Frighty Night - Slender Man:The 8 Pages

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! So, this week's video is a real treat because Neebs and the gang are going head to head with Slender Man...
Frighty Night - Slender Man:The 8 Pages
Frighty Night - Slender Man:The 8 Pages

Frighty Night - Slender Man:The 8 Pages

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, remember that time we took on Slender Man in 'Frighty Night - Slender Man: The 8 Pages'? That was intense!

simon: Oh man, that was a blast! I almost wet my pants when Slender Man popped up out of nowhere.

appsro: Haha, yeah, good times. I still can't believe we survived that one. Slender Man ain't got nothing on us!

neebs: True that! We showed Slender Man who's boss. That's why this is my favorite video, hands down.

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! So, this week's video is a real treat because Neebs and the gang are going head to head with Slender Man. If you're not familiar with Slender Man, he's this creepy, tall, faceless figure who likes to stalk and scare people. And let me tell you, Neebs and the gang are in for a wild ride in this video.

The team over at Hank and Jed Movie Pictures always do an amazing job with their animations and storytelling, so I knew this video was going to be epic. And boy, was I right! The suspense, the humor, and the action all come together perfectly in this showdown between Neebs and Slender Man. I won't give away any spoilers, but let's just say there are plenty of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you're a fan of horror games like Slender: The Eight Pages, then you'll definitely appreciate the references and nods to the game in this video. It's clear that the guys at Hank and Jed did their research and really captured the essence of what makes Slender Man such a terrifying character. And of course, Neebs and the gang bring their own unique flair to the mix, making for a hilarious and thrilling adventure.

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to watch Neebs and the gang take on Slender Man in this action-packed video. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! And don't forget to check out the links to Hank and Jed's website and merchandise store to show your support for this awesome YouTube channel. Happy watching, Neebsylvania fans!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Here is a multi-paragraph endorsement of Neebs Gaming's Slender Man gameplay video in a conversational tone:.

Have you seen the latest Slender Man video from Neebs Gaming? Man, it is absolutely hilarious! Those guys crack me up with their reactions to that creepy Slender Man character popping up out of nowhere.

At first I was a little skeptical about watching someone else play a scary video game instead of experiencing it myself. But Neebs and the gang have such entertaining commentary and reactions that it makes it just as fun to watch as playing it. Their jokes and screams had me laughing so hard I was in tears!

The video is shot in their signature cinematic style, with different camera angles and close-ups of their faces as Slender Man appears. It builds the suspense and makes you feel like you're right there in the game with them. The editing is top notch too, cutting between gameplay footage and shots of the guys freaking out. It's the next best thing to playing Slender Man yourself.

Honestly, I think Neebs Gaming's videos are the ultimate way to enjoy scary/intense games like this. You get all the entertainment of watching others experience the jumps and scares, without having to deal with the stress of actually playing it yourself. Their funny personalities really shine through.

So if you're looking for a good laugh and a spooky thrill, I highly recommend checking out Neebs Gaming's latest Slender Man gameplay. Their cinematic approach makes you feel immersed in the action, while their hilarious reactions will have you grinning from ear to ear. For my money, it's the best way to enjoy Slender Man without having to change your own underwear after playing!

