Oops. I deleted the entire forest. - Conan Exiles

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? It's Episode 25 and let me tell yo...
Oops. I deleted the entire forest. - Conan Exiles
Oops. I deleted the entire forest. - Conan Exiles

Oops. I deleted the entire forest. - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Appsro, remember that time you deleted the entire forest in Conan Exiles? Classic move, buddy.

appsro: Oh come on, Neebs, it was an accident! I just wanted to clear some space for my new fortress.

neebs: Sure, sure, blame it on the fortress. Next thing you know, you'll be deleting whole cities for a parking spot.

appsro: Hey, if it means I get a better view from my balcony, I might just do it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? It's Episode 25 and let me tell you, it's a wild ride! Appsro gets his hands on a personal cloaking device – how cool is that? And Neebs, oh Neebs, always the voice of reason, makes some hilarious arguments about firing arrows in restaurants. Classic Neebs!

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you know that Neebs Gaming always delivers top-notch content. And in this episode, the guys take on new challenges, face unexpected plot twists, and of course, share plenty of laughs along the way. Plus, there's some serious stealth action going on – Stealth 100, baby!

I love how the Neebs Gaming crew always brings their A-game to each episode. From the witty banter to the epic adventures, Conan Exiles is always a blast to watch. And hey, have you checked out their resort merch yet? I'm definitely eyeing those shirts and mugs – perfect for showing off my Neebs Gaming pride.

And let's not forget about the awesome community that Neebs Gaming has built. Whether it's hanging out on Twitch, chatting on Discord, or repping their shirts and stuff, it's clear that the Neebs Gaming family is one of a kind. So grab your coffee, settle in, and get ready for another epic episode of Conan Exiles with the Neebs Gaming crew. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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oo I said ooh shal Lama baby shal lama0.886.72
ding dong what do we have here what4.884.839
unlocking my next7.65.079
spell can you see things happening yeah9.7194.721
I saw the things I unlocked oh I don't12.6794.041
see things happening so14.444.759
l oh what what are these what's your16.724.88
obsession with ly what ly what's your19.1993.721
obsession with it you're always talking21.63.759
about it what is ly I've heard of lii I22.923.64
think that's what I'm saying just25.3593.16
differently it's like a fruit right not26.564.36
sure kind of they make Sak out of it oh28.5194.761
like I so I've seen that word ly yeah I30.923.4
mean you should be the expert you won't33.282.76
shut up about it I just want to drink34.324.48
all right now check this36.042.76
out abro yeah abro I'm right here well43.05.559
glad he's gone now I can go steal47.0793.32
everything he has you hear me what are48.5593.561
you doing yeah I know you're right there50.3992.96
I can kind of see you look like a52.123.56
Covenant Halo guy did they go invisible53.3595.401
oh they did they Shield but you know if55.684.199
you weren't looking and you were sne58.762.599
sneaking into a base like try climbing a59.8793.36
wall like this wall here yeah and just61.3592.921
like if you were just there and I was63.2392.481
just walking past I I don't think I'd64.282.64
think about65.723.96
it true oh I'd be well my feet are kind66.925.28
of hanging out a little bit but you69.684.88
right here oh man yeah I blend in I'm72.23.36
like a74.563.44
chameleon I am the cutest chameleon75.564.48
you've ever seen but I can't see you78.04.2
it's true I'm the cutest chameleon80.045.6
you've never seen82.23.44
ah all right hey we are running really85.685.16
really low on metal so88.283.879
we need to go get metal I don't know how90.842.52
long I'm going to stay like this by the92.1593.32
way oh well okay just does your horse go93.363.56
invisible when you get on it that's a95.4792.841
good question let's find out come on96.923.159
