Guts and Glory: Killer Trucks!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Guts and Glory: Killer Trucks!
Guts and Glory: Killer Trucks!

Guts and Glory: Killer Trucks!

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Guts and Glory! Today we're tackling killer trucks, and let me tell you, it's gonna be a wild ride!

simon: Oh man, I love me some killer trucks. The fails and funny moments in this video are just priceless. It's like comedy gold!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up. But seriously, these new maps are insane. I can't wait to see how we fail spectacularly this time!

neebs: Exactly! And who doesn't love a good fail? It's all part of the fun in Guts and Glory. So buckle up, folks, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Guts and Glory, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride! The guys are taking on killer trucks in new maps and facing all sorts of fails and funny moments along the way. If you're a fan of their content, you definitely won't want to miss this one.

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hey you guys wanna see something I found0.033.929
out yeah I just want to see it I do okay1.3194.321
so any of these buttons here you can3.9594.35
click but what happens if you click the5.6416.44
logo alright let's play this there's8.30916.021
been an update so we're gonna check some22.085.76
official tracks let's try this there we24.335.689
how do I take this up here weird yeah oh31.0199.06
there's the Sasquatch's they hate that37.386.0
hey hey guys everything's fine yep40.07911.811
oiled Oh God oh he's fine he's fine54.4113.54
better off with Adam like gonna have to62.6997.801
do all this you're gonna be fine67.954.62
don't tell me that oh god it's already70.519.86
shooting at least you can start here now72.5731.619
yeah easy easy stuff just keep on going90.3618.78
look at the drum yep this one's gonna104.1898.631
hit me oh you're good109.148.87
oh no your New York isn't gonna use your112.829.36
brain to time it nope but you also have118.015.43
to jump it you got to get enough speed122.183.39
that's true yeah yeah I might have to go123.443.99
back if you can't really get the speed125.5714.28
from this that's know your ramps gone127.4327.65
now you're really screwed baby oh boy Oh139.8517.639
scare should be yeah you gotta go on the155.089.1
other side god I can't even see what the157.48910.5
edges blends in on that here we go I'm164.184.83
just going through it167.9892.611
there you go there you go just commit169.016.6
yep oh boy yeah there you go there you170.69.96
go right go right yep immediately go175.6111.43
look good there you go keep on going180.569.69
you're a great shake this you got yeah187.046.0
yeah oh there's one of those sasquatches190.256.29
up there Hayes updates looking at you193.043.5
it's hard to stop like brakes don't work197.8294.66
like on real bikes201.172.94
cuz I'm not going that fast I would202.4894.761
think that that bike sucks204.113.14
yeah this is good this is fine yeah this212.7398.17
is great we're just go yeah oh good I217.4895.191
wish you a little push you oh no oh no220.9093.451
go in the middle go in the middle thing222.683.63
I'm not moving back you up back it up a224.363.239
little bit will not back it up just a226.313.09
little bit though very careful now just227.5997.621
take a no slip here we go get this guy229.46.66
this is easy235.2212.15
Bonilla right oh no okay236.0621.51
Oh Oh God oh yeah okay so you got a slow247.3713.35
down let the physics take over there you257.576.84
go this is easy just get a weave in and260.727.74
out yeah you got it you don't have it264.418.05
wonderful what a very what a very272.563.52
generous checkpoint274.918.039
oh so doc jr. oh my god you made it276.089.99
choose your hero I always liked Zoe Zoe282.9495.791
yes always fast Oh what kangaroos286.075.25
kangaroos no kangaroo yeah this should288.745.7
be fine ain't gonna be fine oh oh oh god291.325.52
I think it'd be nice if those kangaroos294.4410.08
got mangled yeah I hit him I'll get you296.848.55
this is fun yeah there's kangaroos on307.794.68
those turrets on those cars you see that310.882.61
oh really312.472.85