Neebs Gaming
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all right slender the eight pages yeah16.255.38
doraleous you out this game I mean19.654.56
slender was super popular a while back21.635.52
and slender slender yeah good24.213.989
explanation thank you27.153.15
this is okay so this is on the scare28.1993.181
level what do you think it's gonna be30.32.939
from one to ten I have no idea I've not31.383.75
played it oh okay I watch a couple33.2393.271
people play it and I guess if you're in35.132.22
the right mood of course we're a bunch36.512.549
of dudes again collect they're all eight37.352.459
anything with with just a flashlight and39.8094.291
woods is you know42.484.44
yeah the woods are creepy I think you're44.15.479
kind of contained I am a slow Walker Oni46.924.95
there's gotta be some running huh can I49.5794.061
run when you run the flash close down51.873.329
guys that is not run53.646.329
that's brisk walk stroll you might be55.1998.761
cut off at the knees okay Dorf yeah your59.9696.72
door fun slender kids giggle Dorf63.964.29
anybody else when they run does her66.6893.091
flashlight get on the ground I mean68.253.27
that's just a common thing right so we69.783.269
got to find it said collect 8 pages71.523.989
right yep let's find those pages out73.0495.671
here for no reason oh boy why are we75.5095.04
collecting 8 pages in the first place I78.724.219
guess we didn't read the mythos80.5494.411
shouldn't read the mythos how to read82.9393.22
that myth oh man84.962.85
like you just don't want to look at them86.1594.5
right like if you see them even a trace87.814.29
of them you got to look away right I90.6593.991
know how many viewers were I know you92.14.379
don't know this yeah I'm sure we're94.653.12
getting can I apologize96.4792.311
here's what we're gonna do we're gonna97.773.54
stay by the fans you have the tactic but98.794.8
neebs is choosing and collect those101.313.78
eight pages hopefully they're all by the103.594.709
fence the fence tactic yep105.095.13
eight pages by the fence I know when I108.2993.991
randomly place eight pages out and about110.224.14
I try to get them by fences as simple as112.294.469
it is I like the lighting it's effective114.364.35
it's just and you did bring up a good116.7595.551
point earlier John that uh every step118.714.71
and M Tony122.313.57
sounds like he's eating chips yeah dudes123.424.08
just eating chips munching on some125.884.29
Doritos you guys like camping I mean127.54.44
this reminds me in camping yeah by a130.174.01
bluff pants you know what131.944.86
Valis you were there we went camping134.186.25
once and we ended up in Nashville mm-hmm136.84.8
Tennessee yep140.433.36
did you did you stay with us at that141.63.51
campground which one was it143.793.84
Yogi Bear I think we got there I missed145.114.68
the Yogi Bear you picked me up after147.635.19
so we camp everywhere between Wilmington149.797.2
and Nashville and the campground in152.826.03
Nashville by the highway there was the156.993.81
night before you I joined the party yeah158.853.75
cuz I was in Nashville we saw more deer160.82.91
there than anywhere else162.63.9
we stayed that's I was expecting a163.714.14
better story like a real one there was a166.54.2
Vince no there was a it's really lated167.856.12
okay it's related okay you know you170.74.83
can't camp by fences you got the judge173.975.75
every story I tell not one page so far175.534.19
would you see that it's a fuel truck no180.236.01
they set that's a truck that sucks [ __ ]184.353.66
out of out of porta potti guys when186.243.18
something grabs your attention like that188.013.78
you got to look around sometimes that's189.424.2
just the distraction is that a [ __ ]191.796.66
sucker [ __ ] sucker okay [ __ ] second193.629.39
truck yeah there's a page in there I put198.456.75
pages in truck door oh can I push any203.015.729
other buttons no indie game baby these205.26.44
two guess it's gonna be awesome208.7392.901
no look or it takes you see we we know213.510.87
that right can you click the page see218.527.26
that's what I meant earlier when I had224.373.24
any kind of interaction button clear225.783.81
just if you see a page though all right227.617.95
let's go back to this Vince what no229.598.13
those are fireworks no okay so it's just235.565.399
fireworks oh yeah yeah everyone knows is237.727.31
they're having a party down there okay240.9594.071
you know what what as far as oh look246.535.24
what a constellation is then249.9594.091
I doubt they have any you think these251.773.89
stars are really put in the right place254.054.08
no they're not take out your phone use255.664.329
that app wait is that a right mess that258.133.6
could be Corona borealis right there259.9893.931
Corona borealis light what I was gonna261.735.1
say is New Year's is probably one of my263.925.19
least favorite mm-hmm holidays it is a266.833.78
big buildup and it's like everybody269.114.52
hurry up and clean up to the home it's270.614.95
