2 Dorks vs. A DEMON SPIDER! - Conan Exiles

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's Episode 24, and let me tell you,...
2 Dorks vs. A DEMON SPIDER! - Conan Exiles
2 Dorks vs. A DEMON SPIDER! - Conan Exiles

2 Dorks vs. A DEMON SPIDER! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, remember that time we took on that DEMON SPIDER in Conan Exiles? That was a blast!

simon: Oh yeah, that was epic! We may be dorks, but we sure showed that spider who's boss!

neebs: Haha, definitely! And hey, at least we did it together, right? Two dorks are better than one!

simon: Absolutely! Plus, we always have each other's backs, even when facing off against giant demon spiders. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? It's Episode 24, and let me tell you, Dora and Simon are taking on a boss together in this one. And guess what? They're doing it alone! Can you believe it? I know I couldn't wait to see how they handle this epic battle.

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hey guys uh thanks for coming to0.966.72
zcon yeah I didn't know it was zcon I4.484.84
wouldn't have shown up wait don't start7.684.959
I want to come too hold up Bobby come on9.326.6
Bobby come on who's Bobby my envelope ow12.6394.48
come on man you got to get out of the15.922.32
house sometimes you can't just stay17.1192.521
there all the time we're waiting for18.244.16
Bobby yeah I mean we don't need to wait19.644.52
for Bobby there's no saving Bobby he's a22.45.0
fat fortnite kid Bobby just okay all24.165.56
right now he doesn't want to go rude all27.45.48
right please have a seat sir huh okay as29.726.88
you all know uh zath is uh the most32.886.8
famous of the zamor divinities SE the36.65.36
spider God of yud you sit here if you39.685.08
want to he's a great spider God that41.965.279
walks the Earth pretty dope though you44.763.84
might want to just move over one so he47.2392.96
could have what's that Anthony he's sat48.63.0
in front of me yeah you might want to50.1993.321
just move over51.64.32
ums can you keep it down yeah we got53.524.879
haircuts yeah I got hair I grew more55.924.36
hair take your helmet off I got a pixie58.3994.041
cut this is an interrupt con you know60.283.879
that can we just see your hair first62.444.08
who's yours your did you get a haircut64.1593.841
no I didn't get a haircut he didn't get66.523.84
a haircut only we got a haircut I got a68.03.88
mustache Nee you like it man I want a70.364.64
haircut yeah I like must thank you yep71.886.4
go for it Z so Z's a god of Darkness75.04.6
spiders and78.284.56
poison uh priests are assassins Mad Men79.66.8
can we can we roof him I want um priest82.845.72
got a new chair why are you booing86.44.359
where's security what are you booing do88.563.8
we have security no one we don't have90.7593.68
security around here all right this is92.365.28
this is very hectic some94.4395.441
should you don't have to be a priest but97.644.159
the priest don't I got some seeds do you99.883.599
mind help me out with some farming today101.7993.241
yeah I'll help you farming all right so103.4793.96
just consider hey I need to find some105.044.56
cook the black lotus seed does anyone107.4394.72
want to go find Cooks later no no maybe109.64.799
yes okay what was the point of this show112.1593.88
I don't know he's going on and on about114.3993.601
his damn spider he wants to bang some116.0393.601
zath propaganda we don't really care118.03.0
it's saw a bunch of crap I'm just here119.643.479
for him because I like him dumb idiot121.04.439
stupid butt I've seen no proof of Z I123.1195.6
see no proof that you like125.4393.28
him heyes hey man all right I'm going to139.044.64
give you something these are really141.5195.561
really important okay these are gray143.686.8
Lotus seeds and that's a flower yeah I147.085.72
need you to grow gry lotus flowers okay150.483.6
cuz I don't know how to do the planting152.82.799
stuff in this game that's your track and154.083.36
field what can you do with these uh I155.5994.121
need the flower to make a powder to157.444.799
upgrade my next sorcery thing okay do I159.724.08
is there anything I can do with it I162.2392.961
well yeah right now it's just for163.82.88
sorcery I don't know what we could165.23.039
possibly use it for in the future maybe166.682.96
some sort of something on the Alchemy168.2394.041
line okay I don't know also I'm going to169.644.56
build something that I think will be172.283.72
