I'M TRYING TO BUILD A BASE! | Subnautica: Below Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of the Neebs crew, then you're i...
I'M TRYING TO BUILD A BASE!  |  Subnautica: Below Zero
I'M TRYING TO BUILD A BASE! | Subnautica: Below Zero

I'M TRYING TO BUILD A BASE! | Subnautica: Below Zero

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today we're playing Subnautica: Below Zero and trying to build a base, but those buttthole monsters just won't leave us alone!

simon: Oh man, those buttthole monsters are the worst! But hey, at least they keep things interesting, right?

appsro: Haha, yeah, nothing like a good old buttthole monster to spice up our base-building adventures! I can't get enough of this video, it's my favorite for sure!

neebs: Glad you guys are enjoying the chaos! Remember to subscribe or we'll drown you in a moonpool - just kidding, but seriously, hit that subscribe button!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you can't get enough of the hilarious adventures of the Neebs crew, then you're in for a treat with their latest Subnautica Log video. In this episode, they set out to build a base, but of course, things don't go as smoothly as planned thanks to those pesky buttthole monsters. You know it's going to be a wild ride when those creatures are involved!

If you missed the original series, don't worry, you can catch up by clicking the link provided. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on any of the action and laughs that the Neebs crew always delivers. And if you're a superfan like me, you can show your support for the channel by subscribing and checking out their Patreon page.

I love how Neebs Gaming always keeps things entertaining and engaging, whether they're playing Subnautica, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, or GTA V. And let's not forget about their awesome cartoons – they're a must-watch for any fan. Plus, their choice of music always sets the perfect tone for each video, adding an extra layer of fun to the gameplay.

So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to laugh your way through another epic Neebs Gaming adventure in Subnautica Log. And don't forget to stalk them on social media to stay up to date on all the latest content.

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okay all right big day let's make a base11.848.32
let's see i want more storage what do i17.1196.361
need to make20.163.32
what are you doing down there whatever33.65.68
all right one extra seat truck storage36.3994.881
oh yeah yeah yeah come on baby41.289.44
all right50.84.0
i just changed the color52.483.919
i didn't rip54.82.56
look at that i don't even know you can56.3993.441
do that57.364.64
in that quantum locker59.843.6
that's good oh god there's a piece of62.03.28
magnetite in here that's good stuff63.443.44
can i build another quantum locker real65.283.68
one extra quantum locker68.964.64
stick these diamonds in here all right72.082.64
diamonds you're going to be my test73.63.04
subjects as well as all of you maybe74.724.8
i'll see you on the other side76.642.88
all right sorry mr peeper but i'm80.04.08
packing up the mobile vehicle bay81.4393.921
you're free84.084.399
go forth into the world85.363.119
actually come here i'm gonna eat you89.22.72
all right maybe right here yeah right97.62.8
might do the jobs take a peek100.44.8
okay got thermal energy102.963.36
resources too this is this is the place106.325.31
this place108.7996.32
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah115.1193.28
yeah nice hatch all right where do i117.1193.441
want the front to be i kind of like this118.3995.76
this looks like a good front120.563.599
nope gonna need quartz but that's okay124.4796.081
calorie intake recommended128.2394.321
cooking a peeper that i found in my130.564.64
mobile vehicle bay132.565.36
come here buddy135.22.72
all right quantum locker let's see if148.3193.521
you're worth the crap i spent to build149.843.039
and then if i open it152.8792.561
how about [ __ ] there beautiful beautiful155.445.76
beautiful beautiful158.565.36
all right get a hatch going161.24.86
all right a little bit of sunlight163.925.7
wow they programmed me right did they171.210.279
now i got lots of options but i think184.484.0
