Battlebit Friends the Movie!

Hey there, fellow Battlefield Friends and Battlebit fans! Have you heard the news? There's a new baby in town and its name is Battlebit Frie...
Battlebit Friends the Movie!
Battlebit Friends the Movie!

Battlebit Friends the Movie!

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Have you seen Battlebit Friends The Movie yet? It's like a beautiful lovechild of Battlefield Friends and Battlebit!

simon: Oh man, Neebs, that video is pure gold! I mean, who wouldn't want to watch our favorite characters in a whole new setting?

appsro: Absolutely, Simon! And shoutout to joetastic_ for all the hard work on this, it really paid off. I can't stop laughing every time I watch it!

neebs: Totally agree, Appsro! It's like the perfect blend of humor and action. Plus, those Synty Studios assets really bring the whole thing to life.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Battlefield Friends and Battlebit fans! Have you heard the news? There's a new baby in town and its name is Battlebit Friends The Movie! I mean, how awesome does that sound? It's like the perfect combination of two of our favorite things rolled into one epic movie.

I just watched the trailer and let me tell you, it looks amazing. The graphics are out of this world and the characters are just as hilarious as ever. I couldn't stop laughing the entire time I was watching it. And you know what's even better? Our buddy @joetastic_ had a hand in making this masterpiece, so you know it's going to be top-notch.

The credits are filled with some seriously talented folks who brought this movie to life. From Synty Studios to JustCreate to Dionstra and TastyTony, these artists really knocked it out of the park. And let's not forget about the amazing effects from Effectcore and Luke Peek - they really added that extra oomph to the movie. Plus, those additional animations from Mixamo? Pure gold.

If you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs Gaming, then you definitely need to check out Battlebit Remastered. It's the perfect blend of comedy, action, and all-around awesomeness. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Trust me, you won't want to miss this.

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come on let's do go go all right buckle5.7995.201
up guys I've never done this before who9.043.36
who whoa who what are you doing first11.03.839
time flying flying yes flying [ __ ] I'm12.44.959
flying no why are you no no why are you14.8394.2
flying I'm flying you're not alone here17.3593.041
you know that yeah I I can fly really19.0392.961
good yeah I got I got a high level in20.43.52
helic yeah I'm sure you are but I have22.03.519
to learn this so the fact that we've23.923.16
just been spinning for the last 3025.5193.52
seconds isn't isn't oh you have to be27.084.519
somewhere well maybe yeah actually yeah29.0394.721
we it's it's War if we lose this one31.5993.681
there will be another one I have to33.763.2
learn to fly a helicopter well we'll35.283.16
Learn to Fly okay we'll give them a36.963.599
chance Learn to Fly okay so this is guns38.443.72
this is the guns yeah okay yeah you're40.5594.361
firing the guns yeah awesome so maybe I42.164.52
can just kill someone from here not44.923.799
while spinning especially this far away46.683.039
I could probably kill a lot of people48.7192.601
while spinning I could kill everyone49.7192.961
while spinning you know that everyone's51.323.759
just laughing right now right or dying52.684.16
oh no actually someone you hear that55.0793.96
noise what is that that means someone56.844.08
has locked on to us59.0394.32
congratulations oh there we got hit oh60.924.8
look there we got hit you know what you63.3594.881
sound like like an [ __ ] no I have to65.723.68
be an [ __ ] because you're just68.244.48
spinning here have to be This Is War man69.45.719
this is a game about war all right I72.723.64
feel like this thing is front heavy I75.1193.36
feel like you're stupid front heavy are76.366.48
we tilting forward oh no78.4794.361
[ __ ] damn it who the what why the hell86.64.8
the [ __ ] wasn't that fun you realize89.4393.761
we're 3 miles away from any sort of I'm91.42.999
going to commit suicide I'm going to93.23.199
commit suicide me too have fun out here94.3993.201
well if y'all need a place to spawn I'll96.3993.36
what what you guys doing hey what's up111.364.759
with the Laughing oh I guess just114.323.479
laughing at how fun it is the enemy116.1193.561
thinks they can win this match matches117.7994.561
in the bag where the hell are you we're119.684.88
like in the best spot in the whole map122.364.439
oh wait I see you you're not doing124.563.919
anybody any good over there no one can126.7993.52
kill me here and I can see everything I128.4793.601
can kill everybody like I just pick them130.3194.0
off like ants have you killed anyone not132.085.12
yet but I just checked and no ants they134.3194.841
look like ants I told him that yeah we137.24.119
just defended e we I've exhausted all my139.163.92
ammo I need some ammo down here stab I141.3193.28
don't think I have ammo cuz I'm a sniper143.083.68
this time a [ __ ] [ __ ] what about that144.5994.201
blueberry your beside does he have ammo146.763.96
do you have ammo what's what do you mean148.83.2
he wants to know what you mean what do150.723.0
you mean what what do I mean what class152.05.12
did he pick what class are you uh I I153.725.799
don't know he didn't know oh my God just157.125.6
is is he a sniper is he Recon they want159.5195.321
to know if you're sniper or Recon no162.723.76
that's the same damn thing that was that164.843.72
was a bad just what does he look like he166.483.44
looks like a soldier he's got a helmet168.564.399
he's got uh boots gloves have a gun he169.926.039
has a gun glasses oh he's got a gun oh172.9594.441
okay that that help he bullets around175.9593.121
his neck yeah he's got bullets all over177.43.52
his neck support he's support tell them179.082.799
to come down here and give us some180.922.52
