The Cost of Power: My Sorcery Addiction - Conan Exiles

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In...
The Cost of Power: My Sorcery Addiction - Conan Exiles
The Cost of Power: My Sorcery Addiction - Conan Exiles

The Cost of Power: My Sorcery Addiction - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles? It's all about your sorcery addiction!

appsro: Oh, you mean the one where I go full-evil and start plotting world domination from my goopy cave? Yeah, that's my favorite video for sure!

simon: Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that you guys started rival resort locations while I was babysitting Appsro? That's just asking for trouble!

neebs: But Simon, it's all in good fun! Plus, we have to keep an eye on Appsro before he blots out the sun with his sorcery powers!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In Episode 19, Appsro really goes full-evil, and Dora has the challenging task of babysitting him. Meanwhile, Anthony, Neebs, and Simon decide to start two rival resort locations for their friends - talk about drama and adventure!

If you're a die-hard fan of Conan Exiles, you'll love this episode. The gang embarks on exciting quests and encounters unexpected challenges along the way. And let's not forget about the hilarious moments and witty banter that always keep us entertained.

And hey, have you seen the awesome resort merch available on the Neebs Gaming Spreadshop? I mean, who wouldn't want to rock some cool gear inspired by their favorite YouTube channel? Plus, don't forget to grab some Neebs Gaming Coffee from Player One Coffee - it's the perfect companion for those late-night gaming sessions.

As always, Neebs Gaming delivers top-notch content that keeps us coming back for more. From epic battles to hilarious shenanigans, Conan Exiles Season 2 Episode 19 has it all. So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with the Neebs crew. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of this action-packed episode.

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I know it seems scary man but you just0.323.359
got to get out there you know like just1.8393.281
get out and what's the worst thing going3.6792.281
happen well don't look at it that way5.964.24
cuz a lot of bad things would happen but8.166.08
just just trust me Lees yeah can I come10.26.239
yeah what's wrong oh my you look16.4395.321
horrible are you in here talking to a an18.885.239
antelope this is Mr Bobby Socks Mr Bobby21.765.56
Socks this is abro and Ras uh24.1196.041
nebs I'd be careful about talking kind27.324.239
the abro30.163.919
he I'm fine I've just been doing some31.5595.441
sorcery sorcery stuff jeez you look34.0796.361
nasty what how dare you say that that to37.05.2
a woman you do look nasty have you seen40.442.88
the dancer have you went and talked to42.23.32
the dancer no I bet if I go I bet if I43.324.239
go hang out with a dancers I'll be I'll45.524.16
feel a lot better I do it daily man47.5594.0
how'd you let yourself why I don't know49.683.08
hey oh yeah you want to you want to see51.5593.761
something follow me okay come to the52.765.479
back dock back dock yeah behind my house55.326.36
okay just oh Simon damn it sorry what is58.2396.2
this oh sacrificial61.686.56
table L llama llama llama this is llama64.4395.801
llama sheep oh are you sacrificing again68.244.48
llama llama llama sheep oh no I'm70.244.08
actually I'm I'm stealing this guy's72.724.24
Soul well you're sacrificing him uh yeah74.324.64
so sobs are you seeing the connection76.964.88
potentially with Abo's appearance and78.965.72
these horrific things I'm fine this this81.844.599
has nothing to do with it there is no84.683.96
connecting evidence Lama llama llama mu86.4393.561
and who is it like where did this guy88.643.32
come from oh I got him from the little90.03.6
just the little village over there you91.964.68
just take THS and what and he was he had93.65.44
a family nebs he was a very nice guy we96.644.519
were going to kill him anyways at least99.043.64
this way he's useful so yeah I'm just101.1593.681
stealing some Souls don't worry about it102.684.32
yeah oh oh oh now he's gone and it104.844.239
cleans itself up exactly it's a great107.03.799
thing I shouldn't have to tell you109.0793.32
what's wrong with this nothing's wrong110.7994.241
with this don't worry going to be a112.3994.241
powerful sorcerer matter of fact today I115.043.48
