans. And Simon, getting seduced by a slug monster? Classic. This video is definitely one for the books.

neebs: Absolutely, nothing like a good ol' adventure in Conan Exiles with my favorite goofballs. And hey, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out our Neebs Gaming Coffee for some extra energy to tackle these crazy challenges!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat because in Episode 12, things get pretty wild. Anthony takes on the role of a deadbeat dad, Appsro explores a monkey cave, and Simon finds himself seduced by a slug monster. I mean, who wouldn't want to see that in action, right?

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As you dive into the episode, be sure to keep an eye out for some hilarious moments like Neebs being pregnant with a horse and the gang facing off against an elephant attack. The timestamps provided in the description will guide you through all the action-packed shenanigans, from Leapin Sky Dairy to Goddess Ada's Intervention.

And of course, don't forget to show your support for Neebs Gaming by subscribing to their channel, joining their Patreon, and checking out their Twitch streams. With their infectious humor and epic gameplay, you'll be hooked in no time. So grab your favorite Neebs Gaming shirt, sit back, and enjoy the ride with Conan Exiles Season 2 - Episode 12. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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hey guys thanks for coming I don't know0.965.28
how ruthless my God is but um you know I3.244.8
just figured I'd have a couple Witnesses6.244.04
and you still all about this spider God8.045.599
thing Wrath of z z keep it down okay but10.284.92
what do you mean though just keep it13.6395.041
down oh we just don't know I'm upgrading15.25.2
crap this is going to take some time I'm18.684.64
sort of did you guys grab some SN you20.44.16
think it would just upgrade like23.323.08
automatically no have you ever played24.564.879
Conan Exiles where everything takes 2026.45.16
how long do it say I'm not blaming you31.563.96
I'm blaming the the devs on this one33.64.04
well it it's a it's a whole new Shrine35.523.719
it's going to take time I'm building it37.644.079
a right now with my mind okay but what's39.2394.521
a while tell me I mean this is like you41.7194.32
and a car trip yep it is well how about43.763.6
you answer the question cuz it probably46.0392.961
tells you you know what it's going to be47.364.519
done in 2 minutes you son of a I don't49.04.44
know about okay well in the meantime I51.8793.961
made something called a yell Lotus53.444.32
potion okay and it's a potion that55.844.32
causes hallucinations and visions I'm57.765.319
all about it I'm I'm drinking it oh oh60.166.24
wow here I go I wish I could see seeing63.0794.921
we should it's always more fun to trip66.42.88
together yeah it's true it is I only68.03.92
made one oh my stamina's plus 10 though69.284.8
got that going for me okay all right71.924.36
let's see not seeing any hallucinations74.084.92
or visions though you got some bunk [ __ ]76.284.4
you know what I was I was promised79.03.36
hallucinations and Visions I got none of80.683.64
it you got to let it kick in you might82.363.92
just need to wait a little bit you know84.324.52
maybe I'm seeing something in the sky86.285.76
ooh is that something a to edited in I88.846.08
can't tell oh you never know right right92.045.359
is this part of the game or is this all94.925.559
fakery the mystery will never be known97.3994.921
got a minute left only 2 minutes really100.4793.481
I thought it was going to be like 3 days102.323.56
feels like 3 days Simon you want to go103.964.88
do a fight a boss after this yes okay oh105.884.279
before you guys go let me give you some108.843.72
good potions like what I'll take them110.1594.081
like these is aloe extract matter of112.562.599
fact if you guys are out in the about114.242.519
and you see any aloe grab it we can use115.1593.32
it to make better [ __ ] in these bandages116.7594.561
aloe Alo I dropped that's four of them118.4794.401
there you go Simon put them up your butt121.323.24
taking them in my butt what the hell is122.884.32
that oh you seeing [ __ ] uh maybe oh yeah124.564.36
cuz I don't see anything what do you127.25.08
what do you see I saw that what okay128.925.48
what do you see I I saw a lady on the132.284.92
water yeah but it wasn't a it could have134.44.68
been I mean you know what she looks like137.23.88
goddess a is usually naked this this139.083.6
this was a clothed woman all right well141.083.32
