Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Subnautica log from Neebs Gaming? I just watched it and let me tell you, it was intense! As a huge...


Neebs Gaming


neebs: Oh man, that giant alien castle in Subnautica is just epic! It's like something out of a sci-fi movie.

simon: I know, right? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. I was like, 'Whoa, that's one fancy underwater crib!'

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up. But seriously, that alien castle is so cool. I bet they have some killer underwater parties in there.

neebs: Oh yeah, I can just imagine the alien sea creatures busting a move on the dance floor. It's like the underwater version of MTV Cribs!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Subnautica log from Neebs Gaming? I just watched it and let me tell you, it was intense! As a huge fan of their YouTube channel, I always get excited when a new Subnautica video drops.

In this video, they spot something in the distance and the suspense is real. I won't give away any spoilers, but let's just say it's worth watching until the end. I love how Neebs Gaming always keeps things interesting and entertaining, whether they're exploring the depths of the ocean or facing off against dangerous creatures.

If you're not already subscribed to their channel, what are you waiting for? Hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming community. And if you want to support them even more, check out their Patreon page. Trust me, it's worth it.

I can't get enough of Subnautica and Neebs Gaming never disappoints. From the stunning underwater landscapes to the heart-pounding moments, this game is a must-watch. Plus, with their awesome music choices and hilarious commentary, you'll be hooked from the first episode. So grab your 00FU T-shirt and get ready for an adventure like no other with Neebs Gaming and Subnautica.

