THIS IS A BAD IDEA! - Conan Exiles

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In ...
THIS IS A BAD IDEA! - Conan Exiles
THIS IS A BAD IDEA! - Conan Exiles

THIS IS A BAD IDEA! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that new Conan Exiles video? It's titled 'THIS IS A BAD IDEA!' Sounds like our kind of adventure!

simon: Oh yeah, I saw it! Cliff diving, pussy loot, and synchronized diving? Count me in! That's the kind of bad idea I can get behind.

appsro: Guys, guys, guys! You know what's a bad idea? Watching you two attempt synchronized diving in real life. That would be a disaster!

neebs: Haha, you're probably right, Appsro! But at least we'd have a good laugh about it afterwards. Just like we do with all our Conan Exiles adventures!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In Episode 21, the gang encounters some hilarious moments, including a cat named Pussy and some epic cliff diving. Trust me, it's a rollercoaster of emotions and laughs!

And hey, don't forget to grab some of that awesome resort merch from the Neebs Gaming spreadshop. Who wouldn't want to rock some cool gear while watching their favorite YouTubers in action, right? And if you need a little pick-me-up while watching the episode, why not brew yourself some Neebs Gaming coffee? Use code NEEBS10 for a sweet discount!

I don't know about you, but I love seeing the gang play games on their Xidax PCs. Those machines are absolute beasts! And if you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming content, make sure to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon for some exclusive perks.

Oh, and did you catch all the timestamps in the episode? From a pirate coaster to synchronized diving, there's never a dull moment with Neebs and the crew. And let's not forget about the epic music that sets the perfect tone for all the shenanigans that go down in Conan Exiles.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the latest episode, laugh along with the gang, and join the Neebs Gaming community for some epic adventures.

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there it is Dora a cockeyed pirate ship1.044.4
yeah but I'm full of I've got my3.1993.72
inventory full there nothing you can5.443.36
toss out rocks man I want to keep6.9193.281
everything I got there's a pillow in8.83.12
there that's dope dud I can make you a10.23.479
nice pillow all you got to do is ask11.925.119
your buddy Queen abro say I don't even I13.6795.001
don't need this pillow now I'm just like17.0393.201
keeping crap I don't need and also18.683.759
pillow shouldn't be that heavy it's no20.244.32
it's not but the pillow's gone you happy22.4394.16
not really but you know what ask when we24.563.32
get back ask me I'll make you a nice26.5994.041
pill there there's so many enemies on27.884.719
that like roller coaster looking the30.643.32
pirate roller coaster I did that with32.5993.681
thick okay it's a pirate ship well33.963.279
cockey be on the P oh yeah it is I see37.2394.401
what you're saying now can we just run39.8793.2
there I don't want to fight that no41.643.399
because it will be we be flanked I don't43.0795.881
know oh okay like you're so much tougher45.0397.36
than I and I just avoided four enemies48.964.88
you didn't have to fight them oh wait so52.3992.721
you're just going well now I'm going to53.845.08
fight a panther Panthers55.126.239
rather uhoh don't get in trouble I don't58.924.08
want to you ran down there without me of61.3593.8
course you do yeah that was a smack oh63.04.6
boy I got okay all right sorry dude I65.1593.96
should have stuck by you that makes67.63.159
sense and I'm sorry to bring threats69.1194.04
here oh boy oh D what have you done70.7594.921
already Panthers Panthers to the part73.1593.561
it's not a party if you don't have a75.683.0
panther party careful careful all right76.723.2
yeah you get him oh wait no he's coming78.683.36
me sorry about the kittens these are bad82.25.12
kitties they're bad bad kitties it's85.283.839
okay all right let's make let's make our87.326.839
way to the dock charge charge and89.1195.04
heal I gotta heal hey94.7996.411
you this guy's a good98.07.719
fighter and tea and one day when is105.7197.121
take up butter bean hey what's up Su in112.845.639
Hey so uh what's the what's the plan I115.964.759
missed last week no not uh place looks118.4794.32
nice I like the foundation I'm trying to120.7193.44
place something I don't know if it's cuz122.7992.801
