HUNTED by a DEMON CHILD - Phasmophobia

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you love watching the gang tackle spooky games, then you definitely don't want to...
HUNTED by a DEMON CHILD - Phasmophobia
HUNTED by a DEMON CHILD - Phasmophobia

HUNTED by a DEMON CHILD - Phasmophobia

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey, Simon! Have you seen that video where we were hunted by a demon child in Phasmophobia?

simon: Oh, you mean the one where we were trying to categorize ghosts but they just wanted to kill us? That was hilarious!

appsro: I loved the part where Thick44 had his manliest moment while being chased by an apparition. Classic!

neebs: And don't forget when Appsro tagged in and shifted the focus, that was some intense ghost hunting teamwork!

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you love watching the gang tackle spooky games, then you definitely don't want to miss their latest Phasmophobia video. In this one, the goal is simple - categorize ghosts. Easy, right? Well, not so much when said ghosts have a serious vendetta against our favorite gamers and are out for blood.

The video kicks off with some hilarious moments as the team encounters a creepy little kid ghost and dives into the mystery of Nancy Davis. From trying new approaches to facing apparitions and checking for fingerprints, the gang goes through a rollercoaster of emotions and scares as they navigate through the darkness. And let's not forget Thick44's manliest moment and Appsro tagging in for some expert ghost hunting.

As the video progresses, we see Neebs join the fray, adding his own unique flair to the ghost-hunting shenanigans. With the suspense building up and each twist and turn keeping us on the edge of our seats, it's no wonder Phasmophobia has us glued to the screen from start to finish. And of course, the epic soundtrack sets the perfect tone for the spooky adventures the team embarks on.

So, grab your favorite snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Neebs Gaming in Phasmophobia. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of this thrilling ghost-hunting escapade. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, check out their Patreon, and join the Discord for even more fun content. Let's show our support for our favorite gamers and their epic adventures in the world of Phasmophobia!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Phasmophobia is a terrifyingly immersive ghost hunting game that will have you on the edge of your seat. As a member of a small team of paranormal investigators, you are tasked with gathering evidence and identifying ghost types in haunted locations using specialized equipment. Neebs Gaming's playthrough of this game is the perfect way to experience all the spooks and scares without ever leaving the safety of your home.

Through their trademark cinematic style, Neebs Gaming makes you feel like you're right there investigating alongside them. Their entertaining banter and reactions to the game's frequent jump scares pull you into the experience in a way that watching typical let's plays just can't match. One moment you'll be laughing at their hilarious screams and bickering, the next you'll be startled yourself by a sudden noise or apparition.

The video editing is top notch, building tension and immersing you fully into each haunted scene. Clever camera work, moody lighting, and sound effects make the environments come alive. You get to see every nervous exploration from multiple angles, catching every joke and spook as if you were investigating the hauntings personally. It's a thrilling vicarious experience.

Neebs Gaming goes above and beyond by fully committing to the roleplay elements of Phasmophobia. Their in-character discussions on ghost hunting strategy and debates over evidence are entertaining, but also educational for learning how to play the game strategically. You'll pick up useful tips on how to gather clues and identify ghost types yourself.

Whether you're a Phasmophobia player looking to be entertained or a casual viewer seeking some frightful fun, Neebs Gaming's cinematic videos are the ultimate way to get your paranormal investigation fix. Their ability to balance humor, teamwork, and scares makes for an unparalleled virtual ghost hunting adventure you'll want to experience again and again.

