He Can Summon LIGHTNING STORMS Now?! - Conan Exiles

*Conan Exiles SEASON 2 - Episode 35* Today Appsro gets his Thor powers, Dora gets a priest, and everyone else is disappointed by a boss! ๐Ÿ๏ธ Resort M...
He Can Summon LIGHTNING STORMS Now?! - Conan Exiles
He Can Summon LIGHTNING STORMS Now?! - Conan Exiles

He Can Summon LIGHTNING STORMS Now?! - Conan Exiles

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2, you're seriously missing out on some epic moments. In Episode 35, things get pretty wild as Appsro finally gets his Thor powers, Dora recruits a priest, and the rest of the gang faces off against a disappointing boss. Trust me, this episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and hilarious shenanigans!

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I mean, who wouldn't want to watch this awesome crew take on the challenges of Conan Exiles? From crazy battles to funny moments, this episode has it all. And if you're wondering where to catch all the action, just head over to their YouTube channel and check out the full playlist for Season 2. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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booly booly3.1995.041
boo I'm G to go home and watch Shrek too4.7995.92
that's a good one biggly biggly be then8.245.08
I'll start watching Shrek three don't do10.7194.721
that that's the curse that's the evil13.323.799
part I thought three was pretty good15.443.839
wasn't it no it's no it was terrible17.1194.4
terrible yeah it was actually terrible19.2794.121
oh okay I think wait what I what I21.5193.401
learned I don't know did you summon the23.43.76
sandstorm did I that's pretty cool you24.924.359
did you have that power I don't think so27.164.199
no I don't think he did that oh hold on29.2793.521
let me go to my thing I don't it didn't31.3593.321
tell me what I learned man this guy over32.84.079
here is proper creeps just sitting here34.684.28
watching in that position kind of36.8794.0
bucking his balls forward they're having38.964.079
a good time what are you doing abstra40.8793.68
anything you try to figure out what I43.0393.0
learned since the game decided just not44.5593.68
to tell me oh okay wack what did he46.0395.441
learn probably the transpor stone is48.2395.8
going to be under your uh building51.485.52
Hammer oh it's not in okay my sorcery54.0395.52
knowledge where it should be okay God57.04.48
who does [ __ ]59.5594.64
okay yeah all right all right cuz you61.484.44
the Lord knows if it's not intuitive to64.1993.681
you it's [ __ ] yeah hey we're going to go65.924.48
fight that Undead thing or what yeah I'm67.885.12
down cuz so far this has been kind of70.44.719
boring nebs is gone so my momentum's73.03.56
gone so I'm just going to help you guys75.1193.32
and I have a camel so I'm happy about76.564.239
that you have a camel yes oh my God look78.4395.36
at this camel it looks amazing yep so80.7994.801
let's let's just hope this camel makes83.7993.081
it through the day I'm going to try to85.63.8
be careful wao whoo see what happens86.885.0
just be careful don't Ram that horn into89.44.64
my camel's I know I said it before but91.884.0
if that camel's pulling a thr that's a94.046.28
camel toe technically 100% th in toe95.886.84
with the camel yeah may maybe we should100.324.68
make a point of doing it well nah we'll102.724.56
see hey let's go whack we're following105.04.079
you yeah let's do it I'm in I'm107.283.799
enthralled with our mission let's go oh109.0794.64
boy yeah111.0794.68
enthralled stuck in your camel ass let's113.7194.68
go this has been a very funny start115.7594.4
already yeah you know make it funny or118.3995.541
as if you said whack off whack off whack120.1597.33
on oh hey hey whack yeah so every now144.765.479
and then when we're in this area get the148.365.48
hell off of me not you wh who calm down150.2395.761
SP come on now come on I'll get them you153.844.759
keep moving all right get off of me come156.06.519
here spider ha oh come on there he is158.5995.521
you got it but I always check to see if162.5194.281
there's like one of those zath priesty164.125.24
things oh yeah at Metra Serenity right166.85.32