[ __ ] ammo okay they said you're181.8792.761
support and they want you to get down183.442.96
there and give them ammo how do they not184.644.92
have ammo we all have ammo right he said186.44.839
y'all should have ammo I exhausted all189.563.48
of my ammo [ __ ] killing the other191.2394.0
team now tell him to get his stupid ass193.043.68
down here you're going to catch more195.2393.241
flies with honey I don't think I should196.723.72
say it that way okay Noob you you've198.483.399
been in the situation where you've run200.443.2
out of ammo and you need some [ __ ]201.8793.28
ammo you've been there right I don't203.645.04
think so you what what I've NE I mean205.1596.36
usually usually you die before you run208.684.88
out of bullets I guess yeah you were211.5194.961
going to say it listen tell him that if213.565.319
he comes down here and gives us ammo he216.484.28
gets points they they said if you go218.8793.241
down there and give them ammo you get220.763.679
points I get points if I give them my222.124.44
ammo Colonel within a week Colonel224.4394.36
within a week Colonel within a what's a226.564.52
what ribbons he is going to blow his228.7994.8
load when he sees how many ribb ribbons231.085.12
more ribbons like crazy apparently okay233.5994.92
like he'll be a ribbon with a gun yeah236.24.48
all right let's do it he's doing it oh238.5193.521
he's coming he's coming towards us240.682.399
you're going to go towards him three242.043.64
quter three4 he said three4 this noob's243.0794.201
stupider than the other n just tell him245.685.68
to bring ammo to e they're e Elvis Elvis247.286.36
Elvis you guys are at Elvis right251.364.36
[ __ ] Elvis yeah we're at Elvis I'd253.643.719
rather go to Dracula he said he'd rather255.723.759
go to Dracula [ __ ] tell Simon Belmont257.3594.44
up there to just go to [ __ ] Eko it's259.4794.72
not that hard go to Eko and drop ammo261.7994.601
how how do I give him ammo you just hit264.1993.641
the ammo button and it comes out and266.43.56
they take it uh is this ammo no that's267.844.0
the stuff you put on Jeeps why do you269.963.6
put it on Jeeps it's like a weapon thing271.843.12
and then you squeeze that thing there273.563.919
and oh274.962.519
this so should we help296.7596.841
no this is much more fun like this yeah300.366.16
I kind of want to see how this303.62.92
ends wait till I get reloaded you're308.725.4
going to be dead I to reload reload re311.126.4
how do the Russians do the L re reload314.125.359
reload reload317.526.6
reload I reload my gun too I wouldn't319.4796.201
bother you're just going to die you know324.125.72
you you recognize me huh it's me who325.686.16
Simon oh you're on my team last match329.845.16
I'm gonna [ __ ] you up dude no sir oh I'm331.845.28
taking your ass335.06.759
downi oh I'm loaded it's go337.124.639
time this is [ __ ] come on let's go342.164.44
take a base mesmerized you guys you guys344.842.919
seriously you guys want to stay here346.63.0
watch [ __ ] go take a Bas man it's I'm347.7594.201
going to take it alone just look at that349.64.36
it's like seeing a unicorn turned inside351.963.92
out hey guys we're not alone check353.964.6
across the way oh yeah hey we see you355.885.68
[ __ ] tards now and hey hey what are they358.564.6
doing the same [ __ ] we are sitting here361.563.479
watching two idiots try to fight each363.163.84
other you guys are so adamant about365.0394.56
staying in watching this [ __ ] I'm here367.05.12
don't shush369.5992.521
me how are you not dead yet I am not372.244.92
dead because you suck because you're375.163.96
hacking hacking you're probably hacking377.164.28
I let you up just then in my country379.125.0
Battlefield hacks you in my country Amo381.446.08
to the F little gun you know what this384.125.4
brings up a good point why does not an387.523.6
ammo crate hurt someone when you throw389.523.88
it at them yeah no I agree with that I'm391.124.0
just say you know you can bust walls393.44.04
with ammo crates what no no if a Wall's395.123.479
weak enough you can throw an ammo crate397.443.0
at it it'll bust it i' I've never seen398.5993.561
that well you haven't played enough400.444.24
Battlefield you're di no you die you're402.165.319
die no no you die no you die no no you404.686.32
die no you die no you die no you407.4796.56
die you just brought a gun to a knife411.05.68
fight knife knife knife fight Knife414.0394.6
Fight oh they're just swinging in the416.684.72
knife to the face KN to the got knife425.845.32
knife to your face knife face knife to428.4796.761
me you knife for to knife to431.168.68
your yeah all right you SE yeah we seen435.247.32
it oh I think he was hacking what yeah439.844.24
had like a thousand Claymores down442.564.6
surprised he lasted that444.083.08
yeah hey let's hop in this Jeep to the458.124.04
Jeep all right what objective we take it463.844.759
next fellas all of them uh eventually466.284.039
yes but how about Charlie fine we're468.5993.6
going to Charlie wait well hold on this470.3194.081
guy in the chat is he talking to me uh472.1994.081
engineer shotguns are for people who474.43.88
can't aim he's talking to me who said476.283.16
that yeah I would imagine you just just478.282.52
killed that guy with a shotgun hold on479.443.719
I'm stopping why why are you stopping480.85.679
listen you little ass shotguns are fine483.1595.88
I can aim with whatever gun I choose486.4794.44
enter who's he talking to you shouldn't489.0393.361
even bother with those people hey490.9193.68
engineer is that guy sassing you in the492.44.479
chat about using shotguns yeah you read494.5994.641
that too huh yeah I read that I would496.8795.0
tell him if they didn't want shotguns499.244.48
they wouldn't put them in the game501.8794.121
exactly and then like503.724.64
bucko yeah throw a bucko in there why506.07.68
not I'm on time B right now do it man508.365.32
y can we go now yeah yeah we're getting515.324.32
out of here sorry I I had to say517.8393.601
something who are you who is he talking519.643.959