straight on that is where my moon pool's186.2394.08
gonna be all right what do i need two188.485.52
titanium ingots and lubricant190.3193.681
oh yeah that way that's how i want it197.044.08
yeah here we go198.724.64
yep that's enough room to get a prawn201.124.64
suit or something underneath beautiful203.363.519
shut up go away206.8793.841
out of my mood pole208.563.57
hey god damn it210.724.49
stay away216.8794.241
welcome aboard thank you thank you thank222.06.319
you hello oh hello neebs how are you224.846.119
today doing all right building a base228.3194.881
i'll build a base yeah i thought i230.9593.84
thought i was gonna be there for that233.23.84
well i mean i'm not done so technically234.7994.241
you are all right just think of what you237.043.119
and i are going down in history it239.043.04
doesn't look good if i'm like missing240.1593.28
half of it okay well you're not missing242.082.64
half of it you're missing less than half243.4392.72
of it okay i'm still in the middle of244.723.439
building this damn thing i got kind of246.1594.16
the base storage room uh-huh i've uh248.1593.841
yeah build a battery charger charging250.3193.12
batteries i need to build a power cell252.04.079
charger so i can charge power cells253.4394.08
yeah there's a lot to do here this is256.0793.201
less than half of it yeah that's what257.5192.641
you're doing it's like you did259.282.079
everything i feel like i want to build a260.163.599
scan room on one side i built the moon261.3594.001
pool but i still need to make a uh what263.7592.801
is it not a modification yeah a265.363.2
modification station okay still want to266.564.0
build one of those i built a this is268.563.68
like a control room do you know i can270.563.6
change the color of the base oh yeah i272.244.399
can rename the damn thing the base yeah274.164.56
hidden base278.724.32
hiddenberg we not gonna discuss this no280.843.72
yeah no no we're not gonna discuss it i283.042.719
don't i don't want anybody to find this284.562.8
so this is hiddenberg285.7593.681
ah all right base color i'll let you287.363.68
choose the base color one of my options289.444.08
any color yeah any damn color the whole291.045.12
spectrum um let's see the ocean is293.524.16
bluish so something that has good296.163.84
contrast against that maybe a red or a297.683.14
oh yeah that's an orange303.683.6
look good yeah305.443.92
it looks like a base but i like it307.283.84
hidden bird i bet it looks great no309.363.52
one's ever gonna find hiddenberg can we311.123.76
change the inside no i don't i don't312.884.879
think so lighting or nothing maybe maybe314.884.56
but i it does yeah it all kind of looks317.7593.601
the same doesn't it okay tell you what319.443.039
i'm gonna take the sea truck and i'm321.362.64
gonna park it into the moon pool we can322.4792.72
also change the color and name of the324.02.8
sea truck here we go i'll be hold on325.1993.601
i'll be thinking stuff okay cool i'll326.83.52
let you name this one simon name the328.83.04
other one captain ken330.323.2
this is hidden bird you can name the sea331.843.28
truck this one's yours it's all yours333.524.56
all right approaching the moon pool338.084.0
detaching the back modules343.66.0
back modules detached347.0394.241
the moon pool351.284.24
oh yeah wind sea trucks dock all right355.526.48
we gotta do the thing first uh359.1995.28
wait a minute oh [ __ ] neebs i have to362.04.4
build a station in the moon pool364.4793.84
that allows me to do that hold on that's366.43.12
what i was thinking like what was it368.3192.241
yeah the vehicle upgrade console i can370.564.8
stack that so i need one computer chip372.4795.041
[ __ ] is that bad well yeah computer375.363.52
chips i don't i think i'm out of table377.522.88
coral samples378.883.36
so i need to go hunting for table coral380.43.68
which is the most boring thing ever so382.243.6
all the fun stuff you did before i384.083.44
called and now we're going to go look385.842.4
coral samples yes388.245.42
hit the jackpot maybe did you oh yeah i403.525.44
was just looking up uh coral facts406.4793.921
you're probably destroying this ocean408.964.16
right now um really yep410.44.88
well i needed to make computer chips so413.124.88
sorry okay yeah just leave a note look415.284.319