here yeah oh we've done this before yeah169.364.64
and it's never panned out it's never172.124.479
yield fruit no let's see I'm going to174.04.72
put my just a real quick stop ski yeah176.5995.521
all right so zath is one of the hardest178.725.879
priests to find so good Lu I know all182.124.28
right so we're splitting off or are we184.5994.121
going to wait for you wait for me see186.44.559
what's here you guys can hang out and be188.724.72
back odds are it's not going your crunch190.9594.64
just in case I think it's bare fruit not193.444.439
yeld fruit yield results bare fruit did195.5994.481
I say no no no I did but that's just a197.8793.841
classic putting two things together200.083.719
Anthony moment classic that's the201.724.68
courage you might you might be lucky203.7995.16
there's a thing a thing there's exactly206.44.0
what you're looking208.9595.28
shut up shut up whack Look At Me whack210.47.479
Look at me shut up okay hey will you I214.2395.681
I'm afraid I'm going to [ __ ] this up all217.8793.961
right so you you're asking for whack to219.924.879
do it for you so look yeah whack deep221.846.64
breath deep breath calm so don't worry224.7996.08
about killing anything these guys are228.485.399
not that powerful so everybody just get230.8796.92
a trunch out or stay back oh okay okay233.8796.2
all right okay all right all right okay237.7994.841
and knock them all out take it easy and240.0794.921
knock everything out all right knocking242.643.599
everything out I use my construction245.03.92
Hammer I'll B head and I'm watching now246.2394.72
we're watching Simon now we're now we're248.923.679
watching oh God there's there's a random250.9593.961
lady in the bush oh okay why don't you252.5993.801
kill the random lady random lady's going254.923.2
to die no don't kill no you're knocking256.44.0
them all out what about this one wait258.124.16
there's somebody right here what are you260.43.4
what about this Ginger with the titties262.283.44
unless you want to take her home no263.84.08
Simon that's my guy [ __ ] stop it265.724.72
Jesus Christ kill anyone kill any what267.884.4
the hell is wrong with you I thought uh270.444.12
he was shooting that's obar yeah he272.286.359
ISO sorry obar almost killedar this is274.566.359
OAR there he is my friend he wears my278.6395.481
colors do not kill him okay let let let280.9196.761
them knock him down yeah is that that's284.126.16
a guardian yeah he's a named guy but287.684.64
that's what I need yeah so you can tell290.284.28
that he's zath by the outfit that he's292.325.84
wearing oh so this can go at my at the294.565.6
she she she's wearing298.165.4
he FP flip this well it's not an it it's300.166.16
a he I'm not sure can you just this is303.565.32
what I need right that is what you need306.326.48
lers okay I guess this dragon by308.885.92
ourselves you sure you don't want to get312.83.92
on the on the camel cuz it was314.83.8
organically it happened the camel toe316.726.0
thing yeah nah N N na n he's busy318.65.36
dragging we're going to go fight a322.724.4
dragon yeah look it's a he yeah yeah323.966.0
it's a he yeah guys have fun good luck327.125.799
I'm busy okay bye see you329.965.88
bye Best Day332.9198.72
Ever hey hey Dora what hey Dora what335.848.359
where what what's going on where are you341.6394.761
you can't see me I'm invisible what I'm344.1994.641
invisible where though why like to your346.45.44
left do you see me like a predator no oh348.845.4
oh yeah I do what's up Predator oh what351.845.079
what you got uh uh something for my um354.244.6
for zath oh wow your rhino looks really356.9193.681
cool by the way thank thank you yeah I'm358.843.76
out sneaking why uh cuz I figured out360.63.28
what I learned and I'm going to sneak up362.63.68
on somebody and do it oh enjoy okay I363.883.92
got to get this back that's silly366.284.039
looking that is really silly looking367.85.32
that was creepy you're370.3196.081
creepy all right so this is a good place373.126.12
to leave our followers our followers376.45.28
like you want me to leave Oar out here379.246.12
well I mean ovar doesn't look like he's381.686.079
going to live through this but it's up385.364.8