it could have been a Man Too like from142.684.16
from a distance hard to144.45.88
tell wow I like the old one better146.846.24
I don't I don't I like this one better150.284.679
how how are you guys' Gods doing I'm153.083.56
still figuring out whether or not I154.9593.041
believe okay you know what I might I156.643.56
might start on M mine today I might158.03.84
start my Metro worship today matter of160.23.28
fact I'm doing it okay all right good161.843.72
gear up buddy we we're leaving soon all163.483.32
right my Temple's going to make your165.563.48
Temple look bunk buddy zap's killing it166.83.95
on Tik169.049.08
Tock okay listen I'm kind of done with178.125.199
our little trip here I know I know I181.3193.84
want to leave too so I'm building a183.3194.2
bridge to that side look I've went I've185.1593.72
gone to the other side there's no metal187.5192.481
over there is this the way you want to188.8793.36
go home this way no because that would190.04.48
not be the way home why are we doing192.2394.041
this bridge because there's no metal on194.483.2
this side of the lake so maybe there's196.284.92
some on that side okay you know what I197.685.96
think I'm just going to go home now nebs201.25.0
we want to go home but I look my Katana203.644.319
is broken I don't think I'll make it do206.23.319
you your Shield's broken right is home207.9593.92
this way nebs is your Shield broken uh209.5194.401
not quite almost is home this way then211.8793.521
man we should get some metal to repair213.923.12
our things for the trip home I'm going215.43.399
to ask my question one more time all217.045.16
right is home this way no home is this218.7995.401
way follow me come on okay good deal222.24.0
this was easier than I thought what the224.24.679
hell is this son I don't know I mean it226.24.44
looks like one of the guys made it right228.8793.92
well I mean it looks like it was made230.647.0
what the [ __ ] okay right huh wish232.7998.08
interesting interesting design well okay237.645.679
how far away we got to make it past240.8794.801
these guys and it's in that Temple right243.3195.041
ahead of us okay so so we easy enough we245.684.72
just got to run run past the guys shall248.363.56
we yeah we shall it's been a lot of250.43.479
running so far I think I got that down251.924.2
yeah let's run run run little cowards is253.8794.561
what we are hey guys we're cowards we256.124.16
don't have time we don't we don't want258.444.199
to mess with you at all we just want to260.285.4
see your um your tourist attraction if262.6395.12
you will yes yeah great you guys are all265.684.84
tough is there a is there like a I can267.7596.601
buy with ears do this thing have ears W270.525.32
say guys pardon me we might have to274.362.48
fight some of them I don't know they're275.842.6
running right past like I'm running with276.843.4
them like we're buddies Dr how does this278.443.4
work again crap we might have to I280.243.799
forget how this goes oh [ __ ] yeah cuz we281.844.359
can't go in there all right fight time284.0394.241
fight time all right you know what these286.1994.801
are always fun take that yeah that's my288.285.12
buddy don't okay wow feel like I'm291.04.44
that's my spider buddy let me get a oh293.44.28
god oh there's a spider in here yeah I295.444.36
don't think I could do the bandage thing297.686.799
okay [ __ ] why is my H off look at them299.86.92
all dumb and distracted by spider all304.4796.121
right hold on idiot we're good all306.726.6
right yeah yeah all right heal up dude I310.65.28
just put a bandage on them I'm ready now313.324.56
thank you spider friend thank you for315.884.28
sacrifice all right we get this last321.846.079
tree down and I'm thinking let's see324.1997.12
religion boom Shrine of Metra oh no327.9195.481
we're going to have to turn this oh yeah331.3194.32
right here on the tip of this peninsula333.44.519
Peninsula however you say that word not335.6394.041
enough contact with the ground you337.9194.041
screwing with me there it is there it is339.686.16
Bam Metra oh MRA how I'd like to see you341.965.92
touching me at night see so what can I345.844.799
do here in the shrine of Metra what is347.885.68
this stuff burn offering flesh of350.6395.68
remembrance where do you get stuff like353.565.28
that skull of yog what is this junk356.3195.201
tablet of dirt ketto tapety of what is358.845.04
this mess lingering Essence I don't have361.524.399
any of this stuff oh wait I can do this363.885.039
an Anka used in the ritual purification365.9196.0
of the Dead craft an Ana and then I got368.9196.361
to get bricks and oh God 250 iron how is371.9195.161