i'm gonna leave some coral but i'm418.04.4
taking as much coral as i can carry okay419.5994.081
not all of it look i'm already done422.42.72
already done inventory full has a [ __ ]423.683.04
ton of coral laying around there you go425.124.0
see sometimes coral acts as a barrier426.724.56
during storms do you know that429.123.28
yeah i guess that's why they call it a431.282.88
barrier wreath yeah hey you might be432.43.519
awesome i like if you go to some parts434.162.96
of the world there's like there's a ton435.9192.881
of coral on the beach437.123.519
like that white like dead coral oh yeah438.83.36
i mean it looks nice it feels nice but440.6393.041
you know you're basically walking on the442.163.28
skeletons of animals while you're at the443.684.16
nice beach that's right it's for animals445.445.68
it's one to think about hidden bird447.844.96
you're able to find it huh well yeah451.125.68
cause it's a beacon it's not very hidden452.84.0
all right already back already back with461.0393.521
the tape of coil stuck it's pretty quick462.83.519
i know what as boring as i thought it464.563.44
would be well it i mean it is boring466.3192.72
it's going out and collecting coral468.03.039
isn't it yeah maybe because we were just469.0394.081
together we had fun471.0394.081
yeah that's what life's all about neebs473.123.28
being together being together with475.123.759
friends having fun getting coral maybe i476.43.84
should come down there478.8793.121
man if you want to come on don't tell480.243.519
anybody you're here okay well i'd have482.02.4
when you check out a vehicle they have484.42.96
to you have to document it maybe we485.843.68
should both go down there knock knock487.364.8
hey dora who ordered a pizza you don't489.524.399
work there anymore no i don't i work492.164.24
here now yeah did you just come by to493.9194.321
empty the trash cans496.44.0
because they're overflowing look at them498.245.04
yeah yeah this isn't my floor500.45.28
but uh i'll let someone know how's it503.283.44
just working yeah ran into simon506.724.24
oh yeah509.683.2
yeah he said some top secret stuff's510.963.28
going down512.883.279
like what with the tower well did you514.243.359
find your sister516.1593.921
seek fluid and take oh okay are you517.5994.24
talking to me yeah i'm talking to you520.084.079
god damn it how do you know i'm here521.8394.721
i ran into simon jesus christ he told524.1594.721
you he might have neebs yeah what's526.563.68
going on down there i've told you not to528.885.76
tell anybody now well the people i told530.246.159
what's going on no i work here now but534.643.12
i'm not going to tell anyone don't even536.3993.201
worry about it wow you worked there now537.764.56
what the hell do you do i clean i clean539.65.28
i'm a janitor the janitor yeah the542.326.24
janitor knows names oh544.883.68
oh god549.2793.041
um we were getting ready to name uh a553.924.96
sea truck oh i'm in556.725.28
yeah so after is that time is time uh no558.884.88
hold on i'm getting uh geez do i have562.04.64
any more copper wire i won't tell anyone563.764.0
you know me566.643.36
about the name just about any of this567.765.12
really okay i haven't had a copper570.07.64
where's copper no damn copper right here572.884.76
see this is what you could have been579.8392.481
doing whenever580.883.36
i wasn't on the line with you i was582.323.199
building a [ __ ] base dude you should584.242.48
have been gathering stuff i was585.5192.561
gathering oh there's the copper i knew i586.724.16
had copper see i had the copper okay i588.084.24
had the copper can make a copper wire590.882.56
but i can't make it in here because it's592.322.639
unpowered because the sea truck's not593.443.68
hooked up all right got to go back594.9594.241
stupid-ass orange base is that what you599.25.72
want to call it cause you already600.9593.961
okay neebs i have the stuff i am608.644.16
installing a vehicle modified vehicle610.3996.241
upgrade console for the sea truck yes612.85.84
we named truck616.644.0
right uh yeah we can absolutely name the618.644.4
seat oh we got upgrades what upgrades620.643.84
can i make623.043.84
c truck upgrades624.484.0
after burner i don't know how to do that626.884.639
ooh a horsepower upgrade oh yeah628.484.64