got to go out and find goop who wants to116.644.119
go with me to find you because I need to118.525.32
keep my eye on your evil butt I'm fine120.7594.72
but before we go I'm going to go talk to123.844.68
the dancers though cuz it I'm fine don't125.4796.281
worry about it scar you know yeah all128.526.68
right nebs what are you up131.767.16
to are you disgusted yeah yeah you want135.26.6
to talk about this138.922.88
oh yeah see that's much better they good153.484.32
thank you whatever your name is you're156.125.44
Great Bend Over Bobby what are you mad157.83.76
about NE you haven't said anything since174.5994.441
we've left I think we need to maybe do177.084.0
an intervention with who what do you179.044.04
think I know listen but you you should181.083.92
have expected this it's just hard to183.083.48
look at isn't it yeah it is I'm not a185.03.159
big fan I knew that you weren't going to186.563.12
be a fan did you build this stuff188.1593.841
Anthony yeah I built a little Bridge all189.683.88
the way out to the great Forge I192.04.2
actually wanted to say Simon lead us to193.565.0
the great Forge okay go to the great196.24.399
Forge take the bridge there's no way you198.563.84
can get lost don't don't swim take the200.5994.401
bridge well I am I fig I figured you202.44.52
didn't have to say it like well going205.03.68
right towards the water that's all well206.923.28
let's see all right208.683.119
us there's no way you can get lost now210.23.52
on the way to the great Forge the great211.7993.841
Forge what is the great Forge it's a213.724.2
forge it's pretty great okay what makes215.644.48
it great it's just really big there's a217.923.64
whole bunch of them and it's in a great220.123.199
place for metal okay I'm already going221.563.679
to critique it a little bit what you got223.3193.12
you could have spaced it out a little225.2393.441
bit more even though it is me but okay226.4394.761
just wanted to be sure well I know but I228.684.199
mean cuz there's people with impairments231.23.44
who ride horses and they need to you232.8792.92
know just need to make sure they're not234.642.92
lost are we going to the great Forge235.7993.16
well we're going near the great Forge we237.563.679
need some iron but also you wanted to238.9594.161
get THS actually I want to break off241.2393.84
over here to the right yeah but but but243.123.479
but but we're going to the great Forge245.0792.761
if you go to the great Forge there's a246.5993.36
good spot that might be good for it yes247.844.36
and I need a helmet and Simon needs a249.9593.801
helmet all right I'll check your spot252.23.56
out all right I'm getting lost I don't253.763.92
know where to go oh no wait there's255.763.64
another thing I go through there you go257.683.399
Simon that's why I built them for you259.43.4
yeah they could have been really spaced261.0793.481
out a little bit more but that's fine I262.84.6
got to critique something right look at264.564.639
them cute little monkey boys yeah267.42.84
they're interesting huh yeah so now this270.245.679
isn't too far from Bas but I think I can273.325.52
get goop in this cave goop yeah I'm275.9195.201
after glow and goop glow and goop in the278.845.32
cave yeah glow and Cave goop all right281.124.799
sorry sorry you know yep284.167.36
communication well yeah um hey hey zath285.9199.0
will forgive you who oh your damn spider291.525.88
God yeah I assume zath will forget I294.9195.761
don't know I don't know if uh uh you297.45.079
going to hit me again going to hit me300.683.359
again all right just follow me in this302.4794.481
cave I'm not interested in zth okay I304.0395.481
mean consider the path the path of Z306.964.32
yeah why not that is good branding no I309.524.239
know it's the best no oh hold up hold up311.284.28
okay I got something to do here give me313.7593.801
just one second get evil is that what315.564.16
you got to do oh hey hold these guys off317.564.0
for a second I don't want to hit you and319.725.0
hear you bitching let's321.566.16
see lava lava lava sheep which one you324.726.039
got oh you have a third option now yeah327.725.24
which one was it this one I got to330.7593.921
remember which one it was yeah you could332.965.56
juggle these a bit that'd be cool this334.687.16
one o llama llama llama sheep donkey338.525.88
donkey donkey elephant boom Oh for light341.844.84
yeah that's really that's cool that's344.45.12
badass is it yeah that's I love that346.684.88