Dora upgrading all this stuff is he375.283.52
making a [ __ ] ton of damn iron377.082.959
reinforcement over there that I don't378.83.72
know about or is he cheating all right380.0394.681
well I got stuff to work on iron and382.524.72
branches I can do iron and branches MRA384.723.759
you and me are going to have a good old387.242.6
time we going to worship you actually388.4794.081
you know what no you're going to worship389.845.68
me that's how this is going to392.567.4
go I'm your God MRA prepare to bend395.528.32
over okay oh excuse me sorry sorry okay399.966.48
all right oh I heard a all right so I403.845.079
don't see anything I'm assum we're406.445.759
salamanders hold on read this who408.9196.321
comes we do yeah it's us hey go ahead412.1994.881
and uh hit e on that so you can acquire415.243.92
the knowledge of dredger okay I've done417.083.16
required it I hit that guy he didn't420.242.88
okay they're talking you already422.242.44
starting to shoot well I was trying to423.123.759
hit a salamander okay I'm going to take424.684.639
out my weapon cuz I don't feel safe not426.8794.72
screw the torch I'm going to do that too429.3193.921
all right I remember doing this with431.5994.761
thick been a long time thick was a lot433.244.72
better than me436.363.959
R um I don't remember how to die but437.964.76
there's a chest down there okay but what440.3194.041
what are we fighting you first you said442.723.599
snake but then it's we got a ways to go444.363.6
how do you die what do you say there's a446.3193.72
ways to go there's a we got a ways to go447.963.639
oh [ __ ] no I thought we were fighting an450.0393.361
enemy right here this seems very like451.5993.561
important did you want to go get that453.43.76
chest I can't dive I I don't know how to455.163.96
dive either C but I might have rebound457.164.64
[ __ ] crap whatever I di I hit C hold on459.124.72
go get that chat I'm doing461.85.399
it why I don't need it right what do you463.844.96
mean you don't need it I mean do we467.1993.481
really need the plant fiber in the thir468.84.56
I know what was in there could have been470.685.88
CH that was my way of saying pardon me473.365.04
yes yes that was my way of saying it it476.563.359
it didn't really have anything that was478.43.479
really all right let's move on and I'm479.9195.761
heavy now I'm heavier and I'm Sor sorry481.8797.081
sorry leave me alone kimono dragon485.685.72
looking thing salamanders they look like488.965.239
kimono dragons Okay so if they say491.46.04
salamanders they don't look like oh so494.1995.4
what do you guys got hold on hold on497.444.159
what there's people they're just walking499.5994.44
through okay yeah we'd love to let me uh501.5993.921
let me drop some freaking watch out504.0393.321
Simon that's not a good place to drop no505.523.359
okay I guess not I didn't know that they507.363.76
were still on our ass here we go okay508.8795.561
welome I would not to the next chamber511.125.68
oh this is where that yeah come to me514.444.719
come to me are they still behind yep516.86.479
some still freaking behind us all right519.1596.641
didn't mean you yeah we we didn't and523.2795.281
have to kill you you asked for it not525.85.82
even messing with you all528.564.24
right ah home lies Yonder Beyond them532.87.719
Hills can't wait oh God God nees536.765.6
anthonyb what there's a thing in the540.5193.76
woods stop getting into fights man it's542.363.0
not in the woods it's not in the woods544.2792.721
anymore now it's now it's behind me545.362.9
thing is huge what is547.04.24
it it's a big brute Beast or something551.245.68
it's a tree demon tree demon how fast is554.044.799
it I don't know but now it wants you oh556.925.08
God where's my bow can we kill it uh I'm558.8395.201
going to attempt to strike it oh my God562.04.88
fre skull free skulls guess what today's564.045.359
a cardio day isn't it I think so wow566.884.16
look at my legs go up and down really569.3994.281
quickly yep you running Yep this area is571.044.6
very pretty look how green it is yeah573.684.12
it's Lush and green okay at least it's575.644.48
not very aggressive he left us alone oh577.84.44
God deal yep I'm not ready for that with580.124.279
my little tiny sword and these crappy582.244.68
arrows I ran right into it are you ready584.3996.201
for baby is that a horse yep I don't586.925.0
have any room to carry anything let's590.62.96
grab a horse come on my my weight's591.923.28
maxed out I just want to trap it I want593.563.519
to trap it inside a bag it'll be funny595.24.04