to you over buddy you're not this the387.7594.241
horse and the camel definitely don't390.163.24
need to come in there I'm going to put392.02.84
his armor on and let him defend the393.43.639
horses there you go he's a good man good394.844.32
idea he can stand here and watch all397.0394.481
right so this is beginning now we're399.164.92
moving we're moving yeah so we're going401.525.239
to start with a big snake and move our404.084.959
way in oh God I'm gting corruption ow406.7594.201
yep you're going to gain corruption in409.0393.961
here that's just the way happens all410.965.12
right it's dark I'll stay behind you oh413.04.599
we got a good amount of little snaky416.083.959
poos can I just avoid them417.5994.761
they'll chase you down and attack you so420.0395.361
oh there's a big snake behind them y got422.366.04
to start with that one oh boy yeah all425.45.28
right ain't nothing going in on him y428.44.84
get a couple he's big enough for us to430.685.519
all attack him at it does it is good433.246.04
good you guys should smack him ow ow436.1994.68
it's a skeleton I thought that was you439.283.479
actually I'll smack all right so he440.8794.521
drops a skeleton key and then back here442.7595.44
there's a chest with a Legendary445.44.72
Legendary what White Blade448.1994.481
so yeah feel free if you guys want to450.125.96
grab it I'm was going to go ahead Simon452.685.6
here we go sparkled it's yours now456.084.399
congratulations then we'll go here and458.286.44
then we'll do this uhuh sparkly got him460.4797.4
got him okay snaky snaky snake you going464.726.039
to die yeah sword first death with the467.8794.201
sword I know it looks like I'm not470.7592.72
fighting but I really just don't want to472.085.959
stab any of you sure makes sense yeah473.4796.56
powerful who is that is that478.0393.761
who is that all right that's me that's480.0394.16
you all right so following you why what481.84.76
are you stopping for I'm waiting for484.1994.641
Anthony I'm coming I'm fting come on you486.564.44
run run fast if he doesn't catch up he488.846.0
doesn't catch up here I come come on oh491.05.879
God do I go through the pink do I go494.844.0
through the pinkness go through the pink496.8793.16
yeah follow all right so this is the498.843.079
deal we're fighting this guy right yeah500.0393.761
we're going to fight that guy but let's501.9193.881
clear out the skeletons that are around503.83.959
the outside F perfect Anthony move505.85.239
around do something useful yes sir there507.7597.001
you go two swipes done I like this sword511.0396.44
good Lotus seeds ooh gray Lotus seeds514.764.56
did you take him yes oh there's a Golem517.4794.521
behind you Golem did you say Golem or519.326.16
not a Golem well yeah he's a trash522.05.48
Monster look at him I know I would call525.485.96
a Gollum but I you knowl Golem or Gollum527.485.52
is it the same thing just a different531.443.68
pronunciation no Gollum is a character533.04.44
in Lord of the Rings and and a Golem is535.124.68
what is a stone thing that is viewed537.445.399
with a spirit or something okay yep what539.85.039
you said I'm making that up well you you542.8393.841
you seem to be confident on how it's544.8394.281
pronounced Anthony well yeah or you just546.683.96
making that up yeah I'm making a lot of549.124.279
stuff up all right touch this you you550.645.319
can lick it if you want it's going to553.3994.521
teach you a bunch of recipes oh my god555.9595.081
I've learned everything yes I know Kung557.926.359
Fu now cool it's a lot and some are we561.044.68
going to fight this thing yeah I think564.2793.8
there's a couple more skeletons around565.724.559
the outside edge we finish those we do568.0794.241
it let's570.2795.081
go all right can I just walk right up to572.324.84
these guys yeah I can never get a good575.364.4
look at you idiots a look hey I know you577.163.88
can hear me but you can't see me you're579.762.639
probably really confused probably double581.043.32
confused because your brain's rotted out582.3994.56
I'd be really really confused man you584.365.479
got a dumb face look at586.9595.521