where's bean beanan I know you can't see98.323.0
me but I'm coming up here you see me be100.0793.72
around here yep y yep yep a that does101.324.64
break it how you doing hey what's up hey103.7994.801
all right good to know to the great105.965.57
Forge I'm not going to say108.610.24
uh nebes yeah buddy you know I'm what123.324.36
I'm going to ask how much longer is it125.563.839
yeah cuz we've been going for a while I127.683.76
think we're close okay I don't know129.3993.601
exactly but I'm looking for rhinos I131.443.439
want some thick leather oh the Rhino133.04.519
country and I've got uh Dora gave me134.8794.521
these new weapons that are better I've137.5193.681
got like what what's your uh what's your139.44.479
weapon at my my damage is a 29 I don't141.24.56
know I know my pants are trash yeah your143.8793.921
pants are trash what are they single145.764.559
digits oh trash pants yeah like147.84.36
yeah that's ridiculous man my pants are150.3192.64
42 why what is that a cat 42 is not even152.9596.441
good uh cat where to the right yeah I156.2395.441
don't know let's see you kitty cat yeah159.45.759
that's a that's a k k k k r that's161.685.88
that's a rock that's a waste of time165.1594.281
really there's another cat ahead of us167.565.44
okay good cuz I was just that's a cat169.445.159
all right we need the bigger the bigger173.04.8
game yeah I think we got to go more back174.5995.761
this way right excuse me right there177.85.48
okay yep okay past the cats of cats or180.364.439
past the rock that I thought was a cat183.283.48
never mind us kitty cats never mind oh184.7993.72
he's eating something maybe keep eating186.763.92
enjoy your lunch kitty cat is he still188.5194.601
eating it no he he's on your butt I'm190.686.0
watching him something well it's done193.125.96
done eating yeah plus this is a a much196.684.32
juicier thing to eat well that that's a199.085.079
fast cat yep they usually are fast mhm I201.05.599
would think a a cat would would204.1595.36
absolutely beat a horse most times no or206.5994.72
maybe maybe the the horses can run for209.5193.481
longer father that's a really good211.3194.081
question Simon I I too am curious I'm213.04.36
thinking the cat's more in a burst maybe215.43.52
they go for like maybe I don't know 10217.363.159
20 seconds and then they're like [ __ ]218.923.36
this and they get tired and have to lick220.5193.241
their paws222.284.319
mhm oh there we go I don't know if223.764.199
that's a rhino or one of those other226.5992.961
weird looking things yeah those things227.9592.961
suck because you don't get the Rhino229.563.599
things that looks like a rhino I know230.924.12
but I know I hear what you're saying233.1593.521
they're like reptiles I don't know what235.042.919
uh I don't know which one's which so236.684.24
I'll Trust you one way to find out one237.9595.521
way tell you what let's leave our horses240.925.319
right here uhhuh freees you stay put243.484.599
buddy same here look this one looks like246.2394.08
a legit you think this looks legit I248.0793.72
don't know maybe my hopes are low for250.3194.041
this one H maybe not oops whoops what251.7994.321
are you you attacking rocks I did I did254.363.719
a move I was trying to crouch this might256.124.76
be a reptile one o control is it's a258.0794.601
reptile one control is something I never260.885.599
knew all right no oh man I'm doing my262.685.6
move the Dodge roll did not266.4795.44
work oh Jesus did somebody someone die I268.286.479
might have hit you oh Simon Simon damn271.9195.601
really what wow what Happ did did did274.7595.081
like we stab each other or was that was277.525.119
that I might have shot him what I might279.843.919
have what do you mean you might have282.6393.081
shot him well it's a possibility what do283.7594.16
you mean I mean a what number one rule285.724.199
is don't hit each other I know but how287.9194.641
do you this is a reptile one okay so did289.9194.961
you try chopping it no well let me do it292.564.44
I don't want to get hurt in the process294.885.92
step away dris I am do Simon exotic297.06.0