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jennifer johnson3.4393.681
come to me4.482.64
oh god little kid oh god a little kid7.8396.001
get me out of there oh oh god okay i'm12.084.8
coming are you getting getting get it13.843.04
oh god18.9612.88
all right we're hunting ghosts yeah yeah32.83.52
i ain't afraid of no35.123.599
ghost nora nor am i should be our36.323.2
you guys kind of know what to do neebs39.523.44
you got the uh what emf okay41.044.24
got it all right dory are you got the42.964.4
camera i got the camera but i've also45.283.759
got a crucifix and i can't hold that47.362.56
okay we'll we'll come back for the book49.922.799
if we need it i'm going to stay here in51.442.88
the truck and kind of direct you guys52.7194.0
okay okay all right i'll start with the54.324.719
camera and get back for the book huh56.7194.64
all right doors are opening who are we59.0393.52
looking for61.3594.321
let's see her name is nancy davis but62.5594.481
you know don't say it too much that65.682.64
might make the ghost angry67.043.68
nancy davis sorry didn't mean to say68.323.76
nancy davis thank you thank you70.724.56
good job nancy davis ixnay on the avsa72.086.48
ain't cpa you ready75.286.72
all right marin abstro can you hear me78.565.599
uh yep i hear you loud and clear i see82.05.84
your dots you guys have entered the room84.1593.681
okay what you guys need to do is just go88.4793.121
room to room and find90.243.68
any room with some activity going on you91.63.28
got that thermometer93.922.8
i do it's out right now someone has a94.883.36
camera right they can96.723.6
narrow down this oh yeah i got a camera98.243.68
i got a camera as well yeah it is can100.322.799
you see101.923.519
hello i'm sorry can you hear me yep i103.1193.28
can still hear you105.4393.761
just fine can you see me uh well i can106.3994.4
yeah see you in the camera okay109.24.559
yeah thank you nancy davis can you hear110.7993.761
don't say the name oh yeah don't say it114.564.72
up i got a three banger emf in the117.284.0
hallway just outside the room oh that oh119.284.0
that door closed did you did you shut121.283.68
that door i did not123.284.479
oh this door right here nancy davis's124.963.519
just shut on its own okay well i think128.4793.921
we've narrowed down131.523.439
the room which the ghost likes to haunt132.43.919
okay correct134.9594.481
okay neebs yeah i want you to go into136.3195.681
the room by yourself with an emf reader139.444.48
and see if you get any readings ah don't142.03.84
we want to send thick in with the radio143.923.84
instead with the box the blue box145.843.84
is the room right here we want to see if147.763.68
we can get five on the emf149.684.0
i'll put a camera in there if you want151.445.04
am i am i driving this ship or not okay153.685.52
um right all i got was a three yeah that156.483.68
was a three159.24.0
shut the [ __ ] up there we go160.165.84
okay all right so going to the journal163.24.48
we know166.05.04
we have an emf level five first piece of167.684.559
evidence gathered171.043.839
yep so now you said it was a lower172.2393.601
temperature in there174.8792.72
it was it i didn't see my breath but it175.843.52
was a lower temperature so okay177.5994.401
so thick you have the spirit box correct179.363.28
i do182.03.519
baby all right everybody back out of the182.644.16
house except for thick185.5194.0
oh yeah use your sweet dulcet tones186.83.28
all right so take your sweet ass into190.083.92
that bed uh bathroom192.483.759
turn all the lights out and see if you194.04.8
can try to communicate with the ghost196.2395.28
okay shall i shut the door it might be a198.84.64
good idea201.5195.681
i like doing this nancy davis203.449.359
are you there207.27.28
may not want to say the name that the212.7993.52
name sometimes could anger the ghosts i214.483.44
don't know if we want to anger the ghost216.3192.161
ask it a question like are you here218.484.0
that's a good question220.7998.08
are you here are you angry222.486.399
has she seen borat too yet have you seen229.445.68
borat too232.083.04
um abstract the camera's in place can239.23.44
you see me i241.284.159
can the lights are on yeah i can see you242.644.4