i think i already have a perimeter depth631.5193.281
upgrade mark one we already have we need633.123.68
to make the mark two that's also on the634.84.4
agenda for today okay neems all right636.85.279
and and dora and dora yep well needs his639.24.24
name in the sea truck this is this is642.0792.801
well i feel like i'm a part of it now643.443.2
okay you can jump in on this and then644.884.16
okay well i was thinking646.644.72
oh god damn it i'm gonna starve i'm651.363.039
hungry there's always something in there652.84.24
it is it is654.3996.0
sure what will happen next i wonder657.045.84
vital signs stabilizing are we good now660.3994.88
uh yeah hi i've eaten so all right all662.883.6
right what are we naming this thing he665.2793.041
hates everything but what i was thinking666.484.32
is uh senator boom boom668.327.32
senator boom boom senator boom boom670.84.84
how does he feel about him he hates676.0793.76
everything uh yeah that's too many words678.02.959
uh we can't fit senator boom boom on the680.9593.841
uh side of the side of the sea truck too682.9594.161
much too much that's versus hidden berg684.85.2
yeah hidden birds not that long okay we687.124.88
need some sort of prefix690.04.48
like a mr doctor692.04.32
let's make them sound important i swear696.322.72
to god if you say spaghetti we've697.8392.881
already had a spaghetti doctor boom boom699.044.0
although god now it's so long like the713.763.92
doctor the doctor part's getting cut off715.5195.201
yeah but you get it717.685.36
yeah i'll be right there yeah i was720.724.0
someone puked723.043.76
were they calling you yeah i'm they're724.723.52
wondering where i've been726.83.92
you have to go yeah i mean yeah soon so728.243.92
you can just make up did someone really730.724.4
puke no you just make stuff up i bring732.165.6
up you probably three times a day okay735.124.24
and they go oh he's working they avoid737.763.28
it actually they avoid the hall i say739.362.88
i'm on741.043.03
because puke742.243.76
okay yeah but let's make this a regular746.03.839
thing you know yeah glad you know yeah747.63.84
glad you know i'm down here yeah i won't749.8393.521
super great tell us all about super751.443.68
green your sister or hidden bird doctor753.365.12
boom nothing so yeah cool nothing sure755.125.2
sure this is going great here you're758.483.919
going great for me oh they say this just760.323.84
made my day i'll tell you what well762.3992.641
yeah later when this all comes out yeah765.044.96
and everybody knows a book767.65.359
a book i770.02.959
what the hell would you write i don't776.483.919
know speculation well he knows me yeah777.8394.641
like he's a witness well then why would780.3993.841
you include him on the book why wouldn't782.484.24
you write the book neebs well i i need784.244.159
people to give me credibility this is786.723.2
nothing you have to worry about ghost788.3992.481
what i have to worry about790.883.84
no you can't do this without me i mean793.122.88
i'm the guy i'm the guy down here794.722.72
surviving you can't write a [ __ ] book796.02.8
well the last time you took all the797.443.199
credit got all the fame798.83.599
you think i wanted that i got a sex800.6394.161
james to avoid all that [ __ ] yeah but i802.3993.841
think you really wanted that anyway804.83.2
first chapter's about how grumpy he is806.244.96
i'll tell you that much chapter one808.03.2
okay i am making a modification station812.164.56
neebs this is where we can make some814.483.919
good [ __ ]816.724.4
thermoblade ooh swim charge fins818.3994.641
here's what we really need though the821.125.68
sea truck depth upgrade mark ii okay bam823.045.76
pinned it help me make this all right826.83.839
immediately you got the recipe right828.83.839
there uh yeah i've pinned it it looks830.6394.801
like some enamel glass two ruby832.6395.2
c truck okay the mark one and the835.444.48
synthetic fibers how the [ __ ] do i make837.8394.24
synthetic fibers839.925.2
okay i'm coming okay guys okay yeah i'll842.0794.88
see you soon yeah go clean up that puke845.126.2
i can't yeah that yeah i made that up846.95916.0
those synthetic fibers what do i need to862.9593.521
make that a synthetic fibers one ruby864.3994.321
and one spiral uh plant clipping where866.483.68