to some idiot in the chat yeah that that521.444.2
jerk what's the chat you mean what's the523.5994.121
chat upper left hand corner the chat525.643.759
there's nothing in my upper left corner527.723.0
oh God it's probably hidden then you529.3995.88
idiot press h h oh oh shotguns people530.728.52
can't aim Bird yeah it's not a bird that535.2796.8
H okay hold on what are you doing it's539.244.36
one of these does it don't worry about542.0792.801
it oh no no you don't need to start543.63.239
talking no you don't start typing oh544.884.6
there it is God damn it oh I got one546.8396.24
give me one one what knock knock no no549.485.52
no don't you dare start [ __ ] putting553.0793.801
knock knock jokes in the chat knock555.04.44
knock nobody wants to hear your knock556.885.56
knock jokes somebody does let's see559.446.04
Shang hi shank I'm not even going to say562.445.399
it come no one's going to respond no up565.484.32
Sho here we567.8396.201
it's me just Shang569.84.24
ring there be noling holy did that577.044.72
[ __ ] just say he could kick my ass580.164.239
dude don't respond oh who's stopping581.764.199
well if you're going to type then let me584.3993.281
drive Hey listen this is my Jeep and if585.9593.041
you don't like how I'm driving it then587.684.64
you can get the [ __ ] out fine I589.05.959
will buddy you are killing in the chat592.324.88
you saw it Shanghai oh I'm just getting594.9595.081
started check this out oh knock knock597.25.16
who's there oh you think that's cute uh600.045.919
let's see how about uh Battle Pack602.367.24
Battle Pack who Battle Pack the lunch605.9596.081
there's a lot of tickets609.65.69
left l l612.046.33
all right guys I just spawned in at646.5193.32
Delta flag was going down but I don't648.044.44
know where the enemy649.8392.641
is okay hey man we got to go to Delta655.0794.32
there's guy there what' you say go to657.363.2
Delta there's a guy there we got to659.3994.321
defend it right now Delta yeah Delta oh660.565.48
wait wait wait no where you going now663.726.16
turn around jump what the [ __ ] are you666.043.84
doing what is wrong with you you stupid670.124.6
son of a672.86.039
big sh have down hey engineer I noticed674.725.799
you went down you want to spawn in on me678.8393.481
okay I went down all right all right I'm680.5194.44
overlooking Delta let's take this okay682.327.0
fine I keep getting shoot oh [ __ ] oh I684.9596.601
got him I got him son of a stupid fat689.324.36
[ __ ] [ __ ] you said it was okay to spot691.564.44
on you I didn't know I'm sorry oh you693.684.04
didn't know listen don't spawn in on me696.03.16
now there's a bunch of enemies here I697.723.16
got a spawn Beacon a ways back spawn in699.165.56
on it fine I'll do700.883.84
that [ __ ] this is pointless every time I711.686.719
spot him I'm spoted on [ __ ] bullets714.8396.601
[ __ ] it go on that718.3993.041
Alpha I'm723.564.56
safe wa oh725.86.68
oh oh I see you daddy's back in Action728.129.56
baby oh [ __ ] you Spa boobing732.485.2
mother the other guys are taking another740.564.279
objective but I want to take this one743.324.319
with you yeah me too with your help yeah744.8394.36
okay but I need you to cover me when I747.6393.64
go in I'm I'm I'm your guy perfect749.1995.601
here's a med pack I'm going751.2793.521
in oh wait oh what bipod what are you757.169.56
doing bipod bipod what are you doing762.66.56
just stick to the Rock bipod stick to766.726.04
the Rock bad bipod bad769.165.919
bipod what is wrong with this thing just772.765.16
stick to the rock you stick to the Rock775.0795.12
bipod what what happened to you covering777.925.32
me the my bipod started like swinging780.1994.481
all over the place so you couldn't shoot783.243.32
down in that General Direction no my784.684.12
bipod wasn't you got to cover me man you786.563.6
need to let him know that I'm not the788.82.719
only one there how am I supposed to790.163.359
shoot with the bipod deploy your bipod791.5194.76
now okay oh okay that was easy see if793.5193.76
that would have happened you'd been fine796.2793.24
a minute again okay I'm going in cover797.2794.961
me that's what I'm799.5196.68
doing okay taking the802.247.279
objective uh wa what is that806.1995.0
oh it's a809.5194.201
map whoa who whoa what are you shooting811.1994.76
at what are you shooting at there's a813.724.84
map in the sky just take the objective815.9596.12
no don't don't shoot the map cover me818.566.44
he's going to spot822.0792.921
you take that827.163.84
M what the [ __ ] is wrong with you831.3996.44
equipment destroyed yeah yeah good for834.925.44
you good good for you oh I'm dizzy are837.8394.56
you done huh do you know what cover what840.363.839
did you die yes I [ __ ] died do you842.3993.601
know what covering me means yeah take844.1994.281
out the M no it means look at me so I846.04.0
don't get a knife jabbed into my neck848.484.279
unless the M shows up no maybe no room850.04.8
for argument covering me means watching852.7594.121
me okay so so taking out a map is not854.84.64
watching me okay new rules I got it old856.887.079
rules bipod let's do it going859.444.519
in oh oh okay no sir not on my w oh what867.369.159
what's wrong with it oh ammo clip872.928.32
out here flip this over take876.5199.401
that that in oh hey I ran out of ammo881.247.039
can you believe that okay reloaded885.924.08
reloaded let's go let's go again where888.2792.701
where you890.07.68
hey guys level cap here today we're900.243.399
going to talk about cornering how to902.043.239
approach Corners how to use them to your903.6393.32
advantage so I'm going to approach this905.2794.0
corner here and there's my assistant906.9594.521
that's the enemy he sees me so the last909.2794.36
thing I want to do is repe the same911.484.599
corner but what I can do is I can pop913.6395.241
around this corner I can pop up over916.0794.801
here and right here I can probably aim918.885.319
in and get give those tag what the hell920.884.92
what the [ __ ] are you doing I just own924.1993.721
that guy this isn't a real match got his925.84.399