you're there or because it's just not124.1594.401
going to go here what not enough contact125.64.639
you trying to do the wheel of pain you128.563.039
have to do this on the dirt this is a130.2393.521
really big wheel of pain oh I can do it131.5994.201
here but I want them to have a good view133.763.68
a good view like if you're in front of135.82.88
me you're basically where I'm going to137.442.76
be placing something so just keep that138.683.36
in mind well there you go okay well140.23.319
you've been a few different places but142.042.88
all right from in front of you there you143.5193.201
go it's you want me to take down this144.924.399
tree M I really want it to be up here on146.724.68
this thing but it won't seem to let me149.3194.761
can this not go can't go huh keep on151.44.44
trying what happens when you jump or if154.083.4
you're on top of something can you are155.844.6
you too heavy to be able to jump uh yeah157.485.399
I'm too heavy nope I jumped jump I mean160.444.36
maybe you know how sometimes jumping and162.8794.36
and twitching and doing things funky164.83.88
will make things be able to land167.2393.321
somewhere yeah I don't want to place168.684.0
this until I'm sure oh Jesus I keep on170.564.28
trying to get away from you no I'm I've172.684.76
I've you know stopped trying all right174.844.36
maybe I put some ceilings right here and177.444.68
expand this out yeah do it let's uh179.24.64
there we place as as we can then we'll182.123.56
find out here we go look at this we're183.844.6
right here already okay and185.686.16
then you ready I'm ready you're not188.444.879
you're not facing where you would want191.843.64
to put it no I'm steing menus buddy okay193.3193.801
buddy that's it but I'm I'm not going to195.483.2
say anything we want to be right up197.123.36
there on the edge cuz the people Our198.684.119
Guest are going to be super happy the200.485.36
more on the edge the more people like it202.7997.761
it oh look at that massive well would205.847.36
you look at that well if it isn't bad210.565.759
dad Anthony oh greetings gentlemen213.25.2
greetings greetings how you doing today216.3194.601
good oh great yeah good good I'm here I218.44.6
like your new wheel very nice thank you220.923.92
when you have an offer what do you say223.04.159
uh we have an offer well I have an offer224.845.119
propo proposition that's the word okay I227.1594.8
have a proposition I assume you're229.9594.36
hunting today for THS yeah I would like231.9594.441
to join you okay we both know it's234.3193.441
difficult work you could use the extra236.43.44
hands on one condition I get the the237.764.399
cooks you get the cooks I need a cook239.844.72
that's fine yeah all right cool just242.1594.761
just yeah all right hey Simon hey glad244.564.239
you're back this week thanks neees you246.923.48
you should do one more row cuz it's248.7993.841
overhanging okay and that's annoying is250.43.96
this up to code your horse is following252.643.719
you that's fine is it can we I'm going254.363.52
to build some pillars under here is that256.3594.241
okay why you no you came over for a257.884.599
proposition now you're trying to add on260.64.0
to things this is a d look how dangerous262.4795.16
this is you tossed us away like we were264.65.92
dirty lettuce no you left what kind of267.6395.601
revisionist history is this [ __ ] no you270.524.92
don't toss out dirty lettuce you wash it273.244.519
yeah exactly we all you got to do is275.445.16
wash us you don't throw us away you bad277.7595.761
analy Simon sh yeah this isn't at all280.64.52
what happen I want to be on your side283.523.36
but you're makus look weird with lce285.124.44
thing okay give me an analogy uh you286.885.08
don't throw the wash out with the baby289.564.76
you I don't know we don't know these two291.964.92
right you don't you don't peel an orange294.324.68
without eating the seeds yeah that's why296.884.039
I don't bring a ban alies all right so299.04.44
get out of here after after us doing the300.9194.241
throw thing together don't add on to303.443.0
this business unless you want to305.162.96
apologize for your behavior he's still306.443.68
being weird e he's still being I don't308.123.04
get what he's saying does he want me310.122.2
here you're going to get you cook don't311.162.0
worry about it all right I don't want to312.322.84
cook don't make additions to anything313.165.28
you want get better with the315.165.44
words okay I'm just going to rush in and318.444.12