okay oh here245.4393.44
look at this decently wide shot of the247.043.68
bathroom do you like my bangs should i248.8792.401
get them cut250.722.96
well i can't really what do you think251.283.44
all right guys253.684.0
i'm gonna put some salt out okay listen254.723.6
i'm gonna put this257.682.559
book down just put it out front out258.323.12
front of the door what would jimmy260.2391.52
do okay this book i'm gonna put right261.7594.401
here that's a good idea neebs264.164.24
so hey i'm gonna uh turn the lights off266.163.52
i'll come back to you okay268.44.48
yeah it sounds good okay lights out and269.686.16
maybe maybe ask nancy if uh she's angry272.883.52
or something275.842.72
maybe you can catch something here you276.46.799
mad bro278.567.84
i'm out turn the lights off283.1993.201
oh oh did you see that i did there was286.84.08
movement with the289.7593.041
brush what was that it looks like a290.884.16
maybe a tube of soap or something mm-hmm292.85.28
yeah clearly moved over there she's into295.045.36
dental hygiene she wants her toothpaste298.084.0
nancy do you want toothpaste300.43.04
who's in there someone in there with the302.083.52
spirit box303.444.0
right no one's in there no one's in305.63.76
there i was looking for orbs i was307.443.28
looking for any kind of uh309.363.92
oh i saw that what was that a fish yeah310.724.16
that was like it's a ghost cat313.282.96
just knocked the little thing into the314.883.36
sink so she's banging around in there316.242.88
old nancy318.242.88
i wonder if she drowned in the sink319.124.16
that'd be hard to do oh she a goddamn321.123.359
keebler elf323.283.84
or a cat324.4792.641
don't you do that you sucker you're329.123.919
super scared take a peek at that book333.0397.041
yep die die die that's a clue oh okay336.564.96
neebs grab that book and get out of340.083.6
there all right okay um341.524.959
today in san diego there was an escaped343.684.0
bear from the zoo346.4793.601
get out of here needs more news at 11.347.684.0
switch to camera a350.083.28
no i'm not doing that please switch the351.683.92
camera a yes353.367.36
okay back to you susan nancy kill neebs355.69.12
all right so hold on so we have an emf360.726.56
and we have ghost riding so nancy's364.725.039
either a revenant a shade or an oni367.285.12
yep oh i just saw a little floaty thing369.7593.44
oh good that's an372.43.919
orb did you yeah like in our caberation373.1994.881
what are those things i saw it376.3193.6
that'd be an orb i was looking in the378.084.48
journal you sure you saw an orb thing379.9194.161
turn your light off nick turn your382.563.12
flashlight off so there's no i'm384.082.8
positive i saw it385.683.2
put your arm down a little bit okay386.884.879
thanks nancy davis show yourself388.884.56
i don't think she can hear you i want to391.7593.681
see this orb i believe you but i also393.443.039
don't believe you395.444.8
i saw it i'm going in396.4795.201
should we close that door you're going400.243.76
in nancy davis i'm going to get you an401.686.0
orb nancy davis are you here404.05.199
neebs you want to close that door oh i407.683.84
saw the orb did you see it upstrea409.1994.161
no i missed it you got it upper right411.523.84
hand corner breaker breaker one nine413.363.2
this is neighborhood415.364.32
live from san diego wait so now wait now416.564.72
hold on a second neebs i want you to419.683.04
walk out and then walk back in i want to421.283.44
make sure that uh just not seeing422.724.64
your flashlight nancy are you here no i424.723.84
go all the way out427.363.279
okay why doesn't he believe you there428.563.52
was oh430.6394.56
now neebs walk back now walk back out432.083.519
are you angry nancy davis no okay now435.5993.361
walk back out outside437.684.639
i hope you're nancy bovancy that should438.964.079
do it442.3193.041
oh maybe that was it dick that was i've443.0394.481
seen two other times why do you question445.363.119
him at this point447.522.959
man i've never seen an orb before that's448.4793.201
what you just saw450.4794.401
he saw two before can you speak451.686.959
three times oh that that door just moved454.885.12
neebs i heard it458.6394.481
