Frighty Night - Five Nights At Freddy's

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're not going to want to miss this week's Frighty Night video. The gang is taking on...
Frighty Night - Five Nights At Freddy's
Frighty Night - Five Nights At Freddy's

Frighty Night - Five Nights At Freddy's

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that Frighty Night video we did on Five Nights At Freddy's? It's my favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I loved seeing you scream like a little girl, Neebs.

appsro: Haha, yeah Neebs, I think we all enjoyed watching you jump out of your skin. It was hilarious!

neebs: Hey, I may have been scared, but at least I didn't hide in the corner like you, Appsro. That animatronic bear really got to you!

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're not going to want to miss this week's Frighty Night video. The gang is taking on the animatronic nightmares at Freddy's and it's going to be epic! I can't wait to see how they handle the scares and challenges that come their way in this game.

I always look forward to Neebs and the gang playing horror games because they always bring their A-game with humor and teamwork. It's like watching a group of friends having a blast together, and it's so entertaining to see their reactions to the jump scares and creepy atmosphere of the game.

If you haven't checked out Neebs Gaming before, I highly recommend giving them a watch. Their content is always top-notch and they never fail to entertain. Plus, their chemistry as a group is just so fun to watch. Make sure to head over to their website or check out their merchandise on Spreadshirt if you want to support the channel and show off your Neebs Gaming pride. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Have you ever wanted to experience the terror of being trapped overnight in a creepy pizza place with killer animatronic animals? Well, the guys at Neebs Gaming have done it for you! Their latest video takes on the infamous Five Nights at Freddy's game and it's a wild ride.

I've gotta say, watching Neebs, Thick, Appsro and the rest of the crew try to survive the night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is comedy gold. The guys bring their trademark hysterical banter as they frantically try to keep an eye on the creepy robots via the security cameras. When those critters start skulking around, you can feel the panic rising through the screen.

The cinematic style of Neebs Gaming really shines here - the editing and camera work make you feel like you're right there trapped in the security office with them. There are some genuine jump scares in this one, folks! It's clear the team is having a blast, even if they're scared out of their wits.

Ultimately, Neebs and the boys conquer the killer least for now. But their Freddy's adventure is the perfect mix of humor and horror that makes their content so uniquely entertaining. If you're looking for a way to experience this classic survival game without actually having to play it yourself, the Neebs Gaming treatment is clearly the way to go.

Their immersive cinematic style truly transports you into the game in a way that feels like you're playing it, but with way more laughs. Freddy couldn't ask for a better endorsement than watching these hilarious guys scream their way through the night shift. Do yourself a favor and check out Neebs Gaming taking on Five Nights at Freddy's for a scary good time!