okay if you're going to use that horse597.0793.481
do it if you're not I'm not going to use599.243.599
the horse new not going to use the horse600.563.36
don't trap it if you're not going to use602.8392.481
it going to do it anyways you trap that603.922.479
horse and don't use it I'm going to kill605.323.04
you you can try you can't even kill a606.3994.201
horse demon a tree demon neither can you608.363.919
hey look I can still move actually nope610.63.76
all right I walk slowly home let's go612.2794.321
there you go if I see a bag drop with a614.364.479
horse in it you're616.64.96
dying bye all right I'm checking this if618.8395.12
there's a horse in it bye name see it621.564.56
home yep that's a horse would you be mad623.9594.081
if I did it again hey I will hold a626.123.68
grudge for the rest of the series628.043.239
okay I'll be surprised if your house629.83.44
falls down all right can't leave this631.2795.041
horse out here it's not right I tell you633.245.159
bean would you look at this this is not636.323.8
too far from base I was just out638.3993.481
exploring a little bit and look what we640.125.8
got a brown monkey hole o not on my641.885.959
watch I'll tell you damn it let's see645.923.24
looks like the monkeys and the turtles647.8394.361
have been fighting a war zone over here649.164.64
okay I want to see what's in this monkey652.26.079
hole hold on and boom one monkey down653.86.36
well I'm a decent Archer should do that658.2795.081
more often oi monkey boy I want to see660.165.16
what's in your brown monkey hole dumb663.363.279
monkeys what are you guys hiding in your665.323.6
monkey hole anything good or is this666.6394.88
just a little monkey cave oh no it goes668.926.479
down here my goodness what a discovery671.5195.641
who and man's675.3996.521
gato oh Bad Monkey quit it there you go677.166.4
let's check what we got down here oh wow681.923.96
that's a that's a lot of you that's a683.563.839
okay well it's going to be dark dark685.884.079
fight I can kill youall in the dark see687.3994.56
you don't mess with the queen oh you689.9593.68
messed with the queen and you got the691.9594.481
bean all right let's see what else is in693.6396.161
here oh oh wow what the696.445.8
hell okay well oh boy all right head699.83.839
over here it's a little bit more light702.245.399
where I can kind of see yeah come703.6394.0
on [ __ ] Legend let's see can I707.765.48
harvest these crystals oh yeah crystals710.24.6
that's not too far from home either713.245.159
that's pretty cool let's see then uh oh714.85.96
what's that what is this what is that718.3994.921
looks cool can I pick this up Crystal720.765.24
Crystal Crystal I don't want Crystal723.326.079
want that what is that well that's a jip726.06.68
okay all right whatever moving on man729.3995.12
I'm hearing a lot of monkey chatter oh732.684.48
yeah I see oh that's a big734.5196.0
monkey come on up here boys come out see737.166.6
the queen come get the be okay you guys740.5195.241
going to play this game743.765.319
huh oh okay that's he's got a skull over745.765.12
H oh but they don't know how to climb749.0793.521
cave even though they're mankeys and750.884.72
they live here I'm such a stupid monkey752.65.479
I'm about to die oh run it away but755.64.599
that's okay because yoink got your758.0796.401
friend and then yoink one more hit and760.1998.0
you're done God what a stupid boss an764.486.359
iron pot hey I got that going for me bar768.1996.361
FL hide okay I'll take Fair flesh tide770.8396.041
let's see what else that seemed like the774.565.639
biggest monkey in here okay oh there776.886.44
goes my torch who can I go to the bottom780.1996.841
of this it's so dark in783.326.44
here okay Simon I remember correctly787.044.479
there's a point where we had to raise789.765.12
some water to reach things this might791.5195.481
not be it though that might be it I794.884.399
don't know is there a lever crap cuz you797.06.36
can't grab that you know what I mean h799.2796.601
is there lever why can't I climb the803.364.479
wall I mean cuz it's an unclimbable wall805.884.399
they just you know some of them are like807.8395.721
that some are like that I guess okay um810.2794.56
so we might have gone the wrong813.562.719
direction is what you're saying no no no814.8394.601
no we just need to to raise the water we816.2795.56
need to raise the water in here in this819.443.68
particular area I thought you were821.8394.081
saying like you know when we go up past823.126.64
that so see anything on the walls look825.928.0
on the walls look on the walls like like829.767.999
in am amongst this or or back833.927.279