you what about this guy's face yeah look589.8394.801
it man you guys are stupid oh what is594.8396.041
this is this the witch doctor598.24.319
this is fun I love being invisible600.884.12
walking around talking to people what602.5194.361
about this guy I bet his face is dumb605.04.92
too yeah look at606.885.92
it stupid all right you guys got any609.924.8
Treasures of course you612.85.4
don't all nid all this is going to be614.726.559
fun I needed a fellow zath worshipper618.25.879
and there you are I I saw your nid doll621.2797.041
the spinner are you a DJ you're spinning624.0797.121
this that looks like fun but we're gonna628.326.88
have a good time um zath is uh pretty631.26.079
cool and I guess just let me know if you635.25.0
need to use the zath637.2795.881
room we make jokes around here A bunch640.26.0
of jokes but seriously there don't don't643.164.56
[ __ ] on646.24.879
that sorry fellas got your bed rolls647.726.2
down yeah Dora is telling puns I'm651.0795.481
allergic oh god what the worst telling653.925.0
puns he's allergic he sneezed that was656.563.24
I mean if you guys would roll with it659.83.96
kind of support the comedy troop sure661.484.88
Wow real real appreciative Simon when663.764.639
you start off like that just I'm going666.366.279
to react Snee and what it sucked I'm668.3997.361
going to react guys now don't even know672.6395.841
what's going on I'm this fight so the675.764.72
deal is just that's what you're doing678.486.72
why isn't this thing reacting oh it is680.484.72
oh my God it breathes fire Jesus Christ697.926.599
it does Hey ow yeah we doing down there700.246.68
oh God I just got hit but I he's he's704.5194.201
close to dead already we're fighting a706.926.159
boss that was a boss well no apparently708.726.4
it was pathetic it's dead already no713.0793.76
Simon keep getting it it's keep715.123.519
attacking I'm surprised it's dead716.8394.56
already I hate you Anthony that's fair718.6394.721
we all know yeah y'all stay down there721.3993.091
hold on I'm723.364.24
coming oh look at him oh my God whoa hey727.67.52
hi hey hi abro hi what's going on there732.2795.041
a nice superhero Landing yeah it was a735.124.44
little late though right yeah no I would737.323.28
have been cool if I could have jumped in739.562.56
and helped you guys fight this thing why740.64.08
was this thing so weak cuz it's a [ __ ]742.124.12
yeah oh let me show you what I learned744.683.56
though Simon don't don't be right up in746.243.64
that yeah get748.243.48
no it can hurt your eyes Simon say not749.886.759
to watch it that close and come751.728.919
boom oh god oh no oh756.6397.32
god oh check that out oh760.6396.921
God H that's cool the whole sky is uh763.9596.601
yeah I look bad ass right now yeah how771.3996.56
often can you summon that uh no I guess775.1994.481
as often as I want as long as I have the777.9592.921
stuff I'm going to go stand where the779.683.56
lightning struck cuz it never does fight780.885.12
it's good idea I want to see this again783.245.32
but like out there and from a distance I786.04.959
want to see what this looks like yeah788.564.719
but anyway I I I don't have to do that790.9595.12
now somebody should chop up this Dragon793.2795.281
before it goes away he's got a choppy796.0795.481
tool careful wag careful I've got a a a798.565.24
stone axe I'm going to get hit by light801.565.399
will that do it there we go old school803.84.92
what'd you get nothing I got blood and806.9596.0
Bon some dragon bone 57 all right why'808.725.799
you guys come out here because we were812.9593.201
supposed to kill something and we just814.5196.041
did easily yeah it was way too easy and816.167.08
now what do well I got to go back and do820.564.24
another sorcery I thought I was done but823.242.959
apparently there's one more is that all824.82.8
you do you don't go on adventures with826.1993.681
us anymore I I do I came out here that827.64.08
night you showed up at the end I saw829.884.399
some really Dum looking831.685.24
skeleton hey at least you didn't take834.2795.601
the final hit and steal the glory all836.926.0
right get out of here839.883.04
go yeah so I got a got a new th nid doll843.67.679