the hell do i find spiral plant868.723.28
clippings vent garden there's big870.163.52
jellyfish you ever seen those no i872.04.56
hadn't seen a what is a vent garden uh873.685.12
i just have to see it it's crazy876.565.279
my scanner room still out here878.86.08
i can attach that scanner room onto uh881.8394.401
onto the base884.883.36
because there's the ship if that's the886.243.36
you're one of those people aren't you889.62.96
one of what's people you don't have a891.362.64
place for anything you just leave stuff892.563.04
laying around yeah well the scanner oh894.03.839
wait no i moved the scanner room hold on895.63.359
i remember where i moved the scanner897.8393.601
room i think i remember where898.9593.921
oh yeah901.443.44
stop it stop it902.884.319
oh hey909.1993.361
there you are okay i was about to call910.483.84
off the search party no no i knew it was912.563.76
around here somewhere914.323.36
but yeah i'll pick that up and take it916.323.68
with me917.682.32
what'd i just hear uh you probably heard922.0794.721
the scan room emergency power only924.05.04
ah probably out of power let me take it926.84.959
let me take a peek929.042.719
emergency power only932.885.12
oxygen production offline yeah you know935.1994.401
it's a shame it would be nice to scan938.03.12
for data boxes in this reason because939.63.2
this region's full of those monkey nests941.123.36
okay and there's a lot of good [ __ ] in942.84.56
monkey nests so you got to add power944.486.08
yeah maybe let's see what could i put947.364.32
i would need a little bit of quartz and950.562.719
titanium i could put a solar panel where951.683.04
i thought i'd put a solar panel on top953.2793.12
of this thing or did i give up954.723.76
no oh wait no there's a solar panel up956.3993.761
here maybe i just got to wait till958.485.96
morning that sounds fun960.164.28
oh this is973.684.079
yeah metal salvage that's good titanium974.85.12
oh hell yeah that's right neebs it's uh977.7594.481
wrecked ships here 30 seconds of oxygen979.923.599
simon's wrecked ship we could go with982.243.12
that we can get a bunch of titanium man983.5193.521
you should never need titanium again985.363.039
yeah you would hope not yeah you know987.043.2
what i got all these storage modules now988.3993.36
installed on this thing990.243.039
wait is the hole oh god the whole991.7595.841
thing's red is the whole thing yellow993.2796.0
oh god it'd be cool if you can do each997.64.4
one oh god this is so bright yes it's so999.2794.081
yellow it's so bright you're in the1002.04.72
ocean you need some brightness1003.363.36
hey hey hey hey what's up doorbell hey1008.3994.721
hey welcome back dora sneaking in a1011.363.76
little bit again1013.124.56
oh man i tell you what um you make up1015.124.639
the puke thing uh-huh1017.683.92
it really happened someone puked oh1019.7593.44
really yeah1021.62.88
did you clean it up1023.1994.081
no i put like a like a little towel over1024.484.24
it and just kind of push it in the1027.282.72
corner that1028.723.04
is is it your job the janitor shouldn't1030.02.959
you be picking that i don't want to1031.763.6
clean up vomit come on it's disgusting1032.9594.321
see why you and simon are friends1035.363.36
he doesn't clean up vomit either he1037.282.96
doesn't do he's1038.722.479
like his1040.243.839
job he's supposed to do oh i do my job1041.1994.48
sam's the vomit1044.0793.281
right right right so except for that1045.6793.601
people are nasty all right you know i1047.363.04
know there's three guys here and i don't1049.283.12
want to sound sexist but women's1050.44.08
bathroom grosser right1052.44.08
i used to bartend for a while and that1054.484.16
is a fact i worked in retail so i'm1056.483.199
going to throw my hat in the ring and1058.642.72
say yeah that's a fact too women are1059.6793.201
disgusting is it because they're trying1061.363.28
not to sit1062.884.0
everywhere there's blood it's awful1066.964.0
there's a lot going on they just they1069.363.12
throw tampons try to stick them to the1070.963.12
ceiling but ultimately it's going to1072.483.52
come down well that was rare that was1074.084.0
rare happen every day but it happened1076.04.0
every day where i work i'll be on a1078.086.2
target on the ceiling where he works1080.04.28