nancy was that you nancy davis open the460.04.08
are we putting down orb are we 100 on464.083.839
that yes466.243.679
we're going to start 100 i saw three of467.9194.0
them three of them okay469.9195.68
i i saw the one but yeah it was so471.9196.4
small so you don't believe thick then is475.5993.761
what you're saying478.3193.201
i don't know if i saw neebs's flashlight479.363.04
or if481.523.359
there was a game i'm seeing stuff now482.43.68
come on get out of there we don't484.8791.841
throw more orbs three more orbs let's486.723.52
make a decision488.964.239
listen i like to be a 100 percent so sue490.244.0
all right we got emf ghost riding an orb494.243.84
[ __ ] we're dealing with a shade496.724.0
all right come on get it bring it in and498.083.519
let's close it up500.723.919
daddy if we got it right all right crank501.5995.04
up the truck boys man we're good ghost504.6394.4
hunting also who's driving506.6396.801
simon are you driving are you a man509.0394.401
welcome back the ghost was ashamed513.9199.6
we only got 20 bucks for that that was521.763.519
pretty lame this is a [ __ ] job these are523.5195.361
like 1940s prices525.2793.601
napes yeah you see my doraleous533.683.36
yeah that's him oh do you guys are you537.045.68
it's my doraleous impression what's this540.563.04
look like though542.723.119
what is this what's up here oh i've got543.66.239
a limbo545.8394.0
should i hit the door yeah i'm opening551.763.519
it all right tell you what in order for553.765.36
this to make economic sense for us555.2795.361
yeah do like that from now on doraleous559.123.44
yeah okay we got to do all of these560.642.72
okay objective one discover what type of563.363.2
ghost we're dealing with that's obvious565.123.12
uh have a member of a team witness a566.563.12
ghost event that's okay568.243.44
doable prevent the ghost from hunting569.683.52
with a crucifix so somebody's got to571.682.96
piss it off573.24.0
bust out a crucifix and then detect a574.644.48
room below 10 degrees celsius with a577.22.96
thermometer needs579.124.08
a thermometer yeah you're on job number580.165.2
objective number four okay so keep going583.23.92
detecting bubba i got the key585.364.159
you got the key open the door i got the587.124.48
monitors there set the cameras up589.5193.921
i got my eyes on your sanity and your591.64.0
activity we don't have any sound sensors593.442.88
so that595.64.16
is pointless okay doraleous596.325.84
yep what's going on buddy oh it's just599.764.0
doing a little ghost hunting602.165.28
and you're about to run into the house603.765.6
yeah all right put your game faces on607.443.519
boys what's the name again609.364.479
name jennifer johnson is the name of610.9593.44
this [ __ ]613.8394.24
jj i knew it jj okay you ready she had614.3995.361
tig ol bitties618.0794.561
here we go thick619.762.88
uh astro we're in copy that neebs do you624.3993.201
have visual626.883.519
uh yep i see you in there okay we're in627.63.44
main room where there's some stairs631.043.12
going up633.442.48
i'm doing really good camera work this634.163.679
time 19635.925.359
18 degrees celsius637.8396.56
all right not the room no emf641.2796.161
reading let's pick a different room just644.3994.88
go from room to room and647.443.92
narrow them down yep narrow it down649.2793.201
that's all you guys got to do651.364.8
hey jennifer okay to the back652.486.0
left room it's a kitchen women love the656.164.799
kitchen especially jj's658.485.84
yeah jj loves to cook and clean for her660.9593.921
this wait this room is nine degrees664.883.44
for a second hold on went down to nine668.323.44
okay i think we may have found the room671.763.12
the kitchen674.04.0
what's the emf reading one nothing uh674.885.199
there's not a lot of activity right now678.04.399
say the name jennifer johnson are these680.0793.521
pickled mushrooms682.3993.361
hey dora set that camera up somewhere in683.63.84
that uh that kitchen copy that could i685.762.88
get a little light from one of you guys687.442.399
back hey yeah right here right688.643.439
a good corner for uh set up you might be689.8393.361
able to turn the lights on692.0793.601
oh maybe back here either either way693.24.0
