Meet Gangly. - Conan Exiles

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat because ...
Meet Gangly. - Conan Exiles
Meet Gangly. - Conan Exiles

Meet Gangly. - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen the latest episode of Conan Exiles? Meet Gangly is hands down my favorite video!
appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! Gangly is a legend! That dog is the real star of the show, no doubt about it.
neebs: Absolutely, Appsro! And let's not forget about Creampie's grand entrance. What a reunion that was!
appsro: Haha, Creampie always knows how to make an entrance. But seriously, the boys trying one final time at the purge had me in stitches!
Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2? If not, you're in for a treat because this one is a rollercoaster of emotions and hilarious moments.

In this episode, Appsro finally gets himself a dog, which is sure to bring some chaos and laughs to the game. And let's not forget about Dora reuniting with Creampie - the dynamic duo we all love to see in action. Plus, the boys are gearing up for one final attempt at the purge, so you know things are about to get intense.

If you're a true Neebs Gaming fan, you'll definitely want to check out their resort merch and grab yourself some Neebs Gaming coffee to enjoy while watching the episode.

From the hilarious banter to the epic gameplay moments, this episode of Conan Exiles has it all.

With timestamps for all the best moments, awesome music licensed through, and the amazing Xidax PCs powering the gameplay, this episode is a must-watch for any fan of Neebs Gaming.

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thank you for your boy helps on this oh1.644.08
yeah no problem you need it you think3.4395.561
okay um yeah you guys stay back let me5.725.48
get my beat on all right support system9.05.599
it is there we go fine work oh boy wow11.25.44
this are tougher not there we go there's14.5994.52
one hey hey no no no no no no no no no16.645.96
ma'am no no you leave Dora alone yeah19.1196.601
I'm just watching yeah oh there we go22.64.839
okay sweet all right you guys got the25.725.76
bindings I do so what I hit the yeah27.4395.8
then you just go up to her should just31.484.28
be able to click it all right boom all33.2394.401
right you did something wrong the wrong35.765.16
thing of course I did of course you did37.646.079
yeah well the the ropes the ropes in my40.924.72
eight slot you got to learn the ropes43.7195.241
Simon Yep this is learning the45.643.32
ropes come on come on I swear oops I49.846.84
need to be given very specific55.123.32
instruction clearly all right I think56.682.76
there's another one around the corner58.443.68
we'll go try that one thanks I'll bring59.443.78
this one62.1220.679
with here we go it's popping the82.7993.96
teleporter and it should give you a very84.843.919
clear prompt there's like a rock that86.7594.121
appears you see that uh-huh there's a88.7594.921
rock click on the like floating Rock oh90.884.64
damn it do I not oh there it is I saw93.685.399
the rock there it is there we go95.528.16
okay all right hello what is going on99.0796.36
all right so okay all right yeah you103.684.56
guys are just you guys are in the thing105.4395.161
yeah oh I'm out of the thing yeah all108.244.199
right Perfect all right so yeah drag110.63.6
them over here all right you see these112.4393.441
little things these uh these little114.24.8
Stone PS so yeah go up there and then I115.885.519
think just hit e on the column on the119.04.399
column okay on the column there you go121.3993.961
there you oh so is this just for123.3995.28
decoration oh yeah absolutely okay I get125.366.16
it s yeah look I'm wait I'm looking for128.6794.681
the just there's no problem just hit it131.523.799
no problem just trust it that's it I was133.364.519
looking for the prompt all right then135.3194.441
yeah put this one over here yeah all137.8793.841
right we get a few more today and I'll139.763.199
be good but yeah thanks for your help141.723.32