pretty cool did y'all do something in my174.25.119
face when I was gone no you didn't mm-m176.05.239
I don't remember having this dirty chin179.3193.64
I think you got war paint on buddy is181.2394.041
that what that is yeah let's see I'm182.9594.28
thinking right here did someone attack185.283.599
me in the head this I'd I'd be187.2393.841
embarrassed you should be all right what188.8794.241
do I need for this did y'all do the war191.083.519
paint who is this like when someone193.123.399
draws a ding-dong in your face I I194.5993.36
didn't do any you you probably put it on196.5193.481
and forgot huh I would remember doing197.9594.161
that all right I need a combat capable200.04.72
human that's me well I can't bury you oh202.124.479
that's then that's Simon or dris no I204.723.599
can't bury them either I think I'm206.5993.961
combat no I can't bury you idiots I I208.3193.681
got to find like a combat capable210.563.44
Warrior oh I can get you one I got a212.04.28
friend Camp Resort okay Bobby we need214.05.28
you to come outside every now and216.286.4
then all right Simon hey I went on a219.286.56
thing called the internet right trying222.684.68
to find this place called Weaver's225.844.84
Hollow and more specifically harpagus227.365.2
the Hatcher okay so you think that230.683.399
that's Weaver's Hollow it's where it232.564.2
shows on this map but like I haven't had234.0795.401
any luck with any of this so well I236.764.36
mean this is certainly something239.483.24
different I wish I had a shield that241.124.039
Shield badass kind tucked into here we242.724.359
got to get you a shield yeah so you're245.1594.481
able to use that Shield to Shield myself247.0795.201
to Shield yourself and hit while you're249.644.799
shielding it one of those okay yeah yeah252.284.479
you can do it all all One Stop Shop254.4395.001
really why can't I hit anything in well256.7593.961
you're getting everyone mad I was going259.442.84
to try to like well the one was they260.723.64
were already coming yeah yeah but I mean262.284.199
once one came the others will come look264.364.44
this and look we we're doing just fine266.4795.361
can I all right and then oh I'm going to268.85.52
try my new I'm going in oh I'll get this271.844.32
gu all274.324.92
right oh these zti daggers are dope bone276.165.96
Breakers B oh God they're breaking my279.245.2
bone want to make sure that we282.125.799
don't oh284.443.479
God did you kill each other maybe they289.04.88
both smacked each292.6395.921
other over it that's293.888.159
great bit oh God298.565.16
Dora where the hell are303.726.88
you a you kidding me here that's my last306.326.0
bedoll I could have swore I put a that's310.66.52
broken game's broken shut312.324.8
up my leader has a318.4794.321
pan got to say big fan of the Shrubbery323.084.8
yeah looks great huh that looks nice I326.124.199
got to say finally have a shrubbery oh327.885.039
finally you have Shrubbery oh yeah you330.3193.801
you've had the whole tour remember it332.9192.961
was very impressive you were very334.123.4
excited okay I'm a big fan of the335.883.52
haircut the long hair you had you're337.523.239
really supporting the short hair I got339.42.76
oh yeah no you like you like the pixie340.7593.16
cut I do I think the pixie cut looks342.163.64
good on me how do I get a haircut uh343.9193.761
I'll show you we can't I can't do it345.83.72
here though oh okay later got to be back347.684.0
at the base gotta all right so combat349.524.84
ready th I need one yeah mean so i' I've351.685.04
got a cave over there and all the tough354.363.76
guys hang out over there and then I just356.723.16
bring them over here take them to the358.123.84
resort and then they're ready to go oh359.883.879
epor can I ask what's going to happen to361.965.04
the combat ready uh guy nothing well363.7595.481
look I am willing to give you any of my367.03.88
people oh no I think I need like you369.243.679
know I need to knock out one okay and370.883.92
then drag them back to base right if372.9193.481
he's going to die and get his blood374.83.44
sucked mine's a level one and we're not376.43.72
wasting the good people oh so you have378.244.519
one with you I mean at my thing slightly380.124.16
down the road thing okay where's this382.7593.201
Camp nebes I told you no one wants to go384.283.639
to your thing Anthony well after already385.963.16
here damn it where's your where's this387.9193.321
camp but mine's nicer and has nicer389.122.96