yeah when those cars go by look at the313.493.87
turrets they're shooting arrows and she315.324.8
goes what behind me can you look behind317.366.12
you maybe yeah yeah I don't well god oh320.125.64
god see and this is also the kind of323.485.01
game that they like I act right yeah325.764.86
your god you're itchin aren't you sir328.494.65
because you never know like anyone to do330.6214.49
it oh nice jumping get me this is great333.1414.1
the cars chasing it yeah it adds to the345.112.91
oh you're doing really good so you got348.0219.98
this Zoey365.6619.53
oh look a whole convoy follow post every368.018.75
time every time you die they sent a new385.193.36
one after you I don't know if that's386.757.98
true but we've got a we've always got a388.5519.47
we've roof son of a [ __ ] come on that's394.7315.66
[ __ ] though it is like that was just408.024.41
a motorcycle you should turn much better410.393.66
making a roux you guys seen that preview412.433.27
for the new Winnie the Pooh movie we're414.052.94
all the Winnie the Pooh characters look415.73.96
like meth addicts looks like super weird416.993.95
yeah I don't419.664.7
I'm really I I haven't seen any vehicles420.945.55
so I'm kind of concerned they're all424.362.97
behind you426.498.07
yeah just keep on weaving yeah oh you're427.338.7
in charge of casting you you're at434.563.84
Warner Brothers Studio or wherever Simon436.034.17
we need you to cast the grinch Alec438.44.98
Baldwin what about the guy that we440.26.06
linked Trevor from GTA Oh Stephen hog443.385.31
yeah hey you'd be a good Grinch446.264.68
a very intense bridge but a good Grinch448.695.49
I don't want to cast you just quit idea450.945.76
good job now don't listen you look at454.183.75
your work you work where you got to work456.72.61
you know hey you got a cast Batman457.933.45
sometimes in this one but you also have459.314.02
to cast the Grinch yeah how did you get461.383.75
I don't know how you got under that one463.335.37
arrow will kill you yeah this is crazy I465.135.75
think he just feels bad for you now oh468.73.54
looking good Nick doing good does it guy472.247.64
just walk it out there Boyd Smith474.199.77
I don't know but you should hit it479.886.09
alright we're doing weaving this is483.965.19
where as far as you've got no no you got485.974.2
a little bit further we got nailed by an489.156.72
arrow so uh doing good probably alright490.1710.29
bye yes there should be a HUD oh that's495.876.93
the finish spate just make it there500.464.02
thick what just make it there that's not502.812.84
finish oh my god alright Simon get in504.4813.559
there he's got lots of cocaine in his515.645.52
car all right Pedro great so your pager518.0394.951
yeah they do but it's a lot ago change521.163.48
the time thing don't lose that cocaine522.993.69
in the truck hi okay I ran [ __ ] is524.645.46
it a ripped there we go I think they526.685.28
wanted you to call it gains gone and530.14.02
Billy in the back is just having a531.964.77
terrible day yeah [ __ ] up right is there534.125.82
like drifted in this game no apparently536.736.69
not I remember there was a drift button539.945.94
but I forgot what it was maybe hit there543.427.31
was a child manchild alright so I just550.735.38
need to take my time and take it easy554.283.63
alright yeah those cannon ball shootin556.113.39
bottoms that kid oh no the same thing557.913.69
that breaks he's made a more weird559.53.79
casting do you see561.63.46
Joaquin Phoenix is gonna play the Joker563.294.41
yeah I kind of like that and then DeNiro565.064.41
is gonna be in that movie too really567.73.27
yeah it's like a joker movie with the569.472.79
Niro in it Wow570.973.12
I could see that being a halfway decent572.269.54
book breaks weed bob and weave bob and574.099.54
weave bob and weave coming into the581.810.08
office is the line I'm still fun and you583.639.93
can do this all right I can you gotta591.883.45
get the finish line we're done think it593.563.68
maybe a checkpoint not the finish okay595.334.44
all right just go through the Mar go597.244.24
through it I think you're trying to599.773.66
escape New Mexico oh [ __ ] this thing's601.484.5
fast all right come on baby we got603.434.17
something bad only the fastest for you605.984.14