farther I837.7593.44
forgot well at least we think you're841.565.32
right about raising the water right yeah844.05.36
I think you're right we do maybe it is846.884.68
back I'll take a quick peek so I'm going849.365.36
be right back do that do851.563.16
that yeah we're trying to come to you856.0794.76
idiot make it easier oh I think I found858.365.719
it yeah am it no but I it's I think all860.8396.041
right yeah come here yeah what would you864.0794.88
think if you look you look up and you866.885.12
see those have yeah oh look at that so868.9594.24
that's what it looks like you'd shoot872.04.24
the middle so go for it Bo we are873.1997.121
Indiana Jones's yes yes yes water come876.247.64
up uh-huh what a good eye Simon what a880.326.56
good eye Twi I'm glad I'm glad I got to883.886.399
help a little bit next yep886.886.28
yep what next I'm the I'm the puzzle890.2795.521
Buster yeah she called you her clever893.166.84
one you are so clever I am so clever895.86.36
Mommy thank you for calling me clever900.04.12
you're going to you're so getting laid902.164.84
with my mommy no with with this oh but I904.124.88
called her I just called her mommy so907.04.56
well that's between well I mean role909.04.6
play is one thing but even that's weird911.565.199
okay you just right whatever913.66.159
puzzles nebs are you're really going to920.243.44
carry the horse the whole way home are922.0793.961
you really going to be a dead beat dad I923.683.64
it was a joke I didn't know it was going926.043.64
to ruin my day oh ruins your day how927.324.16
about the horse's day R the horse is a929.684.68
horse of931.482.88
course horses have bad days too but it934.444.36
look at the very most it could be like a937.1993.041
racehorse but it's not going to amount938.82.64
to things it's not going to have a940.243.48
career and oh my God you hear the words941.444.639
out of your mouth right now yes this is943.724.799
this is how like orphan movies go no an946.0794.721
orphan of a baby this horse ends up948.5193.521
caring cancer there's going to be a950.82.399
movie about it you're going to be the952.045.2
bad guy I don't horses can't cure cancer953.1995.601
all right I mean we can't even do it957.242.92
what makes you think a horse can do it958.82.959
okay if a horse cured cancer it'960.164.039
probably be more of a gruesome story cuz961.7594.44
it'd probably be parts of it yeah you964.1993.56
don't have cancer if you're dead when a966.1993.721
horse kicks you I guess anyway look are967.7593.601
you going to fight that wolf thing cuz969.923.479
I'm carrying horse right yep all right971.363.24
you have your sword out you can still973.3993.841
swing if it gets close yep all right is974.64.599
that what you tell pregnant ladies we977.243.959
can do this yeah pregnant ladies can get979.1995.12
a lot done it's 23 knes okay I hear you981.1995.08
they can build bullets while men go and984.3195.241
fight Wars I'm here to help you bam986.2794.68
there you go I'm glad you got to the989.564.0
fight just in time yep all right keep990.9594.24
walking it's going to be a long journey993.563.6
I'll catch up don't worry yeah you going995.1995.801
ahead I'll get there whenever I get997.163.84
there he anything can I go1001.3996.161
under not expect all this in this monkey1005.047.279
hole come rise up rise up right okay oh1007.568.8
oh hey now what's going on1012.3196.681
here I'm going to be sneaky I'm going to1016.363.8
be real1019.04.72
sneaky Tor out oh he's got three damn1020.166.48
skulls on him who the hell is this why1023.725.76
is he hiding in a monkey1026.646.88
hole Vias the loyal he's a fighter man1029.485.52
attempted to knock him out but how the1033.523.08
hell would I get him at oh I suppose I1035.03.919
could go that way over the cave instead1036.64.239
of under it all right you know what1038.9195.241
let's see how tough this VI fighter is1040.8396.12
oh I completely missed okay o I wish1044.165.48
that did more damage all right cool w o1046.9595.041
I got1049.642.36
you oh okay yeah you do a lot of damage1057.364.24
well you got ghost no no no no no no no1059.883.6
you ain't got ghost interact what's that1061.64.88
fight but interact what's that1063.486.6
do inter interact what's that do oh1066.487.36
God okay okay come1070.086.479
on okay o got a little bleed damage on1073.845.24
you you're not as tough as you look1076.5594.161
although you're pretty tough Boy tell1079.083.64
you what just sometimes it just goes no1080.724.48
I'm not going to hit you oh it's a lot1082.724.4
of BL page yes start bleeding start1085.25.719
