P.T "Silent Hills" Fun?

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already, you need to check out the latest video where Neebs and the crew dive into the P....
P.T "Silent Hills" Fun?
P.T "Silent Hills" Fun?

P.T "Silent Hills" Fun?

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that P.T 'Silent Hills' video? It's our favorite one!

simon: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing when we were playing that demo.

appsro: I still can't believe we managed to have fun in a horror game like that. Only us, right?

neebs: Definitely! Who knew running around in a spooky house could be so entertaining?

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already, you need to check out the latest video where Neebs and the crew dive into the P.T "Silent Hills" Demo. It's an absolute blast watching them play and have a great time together.

I mean, who doesn't love seeing their favorite gaming personalities have fun and goof around while playing some spooky games? Neebs always brings such a positive energy to the channel, and it's infectious. You can't help but smile and laugh along with them as they navigate through the demo.

And let me tell you, the P.T "Silent Hills" Demo is no joke. It's filled with suspense, jump scares, and creepy atmospheres that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But with Neebs and the crew at the helm, you know you're in for a good time. Watching them react to the scares and work together to figure out the puzzles is pure entertainment.

So, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss a video. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on all the fun and excitement that Neebs and the crew bring to the table. Happy gaming, everyone!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They took on the P.T. "Silent Hills" demo and it was hilarious. I love how they approach playing scary games - with plenty of jokes and camaraderie to cut through the tension.

The video starts out with the guys gathered around checking out the demo for the first time. You can tell they're a little apprehensive, but excited too. Once they start exploring the spooky hallway, the scares and screams kick in fast. But Neebs and the crew keep things light with their constant wisecracks and banter.

When things get really intense, like the ghostly apparitions and creepy noises, you can see them all huddling together for support. The chemistry between these guys is great - you can tell they're all longtime friends having a blast playing games together. Even while they're freaking out, they find moments to make each other laugh.

As they slowly unravel the bizarre mysteries of the P.T. demo, their genuine reactions and commentary make it so entertaining to watch. And the cinematic camerawork captures every jump scare and shocking reveal in dramatic fashion.

After watching this video, I'm convinced Neebs Gaming provides the ultimate way to experience scary games vicariously. You get all the scares and intensity, with the added comedy and camaraderie of this great group of friends. It's like you're right there in the room with them, enjoying the hilarious rollercoaster ride.

So if you're looking for a great time watching gamers take on the creepiest games out there, go check out Neebs Gaming's videos! Their P.T. video is a perfect example of how they deliver premium entertainment.