yeah yeah695.683.36
i see the light i'll turn it on it's697.23.04
right here thank you699.043.44
oh yeah yeah i'm gonna i've got a camera700.243.36
too how about right702.483.52
yeah i'll do this back corner yeah and b703.63.2
a and b706.02.64
all right yeah set some cameras up in706.83.12
that room all right oops708.642.879
sure i love that emf reader it's the709.923.52
wrong one keep that on and walk around711.5192.401
the room713.441.839
see if we can get any sort of signal713.922.479
there oh i got an idea where are you715.2792.081
putting that camera716.3993.201
i'm gonna put this one on the uh on the717.364.24
table yeah place it down there thick719.65.76
how about that is that a decent angle721.66.239
okay i got one angle is that okay gotta725.363.919
turn it on727.8393.601
yep i think that yeah those are two good729.2793.441
angles thank you guys731.444.24
all right i've got this camera this732.724.16
neebs what are you up to it's like flip735.682.24
cup isn't it736.883.199
nope what neebs what are you doing here737.923.359
you want to get this on the table so you740.0792.641
can look at it when i leave the room741.2793.521
yep can you see that light uh no you742.723.6
would have to put it well what are you744.82.88
leaving her milk and cookies she's not746.322.8
santa claus what are you doing747.683.839
okay i kind of saw it it's hard to see749.124.399
right okay yes now i can see the light751.5194.961
hey now when i leave you can uh just753.5194.241
look at on the camera756.482.64
and leaves that need to be in here is757.762.96
that your dumb idea okay you know what759.122.0
okay that could work we're doing it we761.123.44
don't even know if this is the room763.125.12
okay lights out lights out764.568.079
everybody out hmm768.247.52
oh we got an orb hell yeah yes772.6395.921
definitely got an orb all right going to775.763.519
the journal778.563.839
entering the evidence ghost orb number779.2794.56
all right here's what i want to happen783.8393.041
think i want you to put that book in785.362.159
dora i want you to go in there with that787.5193.601
crucifix we're going to tick this ghost788.882.639
i want this ghost to attack you and i791.5194.241
want you to use that crucifix on that793.682.56
do you use it or do i just hold it i796.244.8
have no idea yeah798.3994.801
come on doraleous let's go piss her off801.044.239
yeah the name is uh803.25.04
jj jennifer johnson johnson jennifer805.2793.601
what i love about this the the names are808.883.28
like unique they're not cliche at all812.165.679
oh sorry sorry sorry here we come oh815.443.6
yeah that warp still817.8394.56
flying around oh god oh god okay819.045.12
what do we got what are we gonna shut up822.3993.44
i just saw a little little824.165.919
girl shadow running oh jennifer johnson825.8396.721
no no no no no darlius oh yeah we got a830.0793.76
lot of it832.565.12
oh i thought that was the okay okay833.8393.841
all right doraleous get in here with me839.1994.08
i'm going to put this book down hey841.5193.201
let's turn on the lights real quick turn843.2792.881
on the right thread okay yeah we'll get844.722.479
something like 34.846.162.56
turn on the lights all right all right847.1993.521
all right human light848.724.479
human light guy like like a light over850.725.28
here there we go there we go all right853.1996.801
oh oh piano that was a piano856.06.24
guy just one note you need to play860.04.24
better for better jennifer johnson862.243.36
don't stop saying the name stop saying864.243.52
the name right here865.64.96
we shut off her phone mm-hmm yeah at867.763.36
put it on vibrate all right oh boy oh871.123.92
boy all right i'm gonna close the store873.5192.721
all right dora you stay in there with876.243.92
the crucifix think you go in there with878.242.959
the spirit box880.164.16
okay oh i see an orb in front of my face881.1997.361
holy moly yeah crazy crap on camera884.327.36
jennifer johnson where are you i i think888.565.6
hold on i need to i may have just saw my891.683.599
breath or something894.164.88
what or either just walk by me895.2797.201
or hold on let me put there's some salt899.044.159
down here902.484.0
yeah i think this goes maybe mobile903.1994.961