sigh that's right escape Mexico on607.67.0
something slow can you come on baby oh610.127.609
there we go here we go625.955.5
very close don't don't say that did it627.978.72
all right I'm here yeah no big deal no631.4517.46
big deal oh god finish line636.6914.92
Oh Simon you made it well net mountain648.913.15
all right651.613.0
Oh Pedro gonna go this way you kidding652.064.7
no get stuck here don't you dare there656.775.26
you go I don't take it right stay on the660.923.51
road stay on the road trying to my car's662.034.23
not very good shake oh just yeah now664.435.46
here ice and slow here maybe yeah this666.267.35
oh yeah can I just go up this way yeah669.8921.47
that's you that nicer easier oh yeah673.6120.22
only I would [ __ ] miss that I'm gonna691.363.55
do a different vehicle693.832.88
I would even getting family yang family694.913.3
yes they're lovely696.714.14
alright the eggs alright Yang's alright698.215.58
I need to hit them this guy here we go700.855.58
good man where are we going there's a703.794.29
little market in the meadow I did the706.439.77
street are you backing up are you doing708.0810.95
Wow there you see see right well I just716.24.96
see it doesn't tell me an arrow just as719.034.29
300 so yeah yeah but it's lights never721.164.44
done an arrow it's always done that oh723.324.56
really I guess I've been looking at the725.63.36
flag as an arrow727.885.459
no there's an arrow answer no yeah well728.965.64
that's the arrow I was talking about733.3392.611
something that was gonna point me to the734.63.09
play it only shows you an arrow and it's735.953.21
like oh it's not right in front of you737.693.12
see right the other work alright where's739.163.33
pop oh there you go alright we'll go to740.813.12
the right see if you can jump that742.493.03
mountain a little bit this way here the743.938.31
double no nope the other one know about745.528.88
that yeah but it's okay it's not too752.242.61
don't go never go754.854.02
never give up never give up all right756.414.35
ready there we go758.873.39
right in the middle right in the middle760.768.48
that's not yeah that's it Oh God762.2611.54
perfect the wife may have died [ __ ]769.244.56
snapped her neck that's all right you'll774.674.87
be fine insurance covers that's not a777.419.56
problem just hello people oh wow oh yeah779.547.43
yeah then everyone else doing great788.265.13
thank you792.084.08
perfect there's another oh these are793.394.93
easy sighs this is just like eating a796.164.19
piece of cheesecake with strawberries798.329.99
hello hey take this see the arrows yes I800.3511.08
said where's the arrow don't give me808.319.6
[ __ ] about it [ __ ] you really pretty811.437.77
generous with the checkpoints on this817.912.82
one yeah Elias the ones that these are819.22.88
the easy missions it's gonna ramp up820.734.68
here shortly Paul I don't want it to822.088.22
wrap up what I mean uh well I just wanna825.416.96
get it's gonna be your turn I think that830.33.96
I've already finished my round I think I832.375.25
chose done oh yeah like the Yang's need834.269.81
better tires BAM you uh-huh this seems837.6210.16
like it's nice and easy844.073.71
hey are you doing i nope nope okay take849.317.66
the series Harry they are keen to try854.966.29
our chasing rights and let them chase me856.979.2
chase me you [ __ ] Todd I don't care861.2511.35
and the Yang's I exactly this way yeah866.179.67
that way you go come on watch it I'm872.66.78
driving here try man875.845.55
Yang's do what they want just they don't879.383.9
know while he's driving you off of881.394.35
course yeah well do the old gun slam on883.284.05
them I already sleepyhead the brakes885.743.36
did you see that magical moon that was887.334.56
magical away when I was doing that looks889.14.59
like a checkpoint I was loving initially891.897.34
finish line Simon finish line is go893.695.54
miraculous is all your family members906.823.64
are still in the car yes they are909.149.81
because I there's no driver safe door910.4610.98
anymore I am so good I do not need a918.9512.21
drummer so jewel yes I know yeah driving921.4411.97
in the sand is bit in a Mad Max game931.164.41
almost yes it is oh he slammed on the933.412.73