I believe sounds like a cop suppressing848.883.8
or something doesn't851.2794.48
it just takes forever to push that uh852.686.76
that wheel of night all push it855.7596.681
faster H takes forever I was looking at859.444.759
that bar I've got some really good food862.443.12
in there but I don't know we're going to864.1993.241
have a good time doing that whole zap865.564.0
thing you know what you looking at867.443.6
stranger why don't you mind your damn869.566.92
business piece of [ __ ] anyway night871.045.44
allll wack wack wack wack what happened878.3995.921
just fell asleep wack lost internet882.0794.68
probably right that's got that makes the884.324.24
most sense cuz we we can't communicate886.7594.0
with whack right how we have been and888.563.959
that either with voice or in game or890.7594.721
movement all right so what do we do now892.5195.12
um Simon I don't know what to do now all895.483.84
right well listen it's okay I been897.6393.12
guiding us for weeks I don't know what899.323.48
to do well we kind of have to kind of900.7594.241
wait here for wack don't we I guess I902.83.68
mean we have to assume whack's going to905.03.72
come back do you want to if wack doesn't906.484.52
come back how about I wait here and then908.725.52
you try to see if you know which way we911.05.04
came in this way right all right no no914.243.68
no we came in the other side see see I'm916.044.08
already my in I'll I'll try to find I'll917.923.56
fight this skeleton and then try to find920.124.0
a way out you guard wax Supple body I921.485.76
will he's got sexy legs oh yeah and and924.125.68
nothing else cute tummy don't tell him I927.245.32
said so I'll deny it gonna tell him I'll929.84.399
it oh wow what just happened hey wack934.1995.921
Hey listen I don't I don't know what938.165.08
happened but you're back hey Anthony940.125.44
yeah yeah whack's back okay good I'll be943.245.279
right down okay um945.566.639
yeah doing it did you hear that yeah why948.5195.641
would he do that I think he just likes952.1995.401
to kill himself he likes the attention954.165.28
so I have a bed roll right here I957.63.919
figured it'd be the fastest way down959.443.879
I'll grab my stuff you guys ready to go961.5194.521
okay yeah all right oh God skeletons are963.3194.721
shooting at me take care of that go go966.044.12
go go go okay all right so you want us968.044.08
to take care of it where's all my stuff970.163.599
I don't know there's my stuff where's972.123.12
your stuff let's get the hell out of973.7593.52
here yeah we done whack we're done yeah975.245.64
all right let's go hey Dora oh hey check977.2795.521
this out okay you're going to love it980.883.959
bad what the what are you doing hey it's984.8396.92
a lightning storm yeah I see that why989.3195.041
here why I mean why not I mean I want to991.7595.681
show it off my God oh God you better not994.365.88
hit nid doall it won't hit nidol look at997.445.839
her him really yeah a him sure I don't1000.245.36
know looking at the B I mean who knows1003.2794.92
it's a ginger regardless okay uhoh you1005.65.919
just hit wow uh-oh okay I didn't realize1008.1995.801
it would be that destructive oh oh no1011.5196.0
man Darkness has enveloped your1014.05.639
soul okay1017.5194.721
might have been a mistake yeah Anthony's1019.6395.16
going to love that wait that's nees1022.245.16
that's ne's house that just got slightly1024.7994.24
demolished only a little bit though oh1027.44.84
my God what the I think my house is okay1029.0394.8
my house is strong I should have done1032.244.599
this on the top of sage Tower maybe so1033.8395.12
oh yeah I'm going to do that next going1036.8394.2
to be like Ghostbusters oh it would look1038.9594.72
like Ghostbusters yeah it already does1041.0394.841
wa that was really close to nightall1043.6794.52
night all's fine night all's fine for1045.884.96
now you1048.1992.641
[ __ ] okay this this is great that just1052.7996.921
hurt something else oh yep top my house1057.24.64
yeah my my house is good my house strong1059.724.8
yeah you should go right up your ass see1061.844.44
are all right didn't kill anything did1064.524.2
it looks that I would almost hit a horse1066.285.32