guys it's looking better already yeah142.9594.201
this place is looking great super happy145.044.52
place yeah them chained up really cheers147.166.56
up place oh this guy's cute I like him149.567.16
okay you don't okay all right well we'll153.724.36
catch you later oh yeah if you want to156.723.48
go home just take the teleporter back158.084.72
fair warning though you might be sick sh160.26.16
oh I'm very sick oh oh my god oh damn162.85.799
danc all right what's wrong with you166.365.12
bunch of damn complainers you're168.5995.72
welcome and sweep the floor SWAT the171.489.28
Flies jump jump Flex it and a boy deiry174.3199.041
Larry keep it up what you guys up to we180.765.88
just relaxing relaxing yeah okay I mean183.364.879
I'm just kind of waiting what's your186.643.4
goal all right this brings me to188.2393.321
something I've been thinking about wack190.043.479
can you follow me for a second certainly191.563.36
just come over here I guess out here193.5193.681
towards the fairy Larry have fun whack194.925.72
now whack my question is when someone197.25.679
leaves a table and two men are sitting200.646.72
side by side is it okay I guess so like202.8796.481
in a movies who am I to judge yeah I207.363.48
don't think it's judge but like say you209.364.439
were Anthony or uh what's his ovar I210.844.84
think ovar neither one of them's213.7993.961
bothered to like shift seats and I'm215.683.72
wondering do they feel uncomfortable I217.763.88
don't think they feel uncomfortable okay219.43.68
but I get what you're saying it's kind221.643.2
of like the urinal thing when you go in223.084.0
a bathroom and you you know oh no I224.844.56
usually go straight beside the person227.085.2
even if there's 40 urals look I'd move I229.44.479
would but they're going to come back any232.283.44
second it's not like he's gone forever233.8793.36
he might just be talking about one thing235.723.2
and then he's going to sit down back in237.2393.2
his spot and then I'm the [ __ ] I took238.923.399
his spot then it's a whole thing when he240.4393.681
comes back and then I have to say like242.3193.12
oh sorry do you want to sit here and he244.123.399
probably will just say like oh no it's245.4394.241
fine I'm just going to stay no I don't247.5194.761
want to but yeah so I'm wondering like249.685.04
if we just you know took a seat you know252.284.239
he's like they're not coming back do you254.724.56
think he'll move if we do that maybe I'm256.5195.521
okay let's find out yep he moved he259.286.16
moved did he yep so yeah I think he can262.045.12
hear us to tell you the truth I'm a265.443.199
little uncomfortable with how you and I267.163.52
are sitting right now268.6394.201
so just going to I'm going to get back270.684.92
to work fixing this place up okay sounds272.845.199
good all right this is um I see you275.64.52
moved oh whack hey sorry this is your278.0394.321
seed you want it there there you go you280.124.2
can sit there no I think I think you can282.364.119
sit there I'm I'm I'm going to sit over284.324.439
here okay all right yeah I'm going to286.4794.641
sit over here by over there yeah your288.7595.361
character is a shape that ovar likes so291.124.6
luck aren't we supposed to be building295.724.12
or something297.965.2
oh my God Simon we look horrible yeah it299.845.56
doesn't feel good either no no no not at303.164.64
all we must not help that man in the305.44.2
future I mean we all we need to do is307.83.399
just go to the dancer it's really not309.63.599
that yeah I know but like I'm it's kind311.1994.321
of the further point of of oh you know313.1994.641
what what take off your shirt why cuz I315.523.799
want to see what your body looks like317.843.479
too oh I didn't know we were going here319.3194.401
why not why wouldn't we want to do this321.3195.6
God oh yeah yeah I I'm kind of liking323.725.08
how see you could see you could see my326.9193.321
nippy nips I'm you're pretty much328.84.28
showing everything already yeah but here330.244.32
oh I don't know why you took why the333.084.2