yeah okay who needs to hold a torch349.525.16
anymore got buddy abster around yeah got351.566.0
a little wisp wisping about yeah problem354.684.079
is is this guy's going to hang around357.563.919
all day his name's Bob Bob the whisp yep358.7595.0
okay monkeys coming in you get them well361.4795.321
all right yeah there you go yeah goop363.7595.041
okay is there goop in here I heard there366.83.92
was goop we should go to the gooping368.84.28
himim I like that that was all right370.725.24
let's see this none of this looks like373.085.679
goop does it this is Crystal looks the375.964.6
opposite of goop really yeah this is all378.7593.88
crystal everything here is very solid380.563.479
it's oh that's big boy that's where382.6392.921
things get I got these guys all right384.0394.081
I'm pull back boy all right he did385.564.28
though uhhuh all right do I get goop388.123.199
from him you would think there'd be a389.844.16
lot of goop on him goopy bud maybe if I391.3194.681
chop him up yeah go ahead give it a shot394.05.919
Barrel flesh pot no goop oh boy what396.05.52
what made you think there's goop here oh399.9193.601
yeah I looked it up oh that's what yep401.524.44
okay now there is a guy over here he's403.524.119
he's kind of a pain in the butt once we405.963.88
swim under okay like he's uh he's hurt407.6393.921
me before all right he killed me409.843.44
actually one time was this I don't know411.563.68
what my dive button is oh this is goop I413.285.199
got goop down here oh good oh yeah do I415.245.0
have to come down there can you not418.4793.681
figure out how to dive well I think I420.244.32
changed my stuff okay I got to look at422.165.039
my stuff all right but hey I I think I424.564.759
got all the goop I can hold on let me427.1994.56
look one more time goop out see any more429.3194.201
goop Bob oh yeah I'm glad I came in here431.7593.081
yeah yeah that's glowing goop right433.523.359
there oh yeah and then this idiot man434.844.32
I'm a lot stronger now is he still here436.8794.361
is he back did you come back sir did you439.164.439
respawn come back here to get your441.246.72
bag good job let's see could we kidnap443.5997.081
this guy h put my helmet on found a447.965.72
badass helmet man here right now no no450.684.959
no I found it a while ago oh damn look453.683.48
at it looks dumb on me and I can't455.6393.0
change the color of it but this thing's457.163.479
got a crazy armor rating God it looks so458.6393.56
stupid though is it worth it yeah maybe460.6393.28
I can transmogrify it once I become a462.1994.12
better sorcerer trans okay but with you463.9194.521
here do you have a trenching I do let's466.3193.84
see if we can knock this guy out maybe468.443.64
he can be one of our Fighters okay yeah470.1594.16
that'd be a good thing to have yeah all472.085.239
right all right neebs mhm on the left474.3195.88
here do you see that tribe uh477.3194.72
yep oh yeah is that enough people to480.1996.081
build like a slave training camp uh yeah482.0395.641
or do we want something bigger is there486.283.12
like a lot of people in there I mean you487.685.239
know 1 2 3 4 5 there's like 15 people489.45.04
okay and they probably get more people492.9193.321
as they go probably they'll make more494.443.96
yeah yeah there's just a lot of open496.243.639
space I thought it could be good not a498.43.96
lot of water out here no no that's true499.8795.241
no but you know the water sack is pretty502.364.959
easy to fill up and it lasts all day and505.124.72
you can follow all of these conven vent507.3194.641
arches back to water okay I see there's509.844.639
a river to the west of here yeah let's511.963.8
Scout to the West maybe there's514.4792.48
somewhere in between the river and the515.763.24
camp okay okay all right so we're still516.9594.721
going to the the big Forge well yeah we519.04.36
can load our horses up on the way yeah521.683.08
let's go this way all right we're going523.363.479
that way yeah I really enjoyed leading524.764.72
the way okay just run in front of meend526.8394.281
you're leading okay good hold on a529.484.6
second hold on slow down slow down531.124.839
trying to run this rock slow down come534.084.08
on baby I'm leading the way and we're535.9594.721
both leading the way son of a [ __ ] you538.164.239
guys are both stuck I'm leading the way540.683.92
I'm technically in front nope542.3995.68
technically I am anym when I jump hello544.66.76