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welcome to needs gaming this is needs7.5196.191
what is this news I've got with me Simon10.4697.051
yes hello and apps row and doraleous hey13.715.819
what's up and we're playing a scary game17.524.23
I'm glad you found your way up off the19.5294.531
floor I did I've heard about this but21.754.05
I've not know what is it though heard24.063.059
about what what's the name event this25.83.75
game's called this is silent what's it27.1194.351
called pts now the rumor is that it's a29.553.75
new Silent Hill but this demo is called31.476.269
PT PT okay so you just run into doors in33.38.25
the open all right I mean what is the37.7395.82
object of the scheme to scare you41.553.66
oh it looks nice though doesn't it yeah43.5594.59
it is pretty okay it's 23:59 what's that45.215.279
what what do you think with almost48.1495.971
tomorrow 11 it's almost it's almost noon50.4896.031
almost the 24th hour of the day that's54.124.86
called a herringbone that flooring a56.525.309
herringbone for Simon you know that58.984.379
because I my father used to be a61.8294.441
carpenter herringbone herringbone take63.3595.221
that home with you viewers yeah that's66.274.08
good sign it you find any information68.583.84
like that any any other channel nope70.353.87
herringbone floors what else I know what72.423.239
else do you see I see a very nice74.225.219
dresser vintage nineteen yeah but it's a75.6597.441
nice dresser it is just because kept79.4395.311
sloppily you try to figure out a story83.13.42
from this there's more there's bars on84.753.42
the windows what kind of molding is this86.524.13
that is two and a quarter inch88.178.97
cases crown molding what the [ __ ] we90.658.23
have crown molding crown molding yeah97.143.479
you pay a linear foot for labor that's98.884.86
at least ten dollars a foot100.6195.131
Oh moaning yeah that's still crown103.743.36
molding it's the same molding hey105.755.82
morning is now yeah that's a 2p played107.16.12
this game and broke down the square111.573.089
footage you take a reveal113.223.689
I've got no controls litter times I114.6594.74
can't jump crouch shoot but you can go116.9095.011
forward any chance I should try the door119.3994.741
no three or four times which is [ __ ]121.923.6
let's round turn around turn around that124.144.739
doors open oh no I got the Chili's125.525.459
I got the chili got the chili yes128.8793.72
because I didn't that was not open let's130.9792.451
did that who cares what I do could be133.437.56
like the grocery store just opens up137.673.32
table there before a different one and149.334.0
how much did that table cost I wonder I151.594.11
don't know it loads it might be out is153.333.57
this still the same floor155.73.18
Simon yes same same floor seemed156.93.809
finished we're called again here bones158.883.36
yes herringbone it's just molding the160.7093.511
same yes the crown moldings the same162.243.39
there and look at the other up good look164.229.45
up up to your right the same picture165.639.99
there was a picture of a boob right okay173.674.59
it's still there that's a boob there was175.627.53
a cheerio both this might be a game of178.266.42
just going in circles all right bananas183.154.7
still there chocolate yeah couple still184.685.46
can't do anything all the buttons187.853.85
nothing wait maybe you supposed to go190.145.36
this you're a bad investigator oh no no191.78.4
I just did that the last cycle again195.56.91
look when I go through here no I'm gonna200.14.169
see the same thing mile an hour202.418.18
oh why did you close that the ADHD204.2699.231
detective thankfully herringbone floor210.599.94
pictures same time 359 same time there's213.58.95
bars on the windows does anyone else220.534.709
find out oh [ __ ]222.454.74
now why did the door closed so it's225.2393.691
different I heard when I go back the227.193.329
other way go back the other way228.934.23
cake go no go back all the way to the230.5199.511
end that door this game was the easiest233.168.4
thing in the world we need to really240.033.6
show you hallway and it's the whole241.565.929
[ __ ] game I run into that one nothing243.635.439
what so if I'm missing some seriously I249.0697.681
wish I could unlock jump or squat or254.684.2
something all you can do is walk am i256.753.509
wrong would it not be nice to build a258.883.09
squat can you touch the clock well did260.2596.5
you guys notice that clocks is 23:59261.974.789
okay that other door hasn't been opened267.754.57
for a while again like the remember it270.0993.511
used to open again272.325.189
you guys notice the 23:59 I did yeah on273.615.489
the clock over here go ahead look up277.5095.101