yeah because he's scared of this Asian936.145.01
family that's right939.923.27
listen that little kid in the back of941.153.81
kick your ass the Karate Kid943.194.98
in a spelling bee contest mm-hmm that944.966.9
too yeah nice move come on listen I948.176.53
ain't messing around951.868.04
now I'm going now I'm done trying to get954.77.18
out of this oh you want this video to be959.94.08
it's three minutes everything so very961.884.65
video solid I've a feeling Earl's gonna963.983.27
be an issue966.532.76
hey you can always change it all right967.255.13
same thing different but different969.294.95
different Oh God972.384.02
all right ho ho [ __ ] yeah here we go974.244.23
that was that a car okay there's a car976.43.83
with a car in blaze978.475.54
right that's fine geez go go go go go980.2312.27
listen oh I'm missing my foot to be able984.0111.27
to live for that that needs to be992.55.04
something that you live you haven't995.284.6
really lived until you've died yeah it's997.543.03
but every jump here whoa I should be1000.575.19
good I shouldn't have lost my lat I'll1004.413.36
[ __ ] that he's lost balls to both his1005.765.76
legs believe not his [ __ ] huh this is1007.774.56
not good1011.523.84
oh [ __ ] a fun way to die1012.335.19
I ain't gonna be playing this for much1015.364.95
longer just hey no I mean I just think1017.524.35
it's kind of [ __ ]1020.314.43
oh [ __ ] hard it lost his legs yeah it1021.875.46
yeah physics work yeah your leg jammed1024.744.66
up in a four-wheeler both physical1027.334.14
physics don't work like this game though1029.46.72
he can't rush the argument he's an1031.477.47
[ __ ] the blades on the side of his1036.124.8
crop yeah I mean you're killing it oh1038.942.82
boy oh boy1040.924.62
okay okay go through the game okay so I1041.765.96
gotta make it to the gate and driver1045.545.27
with no legs1047.7217.2
I got no legs try to uh try to go left1050.8115.64
and stay on the road see how that treats1064.922.82
you okay good idea1066.454.86
whoa okay wow that was close1067.745.16
there you go you got your legs this time1071.312.85
I think we'll you may have lost huh you1072.93.3
may have lost yeah all right well now1074.164.53
I'm going off-road again okay so I don't1076.24.5
know just look at that arrow and I'm1078.693.6
like that's where I go yeah it's1080.74.68
straight line huh yeah if the next time1082.295.16
I'll take the road the whole way you1085.384.17
don't have to if there isn't it1087.454.98
man it's time might I mean this might be1089.558.01
it wrote back on the room come on baby1092.436.9
alright on the road again alright zig1097.564.02
zagging zigzag you're gonna want to go1099.333.84
through the gate all right through this1101.587.1
gate right here right - gates - gate1103.175.51
waiting for the gate open it doesn't1112.9413.51
open god yeah was I was sorry through it1115.3213.95
is not in joint security I thought there1126.456.53
might have been an automatic gate thing1129.276.09
that would open and be like alright you1132.985.02
gotta wait for it you know while the1135.365.07
trucks and arrows listen you I could die1138.04.71
by hitting a brick wall going going not1140.435.31
so fast right right so that's kind of1142.714.71
[ __ ] would you stop but it gave up1145.745.19
come on alright okay1147.427.71
oh god I think he's still firing1150.935.04
yeah all right here we go driving you're1155.976.63
gonna go to get a game get it drive it1159.518.31
right through all the [ __ ] while you're1162.611.57
protected oh come on there's no the gate1167.826.35
border crossing a bit I like it oh here1174.868.55
you go I'm getting sleepy watch out BAM1177.728.16
that was pretty good I think I deserve a1183.415.11
reaction where am I going that way you1185.885.7
got it that way truth arrows spine yeah1188.523.81
yeah make a left1191.581.89
all right gonna make a lot if you're1192.336.24
gonna go doing it okay where are you at1193.478.16
no you're good you're good you just see1198.574.89
on the other side look feet both hands1201.633.26
your phone1203.464.81
go okay got Savage pull it to the right1204.896.45
pull it to the right oh you did okay1208.279.7
oh-ho finish line I think you hit that1211.347.92