pants how about the feet huh you like334.565.04
that like my anks listen I don't need337.284.6
take off your pants all right fine come339.65.0
on just cuz I want to see your legs oh341.883.92
God that's344.63.84
gross you know what yeah I've been345.84.6
wanting to wear this for a while it's348.445.44
weaker but hey now okay this looks350.45.0
coming together I I could be a pro353.884.48
wrestler I'd root for you uh listen I'm355.45.76
going to go uh dance thank goodness I'm358.365.0
going to to watch you from afar and361.166.36
enjoy myself oh that feels so good you363.368.2
looking good oh yeah okay okay hold on367.525.92
sounds like you're taking a dump here we371.563.8
go yep I feel better already you're373.444.8
looking good too375.362.88
a ah the power of378.7599.56
dance aha woo382.885.439
hey I'm really a nice girl once you get393.45.32
to know396.122.6
me hey nebes I got something cool to398.9194.241
show you check this out let's see it401.244.399
boom we got that right there don't walk403.164.52
over it don't walk over it yeah don't405.6394.721
touch it is a mine yeah they so that's407.685.239
an explosive one and then did they have410.365.32
mines in ancient time what like this is412.9194.361
ancient times this is Conan time they415.684.799
didn't have mines I mean look all I know417.285.52
is it's there and I want to put him down420.4794.961
so these guys can walk over them so this422.85.079
one's explosive this one is what that425.444.319
one's Vapor so that one's going to be427.8794.081
poisonous oh oh like thought like a429.7595.361
vapor rug rub VAP rub Vapor Rub well431.965.519
yeah like that too but poisonous Vapor435.124.88
Rub okay that's cool and they have to437.4794.601
walk over those so you going to walk on440.03.56
that how I mean I was just wondering442.082.799
like I'm really close how does it know443.563.52
if I'm an enemy or a friend will that444.8795.04
hurt him it does not know yeah totally447.085.119
will yeah it will yeah cuz it's we have449.9195.441
PVP turned on so if you walk over it it452.1995.881
might kill you do you have another uh I455.365.679
do walk over458.085.76
it it's fine stand right on it whack how461.0395.321
much you pay for that I guess not enough463.844.039
try not crouching maybe it's a Crouch466.363.0
thing maybe it's a Crouch thing here we467.8795.0
go kind of wiggling nothing's happening469.366.16
a good sit I just got an explosive sound472.8795.16
on my screen for some reason yeah this475.524.359
isn't going to help us wack well maybe478.0395.28
it knows if it's a magic M okay there it479.8796.081
goes there was a delay483.3195.241
yeah look it's Conan time so we don't485.964.6
know how this stuff works okay more of488.564.84
those please490.562.84
okay all right oh boy hey that man what494.1597.16
up not much I just found two dead horses498.4795.641
in that box over there two dead horses501.3195.681
yeah two two horse carcasses what's new504.124.919
with you nothing what are we doing with507.04.199
horse carcasses I I don't know someone509.0393.761
just throw a baby horse in there and it511.1993.481
starve to death over time cuz that I512.83.799
could see us doing um yeah I don't know514.684.279
but I'm I'm encumbered I wanted to see516.5993.961
if maybe I can lay him on the ground and518.9593.56
look at him oh gotcha oh you you know520.564.56
what there was a dog in my house really522.5194.081
yeah you want to come upstairs in my525.122.8
bedroom and I don't say that to just526.62.6
anybody but you want to come upstairs in527.923.44
my bedroom yep I just dropped two dead529.24.36
horses in a bag that's probably what was531.364.12
making you so heavy but yeah come check533.564.24
this out come come look at this dog okay535.484.76
is it uh did it look friendly no no it537.84.4
kind of kind of gnarly looking was it540.244.08
one not wanting to attack you was it542.24.079
yeah no check this out okay I just came544.323.72
up here and he was on my bed I have no546.2794.281
idea where he came from huh hey little548.044.76