it looks like she just moved i think she906.483.44
just went into this room908.163.679
right into here which room jennifer john909.923.919
into here i saw the orb going to here911.8394.081
jennifer johnson are you in here i think913.8394.081
she went upstairs915.923.599
should i should i try to talk to her917.924.4
alone yeah sure yeah919.5195.841
yeah it can't hurt jennifer johnson are922.325.519
you there925.362.479
oh i heard the piano the piano and i928.04.24
felt like i was closer out here to the930.723.76
piano have we seen the piano932.245.92
oh god look here oh god a little kid934.486.4
don't get in there get938.162.72
jennifer johnson948.167.679
hold on show yourself958.0794.641
should we not be checking out that piano961.125.6
i mean come on emf what's it doing962.724.0
emf we got a three banger on the emf966.8396.521
are you angry970.03.36
hey that need some light over here977.8394.24
please johnson i'm sorry oh oh978.9595.521
we got a full emf i think yep okay come982.0793.44
on get a kid984.482.64
i've been a kid all right everyone back985.5193.12
out everyone's back after this987.124.159
it's really fun988.6392.64
oh yeah yeah i've got the cruisers992.9595.281
jennifer johnson's crucifix998.243.599
yeah we would be walking this fast1002.725.44
because it's something so real cause1006.3994.481
there's so much1008.162.72
oh yeah all right so uh we know it's an1012.886.24
orb i'm pretty sure i saw the emf1016.6394.401
trigger if it's not a five you don't1019.124.24
know like did you see all five lights1021.043.2
light up um1023.364.079
well it was see it was red well not re1024.245.76
i could i can't tell like it was orange1027.4394.88
but it wasn't like full on red1030.04.319
level four yeah i know right yeah i'm1032.3193.841
with you we gotta be certain about that1034.3193.281
are the cameras off1036.162.799
thick when you were talking to her did1037.63.52
you get any sort of signal on the spirit1038.9592.801
well when i was talking to her i heard1041.764.0
the piano you didn't hear a voice1043.4394.0
your voice in the spirit box not like1045.763.2
the weapon so i was trying1047.4393.281
to check that piano that's what i've1048.964.0
been saying we got to check the piano1050.724.959
okay all right1052.962.719
all right guys i'm in front of the1056.643.279
i see that salt there's no footsteps1059.9195.601
no fingerprints on the door what about1063.443.68
the piano1065.524.8
piano this is the next room right that's1067.126.64
it's back here napes1070.325.599
yeah hey over here piano in the wrong1073.763.12
way right here1075.9193.76
that way okay see if she's been tickling1076.884.64
the ivories1079.6796.24
um no i don't see any fingerprints1081.526.8
okay ask her if she's ever been to the1085.9195.201
pokken notes1088.322.8
oh did you hear that yeah was that you1092.086.24
oh there's more i'm gonna turn this1096.163.28
thing on1098.323.28
ask her to play more did you turn did1099.443.359
you turn the lights off i didn't turn1101.63.28
the lights off1102.7994.88
are you scared small oh we got a large1104.884.64
spike in activity right now1107.6794.961
stay by me thick i'm right there1109.525.76
nothing on the handle nothing on the1112.643.84
light switch1115.285.6
oh boy oh hold on i'm getting1116.484.4
you heartbeat that yeah i heard that1121.766.48
not seen anything on the emf well i1125.03912.431
heard it oh wow we're gonna walk1128.2418.14
relax relax like hide in the corner1149.363.679
yeah what's up yeah the front door shut1153.0392.88
and i think they i think they're just1154.5591.681
stuck in there i don't think they're1156.243.2
trapped in there yeah i think i think1157.62.8
thick's dead1159.444.72
oh oh right1160.46.159
i'm sure i'm stuck in here neebs where1164.163.28
are you stuck at1166.5592.641
front room by the window i'm coming i'm1167.443.68
coming by the window okay front room by1169.23.599
the window yeah front door take a left1171.123.439
so door see if you can open that front1172.7993.12
door and1174.5592.801
you got it immediately to your right1175.9193.921
copy man how do you guys sustain it he's1177.363.52
so damn low1179.842.88
oh is there oh there's the door oops go1180.883.28