flesh and fangs I hit him with one like300.83.679
one Arrow doesn't matter one arrow is303.03.4
too much how' he die from one Arrow hey304.4793.72
if we W to Chick-fil-A together and you306.46.04
said it's one Arrow it's not cool what308.1995.761
I'm trying to put this into a context312.443.12
that makes sense in modern day I wish313.963.16
you were better at it all right you pick315.563.479
a restaurant what does a restaurant have317.123.84
to do with anything pick a319.0395.681
restaurant TGF okay we're at tji Fridays320.966.679
I shoot you with one arrow is that324.726.52
okay no it don't327.6397.441
matter I it's one or two you know what331.246.12
yeah you make a very good point NE I335.084.559
know I'd love to end the conversation337.364.72
all right grab his stuff I guess what339.6394.84
about if it was like out of benan though342.084.08
same thing all right there's no344.4795.241
restaurant DB as [ __ ] what the hell346.167.36
happened oh God where am I killed by349.727.68
neees oh God where the hell am353.526.48
I ah the great f357.44.72
yes well lit all right I've been I've360.03.4
been wanting to try this a minute follow362.123.6
me over here what is try what metal363.43.76
related yeah yeah you see all this metal365.723.52
right here mhm Let's see we used to367.165.0
harvest as the oldfashioned way y but I369.245.6
got some new way oh God everything has a372.164.8
spell now yeah it does let's see if I374.846.04
can pull this off uh this one376.966.16
uh it's better work I'm going to perform380.884.4
my own magic real quick all right383.125.28
Harvest all raw materials in the area385.284.68
ready ready388.46.6
oo chuma Wubba baby oh my389.968.519
god wow that's a good range holy crap395.05.44
that got so much more than I expected398.4793.921
can you move I am encumbered but I can't400.446.159
move how much oh my God I got402.48.04
2,844 metal woo from that that is406.5996.521
awesome that is pretty damn cool holy410.444.96
crap so yeah when we come out here just413.124.6
send me no one has to you know waste415.45.079
time chopping metal like they used to417.725.039
back in the olden days with the pick and420.4793.641
I'm going to get rid of that I'll just422.7593.201
be the light that was cool now I want to424.124.68
find like the biggest metal pile we can425.964.4
just get it all we should go do it in a428.83.119
forest and just knock down every tree430.364.16
around us oh God which yeah I picked up431.9194.521
Stone and wood I got everything you're434.524.359
going to be devastating to any436.446.199
rainforest hold on I'm so encumbered I438.8794.531
got it442.6392.12
all okay the birds are above this is444.7597.761
crappy where the hell man this is a long450.1995.0
way to go and this is sand the sand is452.525.76
not is not cool on the feet who likes455.1994.72
Hot sand are there people that just458.283.759
don't care you know there are bunch of459.9195.521
weirdos hot sand462.0396.16
sucks is that keev following us yeah465.444.8
why'd you get so close to it did I you468.1994.4
did man let there's a campfire oh yeah I470.243.84
think we've been here before oh you were472.5994.28
here I think so oh nice TR oh am I474.084.72
bleeding it looked like it missed me is476.8793.76
that thing still us uh yeah another one478.83.2
is too and I'm believe okay how do we480.6394.96
handle this probably via fight not that482.05.84
not that not that oh Rhino just ahead so485.5994.481
we got to take care of them okay uh-oh487.844.639
okay don't you hit my horse don't you490.083.399
hit my492.4795.68
horse oh God guys I'm close I'm close493.4797.081
but I might be dying soon I don't see498.1595.121
you man don't die okay well something's500.566.479
attacking me and uh you see me I can't503.286.12
look at the map and I don't see you look507.0394.641
at the map then I get bit oh man I see a509.44.079
rhino yeah that's what I just told you511.683.839
all right hold on did you kill the cats513.4793.881
yes cat's down all right do you see515.5193.0
Simon where is he we're going to get517.363.2
this RH oh518.5195.681