here walk through 59 same time there's279.0996.301
nothing just walk around that's it what282.615.3
if you hit start does it just pause it285.44.68
that's that's the most exciting thing287.916.849
I've seen in a while I can do something290.086.3
this screen alright look at every294.7592.851
painting let's look at every [ __ ]296.384.14
painter let's see okay that looks like a297.614.92
photograph yeah it sure does doesn't it300.525.67
I don't know why you hang that yeah can302.534.949
you imagine when you go to the store306.192.58
like I want to get this frame they'd be307.4792.731
like wow all right well let's name308.773.3
everything since we got nothing to do310.213.57
we're gonna call that shine that's312.073.9
sunshine this is a Sun over the water313.784.83
we'll call that one branch branches315.976.93
branch oh wait oh look what I can I want318.619.42
to do that so you tried in a button do322.96.96
it again there oh there we go no look at328.0316.28
me that was for real329.8618.21
so here hey son of a [ __ ] you get your344.316.87
hooves at all we have felt my heart yeah348.077.05
my dick just went inside yeah I feel it351.186.489
on my knee I'm just excited that I can355.124.169
do something other than weapon look at357.6693.661
see nothing do what aim dim stop doing359.2894.41
it oh oh is that shadows moving chuckle361.334.709
a the shadow it's gonna discuss the363.6997.231
light above hims moving oh right okay366.0398.261
you stay open door370.936.01
right oh no it made me look forward I374.33.959
didn't want to look forward anyway376.9412.93
listen it's not the baby okay okay378.25913.321
lights what was that389.874.38
lights well what's that let's just go391.589.239
forward okay when you leave food out394.2510.37
like this yeah you're gonna get this400.8193.801
happens a bug guy cleaning lady should I404.717.359
go back there and peek at that door410.783.259
again big the door412.0695.91
bigger boos good all right and back in414.0396.22
through the back and through snuck up417.9794.5
it's not gonna let you oh boy oh hey I420.2594.201
thought I saw something hanging what's422.4792.34
that's a lots of money oh no next to the424.8193.871
way up you dumbass shadow go away Lou426.657.949
okay so we can like look like swinging428.697.58
legs did it not look at it right there434.5994.68
looks like legs to you yes go back back436.276.009
up back up back up back up does that not439.2795.57
look like legs442.2792.57
not really no action Ellington's inc446.566.759
23:59 we know this buzz got it450.134.93
herringbone yes it's probably that's453.3193.75
probably 10 inch crown it's very very455.066.389
bone flooring all right open it's like457.0696.15
come in me we have a new room in our461.44911.671
lives guys you know what this is a game463.21912.531
of no choices473.125.519
you do what we want you to do oh that's475.756.909
nice it's oh I got something no oh who478.6395.28
doesn't love going around with a482.6595.19
flashlight no more oh wait there's no483.9196.36
daughter okay well let's get in487.8494.051
I can't wait to like just love math490.2794.831
imagine this looks like Simon's house no491.95.069
what are you - oh God495.115.839
then a fetus oh oh yeah496.9693.98
okay give it the candy bar no chicken505.096.129
that's like a bird look at the leg no it509.154.489
doesn't look human511.21923.881
that's not there's somebody in here what513.63925.531
are the chances that fart fan works well535.14.07
this is not a topic anymore this is kind554.474.78
of a big deal here look in the mirror no557.0295.31
mirrors people love them oh so that's559.254.709
weird I just got a look in the mirror in562.3394.981
the door opens yeah oh boy that doors563.9594.411
open should I even go back this way567.322.55
we're back in the hallway huh568.374.68
you know what I mean this is uh it's569.875.85
entertaining in them it is for for very573.056.149
little have you been listening it's a575.727.729
radio to men579.1994.25
look behind you586.423.54
O'Shea hard that's creepy you look this590.147.69
way you son of a [ __ ] that co-rect look596.125.45
like something it's like legs doesn't it597.833.74
you looked at the radio and said look605.384.66
behind yet in listen to the radio again607.615.34
go close to it again I did you tell lies610.043.93
you're right612.953.75
and then I look behind me behind you613.9716.47
totally did look behind you616.718.48
is that what's supposed to happen I630.446.33
think he's getting hit are we starting635.186.51
over this does feel like hell636.776.27
you should really should look behind you641.693.03
next time no wait that's different well643.043.21
tell me you didn't see your hand last644.722.58