kill okay320.66.8
hey ah Kush i' Fighters huh well yes you322.567.12
are effect you are effective and here it327.47.239
in is eye from when did I come from nice329.687.04
oh man popped his head right off right334.6395.601
I'll bet there oh it's a panther you got336.726.28
it I don't know maybe hey careful to not340.245.32
fall off the edges and stuff it's uh343.04.24
there's edges I gained a level I was345.563.0
looking forward to that hey I found some347.242.959
pillows for you all right I'm going to348.564.8
put those in your place what no man you350.1994.601
got to make your place look nice yeah I353.363.279
was starting to feel materialistic I354.83.08
don't need the pillows you know what I356.6394.081
mean sir where you going don't [ __ ] shot357.884.879
leave my friend alone oh it was that360.724.0
piece of [ __ ] I'm not good at fighting362.7594.121
in this just this huh man you know364.723.84
you're going down and called the SEC366.884.08
you're going368.562.4
down so Anthony you put K bars in the372.1995.321
refrigerator uh this is what we're going374.84.56
with yeah okay yes there are kind bars377.523.76
and refrigerator I was surprised what379.365.04
kind are they I mean dark chocolate sea381.285.56
Sal okay I like that good yeah do you384.44.239
not you you like them out of the box or386.843.12
out of the fridge I've just never had388.6392.641
them in the fridge I can see that why389.963.16
that would be good yeah I prefer most391.283.639
candies Reese's Peanut Butter Cups393.124.04
anything in a fridge some in the freezer394.9194.4
okay so we got here they are now now go397.164.4
up and see what they are okay crap do we399.3193.801
have the this guy's an Archer I think we401.563.12
know that okay we don't need any more403.123.88
archers nope or spear people all right404.683.919
take these guys out wow they they are407.04.0
very weak very weak like yeah so what's408.5993.961
the point in getting these guys if411.03.0
they're that weak yeah these are the412.562.56
cream of the crop people you were414.02.56
talking about yeah we're not going for415.123.16
uh s we're not going for like Fighters416.563.16
we're going for people to work at our418.282.88
you know our workbenches I know but419.722.599
people that work at our workbench421.162.28
something that you still need to have422.3193.56
good ones right let's go look go look at423.444.84
least go look and we're425.8795.841
off was that that's what you're doing oh428.285.479
it's a fancy a fancy new tumble roll you431.723.96
haven't learned no GES we're where'd you433.7593.641
go I missed it I was looking at my menu435.684.079
look you can jump and then o how do you437.44.0
do that do a jumping jumping little439.7593.44
tumble roll is that just you or anybody441.43.0
can do that you got to be skilled you443.1992.641
got to be really skilled to do really444.42.72
you you couldn't you probably couldn't445.842.72
teach somebody to do it well I'll try447.123.96
real quick so okay so you you run you448.565.759
jump and then you crouch really run jump451.084.959
Crouch I kid didn't do it put these454.3193.241
weapons away run456.0395.361
jump I jump and Crouch o did you do did457.565.8
it oh do it again Simon let me see run461.46.639
jump jum oh my there you463.367.72
go up here yeah468.0395.44
sure that is pretty magical yeah I just471.084.0
learned it the other day myself you know473.4793.641
it it feels really good it's oh wait how475.085.04
hot can we do this oh oh let's go higher477.125.0
you said oh yes right I see a place480.125.32
follow me a place with water no below it482.126.88
no we're going to roll into the485.443.56
ground oh kitty cat Bridge fight oh look489.685.84
at this wow they really like oh493.1595.0
no kitty kitty kitty back Kitty back495.524.56
kitty kitty cat Bridge fight this is fun498.1594.081
this like triple Doom if it had a500.084.079
panther that's the episode title kitty502.243.56
cat Bridge fight oh yeah that's504.1593.88
thumbnail worthy you shoot come up here505.84.359
I'm going to do bad things to these508.0395.48
people you were bad and a kitty got them510.1594.961
all rushing in oh513.5196.041
[ __ ] it's up to me huh I'll avenge my515.127.68
friend oh big girl wa well all right you519.565.16
got to swing on you too bad it wasn't522.84.56
enough oh you want to hit me boom boom524.725.4
are you dead Kitty you're about to be527.365.2
meow drink a little drink from my Dead530.125.88