godam get away from me you dumb cat okay520.566.36
yep I I can't [ __ ] let's I'll get the524.24.639
Rhino oh Rhino there's a rhino right526.924.479
there and the cat is is is biting on the528.8395.241
Rhino so that Sav oh God another cat is531.3995.0
that a different cat please dude how534.084.72
about this go over here go over here536.3994.601
right now and fight this rhino both of538.84.44
you is that working it's working all541.04.519
right hold on let me stop for a sec get543.244.68
my bearings you are your Simon you're545.5194.201
supposed to be so close to me Simon I547.923.68
think I see well what you're talking549.724.16
about yeah and I'm right by them mes551.63.56
let's take care of this rhino and make553.882.959
our way to the other Rhino oh God the555.164.08
cat's after me cat's after me this baby556.8394.281
rhinos over here I'm going to go buy559.243.96
this rhino and get the cat to fight this561.123.8
one all right I started shooting this563.25.36
one oh God two cats ooh are they both on564.925.76
that rhino you different Rhino then I'm568.564.56
stabbing Dr be careful Rhino down easy570.685.32
easy peasy peas all right sumon you good573.125.04
no I'm not good but I'm here where is he576.04.2
is he that way D yes he is I'm going to578.163.56
harvest this I'll be right there if you580.23.24
guys can see me on the map I know I581.724.76
could see you but whenever I stop or I I583.444.8
mean I should see you you're supposed to586.485.24
be [ __ ] what are you chasing me 18 th588.246.839
Lea man oh I see you he on oh you got a591.726.119
RH on your butt I know sure I do all595.0795.801
right down Runo down all right stop for597.8396.0
a second get to my stuff when I spin why600.884.92
doesn't the [ __ ] thing rotate it603.8393.401
annoys the hell out of me that it605.83.44
doesn't [ __ ] was that sumon I just607.244.52
passed yep I was like who's that hobo609.244.52
man is that was you are these freaking611.765.519
uh they're not moving these cats oh dead613.766.24
okay we just collapsed right here okay617.2794.281
Simon uh you me take you back to your620.03.24
stuff you know where it's at uh well I621.563.24
mean I should but it'll take me forever623.243.32
to find it even though it's right there624.85.84
yep so is my body down there yep down626.569.32
below yep okay in the sand630.647.68
nope I know you're trying to be stealthy635.883.92
but they really should be able to see638.322.92
this no they don't know what we're doing639.83.039
out here they think we're just some dumb641.243.32
monkeys we're we're dressed better than642.8393.721
they are why would they assume that I644.563.519
don't know maybe they got bad sight you646.563.32
know there's no optometrist around here648.0793.401
that's true you ever think about that649.884.199
people back people just think oh they651.484.44
just have bad eyes and I guess they do654.0793.841
but they had no way to fix them yeah no655.923.599
you probably just died because you know657.923.039
you couldn't see the P that was coming659.5194.721
at you live blind all right here we go660.9595.481
okay well where'd he go I don't know664.244.12
where is he who knows all right you're666.443.44
going to try and sneak in there yeah I'm668.363.32
going to see yeah are these guys just669.882.92
going to ignore me I'm going to go in671.682.48
and see if they have a sorcerer and I'm672.82.52
looking for a cook too all right yeah674.162.44
thank you for the cook I need them all675.323.36
right so I'm going to get sneaky like I676.63.64
wonder if they'll hear me like can I678.683.36
just run past good to try that on the680.245.0
first couple guys I can't see you at all682.045.919
anymore good685.244.56
oh it what snuck right past them oh my689.85.599
God they're so stupid all right really693.483.799
stupid I'm sneaking in here this place695.3994.12
looks crazy this is cool sounds like697.2794.321
you're partying in there does they got699.5194.361
their drums going War drums let's say I701.64.32
need a sorcerer anything goes wrong I'll703.883.8
distract them I'll make noises just let705.923.96
me know all right let's see can I see707.684.64