listen I don't know what the hell's391.242.84
going on between you two and your damn C392.084.48
his is not nicer that's a lie he's lying394.084.399
sh I don't give a I need a combat396.564.12
capable Warrior follow me right over398.4793.84
here um we just going to head over here400.682.84
to this little cave all right I already402.3192.921
have ones tamed but whatever that's cool403.523.64
let's go in there and get one and put it405.244.239
on the wheel and spin it around to work407.164.24
it's just in a bad location it's all409.4793.401
about location and I'm not putting a411.44.04
dude on the wheel I need a body I have a412.885.039
body okay so here we go this is it wao415.443.96
Boulder just fell from up there any417.9192.881
anybody else see that but me yeah it419.43.32
happens all the time there it so I'm not420.83.0
going to kill anybody I'm just going to422.722.24
pull a shield out so you can kind of423.83.0
take a look at our inventory let's see I424.963.959
need a fighter hey all these guys426.83.56
they're all428.9194.481
fighters defari Exile that looks good430.365.32
you are an Archer okay you know what I'm433.44.76
going to kill this Archer unnecessary435.684.359
which one shouldn't I murder uh little438.163.52
ooh this guy's a spear guy what do you440.0393.0
think this guy you know what I want the441.683.6
spear guy all right kill the swordman443.0394.16
kick that swordman but get away from the445.284.8
spear guy please oh my Gody447.1994.761
come on man I didn't expect first you450.084.08
make a horrible Spa that nobody wants to451.964.48
go to I didn't expect them to explode454.164.2
immediately I thought I could get one456.445.319
stab in okay can you just like back off458.365.04
Anthony all right just just back off for461.7594.28
the day here there more Warriors in here463.45.359
nebs yeah there's more in there bye guys466.0394.16
stay out468.7595.681
Anthony oh Simon I'm fighting three470.1996.68
people you don't have to come in a474.446.439
swinging a just swing in a really need476.8796.401
my Hopefully this wasn't all for480.8794.921
not that's Simon's dead oh look at us we483.286.039
are oh easy buddy easy I was just485.85.839
getting my stuffs oh my God this489.3195.401
is okay easy easy I don't have anything491.6395.801
yet you we do look adorable right494.724.439
here we look straight adorable like497.445.36
we're we're scissoring we are499.1593.641
okay oh probably a good fighter down508.05.479
here mhm oh yeah there a packer well510.684.52
I've been here before yeah now some of513.4793.201
these people are like skilled workers is515.22.92
that going to be a problem uh I don't516.683.599
need a worker I need a combat capable518.124.039
fighter I think I mean I was hoping youd520.2793.601
get there like there's archers up top522.1593.641
there yeah I'll just go murder them you523.883.6
don't want that okay what about these525.84.76
guys down here this is a temper Smith527.485.08
don't need one of those and this lady is530.564.44
a armorer nope all right I'm going to go532.564.16
kill those archers okay I'll take these535.04.24
out down here hey dummies yep got them536.725.6
yep got the archers so yeah no Fighters539.244.76
amongst that group huh okay we go a542.323.68
little deeper there's more we have a544.04.92
wide selection of uh skilled workers and546.05.36
Fighters hey I'm looking for a fighter548.923.84
you see anybody well there's a couple551.363.0
people in the shadows yeah what about552.764.079
this idiot oh here we go this is my guy554.365.4
this is my guy okay yeah the fighter I'm556.8394.921
about to trunch in his ass watch559.764.68
out all right that was quick yeah it was561.764.6
I got a badass trench in okay got what I564.444.24
want that's good huh yep okay I'll see566.363.76
you later yeah if you want to I'm going568.682.719
to I'm going to drag this guy back to570.123.839
base okay come on Bob you and me going571.3994.641
to have a good time oh hey abster hey573.9593.681
you find what you're looking for yeah576.044.239
you look sad I sorry I ruined the one577.644.8
you wanted man it's okay tell you what580.2793.961
make up for it I'll give you something582.443.639
nice that's for you baby is that what I584.243.719
think it is where are these guys going586.0794.161
what guys there some guy just R oh no it587.9594.12
might be people coming outside it's all590.243.88
right is this no they're coming back592.0793.481