Homie wait can I take this that is a532.566.92
nice kitty cat Idol woo what what is536.08.24
this what door d loot [ __ ]539.489.0
loot how are we going to get this home548.485.599
all right all right so I'm going to uh551.8394.361
I'm going to jump and try to do the roll554.0793.601
I was going to try to do the roll like556.23.199
right before the ground I would I would557.683.04
just do it like soon as you clear the559.3993.201
rock I wouldn't do this at all all right560.723.2
I'm doing it you might be able to get562.63.12
like a couple flips out of or something563.923.28
which all right I'll try to do multiple565.722.96
ones I got to I got to bag down that567.22.639
array all right568.682.56
you're about to kill your friend do it569.8393.201
do it do do it do it do it do571.244.159
it did he do it I don't think he did it573.044.12
all right who's next I mean you got to575.3994.56
jump see you're the best at577.165.32
it yeah all579.9596.761
right I didn't think that would work582.484.24
okay who's that I don't know I'm just587.484.2
hearing it I don't see them they're590.163.239
probably mad because I'm taking this but591.683.24
I don't care is that what's going on we593.3993.88
just have to hear their594.925.44
their yeah the entire time yeah yeah I'm597.2796.481
not giving this up well who would yeah600.366.0
amazing giant damn damn cat statue we603.764.319
got to carry that all the way back I606.364.039
guess so but you put on I'm not going to608.0794.361
do that all right look at this thing wow610.3993.321
be careful we don't need to fight that612.442.36
guy if you don't want to why are we613.722.52
going to get his attention what are you614.82.68
doing hey I just killed everybody on616.242.68
board if you want to come mess with me617.484.44
you can but I'm taking your [ __ ] statue618.924.72
true I may have died about six times in621.923.8
the meantime but I'm still pretty tough623.643.72
did someone just shoot something at me625.724.119
probably oh yeah627.364.039
I got him I got him I got him I got it's629.8394.24
m all right leave him alone he's got a631.3995.321
big golden [ __ ] cat and who doesn't634.0794.88
want that hey get him get him there you636.724.08
go there you go what your buddy got in638.9594.32
him oh that's a jewel man this has been640.84.92
one of the best Adventures we got Jewels643.2794.041
I don't hate it I'm just so ready to go645.723.679
back no I get it we got to get back to647.324.199
the horses yeah there's no way I can get649.3993.801
this thing on a horse I'm guessing yeah651.5193.081
we're going to find out it's going to be653.23.84
a long walk and I guess I'll take your654.64.16
horse I don't know man no I can have the657.043.599
horse follow me yeah it's true you do658.763.92
that but you know what these um those660.6393.76
people might be spawning because they're662.683.32
like trying to come after their Kitty oh664.3993.601
son of a [ __ ] so the entire way back we666.04.68
might have to like son of a [ __ ] come668.04.92
on D we got this is it worth it though670.684.76
it's just stuff it's just stuff you're672.924.84
an evil [ __ ] no look at it it's a675.444.32
golden [ __ ] I'm not leaving a golden677.764.68
[ __ ] okay you make a point off my679.764.519
golden [ __ ] now we'll take that [ __ ]682.445.12
home all right I'm ready you ready uh684.2797.56
ready you ready suon yeah I'm ready687.564.279
ready jeez that looked amazing that was695.686.399
that was a freaking neck breaker yeah I699.3994.921
knew that it needed to be done yep too702.0793.801
bad I couldn't do it you didn't push the704.323.959
button did you I did I hit C and I tried705.885.0
to run I don't know C that's what it is708.2794.201
right did that look awesome you looked710.882.88
great that looked pretty great all right712.482.72
sweet I'm curious to see what happens if713.763.4
you like un push the button and push it715.23.8
again will it like do flips or something717.163.6
something go ahead ite you better go up719.03.56
there and then try it out yeah go you720.763.44
try it all right my722.564.76
turn oh we got a we got a challenger oh724.25.759
oh no oh I'm holding the torch holding727.325.72
the torch okay you're the oh yeah no729.9596.68
okay oh no no no no not today maybe733.046.44
maybe today oh wow this this one's tough736.6395.88
oh God I'm back up oh god oh yeah oh739.486.56
get oh God I can't see D are you alive742.5194.76
oh fighting in the dark fighting in the746.042.479