tags Bab we don't give a [ __ ] this is a927.924.919
tutorial man huh a tutorial I thought930.1994.921
this was Conquest it is Conquest but932.8393.641
we're we're getting a lesson on how to935.123.56
play Battlefield better this is level936.485.2
cap okay is he in our Squad no don't you938.685.24
know who this is level cap yeah he just941.683.92
told me he's in our you're in a squad no943.924.399
but he's got a really popular show yeah945.63.76
he teaches people how to play948.3192.721
Battlefield better really yeah he's949.365.479
teaching us on TV no not on TV on on the951.045.4
internet but I'm just trying to help954.8393.36
people out is all okay that's not a show956.444.28
guys he's on the internet no it is a no958.1994.2
it counts yeah it's a show it's a960.724.08
channel to give you tips on how to play962.3993.641
Battlefield better you and everybody964.83.56
buddy but like I was saying once the970.04.04
enemy sees you you're going to want to972.563.12
switch it up so he doesn't have the974.044.08
advantage let's move on to pre-fire say975.684.24
you're backed into a corner and you only978.123.639
have one corner to use that's when979.923.839
you're going to want to use pre-fire so981.7593.961
pre-fire is where you start firing your983.7594.241
weapon right before you clear the corner985.723.76
and that's going988.04.6
what the [ __ ] dude you [ __ ] killed989.486.12
level cap where is he where is he what992.65.52
where's who oh there you are hey you mad995.64.919
bro dude huh what the hell hey you mad998.124.199
bro you mad bro YOLO do you know what1000.5194.0
you just did huh what you just ran over1002.3194.121
level cap no I didn't look there's an1004.5194.081
enemy I know he's part of the lesson1006.444.759
he's mad bro he's not mad bro mad bro1008.65.64
YOLO what are you saying uh Hey guys1011.1995.241
level cap back level cap we are really1014.244.719
sorry about him uh no no it's it's fine1016.446.0
don't move watch and learn so let's get1018.9595.72
into pieing when you approach a corner1022.444.72
think of it as a piece of a pie as you1024.6794.801
move around that corner more pieces of1027.165.12
that yeah you keep looking over here you1029.484.4
keep looking over here don't you dare1032.283.72
don't you think of doing1033.885.0
anything I think I can flank him what no1036.04.959
don't flank him he won't see me coming1038.884.0
no he's waiting for level cap to give1040.9593.96
instruction he's waiting to teag your1042.884.4
face guys shut up just watch everything1044.9193.721
that's going on so you can learn how to1047.282.96
play the game better we could use that1048.643.44
you're not going to learn anything here1050.243.36
what are you talking about I learning1052.083.839
battle I'm battle tested no you are not1053.64.68
battle tested that is the wrong term to1055.9195.161
use for you very quickly and then get1058.285.04
back behind cover an example of bad1061.085.56
cornering is if you just run past the1063.325.92
corner what the [ __ ] is wrong with you1066.644.52
what the hell man he was about to attack1069.243.92
I saw it he wasn't about to attack he1071.164.04
made a move he didn't make anything he1073.164.28
was standing there still well now this1075.24.4
is actually a good opportunity to point1077.444.56
out a few tips the reason why you missed1079.63.84
the enemy is because you didn't1082.03.4
compensate for the weapons recoil here1083.444.8
we go and and you know some burst fire1085.44.68
probably wouldn't be such a bad idea1088.243.799
either good story bro until you get a1090.084.0
show on TV don't tell me how to shoot a1092.0394.281
okay go come on you stup I wonder who1099.25.64
this is you want to play The Guessing1103.5593.721
Game yeah uh uh it's your mom it1104.845.199
probably is my mom she drive like that1107.284.2
hey idiot hey1110.0394.441
Mom hey what are you doing this tank1111.485.48
won't go anywhere well one that's not a1114.484.12
tank and two that's because you're stuck1116.964.88
on a barricade one I'm in a tank1118.66.16
two what' you say but you're stuck on a1121.844.079
barricade that's why you're not moving1124.763.44
you're not in a tank dumb ass that's lav1125.9194.601
La light armored vehicle lame ass1128.24.28
vehicle it's not look this is the game1130.523.2
sometimes you get stuck just get out of1132.482.8
the damn vehicle and let's go it's time1133.723.839
to let go buddy somebody might take it1135.284.48
so what it's it's stuck give me a push1137.5593.561
you can't push in this game there's not1139.763.32
a push button guys quit [ __ ] around1141.123.48
we're losing Alpha can I get some help1143.083.2
here yeah we're working on it bud just1144.62.959
going to deal with this for a second all1146.282.36
right I tell you what here I'll hit you1147.5594.36
with an RPG hit the gas okay hold on1148.645.68
okay give it a gas all1151.9196.441
right and nothing oh no did you do it1154.327.359
yeah it didn't work did you do it yes it1158.366.36
didn't work hey did you do it yeah yeah1161.6794.401
it didn't work didn't work let's go1164.723.64
medic what you got nothing I'm a medic1166.084.0
tools you got a defibrillator1168.363.439
defibrillate let's do it I'll get it1170.083.92
yeah there you go yeah defibrillate All1171.7994.801
Right Heating them up1174.05.32
hey do it I1176.65.28
didor do it I1179.326.56
did do it he [ __ ] did it [ __ ] did1181.886.36
you guys do it oh Jesus Christ I did it1185.884.36
okay we're still stuck guys guys we just1188.243.64
lost Bravo and Charlie where the [ __ ]1190.244.76
are you oh Recon we need you over here1191.885.52
stop no bring the jeep stuff I'm not1195.03.72
coming over there trying to take1197.43.639
objective you took my jeep stuff it's1198.724.36
the least you can do I didn't take your1201.0394.161
je it'll make him shut up regon fine1203.083.599
I'll be right there what the hell is1205.24.08
jeep stuff Jeep is that C4 hey come on1206.6794.201
guys we're losing our asses no [ __ ]1209.283.48
we're trying to get this LV unstuck oh1210.883.64