what they are oh that's an armorer yeah709.884.48
this is great this is how we find good712.323.84
people now instead of going in like a714.364.88
mad man we don't even waste our time oh716.165.28
I found that cook oh I want it it's a719.244.279
woman oh perfect they're the best how721.443.8
they're not hearing us oh what always723.5193.401
say a sorcerer we're Whispering that's725.243.64
how this works this a sorcerer if you726.924.08
talk like this nobody can hear you yeah728.884.84
it's a sorcerer okay so what's the731.05.04
mission do we have to kill everyone else733.723.72
I'm going to kill this sorcerer and get736.043.44
this sorcerer Pages that's what I need737.445.0
oh wait can I murder be stealthy or when739.485.2
I use my weapon is it going to detect me742.443.759
all right one way to find out one way to744.683.2
out yes give me all the stuff give me747.884.88
all the stuff are you invisible still751.03.279
are you still invisible no they see me752.763.16
they see me they see me I'm running I'm754.2794.601
running oh God I see you I see you755.926.44
running run run I see PR nothing nothing758.885.28
run I'm running I guess we don't have to762.363.4
do this voice anymore run no I am764.164.88
running [ __ ] run let's765.763.28
go sorry guys head on back head on back769.0794.32
let's lose him and then you can sneak772.162.84
back in for the chef oh I can go in773.3994.0
there yeah and I can beat pretend though775.04.519
oh let's leave we're so afraid of oh777.3994.68
yeah let's get out of here oh no there779.5196.521
we're going they already gave up782.0796.801
fools all right neebs uhhuh hear me out786.044.12
do you know what I'm thinking yeah I788.883.199
don't like it what I mean stealing790.164.239
babies we killed their parents yeah yeah792.0794.281
but they attacked us yeah and these one794.3993.761
day will attack us as well right796.364.12
unnecessarily and if we raise them and798.164.2
uh brainwash them we just raise them and800.484.28
then we we get what we need right we802.363.919
raise them to kill them but we give them804.763.6
a good life do I really need to explain806.2794.36
why this is is bad well do you think808.364.12
it's better to leave them to die810.6393.56
undefended with no parents I think812.483.479
they're old enough they'll be all right814.1994.281
I doubt that I I don't well I think that815.9593.921
there was a reason why they were still818.484.76
with the parents H they weren't ready so819.884.639
want to get the other one now look you823.243.159
separated them if you're going to do824.5193.601
that you got to grab both raise them826.3993.161
together and then I can't wait to see828.123.519
you have to kill it all right hey Simon829.563.839
what was it was it me that killed you831.6395.12
with an arrow uh no no it was nees oh oh833.3995.88
did I stab you through the Rhino he836.7594.52
if that was had an Applebees would that839.2794.12
one stabbing be okay look that still841.2793.48
stands man we Apple bees you're not843.3993.56
shooting anybody but I do know this was844.7594.52
I attacking that Rhino first oh oh he's846.9593.401
you're going to make it so that it was849.2793.12
my fault of course y think I was going850.363.919
to take blame for this yeah yeah yeah852.3993.24
yeah no I get that that's who we're854.2792.961
dealing with right now yeah well I mean855.6393.161
that's what what we deal with every time857.243.08
grab that other baby r you can't858.83.44
separate I don't know where it is all860.323.639
right it's a search party all right862.244.24
let's search for the baby come on baby863.9594.0
oh the baby might have been killed by866.484.0
this cat that's just chilling over here867.9594.641
un this cat's dead are you dead nope870.483.359
you're not dead you're going I see it I872.62.96
see it you're going to attack me oh I873.8393.321
see the baby now we're here grab the875.563.8
baby grabbing the baby all right I'll877.164.28
I'll bring this cat away don't kill the879.363.839
baby cat we're going to kill it later881.443.92
when it's bigger we get more out of it883.1995.481