through that go through that guys1182.724.56
hey hey hey where's my crucifix1184.164.8
am i holding the crucifix i thought you1187.283.68
had the crucifix what no i there it is i1188.963.28
got it i got it i got it1190.963.76
okay what what what's up i need you to1192.244.08
hold that against that little child1194.722.16
oh boy all right you guys are sanity1196.883.2
levels dangerous low you know what you1198.724.319
guys need to pull out1200.082.959
all right wish me luck neebs good luck1204.243.36
i'm here too and i wish you luck as well1207.64.48
well he was the closest1210.324.4
small truck1212.082.64
no fingerprints now should i be on this1216.724.72
camera or the other camera i told you1219.9192.64
this camera1221.443.04
i want to see the emf though kind of oh1222.5593.921
i thought he said this was the mf one1224.483.6
no this is yeah oh that's a different1226.483.199
one you guys like i'm not i'm not going1228.083.04
to pick up this camera the one looking1229.6793.041
at the emmanuel oh that's what it is1231.123.439
i'll let you do that there you are1232.723.6
i was gonna pick up the camera that1234.5593.36
looks like it was left over here that1236.322.16
yeah are you like hitting that with your1238.483.12
nose you look like a bird when you're1239.9192.401
hitting that1241.62.8
i'm like a little woodpecker aren't i1242.323.839
you're just getting a little seed1244.44.56
you get little seeds yep put some seeds1246.1594.561
in between those buttons1248.966.959
that's what i like to do baby get lucky1250.727.28
hey names i've picked up the other1255.9193.201
can you see it on the screen oh you're1259.123.12
not good1261.283.04
there you go yeah okay stand by that's1262.243.52
outdoors and1264.323.599
nope make sure it's on it is on it's1265.764.24
green right uh oh yeah yeah i got you1267.9192.401
all right so i am now moving back1270.327.52
towards the room uh-huh1273.524.32
everything right guys i have no idea you1278.084.16
guys just keep saying piano1280.7994.801
dead body is right by the piano roughly1282.246.64
um we heard the piano play many times1285.65.76
well what do you mean by that that's i'm1288.884.32
saying we focus our attention to right1291.363.3
i didn't see where it was set down it's1303.24.8
right here it's right here okay1305.525.519
um okay okay thank you1308.06.0
and yep okay all right we got some of1311.0393.76
that going on1314.03.76
sure oh boy oh boy okay yeah of course1314.7994.641
neebs did y'all just shut the door1317.764.0
nope no we just didn't oh my heart's1319.443.76
beating big time i'm uh1321.765.6
okay that's fear yeah i'm pretty scared1323.28.24
okay anything on your door1327.367.679
oh oh god of course1331.445.359
of course i think we're dealing with the1335.0393.441
phantom neebs1336.7995.041
but uh i have no way to tell1338.485.36
are you okay seeing some activity yeah1341.843.12
no i'm not okay1343.842.88
i'm inside i think the door is locked on1344.963.199
me on the outside and i hear the [ __ ]1346.722.64
running around1348.1595.76
hey calm down all right i am tossing1349.367.439
the uv light because it's not working1353.9195.041
and i'm picking up the spirit box1356.7994.081
had a boy now we need some good1358.963.12
questions okay1360.884.159
right your sanity is a zero really no1362.083.599
it's a three1365.0393.361
okay well that's good zero oh that's bad1365.6793.12
oh that's good yep zero oh that's bad1368.7994.641
did you walk around the whole house i1372.243.36
mean that's one idea okay all right i'll1373.443.52
walk around the whole house but1375.63.36
we kind of know where she's at right you1376.963.68
would think1378.963.52
should i come in there with you i mean1380.643.44
we have better luck with two people1382.484.48
try it yeah the last time we had two1384.086.16
people uh one of them died1386.963.28
oh boy1392.082.56
okay i'm gonna guess it's a phantom1418.327.52
so oh crap i didn't do it uh j1422.46.159
uh to the end phantom phantom phantom1425.845.92
there we go phantom1428.5596.961
come on baby big money big money1431.7614.08
welcome back that was a gin crap1435.5210.32

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