checkpoint though so now you're gonna do1217.972.16
is get to the finish line1219.267.289
yeah all right perfect all right no they1220.138.4
got air across the desert again all1226.5493.51
right all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna1228.534.5
drive next to my friend over here why is1230.0597.531
he where's he going oh [ __ ] what like1233.035.899
some tea Oh1237.596.51
that was that was a close look stick1238.9299.571
your head up come on come on1244.14.4
all right come on Simon let's go let's1249.556.3
go let it go man1253.045.25
don't give me any [ __ ] death from1255.855.06
like hitting the hard bounce1258.295.51
okay I know watch cuz I'm six and is1263.84.0
there you ever says I'm already over1266.543.98
don't look in between1267.82.72
alright I'm right here yeah I know I was1271.577.51
I don't know why I'm going down here1276.147.91
what is this stupid to be down here what1279.084.97
you know the T stands for an ATV terrain1284.88.67
damn straight all terrain that's right1288.864.61
oh what a shot down his rival x-factor1294.7510.82
driving all right so I gotta go slow1299.858.04
that's the thing when I'm on the road I1305.576.67
got to go slow but that's slow yeah here1307.894.909
we go1312.243.51
all right nice the slow I've got this1312.7994.75
I've been going mostly balls-to-the-wall1315.754.289
so yeah this is good yeah kind of take1317.5493.63
your time take it easy1320.0394.491
yeah yes yeah she puts a nice [ __ ] uh1321.1795.771
take your guns Hey we're looking right1332.27.199
there this whole time all I needed to do1334.92910.291
all right turn Oh overboard yeah I'm1339.39912.03
like motive inside good score oh I see1345.229.12
lasers I see lasers - come on Marty all1351.4298.391
right Oh God Oh trust with lasers oh1354.345.48
they're asking this thing this seems1361.325.739
crazy that seem crazy like crazy here we1363.974.65
go here we go all right let me get out1367.0593.36
let me get used to this hoverboards kind1368.624.74
of walkie honey get out I don't even1370.4194.921
know how you decide for the look Blazers1373.363.39
and whether or not they're shooting at1375.342.459
you I don't think they're shooting I1376.752.7
think that God they're not shooting1377.7994.411
they're just a constant yeah so if you1379.456.0
hit a laser it's it's really like1382.2112.17
hitting a song oh god that's scene ya1385.4512.06
mean yeah you got to be able to like1394.386.87
ride the wall or something can you do oh1397.516.18
let's just ride the wall yeah wouldn't1401.254.83
that be nice1403.692.39
yeah as much of that as you can oh yeah1407.296.16
there you go my man1411.5594.651
let's see what the pro tip that's right1413.4523.76
oh [ __ ] oh this guy is super super good1416.2125.17
we're still good oh okay1437.216.36
hey that's a mess isn't a lot of blood1441.385.7
buddy oh here we go here wait Brad I see1443.576.09
a ramp see a ramp the wire wraps there1447.086.84
Oh shoulda think of that ramp we can go1449.668.37
up the wall there we go here we go yep1453.927.17
so we're different boy try and get up1458.034.59
here we go oh there we go I'm good good1461.092.31
good good1462.624.5
that ramp is there gate this room this1463.46.3
room yeah there we go1467.127.7
oh go through this oh yeah oh boy1469.78.67
look at you whoa oh here we go here1474.829.97
we're good whoo holy [ __ ] oh no no oh oh1478.3716.04
what am i dad whatever Oh No beautiful1484.7912.78
seamless wait no yeah you were going the1494.414.93
right way no no no there was an arrow1497.573.72
that was putting me this way oh is it1499.344.56
from the tube oh I bet I do have to go1501.293.93
in this tube check me out check me out1503.93.36
fine minds1505.228.43
ah yes ro easy Oh nope you got this1507.2610.38
particleboard what that's without my1513.655.22
outlets horseshit1517.643.59
yeah a dog doesn't make any sense though1518.875.76
just don't know [ __ ] that's good that1521.235.98
makes sense yeah yeah they don't call1524.634.11
like yeah I got hit by a cannonball I1527.212.94
should be dead yeah the other one was uh1528.742.55
that was a ripoff1530.156.39
yeah whoo pretty good with our aim yeah1531.299.05
there are other dead shots oh god yeah1536.548.67