fella yeah he's just just sitting there550.563.56
no I don't want to kick you I'm not552.83.44
trying to kick you I'm trying to crouch554.125.12
control control and see you know wow556.244.56
yeah he's kind of gangly looking isn't559.244.279
he very that can definitely win like one560.84.8
of those ugly dog competitions oh those563.5193.76
are fun aren't they yeah they're great565.63.919
cuz even ugly dogs are cute yeah there's567.2794.0
this one ugly cat I follow sometimes on569.5194.0
Instagram named shushu God it's an ugly571.2794.721
cat you follow her on Instagram yeah the573.5194.481
cat wow well I think it's a cat lady but576.03.959
she has a cat and it's just it's it's578.04.12
just it's so ugly does she talk as the579.9594.281
cat no no no no it's not like that it's582.123.52
just like here's this cat today trying584.242.64
breathe fun yeah I'm glad this broad's586.885.079
making money off her all right will this589.886.12
dog follow me if I go here all right oh591.9597.041
yeah look at that Jesus Christ look at596.06.56
it look at that face oh my God I love it599.08.0
oh man that is crazy what I say gangl602.565.719
that's his name I'm naming this thing607.03.92
gangle oh come on gangly it's one of the608.2795.161
ugliest things I've seen in this world610.923.72
oh all right yeah I'm going to take him613.442.6
over to the new place and then while I'm614.644.12
here yeah I needed to get glass man I616.043.919
think I'm going to still keep this place618.762.639
though I like this bedroom I don't want619.9593.081
to move this bedroom it's I mean it's a621.3993.401
beautiful place623.044.32
yeah nice all right come on624.86.52
gangly yeah that dog's going to give me627.363.96
nightmares hey guys hey man oh boy that632.687.12
was funny wasn't it that was a hoot run636.365.2
he's on the thing he's on the mine and639.83.8
he blows up that's really the the best641.563.44
you know I really love that stuff643.63.919
anyways I'm just going to get my things645.05.76
and real quick all right look it's it's647.5194.681
hard to have comedic timing when the650.763.28
thing isn't timed correctly I don't know652.26.199
was yeah it's weird oh I think I get it654.046.12
is it the amount of times you step on it658.3994.281
I've now stepped on it twice if I jump660.164.96
again yeah I don't I don't really want I662.683.68
don't want you to blow that one up cuz665.123.519
they're kind of expensive it's making a666.364.919
lot of noise though yeah it is is this668.6394.2
one of those instances where if I walk671.2794.641
off it then it's a problem maybe672.8395.721
probably that's how it works hey what's675.925.12
up y'all hey D what you hey what's up678.565.12
Anthony hey I got something to do uh681.044.039
been thinking about this for quite some683.684.0
time so catch you in a bit okay all685.0794.281
right see you don't worry I have a b687.683.76
roll right up here oh welcome back I saw689.365.52
your plan whack I saw right through691.446.88
it no see now this is how you want to go694.885.32
into the Afterlife with a puppy Lick in698.324.04
your face there's nothing quite like it700.23.92
man just having a dog just loving all702.364.0
over you I mean come on look at that704.123.719
look at that I mean how could you not be706.363.599
happy about that see it's all you're all707.8393.961
smiles now hey read that book a little709.9594.56
better okay yep there you go gangling I711.84.24
need you to lick a little harder there714.5193.601
you go get a good Lick in oh he's so716.044.359
cute a't he adorable yeah don't worry718.123.64
about the green stuff coming out of you720.3993.721
that's perfectly normal a listen to721.764.68
those screams of pure pleasure oh gang724.124.839
you so sweet you're so sweet you're so726.444.959
sweet thanks for your help728.9596.801
buddy gangly I like you and boom few731.3996.841
more souls for me all right still got to735.764.28
get some more gangle don't be uh don't738.243.08
don't don't don't be licking this thing740.043.4
too much there's no telling what's all741.324.36