dark that ain't good going to start747.2793.401
swinging I'm going to start oh I'm dead748.5195.44
take a drink no oh God o I'm oh I can't750.685.719
see I can't see can't see okay I can't753.9594.56
either by the way756.3995.601
drink Dodge oh God this is frightening758.5195.12
oh wait my weapons aren't even out762.05.079
looking for my I know okay dead body763.6395.241
coming to my dead body I'm coming I got767.0794.241
to get this cat just stop is it I'm768.884.639
taking it home with me I know you are771.323.639
sorry everybody I know this is hard to773.5193.361
watch you can't see a thing I'm coming774.9592.88
with the776.886.519
torch oh [ __ ] [ __ ] oh I got your [ __ ]777.8398.24
oh good all right light me up you you783.3999.081
should oh that's you no no786.0796.401
no y'all ready he you look like Batman794.685.839
pull the light out huh now you look less798.6393.841
like Batman yeah I know it's late but800.5193.641
look there's three torches try to land802.483.32
in the middle of those okay so I'm going804.163.76
to do the Sprint and the flippy jump I'm805.84.159
going try to do like multiple pushes807.924.96
jumps right yeah here he goes oh boy809.9593.921
Simon there's no way this is going to812.883.12
work pushing it pushing it pushing it813.885.48
push it guess what he did exactly what I816.06.56
did oh yeah I and I think that and he'll819.366.159
say that he did the buttons and so did I822.564.48
yeah no I didn't think you would succeed825.5195.081
or him it827.046.96
okay abs are you okay uh y yeah they hit830.65.0
me I was trying to get in close but then834.03.16
I got foiled by a monkey did you get835.63.479
your St oh that monkey just fell and his837.164.16
dad uh no I'm trying to get my stuff I839.0794.44
can get my stuff it's on but you can't841.323.8
say no to what I just said because what843.5193.68
I said still true the m just fell and845.124.12
died all right oh no no no no oh I'm in847.1994.361
a spot I'm in a spot I'm in a spot okay849.244.0
I oh I'm stuck in all right I got my851.563.399
stuff back I'm falling back for a minute853.244.039
just to heal up good call and then I854.9595.12
should carry the [ __ ] and you cover me857.2794.721
once you're all good oh yeah that sounds860.0793.281
like a better idea yeah you're a better862.04.68
fighter you a better S ooh this is Sweet863.367.719
Sweet Revenge come here you itty866.688.24
it you what ity it what is that he's an871.0798.0
idiot oh ity it yeah yeah you want to go874.926.76
ow out come on come879.0795.2
on they just keep spawning yeah I'm881.684.92
going to wait for you oh God are you at884.2794.321
the base of the Hill oh yeah where you886.64.56
at where you at I'm up by the [ __ ] okay888.64.72
I am now by the [ __ ] oh I saw these891.164.679
other oh look at you all right and these893.324.079
guys are coming at me I don't have my895.8393.721
stuff oh y this ain't good man yeah I'm897.3993.961
trying to keep them off I know I should899.562.76
have get901.363.76
myu let me get a little heal there which902.324.24
one which one's mine they're on your905.123.48
door I know I get I'll be back for you906.563.719
[ __ ] down all right don't want to hit908.63.96
you I think it's this guy all right get910.2794.48
your stuff and let's grab the [ __ ] yeah912.563.079
allo all right all right ain't messing915.6394.801
around that's a nice Jewel all right get918.1994.64
the puss let me take it there yeah all920.444.8
right yeah oh yeah you lead the way I'm922.8394.321
following you uh-oh you can't hit space925.243.8
bar I'll tell you that much woo we got a927.163.679
big old Adventure ahead of929.045.919
us this going to make my back go930.8394.12
out oh936.444.68
no that one work he didn't flip or938.8393.8
anything just just kind of just went941.122.639
right in the ground I don't think this942.6393.161
is ever going to work okay well what you943.7594.241
got nothing I'm just having fun throwing945.83.64
my bodyy off948.03.48
this There He949.445.759
Go yeah okay be cool if you could do951.486.359
flips huh yeah I still believe it could955.1995.161
happen yeah yeah well you can go again I957.8394.601
think you should all right last one all960.364.0
right is there not enough962.445.04
garage ABS where the hell are we oh man964.365.32
we're on a beach we got a ways to go I967.483.68
got to take your word for it all I see969.685.279
is is this this golden thing just your971.165.599
reflection in the prettiness that is974.9593.601