yep just for a second all548.0795.921
right all right I'm going in Dora okay551.365.68
hang back surprise554.03.04
attack oh yeah that was good SP I don't561.2795.201
think we can uh take this guy out oh564.3993.641
it's not it's not registering that yeah566.482.96
it doesn't register anything all right568.045.12
switch to weapons weapons it is yeah why569.446.56
did I get hit there what what what I got573.164.96
hurt there nothing hit me it was576.04.2
probably him but he wasn't wasn't near578.123.719
me yeah this guy's uh this guy's tough580.23.96
but I didn't I think last time I fought581.8394.601
him I didn't get a key oh we need a key584.164.239
so yeah there's a chest here I'm curious586.443.92
what's in it there you go there you go588.3994.641
yeah that's my friend Dora it's me he is590.365.36
a mean [ __ ] yeah I worship Z he593.044.56
he likes a spider I do do you have any595.724.239
spider balls with you actually you're597.63.919
your spider balls came in real Handy599.9592.921
last time in this fight okay let me put601.5194.56
it in my uh hot bar oh but I'm tough for602.885.8
now B I got more armor oh man I'm606.0794.481
stacked seen one of these yeah I guess608.683.839
it has seen one of these but whatever610.564.6
yeah have you seen oh I bet man I bet612.5194.56
he's having nightmares right now cuz he615.163.919
remembers what happened last time oh617.0794.361
come on spider do the spider yeah you619.0793.76
remember what happened last time what's621.445.079
your name Viagra you stupid dumb [ __ ]622.8395.521
did you say phallic well I means like626.5196.641
Vias or something oh it Dora man buddy628.366.68
got to work on your armor and there he633.164.16
goes but hey thanks for the spider Dora635.044.08
all right yeah you can die now I tried637.323.16
to get attached to you but I know how639.124.04
you damn ball spiders are yep and You're640.484.52
Dead all right did you leave me a key643.166.0
this time oh what are those silent645.07.279
Legion boots oo UPS my carrying capacity649.164.84
yes ma'am and what is this a withered652.2794.0
heart the heart of a worshipper I'll654.04.519
keep that hey that's good gold and then656.2795.201
bug com kebs you can keep your bug Kebab658.5194.961
but still no key still no key your661.484.2
sacrifice has been accepted you don't663.485.2
have the required item I'm going to I'm665.684.52
going to get that key off you one day668.684.08
Bubba oh and you're going to love it all670.24.96
right going back home with my672.765.56
goop is this the spot I think so man675.165.32
you're in charge Simon is this the spot678.323.8
no I'm not in charge he wants to build680.482.96
something but we're pretending you're in682.123.36
charge you were leading remember yeah oh683.443.839
no I was leading earlier and then you685.483.28
took everything off nebes is this the687.2793.601
spot yes this is the spot hey there you688.763.759
go all right and we're going to do it690.884.0
put come on EES get off since I'm692.5194.281
deciding you want to put something down694.883.519
no you well listen here's my here's my696.84.08
vision right so usually people don't698.3994.721
like it when they're I don't know700.885.04
conquered right but I think we make it703.124.76
like a resort okay so you put like a705.923.4
wheel right there on the ledge they have707.882.72
a view you know how they're usually709.323.68
winding whenever they push the wheel a710.63.44
they're like man look where I get to713.03.639
work every day look at this view it's714.044.479
back breaking work but it's beautiful716.6393.601
that's right so you want to do the718.5194.241
honors uh no imagine Anthony that you've720.245.36
been like conquered and you're like ah722.764.72
this isn't so bad I get to push a wheel725.63.479
with this view put it where you would727.484.039
put it I would put it somewhere over729.0793.801
here but you have to give me the metal731.5193.241
NES you know what's nice that you're732.883.68
doing you're you're giving this person a734.763.439
nice view but you're giving them no736.563.32
shade and we're also giving them hope738.1993.241
and we're trying to break them this is739.884.56
good input I like uh the shade oh you741.444.48
know like shade would be good I think744.443.68
that you should build a shade structure745.924.919
bam first wheel I was hoping it'd be a748.124.36
little closer well if it's over there750.8393.041