got the baby oh c killing the cat cat885.366.24
dead good job baby hours yay baby888.685.92
yay I guess this is the march of895.1995.521
progress you know spells are introduced897.685.159
and now I don't have a purpose I used to900.724.239
kill people and used to hit things with902.8394.92
my Axe and my pickaxe they're both axes904.9594.44
now I got nothing to do this is why907.7594.64
people get lazy and fat automation spell909.3994.761
does everything you don't have to dig a912.3994.8
ditch oh my God it's so dark in here I914.164.679
can't see I know that cook was hanging917.1993.601
out yeah there you are you just going to918.8394.92
smack him uh yeah hold on let me pi up920.85.0
here smack rope them and run like hell923.7594.481
oh there another sorcerer I really want925.85.44
okay yeah focusing Focus I'm going to do928.245.839
the cook I'm going to hit bind and run931.245.68
yeah so good order of events go Bo got934.0795.521
her and find her and I'm936.925.479
out nothing nothing nothing nothing939.64.359
nothing nothing going well is this going942.3993.68
well so far it's going great going great943.9593.641
I think I see you you're running there's946.0794.041
people behind947.62.52
you this is the way it is this happening950.564.04
huh this is happening this happening953.122.92
like this is the way to get people954.63.52
where's the body it should be behind me956.043.76
it's like I'm my screen it's like 100 ft958.124.56
away oh really but but this is awesome959.85.519
it'll work yeah yeah you guys run away962.686.279
like her anyway she was a bad965.3196.0
cook well thank you Abra oh you're968.9594.161
welcome yeah hey you guys ever need971.3193.96
anything you come just see see your good973.124.6
buddy abro hey you uh go ahead and drop975.2794.24
that body real quick why and then pick977.723.84
it back up cuz uh it doesn't look right979.5193.88
no I'm keeping it like this all right981.563.8
I'm going to go home okay wait which way983.3993.721
was home come on bad dad we'll show them985.363.839
oh wait no not this way still987.125.12
away Simon you put a bed roll down I did989.1995.961
I mean you know at at least if I die992.245.159
I'll have the option to come here and995.164.76
not wherever I was before yeah proud of997.3994.44
you oh thanks I mean having a bed roll999.925.399
down is like you can't lose uh unless he1001.8395.281
forgets he put a bed roll down and then1005.3194.121
dies and then I go where I was before1007.123.8
then he spawns up here that's going to1009.443.759
be something I was looking this cliff1010.924.159
and I was like this would be like a1013.1993.2
great remember thing we were doing we1015.0793.88
diving like this where you run and boom1016.3994.88
yeah yeah I didn't do it you didn't no I1018.9594.44
heard you guys talking about it oh all1021.2794.28
right um well Simon you got a bed roll1023.3995.081
why don't you uh I I the combo of what1025.5595.4
you have to do it's uh I forget you know1028.485.12
the buttons it's like this the Crouch1030.9594.681
button you jump then Crouch oh I'd love1033.64.599
to see this this is getting a good oh1035.644.399
it's jump and then it's jump and then1038.1994.521
Crouch which is Crouch isn't control1040.0396.321
it's c yeah do on the ground do one just1042.725.56
right here first then then show Dr off1046.363.76
the Cliff all right hold on so I I got1048.283.96
to remember how to do it oh I think I1050.124.84
switched my jump and then see there it1052.244.559
is O that was really good all right now1054.964.16
watch this dris I'm about to nail it1056.7994.801
Simon all right all right boom boom1059.126.2
boom jump and then1061.63.72
see dris yeah I got a secret what I1068.6796.36
picked up his bed and put down another1073.327.08
one what you son of a what1075.0395.361
I know it's mean but I just thought it'd1082.084.12
be really funny God that's great that's1083.525.56
great you're such a you're piece of1086.25.76
[ __ ] right1089.085.44
right ah so what we just wait now or1091.964.68
what yeah I guess we just wait jokes on1094.526.12
us yeah worth it1096.646.96
what in the1100.645.84