it cream cream pie746.445.0
oh my God cre749.765.519
pie leave cre pie alone get away from751.444.839
pie cream pie cream756.2794.481
pie oh how I have missed you I've never760.87.039
stopped thinking about you I love you so764.0793.76
much I'm so sorry it took so long cre770.325.639
pie you're a mess what are you doing773.924.039
you're a little775.9596.56
mess oh oh my goodness butterfly in the777.9598.841
sky a cream pie in your eye you take a782.5198.841
look it's in a book a cream pie786.84.56
Rainbow Oh cream pie I don't know why I791.566.0
Sayang that but that's794.67.12
fun oh this is already so797.564.16
fun so what time is this purge would you801.885.399
say noon that actually that'd be like804.446.32
6:00 for me whenever we do do it n 3:00807.2795.321
is that your three all right so where am810.763.6
I you need to stand at the bottom of the812.65.28
I need to stand over here yeah 9 9:00814.365.44
you being a clock o00 yeah he's being a817.885.319
clock he perfect he's doing a great job819.86.159
hey what's up did any of you watch a kid823.1994.0
show when you were younger I know this a825.9592.721
bit of an age Gap but there was a lady827.1993.161
on the floor and she was pretending to828.683.92
be a clock okay it would like shoot her830.364.32
from above and then she'd be like one832.64.28
she sounds crazy cool yeah it was really834.687.12
cool when I was three one 1836.887.44
3 you got to have the little kids music841.84.44
nope don't remember that a it was good844.323.92
we're ready for the purge right right846.244.159
okay right Lightning God I know no848.244.88
lightning light please no lightning go850.3994.321
way out there I I don't really853.123.12
necessarily want to do anything except854.723.08
for watch right you don't even need me856.243.44
here right hey you just sit there beside857.84.24
o ovar yes no I want to just stand up859.685.32
here and see okay better VI all right uh862.044.64
who wants to start this thing I can865.03.44
start it hit the button and leave a866.683.8
comment if you know what that show was868.444.48
thank you here they come was the button870.484.32
hit the button was hit AB I don't like872.924.2
how close you are go way over there no874.83.92
this needs to be close okay yeah I877.122.6
thought we were supposed to get rid of878.722.679
him well let's see what he does maybe we879.723.039
do something good why you why do you881.3993.36
give somebody Second Chances N I give882.7594.481
people third chances it's been years884.7594.681
with this guy all right where they at887.243.92
he's casting [ __ ] right now where they889.443.399
at they might be that way give it a891.163.76
second I'm looking though seems like the892.8395.521
best spot oh are they coming from894.925.4
somewhere else I heard a no oh they are898.364.32
from the front left the Castle Hill jeez900.325.04
all right well screw it this might work902.683.959
man they're not going to hit our minds905.364.399
oh my god oh wow very foggy really you906.6394.961
made a spell that makes things ugly no909.7592.921
this is going to be good this is going911.62.28
to be good don't worry this is going to912.683.959
help out stop giving him second chances913.885.04
I can't even see to use my boow I mean916.6394.32
we you can't argue for this being a good918.925.4
idea this a great idea be a great idea920.9595.481
well we can't see anything oh yeah okay924.323.959
yeah the fog was was thicker than I926.444.519
remembered what is this a PlayStation928.2796.36
game if I play turck 64 I'm defending930.9595.44
the door I'm ready are these friendlies934.6394.281
or enemies I can't tell they stabbing936.3995.8
you I'm down here okay I'm that wait are938.925.52
those your zombies out thr uh yeah oh942.1993.681
God that was a I almost stepped on a944.443.8
damn landmine you got landmines out here945.884.12
would it in well should I just be948.244.399
shooting these randos they might be our950.04.319
people so I wouldn't shoot anything but952.6393.0
they look like they're walking like954.3193.601