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I am what you seek12.2117.28
want to help you hear that I lost16.513.679
money with that some spoke to me again30.17910.111
yeah hell man [ __ ] law scissors but34.378.38
oh wait hold on hold on hold on oh [ __ ]40.295.46
I got damaged you act weird what's going42.755.01
on putting my thing that Silas running I45.754.05
got a guy get somewhere safe Oh God47.766.479
enough of those giant creatures hey got49.88.64
a worried about you right now sir god I54.2399.841
got a fire suppressing the fire fire58.4410.77
leaving me still in silent running64.087.25
I'm going to try to find a spot to a69.214.769
cyclops oh my god you mean [ __ ]71.336.06
creatures everywhere down here needs73.9793.411
help you man77.634.93
now keep something okay let me try to79.2298.151
figure out how to do this whoa nice yeah82.568.669
they got Fairless alien facility really87.387.029
I'm seeing a distance did you get well I91.2295.491
want to try to repair this I would beat94.4094.681
you getting out I'm okay right now I got96.723.689
a little bit of damage but my99.093.18
I'm pretty low yeah getting out of the100.4094.59
ship you'll know what that's gonna do102.277.62
[ __ ] the big creature Here I am still104.99917.16
with Wyatt mode I have no idea won't you109.8914.64
make it to the bank of the fire she122.1595.371
inspires to present system a Galanos got124.533.839
back alive127.534.65
she got the fire extinguisher yeah the128.3699.301
fire a little Noah fires gonna take it132.1810.919
and put it out yet a whole she I gotta137.6710.49
fire the engine to Noah we got a fire143.0995.061
yeah I need a backup for your to bad154.098.65
place building make a run to Nana's158.725.79
place I'd like to but I'd like to get162.744.92
the Cyclops into a safe area god I got164.514.949
into the fire is your fire suppression167.663.99
systems back on hold on let me get you169.4594.791
to a safe place little look at it171.656.45
standing by it seems out really come on174.255.97
no no place to go down here neutralizing180.226.61
the fire I need to repair the outside185.2094.111
you need to ship it just prior to186.834.439
control you're right you're correct189.323.63
hold on let me get ready laughs you have191.2695.851
kill a few [ __ ] these come on192.9512.48
vibrant rags I'll never be keep it on my197.1215.06
help what yeah it's hot where's the205.4312.899
thing where's a guy let me larva are212.1811.399
back on you lot leech like lot leaves218.32912.5
got a red lizard Oh funny word lizard223.5797.25
yeah I think I'm all right234.5196.371
yeah let me suck on a med kit or - all236.8295.47
right leaves that facility off in the240.895.569
distance I think I can see quite it yeah242.2996.931
no I mean this is this area sucks but I246.4594.211
still think I can get there I mean if I249.233.18
pick this take the Cyclops out there I250.672.939
think I'm just going to get demolished252.412.55
by everybody253.6093.391
a couple things don't you turn the power254.964.23
off release all right and I want you to257.04.32
be fully hydrated and nourished before259.194.05
you head out then we're going to an261.324.65
alien facility I grabbed this purple263.244.53
artifact who I still got my blue265.974.08
artifact we'll keep that I'll grab a few267.773.33
of these ion crystals270.0511.07
maybe eight four yeah all right all271.113.38
right I'm here for you let's do it281.129.45
you've been on my help Master oh I284.489.26
should get a battery for this eagle-eyed290.573.17
already yeah I think so okay try it294.4912.79
again that's all this thing off of the301.228.91
difference right there [ __ ] it is hot307.288.13
here oh you have this big big critter310.1310.44
thing stay with me don't notice me don't315.417.82
notice me320.572.66
don't notice me that way326.259.37
oh god is that a warper swimming332.359.39
swimming swimming more woofers I'm going335.628.09
the intention is like a very clear343.717.45
doorway here okay come on come on oh god346.216.87
what do you need to plug in an artifact353.087.68
oh it's like a little bubble area yeah355.1514.94
oh yeah oh sure you're safe i'm in i'm360.7617.96
safe see it's a purple Hey look here370.0911.25
it's a key but it needs a blue artifact378.724.75
I told Malik the what we found I'm381.3410.56
putting it in okay blue artifacts in all383.4710.29
right need them going in that's what391.93.63
she's man I'd be that ones that's what393.764.19
he said395.532.42
man place is huge yeah it seems like one411.525.86
of the bigger facilities I've been in oh415.615.94
oh oh cake needs everything just turned417.388.82
on spring a life here something like421.556.81
that yeah although they would have since426.24.8
the moat as a crab robot here they would428.365.69
have sensed the motion of the crab robot431.05.22
yeah well you told me not to because434.0512.25
they repair these facilities right good436.2215.27
Simon yeah what Simon doing drinking the446.310.5
beers generally right a beer I'm451.497.98
actually working technically now I456.87.86
already won okay bring it what do you459.477.98
mean you're done needs now uh but you464.665.46
can't get leave me with Simon you said467.454.53
you were drinking a beer drinking beer470.124.29
yes I should be drinking a beer everyone471.984.98
liked it actually a lot drinking's474.414.8