time did you well you still got a646.254.31
flashlight anyway yeah you advanced oh647.36.21
bloody bag bloody bag that might be one650.565.89
of those lighted up oh my I'm in on it653.516.87
come on I'm doing it look out through656.4511.25
the door yeah bag of Dookie think of660.389.39
like when they're writing this you know667.74.02
what should give him a message when he669.774.1
wakes back up671.7214.84
I look behind me yeah you did oh it's673.8716.29
gouge it out yeah what does that mean686.565.91
that's new but there's an X on the on690.163.15
the lady ooh692.473.54
use the gouging out button man what I693.313.99
wouldn't give for a gadget out button696.014.829
right no what was that now Janelle what697.35.25
did you do I just started spamming700.8393.781
buttons then you need to continue to hit702.554.59
everything at all times go into the baby704.6211.7
baby sure I can't go in it weekend holy707.1411.58
[ __ ] oh is that something that's a716.323.48
person what is that718.7210.2
hey oh yeah it is oh that's freaky no no719.813.2
no come on you come back dude that looks728.927.4
like the wife was it the wife the wife733.05.91
well maybe that's the wife you killed736.325.59
your wife no it's the window I can hear738.916.6
them calling to me from what above gotta741.916.36
say that this is like a legit time I'm745.514.62
so happy there's this many dudes around748.276.27
me are you spit are you spent well I750.135.73
would not [ __ ] ever play this game754.543.51
alone all right going forward muscle755.863.75
early stop look I'm not looking at758.054.32
anything not even the molding really759.614.89
building we all know what to do and a762.3712.81
quarter is a hairy bone floor why why764.514.55
would you look away from it that's a775.185.79
mattress or something no it's a779.055.4
refrigerator a mattress okay so let's780.974.59
figure out what this means784.452.97
look second go back to the picture again785.563.779
ridge fall on the white is that what787.423.9
happened I can hear them calling to me789.3396.511
from the fridge next next yeah oh go791.326.78
further closer forgive me Lisa oh come795.853.96
in there's a monster inside of me yeah798.12.92
you killed the wife799.813.22
Lisa there's a monster inside and we are801.024.46
all rich on your eyeball also there's a803.0311.1
naked chicken in the naked chick I'll805.4812.12
clean it tomorrow bathrooms open814.138.88
hey my name's Telus this is my home817.67.9
right take baths we've got a scare823.017.76
coming you know that yeah stand below it825.57.26
I'm kidding I was kidding830.773.85
you just door open don't you look away832.763.66
from the thing that's happening cuz it's834.624.47
just swaying in there might happen836.425.16
muscle through hair hair alone two and a839.095.28
quarter bold a turn right boob pic I can841.584.71
hear them calling me from still hacking844.373.95
you coming from846.294.29
is there a painting I looks like the air848.325.11
of the night balance yes Phil Collins850.5810.7
killed his wife had a chicken baby I853.437.85
mean it were like three or four863.954.86
rotations and nothing news865.885.97
oh we're getting Spanish now what did it868.815.53
say before it just didn't have help but871.854.23
it was in English the first time now874.343.48
it's in Spanish no just the last word876.083.6
the last word so we've got this many877.823.48
words to go around for the whole thing's879.683.93
in Spanish nothing new they are nothing881.32.67
oh yeah I hear the baby calling me from883.975.34
the [ __ ] bathroom from baño where'd886.585.43
you get baño it's bathroom I know yeah889.316.33
but where was Bob the other L anything892.015.55
only thing calling us in this game is in895.649.08
[ __ ] chicken baby Wow897.567.16
what are we doing wrong should we walk905.232.82
through the other way I'm starting to906.792.79
think you need to go take a [ __ ] but908.053.63
before you get that monster inside of909.587.23
the bathroom and take a [ __ ] I got to do911.687.099
get that monster a monster inside of you916.814.41
figured it out and the voices you hear918.7794.241
calling you are from your belly if921.224.02
that's it that's gonna be funny but you923.024.56
know what we're not gonna be able flush925.246.75
I got to use the restroom for real here927.587.68
salmon tickets quranic' all right hold931.993.69
Oh all right getting a handle on it935.685.64
looking up scared Simon's as a guy start939.2796.571
Oh new sound new sound now you give it a941.325.49
may new sound945.855.1
oh [ __ ] what is that go in the bathroom946.818.21
stop should I yeah look at that thing950.954.07
move over okay what was that three babes955.927.359