they're zombies that's Astros people955.6394.241
yeah that's mine that's my zombie horde957.923.64
oh my God something just blew up was it959.883.8
a zombie I think the zombies are blowing961.565.399
up on our mind oh [ __ ] God keep it up to963.685.04
fairy Larry I don't see anyone in the966.9594.32
Maze yet yeah that's right the zombies968.724.479
beat them back I guess the best way no I971.2793.68
think wack beat him back yeah they just973.1993.721
can't find the front door oh yep there974.9593.921
the zombies hey guys where the bad guys976.924.279
at black is this you uh I'm out front978.883.959
I'm at the front door front door all981.1993.241
right everybody to the front door I'm982.8393.641
with you oh all right yeah I see a big984.443.959
boy here yeah got to focus on the big986.486.919
boy y oh yep go ahead hit him big boy988.3997.761
yeah get him go in oh yeah that's right993.3995.24
oh God almost killed myself you okay996.164.52
where there take a drink Budd on a bomb998.6394.401
all right batting Ram guys down nice oo1000.684.399
look at that see this worked out are1003.043.76
there more there should be I don't know1005.0793.44
I can't see anything yeah just imagine1006.83.279
how cool it' be if we could see you1008.5192.841
can't complain about not being able to1010.0793.521
see when you caused it I I I listen I1011.364.8
forgot I forgot oh big boy there's a guy1013.64.32
right here oh yeah coming out of the1016.164.239
Bush oh oh my God I just stepped out of1017.924.64
the fog and there are a ton coming all1020.3994.201
right I'm shooting this guy with arrows1022.564.56
cuz I'm good tell him to come to the fog1024.65.199
I got zies okay they're following me1027.125.16
bring them to my horde oh boy okay they1029.7994.441
even open the front door yet I got one1032.284.559
yeah there's a bunch here now two down1034.244.88
nice and clear just outside the fog what1036.8395.321
it's nice and clear just out the F huh1039.124.839
wait whose head is this it's not yours1042.163.919
is it Simon no I mean I'm jumping is1043.9594.521
that my head no good there's a guy1046.0793.84
floating here I don't know if anybody1048.483.24
else sees that but that's fun oh he's1049.9195.041
gone yeah I saw nees floating in there1051.726.04
CLE all right the zombie thing sucks1054.965.8
here they come wow okay everybody can1057.765.64
see us now bring it on dong they have1060.764.72
yet to open the front door we're too1063.43.68
strong for him there's some lady chewing1065.483.6
at it she didn't do it for1067.085.76
long yeah oh my God I cut her hands off1069.086.4
for stealing [ __ ] that's brutal is that1072.844.0
guy running from the door nope who's he1075.482.36
oh damn whack get him whack that was1077.845.24
cool H wait can I do a fatality can you1080.444.8
do it right you can yeah out the bushes1083.084.719
here they come oh yeah oh my God that's1085.245.04
a lot that is a lot hey bring it on lady1087.7995.481
I want a fatality you oh no D they are1090.285.56
surrounding me oh yeah nice swinging1093.283.92
something's different these guys are1095.844.48
much more bar yep yep1097.25.92
yep a almost did a fatality I want to do1100.326.359
one so bad yeah oh man I'm mowing him1103.125.16
down this lady's got a skull above her1106.6795.641
head that means she tough tough as me oh1108.286.96
there you go Simon get in there and then1112.326.64
one more those one more n she stabbing1115.245.76
yes she is but she's going down nice Got1118.965.599
a Boy mhm green1121.03.559
pie look who I found yeah hey welcome1125.446.88
back horsey guys having a fight having a1129.964.719
great fight guys having a fight yeah1132.324.32
yeah I'm surprised he didn't KN over1134.6793.721
another one incoming another group is1136.644.68
incoming they're walking at us slowly oh1138.45.279
looked at oh yeah I'm going we got to1141.323.88
all right we can do this okay they're1143.6794.081
getting more advanced1145.25.0
now back I'll take these three over here1147.764.08
I'm going go for this Archer yeah okay1150.23.2