[ __ ] are you kidding me I didn't know1103.64.84
that he was getting to be like that1106.483.88
that's the that's the level of1108.445.719
shittiness son of a [ __ ]1110.367.92
great all right Anthony so screw the1114.1597.241
rainforest uh yeah I hear we need wood1118.284.879
let's get some wood I don't think we1121.44.44
need this much wood we just kill1123.1594.241
yes perfect oh my God Ah that's amazing1127.411.159
mhm okay y I'm encumbered now here give1134.125.799
me all of your stuff and do it again1138.5593.36
jeez I got one two three four dump1139.9194.161
everything I will be your pack mule dump1141.9193.681
everything and then go to more Tre way I1144.083.88
got 4,000 wood give it to me I can take1145.63.92
it you'll be encumbered put it in me I1147.962.92
can take it no I'm not going to put it1149.522.399
in you that's the point then we'll both1150.882.32
be encumbered and we can both waddle1151.9193.601
home with 5,000 wood in our pockets oh1153.24.28
is that what you want to do yes okay1155.524.12
here you take all this wood thank you oh1157.483.8
my God the bag's getting bigger right1159.643.68
yeah and I got this one I got that one1161.284.519
I'm still at 163% wow that's so much1163.324.359
wood I feel like God I'll put it on my1165.7992.961
I got bark I got like 750 bark o the1168.764.36
horses are eating good yeah they are but1171.443.52
I got to drop it cuz I'm still okay all1173.123.32
right give me that more all right so you1174.963.44
got all that all right here I come go1176.444.2
down over to these Woods maybe uhhuh yep1178.43.32
let's see I don't know these Woods over1180.642.8
here are close to the base waddle over1181.723.72
here let's waddle oh we can show off to1183.443.96
these people oh there's a way to destroy1185.443.44
their environment is that peanut butter1187.43.08
and jelly is that peanut butter and1188.883.84
jelly is that them I don't know I need1190.484.64
uh I need fresh Souls so slow down I I1192.727.0
can't keep up uh we try to run1195.126.679
there we go all yeah mayy right yeah1199.724.4
Jesus you're like durus at an airport is1201.7994.161
he slow at an airport no he's fast at an1204.123.48
airport he's got long legs and he's like1205.962.88
I got to get to the next gate1207.63.72
immediately oh okay you're six seven1208.844.839
people behind trying to follow him mess1211.323.56
hey I'm kind of like that an airport too1213.6792.36
I'm like I want to get to the gate me1214.882.679
too but my legs are tiny and they just1216.0393.441
can't keep up I'm going as fast as I can1217.5593.681
real get new legs all right you ready1219.483.4
you know they have that I know they do1221.245.919
it's it's [ __ ] up ooh chuma W1222.887.96
leg yeah oh my1227.1596.801
god wow this is my favorite new spell1230.844.839
you know you're getting greedy right1233.963.04
what you're like destroying the1235.6793.161
environment oh big yeah big I mean look1237.03.28
at this there was a whole Forest here1238.843.76
when I got here oh my God there's not1240.284.16
wow we have completely altered the1242.63.72
landscape oh my God somebody needs to1244.444.28
start picking against us1246.325.56
rioting oh damn it hey can anyone hear1248.725.88
me [ __ ] anyone hear me what's up sumon1251.885.08
first of all why neebs sorry I'm just1254.64.88
bored and I get bored I like to do stuff1256.964.44
it was funny it was kind of funny I know1259.484.76
I know I mean at the and it's true at my1261.44.68
expense it is funny I just need to try1264.244.4
to learn how to kill you guys and amuse1266.085.719
myself more fair and uh and I get that1268.645.56
now I realize that's just a fun thing to1271.7994.521
do where you at I see cats but not you1274.24.24
uh I'm above you're above y I'm am I1276.323.68
fighting the cats that were fighting you1278.445.04
y oh God okay so I guess I'm down I'm1280.06.36
dead down below yep I apologize Simon I1283.485.12
know it's okay I mean listen1286.365.16
you you like to you like to pick on the1288.65.079
emotionally weak one no I like to pick1291.524.159
on anybody I know but you particularly1293.6794.721