it's a star metal sword Anthony it's a594.122.48
really cool sword I wasn't going to open595.563.64
and it was like spoiled meat no it's the596.64.76
sword neebs you weren't here last week599.23.84
but abstra went to a portal in the sky601.363.719
and found a really cool sword he do what603.044.16
he found a sword that's really cool from605.0794.121
from a Thanos portal well thank you ABS607.23.16
I appreciate that yeah I'm going to go609.22.8
do my thing you take that star sword go610.362.76
murder some people I'm going go murder612.02.8
people have some fun all right have fun613.124.399
bye byebye nebs you good or should I614.86.0
wait I'm just getting some Tanners all617.5197.841
right Simon I see that yeah I think that620.88.0
is it and uh thanks to the goddess adah625.367.0
hop for uh potentially setting this628.86.719
straight okay good now uh we're going to632.365.08
place our little yeah it looks inviting635.5194.841
as hell doesn't it yeah I me you know Le637.444.88
there's no threats right here yeah I'm640.364.52
going to stand guard put down a bed roll642.325.959
if you got it yep hold on I do oh here644.886.44
we spiders that's the welcome party hey648.2795.521
I'm one of you guys no need to fight651.324.84
please so we're knocking we're knocking653.84.479
out I should be I don't I think I just656.164.4
have to talk to some someone yeah I658.2796.24
think okay harbar arader I trust you oh660.568.04
you're a sneaky sneaky spider so sneakes664.5195.641
all right how you looking buddy I'm668.63.4
looking pretty good hell yeah you are670.163.64
all right probably a lot of spiders I'm672.04.04
guessing all I do not like this flying673.83.88
orb I'll tell you that much yeah you676.045.2
find it annoying Weaver's Holo mhm this677.688.599
is it this is the hey oh ow that was a681.248.08
good hit dude no oh oh Simon easy I was686.2795.36
right there dude I didn't even see you689.324.48
you're blending in how how did you not691.6394.76
see me I I don't know it's easy for my693.84.279
eyes to not see things we're talking696.3994.321
milliseconds after ahead of you where do698.0794.241
you think I win well I might have turned700.723.04
around if I turned around and look to702.324.72
the right sh who knows feel like we703.765.92
peaked into here maybe I don't know no707.044.039
we wouldn't I would have been unlocked709.683.399
on my map you know what I mean yeah I'm711.0793.801
don't but yeah let me get this guy all713.0793.961
right yep you do it oh this is a oh it's714.884.88
a tougher one yeah it is kind of a wh717.047.32
yeah damn see I can help a bit who yeah719.7611.0
H all right looking very uh724.366.4
woriyur oh I mean now what what do you743.765.8
do what are you do747.763.92
I mean what can it do I don't know what749.564.2
can it do it's a spider can't it climb751.686.2
up here probably yeah would think is it753.766.28
no it's not all right hey we'll uh going757.884.88
to figure out a good way down and we got760.044.84
this all right are they walking they762.764.6
going they're doing it look at them go764.885.0
man your sord glows I know did you see767.365.279
this after just gave it to me wow he769.884.56
found it yesterday at a portal Thanos772.6395.161
portal right and it's got like 51 damage774.444.92
jeez what does mine have I wonder777.83.68
probably like 15 pathetic whatever it is779.363.599
and it's prob it's not even that bad I'm781.483.76
sure let me782.9596.081
look 18 damage 18 damage on your sword785.245.2
and yours is how789.044.159
much 50 something how much is your old790.446.639
one 51 um my old one is 38s well give me793.1995.921
that one there we go you ruined the gift797.0793.841
by demanding it you're right I was going799.123.519
to bestow it upon you but now you're800.923.44
like give me that I wish I'd had said802.6393.0
that I wish I'd have just given it a804.363.32
beat now we both have really badass805.6394.2
swords well you're yeah I mean yours is807.683.44
more badass than it was you want to go809.8394.761
Slaughter something um I I told abser811.125.04
I'd meet him back at Camp one quick814.63.479
Slaughter and then we go home um one816.163.64
quick Slaughter come on okay go kill818.0793.44
that uh nope I don't see anything no no819.83.2
no no we got to go go on the way home we821.5192.88
go find a whole camp we slaughter them823.03.88
okay let's do it let's do it I'm walking824.3994.0
we're taking the horses I can't stop why826.883.759