bleeding you idiot and queen suck on my1087.126.439
be okay yeah okay yeah you hit you hit1090.9194.521
pretty hard half1093.5594.881
Health there we go one two that should1095.444.16
have hit that should have hit that's1098.443.32
some [ __ ] right there there we go 201099.64.0
bleed damage yeah keep bleeding dummy1101.766.399
keep bleeding dummy oo I got you oh man1103.65.24
that should have been a hit why does1108.843.959
that one hit not hit Bam Bam Bam Bam1110.086.56
there we go come at me again I1112.7996.88
need oh yeah you don't know me do you1116.645.039
kind of the queen of these Realms and as1119.6796.081
the queen i s it you oh to death oh oh1121.6798.961
oh [ __ ] oh what that was1125.764.88
[ __ ] wow look how far we've gotten no1135.05.799
might take us weeks to get home mhm1138.364.96
literally probably faster to build a1140.7994.601
stable and raise this horse here yeah1143.323.599
and then you could ride the horse home1145.44.279
yeah that'd be amazing mhm oh this is1146.9195.681
steep oh god look is that like tigers or1149.6794.681
Panthers or something down there oh my1152.63.68
is that an elephant ah this is where we1154.364.12
are wait elephants1156.285.16
yep I've been wanting to see one yeah we1158.486.079
got across the Savannah with a baby1161.446.359
horse yeah we have to there's no other1164.5594.961
there's no I agree with you there's no1167.7993.281
other option until someone picked it up1169.523.08
what are you talking about from course1171.085.92
we have to of of okay yep of horse of1172.66.199
course we have to I wish that worked it1177.04.08
almost does man we have to bring home a1178.7995.521
horse of course all right um well come1181.084.2
slide you make it I mean not yet but I'm1185.284.6
going to oh1188.24.359
God careful it bows in a little bit be1189.884.2
careful yep you know what I'm going to1192.5593.561
put a bed down here just in case okay1194.083.32
I'll build a trampoline down here for1196.123.559
the horse you can throw it down okay1197.44.0
make him down way down a little slower1199.6794.041
than you no I'm I'm pretty slow too I'm1201.45.24
climbing for two now I'm walking for two1203.724.439
I've filled myself with good stuff if1206.643.399
we're going to walk I'm I'm loading up1208.1594.721
oh God this is crazy Debs I found a cave1210.0394.801
behind a waterfall yeah I'm going to1212.886.679
explore it okay I'll meet you down there1214.847.64
okay all right I'm tired of walking oh1219.5594.721
God there's a tiger in it and like an1222.484.12
actual orange tiger is it fighting you1224.286.16
yes cuz it's a tiger right okay okay I1226.65.559
think I can do this I think oh God I1230.444.08
can't do this oh God I can't get to you1232.1594.88
cuz I'm walk1234.525.12
SL it's all right you good I'm1237.0396.321
protecting for two now I got1239.643.72
you so Simon I'm I'm curious yeah have1245.65.199
you ever met a previous Tinder date in a1248.724.839
sewage system uh no no I haven't and1250.7995.321
this exciting yeah this is fun it's a1253.5595.921
different different atmosphere oh sweet1256.125.039
nothings wow that's four play right1259.483.8
there yeah the thing is though I if1261.1594.041
we're hanging out here I do not want you1263.284.879
to watch okay you're going to have to go1265.25.16
as hard as it's going to be to not watch1268.1593.76
know you see cuz something tells me the1271.9194.561
water needs to raise I don't know why1274.723.52
I'm thinking that weird all right I'm1276.485.04
going the the left way okay so so I1278.246.2
should go the right way sure sure sure1281.525.12
so yep we're looking for circles we can1284.446.2
shoot oh I didn't know interesting man I1286.646.12
wish we could pray to our I you know1290.644.039
what I could pick a religion I'd pick1292.764.519
the religion of adahop and and I would1294.6794.401
you know why one of the reasons why I1297.2793.921
could actually talk to her and I'd ask1299.083.719
her questions and she'd answer my1301.24.68
prayers and I'd say adahop oh God is1302.7995.521
adahop the target is over here where you1305.884.24
came from no no you don't have to tell1308.324.479
me exactly I'm just saying why the [ __ ]1310.124.84
did you ask me but that's what I would1312.7994.0
why are you just standing there well I1314.963.8
came back you you explored the whole1316.7995.12
right there wasn't that far to go when I1318.766.32
go in here there's water and then1321.9195.721
there's like a a dead end and I don't1325.085.599
see can't see anything over there oh1327.645.2
maybe I can climb on top of this hold on1330.6795.281