get out of the freaking bathroom yeah960.735.28
taking taken Eve's take it back what'd I963.2793.211
we thought we saw some Wiggly stuff yeah966.493.36
that was the mirror definitely Wiggly968.173.75
stuff in the mirror I missed a glitchy969.857.71
Wiggly stuff yeah I mean we're missing971.926.359
something right977.562.37
they can't honestly expect us to walk978.2793.18
around a circle for a half-hour that's a979.934.05
herringbone floor I know we got that yep981.4596.061
whoa what's that what's that the edge983.9812.72
slow h-hello probably hello ODL Oh from987.529.84
now hell hell I can hear them calling997.364.57
the air1000.456.07
hello hello holy [ __ ] wait we're change1001.938.58
what we know that keep going keep going1006.525.67
back and forth let's play this game back1010.514.35
in here colony go back at the other now1012.196.6
she's just being oh oh oh so why not go1014.864.65
back go back1018.792.91
Oh we'll be back this way yeah go that1019.514.05
way go through the main door remember1021.73.36
every time you enter a new place there's1023.565.37
a new puzzle like that Oh zero yes you1025.066.0
have a time change we can read life and1028.934.2
a life that's new someone swapped that1031.064.8
out it's gone what the freaking the1033.134.32
bloody thing that was swinging before is1035.864.14
gone yeah straight forward look at you1037.456.84
ballsy one oh boy Laberge1040.07.89
oh yeah it is - it's both every picture1044.295.22
look at the picture fit yeah so this1047.893.84
hallways different now oh wait it's1049.513.3
definitely completely1051.732.82
it's like backwards now nope nope it's1052.813.96
new it's a new hallway completely but1054.555.52
it's the same [ __ ] it is the same stuff1056.774.5
it's a phone but everything's backwards1060.072.91
reversed yeah that's where you came from1061.273.51
so that's pointless to go back before1062.984.11
hey we're in a different dimension we're1064.784.74
in a different dimension abstract why1067.094.05
are we retracing steps when we haven't1069.523.87
moved forward today forward is just a1071.143.63
figment of your imagination1073.394.2
true and that's the same thing again but1074.774.68
this way I know it's all connected1077.595.85
what's the move oh whoa rocks gone -1079.456.27
what the coat racks gone where the [ __ ]1083.443.47
are we gonna put our coats1085.724.35
shut up it's the difference it's a1086.914.96
difference who gives a [ __ ] about that1090.074.44
if it's no it's fine eyeballs in the1091.874.8
panting did somebody say no water when1094.513.87
Eve said no water did you give him [ __ ]1096.676.44
for that the tub huh show me [ __ ] for no1098.387.23
no Co raspy voice you'd never get the1103.115.35
note water you make you make a point1105.615.28
yeah yeah and drain the water someone1108.465.97
stole the coat rack like a demon or Phil1110.896.15
Collins I can feel it that's1114.437.98
[ __ ] Code Red in the air now1117.049.1
cochon yeah I supposed to look like this1122.415.5
like the eyeballs okay am i winning1126.148.07
Molino yeah make it weird for them do1127.918.97
that every time on the zoom in hmm1134.214.77
yeah looks like a picture no it said1136.884.29
eight before it was a different one1138.985.04
Simon okay she has a door sorry the1141.174.47
bathroom always oh you disappeared in1144.023.12
the mirror okay you disappear in the1145.644.14
mirror next level please Thanks the1147.144.17
pictures are trying to tell us to look1149.783.92
I know look around that we've been1153.947.03
looking around so we do this does this1159.023.48
just happen every [ __ ] time maybe1160.973.15
it's not yeah it happens there that's1162.55.52
what I thought why would you discredit1164.125.73
said it's the same bathroom because1168.023.21
you're not seeing different bathrooms1169.853.0
it's the same freakin bathroom you know1171.233.09
it's the same bath so then why you1172.853.78
counting them one you pay you three you1174.323.84
past four bathrooms until you see the1176.632.79
red light again dumbass1178.163.6
oh whatever yeah there's also 371179.424.38
pictures it means [ __ ] backwards try1181.765.7
moving forward what they see on the1183.85.85
ground there to the right down there on1187.463.02
the ground1189.653.93
what's that yeah but was there ever a1190.483.97
picture on the ground1193.584.68
no oh hell-oh whoa1194.455.25
what the [ __ ] is that in the bathroom1198.267.08
Shh scare might be it's gonna be an1199.77.94
how many Prezi sounds in this game has1207.945.89
no click not one okay so somebody got1210.476.48
bird probably the wife right all right1213.836.9
wife's dead whoa back now okay1216.956.18
okay door locks that means something you1220.734.65