then half of the wheel's in the ground752.483.599
and it just looks ugly and I mean maybe753.883.36
this one right here all right all right756.0792.361
all right hang on or we just we'll build757.242.92
a bigger wheel again758.443.959
remember again Simon this was my choice760.163.44
but yeah sure neebs let's put it over762.3992.841
here yeah put it closer listen to the763.63.039
first news import look there going to be765.243.88
a five star TR Camp look at that you766.6394.121
think that that looks weird okay that's769.123.56
pretty good this that looks very nice go770.764.36
I work here that's horse careful horse772.684.399
is following you careful your horse is775.123.839
going to jump off a cliff this do feel777.0794.12
like working does it fore holies no but778.9594.081
you need shade you need shade we'll add781.1994.121
Shade that's great input Simon okay783.044.479
thank you all right now how do we Market785.324.12
how do we get our first guests that's787.5197.12
easy trunin trunin trunch789.447.839
marketing okay Dora yeah I think I need794.6394.481
to make five more sacrifices so I can797.2793.56
make five more pages and then I can799.123.959
complete the next step ah rituals and800.8393.761
such yeah but I tell you what there was803.0793.841
one step there is a spell that I haven't804.64.84
tried yet you want to go with me to try806.924.479
out yeah look we don't have to go far811.3993.481
matter of fact we just got to go to the813.83.279
top of Simon's place oh really yeah814.884.959
follow me oh my God what maybe not all817.0794.241
the way up because Jesus look at this819.8393.401
thing oh it's ridiculous it's absurd821.326.0
yeah how do you even get up it uh it's a823.246.68
it's God this this how I imagine his827.325.68
mind like his brain it looks like this829.925.12
yeah it probably does it's probably also833.04.12
his DNA strand hey what about that one835.043.96
other game where you just go up that's837.123.68
all popular these days right now I839.03.639
forget what you're talking about but and840.82.8
well I know what you're talking about842.6392.841
but I forget the name is it called just843.64.96
go up maybe oh man look at this this is845.486.84
silly it's really dumb uh so wait these848.566.16
stairs went up to here and now I got to852.324.0
take these stairs back down perfect854.724.52
sense perect sense this is his brain I856.323.92
don't know I don't even know where his859.242.36
elevators are I know there's elevators860.243.88
involved somewhere yeah you know what uh861.64.84
on a bright side like at least he's got864.124.12
most of it lit Anthony hasn't even made866.443.92
that effort I see does this elevator go868.243.64
up or does that go back down I'm not870.365.0
even taking knows he doesn't even oh man871.885.04
all right I just need to find a good875.364.36
flat spot is this it we at the top oh no876.924.32
of course we're not no we're not at the879.724.16
top all we have to take this wait this881.245.32
is a vertical elevator what well how the883.886.399
hell how did he what I need I I'm can886.565.16
you do it here tell you what I am going890.2792.841
to I hope he doesn't mind I'm going to891.723.84
remove that fence all right now give me893.124.76
a sec I've never done this before okay895.566.68
laa la la Beaver spider okay so I think897.888.519
it this one and all right this I can902.246.92
conure a gust of air to slow descent and906.3995.24
make it safe to fall from any height909.164.72
up that just for you slowfall gaining914.5195.521
corruption all right I'm going to try918.485.4
this out you ready I'm glad920.043.84
yep yeah I guess I'll walk923.925.039
wow I am still falling kind of fast oh926.565.079
wow yeah hey that worked yeah yeah I928.9594.32
think it is just for me why didn't you931.6393.521
just tell me to wait down there for you933.2794.68
you idiot dude this is cool good for you935.164.64
Bo well I didn't I mean I didn't know it937.9593.88
was going to be just for me coming down939.83.32
okay that's the first time I've done941.8394.8
this right hey congrats on943.126.12
people oh man I can jump like damn946.6393.721
Michael Jordan I wonder if I can jump949.242.599
across the950.363.919
river oh no not all the way hey pretty951.8394.841
far that is cool wonder how long this954.2793.68
lasts it's going to be blowing up my956.684.399
skirt all day he okay never mind it's957.9597.041
done be down in a few961.0793.921