can I climb on top of this damn my menu1332.846.28
is going crazy oh [ __ ] okay maybe I can1335.965.64
do that yeah see something maybe you can1339.124.64
make an effort are you oh I did make an1341.64.959
effort you see anything I swam over here1343.764.6
maybe you cannot be an [ __ ] that's1346.5595.0
true man I'm my you should see what like1348.364.919
what I'm doing right now my body is1351.5594.081
insane okay but I think I do see the1353.2796.4
beginnings of something yes we can shoot1355.646.8
yep you ready ready like your weapons1359.6795.681
are now oh me yeah um well nebs I wanted1362.445.359
I wanted to ask okay um do you want me1365.364.679
to carry the horse for a little bit um1367.7993.521
well I don't want you to have this1370.0393.561
burden all alone N I kind of want to you1371.323.959
know hold it over your head later yeah1373.62.959
but like look if you're going to walk1375.2792.361
with it anyways I'm going to do it1376.5592.36
anyways you could fight a little bit and1377.644.039
I'll hold the horse so you don't like1378.9195.88
the dead beat Dead uh title I guess well1381.6794.6
no if if it's going to happen I'm going1384.7993.161
to do it right but right from the1386.2792.921
beginning I was just going to put it up1387.962.68
for adoption and give up it's a little1389.23.2
too late for that I mean I know so now1390.643.0
that it's too late I got to take1392.44.24
responsibility and be a man right is1393.644.8
that that's not a storm coming in is it1396.642.8
oh yeah that's a storm coming we got1398.442.2
build a shelter all right yeah you know1399.443.119
what you you hold on to the baby I'll1400.643.48
I'll carry it a little bit when uh1402.5592.961
against this wall start chopping stuff1404.123.28
and making a thing wait I'm sheltered1405.524.0
right here are you yes come on sounds1407.44.08
great I'm not walking very fast get over1409.524.48
here Women and Children First oh God but1411.484.48
seriously like imagine if a couple could1414.03.799
just like trade the baby like I'm busy1415.963.68
this week let me let me carry the baby1417.7993.721
yeah that sounds like crazy talk right1419.644.36
there well but here what's possible okay1421.524.2
Jes let me carry this child sheltered1424.03.76
it's too late man it's not give me the1425.723.6
child or I'm going to punch a pregnant1427.763.2
woman Cats in the Cradle give me the1429.323.88
horse nope you're not fit the you're not1430.964.48
fit to be give the no you had your1433.24.04
chance he was a baby and you missed you1435.445.239
blew it too late too little too late I'm1437.245.6
going to get1440.6795.321
milk oh you little [ __ ] oh you actually1442.845.48
made me put my helmet back on oh what's1446.04.48
you got ghost people that's what was1448.325.719
happening last time let's see here what1450.485.76
he doesn't know is my buddy Dora gave me1454.0394.0
a spider1456.246.48
ball yeah what the oh God okay that was1458.0396.76
oh all right yeah this spider's doing a1462.724.52
little bit of damage yeah get in there1464.7993.88
yeah I'm going to work you down with us1467.243.84
yeah come on get him get him first yeah1468.6794.841
you get him oh I should be hitting him1471.084.64
with arrows oh spider's almost dead okay1473.524.36
that's okay cuz guess what I got another1475.726.199
spider ball I Choose You D spider oh boy1477.887.08
come on nope not spider yes did I just1481.9195.281
hit the spider I did didn't I God damn1484.965.24
fine you see your first mistake sir is1490.485.559
you messed with the queen and for doing1493.725.4
so the punishment is is the1496.0397.481
bean come out oh okay yep oh I'm going1499.125.96
to get you this time well if I can't get1503.523.44
you this time I'm just m you made me put1505.084.44
on my helmet you realize that sir1506.965.959
insult yeah I need new man I do not do1509.526.039
as much damage as I want going do1512.9193.801
another swing oh you're not going to do1515.5592.801
your second swing [ __ ] I'll go in there1516.723.04
do a little bit of this all right now1518.363.12
boom bleed the death bleed the death1519.764.56
yeah choke1521.482.84
out you dare1526.243.439
fo okay is it we like a an arrow1530.885.96
peppering or is that even possible I'm1534.764.12
assuming there's not just one big thing1536.843.8
you guys were going to like really oh1538.884.0
God talking to you she's talking to you1540.644.44
all right listen we're we're I don't I1542.883.84
don't I'm not you want to put down a bed1545.082.88
roll I'm putting it down I already put1546.723.04
down a bed roll oh well good for you1547.964.959