good for you all right here we go oh no1545.4112.27
God oh boy oh boy oh no I got tunneled1553.47.89
up over buddy come on over you can do it1557.688.13
a big deal there we go1561.294.52
clutch they go who just made it here we1568.826.57
go here we go easy my soft landing there1573.266.63
we are not it don't do Manny don't keep1575.398.79
me no me no credit card man is trained1579.896.09
don't hear too much from human Luis1584.182.4
yeah nice you did it oh god your [ __ ]1586.588.88
there's a finish line and that's it oh1593.543.0
okay why why you [ __ ] I don't see1596.545.73
anything that's bad so far1600.773.48
I see lasers and trusty trucks to see1602.274.56
lasers I see cars already fine1604.257.59
ok this well come what easy get out of1606.8310.86
there damn okay1611.847.56
alright you a close being a way to look1617.696.09
behind me alright Mad Max meets back to1619.45.76
the future yeah that's what it feels1623.785.43
like doesn't it max to the future it's a1625.166.71
good title oh boy1629.216.33
nice got this oh god get away from that1631.877.87
yo oh man smooth sit I would really I1635.546.29
really wanna look behind me sucks1639.745.37
there we go take him through those1641.836.3
things cuz those don't affect you oh1645.115.34
damn it came up oh my god it's gonna be1648.134.36
a way to look behind me so every time1650.453.24
you see one of those meetings on the1652.493.63
ground will try I kind of get behind it1653.694.59
like you can't even pass over it with1656.126.03
the board alright let's try this again1658.287.05
oh [ __ ] I don't know how that didn't1662.154.47
kill ya I know it looks like it would1665.334.65
have okay I got to do some bobbin and1666.624.59
Weavin yep1669.987.2
oh nice pile up there oh no all right1671.219.15
I'm sure yo it's a guarantee that this1677.185.94
one wins like Simon's guaranteeing I got1680.364.65
everyone I've know I've not said that1683.124.8
yet today it's my first guarantee then1685.015.03
and my only guarantee that the day1687.923.77
this one's gonna be the one that's when1690.047.11
you're gonna be oh god yeah1691.6913.85
this one just hug the wall the wall1697.1511.34
wouldn't that be nice you guys do it1705.5412.25
damn wall the whole time right in the1708.4910.8
thick of it you know you're not scared1717.795.66
scared time to be scared of Jesus oh1719.296.35
yeah oh yeah1723.454.359
thing is now they're gonna try to run up1725.645.95
on me right do those things go over1727.8095.101
those things go through the things oh1731.595.49
boy my god yeah back and forth those1732.917.28
things I'm trying1737.083.11
I hear his noise behind me times a game1741.29925.181
works in my tell you the Yang's it'll be1748.7219.53
come full circle when you try the yang1766.483.54
so just yeah alright see how the Yang's1768.253.39
do just give it a whirl it's that easy1770.023.899
right Simon who's the first one out the1771.644.68
little girl in the white the wife first1773.9196.331
one out it's a little girl okay that was1776.328.07
somebody yeah so they're not work Oh God1780.255.79
well believe is where the Yang's are1784.395.61
slower okay you're slower your leader1786.045.85
Amon come on you're protected1790.04.11
alright see you could drive over those1791.893.48
things in the car he just drove right1794.115.04
over those things all the time do i yeah1795.374.95
you tires on1799.154.56
okay hot oh that's right oh come on1800.326.75
boost lately forgot about the rocket1803.716.12
boost well [ __ ] a1807.076.569
damn it got all my tires but you gotta1809.835.52
ride burgers our God all right1813.6399.78
but we'd film this [ __ ] all right it's1815.359.329
gonna be the pile up and pile up1823.4193.461
oh yeah come on moose give me the come1826.887.86
on horn give me the [ __ ] out of here all1832.074.35
right I'm a diplomat a booster okay all1834.742.13
God see this is when I wish I could just1836.873.45
look behind me I know would that be nice1838.523.93
be great if I get this low in front of1840.324.56
it so when you get hit way into it1842.457.59
smooth she's gotta go fast the Ames did1844.8811.67
it yeah cheap god that feel cheap1850.047.02

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