minutes I don't know Anthony neebs drop965.2795.281
the man I I just these these workers967.8395.281
aren't skilled man drop the man neebs970.564.639
okay there you go he's coming over here973.124.24
we're putting him on the wheel all right975.1994.721
but so you what's your concern that977.364.719
Village doesn't know anything they make979.923.8
sticks you have but told can't they982.0794.12
upgrade and learn Carpenters needes983.725.08
they're smarts we need uh tinkerers986.1994.921
blacksmith people all that so are we988.84.519
wasting our time with this or can we991.124.079
just have these guys as extras these are993.3193.32
the fillings I mean these are carpenters995.1993.161
we grab carpenters and we can use those996.6393.921
but see good the rest are like archers998.363.719
and that's it all right so where do we1000.563.32
go or to get them or you saying that we1002.0794.081
need to move from this location I would1003.884.519
find a yeah a place with more skilled1006.164.919
workers look this is our first location1008.3995.161
okay there are resorts in Florida and1011.0794.32
there are resorts in Dubai they're not1013.564.0
the same quality so this is are you1015.3993.8
telling me that this is like I don't1017.563.36
know the shitty side of Tampa yeah this1019.1993.161
is Florida you got to get there1020.924.159
Florida's got nice places all I know is1022.364.24
they do math okay you got to feed them1025.0793.48
Anthony yeah what these guys yeah all1026.63.56
right fine these are my responsibility1028.5593.76
you go find a good place okay and I'm1030.163.519
going to make the best damn Resort you1032.3192.52
ever seen and you're going to regret1033.6793.0
ditching it no listen I'm not ditching1034.8393.6
it I'm still part owner get out of here1036.6793.721
Simon I know you're on nee's side get1038.4393.64
out of here we're naming these different1040.43.159
things I don't want I don't want people1042.0793.521
connecting these two cuz Okay so you1043.5593.76
telling me that that you're officially1045.64.56
breaking off here Anthony well what's1047.3194.521
your name what's your name going to be I1050.162.84
don't want to tell you you might name it1051.843.199
this and then word gets out I'm sandals1053.03.6
we're Sandals Resort that's it your1055.0393.801
sandals okay wow that's so original all1056.64.8
right great all right so your sandals1058.844.24
you hav fed any your people Anthony1061.43.48
Simon your trespassing your trespassing1063.083.52
on private property and you've insulted1064.884.08
me get out get out of here seriously get1066.65.319
out all right okay we're going leave all1068.964.24
right you're no longer welcome on this1071.9193.12
premises and now you've assaulted me I1073.24.56
haven't yet I missed man if I ow now1075.0393.921
you've officially1077.762.68
if I wasn't encumbered I'd come over1078.964.04
there by God yeah Anthony feed your1080.444.359
people yeah I'll do I'll make the rules1083.04.28
here you get out of here your customer1084.7995.161
service sucks ass you know I I could1087.284.08
would have maybe visited this1089.965.719
establishment sandals one star yeah what1091.366.4
are you rating it on the sheets your1095.6795.36
computer the Sheets Were filthy I don't1097.764.68
have any1101.0393.841
sheets all right I think this time at1102.445.359
work nor get a new interface I think so1104.884.039
all right you ready1107.7993.211
and Jesus woohoo that that was1112.966.76
neat okay okay that's that's that's1120.285.68
really neat yeah that is kind of cool1124.0393.441
don't know what the hell you sit would1125.963.16
ever be for puts a wall over while1127.483.04
you're fighting it blocks things from1129.123.84
fighting I reckon but man you got to1130.524.32
like pull this thing out and like do the1132.963.4
spell while you're getting attacked that1134.842.64
ain't never going to work yeah it's not1136.364.199
the quickest Magic is it1137.486.559
yeah all right killing everything Simon1140.5595.281
so you're not going to be annoyed if I1144.0394.041
kill somebody that you want nope this is1145.844.079
just a scout all right talent scout1148.084.36
talent scout here we go hello oh look at1149.9195.281
that not doing it okay are what you got1152.444.64
try to figure out what they are smelter1155.22.92
that's the kind of stuff I'm talking1157.082.68
about and it's a fighter we don't want1158.123.76