nobody it's just like everybody's273.633.4
waiting for one moment they're like yeah275.563.21
okay see you later and then it's always277.033.21
kind of chaotic go home unless you've278.7713.56
got what's going on yes what just got280.2413.38
creeped out I don't understand what292.331.65
I just got creeped out did we just see293.986.9
yeah I didn't see him I didn't see him I297.346.03
was looking at the ground was he on the300.884.41
ground Anthony I was looking at the303.3711.04
ground and the game ended why where you305.2910.56
know I guarantee when you when you look314.412.64
back at the footage you'll be able to315.854.85
see him I guarantee all right317.053.65
I was doing this the game ended so324.0410.05
unless he was laying at the ground we332.174.29
set a new record we got one of eight so334.093.99
start hitting right I was engrossed in336.463.33
the in the story about New Year's Eve338.085.19
parties that you know what was that I339.795.82
saw see you try343.274.77
yeah but ever thought what is that that345.616.84
might be a something different oh isn't348.045.82
I saw a note on the back of the chart is352.452.7
you on the back there you go353.863.81
like putting those notes help me out me355.154.59
who are you more details357.675.85
I need a jump wait chances are there's359.746.99
two notes [ __ ] car no it's not the363.525.72
same no red hey mate yeah366.736.33
194 okay remember that why go back to369.245.5
the right and hit the fence I wouldn't373.062.97
do that you'll run right into his nuts374.742.04
all right376.032.25
I'm completely disoriented no that's376.783.12
okay yes probably for the best I'm sick378.283.33
of the fence we've lost the fence I feel379.97.11
like this is where we started let's go381.616.06
to the right this time387.012.94
okay they should give you like bread387.674.71
crumbs that you could drop right yeah389.9510.41
counseling that was nice creepy that392.3813.77
kind of squeezed my heart a little did400.3612.54
that make your butt wiggle alright so406.158.85
yes there is a border on the right side412.95.46
too yes we're not it's like one big it's415.05.31
probably one big square well it's like a418.365.43
Slender Man Conservatory in the there's420.315.07
one out there and they hold them in here423.793.39
government sanction and they let any425.383.09
dumb [ __ ] who wants to go in and look427.183.45
for the pages in he's very dangerous but428.473.96
apparently chain-link fence keeps him in430.633.78
oh you can't go past those no can feed432.433.9
him for three dollars you get a cup of434.416.32
Slenderman feed yeah it's kept crunch436.334.4
why can I see their place444.128.7
okay either you know when that happens447.788.609
can you find them I want to find start452.825.46
doing fuzzy that means he's looking at456.3893.241
you don't look back that way what the458.282.91
[ __ ] you doing I'm I like to live on the459.633.6
edge here live on the edge noobs do it461.193.57
what this is all about463.233.72
he's over there just like with this is464.763.9
about finding eight pages oh it's about466.954.05
getting scared and finding it no we got468.663.9
to find eight pieces of paper [ __ ] oh471.07.05
yeah okay where this fits goes forever I472.567.5
don't want to walk in the woods for ya I478.053.42
guarantee it doesn't go forever I480.0616.26
guarantee you you scared me now what481.4720.16
happened on the screen dared me was John496.3211.069
just like a little bit right next to me501.638.37
okay don't run did that get your knees507.3896.751
move your chair look somewhere else510.09.93
don't look at the ground which way no514.149.36
look away look away Ron can you run yeah519.935.43
that's right Ian you know there's a run523.53.48
the danger is if you run your525.363.06
flashlights on the ground if you stop526.983.27
I'm a guarantee you're gonna pop up and528.4211.0
there he is just head right from here530.259.17
there's not gonna be any notes out by540.294.81
the fence all right I I don't I don't542.915.45
disrespect this game anymore545.13.26
dude that was not a routine thing we549.027.48
should get a little staticky and then554.015.1
you run not just that was too harsh that556.54.53
was way too harsh of a noise to have to559.115.67
deal with we got an airplane that's like561.036.15
ass an airplane or trailer now it's an564.784.44
airplane on a trailer567.184.35
it's a septic tank so we're clearly at569.224.64
like some type of septic company's571.534.83
facility it wasn't a [ __ ] sucker was it573.864.39
that's what I'm putting just me I can't576.366.5
really see anything that's the smell578.254.61
which way way just go I just feel like586.378.11
this is way too dark and I is it just my590.615.43
eyes I can't even though I think that's594.483.06
the point of this game this is worse596.042.46
than before597.543.57
oh wow oh [ __ ] is going on over here598.54.62
there's two of these that's yeah this is601.113.54
the one we came three of them three of603.125.61
it you didn't check like I saw you go in604.656.33