what do y'all think of the trough you1095.523.92
like a trough i'm okay with the trough1097.124.48
oh you tell you for for guys peeing guys1099.444.08
yep yeah big trough i'm fine with it1101.63.92
little downhill troughs all you need1103.523.519
it's efficient1105.523.2
super efficient it is nice to have a1107.0393.52
little privacy panel in between you1108.724.0
though i'm a fan of privacy panels well1110.5593.921
for pooping i don't mind i don't really1112.723.199
don't mind if repeating well i mean if1114.483.52
you got to you got to but why not we1115.9194.081
have the technology right i mean we do1118.03.36
but again i don't mind you're awful1120.02.48
close to each other1121.362.48
if you're in the woods you can spread1122.482.8
out a little bit1123.844.24
well okay okay1125.284.32
what's wrong you're low on air a little1128.083.52
low on air and i got a little deep1129.64.959
here we go first time underwater oh [ __ ]1131.66.959
wow i got really deep 100 meters1134.5594.0
god yeah oxygen oh god i should i1139.63.84
probably should have just tried to swim1142.482.559
to the sea trout1143.444.96
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]1145.0396.801
okay jesus1148.43.44
it gets me every time i can see every1153.524.96
time i think this is it this is the end1155.64.8
i know i need to eat some [ __ ] give me1160.43.519
all right i'm gonna shout out on a1162.483.199
nutrient block is there some type of1163.9193.681
stomach bug going around why you say1165.6793.601
that because i just got a call about1167.64.319
some vomit a real vomit another one oh1169.285.6
my god a real vomit yeah a real vomit1171.9194.561
this was my thing and it's like oh my1174.883.919
this called this karma1176.483.92
it might be the first one maybe you1178.7993.361
never clean it up1180.42.8
i don't think they see that one i'm1182.162.72
gonna go grab some towels i'll be back1183.25.28
okay good luck gotta cover them1184.883.6
captain up you know what i want to look1191.124.92
for fragments1193.365.78
what what what what nothing chasing me1202.1592.88
oh yeah here we go look at this monkey1205.0394.64
nest what is that1206.643.039
ultra capacity tank fragment1211.0394.321
you know what that is one out of three1213.64.24
yeah that's a really high-powered oxygen1215.363.679
that you wear yeah1219.0393.76
that's what you need that is exactly1221.0393.76
what i need yeah that would be wonderful1222.7994.401
okay another fragment over here1224.7994.481
okay what are you baby what are you oh1227.25.44
another ultra capacity tank fragment1229.285.2
oh see monkey what did you bring me1232.644.24
nothing well then [ __ ] off i need three1234.484.64
of them1236.882.24
oh neves yeah ultra capacity tank i1241.65.76
think we can make it okay yes1244.324.88
oh what do i need for that is it gonna1247.363.92
tell me ultra high capacity tank that'd1249.23.52
be so sweet1251.284.24
look it up uh yeah take a peek why don't1252.724.959
oh [ __ ] nope nope nope leave me alone1258.084.88
leave me alone leave me alone1260.43.44
nope what you got squid shark1263.845.52
[ __ ] y'all run it1267.24.0
i think i may have1269.364.48
oh god i'm getting far from the truck1271.25.2
these fragments up here [ __ ] these1273.844.4
fragments so far away1276.43.44
oh wait a minute1278.243.6
wait a minute1279.844.56
okay let me get let me get some height1281.846.0
well neebs i think i see uh1284.44.56
wait is this one of those jellyfish1287.843.12
you're talking about the vent garden1288.964.16
it's really big um yeah this this would1293.124.4
probably qualify1296.083.04
okay it's kind of clear looking with1297.524.24
little red feet yeah a little red feet1299.126.48
not so much wow1301.765.36
all right what can you tell me about1305.64.319
that well that's a juvenile warning 301307.125.12
seconds of oxygen that's a juvenile1309.9194.321
there's a juvenile that's huge that's a1312.243.84
juvenile that's why i don't have red1314.244.08
feet yep okay so i got i gotta go1316.083.76
somewhere else to find the other one1318.323.92
oh man how can people not make it to the1329.0396.161
bathroom with their puke yeah three1331.845.199
three different puddles well puke just1335.23.52
happens sometimes1337.0394.241