know this is a teaser for this game this1223.134.26
is an entire game you're calling new1225.383.5
hallway hallways1227.395.76
new hallway but it's finally fun me it's1228.886.07
a new old hallway it's our old it always1233.152.61
went back1234.953.87
it's just lit again more lighting let's1235.767.38
get nicer in it guys we're beating it no1238.827.59
lady whoa what's that say the right it1243.145.7
was like on your it wasn't on the walls1246.414.5
on screen it was on your eyeball what1248.843.96
was it Did you touch the bear or the1250.914.2
screens off of it just keep moving let's1252.85.82
stop everywhere so reality TV show you1255.117.65
see that in the middle yeah oh this is1258.626.45
probably part of the game I'm guessing1262.764.74
they did this in Batman I know a game1265.074.77
I'm not buying jesus [ __ ] no this1267.55.4
isn't I'm not having any fun okay so1269.844.62
we're back in this room yeah we're doing1272.94.02
it again I don't I don't get this touch1274.464.8
touch that one can you touch things okay1276.923.66
cuz it looked like when you touch the1279.262.94
teddy bear it did something right I1280.583.33
don't know how you go to that corner or1282.23.03
not turn around before you look at the1283.912.82
table because I've done this a hundred1285.234.2
times I know but things got different it1286.734.47
now at this point I would be happy for1289.433.48
something to kill me feel like we've1291.23.36
explored this go but now you have to1292.914.26
like click on every crack you see okay1294.5610.17
well we've already got that through my1297.179.96
soul I mean there's got to be an ending1304.734.32
for this game right no I you know what I1307.133.33
don't think there is you know what the1309.053.19
ending probably is1310.463.85
[ __ ] turn your system off alright1312.243.84
let's get let's look on the internet cuz1314.313.99
um I wanna go home yeah1316.084.98
after this Thank You Anthony after this1318.35.46
much [ __ ] time invested we're gonna1321.067.35
see the end of the [ __ ] on the phone for1323.766.89
the 80th time are you [ __ ] kidding1328.415.04
why I don't know so the guy on the1330.655.53
internet did the guy in the internet I1333.455.04
found it guys sit there and so you gotta1336.186.39
do it it takes like 25 minutes tops but1338.497.38
oh god is it worth it1342.575.43
I appreciate trying to be like artsy and1345.874.11
everything this is [ __ ] there comes a1348.03.3
point where you just have to call it1349.983.09
crap and this is crap it's crap1351.33.99
I'm sorry alright so bleeps you're gonna1353.074.5
call it [ __ ] or what I mean I really1355.297.11
hate to end like this but is this it the1357.5711.94
lady's back yeah I can't I can't know if1362.48.31
I can do this anymore1369.513.18
Simon what's wrong buddy what look at1370.713.78
this this is frickin crazy and pack a1372.696.09
sleeping bag guys come on noobs jeez1374.498.39
come on that's why bust out the maid1378.784.1
that doesn't talk to them I know it's1388.8510.24
like he's not even in got any ideas no1396.095.25
you don't think we could say we want to1399.095.3
stop we want to stop playing this game1401.347.14
can we please stop playing oh my god the1404.396.58
GMAC ahjumma what the [ __ ] did you make1408.485.55
right he made a piece of [ __ ] is what1410.974.29
he made and I hate it1414.033.6
a big dog [ __ ] sandwich see where we're1415.265.1
the most intriguing ahora game wherever1417.635.4
we make a game that frustrate people1420.364.32
make them want to shoot themselves all1423.033.87
three in the water how do we turn this1424.683.99
off I'm just gonna leave guys what1426.93.12
happens when you masturbate in the1428.676.35
toilet go masturbate in the toilet I1430.028.55
would like to see that very freaky jigs1435.024.83
jagged off1438.573.14
because at this point whatever you'll1439.853.63
pick up the anus picture see if you can1441.713.3
take it into the bathroom is a jackoff1443.484.74
into the toilet is a ferret in the1445.013.87
no there should be a fair we don't have1448.883.24
a fair I saw a teddy bear grab the teddy1450.352.88
bear and shove it up your ass1452.122.94
get the picture of the aim is to go to1453.234.29
the toilet sign master have a gavel boys1455.064.44
run to pets market and buy a ferret oh1457.526.44
my god thank you it doesn't let you quit1459.54.46
that's the horror of the game we haven't1466.875.62
played this in Italian yet let's play1469.824.86
through it again with some Oh never said1472.494.77
rook quick one more time reverse we know1474.686.39
I have to go I have to go so that was1477.264.53
question mark1481.792.72

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