how do I stop you've never done that828.3998.44
laugh oh damn it oh God no I'm down830.6398.56
ow are you alive ah yeah and answer yes836.8395.081
if you're alive yes yes I'm alive and839.1994.161
it's right behind me oh and it's not841.923.32
moving okay good it's all right I'm I'm843.363.68
making my way down here and and it's not845.243.76
moving I see it from a different847.046.039
perspective you see okay well then what849.06.88
should I so oh I see your glowing thing853.0794.361
you do I'm going to go to the so855.883.44
annoying I'm going to go to the glow I857.443.839
don't know oh God yeah you're right here859.323.759
you're not even sneaking nope you don't861.2793.56
care nah no if I'm going to die I'm863.0794.361
going to die okay so this is a lot864.8394.92
bigger than I expected yeah pretty big867.444.199
nothing was over your way nothing uh I869.7595.801
didn't see anything all right H well yes871.6395.521
and you're and you're trying to find a875.564.56
priest down here well in this whole in877.165.799
this system right okay and but all right880.124.76
well or at this location what's the882.9594.201
system I guess Weaver's Hollow where we884.885.199
are we're in Weaver's Hollow oh all887.164.84
right so all right so I'm going to890.0794.281
narrow down narrow down cuz I don't know892.04.0
if we'd have to fight him to talk to a894.363.399
guy doesn't make any sense uh yeah you'd896.03.16
hope not because that's that that thing897.7593.76
looks bad it doesn't look I bet we could899.165.44
take it I think I think we can take901.5196.401
it all right we're running oh hey hello904.68.72
sir oh it's harpagus yes yeah yeah look907.928.039
at that you got what you needed and this913.324.48
guy isn't even trying to fight us I I915.9594.641
can't even hear him talking huh talk917.85.24
can't hear him I can't hear you but it920.64.64
asked it it it asked you to press e923.044.52
right I might not have needed to talk to925.243.88
him at all because I'm927.563.839
the religion but harpagus the Hatcher I929.123.959
want all right I don't understand let's931.3994.841
fight this let's fight it let's fight it933.0794.641
why we fighting this you guys might want936.243.8
to impress harpagus is that what you937.724.28
this is for your friend this is just for940.043.96
and no benefit all right whatever's in942.04.24
that body if we kill it is mine that944.05.399
makes zero sense I mean why not okay946.244.519
we'll see what's let's see what Happ it949.3992.92
doesn't matter I'm not it doesn't matter950.7594.361
we's see what happens let's just try uh952.3195.601
you ready really let's Okay arrows and955.124.12
then we're going to take teing we're957.922.64
going to we're going to be strategic959.242.64
about this and we're going to try to do960.563.32
the whole like one two one2 thing right961.883.759
yeah I wonder um God it looks like963.883.6
there's little hidey Nooks okay I wish I965.6394.64
had a shield I know maybe there's a967.485.56
shield in it ready let's do it ready and970.2794.241
go yeah that doesn't do it's only982.925.359
three it's three there's levels I didn't985.165.679
oh all right uh I'm up where you were988.2794.841
all right now I'm oh I can't run run run990.8393.961
here I come all right I'm going to come993.123.04
yeah we got this which way you it's994.83.64
going to be996.165.599
interesting yeah yeah roll roll it yeah998.445.079
you know what I'm going to hit her butt1001.7594.0
with the oh no hit the butt hit the butt1003.5194.76
I am oh I need to heal a little bit1005.7594.361
heal while I hit the butt all right I'll1008.2794.081
get her I'll get her attention that aloe1010.126.56
oh yeah yeah I hit you that time oh no1012.365.56
no don't hit me don't hit me I'm1016.683.599
underneath you let me run I can't run1017.925.8
uhoh oh no oh no did I you killed me oh1020.2796.481
s yes I get the1023.725.52
rewards we're not good Fighters1026.764.84
together Simon I'm coming boo boo Bring1029.244.0
It On biscuit1031.63.88
pants all come on let's do it we're1033.243.16
going to slaughter oh I'm going to1035.481.839
slaughter him with you take your shirt1036.41.96
off take your shirt off we got to act1037.3193.561
like barbarians oh uh I didn't know I1038.363.719
was aart thought I was watching you1040.882.84
fight what part of I gave you an awesome1042.0793.36
sword let's Slaughter okay you don't you1043.723.4
don't want to slaughter I I thought you1045.4392.721