apparently today so that's three1338.725.04
so yeah watch out if you see any towels1341.285.44
on the ground names just avoid them so1343.764.72
give it two last weeks so about there's1346.723.6
probably 12 towels out there total well1348.483.439
the ones from last week should be dry by1350.322.96
now you probably just pick it up yeah1351.9193.441
i'm not gonna though okay hmm oh is it1353.283.84
because i already got a prawn suit is1355.363.48
that what it's you you're telling1357.124.08
me i don't have a prawn suit but i have1358.844.12
all the things that i need to make the1361.23.52
prawn suit the fragments1362.964.0
uh oh it's a drill arm that actually1364.724.079
might be super handy how come we haven't1366.963.68
made a bronzing yet1368.7993.681
did you get a thousand other things1370.645.36
going on have you gone to the prawn shop1372.485.36
have you i have not gone to the prawn1376.04.84
what is that1392.245.2
oh boy okay okay1394.5596.24
what we got uh two things okay i think i1397.445.28
see one of those big versions of the1400.7993.201
event garden vent garden yeah okay so1404.03.919
that's what i got to get into to get1406.482.88
this uh1407.9192.88
good look at his feet does he have red1409.363.6
feet i don't know man i saw a big thing1410.7994.801
out there and i'm trying to oh god1412.964.56
stay over there turn my lights off don't1415.64.16
ignore me ignore me okay heading down1417.524.8
heading down1419.762.56
this one's bigger than the other one1425.0393.841
right oh yeah way bigger but i gotta put1426.644.08
myself in a safe enough situation1428.883.6
because there's a big guy out there all1430.723.28
all right and i am 300 meters down1436.1593.921
that's as deep as this thing can go okay1437.9193.681
what am i at 581440.085.24
i got to repair this truck1441.63.72
all right doctor boom boom is at 1001447.6795.6
saw a big guy over there1453.2794.961
all right moving into the vent garden1455.6794.721
and yes neebs red feet red feet that's1458.244.559
an adult1460.42.399
how do i get these spiral plant1463.24.32
clippings uh one second oh big guy you1464.5594.961
stay up there you please stay up there1467.524.399
oh boy absolutely yeah i think you have1469.526.639
to go inside the jellyfish in inside1471.9196.081
really inside the damn jellyfish i think1476.1593.441
that's where i get this [ __ ] i think so1478.02.96
that's amazing1479.63.439
you're so lucky oh god yeah super lucky1480.962.8
all right heading back to dr boom boom1483.762.96
taking a breath1485.364.08
and then inside inside the damn thing1486.725.199
maybe there's an opening maybe it's butt1489.444.4
okay oh god there's another big guy up1491.9194.961
there this sucks this place sucks neebs1493.845.36
and dora yeah thanks for1496.884.08
oh one second1499.23.76
what's that1500.964.719
there's towels everywhere okay okay okay1502.964.8
i had no idea1505.6793.201
all over1507.763.76
oh i'll go check it out1508.886.799
towels that's weird huh okay1511.526.48
i'll be back good luck in the jellyfish1515.6794.88
yeah thanks thanks see you dora yeah um1518.04.08
towels everywhere i think i might have1520.5593.12
found an entrance either that or it's1522.084.079
gonna eat me1523.6792.48
feels super weird is it in the butt1526.7994.88
yep i think i'm in the butt1531.6796.48
oh whoa hey guess who can't get at me1534.06.0
a big guy's trying to chew at me neebs1538.1594.481
really but i think i'm protected in here1540.04.48
wow for a minute at least it's a safe1542.643.44
place it's like when luke skywalker was1544.483.6
out there in the cold place1546.083.28
remember that1548.083.28
uh yeah a little bit hey spiral plant1549.363.6
this is it right it's power plants1551.363.12
that's what you need yeah wait what's my1552.963.28
inventory like [ __ ] i probably should1554.483.12
get more of that all right i got a ton1556.243.039
of titanium i'm gonna drop some of this1557.63.439
titanium stop stuff with the jellyfish1559.2793.601
now listen i need i need the spiral1561.0393.12
stuff right1562.882.48
yes okay1564.1592.801
boom all right that's it spiral plant1565.362.96
clippings got it i'm gonna get as much1566.964.599
as i can1568.323.239
all right that's a good chunk of spiral1576.43.44
plant clippings1578.5593.041