to fighter I mean eventually but I'm1159.763.44
just looking for like people to upgrade1161.883.52
our you know workstations so they'll1163.23.719
come back so that's why you're just1165.43.639
scouting this out yep these are archers1166.9193.961
up here which makes sense cuz they're up1169.0394.241
here garding right that's pretty good1170.883.96
all right work our way back take a1173.285.48
little bit of this juice mhm mhm peder1174.846.16
okay it goes deeper Simon that's what1178.765.64
she said now oh okay what's that guy I1181.05.919
don't know fighter fighter kill what1184.44.159
about these guys oh sorry I just killed1186.9195.0
somebody good who was it it's a danc1188.5595.24
okay oh boy all right so just kill the1191.9194.281
dancer yep what about you what am I1193.7994.88
going to kill now oh I just killed in1196.25.839
one swipe another dancer I think okay1198.6795.201
see oh Bow I don't want a bow I want1202.0394.801
some more juice hey this is a bow one1203.884.52
this I missed you completely it's more1208.43.88
promising though isn't it it's a1210.964.12
performer oh good I just chopped the1212.284.879
performer's head off okay that was a1215.083.599
performance oh oh here comes a guy with1217.1594.201
a sledgehammer hey buddy oh yeah what's1218.6796.961
he um a a stage in Exile look at this1221.367.76
guy blacksmith woo blacksmith a woman1225.645.72
yeah oh a lady black man oh what's she1229.124.64
holding what is that I don't know oh1231.363.84
that's right you're getting things from1233.763.159
these bodies aren't you I no it's the1235.24.359
first one I looked into okay all right1236.9194.081
okay and there's I assume this is an1239.5594.36
Archer back here yeah oh let some hi and1241.04.48
yeah simple ammo repair kit what's up1245.485.439
buddy this guy right here whoa this a1248.6794.041
special it's Alchemist look at this guy1250.9193.64
my goodness ooh why I going to kill this1252.724.439
Alchemist real quick fancy clothes too1254.5595.561
get do a die1257.1592.961
there you go and I'm going to get stuff1261.0393.201
from him what's he got uh I don't know1262.5594.24
but there's a hood I'll take a hood yep1264.244.64
and a repair thing and the gloves of1266.7995.521
Vora and a simple repair kit pretty cool1268.886.64
dried fish nice this is our place Simon1272.324.959
this is a good place we set up our1275.523.84
Resort outside and we recruit from here1277.2794.961
okay good plan yeah good fighting Simon1279.365.4
yeah this is this is a good new axe war1282.245.319
axe it sounds badass doesn't it sure1284.764.799
does make sure to get all the good stuff1287.5593.881
right find a better spot please look at1291.445.56
this place it's beautiful neebs once1294.644.72
knew that you know going to find some1297.03.799
job somewhere else it's like going to1299.363.64
China I believe in local homegrown1300.7993.561
workers you guys might not be the most1303.03.159
skilled but you can learn you can become1304.363.919
better people better slay wait where's1306.1595.081
this other one is he done what is this1308.2794.64
another Carpenter all right I can't do1311.243.039
anything with the Carpenters but you're1312.9192.401
going to be good I'm going to go get1314.2792.76
more friends we're going to grow great1315.324.32
things and we're we're rebranding1317.0394.841
sandales that's not just cuz Simon said1319.645.2
it was stupid it was my decision I'm a1321.884.72
boy no skills no future no problem at1326.67.559
sandalis Resort please come and join us1331.45.759
at a lovely luxurious spot here on the1334.1596.081
edge of a cliff we here at sandalis1337.1595.52
support our local community that's right1340.246.0
a spa for the average man sandalis1342.6798.641
Resort We Believe in believing in1346.247.72
you how you like those clothes suon I1351.325.599
like my hood yeah I've got a new one1353.965.68
okay you know it's not it's not a helmet1356.9194.721
but it's okay but yeah what do you mean1359.643.399
oh you're just wearing the hood okay1361.644.399
yeah uh what about this view it's not a1363.0396.601
bad view huh uh they can see the river1366.0395.64
there's water close by you got the1369.644.68
mountains the river yeah no I like it1371.6794.041
the water I mean if I could see the1374.324.32
water that helps yeah yeah is just right1375.724.76
there see it hold on now I'm going to1378.644.24
put my hor so close to it is it really1380.483.679