are you trying RPG yet yeah we did the1212.764.44
RPG did you try the defibrillator what1214.524.24
hey what about the knife I did that with1217.23.08
a boat once I knocked the boat it went1218.763.44
right in the water hey there he is okay1220.283.44
what the hell am I doing here dude put1222.23.32
the damn C4 on the LA and see if you can1223.723.4
blow it off with this how did he do that1225.523.159
hey maybe I put it underneath okay hold1227.123.32
on I wa to blow it up all right stand1228.6794.801
back wait I'll give it gas here we1230.444.719
nope I did it it didn't work didn't work1235.1598.241
baby know what you do oh F I did it God1238.0397.561
did we do it it didn't work attention1243.44.84
all soldiers we need every available man1245.64.64
to the LA you not call our team over1248.243.559
here we need to go take the objective we1250.243.08
got to work together the only way we1251.7992.521
could probably even get this thing out1253.322.4
of here is with a Jeep we don't have a1254.325.8
Jeep on hand here comes a Jeep holy [ __ ]1255.724.4
hey all right now get back to work you a1260.446.239
bunch of lazy asses yes sir sir all1263.447.0
right let's move on guys let's hit1266.6793.761
it it'll help over1273.123.919
dude dude dude what are you doing what1296.763.399
what are you doing I'm shooting that1298.723.319
tank over there that gun is not going to1300.1594.041
take out that tank how do you know1302.0393.88
because it's a tank listen do you do you1304.23.359
have some sort of sidearm with a1305.9193.76
suppressor on it why are you Whispering1307.5596.521
because I do not want to be heard or1309.6794.401
seen anything um like I have this gun1314.326.56
with the suppressor yes oh no no turn1318.25.8
turn look how bright that is look at it1320.885.76
you can see everywhere you man dude shut1324.04.76
that light off no it doesn't go off it1326.644.76
does press the up button up wow it does1328.765.039
go off thank you it's like Chinese New1331.45.159
Year or something come on kidding me you1333.7995.561
know what the year is this year is it1336.5594.72
dog you're the dog I think it's year of1339.364.4
the shut the [ __ ] up now listen get down1341.2795.88
get down okay I like this all right1343.767.919
right there right there I spotted two I1347.1597.361
also have ammo if you need to [ __ ]1351.6794.841
bullets or grenades are you serious1354.523.56
you're going to throw an ammo pack in1356.523.56
front of my scope you might need it you1358.083.92
might you just drive a Jeep up in front1360.084.59
of my [ __ ] here just1362.07.76
go okay I got the flag going to ride1369.766.039
hell yeah man let's go let's hit it yeah1372.9194.041
we are out1375.7994.161
woo yeah all right yeah we should1381.6794.441
probably we're going the wrong way we1384.443.08
need to head back to the base no there's1386.123.64
a jump over here okay we're doing a jump1387.524.8
all right hang1389.762.56
on all we should go back to base now1392.764.48
right and take a right why because we we1394.964.56
we got the flag we got the flag yeah I1397.243.88
got it right here we got the flag then1399.525.0
we won no we no we got to get we won no1401.125.0
we didn't win we got to get it back to1404.525.96
our we haven't captured it you dumb [ __ ]1406.128.32
stop wiing stop wiing I can't see1410.486.439
[ __ ] don't you w me it's okay I'm going1414.444.839
to do a power slide no don't do a power1416.9195.281
slide go make the1419.2796.0
no why would you do that you stupid1422.25.28
look okay I hit the wrong button let's1425.2794.64
try that1427.482.439
again okay where's the jumps where's the1432.767.56
jumps hey hey what are you doing hop1436.1596.841
dogging baby dude turn around go back to1440.325.04
the base I'm looking for jump yeah but1443.05.679
you have the flag you got to turn around1445.367.12
USA hey stop the motorcycle I need1448.6797.281
momentum to do jump you don't need the1452.485.319
jumps we need the flag at the base for1455.966.44
the point we have the flag we have1457.7998.921
one ah why does my team suck so bad oh1462.46.8
damn it what do you got suck so bad I1466.724.839
don't say he sto the fly he killed me oh1469.24.04
wait a second here we come okay all1471.5593.6
right come to P now bring it home man1473.245.64
come on the papa yeah we're going1475.1596.76
to what the [ __ ] what where are you1478.884.919
going where are you going where are you1481.9193.76
going where are you going I think1483.7996.081
there's some Easter eggs over here1485.6794.201
hey guys oh damn it [ __ ] squeaker1501.844.92
hello young man oh you think I'm a kid1504.2796.12
I'm actually a girl oh even worse I'm1506.765.76
sorry I didn't know that's that's fine1510.3994.361
how old are you um does it matter it1512.524.8
doesn't matter cuz girls can't play so1514.763.6
what the hell does that mean they're not1517.322.959
good at Battlefield they're good at like1518.363.88
putting makeup on holy [ __ ] what I mean1520.2795.601
are you like like 18 or older I am older1522.246.0
yes okay older than 18 yeah you okay1525.883.88
with that I'm perfect with that that1528.243.2
makes you happy yeah that's awesome I1529.763.48
just got a friend request from you in a1531.444.719
private message yeah that was quick yeah1533.244.72
with your phone number there it is now1536.1594.0
you have it okay not going to use it1537.963.839
that's fine you don't have to no one1540.1594.201
said you had to you dyke I thought you1541.7994.401
said your friend thing didn't work which1544.363.4
friend thing your friend your friend1546.22.88
request your friends I was trying to1547.763.48
send you friend things doesn't1549.085.56
work huh I don't look at1551.246.88
me don't look at me I might just go Sil1554.645.6
if you guys don't mind perfectly1558.124.36
understandable go ahead she's cute I1560.243.84
like her do you don't know what she1562.483.88
looks like yeah I know she sounds cute1564.084.959
she can still hear us I can is she1566.364.08
really going to stay on our Squad yes1569.0392.681