Webber okay well first of all who listen476.967.47
needs a name listen I am in a giant479.217.95
alien facility right now there are tons484.434.65
of things to scan you can't leave me487.166.06
with Simon I'm going through an alien489.086.12
facility right now you want to go watch493.224.13
a movie495.22.15
happy happy birthday happy birthday oh500.324.78
great news you can't leave me with this503.334.8
[ __ ] drunk I'm not drunk yeah you're505.110.35
you'll get your shots alright alright so508.138.55
I'm about to give you a test time and515.455.37
I'm sending you something okay ooh got a516.687.86
got a dad and some alien relic like dad520.828.34
got me all about it right right what is524.549.29
this is more Wow alien relics look cool529.168.71
all right here we go okay what's it say533.836.17
nan buzzkill540.05.17
neighs you can't leave me with this543.216.61
[ __ ] drunk you worry so much545.176.75
yeah I just gotta through an alien549.823.93
facility I don't know what I'm going to551.926.42
experience in here right now you know553.757.04
he's an alien planet558.345.21
yeah but this was clearly built by560.796.55
species an intelligent species chill563.556.25
chill out chill out I'm surrounded what567.345.22
is this this is a sword why is there a569.810.98
sword here they read another [ __ ]572.5613.38
spider-man okay oh really I didn't know580.7822.83
that I'm sorry I okay I didn't see the585.9419.2
Thor movie before I left who the [ __ ]603.619.56
store okay needs have a data terminal605.1410.5
Emperor project data what can you tell613.179.37
me about the Emperor project the Emperor615.6412.17
project data would I smell EMP ER o are622.5411.03
no EMP er yeah there's either627.815.76
um PE are ours you can't leave me with634.989.55
we don't have it's [ __ ] laughing well640.636.75
hold on this is the Emperor project it's644.536.06
data about the the vaccine needs I mean647.384.74
from what I read it sounds like they650.593.51
found the creature that produced an652.125.61
enzyme and they tried to like654.15.91
after it or keep it somewhere and then657.7312.12
it's health went down the drain now the660.0114.879
Leviathan fetus captured yeah I'm669.857.26
sitting your dad on the fetus you'll get674.8894.38
to say that word you often do you know677.115.279
my life quite a bit oh yeah what were679.2695.221
you doing now an extracting stereo from682.3895.851
Cal pizzas no [ __ ] like it let me ask684.494.38
you a question688.244.17
okay so doesn't Oh mounds a gal when688.876.75
they're reelin yeah I've seen video of692.414.919
that yeah I've seen the video of that695.6212.269
maybe they could lay down I love to see697.32913.01
a cow beer missionary style I want to707.8895.461
know I want to see a bank account just710.3395.081
to see where's Malcolm it was like713.354.02
horses banging same thing right gotta be715.426.719
difficult really get up there oh yes no717.379.51
I can't be easy mom see ya are you guys722.13912.0
looking at pictures of cows dismount the726.889.75
[ __ ] marriage hammer734.1395.041
that's my horse has had such big dicks736.635.37
because they need to be able to reach oh739.185.07
yeah yeah it's got a long way to go742.011.16
that's I'm sure we got quick looking744.2511.22
because I don't want to hear about753.167.59
[ __ ] boy [ __ ] it down quick quit755.476.869
looking at Cal's [ __ ] what yeah760.754.17
that's why I was talking about size and762.3396.24
that [ __ ] disturbing so skip some764.925.49
I felt it looks like I found another770.416.929
teleporter oh wow let's see oh yeah yeah772.3610.02
that's right I brought a bun here we go777.3398.801
you've inserted teleporter works okay782.385.86
dad I I'm not done exploring this786.143.87
facility yet I don't want to go in there788.249.69
I remember working on my birthday when790.019.84
you're off the clock technically right797.934.32
now aren't you this is for you you're my799.854.2
shoving you realize and they record802.255.4
these phone calls oh man there's so much804.056.06
[ __ ] in in here needs this place with807.657.65
gigantic aah810.117.53
seems to be oh man this is like this is815.312.77
like an egg room baby yeah817.6410.43
Nate yeah not another teleporter the851.9395.171
other one856.543.659
now that means stupids with me I'm gonna857.114.829
go ahead and turn it on I brought a860.1993.601
bunch of fuel crystals watch you861.9395.01
teleport yourself well I mean this is a863.85.219
giant underground facility man you866.9494.05
should go cookie oh I'm getting869.0194.04
dehydrated hold on let me drink some P870.9994.291
needs keep it on my food my foods873.0593.7
getting alone I may have to book it back875.294.739
to the Cyclops yeah I brought them with876.7595.55
me oh my god hold on there's another880.0294.401
there's another door here882.3097.14
purple blue artifact yeah no I use the884.436.399
one I had to get in here889.4496.0
[ __ ] you no I got a purple one can we890.82912.331
make a blowing what can you mix the895.4499.36
color okay not doubt it903.164.109
they're not they're not like liquid [ __ ]904.8095.82
you dude there's two solid objects I907.2695.43
know you didn't know there's no need for910.6295.76
a [ __ ] you no need for you to be another912.6997.431
another damn teleporter good god yeah916.3896.801
like then we put two solids together in924.6296.161