yeah there it's a not a good reflection976.7594.241
it's kind of like uh we got a I do see978.564.079
that bird and the thing off to the right981.04.04
I can see things up to the right yeah982.6393.68
like a bird and a lizard are fighting985.043.68
each other yeah as they do and then the986.3194.241
same thing isn't that crazy yeah man you988.722.84
know what I just thought of we're going990.563.199
to have to cross water yeah I know how991.563.719
how's that going to go down I don't know993.7592.88
let's see is this shallow enough yeah995.2793.081
hey you can walk right across this this996.6392.88
part but we're going to eventually have998.362.839
to deal with some some water water well999.5194.481
tell you what we got our camp over here1001.1993.841
uh why don't we go over here and then1004.02.68
we'll do a little water test am I all1005.044.68
clear behind me uh let's see yeah just1006.684.76
your horse following you okay great pick1009.723.96
up the pace would you I cannot oh hey1011.445.44
lizard oh he spits you spitting my damn1013.685.44
horse he might not have spit I wouldn't1016.883.72
know the difference right now yeah tell1019.122.92
you what why don't you walk it uh yeah1020.63.039
Walk It Out There see if uh see what1022.044.039
happens in the water really yeah let's1023.6394.601
uh we need to know aren't we okay you1026.0795.0
you'd hope I just oh okay just drop it1028.244.559
right there yeah so you have to build a1031.0793.801
bridge I'm guessing oh yeah we're we're1032.7993.12
going to have to build some sort of1034.883.48
structure see let's see I hope I can get1035.9194.76
it out of here what the okay good at1038.364.0
least take it back to the shore fair1040.6793.88
enough okay here I'll give it back to1042.364.12
you all right there we go yep get the1044.5593.921
cream pie get up all right there yeah1046.483.64
let's come up here uh rest for a second1048.483.72
and I'll uh I'll try to plot our course1050.123.28
figure out where the best place is to1052.25.12
build a bridge all right I'm trusting in1053.46.6
you Anthony you ready I guess why are we1057.324.08
still doing this synchronized1060.03.0
synchronized all right that's worth it1061.43.96
all right one more ready we go yep and1063.04.52
one are we going to do go one two three1065.368.679
go yep one two three go go1067.526.519
oh oh oh wow there's so many bodies the1076.524.84
the grass doesn't even know what to do1079.883.32
anymore all right timeon pick up your1081.364.559
stuff we're done okay nebes I'm1083.25.64
coming let's see all right clear all1085.9195.481
right your horse seems very needy it was1088.844.12
it was right on your up your butt the1091.44.48
whole time yeah is I is that a follow1092.964.76
some sort of I think there's options1095.884.76
Behavior follow distance can it be like1097.724.839
less anxiety right I'm going to put it1100.643.919
on a higher follow distance oh that that1102.5594.801
makes sense hey those attacking groups1104.5594.36
just they keep coming1107.363.04
yeah you know what I noticed they come1108.9193.561
they they came when the uh when you put1110.43.96
the cat down I think as long as you're1112.484.439
holding the cat oh we might be okay1114.363.92
that's a theory I feel like they came1116.9193.041
when we were also holding the cat at one1118.284.32
point you may be right yeah I I am right1119.964.4
I know I feel like once you put that1122.63.72
down didn't they come I don't know if1124.363.6
you're I don't know about that I mean we1126.323.12
could test the theory right now well I'm1127.962.959
just saying we already tested it they1129.444.0
came before we put it down at one point1130.9193.76
yeah I think they were just there when1133.444.04
we ah they might have just been there1134.6795.201
yeah that's my work in theory right now1137.484.199
the only time I've seen them show up1139.884.0
when when we dro the cat yeah no I don't1141.6794.161
want to put it down uh let's see let me1143.883.72
look at the map what is the best now you1145.844.12
can follow him closer follow him closer1147.64.48
now yeah there's just so much damn water1149.964.0
around here there sure is hold on let me1152.083.839
see if this is shallow enough and is it1153.963.76
just about bringing it back to our place1155.9194.681
oh hell yeah but but that's where we get1157.725.16
that's surely not how it works what a1160.64.92
reward or something oh no it's just a1162.884.4
it's just cool to have how did you guys1165.524.2