she's going to stay on our Squad and1570.442.44
that no one has a problem with that you1571.723.079
can leave squads well I'm just saying1572.883.039
because we're going to be doing out1574.7993.6
there like man stuff like fighting yeah1575.9193.921
I understand that I've been playing for1578.3993.081
a while it'll be fine why don't we just1579.843.439
move on yeah yeah she can play with us1581.483.12
and if she's lucky she can unlock my1583.2793.201
forgrip wow really she's a chick I'm1584.63.76
being flirty I'm having fun yeah but1586.483.919
it's kind of inappropriate no we're all1588.363.72
relaxed what do you think NB I think I1590.3993.16
think we should just move on because1592.082.599
she's going to get emotional she'll1593.5592.761
start crying halfway through the match1594.6792.72
listen to you guys we're not have time1596.322.92
for that listen to both of you have time1597.3993.361
for it you're making this really weird1599.243.24
for her it's isn't weird for you is it1600.763.159
it's a little weird yeah cuz your1602.483.28
emotions no because I've got one guy1603.9193.601
hitting on me probably that time you1605.763.32
guys are being douchebags that's all I'm1607.523.2
saying no I'm not being a douchebag I'm1609.083.24
looking out for her interest you should1610.723.959
like go do operation 9 to5 they got1612.324.56
shops and things there cuz they like1614.6794.36
shopping yeah yeah that's very sexist1616.883.96
listen to me I don't see how she's going1619.0394.24
to help us out at all I can hear you1620.844.12
yeah she's she's right here in this okay1623.2793.12
but I'm just saying like when she kills1624.963.12
them what's she going to do kill them1626.3994.681
she can't teabag she might vag I'm1628.085.479
really really sorry it's fine it happens1631.084.76
all the time but I appreciate it hey1633.5594.12
don't mention it they say they once you1635.844.079
met pack you never go1637.6796.401
back I'm sorry I was just making a a1639.9196.401
kind of a joke you know I figured you1644.084.52
and I should probably stick together cuz1646.323.92
we're both1648.65.079
girls no no they're black no Medics you1650.245.439
dumb [ __ ]1653.6795.36
Medics enemy1655.6793.36
soldier yeah you little [ __ ] being1659.26.12
bagged by a girl suck my balls till you1661.5197.241
gag [ __ ] W God I really don't1665.326.52
know how to process this so I'm go I1668.765.24
think I'm going to go too I think I'm1671.843.839
going to stick around a minute just1674.04.399
going to sit here and feel this one out1675.6797.401
St dip dip potato chip dip dip potato1678.3999.0
chip dip dip potato chip dip dip potato1683.085.88
chip what the hell are you doing what1687.3993.28
the [ __ ] are you doing what do you think1688.963.68
I'm doing you're teabagging teabagging1690.6793.84
hell yeah I'm te that part but what are1692.644.279
you doing it to him for cuz he's dead1694.5195.121
he's on our team why does that matter1696.9194.64
you don't team bag you don't teabag1699.644.0
somebody who's on your own team you only1701.5595.36
teabag the enemy are you sure you don't1703.645.12
understand how this works do you yeah1706.9194.441
how people die you teabag them no it's1708.765.639
no no not your teammate no team bagging1711.365.96
ever and not someone you didn't kill hey1714.3996.28
guys guys I'm on the way oh [ __ ] [ __ ]1717.326.56
I'm [ __ ] lagging wow that sucks1720.6796.441
that's the worst yeah what a noob a a n1723.885.24
he's okay look at him he can't even run1727.124.0
right he's not it's a he's having an1729.124.52
issue with his connection running no his1731.124.159
connection it's not I'll teabagging him1733.643.519
later I bet you think he's doing that on1735.2793.88
purpose purpose push forward how hard is1737.1595.921
that it's lag holy [ __ ] you've never all1739.1597.12
right so in the future do not teag your1743.085.76
own teammate hey I got a tip don't die1746.2794.361
and you won't get teab bagged well give1748.843.48
that's the rule I live by I live by that1750.644.8
every day oh yeah you do yeah God1752.325.04
finally God it's like running on a1755.444.239
treadmill all this [ __ ] lag I can't1757.364.319
even play on this server okay you you1759.6794.161
know when when you die you get teab1761.6794.201
bagged right what yeah after the guy1763.844.16
that killed you is a [ __ ] ass Soul1765.883.72
yeah he might have been I don't know but1768.03.88
this guy died I teabagging him guys on1769.64.799
our team don't even don't even don't1771.884.56
even start don't know so are we on the1774.3994.16
same page no I'm never on the same page1776.444.16
with you I'm like 10 pages ahead of your1778.5593.881
dumb ass you've been through a lot let's1780.63.48
chill out we've got things to do have1782.443.079
you checked your internet connection my1784.082.8
internet connection is f okay look the1785.5192.76
wife's in there watching Netflix my1786.882.72
daughter's probably [ __ ] surfing on1788.2793.601
her Kindle I don't you know it's it's1789.63.919
being taken up by the stupid [ __ ]1791.883.799
that live in my house it's not my fault1793.5193.841
it's not our fault chill the [ __ ] out1795.6794.6
[ __ ] Run for Cover Chopper Chopper [ __ ]1797.363.55
get out1800.2793.12
of I just want to run that way [ __ ] you1803.3996.361
[ __ ] you1807.322.44
lag dip chip dip dip TI chip dip dip TI1810.728.08
chip dip dip TI1815.886.03
hey guys oh hey look I'm in a map yeah1834.125.6
yes you are congrats they kick ass don't1837.365.36
they they do the job sure so I saw your1839.724.319
squad was full I was going to join your1842.723.64
squad and it was yeah it's too bad I1844.0394.721
know you want to make a new squad or no1846.364.199
no we don't want to next time we'll okay1848.763.68
yeah okay how's how's your fourth guy is1850.5594.6
he good or yeah not1852.446.719
really he's he's a level 100 Colonel1855.1596.48
okay so that's pretty good yeah1859.1595.161
yeah I bet he has a MAV does he does he1861.6395.801
is he a MAV guy too I no I doubt it okay1864.326.199