yeah I was going for the Archer too okay1151.843.68
oh she got a skull there you we'll work1153.43.399
together needes you and me oh there's1155.523.36
another Archer oh yeah suck on that1156.7994.721
Bubba heads uple how do I do the1158.886.76
fatality I just oh yes oh my God that1161.526.36
was awesome you see that I just killed1165.646.08
the Archer no I see your head great1167.887.679
job do that all day yeah yeah yeah got1171.726.28
another pile coming D I see them I just1175.5595.12
drank some juice these uh these guys are1178.04.559
a little bit more armored up make a hole1180.6792.801
here we1182.5594.12
come oh boy I'm watching the front door1183.484.8
fatality do1186.6794.601
two get him creep1191.727.52
pie oh damn it dude I think I just kep1194.886.44
whack there's a thief careful door1199.244.679
there's mine out there1201.325.599
please it's the fog of1208.63.76
War nice one y sorry whack that's okay1212.6794.961
look at the camp and uh hand of War1215.964.599
challenges you yeah so got to got to go1217.645.32
down to the camp and fight that guy oh1220.5594.721
oh well bring it on there's several guys1222.964.839
which guy oh he's AIG the big one huh1225.285.12
yeah let's get this big1227.7994.201
take to the mine oh yeah can you lead1230.43.24
him to the mine I'm going try do it do1232.03.36
it do it are they on me uh yes they're1233.643.399
on you just keep keep going keep going1235.363.04
he's switched he's coming to me though1237.0392.401
is that it that's the mine right there1238.43.12
that's the M right there hey come on o o1239.445.2
stand right in front of it did that work1241.526.8
we got one oh God that Hur jeez who was1244.647.36
that did we lose abro oh God sorry do me1248.327.44
a favor buddy jeez1252.07.08
Louise do you want to drag him again1255.766.68
another come on baby oh he's almost dead1259.085.68
dead and he's got five Commander keys if1266.7996.081
that means something yep yep we got to1270.64.319
grab those keys yeah you got them Simon1272.884.76
I got I got the keysold victory their1274.9195.921
Camp everybody come to their Camp okay1277.644.8
and do what we're going to use the keys1280.843.6
pillage oh we're going to unlock these1282.444.719
this lady she's going to be uh forever1284.444.76
indebted maybe this Gent I don't really1287.1593.52
want to repopulate with this lady1289.23.8
they're weak wait were we shooting their1290.6794.88
hostages last time we did this maybe1293.05.64
yeah you know what yes yeah you were hey1295.5595.081
whack let's make this more efficient1298.644.68
boom I love this they're giving up hands1300.643.919
up and1303.323.959
everything so those are hostages that's1304.5594.561
they hostages oh no that lady was1307.2793.241
shooting at us with a B they're1309.123.439
surrendering to us they've surrendered1310.525.039
to us these are their hostages oh good1312.5595.081
on these cages so with the keys you can1315.5594.12
unlock them and this lady's going to1317.643.96
walk out there's a bearer three that's1319.6794.641
ours now murder her and then this guy1321.66.36
let's see what he is she might Archer1324.325.64
well I'm I'm kind of bummed cuz we1327.964.88
didn't get a barkeep oh we want a1329.965.36
bar yeah that's what we wanted can I1332.844.719
take any of these guys Souls no these1335.324.12
are our guys no damn it you can take my1337.5594.841
soul ABS so then there's loot boxes here1339.444.479
okay there's one there if you guys want1342.43.96
to grab whatever you want out of it oh1343.9194.281
yeah and a table there's more gold and1346.366.64
silver and good stuff behold vict behold1348.27.959
sweet yeah oh I'm digging the clothes in1353.04.76
this one take them Simon they're your1356.1594.561
spoils enjoy yes yes now whack do a sexy1357.764.48
dance for us on the table I don't have1360.723.72
any sexy dances we need to go get sex1362.245.319
sexy woman I have this one we1364.445.16
celebrate you just Clos that chest with1367.5595.111
your booty woo1369.613.509

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