you're really smart yeah okay1549.765.44
so do you want to go see what she looks1552.9195.441
like Salon you excited oh shut up1555.26.28
yeah it's this [ __ ] come on can we just1558.365.799
can it would be nice all right you want1561.486.6
me to come on hold on I'll say um now1564.1596.801
yep just keep hitting the wall Skelly1568.085.04
wow yeah they they don't like messing1570.965.52
with me you know probably because of Zap1573.124.799
right you know what it does probably1576.483.96
help to have a lord behind you it does1577.9194.201
not hurt let me grab those arrows might1580.444.68
just need them okay all right so I think1582.125.559
I'm getting a flashback are you of1585.124.559
watching you and thick do this in a vide1587.6795.561
yes so it's in the round go see your1589.6796.12
Totum say hi to your Totum so she just1593.245.64
jumps in and out of the hole ohy pretty1595.7995.921
pretty oh1598.882.84
boy she is pretty so this is a big Arrow1603.1596.721
time yeah might as well use her Oh [ __ ]1607.324.839
forgot that these guys damn it just let1609.886.08
us fight I got one arrow1612.1597.441
shot okay fight skeleton all right so1615.965.68
little by little yep and then when it1619.64.559
collapses then we jump in is that it and1621.644.399
then hit it with the sword oh1624.1595.601
w got hit by the the Fireball the mouth1626.0396.041
all right good for you it's a spitter oh1629.764.08
she's spitting it out she does she's1632.083.719
spitting it out not a swallower now1633.845.16
she's down she went in yep oh now you1635.7995.561
get her get her that what you do [ __ ]1639.04.08
isn't she pretty when she flops she1641.363.84
really is pretty I wouldn't mind having1643.083.839
her slide right inside me if you know1645.24.28
what I mean ah oh flip it up a little1646.9196.0
bit yeah yeah oh yeah she is a strap on1649.486.28
o and that's what we do that's that's1652.9194.681
going to be the thing that's how we do1655.763.68
it all1657.64.48
right nebs that thing's getting real1659.445.599
close yep let's do I don't is that no1662.084.839
he's looking at us isn't he I think so1665.0394.041
is that the aggress aggressive yes1666.9193.441
that's the aggressive he's kicking and1669.083.199
doing his thing he's kicking he's around1670.364.36
Shield up okay he went by you got to1672.2793.88
keep him off of me I'll distract him1674.723.28
yeah there you go look at me look at me1676.1593.801
Big Elephant Man okay yeah you're a big1678.04.96
elephant boy very enticing yes look at1679.964.8
me what do elephants like to eat I don't1682.964.0
know okay I think I'm good man what are1684.763.72
elephants like to eat they they eat1686.963.68
peanuts don't you know anything a rock1688.484.84
monster I'm a giant peanut what rock1690.647.759
monster a crap and elephant boy neees I1693.326.479
don't really care about you I care about1698.3993.76
the horse you're carrying do you now yes1699.7995.841
of course I do of course you do oh1702.1596.76
God okay careful okay how's the horse1705.645.519
yep he's in a bag he could have been1708.9194.161
frolicking in the field with his family1711.1593.161
well now he's going to be with a new1713.085.079
family we're going to make this work oh1714.327.04
you're not predictable at all no oh wait1718.1596.681
all right yeah yeah yeah come on man1721.368.88
come on yeah yes o oh man I know down1724.848.92
there real close I know you take it oh a1730.246.36
cake cake cake I just had a piece of1733.764.56
okay they're fighting we're getting away1738.324.44
they're fighting perfect we're free1740.24.52
that's right you little [ __ ] oh is you1742.764.32
getting ready to be down she get so wet1744.724.88
yeah oh she's about to go she's about to1747.085.439
go used all my arrows ooh I just hit the1749.65.24
spitball with an arrow that's a thing1752.5194.04
and it stopped it yeah that's cool it1754.844.8
looks like it come on1756.5593.081
baby oh my God look at that ass oh1760.248.439
man that's nice she's a little stinky1764.5196.121
but I'll bet you'll get through1768.6794.201
it yeah you just got to eat your way1770.644.08
it that's it good fight Simon yum yum1774.726.36
I'm going to do this do do the things I1778.723.679
don't know if that's what I'm supposed1781.083.959
corpse maybe abysmal Fang got three of1782.3996.28
them what and here's a book ooh reading1785.0396.921
oh abysmal bunch of stuffs man we're so1788.6796.081
smart did you read the book nah read for1791.965.8
losers come read it you idiot all right1794.765.84
reads for1797.762.84

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