Neebs Gaming
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welcome back guys to another Friday6.986.73
night look at a night with names10.088.97
Gammage yeah what you got for us tonight13.718.159
five nights at freddy's it's all the19.054.38
rage well by the time this comes out21.8693.0
it'll be a retro game we weren't gonna23.434.349
play this because I thought it was old24.86915.091
news that people keep asking for it I'm27.77918.87
already bored rally's yeah are you bored39.969.869
yeah how am I losing power already your46.6496.471
fan zone looks like a Sega Genesis game49.8295.701
get to the point53.126.52
hey I didn't know this was an audiobook55.536.349
this is crazy59.646.659
let's look at that man okay 2 a.m. we61.8796.49
only have what until 7 a.m. or so how do66.2996.75
you switch cams where are we down there68.3698.191
okay so you go down and that brings up73.0495.43
the camera okay you can look left you76.563.96
can look right you can close the door78.4793.93
turn the light on why would you leave80.522.58
the door open82.4092.07
well it's a power thing he explained83.12.58
that but you guys were too far84.4793.21
apparently there's no padlocks now the85.683.57
people like this game because this is87.6893.091
making me mad I'm not playing it you're89.253.36
supposed to look at the cameras we're90.786.26
looking for these guys that's all right92.614.43
no he's potentially breaking off to the101.185.259
left look how scary that is huh go back103.745.489
to your cameras does it use power to be106.4396.0
on the he's still there get a two of109.2295.161
there one one does they're using the112.4394.171
cameras uses power okay everything uses114.394.43
camera one see let's see what is121.736.389
spotting the guy do I'm really keep well126.472.94
we know which way is coming you see the128.1194.471
and then what's the point to you to kill129.4117.37
us a real quick one just to see which132.5943.05
one that's good this is gonna try my146.7831.5
patience so much I don't I can175.644.319
understand why you said that this was178.282.25
this is no it's brilliant for an indie180.533.84
game because it's so minimal it's neat182.663.12
yeah what kind of game can I make for184.374.38
twenty bucks yeah okay nobody talks185.788.03
about light good job188.755.06
another point out this guy tell them197.395.95
that I'm gonna leave you the longest200.796.9
message in the world mute coal there you203.347.74
go see that mute call left corner yeah207.695.85
there you go shut up yeah we're done211.083.93
with you yeah neebs doesn't leave213.543.509
unlikely look at the cameras so mm-hmm215.013.75
where's gonna sit here until we not like217.0493.631
them kill us the camera seems to waste218.764.41
power right yeah it does why not just do220.686.69
this wipe every now and then if you want223.174.95
to try it this way227.372.459
look you know they're coming and I'm not228.122.82
gonna argue with you cuz you know you229.8292.52
gotta make this event you know what230.943.269
it'll be merry or at least but if you232.3493.78
just do this way I don't want to look at234.2093.631
this screen this whole thoughts of how236.1299.75
big was it they're all there let me ask237.8410.35
you names how much power close one of245.87911.85
the doors and see what that one bar248.1911.699
usage and that's the fan-man we can do257.7294.62
without that fan about getting killed by259.88911.221
something up there does that mean they262.34911.431
won't move if we stay on them it's a271.114.38
good theory I think but then the cameras273.783.69
on the okay yeah but then you end up you275.493.33
end up going away and then you come back277.473.3
there is little movie medium but it's278.825.46
still there no it was I guarantee you280.775.459
guarantee nothing but ever go to the top284.284.259
I guarantee one other one is gone go286.2293.69
back to camera one and you're full of288.5393.831
we're using a lot of power we're fine298.815.19
who's got a penthouse what was that300.664.72
what's that mean he's telling you it's304.03.83
me and he's gonna kill you305.385.25
so they're coming in from the left and307.838.74
the right oh oh [ __ ] that's right that's310.637.62
right there that's you probably shut316.573.99
that I'd do the door just shut it318.254.919
I don't know wait till we see it why why320.567.2
not we're doing the other cameras ours323.1697.711
guys look around see where they're at327.766.03
find them I don't think I like your330.884.47
quick camera working so good right333.793.75
better yeah we're fine it's practically335.352.7
hey it's all for you but we got 43338.055.7
percent power we got this shut both339.6417.19
doors for two hours wait it out see ya343.7520.49
take it all up man dupa Duncan said it356.838.85
was fine I wish it was five right now364.244.94
powers do it out it's okay we're good365.683.5
good idea thank you check the other376.5611.05
cameras then then check the door it's379.5110.2
taking a long time to get to five no387.613.3
it's at six389.713.69
oh it's a six yeah yeah we'll check your390.9112.6
camera's check your cameras good are we393.415.75
good now yeah we're good all day lot Oh403.518.58
God come on switch over switch on open409.155.06
how're we doing this again all right so433.654.09
what are you gonna do differently the436.62.49
first thing he's gonna do is mute that437.744.92
call immediately yes he didn't offer any439.095.4
help I'm sure was that button there the442.664.58
first time yeah it was holy [ __ ] yeah444.494.32
big mistake447.243.85
celebrate there we shorted he doesn't448.813.57
you want to provide on for yeah yeah451.093.45
yeah all three are there second night452.384.8
we're good fans on comfortable you know454.544.56
this probably it's safe to say there's a457.183.96
good amount of time will happen until459.14.92
any of them leave yeah like wait till461.144.74
you're at ninety percent until you even464.023.66
check this was kind of like the theory I465.883.6