yeah my squad uh we all fly Mavs what1867.444.839
yeah we're called the MAV Squad that1870.5194.12
sounds yeah like four Mavs coming at you1872.2794.28
it's it's insane it's hey you should1874.6394.441
probably get back to the MAV Squad yeah1876.5594.12
so we'll catch you soon yeah they need1879.083.559
you get back there come on go go waste1880.6794.281
your time over all ready appreciate it1882.6393.52
break all1884.964.199
M how you doing sir oh doing good man1890.1595.841
kill number 50 we just started the game1893.24.8
yeah how about you guys I just got out1896.03.919
of the loadout screen we were just we we1898.04.08
just just a quick question sir how does1899.9195.36
one get to where you're at prioritize1902.085.04
prioritize like what like what you guys1905.2794.801
have jobs yeah I mean yeah both wrong1907.126.72
answers lose the jobs number two sex you1910.087.76
guys having some yeah I mean wrong1913.848.12
answer sex equals minus kills no sex1917.846.64
plus kills I never looked at it that way1921.965.199
how much how much sex do you have none1924.484.559
Battlefield is my [ __ ] you got a [ __ ]1927.1595.161
bucket I'm sorry yeah [ __ ] bucket I I1929.0396.041
don't I'm not sure if I follow you go to1932.324.479
the bathroom you're not playing1935.083.959
Battlefield you [ __ ] in a bucket1936.7994.201
you're playing Battlefield I can't1939.0395.0
believe we didn't think of that there's1941.05.08
so so you have a pile of [ __ ] under you1948.0394.6
right now yes man the [ __ ] up guys whoa1950.04.84
hey who killed this guy I did hey check1952.6394.681
out this kit this guy1954.846.16
has oh wow this is an M26 Dart no don't1957.326.04
do it this is like the god gun right now1961.04.12
this is Soldier there's no honor in1963.363.52
killing a man with a glitch gun1965.124.0
yesterday I took down an attack chopper1966.884.72
with a knife I stop dude stop looking at1969.123.32
stop you're not going to take it away1971.62.6
from don't [ __ ] do this again man you1972.443.32
lose your [ __ ] whenever you get a badass1974.23.319
weapon you're losing your [ __ ] right we1975.763.96
need our Squad okay I'm already a medic1977.5193.88
and we need you as an engineer it's all1979.723.24
about the team there's Vehicles1981.3992.88
everywhere well now now we got two1982.963.439
Medics and just one of us is more badass1984.2793.721
than the other guys we're wasting time1986.3992.88
I'm out of here we're right behind you1988.02.88
sir you guys are honestly slowing me1989.2793.201
down so you just want to go Rogue you1990.883.039
know what is a matter of fact I do want1992.483.159
to go Rogue all right so why don't you1993.9193.321
guys just leave try to do something1995.6393.121
[ __ ] useful for once if you're going1997.243.76
to be this way [ __ ] you you're on your1998.764.24
own [ __ ] you know what I I don't2001.04.12
need you guys I don't need you guys and2003.04.559
I never needed you guys because I got an2005.127.64
26 Dart an INF 26 Dart there's2007.5595.201
one yeah take that you sniper that son2023.9196.041
of a [ __ ] take that okay fuckle up2027.325.64
let's do it it's in a good position back2029.964.719
there you're way out here let's go see2032.964.199
some action the [ __ ] man turn around2034.6797.161
okay I think the mom's over here cover2037.1597.52
place all right I'm taking the mcom guys2044.6794.881
watch my back hey hey this is the mcom2047.0393.961
huh yeah I'm taking it I got it let's2049.563.76
take it no you need to watch my back I2051.03.159
I'm going to help want to help with the2053.322.24
mcom we don't need to help only one2054.1593.24
person at a time can take the incom you2055.563.519
don't this is my first time taking an2057.3993.52
mcom you don't need to take it I'm here2059.0793.56
I got this I'm arming it right now does2060.9193.96
it go faster if we both take it no you2062.6396.24
watch my ass2064.8794.0
damn it what is wrong with you a what's2070.1594.44
wrong with y'all were there we had the2071.8395.56
mcom it was ours I was taking it and you2074.5994.401
should have been washing my back that's2077.3993.68
what a good soldier does huh that's what2079.04.359
a good player does you watch we're good2081.0794.441
players we're going to take the mcom2083.3593.681
let's do it again no okay we'll do it2085.523.119
again and I'm taking the mcom you watch2087.043.319
my ass are you good at watching people's2088.6394.24
asses yes all right let's do this again2090.3594.081
but you watch my ass when we get to the2092.8795.161
mcom and I'll take it [ __ ] [ __ ] it fine2094.447.159
whatever another drink kill that bastard2098.045.799
oh look armor thing oh look a dumb ass2101.5993.801
no you don't we don't need to take that2103.8393.0
you want that no leave that here he's2105.43.28
covering our ass he's covering us yeah2106.8393.361
all right he's laying on fire watch our2108.685.8
back that's an order let's go [ __ ]2110.24.28
you all right we only got one ticket2115.25.8
left go ahead and take it I'm taking it2117.727.44
I'm taking it are you I think so am I I2121.06.24
don't know no hit the button hitting2125.164.04
buttons no the the button on like what2127.243.32
does your screen say your screen will2129.23.08
tell you the button hit the button arm2130.565.08
this arm yeah arm the button beside it2132.286.28
hit it okay this one that's ammo you2135.644.16
don't you don't put ammo down dud no2138.564.039
don't put ammo arm the damn thing ammo2139.85.799
knife grenade the arm button not grenade2142.5994.361
you just throw a grenade get out of2145.5994.161
clear look at that2183.1194.801
I bet this is a2187.925.439
Ross probably about an 82 that tree's2189.5996.561
happiness gave it away oh that one2193.3594.041
speaks to2196.166.6
me I wonder if that's oil or2197.45.36
finger I can see living2210.0795.601
here bird bath2213.1198.321
there garden over here oh I could plant2215.688.399
zucchini hope the worms don't get2221.446.76
them I hate when the worms get2224.0794.121