red color again bubbles I got you927.5795.75
couldn't I bet you I could wanna make930.794.529
yeah I want to see you flip your933.3294.401
t-shirts together935.3193.62
no [ __ ] yeah938.9393.781
my good sir you remembering a little and943.5796.521
yeah I'm going door-to-door and just947.4594.591
checking the place out wow it's like a950.16.899
big underground piping system yeah this952.056.899
looks nuts956.9994.02
yeah like under what like pipes oh god958.9494.411
there's deeper in the pipes yeah you961.0195.55
know this little eyeball fish no Cheers963.365.49
Oh I've listened all scanning an alien966.5697.26
pipe emergency so we can see for how God968.858.459
can orientate them you sure yeah I need973.8295.851
to run back to the Cyclops that's gonna977.3094.851
be dangerous979.682.48
all right my Cyclops989.696.94
is 400 and something meters away you see991.717.14
glad yep got my C glide getting it out996.632.7
right now998.853.89
oh god I see the giant creature though999.336.51
either ways away and he's going oh I'm1002.745.11
sneaking out I'm doing it oh gosh oh1005.842.82
odd it was out here alright made it back1008.667.22
damn is hot1017.236.4
Lincoln Angela cookies cookies yeah I1019.166.81
would love a cookie you why did you say1023.6313.11
you guys why not they love you you1025.9712.989
probably can remember defeat I would see1036.749.81
it every day you know oh yeah I real1038.95910.491
real quick um looking at an ion battery1046.555.46
that blueprint I found for the alien1049.454.39
battery it uses one of those ion1052.013.93
crystals that we use to act to activate1053.846.06
those teleporters that and copper1055.947.89
clearly five glass box ooh it's gonna1059.99.39
make it see look at my eye on crystals I1063.838.04
had a bunch and I used it okay yeah you1069.296.66
know what I'm making one a badass what1071.876.32
do you mean1075.952.24
this is badass man they open cometh1078.465.53
orders that I'm taking for one spot or1082.3093.391
with others the technology is amazing so1083.993.11
it's badass1085.74.229
barbecue yeah barbecue skills1087.17.51
I won't fight you on it Haney's yeah1089.9296.63
thinking about trying something crazy I1094.613.539
think I might be able to get this1096.5593.901
Cyclops closer to that giant alien1098.1495.37
facility it would be a good idea but the1100.465.61
problem is that giant creature however I1103.5195.581
do have one creature decoy some thinking1106.076.089
go balls to the wall go in there fire1109.15.789
the decoy and then part the Cyclops like1112.1597.081
behind a facility should we try it yeah1114.8897.981
siren booth to be try it oh I'm gonna1119.2413.59
die powering up the engine oh god I got1122.8712.419
them Marvel Marvel now they're sucking1132.832.939
on it1135.2893.39
singlets it's got a [ __ ] mouth they go1135.7696.061
to [ __ ] mouth 80 all right fire the1138.6797.13
engine up bitching hollering1141.833.979
engines powered up moving forward going1147.737.559
super fast silent running the naval1150.386.21
i cop the power is at 51% seems to be1156.595.88
good alright may not even need this1159.326.42
thing gonna go right I'm gonna hug the1162.478.25
wall the monster was to my left all God1165.746.39
needs overheating I'm gonna have to go a1170.723.829
little slower1172.132.419
alright Cyclops is close to the facility1178.8998.921
now yes what's better hey buddy1181.3999.471
[ __ ] you1187.823.05
oh yeah okay um another another portal1200.9112.12
needs its forms yes our four portals1207.3619.62
portals Wow I have the lay of the land1213.0316.17
now I think I can pretty much explore1226.984.38
the entire facility except I don't have1229.26.32
a blue artifact it's opened another door1231.364.16
all right going through1236.154.68
never come back yo man okay could you1246.8698.98
explain what you are sir uh okay I'm in1252.24911.071
an underground cave hell all right okay1255.84911.31
there's a giant electrical creature man1263.325.489
there's like a whole shark yet like I1267.1594.71
come to a place I can get out into the1268.8094.74
water but there's like a whole shark out1271.8695.221
there let's see I'm gonna make a run for1273.5498.46
it waiters yeah I'm in it I'm in that1277.099.839
blue couch area sure yeah yeah yeah you1282.0096.42
told us that last time we were in the1286.9294.91
couch area hilarious1288.4296.18
hey remember I could eat these uh whoops1291.8396.28
whoa bush see I got more hydration than1294.6097.64
food but hey every little bit helps1298.1198.19
no oh I head to the SIRT hold on let me1302.2496.85
go to the surface - why to see where I'm1306.30915.87
at seat I knees I'm pretty far north1309.09915.21
from the aurora I'm looking at the1322.1795.43
Aurora crash right now yeah I don't I1324.3094.47
don't you're right I don't have a beacon1327.60916.89
so I don't want to do it I'm gonna feel1328.77919.95
like having one like let me decide I1344.49910.26
mean it's kind of like raisin it comes1348.7299.381
with my friends like1354.7596.441
three beat corners they want to get my1358.115.27
good barbecue make sure I don't like a1361.29.74
Barbie good buffet working Nova delivery1363.3811.8
the delivery bump is on your piece I'm1370.9420.53
going back through the portal open and1375.1830.54
shut the [ __ ] up really1391.4717.379

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