were Slaughter I thought this was your1047.122.559
moment I mean I can Slaughter if you1048.163.16
just want to watch but I thought we'd1049.6792.88
yeah yeah there you go when I get a1051.322.64
handprint on my chest yeah look at you1052.5593.441
you're a war criminal you're ready to1053.963.8
murder okay well let's just I don't want1056.03.32
to be a criminal only criminals have1057.763.84
hands on their chest let's get them okay1059.324.239
come on let's show them our power I'm1061.63.319
okay with the hand I don't like the1063.5593.681
chin to die everyone yep they explode1067.767.08
yes yes yes take the women take the1072.483.84
women if you find any children you let1074.844.04
me know right no Mercy's to babies yeah1076.324.76
no Mery the babies okay can we get them1078.885.279
all this gu oh this is just easy I I1081.085.4
don't even need my1084.1593.961
armor you know what we should do we1086.483.48
should go back to that camp at the end1088.123.36
of that River remember where we got1089.963.199
destroyed you already killed all these1091.483.28
people what I already killed those1093.1594.321
people that was our thing I'm sorry that1094.764.72
was our Redemption I couldn't wait I'm1097.484.439
sorry why I1099.484.36
know all right well I'm glad we're1101.9193.681
you're joining in this murder with us1103.843.68
this is our moment this is our thing now1105.64.12
is there anyone left yep over here that1107.523.36
oh I see more over there I'll get them1109.722.76
too is your sword killing quicker oh1110.883.76
it's killing quicker it's like two tabs1112.486.4
one two done yep woman with bow two I1114.647.519
think I forgot not good counting okay is1118.885.56
that it I think so all right it's out of1122.1593.721
my system I feel good we slaughtered a1124.443.08
whole Camp there we go thanks for the1125.883.159
new sword yeah no problem check if1127.522.76
there's any drums around and then we'll1129.0393.441
head home yeah I'd like a backpack just1130.285.04
drums okay1132.482.84
drums oh God oh God that's a lot of1135.5597.12
purple oh damn it hi sammon hey1139.04.799
I'll bring it over this way you go to1142.6792.961
the other way the other way right yeah1143.7992.841
going to heal up it's going to take1145.642.68
about 10 minutes oh there it is all1146.643.039
right he's on your butt s all right I1148.324.92
got to run run run a lot of of arrows1149.6796.281
hey har har Banger harbus all right I'm1153.244.96
coming back so arrows aren't doing1155.964.56
is it quickly regenerating has it still1158.26.04
lost the the juice like lost oh good1160.525.399
good good good now it's going to come1164.244.319
after me and kill me very quickly try1165.9194.281
something stronger buddy not liking this1168.5594.041
here we go oh man what is it it's like1170.24.64
halfway right little over yeah I mean1172.64.88
listen I could try to hit it and you1174.844.6
won't kill me and I bet you I can do1177.484.319
some damage with my axe okay and I think1179.444.64
what we need to do is continue with the1181.7994.961
the arrows but it's not our main attack1184.084.76
uh-oh oh bad time bad time to do that1186.763.56
what a waste of it all right I'm coming1188.843.04
in and going to hit the butt Oh no I got1190.323.839
him I got him H but H the butt I can't1191.884.32
cuz it's right there okay missed the1194.1593.801
butt yeah yeah right that and then1196.23.8
behind oh that's not that can't be good1197.964.8
that's that's that's uh that's1200.05.2
corruption that's Badness think you1202.764.12
should try harder on persuading me to1205.24.24
give up butt shot butt shot butt shot1206.885.96
roll ooh when you call it out it's so1209.446.68
much cooler it feels better all right1212.845.16
let going to try that one yeah okay1216.125.16
ready yeah all right butt shot oh butt1218.05.36
shot butt1221.287.72
shot oh no roll damn it not as cool oh1223.368.16
butt shot butt shot butt shot body blow1229.05.2
body blow oh I'm almost dead this is1231.525.44
okay I got to go back we got less than1234.24.68
halfway Simon we can do this I know we1236.963.76
can but I I'm was almost dead I can't1238.883.6
believe I didn't die ooh butt shot all1240.723.64
right one at a time for me I can't get1242.484.48
greedy oh I'm pulling back I'm pulling1244.366.12
back on that one oh yeah can taste it1246.966.199
come on come on you got him Dora one or1250.485.0
two more hits and that's it yeah sucker1253.1596.041
you got it yeah yeah yeah woo1255.485.64