get that cat ah we raided a pirate ship1167.284.56
we stole it who's going to ask us1169.723.88
there's there's just a few of us I don't1171.844.0
know man Village People all1173.63.88
Schwarzenegger might show up they just1175.844.079
want to fight like these people look it1177.483.8
I didn't put the cat down we're getting1179.9195.0
attacked oh okay I got her yeah oh now1181.285.96
I'm punching fist cups what all right1184.9193.721
you getting out of there well I had to I1187.242.799
want to oh yeah look she's trying to1188.643.84
steal the cat I don't think so okay let1190.0394.721
me oh don't kill1192.484.559
me he's going to Jump Right In aren't1194.763.96
you he's going to jump right R in what1197.0395.161
are you doing you going to1198.723.48
die okay all right need who's number one1206.45.56
and number two on your list uh any kind1209.46.08
of work person any work any work person1211.965.0
yeah okay this is where we're getting1215.483.8
people yeah thought you knew that I mean1216.964.959
I don't think of quality workmanship in1219.284.639
a cave this is where people hide out all1221.9193.321
the trades people they come in here and1223.9193.24
they hide out because they're so skilled1225.244.0
they need to hide well probably cuz they1227.1593.961
have I don't know they oh okay this is a1229.243.16
better I thought it was just a1231.123.24
disgusting cave yep here we go this is a1232.43.44
little better what we got here uh I1234.363.16
don't know but do we can we not beat1235.843.44
them to death or no she's probably an1237.524.0
Archer what is she Archer yep we don't1239.284.56
want her then n we killer though what we1241.524.519
got here we got a dancer oh a dancer1243.844.719
could be nice take a dancer oh oh oh all1246.0394.76
right is that the dancer was smacking me1248.5593.6
we now if we're just killing people we1250.7993.161
can't tame them right but we don't need1252.1593.081
the guys who that's a fighter we don't1253.962.719
want that yeah see I'm only killing the1255.242.88
ones we don't want okay but someone just1256.6792.681
just killed a dancer oh that was the1258.124.0
dancer yep that was Simon I didn't kill1259.365.12
anybody that's probably Simon um so all1262.124.52
right we got an Archer up here okay dead1264.484.679
Archer up there there we go I got the1266.643.96
other one those are dead oh that's a1269.1594.441
Simon okay yeah you can tame that one1270.65.8
all right oh hello everyone they're mad1273.64.8
I'm hitting you okay all right what is1276.45.399
he and til this is a fighter and a1278.46.48
armorer his armorer could be good okay1281.7994.601
what about with the big sword smelter1284.884.2
big sword smelter uh might be good huh1286.44.48
all right so don't kill big sword yep1289.083.719
got it little sword Dead all right what1290.884.039
about this one here dead there you go1292.7993.801
you're dead just keep big sword alive oh1294.9193.321
that got stabbed me what about the other1296.63.36
friend of big sword the guy doing flips1298.244.12
knock him out I mean kill him oh okay1299.965.88
glad you o smelters down okay did would1302.365.4
you have wanted an armorer uh armor1305.844.16
would be cool smelter is cool I killed1307.764.039
one all right we got this smelter let's1310.04.08
hope keep killing all the good guys yeah1311.7994.281
or or I just killed the one all right I1314.083.24
see a couple people up here there's a1316.082.959
guy sitting right here here oh I hear1317.323.88
noises for some reason I can't see what1319.0394.361
they are we got to cook where where1321.24.32
right here by the steps where I'm at oh1323.44.639
oh oh oh how do I know what this guy is1325.524.96
it's your cook okay uh which one the one1328.0394.52
in the hood big sword oh this guy's got1330.483.96
a yellow bar around him is that the cook1332.5593.761
no it's the girl with the okay right1334.443.4
here come here right in front of me come1336.323.16
here girl Simon don't attack the girl1337.843.64
all right can I kill the big sword uh1339.484.24
big sword who's big sword who's I don't1341.484.92
know uh fighter yeah the guy right here1343.725.52
oh jeez cook girl's chasing can't get1346.45.44
there we go all right dead bad big sword1349.244.12
Cook's knocked out kill the rest for all1351.843.52
I care this guy's got a yellow bar you1353.363.799
want me to knock him out right here the1355.363.48
guy I'm fighting all right good I will1357.1594.64
try to help you get the torch yeah oh I1358.846.199