them hey you where the [ __ ] we need some2230.0796.28
help out here my friends clay and Moore2233.85.279
are all the help you'll need this room2236.3595.48
is going to be so nice when it's2239.0794.921
done indoor2241.8396.76
pool steam room2244.04.599
Marco I can't wait to have friends2249.3594.24
over look at this2259.3596.76
tub maybe some scented2263.28.2
candles some bubble bath bubble2266.1197.611
Battlefield you win by2271.44.199
promoted okay go to B go to B because2285.884.12
they're taking it right now we need to2288.444.04
move where did y'all come from from b b2290.03.92
we just got our ass kicked there we need2292.483.32
to get back and take the damn thing okay2293.923.04
I I was just driving and there was2295.82.92
nobody here and then we spawned on you2296.963.08
that's what you're supposed to do I got2298.723.44
points I got points yeah you did yeah2300.045.2
you got 20 I'm on my way yes you2302.165.439
are okay uh so where's this where are we2305.244.68
going B is that on the way you're2307.5994.48
heading right there just the big glowing2309.925.12
B in front of you yeah that's it the big2312.0796.401
glowing be just go to B what was that2315.044.92
attitude you're giving me there where's2318.485.32
B I don't know what do you mean we being2319.966.24
you how about do you understand this2323.83.92
game do you understand how it works what2326.23.919
am I a damn geologist do you see the2327.723.879
diamonds with with the letters in the2330.1194.801
middle of them do you see that oh yeah2331.5996.681
there see it yeah it's red have you ever2334.925.32
described anything before the glowing2338.284.839
Diamond that says be yeah red that's a2340.244.96
huge that's a huge part what have you2343.1194.921
been doing this whole game what have you2345.25.04
been doing I've been driving this Jeep2348.045.24
where everywhere all right what do I2350.245.119
look like to you a guy that doesn't2353.284.88
drive Jeeps around all right well okay2355.3595.121
there's be just head that2358.165.04
way did you know they had horns on these2360.484.92
Jeeps yeah we knew because we they2363.24.32
didn't used to have that2365.44.0
it was great when they didn't have okay2367.523.079
I'll tell you what um here's what I'll2369.42.88
do I um give me your phone number and2370.5992.641
I'll just give you a call and I give a2372.283.16
[ __ ] oh there you go yeah yeah you guys2373.243.599
oh yeah that's a good I'm I'm going2375.442.56
write that down that's a good line I'm2376.8392.361
going to use that next time I need to be2378.02.599
a douchebag you know what we're doing2379.25.28
here guys [ __ ] nothing go to B okay2380.5995.041
all right we're on the way we're going2384.483.76
to B2385.642.6
yeah that's2395.03.4
what you humming huh sounds like the2401.445.76
trollol song yeah that's trollol what2404.564.84
the trollolol song what about it what2407.23.36
are you humming that for why yeah why2409.44.0
are you humming that I was I yeah I was2410.564.96
humming humming the troll yeah you were2413.43.56
very specifically you were humming the2415.524.36
troll all s is that C4 on the Jeep2416.968.399
there's C4 oh we bail out bail out bail2419.888.479
yes I got little2439.06.04
birss legs I got little legs bir legs2441.526.2
bir legs I got little birdie legs birdie2445.045.84
legs and birdie legs I got little birdie2447.725.68
you doing Tak in the base man well why2450.884.08
are you singing that [ __ ] song into2453.43.439
my ear I do that every time I take a2454.963.56
base you've never done that I always2456.8393.361
sing that song when I take a base Never2458.523.319
sing that song you haven't never done2460.22.879
that and what base are you talking about2461.8393.52
we're just getting to the base the gas2463.0794.24
station oh [ __ ] he's he's all the way2465.3593.321
over there at Delta you're supposed to2467.3193.121
be at Al that's what you said you said2468.684.32
said Alpha you going to Alpha you didn't2470.448.6
say gas station nope no h oh guys the2473.08.359
circle just stopped means someone's2479.044.84
there somebody's here yeah go kill them2481.3595.24
oh I got to hide okay or you can go kill2483.885.08
him guys shut up going get me killed you2486.5993.76
don't have to whisper they can't hear2488.963.119
you they can't hear us we're you don't2490.3593.841
know that only the squad can talk I'm2492.0793.641
going radio2494.25.32
silence that's a good thing yeah2495.727.0
yeah guys that's not that's not radio2499.524.72
silence but what the opposite of the2502.723.44
circle's reversing means there's more2504.244.44
than one bigger problem now oh great2506.165.12
what should I do just just sit there the2508.684.0
the thing's gonna turn red and then2511.284.48
it'll start it is red just let them2512.685.56
leave and start taking over that base2515.764.28
and you know we'll help you if we can2518.243.68
I'm just going to be really2520.047.319
steel steel steel steel2521.928.48
steel steel is how you say it not steel2527.3595.121
you're not the one Behind Enemy Lines2530.44.08
there are no lines why am I Whispering2532.487.28
stupid rubs off oh wait guys he's2534.487.92
leaving I'm taking Delta I'm like a2539.765.16
ghost in the night I'm like the deadly2542.46.28
invisible [ __ ] virus the Delta2544.928.0
virus oh hey we just left Dro but it's2548.686.879
to be blinking again I told you I could2552.924.6
have sworn I heard Whispers there must2555.5594.441
be ghost like Spectre hiding in the2557.527.12
bushes I'm the Delta Knight Guardian2560.08.64
Shadow oh wait they're coming back hide2564.645.56
wait he's driving2570.26.96
by I think okay he's going oh2573.727.04
wait Tank's just sitting there Tank's2577.166.959
just sitting there I think he sees2580.763.359
me oh2594.766.319
yeah all right Noob you can uh stop2601.0795.28
throwing the grenades and come out now I2603.923.159
him yeah you got them I got little2607.0795.921
birdie legs birdie legs little birdie2611.0794.681
legs I got2613.02.76

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