like to to poke it Fair Simon you're the1295.6794.0
one who had the bed roll down and then1298.42.879
he it spawned his idea yeah it would1299.6793.161
have been weird if I asked D to do that1301.2794.201
you know yeah yeah I'm sure again it's1302.845.64
all my fault all right so where is my1305.484.679
stuff it's down below here uh yeah we1308.483.52
got we got to climb way it's way down1310.1593.921
there unfortunately right well I mean I1312.04.4
don't have to climb okay but if I put a1314.085.16
bed roll down you probably pick it up1316.45.399
again cuz it's funny no I'm a one joke1319.244.799
one time joke guy n well I wouldn't do1321.7993.801
it anyway that's not true at all that's1324.0393.321
not true at all I would I would if I1325.64.439
were you if I were you I would a buffer1327.364.24
like you got like a good couple weeks1330.0393.401
before I try this again no that's okay1331.63.76
I'm going to jump and if I die on this1333.444.119
try it's going to be fun all right I'm1335.365.919
doing it boom and then slide slide slide1337.5597.881
boom Oh god did you stick it I I didn't1341.2796.121
do what I was supposed to do but I'm not1345.444.2
dead okay at least not yet all right1347.44.759
grab your stuff that's the still going1349.644.68
to be tricky for me there it is is it1352.1595.64
here is it's around here somewhere it's1354.325.599
reasonably close wait 10 minutes I'll1357.7995.041
find it sorry again Simon yeah I don't1359.9195.041
know if that's going to cut it this time1362.844.959
okay but uh hey we got thick leather1364.964.959
yeah and we're going to have more when1367.7995.561
we you know yeah and that makes up for1369.9198.041
killing me or once and then making me1373.366.48
run across half the map for your1377.964.079
amusement yeah we're on the same page1379.844.04
Perfect all right grab your stuff let's1382.0395.52
go home yep you're a bully cre pie all1383.884.88
right I want to go talk to peanut butter1387.5593.041
and jelly Oh but before I do that I got1388.763.279
something for me I've been wanting to1390.64.079
try this too what magic are you going to1392.0394.961
produce Now give me a moment oh Hur you1394.6794.041
better hurry oh no better hurry with the1397.03.44
magic keep keep her busy keep her busy I1398.723.959
mean busy is going to be dead oh God1400.445.04
okay so yeah well JS is there another1402.6795.841
one over there m yep sitting down oh1405.487.84
okay good I can show him this okay M and1408.528.48
le le le Ley1413.325.239
what oh good now we can do double magic1424.485.64
yeah what what does it do it's a1427.644.96
duplicate of myself in every way I I1430.124.96
guess so it wanders around and does goes1432.64.0
on adventures that are later cut into1435.084.0
YouTube videos yeah guess so all right1436.64.16
and she's cute say it's supposed to1439.083.32
enrage enemies so hold on let's go get1440.763.2
this guy I think she's staying where she1442.44.8
is though hey peanut butter Andor jelly1443.964.68
hey I'm looking at you why aren't you1447.23.359
looking at me there we go there we go1448.644.6
all right come on I might not be fast1450.5594.48
enough come on Hammer oh my God come on1453.243.6
Hammer oh my god oh no wow all right I'm1455.0395.801
not fast go oh oh it's mad it's mad at1456.846.439
it's mad at the purple yeah go after the1460.844.64
purple oo what's purple going to do he1463.2794.921
don't like purple people wow so this1465.484.28
thing really doesn't fight back or do1468.23.44
anything it just makes this guy really1469.764.08
angry and fused on it all right I guess1471.644.24
you can kill him I what should I say1473.843.199
before I kill him like is there1475.883.56
something cool I don't know B bing bing1477.0395.321
bong bing bong nice thanks all right1479.444.599
let's waddle home yep we got we got a1482.363.679
lot of waddling to do mhm thanks for1484.0395.041
your help me you were great eh not my1486.0394.681
favorite member wonder if she'd follow1489.085.719
me to the bedroom I got something to do1490.724.079

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