stabbed the cook no I tried to put the1361.7994.961
Rope on the cook and I stabbed her in1365.0394.841
half you big dummy God damn it get him1366.765.96
Simon whacking whacka do right here1369.885.08
we're trying to tame this guy I know I'm1372.724.64
hitting him right he's ignoring me which1374.965.959
is nice making good progress okay few1377.364.64
hits keep it coming come1382.06.76
on oh yeah there we go did it now neebs1385.125.32
hit the button that puts the rope and1388.764.399
not the stab yep get the Rope got the1390.445.479
thing there it is sorry about your cook1393.1594.321
it's all right that was all my fault1395.9193.601
thanks for finding them there'll be more1397.484.88
there better be plenty of cooks in the1399.527.36
see uh-oh this bridge doesn't go I know1402.367.199
[ __ ] oh and okay did you put the thing1406.884.399
down cuz a bunch of them just spawned in1409.5597.0
no I mean I I had to oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh1411.2795.28
[ __ ] yep get out of there I am oh and I1417.445.52
went into a worse place man you know1421.124.0
what I'm kind of thinking at this point1422.963.8
we gift this damn kitty cat to these1425.124.0
mankeys really we're so close to home we1426.765.399
are not oh we're not we are not I'm1429.124.919
hoping on green pie then [ __ ] that kiddy1432.1593.681
cat we can come back with the whole team1434.0394.201
oh God I want that cat I want you just1435.844.16
said you didn't want to get I know I I1438.243.6
keep saying I wanted it look this brid1440.03.799
is a bad idea come up here and grab it1441.843.439
what come up here and grab it are you1443.7993.721
[ __ ] by come grab it come grab the1445.2795.0
cat I'm going to we can't I need to heal1447.525.639
cat can't it I need to heal that cat My1450.2794.64
worry is it's going to despawn here no1453.1594.241
don't let me die here what is going on1454.9196.36
why am I stuck R damn it1457.47.36
oh oh my God this is insane leave cream1461.2794.801
alone got some real is sh1466.085.76
ABS great build the bridge look look1468.766.24
look look woo let's fight let's [ __ ]1471.845.439
go oh God man they just keep coming1477.2795.64
where' my body go I don't know where's1480.7994.6
your horse I feel like we got getting1482.9195.201
shot oh God yeah this is insane they1485.3995.64
just keep coming oh now the mankeys yeah1488.126.24
no yeah we got a bail dude but I got I1491.0395.201
need my stuff okay find your stuff I'll1494.364.439
hold them off get on creeper cream pot1496.244.72
oh my God what are you doing cream pot1498.7994.0
that's a dead bird I don't know where it1500.964.24
is is oh is that I'm going to lead these1502.7995.281
guys away maybe here we go take all get1505.24.64
out of there I'm out a drink oh I got1508.084.199
the good stuff here okay cream pie creen1509.844.8
pie this is like Never Ending Story1512.2796.681
creen pie except if it were gross well1514.646.279
subjective is that wolf was freaky in1518.964.52
that movie it was it was effective all1520.9194.161
right follow me cre pie this horse is1523.483.319
getting attacked too yeah follow me cre1525.083.88
pie see I'm I'm getting on this horse1526.7994.321
and we're getting out of here go turn1528.968.28
turn turn turn go jump jump you do it J1531.128.36
God damn it don't let a depression get1537.245.24
you cream pie come on come on horse okay1539.484.72
you got cream pie get out of here I got1542.484.16
to see if I can rescue this other horse1544.25.4
God I've got a baby spider to take care1546.646.48
of I'm a parent now hor no this horse is1549.65.319
getting killed by pirat I'll see you in1553.126.72
all man TR oh God damn it oh I'm sorry1554.9199.161
horse I tried I really did oh my God the1559.846.76
horse is1564.085.479
down I got a drink oh I don't have time1566.65.439
they keep coming one last itch effort1569.5596.521
one last itch effort leave them alone no1572.0395.0
Horse no damn it oh that cat is cursed1577.0398.0
did the horse die yeah horse did son of1582.5595.561
a bit F mes you got to do it that now1585.0396.401
that's your problem stupid cat look at1588.125.12
this cool piece of treasure oh it just1591.443.32
spawns a thousand enemies that never1593.244.48
leave you alone I swear to God only1594.765.159
Conan can figure out how to figure take1597.724.559
a mechanic and make it not1599.9197.921
fun God damn it hey Abra hey that crazy1602.2798.0

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