this is dangerous yeah don't do it1068.725.0
here I I am going to do it over the top1071.63.6
of Simon's Tower though that that was1073.724.68
awesome all right woo good God yeah last1075.25.92
a minute too many minutes n all don't1078.43.8
worry about it we're just we're just1081.123.6
messing about welcome to the team n1082.25.839
all wow do you guys feel like a little1084.725.56
different maybe it wasn't Dora maybe it1088.0393.961
was the corruption that's making me sick1090.283.72
yeah you're looking a little sickly how1092.04.0
do I look you still look pretty pretty1094.03.28
good looking yeah you look better than1096.03.96
us like I I I'd still I'd still but I1097.284.6
think i' probably look better than both1099.964.04
of you all the time but I'm just saying1101.884.039
like right now how no right now right1104.03.96
now your your complexion looks pretty1105.9193.88
good in comparon you're a little veiny1107.964.12
though she's a little veiny a little1109.7994.321
veiny I'm a little veiny yeah but her1112.084.0
veiny Works your under boob's a little1114.124.4
veiny Simon yeah oh it's very veiny yeah1116.085.079
look at that intruding so whack how how1118.525.039
do we fix this we need some dancers in1121.1594.601
our lives oh yeah well we we know that1123.5594.161
back at back at home is there any around1125.763.88
here that we can go up to and and then1127.724.48
maybe kill other things around it1129.645.64
unfortunately not and that that's not1132.25.839
going to work either you just don't yeah1135.285.6
doesn't become a dancer I'll practice1138.0394.441
I'll learn and become it you can1140.884.48
practice and learn and do as much as you1142.484.6
want still not going to do the thing for1145.364.84
me a all right1147.086.56
yeah there you go n doll that's what it1150.25.4
takes we don't know why but to be part1153.644.2
of us that's what it takes you got to1155.65.28
push that around oo hey hi isn't that1157.845.52
all done yes I'm going to yes oh sweet I1160.883.799
want to see your uh I want to see her1163.367.36
get put in your thing him to him him m1164.6796.041
oh zap do I have a a gift for1171.887.679
you man this thing looks so crazy yes1176.1595.601
yeah there you go you got a nice lady1179.5594.841
now it's a dude not from where I'm1181.765.56
looking well that's just a butt that's a1184.46.48
nice butt oh you're worshiping so well1187.327.28
oh yeah look at that mask1190.883.72
yeah oh awesome now what though uh I1195.365.48
don't know yeah what you what do you got1198.963.959
to do1200.845.319
now H the true name of zad I can I'm1202.9194.721
going to craft one we're going to have a1206.1593.76
giant spider next time I'm excited about1207.644.399
that uh me too can you SW on top of1209.9195.161
suit's tower no oh [ __ ] if I craft that1212.0395.321
and it destroys the Altar and any what1215.084.64
wait did you click a button no I'm not1217.364.679
doing it oh so wait you so we can just1219.725.0
summon a giant spider at any point now I1222.0394.561
except I have to build a new altar every1224.724.72
time probably that's1226.66.68
crazy you can like summon sto come on1229.445.4
anyway nid doll we'll figure this out1233.283.279
you just keep worshiping okay so wait do1234.843.88
we have to summon the spider here you1236.5594.201
can't we can't move the altar can you1238.724.56
only summon where you build the altar no1240.764.96
I don't know things to learn things to1243.284.84
learn we'll ask whack we'll ask whack1245.726.04
yeah Okay carry on now you should do it1248.126.12
go ahead and go be evil somewhere you1251.764.279
press the button nah press the button1254.243.76
nah come on press the button not yet no1256.0394.041
nah but but if you press the button n1258.04.36
you think about pressing the button1260.088.44
click it click it once giant SPID right1262.369.88
here click it click the button nah click1268.526.24
the button click1272.245.4
it here I'll help you worship click the1274.767.159
button click it click the button nope1277.646.48
itess the butt n1285.5598.201
what if you press the button n1289.244.52

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