thank you Simon and uh we'll go over the1259.24.16
stuff real quick let me just talk to H1261.124.96
biscuits over here yeah just show it off1263.364.24
show them your nuggets anything else you1266.085.0
got to tell me nope oh don't know yeah1267.65.16
it was still fun sorry for the waste of1271.084.64
time yeah we we did something today1272.767.24
yeah yo Amer hey am where are you uh I'm1275.725.959
up all working on the benches I made us1280.04.84
an improved uh Alchemist bench improved1281.6794.721
what was wrong with the old one well1284.842.959
nothing I'm still going to utilize that1286.44.12
one but I guess the new one will allow1287.7995.601
uh us to store more stuff in it okay so1290.524.8
now I need a better Alchemist oh God1293.44.08
should we go inside oh yeah absolutely I1295.325.56
mean come ones I'm coming me and me and1297.486.679
free H is swimming in a sandstorm yeah1300.884.84
there's water I got to get past it it's1304.1593.841
a horrible idea I had to get home and1305.724.0
the water's in the way of being home for1308.03.799
a good reason yeah oh my God look at1309.724.04
your friend out here who B over Bobby1311.7994.201
yeah he's just letting it you know air1313.765.0
out during the storm he's just it go1316.04.039
looking good1318.763.64
damage go inside let's go inside inside1320.0394.88
abor's house right in here easy peasy oh1322.44.92
hey you have a cat HEK oh yeah old Kitty1324.9193.88
I got several of them don't know we half1327.324.2
I'm in it up that's why you have a bunch1328.7995.201
get in here yep all right for your um1331.524.32
you get behind this tree there you go1334.03.48
I'm coming ABS we went to a camp and I1335.843.439
used your new sword and and it was like1337.483.76
really cool I just walked up to people1339.2793.76
and they were1341.244.679
like instantly just instantly dead it1343.0395.76
was great Co perfect man I wanted to see1345.9195.281
hey I did a little research um Regular1348.7994.321
compost will not work to grow those gry1351.24.44
Lotus seeds oh man really I like super1353.124.72
compost oh super I feel like I had some1355.644.84
somewhere oh really yeah like I picked1357.844.8
it up maybe hey do you want skulls yes1360.483.96
I'll take all your skulls I got uh two1362.644.159
skulls oh yeah drop I have a bunch of1364.443.88
wind chimes oh it's windy outside I1366.7993.24
should put them down drop there you go1368.324.08
skull what is this oh a sorcerer skull1370.0394.12
that's really good thank you yep sir1372.42.96
what magic are you cast oh never mind1374.1593.601
I'm good yeah oh yeah follow me nees1375.364.559
okay is the Storm still going uh no it's1377.765.36
uh it's buggering off look okay Boop all1379.9194.36
right Anthony you might want to see this1383.123.64
too boop boop all right he look at that1384.2794.721
storm okay what we looking at let's see1386.764.24
if I can pull this off1389.06.0
boom make a make a honey honey ho make a1391.06.279
like a high make a Johnny honey1395.05.919
ho did you bury a man here maybe is that1397.2795.201
man going a1400.9198.12
oh what oh my God my God1402.488.12
that's that Warrior we got earlier that1409.0395.561
is creepy hey buddy all right man wait1410.66.0
that's the guy huh that's the guy and1414.63.959
what's he do I guess he fights with me1416.63.959
follows me can I do anything oh I can1418.5594.201
have him stand guard yeah it's a1420.5595.321
resurrected corpse O Okay well he seems1422.765.6
worse off than what you had before M1425.884.279
yeah I like this I like this guy he's1428.364.12
going to follow me around oh yeah I can1430.1595.321
put what does he eat oh of course human1432.485.6
flesh there you go he could use a hair1435.484.6
gut no I like him the way he is all1438.083.36
right follow me I don't know what to1440.084.28
name him yet maybe ooh Romero after what1441.444.08
where'd that come from uh like George1444.362.679
Romero the the guy that made all the1445.523.72
zombie movies okay yeah I guess good1447.0394.281
that's a good reference come on Romero1449.244.919
you're coming with me I like that oh god1451.325.44
what happened oh I got a corpse now this1454.1595.321
is fun congratulations abro thank you1456.766.32
you really done something good oh God he1459.486.96
got flies buzzing around1463.087.719
him oh Mero you look great come into to1466.447.359
my place take your pants1470.7993.0

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