that close yeah you can see it from1382.883.279
right here is wait wait where you're1384.1593.76
looking at it yeah it looks like rocks1386.1593.081
just trust me it's right over there I1387.9193.76
trust you okay so this is it now we got1389.244.12
to come up with a good name it's got to1391.6794.681
sound inviting but it's got to sound1393.366.0
fancy okay so keep on if you have any1396.366.0
ideas throw them out fancy too close is1399.366.04
what it is I'd say not Charlie's cuz1402.365.679
that does not sound fancy nope so that's1405.44.56
my first thing not to to call it should1408.0395.081
it be like Resort or Plaza or you want1409.965.56
to say you I don't think having Resort1413.124.88
in there is necessary it's kind of like1415.524.68
calling something like hey it's an1418.04.76
Italian restaurant you know does that1420.23.88
Mak sense guess look you're from the1422.763.159
city I grew up in the country you're you1424.084.32
got fancy stuff around you H yeah but we1425.9194.561
also have dumb stuff too give me shoot I1428.43.8
like shooting down your ideas better1430.483.319
than coming up with ones of my own all1432.23.2
right I grew up around like Fish Camps1433.7993.321
and you know stuff like that should we1435.44.2
should we say camp um that that sounds1437.124.559
like the opposite of fancy well that's1439.64.0
why I asked you oh well no I'm just1441.6793.641
giving you my honest opinion all right1443.63.64
i' call it friend Camp okay yeah we want1445.324.56
to stay keep the camp out okay if you1447.244.6
want it to be fancy if you want it to be1449.884.64
fun you can call it a friend camp but1451.844.079
you know it also sounds like there1454.522.96
should be teenagers here how about uh1455.9196.201
friend Camp Resort H you took two things1457.486.319
I didn't like and you put them together1462.124.4
Both Worlds huh Both Worlds that's it1463.7995.12
friend Camp Resort1466.525.759
okay BR Camp Resort oh that listen that1468.9195.24
was a pretty epic moment with you1472.2794.12
reeling back on the horse down know like1474.1593.88
that if there was a commercial at the1476.3994.361
very end it would be you jumping up and1478.0394.801
G and saying that 100 years now there'll1480.764.039
be a plaque on the wall of me friend1482.843.319
Camp Resort when it started 100 years1484.7992.841
ago oh my gosh and you know what we're1486.1594.721
going to have a commemorative coin1487.646.88
yeah ah friend Camp Resort the place to1490.886.44
be it's got a great View and we have1494.525.399
tons of fun activities like pushing1497.325.599
sweating and most importantly making1499.9195.441
friends and that's not all there's more1502.9196.721
to come things such as shade and hedges1505.369.29
and maybe something else friend Camp1509.649.569
Resort all right ready to try this out1521.884.96
possibly this says a channel pure1524.64.16
darkness and Terror to surround your1526.846.04
being that sounds promising I'm doing1528.764.12
it be beaver beaver donkey oh my God it1532.968.68
what the oh what is going on right now1537.527.44
wait what do you see hardly anything1541.645.72
yeah you made everything dark as sh oh1544.964.56
really is just everything dark around us1547.363.88
yeah but how does that help yeah how the1549.523.36
hell does that help us ever what is1551.244.439
wrong with your heart and soul I don't1552.884.44
know could be fun though like like look1555.6793.441
at this over here I don't know where1557.323.8
over there is uh over here by the stage1559.124.159
can you see anything oh God the stage1561.124.439
yeah yeah yeah okay but yeah so like if1563.2793.921
we wanted to like watch a show but it's1565.5595.161
not night time yet boom now it's night1567.25.92
time we can watch a show thank God you1570.724.36
learned that yeah why aren't the dancers1573.124.039
dancing hey y'all dance because there's1575.084.56
darkness in the air oh did that stop1577.1594.841
them from dancing or having any hope1579.644.56
yeah she's over there just thinking I1582.03.88
wonder how long this last oh there it1584.24.199
goes ah all right all right what a1585.884.679
useless spell I could use some of this1588.3994.201
evil off of me yeah all right yep yep1590.5594.801
you guys start1592.62.76
dancing all right yep feeling better1595.525.56
already you look pretty good I always1599.07.159
look good no that's not true he1601.085.079

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