had before that Thicke was pooping all467.684.59
over to look just sit here and hit the469.484.05
light every now and then to close the472.273.78
door I think we were antsy yes you check473.535.9
out the camera we don't want to use the476.053.38
hurry okay where's the other one located479.739.01
going last they're going left it's gonna486.016.99
be allowing no supply closet okay - eh -488.746.96
eh yep that shims it's they're getting493.03.36
oh boy we're surrounded all right496.3616.35
no check leaves check your mic this game503.5910.71
is so scary512.715.72
I got fast is creepy514.34.13
got the monster that is horrible graphic522.4594.82
right there just chilling mean mug528.7794.661
Tony would like the other side check533.4420.25
please don't run don't you know helps us535.26920.041
al I know but you're right I bet you553.693.12
that other things gone are you me open555.315.339
the door yeah he's probably goes we556.817.61
gotta go to five or six what is it six560.6495.851
well I haven't seen one on the right yet564.422.56
have we566.55.579
no I haven't no we have not oh I'd say566.986.96
just shut that door and then look at572.0794.171
your camera three percent we have two573.943.06
hours left576.254.62
oh no that's three bars camera up and577.017.94
adore we could just make it through580.8716.469
night to a place doesn't need to be594.944.74
watch it's dumb if you go back to were597.3393.81
right though yeah what are they afraid599.684.29
is gonna happen if I'm not there yeah no601.1495.161
they've got the best you know I ever I603.975.1
dare you to wait till 1:00 a.m. before606.315.19
you do anything okay I'll do that609.076.09
yeah that's perfect look at that we're611.518.42
rockin I'm waiting till 2:00 wait till -615.1618.08
that's gonna get your house629.923.32
it's two guys hanging out in the653.213.0
beginning man you are using all kinds of661.945.64
better fuel why are we looking at666.25.31
cameras if we have both doors because667.587.37
they can't get in we deserve one for671.516.48
what no you're without doing anything I674.956.07
love it we're at the very least wait677.994.77
till three going to three all right all681.027.53
right come on you have to do their power682.768.04
dude check your lights please just check688.5510.35
some all right don't even free an you're690.810.77
good hey hey check your cameras hey wait698.94.8
- for deep Steve don't think girls get701.572.85
me killed703.72.7
no check your cameras the cameras let704.424.56
you know where the cameras get me killed706.45.66
you get you killed708.983.08
everyone's that wanted to watch you play713.264.81
this game Tony I think they did that715.584.17
just to mess with me there check your718.073.69
camera watch their check the light check719.754.38
your clamplight they're 4 a.m. we get721.765.67
the 5 you shut that yeah just shut the724.1310.59
door right now we'll go straight to 19727.438.79
we can run it out we've got 30%734.723.42
we got 30% it's gonna be close you know736.228.81
what yeah we're dead738.1410.86
maybe just one side like this yeah ok we745.035.71
can do that it's an exercise and749.03.51
discipline it just turned 5 there gonna750.743.48
be a damn wily coyote popping his head752.512.13
we met the other754.647.29
oh boy what are you doing755.698.61
we got open that door I don't think761.934.59
opening the door you it is a Howard open764.34.89
the door down use his power no I don't766.525.94
know just let it go and precision we're769.193.75
good we're good772.462.52
oh we're at zero aah shut that door772.947.32
gonna go up I think so no we can make it774.988.22
no now it's a dubstep thing look we have780.264.86
no page six come on it's six o'clock783.24.28
we're good785.129.35
that's isn't it the alarm no go away787.489.55
County kids are on their way that's794.479.79
gonna be right in front of you [ __ ] I I797.039.33
feel bad about some of my advice on that804.266.27
one dude oh yeah I said that alike at806.366.6
3:00 a.m. tonight let's do this [ __ ]810.534.89
once and for all all right okay meat812.964.41
night - we beat the game you know how to815.424.47
roll it that's at Friday night we're817.373.39
here yeah819.892.46
let's listen this guy just for a second820.765.87
okay oh just for a second822.354.28
yeah I should let you know that I've829.285.8
contacted OSHA and you might be getting832.84.2
a phone call yeah there's some serious835.086.48
issues here yeah - gone already where837.011.7
are they finding one I am in the whoops841.569.21
already at the Curt yeah it's gonna be a848.76.99
rough night yeah oh yeah only check the850.775.76
wand neebs855.693.39
yeah only check the one because there's856.534.17
not I am checking the one thick where's859.083.42
the other ones Thank You Tarantino or860.74.86
about them why a bad one how fast all862.55.46
there's cameras how fast can you flick865.565.64
around those cameras are you like a year867.963.54
what can you clean your room yeah I bet871.54.32
you can't do it quick there was one way874.084.64
over three camera three came a three875.827.31
yeah yeah we see you878.724.41
I just like seeing you a little mouse go884.946.33
up 58% 3 a.m. let's do the math we could887.0420.94
shut both doors and he's in stage 2 yeah891.2719.74
he's gone feral for 40% 4:00 a.m. we got907.9810.34
two hours left guys we do this check out911.017.31
both doors and wait it out from here935.94.29
no we're screwed we are screwed943.214.48
where we're gonna run out of power946.673.93
they're screwed guarantee okay all right947.695.34
we have several cameras just don't look950.63.12
at anything953.032.76
quick quick check cameras around you at953.723.78
least don't touch anything until five955.796.69
know this [ __ ] again why do we what do957.56.3
you want me to do check your camera962.484.35
before the fix is that big for for the963.814.58
wolf saw the wolf ran you saw me close966.8316.52
it I saw you have a seizure978.384.97

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