there yeah you know what this I find608.737.98
creepy I'm gonna flank him I've got 14610.9810.65
acres of woods to go in a flashlight616.718.31
it's run a 1 mm for that area completely621.635.04
oh the flashlight is getting weak you625.025.69
see like right now you can see nothing626.674.04
shake it tap it Jesus turned around oh633.719.79
you did yeah couldn't even see that yeah641.642.61
now I'm Swift643.53.48
oh-ho that's a building that is a bill644.2513.89
that's a bathroom can you charge I don't646.9812.56
know if we can do this game because it's658.146.0
not fun one more go man come on Friday659.547.51
no we got some skates that's it right we664.144.53
can't disappoint nibs667.053.84
that the fans they really want to see us668.674.59
get to of 8 pages two of eight that's670.894.8
our goal go for goal two of eight all673.264.44
right how cool is to get to a table675.694.77
fences well do it one more time but I'm677.76.11
starting to see why this game was free680.463.35
oh here we go inside there's some lights689.5411.32
turn are you gosh let's go inside here698.254.26
there is some front here this is gonna700.862.19
be fun702.512.82
guys we're gonna find a note inside we703.054.26
was before we didn't play over here dude705.333.93
it's like [ __ ] son oh yeah this is707.314.17
great see that is probably that's all709.264.56
ceramic up and then brick what is the711.484.26
point of this building go back there's a713.825.97
point like there's nothing in the let's715.746.09
make a brick building yeah just all tile719.794.59
I should we put outlets in it or no721.838.3
furniture shower right there there we go724.385.75
make like five exit that's an exit730.856.22
that's an exit oh man this is the most733.627.71
point building ever what's that okay737.0710.17
cool take the chair with you one chair741.337.62
and we put furniture in there they're747.243.72
fine I'll be great you cannot tell me748.954.11
there's not one note in this building750.965.28
there's got to be something could be on753.066.24
the outside wall outside everybody to756.246.33
look at the brick this is wool it's759.36.44
shower school it's an old school762.575.31
everyone's been to shower school torn up765.744.36
your light is that is that the moonlight767.8812.51
helping in now pretty open areas Thanks770.113.77
all we need her to two notes and we beat780.3914.16
the game which is my Pope we don't even783.8711.67
have one letter yet and he's already794.553.72
chasing us know should have stuck to the795.546.87
fence oh wait was that yes that's a798.277.92
letter okay so just for future reference802.417.17
guys yeah a game that works like this do806.197.31
not bring it for me to play copy that809.583.92
why and scary game just nobody bring826.7410.38
batteries why right oh no oh one829.667.46
facility worth it the sanitation right839.2513.3
to the note all right what's this a we842.9210.71
already beat it we're here we don't852.553.45
favor eat go for three men we already853.633.9
won what is the point of this damn856.03.75
building it's not a building we've857.533.57
already figured out whoever makes the859.753.81
building teeth look at its core to the861.18.19
Walmart engineering company yeah where863.5611.01
is he thank God we just got it he's like869.297.49
you're making fun of mighty building no874.575.19
[ __ ] your craw it's a plus symbol for876.785.2
your information how would you like this879.763.87
game if they replace slender with other881.987.8
Yama get you didn't what now he may be883.638.46
just as afraid of us yeah889.784.05
as we were that's why you died wouldn't892.095.55
you maybe he dies - maybe this is893.834.89
multiplayer good point897.643.06
so he's just trying desperately to avoid898.723.78
you you're happy trying to give a slack900.74.2
think about that a multiplayer where902.54.77
you're both Slenderman and you can't904.97.08
ever look at each other yeah I played907.278.4
single-player hey what is this it's an911.986.35
uncarved totem pole he's at a glance915.675.13
look at those logs carefully makes918.3313.35
redneck so his log exactly where is he920.810.88
we got it is so basically games over if940.1337.24
you wasn't on the inside okay you know953.0162.01
I'm saying I'm scared oh good thing it977.3739.959
easier this is the fart field man1015.023.62
okay what you guys looking for there's1018.6414.38
got to be a know that bathroom you know1031.494.439
their bathroom for years all right every1033.026.39
room this room nothing then some nice1035.9295.76
tile huh Simon it's probably a dollar1039.416.24
square [ __ ] that's cheap [ __ ] I turn1041.6895.161
around you're not done exploring this1045.652.73
building there is a note in that1046.853.25
building you got to find it there's an1048.384.27
in here no you're going yeah I'm just1050.15.01
doing a little straightening okay calm1052.652.7
is it on the outside we it probably is1055.353.83

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