i guess if we need more we can come back1579.844.4
and i hope i can get out of here perhaps1581.64.16
i smack this thing1584.243.6
nothing all right back to the truck back1585.764.24
to the truck come on dr boo-boo get me1587.844.24
through here all right i'm out you're1590.05.36
out fantastic1592.083.28
big guy1596.083.36
no big guy big guys back there yes yes1597.124.32
yes yes yes yes1599.445.28
looking good looking good1601.443.28
oh wait you know what let me double1606.5592.641
check something1607.843.199
alan sent me one of those things earlier1609.24.24
today not the body cache that's what1611.0394.721
we're going for but this one1613.443.76
you guys are getting pretty close huh1615.763.039
man dave there's one that's only like1617.24.56
455 meters away down here1618.7993.76
you can't go that deep can you1622.5594.48
i might be able to swim that deep hold1624.5593.201
i'm gonna take a beat1627.762.799
man if i'm here i feel like i got to1631.844.0
just run down and scan this thing1633.364.319
because it's right there it's like 3001635.843.6
meters away you know what you're capable1637.6793.6
of can you can you make it it's at the1639.443.2
bottom oh guys another one of these big1641.2793.841
hey all right1646.7994.721
300 meters down at the bottom yes i can1649.524.399
absolutely make it down there a little1651.525.759
bit 305. so if your air gets below half1653.9195.36
and you're not there yet you got to turn1657.2794.161
back all right soon as your ears at half1659.2793.841
you got to turn back all right you know1661.445.44
what all right let me park correctly1663.125.36
i'm gonna eat a little food drink a1666.884.32
little water1668.482.72
here we go1671.9192.48
best part abstract1674.7994.081
let's go1677.0393.921
yeah i think this is gonna work just1678.885.679
fine neebs okay what are we at 126.1680.964.959
feeling real good don't even look at it1684.5592.961
just as fast as you can going man i'm1685.9193.36
going got the c glide see glass powered1687.524.72
78 that's plenty1689.2794.961
you remember where you parked i'm gonna1692.243.679
try to oh sweet there's rubies down here1694.243.52
too we could use those i'm sure1695.9192.961
it'll be1697.764.56
good to find some magnetite huh1698.883.44
god it's a thermal plant fragment1705.443.44
okay all right yeah i don't have time to1708.883.039
look at that you're right you're right1710.722.959
go go go go go go go oh wow this is deep1711.9193.76
okay i think i see the thing where are1713.6793.761
you okay1715.6793.201
you're a night crystal well that's1717.444.44
we're looking good we're oxygen's not1724.962.56
even in half you're still scattered1726.242.88
stuff aren't you yeah my inventory is1727.524.0
full okay here we go architect artifact1729.126.32
and got it you got it here we go uh yeah1731.525.759
we're at half man there's some good your1735.443.44
night crystals is that stuff worth the1737.2793.12
[ __ ] you tell me what i'm gonna scan1738.882.88
this uranium crystal maybe you can use1740.3992.321
the info1741.762.159
we're a half i know i'm gonna have all1742.724.16
right i'm going up we're going up1743.9192.961
crystal's okay hey we need your night1748.323.44
crystals i know where to go now all1750.3992.0
bottom of event garden is dr boom boom1752.3994.481
uh marked on your scanner dr boom boom1754.5595.921
200 meters away okay looking good1756.885.12
okay nothing trying to eat me between1760.483.28
here and there please nothing try to eat1762.04.24
me between here and there1763.765.919
okay we're doing good doing good neebs1766.244.88
got a straight shot1769.6793.36
straight shot what is that1771.124.0
a straight shot1773.0393.52
oh yeah sorry there was a little1775.123.279
juvenile vent garden above the dr boom1776.5593.84
boom okay1778.3994.4
yep 30 seconds of oxygen plenty of time1780.3996.241
we are back and boom oxygen restorer1782.7995.76
sweet got that artifact you know what a1786.643.2
straight shot is though right i do know1788.5592.48
what a straight shot is yeah that's like1789.843.52
a straight line from point a to point b1791.0394.401
let's uh let's go back to base let's get1793.363.36
a little lithium let's make that oxygen1795.443.26
tank now we're talking1796.7223.36

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